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ProvioU9to our ttd,-lnc inventory wa will
joll tlin nra.iliiliiR HOLIDAY HOODS, HOUSli
COATS AND SUiriMlS nt astonishing low
fS20 Wyoming Ave.
308 Venn Avenue. A. 1$. WAUMAN.
Will Be Open
Capets, Eraperles aui Wall Papa?.
Tatilck Qulnn ami Joseph Savage were
committed to Hil cijiinty Jail yesterday
fur thirty days each.
The St, Luke's Industrial school, at hil!
Washington avenue, re. opens Saturday
afternoon ut -.UO o'clock.
An execution, amounting to $300, was
yesterday issued against Max Phillips, ut
the Instance of John Taylor.
The regular meeting of the TiiunaKers of
the Homo for the Friendless will be hold
Saturday afternoon at '1 o'clock at the
usual place.
The Dr. Gieen of the Meal's building who
has been sold out by the sheriff Is Dr. K.
W. Ureen, the electrical physician, and
not Dr. K. Jl. flreen, the dentist.
The will of John Schneider, lato cf
Scruuton, wes yesterday admitted to pro
bate and letters testainentnry were grant
ed to the widow, Caroline Schneider.
Jim liedias and Mieliuel Asselfty, two
of the alleged rioters at the Florence col
liery hi ArehbaM, weiu yesterday re
leased from the county jail on ball fur
nished by George .Marovok.
Ann Llewellyn, through her attorney,
L. I. Wodeman, brought suit for divorce
yesterday in I'rothonotury l'ryor's olilce
against her husband, William T. Llswel
lyn, on the grounds of cruelty.
The. I'astoi's union of Scranton will
meet next Monday morning at 10.20. The
meeting will be In parlors of the Young
Men's Christian association. Subject for
discussion, "Tho Proper isolation of l'ulplt
find Pi ess."
Mary Orchard, Anna. Stewart, Caroline
Nichols and Huttle Heed yesterday began
a suit in partition against Kuth Weldencr,
for the dlvlsoln of lot b In block 7 of thu
lielsey Orltlln tract In tho Second ward.
YV. U. Thomas is attorney for tho plain
tiffs. Thomas Smallcomh, a shaft sinker and
contractor" In that line of work, was ar
rested yesterday on a warrant sworn out
before. Alderman Howe by William Thom
as, of the West Side, churning him with
defruudhiB a boarding house keeper. Tho
evidence was not sulllcleut to make out a
case and Smallcomh was discharged.
Vuctnnlior Stile, ol' Stamps Jmrgcr
Thau Any .Month in lis History.
Postmaster Vandllng forwarded his
report for tho month of December to
Washington yesterday and the salo of
stamps shows that tho record for De
cember, 18, was the largest of any
one month In the history of tho Scran
ton postolllce.
The amount derived from the sale
of stamps was $11,873.78, which Is ?2,
229. GS more than the record for Decem
ber, 1895. The holiday season brings
tho salo of stamps In December far
beyond that it Is In other months. Tho
niuil then Is unusually heavy.
Open on Monday.
Jlr. J. llolz, 138 Wyoming avenue,
whose stock of goods was damaged by
flro last week, will reopen his store on
Monday morning. Tho entire stock
must be closed out in thirty days.
In connection with our Muslin Un
derwear sale which commences Satur
day. Jim. :.', wo will offer about 1,000
yards lEmbroldery Iteimiants.
Tho shoo store of Lewis, Iteilly &
Davies will bo closed today.
lU'WItt's Photo Pallors, 435 Spruce
Et., cor, Washington ave will be open
for business today.
Infant Year Was Received Willi Noisy
They .11 tide a Terrible Din us the Old
Voir .Slipped Away Into History.
Watch Night Services Hold in u
Number ol'thc City Chuiclies--Jluny
.Social Iivonts Held I. list Nit,-lit.
