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Copyilght, 1807,
The naiintor of tho story, who h-m ro
'cntly Mp(nt n. eu und n hair in CtilM,
win to lio has nimlu many fileiidi ami lull
( n hi love with a Cuban girl, Is engaged bv
tlir edltoi ot tho UnlciHt! to accompany
u MllliiistcrliiK ile.iiiiur, with a cargo of
Mipplle, to the Island. HimnceN the second
in if o, one Tliotnpon, nt tho wharf, on a
rinik night, iind together they lioinl tho
fteamei. Tlio latter stmts nnd on tin
vuj.ige Thompson and the narrator become
qmto fiiendl.v. The steimer appinachis
hp Cuban blioru at night, and theio are
' i II atlons ot n huulnnnp. She seeks
1 1 tin In a b-iv, but Is sin prised and llred
mi bv i Spinlsh -tunbont, and, milking tor
tl ( m i, receive the full loiro of tho Inn
il an. The 11 u ratm and Thompson aro
on In , when 1 md Is diioveierl directly
all ad Thompson vvntns the nauutor
that thej will strike bottom In llo min
utes. PART III.
It was a ritioei scn.tllon--only tnnt,
aft r all. t Miould lme cxpeeted to
f 1 veiv fllllot(-nt when I IiL'.ml that
I hod onlv flvo minutes moiu to live.
1 u sonn'hiiw nt the time It did not
f ii iif mo as ytiaiiKo nt all I vvuiideied
rt lit tit? what Thompson could mean by
uski is mo to stick by him. foi. look
It i- c ul on Hint seethliiK vwi'te unlive
f water, tin le did not npponi to bo
iiuch tliokc. Anyhow lie staved bo
Uric niu, and theie was a feolliiR (it
icimfoil in the sonso of conipanv. Ho
Riuspod the btilwuik Just in fiont ot
in and waited. After a minute or two,
iluiitiK which he was looking fixedly
iliead, I saw htm begin to unbutton the
hiik lucltet he had on, nnd shulllo lilj
feet as if ho weie looseniiift his shoes.
I tempi chendcil him without tho of
'ort of thought, and followed his e
mple. AVe weie- standing within a
t w leet of tho blidgo, and the ladder
as within a yard of Thompson's hand.
tVhen he had slnken off his bhoes, ho
aimed his head and looked at me. Then
s.e nodded, and pointed to the ladder.
Mv eves followed his motion; I mulct -htood
what he meant, again. Then we
w -iit"d
I wondeicd if anyliody hid told thorn
! low. I don't suppose they had, or
tlvy would have been on duck, but,
.ittPi nil, it did not seem to mttttei.
I'm imps Thomnsou hnd been sent to
f le them warning, but, if so, he never
dclieiod his message he only stood
bv me and waited It was not for many
minutes, nnd I supptse Thompson had
ically known almost exactly whole we
weip when he said the minutes.
it came at I ist so suddtnly that oen
to me who expected it the shock was
tPiiible. Thue was a sudden 1ar that,
foi the moment, involved ppij thing in
n common confusion. I clung with ft an
tic eneigy to tl.e staunchion and shut
mj eves. 1 could not close my pais,
however, to the wild confused yell that
niose funn the doomed vessel, In which
the cinsh and creak and snapping of
tlnibci and lion was hoiiibly mingled
with ciies of drspaltlng human beings,
and tho lleice, tilumphant scieim of
the stoim, and the sullen clash of the
nit re Hess sea. Even in that moment
ol tenor, I felt somebody giasp me bv
the 'ii m, and opening my bewildeied
c yes, I saw that it was Thompson.
"Come!" lie shouted, In a tone so
v. lid and slit HI, that I heard It above
all the pandemonium of sounds, and
the next moment I hnd allowed him to
diag me fiom the bulwnik to the lad
der which now swung loosely funn the
wiecked lemains of the bildge. I
clutched wildly n,t tho ghostlj -looking
lndder and held on. Anothet moment,
and something stiuck me; something
daik, ovei whelming nnd iiiesistlble. I
kinvv nothing but a sensation of rush
ing tlnoUtjh space; I felt nothing but a
wild desire to cling with every eneigy
of soul and body to the frail suppott
to which I had tiansf erred my ginsp.
Theie was a hoarse loaiing sound In
my cms and brain, which gradually
died away Into silence.
