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llMii"i "l.
Copyright, 1S90, by
Richard Burgdorf, a yotinsr uerman art
ist, whose, nickname is "Prince- Churdo,"
und Iiis friend, Flurio. a literary student.
In tho coursw of their "Waud-ijalir"
through Germany, havu reached the end
of their resources, and tiiut themselves,
weary, footsore ami hungry, ly tho wiy
bMu near a (icrninii town. Richard, in
whoso artistic ability Klorio has meat
faith, sinks lom ami can no no further.
Plorio bestirs hliuseif to secure food anti
a bed for his friend. After one or two re
verses, ho knovki at a promising loukins
A benign nnil diminutive old woman
opened the dour und peered up furi
ously at him.
His romances nil took tllght. He fore
so much gentleness and simplicity hu
could invent -with ins.
Hlie bade him a friendly Rood day.
".My daughter is out, and the ehil
dren. They arc with my son In the
Vineyard. Did you want to see my
"No," said Florin, helplessly.
"My daughter, then'.'"
He shook his In ad.
She waited wondering.
"I'm tired." he stammered, deadly
ashamed of his ulterior olijeet. "Would
you let me tome in and rest nwhile'."'
"Certainly. 1 was eautioiied not to
li t trumps and beggars In." she added
smiling, "hut I'm sure you are none of
that sort."
He walked Into the clean, pool kitch
en, and sat down opposite a dresser,
upon which was a laixe brown loaf
and a pitcher of elder.
The littlu old lady, pleased to obtain
a listener, resumed her Knitting and
prattled yulleleslly of her son. her
son's wife, her grandchildren's recent
measles, the weuther, the vines, the
inognostications for the crops, last
year's crops, the fowls, the potatoes,
the hard times, and her native village
fifty years gone.
"Why don't I get lip and take It?"
Florin asked himself, desperately. "It
Is mere prejudice the miserable
shackles of conventionality. Somehow,
1 can't beg of this nice old woman,
l'.nt It Is evident I must, unless1 I
construct the sort of woman of whom
I can beg."
"Is there any sort of work I could
do for you?" he mumbled; "any hoeing
or digging or splitting or weeding or
watering or chopping'.'"
She glanced shrewdly at his faoe.and
at his clothes, which. If shabby, were
riot those of a laboring man, und an
swered placidly:
"My Itlaslus does all that and my
daughter with other help if needed,
but such work Is not for such ns you."
"lielng dead famished." he reflected,
"and worn out and penniless, I cannot
nsk for that bread. If I did not need
It. were well fed and rich, I could
smirk patronizingly: "Oh, do let me
try your barley lout!' And this we call
being hiimun. I'd rather be a dog and
bay at the moon."
Staring straight before him at the
dresser, he waited, strangely unable to
frame. In words his first venture In
mendicancy. If she had only not made
that fatally apt allusion to beggars an. I
trumps, he was certain he would not
hesitate. Involuntarily his Inward hol
lowness sought expression in a de
spairing groan.
She looked up startled.
"I have come far," he faltered, "and
eaten no dinner today. Could I have
a slice of that bread?" His voice was
shy and low, his heart heat fast and a
Hush overspread his face.
"Hless me, why didn't you say so be
fore?" She trotted about briskly, set the loaf
before him and some cheese.
"What would you like to drink?" Ci
der's not good on an empty stomach.
In a few minutes you shall have n cup
of hot coffee! Hless me, bless me! How
could I know, at this time of dav?
Of course ot Vesper-time I should
have offered It."
Florio had taken one heavenly
mouthful of black bread, when his
heart sank with the awful suspicion he
might be deceiving her unwittingly.
"I have no money," he bluntly an
nounced. "Sometimes that happens," returned
the little old woman, equably.
Colds, Coughs, Sore Throat, Influenza, Bron.
chitls, Pneumonia, Swelling ot the Joints,
Lumbago, Inflammations.
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gestions, whether of the Lungs. Stomach,
Rowels, or other glands or organs, by ons
A half to a teaspoonful In half a tumbler
of water will In a few minutes cure
cramps, spasms. Hour stomach. Heart,
burn, Nervousness, Sleeplessness, Sick
Headache. Dlnrrhen, Dysentery, Colli;,
Flatulency and all internal nains.