There- Is no ruasoimblu cause for tho
year '07 to Kick about Its reception. It
was tlemonstrntlvo enough to suit even
the most nolse-lovine; of youths, Old
'90 lind hardly retired from the stage
of action when thu welcome to his
youtiK successor begun.
Holla iniifr, whistles blew, and as If
by mngle an army of young men ap
pealed about town urmetl with tin
lioriiH and other devices for disturbing'
the atmosphere and making- the nerv
ous HhuUder, and lor over half an hour
tho combined efforts of the welcomers
made a din that would have been In
tolerable, at any other time.
Hut it was New Year's eve and every
one expected that sort of thing so no
one objected save the dyspeptics, not
even the policemen although the luttor'n
patience was often sorely tried. They
had their orders to give the relobrators
a little more leeway thnn Is usually ac
corded u nil they obeyed orders for the
policeman In common with the rest of
healthy humanity, likes to see the
members of the human family bestlro
themselves accaslonally and give vent
to their pent up feelings.
When a number of young men start
ed for Court House' square, however,
with the material for a bonlire and
the expressed determination of making;
It hot for old '!)C ns he departed the
police made up their mind that right
there was where the line between jollity
and foolishness should bo drawn and
they diew It. The bonfire did not take
place, to the chagrin of the exuberant
young men who planned it in one of
the establishments where colored fluids
are dispensed by the glass. As a sort
ot a compromise with themselves they
tiled to blow up Patrolmnn Tom Lowry
with a largo cannon cracker and the
probabilities are that some of them are
still running.
Quite early In tho evening the streets
contained a number of celebrators and
the toot of the fish horn and clang of
the bell was heard at Intervals ns he
night wore along. It was when the
witching hour of midnight arrived that
the great chorus began mm It contin'ued
without let or hlnderanco for nearly an
hour until even the steam whistles had
exhausted themselves. Then quiet was
restored and the New Year having
been properly greeted those who were
responsible for all the tumult sought
their homos.
It was not with these loud outward
demonstrations that all greeted the
year. There were many quiet social
events In various parts of the city
where the old year was danced out and
the now danced In or greeted In some
other way. In many of the churches
watch night services were held.
In ISlni Park church the service be
gan at 9 o'clock with literary exer
cises In ehaiRo of the Kpworth League
which lasted one hour From 10 to 11
o'clock there were G-mlnuto addresses
and at the latter hour Hev. Dr. C. M.
Giflln, the pastor, took charge. He
made a short address. There was
silent prayer at midnight.
Watch services began at S o'clock in
the Ponn Avenue Haptlsl church. Be
ginning at 11:35 o'clock Hev. Dr. Dixon,
the pastor, pleached a sermon and at
midnight while the church hell was
ringing Mrs. Lizzie Hughes lSrundage
sang the solo, "Kternity."
ltusiness Throughout tho Citv Will He
Generally Suspended.
There will he a general observance of
the beginning of the New Year in this
city today, The mines and shops of the
Delaware, Lackawanna and Western
and Delaware and Hudson Canal com
pany will be shut down and only such
work as is necessary will be done by
the employes of the Lackawanna Iron
and Steel company.
The banks and the majority of the
business houses will keep their doors
closed and business will be generally
suspended. At the postolllce the stamp
and general delivery windows will be
open from 7 a. m. to 12 o'clock. The
money order and register windows will
be closed all day. Morning deliveries
w Ill-be made hy carriers. All of the city
and county offices will he closed today.
