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Aftrr thut interview with Felix I ro
turnod forthwith to London. I had no
eomplishod tlio object of my jonrnry
nnd did not euro about ntnyiiig longer iu
Palis. My mind was much perturbed,
as I was qtiito rmublo to como to any
cnnrlnsion rospeetiug tho opiwxlo at the
Fen inn. Beyond all doubt I had proved
that Franein was at Mandimiuster, Fe
lix in 1'arin. Who, then, was tho man
I had mot nt tho inn? It was impossible
that I oould be mistaken in the identity
of iny eollese friend, yet in the face of
Btieh evideuoo us I had gathered it was
ridieuhnis to ding to my iirst impres
sions. Thoro could not be three brothers
tixaoily alilio in personal appearances,
and yrt I had beheld throo men at tho
Fen inn, nt Murshminster and in Paris
who rosemblrd each other in every re
spect. Tho more I pondored over tho
mystery, tho deeper did it become, and
tho more confused grow my brain.
I began to think that I was tho vic
tim of some hallucination, as I could
explain tho matter in no other way.
AVifh this idea, which was tho only
feasible one left to mo, I took tho ad
vice of Felix and on my return to town
went to seo Dr. Merrick. Ho, a special
ist on diseases of tho brain, listened to
my story with great attention and ques
tioned mo closely on all points.
"There is Bomo trickery about this,
Mr. Den ham," ho said after considera
tion. "You do not, then, think my mooting
with Francis Briarflold was a halluci
nation?" I asked eagerly.
"There is no hallucination about you,
sir, " was tho comforting response. "You
swim to me as sano and matter of fact a
person as I ever mot f'
"Then, if it is not hallucination, how
do you account for my having met throo
men all exactly aliko when I know
there uro only two with that special ap
pearance in oxistcuce?"
"I think it is trickery," repeated
Merrick, nursing his chin. "This is
moro a ejuio for a detective than for a
doctor. Were I yon, Mr. Denham, I
would employ a good detective and probe
the mystery thoroughly. The matter
seems miraculous to yon now, but I feel
i uro when yon learn the solution you
will be surprised at its simplicity."
"If lam sane, as you say and as I
beliove myself to be, I will thrash out
tho matter myself."
"Bettor got. a trained man, Mr. Don
ham. From what you havo told me I
see you have to deal with a criminal of
no ordinary intelligence. It is an ex
traordinary case," mused tho doctor,
"and I do not wonder at the fascina
tion it soems to exeroieo over yon.
Were I in your plaeo"
"Were you in my place?" seeing ho
"Hero am I setting np for a lawyer, "
said Merrick quaintly. "To toll you tho
honest truth, Mr. Deiiham, you have
inoculat.3d me with dnteotive fever. I
should like to solve this problem my
self. Criminal investigation has always
been rather a hobby of mine. In my
business I meet with some queer expe
riences. Thero are more Insane pooplo in
the world than you think."
"Toll me your ideas, doctor, and I'll
carry them out and report progress. "
"Goodl I.' 11 bu tho sleeping partner, "
he said in an amused tono, "but I warn
you, Mr. Denham, that from what I see
of this case it will bo one of groat diffi
culty and may take months to work
"I don't mind that. It is nothing to
an idlo man like myself, but I am
afraid, Dr. Merrick, I take up your val
uable time. "
"Oh, lean spare a few minutes,"
aid the doctor quickly. "I work hard
enongh, so it is permitted to oven a pro
fessional man to indulge occasionally
in some anmsouient. This caso is so to
"Well, and your idoa?"
"In th first place, I am inclined to
agree with your ideas of Felix passing
himself oif as Francis."
"I have abandoned that idoa, " said
I dolefully. "I saw Folix in Paris!"
"Wait a moment," repliod Merrick.
"We'll come to that later on. Further
more, I believe it was Felix you met at
Marahroiiister Felix, who called him
self Frauds und posod as the lover of
Miss Belliu. "
"But I saw him in Paris, " said I,
again cUnging to that undeniable fact.