I opened my eyes, and to my aston
ishment it was daylight once more. I
vvns lying on soft, white sand, on n
ehnrply sloping beach, and my head
was resting on the breast of a man who
lay stretched on the sand fast asleep,
with his dnik head pillowed on one of
his arms It was my comrade, Thomp
flon. 1 sat up unci looked around eag
eily. We weie quite alone. Ovei head,
the sky was coveied with a wild drift
of broken clouds that huulod along In
lagged masses, but where we lay it
was almost calm. Not twenty ynrds
fiom wheie we were, the water bioke
musically In little waves on the white
hand and moved a number of daik ob
jects that lose and fell on tho Eiitfnce
of the little bay. I tried to rise, but
found that my limbs were stiff, and
that I moved with dltllculty. The noise
I made woke my companion, who In
stantly sat up. When his eyes fell on
me, I noticed that his facn lighted up
jvith a look of quick relief, and he
mutteied something which sounded
like Spanish or Latin, though I could
not make out the vvoids. In another
moment, he had started to his feet and
come to my assistance. It all came
back to mo at once, as he laid his
giusp on my arm nearly the last sen
uation of which I had been conscious.
"The others" I gasped, looking nppeul
Ingly Into my companion's face. Ho
glanced quickly at the sea and made a
slight, but significant motion ot his
OK ...
by Hugh II. Luok.
hnnd towatd the water, lly eyes fol
lowed the motion, nnd theie among
lloatlng timbers and bioken cases 1
saw a body.
Wo got that body ashore and buried It
In tht' soft sand, and then there was
nothing moi e that we could do. Coat
less, hatless, and shoeless, as we wete,
It was necessaiy that we should seek
foi food and shelter. Thompson said so,
iiikI it was so ev Ident that he was light,
that I ninde no demur and wo started.
The countiy seemed to bo familiar to
my comiade, and we soon found our
way fiom the secluded beach on which
vp had been thrown up, ovei a wooded
ridge, Into what had been a cultivated
countty, now dcseited by the Inhabi
tants. My companion explained that,
although within less than forty miles
of Havana Itself, It had been the scene
of a rebel raid two months befoie that.
It was evident that theie were not
many people of the superior classes left,
but by and by ve succeeded In getting
both food and shelter nt the house of nn
overseei, besides a good deal of syin
1 athy as shipwrecked sailois fiom the
When, at last, wo staited to find our
way to the capital, wp had obtained
both shoes and hats, and, In the com so
ot our long two-days' tramp, we weie
foituinte enough to get substitutes
foi the coats wo had dlscauled. It was
mv comrndp who thought of an expla
nation of our appeal ance on the coast,
which he warned me was our only pass
poit to liberty, and from time to time
he lepeatt'd the story of the shlpvvieck
of the schooner Tiaveler, on her voy
age fiom Kingston to Key "West, till
be th of us weie familiar with the char
acter in which we weie to appeal, if
questioned. In spile of this, we weie
caieftil to avoid Spanish guaids and
paticls, ot whim there vveto plenty on
neailv every load, and made oui walk a
good deal longer in leaving the ioad to
avoid the llsk of meeting them. The
mole I thought of It, the stionger had
become my feelings of giatitude to my
companion, foi the effoi ts ho had made
to save my life, and I was leadily ie
signed myself to his guidance, only
pi utilising myself that, when we
leached Ilavann.I would make some at
tempt to lepay him foi his good olhees
1 had ft lends there, I said to my-elf,
and 1 was conscious of a keen sense of
delightful anticipation, ns I contemplat
ed the welcome which I hoped to le
celve fiom at least one peison. I till
nf i aid that it went far to leconcile me
at once to the falluie of my mission foi
the "Unlveise," nnd to the fate of my
unfoi lunate shipmates It Is mai v clous
how quickly the Itituio can obliterate
the past, especially the futuie ladlant
with hope, when set ngainst a back
gtouiiil that is daik and somber.
