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COrrniliHTCP. 1(94 ST AMtmtAN
They modo onurmohairof themaelvei
by interlocking tin ir hands itnil arms,
Moxoy aud Dr. Laniar, to carry her up
fli" liuic (H),'lits of stairs to her new
limuc, Uiis pale, shy girl whom too care
fully driven carriage had jujit brought
t'i the doot of tin house at the end of tho
quiet street.
How different from fchs ominous roll
of the departing ambnlanoo was the com
inn of this jaunty carriage I When Miss
Mtucey had listened to thelirst from the
pnflot window, high above the street,
li r sympathetic heart felt as if a chill
breath from the loy river had touched it.
Now she waited at the top of the stairs
wtth U rose in her hair.
Modern science had alone made this ar
rival possibh . For the oecond time with
in the short period of a few weeks brain
nrgery had won another brilliaat vic
tory. Bnt there was that abont this sec
ond and more recent miracle which not
oven Lamar himself could explain, That
the rosnlt bad SKcceded his most daring
hopes ho had acknowledged, at least to
JIaxcy, To rcscnefrom the graveatreni
t in;' paralytic victim, who realizes full
well his doom, and himself gives tho
word' which authorizes the dangerous
Operation as his last fearful chance, is
groat indeed, bnt to pour a flood of
fullest, freest light into tho darkness
Vol-" than death that enshrouds an ia
ti lloct la something bo far groatofe'that it
r 3 ill oftc out of tho region of human
aeliiovomi ut into that unfathomed realm
Of nature's mysteries where the wisest
are as children. No. Lamar was too
loiontiflo a man to believe this triumph
all his own, too honest to claim if as his
own, hut nevertheless the world would
count it his. Henceforth he would he
great among his fellows.
Tho victim of the djff rood was still
in a very sensitive ana precarious state.
Her memory of even recent events
Ittight fail hor tit times in the most
alarming matlni r, bnt her pulse was
normal, her appetite good, and every
day would show a change for the hetter
every day 'away from the hospital,
ftuxronhded by erympathetio faces, kind
voices and the quiet of a home. So they
all 1 olioved. So had tho carriage come.
This was scarcely the same being who
Once before had been carried by these
four, strong arms from the street to the
artist's rooms. That form hud been sub
mi isive and leaden, This shrank in
maiden modesty from undue contact.
That face had been distorted with the
hideous nightmare of perpetual fear.
This glowed With all the sweet, shy,
womanly emotions that rise in tho breast
tf a taung girl whom necessity compels
toding in this bold fashion to strangers
of the other sec. She obeyed their in
structions to put her anus about their
nooks with a trembling reluctance that
was too 'Spontaneous to be counterfeit.
I know not what philosophic Dr. Lamar
thi ught, but to Julian Maxoythe trem
ulous touch of that almost transparent
little hand was a vaguo revelation of tin?
possibility of a joy to come greater than
any ho had ever known.
It was toilsome, climbing the long
flights of stairs in this slow, steady fash
ion, but it Boomed to Maxey in his pres
ent ecstatic frame of mind, with a bur
den snih ns this to cany, he would
v illingly have kc)it on mounting for-
0V( r. As for t!ie palpitating burden her
Rdlf, she was troubled with more senti
menta than one. This removal, her des
tination, her new friends, were so many
mysteries to her. The truth had purpose
ly boon to pt from her for a specific rea
son, and she had been informed only
that she was to be taken to a more se
cluded place than the hospital, where
cho would he surrounded by brighter in
flneuo sand would get well the quicker.
Notwithstanding her weakness and
hir trepidation at finding herself in the
arms of the strange men, she was seen
to glance with an expression of interest
and curiosity upon tho house and the
entrance into which she was being tak
en. In spite of Dr. Lamar's assurance
to the Contrary, Maxey hoped that she
would recognize the place and its in
mates without a word to aid hor. This
WOB the 'object of his silence to her. It.
partook of the nature of an experiment.