"I know you did, but tho pretended
Frauoia of SIarsb.min.ster and the real
Felix of Paris are ono and tho samo por
ou." "You mean that ho followed mo
over." I oried, suddenly enlightened
"Precisely, and suborned the manager
cf the Dotal dos Etrangors, "
"But why should ho do that?" ;
"Can't you seo?" saifl Morrick impa
tiently. "Folix wants to put a stop to
your following up this case. From your
story it ia quite Drobabln that ho killod
his brother through Strent. The wholo
ciicunwtauces of thnlone inn Hre very
Buspioicjus. . Your ujUoresecn arrival on
that night complicated iuatters. You
saw how unwilling they were to admit
you. Had you not arri ved Francis would
have vaniiihed from tho world, and none
would havo been a bit wiBor. But when
you canio to Bollii-Hall Folix saw a
new souvoo of danger not only to his
character, but to his life. Ho asked for
a night'B grace. During that night ho
wont himself to tho Fen inn and hid the
corpse in some bog holo. "
"I'll stake my lifo that it is so," said
Morrick calmly. "Mako inquiries as to
tho movements of Felix Briarflold on
that night, and I'll lay anything you'll
find ho wont to tho Fen inn. "
"That, then," said I, "was tho rea
son he was so roady to go thore next
morning with me."
"Exactly! flo know well, thanks to
bis forethought, that thoro was no evi
donco thoro to convict him of a crime,
and he could still keep up his impos
ture. So far all was in hia favor, but
your obstinacy raised a new danger.
You said you would go to Paris and sat
isfy yourself of the existence of Felix.
Now, then, you remained two days in
"Yes. I was not quito suro whether
it was worth while currying on tho mat
ter. "
"It was a pity you wasted so much
time," said Merrick, "for Felix took
advantage of your negligence to slip
to Taris and lay a trap for you. In plain
words, ho disappeared from Marshmin
ster as Francis and reappeared in Paris
as Felix."
"Ho might havo done so. But don't
yon think I would havo guessed the
identity of the ono with the other?"
"How could you," said the doctor,
"when tho twins aro alike iu every re
spect? And, moreover, you firmly be
lieved Olivia Bellin's lover was in
"But if I go down at ouco to Marsh
minster I'll detect tho abseueo of Felix
and so guess what has taken plaeo."
"If you go down to Marshminster,
you'll find Felix back again iu his old
place. "
"Then Paris?" I queried uneasily. I
was beginning to seo I had been duped.
"You forget Mr. Felix of Paris has
gone to Italy and left no address. It's
all safo there, and as he said ho was
going to the east for six months or so
thero will be plenty of time for the pre
tended Francis to marry Olivia. "
"You don't believe that Felix of
Paris has gono to Italy or tho east?"
' 'Of course not. I beliovo ho arranged
all those matters to bafllo your prying
and then calmly returned to Marshmin
ster. "
"But tho manager of the hotel?"
"He is in tho pay of Felix. You'll
get nothing out of Lini. Now, I am cer
tain that is the explanation. Aro you
not surprised at its simplicity?"
"Yes, lam. It is astonishing I never
thought of it before."
"Columbus and his egg once again,"
said Merrick grimly. "Well, what aro
you going to do next?"
"To drive to Marshminster and find
out tho movements of Folix on fho
night after tho murdor. "
"Quito so, but first satisfy yourself
on the subject of Francis. "
"What do you mean?" I asked.
"What day of tho month were you at
tho Fon inn?" continued Merrick.
"On the 10th of, June."
