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J. Scott Inglis
1 Mm. Richard Oliver, of Klmlra, la vis
iting friends and relatives In town.
The river Is higher at this place now
than It has'been before In many'years.'
The Women's Christian Temperance
union will; meet today at 3.30 p. m. at
the home of Mrs. E. E. Tuttle, on IIno
street. -
Remember the entertainment In the
Ttnllrnad Ynumr Men's Christian asso
elation hall on Saturday evening to be
given by the scholars of the high school
of this place. .
Highest of all in Leavening Power. -Latest U. S. Gov't Report
U cr
Weaving the Net of Evidence About
Prcd Kali.
XINA shook:s damaging stoky
She llcura Conversation of a Peculiar
Churactcr DcttfctUo Richmond
Uivea Ilia Exporicnco I'liy
alotuna unj Others Testify.
Special to the Scranton Tribune,
Tuiikhaniiui'k, April 11. When court
was called this nioi'tiliitrAbram ldeatculii
tnk the stand and the Uefeime resumed
the cross-exHmlmitlon. Vor two hours
or more the witness underwent a terri
ble buttering In thu effort to breuk
down his testimony. It was a trylntr
ordeal und the witness was worried and
nervuuse. Though, in Borne uuliitpor
tant details he crossed himself, he
stood up to the main facts aud the uu
dletice were Inclined to believe that he
was telllnK the truth.
A. W. Keldman recalled: I was down
to Stevens' Tuesday uiornltiK nd saw
a lot of people out in front examining
something In the road. 1 said to Kred
Wall. "Fred, what's the excitement?"
He said, "Oh, a lot of fools are
out examining where Sherm's horse
bled." He had on a pair of dirty over
alls. The next day he had on a pair
of new ones or at least I thuught they
were new they were clean.
Theodore Streeter recalled The dirt
In the wound on Waterman's temple
was dark loam, not coal ushes or cin
ders. It was not deeply Imbedded ill
the wound as It would likely have been
If driven In by a fall from some height.
It washed out easily. In one end was
gravel about the size of a pea. I had to
open the wound to get that out.
E. li. Phlnney I was at the Wyom
ing House about 10 o'clock on the night
of Jan. 8. 1S1I4. Staid about Ave min
utes. William Waterman and Wescott
were there. Westcott started out to
look for U. W. Waterman, while I was
there, and had not returned when I
left. Fred Wall and another fellow
came. In while I was there and asked
for Tom. They went out again. The
lamp In front of Stevens' was out when
I went home.
Nina Tells llcr Story.
Nina Shook I worked at the Stevens
house in January. 1SS4. Uert Pratt,
Alva Prtt and Air. Buchanan wero
stopping there during court. Fred Wall
was about the hotel on the night of the
Sth. I noticed him and Pratt going out
and In several times. Next day they
were all there. I was sweeping In the
dining room and hall, next the bar
room. They came In between 10 and
11, and I heard them say "If they search
us they won't find anything, not even a
Jackknlfe." He came in several days
after, when Mr. Stevens had discharged
him, and wanted some dinner. I gave
It to him. While eating he said some
thing about their suspecting him of the
murder. I said, "If you know any
thing about It, why don't you tell?"
He said "I don't want to hang myself."
He further said "If they hang me I
won't hang alone. I'll turn state's evi
dence, and some of these fellows will
have to hang with me." Up to the
time that Fred left I noticed no change
in his clothing, didn't see any blood
upon him. I told Mrs. Stevens about
hearing them say what they did about
the Jackknife soon after It occurred,
while we were getting dinner. Did not
tell It to anybody else except my moth
er. About a week after that I was out.
in the back yard and the boy called m
to the barn door, when I saw Fred's
knife on the barn floor behind a post.
The boy was sweeping the floor and
uncovered It. I took it. knew It was
I-red's knife, and carried It Into the
Mrs. S. J. Keating I know Fred
Wall. He frequently came to our
house. He came there one evening
about two months after the killing.
