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New Year Cards
PocKet Diaries, ISM,
Pcloulict's Notes on tlic
Suiulaj School Lessons, 1SU7.
Deep cut in prices
all tliN week
on all Ilolidii) Articles,
'Ios, Games, Uluckboatds, Desks,
'lollet Cases and linc Articles,
Hnlldaj Books and Fancy Stationery,
at very laigc reductions,
to clear out balances.
Uargains for New Year picsents.
322 Lackawanna Ate.
The ut-e of Sliuvings for bedding
lor horses or cows is not
But put up like straw In
Small Bales
Js fcomethlnj,' new.
Cheaper Than Straw,
Cleaner Than Straw,
Better Than Straw.
Wo keep It.
The Weston Mill Go
Tonight Is the niht of the llachelois'
ball Sci uuton's most pleasantl antici
pated annual soclil ncut and one which
Just now seems ikstlned to ovci shadow
even the gleat successes of, Its piedeces
feois Thert ate In the clt, or coming
todu, u laige numbei of people fiom out
of town which, with the man guests tioin
the elt, will s.ell the attendance up to
COO at bast.
The tea given b Mia N Y. I-eet yoster
da afteinoon foi hei guests, the Misses
Ukkeison, of Hiookln, X. V was at
tended b ne.til SOOcalleis who thoiough
1 eiiJoed the maiked tood taste and
iJlc ivaut hospltnlltj that featnio all of
Mrs l.cet s elitcitalnmcnU She lecilvcd
unassisted with tin. two joung ladles The
hours were from 3 to l. An Iinpiomptu
and much appi eclated event was the mil
sli finulbhed b Eis Jackson and Otto
Erilcton, of Jefferson Medical college, and
who mo quests of I i. and Mis Leet Di
Jackson lias a line tenoi olce and dls
plajed It to nnn.li advantage yesteulay,
Di Eirlcbon plalng the piano accompani
ments Mrs A D Blackington, Mis CJ
3J JernoJi, Mis r. II. Jeimvn, Mis E
L ruller. the Misses Jermn and Mrs S
H Steven, assisted In cutei tabling the
guests Mis r J Piatt and Mis. II P
Simpson served In the dining loom ami
weie assisted b Miss Alice Matthews,
Miss Augusta Aichbild, Miss Clmuneei
Itejnolds and Miss Nettie Coleman Thele
was a geneious use of hol! In t'le decor
ation of the looms Itoses wete used In
the dlnltiB' loom, wheie the coloi effect
v. is seal let.
Hev Dr C. M. Gitlln, pastoi of i:im
I'aik Methodist chuich, and Mis Glllln
weie pleasantlj suipilsed aftei ictuiu
lng fiom a call Tuesday ev tiling to Ilnd
theli home In the possession of a small
paitvof ptilshloneis The had piovld
ed a dulntj suppci and before leaving at
u late houi picse lted Mis Gitlln with a
handsome eutglass Vi'-e. In the tomp-iny
weie.Mi and Mrs C II, Zehnder, Mi and
Mis. c II Siott Mr. and Mis R G
IJiooks, Di und Mrs. G E Hill, Mi's T
II Dale. Ml. und Mis L c Hesski, Ml
and Mrs J. L fiawfoid und .Mi. Mc
Cluie. Ml. antl Mrs J S MoAtmlty gave n
New At,u's eve chlldien's dancing paity
Inst night at theli home, coinei of Claj
aenueand Vine btreet, foi their daughter
Anna. Music was furnished by Hnuer.
Theie were piesent: Maxwell Hesstll,
Taul Welles, l.amott liclin, Maigerettd
Helln. Ruth Alchlnld, Klttj Pratt, Elolse
Phelps, Mamie Gcaihart, Anna Russ, Pes
tle Hlali, Ruth Hanlej, George Russ, liar
rv Williams, Eelgai Conpell, Willie Dim
mklt, Jessie Dimmlclc, Gordon Talr, Ha.
met ltlce, Gaidner Plumky, JIuj Ulanch
nid, David Holes, Helen Holes, Katie
Steele, Lela Steele. Lois Schlager, Mar
ger Waticn, Aithtir Phillips, John Hlnlr,
Hugh Archbald, Lawrence Connell, Gil
beit Edgar, Doiothy Hessell, Ra San
derson, Alice Knapp, Susie Itipplt.
The members of the. Symphony orches
tra and a few Invited friends enjojed a
social hour or two together Wednesdaj
evening at the looms of the organization
Those piesent weie Professor Theodore
HembeigPi, D E J. Pleice, Hobert C.
