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T- - -V
vThousauds Ilavo Been Cured Through Prof.
' Munyon's Free Medical Advice.
Munyon" Medical Institution, loOi Arch
St., Philadelphia, li tho best pno of 1W
Kind In the world It implojB i lnrife stun"
of skilled specialists to diagnose the cases
not only of people upplyliiB peisonally for
tiontment. but those In nil pints of the
country who send In personal titters, ask
Inn the best methods of ljelntf clued or
arlous diseases. Thousands of these let.
ttrs me let el veil eveiy week, and a slut!
of roin ten to fifteen doctois uro dullj em
plovid In dictating rei)lles throimh the me
dium of us many stenoginphers. 'llieso
ltttus are received In tho strictest ton
lldence and piomptly nnswtied with the
best medical advice obtainable. No effoi it
Mill bo spared to see that each case is
thoroimhlv dlamiosid and tlie proper rem
idks to effect a cuio ure piescrlbtd. I or
these services no fee Is expected.
A sepaiate cute foi each disease. At all
diUKKlsts, mostl S3 tents u vial
Addtess l'rofessor Munvon, 130j Arch
street, Philadelphia, Pa.
pteadori will pleaso note that advertise
ments, orders for Job work, and Items for
publication left at tho establishment or
Shannon & Co, newsdealers. North Main
street, will rccelvo prompt attention; ol
llcu open from S a. in. to 10 p. m.J
re :
A Second Thimlili! Tea Is (Jiicn l
3Iis. I,. A. Hnssut.
Mrs L A Bassett again entertained
a laiRe mmibei of quests on Thuisday
iifteinoon. Mis. Bassett und her
motliei leeelved the guests. Mrs. Eva
Smith, Mis. N. H. Hlller and Mrs.
Lucy Westlake usslsted at the tefiesh
nielit tables. The house and the tubles
weie decorated In a charming manner
with cai nations, billllant led cactus
How eis and a -variety ol choice plants.
The hours passed pleasantly in social
conversation, and as on tne day previ
ous, so this thimble tea was a most eri
Joable occasion.
Among the friends present weie Mes
daines Mary Ci.ine. Harriet Lathiope,
L D. Lathrop, J. L Hun, V. Hstu
brook, F. V. Mills, Charles Burr, N II
Hlller, P. G. Smith, C. F. Meckel A.
V,'. Rev nolds, Y. P. GieBOiv, W. L
Filsble, Raiiiond Reynolds, GeoiRe
Patterson, A. L Patterson, V. A
Blown, S. S Shields, Osc.n Mooie, J.
W. Dlmock. D. W. Humphrey, Chailes
E. Lathrop, L C. Iluthuway, H. B
Hathavvav, D. L. Bailey, C. O Mellen,
Hany Ilaiilson, John S. Nlle. C. 12
Kpencei, A. T. Law, of Scianton, and
the Misses Pascoe, Jennie Butlei and
Miss Hose Strickland.
Dcntli ol'Ouon I'huinelli.
Yosteiday the fi lends of Owen Flan
nelly lecelved tho sad Intelligence of
Ills death, after a week's illness fioni
pneumonia. Mi. Flanntlly was boin In
this tlty thirty-two jears ago and lias
been a lifelong- lesident. He was well
Known and tsteemed by a laige elide
ot ti lends. His mother, Mrs. Petei
Flannelly, survives; also thiee broth
el s, Michael, Patrick and Peter; also
thiee slsteis, Mis. Petei Munay, Mis.
Michael How aid and Mlbs Kate Flan
nelly. Changes m the freight Trains.
Some changes in the Delawaie and
Hudson freight tiains will be made
ne.t Monday. Two ciews aie to be put
on to iuii to Oneonta, and the same
number from Oneonta to tills city.
Thiee round trips will be made each
week, the dlhtance being ISC miles At
piesent two freight ciews mil to Nine
veh, where a tiansfei Is made to the
Suseiuthauna division and so to One
onta, Accident to Janitor lleov.
