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Norrman&MooreBlfi DAY liT IHE LIE
120 Wyoming Avenue
Have your COLLAIil torched In the M
wt when Ton on bt theia dons wltn tort,
Utteble Butt' nhok. for TWO CENTS JtAOIt
FORMERLY 73o. and $1, for
ONLY 59c.
In every desirable shade.
Mears & Hagen
If you want
Carpets, Draperies,
Wall Paper or Window
Shades, come to us.
' t
We have a full line of
oods, and our prices are
127 Wyoming Ave.
To my friends: I hereby announce
'hat I will be a candidate for the nomi
nation of district attorney, before the
republican County convention.
Trlbnns reaileri louring for their
Mitumer'D vacation can liavo their favor
ite inpnr unit to llmtu without cxtrn
out, lv notifying this ofllce of tit de
clrert chungc In tile paper' Hdtlrm.
The lower hallway of the Wyoming
House is bt ins laid wtn tiles.
A son bus been b rn to Mr. and Mrs.
J. 8. Ruole, ot N"W York street.
The (-hi-ridsn Monument association's
ways and moaus committee will meet this
The funeral of thn late Wlllinm Jeffer
pon, of this city wilt be held tomorrow
Uteruoou at i o'clock.
The Taylor council has rescinded It
ugreercent allowing the Traction coui
Vauy to lay i s tracks throuiib the borough.
John Mulderick of Lackawanna town
ship, was committed to the county jail
yesterday for aggravated assault and
At a regular meeting of the Honiepsthlc
Medical society to beheld at Wilke-Barre
tomorrow. Dr. H. B. Ware, of this city,
will be one of the ersayints.
iHirlnB the abjeiice of Corporal Frank
.V. Branda at Camp Crawfor I, the youug
iadit-s at Peckvilie wbo are flrilllng for an
tzbibltiiin in f.tucy and tnllitury inarch
ing lor tbe benefit ot the pHckvill Metuo
liat Epinconai rtaurch, will be under the
iharee of Mis D, A. Jones, of this city.
Pabrt'b Milwaukee Beer,' tool and
nparkiiug, at Lohmau'a, Spruce street
Conway Home, 133 nd 184 Penn Ave.,
is where you will always And good service
und courteous treaimnnt, the table is al
ways supplied with the best iu tbe market.
Transient aud local trade solicited. ,
Wood's Collet of Bualnsss and Short
hand. To tht Pu&ffe. Since the organization
of our school we have given to the citizens
vt Bcrantou and Pennsylvania advant
ages iu tbe commercial aud stenographic
work equal to that of the best colleges in
the largest elties.
Afore than i,000 students have attended
In a single year.
A Great Multitude has bean inspired to
higher living and have won uuporiaut
places Iu the business aud professional
ll'i'tA tht txperttnet and success of the
J at w propoee to give our patrons of tbe
fatur higher, more practical, and thor
ough business aud steuographio ooursss.
Conditions in tbe buslneas world bsve
changed. Gcaools mnst change to meet
these conditions. Btudeuts must be taught
to do as well as to tbiuk.
2 Vie fatuity m, on Important factor iu
ni institution, - -
Heretofore wt how educated eve
(cachra-this year we bave engaged tnen
wbo have made a record and acquired a
reputation, .
- We bave had good pupils in the pant.
We shall bave better oues in tbe future,
Ho butintu tchool in tht United Utatet
can exhibit a more competent, cultured
nod efficient elsus of aggressive teachers.
Tbe college will reopen Auguit XT. Day
r-nc night sessions. Old stndenta, students
who bave not completed tbe courae, and
jTospnntlve Students, are Invited to call.
The offloa is alwavs open.
F, E. WOOD, President.
very low. ; r
Williams k Mrlnulty
m tw w J
A pure cream "of tartar 'powder.
"Pure" and "Sur.
Scranlon Press Ciub Regatta Proves
nounced Success.
Thousands Lina the Shores of Lake
Ariel Newark and Philadelphia
Oarmens Capture the M.tjorit of Iha
Prizes-the Plymouth Club Makes
a Good Showing Against the Cham
pions Notes of the Day.