Thompson was to take me to a place
of safety, wheie he said that fiieijds
of his would shelter me foi a day or
two, till we could anange, elthei for
my safety in Havana, or tor some
method of getting away. As we stole
Into the subuibs, Just befote moonilse,
I could not but feel giateful for the
cleverness and care he had taken to
lnsuie my safety. It was daik the
soft languoious dnikness of an almost
bieezeless tioplcal night, when ull nn
tuie seems to be waiting tor the ilslng
of the moon and I soon began to
fancy that oven In the Uaikness I
could lecognlye some of the vvWl-ie-membered
landmniks of the place
War seemed not to have touched It at
all, and It would have been hard, In
deed, to Imagine anything mote peace
ful than the scene dimly vls'hle In the
shadows of the tteps Yet, sutely, I
knew the place. Anothet minute, and
I was eel tain of it. We weie in the
grounds T remembered so well, nnd
that shadowy building that could be
dimly traced among the tros was the
white villa ot Senor Castollano, ray
own nnd my lather's filend.
I stopped for a moment to ipeover
from the shock of the surmise, ,nnd
glanced quickly at my companion,
who was already a stop or two In ad
vance, ns something like n feeling of
doubt liashed tluough my mind
Thompson had spoken of his friends,
and I had lightly concluded that theie
was a lady in the case, although he
had not said so; and now what If It
weie so? What If this man who had
saved my llfe--for I knew that he must
have ddne so by his exertions what If
this man were a thai? A thousand
tales of the readiness with which glils
can forget the absent flashed through
my mind, and for a moment I was
ready to believe ajiythlng.
Thompson looked buck, and noticed
my hesitation "Come along," he said
In a low tone; "this Is the place."
I followed him mechanically toward
tho house. Most of the windows weie
dark, but, ns wp came In sight of the
side of the well known building, I saw
thut a bioad band or light sti earned
from a Fiench window which opened
on a small piazza that was moie than
half bulled In gorgeous creepeis I
paused again for an Instant; indeed, 1
felt ns If I daied not go on. How often
I had sat on that pluza! How often I
had wandered on Just such a night as
that under the slmdows of the pnlms!
My companion nppeaied haidly to le
member my presenco now, but stepped
eagerly foiwaid to the light. As he put
his foot on the step It seemed to me
that he did It like one who felt sure of
his welcome, and n hot smalt passed
through mo as I looked he hnlf turned
nnd beckoned me to tollow. I did rso
like ti man In a dream, nnd In another
moment I stood on the well-iemem-beied
The window wns thrown widely open,
nnd In another Instant 1 caught sight
of an nnn nnd a shoulder, nnd a head
bent down, as Its owner gnred at some
thing In her lap. "Senorlta Mnrgail
tn," my companion almost whispered
In n low tone yet there vvns something
Indescilbnbly sweet to my enr In the
sound of the fit st wotd. To me, nt nny
into, she had not been "senoritn," nnd
my heat t bounded at the woul, which
In a single moment gave me back all I
feared 1 had lost. Sho started and
looked up qulckjy. "Ah, Tomnso," she
exclaimed, swinging to hei feet, "My
good Tonlnso, so you hnAe loturned."
She held out her two hands with the
graceful action I knew so well, nnd my
heurt bounded ugnln, ns I felt thnt the
tone ppiesed friendship, Indeed, but
nothing mote. Thompson stepped lor-
waul with a grace which ceitalnlv
suited the name Tomnso better than
that by which I had known him, and
bent to kiss one of the hands she held
out She lifted her eyes at the mo
ment, nnd thev tested on me. as I
stood baie-headed In the entinnce of
the open window. Snatching he! hand
away, she put It to hei blow, as she
gnred at me with open lips for a ma
ment, and then exclaimed: ".lullano!
Hnve J ou indeed i etui tied''"
Thompson seemed scaicely to have
noticed the sudden way In which Mili
um ltd had withdiawn her hand, for he
had stooped to pick up fiom the llooi
the photogiauh nt which she had been
gazing so Intently, at the moment we
suipilsed her, but nt her exclamation,
which was nhnost a cty, he turned
quickly with It in his hand.
"Jullano!" he exclaimed, "you know
him then? And this this Is his plc
tuie, too ah." At the moment he
spoke, she spiang past him, and befote
either of us well knew what we weie
doing, I had tluovvn my aims iound
he. and cI'hwi, her to my heut, v. bile
she nun muted softly: "Jullano, Jull
ano." It was at least a minute befoie T
looked up, but when I did so it was to
see Thompson standing like a man
turned to stone, but with his- face
stiangely dlstotted by passion, so that
for the moment I should hatdly have
known him. As his eye caught mine,
his expiesslon alteied suddenly to a
smile, and mutteiing, hastily: "Ah, ex
cuse me, I will not Intel nipt," he
dtopped the photogtaph on the Hoot,
and, betoie I saw his intention, passed
suddenly tluough the open window and
To be Concluded.
