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The Suniiiiir Girl rroiniscit to Present
Very l'lrtimniiiio Aippar.inro.
As oiiMuur spurts tiro lnnro faslilonnlilo
In summer tli.-aii oilier iiiiiiisrmi'iits wlileli
Hqulru vlulHiruto iltvss, I !io tivi-rajji) young
tvomiiti etui ui'ipiit'n iniini vi'iil styli) and
timl liersi'lf mum iiiirnpriti!ly ilivsscil on
Various invasions if n!w possesses mil) kihkI
Outing I'ostiiiiio than Willi any ether bluylu
pnwn. The yarlitiiiK season will scm bo
at its hi'iglit, ami pretty praelieal piwim
Bltitril to the requirements of thi' sport,
wlilrli ean nl.-o Iv maile to ilo duty on
rIhhv, ntv a ujieeial phase of summer fash
Ions as reported in tin1 New York Sun.
The new liavana lirown shares honors
with tlio o'nl dark lilne, wliirli lias lieeoinii
Kiieh a staple eolor for yaehlint? purposes.
These minis, with white ami red serre and
the new linens, f-'ive a plentiful variety of
MTVieeaUe materials ami suitable colors.
The yarlititit; linen is very thiek and
heavy In quality and is lnacle up exactly
as if it were wool. Kvery eoneeivahle va
riety of shirt waist, Mouse and vest, from
u picturesque frilled ehitfoti concoction to
a simple shirt waist of chamliray, is worn
for inornini; as well as afternoon dress.
A very "smart" yachting pnvii of Muo
llllen, made with the rej.rllhlllotl coat ttlid
wiilu revers, lias a shirt of white batisto
Btriped with red rihlion. Kows of stitch
ing finish th(M'dj,'e of the coat and trim
the skirt. A s.'eoml gown Is made of the
orthodox blue serge, and the waistcoat is
of plain nil cloth cut tiulit lilting and
opened over u vest of white cloth, barred
Bcrnssv. ith lines of red and blue. Tlio
vvhlc sailor collar is also of white, rducd
with the same colors. .Another gown, odd
and striking In design, is made of white,
F.crgu, with n full skirt trimmed with rev
of rod and white stripes arranged on
cither side of the front and around the
baok to form a full basque. A short jacket
of the stripe commences in front at the
under anii seam and turns over In rovers
fhaped pieces which form a collar nt the
back. The anchors are embroidered with
gold braid.
Almost every style of jacket is worn cx
sopt the very long ones wliich were used
111 tlio winters, and the little Kton coat is
as popular as ever. Tlio Inevitable, black
luiihn has found Its way onto blue linen
frowns, where It is used for facing rovers
nnil collars, and the Incongruous combina
tion of white drill and wool serge is an
other fancy of fashion. The drill is very
effective for facings and vests, which
should bo fastened with bright, button
Fa.thlnnalilfl Cninlin;itlmi of Mnslln or
I.nim With Liter.
If you have any old fashioned wido lacO
collars, now is tlio accepted tlmo to bring
thorn forth and wear them. Tho greater
the number the better, for Instead of mnk
lngono collar do for several gowns, as was
formerly the rule, as many as can bo ob
tained nro used for the trlinniin;; of ono
costume. Ihoy form npaulets, cuffs,
basques nnd yokes and am ruthlessly cut
to Ixitter adapt them to tho particular pur
pose for which they are used.
Heavy qualities of lace are preferred,
but a frrcnt, deal of Valenciennes edging
ftnd Insertion Is employed to trim thin
stuffs, such as muslin and lawn, for which
guipure and kindred makes would bu too
coarse. Kcru or yellow laco with white
goods Is a fashionable combination and
(rives a pleasing effect for a change, espe
cially if tho white material Is thin and is
made up over a lining of the wmio color
ns tho Ineo. Whito muslins are shown hav
ing a small embroidered dot of pink, blue,
lavender, yellow or black, and these, too,
ftro charming over a tinted lining. Tho
costumo may lie m constructed that tho
lining is separate from tho muslin, which
of urso Nimplilles the laundering of tho
latter nnd glws tho gown a wider useful
ness. Several pretty ways of making mns
lln costumes are seen. In some eases tho
full uulliied skirt is ntted to tho hips by
means of 11 sort of yoke composed of rows
of shirring, the puffs lieing separated by
Lands of lace iK-adlng, t hrough which nnr
tow rlblmns aro run. Moro often a laco
edged flounce, Is sewed nround tho lower
part of a plain skirt to slmulnto a round
orpolnbud oversklrt. Tho round bodico
is full nnd is gathered In nt tho waist un
der a belt. It Is decorated with a bertha,
hretolles or a searfliko trimming, or it
may bo muilo with a yqko or crossed ovor
41 '
serpentinn fashion, Kllxiw sleeves nro j
often Keen, although the unlined gigot
s'wvenpix'arson many transparent gowns.