Miss Maxey, waiting for them in the
corriilor, held the door upon for them to
P in- The girl looked at her in a
mute, questioning manner, without a
shadow of recognition, that thoroughly
disappointed the artist's sister. Tho
dix'tor's strong tones wore the first to
break the silence.
"These are your new friends, Miss
Dye. Here your homo is to bo OS long as
you care to make it. From the time yon
expressed a desire not to be taken back
to your fat her they resolved to bring you
"Thoy are very good to me," snid a
faint voice. "But do thoy know that I
am a poor girl without money to pay
them for their care?"
"Thoy know everything that is neces
sary. "
Miss M.ixey had drawn a great chair
in front of tho flro and had made it
doubly easy with pillows. Tho comfort
able back chamber was in a state of or
der and neatness wonderful to behold.
Everything was in readiness for tho re
turn of tho patient. They placed her m
tho chair, and Maxey sighed as the cling
ing hand left its warm nestling place (in
his neck. Then they all stood back from
hor, and she looked about, first at the
BtrOnge faces of the artist and his sister
and then at tho various objects which
went to make up the character of tiio
room. Her glance wondi red to tho win
dows, with the tine prospect far away
and tho ieoelnd rivir underneath, to tho
piano, the piotures, tho bookcases, oven
to the little white bed in tho alcovo
room, tho curtains of which had been
purposely drawn back that she might,
soo it ,
Maxey conld not conceal his disap
pointment. It was tho ghinco of tho
stranger. But there was another senti
ment in the artist's mind, oven stranger
than this. In the anxious days when tho
face which now looked up from tho pil
lo , i in tht. easy chair lav on tho bed in
tho nlcovo room Maxey had often
watched it with an insufferable feeling
of regret and pity at his heart. The deli
cate outline of the oval face and the
classic features, despite the unnatural
txpressiou which distorted tho counte
nance and robbed it of its chief charm,
had whispered a sorrowful story of a lost
radiance that would have dazzled tho
eyes of the beholder. And now, as the
artist saw this face again, lit up with
the light of reason nod changing with
tho varying thoughts, deadly pale and
hollow though it was, ho realized, with
the unerring instinct of a student of tho
pleasing in nature, that the reality was
oven stranger than ho had pictured it,
and lie said to himself:
"She will be beautiful."
There was a deeply troubled look in the
(lark eyes, as they finished tho momen
tary survey of the apartment and came
back to rest on Miss Maxey's face. The
pale lips murmured something which
sounded to hor hearers like, "I do not
At any rate, Dr. Lamar took it upon
himself to say again:
"These are your friends, Miss Maxey
and hor brother, who took cure of you in
your illness. You are to stay In re with
them as long as you like, to make your
tymio with them, if you will, until you
are well, strong and able to go where
you desire."
"Charity?" whispered the voice, a
slight color coming into tho face. Dr.
Lamar understood the dolicatc shrinking
of a sensitive nature and feared that it
might have n tendency to retard her con
valescence. The unscrupulous man lied:
"Not in the least. Your father hasse
turod them to toko charge of you during
his absence. IIo was obliged to go
"He is not my father," she returned
in a clearer voice. Tho sound of that
voice made Maxey's heart beat faster.
Tin' accents and intonation were a reve
lation. They could have been the prod
uct alone of refinement and education.
A joyous thought seemed toarise sud
denly in the poor girl's mind, a thought
that made her eyes glisten anil her breath
come quick. She looked eagerly first into
Maxey's face and then into the face of
his sister. Something seemed to tremble
on he? lips, but she jfoiboro to utter it.
Tho artist, who had been watching her
every movement, started forward.
"Bay that you know us; that you rec
ognize this place; that you remember to
have been here before!"
The rising color suddenly faded from
tho pale face, and to tho astonishment
of everybody she said:
"Yon are my brother and you my sis
ter! You have brought me home!"