Republished fiom the Scianton Truth by
Special Itecpjcst.
A conespomlenco between the honorable
Judge's of Lackawanna county, and Mr A.
H. -McColhim, my attorney, which the
Judges have thpuhht proper to publish, ic
quiios on m pail a shot t iepl. The pio
piiety of the Judges wilting a lettei to my
attorney at all is at least questionable,
but the pioptiety of theli using tow aid
my attorney In their letter the following
thieatenlng language, Is fm mole Hum
questionable They say to him
"Although a lesldeut In an adjoining
county, you hivo been duly udmltted to
tho b u of this county, and uie entltltd to
piactlee at any time In the courts heie
With this pi Iv liege, however, you have as.
sumed the couespondlng duty of 'fidelity
to tho com t." and you cannot but bo
aw ate that no couit woithy of the mine
can poimlt its Justice and Integilty to bo
aspeised In this way without calling coun
sel to account foi It."
This Is a most fotelble demand on my
attorney to withdiaw fiom the case And
that It was effective will uppcu fiom a
statement of the facts, which ate thee.
The case or Bums vs. Smith, and the dls
bdiiuent case, glow out of pteelsely tho
same state of acts; and a statement of
the facts 111 the one case, would neeessatily
be a statement of the facts in the otlui.
The facts weie Hist stated In tho iiaper
bo.ok In the disbaiment ease. In regatd to
the statement of tile facts In the disbai
ment ease Mr McColhim was consulted,
and the statement was entfiely satisfac
toiy to him. In pupating the paper book
in tho limns case It was not deemed neces
saiy to consult him a second time, about
a statement of the same facts, he living
in anothet eountv. The facts stated In the
limns piper book aie In words, neaily.
In substance stiktli the same as the
facts stated In the paper book In the dis
baiment (ase About the middle of De
cembei, lMXi, I sent Ml. McCollum a papei
Poi at least one month I lienrd not tho
slightest Intimation of any objection on
his pait. Hut Just three days alter the
Judges had sent him theli thieutenlng fet
ter, viz. Jan 17, 1897, I leceivetl fiom him
a letter intoiming mo that ho would with
diaw from the c i.p
J have sulllclent lonlldence In Mr. Mc
Collum to believe tint It he withdlew fiom
the case, because the statement in tho
p.tpei book was objectionable, and not on
account of tho Judges' tlneaUning lettei,
he would on the lecelpt of the papei book
have given mo notice to that effect so that
I might have sulllclent time to employ
other counsel and would not have waited
until it was too lute foi that purpose
The Judges must know if It Is an olfonse
for a biwyei to thi eaten a Judge as to tho
perfoi in nice of his olilclal clut) , thut it Is
equally so for a Judge to thi eaten a law
yer us to the peifoimance of his ofliclal
duty. They must know that If two or
mote persons consplie, together to foue,
by thteat, or othetvvlse, an attorney liom
the perform meo of his olilclal duty, that
It is an offense And If two oi moro
Judges should consplro to do the samo
thing, It Is also an offense I am not d's
posed to blame Mr. McCollum. Most men
fear tho ruin of themselves and their fam
ilies I have feared It myself, and noth
ing short of Inexotablo duty to my client
could fotco mo to voluntatlly accept de
struction. I was forced to make a choice
between duty on tho ono sldo and ruin
on the other. I chose the formet ut the
cost of the lattei And there aie many
good men w ho w 111 bellev o my choice was
not a wlto one, jet 1 cannot so regard it
Whllo tho choice will strip mo of pro
fession and piopetty, It will leavo me my
honor and mv manhood
Having no desire to Involvo othcis In
my misfortunes. Were I not dlsbiiued
I would prefer to light alone, as I have
done for seven yeais. Hut being silenced
this Is not possible. And while I am thus
helpless I submit to tho Judgement of all
fair-minded pel sons that the Judges, In
dlsatmlng a fallen foe, have gotio too far.
t'ndei such a condition most men would
disdain to strike.
Cornelius Smith.
i '
Susqiictianna Fishermen Sec Eels and
TrngcUy nt Iiniic'slioro--A row Snnp
Shots Along tllu Itnllroad "Mutters
of Interest Concerning tho IMe.