According to the usual custom of the
Young Men's Christian association,
they will keep open house on New
Year's day from 3 o'clock to 10 p. m. A
sub-committee of the reception com
mittee have charge of the decorations
and began work last evening. It la
proposed to entirely transform the ap
pearance of tho building hy a liberal use
of evergreens, beautiful effects In bunt
ing and an artistic arrangement of pot
ted plants. The Imperial quartette will
furnish music In tho reception rooms
both during tho afternoon and even
ing. From 4 to 5.30 in the afternoon a
programme will be given In the auditor
ium by the Perry brothers in selections
on the sleigh hells, motalaphone, xylo
phone, tumbleronlcon, autoharp and
sliver chimes, assisted by Mr. Howard
S. Starrett in ills famous Shadographlc
specialties, ventriloquism and crayon
The same artists will also give the
evening entertainment from 8 to U.30
o'clock. It Is especially requested that
the junior members of the association
and their fi lends who desire to take
In tho entertainments, shall plan to at
tend In the afternoon In order that the
senior membbrs may have opportunity
to be present In the evening. This ar
rangement Is necessary for the accom
modation of ull wlio wish to come,
owing to tho limited seating capacity
of the Association auditorium.
The building will be open to all callers
during the hours mentioned above,
whether they are or are not members
of the association. A phonograph will
bo on exhibition during both afternoon
and evening In tho Association parlors.
At the Railroad Young Men's Chris
tian association there will be no unusual
observance of tho day for the reason
that then.' Is not sufllclent room to ac
commodate tho crowd that would In
vade tho rooms. The- building was
crowded with railroad men when a
Tribune reporter called yesterday af
ternoon. "We are not dead down here, o, dear
no," said Secretary Pearsall, "hut you
Bee our condition, I desired very much
to have somo sort of exercises tomorrow
! or furnish some kind of entertainment
hut we can't do it In these cramped
quartets. You can see how wo are
crowded today. when there Is nothing
unusual going on. AVe need a larger
building to properly carry on this work
and we are living In hopes that we will
obtain It some day. Just when It will
coniu no one can tell at present though,"
AT Y. Vv". C. A. UOOMB.
At the rooms of tho Young Women's
Christian Association on Washington
avenue nil cullura will he welcomed be
tween i and 10 p. in. An Interesting
programme comprised mainly of vocal
and Instrumental inuslu has been ar
ranged for each hour. The reception
!h In charge of Miss Einollnc niehmond,
Miss Hlaneho Dolph and Mrs. C. Yv
Hoborts and the following will have
numbers on the piogramme: Mrs. Hel
en Judd Slrlne, Miss Carlyn Wolfe,
Hubert Strlne, Fred J. YVIdmayer, It.
It. Wclsenflue, Harvey Hluckwood, Her
bert Waters, Walter Kiple, Messrs, Al
len, Stanton, Ilalisehmann, Doersam,
Miss Lola Porter, Professor Chance,
the Second Presbyterian church choir
and orchestra. Mrs. .layne, Mrs. Calkin,
Mis. llowen, Airs, Uoston Williams, Mr.
Hnrber and Miss Lydla Sailor.
At the South Side Young Women's
Christian Association looms, 1021 Cedar
avenue, a reception will also be held
between thu hours of i and 10 p. m. A
largo reception committee will make It
pleasant for all who call. Jtefresh
melits will bo dispensed with and there
will be an Interesting musical pro
gramme rendered between the hours
nbove mentioned.
.The festival of the circumcision of
Christ which always falls on tho civil
New Year's day will be observed as
usual In St. Luke's church this morn
ing by the celebration of holy commu
nion at 10 a. in.
This morning in the First Presbyter
ian church, from 9 until 10 o'clock, a
service of praise anil prayer will be
held. The Second church will, as In
lormnr years, unite with the First In
this service. Drs. Kobinson, McLood,
Logan and others will be present. Ev
erybody is Invited to spend tills hour on
New Year's morning in devotional exer
cises. At St. Peter's cathedral this morning
the feast of the circumcision will be ob
served with masses at 0, 7, S and 9
There will bo two masses at St. Paul's
church In Green Itldgo this morning,
one at 7 and the other at 8.30 o'clock.
la St. Patrick's church, West Side,
masses will be celebrated at 7, S and 9
o'clock. The last will be a high mass
and the church choir under the direc
tion of Haydn Evans will sing.