AdnniB, J. Willis Conant, Ilk-hard Welsen
Ilue, Hnivey Hlackwood, Walter KIpIe,
Lambert Maellenry, and .Messrs. Noithup,
Wldmajer, Hughes, Thomas, Ilralnard,
Jones, Neubauer, Ered Bmerlch, Will Em.
erlch, Wutner and Plank J O'Hara. He
freshments and music varied the pio
Branime. A large party of young people danced
the old j ear out last night at Excelsior
hall, on Wvomlng avenue, where a s-u-clal
was conducted by the, menibeia of
the Enterprise dancing clas.
A social will bo conducted tonUht Jn
Excelsior hall by the Jefferson dancing
Tho members of the Uieen Hloge council
nf the Young .Men's Institute 'will have
open hoube today In their recently (itU.l
up cpuatters at Capouse avenue and Uicen
Itldge stieet.
The Active Tumers of the Sf ronton
Turn Veieln will hold theli anniul New
Year's hop at tho Tumor hull this even
ing. The committee In chaige has ipared
no expense to tnnke the affair n km nil
succtss. rine music has been fiigaged,
and the hall will be beautifully deioiuted.
About 200 ptople dallied the old UJr
out and the n vv viai In at the Herutitoi
Ilkjcle club house, where a subscription
tlunre was kHiii undei the pitronngi' of
Mi P. P Smith, Airs It E I.eonuiil nn-1
Mrs John Htiinelt Tim benutj of Wa
llow tluticlm; and banquet halls and tin
Hinodilled pnilors wns helghtoncd bj
some of Clatk'H most task fill work. T'io
music was b Lavvieiici and tin uiUiin
by Hanks Oi. John Huinett, lion lohn
P Killj. Hon M V Sando, i M
ltrcdy and John A Collins composed the
commltteee, which had the ui range mint
In ehiilge. Tln weio assisted In the ile.
atll wotk b Messrs. T 11 Currull, It J
Deamlsh, Leo Cosnc, V ,1 McC'aiin ind
T, J. Leonard. It was u most suoiesf.il
nffalr In cver resinct and will be n
peiteil at Inti l vnls during the w Intel.
Among those presuit were Mi and
Mis James A. Mi lion, John J. Murphj
Miss Kitty Hrown Clnrk Mrown, 1
Joidm, J A Joiditi, Martin Walsh, aim
MIfs Margaiet Walsh, of Pairons, Miss 11
.loidan, Miss Anna Clalk of Plttfton, T
J Egnn, Miss A Kenncds, William T
She in, Mat Cavvlej, Miss Malonej, of
PittBton, A. T Walsh and Miss M Uomp
se, or Plttston; Miss .Mollle Calilll, John
Gotdon, -Miss Waul, John A Nallln, Miss
ICatle V Donahou M J. Don ihoe, MWs
Annie ntlnnrj, John V Gllei, Miss Ma
mie Nallln, Misses Claia and Mamie Gilei,
J Miles Gibbons, James OOonnoi, li and
Mrs Hugh P. Gillnghei, Miss Anin
Purke, P J Morris, James C lictmlsh,
James V Mitchell, T. J ulT, John J
Lortuo, H C latcis, John Gllgallon,
"Piank McDonald. M J Heakv, P. A
'llmlln, Piank P Hi own, '1 P Duffy.
