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Ll)j-ud Weekly, ho Sunday Kdltloti
Publlilicd at Scranton, Pa,, by Hie Tflbum
Publishing Company.
law York Ofllce- Tribune IliilMInz
Uray, Malinger.
rranlc S.
Tho cnrrler who delivers this paper
uoiliH land all year to minister to the
mtbsciibei's convenience True, ho is
paid; but many little attentions on Ills
part aio put Into the account over and
above the mete ciuestloii or pay. The
reader who Is mindful of tills fact can
acknowledge It this mot nlnir with piotlt
to himself by purchasing of the carrier
n copy of The Tilbune Political Hand
l)ook for the New Year, a publication
easily worth the price charged for It.
In this way the cat tier leeches the
money protlt and the reader begins 1S97
with a flist-class bat gain.
The New Year.
It Is within the powei of the people of
this countty, without tefeietice to the
past, to make the New Year a succe&s.
They can do It If they will:
Voik haul.
Sav e money.
lJay their debts.
Pationl7o home Industries.
Pay a living wage to labor.
Mind their own business.
Keep up courage In Ante: lean Insti
tutions: and
JJehave themselves genet alb.
Good t evolutions In the main are
wotthlfss at this particular time be-causl-
thev are not foitued fcerlously;
but theie is no irason why the suffer
ets lroin the past three jents of com-
metclal dcptesslon should not take this
npptopilate oppoitunlty to pull togeth
er foi good times. It Is Indeed a con
summation devoutly to he wished.
It looks as though some one had been
tin owing snow on Uncle John "Wana
maker's stock of pjioteehnlcs.
As Seen from Afar.
The Toionto Globe discusses tho sen
atotlal situation In Pennsjlvanla with
good Judgment It Is partlculatly ln
ettebtetl In the battle between the Vo
lan cot potation combine, on the one
hand, an Senator Quaj's "men in
bluses" on the othei Concerning the
Quny reply to Dolan It sas:
"The newspaper comment upon this
remnrk.ible uttetaiue Is of two kinds
Them is a disposition to smile btoadly
nt hlghfalutln' about polluting the vvell
sptlngb of the uatlonul being, coming
fiom so ei piactlcal a politician as
Mi. Qua j. Thete Is also a recognition
of an oleintnt of ttuth In the asset tlon
that tho business man in politics has
not alwajb been a putlfjlng and elevat
ing Inlluence. The tuiiuptlon of legls
latots b viie agents of railwas and
cotporatlons like the Statnlaid Oil com
pany Is an old stor The fact Is that
it Is Just ns necessaiy In this connec
tion to ask 'What sort of business?' as
to ask 'What sou of politics?' To
appl to public affalth the otdti, sj s
tetn, economy and good seiibe of a well
managed business concern is of coutso
an excellent thing. To allow the ma
chlnerj of government to he used to
fin ther the Intel ests of a ptlvate busi
ness is as gteat an evil as to allow
that machine!' to be manipulated by
heelets. And Mt Quay is quite tight
in saving that it Is Just as mischievous
to marshal the classes against tho
musses us to teveise the process."
New light Is shed on Senutoi Quay's
position by the disclosures In the Van
Valkenburg case llete, If sworn
accusation Is ttue, we have tho
chameleon charactet of the Wanamak
er Uuslness Men's league levealed
with diainatlc effect now piesentlng
the coloi of ii combination of self-ad-eitlbed
godliness, without guile and
without teptach; and speedily changing
Into a headquatteis for the most un-
ulusliing btlbety. "Miss Nnncjs" to
use Mi Van Valkenbutg's exptesslve
designation become on due occasion
haidened boodleis, equally jeady to
rig up a scandal cotps with which to
fool the chinch people or to dicker and
plot with the llngsters, crooks and
And all this Is done unilei the name
and title of "the business man In poli
tics." It Is almost enough to make
decency vomit.
If Mi. Van Valkenbuig profits by
recent experience ho vv 111 make some
good tesolutlons today.
