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Norrman & Mooro
120 Wyoming Ave.
"Husband, this air is stuffy and br.d:
I'll pit a divorce If there's on to be bail.
Air that' pure, and a house that's brifrtit.
Can only be found witaTue Suburban Light.'
Th. greatest luxury in a modern home
(neit to a nod bath room) is the Incnndi's
eut Electric Light No dwelling I. complete
or "upto-dato" without both. Ko b. nines
place without the latter.
Our system, using tho alternating current,
is absolutely snf. from nr..
) acka wanna
ic8 Pcnn Ave
Special Notice
A BOUT Sept. 20th our
new store will be
completed, which will be
the largest Carpet, Wall
Paper, Drapery and Cur
tain Store in the State,
and we will show the
largest stock of new
goods in each department
ever shown in Scranton.
Cat pels, Draperies an1 Wall Pap jr.
err ootjss.
William Linn, Allen & Co., stock brok
ers, have removed' to the Mean, building
In rooms 7tC and 706.
The fourth anniversary of tho conver
sion of Thomas Kltxnerald was celebrated
at the Rescue mission last night.
St. Thomas college will open today. Tho
four Xuveriun brothers who arc to he In.
itructors there arrived in this city yester
day, Street Commissioner Kinsley had his
men clean the streets along- the route of
yesterday' parade and then allowed them
a holiday.
In Alderman Wright's office tonlsht
there will be a meeting to arrange for a
reunion in this city of tho Ono Hundred
and Thirty-second I'ennsylvunia Volun
teers. The Amerlcnn Protective Tariff league
has Just Issued document No. 59, "Tile
Tariff," which gives cxtrncts, In purallol
eolumns, from the speeches of Hon. W. J.
llryan and Hon. William McKinlcy. Tills
document should be read by every voter.
Address W. P. Wakomun, general Becrc
tary, 135 West Twenty-third street, New
Poles Arrested for Sunday's Rioting
Pay from $15 to $30 Each
in Police Court.
Follce court was crowded yesterday
at the hearing of the rioters arrested
Sunday at the Polish Catholic church.
Mayor Ilalley presided and' was any
thing but lenient with the offenders.
Tho prisoners would have preferred
being bound over for court and expect
ed that thin would be done, but the
authorities deemed nummary punish
ment the more efficacious In their case.
Experience, the police claim, proves
the wisdom of this course, for It was
thought that through the pocketbooks
of the offenders the most effective pun
ishment could be meted out.
Mrs. Annie Slllkoskl and Mrs. Volun
tina Ventllne were fined $15 each. Mrs.
Josephine Chonoski, the other of the
trio of women, did not appear. She
sent word that one of her ribs was
broken and that the doctor would not
allow her to move. She forefelted the
$25 deposited as bond for her appear
Kasimlr Bondzius and John Pedrlck
were lined $30 each. W. Snlter and
Stanislaus Strumonlcz, who, while they
did not take an active part In the con
lllct, were known leaders of the dis
turbing element and were heard incit
ing the women to resist the officers.
They were fined respectively $15 and
Anthony Swlnski and Joseph Uibono
witca were fined $20 each. Savllan
Hrechlza, who was arrested Saturday
night for being implicated in the riot,
was fined $16. He had an open knife in
his pocket when taken into custody.
All paid their fines with money sub
rcribed nt a meeting held Sunday night
by the nntl-Aust element.
Warrants are out for three of the
leaders of the warring clement and the
names of all Implicated In Sunday's af
fair are being secured with the inten
tion ot bringing them to trial.
State Convention of Master of the
Trade Opens Here Today.
The annual state convention of the
Master Horseshoers association, of
Pennsylvania, opens In this city today.
The sessions will be held in O. U. A. M.
hall on Lackawanna avenue and will
begin at 1 o'clock p. m.
There will be about one hundred dele
Rates In attendance, Philadelphia send
ing a large representation In a special
car over the Delaware and Hudson
5 I II
Scranton Bnsiness College.
The rush continues. Buck, Whitmore
aV Co. expected some new Btudents yes
terday, but were not quite prepared for
the number that came for both sessions.
The largo rooms will be soon crowded
to their utmost capacity.
The-wonderful success of this school
is the result of ten years of hard, earnest
and honest work done by the propri
etors In this city. Thinking young peo
ple choose the best school. . '
The King ot Pills Is Bewbam's.
