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Women's Laundered Shirt
Waists in a largo variety of
fityles; turn-over collars and
shield fronts. Reduced from
iS,"c. and
Womcn'sWovcii Cheviots and
Shirt Waists. Several different
styles and materials, tucked
bad; and front. Sold earlier
for s and $1.25.
Jaconet Duchess
A special lino, of choico styles
and colorings. These hand
some new lawns have been
the particular favorite hero
for a intuitu past and each
day they are vhown adds to
their opnlaiity. 12 l-2c.
the yard. 'ually beautiful
are I lie French Lawns and
about one-third tho French
Frinted Percales, 8c.
Superior linisli and quality
attractive coloring, made to
sell for 12 l-2c.
Lace Stripe Ginghams, 15c
From Ihu best Scotch makers:
brought across tho ocean to
sell for 2.1c.
Standard Black Hose
arratueu not to crock; nor
stain the feet or underwear
Kvery pair not answerin;' this
irunianteo may be returned
and the purchase money will
be refunded. 25c. the pair
reduced from .'i,"e.
Elack Japanese
Brocaded Silks
Extra quality. Price, 75o
Kcgular ,l goods.
ever neiore aui we snow so
large a collection of Summer
Goods to select from and at prices
willunthe reach of all.
faciokyvilm;, im.
A refined win ol lumn
I'fct Hi 1 P. H
Pfpiros for tho
'I linrmmh cours in Minin mhI Art
Tf.ii litr.s' l lass ntvos bust rivpiinition fnr
ConnniTPtul Ceiino liiclnd-s Typewriting
l'usi mi.H s Tiiro.l f ,r (iradunlos.
Vb:a t'(,r new illus ruted Hmilnr.
K M. I.DiiMiS, A.M., Principal
Annu Msnil. of PhilmlelphU. is
) iiiUK in tne Dome or ber uncle, Joan
. M-n..
Dr. J. P. Conlt is recovering after an
llness of u fnv d.iys.
Clinrlos H. Lop, of tbe Wnverly
House, mut willi painful accMsnt the
other day while buying, runnings hay
fork in his hand.
J. (i. Carpenter returned from New
loin city, where lis liud been on a visit
to frit-nils.
M.ss Minnie Walsh and Misg Birlh i
Squlers have rotnrned a vinit to rela
tives und friunds in Dunniore.
Misses Stall and Emily Yost, of
Philadelphia, are spendini? a few days
if their vacation with their crond-
luother. Mrs. A. Bedford, Miss Stella
is an efficient teacher iu the Deaf Mute
school Ht Danville, Ky., a position she
has held for Dine year. Mis Emily
hug a position in the office of the Pres
byterioji at Philadelphia. Their pres
tnce hero is a plextturo to n? all.
MirH Lon Har.yen and Miss Derbv, of
iJiuira, atter an extended trip to New
York city and Trenton and Philadel
phia, are the guests of Miss Hanyou's
brother, Professor F. C. Hanyen.
II- nry T. Koehler, register of wills,
was tho Billet of his friend, J. M.
Conrtrifjht, last fvitnrday.
Mixses Jxnnio Ulickens. Mary Me
('ruclceti, Margaret Palmer and Mossr.,.
Fred Lorinmer and Dunning Jay, of
Kcranton, flr- the guests of Miss liertlia
Hold at the Little Delmonico.
.Mr. John Perry and sister Rntli nro
viRidnif friends in Dumnnro.
H v. F, II. Parson lit Id his n-gulur
services nt tho Mwtho'liat Episcopal
chnrcli Sunday inorriitit.
Mr. and Mrs. T. E Williams, Miss
May Hull, J. L. Knapp, Dr. Van
Klclcle and C. S. Jones returned from
Liiku OqwiKa y(Sl-rday.
Mrs. liar iwira llltc'nlvr nn I km nil -fmuhtcr,
Miss Dirtha Snydt-r, of
Wilkes-Barrt'. nre visiting Burgess
Iln chler.
Miss Jennio Voyle, of this place, Is
visiting hirBister, Mrs. Frank Orchard,
of Cnrboudaio.
C. P. O'Malley, of Scrnntoo, callud
on Iriendt iu town yosterday.