Maxey's heart sank. Was her mind
wain'. iiiu? Her eager glance encounter-
"You nrc myhrothcr and you ni sifter"
ed their blank and amazed looks, and
the trembling joy faded at once from her
Ellen spoke up quickly:
"Lot it bo so, dear Annette. Wo will
be brother and sister to you henceforth. "
"Then you are not really so? No, no.
I should have known better."
"And yon dod't recognize the room
at all?" Maxey said in a tone of regret.
Tho dark eyes looked about in increas
ing perplexity. She said at last, fuller
ingly: "I cannot say, but in my forgotten
childhood, which I have tried BO hard to
remembi at"
"I don't mean that," interrupted
Maxey. "1 mean since you have been
The dark eyes turned toward him in
wild amazement.
"Was I not taken to the hospital?"
"You wi re brought hero. Yon were
placed in that little bed there. My sister
attended yon, and so you remained for
weeks. Now, don't .you remember it
just in a faint, vaguo way, I moan?" re
turned Maxey.
Tho dark hair moved on tho pillow OS
the head shook.
"It is all si range to me," she said.
"I must have been very sick."
Dr. Lamar looked triumphantly at
Maxey, who was evidently disappointed.
"I can remember faces faintly, com
ing and going, as in a dream. "
"Reminiscences of the hospital after
the operation," commented Dr. Lamar
iu an undertone.
Maxey sighed.
"I must give it up, " ho said. "Yon
were right."
Tho physician did not reply. His at
tention WBI taken by the patient. A
gray pallor was creeping into her face.
Her eyes closed wearily.
"No more of this," ho said authorita
tively. "This conversation has U en too
much for her. Get her to bed, MissMax
ey." "But we have found out nothing," ex
postulated the artist. "It is already two
weeks, and you have allowed nobody to
question her. Meanwhile we do not
know how imperative for tho ends of
justice it. is tli, it we should have this
crime explained. "
Lamar looked at tho artist in stern
silence for a moment, and then with a
sudden movement seized him, as if ho
had bettl an unruly schoolboy, by his ear
and led him from the room, when they
were in tho back parlorho released him
and said with a sternness that was not
at all assumed:
"Do yon want to undo all that ha
t n done? Tho girl remains hero only
noon condition that you obey her nhv-
mmem mm
sician 's orders. Those orders are that yon
shall absolutely refrain from question
ing her or even hinting of tho past in
any way until you have my pel-mission.
I will toll you plainly, it may bo for
weeks. "
"So long!" said Maxoy in consterna
tion. "Yuu know I would bo tho hist to
do anything which would tend toiler
injury. But it does seem a shamo, by
Jove; it docs seem a shanicl"
He began to pace tho floor with his
liajuls behind his back.
"I have my suspicions, " ho contin
ued. "If you know thorn, you would bo
as impatient its I am. "
"I doubt ir." returned Lamar, "but
by and by you will toll thorn to mo, and
wo shall see. Before that, however, I
want to settle your mind on one point.
.Mrs. Forsythe does not know and never
hard of this man Dye. It was utterly
ridiculous, of course, that she should,
but to satisfy you I have asked hor. "
"But it is she who lives at 1(1 Living
ston street. "
"And it is also her sorvnnts who livo
there!" exclaimed Lamar impatiently.
Any reference to his" intended bride
always hail a depressing effect upon tho
physician. He folded his hands behind
him, turned his back on Maxey and
looked gloomily out of the window at
the river The artist approached him
and laid a friendly hand on his arm.
"Old fellow, I have offended you."
"Nothing of the sort, " returned La
mar. "Y'ou did simply right. How
could you know that tho suspicion of
the lodging house keeper in Flood street,
was preposterous? You never saw her. "
Maxey was well aware of that. If
there was any matter on earth in which
he felt he was not in his friend's confi
dence, it was this matter of his engage
ment with the Widow Forsythe, ami yet
his esteem aud regard for tho man were
too great to permit him to neglect an
opportunity, such as this, to counsel him.