There Is not a remedial agent In the
world that will cure Fever nod Airun nn.i
nil other Malarious, Million and other
fevers, aiueri uy kaijwayb FILLS, m
qutcKiy as kadwai h keauy It K LUCK.
Fifty cents per bottle. Sold by Druggists.
65 Elm Street, New York.
n n inp
.. .o rt
Qicnn one sunntQ "iv.
the Baeheller Syndicate.
He said no more. He simply fell to.
He could have wtpt or shouted for
thankfulness. If this were begging, he
would make the most of it. His heart
grew light as the loaf diminished. A
sense of security and peace pervaded
Us being. He stretched his legs lazily
and sn iled at the little old woman, ns
she bustled herself about and served
his coffee, and fetched some beer, and
took evident delight In the dauntlss
tiess of his appetite. "Well, you are
hungry! " rhe exclaimed, admiringly.
"K.ither!" he agreed, continuing
doughtily. The more he ate the better
tasted the hot coffee. The more coffee
he drank, the greater his zest for thick
t- tC
slices of bread ntid cheese, and on this
sulMtartuin he finally poured down a
tall mug of beer.
At length he leaned bnck. wiping his
smiling mouth, and suddenly remem
bered t'haidu lying by the roadside.
With a niuilled, but robust Impreca
tion, he sprang up.
"See here, perhaps I am a tramp"
"No, no, you have not a tramp's face,
my pretty young gentleman. Nor do
you speak like a tramp."
"If having no money, no work, no
food to speak of In days, and not a mor
sel since yesterday morning. Is being
a tramp, I'm a tramp fast enough,
and I'll not deny It. Hut I'm nn hon
est man, and I shan't lie a tramp long,
I promise you. Now, see here. While
I've been gorging myself, beast that I
am, my chum's down there In the road,
ill and worn out and aching for food.
And I Just want you to give me a lot
of thlnjrs for him ns fast as ever you
can, some of that coffee, and bread,
"I'll boll him some eggs," she pro
posed, briskly.
"Engeliinitterc hen! Hull half a doz
en. Make up a good parcel, will you
anything you happen to have. Cuke,
If you have got a bit. He likes cal.e.
Or even cold pud big. I don't sup
pose you've got a picct of meat? Never
mind. A lot of mat cheese, please.
It's nwfully good cheese. And what's
your name, and your son s nnd the
children's, and oil your names? Sonu
day I'll come buck in a different fash
ion, nnd you'll never be sorry as long
as you live that I did my lirst begging
in your house. What I've eaten I'll
take us a gift from you to me," he went
on, with a Hashing smile, and, shaking
bothe her hands, "ns your bounty, Alut
terehen. and I'll bless you for it while
I live. Hut all this pile hero, I'm bor
rowing, you understand. I'm your bona
fide debtor, and I'll l ay compound in
terestyou'll see!"
"I see you are a merry young gentle
man, and I love your Jest." Somewhat
hypnotized by his eagerness and nerve,
she committed extensive depredations
upon the family larder.
"We must all do one another good
turns in this world," she said simply,
as she handed him a well-filled basket,
"And If you don't m'nd my saying it
If I were you, I wouldn't call myself
tramp and beggar. becuuse,",she added
with a smile of yellow sagacity, "some
folks never know how foolish they are."
"Oh, angel-granny, 1 thank thee for
Hint word." thought Klorio hastening
down the hill. "It shnll be the corner
stone of Clinrdo's fortune."
"Nunc plaudite. There's coffee In
that beer bottle."
Richard whistled.
" Pegged or stolen?"
"An it please you. borrowed! Por
rowed of a friend of mine after lirst
dining like an nldermnri myself, of
couise. Look out for number one saves
nine, is my motto." Florlo returned
with a swarrt r, his chest well out, his
feet planted far apart, his face Hushed
and smiling.
Jtichard after a long pull at the com
forting bottle, gazed up with affection
ute, yet somewhat pathetic eyes, and
"You nra such a donkey!" and turned
his face quickly aside.