Eve-o'-Conveatloa Meeting Adjourns
Amid Confusion.
Because They Were Foisted on the
Club by Alleged "Snap" Work?
Also Because Objectionable Per
ous Were Among Those Chosen,
and Also Bccanse It Was a "City
Hall" CroivU--A Smile and Merry
Twinkle That Vanished.
It was a hard blow to Mr. Boland.
There had been mutterlngs of dis
content and certain developments had
caused him to suspect that there were
breakers ahead, but he was wholly un
prepared for them. It came at the
close of last nlt'lu's meeting of Mr. He
land's Bryun and Sewall club.
During the week tho city treasurer
scoured the county for free sllverltes
who had formerly been identified with
the Republican party and last night
had them on exhibition at the meeting.
There were fully six of them and each
was billed to make a speech. As one after
another at Mr, Boland's invitation not
up and told the part'eur fault he had
to find with sound money or the virtue
he had discovered in free sllverlsm, Mr.
Boland would cast his eye over at the
reporter's desk to see if the scribes of
the sound money press were taking
There was a merry twinkle in his eye
and a mischievous smile on his face
which as much as said: "Just toll your
gold bugs about that In the morning."
Once ho provoked much laughter and
nppluuse by hoping "that The Tribune
reporter would make mention of the
larg'i number of Republicans who were
There was a little Incident which Mr.
Boland did not call the reporter's at
tention to. It was this way:
At the previous meeting of the club a
committee on permanent organization
was appointed. The committee at tho
opening of Inst night's meeting sub
mitted lt3 report and It was adopted
without discussion or dissent. . The re
commendations were C. O. Boland,
president; L. P. Wedeman, vice presi
dent; D. J. Reedy, corresponding sec
retary; II. T. Koehler, treasurer; exe
cutive committee, Edward Merrifleld,
W. J. Burke. A. T. O'Boyle. E. J. Ly
nett, P. J. Nealls, D. P. Replogle, W.
W. Baylor, J. P. Hammeps, Joseph
O'Brien, D. P. Battle and- E. F. Blew
itt. As the meeting was drawing to a close
Chairman Boland requested the mem
bers of the executive committee to wait
after the meeting, as there was some
business for them to attend to.
"Executive committee?" queried Ben
Castles. "Has an executive committee
been elected?"
"Yes, sir," answered the chairman.
"Tonight?" again queried Mr. Castles.
"I guess It was before you came In,"
remarked Mr. Boland.
"I guess It was," said Mr. Castles.
Then he proceeded to tell them what
he thought of their way of doing busi
ness. Ho had, he explained, attended
every meeting of tho club and It was
never the custom to begin business
much before 8.30 o'clock. On this occa
sion he arrived ot the hall at eight min
utes past eight and found that the most
Important business of the club had been
transacted. He had also learned that
the meeting had skipped the first two
orders of business In order to get at the
report of the committee on permanent
"It was a snap committee," Inter
rupted P. J. Honan, who sat next to Mr.
"There was something unusual about
it," said Mr. Castles. "There are men
on that committee whom I would not
have voted for."
"There Is Just this about it," again
broke In Mr. Honan, reaching for his
hat, "it's a city hall committee and I
repudiate it."
There were cries of "Hear! henr!" and
as Mr. Honan moved toward the door
he wns followed by many others who
took that means of showing their sym
pathy with Mr. Honan's sentiments.
As Mr. Honan stood on the threshold
he shouted out loud enough to be dis
tinctly heard above the din about the
chairman's desk: "A few men can't run
the Democratic party. Backsliders and
pledge-breakers have no place in the
ranks, anyhow."
Mr. Castles was trying to get nn audi
ence, but the chair refused to argue the
question Bny further. There was a gen
eral protest against this amid shouts of
"Give hlin a hearing," and the like. Mr.
Boland Insisted, however, that the ex
ecutive committee had to meet and he
could not allow an unnecessary prolong
ation of the club meeting.
The crowd filed out slowly, some up
holding the chairman and others de
claring that they did not purpose to
have anything objectionable sprung on
them if they knew it.
Those who spoke at the meeting were
C. Comegys, Edward Merrifleld, D. J.
Reedy, D. P. Replogle, Dr. J. P. Slck
ler, L. P. Wedeman, W. J. Burke,
Michael Duffy and Nathan VIdnver.
