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.M $fL 111
nppBHi iiPHlii!
Now No. 1C school lmlMlnfT nt Cheitinil nnrt I'iIoo stiect!, will be opened next week. Tt rcplnee1; Old No 1G, a franc
.t....t.i.n r. pii..tmir utii.ti nr.ir .luik.qnn. nml li onu of tile hnmlsomcit bcliool buildings In the clt It N u notable mU
dltlon to the urLliIttctute of the West Side ami la cieittly admlied by till who Mew It The litillillnir was cksltfnert by lliown
& Alnriii, aichlteets and Is built of bun brb'k. with stone trimming. The skeleton of the bulldlnu Is of steel and 40
are the lioor beams. The bulldlnt,' contains twehc class looms, two icnillnir rooms, a llbutij, teachers' 100m and an of
fice for the principal. Kaeh class room has two cloak 100ms, the partition of which bclmr open at top and bottom by means
of Killl work .illoul a unique and at the batno time -valuable feature to the looms. The estimated cost of building wus
J 40 000
Tho bcliool Ih tlneo stories, with a reserve section on the fourth iloor that may, In time, be conveitcd into nn nti'll
toilum or additional rooms. The front is- on Chestnut street, though the stdo facing Taiivlew nunue is constructed also on
u fiont Idta, The bulldliif,' Is Mxl2l, till t ty Teet back fiom tho Chestnut street fence line, thus nlToidlnt,' a large pla
Kionnd. The bavtment 01 Bionnd llooi, H laid out In two sections as plajiooms, one for bos and one foi gxh. This
will be foi lnlny lns, and the Idea Is a new one foi the schools. Tho basement is ten feet hlfih. The building was ereot
id b 1'etnr HUpp, whoso contiact was for JJS.2G5. Tlio heating, fun nurMmlliect steam will bo done by Hunt 4. Council it
a cost of $3,72j The ltc cost $14,000, thus making a total of J51.IW. The election of this building is due to the eneigy of T
J Jennings, the controllei of the waid.
it Brings Some Things to Be Thankful
For Eenls of the Day in
This Section.
The old year wni kicked out In bad
Rhtipe on this f-lile last night and tho
new came In with the knocking of cv
01 j thing; that made a noise The snouts
wcie as ciowiUd at the hour of passing
as South Main nenuo Is after chuich
time on Sunday evening; and eoiybod
Mas happ. The West Side lias u
gieat deal to be thankful tor and it w 111
tilUtiyb l-omeniber 1S9G. It gave us tho
Koblnson shoot pa e, thank Goodness!
and today wo lute a sub postal station,
and the hospital' It Is almost licie.
And the Induct went out with the
old yeai, dead and shapeless.
St. Leo's Hattalion gae a smoker and
onteitainment In the handsome suite
ol 100ms In St. David's hall. Nearly
100 oung men weie piesent and 011
Jojed themsehes. T. J. Ollioy was
chaiunan ot the owning. The pro
giainine wns quite lengthy and Includ
id. Solo, by Thomas Muiphy; Thomas
Campbell, solo, J. 11 Deine. selection
cm conceitina, James Degual, solo;
.lolin Kndgen, solo; bong, '.Midnight,"
ciuaitette, James Hostel, ocnl bolo,
J IJ 111 own, icmniks, song,"Daylighl,"
ciuaitette, Ji Iteap, s-olo; I'. O'Toole,
Mlo, John Hums, bolo; J. II .Delne,
sik'itlon; Jl. Jennings, lecitatlon,
John 11 Duikln, lemaiks, 1 Uuikln,
holo, V. J. Ollio, temaiks; M. Heap,
lemarks; John F. Duikln, 1 emails,
John Jleithyi, holo. Thebe miuibeia
veio Intel speised with boeial pleablng
liappenlngs W. Hennigan, picsldent
oi the Battalion, was piesented with a
gold badge an a token of appi eolation
fiom the membeis foi the hoilce he
lias done, J. C, Gallagher made the
piesentation bpeech It was decided
that the Battalion attend the coming
Young Men'H Institute debate In a body
and woid wnb received fiom the West
Side Athletic club that the latter 01
ganl?ation had decided to bend a class
of their membeis to the Battalions'
lecently opened night bcliool Tieasin
ei James Heagen lepoited that theie
nie now 175 membeis In the Battalion
A mHi of thanks was given to the
prcbs for tholi attention during the
past ear. , ,.
An entertainment and social was
glwn last evening In Meats' hall by St.
