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Send fur new illustniti'd circular.
F. II. LOU-MiS, A.M., Principal
Hies Emma Lr.tz and Ming Kate
Secor, of Duumort, wore vinitors at
Mra. Martin Kold's on Wednesday.
Miss Kte OHrJuer, who bag ben
visiting tier school friend, Miss EatelU
Bailey, ling returned to her home at
Clifford, Susquehanna county.
Rxzorg groand and boned at Martin
Bold'g barber ghop.
Arthur, the 10 year-old gon of Eldr
D. W. Vail, who recently fell off the
back porch with his tricycle and broke
big forearm, ig rapidly recovaring.
Dr. N. C, Mackay ia taking a much
needed reat in the state of lihode Is
Mr. Norman Eocoe, of Jersey Citv, is
isitinir tbe family of the Rev. A. Ber
gen Browe.
LndieV bair shampooing a specialty
at Martin Bold'g birber ghop.
Profestnr T. C. Hahyen'g mother and
sister, of Tioga county, aro viaiting the
Joseph Carpenter, who has been a
resident here for the lust fifty two
years, is eolnjr to leave us. Mr. Car-
tientvr has purchased a larae estate at
joohesett, Mass., and will move their
next week with big family. His eon
Earl will conduct the farm here for the
A large number of ladiog from here
otUuded a picnio at Lake Mnnataca
yeBterday, wbieh wag held under the
nuspiceg of the Woman's Christian
Temperance union of Fleetville.
Misg Anna Pierce, of Albany, N. Y.,
Normal College faculty, ig visiting
lir. F. H. Panson'g family.
Home-made bread, cakes and pies
fresh every day at the Little Del
mnnico. Fire wag discovered in the house
owned by Asher Fell and occupied by
the Widow John Stone en Wednesday
afternoon by Thomas Whaite, who im
mediately gave the alarm. In a few
inluuteg of hard work A. B. Wioohell;
assisted by neighbors, it was extin
guished. Mrs. John Stone, who wag
not at borne at the time, and had the
tire not been discovered in time, there
is no doubt but that whole portion of
the town would have been consumed.
There is but very little water in the
wells, and not a fire extinguisher in
the borough.
Mr. and Mm. E. H. Booth, of Kirk
wood, N. Y., are also visiting at the
Rev. F. II. Parsong'.
Ladies' and children's hair and bangs
cut at Martin Bold's barber shop.
Misg Emma Morfing, of Bcranton,
and Miss Kat Tnue, of Philadelphia,
were visitors at the Little Delmonico
the other dv.
S. RryaoMi. of Kansas City, is visit
ng his parents, Air. and Mrs. R. A.
n annual reunion of Company K,
ita Pennsylvania cavalry, will
see at Nichols grove next Sat-
Ang. 25. A general invitation
ded to everybody.
Blood Bitters taken after
. reliove any feeling of weight
j ol the stoinacll. Sold evnry-
Highest of all in Leavening Powet. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
Mass Meeting at Peckville Great En
thusiasmJohn R. Jones Re
publican Club Organized.
At 8 o'clock last evening Ledyard's
hall, in Peckville, was filled with th
electors of the town of Peckville and
they organized a Republican flub and
named it the John R Jones Republi
can club of Peckville. Between 2.0
and 3(10 pernous were present and
pledged ihrnnelves to support the
candidacy of John R. Jones for dis
trict attornoy.
The following officers were elected:
President, James W. Smith; vie preni
dent, S. Nowton; treasurer, WilliHin
B. Steveiu; secretary, E. II. Ritter.
The executive committee chosen wen
George B. Newton, William J. Bonner,
A. M. Clrk. William Day. S. W. Ar
nold. D. B. Morgan, EJward Craig and
Frank L. Taylor,
The following gentlemen wore eject
ed delegates to represent the club in
the meeting of Republican Stute
league at liarrisburg, Sept. 5: S. W.
Arnold, James W. Smith, Willium B.