Mr. Burke cautioned the county De
mocracy not to allow any " 'snake' to
creep Into the resolutions." Mr. Duffy
offered a motion that the club recom
mend to the convention that no candi
date be named who would not subscribe
to the Chicago platform. His motion
was not put, however.
Not Even a Guess on the Outcome of
Today's Democratic County
Just what today's county Democratic
convention is going to develope no one
can say. Unless a slate is made this
morning there will be a free-for-all
fight. There are various combinations
on the minor ofllces but the head of the
ticket Is not being figured In on any of
the deals as far as is known.
There is a suspicion that the city hall
ring has something up its sleeve and
will try to force it through In the con
fusion that will surely reign.
It looked last night as if the Demo
crats were all at sea. The only settled
thing was that School Controller T. J.
Jennings would be selected as chair
man. Nathan Vldaver declared himself
ready to take up the congressional fight
but would not, he said, make any fight
for the nomination. He would not
deny that he was anxious for the
honor. There may be an effort to In
duce Edward Merrifleld to take It, but
he has not, as far as Is known, been ap
proached on the subject.
For county commissioner there an
Wife of the Great Republican Leader Adds
Her Testimony to That of Thousands
of Others for Paine's Celery Compound.
Among the testimonials received this
year by the proprietors of that greatest
of all remedies, Paine's celery com
pound, are found many, as usual, from
families of national reputation.
One of these Is the following sincere
statement that bears the signature of
Agnes B. Quay, the wife of the Hon.
Matthew 8. Quay, United States Sena
tor, whom Pennsylvania so urgently
named for the Presidency at St. Louis:
"Washington, May 15, 1S96.
"Messrs. Wells & Richardson,
Burlington, Vt.
"Dear Sirs: My daughter and I have
been using your Paine's Celery Com
pound this spring with most beneficial
"Those In an over fatigued condition
will find It a gentle stimulant, and an
William J. Burke, M. E. Clarke, John
Demuth, Scranton; M. F. Gllmartin,
Carbondale; James Butler, Mooslc. For
auditor: P. W. Costello, Robert E.
O'Boyle, Fred W. Warnke, William
Koch, James J. Coleman, Scranton;
Judson Callcnder, South Ablngton; E.
J. Ward, Moosic; Paul Aten, Newton
and William Flynn, Olyphant. Every
one of these men will have their fol
lowing and the contests promise to be
warm. It Is not likely that any of the
candidates will be willing to be a mar
tyr for the sake of the ticket's geogra
phical or racial complexion; and as a
consequence It Is liable to be decidedly
The convention of the Second district
Democrats will be called upon to choose
between Henry T. Koehlcr and Frank
Moeller for representative. The oth
ers whose names have been mentioned
have withdrawn.
Sold by Wnldron, the Great Canadian
I orse Shipper.
Waldron, the man who has the repu
tation of selling a horse n minute, will
arrive here Tuesday night with two car
loads of horses. The horses he ships
are Canadian stock and those who have
used a Canadian horse know that for
strength, bone and durability they have
no equal; they ore known the world over
for the hardship they can stand and for
that reason they are easy to sell. They
are thoroughly acclimated and domesti
cated and are ready for Immediate use.
One car will consist of draft teams,
chunk and single workers, express and
general purpose horses.
The others will contain ronders,
coachers, pacers and trotters. In fact
all kinds, from the plow horse to the
sulky trotter. Everyone of them must
and shall be sold for whatever they will
bring to close them out. The weather
will have no bearing i.n this tab', ns It
will take place rain or shine. It will
pay you to come miles to attend this big
sale. Don't forget the date and place,
Cusick's stables, next Thursday, at 1
o'clock promptly. Go with the crowd
and own a horse at your own price.
John . Woolley.
Few platfofm orators today can com
pare with John a. Woolley.
His rare gifts, his keen sympathies,
his Incisive thought, his unimpeachable
personal character and his thorough
training, make him a powerful advo
cate of reform.
He has, with the! courace of his con
victions, a tactful way of presenting
the strongest truths in the most force
ful manner.
Mr. Woolley will speak In the Acade
my Thursday night. The diagram for
seats opens today.
Schilling Music School.