Of course, when short sleeves are u.vil for
out of door costumes, it is necessary to
wear gloves long enough to meet them.
Silk Is greatly favored for summer at
tire nnd in ,tlie thin vaVietles Is appropri
ate enough, but jmiliu and peau tie soiu
seem rather too thick and llrui for warm
Weather wear. However, they aro worn,
witness tlie costume of which n sketch is
given. The first skirt is of pale green
talVota covered with white lace; the second,
of peau lie solo to mutch, trimmed with
black moire and caught up on the left side
by black moire ribbons. The blousccorsago
isof peau tie soli' ami i mutinied on a black
moire yoke. The epaulets, tlgaroand belt
lire of white lace, the slctvve puffsof black
nioiro nnd the deep cull's of peau tie sole.
Jkdk: ClloLLUT.
A l'rotty nnil Very llusy Variety Is tlio Sunk
t iirving or liiliiifliu.
Intaglio or sunk carving Is extensively
used for furniture, especially for finishing
off those parts which are t'u be ornamented
mid not too expensively. To do this Tho
Art Interchange directs ns follows: Take
u good nicely planed panel, and having
"placed" the design then with a small
gouge cut into the wood. ThlsililTi rs from
ordinary carving, just as steel engraving
or etching ilill'ers from wood engraving.
As you go on have a piece of putty by you
to press into the incision, and by thus tak
ing proofs see how well you are cutting.
This is the most cleanly of all cuts. It
may be practiced with care in a drawing
When finished on dark wood, the' effect
may be heightened by taking gold paint
or powder mixed with gum water and
touching up the inside of the cutting.
White, red and lljjit blue or yellow paints
are also employed for such a purpose. In
far ing a pair of bellows one side maybe
ill relief. That which is to hang against
tlie wall should be iu intaglio.
With a little prael ice Intaglio can bo
executed as rapidly as one can sketch with
a pencil anil as easily. In carving intaglio
many hold the gouge in the left hand and
hammer it with tlie palm of the right.
To carve a casket or box do so while it
is in pieces or apail that is, make it or
have it made in dovetail or tailed and
mitred and al'twr ci.rving join it together.
This rule should I.,.) followed as regards
brackets or any other articles in pieces.
Many beginners give themselves a great
deal of needless trouble by working on
made up articles. There are many things
which can bo made elegant by carving.
An ordinary wooden bowl, such as is used
in many kitchens, when carved in relief
resembles tlie ma.er bowls which were so
much v .il .;t'il during the middle ages.
Holly is an exquisite wood for this pur
pose. When linislied, the whole bowl may
be stained to a rich brown color. Then
with a camel's hair brush, using the great
est possible care to prevent thedarker lluid
from spreading over the lighter, paint in
tlie ground with ebony stain or very good
jet black ink. Apply two coats of the lat
ter, the second after the lirst is perfectly
dry. Then when quite dry oil the whole.
Hollywood spoons are pretty when deli
cately earved. Panels can be made up
into chests, cabinets, boxes, backs of
chairs, dados or wainscots or doors. With
very thin panels you can cane an album
or book cover. If they arc very broad and
thin, split it carefully into two pieces or
Inuke it of two such pieces and glue thcin
together after carving.
A I'r t?y and Attractive t51nl
Tho gold.tinch is a pretty little bird,
about l inches in length, and witli a thick,
conical bill, very sharp nt the tip. Its
plumage is beautifully diversilled with
black, red, golden yellow and white. It
is a favorite cage bird on account of its
soft and pleasing song, its liveliness and
the attainments which ir, forms lor those
who feed and caress It. It is also very in
telligent and can lie taught to perform
many amusing trick, such as to ring a bell
whenever it requires attention and to drag
a little wagon with food in it up mi in
clined plane into its cage. A favorite trick
with trainers is to teach the bird to raise
water for 'itself in a bucket the si.eof a
thimble from a little well underneath tho
cage. All this it learns very easily.