Stevens; alternates, George W. Sit
graves, William J. Bouner ubd Philip
Herbert Jones, Ambrose Morgan,
William Collins and Sol Morgan, con
stituting the Columbian quartette, ol
IlyJa Park, sang iu fine style some
campaign songn, which were greatly
enjoyed by the meeting.
S. W. Arnold moved the adoption of
the following resolution, which was
carried with the wildest kind of en
thusiasm which lasted for ten min
utes: Whereas, John R. Jones, a resident of
this borough, is a candidate for the nomi
nation of district attorney of Lackawauna
county, sunject to the will of the Republi
can county convention. Mr. Jones has re
sided in our midst nearly the whole of big
life, lie is well and favorably kuowu.
He is just, conscientious and able. It is
with just pride that wo claim John R.
J one as a citizen of Iilakley. We are
proud ol him; proud of his ability.proud of
his eloquence, proud of his spotless iutepri
ty nutl unblemished character. The
valley between Carbondale and Scranton
has never been represented on the county
ticket, neither has it ever been recognized
since the erection of Lackawanna county
iu the distribution of county officers, yet
she casts a very lurge Republican vote and
is an important factor in Republican poli
tics of liickawanna county. The city of
Scranton claims congress, judge, senator,
prothouotary, sheriff, trea-urer and re
corder. We cnll upou the Repub
licans throughout the county and the
leaders of the party to recognize
this valley by placing John. R. Jones
upon the ticket. It appears to us to be un
fair to locate all the best offices in Scran
ton. We believe that with his name upon
the ticket this valley will go Hepublicaa
bv the largest and most sweeping majority
ever cast in the history of our county. By
his charity and kindness to the poor and
people iu distress be has won a linn place
in t he hearts of all our people. Theretore,
Resolved, That this club be instructed to
use every honorable means to bring about
the nomination of John R. Jones, etq., for
district attorney.
The Peckville band discoursed excel
lent music A number of good speeches
were made. John R. Jones moved the
following resolution, which was car
ried with great applause.
Resolved, Thnt the dolegatos chosen to
represent this club at the meeting of the
Republican Stute league, at Barrisburg,
Sept. A, b insiructed to vote for Major
Everett Warren as president of the league,
and that they do all in their power to
bring about his election. Mujor Everett
Warren is a lawyer of great ability. He
is a thorough student of the political issues
of the day, and the Republican Btate
league could not make a wiser und better
choice than br selecting him as their pre
siding officer.
Miss Maggie Mulholland is stationed
at the postoffice for a few days, while
Miss Beriraa enjoys a short vacation.
Frank Andrews, of Windsor, N. Y..
is nt W. J. Bi-rgau's for a few davs.
Charles S Hoyt, of Simpson & Wat
kins' store, is at Kiugston, N. Y., visit
ing bis sister.
H. J. DeGraw was at Crystal lake
and Dundnff Wednesday evening.
Oicar Finn and son, Alleu Finn, of
Clifford, were in Mayflld Tuesday of
this week.
David Mendleson was down to the
Electric City yesterday.
W. J. Bergan spont Wednesday even
ing at Carbondale.
Mrs. Robert Roe returned from
Forest City Thursday morning.
Willinra Walker was iu Scranton
Wednesday on business.
Mr. Johnson, whose house wag
burned recently, has begun repairs on
The Citizens band of Jermyn will ac
company the Baptist excursion to Lake
Ariel Aug. 30.
If the managers of the Traction
company would see that when one car
starts out of power bouse to rnn on
time of another car that the passen
gers in latter car were transferred to
the newly started one instead of hold
ing them at the power house twenty or
thirty minutes for another car, patrons
of the road would be much better
John Maghran, of Scranton, called
on the trade here yesterd r.
Miss Emily Friend, of Fourth street,
has been sick for the past few days, but
ig able to be out again at this writing.
Rev. A. F. Lauford, was at Crystal
lake yesterday attending the farmers,
Mr. -Iliatei, assistant agent at the
Seventh Avenue station, called oa II.