Mis Mary Shiwlds was in Archbald
Mrs. J. ' Millor and . d iunhtor, of
Arculmld, are tho gnests of Mrs. J.
Ferguson, of Lackawanna street.
The Blakely Primitive Methodist
church will bold an excursion to Fur
view Ang 7.
Mrs. VVinuio Pittew loft yosterday to
risit her daughter, Mrs. Charles Law
tsley, in Cm bond ale.
Tun Ladies' Aid of tho Presbyterian
church will meet at Mrs JI. Crippen's
this aft'-rnooti,
Mrs. Vaune68, of Brooklyn, is the
guest of Dr. Kolley and family.
Thriik ih uothing like Dr. Thomas' Eolee
trie Oil to quickly cure a cold or relieve
boarsHiiess. . Written by Mrs. M. J. Fel
lows, Burr Oak, Hu Joseph county, Alicli.
Highest of all in Leavening rowel. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Work on the long hoped for electric
road through town was comm-mcud
early yesterday morning. In addition
to tho force ofdav laborers a niirht
gang-will bo put on to push the work
HH 1-jmiillv fta ttnlaihlu 'i'ha flw.inla av.
peot, if everything- goes well, to have
ine roaa compioieii within two weeks.
uy noon ttie ro ia was torn np ns tar s
Pino street. The horse cars are nnr-
mitiod to run as far on each trip us
me roaa remains untouched anil will
continu) iulhis way until tho now
road is complotod as far as Broad
street. The trolley wirii will bi ex
tended from the West End and the
k'Ctric eais will m run tn that nnint.
The cobble stones taken from betwoon
tho old rails aro being piled along the
w8t side of the street for the present.
The apuce between the rails is being
filled in with dirt unil will remain un
for the present in order to allow it to
Dtcoiuo somen. i he company will
tlieu pave with vitrified brick. When
the borough is ready to pave the street
tho Traction company will then pave
tile tis o feet on each nid i of the road an
per their agreement with tlia borouuh.
Mrs. Louis i L iuer. aueSOveur. wife
of Frederick Latier, of Mill sireet, died
yesterday moriiinir. She leaves a hus
band and four small children to mourn
her death. The luueral will tuke tilace
tomorrow (Ihursdav) morninir. The
remains will be borne to the Lehigh
Valley station and placet on the 8 40
m. trim for WUkes-BArre. Arriv.
mg at Wilkes-Liarro the remains will
be conveyed to St. Nicholas' church,
where the services for tne dead will be
After n protracted illness. Abh'nh S.
Davenport, one of West Pittston'e best
known citiz-ns. nassd hw.iv nt the
family residence on Exeter street about
1 l!J o'clock yesterday morning at the
age of 5."). Mr. Davenport whs the son
of Simueland Levic.i Davennort. and
was born in I'lvmoutu. Un to n few
years ago he pnrsuml the milling busi
ness when tho attack that nodod fata:-
ly struck him, and as a result he was
rorceu to reuuquisn Diisineas cares.
He whs a nephew of Hon. John B.
Smith, of Fortv-Fort. anil frn 1) i van
port, a piominent resident of Ply in -
oiuu. no leaves a wire and nve cim
dron, one son and four daughters, to
mourn bis death. The funeral will
take place Thursday morning with ser
vices ut me nonse ac it o ciock, niter
which the remains will be taken to
I'lvmontli for interment Thn Kt
John's lodge, i:!3, Vtaj and Accepted
iMaaons, or which be was a member,
will have charge of tho funeral.
Ino Jersey Central "flyer, which
leaves ycranton at Vi 52. struck mid
nstantlv killed a Polunder near tiie
Ilcidellniri collierv Vrsierdav 'Ilia
unforlunato man was n miner and win
returning from work. The remains
were picked up and taken to the Cork
Lano lienor. They were inamded be
yond recognition.
Ldwin, the u year-old son of Thomas
Hennur, of Oregon, while playing on
the ledge of rock at the rear of the
family home, accidentally fell off and
tumbled to the bottom, a distance of
twenty-five feet, fortunately, without
breaking anv boues. He was budlv cut
upabonttbo face and hands.
Tbe Gas company have a gang of
men at work laying gas mains on Par
sonage street.