The goldfinch is u common bird in Great
Britain and many parts of North Amur-
fig;,' fJl "
.! .,e
TIIK liOI.tH'ISnt.
lea, is found throughout Kurope nnd In
some parts of Asia. It, feeds on various
Heeds, especially those of the thistle, of
w hich It is very fond. The nest, of this
pretty bird Is made In a hi dgo or bush
unit Is remarkable for its extreme neatness
nnd tho silkini hS of its lining. The eggs
lire four or five in number, bluish white,
with a few spots and lines of pale purple
and brown.
Clilcki iny, ( lilekciny, Crany Crow,
"Cldeki my, cliickeiiiy. crany enm I
Went to tho well In wu-.li my tin !"
Oh, the lillss of tlio breezy dnyl
flh, tlio scent of the blooming Mnyl
Oil, till) mics where the siiulinlil shone!
"When I got buck my chicken was gnnc!"
Illngctli it out In tlie hliwm and the glow,
"CMi'licniy, clilckciny, crany crow!"
"Ohiekcmy. clilckciny, crany crmvl
Went to thf well to wash my tin 1"
Oh, the prltln nnd tlio joy ami gnico
Of careless awngger and smiling facrl
Oli, tlie triumph of on and on!
"Wliea I gut hack my clilekon una gone!"
Shrill nnd sweet a? a ti'iiiiiK t'n Mow,
"Chickcniy, clilckciny, crany crowl"
"Clilc.kcinj, chlckcniy, crany crow!
Went lo il well to wash my loci
When I buck my lilckun wiei gone!"
Oil. tlio delight nf the fears that ilawtil
"Cliickeiiiy, ehlckemy. crimy crow!"
Follows tho question fierce, and low.
While tho train pulls up with a vontiire-
sonio switch,
"What is tho thno hy your clock, old
About a young
nan's nock to bo u
sufferer from ner
voni exhaustion, ner
vous debility, impair
ed memory, low
spirits, irritable tem
per, and the thousand
and oiiodornngcmunta
of mind unci body
that result from,
unnatural, pernicious
habits, contracted
through ignorance.
Buch habits retult in
loss of inanlv nowor.
wreck tho constitution and sometimes pro
duce softening .of tho brain, epilepsy, pa
ralysis, nnd ovon dread insanity.
To reuch, re-claim and restore Buoh un
fortunates to health and happiness, is the
aim of the publishers of a book written in
plain but chaste language, on tho nature,
symptoms and curability, by homo treat
ment, of such diseases. This book will be
tent sealed, in plain envelope, on receipt of.
ton cents in stamps, lor postage. Ailiiross,
World's Dispensary Medical Association,
0W jftttliiBt., uunuio,n,
An Extraordinary F.xploilr.
Among tho most wonderful and dnn
RoronH of nil explosives is iodide of m
trogeu. For many years chemuits hayo
been trying to cV tennino itu pvooiso
composition, nnil in iloiiiR soluivosonm
timus fairly taken their lives in their
hands, for the substance explodes on tho
slightest provocation. A moro draft of
air ptissing over it will cause an explo
sion. Tlio hist shock or friction is
equally disastrous. Hut Dr. Py.nhay of
Budapest has not been deterred by any
dunger from trying onco inuro to ascer
tain what tlio iodiilo of nitrogen con
tains, although ho lias hud soiuo of his
apparatus pulverized in tho winking of
an eye. Anil ho l.us succeeded, too, in
his attempt, havinn recently establishoil
tho fact that tho extraordinary explo
sive, which ho produced in tlio form of
a lino powder, contains hydrogen ns
wi ll as ioilino and nitrogen. This fiu.'t
had been suspected, but never proved.
To thi) general reader it might seem
hardly worth while to risk one's life in
order to lind out a thiitg like that, but
to tho man of seienco, devoting, all his
energies to investigations that tho busy
world never dreams of noticing, tho dis
covery of such a fact is us thrilling as
tho finding of a gold nugget would bo
to n half starved mintir. And his reward
itf (rveater than that of tho fortunato
gold seeker, for his name goes upon tho
honor roll of seienco to bo read perhaps
hundreds) of years in tho future.
Youth's Companion.
Milllouairo With No l'ailli In Wills.
P. I). Arimmr, tho inillionairo pack
er, Ktvolleil into tt dining ear on tho St.