The thousand who ycKterdny flock I
to th shores ot L ik Arinl prove t t ha
the people of Kortbvnstrro IVnnayl
Vaiil.i enj-y bot racing, wnich was in
troiluoMil here only one year go, and
also prove that they bnve niiswcrvinv
coufiiibiiae iu the I'rvss club aj enter
tainers. Nearly every e 'ctiiin of thi part of
tbe Htatx waa r'prwsrntMd. Surintoi
nnd the Immedinte vicinity sent over
about 2,00i) people oti three excursion
nnd two r'iiuUr trains. Lara excur-
I hIoq crowds ttlnu came frotu up the v tl
lev on th lm of the U -lawarn mi l
Hudson from Plymouth and intermxdi
at sta'ioim and ulsi from llonui
dale end llawlty. The fact that
this lurift crowd wis bund1"d without
any delays or acci'h'tit re 11 'Cts r . at
credit upon the Erie and Wyoming
Vlley Uallroad company. That uo
a Hingis riimtirhanc; ocmrr-i I on the
uroniids nfi'cU much credit on the
rrowd itsdi. M. K. Sanders and the
Press club committee who mauaK"1'
the event aru a!s) worthy of ureal
comaiendation for its unquulifl d suu
c.ss in every detail.
Wtiile there were many other sources
of enjoyment at the lake the attention
yesterday was entirely riveted on the
water. While the crowd in the main
knew but litt.e of boat rainir,it never
luiless enjoyed tue contests, and b'
came worked tip to nn enthii-UsUc
pitch at a close and exciting flaiil).
The blitieat of the few disappoint
ment of th day was the announce
ment that Elwiu H-illey, auiat ur
(l ampion of America, had been dis
qualified by the ISutional board for
pawning one of bis medals, and conse
quently could not contest in any cf
toe races. Another disappointment
we.8 the refn4.1l of the Eureka
Boat club of Kewaik, N. J., to enter
the elht-nared crew against the
Tritons, of Newark. This disappoint
mnt waa ne to the fact that a few
evnings ago while ont for a pr ictlce
i-pi 11 th two crews accidentally got
! abreast of each other 011 the P.nSiic
river and a short spurt occurred. Th
Eurekas were so badly distance
that they did not care to travel 100
miles In a hopeless cause and conse
quently tbe Tritons had a walkover
; The prettiest nnd most spirited race
I of the day was the senior singles.
William Atnan, of the Mutual Rowing
club, of Buffalo; Oicar Writz, of the
; Paxslac Itmt chU', of Newark; and E.
J. Carney, of tbe Institute Boat clno.
' of Newark; were three of llo llev's dis
t putmits for cliatupionihip laurels at all
1 the big regattas and since bis di: quail
! ficatlon eacu has felt conQient that
the victor's palm was his. When
I these mn met yesterday it was a me t
, ing for Mood and also to decide, virtu-
nlly, which is the champion of Am r
I ics. They pulle l thir bsst rsc ami
: as a resnlt the spectators witoene I a
I L'rand content of skill aud endarano'.
i The Br.ff ilo man, Awm, won in 5 09
with Wirts only one an I oui-t otu c
! on la behind him This lime is re
i matkably fast fur still water.
The yiicht race w s a fizzle as far ns
ixcitement is concern, d. It might
' eve possessed some fin points in tne
ryes of yachting cranks, but thnre
points wer- too flue for the aver-g-
resident of L irk wanna s shor-s. At- l
torney Smitu's Flyiag Clou 1 is a beau
tiful craft and a speedy one in heavy
weather. Captain Oreeiibaugli's Ariel
is built expreealy for sped, carrying
twine as mnoh sail as the Flving Cloud,
and ontclssflug ber in every respect but
beauty, As there waa no more of a
breeza at Lake Ariel yesterday than
there generally is at a Prohibition con
vention Mr. Smith's boat had decidedly
the worst of it.
It w is reports 1 that t'm A-lol wiu
'y a large margin and as PHpper
Grecnbagh wag uwarded tbe Dm (linger
vase tbe report is VrriS'td. For the
poor contsst the blame all lies ou the
l wind.
The Tritons of New Jersey ware con
fident of winning every race but th
senior four-oar, lu which thsy wera
pitted against the Star Boat elub, ami
their snrniisea wore proven to be quite
correct While they succeeded iu de
feating the Plymouths, the margin by
which they won was so small that the
latter clun may feel justly proud of
their showing against the ehamplnns
of tbeconntry who do little el but
row. The Tritons' time was 5.18 and
tbe Plymouth's 6.25.
Junior slnele scnll Hngh Monahan,
dray's Ferry Boat club. Philadelphia, lint ;
Frank Cibnrn, Institute Boat club,
Newark, If. J., second. Time. din. ,
Intermediate niugles J. B. Jo venal,
Pennsylvania Barge club. Philadelphia,
first; Charles Cope, Gray's Ferry, second.
Time. 8.01.
Junior four-oared shell -Veper Boat
club, Philadelphia, first; Hiar Boat club,
Plymouth, secoud. Time, 6. SO.