A Little North Kiul 5hl Narrowly
Ksciipes Dentil.
LIUlo, the G-ycar-old daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. Dennis Ulaekledge, of Thomp
son street, narrowly escaped being
burned to death yesterday afternoon.
The little one was in the cellar and
In all probability was playing with the
furnace when her clothes caught lire.
Her screams were heard by her par
ents who were in an upstairs room.
Itoth rushed to her assistance and at
tempted to tear off the burning cloth
ing. The child, nearly crazed with pain,
broke away from them and ran up
stairs The father and mother pursued
her and finally succeeded in smother
ing the flames. The child was severely
burned about the chest and arms and
her condition is precarious. Mr. and
Mrs. Ulaekledge were severely burned
on the hands.
Mrs. .Ulaekledge was taken seriously
111 In consequence of the excitement.
lioth sessions reopen Monday, Jan. 4.
Another student, a lady, lms secured
a position with a well-known firm.
Many new students will ome during
January. Arrangements to properly
accommodate all have been completed.
The reputation of this school is such
that it has never been necessary to em
ploy canvassers to solicit oatronage.
No contract Is made with His student
until he Is ready to enter.
The "courses of study" ire the result
of the proprietors' ten years of experi
ence In business college work light here
in the city. They are as strong ns the
strongest, stronger than rnusr. Th.
new series of text books, adoptel last
September, are fully up to date and
such as are used In schools like the
Metropolitan, of Chicago.
No "Budget System," no 'cabinet
System," no "Actual Business fiom
Start to Finish," no "Catchy" system
by which young people are deluded Into
believing that by the expenditure of
little effort and time on their part they
can be turned out full-Hedged book
keepers and stenographers. Theory
and practice, practice and theory, com
bined with absolute thoroughness.
The rates of tuition churged by the
Scranton Business College are as low
as can ho charged by any first-class
Institution. This school has demon
strated Its ability to fulfil all of Its con
tracts. Visitors always welcome. No trouble
to show rooms and explain courses and
lie Is Charged with OJitniiiing .Money
on n Worthless Check.
William E. Smith, tho South AVash
Ington avenue grocer, appeared before
Alderman Wright yesterday and swore
out a warrant against Frank Shiffer
for obtaining money under false repre
sentations. Shiffer was arrested and
in default of ball was committed to
the county Jail.
Mr. Smith alleges that Shiffer camo
to him with a cheek for 17.25 on the
First National bank. Shiffer drew the
check payable to Mr. Smith aui Mr.
Smith let him have the money, hut
when lie went to the bank he learned
that Shifter had no account there.
Have your Photo taken at DtWItt's
today, 435 Spruce st., cor. Wash. live.
Steam Heating ami PI urn bin;:.
P. F. & M. T. Howley, 231 Wyoming nve.
250 XX Wlilto Envelopes for 17c. at 3c.
Store, 523 Lack'a. ave.
WW www
One Cent a Yord
la all It costs to
niuku your wants
known through tho
columns of THIS
If you havo any
thing for salo or rent,
have lost or found
anvthlui;, nmkq tt
known through our
wuut columns Quick
returns will surely
Men's Guild" of St. Luke's Church to
Conduct a Notable Entertainment.
The Guild lias Itccn Oilcrcd a Ilull.l
ing at (.'rrseo Well Adapted lor n
Summer Home for Convalescent
Women mill Children and nn I'.iloit
Is to He Made to liaise the Ftiiiils;
Necessary to Secure It.
There Is no charity In tho city of
Scranton which more strongly appeals
to the peoplo of all classe than tho
Summer Homo for convalescent women
mid children conducted under the aus
pices of the Men's (lulltl of St. Luke's
church. Dining several seasons from
eighty to one hundred convalescent wo
men and children have been taken from
the unsanitary tenements of tho city
mid entertained for periods of from ten
to thirty days at a pleasant country
home where, with pure, Invigorating
air and nourishing food, they have been
restored to health and strength.