J. DeGraw yesterday.
A most interesting lecture was given
in the Episcopal cburob Wednesday
evening by Dr. Saadi.a native of Syria.
He gave a brief and concise description
of Mohammedanism. The custom of
the Mohammedans, their beliefs, and
Ideas regarding women. He also gave
reminiseenees of the Nile expedition,
with which he acted as iuterpreter.
The march for the relief of Gneral
Gordon and of that noble general's un
timely death by the bands of big perse
cutors, whom be loved. Dr. Saadi wag
converted to an active Christian worker
during this campaign by the words of a
private soldier. Heii now preparing
for a college course that be may be able
to go back to Moroooo a priest. His
mode of converting the Mohammedans
to the Christian religion is unique
and effectual. Whoa testing the eves
of hig patients his cards bear Scripture
naiuxs and vers -i, and he often has his
patients try their eyesight by readiuu
which is always done from the bible.
He also employes other means. Dr.
Saadi speaks with a peculiar accent
but with a clear voice and an earnest
manner that captures his hearers.
Fred Herbert left for Philadelphia
yesterday to resume Ins studies there.
George Tolley, of New York city, is
visiting his parent here.
Hotel Wayne will be the headquar
ters of the meet of the Maple City
wheelmen Ojt. 4 The rate to wheel
men will be $1 a day.
There was a pleasant re-union today
of the descendants of Abraham Dil
Bois on the beautiful lawn sur
rounding the residence of the Hon. S.
B Chase, at which there were sixiy
(ive representatives present. Among
iboBe from out of town were Hon.
Robert McCreary. of BuflMo; Fred
C'atliu, formerly chief operator of the
Western Union, of New York city;
A. (Jr. Sheak and family, John Porter
and family, Mrs, L. Taylor and Mrs.
Waiter Brooks, of Binghmuton; Ira
Corbett and family, or Conklin; Mrs.
Maurice Moore, of Geneva; Recorder
S, S. Wright and family, of Montrose;
and Hon. James T. DuBois and f itnily,
Captain R, C. DtiB is and family uml
Commander Bacha and family, of
Washington. D. C. There will be an
other re-union at the same place next
year and 1G0 descendants of Abraham
DuBois are expected to tie present.
N. L. Tylers house on Church street
is receiving a coat of p tint.
The Methodist Epis. opul Ladies Aid
society of this place will serve a supper
next Wednesday afternoon and even
ing, in the grove, owned by Mr. Frank
Barnes, below the sill; mill.
A council met yesterday in the Bap
tist church in this place to consider the
propriety of ordaining Rev. John Davis,
pastor of that ohurcu, to the gt.spel
ministry. After listening to the can
didate's Christian experienco and his
call to preach, and views of Chris
tian doctrine, the cjuncil pro
Ct-eded to ordination in the follow
ing order of service; Sermon,
Rev, F. H. Cooper, of Binghumtouj
urdaining prayer, Kev. W. C. Tindon,
of Birchardville; hand of fellowship,
Rev. F. A. Hughes, of MontrB';
charite of cundidate, Rjv. C. C. G-Uot,
of New Millord; charge of church,
Rev. W. F. Maearthur, of Jackson;
benediction, Rhv. Johu Davis, of this
place; serin-iu in tne eveniuK, F. II.
Coopi-r, of Biugiiamton.
Miss Muble Hollow, of Skunatal-s,
who has tieen visiting friends in town,
has returned home.
L E. Tiffany and wife are visiting
friends in Albany and New York city
Mastt-r Fred Church ia vUiting
friends in Deposit.
Mrs. Dr. F. D. Lamb and daughter
Mary, who have been visiting friends
at Royal, have returned horn.-.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McCreary, of
Buffalo, are visiting friends in this
Mrs, B. C. Read is visiting frieuds in
Bain bri-Uo.