"Eustace," he began hesitatingly, "I
wish I could feel that you wouldn't
think that I was presuming on your
friendship. "
Lamar turned toward him, puzzled
and wondering.
' "Why, what is all this, Julian?"
"It is my extravagant imagination, I
suppose; but I can't get -over tho impres
sion that your approaching marriage is
not well, that you do not look upon it
as you ought. "
Lamar turned his head nway very
"Mrs. Forsythe is a lady, " he said in
a low voice. "She is very handsome.
She is a very talented woman. She has
a fortune, and I have been called a
thousand times a 'lucky dog!' "
"All this is much, Eustace, but do
you really love her?"
Lamar mad,' an impatient gesture.
"Yon don't expect nio to talk senti
ment, I hope?"
Maxey sighed.
"That's the trouble I was afraid of.
Yon are too much wrapped up in your
science, and you imagine you don't be
lieve in these things. But I tell you,
Lamar, they are just, as real and essen
tial as anything else in our lives."
Lamar attempted to foreo a tone of
"When did you experience your hist
great passage, Maxoy?"
"You know I never had one. Bnt I
believe in it, I know it, because I have
seen it. "
"Oh, indeed 1" Lamar's words were
dry and short, but somehow he looked
much more distressed than indifferent.
Maxey wont on earnestly: "Eustace,
it has been your province on many im
portant occasions to give nut advice, nnd
you must acknowledge that in however
bad grace I accepted it I generally acted
emit. I can't expect you to take mine,
but I am none the less going to advise
you. If you marry Mrs. Forsythe for her
mom y, yon will regret it all thodays of
your life. "
Lamar turned upon him almost an
grily, "Who told you that, Maxey?"
The artist replied a little stiflly:
"Nobody, I inferred it from what you
said. Y'ou do not love her. Don't marrv
"Love her? No. But, what is more to
tho point, I esteem and respect her. That
is enough. Maxey, this is not an agree
able subject to me. Don't let us refer to
it again. My mother basset her heart
on this match, and even if I wero con
vinced of its unadvisability I could not
honorably retreat now. If there was a
time when I had a little romantic fool
ing for Mrs. Forsythe, nnd if timo and
a belter acquaintance with her have en
abled me to overcome it, why, that is
my affair. If I was weak enough or fool
ish enough to take a hasty, Impulsive
stop in an all important matter a stop
which I have since had reason to re
gret that is my affair too. If I have
said to you that which I have told and
shall tell to no other ktsiui upon earth,
it is because I know yon too well to be
lieve that yon would betray my civifl
denoe, Julian, you will not mention
that I have said this much to yon to a
living soul not. oven to"
lie stopjM dand averted his ghinco and
went on again: "Not oven to your near
est and dearest friend. Now, lot ns
change tho subject, "
Maxey looked at his friend regretful
ly, Lamar coughed and drummed on the
piano. r
"Well, "said tho physician at length,
"yoU Were saying that you had your
Suspicions. Whom do you suspect?"
"I suspect that man Dye. Isn't it
BOTSOWhat remarkable that ho disap
peared frcm the house ill Flood street
the very same (lay that this crime was
committed on the cliff road?"
"It is worth not ing at least. What do
the police think?"
"I have not employed the police at all
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"That la very foolish of you. BuppOSC
this man Dye should return"
"I have lixed that with the landlord.
I shall know it in half an hour."
"Good!" exclaimed Lamar. "But I
am afraid he won't. "
"So am L" said Maxoy. Lamar look
ed out of the window at the vast white
shoot of ioc beneath which the tide flow
ed on unseen. After a little he turned
again, put his hand on his friend's shoul
der and said gravely:
"Maxey, we must cause tho newspa
pers to lie for us. Wo must give it out
that the girl is dead; that the operation
killed hor. If there is anything in this
beyond a vulgar wayside robliery, we
must put the rascals oil' their guard by
making them feel at their ease. "
"Eustace, what are you thinking of?