A Ileal Horned. Snake Appears nt
Hulf Summit.
Special Coirespoiulcnco of The Tribune.
Susquehanna, Feb. 9 William Pe
tetson, and Sam Waltcis weie out
picket el llshlug on the Susquehanna
above Lansboro on Satuulay. Their
luck was poor, line after lino being
pulled up nnd found bnte of both bait
and fish. Appi caching the last line they
found, on beginning to pull It up, that
they had hooked a monstet. The smug
gles of the eel weie vety stiong,
but they saw at last only a pound
wtlggler on the line. Dtawlng the eel
neai or to the sin race they neatly
fainted In astonishment at seeing on
the eel a turtle weighing ten pounds
After a few minutes deft work, a
hoe was placed under the tin ties shell
and It was laid upon the Ice. He had
swallowed about six- Inches of the eel,
nnd piefened to be cnptuied lather
than give up his ptey.
Monttosp sighs for a new boaid of
ttade, and, Incidentally, mote fnc
totles. Hopbottom will have a dlstilct Sab
bath school convention on Wednesday.
The Ilutfotd rail will this year be
held September 2'J, 110.
Noith litidcewater is to have a
Methodist chinch. Somewhcio In the
United States a Methodist chuich Is
built every day.
Joseph r. Foi an, an able young lavv
ver, has lemoved liom Montiose to
Foi est City.
Two Susquehanna county young men
arc In the county jail for being hus
bands and not husbands.
The lit othet hood of Locomotive Flie
mett have paid Mis Maty Dellehanty,
of Hallstead, $l,u00 Insutance on the
life of her son, Edward, killed In a
wieck In September.
Our Congt essman Codding will see
that seeds uie furnished to pet sons In
the dlstilct applying betoie Feb. L'u.
While the family of William Finn,
of Klveiside, near "Gt eat liend, was
eating dinner, a few days since, Mi.
Finn gluiued out of the window and
was suipilsed to see a fox In the dooi
yaul, playing and sciaplng acquaint
ance' with the house eat. Ml. Finn
tapped on the window pane with his
hand, when Hey mud sped back to the
hills. Seveial of the animals have le
cently appealed neat the dwellings in
the outsklits, of Great Bend.
'Twas midnight.
Midnight In Lansboio
A solitary hoiseman was seen ap
pioachlng with a Jug.
Out fiom behind a lum'uei pile sneak
ed a shott, daik flguie.
'Twas the avengei!
"Halt!" tang out on the clear night
The hotseman stopped shoit.
For he had been shutt stop In a base
ball club.
And the avengei ciled:
"You stole my ctosscut saw!"
"iou stole my dog'"
"You stole my wife!"
"My hour of tiiumph has come!"
A tenlble thwack btoke the stillness
and the Jug.
With a wild cry of despair the hoise
man put spins to his steed und quick
ly disappeaied
He was lirett lev ably mined.
For he came fiom Stnokey Hollow.
And the jus contained alcohol!
The St. Vincent de Paul Society will
give a chatlty entei talnment on
Ihutsday evening, Februaiv in,
The public school at Hlckoty Gtove
has been closed on account of an epi
demic nf whooping cough.
Font teen persons were lectivod Into
metnbeiship in the Ptesbyteiian chinch
on Sunday.
Lincoln and Cartel's "Fast Mall" I?
the Opeta House uttiuction Febiuaty
The Opeia House management on
Fiiday evening tequested ladles to le
move theli hats. Two young ludles
The lilnirhamton Disttict Ministerial
Association of the "Wyoming Methodist
Confeience will hold a meeting in the
Oakland Methodist chuich, March 1st
and 2d.
"Stop, conductor; I've lost my hat!"
yelled a passenger yestetday. "How
long ago did you lose It?" asked the
conductor. 'Til teen minutes," wus the
leply. "Lucky that you spoke so
soon," said the conductor as the tialn
backed up half a mile.
Roadmo'-ter Van Fiank, of the Sus
quehanna Division of the Etle, has le
slgned Theie is a lloatlnir minor that the
Montiose Railway will be extended to
A latge amount of Eiie repair woik
is being sent to the Baldwin locomo
tive wotks In Philadelphia, What ef
fect will this have upon the Susque
hanna shops next sunimet ?
