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The Plieiiix Rose rompony hold it an
nual picnic nt Waaler's grove lout night.
Tbe entertainment of the St. Vincent De
Paul society if Pine Br ok, wifl be held in
the Academy of Music tonicht.
Mnhloon A: 11 'vp, contractors, yesterday
boirnn Hit! bnildlna of the iinche court lat
eral nouur in tin) Fifteenth sower district.
The lecture t" have been delivered Inst
'Telling in the Elm Park church by 8.(3.
Kerr did not take place, owing to Us hav
ing be n postponed until Tue-dav evening,
Jane 10 The subject on which Mr. Kerr
Will speak is "A Trip Through Ireland.
Tne Elks held a very pleasant social (it
their ro.uus on IJrunklin avenue last evo
ir.p, A larce number ot invited Knouts
Wl rc present nnd all seemed to greatly en
joy the occasion. At the budnoss meet
iiib it was decided to run nn excursion to
Like Ariel on. July n. The xveekly boat
iiess meeting will be dispensed with dur
ing the heated term, but a business meet
Ing will bo held on the Brit Tnursday of
each mouth.
The animal election of officer! of Divis
ion No. 7. Ancient Order of Hibernians,
Board of Erin, the most flourishing branch
in Lackawanna county In regard to ltsfln-
nncial and membership standpoints, took
place last night "t Its hall, I'il Lackawanna
nvenue. The following ofllcurs were
elected: C T. Boland, president; J. II.
Kelly, v.ce president; John Ford, lecoid
Ing secretary; John McHalr, financial sec
retary; V. J. 0" Boyle, treasurer; standing
committee John .iciiale, John McCabe,
A. J. Mnlderlg, U, O'llarn, John F. O'Con
nor. Op-n All Nlcht
at Lohtnnn's Bprnce street.
Tritd to Toatd n Train.
John Anderson, a little boy nged 11
years, whose homo is on Jackson street,
had his two legs cnt off yesterday in at
tempting to board a freight train on tho
Dluomabnrg difiston Of the Delaware,
Lacltnwaunn aud Western railroad. He
was taken to tho Lackawanna hospital
where ho lingered until 7.80 o'clock last
eveninc. The boy's brother was with him
and succeeded In getting on the train, but
John fell under the wheels, The funeral
will take place tomorrow afternoon at 2
s'clock. Interment in tho Washburn
Street cemetery.
BUT quality oil clotliine, minors hats nt
Wholesale and retail at li. A. Kingsbury's,
1)13 BprtMjB street.
II' bbl ft thi Central Polio Station.
Hugh Doherty, of Lackawanna avenue,
and E. W. Tormley, of Providence, while
Intoxicated, entervd the door leading to
the cell room at tho police station late
Monday nigbt, and seizing a couplo of
maitnwses proceeded to make themselves
comfortable for tho uiht. Thev were
discovered by Sergeant Delter, who ae
commodnted them with more appropriate
bunking quarters in the cells. Each paid
sWflne neloro Alderman Fuller In yes
terday's police court.
BaiNHAUT's market leads in low prices.
Foil Down u Stub way.
Wlen P'ohl, n woman employed as a do
nestic in the family of J. Solomon, nt 51)3
jnckawanna avenue, fell down a night of
.tniratn the rear of tno building vestorday
ivening and received injuries that rend
ired her nncouscious. r-'he was taken to
the Lackiiwanuii hospital. Last night she
'ested easily. The physicians do not think
ler case serious.
Kkimiaht's market sells fresh roll butter
,t 18 cents.
Matchi.188 8HAW Pianos Evnry ens
omer recommends them, btello & Seeiey,
.84 Wjomiug avenue.
hams & McAnulty
Fatal Work of an Electric Bolt at the Bunker
liili Breaker.
He W.-.s Instantly Killed and Two
Young Men Who Were with Him
Sustained Serious Injury They
Were Sitting at the Top of the
Breaker Watching the Storm Lit
tle Damage Done to Breaker.
One person killed ami two eerionaly
i jured was llgbtnlns's Bad bar rest
it Dunmore yesterday afternoon.
The unfortunate persons were Hugh
Donnelly, the engineer nt tho Pennsyl
vania Coal company's Hunker Hill
breaker, who.was killed instantly, and
his two .companions, Seldon Swingle
and Henry StippWlin were injured.