Paul load tlie other day in bin usual
breezy and wholesome, way. Tlio train
t'omluetor emtio along, nnd Mr. Annum'
handed over a comnmtatiim ticket to bo
punched. Though ho lias a desk full of
iiiimtal passes, ho never travels on a
pass, even on roads of which ho is a di
rector, 'i'l'.o lnilliouriii'o was bound for
tho homo of hiit ton, V. D., Jr., at Oco
liomovoi', v.-lvro ho tpciuls wliat few
houM ho can tipnro from his business
ilnring tho unnimer mouthy. After ho
had given tho waiter his order Mr. Ar
niour Uu'iicil to chat witli a friend. I To
is a great talker tiinl keeps at it all tho
time. "Yes-," ho raid, "if Ilivoafew
years lo::;:er, ns I liopo to do, I shall
tlio a comparatively pm r man. To my
two sun:t 1 am turning over my fortune
as fast, us they thowiibility to handle it.
1 don't tell you thiit for tho purpose of
talking about my money, but to show
you just win to I stand. I want to seo
my money eared for whilo I nm alivo
to direct the boy,'.. lain doing now what
Field nnd tho others aro wailing to do
nt their deaths. Thero can bo no squab
ble over my estate in tho courts alter I
am gone, as tho estate will be compar
atively small. Tlio two boys nro shoul
dering it rapidly, and tl ey aro demon
titrating their ability to caro well for
it. " Chicr.go Times.
Died of Horror.
A few mornings ago some herders on
tho Clay Hank ranch, lying north of
this place, camo across tlio body of a
man lying in a lilllo hollow among
sumo rocks. About his neck was coiled
a largo rattlesnake, while another huge
monster had crept iu tit the open collar
of his llamiel shirt. The men attacked
the lirst snake nnd killed it without bo
ing aware i.f the presence of the second,
but when one of tho party tried to slip
his hand under the shirt in order to as
certain if tin' man was really dead the
snake raised its head and struck at him,
giving him only time to hastily snatch
his hand out of reach of tho creat lire's
(in examination it was found that the
man had only been di .ad n lew hour-,
and from his healthy uppc;n"inee it is
believed that ho lay down to sleep in
lite hollow when the snakes, crawling
from tho rock heap close at hand, had
coiled themselves about him for warmth,
tho nights hero being still cold. The
body indicated no bite from tho reptile:',
and the man's wide open eyes, full of it
silent horror, give t'ni impression that
he woke to find the snakes upon him
and died of tenor. Tlio man was ile
ci ntiy dressed and had a silver watch
with the initials "W. J." engraved on
the imiir side of the case. Del Rio
(Tex.) Dispatch.
Kilting and Working.
Big eaters are seldom great workers.
People who cat more than is needed to
repair (he w.-vde and nourish the system
fcpi nd the vitality in tlie processes of di
gestion that otherwise might bo devoted
to muscular or mental work. Nature
is wise. She gives the greatest help to
the hardest worked organ. The glutton
is put to sleep after each repast by hav
ing tho blood belonging to the brain
sent down to holptho crowded stomach.
Some of the grandest work in literature
and art and noino of tho greatest vic
tories in history lav'.) been won by
men under the pressure of hunger.
Thinkers, singers and lighters think
better, sing sweeter and hit harder
when they are a tride hungry. Overeat
ing is a tremendous mistake. The sys
toni only digests tho liest , material, and
tho amount: meded that is, about sev
en pounds of fm.d, all told, in SI hours.
Tho rest is rejected. Then, too, people
who gorge themselves show it. Matter
predominates over mind; great corpora
tions, double chins, overhanging cheeks
nnd precipitous hips aro grown. They
have tullnwlikn flesh and look and act
like nniniahi. Give the stomach and
heart as little to do ar, possible by ra
tional eating and regular exercise, nnd
the brain will accomplish tho tasks that
business, professional nnd domestic life
impose. Now York World.
Mothsrs! Mothoml! Sfothtrtlll
Mrs.W'inslow's Soothiug Ryrup has beou
used for over fifty years by millions or
mothers for their children whilo teething;,
with perfect success. It soothes tho child,
Boltons tho litnnB, allayn all pniu; curui
wind colic, and is tho best remedy for di
nrrhnm. Sold bydingaists in every part
of the world, lie sure nnd ask for "Mrs.
Wiuslow's SootuitiK Syrup," and take no
no other kind. Twenty-live cents a bot
tle. . .