It Is a charity that does not extend
Its aid to professional paupers, but pro
vides for the bulling up In strength of
such women and children as are recom
mended by physicians and clergymen
as being deserving working people un
able, through lack ot means, to secure
the advantages the Home offers, and
which are so frequently necessary for
speedy restoration to health.
During the past two seasons the
Men's Guild have been handlcaped by
lack of accommodation for the largo
number of patients really needing the
benefits given by the Home owing to
the lack of a suitable building in a
piojier location.
Through the kindness of Charles
Sehlager, a farm house at Lake Ariel
which he owns was donated for the
seasons of 1S9," and 1890, but it was
only a temporary assistance and tho
building was not really adapted to the
work. The Guild has been offered a
well adapted, and finely constructed
building at Cresco for a very low fig
ure If used for this charitable work,
and an effort Is beinsr made to secure
funds sufllclent to pay at least a por
tion of tho purchase money required.
Mr. llallstead, of the Delaware, Lack
awanna and Western railroad company
hns secured a rate of fare for patient
to nnd from the Home at an exceed
ingly reasonable-figure so that the Guild
can, If it secures the building and
grounds offered It, at least double the
amount of good in succeeding warm
seusons that it has in the past.
With the object of raising funds a
contract has boon made with Walter
C. Clark, of Dotrolt, to give a grand,
spectacular pantomime ot Ben-Hur at
the Frothlngham on the evenings of
January 21, 22, and 23, with a matinee
on the 23rd. About one hundred and
twenty-five peoplo will take part In
the production. The costumes and a
car load of scenery, stage mechanism
and electrical appliances are furnished
by Mr. Clark.
The production has been arranged
under the personal supervision of Gen
eral Lew Wallace and Mr. Clark has
special permission from' Harper Broth
ers, the publishers, to make the produc
tion, the only stipulation being that no
professional theatrical peoplo are to
take part. All references to the Sav
iour that would In the least offend
the most devout christian have been
eliminated without detracting from the
beauty and Interest of tho production.
The pantomime and tableaux have been
produced In a number of prominent
cities throughout tho Union for charit
able and religious benefits. Among
recent successful productions was that
at Cleveland, Ohio wheie, among other
prominent society people who took part
were Mrs. Mark Manna and her daugh
ter. As soon as all the arrangements
are completed wo will publish a list of
the ladles and gentlemen taking part.
Wnite Opera Company Will Sing nt
St. Tliomiih' College Hull.
AtOo'clock this morning a lino of peo
ple will be found at the Frothlngham
box ofllco without precedent in our
amusement history as at that time the
salo of seats opens for the benefit per
formances this afternoon and evening
at St. Thomas' College hall to be iriven
by the Walto Opera company for tho
benefit of St. Joseph Foundling home.
The price at tho matinee will he 25
cents to all parts of the house with no
extra charge for reserved seats and in
the evening 25 and 50 cents. The "Mik
ado" will be presented at the matinee
and "Bohemian Girl" In the evening.
The capacity of the cosy hall will with
out doubt be tested at both perform
ances. Yesterday afternoon tho company
gave a lln." performance of the "Tar
and Tartar" at the Frothlngham and
last night "Marltana" was sung to an
audience that taxed the capacity of the
house. Saturday afternon tho company
will sing "Olivette" at the Frothlngham
and Saturday night "The Mascot."
The rooms In the Sanitor building are
partlculaily adapted to college work
and the equipment Is the ilnost In Penn
sylvania. More than ono hundred former pupils
called yesterday.
The opening next Monday will lie
greater than wo had hoped for.
Arrangements have been mudo with
a largo number of former pupils, who
will complete their course with us, Join
ing the classes Monday,
A reception will be given next Mon
day at the college rooms to the stu
dents and friends at the college.
Professor UTlrnoy will be a member
of the college faculty.
Diniiiouds nt Auction.