Intermediate doubles Pennsylvania
Barga club. Philadelphia, first; Orny's
Ferry, Philadelphia, secoud. Time, R:41.
Junlon doubled Institute Boat club,
Newark, flratj Quaker City Bnrge club,
Philadelphia, second. Time, (l:?A
Senior four nhelli Triton Boat club.
Newark, flrat; htar Boat club, Plymouth,
second. Time, ft: 18.
Senior double Pennsylvania Barge
club, Philadelphia, first; Vesper Boat
clnb, Philadelphia, aecond. Time, 6:45.
Henlor four gigs Tiitoo Boat elub,
Hawark, flrat; Paeaaic Boat club, Newaik,
second. Time, & 25.
Senior singles William Aman, Mntual
Junior Rowing club, Buffalo, first; Oacar
VNirtz, 1'nhsalu Boau club, Newark, second.
Henlor eight shells-Triton Bat club,
Inewark. Time, mile aud a haif, 7.29,
Those who bad (barge of lbs regatta
ar plven It low, with tbe positions
they filled:
Refer e, Charles W. Prlosnndati!!, Falr
moniit Ilowiui? ilub, Philadelphia. Time,
keepers: J. Howard B ck, i'ennsvlvauia
Bulge elub, Philadelphia; Blai cliard Clui'
man, Mou annocka, I'iiUtun, Pa.; H. .
King, Mar B ait club, Plymouth, Pa.
Jodtics: J. h. Ballantvne, Artnur Kull
esaociation, Elizabeth, N. J.; M. J. Doyle,
Inatituie Boat club, Newark, N. J.; A. li.
Hopper, P.itsule. iinni ilub, Newark, N. J.
Siarter, O. lIcD. Wills, Triton Boat cluo,
Nework, N. J.
Preca 1 lob's committees Repntta
K Handera, ch Hnan; P. A. Barrel, A. E.
V 'ruk P. W. Oa lender, W. It. Unfile ,
L. J, Lynett. priai'leut ex-i flleio. Ite.vp
tion to. J. I.vnea, Fv Preee; A. F. Mc
Nullv, Aichbabl Clliseii; I'. A. Barrett,
iele;)'.m; J. E. Kern, Kepublieau;
Tuninaa J. Duffy, P. W. lialV'her and A.
E Vurl U, '1 1UUUNK; Captain B. K. M"r
ria CarbjiiU Ueiad. J. U. ltopewll,
Register, iiouorary ineuilx-re Hon. Y.
L. Couii'l', mayor; Hon Jobn il. Kel
lowe, ix-inavnr; lliu. it. W. Ar hbild,
Hon. F. W. (iiiu.-Uar, Charlea li biunou,
Olareti' e E, Pryor, lion. II. M. Edwards,
lion, John P. Kelly, Henry T. Koehlov,
Bernard Megargee, Jnm ia U. Biiley, Juun
J. Fahey, D. W. Powdl.
Ntxt Three Wek of Common I'leai
nd Clvd Court.
The trUl liot for the coming three
weeks' term of common pleas and eivil
eonrt is presented below. The list for
tho fiint week whs published in yes
terday's TmnUNB
Fcranton Una and Water company Vi. j
Liielian nna Irou aud Coal company.
l.ntuer Foster vs. Nancy Olivo Foster, j
Sarah A. Hoffman vs Lackawanna Iron
and Coil company, trespa-M,
Join Dumiii g vs. l'euubylvania Coal
compaav, trespata.
iary Scott vs. city of fc'crnnton, tres-pnn-i.
C. L. Eice vs. William A. Conuoll, ap
peal. Cbarlei A. Burr vs. John Case aud H.
8tone, eject ment.
Micliael J O'Mallev vs. Thomas I. Mul
len, xeont r, aaaump it.
New York Bowery Fire In-uranco com
pany vs. Fnd Tbeia. & Hi. u, a-siiuipait.
Mary Layelle vs. 1'iudouiial Insurance
company, auiuptiit.
Tbomui Hi b vs, Delaware and Hudson
Canal company, treapaa.
Margaret Hushes v. Belawareaud Hud
son Canal company, trespass.
Barker, Bulla and Ureg vs. T. F. Leonard,
Ackerman Bros. vs. E. Wise, appeal.
Ackorman Hi op. v. E. WIkc, epprul,
TUESDAY, HIll'T. -23.
William Moore vs. James Rowloy. ap
peal. Anna L. Baxter vs. W. B. Duggan, ap
peal. lleorga D. .Wetkerhill & Co. vs. D. f
Ryan, appeul.