Dn. Wood's Norway Pine Syrnp waa
used for years as u prorrlptiua by a uc
cessful physician. It Is in all respects the
beat eolith uivdicitlo mado today, bold by
all dealers ou n guarnutee of satisfaction.
When Tiahy was nick, we gave her rnstortn,
Whon she was a (Hilld, she cried fur Cnstorla,
When she became Mlm, sho chins to Castorla,
When sho had Chili U-ou, sho gavo thdu CastorUv
WEAK MEN your attention
lircut Kugllrih Ronivcly,
Gray's SpsciQc Medicine
tt IF Vflll SUFFER 'rom Ner-
k-ihih. uiu utui - - voiin w
b lity, Weakness ol Bjily nnd Mind, Sperma
torrhea, nnd Inuiotiiney, anil all iliHeanea that
arisu from uviir iiidulgoiicii nnil self iilaise. an
Loss of Memory u lid Power, Dimness of Vis
iiiu, l'remntiirn O.il A;o and many oilier ills
esses tlmt lend to bisiinity or ( unsiimptiou
and an earlv grave, wrilelor a pnmplilet.
Ailiiress liftAY MI UU'INK I.U.. Hiill.il.).
N. Y. Tho Specilln Meilieiue la sold hy all
driiL'tflsts nt 8 per iiai'kaxu, or six luickaiii-s
tor Jfi.orwoit by mail en I'lieeipt ot money. anil
with every J.r.(m order fk CUARA iTKh
a cure or money refunded
Cf-iin neeoimt of eouiiterleits wn Imvo
ailoiteil the Yellow Wrapper, the only gouu
ine. bold in berautoa bv Alal thews liros.
Dr. ID. Grewer
The Vlill.iiletplii-i FpeclnPat, and his nsoelatoi)
staff of Kindisli ami flennnn phvaie'nns,
are now permanently located nt
The doctor fa a graduate nf the University of
Pi'iinsylvnnin.forinei ly ileuioiistrnter of iii vai
oloi'y und Hiirgerv at 'the Jieilieo Chlriiriiieiil
College of I'hikilelpliln. A apeejiilty of
Clirmiie, Nervous, Sliin, Heart, Womb and
lilood tlineiisea.
The Rymptoins of which aro dizziness, lack of
coiiHilejn-e, sexual wenknesH iu men iiuii wo
man. bull rising in the tliront, s,o!a (Uniting
before the eyes, liisficf memory, unable to eon
ccntrute the mind ell one aub.io.'t, cisilv
ftartled when snildeiily spoken to. and dull,
ilistressi'd minil. wlileli iinllts them for per.
foimiui the actual ilntlrs ef life, loakiiitr ban-
I pini'ss impossible: iti.tre.sii g the net ion nf
the heart, i'husiih; llich of heut, depression of
Hpirila, evil for, boitinus, eowanliej, fear,
; ilreams, nielani holy, tire easy of company,
feeling as t ind in tint morntm: an when ivtir-
I ing. hick of cie-rcy, nervoiiHiiess, tre.ubliui;,
', conl'iiHion of t!teii(,flit, itepression.eonstiteitioii.
wer.k'iesn of the bnilis, et Those s, nlVeet 'd
nil. mill consult us iuum diately and be restor-
i ed to perfect health.
Weakness of Youiif Jleu Cured.
If you have been (jlven up by your pliysieian
call u on tho doctor anil be examined, lie
cures Hie worst cases of Nervous I ie!,j lit y. Scro
fula, I Ud Si i'i's.i 'at.'irrlil'iies.l'eiicili. Weakness,
Al'rVetions ot tlm Kye. liar. .Vw and Throat,
Asthma, lientie ss, 'I'uniors. Cancers anil Clip
pies of eiery deseriptioii.
Consultutions fi-eo and strictly snored nnd
cnnlldential. utiiee houra daily from Utt. in.
toll p. in. Sunday II tu
in bb sir
Let Hal way 'i Heady Keller lie uneil on
the 11 rut Indication of l'nln or t'lieiinlncaii;
If threatened with DUeuM) or Slvlineaa,
the Cure will be made lieiovn the family
diii'tor wonlil ordinarily veaeli tlie house.