J -rry Fuller and family and Miles
Fisher and family, who hav- boi'n
c mping at Three L ikes, huve returned
Miss Minnie Travis is visiting friends
at Heart lake.
Mis LettaStevonson, of Owego, who
has beeu visiting frieuds in this plac--,
has returned home.
Miss Annie II. Dunham called on
friends in New Miltord yesterday.
Mary Scotten, who has been visiting
fri'-nls in Binghamton, has returned
ii me.
Miss Elitli and Miss May McDonald,
of Scranton, are visiting at the resi
dence of J. J. Compton on Front str ei.
Jennie Adair, uf Chioago, III., is vis
iting her brother. Secretary Adair, of
the Railroad Young Men's Ciiristiuu
Mra. George Dewey, of Biugiiamton,
is visiting in this place
Mrs. A. E. Coyne was iu the Parlor
Ciiv yest-rday.
Mrs. George War l and son, William,
attended a picnic at R iss p irk today.
Elm hurst,
A number of Fr-nh:Air children from
New York city are stationed at the
homes of Mrs. Mary Snyder and Miss
Lottie Clay
George L. Adam", superintendent of
the Union Tannioir company, was a
visitor to this place Tuesday.
Mrs. L. W. Finn, of Glenburn, is
visiting friends in town
Mrs. A. Atens is visiting friends in
James Millau, a former resident of
this place, was calling oa friends in
town yesderday.
The young people's prayer meeting
was held Tuesday evening at the borne
of J. II. Snyder.
The box factory under the super
vision of Manager E C. Simmons is
working full time again.
Contractor Daniel Biesecker is en
gaged in grading around the Presby
terian church.
Mr. and Mrs. Byron Buckingham
are celebrating the nftkouih anniver
sary of their wedding.
Dorranee Fuller spent last Sunday
visiting friends in Waverly, N. Y.
Rev. F. A. Matteson, jr., was able to
till the pnlpit of the Baptist church
last Suud y morning after a short illness.
George Ferguson, who has beon in
Kinkukee for the past year, returned
home yesterday.
Mrs. Argue and daughter, of Troy,
N. Y., are the guests of Alex. Frew
and family.
Miss Maud Doad called oa friends ia
town yesterday.
George Hull and family have re
turned after a two weeks' visit at Wild
wood Beaeb.
Miss Eva WilliamB, of the Lickn
wanna Coal company store, is spend
ing her vacation at Lake Idlewil i.
Misses Katie Regan and Marie Civ
eny, of New York, have returned hojie
after spending the week with the
Misses Best, of Dunmore street.
Misses Helen and Minnie Murphy, of
Providence, R. I,, are visiting relatives
in town.
Mrs. Frank Williams and son re
turned yesterday from Plymouth.
The Loyal Knightg of America and
Odd Fellows will run a joint excursion
to Lake Ariel today. The Staudard
Rrass Band will accompany the excur
sion, The infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
J sepu Kenedy died Tuesday night t
10 o'clock. Interment was uiaue in St
futrik' cemetery yesterday.
Miss Annie Lyueh. of New York
city, is visitiug Mrs. Mary Shields, ou
Lackawanna street.
Mrs. Edward Matthews and daugh
ter Cora are visiting friends in Luzerne
Misg Minnie Mason returned home
last evening after an extended visit at
Wilkes-Burre and Nanticoke.
P- J. Colling left yesterday mornina
for New York.
YVsterday as tho Delaware and Hud
son passenger train, engine No. 01, was
leaving Minooka station the eccentric
rod broke, causing a ileluv of an hour.
Engine No 7, of Green Ridge, was
ussd to bring the train to this city.
Joseph Hammerly and wife returned
todHy from thoir wedding tour.
Mis Mabel Case is visiting her
grandparents at Waymart.
Rev. M. F. O'Rourke, of Wilke
Barre, was a visitor at the parochial
residence yesterday.
Miss Gretta Rockwell, of Honesdale,
is the guest of her auut, Mrs. J. S.
Berry, ou Canaan street.