The geneial leyoit of the Etle Rail
road companv foi December, 1S9G, the
(list month of the leorganlzed com
pany's (Heal yeai, shows gtoss earn
ings, $J,rJ6,GU, a dec tease as compaied
with the couespondlng month in 181)3,
Tha Cottolene trndo limrks aro "Cuttoltne" and
Uttr't lituii In cotfon jjfuiu urttiti on every tin
Cbliagu, hovr lorli, rhllailellila, l'ittiur-,
hhn stBG&ierced mlfo
of $28,824; operating expenses $2,030,434;
nn lnciense of $45,170; net earnings,
$505,177, aleoiense of $73,904.
Science knows nothing about hoop
snakes, joint snakes, stint: snakes nnd
such like crltteis, but theie Is tin old
settler or two In eveiy neck o' the
woods who hu, fought his weight In
such vntnilnts moie than once. All tho
same, Albeit Hopler, of Gulf Summit,
can tell you all about a species that
goes dltC'ctly conttniy to eveiy thing
that snakeollglsts ever lend about. He
Is the owner of the end of a snakes
tall which Is tlped with a pet feet liom
about two Inches In length. Mr. Hopler
keeps this cuilosity eutefully pieseiv
ed in n Jnr of alcohol.
Late advices fiom Afilcii'iue to the
effect that the natives bteakfasted
upoil seven mlsslonniles. Heie ls"n
chance for those Dundatllte mlsslon
niles to till a vacancy In the canni
bals. A Dundaff coiiespnndent wtltes that
Fat titer Riiuton, owttpi of the alleged
gold mine ovei theie, Is pesteted nhnost
to death with young fellows who de
sk e to many Into the fnmlly . Flood,
Sharon, Mucky, O'llrlen, and all the
other bonanza kings, had just such
tioublos. Wealth and Erctitnc-s have
their di aw backs.
Editor Mote, of the Gieut Bend
Plulndpalei, ofllets as an Inducement to
a delinquent subset Iber to "ante up,"
to vvtltc a real decent obltuaiy when
he dies,
A Deposit man claims to have seen a
reversed lalnbow and a sun dog, in tho
sky. lie had better tiy a mllilei biand.
A man with a giaphuphone was In
town yestetday. You can get a good
Imitation of the Instiument by hlilng
a Setanton tnun to go down celltu anil
sing a solo.
A Stall ucca hunter went out upon
the mountain on Monday in seaiclt of
game. Running shott of ammunition,
he placed a few caipet tacks and an
open jack-knife in the gun. By the dls
cliaige of the gun the hide ot the fox
was cut off and tacked on the side of
a bum,
Ofllcets of a Susquehanna county
chuich Infotnied their pastor last Sun
day mot nine that they had voted him
an Increase in his salaiy of $100 The
pastor declined, on the ground that It
took him half his time to collect his
piesent salaiy, let alone an Incioase.
Avouching stoi y of tender love comes
to us fiom a v Huge a few miles fiom
Susquehanna. A beautiful young lady
became engaged to a blight young
mechanic. Ten yents ago he went west,
to seek his foi tune. She ignuied nil
advances fiom seoies of suitois, and
patiently awaited his return, teeilng
confidence In his keeping ttue to bet.
So the years passed, and even a few
giay halts began to show themselves
among her blown tt esses, while her
ft lends no longer liltles but lldlculed
her for tef using all advances fiom oth
er desltable suitois Lately her fidelity
was lew aided The lovet of her giil
hood has iptuined fiom California,
uioured, bearded as a mllionaiie, with
a wife and twins
Suiquehannu will have a shit t factoty
within two weeks.
The Methodists of Gulf Summit have
otganl7ed a society and will endeavor
to etect a chinch.
Since the opening of the Botough
Woodyatd, seoies of turnpike sailois
aie giving Susquehanna the gtand go
by. Whitney.
Colds, Coughs, Sore Throat, Influenza, llron.
cliltls. Pneumonia, bwelllng of the Joints,
Lumbago, Inflammations,
one to twenty minutes. NOT ONE IIOU-U
after reading this advertisement need any
Railway's Ready Relief Is a Sure Cure for
Dvery Palmbprulns, l!rulse, I'alns in the
Back, Chest or Limbs. It was the first
and Is the only PAIN RUMLDY
That Instantly stops the most excruciating
pains, allays inllammatlon, and cu-es Con
gestions, whether of tho Lungs, Stomach,
Bowels, or other glands or otgans, by one
A half to a teaspoonful In half a tumbler
of water will In a few mlnuts euro
Cramps, Spasms, Soui Stomach, Hent
burn. Nervousness, Sleeplessness, Sick
Heidiche, Diarrhea, Dysentety, Colic,
rintulency and all internal pains.