Justly Noted.
In the opinion of Hon. A. B. Cornell,
as exptessed' In the January Totutn
"the ptlmaiy and upparentCy the most
piollllc cause of out piesetit political
Instability is believed to nulde in our
too frequently recurring presidential
elections. Longer continued petlods of
imlnteirputed business tranquility are
extiemely desirable, and indeed Indis
pensable, for the safe development of a
dlvetslfled industilal piosjtuss. These
conditions can be securely attained only
by incieased exemption fiom unneces
saty political agitation. This desirable
result can be ptomoted -with the gteat
est certainty by extending the length
of the presidential term. The llrst and
last veais of every tuttlonal admlnls
ttatlon aie naturally seasons of politi
cal activity: so that, tinder a tcim of
lour ears, baiely two- years of quiet
can be expected If Che piesldentlal
term were lengthened to six yeais, wo
might fairly anticipate at least four
ears of continuous exemption from po
litical suite. The longe'i Intervals of
political tranquility between the piesl
dentlal campaigns could not fall to bo
promotive of conditions favorable to
the conservative development of busi
ness enteipilse In all Uepai tniontB of
Industrial activity.
"Supposing tno presidential term toljo
lengthened to six years; as liereln pro
posed, members of the liou.se of lepre
sentatlves should be elected for a period
of thtee yeais. Thus there would be,
as at present, two full termw of con
gress within the limit o each presiden
tial term. The olllclal service of each
new congtess slioukl uJso be made to
commence wltltln u reasonable time of
the election of the ineuiliets, Instead of
being postponed, for the Hist regulur
session, for nvore thuu a. year following
the election, as Is now the case. Thus,
the voice of the people, n epiesed
through their bnllots, would become po
tent, and receive trloro prompt and con
siderate attention. The practice of per
mitting the old congtess to conduct tho
legislation of the country for a whole
year after the election of tholr sucess
ots Is it relic of eaily days which nhoulil
speedily bo dispensed with."
There Is unquestionably a gieat deal
of Justice In these obspivatlons If at
any point they err It Is In suggesting a
three-year congtoslonul tetni. The
more fieiiuontly the people can havo a
say In legislation the bettor. Hut It Is
not desirable In their behalf to have
business toin to pieces every quadten-
nlutn by piesldenllul elections. Mil
lions In money unci untold mlsety could
be spated If the piesldentlal term wete
lengthened to slv eais
Wes congi ululate the Times on Its an
nual. It Is small but t Is ptetty and
also artistic. Maj It have ninnv suc
cobsots! Wanamnkcr Up to Date.
In connection with the attest Wed
nesday night at Harrlsbutg of 11. A
Van Valkenbuig, manager of the Wan
amaker senatorial hetidquaiters, and as
bearing especially upon his plea of In
nocence to which full publicity was
accotded In esteida's Tilbune, we
publish toda a summaiy of a poitlon
of the evidence now In the hands ot the
prosecution. In due time other testl
moti will appeal, foi It Is the intention
of tho gentlemen who have this ptose
cutlon In hand to push it to a conclu
sion, inespectlve of the tesult of the
pending senatorial campaign
It will edify such citizens of Penn
slvanlaas have been Impressed by the
pious unction of the Hon John Wana
maket to pet use this documentary evi
dence chaiglng him with being tho dl
tectlng head of a vast conspiracy to
debauch the members-elect of the next
leglslatuie and buy political piefeiment
In the same Job-lot manner that he Is
accustomed to buy waies foi his stoies
It wilt be pet eels cd, If this testimony
Is trustworthy, that his political
ngtnts the men who are chaiged
with having done his and Ml.