The raployes of the Pennsylvania
Coal cotmuuy were paid at the uriner
end yesterday. Those of the lower end
will be paid today.
in ue puiu luuay. i
All order was issued yesterday by the
Lehiirh Coal comnanv
eingn L.oal company ollicials to silf-
. - .1 1. .11 .1 .t I
nend work at all the mines for tho bal
ance of the week. The order creaUd
quite a surprise among the lurge nuin-
a r .
Ler oi employes.
A marriage license was isined to Lu
ther Molzgar, of Burtnnsvillfi. Hi
pro-p'cti ve bride is Miss Nellie Swarts
wood, of Stroudsburg.
Mrs. F. J. Ga"iw has returned from
Washington, N. J., accompanied by
her eisler, Miss M. Anna Stiles, who
will spend several weeks in town.
A deed was recorded in thn rnnrl
house by Mary A Evans, whoso house
was recently rameu oy me ponce, trans
ferrins: ber nronertv. tnnsi.stinir nf a
double hmtse and lot in East Strouds
hnror, to I. S. Case, of Tobvhanna. tor
$1,800. It is inortiragnl for :W0.
C. NV. Anule. of Brown's university.
is homo on bis miinruor vacation.
.Toll II S. Milletl'. of Pllil lilelnliin U
visiting bis Darents, Mr. and Mrs. Amos
Mrs. Georcre M. Weaver left on S it
urday morning last to spend a fow
weeks at Hopntcong.
Miss Emm. i Hampton, of Brooklyn.
is visiting tier friend. Miss Bessie
Sampson, of Eiat Stroudsburg.
Carbon county bud thirty-five stu
dents at the Normal school dnrimr tbu
year just closed.
Layton Mussnllmnn.Harry Archbald,
MinB Winona Shaffer and k'atin nnnu
fpent Sunday in Bmgor,
Mrs. Ida Walkins Hoherts and her
sister, Mi8 Jonnirt Heinhart, both of
Scranton, aro visiting relatives in
Mms Nottie Bns'i is homo fmm
Brooklyn, N. Y., nna snmmer vaca
tion., She is residing in E ist Strouds
burg. Y. N. Carr. of To'ivhnnnn nutnnrrar
of the Lehigh and Tobylunna Lumber
company's store, spiut Sunday with
frinniis hero
Edward Pennypac'ter. of Plilladel-
Ilia, ig n uuest of the Annlomielr
House. lie rodu from thn O i iWjr
and intend-i returning on Ina bicycle.
iJr. u. M. Keller, iiipsrinteudunt and
surgeon iu chief of Il izleton hospital,
is visiting bis pirenls on Main street.
William Ike, tiie fcoaohman for
Charles Collins, of Stroud township
Who Was arrested nn u nhuro-n nf nn,..
ou Friday last In tlm nffl
of the Peiioa B-foker, of Eist Strouds
burg, while mulergolnj a hearing for
enticing a 15-year-old girl away for
immoral Dnrnoses. was a ven a ItAurinif
on the second charge on Saturday af
Jadson Thomas and familv if
Soranton, are visiting C B. Keller, on
Main stroet. th nsrenti of Mrs
Dr. H. M. Killer. D. .ludson Thomas.
Dr. T. C. Walton, li. H Klnliner and
wr. ltowe lormea tnemelves into a
r . . . m I . i
fishing party and have gone to Swartz
wood, N. Y . to try their look.
At A hnalnens innntinir nf tba . Tm-
carora Sooial club held in Uiller'i sum-
mer uouse, the follownie tmw romu
tiers were received: Miss Laura
-choonovor and A. J. Zibriskie A
committer comnoied of tiie Misen
lilanche hiitarns, Ella Everel, Susie
Beimet mid JiesHru. Do Long and
bchock, were insli ueted to airango for
a uncial in i ne, future.
A marriage licensowns prrantnd to
Allen II. Barthold. of Effort and Miss
Aitneg Urecrory of (Jilb-rts.
Horace lilake and wife, of Philadel
phia, ure recent, arrivals at Springer
Director of public safety, Abraham
uuiiioriu i iiiiaiieipiiin, is nuildlng a
handsome siiinne'r place at Silver lake,
near innuman a b orrv Pa.
Warren Dungaii, of Biugor, is shak
ing "anus wiiii inoricU in town.