"While William Wilcox, janitor of
schools No. I and 2, on Salem avenue,
was passing along Spiing street, he
slipped on the sidewalk, vvheie the boys
had been sliding, and suffeied from
the sudden shock. He Is now confined
to his home and Klchaid Udy Is on
duty at the schools in his place.
The Ice Harvest.
A large number of men uie now en
Raged in getting ice from ponds No. 4
and No 7 und many tiains are passing
over the giavlty toad loaded with the
lesult of their elYoi ts. The Ice is about
eight Inches think and promises to be
of tho best eiuallty.
Uutli lloyt Is Improving.
Hopes are entertained that little
RUth, daughter of Mr. and Mis. J. B.
Hoyt, of River stieet, may recover.
She is doing well after the opeiatlon
for appendicitis, which was performed
one week ago.
Miss Florence Harnden is 111 at her
home on Salem avenue.
Dr. M. J. Shields and family, of Jer
rnjn, nie expected home from Texas the
Trank P. Coates, of Pateison, N, J.,
Is making a Hying lslt In town.
Miss Maine Sheehan, of Blnghamton,
r. Y was the guest of friends In town
this week.
James O'Malley, of the South Side, is
ill with pneumonia.
Pierce Butler was called to Wilkes
Barro by the sickness of his only sister.
Miss Lucy Connor, a graduate of
Emergency hospital, is sick at the hos
pital. Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Evans are enter
taining Mrs. James Hlckel, or Scianton,
and Mrs. Wood, of California, at their
home on Seventh avenue.
The little gianddaughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Speil, of Drunimond ave
nue, Is sick with diphtheria.
Thomas Levlson, who lecentlj retired
from business, will leave for the South
Annual Inventory Sale
V e have concluded our annual Inventory
jf Btoclr, and find we have a gieat many
aeslrablo lengths that we will close out at
much less than cost, to make room for
mil spiing goods that we ure lecelvlng
dully. Hilng the size of your room along
With you If In need of u carpet and we
will guaiunteu )ou a baiguln, as this Is
no humbug sale, A woid us to oui thlitl
annual remnant sale, we huve some short
lengths that we will close out at half
price, hee them, us this sale lasts only
for ten duys. '
Carpets, Wall Papers and Drapsrles,
early In the spring. He ronteniplates
a bicycle tour to California und Teas.
Misses Maggie and Llda NlceJ attend
ed the Youinr Men's Institute banquet
In Scranton last evening.
Mrs. W. 12. Watt was the uuest of
fi lends In Wllkes-Barre ycHteulay.
Hussell Shepherd, who has been 111
with typhoid fever for the past three
weeks, Is Impiovlng.
Miss Julln Morley, of Aichlmld, spent
Thursday with fi lends In tills city.
Frederick Wall, of Factoryville, Is
the guest ot fi lends In town.
William Wilcox, Janitor of tho Salem
avenue schools, fell and Injured his
ankle Thursday evening.
Clarence and Thoinns Moigan spent
Thursduy ut White Oak pond fishing.
They repoi ted good success.
The Biooklyn Dium corps will r?lve
a social In the Burke hall next Mon
day evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Whitfield, of
Washington street, entertained n num
ber of friends at a venison supper a few
evenings ago.
Miss Kntie Agnes Scott, daughter of
Mi. and Mis. J. J. Scott, will be mai
rled to V. J. McDonough, Wednesday
afternoon, Jun. 20, at C o'clock.
A ten-cent supper was given at the
home of Mis. Louis Walters, on Church
street, last eenlng, by the Ladles
Auxiliary to the Biotherhood of Rail
road Tialnmen.
The first gun In the skirmish for
borough olilces was Hied Thursday
night when a "snap" caucus was held
In Father Mathew opera house. It was
published and generally believed that
the general caucus of Democrats would
be held next Monday evening, and the
notices posted some time Wednesday
night, calling a caucus for the next
evening, came, theiefoie, In the natuie
of a surprise. Nevertheless the hull
was crowded to the doors at the time
fixed for the opening of the caucus.
There uppeared to be no sponsois In
the caucus and after some salutation
P. J. Lully consented to call It to ordei.
James P. McAndiew, T. J. Klelty,
Thomas P. Mourn and Mr. Lally him
self weie named for peimanent chali
inan, but neither would accept. Mr.