Instruction in piano, organ harmony
and voloe culture, 209 Washington ave.
Best Key West Cigars.
13.00, $8.25 and $3.60 box. Couraen.
excellent tonic, ond I add my testi
mony to others without reluctance."
The relative merits and efficiency of
Paine's celery compound In making peo
ple well Is clearly shown In the char
ter of the people who today rely on It to
cure Insomnia, nervous debility, persist
ent headaches and a rundown condition.
It Is the power of rapid repair of the
tissues that makes Paine's celery com
pound the great saver of life that It Is.
It brings Just the needed nutriment to
the distracted nerve tissues all over the
body and Increases the volume of
healthy blood so that a breaking down
of some vital part is averted. While
taking Pnlne's celery compound there Is
a general building up of the deep-lying
tissues all over the body, and a throwing
oft' of unsound elements that clog and
Interfere with its healthy activity.
Rev. J. P. Moffatt, of the West Side, Is
Elected President Special
C. E. Services.
An election of officers took place at
yesterday morning's meeting of the
Scranton City Pastors' union In the
Young Men's Christian association par
lors. The officers elected were: Presi
dent, Rev. J. P. Moffatt, pi.stor of the
Washburn Street Presbyterian church;
vice president. Rev. Thomas Hell, pas
tor of tho Plymouth Consresatlonal
church; secretary-treasurer, Rev. A.
F. Chaffee, pastor Asbtiry Methodist
Episcopal church; theme committee,
Rev. W. J. Ford, Green Ridge Baptist
church; Rev. V. F. Oibbcn, Dunmore
Presbyterian church; Rev. J. B. Sweet,
pastor Simpson Methodist Episcopal
It was the first meeting held since
the early part cf July. Rev. W. J.
Ford, the retiring president, presided.
After devotional exercises. Revs. W. II.
StubMebina, Thomas Bell and F. A.
Dony were appointed a committee on
nominations and on thoir recommenda
tion tho officers mentioned In the fore
going were elected.
Regarding special services pertain
ing to the approaching' state conven
tion of Christian Endeavor societies In
this city, Rev. Thomas H.-ll offered the
following resolution which was unani
mously adopted: "Resolved, That It
be the sense of the Pastors' union that
the pastors of the city be requested to
devote some part of the- Sunday pre
ceding the Christian Endeavor State
convention, namely, October 4, and also
the Wednesday evening prayer meet
ing preceding It, to special considera
tion of and prayer for the convention
and Its work."
In presenting the resolution Mr. Bell
explained that In the services conven
tion subjects) might be considered, but
special prayer and a service for the
convention should be given by the
churches. The secretary was directed
to notify all pastors not present of the
adoption of the resolution.
Rev D. Jones, of the First Welnh
Congregational church, read a paper
on "The Dlacontea."
The next meeting will be held on the
first Monday In October.
On a Geld Bnsis.
20 full G. sugar, 98c; Phil print but
ter, Sua; triple blcpd coffee, 34c. Cour
sen. The Misses Merrill's School.
The Misses Merrill's private school
for primary and Intermediate pupils,
will open Monday, Sept. 14, 1896, C12 Jef
ferson avenue.
To Cnre a Cotdin Ono Day.
Take laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets.
AH druggists refund the money If It
fail to cure. 28 cents.
Tho story of the discovery and un
paralleled success of Paine's celery com
pound Is the story of a high purpose,
steadfastly followed; the reward for the
life-long study of the nervous system in
health and disease. Prof. Edward E.
"Phelps" discovery In the laboratory of
the Dartmouth Medical School proved
a monumental work In the art of dealing
successfully with many diseases that
were up to that time held to be obsti
nate of cure. Today rheumatism and
neuralgia, heart palpitation and ner
vous dyspepsia are taken In hand by
Palnu's celery compound with the abso
lute assurance of freeing the system of
them entirely.
In this greatest of all remedies there
Is hope for every person distressed by
symptoms of dyspepsia, Impure blood,
failing vigor or low nervous condition.
lie Final cm is coi 01 losi
Now comes the climax of our great
clearance sale. If price is the object our
entire stock of millinery goes out on
schedule time.
Nothing we can say In the newspapers
will give you any idea of the bargains
offered at this our great wind up sale.