Thomas Dolan's dirty vvotk were
shiewdly comtnetclal, too, In their
transactions, offeilng hete $300, there
$1,230 and anon even teaching up to
the loft contemplation of a possible
$100,000 tot a block of 2'., or at the late
of $4,000 apiece tor votes In the legls
latuie. In the case of Dt. N. C. Mac
key, of the Thlid Lackawanna dls
ttlct, it should be tald that he acted
under advice of local ftlendb fot the
purpose of exposing the Wunamaker
methods, but without being aw ate, at
the time, that the supposed emlssaty
of Wanamaker was In fact working
also tow aid the same end. Concerning
Kopiehontatlve-elect Kenolds of Cai
bondale, It deseives to be said that up
on two occasions he t of used offeis of
$500 made by a lieutenant fiom the
Wanamaker camp, declining to have
an thing whatevei to do with such a
tpe of politics. The other Lacka
wanna membei -elect mentioned else
where Iieptesentatlv e Parr will be
entitled to a hearing In defense.
In all, the nairatlve Is lnstuictlvo
leading, showing as it does some poli
tics fiom an Inside standpoint. Unless
it can be successfully conttovprted, It
will undoubtedly dispose of the Hon.
John Wanumaker.
Mr. Quay should give a bill of particu
lars of his discovei of the attempt to
"purchase" Don Camei oil's seat In the
senate. Philadelphia Bulletin.
You will get one, never fear. The
facts set fotth elsewheie aftoid a foie
taste. An Interesting Case.
The case ot John McLean, which was
biou;ht to light at n meeting of
the Jcimn school boatd this week, If
put sued to the end may have the effect
of testing the constitutionality of cet
luiii school laws that In the opinion of
many Infilnge upon the rights of Amei
Ican citizens genet ally. Mi. McLean is
father of a boy under thliteen eais
of age whom he would like to send to
the public schools piovlded the school
boaid would admit the lad without In
sisting upon the ouleal ot vaccination.
The boy was vaccinated eight yeats
ago, and the father does not think an
otlict application of the vaccine matter
is necessar The school law sas that
child) en shall bo vaccinated once eveiy
seven eais, and the dliectois of Jei
m n decline to admit the pupil unless
the piovlslons of the net of leglslatuie
havo been compiled with. Mi. McLean
refuses to send the boy to school on
these conditions and now becomes liable
to prosecution under the compulsuiy
education law
'ihe case offeis n vast amount of fooil
foi lellectlon as to Its bearing upon civil
rights As tip years go by theie Is a
perceptible luciease In the class of citi
zens who cherish n lepugnnnee to wu -dilution,
who believe that disease more
tenlble than small-pox is otten dis
seminated In the aeinib of the vaccine
bcab or quill This belief Is gaining
ground not In localities of Ignorance but
among the most enlightened ami pio
giesslve. While all the phases of the
Jeiinjn case may not appear upon tho
surface, It Is evident to the tali- minded
that the Individual who objects to the
pioccrs of grafting that Is liable to In
oculato tho victim with various dlsoi
dcrs In tho cutegui ot blood diseases,
is entitled to some consideration. In
view of the facts In the enso It seems
safe to venluio the guess that u su
pteme couit test would furnish some
means of escape for the citizen who
Is wedged In between the vaccination
and compulsory education laws.
It Is noticeable that the leccnt bank
ing fallutes, which havo in some In
stances awakened the cioalc ot Demo
cratic calamity howleis, havo all been
confined to tho West and Houth, whore
other than business lntluences may
have bun at woik to rtcate an Impies
slon that thine nte davs of panic It Is
probable that tho banking Interests unci
bURlntss Intel ests generally wete nevet
In bettet or molt pionilslng condition
thin today, und It Is only In Isolated
cusen In thf West that banking concerns
could bo foiccd to close thelt doors even
temporal 11 foj sudden demands for de
posited cash
Aftei all, the action of William Wal
dotf Astor In InkliiL' tho oath ol nllc
glance to the queen of llngland, Is
mote manly than that or Amoi leans
who stilve to be Ihigllsh while enjoy
ing the tights and llbcitlcs ot citizens
ot the United Stntcs,
The fact that ex-Queen Lilly Domlnls
of Unwall spends the gtcalei portion of
hci time hiding from icpoiteis lends
to the suspldon that Lilly may contem
plate csfaiolng a lolo In light opera.