Maicus Uuffj and MKs Maiv A Duffv of
Caibondale; Prank Muiiti. C'lniks H
Lcnihan, A V Dulf , Mr and Alls M P
Wjrnbs, John I' Connollj J C Hi own,
Di William II McGrath, MUtiii
Aalsh, A J McClwluv, P A PllllUln,
Di P II Keainej EdwiidMfUIn V Al
Knight, William kell, Stanle Smith,
Miss Thompson and i C E 'Ilmmp'on,
Allss Corbet t ami John M Corbett Miss
Casc, Miss Ciossln, .Allss Motile UMallej,
Ml. and Ml Nell McT.mue Miss Noi i
DonnelI and M Doniicllv, of Plttston,
M. I O Malley, II Saltij, Ml and Mis.
! J. Cabej, Ml and Mk, William II Col
llns, Mls Alar.v J DulT, A V Iiulfv, or
UIiiKhiimtoi., Miss Jennie Cluik Miss
Mai Heap, of Plttston, Di P L Me
Giaw, Mi and Mis. H AI O'UiIen, lames
A Keninej of Atchbakl, George W
Claik, Ui J J. IBanett, All anil Mis
Tlmothv Buike and Miss Huike AV I)
rtoche-. r J McAndiew, .Allss Anna Wal
ker, Ed Hoian and Allss Hoi an, of Dun
mote, Allss Clalllgv, AIl-s Kearn", Miss 11
Hoone of lilnghamton, J E Welsh Miss
H Lnoh, Anthon Curi in, Miss rannv
Mellon, John J. Maghran, Miss Nellie
Magln in, Miss Genevieve Mcfalin. P J
AlcCatlli, H J Neville, Allss A .McGulv
.Mi and Mis Joseph Keogh, Miss Katie
Htnnon, Miss M Ciossin, W Al Ciossln,
Mis John P t'ou, Miss Annie Connell
John triads. Miss Anni Goiiiian, Al. T
Glnn Miss He an, E J Alulone M T
AkAndiew, Miss McAndrews, Junes W
AkDonald, Miss Ella McDonald Prink
Ponl, Miss Jennie Keiinej, Thomas A
Uuddv, Miss Alice Mullov, Plttston, T
J Duggan, Mr. and Mis Itlch ud Kells,
It I Bui ke, John lteed, P O'Mallev, Mi
and Alls 1'. J Mori is, Miss Gljnti, John
Lillln, Allss Mai Maiks, JINs 1. Jen
nings, Ml-s K .Along m, the Misses Toid,
Thomas Plaunaj,an, Allss IJudilj , Miss
Nellie O'Mallev, of Wllkes-Uai re, Ml ami
Mis John P Kellv, Mls Alullln, William
Tonl, AH and Mrs H C Wills, Miss E
and Miss A Uialtntid, P J McCavvks,
Miss K Walsh, Alias H Walsh, of Hlng
hamton. Miss Uouder, of Hlngli initun,
Piank Muiphv, P. J Muiplu.M T How
le, Miss Ida Mutphv, Alisses Maigaiot
and Kitti Mitchell, Miss Anin liatictt,
Pitilck Cuslck, Miss A Collins Miss
Mniv A Collins, M. A Duffs, 1" Al Clttk,
Isibella Clark, Mi and Mis M II Hlg
glns, Mr. and Mis M J AA'ulsh, Miss
Gi ice O'Mullcj, of Plttston, I" L Eigei,
.Miss Anna A Haitett, of W ilkes-Hane,
.Allss Ll?ile Coleman, Mi and Mrs Will
lam Kell, Air. and Mts P. O Knight Mt
and .Mis John O'Malley, A J Cnscv, Miss
Kate MeCawlev, J E McUawlcj.Mi and
Mrs M P Sando, John E. Roche, Miss
Eliza O' Mallej.
Monda evening Hlchaid Wien, outside
supeilntendent of the Seianton Coal com
pany at Peckvilk and his -vvlte enter
tained the following peisons. H 0 Will
iams, Rlchaul J Hees, Mls Mattle Pick
ering, of Peckvllle, Miss Alnigairt Will
iams, of Alouut Caimel, Willie Pans, of
Oh phant Willie J Williams, of Kings
ton, Allss Minnie Williams Miss M 11
Williams, of Plv mouth, William James,
mining- engineer of the Porest Coil com
pmj, and William John Williams, apothe
ear of the United States steamei Mai
bleheael, who n turned a few weeks ago
liom the east, where he spent thiee jeais
A smoket was eonducted In Cuifii's
hall on New street last night b the
members of the Ciescent Social club.
A. J Bosle of this cits, Avas miirled
to Allss M mletta Hoce, of Heikshlie, N
A , at the home of the bilde's motlui. Mis
Amelia Itovce, on Tuesda. The ccte
monv was peifouncd b Hev. I J, Smith,
of Wjaluslng, Htadfotd countj, an un
cle of the gioom. assisteel b Hev. Mi
Hough, of Heikshlre
Mr anil Alia PiederlckS Godfrey gave
a elanclng pait last night at tin Hotel
Jeimvii In celebtatlon of the second an-
nlveisaij ot theli wedding. A pail or
the cotildoi and one of the looms neat
Mr and Mis Godfiej's suite of up la
ments on the Thlid Uooi weie 1 lid with
eiasli and the suiioimdlngs decotatcel with
hollj und Chilsttnas gieens. A dulntj
Hiippei was setved In the hotel btoakfast
Attoinej W. P. Sheehan Is visiting at
Cat lisle
Dr C. C. Laubaeh Is still conllned to his
bed with ihcutuatlsm
Edlloi John H. Hlackwood, of the Sun
das Wot Id, Is In Easton
Miss ElUvbeth I Runnell, of Prlio
stieet, Is the guest of fi lends In Lock Hu
en ( .ules E Horn, of Mulbeny stuet, left
S stcrdus fot Elnilru to peiid New A'eais
Mark A Replogle, or Akron, O, Is vis
Itlng his In other, Attotnes D II. Heplo(,le
ot this cits
Dr Heed Rums, of AVsomlng avenue,
was In Hotiesdalo on ptofesslonal busi
ness esteidas.