The accident occurred nt the head of
I he breaker which is open at both
ides, to allow the large c.ir.i which
ire hoisted to this point, to run through
l i the breaker nnd be dumped. It w.ia
while sitting in this enclosure that the
nu n Were struck. The breaker was
not seriously damaged by the electric
The accident happened during that
portion of the severe storm when hail
stones as largo us marbles, were de
scending. Suddenly there was a blind
ing fl ish in tht direction of the breaker,
and in its Big-lag course the bolt
struck the uppermost pirt of it.
John Mitchell, tiio foreman, rushed
up the stairs to And out what damage
was done. On entering the first head
house he heard groins that led him
him bigbei to the outer building, where
he found Swingle struggling on his
hands un l knees to rise to his feet.aud
directly across the building Stiup was
laying, twitching his hands and arms,
while almost at hi side aud motionless
lay Donnelly, his hands in his troueet's
pockets aud his open knife by his side.
I ty Swingle's half articulated ntter
nnces he understood the situation nnd
at once went for BSSistanC '. Swingle
and Stipp were shortly restored, but
Donnelly showed no signs of life and a
snort liuitf afterward the ambulance
bore his corpse to his home at Sport
Hill, where a wife aud several children
are left to mourn for him.
With a little assistance the other two
reached their boinea, They are se
verely shocked, but it is thought out of
The breaker was Idle for tho day and
f r m all appearances the three had re
paired tb the head of the breaker to
esonp the heat of the engine room and
enjoy the cool bre.-zaj.
They were I it;ier sitting down or had
stepped in from tho trestle to esciip?
the rain. Th bolt entered abiut eight
feet above their luads and shattered a
large j list Tne dead man had marki
on his tu ck and his hair was slightly
singed, us is Stipp's. Otherwise there
w;;s no marks to show how the deadly
fluid had performed its work. Don
nelly we.? n man about 55 years of ago,
ind well known In Dunmore and a
highly respected citiz-m. His com
panions w. re young men about 10
years of age, who were merely sitting
around to pass away the tun
At last account both were doing well.
Board of Associated Charldis Will Bend
Its Energies in That Direction.
Last night's meeting of the Assi
clated Charities showed that there is
no decreuso in the number of worthy
applications for relief and work, and
that there is a deplorable state of af
fairs In the existence of an unsavory
atmosphere surrounding children in
places of ill repute. Colonel E. H.
liipple presided at the meeting. Mem
bers W, T. Smith, Thomas J. Moore,
E J. Lvnett, W. Gaylord Thomas and
T. j, K lly wre present. It was de
cided to appropriate $100 to the May
or's fnud for employment purposes, tho
work to be done at Connell park
The report of the treasurer showed
H07 In the treasury, which with the
sum presented by the Women's Auxil
iary makes a total of IG7.
Mrs. W. B. Dnggan, agent, reported
forty-two applications for relief since
tiie previous meeting. One child was
s nt to the Lackawanna hospital and
many men were given employment.
Sny, f al deserving women were found
work in private houses.
Mrs Duggan farther reported that
many Children, In the central city par
ticularly, are surrounded by bad in
fluences. The chair appointed members
Thomas, Lynett aud Monro additional
members to the child saving commit
tee, previously composed of Colonel II.
M. Boles, E. li. Siurges and T. J.
Kelly. Colonel Hippie's suggestion
that the work would be facilitated by
adding three ladies to the committee
not meeting with any oHeotion, lie
suggested thf mimes of Mrs. J. R.
Cohen, Mrs. P. J. Horan, of Duninoro,
and Mrs A. E. Pettigrew.
The members of the now committee
will meet Saturday afternoon nt 2
o'clock in the oifico of Attorney W.
(laylord Thomas to d"viso ways nnd
menus of pushing the particularly
commendable work. Tho ladles o.' he
auxiliary will be invited toatten ; Co
luro meetings of the board. A sug
gestion from Qeorfin H. McDonald,
manager of Laurel Hill park, that a
picnic no given at the pnk for the
hem fit of the Associated Charities was
referred to the entertainment commit
tee. lit inii.ust'k market. Meats, groceries,
lowest possible prices.
Dr. Davidson G.ven Hit ExD-rttncs
County Mudical SocLiy.