Cl'ItKS THE W'tVtST PAINS iu from ono
to twenty minutes Not one hour after read
ini; II, it advertisement nee.l any one iUi'
For hoadac'in fwh"ther nick or nervous!,
t lothacho, neuralgia, rheumatism, lumbiuo,
nalns nnd Weukmas iu the had;, spin' or
Kidneys, rains annual the liver, pleurisy,
Hvelliuof the jniniH n ml pains of all kinds,
til- aiipbeiit on of Hallway's Id aiiy Kelief
will nfford aniuediat.'e'in-, and its continued
use lor a few days t II cl a permanent euro.
Dysentery, Diarrhea,
Cholera Morbus,
A half to n teaspoonfid of Iter.d', Iteliof in
a halt t iinihler of water, repealed an oflon
lis thodmcharp s continue, and a llaunol aat
united with heady Kelief placed over tho
Bioiiineh ami bov o's will afford lmmodinto
relief and ma n olt-et a ear '.
Internally--.i half to a tenspoonful in half
a tumbler of water wi 1, in n few minutes,
euro Ci'Hinps. H asms. Sunr Ml oaiaeli.NniiH a,
Veiuitin, Heart biru,' rvousnc.-ei, Mceie
IcssnefN, Sick Ileadailie, Flatulency and ull
Internal mhm.
Aliiliuin in Ita ViirioiiH I ei iim Cured and
I hero in not a rcMiedlal ,i.rency in the world
That, will cure leyer and iikiih and nil other
mnlarinii'., h IIoiih and all other levers, allied
by HAuWAY's I'll I, .si ipuclily as UA1J
TravuloiH slioiild always cprry a hottlo of
Hallway's Heady Itelief wiln them. A few
drops In water will prevent swluiesnor pains
train change of water. It 1 better than
French brandy or bittern as nstiuiuiaiit.
Miners nnd lumbermen sluiulU always bo
provided with it.
Price Ml cents per bottle. Sold by ail druff
gistH, am heli'blf. purely veietm,
Perfoe.tly tnsteleaa, olei;autlv nontnd.purBe,
recnlnto, purify, cleanse and BtreuL'then.
i RADWAY S I 1U.H for tho cure of nil dis
orders o' the Htomaeli, l'e'i-els, hidn-ya,
Bladile , Nonrous Diseaius, Dzaness, Var
tlK'o, C'ostivenoi'S, Piles,
and Ala- i)isi)itin:Ks
Observo the tollowhiK syniptnms r,miltinu
from diseii'.eH of tlio digesiive oi'Kaus' Con
Htipiitlun. Inward pilei, fullness of blood in
tho bead, aeniity of the stomach, nausea,
heiirtlmrn. dliuuiit of foo l, ludueasof w eli'ht
or the Htomneli. noiir eruelatiotin, aiiikiHKor
fluttering of the heart, clink nK or ulloeat-
iiir neiiHiitiena when In a lyuin posture, ilun
nm of vision, dots or wolw b, fore tho si'lit,
fover Hint dull paiu iu tho h ad, deficiency of
perspli ation, yellowneiia of tile skin and
eyi'H, pnin In the Bide, cliOHt, limbs, and Biul
dell Hindu's of heut. buruiuir iu the flesh.
A fowdciKenof HAD WAY'S 1'IL, .8 will free
the eyatiim of all tho abuve named dlsorUuis
I'rloo 83c, per liox. Held by drncKthta or
sent bv mall.
Rntid to DR. RAILWAY & CO., Lock Box
lliiu, now XurK, tor HoeK (I Advloo.
fr.WW I J C"tnilf Willi plaleil fttl wlwcll, ti
Vtcu f iwn. kntl nm pc fitttin b nt huntlo. M vl nf hmt mnt-
PHlildj'trnl. I tiMUMT I'AHMno luomT rvnulrcltB
ItdVtnM.TS.il'JIaiu. Mount 14 Ohlfitifi-I WxknH
J favSr Yun,l',l,ar,y,,w- WkilMll Boihiu(tlnt whl
'ftum. WIU1T. 1 1")-At fr ir Urr FW.i tUuMm4
ttulom oftkif lllmiBDlilTUl l.bblnhid.
OXFORD MFC CO., 340 Wabuh Am., Chlvigo, Ul.
Summer Complaints,
E. Robinson's Sons'
Manufacturer! ot tho CelebratoJ
100,000 Bbls. Per Annum,
llanufneturoil at tho Wapwnllopon Stills, Lu
cerne county Pti and at WU
uiinttuu, Delaware.