P. F. Klelty, one of the candidates for
tux collector, then asked leave to speak
and on being granted permission he
questioned the legality of the proceed
ing that lesulted In the call for the cau
cus and stated that he had no desiie
to allow his name to go before It. The
other candidates also seemed to be un
willing to allow their names to be used.
Mi. McDonnell, another of the candi
dates for tax collector, Mr. Timlin, a.
candidate loi buigess, and Thomas J.
Klelty, also addiessed the assemblage
and foi some minutes the candidates
and the audience were at sea. Mi.
Klelty brought order out of the chaos
by offering a resolution to the effect
thut each of the candidates foi geneial
otllces sign an agieement that the gen
eial caucus be held on Mondav even
ing. This was assented to by all and
the meeting dispel sed.
It Is rather unfoitunate that theie
aie no lules governing the holding of
Demociatic caucuses in thlB town.
Each j ear there is a wi angle as to the
light of the candidates for olllce or the
vlgllants to Issue the call and the trou
ble is no neai er settlement today than
it was live years ago. Heretofore the
candidates huve usuull exeiclsed the
privilege and although their conduct
has always been open to question it has
never been tested. It would save much
talk and trouble and be faliei for every
one If theie could be a set of rules
fiamed for the puipose Indicated.
P. J. Boland, who has been spending
the holidays at his home here, returned
to St. Bonaventure's seminary at Al
legany, N. Y yesteiday.
The paients of the children attend
ing the kindergarten assembled at the
building yesteiday morning and met
the founder, Mrs. C. B. Hackley, who
addressed them on the vvoik of the In
stitution. The attendance is increasing
dally and the child! en uie becoming
moie lnteiested in the routine of the
Miss Maty Philbln, of South Scian
ton, called on fi lends heie Thursday.
The Citizens band, of Jeimyn, will
give a ijiand concert at St. Thomas'
fair this evening. This is one of the
best bands in this pait of the state and
the pi ogi amine they will Interpiet will
be well w oi th listening to. Thuisday
evening the gold watch was disposed
of. It was won by Nellie Uglow, of Hill
street. The door pilze, $5, was won by
Miss Maiy Kearney, of Salem stieet.
The Second ward Demociatic caucus
was held In Father Mathew Opeia
house last evening. It was largely at
tended and a very heavy vote was
polled. Chairman John J. Banett
called the meeting to older, and James
r. McAndrevv was elected peimanent
chairman; T. W. Loftus, secretary, and
Thomas Moran, P. J. Munley, James
Coughlln and Mart Mahady tellets
The candidates for council were Kd
waid F. Munley and Michael Dean and
vote was so very close that it was nec
esaiy to take a second ballot. Mr Mun
ley was nominated by a majority of
one, his vote being HI to to 140 foi Mi
Dean. For school director John J Bai
lett and W. F. Cumings weie candi
dates for the nomination Mr. Cum
mlngs was successful, the vote being
Cummlngs 147, Banett 142. Theie was
no opposition to the nomination of
Patilck Mahon for judge and James
Maily for Inspector of election, nnd
they weie nominated by acclamation.
Mr. Mahon called attention to the need
of a change In the manner of making
party nominations and suggested that
the Crawford county system be adopt
ed. The chairman also favored It and
A. F. McNulty was called upon to ex
plain ltB operation. He did so nnd It
was decided to bring the matter up for
further consldeiatlon at the general
caucus to be held on Monday evening
The caucus was very ordetly and not
the slightest friction occuired.
All the collieries of the Pennsylvania
Coal company In the vicinity will re.
Kiime work on Monday
The Hillside Coal and Iron companjy
w ill pay Its employes today.
The Ladles' Auxiliary of the St. Aloyl
sius society, will meet on Monday even
The 'Ancient Order of HlbeinlAns,
Board of America, will meet on Suiiday
alter noon, ,
A Democratic caucus will be hId in
Herbert's hall on Monday evening to
nominate hoiough ollicers foi th ensu
ing yeai. It Is to be hoped thot every
adherent to the patty will be p'esent.