No matter how hardened she may be,
If 1'ilncess de Caiaman-Chlinrt could
see somo of hoi poi traits that appear in
the Amei lean pi ess, she w ould be sot i y.
nxplanatlons fiom Hdltot Tllfany, of
the Nicholson Hxamlnet, teganlliig the
senaloilul situation, aru uwalted with
There will be no need of sharpening
the toe coiks of senatorial datk hoises
this w Intel.
It Is thought that the New York leg
lslatuie may et be able tu lasso Tom
Hy the way, isn't It about time for
some one to Inlet view Senatui Camet-
Wash. Letter, In tho Globe-Deniociat.
The tremendous tilbltte which the Vnlt
td Stutes pays to other couiitika In the
form of Inteiest on borrowed capital Is
shown In thu comparison of lmpoits und
ixpoitB In tho nude letuins for the
olucn months ending Nov. SO It appeals
that this counti y expoited of all kinds of
products $SS8,CS0,3u'l Tho lmpoits of ev
eiy kind during the same period were
$t,J.:,593,ljOO Thlb. should have left n bil
anco In favor of tho United States of
JJCa,OSC,703 So It did on the fare of the
itturns But duilng the same peilod there
was expoited fiom the United Stutes .J.
807,804 In silvei more than was shipped In
This excels of silver exported must be
added to the balance of tiade In favoi of
tho United States for tho eleven months
of the jeu That makt s the balance ag
gugute $25S0,DV3 Now what has the
counti to hhow for this seemlngl hand
some piotlt on the eleven months' busi
ness? In the settlement with the lest of
the world the United States should have
leeched neaily J3WOJ0.0OO In gold fiom
Jan 1 to Nov 30 It received only $13,--II
'MS in cold liioio than It expoited 'this
should leave a. standing balance In oui fa
voi of $i,4Sl,C"8 Hut thoio Is no eiedlt
Tho Americans who went abioid In those
eleven months used up ome of that credit.
The freight bllW chaiged by foreign ships
male nnother hole in the bilnnce But
after allowances ute made for both cf
these Items theie Is still $150,000,000 of tho
eleven months' piotlts which bus lemalned
abioad to pa the Interest on Amei lean
bonds and moitgages, held b foielgnTS.
Senator Mitchell, of Jefferson.
"I favor the election of Boles Penrose
to succeed Camel on In tho United States
senate. It wus my ptlvllege and pleasilie
to berve In tho stato senate with l'enroao
dUihig tho pust four eais and In that
time I le-iined to know him well He Is a
statesman of bioad views, manly qualities
und stiong convictions. He is loal to
his fileiids, tine to any causo ho espouses
and courageous In the face of his enemies
In tho senate thete are many able tepre
sentatlves and brilliant members, but,
taken all In all, I consider Pentose cash
the chief Ills twelve ears of expeiicaioo
In public life will make It tvisy foi him to
cope with the ablest men in me upper
branch of congiess He Is oung, ambi
tious to make an honoi vblo record foi
himself and wlllhfg to give his whole time
to the st i vice of his state
"I hive known Senator Pentose Inti
mate 1 for man jeais and am thoiough
ly convinced by association with him
that ho Is a man of unimpeachable In-toi-riti
nnnil morals and high chiincter.
The fact that he has served one of tho
most Intelligent constituencies In the city
of Philadelphia for a peilod of twelve
cais ought to be, and is a sutliclent
guarantee of 'his hlfch standing as a citi
zen "
Philadelphia North American
The new district attorne of New Yoik
has Infotmed the bonul of estimates that
thee spelt medical tcstlmon In the Maria
liliberl ense cost the ett $10,0W, that In
the Di. Mejer case JC'.IWO, while In thu
Plemlng case an Ann Aibor professor
tecelvcl 300 a day and expenbcf Undei
the clicumstanees the lioird suggests that
legislation be had to fclve the dlstilct at.
toinej thteo experts, with "-alatles cf
$10,000 a ear each. The dlstilct attoi
ne Is prepailng such 1 bill foi the consid
eration of the legislature soon to assem
Trom Waltei Wellman's Lettei.