N. McM auus vs. Oeorge Coopsr, tre?
pa -a.
nxth Schloss v. II. N. Unnuoll,
MirliRHl Wrnbelslil vs. 8. W. Franazika
an I a. W. Krava e'o, app'i.
Thomas Carroll vs. Fireman's Friend
I IiihiirancN Company, asHUinpiit.
j Woikiugniuu'e Building and Esving
1 Fund Association vs. John iiabngau, mi
; fa.
I Mary Jordan vs. Aloxaudur Groiau.
Robert I lnsley and Michael Oouovan vs.
John Welsh, trenpsa.
Albert Hume v. People'a Street Bhilway
Coii'paiiy of Luzerne County, treapais.
Winifred Barrett vs. borough of Blukuly,
living Davis et al, executors of the os
Mile of Joseph Lee, vs. Elizabeth Lou,
j ctnient.
E. F. Boyle et. aL vs. Qnrmnula Fire
Ineniance i oinpany, ansumpait
J. Sauheratei i vspieaiaut Ridim Taml
iniprovoineur company, appnnL 1
Edward M. Aiurray v. Anna Murray, '
ejectment. i
II. t. ...... l I u I
Wiutmi, trenpapB.
.uniKnir. .uiiiidjr gi, ui, B, UOfOUKU Ol
J. W. Raub vs. J. W. Altken, assumpsit.
Janu s J. tiallairher v. lVmnvV Kiimhi.
Reilway company of Luz -rue couuty, tres
pass. TI1IRD WEF.K.
llnry Colliua v.x. Carbuudnle Traction (
company, respnse. I
A. B. Stnrgee, trustee vs. Dagobixt A. '
Fiiaer, eject ment.. 1
al. Tyler, administrator, vs. 8. P. Fen
cer, et. al., rppeal.
Ironclad Manufacturing company vs.
Fnruiers' Dairy com pan", aksumpait.
Illuminanug 11 eat and Power company
vs. Ackerman Pros., appeal.
J. A. bcrnuton Si bou vs. Becker Bros.,
Spruks Bros. vs. Catherine Norton,
sci fa.
Albany County Bank vs. C. W. Fchank
& Co., appeni.
Ueorue A. Campbell vs. Elswoi th Myers,
Frank L. Froment vs. W. II. Taylor, as
sumpsit. Isaac E, I.aBar vs. Greenwood Coal com
pany, tre'pa"8.
Thomaa Duvidson vs. Thomas Sanders
and James 11. Jenkins, a-uiiipsit.
R. .oBiittier v. Jacob B Iz, aaiumpslt.
Whlto & Metzgervs. Richurd-. Lumber
coini any, assumpsit.
James Dover vs. Aaron McDonnell, an
peal. TCEfc'DAY, Ol?T. 3.
William J. Campbell, administrator, vs.
Anaiiatia Dunn and Thomas Duuu, re
plevin. JPcliael Di-Viue vs. People's Street Rail way
company of Luzemo couuty, tree
pa ti.
(1. M. Green vs. Joseph Plnlhenberg aud
C. W. Mord ok, sci fa.
Jucob A. Thomas vs. Joseph Platheuberg
aud C. W. Mordock, sci fa.
Martha U. Phelps vs. Cornelius Ruddy,
W. P. Connell ft Sons vs. J. N. Rice,
W. D. OMturhont & Bon vs. Anna R,
Freeman, appeal.
Tbumns Davis vs. D. F. Kearney, ap
peal. Hmger Muunf aoturing company vs. John
Znrflcll, tret-pass.
Jotepu Ordumus vs. Pulanki Association,
Richard Evaos vs. New York and
Bcraulon Coal toinpauy. Iiudted, appeal.
Johu Evans v. New Voik aud bviautoii
Coal coiupauy, limited, appeal.
Jauiai. M. Everhart Vs. George F. Nes
bltt and U. Mortimer Lewis, ejeotmeut.
Edwlu Ferris ft Co v. A. J. Merrill,
so i fa.
Fihel Bros. Vs. E. Gorman, assumpsit.
Alex Mosiowsky vs. It. J. Uallaghor.
Benjamin S. Lewie vs. E. W. Ives,
sci fa.
T. R. Walker Ss Ron vs. T. II. Withers
Paper company, limited, assumpsit.
Gallagher A Go. useot 0. XL. Putnam vs.