Mill) (I Doild iind fiimile Imva r
moved from Strond.simrg lo B.ilvidre
J. u. Howell, wifn and children, of
Wilkos-Birre, are guests of the Bur
Uett tiousfi.
Miss Allco B, Ilartland, of Wilkes-
liirre, is tho gtimt of Miss Mae Pal
mer, of Breezo L ovn,
Alius Agues Daley and her cousin,
ius .iinumgnam, or i'nildolphia. are
iiiiiii enieriained tiv Jlrs. V. s. Yoler
Miss Nelhe Gillespie, a Normal
craiinate, lias been appointed to tim
Freelaud, Pa., scbool at a sulary of jlo
per moniii.
Mm l'annie Shafer. of thin nl Ufa ia
rp-juuiiig the summer with her uunt,
Airs. J. A. I'rantz. ot HI. terry street,
Miss Nottie Brown, of A(m1mnv
'.oruers, ra., is visiting Mrs. J. L
L. J. Baxter, attorney, spent Sunday
with Wilkss-Barre friends.
W. II. Manner's, the Avnen drnrriiiut
who wus severely lunirsd m u runaway
uuoih turjo weeks ago, is rapidly un
w - - .j
liiuvilli:. lie la n bi to mnU-H un n...
casionnl visit to his storn i
The Missionary socioty of the L iug-
tiiii'j iresnvier an r mri'i. ivi w i.i
their month V social tnimirr.inr niirlif
aiiurs. ue. rier s. A mnr. u vin
vited to attend.
Charles Iloban, of Plains, called on
Avoca friends ou Monday.
Ihe Tiuintera upu lin.u tit- nr...'n
I ' J .ujj vu Uii UA.UI J B
uuiuuii and rectory.
rrank Healev. of West Arnen baa
accepted a position as sexton for Rev,
rauier voitey ot Uarboudalo.
ilartm I-arrell, of Scranton, and M.
At. 1'lirral. of Pill ail -lnhin uraru n.
guests or b r. Herbert ye'sterday.
mm. i.icuarn ueerg.ot Hiciimondalo
who has boon tho gu.Bt of Mrs. Jacob
Webster rtiirine the nast wnk ra
mmed homo yesterday.
ueorge Dixon gnent Sunday with
iriHinls In AlHlvale.
P. II. Mc(4e.. L. T, D fin Attiinont
proiessor ot Niagara university, is the
i:uest or wuiiam J. Healev, of West
Join JMoruhan Tunn. n,1n.
William Healey attended the game of
unii in ncraniun on Monday.
the Misses Klin. (l'T,,ll n r lfm,4i.
Morton and Margaret Aikman were in
Pittston attending to business ou Mon-
Mr. and Mrs. Cimrlea Aikman, of
this place, spent lust evening with
their Uuightor, Mrs. William White,
of Moosic.
Monday evening the unhnnl iHnin,.
mot at No. 1 school and appointed the
louowiiig corps or teachers: Principal
Charles Hoben, of Plains; Mary Kear
ney, Lvdia J. Connor, Alice Monuhan
u. uuinir, iiiice luonall
vi.ia a. uibiions, Ella U Alulley, Agnes
- onaiian, ina i.'urraii, JIarv Ma
! ri.. n I 17 1 I .. t m. J
loney and Ella Qniun, all af Avoca.
Jijv. George iJrice visited Pittstou
menus on Monday.
Prayer meeting tonight at the Lang
ciute church. A cordial invitation is
extended to all.
The conncilmoi should p iy a linU
attention to t!i sidewalks on North
Main sireet us they are in a very poor
condition at pr-sent.
Allen MncUmald, of North Main
s r..et, is spending the week at Lake
V niola.
The Helping II, nd Mission band will
iioki a meeting at the Primitive Motbo
out cnnrcii tomm-row night, All the
mem ners are r,qn stud to In present.
William Green, of Brooklyn, N. Y.
who is visiting his parents in Moosic
pleased tho congregation of the Pros
prtenan church on Sunday uight by
suigiuy u auio.
Cure for Headache.