News was received in this eity yes
terday morning that C. Fowler, sr., of
Carbondale, had died in Allegheny, N.
Y. , where he went about - two weeks
ago to visit friends and also to im
prove his health. The deceased wub
born in Westfield, Conn. Mr. Fowler
opened a drug store in the Pascoe &
Scurry building on North Alain street
He afterward moved to the Keystone
block, where the store is still contin
ual by another firm. Mr. Fowler's
second wife survives hitu. The other
surviving members of the family r
Chauncey Fowler; jr., and Mrs. W. H.
Tomorrow will recur tbe engineers'
cluui hake at Lake Poyutelle, Every
thing is arranged for a grand time,
und all going will be insured of a good
Miss Ella Purdy left yesterday for
Eliiiira, where she exp-cts to visit for
one nwntb.
Miss Mamie Shannon is stopping at
the Villa in Dnndiiff.
Rev. Mr. Evans, of Olyphant, is
holding a very successful revival at
Professor II. j. nockenberry left yes
terday morning for Bi'rryshnrg, where
he will attend the reunion of the B"r
ryeburg seminary, which occurs every
five years. II was formerly priucipal
of the institution.
Mrs. J. W. Norton, of Fort Plains
N Y and Mrs. Robert Syerl, of Sus
quehanna, are visiting at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Sperl, of Drummoud ave
l n .
Last evening occurred the banquet
of the Bachelors' club at Hotel Anthra
cite. The club is composed of six young
gentlemen. One of tbe obligations the
members took was that upou his mar
riage he should izive a banquet to the
clut) at least a wet k prior to his wed
dinif, and C E. Dix, prescription clerk
in J S. Jadwiu's drug store, whose
wedding has been announced to occur
AiU'. )1'J is the one wbo gave the ban
quet last tvening in compliance with
tue obligation, and a merry time Was
speDt by the club.
It is sai l that the Lickawanna Trao
lion company now operating the street
railway iu this borough, will in ushort
time take off the car now running be
tween Moyles' hotel and the Blakely
line. Surveys were made on Tuesday
with a view to the changing of the
br nch at the head of Plane C. It is
likely to bo removed further down
toward the foot of Dutch hill. When
this is done cars will ruu from Carbon,
dale to the end of the line without
ehange. It is almost needless to sav
that this change will be appreciated by
t-te patrons of the road, who. are now
obliged to pay two fares within the
borough limits.
Miss Mary A. Cummlngs, of Scran
ton, is vii-itiig her auut, Mrs. Anthony
Riinue, of Mount Vernon.
C. A Batienbiug has returned from
his trip to New York and Boston.
Mrs. Michael McDonald, of Carbon
tale, is visiting Mrs Mary Philbin, of
Cnnrcli street.
Mrs. Clancy, oT Montrose, is visiting
her sister, Mrs. Martin Langan.
Miss May Fallon, of Delhi, N. Y.. is
spending her vacation with h-r sister,
Mrs. John Fallon, of R ck Terrace.
Electric Bitters.
This remedy is becoming so well known
and so popular ns to need no special men
tion. All who have ued EU ctrio Bitwrs
fine the same i-ong of praise. A purer
medicine does not exist audit is guaran
teed to do all that is claimed. Electric
Bitters will cure all diseases of tho Liver
and Kidneys, will remove Pimples, Roils,
Salt Rheum and other affections caused by
impure blood. Will drive Alalaria from
the system and prevent as well as cure all
Malarial fevers. For cure of Headache,
Contispalion and Indigestion try Electric
Bittern Eutite satisfaction guaranteed,
or money refunded. Price 60 cts. and $1
per bottlo at Matthews Bros., Drug store
G. B. Reed visitt d home Sunday.
Something new and novel will be
given Friday evening at tim home of
itir popular townsman, S. W. Arnold,
under the ouspices of the Young Peo
ple's society of Presbyterian church.
A regular darkey cake walk, with a
cuke containing a prize of $100 (more
or less) All the young ladies will be
on a st ing- Everybody is invited to
attend to Investigate.