The Lackawanna County Mo Heal
society held a meeting in the coroner's
room in the court house yestnrday aft
ernoon. Dr. William preside I. Oth
er members present were Drs. Burnett,
Connor. G iles, Wohlnn, Paine, Van
sickle Murray, Allen, Barnes, Prindle,
Ray, Dean, Davidson, and Dr. Blrdsell,
of Montrose.
Dr. Davidson, of Bsnton Center, read
a paper entitled "Forty Years Prac
tice of Medicine." Some of the state
ments of the author r fleeted rather
severely upon the medical profession,
but nevertheless mnch that he said was
of an interesting nature and command
ed the closest attention. Tho i.qir
whs a sort of review of the statin of
the medical profession aud was not
Dr. (J. D. Murray also read a care
fully prepared paper on "Asthenopia,
or Painful Vision." It was discussed
by Drs. Dean, Burnett.liay and others.
Dr. Ray's remarks in reference to the
manner iu which some of the eye
specialists treat patients who are sent
to them were particularly sarcastic.
A proposition was made to ilw effect
that the constitution of the association
be so changed so as to allow physicians
troth other counties to be admitted us
members. A decision will be made in
the matter at the next meeting, Dr.
C. E. Tuompsou was elected to mem
bership in the association.
The meeting was htld iu the after
noon so as to allow out of town phy
sicians to attend. Dr. Prindle, who
was present, is the only lady physician
who is a member of the association.
Th Accident Oocurred While Ho Was
Shoeing a Home.
John Nenlon, of Dunmore, employed
In the shop of Blacksmith Sohnsll, on
Penn avenue, suffered B painful mis
fortune while at his work yesterday.
He was engaged In shoeing a vicious
horse when the animal grabbed the ear
of the blacksmith between his teeth,
tearing off tuo member.
Property Owners Protested and Mayor
Connell Has Directed That It
Most Be Made Passable.
Yesterday there was a merry four!
cornered tight with the Economy
Stents Heat and Power company,
wnich Is layiiiLt steam pipes in the
streets, Peter Mullen, the contractor
doing tin work, Street Commissioner
Kirst) and well to do residents whoso
stables in Moir court have been block
aded by the work In progress as the iu
I en ste .1 parties. It is a mixed up af
fair, but unless tho passage of horses,
carriages and cows to and from the
stables is made possible before this
afternoon, the affair will incur diffi
culties for someone.
The residents started the ball by
making things lively for tho stroet
commissioner; be In turn made it lively
tor the contractor; the contractor in
turn unsuccessfully tried to msko it
lively tor the company. Mayor Con
nell was drawn into the fuss toward
evening and, like the Kilkenny man
who hit a head wherever he saw one,
he proposes to make it livedy for all
concerned except tho residents, unless
the tangle is straightened forthwith.
Tho difficulty is humorous aud yet
serious. The residents' position in the
matter is excusable; since Monday
afternoon they havo been unable to
get either horses or carriages from the
stablts, and two cows have sur
vived on parings, etc., and been pre
vented from supplying the tables with
thick Juue-gniss milk. Some blamed
the street commissioner for allowing
such a state of all drs to exist, others
blamed Contractor Mullen and the rest
placed the responsibility upon the
Economy company.
Work was begun about three weeks
ago iu extending the pipes from the
plant on J fferson nvonue, botweon
Myrtle nnd Ash streets, under a per
mit issued by Street Commissioner
Kirst, which provided that in tho al
leys the trench should leave enough
space for the passage of vehicles. The
peculiar details of laying steam pipes
with non-heat conducting material
makes tne work necessarily slow, No
difficulties wore met until Moir court
was reached, when tho contractor ex
cavated all tho way from Gibson strdbt
to l'iue street. Tho treuch is about
three or four days ahead of the pipe
laying, which lias only been completed
about 120 feet from Gibson street.
Mayor Connell yesterday gave his
hut to Street Commissioner Kirst that
the contractor of the company must
today lay the pipes and fill the treuch,
or iu the same manner make Moir court
Now the residents are holding their
breath and wondering if the tangle
will unsnarl.
- .
Meeting of Methodist Ministers of Wyo
ming District.