As n remedy tor nil forms of Headache
Electric Hitlers lias proved to be tbe vory
best. It olTocts a permanent euro and tho
most dreaded habitual nick headaches
yield to its inlluence. We urge nil who aro
ulllicted to procure a bottle mid pive this
remedy a fair trial. Jn cases of habitual
constipation Electric Hitters cures by civ
ing the needed tone to the bowels, anil fuw
rases long resist tho use of this medicine.
Try It once. Largo bottles only Fifty cents
at Matthews liros'. drug store.
Frank P. Duncklee. of Pittslon.speiit
Monday evening with friouds in this
Mrs. W. J. Parry ond sop, "Robbie,
nre visiting friends iu Dnndaff.
At tne m-eting of the school board
on Monday evening the following
teachers applied for situations and
were occepted: II. J, Hockenherry,
Maybert Hunter, Hattlo ilutuhins!
Amelia Ponckert, Kstie Pace. Anna
Murphy, May Pengelly, Lucy Josliu.
Alice Rashleigh, Junot Brydon, E iz
beth Thomnson. May Rdl
lie Shorrer, Jennie Fox, Catharine Jay
Anna Kosengrant, LiUliau Jono.i, Amu
Dunstan, Lillio Mullady, Katie Lyng,
Lizzie Walsh, Anna Loftns, Mary Coo
tran, B. T. Gavin, Nora Murpny, Alice
Connor. Anna B'rry, Lyda Giliuartin,
Tes.de Dnrkin.
Alex Bionnan.omployed at the Hmd
rick Mauuf ictiifiiig company's works,
received injuries yonerday "afternoon
while on duty which will disable him
for some time.
Fmnk Berrv has ncceptol a sitnition
with Munn & Avury at the Palace
Mrs. W, D. Evans and two ions are
visiting frieuds in Royal.
Miss Luna Bronaon entertilnarl a
party of friends at her borne at Canaan
street on Monday evening in honor of
uer guesr. miss uvelyn tattiJ. of Sid
ney, N. Y.
Miss Kate Bvrne. of Wanhinirtnn
street, is on a visit to New York city
Dr. S. & Shields lrt yesterday for
Niagara Falls to attend tbe annual
convention of the American Association
"f Railway surgeo i , wiiicli will be
bel l at the Intoi'iinlio lal ho. el at that
Jllace. 1
O.i Monduy evenin,' Mr. in I Mrs. C,
C. Porter, of Silem ayonuo, appropri
ately celebrated the fortieth anniver
sary of their marring.).
The excursion to Farview of the
Knights of Father M itliew on Monday
was a great success. About a thousand
people went over the mountains and
had a pleasant tunn at the popular re
sort. The most intoreitiusr feature of
the excursion was the band computl
'ion. Guth'g baud of Scranton and
CilizMis' band of Jermyn competed for
tho tint prize, a gold 'medal and SjiW.
Tne Citizens' nand won by a margin of
10 points in mi) Tua Emt Side band
bad uo competitor for tbu secoud prize,
$15, and it was awarded to them. Pro-
tossor Al. xinder. of the Ninth lt-gi-inent
band, of Wilkes-Rirre, was mljii
liicalor. The day was spent very
pleasaut'.y and the excursion was most
profitable from a financial point of
Too funeral of tho late Patrick Ma
hadv takes plact) from the residence of
his mother at 10 o'clock this morning.
Mr. Muhady's death was due to par
alysis, resulting from a fail ha sai
tained about a woek ago. The de
ceased was born hero and was about. 25
years old. He was a brother of Mrs.
William Brennan, jr., of this plnco.and
W. II Muhady, of CarboinluUt. He
was widely known on accouut of his
rare poo ! n itnro and cheerfulness and
his death will b generally regretted.
Miss Jennie Kinney.of tho East Side,
was married at 1 o'clock yesterday af
ternoon to Michael Lvons. of Hill
Street The ceremony took nlaeo in
St. Thomas' church and was witnessed
I y many friends ot the voting couple.
Rev. T. J. Comerford officiated, Tiie
bride wore a bountiful dres of white
corded silk trimmed wilh lace and hat
to iu itch. The bridesmaid, Misj Kuie
Piuldoti, a cousin ot the bride, wore
white cashuiere,trimnied with luce and
a whito hat similarly trimmed. The
uroom was attended bv hi i hrnthnr
John Lyons. After the marriage the
bridal parly drove to Crystal lake. Un
their return a reception was bold ut
tho homo of tho bride's parents, where
lilnnv called to nonpratnlurn thnm
Both young people are well known und
every ono hopes their wedded life will
be one of happiness.