J. A. Barron, sci fa. '
New Teutiu Miuiug and Bmolting com
pany vs. Adelluo V. Smith, et al., exeou
(or, assumpsit. t
Infant l:fl ca tha Frcb or St. Joseph's
Foundling Hcmi
The Door Eell of the Home Was Rung,
rt 0 O'Clock Monday Night When
the Sister Answered the Bell She
Found an Abandoned Femala Child
Wrapped Up in a Crown Woolen
Shawl-Child Was Well Dressffd.
At 9 o'clock Mondav nifc-ht the door
bell of St. Jooph'a Foundling Home
was rung aud the sinter who answered
the call, when she lonkaoi toward the
atrHt, e w a mail walk lelsnrely away.
The olj 'ct her errs rested r.pon when
nh irluuoed down on the door step was
; a little blue-yd bate nestling in a
j warm brown woolen minwl on the door
! mat crowing complacently with all the
I idncerity t'f its liiii heart.
I bhe carried the infant i nil la. Aloni?
I ei le the tot on the door mat was u
I nursing bottle fii"d with w win milk
, and atiextr i outfl of S.v-.d lliilgolotues
wrapped in i newspaper
I A MYf.Ti:ni(if8 CAS
Til" babe IS a fern ile chil I and to all
pearane" i abou three; we k o'd
She is a plninp, healthy bundl-of hu
uiani'y. whion f ci lends mot'-ry to
theciarf. AS far as the chills health
n I nppaaruiife ure concerned th- re lj
no reaaoti why ev.n etuel paren'a
"hmtld desert her. S.ie welg is abnu1
! fiP'een pounds, ba a pair of larire
oernlaii titled orbs and a wvll shaped
. head crowned with a growth of golden
1 brown hair.
V irions cot. j ctnres are made as to
I the ('bill's p.u-eutagv. That she was
: dress d by fi male bands is evident, ami
! from the fact of th supply of cx ra
clothing it appears that the desiruon
i waa prrinedit ttad. The quality of the
! chilli's clothing indicates tuat her ad
i vnt into the wi rl.i had been prepared
j for by fairly well-to do parents. No
j tell-tale marks could be found oil the
j cloihing.
, The chil l will bo named toiay. Th
aitars will have it baptis d by a clergy
man and the title by wbicb her frieudx
accost her when she rowa up will
be Marv Jerom.
She will have the honor Of beitiR th
flr-t eMlsl left 01. the doorsiepof the
home aines its e8t iblisom-ut i i this
city lour years aio.
General Jamae A. i saver Has Bant Hli
R-grt .
Today at Farvlew will wltnsa ti e
Sf ven-County Veteran association's re
union, nnd it is probable that tbe
grounds will contsiu tho largest mini
ber of persons that have thronged Hie
popular resort this year. Governor .
William McKinliy and an array of
other notabilities are announce I us the i
speakers who will address tbe veterans I
and their friends.
A speeial exou.-slon train will leave
uv ii-t IH ..... 1 nut UUUOUII IJlJ'-'
lib 1 iu hub luuiuiiift,, mil vj utviiiK
lick-ts exchanged nt the station the
it 8 IB th a lmirninir. hut liv havinir
privil-ire will be given to depart on
:. ,n n 1..
me 10 i'j or noon Irani, v isunig pong
will i 1,1 t at the Curbondale Seventh
avenue station on
station on the arrival of the
morning trains and go in a body to
Karview from the main station of the
Oravitv road.
L will be a disappointment to ninny,
the veterans pirticul irly, to learn that
fi n-ral James A. 15-aver will not b
present. A letter from tne ex-Gnver-nor
stat s that a volume of budn-aa
awal's bis attention, that h' bus just
returned from a six weeks' abeuc
roui borne and bas au Important en
gagement at Pittslurg.
A very iutensting banquet will be
givn the spi.k"is. ilistiBgniBhed
guests and newspaper men at ilottl
Anthracite this evening.
j BkgUamton and 8 at Line Railroad
I Will Ba Built.
I It is reported '.hat tho bid for grading
hue State Line and Ilinghamtou rail-
I road, in wbieh several Scranton people
f .. .. i. l a s i .
are iuter'Steri, has been awarded to
Contractor Leonard, of Eiughamton,
aud that work will be begun at once.
If tide suteuiatit is reliable the sup
position that the present company se
cured ibe charter for apeeul all v pur
poses, and was a follower of the oi l
Uinghaiuton aud Wiiliamsport rail
road is qu -she 1.
Tbe prospective line will extend
outh from Bingham'on Into Su-qii"-luntia
county et Silver Lik-, ironi
w ich point the Quit direet route will
b followed to a point on the L-'hig i
Valley railroad uear Mesboppon, Wyo
miug couuty.
lhat Is W'nat ib Coining Presentation
or E ch nd III rromi.ii a to Be.