Asked for matches and I gave him a
handful. He had two or three pints of
whisky. Said he had $17 In his pocket
and staid at a certain house In town
and lost it. I 'tried to get out of him
where he staid, but he wouldn't tell. I
said, "Fred, where did you get so much
money? I hope you didn't have any
thing to do with that murder." He
said, "Well, not exactly, but 1 know
more about It than I ought to.' He
said at another time that Nina Shook
knew more about the affair than she
ought to. Iff) aald he would get even
with her yet. -Along In April he came
to the house with Steve. They had
both been drinking, but Fred was fuller
than what Steve was. Fred put his
elbows on his knees and his chin on his
hands and seemed to go to sleep. When
supper was ready Steve told him to
come to supper. I said "Yes, Kred,
you're welcome to such as It Is," He
roused up and said "Walt till I wash
the blood off my hands."
Afternoon Session.
The attempt to show by Dr. Denlson,
on the part of the commonwealth, that
the fatal wound on Waterman's head
might have been produced by a coupling
pin, such as Mr. Ide described, was ob
jected to by tho defense and the objec
tion sustained.
8. 3. Keating I saw Fred Wall on thi
morning of Jan. 9, 18M, In front of the
Stevens house. I asked him what made
the blood tin the ground and he said the
old mare hud calked herself when she
stood there. Henry Mack told rne next
day to look and see what was there. 1
saw some hulr cow hair or horse hair,
I don't know which. Looked us If It
had been punched down Into the blood
with a ntlrk. Afterward I was down In
Tom Harding's with him for a glass of
beer, and when we came out I said to
him, "Fred, It seems to be public opliv
Ion that you had something to do with
the murder, and If I was yoO and hadn't
done It, I'd tell who It was." He said,
"I'd be a fool to hang myself.
you, you'd like to see me hung, wouldn't
you?" I said, "No Fred;'! haven't
nothln' agin you." . '1
Dr. E. H. Hill The wound on. the
temple of Waterman would not neoes
sarlly cause Instant -death. A' person
receiving such a wound would be In
stantly unconscious and unable to
change his position, In my opinion. The
wound could not,. In my . opinion, have
been produced 'by a coupling pin such
as Mr, Ide described.
Dr. D. W, Sturdevant concurred In
Dr. Hill's opinion In the main points.
W. S, Kutz, JuHtlee of the peace De
rxi as
scribes the pocket book found on the
body of Waterman.
J, Wood 1'latt Shown a bundle of
jnanusei'lpt; Identities it as notes of tes
timony taken- by him before coroner's
Jury. Hefreshes his memory from noteb
and says that when Fred Wall wus
asked about the pool of blood said lie
didn't know how It came there.
.1 Hum kwliaw 'interviewed.
AV. II. Richmond, detective Live at
Plttaton. First saw Fr&l Wall on Nov.
20 lust. We went to I,aOrange together.
Saw Fred llrst coming Into town In a
buggy. A mun by the name of Jerden
pointed him out to me. 1 wus made
aciiuuinted with him In MofU-e'R hotel.
We went down to Wall's hotel and they
refused leaving him In 'there. Said they
didn't Want him around. Went to
Keeler House and the Stevens House
und had drinks In each place. Then
went to'Hetts' livery; hired a horse and
started for Latlrange. Don't know
how mitiiM drinks we had; 1 wus paying
for everything right along. We Btald
at Lallruuge half an hour and started
back to Tunkhannock. I wus working
up the case working for the reward.
George llrown sent me here. The de
fendant 'Was not drunk when we went
to LuClrunge, After we hud driven u
short distance I suid "Who uui I with;
I don't know you, 1 am looking for u
partner aud want a man I can trust.
Hi-uKl he was all right and 1 could
trust li 1 in. 1 told hint I wanted to be
sure. Told him to hold up his right
hand toO.nl 0,11(1 swear, and he did so.
Then I told hliu that I came from Prov
idence, It. I., where 1 aud my partner
was robbing a shoemakea, and the tthoe
muker came In und surprised uu und
we were obliged to take his life; that I
came here, with $J,C00, which I had up
In the bank. 1 said my partner was
still writing to me and I wanted some
body I could trust to help me out. He
said he could prove he wus all right by
Byron Ayers. J asked him what he
could prove; said I wanted a partner
who hud been through the mill. Said
ho could prove by Byron Ayers that he
had been through the mill. I asked
him who he hud killed and
he said: "If they get hold of
me they would hang me." Can't
say If he told me the man's name or
ilJt. but said he was a man who came
down to court from Nicholson. Wo
planned to get my money from the Itank
und I asked him where we should go
with It, and he said Canada would be
a good place. Witness told of some
more unimportant details, and said that
he then made the arrest. The court
closed with his testimony still unfin
ished. V. II. L.