Fannie Simtnrell visited Bitiirhnmton
W. II. Duizan. nctini? na r Ynresa and
ticket ngout in the depot in this place,
caught a bass in the buquehantia river
last evening which weighed -1 pounds
and 3 ounces.
Mis E lith Perigo. of Binnruamtoii.
who has been visitiuor Airs. .Tnnob
Brown, has returned home.
Mrs. Charles Lawronco and son Tim.
jamin, are vi&itiiK friends in Conkliu.
airs, nomer njoinsou is visiting
friends in Afton.
Remember the ice cream festival on
the river bank opposite the resideno
of Dr. Lamb Saturday evening, July SI.
Mr, and Airs. John Simpson visited
Binghauitou yesterday,
U;rtrulo Bead is visitinir Afton
MrB. Fred Rsss was visitincr friends
in Foster yesterday.
At Bmahauiton. N. Y.. on Sitnrdav
July 15, occurred tlm marriage of Ar
thur E. LaUar and Miss Mmnie Valon
tine, both of this plac. The eeremony
took place at the Chenango Street
Methodist Episcopal p irsonage.
Thomas Heath, of Montana, is visit
ing at tho residetico of (ieori:e Wilcoit
ou Clinsj avenue.
Abraham Benjamin, of Duryea, is
visiting bis parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. M.
liel'J mini.
I he pay car visited this nlace yester
William Adams visited New Milford
friends yesterday.
trod Snow is the bnppy father of a
young son.
Marthor Hill, of New York cltv. is
visiting Mrs William Hill.
Mr. and Mr, Michaol Dolan, of
Brookdale, spent Snndsy with friends
iu town.
Clmrles Burt, of Bitiu'liamton. is vis
iiing bis grandparents, Mr. and Mrs.
M. S. Low -.
Secretary Adair, of tho Railroad
Yonng Men's Christian association.
visited Bitigli imton yesterday.
Carrie Snmmertoii. who has bnnn
visiting friends in F.ictoryville, has re
turned home.
On nnl nfter Wednesday eveninir.
JtllV IS. the following merrbantn trill
close their respective places of business
at 7 o'clock every evening until further
notlce.Sittirdav uiu'hU. nav tiiuhti nml
one night after pay excepted: O-orge
a. Bull, drv (roods and croeeries!
Shaffer & Kizir, general store; S. W,
Arnold, hardware; Roberts Bros., pro
cerus; E. W. Squires, hardware; E E.
Uuuuer & Son, uroceries. . ,
The parade of tlieR d Men Mnn.
day evening drew a large crowd ot p-o-
pie out on tho streets. The parade was
uniiiutt and did luunli credit to the Rid
won. inv principal roatuves were the
mounted horsemen iu the irarb of the
red skins: the Jlonesdale Cornet hand
which rendered excelhnt niURic:
1 iruo float, on which tbe tent whs
pitched and tho fire was burning. A
long procession of men carrying Chi-
neso lanterns followed, Fireworks
marked the line of the parade. Tho
R"d M-'lt ai'Min imrade'l the street
Saisapiullla is carefully
m enai ed bv esnei ini 1
I vl tffl pbarmaeists from Saisa-
t,M parnia, Hanilelion, Jlan
'id drake, Iloek.ripsissewa,
Juniper Berries, and other well known
vegetable remedies. Tim Combination, Pro
portion nml Process are Peculiar to Hood's
Sarsnparilla, giving it strength ami curat ivo
power Peculiar to Itself, not pos
sessed by other medicines. Hood's
ures Scrofula, Salt liheimi, Soros, Boils,
'imples and all other affections caused by
Impure blood; Dyspepsia, Biliousness, Sick
Headache, Indigestion, Debility, Catarrh,
heiiniatlsin, Kidney and Liver Com
plaints. It is Not What
wo Say, but what Hood's
Sarsnparilla Does, that
Tells tlm Story Hood's
Hood's Pills are geiitio, mild and ettccUvft
w Troon
Bloody Water Oozed Oat Constantly.