Our playgoers bave naturally been
asking qursiions ooiie-rning the forib
coming presentation of Stink-spear '
sublime tragedy, ''itichard III," nt the
I'rothlngliam nn M jii lay, Aug. "2, and
iroia the beet sonrce of iuformatiou .t
him I, it is safe to predict an event of
artistio signtfioane. Assuredly, with
fifty capable people, lie. Kiel ly well
known and able nelor, tue great nn I
luipr-isive iutiiUnts luvoivd iu t e
oattle end coronation scenes and lie
fuueral procassioii, will bu da ply inter
simg, us no coiupauy presenting tbe
tragedy ever gave it b-re with 'h t
number of players. The special imiblo
Will lie Un rotl''dV j Vei, h. vvill
40c. Per Pound
Buys our Fancy Old Jlamlili
( ling Java, tho Uncut Colli o
34c. Per Pound
Buys our Trlpltvblend Java;
will mutcliany 33c. coffoosolJ.
30c. Per Ponnd
Buys our Fancy'Goldcn Eio.
25c. Per Pound
Buys a Good CoCfoo at
Colt Coffoe Uouae m Qorautou,
420 Lacka. Ays,
also the magnificent costumes, all his
torically oorrect. The object is to give
Riohard with all the glittering effeeta
of artful accessories, which will la
done in a surprisingly delightful way.
The drat professional appnarancs of
Miss Tlllle Lewis, the well known elo
cutionist, is hq event of importance,
ml hr uiiuy Scrntou friends will no
don tit tear it ii mind MI'S Kiiti"
Mt Cat'-, the fvr-ni K'triiio of Sr.
Mary's choir, W'bk -a- B.irre, ipp-r
in h nw creaton, lint j.iuiuis to if1 v
n much ploaure in ?r t- tv s ill In
hitiivrto lou in oum-dy. Tiie ml of
r -m rvel -uts will hevin t tii
time al the box til a of the FrutLing-btttu.
by Ab.sice cf
Alde from the regular routine work
of the many municipal departments at
tne city hall, the presout week Is being
marked by a sinful ir laxity of busi
During Monday and yesterday the
number of visitors and the amount of
business transacted in the mayor's de
partment were less than "lining liny
similar pori 1 1 of thi prseut admiula
tratiou. The maor's only caller yes
terday morning w .s a plauriible mt n
with a sadnative suhscrlpiioii p p r.
SOW FoluTlirPttABLE.
Movement Started by Ccuncilmen to
Have t;ie Rec nt Charges
1 - men are anxioiH to cl-nr Provi lenoe oi
It is prohaUe that tomorrow nliht'a : hes pest, let tnem roo; o it any c ise
meeting of ulct council will de- of hypocrisy In their midst aud show
v-io; seuaaiiou il biisinom iu r- uniform exumpl", WaioU is always
I . lion to the resent alienation of J rong.jr than preo-pt.
Qemge Frable at a South bide board; Thtre is also anoi her duty for mini?
of trade in eting that the eip-udiiure j br and that is to lead tip ir congrega-
of ward iippropriatloas by councilra in
have besn miiuaiiugHd and that m.'ii
wbosa names were ou the pay rolls nnd
not worked.
As previously stated In Tint Tkidunr,
sever.il member will se"k to bavu an
inveiUlgatiou made. A meusure will
be oliereil providing tor tue appoint
ment of three leading moinhers as
i'jvestigati'ig c iiuiiiut -e, which ehall
be instructed to bear evidence and com
Del the attend iuc of witnesses. Tbe
: public charges made by Mr. Frabl
luaiimt tha city fathers are considerod
in a varied array of lignta by
I .1. - n. - r 1.
1118 '"""'"n'Mi. luany pooo-p.a. .
"? mnnT 1 ,u WT' 't l ,"" D"UI"
' wembi-rs assume that ii.asranco ..s
ll.'H w,'ra m I' L V
piacif ill 1'ieir pajoeii 01 (.lie uny, ii -hooves
them to protest, by nt least seek
ing to prouiot an investigition.
I ne sentiment aguiut Ur. fratil i la
very strong among the last mentioned i
el. ment, aud it is likely that the Un-
gnage of the coU'ioilman will ba more;!
forcible thin gutlo in tbe discussion !
of the matt r.
Mr 3, Un Coiooiau Will Ba Sent to tbe
Inaauo DrRrinaiit
By order of Judge Archibald, in
conrr, yesterday, Mrs. Elleu Corcoean,
of the West Si le, was removed from
the county jail to the insane depart
ment of tbe Hillside home, Abjut a
.a .1
-""""' "'y"1""
ago, while a number
. , - ,j , ..