Tho great auction sale of diamonds,
watches, etc., will start next Monday,
January 4th, at Davldow Bros., 217
Lackawanna avenue.
Hring in Your Ten Checks,
and exchange them for China and fan
cy goods, Uric-a-P.rac, etc., also a large
Hue ot Toys for tho children just re
ceived. Come now nnd make your se
lection and avoid tho rush just beforo
Christmas. Grand Union Tea Co., 3U
Lacka. ave., Jones Bros., proprietors.
DoWltt's Photo Parlors will bo open
for business on New Year's day, 435
Spruce st., cor, Washington nve,
Tailor mado fall suits and overcoats,
latest styles, John Boss, 307 Spruce
street. "
Ilrlcjit, Clever mid Very Kuturtnitilng
The New Ycar'n day attraction nt
Davis' theater Is one of the very latest
shows that was ever played In the
house. It la "Zero," a spectacular
musical phantasy, and at the opening
performance yesterday afternoon a
lareg audience was more than pleased.
The show opens with something about
"Zero," which has just a semblance of
a plot and that Is as light as a feather.
When the specialties como and the au
dience is treated with a great convoca
tion of almost everything on the stage.
Harry Le Clair Impersonates a fe
male tragedian and sings a now song.
Topuck and Htelle do some knockabout
work as "the Major and the Judge."
Hodges and Lounehtnero are good sing
ers and can do the cake walk of their
nice with much grace. After a medley
by the entire company the specialties
are resumed. First rames a very line
exhibition of marching.
iiie girls of the company are drilled
to perfection and the costumes, made
more brilliant with calcium effects, are
Indeed gorgeous. The great feature of
tho show Is a seiles of dances by M.
Florence Edwards. This Is very beau
tiful. The show closes with a grand
electrical climax, the like of which has
never before been seen nt Davis'.
Joo Madden as tlu; eccentric Irishman
Is a lefreshlng comedian, In fact every
member of the large cunipany Is worth
Inuring. The show has a dog, a cat and
a pig, all alive and educated. Perform
ances will be given this afternoon and
evening and tomorrow.
County Commissioners Itcndv to Be
gin Their Now Term.
County Commissioners S. W. Uobmts,
Giles Hoborts and John Demuth yes
terday took their oaths of ofllco and
filed their bonds with Recorder Heuslor.
Tho bonds are In the sum of f.'.eOO
each. Sheriff V. II. Clemens and Hon.
John II. Fellows are sureties for S. W.
Hoberts; W. C. Smith and Henry Hob
erts for Giles Hoborts, and Philip Tloo
lnson and Christian Storr for Mr. De
muth. Auditor-elect A. E. Klefor also
llled his oath of ofllco.
Tho new county olllcers take hold next
of 3Iarylniitl-Kiiruty Ilonds-I'"iiitIi-fuliicss
Approved and accepted by the Lack
awanna court as surety on bonds In
judicial proceedings and such bonds
executed at Scranton. Sain'l. Hines,
agent, Dime Bank building.
'fake Street Cars nt Coiirsen's.
Cars for Petersburg, Dunmore and
Green Ilidge Suburban, Laurel Hill,
No. G Branch, Throop, Stone avenue,
South Side and Plttston pass Coursen's
going out. Seats for ladles waiting for
cars and parcels cared for while shop
ping. E. G. Coursen,
429 Lack'a. ave.
Auction ! Auction ! Auction !
Commencing next Monday, Jan. 4th,
Davldow Bros, will offer tho balance
of their large stock of jewelry, watches,
clocks, silverware, etc., at auction sale.
Everything will go to the highest bid
der. No such opportunity to buy fine
goods at your own prices was ever be
fore offered in Scranton. '"
This is Important to You,
And to your wife, son and daughter.
You want a home. Think ubout it.
Buy one of our choice lots In the, cen
tral and select part of Scranton at a
handy and convenient walking dis
tance from business, theaters, hotels,
churches, stores and depots, on Adams,
Jefferson, Madison or Monroe avenues.