J. A. K-arnoy, the clerk at Star
rticca Creek, leaves today for New
Yoric city ond Trov.
Miss Florence White spent Sunday
in Jermvi
Impure Blood
Cruised largo ! on my face anil nrclt,
I tvus told to take Hood's Sarsapaxilla faithful.
on i
t parilla
Iy, and after using 3
bottles was free from
all eruptions. I am per
fectly cured and In ex
cellent health. A. J. Davenport, Milton, N. J.
Hood's Pills are purely vegotahle and do
not purge, palu or gripe. Iry a box. 25c.
Mr. A. J, Davenport
.si. a.
What He Has to Say About Foretelling
the Weather and Preserving the
Probably no man connected with the
Weather Department is so well known
or pupular as Elias B. Dunn, who has
charge of the Bureau in New Pork city.
He is a bright, happy man with a clear
eye and a springy gait although bis
duties and oares are numerous.
"How do I keep well and fat and
ohipper," be said recently to a news
paper man who asked him the ques
tion, "why I look after my health care
fully, that's all. No matter how bard
i he gales may be or how much respon
sibility for the weather I have ou my
shoulders, I look out for my digestion
v ry carefully. I am a fit m believer in
modern discoverieg and 1 have found
that tbe pre-digrgted food Pankola does
wonderful things for those wbo use it.
I use it in my family and find that it
not only is a food that enters quickly
iuto the blood aud life but that it aids
all other food to digest. People wbo
wish to be up to tbe times aud avail
themselves of all he modern discov
eries or improvements should oy all
means use Paskola. If you are not
thoroughly posted about it and want
to know more, go around to the cotn
nany's office at SO Rjade street, New
York city, or better still Bend for a
pamphlet giving full particulars about
it. I tell yon you will never regret it."
Sergeant Dunn evidently believes
thoroughly in everything he under
takes, and he is jnst now utilizing tbe
electric search liiiht in which he is in
terested, in throwing the word Pasko
la upon the elouds and walls where the
lijfht is employed. All that can be
learned from what he sayg regarding
Paskola ig more than true and it is by
no means surprising that it hag become
so popular.
A pamphlet giving full particulars
about Paskola will be sent ou applica
tion to the Pre-Dig-sted Food Co , 30
R-ade St., New York.
The Misses Nellie Thomas and Mary
A. Sullivan, of this placo, loft Wednes
day morning for Ne'woort, R I,, for a
week's sojourn and MiBs Lizzie Dona
hue, of that place, who has beeu visit
ing at Thomas' for the past month re
turned with them.
Miss Dela Knapp, of Greenwood, re
turned home yester day after a months'
vacation spent with friends over across
the mountain,
The marriage of Michael Hanahue,
of Greenwood, to Miss Katie Hoban,
of the same place, occurred Wednes
day at St. Joseph's church in this
place. Rev. D. II. Green tied the nun
tial knot The bride was attended by
Miss May Ellen Mnlderig, of Main
street, aud Jobn Sullivan acted as best
man. After the ceremony the bridal
party enjoyed a pleasant drive to Pitts
ton und returned about 8 o'clock to the
home of the bride's parents where a
sumptuous supper wag served to in
vited guests, after which they repaired
to Fasshold's hall where the lovers of
tbe terpstehorean arts tripped the
light fantastic toe to their heart's con
tent. The contracting parties wre
both young people who were much
respected and esteemed among tbeir
many friends who wish tbem many
congratulations and much happiness in
their newly married life.
Miss Victoria Connell, of Clay ave
nue, Scranton, visited Mrs. P. C. Con
nolly yesterday.
Polish residents of Greenwood, wbi'e
on their way home from Scranton last
evening, were approached by a gang
of roughs and ordered to throw up their
hands wbile they went through their
pockets and relieved them of their con-tetns-
They then fled.