John's Young Men's Dramatic club.
,..- .... w.,kv.,i.M II VIII JlVt.lil iliVU
b. the young men of tho company
''The Coal Ileawis" lmpeisonated by
August Snyder, John J Snydei, Geoige
X,elss, IlIU Smith, and Peter I,utz.
''Ghost In the Pawn Shop" nnd ' The
Gieat .Mistake," weio the othei two
comedies The cast Included, besides
those aliendy mentioned: John (Jloss
iier and George Beck. An exhibition of
club bw Inglng wns gi en by John V.
Iden and Fiank Sternback of the South
Side. Peter Kloss was the pianist. In
Hie dance that followed the entertain
ment smeral hundied young peoplo
paitlelpnted The ofllceis of the af
fn.lt were: M.aster of ceremonies, Peter
tlutz; assistant, Geoige Clothier;
piomptcr, William Meetei; Iloor com
mittee, Geoigo Beck, John firhnelder,
Geoige Sle-s, John Olasner, August
Snyder, William Smith; door commit
tee. D "huts?, M Klsslne, P. Sudei;
cnteitalnmcnt committee, John J A.
Schneklei, chnliman; George Hless,
secietaiy; Augilst M. J. Snyder, tiens.
mei; John Glasner, Geoige Beck, Wil
liam Smith, Petei Lutz.
At 3 o'clock yesteulay moinlng Mis.
Maiy Ohei'dorfei, widow of tho late
John Oberdoifer, died nt her homo, 228
Korth Hyde Paik uvenu, after a shoit
Jllness. Just befoto Clulbtmns, Mrs
Obeidoifer began to complain of a
seveie cold, which 'fterwaid developed
nto pneumonia, and caused her death,
D-eceanQd was bom In Elslnger. Wit
tenbuig, Germnnj, In 1SJ7, and came
to this country about 35 yeais ago,
settling In Hyde Parle, Shu was 70
years of age nnd was a member of the
Gei man Prusbyteilan chuieli, and a
member of the Ladles' Aid society, .urs.
Obeidoifer whb a women of many
virtues, Shu was kind and loving, and
possessed a charitable nature, Shu bore
her late illuebs with chilstlau foitltude
and seemed to know that she was about
to leave the eaith. About twelve eir.3
ago her husband died She Is but
vlwd by the following sons and daughters-
William Chailes, Edwatd and
Geoige Oberdorfer, Mrs Ileniv
Schleble, nnd Mrs Emma Terlw. TJ10
funeuil will occur on Sunday aftei
noon at two o'clock fiom the irnlly
lesldence. Tho lemnlns will bo taken
to the Chestnut street German Presby
teilan chinch, where Hew Jacob
Schoettle will conduct the services In
tel tnent will be made in Foi est Hill
Tinner hall had Its usual spliltod
ball last night when the Walter's social
dub seiwd a dish of teipblchoean de
light to 11 goodly u umbei of thelt
fill nds Of couise, the festivities did
not begin until the New Yeai was heie
The affair was conducted In an 01 doily
manner, two legular policemen being
stationed In the hall. Bauei's oiches
tui fuinlshed the music nnd the walt
eis thenihohes fuinlshed the lefiesh
ment which thymes with "jenr" and
they set veil It In the waitets' own way
Chlelly lesponslble foi the aftalr weie:
G. A. Claike, J. McLaughlin, and
Fianl: Kauftinan. Membeis of Waltcs' .
Opeia company weie piebent at the
Watch-night piaer sei vices were
held last owning at the Plj mouth Con
giegational chinch and at the Hamp
ton Stieet Methodist Episcopal chinch
At the fotmer chinch tho seiIces weie
In ehaigo of tho West Side Young Peo
ples union. Pi ofessor James It Hughes
piesided. The sei vices consisted of
song and pinlbe beginning at 10 o'clock
and continuing until midnight
Ke. T. Bell and Leader Hughes
made addi esses. At the Hampton
Stieet Methodist Episcopal chinch
Ue. r. P. Doty piesided oer the bei
. lee. The Epwoith League weie in
chaige of a fcnt-flw minute bong sei
lce I'he attendance at both benices
was laige.
Tho funeral of Philip Durkln took
place yesteulay moinlng fiom the late
home, 1,020 Lafayette htieet, and was
attended b a laige gatheilng of people
who had known and lespected hlin, A
high mabs of leciulum was celebiated
at St Patilck's chinch, by Rev. M. T
Shields, of Towaiuiti, a telatlve ot the
deceased The pall-beaieis weie: S. F
Duikln, James Durkln, Geoige Duikln,
John Caw ley, John Buike, and Mat
hew Shields.