Your reputation"
"My reputation!" interrupted Lamar,
With a momentary bitterness. "Well,"
he went on in a more guarded tone,
"that will take care of itself. My part
in this matter will be known well
enough when the time comes. I am not
dependent on the newspapers. However,
I am not sure that my idea is not a wild
one. Can tills bo done?"
"Yes. I think sa The manager of The
Herald is a friend of mine. He will print
it, nnd even-body will copy it.'"
"The sooner ' you see him, then, the
"I will see him at once, " saidMaxcy.
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all derangements of the Internal vinoern.
I Peifeot Digestion will be iiceoiiipllal.rd
by takiug Badwa's PHIS. By ao doing
Pick Beakaehe, Font stomach, Billons,
rtcsa will he avoided, and the fond that Is
! eaten eoatrlbute its nouriaiiing prtipnrties
for the support of the natural watte of the
1 ffl'Ohservo tho following sympiotna fob
', lowini: from disoase o tho nlgewtlvo orgnns:
I Constipation, inward plica fulness of the
pioon m .tne need, acidity ot tBesioniaoh.nau
nea. h"artburn, disgust of food, fulness or
weight in tho stomach, sour eructatlona, sink
ing or fluttering of tho hoart, choking or suf
focating sensations whou in a lying pojturo,
dimness of vislou, dots or wens before the
sight, fever nnd dull pain In the head, Aeflo
ioncy of perspiration, yellowness of th. Hkin
and eyes, pnln in tho side, chest, limbs, and
sudden flushes of heat, burning in tho flesh.
A fow doses of RAD WAY'S PILLS will free
tho system of tho above-named disorders.
Price UBc. a Bnx. Sold by Drucglats.
Bend to DR KADWAY & CO.. No. IB Wux-
wen Bfc.Uow York, for Book of Advice.
National Bank of Scranton
CAPITAL $250,000,
SURPLUS $25,000.
v. W. WATSON, Vice President
AB. WILLIAMS, Cushtor.
BAMtMbHiRBe, james M' ESyntnARtt
JOSKPIl J. Ji;iimyx. II . Kkmuhkiu,
CUAS, P. UATlniWt, John T. Poiiibu.
W. W. Watso.v
This bank Invites the patiousge of business
mon and firms generally.
t? COF tinning and soldering all done away
" with by toe use of HARTMAN'B t at- I
ENT PAINT, which consists of iitgredl nts
well-known to nil It can bo applied to 'tin,
galvanized tin, sh-et Iron roofs, also to brick
dwellings, which will prevent absolutely any
crumblinr, cracking or breaking of the
brick. It will outlast tluulng ol any kind by
many years.and it's cost docs not exceed one- i
fifth that of i ho cost of tinning. Is sold by !
the job or pound. Contracts takon by
ANTONIO llAltl.'IL-V.NN, U7 Birch Si
Third National
Bank of Scranton.
SURPLUS, $250,000
This haul, nr to rPpR,1., rv
lat lllty Waautd by tllnlr bnlHltces, ljuai-
"" and resuuaslblllty.
Special ntt..tli1 uiven to a .
COUlits. Jutctc.t paill OU lliue tlt pt.alU
WILLIAM roNNI-r.u President.
,,l;.rATUNi Vlee-Presldeat
WILLIASI II. PlitK, Cu.ltlofc
William -.niioll. (icritR ir. Catlln,
Alfred Hand. James Ar.libnld. Il.nry
Uellll, jr.. WUIIimu X. ami tli Luther
BKUMt NI1UK CU.. ine'p. t anltal, fcl.lllD.OOi).
BUST Sl.fiO siiou IN Till', WOULI.
"A dollar nurrtf it ti dollar tarned." ,. .
This Ladles' Solid Prencli DongoiuicidTtnt.
ton Itoot delivered free nnvwlu.ni lit tlm II s ..
receipt 011. ami, .Money Order,
or Poatttl Koto for MM.