A few eii3 ago there weie In Cuba
mora than a bundled millionaires among
the old tenltoilal ailbtotiacj , the class
of ilch planteis ic presented b such fam
ilies as the Quesedn" Now there Is i ot
a plintei in Cuba woith a bundled thou
sand dollais Most of the planteis aro
tttterlv mined The onl i leh men lert in
the Island are Spanish merchants bank
eis and commission men in the cities,
Prom the Detiolt Tribune.
I'ntll Match ), blood will take the plate
of cold tea as a populai senitorhl bever
We'll begin with box, and the plural Is
P.ut the pluial of ox should be oxen not
The ono fowl Is a goose, but two are called
Yet the pltiiul o muse should novel be
You ma find it louu mouse or a whole
nest of mice,
Hut the pluiil of hoii'e Is houses, not hlse.
If tho plural of man Is alwns lulled men,
Whs shouldn't the plural of pan bo called
The eow In the plural ma be cows or
tint a bow If lepeateel Is nevci called bine.
Aid the plural of vow Is vowh never vine.
If I speak of a foot and ou show me our
And I give sou a boot, would a pall be
called beef
If one Is a tooth, and u whole set aio teeth,
Whs shouldn't tho plural of booth be
called beeth?
If tho flnguhu's this and the plural Is
Should the plural of kiss ever be nltk-
namcj keen?
Then ono ma bo that and threo would
bo those
Yet hut lu t'he plural would nevoi bo hose,
And tho plural of cat Is cats, not cose
Wu speak of a biothei, and also of
Hut though we say mother, we never eaj
Then the muBcullno pronouns are he, his,
Hut imagine tho femln'no Bhe, fchla and
So tho Lngllsh, I think, ou all will agree.
Is the greatest lunguuge ou ever did see.
The Commonwealth,
riir.v mnvr sii:ak.
fiom London Answers
An Irish volutin et icijlment was drawn
up on pnrudi awaiting the colonel h In
spection One b one the companies were
bioiiKht to attention li their captains,
until It'cnnic- to No. 3 eowpany, tlio cap
tiiln of which had a net lolls misunder
standing with liU tinantiy on thu iiiject
of UlltF.
No word was given, consequent! the
company remained "standing at case"
Up tode tlie adjutant, fuilouclj.
"Captain OTInlieity, why tho deuce
don t ou call oui compaii 'to atten
tion r "
No answer.
"Will ou call them to 'attention,' slr7"
scieiimpil tho adjutant, now puiplo with
i age
At this JuiiLltue tho color nargrant col
cmnl Htepptd out, ami, addiesliig tho
aiijutant, mild -.
"Av var plc.iHp, eoir, tho ciptnln and
his company ate not on speaking teimsl"
an old :im: a.nci:.
Prom tho Portland Oiet'oulan.
Ilie BicatPBt defect of out sjtcm Is In
the long Interval that exists between tho
i lection ot members of the houe of rep
iic ntnthis and the time when tin v take
their sc Us in congress We huw the
absurdity of n fotnui congtess Bitting
for months In "exidoii aftei a new one )i is
been elected, and pel haps nftti the poli
cies of the one that still "Its huvi been
completelv i ejected b the countiv This
anomalv makvH It comiileti 1 lmpox3lblu
to carr out the will of the count! on any
Impoitant mattei without titllous and
often Injui luus deli.
Prom the Sin Primlsco Call.
Oui government was designed with care
to keep the legislative and executive de
partments stpunte This sstem, If It
has not alwas worked sutlsfaetorll, has
been on the whole well milted to thu genius
of the Amerlcm people Thete. arei not
man who would like to Fee oui well-es-tubllshed,
constitutional forms changed
fot slight reasons.
- - -
Tram tho Unltlmoie Heiald.