In honor of their bons, Edwaul and
Fied, Mr. and Mis. E. W. Claike last
evening gaw a dance at their lesl
dence on South Man avenue. The af
fair bi ought out some of the best
.some of the best young fcoclety people
on this side of he liver nnd fiom the
cential city, The lesldence was splen
didly decoiated,
The Bollevue eisteddfod today piom
Ises great things in the way of entei
talnment The afternoon session will
begin at 2 o'clock and the evening will
begin at fi.CO o'clock. Rlchaid II. Wil
liams will bo chairman of the day Tho
Welch Congiegatlounl chinch wheie
the eisteddfod will bo held Is on the
1 inner of Lindls stieet and South
Main avenue.
Intelligence has been lecelved In this
city announcing the death of Mis. Mar
gaiet Powell, of Salt Lake City, Utah.
Mis. Powell was formtily a iisldent of
this side and for many yeais lesided on
Jackson stieet. She was a woman well
liked by all who know hei and was the
niothei ot Mis, David S, James, ot
Eynun stieet.
The ladies ot the Washburn Street
Piesbyteriau chinch will soive fiom VI
to 3 11'oloek todaj one ot their choice
diuneis. Supper will be berved fiom
G to S o'clock,
Philip Davles, a student nt Exeter
college, Is lslting his patents, Mr. and
Mrs. Homy I'. Davles, of Eynon stieet.
The funeial of the lato Philip Dip
kn tool; placu yebteidny moinlng at 'J
o'clock at St. Panicle's chuich, High
mass was celebiated. Tho pallbeaieia
weie: P. F. Duikln, Gootgo Duikln,
James Durkln, M. Burke, Mathew
Thields, nnd John Cawiey. Intel mont
was mado In Hyde Pal It Catholic ceme
tery. The annual election of olllcers of the
Jackson Street Baptist Sunday school
held Monday evening the following weie
elected lor 1S07 Supeilntendent, E. R
Gilikths, usslstant supeilntendent,
Geoige Nicholh and John Llojd; biipei
Intendent of pilmaiy depiilinont, Rich
aid NlehoU, lecoidlng becietaiy, Ida
Lewis; llnanclal secutaiy, Lizzie Mei
edlth, treasuiei, John Thomas, oigan
ists, Viola Eans and May Dals; 11
brailans, Einust Miles and I'etur Lewis.
William Ci inner, of Susquehanna
county, Is visiting here.
The Rev. M. H. Jones, loimeily of
Llamwst, "Wales, who has lived on the
West Side blnce he came to this country
labt Apill, Is to be installed as pabtoi
of the Baptist chinch at Paisons today
Many fi lends fiom Scianton aie ex
pected to be pteseut Rev. W. S Jones
dellwis the chaise to the chuich, and
Rev. V D. Thomas, of Pittston, that to
the pastor. In the afternoon, theie will
be an open dlbcusblon on the telatlve
duties of pastor and 1 eople. Mi. Jones
bus the best wishes ot a laige ciicle of
fi lends In this city.
Ml. and Mrs. J.-ohn S. IlauU, of
Division stieet, are attending a leeep
tion at Peekvllle tonight.
Jo-eph Williams; and Unity Sayies
will paitakc of the Now Yeai'b dlnnei
in Dalton
Do not fall to attend the sweepstake
shooting match this moining at Stev
en's Patagonin hotel, South Main nvc
nue. '
The funeial of tho infant child of
Mi. and Mis Justis Webber, of Notth
Sumner avenue, took place yesteidav
afternoon. Rev. Jacob Schultei, of the
Chestnut Stieet Piosbjteilun chuich,
ofllelated The pall-beuieis wete the
Misses Mabel and Alice Mullen, Mlbbes
Llzlo and Maiy Wilhelmn Inteiment
at Wnshbuin stieet cemetciy
Choice cut lloweis and ilower de
signs at Palmer & McDonalds, D14
West Side Business Director).
flowero and funeral designs a speclilty,
1M South Main avenue; two doors from
Jackson street.
anything you havo to sell. Furnlturo,
Stoves, Tools, etc. Call and see tha
stock of J. C. King, 701 to 709 West Lack
awanna avenue.
avenuo Wananted puro drugs and
chemicals. Prescriptions cniefully pio
pared Tino stationery and blank book3.