Miss Virginia Ammerman, of Hawley,
Is the guest of Miss Nora Purdy, of
Park street.
The Palmer house, on Belmont street,
has been torn down" and In Its place
will be erected a handsome modern
home by Mrs. Patrick Neary. Con
tractor R. X. Mallory will build the
structure,, which Is to cost $3,600.
Mrs. J. W. Dlmock returned home
yesterduy afternoon from a few days'
visit In Plttston.
Yesterday was pay day on the Dela
ware and Hudson steam road.
Miss Mary Watt, of Washington
street. Is In Camden, X. J., visiting Miss
Helen Richardson.
Mrs. Corey, of Unlondale, was a Car
bondale caller yesterday.
Daniel McMullen swung an attractive
new sign to the breezes yesterday in
front of his business place on Salem
Mrs. Daniel Spry and son. Earl, of
Plymouth, are visiting relatives in this
This evening In the Berean Baptist
churcK will be held a temperance meet
ing under the auspices of the local Wo
men's Christian Temperance union.
Miss Iona Tyler, of Forest City, spent
last night In this city as the guest of
Miss Minnie Bowen.
Miss Sarah Smith left yesterday for
Syracuse, where she will sperjd the
Miss Annie Clark, of Scranton, Is vis
iting relatives In Carbondale.
Relief In Six Hours.
Distressing Kidney and Bladder dis
eases relieved In six hours by the "New
Great South Amerlcr.n Klclnny Cure."
Thla new remedy Is a great surprise on
account of Its exceeding promptness In
relieving pain In the bladder, kidneys,
back and every part of the urinary pas
sages, In male or female. It relieves re
tention of water and pain In passing It
almost Immediately, If you want qiil"k
relief and cure thla Is your remedy. Sold
by C. M. Harris, Dnugglst, 125 Penn ave
nue, Scranton, Pa.
At a meeting of flu? council held lust
Monday evening, Messrs. John J. Mon
ahan and Edward (lihbons, represent
ing the school board, usked the co
operation of the council In extending
borough lines. The presidents of the
council and school board agreed to
meet In Joint session on next Mon
day evening to act upon the mutter.
It Is sincerely hoped that enlarge
ment of the borough will In the near
future be the outcome of this meeting,
as It will greatly Increase the revenue
of the borough and thereby reduce the
amount of taxation now required to pay
the current expenses.
Mrs. James Connelly, of Dunmore,
wus a visitor In town yesterday.
A birthday party was" tendored Mas
ter John O' Ma I ley at his home, on Main
street', Tuesday evening. Vocal and In
strumental music was rendered by Miss
B. Dempsey, James Connelly, James
Mclntyre, and the Avooa orchestra,
Wednesday morning Street Commis
sioner P. H. O'Brien, acting on orders
of the borough council, started a num
ber of men to work tearing away the
Traction company's road at the Inter
section of Main und McAlplne streets.
This was left In a very unsafe condi
tion, hence the action of the council In
ordering Its removal.
Mrs. McQueen, of West Avocn, Is dan
gerously III.'' .
The tnarrlnge of Frank Hannon, of
Duryea, to Miss Anantnsla Callahan,
of this place, Is announced to take place
In the near future. . . .
Mothers! Mothers!! Mothers!!!
Mrs. Wlnalow's Soothing Syrup has been
used for over fifty years by millions of
mothers for their children while 'teething,
with perfect success. It soothes the child,
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wind -colic, and Is tha beat remedy for
diarrhea. Bold by druggists In every part
of the world. Be sura and ask for "Mrs.
Wlnalow's Soothing Syrup," And take no
other kind. Twenty-five cents a bottle. .
: "Watt" Cornwall Is seriously 111. ',
The country roads are puasable again.
The new creamery at TIngley Is run
ning with a prosperous outlook.
John Potter, our feed mun, who has
been seriously III for the past few
days, Is reported on the Improve.