AI J. Cos tie, Inggago mastei at tlie Dnl
aware aiul Hudson station, on Lacknwan
na uveuue. Is 111 of throat tiouble.
Mts. Bernstein, wlfo of Dr A. II Rein
stein, of Ash stieet, Is enteitalnlng het bis
ter, Miss Madge Rowland, of Ito.vland,
Rt Rev Hlshop Hoban and Rev J. J 1!
Tteley leturned jesteiday fiom Ht Jo
seph's church, Matamotas, Plko county,
vvheto the bishop blessed tho new bell of
that church.
Tlio Scrnnton Iliibinos CollDge.
Will aftei the holiday vacation, ieopen
on Monday, Januaiy 4, with a linger
entollment ot pupils than eer. While
the ambition of the piopiletois, Huck,
ANhltmote & Co , has been to make this
college the best, It seems to mutually
follow that the best becomes tho luig
est The Januaty Issue of theli Col
lege Journal shows a huge list of Kind
uates Avho have secured good positions
and the highest endoisemcnt fiom the
business men. It Is now the Huslness
College of Seianton. '
Auction Hiilc ol Jewedr)
commences next Monda", Jan, 4, at
Duvldovv Hros,', 217 Lackawanna uve
nue. Hver thing will be put under the
hammer, and sold to the highest blddei.
Criminal Calendar Cleared of the Petty
Vi'itlk't in tho lilojel Mlrt'Pt Ciisi1.
1'iiricll Cunvietecl il Sullltm I.iiinir
llltitlU--Attempt to Acquit Hint
on 'I'l'i'liule nl tUoiinds I'alls-.)c-scrl
i ntr liilsliiunls Culled Upon to
Help Suppoit 'I'lielrM ivus--l)lslri't
Attiuuov Join's Ctiinpliiiiuiitctl.
Judge R AV. AlchbuM. who wns to
have liciud the- suietj eases VPHtoidus
illel not nnlve- In the- city until iicuib
ti(,nin, owing to his hnv Injr been ilu
tnlned In I'hllndelphlit, vvliote he anil
Judge Gunstei attiniled the judicial
Dlstilct Attotnev John 11 Jones was
anxious to clou up the cuhcs on tli
list, that the least possible numbet
might have to he untied oven to the
New Year mid to nld him In
his commendable Intention JudKe- Al-
litlKlit agiieil to hold suii't couit us
soon us the jui eaves weie dispeised of.
Just about the time this wink wns com
pleted Judge Auhbald anlved and in
a fow hums with two com ts worklns
the whole list was Kone oei. Judge
Alehbiild sat In the United States
ivmishul s loom Assistant District
Attouioj W. Gasloul Thomas lopie
sented the eomtnonnealth In this cotttt.
It was his Hist appeal jneu In active
piactlce since his enttanco hrto liis
new utile e
The Juts in the1 Llojd stieet ease
came In at 5 o'clock with the follow
ing veidlct: fiance's Dominsky, not
gulltv, inoseciitor to pay the cnbts,
Pell Yonalouls and Mil liael Llba
not, not guilt, piosecutois to pay
costs, Powell Yatciuan, RillltS. bm
tenced to thltt das In the count
jull antl lined $'), Powell Dotnlnsky, gull
t , Hat lies Roblsks, Ailum Yonalouls
and Joseph I'iuttjsli guilt, each sen
tenced to thlit dass in the count jail
and lined $5 In two cases
James Panell was found guilty of
selling lliiuot without a license at his
place neai Leggctt's creelc, Piov ldence.
Constable Seth Smith was the piose
e utoi A laige number of witnesses
liieludliic; women unel ehllelieti testllled
against him and ptoved nulte conclus
ive! that he was guilty. Hlsattotnes
eilleted no defense exce'pt that the Com
monwenlth hnd falleil to show that
Pan ell did not have license Judge Al
biight held that It tested with the de
fense to show that he had a license
and the Jtuy ptomptl convicted aim.