A largo stock biiltnhle tor Christmas
presents. Teachers' Bibles cheaper than
ever. Call and examine them, Wood
stains, paints, window glass, etc. Clerk
at store all hours of night.
An excellent enteitnlnment will bo given
this ovcning In the North Main Avenue
Uaptlst chuich, tho admission to which
will bo a fice-wlll offeilng The follow
ing pleasing programme will be given.
Piano solo Miss Alma Clancy
Recitation, with vocal accompaniment,
Miss Hazel Hopewell
Vocal solo Miss Nolllo DeQiaw
Hecitatiou Miss He-isle Sloit
Musical accompaniment by Miss (llbus.
Piano duet,
Miss Lizzie Owen and Charles Callendai
Htadlng C D. Johiifcon
Vocal solo Miss l'hoebo Smith
Hecitatiou Ml-s Claio Slocum
Pi mo solo Miss Nesslo Hoss
Declamutton D. W. Thomas
Vocal tolo Miss Mabel Weiss
Selection Miss Hessle Sloat
Vocal duet.
Miss edllo DcGiaw and Hanj Danvets
A vei pleasant time was enjOcd at tho
homo of Miss illiabith Owens, of Hack
avenue, on Wednesday aftetnoon, when
her pupils gave a piano ieciuil, ussl&tcd b
Miss Hattlc Calleudci, violinist. The pro-
gi amine was lendeied hi Aillngton Ct03s
man, l.ottle May, llosslo Hlitley, Hi ace
Slseo, JIa Jameh, llmelliio Lanyon, Maud
Kemp, Mis. Minnie Hentty, Coia Snydei,
Arlington L'lossman, Muigaiet Twining,
Hello Hauls, Stunt t Shomaker, Hoxfoid
Tieveiton, .Mamie I mil m, Lucy and llaiiy
DeWItt and Maigmt Hart.
This ufteinoon thu Noith Hnd second
team and a picked team will play bisket
bill In Company It aimory. Hollei bkut
Ing aftt I the game.
Tim Noitli llnd and Scranton Athletic
basket ball teams will play this evening
In Company II aimoiy, Consldernbl il
valiy exists between thofeo ttams, und u
good game Is expected
l.una Webster, the joimg daughter of
Trank Wubstei, of Wa nit avenue, who
has been serlousdy III foi tho past month,
Is lO'jidly lecoverlug,
John II Hvuns, of Wane avenue, who
has been vlfcltlng friends at WIIkes-Hune
for the past Week, letuiued homo es
teiday Miss Myrtle Stevens, of Hoss avenue,
has leturncd Horn a seveial months' stay
at Cllfforil.
Mis. Jonathan Hroodbent, of Chailes
Btrcet, died suddenly ytsteiday of heart
f.illuic, runeial uuuoiincenieiit will ho
made later.'
DiamouiN nt Auction.
The gieat auction sale of diamonds,
watches, etc., vlll stmt ,ext Monday,
.Tanuaiy 4th, at Davidow litos,, 217
Luckawunna avenue.
Warhlngton camp, No. 120, Patriotic Or
der Sons of America, elected tho follow
ing olllcers at their last meeting: Presi
dent, Chailes L. Kiotzer; vlce-picslilent,
Mnlor Kase, Br.; master of forms, Geoigo
11. Cuminlngs; lccordlng Becietniy, J. C.
Schleliz; llnanclal secretary, W. 8. ltenrds
ley; treasiuer, Samuel Cummins; conduc
tor, S. Parrlnger; guard, William Sonn;
Inspector, Arthur Porringer.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs, Wnltor John
son, of Drinker street, a sou.
Rev. and Mis. W V. albbons will hold
a reception at the manse this nftornoon,
botween 2 nnd u o'clock, and this ev oulng,
between 8 and 10 o'clock.
The following olllcers of tho Methodist
Episcopal Sunday school wore elected last
evening to servo for the ensuing year:
Superintendent, Dan Powell; nsntstant su
perintendent, Dan Powell; assistant su
perintendent, Thomns Honwood; recieta
ry, IMwaid Angwln, Jr.; tieasurer, A. B.
Halter; supeilntendent of prtmniy depart
ment, Mrs. L. Litchenhim; assistant su
perintendent, Miss Marlon ICenne ; ilnaii.
clil societal , William Zleglrr, decretal y
of Sunday school board, Chailes Schaeffer;
ecietaiv and tieasurei of missionary
boaid of the Sunday n'hool bourd, Putei
SIcrIb; llbiailntt, Chailes Sh.iefter; ilrst
usslstant, William Youngs; second assist
ant, Hurry llaiper; oigaulst, Miss Ruby
ost nnd Miss Mao Slmpon.