"Good I Francis there told you that he
had just arrived from Chile. Now
find out what boat ho came by, look up
his name in the passenger list and as
certain the date on which the true Fran
cis arrived in England. That point es
tablished, you can prove tho false Francis
to be an impostor. "
"An excellout idea," said I, starting
to my feet. "I'll seo about it at once. "
"And mind," said Merrick, raising
his forefinger, "I expect to be kept fully
advised of the case. "
"Never fear, doctor. Y'on aro excel
lent at solving puzzles. When I find
another nut, I'll bring it to you to
"Do I I take great interest in this
sort of cases., I ought to havo been a
lawyer instead of a doctor. "
"I'm thankful for. my own sake you
are tho latter," said I, shaking his
hand. Goodby, doctor. I am greatly
obliged for tho kind interest you havo
takon in this case. " .
"Pure selfishness, I assure you, "re
plied Merrick, and so I took my leave.
Before searching tho shipping lists I
sent two telegrams, ono to tho manager
of the Hotel des Errangers, asking if
Mr. Felix Briarfield was still there; tho
other to my Aunt Jane, inquiring
whether Mr. Francis Briarfield was in
Marshminster. This business having
been dispatched, I took a hansom to tho
city and saw a merchant of my ac
quaintance. IIu was an old friend und
willing to oblige mo in every way.
"Chambers, " suid I when in his office,
"I want to find out a ship that arrived
in London from Chile during tho pres
ent month."
"During Jane," said Chambers.
" VUstaU myUfeUlg no," said Merrick
"Well, there's no difficulty about that.
What is her name?"
"Thut is ono of the things I wish to
find out; also tho names of tho passen
gers." "Come with me to the Jerusalem,"
said Chambers, picking up his hat.
"You'll find thoro her namo and agents.
Go to tho agents, and they will supply
you with a list of passengers. What's
up now?"
"Nothing particular," I answered
carelessly. "I have reason to believe
a friend of mine returned from South
America this mouth, and I want to
make cortain. "
"Well, if ho came undor his own
namo. you'll have no difficulty in doing
bo. Here's tho Jerusalem!"
This is, it is well known, a shipping
club for the convenience of merchants.
It tolls thorn all about ingoing and out
going vessels, gives information regard
ing cargoes and in fact supplies all kinds
of knowlodgo useful to those who have
argosies afloat Chambers was well ac
quainted with the mode of procedure,
so I let him do all the work. It was
now the ICth of Juno, and as Francis
had informed mo ho had arrived daring
mMm urn
tho month thero was not much cliffl
culty in finding what I wanted.
' 'Hero you aro, ' ' .said Chambers, beck
oning to inc. "Only ope ship this mouth
from Chile a steamer, tho Copiapo.
Arrived on tho (ith of Juno. Dane &
Paxton, 45 DevereuX lane."
I copied this down in my notebook,
refused Chambers' hospitable invitation
to luncheon and went off at once to
Devereux lane. Hero I had no difficulty
in seeing tho passenger list of tho Co
piapo, and ono of tho first names I set
iny eyes on was Francis Briarfield.
"This puts the matter beyond all
doubt," said I, making a note of this.
"If Francis Briarfield did not arrive in
London till the (ith of this month, he
cannot bo tho man now bearing his
namo at Belliu Hall."
I was now perfectly satisfied that
Merrick's idea was correct. In order to
confuso and throw mo oil tho scent, Fe
lix had followed mo to Paris and ap
peared in propria persona. But for tho
doctor's suggestion of tho shipping list
I should not havo been able to prove
this, but now I held incontrovertible
evideneo in my hands to prove that Fe
lix was trading on tho marvelous rosem--blanco
between his brother and himself.
Francis had arrived in England on tho
6th of June, ho had met me at the Fen
inn on the 10th and had there been foully
dono to death by his brother through
a third party. But I was now on tho
trail and hoped to run to earth both tho
unnatural brother and his vilo tool. I
felt liko the hero of some wild romance.
On returning to my rooms in Duke
street I wroto oil nt ouco to Merrick,
telling him of my success in proving
tho identity of Francis with tho man
who had been slain at tho lono inn. It
now remained for mo to go down to
Marshminster and thero mako inquiries
as to tho movements of Felix on tho
night iu question.