Knuala every way tho bonis
sold la nil rcltill alorcs for
tlM. Wo nuU this boot
oarsehres, thsrsforo art au.:r
autre tho fit. xtn .r,..-
nd If soy 0:10 !.i not isUsfied
wo win icitinn 1110 money
or HnoaDoiosrpsir. upers
1 oe tr ( oniiiion
Dexter Shoe GoTlSiS
tn Imc
.tion. SendyourtlMe,
ffiDlklM trill I yon
.V,' -'.'wllluiitniltt;
1 Mwjwiia'Mi:!
The ubove brands of flour can be had nt any of lbs following merchants,
who will accept Tun Tuiuusu FL0UB coupon of .3 on each one hundred pounds
of floflr or DO on each barrel of flour.
Ecrnton-F. P. Price, Washington avonui I
Gold Motfai Brand,
Dunmoro-P. P. Prico, Oold Medal Prand.
lJunnioro-F. IJ. Mar.loy. Superlative limn 1.
Uyde Par k Carson A Davis, Washburn St.
Gold Modal llrand; J seph A. Muars, Main
nvouue, Suporlative Brand,
Green Bidse A.Ii.Spcncnr.Uold Medal Urand.
J. T. Mo Hale, Supitrlative.
l'lovidenco I'enut!' & Chappoll. N' Main avo-
nue, Superlative brand ;U J Oillespie, VT.
Market stroet. Gold sleifal Braud.
Olyiihant James .Ionian. Buperlatlvn Brand.
Petkvillo shalter & Id Is r SuperVatlv i.
Jermyn c. o. Winters Co. HaperalaMra
Archbaltl Jones, S niison ,t Co . it Medal.
Carbondala B. S. Clark, Gold Medal Brand,
tlonesdalo-l X. Foster A Co. UoU Modal.
Miuooka M. H. Utvullj
"No star was ever lost we once have seen,
Wo always may be what we might have been,"
Scranton, Pa.
22 and 23 Commonwealth Building.
That we will GIVE you bsautiful new pat
, terns of Sterling SILVER SPOONS and
FORKS for an equal weight, ounce for ounca,
cf your silver dollars. All elegantly en
graved free. A large variety of new pat
terns to solect from at
OftKoit, nut'h us Weak Memory, Loss of nrriln Towor. Hrndache, Wokotuliicss,
LotllAnlinotl, NlyUtly Enihr-iniis, Ni'rrouhnpss.nllrtrftinsanil 1oh ot power
(nOo.inmtlroOrBunHOf olthorsoxcauspJbyovorexortlon,yoM.fulerrori.
an tttlTa utn of tobnceo, opium or stimulants, which lend to intlmiltj. tin-
iT IV Wmml A
'hiv .1 With
Ik.' ..!.. .s .k.M...-
I'tFUKEflNOAFTtH USING. noothur. AdMOM KltVr MKIMO., Masonic Temple, CUICAOO.IU.
For Sulo in Soranton, Pa., by II. C. SANDERSON, DrijjiBt, cr. Waehington
inii ?n:oo htrocts.
Aol: for DR. MOTT'B PEHWTEOY.T. PILX3 and tnko no other.
W1 Send for circular. I'rlco I1.00 per box, fl boxes for $j.OU.
UK. Morrs sjjhicmicALi CO., - sievoaoad, Oliio.
bU 11. HAHKIH, DrunvUti HI l eon Avoitun.
Goiatlms neetli krsllsbl
tbe imroat drugs should
Dr. Peal's
Thor am prompt, ante ard certain In rranlt. The genuine (Dr. Peel's) neTerditiap
'ooiut, Goutunjrwhero,Sl.OO, Addicm i'lUL Mkdicmis) Co., UctcLiuu, O.
Forsale by JOHtM H PHELPS, Pharrr.aciat, cor. Wyoming Avenue and
Spvuce Street, Scranton, Pa.