The shooting match which took place
Wednesday on Gammon's hill, West
Si le, between Coyne, of this place, and
Sim Davis, of Hyde Park, ami resulted
in a tie, is declared off by Davis retus
ii jr to shoot again with Coyne, when
Mm ray, Coyne's backer, challenged
him for another match for either $100
or $500.
Attorney M. A. McGinley, of Scran
ton, visited this place and pleaded a
ease iu the squire's office between Pc
lander's, of Greenwood.
Remarked by R. C. Joiner, of Allen P.
O., Hillsdale Co., Mich.: "Nothing gave
my rheumatism such quick relief as Dr.
Thonioi.' Eclectric Oil boliovo it infallible
for rheumatism."
Hon. M. T. Corcoran, eousin of Pi st
master Corcoran, of Cincinnati, O., a
mmber of the senate from Hamilton
county, is visiting bis rienls h-re.
The (an ions in Numbers.
A lover of the curious in numbers has
figured out some intcrestiri facts concern
ing the city of Borliu. The city has 210
miles of streets, so that a person might
walk ten days in the German capital with
out going u p or down the same street twice.
If the 1,400,000 inhabitants were to turn
out at a grand review, and march in
double file, they would form a line 750
miles in lengt h, a column long .ir.ouu'h to
reach nearly entirely across Fiance. If
the citizens should all determine to start
on a journey on the same day and at the
same timo all the cars iu Ciermiiny would
accommodate but two-tbirdsof thei;- num
ber. If formed in a single file, each with
Ilia hand on the other's shoulder, the col
umn would he nearly 2,000 miles long. If
separated until only within speaking dis
tance of each ether, the column would be a
human telegraph line long enough to reach
from Berlin to Calcutta, India. St. Louis
Seventeen Dollars for a Mustache.
Albert Broers, a Berlin butcher, noted
for bis long, black, handsome mustache,
went on a trip to Landslierg, his native
place, where he was joined by three fellow
tradesmen the tw o brothers Gerhitz and
Lehmpfnhl. The four went to dine at a
restaurant, after which they began to dis
cuss Ilerr Broers' beautiful mustache.
Growing excited over the pleasing theme,
the question was raised how much the
wearer would take for it, and It was at
last agreed to put up the mustache for sale
by auction. The bidding was brisk, and
tbe article was finally knocked down for
ninety-four marks. A barber was called
in, and after the operation the butcher
wended his way minus his hirsute adorn
ment, but with a substantial equivalent
in cash, borne to the bosom of his family.
Berliner Tageblutt.
How Swedish. Maidens Tell.
In Sweden maidens anxious to f orotell the
future place a ring, a coin and a piece of
black ribbon each under aseparate cup. If
the ring is first exposed they marry within
the year; tho 'coin secures a rich husband,
but the ribbon denotes an old maid. Cua
sett's Family Magazine.
When Babr was sick, we gave her Castorl.
Whea she vros a Child, she cried for Castoria.
When she became Miss, she clung to Castoria.
When she had Children, she gave them Castoria,
5 I ' i i . m
400402 Lackawanna Aye,
Fine Holland Shades, with heavy
knot fringe, Hartshorn Rollers,
Plain Shades, 20, 25 and 30c. each.
Measurements taken and shades put up by experienced workmen.
We Carry All Widths Store Shades in Stock
Srass Extension Sash Rods
15 and 20c. each.
A few Vienna Porch Shades
left that we. will close out at cost
406 and 408
Stop Paying Board Bills
What have you got after you've boarded and paid eight
dollars per week or more! Have figured what you
spend, and have nothing to show for excepting
A Handful of Receipts
yo'u cau have your own homo fur
nished Wnnpleto with COM FOKT
and ELEGANCE and have money
left to iutnish your table with the
delicacies of the season.
If Lot, don't say
But interview us.
'Lacka. Avenue.
It is our pleasure to give all '
information possible whether you
or purchase on
We offer you the same induce
ments. Good3 delivered FREE every
Homes Furnished Complete.

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