I felt confident that I could pursue
such a search without hindrance, as ho
would bo quito satisfied that I would
now rest after tho Paris episode. No
man in his senses would search for a
dead man when that man had been con
clusively proved to be alive. So Felix
doubtless thought ,and rejoiced in his
cleverness in thus putting an end to
my inquiries. But mark how ironical
is fato. Felix advised mo to consult a
doctor about my hallucination, as ho
choso to call it. I took that advice and
saw Merrick. Merrick had nullified all
his plans by solving tho riddle with
which Felix was trying to bafllo ino.
It was hard on Felix to thus bo tho
moans of pointing the way to his own
destruction. But then fate is so ironical.
That afternoon I received answers to
my telegrams. Tho first, from Paris,
stated that Mr. Felix Briarfield had
started for Italy; tho second, from
Marshminster, informed me that Fran
cis Briarfield was staying at Bollin
"No," said I, on reading these tele
grams, "Folix Briarfield did not leave
Paris for Italy, but for Marshminster,
and Francis Briarfield, poor soul, is not )
at Bellin Hall, but lying in tho Essex
That night at 5 o'clock I left for
to be continued. f
Struggling with English.
The nuhappiest man in all Chicago was
a young German count, who has been at
the Richelieu for a few weeks. He made
several trips from the office to the cafe,
und wandered aimlessly about the hotel
exclaiming now aud then, "KITory time 1
opens my Scherraan mouth I says somo-
Uing." The count speaks English reck
lessly, and he sulfered Saturday fur a mis
take made tha evening before, which was
quite amusing to all but him. Hu was one
ot a jolly theater party Unit visited tho
restaurant after tho performance. A very ,
merry time was mssed, and before the sup i
per win over a noomlny luncheon was 1
planned for Monday. Of course the count I
was one of tho first to be invited, and that 1
honor was intrusted to Mrs. Wood row, of
tho Hotel Woodruff. The young man was
delighted to accept tho' kindness, and nn
swered with adjectives profusely Pres
ently he said to Mrs. W'nodrow:
"You vill pardon me off 1 got sume In
formation." "With pleasure, count."
"Das luncheon do kom at noon."
"At 1 o'clock."
"I doan lofe to ask, but as I'm Inaccis
tomed to American vays I vunt to learn
"1 will be only too happy to inform you."
"Eat 1st about mine appearance ut das
noon luncheon?"
"1 will tell you."
"Pardon, but vill I vcai my night
All eyes were turned toward Mrs. Wood
row, and her handsome face was a trillo
colored. It was quieter around the table
than a Sunday, only to he broken by a rep
etition of the same question by tho count,
who was entirely unconscious what a little
word had dono. Mrs. Woodrow was equal
to the occasion, and when the count asked
for the second timo, "Pardon, hut vill I
Venr my night dress?" she replied, "No;
you might get the grip," and then hurriedly
asked tho count what he thought of the
Thomas concert When the party had
broken up tho gentlemen explained to the
foreigner tho difference between "night
dress" and "evening dress." Chicago Her
ald. Horry He Hnoke.
A parrot belonging to a clergyman wa3
generally taken out of the room when the
family assembled for prayers, for fear ho
might take it into his head to join irreve
rently in the responses. Ono eveuing, how
ever, Lis presence happened to bo un
noticed and he was entirely forgotten. For
some timo bo maintained a decorous si
lence, but at length, instead of "Amen,"
out ho came with "Cheer, hoys, cheerl"
On this tho butler was directed to remove
him, nud had got as far as tho door with
him when tho bird, perhaps thinking that
he had committed himself and hud better
apologize, called out, "Sorry 1 spoke."
The overpowering effect on the company
may be more easily imagined than de
scribed. Xcw York Advertiser.