Dr Grewer
The 1 hliadlah;i Speeisllstand bis atsn elated
stan of Eniusb. and German pbyatalaoa,
are now permanently located at
Tho doctor laaaradttateotthe University of
1 ennsylTanis.formerly demonstrator of phvai-
oloey and surgery at the M. dico Chirurirical
touem ,,t Phlladelphis, a specialty of
Chronio, NeYTOtts, Skin. Heart, Womb and
Blood discuses.
The symptoms of which are dizzinosa, lack of
confidence, sexunl Weakness in men and wo
man, ball rising in tin. throat, spots floating
before the eyes, loss of memory, mm bio to con
centrate the rated nn one subject, easily
startled wb.ru suddenly spoken to. and dull,
distressed mind, which unfits them for per
forming the actual duties of lif.', making hap
piness impiKilile: ditiossii g tho action of
the heart, osnjing Hush of beat, depression of
spirits, evil forebodings, cowardice, rearr
dreams, melancholy, tiro easy of company,
feeling as tired in tho morning as when retir
ing, lack of energy, norvoosuoss, trembling,
confusion of thought, dopression.c mstipation.
weakness of the lunus, eio. Those so sffocted
Should etnisult us immtdiati ly and be restor
ed to peril ft health.
Wcakiuss of Youno; Men Cured.
If you have been given up by your physician
call upon tho doctor and be examined. Ho
cures 1 he worst cases nf N'crvoiiH Ilelulity.Scro
fuln.oid S' res,CatsrrhPites, Female Wcaknoss,
Affections Of the Bye, liar. N'ose and Throat,
Asthma, Deafness, Tumors. Cancers and Crip
. I , of every description.
Consultations Ins.' ami strictly sacred and
eonfidnntiai. Office hours dally from 9a. tn.
ton p. m. Sunday B In i
10111 thcX S, Tribune, ..Of.J.liA
"Chicago, Oct. 31. Fhe first official
Bunounccinent of World's Fair di
plomas on flour has been made. A
medal lias been awarded by the
World's Fair judae3 to the flour manu
factured by the Washburn, Crosby Co,
in the great Washburn Flour Mills,
llinnenpolis. The committee reports
tho flour strong and pure, and eutitlos
it to rani: as iirst-cluss patent flour i'jr,
liiinily and bukors' u.u ."
Taylor Judge & Co., Gold Modal; Athorto
A: Co., Superlativts.
Duryea Lawrence Storo Co., Gold Modal.
Moosic John MoCrindle, Gold Medal
Pittston -M. W. O'Boyte, Geld Modr.l.
Clark's Green Fraoe i!i Pnrkor. Superlative,
Clark's Summit -F. M. Young, Gold Modal.
Dal tott 8. E. Finn Sou, Gold Modal Bran I
Nicholson j. E. Harding.
Waverly-M. W. Bliss ,t Son. Gold MedaL
Factory villo Charles Gardner, Gold Medal.
Hopbottom N. M. Flan & Son, Gold Medal
Tobyhanna Tobyhannn . Lcttigh l.ucubjr
Co. Gold Mol.il Brand.
Gouldsboro-S A. Adams, Gold Mel at Brand,
Moscow Gaigo & Clements, Gold Medal.
Lake Ariel James A. Bortree, Gold MedaL
Forest City J, L,. Mortiu k Co., Gold Meda
& Connell
TttUnoBilcrful rrmrAy futv
Antf ti1 tiifiin nil nrrioa dli-
uan&e ovnea I n toii pocket wi peroox, onr.i.
11 fl order wo clxv a written Biiiiraiilrp to nii-o
.'Iron I r fr.i Uv n 1 1 0 tn 'i;U( . Avk for It. IIC9
yy'oyFrBs ThR nly eaTe eure an
1. l. , i.n- , . ....till . ' ' 'j
over offered to Ladies,
ospociany rocommond.
od to married Ladioa.
monthly, regulitinc motllelns, On It lrnilss Slid
ba uw.l.
11 jou want i ho boat, gel
Pennyroyal Pills

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