Ills attoine, Mi Wedemun, moved fot
u suspension of sentence, on the point
noted ubove and also because the Dls
tilct Attoine1 had failed to show that
the offense was committed In this coun
ty The motion was ovenuled and
ruricll was sentenced to a line of $500,
costs ol piosccutlon and thiee months
In the counts jail Juelge Albilght slid
that If Mi Wedeman could show any
uuthorlt to bolstei up his contention
that the mnttei woulil be leopened
Heiu y II Ht-ddes wns chaiEed vvltli
laiceny and lecelvlng by Alice Robcits,
who alleged that Heddes stole her
watch and biacelets. When l was
shown that the ai tides weie left with
lleeldcs to secuie a boaril 1)111, coui t
dliected a veidlct of not guilts and tho
costs weie placed on the the piose
Desertion cases weie disposed of as
follows: Anthony Lance wub dliected
to pas his vvlte, Emma E Lame, $C a.
month. Thomas Jobephs pass Annie
Josephs $! pel week. Annie llannn gets
$23 a month for lout months and $lo
a month theieaftei liom John Ilnnna
Mrs Petei Thomas Is to lccelve $C a
mouth fiom hei husband In the cases
ot Maggie Rldgeway against Hdwaid
RIdgeway, Maggie Kdwnids iiKalnst
Nlmiod Edvvuids Caiollne Motgun
against Edwnid Morgan and Muty
Smith against Geotge Smith ptoceed
ings weie dlsmlsseel
Pioceedings weie dismtssed and eases
put on the piosecutor In the following
cases James Mclask against Ptitilck
Tobln, Alexiindia 01s?snskl asalust
Andtew Haivvln, John Geilsha afrnlnst
Annie Hiuvvln, Antonena XubSeh
against Maiy Slkofskl, Mai Daniels
against Evan Daniels, Theisome Com
nullla against Michael Chii thimtis, O,
M Reeel against Hail Lodei, William
McNichols against Wultei T .AIcNich-
ols, Thomas Mulchtone against Patilck
McNult, Ida Qulnn against Patilck
Qulnn, Andievv Glblli. against John
Lee, Lewis Meieno against Cilmindeia
Pioceeillngs vvei e dismissed and e-osts
put on these count In the cases J 11
Hlttlnghuin against Heni Rlttlng
linin, Mrs fleoige Kallack iiRuuibt
l-i Itz Pllgei, William Smith iiRuIust
James Heinahnn, Patilck Connoll
against Alice and John Ruane
Andtew Haivvln was uqulied to fm
nlsii $100 ball to keep the place tow aid
Michael OH!nskl anil John Gei IsKu
A Kites Huntei of the Hurt bulldlnjr was
iceiulied to fuinlsli $50 security to keep
Is he whose feet rest
comfortably in our correct-made
shoes. The
most attractive of Bull
Dogs if 3'ou want anj'
other shape toe if you
There's no other Win
ter Shoe like Our Tan
"College" Boot.
470 Spruce Sties,
the place tovvnids the otliei tenants
and pui tleuhuly Mis William Heiidei
son Hall wus foifelted and a caulas for
the tlelondaiit Issuoel In each of the fol
lowing case Victor Sleav Ins against
Jacob r.be'i Iv. secuiltv, T E ' Holanel
agulnst Patilck Ituiiue, secuietv ; John
Geilskii against Matgaiet Louh, sine
1 i Joseph llesiiuiillge against Jullil
Unlock, milet
Costs wile ellvtdeel In the t ise of An
thniis Olovolilskl against Pete i lobel
r.vkl Coin t ndjouined until Monda niiiin
Ing nt ') o'elotk when the gland Jul
v.lll usai'inble and lie e lunged hv Judge
Otllister. Al the uoncluslotl eif e-eilllt,
Judge Albilght complimented Dlstilct
Attoine' JouiH on the elenpatch tine
iiipl tliotougliness he had exoiclscd In
disposing of the week's business and
eongi titillated him em getting over so
much hi omul, with so many Incon
veniences to contend against
He Mns Well Known mid lluel mi
i'.M'lltllll liiruer.
Jeienilnh D Hegan died at his home,
3JI laickavvunna avenue, at 30 o'clock
yestetday atteinoon. He was well
known not onl In Sciauton, but in
mans units of the cotintr and had a
most eventful life. He was bom on
Mas I, 1SJS, In Waymait, Wujne coun
ty, anil us a boy attended Piofesbot
Sttidilaid's sehool In Pinnipton.