Tho Young People's society of tho Dud
lej Stieet Baptist church will hold a so
cial nt tho home of Miss Mai Ion Moffat,
of Elm stieet, Tildav evening, Jan. S
The society extends a cordial invitation
to everybody to attend.
Philip llntzer Is serlouslj ill at his
home, on Adams nvenue.
G. W. Jones, ot in 00k sttcet, Is con
valescing after his leceut illness.
Albeit Jenkins Is electing a new resi
dence on Butler street.
Mrs ThomaB Wainer, of Bloom stieet,
is Buttering from a sprained ankle, tho
lesult of a full down a flight of stalls.
Hem y Paifiey, of IJiook stieet, has en
tlielj tecoveied fiom his lute uccldent,
nnd his many ft lend j will be pleased to see
him .wound again
The unuunl Christmas festivities of tho
Adams Avenue l'icsbv ti llin church were
held lust night An excellent progiammo
was tendered and nn enJoable tlmo was
had by every one.
Geoige Glffoid and Prank DeHow, of
Grove stieet, have lotuined fiom a visit
to New Yolk
Mr. and Mrs A. T. Covert nnd daugh
ter, Com, of Kingston, Pa., are the guests
of Mi. and Mis David Hess, of Clay ave
nuo. Tho Junior Older of Amcilcan Mechan
ics went to Mooslc Wednesday night In a
bodv to ai.-ilnt in the formation of a now
Tho following are the officers of the
Junlot Ordei of American Mechanics, No.
1022, who wore elected nt tho last meety
Ing night to servo for the ensuing te.irm:
Councilor, D. T. Hand; vice councilor, Jo
seph Masters, Junloi past councilor, A. C
Mitchell, assistant iccordlng secretaiy,
Trod Mitchell, chaplain, George Englett;
trustee for eighteen months, A C
Mitchell, Inside sentinel, W. Blesecker;
outside sentinel, Licit Smith. Tho above
olllceis v.lll be Installed tomoirow night
U.ni Smith, of Tiipp avenue, has gone
to spend a few dns with relatives In
Union, N Y
Levi J Stuhlburg, of White Mills, Pa.,
Is the guest of ti lends In town
Miss Emma Ludwlg onteitnlntd a num
bot ol her oung fi lends at her home, on
Drinker stieet, last evening.
Miss Kate Bishop, of Hemlock Hollow,
who has been tho guest of Miss Clara
Hess, of Clay avenue, for the past few
weeks, has returned home.
Miss Bernnta McIIale, of Oljphant, is
tho guest of Miss Maiy E. McIIale, of
Elm stieet.
Tho onl contests which were decided
in the Knights of tho Golden Eagle's fair
wete the kidj's gold ling contest, Miss
Jessie Fink, 327 votes; Mrs. H. Kelser, 100
votes, Inige dressed doll, Mis. Mnigaiet
Jenkins, 290 votes, lilts Edith Smith, lCi
votes. The contests for the gent's gold
watch and lady's gold chaim will be de
cided on Fob "I, the occasion being tho
annlversaiy of the Ladles' Temple.
south sini: ni:ws.
William Zlegler, of Cedar avenue,
home fiom a hunt in Nicholson.
Wntch night fcervlces wete conducted at
thu IjV angelical Church of Peace and at
the Cedat Avenue Methodist Kplfccopal
Supeilntendent James McCoy, of the
Set.inton Axle vvoiks, is home fiom a visit
to Aubui n, X Y.
A smokei was conducted last night and
the old j cat was binoked out b the mem
bers of Columbus council, Young Men's
Tied Can-, of Wjomlng seminal y, will
return Moiida after hpendln tho lioll
das with his pauntfe, on Kim street.
Choice cut lloweis and flower de
signs at Palmer & McDonalds, nil
Sciioiis Clime Placed tit thu Dour of n
llloDinsburg I.uvvcr.
Bloomshutg, I'a., Dec. 31. L. S. AVIn
teisteln, a piomlnent cltlen, and one
of the leading lawyers of this city, was
anocted here this moinlng for com
plicity in tho ntenipt to vvieck the house
ot L. L. Waller with dynamite. Mr.
Wlnteisteln and Clinton Knoir, who
was anested some days ago for the
same offense, wete given a hearing and
placed under Jri,000 hall each, for com t.