SuflerlnKs were Terrible. No I'euce
luy or Night from Itching
and Hunilnjj. Doctors
Fulled. Cured by
My child's disease, which was the worst Itlnd
i . i . . uracil Htl Lllll piHir
little fellow bad no prate nii-ht
onlay. Then it started on the
o.lier cheek und eliin, until all
were raw as a piueu of beet
bum:, like a burn where von
would rul oil tbe nkin, in,l
bloody water ouiod out con
stantly. Ui HtUleriiiK were
ten- I ., 1 tic) his lianda that
Ih! mild inn scratch, then ho
would rub bin poor little, check
fill lliv rtlliiltlili.ru ... ....I.
intense Itching. I had as rood a doctor as was
in I'liilaileli'lna, but he lail 'd to relieve him. I
read of the Ciitii tiia l:!:.Mi;nna, ami at linen
pun h i.scd tiicm. Strange to say, tlmt vrnini)ht
if rrittnl without scratching bis face, ami Irian
that on he improved and tniinmimnlirrlynirrtl,
I woulil like anyone MirlV.Minii from ibis lernhln
disease to see my hoy now; hio eomplcxion isim
clear and Hieooth :w can be. 'I bis is an unso
licited testimonial, ami every word is true. I
thank iod fur my child's recovery, and I thank
Ihu uiuutilacturcr ol Ci m i ua.
Mim. K. S. (I.AMRf.R,
8K! N. Korty-sccond St., l'liiludclihia.
HTfnuni umrivir urn
Aiid havn etTccted the most wonderful cures of
torturintr and disllirurini; skin and scalp diseases
... imiiiiin timi i-Muiiicii ever rccoriicu. jncy
afford instant relief, penult rest and sleep, ami
iioint t.ia ilvciire when the best iliysicians,
tosjiiuls, and all other methods (ail.
hold tlirom-hnnt llm world. Price, Cmrtiu,
Mc; Siue, ;e. ; Uksdi.vit, Jl. I'ottkii Ukuu
ANn('in:)i.(:iiiti'.,(io l-roprk-lors, Kiutn.
-"llow toCurulSkiii liisuasus," tuaiifd frre.
Hkln and Hi aip purllicd und beautified
by Cuticuha ioAr. Absolutely pure.
OrowlnR pains, and weak,
ncsses, relieved In one
minute by tho Ctitlcurn
Anti i'nln 1'lanter. Dm
firit and only Instantaneous, imiu killbiB plaster.
Tuesday morning in their emblematio
regalia. Fourteen car-lo.tdn of i-xcur-siotiists
left Honesdale for Lake Ariel.
r. A. Loiisarr lett yesterday for Ling
unmton, Boston and other DomtB.
Miss Alice Florey. of Scranton, is
vismug ora uunneii nt Seeleyville.
Paymaster H. B. Snviinr. nf tim n.d
aware and Hudson Cnnal company.und
xrucey m. lerwiiliger, or Koudiut,
were in nonesunie yesterday.
Mrs. Roland Davis, of Qmenwood.
will leave this morning with her
brother, 1 homas Morton.of Ilvile Park.
for Now York city from which point
they will take tin ste.imir for Linn.
shire, England, and will De absent for
.. ... ' it
H. IHW Ill'llllllfl.
Toil Anderson, of Grofnwontl lnuv..H
4t. t.. .... ; . a it
mis morning tor iNdW Xoilc city on A
pleasure trip.
An infant daughter of John Fooney,
of Main street, died yesterday morn
ing. Interm-.nt will ba nude tomor
row iu Minooka cemetery.
Elmer Davis, of Greenwood, son of
liauc Davis, wlnU picking berries Mon
day in the woods near Tmklepaw's,
stooped over at a bush when a huge
snnlte iapod on ms shoulder. Tho boy
instead of getting excited retained
presence of mind stifiijieut to realize
his danger and quickly knocked the
repine oil wiui bis Hand. The snake,
he says, was about four feet louir.
tiual preparations are being made
for the keg fuud nicuio which will on
cur on Monday at tho Greenwood
grove. Nothing remaius to be done
but to erect the stands, which will be
finished by Siturday night. i
Tho Maflnvers B.isii 1! ill elnh will
hold a grand social at Temperance II ill
... ... .
iuoniiay, evening, wniun wilt be ouo of
the leading events of tho season.