A prominent Clergyman of Mississippi re
commends "Golden Medical Discovery" to
suffering humanity everywhere. The " Dis
covery" builds up tho strength nnd solid
flesh when reduced bolow a healthy standard.
Ecv. A. H. MEVg, of Friar's Point, Conhnma
( ., 4li.viiw4ipni, writes!
" Having suilired for a
nimilier of years with
dyspepsia, torpid liver
nnd (tenersl debility,
tind hiirlnu-triptl wvir.
r?i Vti ttl pliysiclunswlth littlo
"Vj Ifto VM or no bcncllt. 1 resolv
ed, as a lust resort, tn
consult your specialists
at the World's Dispen
sary. Ifeinir advised by
them to use Dr. l'ieroe'a
(lolden Medical Dis
covery, I did bo, and
after using several bot
tles, I f"el entirely r
REV. A. H. MtvB. i teke Krcnt p'lrnguro
In renommendlnir your medicines to suffering
humanity everywhere."
Very Good Company They Aro and I'suallj
Met With In tho Nursery.
When Tommy Trout
Was wulkini: "tit,
What do you think ho spied?
Why, Marjory Daw
On hnl of straw.
Goody Two Shoes beside.
Mttlo Buy UIuo
Then cn'.no up, too,
Holdliut Miss liopcep's hand
It. d Hidiiiu Hood
rh-sMo thi-in Ktood.
They were a merry bund.
Thou Simple fl
Without his pio
Cnnio walking down tho lano,
Hut Horner .lack
Had turned hit buck.
Ills plum had kivcii him p.iiu.
The small plrl that
On tiitM sat
' Was nervous quite until
("nine My Son John,
Willi flocking on,
That spider large to kill.
Poor Puss came nest,
Hut rut her vexed,
All at from dow n the well,
And liunder tiooee
ISalil 'twas no uso
Ilib bit of news to tell.
Jack Sprnt and wife
Came hiriie as life,,
Viul will) them Jack aud Jill,
Then Jenny Wren
Willi nii&crs ten,
Vho could not all keep still.
Such numbers 1 hero
That I declare
I not one more will say,
And so the rest
Must ull he guessed
Or else bu kept away.
VlUeh Is the Kins ofReastsI
An Atr.can hunter answers tho ques
tion iu this way:
Como with ino to n desert pool boiuo
clear, moonlight night, when tho shadows
aro deep and sharply cut and tho nioou
herself in the dry, cloudless air looks liko
a ball. All is nearly as brightas day, only
the light is silver, not gold. Sit down on
that rock and watch tho thirsty animals
as they drink buffalo, rhinoceros, ante
lope, quaggaand occasionally, If the water
Is large, lions too. Hut what has fright
ened the antelope and quagga that they
throw their heads up for a second und fado
away into the shadows? The other beasts,
too, are listening and now leave the sides
of the pond. Nothing but tho inevitable,
Irrepressible jackal, that gamin among
wild things, remains in view. As yet
your dull human ears have caught no
sound, but very soon tho heavy tread nnd
low, rumbling noto of an oncoming herd
of elephants reaches you. They aro at tho
water. The jackals have sat down, with
their tails straight out behind them, but
not another creature Is to bo Been. Tho
king drinks. Not a sound is heard. IIu
squirts the water over his back, makes tho
wholo pool muddy and retires solemnly,
leaving his subjects, who now gather
round, to mako tho best of what he has
befouled. This is tho king in tho opinion
of beasts.
1'lpa.sunt Speech,
It wart Paid of Kdward tho Confessor
that ho could deny a request so sweetly
that his "No" was ph nsnnlcr than tho
"Yes" of other people. "Tho lovo and
admiration," says Canon K'ingsley,
'"which that truly bravo and loving man,
Kir Philip (Sidney, won from every one,
rich and poor, with whom he r.imo In con
tact, seem to havo arisen from tho fact
that, without perhaps having any such
Conscious intention, ho treated rich and
poor, his own servants und the noblemen,
his guests, alike, and alike courteously,
considerately, cheerfully, atTect innately
bo leaving a blessing wherever ho went."