I ?' Ptd women were par tie! pat rg
' ln, "nrn tou jo.i.uuauou as tu. e
: o( Mrs. Corcomn. on Swi - tin ti I street.
. ., , ., ... . 1 1 i
U)elo.ie Late, one of the gueste burled
' n "ru.-. .amp
uoran, pusiuig ura 10 ccr cioiiiiiiH nun
burning her painfully on the face,
hands and back.
The homo cauht firo and Chief For
ber hud warrants isued f or the arrrs
of ilia em ire crowd, Mrs. Corcoran
was charged with keeping a disorderly
house and could not furnis'i bail. She
was commit tu! to lul, where It waa j
fouud her miu 1 h id become uustjUl.il
Youcg Kon'a (biiktlun An.cU'ton Ces
ron Bas Besn Blar ed.
The rirular class work iu th Yunno;
Men's Christian assooiatlni gyrnu isiutn
sturted last eveniug with a rush. It
waa the intention of the directors to
have only one class a week during
August, but there hug been such a d j
mand for body building work this vsar
that two classes will be giveti, ou TU3S
day and Friday evenings.
The classes will be for m-m only. All
the regular classes will be started Sjpt
13, aud the opmng cxhibltioa Will be
given in tbe hall Sept. 0.
On Htl.
Tha bi annnnl meeting nnd to irnament
nf the Turner societies of tne Puna le phi
die-riot will be nel I in thia ciiy Aug. iO
aud 21 uuOui 'the auspices of the lotal'luiU.
Saturday Eccnina, Aug. JS Reception
of ibe il'loixat' s iioiu I'nil.nl Iphit, V.'ill
iuinsiMirt, All 'Ut iwo. Willi-'j-Bair.1, Tieu
tun. N. J., Cainde i, N. J.
Monday, A wj. SO Grand parade of th
Vl-iting sorioiie'. All local si ging aud
other liermau sociotios will participate to
Ceuiral Perk girden; sport- and (.aims
between visitlug aud local Turucr aocie-
lies. Admission to pa: k 3 cent-'. Picnic
all day and evening.
J'ui'sda), Awj. f Ma:nmo:h rxcmslon
to Farvlew. Tralni lavn Delaware aud
llndo.i depot at 8.30 a. m. Tickets for
adults, 75 rents; for children. 40 cents. For 1
snloatO. D. NaufX.o-, Fied Lmri. J dm V.
Fabreuliolt, city; tichi'.fMur Brou., Charles
Schonch, Cnurl'n Klrat, Sou:h Side;
(ieorge Wuench, Joseph Zimiuorll, liydo '
Committee; I.nuia CianiinnLK,
Frku i.UMMLKii Secretary.
We Paint and
Fire China
to Order.
Come in
See Our
New Goods.
W. W. BERRY, Jeweler
Best bets of Teethes i00
Juelndlng Ihe painless eitraotlni
t teetU by au cuuioiy UW pie
S. C. Snyder,' D.D.S.
Many Proprietor are Now Playing
Wary Some Famous
The tliobsens in the lower end of
Provid-noe presented a different
l .ppearmce ot Son lay Inst, and
wr .vi entW not unions to court
1 ny I'll iin "tteutlon. Tl Uoles.in tha
; Buh and Hiahworlts w r', however.
; busier tnan ever, probably became the
old P oz rs from 'h other end had
gone tonvvnll th- iniml er.
There are four shebens on Putnam
.ur-iei, which are of the respectable
! iyp and where a quiet and orderly
I business is carried ou. Cusick avenue
I boiats of two eimilar establishuient.;,
1 tchi(.li uru cla. n.twl i.f a.1 .n fulilir A:i
! ceut lines and muoh the same class of
patrons irequent toe rooms, inoro are
j about twelve ou West Market, street;
i i"M are conrfucted rospeotably, some
1 are uot. McUououb avenue is not m
hind nnd supplies one or two holes for
its cuatomeis, who will not condescend
tJ patronize the botela, aud Cayuga
sir et does a good bnsiuiss in illegal
liquor trafllu aud bas a few populur re
ooi'ts. Some of these Bh' benni r.re pntroii
iz d iu rare li et mo by men who d .r.-
uot or will not be 1 en In hotels. The
privacy of a shebeen 10 tin in is j'lst h
rlicle lor a ri-rioel and pure mind
Here is an instauen whre luiui'ers of
tll gnepel can, if they have i-ullljleiit
piuck, follow tli exutiplo ot Lisnov
Uarieu aud publicly impach to. 111 f
uVboerlnv. If profsedlv Clirisilnu
lions in the Agitation that is fust ap
proaching to compol thow idSfials who
now nesjleot their duti" to carry out
the law faithfully and honestly.