The Wyoming district meeting of
Methodist Episcopal ministers con
vent u in WeBt Pittston Monday after
noon, Presiding Elder J. G Ecknian in
the chair. Ullicers were elected for the
ensuing year as follows; President,
Rev. J. G. Eckman; vico president.
Rsv. fl, C MeDcrmott; secretary aud
treasurer, Rev. J. B. Sweet,
Speakers for the mxt meeting wore
announced. Rev. William Hiller was
appointed to deliver the association
address, Rev. J. W. Webb, alternate.
Rev. A. F. Chuffeo was selected to
preach the association sermon mid Rev.
J. B Sweet was named us alternate.
Yesterday morning's session began
at 8 30 o'clock. Papers were real on
the, following themes:
R v. EL. Suites "The Minister's
Duty to His Own Denomination."
Rev. G. A. Place "The Minister's
Health and Habit of Study."
Rev. L. E Santee "Tne Minister's
Relation and Social Life."
Papers heard In tho afternoon were,
Rev. P. R. Hawxhurst "Tbe Sermon,
Its Preparation and Delivery,"
Rev. L. E. Vanhoeson, "Tno Progres
sive Foaturoa of the Tempearauoe In
form "
Rev F. N. Smith, "What Advan
tages Are to Be Derived from Wyom
ing Assembly V''
The following resolution, offered by
Rev. O. H. McAnulty, D D., pastor of
tho West Pittston Methodist Episcopal
church, was unanimously adopted :
Resolved, That tho Wyoming District
Ministerial association convened in West
Pittston Juno 18 e mphatically ondorsothe
movemont In tho city of Bcranton for the
legal observation of the Sabbath and com-
mend and endorse our esteemed brother,
il.'v. F. A, Dony, in his leadership in this
hnmanitaolsn ami Christian work.
Rev. A. Griffin, of Binghnmton,
agent for tho Preacher's Aid associa
te, represented very elfectively tho iu
tereBls ot thi: old preachers of Wyom
ing conference.
Rev. M. S. Hard, D D.. assistant
secretary of tho Church Extention
society, was present and took an active
part in the proceedings
Ltgh'.nlriK Kills Horses In a Barn He
Iiud Just V icat-d.
Sveriai to the Aroaton iVtbwM,
Honksdalk, Pa., Juno 12 During
tho heavy thunder siorm about 4
o'clock today a son of Widow Higgins,
of Elk Pond, was out plowing iu afield
with a team of horses. As the storm
came up ho put tho team In tho barn
and went into the house, Ten minutes
Inter tiie bain was struck by lightning.
Both horses were killed; nut anothor
horse in the bnrn was unhurt. Thomas
Higgins extinguished the fire which
followed with u pail of water.
A few yeats ago this barn wus struck
in identically tbe same placo aud an
ox was killed. The barn was unin
jured. Rbmnanth for children's dresses at half
price at our ude of romnants Thursday,
June h. Mears & Hagim.
RvAfi, the druggist, will give to callers
who are troubled, for one week one bottle
of Dimmock's kidney and bladder ohre
free, or will sell two hundred dines for one
dollnr, guaranteed as represented.
IlAUGAiNH in silks, trimmings, ribbons
and Wnsh goods at, our sale of remnants
Thursday, Juuo 14. Mi;aus & Hauen.
Body of Richard Caffrey Found In River
Near the Elm Street Bridge.
On the Morning of March 7 Caffrey
Fell Over Retaining Wall Near Gas
House Bridge Into the Water nnd
Was Carried Down Stream Until
the Body Found Lodgment Against
a Water Main.
The body of Richard Caffrey, who
Was drowned in the Lackawanna river
about 11 o'clock on th morning of
March 7, was discovered yesterday aft
ernoon in the middle of the river un
der the Elm strset bridite.
Three painters, Andrew Baker, Peter
flartman aud George Qrieswr, have
been nt work on tbe Elm street bridge
for the past two weeks. Ten days ago
they observed an object, in the water
caught against the big main of the
Bcranton Gas and Water company that
goes through the river at the iower end
of the bridge. It fesembled the bloat
ed carcass of a dog aud that is what
thf-y supposed it to be.
When tho shower started yesterday
they sought shelter under the bridge,
and while waiting for the ruin to
cease, one of them remarked that the
decomposed oejrcc ought to be loos
ened or else the stench would nauseate
them when they begnn work on the
Upon scrutinizing moro closely the
men were horrified t tiad that it was
the body of a man.