'"Sir Walter (Scott) speaks to every man
89 if ho. were his blood relation," said a
Scotch peasant 70 years ago of tho great
Btory teller.
An Answer Worthy f Solomon.
Golden Days says it happened in Sun
day school, and the subject under discus
sion wus Solomon and his wisdom, A lit
tlo girl was asked to tell tho story of Solo
mon nnd tilt? women who quarreled over
a child. This was her version: ''Solomon
was a very wiso man. One day two wom
en went to him quarreling about a baby.
One woman said, 'This Is my child,' and
tho other woman said, 'No; this in my
child.' Hut Solomon spoke up and said:
'No, no, ladies, do not quarrel. Give mo
my sword, and I will mako twins of him,
bo each of you can havo one.' "
V Problem In lUollon.
A correspondent asks: If A and B are
standing at the rear end of a train half a
milu long and A walks to the front end,
will ho got to his destination liofore 11, or
does ho travel faster? IIo is informed that
if A'a destination is half a milo forward
from the place at which A and B stood to
gether, and the train stands still, A un
doubtedly travels faster that D aud will
get to his destination before B. In case
the train if moving forward, A, while walk
ing forward, goes faster than U and will
get to his destination sooner always pro
vided that he jumps off promptly when he
gets there. In the third case, in which tho
trnin backs, A, while walking forward,
will bo going slower than B, provided the
train's speed is greater than A's. Whether
in this case A or U will got to his destina
tion first depends upon the speed of each
afoot. Baltimore Sun.
A heavy cannon for which the govern
ment pays 48,000, is good for 237 rounds,
While a 45-tou gun, which coats (30,240, ia,
good tor only ISO charges. ,
" I have given Boviuine in
quite a number of cases of
Cholera Infantum and the so
called summer complaints of
children, and have been grate
ful beyond my expectations
with the results. ,
has in several cases, beyond
a question of doubt, averted
impending death from starva
tion. No other food has given
the uniform good results that
Boviuine has."
For sale by all druggists.
iitDBy.fM3? frWell Mar.
15th Day. fjff of WU
--' F -
I nt UKtAT 30th l),,y.
proiliires the aliorp results iu HO (lays. It uti
imuvrnillyamliiulrkly. (,'urpH wlidiullothprnfull
ioutimra-u will ri'miiti their lost manhood, and old
men will recover thi'ir youthful viiior by ukIiik
KliVIVO. it qnlekly and surely TOMturcs Nurvoiu
nH. Lost Vitality, liu potency, Nmlitly Emissions,
Lnut I'owcr. 1'ailiiiit M. inury, Wustinit Diseases, and
all effects ot Belf-abuse or excess and indiscretion,
which unlltii one ior B'li'ly. biiaiucss or marriime. It
Hit only cures by starting at tho neat o dineaiw. but
waKrent nerve tonic und blood builder, bring
ii'K back the pink glow to pule checks arid re
'toiinit tho lire of youth. It wards off Insanity
ud Consumption. Insist on having RKVlYO.no
ther. It can be carried in vest pocket. By mall
1 .00 per package, or six lor rj.l.oo, with a posl
ve written cuumntee to rure or refund
e money. Circular free. Addreaa
" '-nt"-NCf" MPti-r St.. CHICAGO, III
For sale by Matthews Tiros., Druggists,
Scruutou, l'.
Enoomid r THt HioMtaY MroiMt Auntoitinta
Tvnitm vin ...A 1
wonderful boon to miflVrpre
imratoioi, Bnre'l broat,
' Inflnrnva, IZrntichUla,
or II A F EVE 15. Atonls
immrtHaUreiirf. An efficient
. . . n-mciiy, wuivrnipui in carry
In popkot. ready to V on Ilrot indication of culd.
'onttnnrd Lia KflfrcM I'ennnnrnt Cure.