The nalltond Ouzetto seriously pioposcs
a elip.ntmont In oui Amei lean colleges
to teach voiing men the business and sci
ence of lallioael Hut would it not be bet
ter to stick to the Idea or giving u boy a
good ull-round education, and let him
tackle railroading In tho piactlcal way?
HOUND Tltll'
Wnm (h Hoston Transerlpt
It looks as though tho time might soon
come when no muirlugo license will he
considered good without a tetuin ticket
foi lie In the dlvorco eouit
nir.Y Nin:i) ovliuialli.ng.
Prom the Detroit Tilbune
Lnweis themselves aie fiank enough
to su that the eouits, both eh II and
cilmlnal, of toda ale but old bottles in
which new wine Is tiling to be kept.
Predictions for Jnniinn.
Raphael, thu gieat Ihigllsh astrologei,
gives piedlctlons for the month of Jan
uai, 1S97, as follows. Tho planet Mais
will be just netting In the sign of Gemini
In quartlle aspect to Jupiter, which denotes
trouble. The position of Jupiter on the
9th lu evil aspect to Mnrs is unfuvotublo
for the chuieh and clerg In general and
also denotch minis seilous casunlltles In
navigation, collisions and wieeks. Trade
will not be good Crlmu will lnciease.
The gieat conjunction of Siturn and
Urinus on tho Cth will produce tioubles !n
Iielatid and In noitliein Afilca, Moiocco
and Tunis. Murs In Gemini is unfavoiable
for the United States of Amei leu, London
and the west of England lu these places
Hi es anil ci lines wlllbevei pievalent, rs
peclall about the middle of the month
Dnil) Horoscope Drawn by Ajnccliiis
The Tilbune Astrologer.
Astrolabe cast: 1201 a. m, fot Prlda,
Jan 1, 1SM7.
A child born on this daj will notice that
the happiness of man's new ear Is often
gauged by the size of his Cluistmas bill"
Good nioi uliiir, all1
lloth gieat and small;
Ma Jo and light good cheer
Shed golden light
And rendu bi'ht
The undented New Year.
Thu Wllkes-liatie Hecoid states that nn
"eventful eu" has pabsetl. Tills, of
couise, lefeis to the lecent achleseme.lts
of a Wilkes-Hal l c blc cllst ut New York.
Hefoie Uncle John Wunamaker es
capes from the "hands of his ft lends," he
Is liable to look like a retired foot ball
pla er.
No ono need woirs about "honet
mones" If the fellows who handle It are
A New Year tesoltitlon that will hold out
until Peb. 1, Is made of the tight stuff.
Ajncchus' Advice.
Keep out of politics that cost motiej.
Tlierc Is Sometliitig Lucking
In tliu fount that inoldo for the lunor
mnn nlono tlin cyo slioulil bo iiloaacu, too
Dainty Olaas mid Ucautlful Cliiun nro linlf
tlioillimor n cr.ickediilnteoroblppocl or mi.il
ily bIhss li 1a n clopiosjliiK cIToct Oui stock
of C'lillnicnd Gluksnaio ylve unlhnltod scojio
for tbo cxoi cico of nooil tistu Too ciunlltj Is
of tlio uioat buperlor ordjr and thu coit Is
434 Lackawanna Av:.
Blank Books
4J7 Spruce Street.
Opposite The Commonwealth.
tnT,l1U.1iiM.iinmt, fflJ J!
Til x
Which means two dollars' worth for one dollar, or, in other words, we have started
n half price Cloak Clearance Sale. We are getting ready to take inventory, there
fore have cut the prices on eveiy garment in our store about in two. Every reduc
tion is exactly as represented and we shall make this the greatest Cloak Trading
event in years. One consolation is, that our customers will get the benefit.
"R's an ill wind that blows nobody good."
$5.00 Garments Reduced to $2.49
$7.00 Garments Reduced to $3.98
$9.00 Garments Reduced to $4.98
$10.00 Garments Reduced to $5.98
$52.00 Garments Reduced to $6.98
$15.00 Garments Reduced to $7.98
In all cases the raw material could not be purchased for what we ask you for the
garment already made up.