The trunk of it was without any
clothing and bad reached that stage of
decay whero the flesh was tho color of
brown wrapping paper. The fl sh
was gone from the head leaving the
ghastly white skull and the upper ver
tebrae of the spinal column exposed.
The arms and legs were eaton away,
nothing but the bouos remaining. The
trousers that tho dead man wore were
turned inside out and attached by
shreds lo the bones of the feet.
By the trousers an 1 a peculiarity of
the teeth, Patrick Ouffrey, his brother.
Identified the body, News of the dis
covery was telephoned to the polios by
tne painters, nnd Captain Eiwards de
tailed Officer Mills to koep off the
Corouer Kelly arrived at 3 !10 nnd
impaneled tho following jury: Thomas
J. Plannery, Thomas H. Kelly, Oflic?r
T. E. Mills, W J. Scott, James Malia
and D. J. Moriarity. The body was
viewed and the testimony of the paint
ers taken. Mrs. Caffrey and her son
Patrick were positive that it was Rich
ard Calfrey and Thomas Dwyor also
swore to that effect.
The jury adjourned to the hotel of
Michael Gallagher and returned a ver
dict that tno corpse was that of Rich
ard Oafffey, who was drowned in the
Lackawanna river on or after March
7, and that drowning was accidental.
Undertaker Owen Cusick was no'ti
tied and the remains were taken from
the stream and brought to Mr. Cu
tick's est iblishmeut on Washington
avenue, whero thoy were prepared for
burial. At 0 o'clock the funeral was
held and the holy iutorred iu Hyde
Park Catholic cemotery,
Tho doadmm lived with his wid
owed mother and brother at 204 Em
niett street. lie had been employed nt
tho schutes of tho B dlevuo breaker as
car loader. March G was the regular
monthly pay day and tho Bellevue
mines did not work on the following
day. On the morning of May 7, Caf
frey aroso early aud left home at 7
o'clock in the morning.
He was returning home about 11
o'clock and was walking nlong the
Jersey Centr.il tracks. Near th'o gas
houie there is a high retaining wall
and an old man who was iiihing drift
wood out of the river saw him topple
over this wall Btid roll into the river.
Tho old man thrust a polo out to
Caffrey, but ho did not grasp it and
sunk, his body not being seen there
after until it was discovered as stated
iu the above facte.
Want the Mayor to Issue a Eui.day Clos
ing Proclamation.
The following resolutions were passed
Monday by the Baptist Pastor's confer
ence, D. C, Hughes, president, and H.
H. Harris, secretary:
Whereas, The clergy and citiznns of
Bcranton have for some time been stren
uously engaged In securing a better ob
servance of of tho Sunday laws in our
city: and,
Win roas, It wnB understood in tho be
ginning of Mho movement that tho mayor
of the city would aid the movement by
issuiiig a proclamation declaring it to be
his duty and his determination, as tho
chief executive of the city, to secure the
punishment of violators of said laws; and,
Whereas, We, the clergy and citizens of
the city, have been greatly disappointed
iu tho dolay of his lienor, the mSyor, m
the Issuing of tho said proclamation; and,
Whereas. Jt is a well known fact that
the prominent hotels of the city nnd
nearly U of the saloons are openly vio
lating the Sunday laws every Sunday,
Resolved, That the liaptist ministers in
conference assembled unite with the cleri
cal conferences ot other denominations in
urging upon his honor, the mayor, the im
mediate issuing of a proclamation to the
citizens of Bcranton, Iu which he will ex
press his determination to enforce the
Sunday laws of the state, and will givo his
moral support to all efforts put forth by
the citlsens of Beranton to securo for tins
city a quint, orderly aud law-nbidiug day
on ouch first day of the week.
SwKNy, champion high juniper of the
world, will be here June 28
Large Consignment of
Best for canning and
Lowest Prices of the
429 Lacka. Ave.
Coucoilmen Hava a Cauf-irancs wi h Af
feoted Prcpirtv Owntra.