HntlArAi'Uon(niarantc('(1rnion(yrctuiidp(l. Price,
ia. . V 11 V Jin "n w 1 K ' "'WKH'rea tllHU,
w vvuM) u. v. vuoas&a, ir., inrw tuvers, Mica., U.
MfTNTHDL 1 1' un,t and sarert remedy for
Jii !J all "kin disease Mcienia. Itch Salt
nhcum.oid Soros, llurns, Ciua, V.'ndri-r,il rem
edf forPII.KN. Prion, e.lcti.nt Dnin- o a sr
JHt or hy mail prepaid. Address as above KAIL."
For sale by Matthews Itros. and John
II. I'liclps.
HEART LAKE, SusquLhanna Co.
U. E. CROFUT Proprietor.
'I'lIIS nOUSF. Is strictly tompiranoo, Is now
I and woll fnniisliod and OI'KN-CI) TO
located midway between Montrose an I Scriin
ton, on Montross nnd i.!ioav;iimi ltullroa l,
six mill's from I)., I., & W. 1 U. at Alford
Station, und tiv.i milu from Jlmtroi); ca
liiu ity, eighty-Hvo throo minutes' walk f rom
li. It. Btntion.
(iOOIl IK AT. Klk'HINr. T ICICLE, &c;
l'KKK To t.ll.SlS.
Altitude abuut 2,'MH foot, equalling In thU
roipout tho Adirondack u:d Catjkill Moun
tums. I ino Rrovos. plonty of slmlo and benutiful
scenery, making a Hummsr Kesort unex
celled in bounty nnd choigii"ss.
Dancing pavilion, awiu.'s. croiunt gr onnds
Sc. Cold Spring Water and pluty ot Milk
Itiitot, 7 to IO prr vteuk. Vl.DO per
l-.xcuision tickots sold at all stations onD.
L. W. lines,
l'ort r moots all trains.
ORITUR RHOK CO.. Inc'p. Capital. $1,000,009.
"A dollar turrit it a dntlur tartitd."
ThisLadles'SolId French Ilougolu Kid Tint
tou Boot delivered Iieo nnywhero In the U.S., on
roueiptoruasn, Monty urcier,
or 1'oital Nolo for
Kquais every way tho hoots
fold In all retail stores for
$2..'k). Ve mako tills boot
ourselves, thereforo we flc:r-
any ono is not naitinea
illl refund tho money
end another pair. Opera
or common eente,
litis C, 11 E, Ss KK,
zes 1 to B and half
lizes. Sf nil your lite;
u tri(( jit yon.
JZJ iitiJt' - FREE
Dexter Shoe Co., boswn?bLs
Sseeial termt to Vtalert.
Hotel Wayerly
European Plan. First-olass Bar atteha.
l)i Dot tor Uergner A I'.ngol's Xanuaaniuwr
Beer. . v
11 Col 15tli and Rkit SU PhllaJi '
Most desirable for resident of K.li Tonn"
ylvania. All eoriTeuiencm for traveler
to and from Broad Street station and tha
Twelfth and Market Street station. De
sirable for visiting Serautouiaua and peo
tie la the Antbraolta Keglou.
For Delicacy.
For purity, and for Improvement of thecom
pleiion, nothing equals PoztoNi's Powder.
I The onJyRavv Food :
jf SIX. Bfc if.,
t W-:W:'-'A and II
The above brand i of flour can be had at any of the following merchants,
who will accept The Tribune flour coppom of 25 on each one hundred pounds'
of flour or 60 on each barrel of flour
Ecranton-F. P. Price, Washington ayenue I
Uold lloda! Brand.
Dunmore F. P. Price, Gold Medal Brand.
I'uninore-F. D. Jlanley. Kuperlatire Kranl.
Hyde Park Ciiraon ft Davis, Washburn St.
Uold Medal Brand; J sepli A. Hears. Mum
avonue, Suporlative Brand.