A Sunday school Institute for the
First district will be held In the Meth
odist Episcopal church In North Jack
son on Wednesday, April 24.
B. W. Suiter, of Blbson, accidentally
placed his hand on a buzz-saw last
week, losing a thumb and two fingers.
Special EustMi- services will be held
In the Harford Methodist Episcopal
church Sunday, conslMIng of singing,
recitations, etc,
I), H. Thatcher, a well-known citizen
of Harford, dlud on Monday of this
William 11. Pope died at his home In
dlliNon township April 6. He was over
7U years of uge and extensively known.
Ira Mine died at his home. In Thomp
son, April 6. aged 78 years.
Rev. Mr. Underwood Is attending con
ference In Ciu-bnndnle,
Enterprising people of Susquehanna
aud ouklund are trying to annex ithe
two boroughs.
The New Mil ford Dramatic society
are reheurslng the ' drama "Hickory
Farm," which the expect to spring on
the public ul un early date. 1
Professor Hanruhun's dancing class
will give Its llnul hop at the Opera
House Friday evening, April 1. Tho
May Pole dance, several fancy dunces,
the "skirt dance" and other novelties
are on the programme,
Charles B. Uoollttle, of New York, Is
In town.
Mrs, 1). W. Hnger Is on the sick list.
Mrs. CI. W. Dlukermun, of Klmlra, Is
visiting In town.
The Susquehanna bridge, which has
Just been mude a free Institution by or
Ud $
The Philadelphia Specialist, and his asso
ciated staff of Ung'lxh and German
physicians, are now permanently
located at
Old Postoffice Building, Corner Penn
Avenue and Spruce Street.
The doctor is a gruduae of the Univer
sity of Pennsylvania, formerly demon
strator of physiology and surgery at ttie
Medico-Chlrurgiual college of Philadel
phia. His specialties are Chronic, Ner
vous, Skin, Heart, Womb and Blood dis
The symptoms of which are dizziness, lack
of contidence, sexual . weakness In men
and women, ball rising In throat, spots
floating before the eyes, loss of memory,
unuble to concentrate the mind un one
subject, easily startled when suddenly
spoken to, and dull distressed mind. which
unltts them for performing tho actual du
nes or lite, malting Happiness Impossiblo,
distressing the action of tha heart, caus
ing flush of heat, depression of spirits, evil
forebodings, cowardice, fear, dreams.mel
ancholy, tire easy of company, feeling us
tired In the morning as when retiring,
lack of energy, nervousness, trembling,
confusion of thought, depression, constipa
tion, weakness of the limbs, etc. Those so
aftucted should . consult us Immediately
ard be restored to perfect health. .
Lost Manhood Restored.
Weakness of Young Men Cured.
If you have been given up by your phy
sician call upon the doctor and be exam-")d.-
He cures the worst cases of Ner
vous L-eblllty, Serofula, Old Sores, Ca
tarrh,. Piles, Female Weakness, Affec
tions of the Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat.
Asthma, Deafness, Tumors, Cancers and
Cripples of every description.
Consultations free and strictly sacred
and confident. Olll-e hours dally frni
9 n.m. to 9 p.m.- Bundny, 9 to 1.
Knrlose Ave -cent sumps for symtpom
blanks and my book culled "New I.lfe "
I will pay one thousand dollars In gold
to anyone whom I cannot cure of KPI.
. ' D,t- E- GREWER,
Old Post Office Building, corner Penn
avenue and Spruce street.
French Injection Compound
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Capital Saoo.UOO. PailnnUcured nine rears
ase today wound and well. 1 0O-pnge hwofc ft-ee
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finest In this cily. Our Shirts are one
of tho beat makes, and Bold at very low
figures; for Illustration nee tho follow
ing: A Cheviot Shirt, made up with neck
hand and yoke, cost almost to man
ufacture 3.o0 a dozen; our prloe, 29
cunt; a flyer. Next lot made 80
Inches loug, stitched, double seam,
fust In color, and only 3tt cent.
Boys' Waists, anythlDK In the line
from 1 8 cents aud upwards to 50c.
Our Selection in Underwear we
arc moBt sure will satisfy every buy
er, because tho line Is complete for
" Men, Ladies and Children and the
Babe Child. ,
der of the court, celebrated Its freedom
by falling Into the river during Wednes
day's freshet.