As the Ri'V. D. A. Evans reinarkel
it tbe meeting ou Sunday, the move
ment Uiil-it not be all talk. A good
maxim suggeated is "L ss Talk nnd
1 More Worlc," for stirrly talk will never
close the detestable duns.
I wn.L present one thousand dollnrR in
fold to tiny one win m 1 cannot cure of cpi.
piiccoiivulionHorllt. Db E. Gukwhi,
8;1 Sprucu street, Scrauton, Pa,
STT,Tsrwzmsrvz skt,' m are ?.
Vmm'M Kettle
Tha tima i3 noar
hand to U33 thani,
figure ahead.
i quart,
10 quart, IS quart,
55. 65c.
Also 1-quarfc Tin Fruit
Cans at 45c. doz.
' 1
1 ft
126Penn Avo.
We are now
prepared to do
business at
our new build-
Washington Ave.
n mt sale
Of SHOES Is Now On
And you'll not be treating yourself right; if you don't take advantaga of it.
Everv shoe in the house is radtics I to oost, and tinny goo Is iiica as RUS
SETS and all SUMMER tillOF.d, a good deal less than cost.
WHITE CANVAS 0XF0HDS, u:st iuallty, worih $1.53 a pair, will baso!d
for 7j CENTS.
Soma that an toiled am disjoloroj w II b3 sold for 23 CENTS a pair.
There Is no half way business about: it, bnt a great homefull of GOOD
SllOiS i at the cost of making them. LET Ud SEK YOU.
i . i . ,ii
It's an ill Wind That
Our largo stock of SUIOEER GOODS has proven
an ill wind to U3, but is blowing to your advantage.
XI q aro offering our
Bag Discounts
;oa Summer Goods. Embraco tin opportunity. Tha
! Discounts offered last week will be continued ONE
Bad Words, Eidiwalk acd a Boss Hake
a Blddli.
If there Is any good reason why the
several hose us?d for sprinkling the
grass of Court House square, are left
menacingly strung across; the squara
sidewalks at night, there are many
-ear citizens who would like to know
tha meaning of the practice.
It may be fun for the person or per
ions rexpoDsible, but it Involves more
lanjer than pleasure to any person
who sprawls ovur oue of these rubber
narea iu the night time. It Is no un-l-u
d thin? t i see the meditations of
mine lut hour padvstrian roughly dis
turbed as his toe coru-s in contact with
toe unobserved hose and he fl ips to the
aidewalk alter an ungraceful mid-air
pigeon wing Some day the oonnty
any pay a snug turn to placate an
.rate's bruises.
Kard on tha Avanne, f
Srown UooJ morning, Mr. Jonei. I
ton that you are weanug glasses. How
much uid they cost yonf
Jones Thii tceu dollars.
Brown How is that?
Jouiia 1 paid tS for examination and to
for the .'lasses, ami tu,.y nre nj aatufau
tory at that. By the way, what did your
ilatsei cost?
Brown Four dollars only, Miue were
purchased of Dr. Bi itnberg, of 305 Spruco
meet, who examines eyeg frea aud gnar
antoes every 1 air of glasses to bo satisfac
tory .
T'.uMo S'.xaa Excloalrtly.
ToM nied. May any de-ired number of
tnuea. tlntitschi & Souk,, manufacturers,
IbUrChextnut street, Phi'.adtdphia. Won
rlerlul orcbeatrial organs only t.1 and (PI.
hpecialty: Old mu-ic boxes carefully re
paired und improved with new tuues. '
Resifui. to tired toilers, bread
from 1 ili-bipv'a llt.
nothing but the best.
You will be satisfied
if you call on J. BOLZ and
get some of the bargains he
is offering.
A $5 Coat for $1.49.
A $7 Coat for $3.
A Fino BlackClay Worst
ed Coat for $5, worth
Ladio3' Cap33,allshad33,
for 98c.
Ladies' Tailor-mads Suits
for $4.75, worth $9.
During tho Summer.
133 Wyoming Ave.
128 Vyominn; Avo.
Hip Pads, Stocking
W--V.ig. '
vv. 't.'i.i' "T.j. v 1 n 1 1 ni r.i v
iatWift' 1 1 1 Ml IV .A
K' 17 i 11 11 ir
Cor, Lackawanna and
Wyoming Aves.
lows Nobody Any Good

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