Aftei leavlnu this school Mi. Regan
became piofessoi of mathematics in
St. Joseph's college. Susquehanna
counts, and after soveinl seats In that
position, he look up the study of law,
and upon being admitted to the but,
he funned a pai tntishlp with his
biuthet and for thiee oi fotu seats
the had a llouilshlng piactke In
Wllkts-Hniie, heloie the count was
Net he went west and engaged in
taking e'ontiacts foi building lullioiuls
He built scMiial miles ot the Melcau
I'acillc tallioad, anil coining back to
this section he stalled n weekls papei
ealled The Eainlnei In 1S07, of which
he was edltoi and piopiktot for foui
Seats He went to South Anieilca and
had the contnict of building scvoial
miles ot the Tians-contlnental tailwus
In Petti. Coming buck to Sciunlon In
1S71 he becume ptlnclpul of the public
schools of Olv pliant, and afteivvaiel
ptinclpal of one ol the Hvde Pink
schools. Lc i lug hei again he went
west and launched In the ralhoad eon
tiuctlim business Thiee se'.us ago he
leturtieel and had been since engaged
In the piactke ot law
He h.iel been skk only a few dass
He Is suivlveel 1 a famll of thiee,
Misses Ella unel Muy Regun, of this
cits, and Pioiessoi V J Regan, bttpei
V Ibing piinclral of the pilblli bchoeds
ol Mine townshli The funeial ui -tangements
have not et been made.
Duluumc, liiiekiiw iiiina and Western
Ciniipiiiiv Is the Deiciieliiiit.
Anothei bult was estei day instituted
against the Deluvvuie, Ltckawanna
and Weslein H.Ulioad iiompan b
Isaac B Pelts This time he alleges
He holds an undivided half Inteiest
In an eleven aeie plot of coal lam! in
Lackawanna township Without seem
ing Ills coiibeiit the compaii, In the
stiength of a deal with the othei pntv
to the holding, ptoccedcil to mine the
coal on the piopeity thiough the Dodge
The company tendered hlin half the
losalts but he Is not sutlstied and pro
ceeds on tiespass against the corn
pans. 1- MenIIleld and A. Rlckellb, of
Wilkes-Hai le aie his uttoitiess.
This afteinoon and evening Oliver
Hyton and Kate Hi ion will be seen ut
the Academy of Music in the ' Tuin ot
the 'llde " The elements in this dinma
aie '-o mixed us to suit the taste of
the u'tetitei pai t of the thoutei -gons,
the lunkei, the biokei, the tiadesman,
etc. Love phis havoc with all the
chuncteis The sweet and simple love
ot the Italian gill toi A'andeleui cap
tivates All the wiiild loves a lovei,
and he Is much In ev hie nee In the ' Tut u
ot the Tide" That elianiu will also be
piodiueil at the niutlnee on Satin dav
and Satuulai night 'The Ups and
Downs ot Life" will be the atti action.
Monda evening "A Romance ot Coon
Hollow" will bo pi milked ut the Ae
adeins of Music The stot told Is
sttong and piett, dealing with Inci
dents In the lives of tiplcal Southern
(is. 'Iliu stiength ot 'Coon Hollow"
Iks In Its huniunltv. Geoigla, Clde
Hanod and Leal SteH.kvve.il aie people
one often meets In a du's tiuvel in that
p.ut of the counti, while all of the
othei chulacteis ate llesh and blood
beings The dtamatlc cliinues which
cleise the Hist two acts ute Intense!