At the healing Knurr, who made a
confession nnined Wlnteisteln as the
Instigator of the ei line, testified that the
later offered him $1,000 to do the wotk;
told him wheie lie could obtain the
dynamite, and made all the plana to
shield them fiom suspicion after the
ci line.
He ndded that Wlntet stein had called
on him In Heading shortly after the at
tempt had been made, and said Jhey
weie both buspeeted and wanted htm
to leave town, glv Ing lilm money to do
Mis. Salll'o Gast, of Heading, testi
fied that Knmr lived with her and that
she had know n Wlnteisteln over a yeai
She said that he had offeied to start
Knot i' in the shoe business if he would
go to South Ameilca, and that she had
heaul him call Waller names on seveial
1. G Miller, a coal dealer, of this
pace, testified to Wlnteisteln having
told him that he had been lnjuied by
Waller and Hint he would be willing
to spend twenty yeais In the penitenti
al', to put a bullet In IiIh heart.
When Mi Wlnteisteln was asked to
make a statement ho leplied that he
had nothing to say, but would be pre
paied to piove his Innocence of the
chaige when the pioper time nttlved
His biothcr-in-law, 13 H. Iliowoi, be
come his secuilt for his appliance In
cattit. Knoir being unable to obtain
ball, was lemanded to Jail,
I'lUbidont-l'.lccl is Urgcii to Appoint
.linjoi William Winner.
Canton, Ohio, Dee 3). A new candi
date foi cabinet lecognltlon was sug
gested to the piestdent-elect todti.
Messis. J. U. Tiaey, of Spilnglleld,
William H Treloni, of Mexico, and C.
(1. Huston, of Nevada, iiigeel Major
McKlnley to npp ilut Major William
Wiiinei, of Kansas City, to tho cabinet.
Mujoi Wainer was foi met ly an active
inembor of congiess and vvas also com
mander In chief of tho Giand Aimy of
the Republic. It vvas said In Major
Wuinei's behalf that lie Is not allied to
either the Kerens or rilley faction and
that hu is strong with ills puity.
Clet Strength, Vigor, Clear Comrlc-.lon nnd
(loud Dlucstlo-i, Nut by Patent Medicine,
but In Nature's Own Way,
Any honest physician wilt tell you that
there Is but one vvsy to get lncteased llesh;
all tho patent medicines and cod liver oils
to the contrary notwithstanding.
Nnturo has but one way to increase
flesh, strength and vigor of mind and
body, nnd that Is through tho stomach by
wholesome food well digested. There Is
no reason or common sense In nny othei
method whatever.
Peoplo are thin, run down, nervous, pale
nnd shaky In their norves, simply bceiiuso
their stomachs are weak.
They liny not think they havo dyspep
sia, but tho fact remains that they do not
eat enough food or what they eat Is not
quickly nnd properly digested as It should
Dr. Hnrlandbon Eas the loason Is bo.
cause the stomach lacks ceitnln digestive
acids and peptones, and dollclent seda
tion ot gastric Juice.
Natuie's lomid in such cases Is to sup.
ply whnt the weak stomach lacks, fheie
are seveinl good preparations whlc'i will
do this, but none so readily as Stu irfs
Dyspepsia Tablets, which are designed es.
peclally for ull stomach troubles, .111 1
which cine all digestive weakness on tho
common sense pjnn of furnishing tho di
gestive principles which the stomach
Stuurt's Djspepsla Tablets give perfect
digestion. Fit at effect Is to lncreiso the
appotlte nnd Incieased vigor, added IIimIi,
pure blood, and stirngth of nctve an 1
muscle Is the petfictly natural result
Stuuit's Dyspepsia Tablets is the saf
est tonic known and will cute nny form ot
stomach ttouble except cancer of tho
stomach. May bo found at druggists at
W cents for full sized package or dliert
b mall from Stunt Co, Maishall, Mich.
Little book on stomach diseases mailed
Major McKlnley suiil he vvoulil tnko
the mutter uniler nilvisetnent.
nilwoud W. Mnttbon, of Chattanooga,
called on Major McKlnley to urge the
recognition of Henry Clay Hvnns by
appointing; him to the cabinet. Mr
Muttson snlil that Mr. HvaiiH Is one ot
the most distinguished Republican1 of
the South anil one who enjoyed the eon
fltlence mill suppoi t of the buslnofes conl
iMorc J.oeomotiveu Unlit in 181) (I Thn.11
in uutr,.