The mairlage of James Walslj, of this
place, and Maigaiet Raj, of OJd Forge,
Is announced to take place inthe near
future. (
A class In physical cultun' will be
organized at the high school ils after
noon. Piofessor Klace, of Plosion, w 111
confer with the members awl complete
arrangements. j
Richard T. O'Mallev left ester day to
spend a few mouths In Ke,!isas City.
John Whalen, accompanied by his
guest, Henry MeGraw, of Newpoit, R.
I., left on Thuisday evening to resume
their studies In St. MWhael's college,
Adolphus Ludvvlg.ageJ about 15 years,
nn employe at the Lnngcllffe colliery,
was neilously Injured on Wednesday
afternoon by being kicked with ti mule
In the abdomen. He was removed to his
home In Duriea.
Mis. II. Brooks, of Lallln, was a
visitor in town on Thuisday.
The following ofllcois of the Ladles'
Catholic Beneficial association weie
Installed at a itcent meeting: Presi
dent, MIsh Mary A. Qulnn; first vice
president, Miss Kate Gibbons; second
ice president, Mis. Mary Mead; record
er, Miss Kate Dempsey; financial sec
retary, Mrs. M. Whalen; treasure!, Mrs.
Annie Osborne; mnishnl, Mrs. Clara A.
Barrett, guard, Mrs Mary A. Barrett,
trustees. Mis. Winnie McDonald, Mrs.
Kate Hogan, Mis. B. Clark, Mrs. Bi Id
get Can oil, Miss Nellie L Callahan.
On Wednesday evening Joseph Code,
of the West Side, sustained a fractured
limb by falling on the Ice He was
removed to his homo and Dr. Plei sum
moned who succeeded In alleviating his
sufferings and setting the broken patts
Mi. and Mrs. L'dwurd Reynolds, ot
York avenue, are entertaining a daugh
ter. M. F. Whalen has returned homo from
Mahanoy City, vvheie ho uttended the
funeial of a lelatlve.
Mia. C. Stegmaiei, of Wllkes-Bane,
vas a visitor in town yesteiday.
The Canle Stanley Bums Comedy
company will appear In O'Mullov's. op
eia house In u four nights' engagement.
The company eonus well lecoiiimended.
On Monda, evening they will pioduce
the sensational comedy entitled "After
Dark "
A musical contest and supper will
take place at the Primitive Methodist
church orr Tuesday ev erring, Jan. 21!,
when the following pi eductions will be
competed foi : Solo, "A Beam of Sun
shine," foi i hlldien from 10 to it jears
of age; "In the Seciet of His Piesence, '
tor" adults. Both selections aie found
In Gospel Hvmiis, Nos. 5 and G Recita
tion, "The Diama of Thiee" from Stand
aid Recitations, No. 9. Gold tiophles
will be presented to the winners Tick
ets to supper and contest, 25c.
The lesult of the Republican caucus
held In the Second waid of Blakely last
night was as follows: For judge of
election, James Nichols, 119 (no oppo
sition), Inspector of election, Uwjljm
Evans, 108, Evan Davis, 5C; school dl
iectoi, Maclay, 17J (no opposition),
council. Wiliuirr V. Davis, 123, George
W. Williams, C!
Misses Anna Blown and Mary Cai -bine
attended the entertainment of
the Christian Doctilne society ut Piov
Idence Thursday evening
The Vltascope company will appeal at
the Father Mathew opeia house next
Wednesday evening Tho vltascope Is
an electrical apparatus with lights to
throw figuies noon a canvns on the
stage, which Is ti allied to lesemble a
pictuie. When the theatei is daikened
life size pictures aie projected upon the
canvas, and aie so leal and the motions
aie so natural that It Is haul to leallze
that they aie not actuallj alive. The
vltascope will be seen at the Academy
of Mulc In Scianton Monday and
Tuesday evenings of net week.
Edwaid Feiguson and John Dough
el ty i etui ned to St. Bonaventure's col
lege, Allegany, N. Y, Thuisdav morn
ing. A child of Thomas O'Hara, of Dun
tnore stieet. Is 111 with diphtheria.