At most of tho lots flag walks and
curbs are laid, also sewers, gas and
water mains and steam heat, and In
front'Of somo the asphalt pave. Those
are sites for superior homos. Prices
low. Terms easy. Clear title guaran
teed. Call for circular, J6nes,311 Spruce.
Diamonds nt Auction.
The great auction sale of diamonds,
watches, etc., will start next Monday,
Januury 4th, at Davldow Bros., 217
Lackawanna avenue.
We tako this opportunity to thank the
public for their patronage since our open
ing In your fair city; and still by gieat'T
servlee and better values we hope to make
you yet our frlsiuls.
TO A L. L. mj33HS3
We Wish a Happy and
Prosperous Hew Year,
Including tho painless extracting of
teeth by an entirely now process.
C. SNYDER, D. D. S.,
321 Spruce St , Opp. Hotel Jermyn.
Sawyers Hieri
423 Lackawanna Avanin.
Clocks, Jewelry,
Sterling Silver
And Cut Glass.
Great Reductions in All
These Goods.
Watches and Clocks
paired on short notice.
Start the new year with a now
jacket. Wo will start tho year with a
new Special Cloak Hale. All will be
sold at bargain prices. Wo will not
have enough to go around so the lucky
customers will be those who call early.
Ladles' cloaks, children's jackets, sep
arate skirts and winter suits all are In
cluded In the sale.
Sc.imsr Piano Stands at the Head
AND J. V. UUiiRNSUY Stands at the HcnJ
in tho Muslo track. You can nhvays get a
batter bai-Rnlu at his beautiful warerooms
than at nuy other place hi tho city.
Call and boa for yourwlf before buying,
205 Washington Avenue,
May liooutot siaht, but if lti3n't
comfortable, he. lmu very littlo poace. Hhlrt
mtii.iii.'U n Hcienct; -everybody ca'i't make
(rood tliiita any more tha-i everybody can
writo a bonk. We liavo nhvays prided our
solvo3 li'i tho superiority of our shirts, and Its
a loputatlon we liopn to ln.itnUiu until tho
end of ilinoliiiptsr, Coaio to us for ceiuilno
, Mil
i I ni, r...
n LdUrt W.
VjW l
-A i WW
A -A.
M I-4S Ki T
vSee that it is closely woven
that the colors are firm and
true. If 3'ou are not versed
we shall be more than pleased
to give yon any information
you wish. We are ahva3'S
glad to have visitors the
more you know abouc our
stock the better it will be for
us. Don't think you must
buy just because you look at
the goods.
406 Lackawanna Ave.
If U")!. ViJtUllllllg IVJUiJ.
ts Ul&ESB 0 E 1 &!
Worth of
At 9 A. M.
13S Wyoming Avenue.
SILVER . . .
Is ii new addition to our stock
at Uotroin Prices. Opened an
other new line of
For Decorating
Prices and styles talk, as wo
are selline, lots of it. Will
keep open evenings after the
lirst of December.
Wears Illdg, Cor. Wash, and Spruce St.
For Bulancs of
Our Stock of
Overcoats, .
And Suits
All New Goods.
This Season's Make.
Gome to
ron all
Newspapers Magazines,
and Story Paper
Main Stand,
103 Wyoming Avenue
Coal of tho beat quality for domestlo uii
and ot nil bIzoh, Including Buckwheat and
Htrdsoyo, delivered In any part of tho city;
at the lowest price.
Orders received at the OfTlce, first floor
Commonwealth kuildlner, room No. Sj
telophono No. 2S2I, or at the mine, tele
phone No. 272, will be promptly attended
to. Dealer ouppllcd at tho mine.
III n HI i H t I
mUmidS ! , Villi, 1, U V
WL i SBSJ' nsmad&mm
PPl Iff U8TO-
Wi H at
liyP eunn's
or letiesnnieiita for the railroad boys

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