General Asent for tho Wyomlns Diitrlet.
n8 Wyoming Ave, Scranton Pa,
Ihlrd Natlonnl Bank Duildins.
THOS. FORI). J'lilKt.m. Ta.
JOHN II Jll'l'H & SON: Plymouth. Pa,
IS. W. MLI.l.lllA.N, Wilkes-liHrro. l'a.
Afcntn for the Itcpauna Cheinical Com
tnnj'b llifli lSxpkmivea.
Atlantic Refining Co.
Jlanufacturora and Dealor.i In'
maminating and Lubricating
Llnnooil Oil, Nnpthan nnil Ga;ir.
lines of nil (.Tildes. Axlo OreiisR.
rinion Gretie nnd Colliery Com
jinunil; also, a lnryo liuo OH Pur
niftiue Whs Canillcj.
We nleo hanfllo tho Fnmotw CROWI
ACIdZ C1L, the only fnmily snfety
burning oil in tlm ninrket.
Oftico: Coal Exchanuo. Wyouilnj At
orlia at i'luu llrwK.
Urge Medium and
White Clover,
Choice Timothy and
lawn Grass Seeds
Guano, Bone Dust
and Phosphates for
Farms, Lawns and
hunt k Shell co.
sen ANTON, r.v.
Mode at tho MOOSIO and ' RUSH
Iitifllin & RmuI Powilor Co.'j
Electrio Hattcrio", Fnsoi tor ntploi
ing blau hnfety 1'use and
RepaunoChemical Co. 's High Explosives
Eemovea Frock!
icHm, PlmplaiL L r JH
. rjlickhoadi; V
I Tn, ami ru- l k"'
Liver Moloi
Sunburn anil
store tho eUIu to 5ts ori;;I
ral frehnvii8. Droduoini o
clear ami henltl'.y com-fi
Tircpnm'ttoiis ami perfeetly rinrmleM. At all
uruglsts,ormalleilforCOew. tieiul lor Clreulur.
VIOLA 8KIM SOAP lmplr InnmiimlilK u a
klii 1'iirlMnj B, iwit1iI r Iho WK wllbont
rlfftl M III nurwrjr. Alwcliinly piiro axA deltoaulj wwu
clod. M ilrniii, Prio 2S Cenlt.
G. C. BITTNER & CO., Toledo, O.
For Halo by Matthew lSroi. anil John
II. Phelpn.
Ms and
Complexion PrGserad
-tr -Jr if I,
-- Mix ki.
The abovo bra nu of flour can be had nt any of Hie following merchants,
who will accept TiinTitimiNu flouu coupon of 23 on each one hundred poumU
of flour or CO on each barrel ut ll.jur.
f'cranton-F. I'. Prion. W'axhiiitoii aveuua I
Uolil Milai liranil.
Duiiuioru F. P. l'rion, OnM MnJal Urar.:!.
loinmore 1'. U .Manlny. Supurlativo liran 1.
llyilo I'lirk-l arwin ,te Davis, Wa'.hhurii Bt.
(lohl iMnlal Il -aml; J w,li A. Meal's. Mailt
Hvenne, Muiioi'lat ivo ISraril.
Ori'eii lli'U'i A.I.n.'iii'iir.ilolil Metlal Brand.
.1. T. Hi lh, Id, SiipiTlativo.
rioviili n''e t'l'iuii'i & ijlirtpp'll. N -Main aw
iiuo. Kiip'-'i lativi lirauil;!.'. J. Uille-.pi W.
Markul atruot, Holil ."il - 1 1 1 HranJ.
Olriihiiut-.laini'H Jonlan, Huperl.itivo Br.val
Pwkvillo Sli.ill-r is Kila-T Siipertat'.v..
.IiTinvn l-'. U. Wintn i Co. Siipi'i'iiiatlvo.
An Ulialil Junes, M mnann & Co.. (lohl Moihil.
Carhonilalo-li. l.'hirk, liold Medal Hrand.
, Ilunemlale- I. N. I'ojlur Ii Co. UoW Jlolal.
' Minookii M. H. Livullo
Dealer in Choice Confections and Fruits.
1437 Capouse Avenue.
jkssoits i:oiiisu
lioiisu siior.s
jioiisi: NAILS
Vlioiciulo and retail dealers' in Wagonraakers' and Blacksmiths'
That we will GIVE you bsautiful new pat
terns of Sterling SILVER SPOONS and
FGilKS for an equal weight, ounco for ounce,
cf your silver dollars. All elegantly en
graved free. A large variety of now pat
terns to select from at
"No star was ever lost we onco have seen,
Wo always may ha what we might have beon,"
Scranton, Pa.