New Yoik, Dec. 31. The statistics of
new equipment built In this country
In 1S96, gatheieil by the ltallioad Oa
zetto shows that we have built more
locomotives thnn In 1S03 and vciy many
more cais.l The ilgutos show that we
built this year 4S0 locomotives, "I more
than last jear. Tho acual nutnbei of
engines built this yeai was 1,17." and In
1811 j, 1,101. In 1S90, 30'J onglnes weie
built In this countiy for export to
fotelgn countries, going chlelly to South
A in ei lea.
The statistics of car miUdlng bj fort
one companies s,how a total of Cl.lS')
freight cais and 471 pnbsengei cnit.
The lncte.iso In ftelglit cat outimt ovei
that of IS'Jj Is U4 per cent The nitmitet
of passenger cats built was slightly
gieater than In 1893 The total tiack
laid in the United States this yeai was
1.C9J miles This Is a less amount
than has been lepoited In 1893 when
1.42J miles weie built.
German Residents at Tinisviinl Ac
cused of n Diistmilly Crime.
Cape Town, Dec 31. The Cape Times
today publishes the details of an alleged
plot on the pait of Geitnan lesidents of
the Tiansvaal to vvteek the tiain on
which Cecil Rhodes lecently tiavelled
to the coa&t on his way to IJngland.
The scene of the ulleged attempt Is
located 300 miles noith of Cape Town
The stoiy is not canntnied.
The Score nt the (.lose ol' thu I'ourtli
Washington, Dec. 31 At the close of
the fouith day ot the six days' Intel -national
bicycle ince the scoie stood
Waller, DS3 miles; Maddux, DSJ; Ashln
ger, CS2; Law son, BS1, Hunter, TiSO,
Foister, G79.
Chappie diopped out duilng the eaily
Ilnltimoru mill Ohio Shop Closed.
Zanesville, O., Dec. 31 The Baltimore
and Ohio shops In this city weio today
closed down Indefinitely on pel emptor
telegiams fiom Baltimore Five bun
dled men ate tin own out of empIoment,
entailing a loss to the city of- $23,000 a
Tho King of
Pills 13 Beeoham's.-
rtnc China Clocks,
stntlonaiy, brlc-n-biac, etc., will be sold
out at auction at Davidow I5ios.', 217
Lackawanna avenue, In order to close
out tho eutlie business. Auction balo
commences Mondny, January 4. l
"I have always been ti entitled with
headache, dizziness nnd a tiled teeliug.
Aftei taking a few bottles of Hood's
Sais.iparllla I am able to go about my
work as well as I did In mv younger
days." Lucinda 13idly, Ifantz, Pa.
Hood's Pills cuie nil liver ills.
liliuiiiiintisiu Cured in a l)ii.
"Mystic, Cmo" for iheumatlsm and
neuialgla radically cuies in une to thiee
days. Its action upon tho system Is
remarkable nnd mystoilous. It re
moves at once the cause anil tho dis
ease Immediately dlsappeats The Hist
dose gicatly benefits 73 cents. Sold
by Carl Loienz, 41? Lackawanna ave
nue, druggist, Scianton,
Turkeys, Ducks, Chickens,
Fresh Kvery D.iy.
Prairie Chickens,
Wild Ducks.
t II, PiBEJlTHt Hill
llderraan 8tli Ward, Scranton
OFFICB3 IIOTTjia from 7.S0 a. in. to 0 p.
m. (1 hour intermlealoa for dli.ner and
e upper.)
Particular Attention fltven to Collection.
Prompt Settlement auarantced. Your Hub!.
ue3 la RoipecUully bbllclteU, 'I elephuue IJ4.
New Year's Aintlncc, B ra f A
New Year' livening.
rniuruuy numncc,
bntjrday livening,
i '
Aiwa 4 Welcome. Always l!n6ynulc,
Written by David K. HlRtdtia, tho 4-nct ro
iimntio American clrnmi, tho
Turn of the Tide
Sensational Situations. Plenty of Fun,
PKICi:S-(lRllcr, 15CS Hntctmy, age, 35c!
I'lrM I loor, 50c 75c ', Children, An where,
KctcrvcU beat, 25c
OneMgllt, nonilby, Jun. .
lloturti of tho Wonderful BuccesJ, That lJitf
boonlu Production, a Uouinuco of
As tlie "Old Homestead" Is to tho North, so
Is "Coon Hollow" to tha South New Scen
ery, New l.ffects, (Ircat Companv. Hotter
than ever 1 he Cotton Press, tliu Menmbont
Race. Dig Dunclng Cnrnlvul, a Host of Cele
brated Duck and Wine Dancers. 'I wo Quar
tettes, hwtet blueing.