"It's all right, little one. Amuse
yourself now with that basket. Stay
where you tire and keep house. I'm off
for the third trip. They always go three
times, my prototypes, you know
Noah's weary dove and the other fel
lows." Leaving the main road, he struck off
at random, by narrow ways through the
vineyards, where men In blue blouses
were stooping in the strong sunshine
hard at work loosening the rocky soil
round the vine-roots.
"Most of them look as if they might
casually suspect what fools they are.
I must find one who us Oranny Aristo
tle said never knows. This old bump
kin may do."
Negligently leanlns on a Ftone wall,
he gazed at nothing In purthular and
began to whistle.
Heyonl a surly glance now and then
the vintner paid tio heed to the idle fel
low, but gradually, after the fashion of
even unsocial animals, became vaguely
nccustomd or reconciled to his pres
ence. When he judged sufficient time
had elapsed,' he cautiously lot fall a
series of Isolated remnrks of ullra
humdrum purport, the vintner re
sponding It is true, only l.y grunts,
which. however.Florlo ventured to hone
were designed rather to sustain, thnn to
repress, Intercourse. M anwhile h"
relentlessly noted that the blue figures
against the brown warm earth, along
the whole broad hill, were for the most
part fairly young little men advanc
ing rapidly from hillock to hillock
where tho new small xiwp were push
ing, while this man's movements were
reluctant und Blow, impeded Uy an
Alhoa of formidable dimensions.
"TiniRh, t-h?" sub! the lazy youth,
seating himself astride the wall.
A covert, oracular glance suuiwcrcil
"Kspeclnlly for one man alone "
N response except some rather vin
dictive hacking and picking.
"In our vineyards, we woul I turn nut
a score of men at a time on a little place
like this."
The vintner lifted his slow gaze.
"Although, to be sure. We have no
such soil. Our earth is soft as butter.
Cur girapes are big as good -sized plums.
Our vlneyurdb well, there's money In
our vineyards. Only of course we don't
The vintner paused,' his foot on his
"Whose vineyards?"
"My master's."
"Who l he?"
"Prince Chardo," replied the sunny
youth on the wall, and never blinked.
"Don't know him," said the man
stolidly and resumed his task.
Now Frlorlo had had no notion in
which direction his wayward genius
would leap. He had but meant to win
the peasant's confidence and earn n lit
tle money. "My master." was said III
unpremeditated mischief, but it seemed
to the rogue from this moment his
course was clear. "I ought not to have
been ashamed to nsk seraphic granny
for bread, and 1 was. 1 uuiiht to be
ashamed of myself now, and I'm not,
on the contrary. Hn nvant! Hurrah
for l'rincc t'lmrdo! Hoch!"
To be continued.
One year ago The Tribune compiled Its
political handbook, and although It was a
Hist attempt, the compilation was easily
superior to any similar publication In
Northeustern Pennsylvania, and met with
a very encouraging sale. It made a vol
ume of uhout 100 pages. This year every
Important feature of the former Issue Is
retained, the whole being corrected and
brought up to date, and In addition a val
liable mass of the new statistical and gen
eral information is added, together with
an exhaustive review of the local und na
tional political activities of this presi
dential year. The Annual for ls7 wMll
probably contain over 2UU pages possibly
-"0 and every line of It will have been
edited ami composed In this office. Among
the contents will be:
The complete official vote of Lacka
wanna, Luzerne, Wayne, Wyoming,
Susquehanna and Hradford counties.
Rosters of the county officials and
court calendars of those counties.
Postal Information, with list of post
masters In Lackawanna county.
Eastern and National league base ball
averages, bicycle and racing records
and many other sporting statistics
and records. ,
Internal revenue statistics.
Coal trade statistics.
Proceedings and platforms of the po
litical conventions of 1S1K1, with list of
the Presidents, Vive-Presidents, Cab
inet officers and Speakers of the
House since the government waa
History of American tariff legislation.
iJlgest of State laws relating to mar
riage, divorce, voting qualifications
and interest rates.
Roll of the Fifty-fifth Congress and of
the next Pennsylvania Assembly; also
list of state officials.
Very complete digest of ofilcial census
A digest of copyright and patent laws.
Table showing nutritive value of foods.
Many valuable household hints, health
helps and recioes.