stiong, and the e omed Is ilch and
amusing; A cotton eompiess at wotk
gives a Hensatlonnl etlect, and the acme
ui stage lealisin Is i cached In the tace
between the steamboats Hobeit E Lee
and Natchez, on the Mississippi llvci
Resides a complete metiopolltati corn
pan, 'Coon Hollow" caules a planta
tion bius'i band, two eiuaitettes, and
a tioupo of male and female coloied
buck anil wing dunceis
The engagement of the Itossow Rtotli
cis, the famous llllputlan comedinns
und lnleliret athletes, will be one of the
most pi omlne nt novelties on the long
bill at the riothlngham Monduy and
Tuesi'uy net, and doubtless the eutl
oslty ot the Seianton public will be
tullklentls moused not to miss this
gieatebt hit of the season
Thes have just concluded a maivel
ous i tin ot ten months as the chief at
traction at Kostei & lllal's bi'aullful
tlieatct in New A'oik clt This ici'eud
lias ncvei been e'liialhd oven by Cai
menclta. Call Kossow Is is seals of
age, and Ills w eight is lCVj pounds w idle
his bintliei, I'lanz, is 20 veals old anel
Ills weight '.i. pouudb, niaUlng them the
smallest men In the wen Id Their
fathoi, Mi Rossow, who lefeiees all
tlieh contests In wiestllng and light
ing, Is s,l feet four inclus In height
anil welulis 30" pounds The following
aitists mo included on the piogiamine
of this t ompan . Almont and Dumont,
muskal aitists, Liich and Jewell, ie
lined sketch, Coutuie Pieies, dlieet
fiom Pails (ueiobats), Tom Plynn, tlie
oilgllial celtlt entei talnei , Huillngton
Slsteis, the dashing biiiueis and tl.inc
eib. and the fcieat Juggleis Leavitt and
Will Closu Out.
Davldovv Hi os wlli close out their
entile utock of dluinonds, watches,
jew ell y, sllvetwaie, bilc-a-btac, etc,
at auction sale-, beginning Monday, Jan.
4th Ev et thing must go at some pi Ice
as Duvldovv lit os. will letlie fiom busi
ness. Urlng your card plate to The Tribune
for printing.
They Intended to Injure Him but the
Tables Turned.
And in the Palling and tin' Crash ol
(ilnss tlio Aged rntliur Mas Not the
alost llur(--'riii) Three Struggled in
it Kooiii and All 1'cll Out ol aW Ineleivi
John Kofrltiskl, of living avenue
had an exciting epeileiice with twu
of his sons Weelnesday evening Thes
have not lived with him for some time
on account of n second untitle In
made upon the matilmoiilnl sea aftei
his lit st wife, their inothei, died and
the culled upon him Wednesday night
foi the put pose of "dotng him "
When the i cached the house he was
In bed upstulis They went up to the
loom to vent theli spleen, nnd as soon
as they enteied, he divined theli Inten
tion and made toad to defend himself
Without waiting fot any fen nullities
both uiipiouthcd and laid hold of him,
and for fotu ot live minutes theie
was a tops -till V scttille in the loom
The only window In the loom comes
down to n level with the flout, and
thiough this the tiled to foice him
so that the full to the giound, "D feet
below, would end his caieet or come
closed to It. Hut the old man was not
He fought and snuggled with the
stiength of a lion The weie too much
foi 111 til. howevei, and lltiall succeed
ed In fot e Int; lilm thiough the window.
He made sine in going down that
ho would not go nloue, and down the
two sons went with lilm The thiee
wete beveiels btulsed and cut 1S the
fall and laid theie foi seveial minutes
betoie the could get up He wus the
III fat to regain stiength enough to move
and be ambled Into the house on his
hands and knee's
The sons had much difficult In pull
ing themselves togethei and aftei an
houi oi so they weie enabled to start
foi home mm h saddei but vvlsci Di
Monies , of Plttston avenue, attended
ICeifchlnskl Thete wete seveial pain
fill cuts on his head, but he had coin
pans In his misers.
bcrinitoii Hnskct Hull Team Eusil)
Di'le'ats tlie South Sido lirovvnius.
A game of basket ball was plavcel nt
tlie Thliteenth lcglinent aimoiy last
night between the Seianton b isket ball
team and the "Hiovvnlts" of the Seian
ton Athletic club, of the South Side.
The levult was a vlctoiy foi the
foi met team bs the scoie of i't to 3
The- plailng of Piank Miilott, of the
vlctois, wus the fentute of the game
Chalks Gelbeit ot the Unlvetslty of
Pemisslvania, unel licit McEachen,
weie tlie lefeiees
lie Lost His Speech.
Ered Kell, tho oung mnn who lost
his speech at the til and Cential hotel
Tucsdny night hits not Impioved Di
P H. Kennies, the attending phsslcian,
has not entliels abandoned hope of
luipiovlng the nlllicted young man's
New I'ennsj Director.
Philadelphia, Dee 31. The dliectois of
the Peinisslvanla lalhoad compiny at a
special meeting this afteinoon elected Ef
llngh mi li Mollis, of this cits, us a mein
bei of the boaid to succeed Ilenrj D
Welsh, deceased Mi MoiiIh Is pusldent
ot the Gliaid Life lusuiance, Annuits un 1
Ti list comp eny and Is w ell knov. n In llnan
clal elides
Mill Co to rievcliiiid.