Chairman W. A. Thomas, Captain
William Kellow and Victor Lauer, of
the streets and bridges committee of
select council met W. I. Finch, of the
Finch Manufacturing company ; J. W,
Howarth and Owens Brothers, prop
erty owners interested iri the changing
of the grale for the Svvetlaud street
approach to the Linden street bridge,
at tbe city clerk's office lust night.
In tho absence of City Engineer
Phillips, who was not notified of the
meeting.no definito notion could be do
cided upon to embody in a report to
council. City Solicitor Torroy was
present and stated that tho options on
property which will bi encroached
upon in the widening of Swetland
street ore binding on the part of prop
erty holders concerned for six months.
The options soured aro as follows:
D, M. Jones, 16x188 feet, Main nveuuo
nnd Swetland street, and will remove
buildings from the streot lino, ?l,.r00;
Ward Shoemaker, per T. J. Luce, agent,
111X180 feet, Comer of Ninth anil Swotland
streets, with the buildings, j,uuo
or the whole property for 18,000) Thomas
RelU, 84,000; 0. A. Smith estate, corner of
Chestnut and Swetland streets, 48xlM)
feet, (8,600; P. MoCann estate, 15x180 feet,
corner of Swetland and Chestnut and
Pleasant streets, :),olX.
The committoe decided to have coun
cils riqiTst tho city engineer to fur
nish nn 8 and 9 peroont. profile of Swet
land street for use by tile committee nt
a future conference with property hold
ers; also, that a resolution be passed by
councils that all matters In reference
to the Sw tlnnd street approach to the
propos d bridge be referred to tho joint,
committee for immediate action,
It was decided to report favorably on
the following ordinances: For the ex
tension and opening of Fairview court,
and the purchase of laud fer tbe pur
pose from G. W. Brown at Robinson
si rent; nn ordinance for changing the
grade of CspOUSB a veil tie betweou Larch
and Marion street; providing for a
5-foot flagstone walk on Academy
street, South Hyde Park avetiiu and
North .Main avenue.
Dr. William Haggorty Says That W.
A. St. John Made Violent
Threats Against Him.
Dr. William Haggorty is nfraid that
W. A. St. John intends to do him bodily
Ho went before Alderman Fitzsim
sons yesterday afternoon and had u
warrant issued agalust Mr. St. John,
aud tbe hearing in the case was held
last evening. Tho facts as develoned
at the hearing show that Mr. St. John
drove to the Driving park yesterday
morning and presented as his right to
enjy tho privileges of the track, a
season ticket made out in tho nam of
Pre I Cook, a racing partner of Mr. St.
Tho paste board was marked "'Not
Transferable," nnd Dr. Haggorty on
that account attempted to eject the
president of the Bcranton Base Ball
association from tbe track. Mr. St.
John objected in a pisitivo manner to
grant the doctor his own way in the
pisode, and the doctor says went so
f ir as to raine his tiding whip aud en
deavor to bring it down with force on
his head. Besides, Dr. Haggorty de
clares that Mr. St. John made violeut
Seven witnesses gavo testimony nl
tho hearing nnd Alderman Fitzdm
ruons held the defendant in $200 b.al to
upp sir at cjtirt. Nathan ' Thompson
qualified ns security.
Mr. St. John declares that Dr. Hag
gorty treated him most unjustly, bil
hisnorso nnd also undo an effort to
strike him.
Miss Katia McAndiw Mar. lad to John
F, Creightori, of Coopr, N. J.
Special lo the Bcranton lribune,
HawLEY, Pa., June 12. At St. Phil. -menu's
Catholic church this morning
at G o'clock, the m itriago of Miss Kali
MoAndrew, daughter of Mr. and Mrs
John R. McAndrow, of this place, and
sistur of Rev. R. A. McAndrow, of St,
Mary's church, Willies Bsrro, aud ol
Dr. P. H. McAndrew, of the Lacka
wauna hospital, Soronton, to John F.
Crelgbton, of Coopsr, N. J., ws
solemnized with a nuptial mass
Father McAndrow performud the cere
mony. Miss Lncy Carroll, of Scranton, wa
bridesmaid ;and George Crt-ighton , o
New York city, u cousin of the groom,
was groomsman.
The bride was attired in a gown oi
grey covert cloth, trimmed with two
toued velvet green ami pink with peaii
trimmings. She wore a luce straw ha:,
groeu aud ecru, and curried an ivory
bound prayer book.