A digest of the civil service rules and
list of places still open.
Facts about our coinage.
List of great World's Fairs.
Directions to govern one In emer
gencies. Brief review of past Presidential cam
paigns. Several hundred business pointers, es
pecially relating to legal topics.
And a vast mass of miscellaneous infor
mation, all valuable ami timely, but too
voluminous to refer to in detail. We can
assure the reading public of Northeastern
Pennsylvania that The Tribune Political
Handbook for 1897 will be by far the best
publication of its kind ever prepared in
this stnte. It will answer thousands of
questions of all kinds, such as continually
urlsc In every household, an 1 will be an
Indispensable reference boo,: .n the six
counties wherein it will be offered for eaL.
Notwithstanding this large Increase In Its
scope, the price will remain 25 cents.
Note to Advertisers A few desirablo
pages yet reinajn open.
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' You When lo Air Y'our Kooni.
From the New York Herald.
It is generally believed that when the
atmosphere of a room is impure the fact
will be sulllciently noticeable to a per
son of normal sensitiveness without
the aid of an instrument to inform him
of tho tact. That this is not so, how
ever, is evident to any one who re
members how the suffocating odors
of an overcrowded meeting room im
press their disagreeable presence on a
person coming in from the pure air out
side, while, to all appearances, the
persons in the room are quite unaware
of the air being bad
To remedy this state of things and
show just how bad or otherwise the
atmosphere of a room Is a Swiss In
ventor has just completed an Instru
ment which shows the exact condition
of the air. It consists of an airtight
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into this tliiid, and upon this tube the
lluid runs, to drop at the rate of one
drop in two minutes onto a cord that
is stretched by a weight. This lluid
lossesses the property of changing
color when submitcd to the action of
carbonic ucld gas. The more of this
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nounced the change in the color of the
With this fact In mind, the principle
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Should the atmosphere be perfectly
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The fouler the air the longer the white
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What Sarah Bernhard say.
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trains will h avu Scraiw
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7..m. S.S3. 10.15, u. m.i
U.iX) noon; 1.21, 2.20. 3 ,
5.2u. .L'i. 7.57, 9.10. 1Q30,
II. .hi II. 111.
For Ali-nnv. Saratoga, .Montreal, Bos
ton. New Ihit'land poiuia, ttc 5.45 a. m.;
2.2H p. m.
Tor lloiicsdale 5.43, 8.53, 10.15 a. m.; 12.00
neon, 2.2", 6.'-5 1'. m.
For WllkeB-ltarre d.-l."i, 7.13. 8.45, 9..18,
1ft. 15 a. m.i 12.tCi. 1.2U, 2.2S, 3.33, 4.41,
7.r.n. D.l'l. ll.W ! m.
For New York. Philadelphia, otc, vU
T.i-hlsh Valley Hnllrnnd .4.". 7.45 a. m.;
12.05,' 1.20, 3.211 (wilh liluek Llmond Mx.
press), 11.20 :. in.
For Pennsylvania Railroad points 6.45,
9.W a: in.: 2."0, 4.41 p. ni.
For westi m points, via T.ohig-h Valley
Itnilroad-7.45 a. in.; 12.03. 3.3.1 (with BUt
Diiiinond i:xpressi 11.30, 11. ."Ji p. in.
Trnln.i will orrivo at Senintun ns fol
lows: From Cnrhondale- and the north 6.40.
7.40, 8.40. 9.31, 1H.4II a. m.i K'.OO noon: 1.03
2.24. 3.25, 4.37. 5.45. 7.15, 9.45 and 11.25 p. m.
From Wllkea-Hnrre and the south 5 40,
7.r0. 8 50, 10.1U. 11.55 n. m.i 1.10, 2.14, 3 4S.
6.22, 0.21, 7.53, 9.03. 9.45, 11.52 p. m.
J. W. lU itDICK. (1. P. A., Albany, N. Y.
II. W. Cross, L. 1. A., Kcranton, I'a.
lut Uay. i M i ; IkM
Schedule In Effect June 14. 1895.
Train Leave Wilkes-Barra as Follows
7.30 a. m., week days, for Sunbury.
Harrisburjr, Philadelphia. Baltl.
more, Washington, and for Pitt,
burg and the West.