Canton, O, Dec 31. Mujoi and Mis
AIcKlnk will l,o to Cleveland Situidai
moi ning to lemaln foui oi live dass Thes
will Hist visit All und Mis Hannu and
latci All and Mis Msiou T Ilenkk.
Diiiiiionds at Auction.
The great auction sale of diamonds,
watches, etc, will stait next Monday,
January 4th, at Davldovv Bios, .217
Lickawnnna avenue.
Of '97
Another year is before
us, A year that promises
renewed prosperity. We
shall strive to mike it a
3'ear of bargain-giving
even better than that
just closed. Why not
start by buying a watch
that will correctly mark
the fleetiug minutes ?
Gold Filled Case,
Warranted 15 Years,
Elgin Movement
Warranted for Time.
303 Lacka. Ave.
Knows that the decorations or her
di ti net tabic will lie ic",anlcil as
tellectliig Iter good taste- and
juilsMiicut. An attlstlc iintl hand
sonic Dinner Set will udri much
to the elicit. How much hcttei
)oui New Year's dinner win
taste A Itli white table linen and
dainty dishes. We can furnish
the dishes at any pi ice jou want
to pay. Come In and look them
131 Wyoming Au'iine.
Walk in and look around.
500-502 LucKa Ave , Cur. Wash Wednes.
da) and Thursilu", I Ills Week, ut 2 30
He foi e movlnit back to our store on
Washington avenue und packing put of
out stoek to send uvvas, we would like
to get lkl of .1 tew lnoie nigs, and nil ot
out Japanese goods Connolsseuis of Ol I
intal ait having seen out collection, have
pionouneed this the tlnest ever exhibited
heie. Eeibodv Is welcome to 0111 mag
nlllcent exhibition and baigaln sales
Has Moved to HU New Quarters,
402 Lackawanna Avenue.
Entrance on aide next to Firpt National
Hank Ho has now in a
Comprising everything roqtlslto for floo
Merobnnt Tailoring And tho same can
be shown to ndv anttiRO In his Bplen-
dialy fitted up room
I Extended to All Readers al The Trlb.
une to Call on "OLD RL.LIABL.li" In Mil
New Business Home
Manufacturers of the Celebrated
rllsif ho
100,000 Barrels per Annum
Klcctiio Hatteiios, Klectlio Cxplodo for ux
plodlug blasts, bufcty I use, und
Repauno Chemical Co. 's cNi'LobAxs.
531 Linden., Opp. Court lions;,
Bole Agents for Richardson Boyntou'a
Furnaces aud Kaut'e
1 . lirebb
Wc offer about 50 Boys'
3-picee Suits (short pants),
sizes 12 to 16 years, at al
most nothing.
These vSuits arc heav'
weight, nice mixtures, and
formerly sold for $7.00, $8.00
and $10.00.
Choice for
s, WterauFuiDi
To Be Found
In the City.
TaiRor Fit
And Finish
And About Half Tailor Prices.
Builders' Hardware,
Gas, Plumbing and
Electric Fixtures,
Electric Light Wiring.
Ton can save money by buying specta
cles of Sllvorstone, tho eye specialist, at
309 Eackawanna avenue, onely one Ulght
over the Lehigh Valle ticket ofllce Tha
following jnlcea will satisfy jou that they
are the cheapest In tho city Solid gold
rlmmed spectacles at ?3 CO per pair; tilled
bows at $2, nicklo bows from EOc to $1 DO;
aluminum bows from 75c to $2 00, colored
glasses fiom 2"c to SI 25. AVo have a largo
lino of reading glasses, the best In tho
maiket at 23e per pilr Opera and mne.
nifjlne glasses at reduced prices Of
fice houis. 8 a m to 12m . 1 to fl p. m.
Remember that jour ees will bo exam
ined free and satisfaction Is guaranteed.
School of Music, 5:0 Spruce St
Mrs. Katharine Thiele,
Voice Training, Solo Singiuij.
Ernest Thiele,
Violin, Piano, 'Cello ensemble Both
teachers at celebrated Scliarwenka.
Consenatory, New York. Also other
competent teachers engaged. Mr. Thiele
is. the successor to the late
Why lot your home and business bo destroy
ed through strong drink or morphine when
yon can be cured lu four weeks at tho Keolof
Institute, 78 Madlaon avenue Bcrtnton, Pa.
The Curt Will Bear Investigation.

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