Regulai seivleesofSt George's mis
sion will be held In Edwuids" hall to-
President Isaac Lewis of Subinn, Ohio,
is liiglilv l expected all tliiouyli Unit
section, lie- lias lived in Clinton Co.
7.5 veaix, and hub been picsidenf of
tho'Subina liairk 20 joaii. Ie gladly
testifres to the niuiit of Hood's btuvn
puiillu, and what lie savs is worthy
attention. All biain woikeis find
Hood's Saisiipuiillu peculiarly adapted
to their needs. It makes pine, lich,
led blood, and tioni this comes nerve,
mental, bodilv and digestive tienfth.
"I am glad to say that Hood's Sarsapa
rilla is a very good medicine, especially
as a blood purifier. It has done me good
many times. For several jears I suffered
greatly with paiiiB ot
in one eje and about my temples, es
pecially at night when I had been having
a hard day of physical and mental labor.
I took many remedies, but found help only
in Hood's Sarsaparilla which cured moot
rheumatism, neuralgia and headache.
Hood's Sarsaparilla has prov ed itself a true
friend. I also tako Hood's Pills to keep
my bowels regular, and like the pills
very much." Isaao Lewis, Sabina, Ohio.
Isthe One Truu Hlood Purifier. AlldrugglsH $1.
l'repireilonl h C I Hood Co, I owell.Muss.
u i rn are prorupt, etlicieut and
nOOUS FlIlS eus In effect. Scents
Every shoe mentioned
it cost either the jobber or the
Hen's Shoes.
"",0 pair .Men's Stucy, Adams & Co,s
niu Mioes, loRiilai pike tiin voild over
$5.00 to $0 00, CUT TO 'IMI
SG0 pair Men'b Calf Shoos, calf lined,
vv 01 th i CO, CUT TO st.tii
"J pall Men's Wlntei flusHet Shoes,
vvoith $J50, CUT TO $1.9S
350 pair Men's Call Shoes, all toes,
worth $J.C0, CUT TO $1.3
CG0 Men's Diesa Shoes, vvoith $1 50,
CUT TO !)Sc.
i Esq lP$ ffizt
E myjJM&
The above is but a faint idea of the many bargains.
before buying elsewhere aud you will surely save mouey by
N. H, Look for nti-ric aud
morrow afternoon at 4 o'clock. Rev.
Rogets Israel, of Scranton, wlllv con
duct he set vice. Sunday school at l
o'clock. All ate coidlally Invited.
Miss Maggie Fltzpatilck, who has
been seriously III for the past tew
weeks, Is slowly Impiovlng,
The Heptosophs' annual banquet will
he given on Washington's birthday,
Fein tint y 22.
The ladles of the Congiegntlonal
church will hold a "Match" social and
entertainment on Tuesday and Wed
nesday evening, rebiuaiy 9 and 10.
Tickets are out for sale.
Miss Jeunette Williamson, of Pitts
ton, who has been the guest of Mr.
nnd Mis. D. Hairis, has returned home.
This afternoon the polls of each ward
will be open. from 4 to 7 o'clock to
elect tax collector, buigess, auditor and
high constable. For the olllce of tax
collector a. hot fight Is being made. The
candidates are the present tax collec
tor, John D. Jones, Alonzo Hendeishot,
James Moirls and David J Harris. For
buigess the candidates are making
things hum. Attorney James IS Wat
kins, William G How ells, C. H. Van
Horn and Druggist John W. Reese, nre
tho candidates. Foi auditor theie arc
William Nelger, Thomas J. Hughes and
George Marsh. For high constable,
Mortis Davis wants a re-election. Ills
opponent Is Thomas J. Powell.
Set vices at tho Calvary Baptist
church tomorrow will be held nt the
usual hours Dr. H. II. Hants will of
ficiate at both services. Morning ser
mon at 10 SO a. m. Subject, "The Ones
of the Creation." Sunday school at 2
o'clock. Evening sermon at C p. in.