133 Wyoming Avenue.
i sets Gf ran a
Including tho painless extracting of
teeth by an entirely novr process.
S. C. SNYDER, D. D. S.
I Spnte St, Opp. Hotel Jenny n.
Japanese Rngs, 9x9 ft, $5; some slightly damaged, - $1,00
Japanese Rugs, 71-2x101-2, ft $5; some slightly damaged, 3,80
Japanese Rugs, 3x3 ft, - 50c. each,
Straw Mattings .... lOc. per yard.
gSEntire Stock reduced to close out.S)ir
(Large Show Window.)
Over $100 Wat Received kr the Board
of Trade Yesterday.
It Is now certain that the Scranton
board of trade's Twin shaft fund will
reach SK.000. New contributions am
ounting to $126.07 were received yester
day. A statement of the fund at
o'clock last evening was aa follows:
Previously acknowledged $lfi,$2t 12
Through Casey Bros.
Sonora Brandy Win Co
Brooklyn, N. T
Through Cletand, Simpson Tay
lor Netson Knitting Co., Rockford,
Through Vt'm. Dawson, County
Div. No. 17. A. O. H., Scranton..
l!v. No. 18, A. O. H., Dunmore..
Div. No. S, AO. II., olyphant...
Div. 17. A. O. H.. Mooslc
Div. No. 14.A. O. H..Dlckon City
Div. No. l'J.A. U. H.,Ureen KlUge
10 00
SO 00
10 00
10 00
10 00
10 00
t 00
$15,952 19
'rices Cat
423 Lackawanna Avanua.
Clarke Bros.' Very Best
Patent Flour, per bar
rel, - - - $3.75
Feed, ileal or Corn, per
hundred, - - - .70
Clarke Bros,' Celebrated
Berkshire Sugar Cured
Hams, per lb, - .0934
Strictly Fancy Elgin
Creamery Butter, per
lb, .18
20 lbs. Granulated Sugar,
- 1.00
Strictly Fresh Eggs, per
doz. - - 12J
Choicest Light and Very
Lean.. Bacon per lb.,
lSrThese goods are war
ranted to be the finest sold in
the city of Scranton.
flusic Store.
(Tb Standard of the World,)
Ivers & Pond
(With Patent Soft-Stop,)
(With Compensating Rod.)
Norris & Hyde
(With Transposing Keyboard.)
And other excellent
makes. Prices and terms
on application.
406 LACK A. AVE.
August eng So
At Remarkably Lew Prices.
Ladles Cloth Capes, formerly
$2.50. Sale Price. 9Sa,
Ladies' Velvet Capes, formerly
$5.00, sale Price. $2.59
Ladies' Silk Capes, formerly
3o.uu. iule Price, $2.88
Ladies' Outing Suits, lined with
sun, lull skirt, formerly
$1 1.50, Sale Price, $8.98
Ladles Blazer Suits, In all
wool mixed goods, formerly
$10.00. . Sale Price, $5.93
Ladles Pluck All Wool Serge
Suits, formerly $12.00,
Sale Price, $7.00
Fine Milan Braid Sailors,
worth $1.40, Sale Price. 89a
Which were sold at $1.19, 98c
and 75c Sale Price. 89c
Ladies' Fine Dimity Shirt
waists, lormeny a.ou,
$1.75 and $1.45.
Sale Price, $1.19
Infants' Long and Short Coats,
silk and cashmere, formerly
$3.50, Sale Price, $1.19
Infants' Caps, formerly 35c,
Sule Price, 10a
Now is the time to have your
fura required Tav tho onlv nratl.
cal furrier in the city.
138 Wyoming Annus.
(alcolm Lots.
Clongu & Imtx
And Lower Gradss at
Very Low Pta
are necessary to the well appointed tab.
Prices for pretty designs In good china
are very low now. There 1 no reason
why you should not be able to prepare for
the coming season. Just look In and it.
what we offer.
231 Fenn kn Cpp. Eaptlst Church.
Middle ol the Block.
Ackaawledzed tn Lcadlag
OttlM Wrt
Musical Instruments,
flusical Merchandise,
Sheet Music and
Music Books.
urchaser will l ways find a c.aptet
tack aad at price aa law a tb ,al
jr ef th fastruai.at wUl permit at
I. A.
117 Wyoming Are. - Scrantor

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