P(ICi:s--(Juller 15:, llnlcony J5cnnd .inc.
Orchestra Circle 50c, Orchestra und Purlor
Chairs 75c.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday,
D:c 31, Jan. 1, 2.
Tho Wloidly Boautifiu Spoetaculnr Phantasy
Harry LcClalr, M. Tlorencc IMwards,
Tupack and Steele, Lconu I.cv.ls, MaJ
lien end Curran, Hodges und l.nuiich
mere, and a Cliorus el 20 Young l.sdies
in Alurches, Dullets, Medleys, Utc.
Atlmibsion 10, 20 or 30 Cents.
Two performances dally. Doora open at
1.S0 and 7. Curtain rises at 2 30 and 8.1S.
Made and Sold in Six Months, ending Harch 1, 1896,
Total Product pf
innnnnii tmanmi nn minn n n n n
The A Mill Alone produced 1,000,000 Barrels,
Largest Run on Record.
Wrtshbiirn, Crophy's Supcrlntive Is sold everywhere from tho
Pacific Coast to St. John's, New FmuuUiuitt, mid in England, Ireland
and Scotland very largely, uud is recognized us the best Hour in tha
ii R
Removable, Self-Sharpanini
Neverslip T03 Gal3.
And a full line of iron and
steel Blacksmiths' aud Wag
onmakers' supplies.
-S .K
To Publishers
SCnAMTON ANDWILKES-OAFinE. PA., Manufocturers of
ffiiii b
HoisTiHG Afjo
t-or salo by JOhN H. 1-HhLr-b,
Spruce Strcctj Scranton,
Wncncr&Hcls. .Mnnngori.
John I.. Kerr, Acting Manager.
livery Afternoon nml livening Tills
Week, llxcept Friday.
Saturday Hatlnoe, .... - Olivette
Saturday Evoning, - La Mascotte
Dally Mntlnccs After Monday. I'RICHS
loc,, 20c, nnJ 311c. Mutlnee Prices, 10 anil aoc
Wngncr A Rels, MnnnKers.
John 1.. Kerr, Acting Manager.
Monday nnd Tuesday, Jan. 4 and 5,
Tho grentost vnmlovllte orcntilastlon in tho
world, hendud by The Rosson llrothers. Carl,
ID yenrs of ngj SSIiipIiks In h"labi liiw, ponndi
In weight. Trans, 22 years of age, 83 inches In
height, '-- rounds In weight. The smallest men
In tho world hn Hthluinri and comi iIIkiii, its
CiiRino Cmneily Four. I.Mich & Jew oil, Tom
riyuu, Ahnoutntid Uumont, Tho llurlington
SIstorH, I'u'cni's loutuio and Lenviit nnd
Nevolls. PRICKS 15c, 25c, 35c. and 50c.
Manufactured at tho Wapwnllopen Mills,
Luzcrnn county, Pa., and at Wil
mington, Delaware.
Goneral Agent for tho Wyoming District.
Third National Bank Bulldlnff.
THOS. FOnD Pittston, Pa.
JOHN D SMITH & SON. Plymouth, Pa.
E. W. MULLIGAN, Wllkos-Uarro, Pa.
Agents for tho Ilepauno Chemical Com
t)anv'3 High Uxplosivca.
Ho PcciVr, ely Cannot SHf
mux YioiiRiiWBw
lill 1 II ILL
tfc7 v AB A. JmI JbaflJUP
iffl $8$ CENTEnCQ
SI Vouf Horso is Shod with
THE TRIBUNE is now prepared to fill or
ders for composition on newspapers, books,
pamphlets, or other publications at moder
ate rates.
rj n..:i.
res. ssTaiionarv tneinesk DoiiBrs
mam machinery.
Ueneral Office; SCRANTON, PA
SrfJ When In doLbt what to use for
rliy Nervous Pebility, Lo3 of J'ower.
; Impoicncv.Atropliv, Varicocele and
Vl other wcalcnesses, from nny cause,
Jftjl use Sejinc Pills. Drains clicckcJ
l' jntl full iL'nr nuletlu Tcslnrerl
.."'. -- -1 .w-.-.- .
ueu ucli trvubi
r l.cirr.i.ciL.1, tcr. ViCtr.lna Avonuc end

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