Tho bridesmaid's costume was ol
fawn colored silk serge, trimmed wit!
moire, and her bat was of brown chip
and ecru lace. She carried a boquet oi
pink and white roses.
Miss Nellie Curran, of Scrntiton,
played the wedding marches from Men
delssohn and Lohengrin, Mr. and Mrs.
Crelgbton dopartod ou an extended
wedding tour, after which they will
reside in Coap.T, N. J.
Buy iha V.tbir
nnd got the best. At Guernsey Bros.
And Right Up
to Date. . . .
We have Artistic
Designs in Wed
ding Gifts and all
the Latest Novel
ties. W. W. BERRY, Jeweler
417 lacka. ave.
Best Sets of Teeth, $3 00
Including the painless extracting
cl teeth by uu tntirely now process.
S. C. Snyder, D.O.S.
Music Boxse Exclusively.
Best made. Play any desired number of
tnnee. Gautschl & Sons., manufacturers,
KiSO Chestnut street, Philadelphia. Won
derful orchestrial organs, only fS and $10.
Specialty: Old music boxes carefully re
paired and improved with uew tunes.
I For Public Benefit 1
It's no uso to remind you
that warm weather Is hore
Hut we will rn-
m mind you of our line ol Summer Goods S
S Suoourliuoof OLAOIBB UKXfBln- S
j K.KATOU, with patented movablo S
J Hues, solid lco rack and shelves, seven 5
2 walls t preserve the ice, Best in tho S
S world. B
Kemeinbor, wo have the B
finest assortment of oil and GAS S
S S'lOVKS, l. As KANGKS, etc., iu the B
g city B
g Don't buy a lawn mow or until you
i have seen oar guaranteed S
' E
S Electric Mowers,
U inch, S3. 50. B
Window Screens,
All sizes, 35c. up. g
Screen Doori3,Coujl)loto,a,0. b
Wire Cloth, A" uud
Cherry Pitters, ,,nd 0oc.
a H.Battin&Co- s
5 !'to,'s 126 Pcnn Ave.
S Specialists SCRANT0N.
On Mi n lay, .iu e II, te wl 1 bnvo an
experience i Corset a omai from N'ew York
who w bi oxh b t and lit t ie co i bra'cd
We Will b plensid to St eVOTV rni who
estss to havo a Porfeel Ft ngt'ora.'t.
We are also nrapari d to rlt any Corrc
from 50c. lo the higher prieos.
128 Wyoming Ave.
That tho natural outlines of the foot should bo preserved
rather than interfered with; if you bslieve in comfort and
lit as well as style; if you believe iu shapely shoe3 for shape
ly feet; if you want service, then put your money, as well U3
your feet, in our shoos.
We show and sell tho grandest and greatest lina of.
footwear that ever adorned and protected thi feminine or
masculine foot.
Ladies' Beautiful Russet Tipped
Oxfords, all sizes,
Ladies f;xtra Quality Kusset
Misses' Best Quality Russet Goat,
spring heel, button,
Child's Etra Quality Patent
Leather Tipped, button,
Complete Outfitters, SCRANTON, PA.
REMEMBER- -Every purchaser of !?1 worth or over receives a chance on
the Beautiful PARLOR SUIT.
J Trade 1 Mart
II TO 2 $1.25
VA TO $1.50
EACH day this week we will offer bargains appro
priate to the weather. If rainy Umbrellas and
Mackintoshes; and if clear weather, Straw Hats, Mil
linery, Shirt Waists, Ladies' Suits, Neckwear, &c.
Special for
WE will sell our en
tire stock of Mil-1
linery Goods, Ladies
Coats, Capes and
Blazer Suits at
50c. on
the Dollar
to make room for the;
immense stock of
Furs we are making.
During the Summer.
138 Wyoming Ave.
Men's best grade Casco Calf, lace
aud Congress, London and
French toe,
Men's extra quality Russia Calf,
hand welt, lace and Congress, '
Youths' extra quality B Calf,
tipped, button and bals,
Infants' best quality Tan and Red
Goat, but ton,
That Boy
Wouldn't wear out so many Shoes '
if yon bought him
The Owl Shoe
Try a pair next time. Our spe
cialty is good-wearing and good
looking Shoes for Children.
Bsnister's Shoe House
This Week:

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