2 and 23 Commonwealth Building.
"Tfl on'', '"I'll ii" Weak Momiiry, l.iisnf llruln l'ower, lu.iiil!irlie.Vukeiili,i'i.
ri list MiinlxHHl, NSbtly l'nilsiliini, NorviuisiipHii.nllilni'niiiiiiil lo "I powur
1,1 ' li'iii'niilvtfOrBniiHtif citliermixeiuisoilljy over rxonlon.yoiilhiiil error.
wUy I'xtHviflivniiso ot inimccn.
t.EFOK AND F ftH USlrtG.uo oti.oi
i "11
JL r Vmiipilnnoi iiiKiinlty. CnnliDciirrtoJ
JjI7. Jiiyiinill iimpnlil. With a Slionlor w
.'b'AA4ia.r.(.fiiiiil Ikpmnni'V. I'lr.'tilnrfrpu.
For Sale in Scranton, Pu.,by II. C. SANDERSON, DniU, cor- VTushington
and Sni'uco streets.
l'irhi byC. M. HAUttlS, DnitL'Ut,
EomeUmsB nnodi rllnblp, monthly, rcnulatlnn niwllrlno. Only bnrmlwi 8x4
tlio jiuiestdruga should bo uJ. 11 jou want tho bct, get
Dr. PeaS's PcnnroyaB PiSIs
Thoy w prompt, ntit and certain n roeult The nninP (Dr. TmVn) nmraiaif
QUilll DOUk KUJ Tl UUiU( fl,W
For sale by JOHN H. PHELPS,
Spvuce Street, Scranton, Pa.
from ffleA. Y. Tritntnt, Kov.l,USX
The Flour
"CniCAfto, Oct 81. Fh first official
tnnouncement of World' Fair di
plomas on flour bu been made. A
medal lias been awarded by the
World's Fair jndces to the flour manu
factured by the Washburn, Crosby Co,
hi the great Washburn Flour Mills,
Miimrapolia. The committee reports
the flour strong and pure, and entitles
it to rank an first-clues patent flour for
family and bakers' use."
& CON fl ELL
Taylor-.Tuihro & Co., Gold Medal; Athortop
A: Co., .Suporlativ.
Duryi'ii-l.ttivr.'iice Store Co., Gold Modal
Mmisic John MrCrimllo, OolilMedaL
l'ittntnn-M. W. O'lloylu, OoM Medal.
Clark's Oreen-Kraro & Parkor, Kupnrlatlva.
Clin k's i-nniiiiit-K M. Yuuiiu, Oold Medal.
ti.oiau-?). a. i inn Mou, Uolil Jlodal Ilraad.
No li ilsou-J. E. Harding.
WaviTly-M. v.. lillss ,V- Son, (inld M"ilal.
Faotnryville-Charlns Uardner, Gold Medal.
I niiliottoiu- N. M. Film & Sou, Uold Medal.
lohylmiina-Tnhyliaiiui Is LtlxiJ:i Lurabjr
l.o, Uold Modal Hrand.
Omiiikboro-H A. Adams, U'nld Modal Hraa'l
Miwuow Oalne & Clements, Uold Modal.
Lake Anel-Jimius A. Uortree. Oold MedaL
iiorustClty-J. L. Moruan & Co., Gold Mods
II. It. sriKEs
ThUwuntlrrtil risi-il fim"
Cnn linciirrlod In vont porknt. SF i p,rbox.fl 'r',s
opium oritiiiiuiiiii, vfniou ii-rui 10 iiiuriuii., v.-,.
ornor w ul vo n wrll low tfimrni-T ""':
..i., , ..ii.. ,.. a k f itrll. inns
linrmunr,. . , , . in,,, , .,.,u i, ni i ill u wvti .
AilitivM MiUVK KI:k,I('0., Masonic Toniplo, CB1CAU0.ILI,
TWT'ifSt8' M S!',S. The only sift, snro anj
a?iyfflS Ell I ft ever offorod to Ladlos,
noun al riLU. rursi-
1 ' a. ,ijiuiv;jiu jVJi w
XH 1'eim Atmiiua.
Pharmacist, cor. Wyoming Avenue and

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