Our stock is not overly large, but very choice. Every Jacket and Cape is of this
year's production and strictly UptoDate.
Our determination is not to carry a single garment over until next season, there
fore, these irresistibly tempting prices have been placed upon tbem.
On Our Kntire Stock of
Handsome Bound Books.
evnoias iros.,
Stationers and Engraver,
Great Offer.
Oil All (lODds.
Prices, Re
Suits and
Overcoats to order
Pants to Measure
1 319 Lacka Ave, IUrr8c"
510 Linden Stmt.
Tho Cn'y Manufacturers of
Rubber Stamps
In the City. Scranton Rubbsr
Stamp Works.
515 Li.ilei Street.
111! I Hi
Ladles and Children's Wear.
Seal and Pltish Saccules,
Carpets and 1'eather Beds
Pro in
L POSNER, 21 Lackawanna Ave,
$$ gj
i- ?
WHW ecr) pair of Skates
we will ghc a ticket . .
wliieli will entitle tiie pur
eiiaser to one ....
Chance on a Spalding
Bicycle, 1897 Hodel.
We have a full line of in
door Games ior the Holidays.
Florey's, tL,
Y. M. C. A. BUILD1.1G
Our Holiday Display of useful und
oiiianiental at tides was never so
lartje as this season's evhibit. Tlie
iidvantdgc of Iiaviny so laigc and
varied d assoitmcut to select from
will be app.it eat to ail who contem
plate ni ihi presents of a substantial
ami artistic chaiaUcr, or bii)iiij fot
their own use.
Wrltlns Desks.
IJressini; Tablei,
Clicvnl (Jhisscs,
licclining and I!asy Chairs.
.'Music Cabinets,
Parlor Cabinets and Tables,
Cttrin Casei,
Tea Tables,
Vernis.Martin Cabinets,
Parlor and I'ltncy Inlaid Chairs,
Gilt Reception Chairs,
Parlor Suits in Gilt,
Hoolv Ca ies,
Sliavint; Stands
all mnrlic 1 at moderate pi ices in plain
131 & 133 Washington Av3.
At Our New and
J. levant Stor.'io.nn,
Coal L;ichaiij;e, Cpp, llotelJernijn.
"Old linn In iijw snrround
in;s," liUe an old "stone in new'
settings," bliinus more brilliant
than ever, and 'Mil lies for all."
Diamonds, Fine Jewlry,
Watches, Silverware,
Silver Novel ties,
Rich Cut Glass, Clocks,
Fine Leather Goods,
Opera Glasses.
When you bee our Net Prices
you will :ibk for No Discount. All
I Are Welcome.
Kv y
Jewels! Store
Te have neatly completed our
Holida) Stock and are now prepared
to olfei as fine an assoitiucnt of
as can be found an vw here.
Look at our SI 0.00 Gold
Watches, warranted 1 5
Beautiful Banquct-Lamp and Large
S'lk Shads,
At $1.(5
Rogers' Triple Plated
Tories are fine,
Knives and
At b'3.01)
213 Lackawanna Avenue,
Nearly all rules arc broken sooner
or later Here is one that we propose
to Keep with oui customcis.
(live the best service anil attention
possible and the largest values fot the
least amount of money.
Foote & Shear Co.
HI) WathiiiKtou Avenue. .
i:iectrlcul Treatment n Specialty Ofllcej,
607. 60S und 6og JHeurs Building,
Tlio incst complete) equlpmont of Eloctrlcal
ratchlnu mid appliance, tor modlcnl usg to Lo
OJiiillvu pD)Hio'ans oIUcj cmUitlo ut Kuw
url:, Mcidknl nnd cloctrlcil treutment fur
all casonincuable to otthot ut both
C. W. GREEN, IV1. O,,
OUT, 0)3 mil COO Mom s Ilulldlnir. fc'erautou.
llouu Un.ui, tol.'. 1 i.ui.to5; 7C0toli

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