Euster services will be held at St.
Mark's church. Sunday afternoon at 2
P. .'III. ' . ':.','; '
Lightning struck the house of Will
iam Harrison in the township during
the recent thundre storm,- with slight
damages. ' t .
Ft D. Holmes' barn. In Jackson town
ship, was struck by lightning Tuesday
night and entirely consumed, together
with 'contents.
The Advertiser suggests that our
board of trade agitate the question f a
new Delaware, Lackawanna and West
ern depot In this place.
The puplla of the graded school are
preparing for a grand last day -xhlbl-Uon.
Mr. and Mrs. James Barber, of
Brooklyn, N. Y., are visiting Mrs. E.
Rev. Hlmpkins left on Tuesday for
Word was received here on Wednes
day announcing the death of M. J.
Qerheart, who went to the Soldiers'
hospital, at Erie, for treatment.
H. 8. -WultB, who has been confined
to the house with grip, Is somewhat
A small audience greeted the drama
on Tuesday night,
Mrs. Stanley conducted the Gospel
service of the Women's Christian Tem
perance union at the home of Mrs.
Posten, yesterduy.
Rev. O. A. Cure will preach In the
Methodist Episcopal church next Sun
day morning and evening.
An Easter ooc-lul will be held at the
home of Mrs. A. J. Decker tonight.
All are Invited.
Mrs. O. E. Vaughn was In Scranton
la the Best Blood
Purirler, Appetizer and
Nerve Tonic. It cures
That Tired Feeling
SCKANTON, PA., April 8, 1S93,
Dear Silas:
Before accepting your kind
invitation to spend the
you at Farmville, I would like
to know if there are any com
missions which I can attend
to for you.
You know everything is
much cheaper here and more
up to date thau around 3'our
part of the country, and if
you have any change, I should
advise j-ou to invest it in
yourself and the boys. There
is a store here called "THE
BELL," No. 230 Lackawanna
avenue, where I bought a suit
very cheap. You will be sur
prised to hear that I paid only
$7.00 for it. Gent's furnish
ing goods can also be bought
there for half the amount that
you would pay in Farmville.
Let me know by return of
mail just what you want, and
I shall be glad to accommo
date you. With love to Lydia,
Ruben and John, also your
self. I remain jours,
i P. S, Tell the boys that
with every knee pants suit
sold at the "BELL" each boy
is entitled to a chance on a
bicycle to be drawn for July
5. Don't let them miss this.
Follow Charles Augustus's
advice and trade at
230 Lackawanna Ave.
NO. 1 A line Ualbrlffgau Shirt and
Lrawerg. To niake the price conve
nient for these times 25 cents each,
in the following colors Blue, Uold,
Brown and White. This number
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amine, .
A French BnlbriKKnti Shirt, silk
finish; you can't buy them anywhere
for less thau 76 eents, Our price,
43 cents. i
Ludics' Ribbed Vest from 5 cents
to 15 cents, long or short sleeves.
800 dozen Child Rlbbed.lonir sleeves,
, 10 cents each, or 3 for 25 cents,
If you need u Shirt Laundried, In
Cheviot or Percale, do not forget the
place which sella the best goods for
less money 43 cents each. We
guarantee the work and material.
,,1IS, .
li 'II
mm, jb i m.
500 Rolls this season's importations. Prices start
at $4.00 a roll, 40 yards, and go up to $10.00
Cut quantities of Mattings 2 cents and 5 cents
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I Daniel Webster Once Said
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SIDEBOARDS have the same masterful control
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Two dozen Reception Chairs, neat light frames,
plush upholstered seat. We have them at $i.35
worth $3.50 In regular way.
IN REPLY to those asking our terms, they are:
$20m Worth of Goods for $2.00 Per Month
35.00 " .. 3.00 "
00.00 " , , 4.00 "
75,00 " 5.00 "
00.00' b.oo "
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And larger bills in proportion. An elegant assort
ment of BABY CARRIAGES for Easter.
Headinhu prTntl and rarrd by btTtsf
your y. aci.at-.flcaily .xamtnad and
fitted accurately by
guarantetd l. vry caw.
305 Spruce Street

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