Green Kidge-A.I.Spencer.Uold Medal Brand,
J. T. Mcllnle, KuporlntiTe.
1'rovtdenco Feuner & ChappollN1 Main tb-
quo, Superlative Brand ;C. J. Ullloapitj, W.
Market street, Hold Mcd il Brandl
Olyphant James Jordan. Superlative Brand.
Peckville Shaffer ft hViser Suporlatiro.
Jermyn 0, l. Winters ft Co. Superalatlrs
Archbald Jones. B mpson & Co., O jld Medal.
Carbondals-a 8. Clark, Gold Medal Brand.
Uonesdale-I. N. Foster ft Co. Gold Medal.
Minooka M. H. Luvolle
Dealer in Choice Confections and Fruits.
1437 Capouse Avenue.
All Grades, Sizes and
Of every description on hand. Prompt shipments guar
Chains, Rivets, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, Turn
buckles, BoltEnd3, Spikes and a full line of
Carriage Hardware.
That we will GIVE you beautiful new pat
terns of Sterling SILVER SPOONS and
PORKS for an equal weihounce for ounce,
of your silver dollars. All elegantly en
graved free. A large variety of new pat
terns to select from at
"No star was ever lost we once have seen,
We always may be what we might have been,"
Scranton, Pa.
22 and 23 Commonwealth Building.
Manufactured at the Wapwallopen Mills, L
erne county Pa., and at Wil
mington, ueiaware.
General Agent for the Wyoming District.
118 Wyoming Ave., Scranton Pa,
a bird National Bank Building.
TITOS. FORD, Plttaton. Ta.
JOHN B SMITH BON; Plymouth. Pa.
E. W. MULLIOAN, Wilkes-Barre. Pa.
Agents for the Kepaaua Cnemleai Com
paw's High Explosives.
from IA & 7. Tritmnt, Xov.1, ISO.
The Flour
"Chicago, Oot 81.Fh. first official;
innonnosment f World' F.lr dU
plomas on floor hu bsaa madt, A
medal baa twea wardd by tks
World's Fair judge to the flour manu
factured by the Washburu, Crosby Co
in the great 'Washburn Flour Mills,
Minneapolis. The committee reports,
the flour strong and pure, and entltlM
It to rank as first-olata patent flour fetf
family and bakers' use."
Taylor-Judge ft Co.. Gold Medal; Atherttis
Co., Superlatire.
IlllrvM . . . f M.ti m . . ,
Mooie-John McCrlndle, GoldMedaL
M u, VT"1- " " uoyie, Uoll Medal.
h . ,' Ofoon-Frace ft Parker, Snperlattvs.
liu S"2m-p-nng, 6old Medal.
MrM-n 0uld
Warerly-M. Bliss & Son, Gold Modal
Factoryville-Charles Gardner, Gold Medal.
TXh0Jn"VMu,,lnQ8on' Gold Medal.
TOb.,nGnold-l;balhT.'nd L0mto'
Oou)dsboro-8 A. Adams, Gold Modal Brand,
Moscow Gaige ft Clements, Gold Medal.
Lake Ariel James A. Bortree. GoldMedaL
Forest City-J, L. Morgan ft Co., Gold Msd
Sn. wvajsawussnaf si
Kinds kept in Stock.
ton, Pa.
& Connel!
alof tha Dcrt quality for domestic ns,an
ef all slsea, doUyered In any part of th oltj
t lowest prloe.
Orders left at my offlca,
Hear room, first door. Third National Bank,
or sent by mail or telephone to the mine, will
raeelve prompt attention. .
Bpeclal contract will be made for the salt
sd delivery o( Uuckwheas uuak
.J.. kubai Urn aVjdl frt
avTrliT i A iaa kukAlT illnaw
II A '
uA Htnwryfka, Our Hflaglo Remdy will
foMif WW. COOK KMMtPt CO tthMw. Ut

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