The local Democrats are already bo
ginning to send candidates for dele
gates into the tiiild.
Rev. John Loughran is able to be
around ones more as well as ever aft.T
a painful period of indiiposition.
Mrs. Fasshold. Of (ireeuwmvl Inn
sufficiently rec vorod and to be ablo to
sit up.
Tbe Presbyterians of Greenwood are
considering tbe subject of erecting a
The Traction company will have
some doath clai nis to settle if the con
ductors on the Minook.i lino nro not
more strict wit h children, who haunt
the cars at tho city lino sitice the new
schedule took effect.
The home of John Parkyns was made
nappy sun 'ay ovor tho appearance
of a new daughter.
Samuel J. Jenning', a popu'nr yonng
man or mis piace, is ueing congratu
lated by bis many irien.ls for having
passed successfully the initio foremen's
examination recently held in Carbon
dale. Attorney T. P Wiilamnn lua t,on
in Montrose the past few days on logal
Bert Blakesles and John Matey spent
last evening tipping the light fantastic
at the Pioneer rink in Dnndaff. Both
gnntlomon report a very pleasant time.
Supreme Secretary F. J. Osgood, of
the Order of Solons, was iu Peckville
Monday evening and addres.sid a large
number of Solon ites.
Miss Mary Walker, of Carbonduln,
is tbe guest of her brother, James J.
Walker, on Delaware Btreet.
C. W. RessiKUU. of Sunnhanii
was a busiuesB caller in town yester
day. '
Charles C. Wells, a popular commer
cial traveler from Bingiiamton, was
culling on Forest City business mou
Miss Mamie Ilullah. of Carbondale,
is spending a few days at the home of
her parents in this borough.
J. F. Wellbrook is tho possessor of a
spirited horse, and last evening about
7 o'clock bo was putting thn horsn into
tho stall, the horse suddenly reared on
his bind legs and witn one of bis front
feet struck Mr. W-llbrook iu the face
Inflict! ig a severe bruise on the nose. It
was thought t first his nose was
broken, Hit Inckily it is thought he es
caped such an iujury ta tftnt portion of
bis face.
Last Snnday at 2 30 o'clock that por
tion of the city near tbu nnr..i i,r...i,.
er was stirred from its quietude by the
... . 1. .. . TT T . .
nin i noiiry ttodiiey Ua I been
brutally assaulted by his stepfather,
Patrick McAnuky, who it seems was
on the war Dath: for Ptri,.ir ,.
slight provocation seiz nl a bowl from
(be dinner table ami itruck Honry on
the forshead, and it llicted two otlier
severe gashet one uuder the eve and
another on the upper lip. Dr. Knapp
wus called and dressed tlm
Chief of Poliee W. G. ReynoUls
and Officer W. L. Bates were quickly
summoned to arrest I'ntrlek. He was
found iu a neighbor's h nilBA and aaenrt
el to the city bastiie. He wasiziven a
hiHrit g Moi.diy morniug before Squite
W. J. lUnxev. on thn nb urira nt f Inn i
In default of bail he was taken to Ho
tel Leonard, at Montrose, at whloh
place he will sojourn until tbe August
term ui court oouveuos.
S I 1 :
400 and 402 Lackawanna Avenue.
Ml E have just purchased for cash
b at 50c. on the dollar 32,228 doz.
Ladies Handkerchiefs, the entire
stock of an importing house retir
ing from business.
Sale Commences Saturday, July 7
5c. Hander chiefs, sab at
10c. Handkerchiefs, sale at .
15c: Handkerchiefs, sale at .
25c. Handkerchiefs, sale at .
39c. Handkerchiefs, sale at ,
50c. Handkerchiefs, sale at .
ii zL 1 'cpCT'd
We can serve you well. All the
desirable kinds are here, and at
right prices. . Then we have
other kinds of
loor s Coirerings
Linoleums, Mattings, Art Squares,
Linen Crumb Cloths. k
Byzantine, Smyrna and Oriental
Rugs all sizes, from a single door to
sizes large enough to cover an entire
406 and 408
No tales or history
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You will find money by attending our
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