Subject, "The Hundred Fold." Every
body Is coidlullv Invited
Thomas H. Davis, of Old Forge,
wishes to announce himself as a candi
date for the olllce of tax collector for
Old Forge township, subject to the Re
publican ticket.
Michael Ryan, of Oak street, was
seilously Injured yesteiday while at
his vvoik In the Aichbald mine, by fall
ing roof.
The funeral of Mrs. John Welsenlluh,
wife of John Welsenlluh, took pluce
yesteiduy afternoon and was Iaigely
attended Services were conducted at
the house. Rev. A. Weber officiated.
Whether itching, burning, bleeding, scaly,
crusted, pimply, or blotchy, whether simple
scrofulous, or heredltarj.fromlnfanc to age,
speedily cured bj warm baths wlthCirricuiiA
Soai, gentle anolntim;'! with Cuticuka (oint
ment), tho great skin cure, and mild doses
of CcTicuitA KcsoLVENT, greatest of blood
purifiers and humor cures.
Ii oM thronghont the world. PonuDiroiiDCnia.
Cohp , Sole Propn . Un.ton
ajp-" llow to Caret" verjr Dloal Humor," free.
CAPC UIIMnDC FHins Ilnlr and Dullj Diem
rflllt tlUlYlUna libra cured bj Cuilcum Boip.
Vonufactured at the Wapwallopen Mill
Luzernw county. Pa , and at Wil
mington, Delaware.
General Agent for tho Wyoming District.
118 WYOMINQ AVENUE, Scranton, Pa.
Third National Bank Building.
THOS. FORD. Plttston, Pa.
JOHN 13 SMITH & SON, Plymouth, Pa.
E. W. MULLIGAN, Wllkes-Barre. Pa.
Agents for tho Repauno Chemical Com.
Oany's Ulsh Explosives.
oxo located the finest fishlns and hunting
grounds In the world. Descriptive books
on application. Tickets to all points In
Maine, Canada and Maritime Provinces,
Minneapolis, St. Paul, Canadian and
United States Northwest, Vancouver,
Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Ore., San
First-Class Sleeping and Dining: Cars
' dttnphM tn nil frirmiErht Irrilna TniiHa.
cars fully fitted with bedding, curtains
and specially adapted to wants of families
may be had with second-class tickets.
Rates always less than via other lines.
For further Information, time tables, etc.,
on application to
E. V. SKINNER, Q. E. A..
353 Broadway, New York.
in our advertisement today
n H yl llli Ess fc
i-vv ex V J
err; i .r.. fgJJS
' 11 iiiwr
uuuibur aud make uo mistake with
H fiS.i,vit--,isj
Absolutely Pure.
Celolnatod for Its gloat lo.wonlnp strength
and licAlthfuliios.. Assure tho fool nKnluat
iilum and all forms ot adulteration common
to tho cheap brands
IIOVAI, 1IAK1NO I'OVtrJl'rt CO , NI'.V, 10UK.
Interment vvni made In the Foi est
Home cemetery.
Don't foi get to attend the perform
ance entitled "The Midnight Chaige,"
this evening ut Weber's rink. Admis
sion, 'ih cents.
Daniel Jenkins, of liar her town, will
be u candidate for supervisor.
T. J. Stevvutt visited Scranton on
Fi Iday.
The Delawaie, Lnckvvanna and West
ern Halhoad conipanj has a gang of
men lepalrlng the Lckavvanna station
i Cheapest, Because the Best ,
Rend for that little book, "Infant
IlLnlth:" LTLflt valuu tn mnhh.rv Sunr
rBt" N. Y. Condensed Milk Co.
y 11 Hndson Street, Hew York (j
And Suits
See our windows for vvotidrously
low prices in Trouserings. Now
is the time to enjo) the luxury
of a perfect fit and pctfect work
manship at the price of teady
madc goods.
One door from our old stand to
the left of The Arcade instead of
the right. Our increasing busi
neis required more room, which
shows that the people appreciate
low prices, good workmanship
and honest dealing.