10.15 a. m., week days, for Hazleton,
Pottsville, Reading, Norristown,
and Philadelphia; and for Sun
bury, Harrisburg, Philadelphia,
Baltimore, Washington and Pitts,
burg and the West.
3.17 p. m., week days, for Sunbury,
Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Baltt
more, Washington and Pittsbur")
and the West.
3.17 p. m., Sundays only, for Sut
bury, Harrisburg, Philadelphl
and Pittsburg and the West.
6-CO p. m., week days, for Haztetoi
and Pottsville.
J. K. WOOD, acn'l Past. Agent.
S. M. PRLVOST, General Manager.
. . TKM.
Anthracite Coal t'sed Exclusively Insur.
,5 Slw'iiHness nnd Comfort.
leoJ8,A, Nf, I'KAVK 8CRANTON'.
For Ph adWphla and New York via D.
ttihuk IHamond Kxpress) and 11.30 p. in.
hor Plttston and Wllkes-Hurre via D.
i.v. o.no and 8.47 p. m
n,i0r.,M'h!te,HaVun' Hasleton, Pottsville
1! 10lm8 ln the coal resioim
p. m " t45 a' m'' 1- 05 anJ 1U
For Bethlohom, Enston. Reading, Hai
r HliuiK ami piincipnl intermediate sta-''!-"
.V.!J H- . a. m..
' 'i'.3:a (I'lack Diamond Express),
4.41 und 11.30 p. m.
For Tiinkhannuek. Towanda. Elm'ra,
itnnca, Ueiieva and prlncipul intermedlats
stations via IV, L. & W. R. R 6. 00. 8.08,
9.55, a. m.. 12.20 and 3.40 p. m.
for Ueiieva, Rueheater, Buffalo, Niagara
ra.ls, Chleatio and ul) points west via D.
II. R. R., 7.45 a. m.. 12.05, 3.33 (Black Dl4
niond hxpress). 9.50 and 11.30 p. m.
I ullman parlor and sleeping or Lehigs
V11 1 ey chair curs on all trains brtwwn
ui e?,"l!i,r.re Rml Nfw York. Philadel
phia, Buffalo and Suspension Bridge.
., "ni'ilN II. WILBUR. Oen. Supt.
CIIAS. 8 ,KK, Oen. Pass. Agt.,Phlla, Pa.
A W- . NNNEMACIIEn. Asst. Oen.
Pass Agt., South Bethlehem, Pa.
Scrunton Olllce. 309 Lackawanna avenue.
Del., Lack, and Western.
Effect Monday, October 19, 1895,
Trains leave Scranton as follows: Ex
press for New York and all points East.
1.40. 2.50. 6.15, 8.00 and 9.55 a. m.; HO and
3.33 p. m.
Express for Enston, Trenton, PhiladeL
phla and tho South, 6.15, 8.00 and 9.C5 a, m.!
1.10 and 3.3 p. in.
Wushlimton and way stations, 3.45 p. m.
Tobyhanna accommodation, 6.10 p. m.
Kxpress for Hinchumlon. Oswego, El
n,ua. Corning, Rath. Dnnsvllle, Mount
Morris und Buffalo, 12.20, 2.35 a. m., and 1.51
p. m., making close connections at Buffalo;
to ull points ln the West, Northwest on)
Rath accommodation, 9.15 a. m.
IiiiiKhamton and way stations. 1.05 p. m.
Nicholson accommodation, 5.15 p. m.
p. ni,
IiiiiKhamton and Elmlra express. 5.5J
p. ni.
Express for Utloa and Richfield Springs,
2.35 a. m., and 1.55 p. m.
Ithaca 2.35 and Bath 9.15 a. m, and 1.5!
p. m.
For Northumberland. Plttston, Wilkes
Parre, Plymouth, Ploomsburg and TVin
vlllp, milking close connections nt North
umberland for Willlnmsport, Harrisburg,
Lalthnore, Washington and the South.
Northumberland and Intermediate sta
tions, 0.0ft, 9.55 a. m. and 1 55 nnd fi.00 p. tn.
Niintlcoke and Intermediate stations. 80J
and 11.20 a m. Plymouth and Intermediate
stnt Inns, 3.40 nnd 8.17 p. m.
I'ullmnn parlor and sleeping coaches on
all express trains.
For delnlled Information, pocket tlmn
tables, etc., apply to M. L. Smith, city
ticket office, S?' Lackawanna avenue, ur
depot ticket ofllce.
Central Railroad of Kcw Jersey.
(Lehigh and Susquehanna Division.)
Anthracite coal used exclusively, Insur.
lug c-ieanllness and comfort.
Trains leave Scranton for Plttston.
Wllkcs-r.arre, etc., nt 8.20. 9.15. 11.30 a. m.,
12.45 2.00, 3.05, 6.00, 7.10 p. in. Sundays 9.00,
u. m, l.oo, 2.15, 7.10 p. m.
For Atlantic City, 8.20 a. m.
For New York, Newark and Elizabeth,
8,20 (express) a. nt., 12.45 (express with Buf
fet pnilor car), 3.06 (express) p. m. Sun
day. 2.15 P. m. Train leaving 12.45 p. m.
arrives nt Philadelphia, Rending Term
inal, 6.22 p. m. and New York 8.00 p. m.
For M.iuch Chunk, Allentown, Bethle
hem, Enston and Philadelphia. 8.20 a. m
1' 15 3.05, 5.00 (except Philadelphia) p. in.
Sunday, 2.15 p. m.
For Long Branch, Ocean Orove, etc, at
S.20 a. m. and 12.45 p. m.
For Reading, Lebanon and Harrisburg.
via Allentown, 8.20 a, m., 12.45, 6.00 p. m.
Sunday. 2.15 p. m.
For Pottsville, 8.20 a. m, 12.4a p. m.
Returning, leave New York, foot of Lib
erty street, North River, at 9.10 (express)
u. m. 1.10, 1.30, 4.15 (express with Buffet
uariof carl p. m. Sunday. 4.30 a. m.
Leave Philadelphia. Reading Terminal.
9.00 a, m , 2.00 and 4.30 p. m. Sunday, .2J
"'Through tickets to nil points at lowest
rates mav be had on application In ad
vance to tho ticket agent at the station.
Oen. Pass. Agt.
J. H. OLIIAVSEN. Oen. Supt.
Eric and Wyoming Valley.
Effective Nov, 2.
Trnlns leave Scranton for New York,
Nevvbiirgh nnd intermediate points on
Erie, also for Hnw'.ey and local points st
7.05 a. m. and 2.28 p. m., and arrive from
above points at 10.23 a. m., 3.18 and 9.31
p. m.
sen vro divikio.
In t;flect October llli. I Mitt.
North Bound,
fco'itli Hound.
ui Viil,
2 1- h (Trains Pally. Ex- S S j
3 x 1 cei't Mindny.) j 5 a'
h Arrive Leave
.1 7N. Y. Franklin s:.j .
..' 7 in Wtst 4'.'tnl street, .
7 4i
f M
.1 iiti wcenuwKen
, p 11 Arrive Leave a
' M
.1 1 15 llaucixjn Jiinclloo
9 19
12 to
lit sr.!
:if it;
II '!
60 11 84
Preston Park
( '01110
Plensant Mt.
Fnrest city
White Bridge
Oln hint
I'arlt Place
7114 8 34
IT 07 f3 3R
f tfifll'O;
f n tiiSil
I 41 II
6 3.11 H
(. : II I V
H-.Kll Hi
1: n 11 4.1
714 S4.V
7 KO, 8 51;
7v8 IM
7V7 159
7 3 '4 4 01
7 84 4 6T,
7M 410
! 39 4 14:
lt8 II 117
ti ill 11 tr
8 1-i II HI
6 15 II
u um
17 41 f4 17:
10 10 45
ecra? ' m
7 4 S 4 40!
r si a m Leave
Arrive 1 ir '
All tratrs run dally except. Sunday.
f. sUulues that trains stop on signal for ras.
vecure rates via nntarto a Western before
purch.Klntr tickets and save money. Day and
Klgbt Impress to the West.
J. C, Anderson, Den. Past Ant. '
T. FUtcroft, DW. l asa, Agl Scranton, pa.

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