Wi J. DAVIS. ModernMUIiods In
Ui u. "nriu, MercliontTallorlriE
213 Wyoming Avenue.
Alderman 8th Ward, Scranton
OFFICE HOT'RS from 7 20 a. m. to 9 p.
m. (1 hour Intermission for dinner and
Particular Attention divert to Collection.
Prompt Settlement Guaranteed. our Bust.
nes Ik Respectfully Solicited, telephone 134.
will be sold at about half what
Ladies' Shoes.
375 pair Ladles' Fine Handtuined
Shoes, Gray Hiotlieis,' make. reRUlar
fcellllis pi Ice $5.00 to $3 00, A, 13, P and D
vs Idths, CUT TO 2 OS
r.75 pair Ladles' Fine Shoos, ranging In
pi ices f 1 0111 U 00 to $4 0U, CUT TO $1 9S
jJ7 pair Ladles' $2.00 shoes,
CUT TO $1 3fl
1,100 pall Ladies' Tine Diess Shoes,
heel and spiing: heel, worth $1 50,
200 palis Uos' shoes,
CUT TO $1.25 AND 9Sp
Misses and Children's Shots cut to al
most not hint?. SUes 11 to 2 at 4'Je , 5
to S at .'19c.
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Lack. Avenue
other houses same name.
E w 1 .
wnai saran oernnaru aiiy.- j
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Fall in
421 Lackawanna Avenue.
Axmiiistcrs, fonnerlj $1. j.s,
Now $1.00
Body Btussels, fotmcily, 1.25,
Now 0c
Velvets, formeily 05c, NOW ?5c
Tap Brussels, formeily 85c,
Now i5c
Brussels, formerly 75c, NOW 00C
Brussels, At 40c tUKl 50C
All wool Ingrains, fotmcily 65c,
Now 50c
Ingrains, formerly 50c, NOW 10C
Ingrains, formerly 40c, NOW 23c
Carpets and
Special Attention Given to Business and Per
sonal Accounts.
Liberal Accommodations Extended According
to Balances and Responsibility.
3 Interest Allowed on Interest Deposits.
I Clothing
n Cre
T Than to pay cash. Just
If a niau has plenty of
cash when he buys.
have not the ready money.
At These Reductions :
$ 8.00
$ 5.90 4
6.90 $
11.90 4
ESB rent aav v
We make no clearance sale announce
rnents In order to get rid of a lot of unde
sirably stock. It seems somewhat strango
that so many of our neighbor merchunta
come out with (laming announcements of
remarkable reductions In all their line of
goods about this season of tho jear. Do
ou not think those cleat nnco sales some
what deceptive? Not that our merchants
would do It intentionally, but they nro
simply resorting to a custom that has
become popular and catches the eye. Wo
havo an extiuordlnary advuntage In that
We at all times sell oui goods at the low
est possible llgures, and us a result com
mand a big trade, winter, summer, spring
and autumn, dull seasons and brisk sea
sons. The Immense business that wo do
enables ns to sell the newest articles lit
the market. We do not wait until an ar
ticle Is shop-worn before wo reduce our
pi Ices.
We Fix Our Prices on
a Right Basis at
the Start.
consequently we require no clearance sale
or other deceptive means of bringing tho
people In to be hoodwinked. Cull and sea
It the above assertion Is not true In eviiry
And oblige, yours truly,
3 yards 3 jards, $0 75, NOW $3.00
3 ards x 3 i-2 yards, ?7.88,
Now $5.90
3 jards 4 yards, 9.00, NOW $0.75
Stair Cat pet in 2-4, 58 and 3.4
widths at 15c, 20c, 25c, 30c, 40c,
50C. Also a full line of Three Ply
and Agu Carpets at equally low
2 12 aids 3 yards, 5.03,
Now $4.25
N & CO.
In this world. One of the
strangest of all is 'that some
men think it costs more to
why this is so nobody will ever
cash it's all right for him to
But the trouble is that many
Here in this store we sell
Clothing both on credit and
for cash. The price is the
same, whichever way you
buy. The important thing
to remember is that our
garments are up-to-date,
reliable and good in every
way. Come in auy time
and see the stock.
4 225-227 Wyoming Avenue,

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