There Is not a remedial agent In the
wotld that will cute Fever aid Ague and
all other Malatlous, Billions nnd other
fevers, aided by RADWAY'S PILLS, so
I'llty cents per bottle, hold by Druggist:..
55 Elm Street, New York.
aro located the finest fishing and hunting
grounds In the world. Descriptive bopics
on application Tlckota to all points In
Maine, Canada and Maritime Provinces,
Minneapolis, St. Paul, Canadian and
United States Northwest, Vancouver,
Seattle. Tacoma, Portland, Ore., San
First-Glass Sleeping and Dining Cars
attached to all tlirought trains Tourist
cars fully fitted with bedding, curtains
and specially adapted to wants of families
may bo had with second-class tickets.
Rates always less than via other lines.
For further information, time tables, etc..
on application to
E. V. SKINNER, G. E. A.,
J 353 Broadway, New York.
llll lIIllUi
124-126 Wyoming Ava
We nro tecclvlng dally all the latest nov
elties In black and colored silks, printed
1'oulards, black and colored tit ess goods,
oi gaudies, dimities, dtess trlnimliig
buttons, buckles, belts, neckwear,
etc , and Invite Inspection. Our entile stock
of winter goods of evoty description must
be sold out within th' next time weeks,
no matter how great a sacrifice we have
to make. We miko It a mlo Hover to
enrrj over goods fiom one season to ait
other. Silks anil Dress (joihR
15 plceus pute silk roulatd, 21 inches wide,
Our Price, 4!)c
ISO yards Black China Silk, 21 and 27
Inches wide, 50c. quality.
Our Price, 35c
Kinln'oltlorics, Luces, Elc.
10 OIK) yaids Swiss, Nainsook and Cam
bric embroldei lex, bough at 5U cents on the
dollar, we have s line now on sale, pilces
lange from 3 cents a yatd to CO cents Wo
have just put on sale a complete line of
12-luch Swiss cnibiolderlcs fot Infants'
dresses, all over embroideiles to match.
While Goods, Towels, Linens, Etc
250 pieces white India linen,
Prices, 5c. "Jc, !)c und 12c
These goods uio worth fully 25 per cent,
150 pieces checked muslin, nil size checks
and plnlds, from Gc a yard up
10U dozen puie linen towels, U'jC kind,
Our Price, 8c
25 pieces 10-4 bleached sheeting, cheap at
Our Price, )c
5.CO0 ynids dress gliuimms In short lengths
luiinlug fiom 2 to U yaids, 10c quality,
Our Price. 5c a yard
Ladies' Dress Skirls.
50 ladles' llguud billliantine skirts, lined
throughout, velveteen bound,
Our Price, 98c
CO ladles' flguicd billliantine skirts, vety
fine quality, newest patterns,
Our Price, $1.59
Innuits' Wear.
30 dozen Infants' long and shoi t dresses,
embioidery tilmmed, worth G5e ,
Our Price. 25c
2"i dozen children's luwn di esses, fancy
trimmed, sizes 1, 2 and 3, vvoith S'Jc,
Our Price, 49c
Hen's Furnishings.
25 dozen men's laiuulrled negligee nhtrts,
collars and eutfs attached, new styles,
well made.
Our Price, 49c
100 dozen men's new spilng neckwear in
tecks, font -in-hand and club house ties,
Our Price. 25c
Special Sale in Kid Gloves.
7S dozen four-button kit bloves, with heavy
embtoldety, In tan, brown and led,
usually sold at $1 00,
. Our Price, (9c
95 dozen ladles' real kid gloves In four
button oi two clasp, In tan, ltd, blown,
black and white, with heavy black em
bioldciy, oveiy pali "wananted, foimet
pi ice, 1.25,
Our Price, S9c
Hu Moved to ltl New Quartern,
402 Lackawanna Avenue.
entrance on side next to rtrst National
Bank. Hu has now in ft
Comprising ovorvthlne reqnialto for flno
Merohant Tailoring And tho sumo can
be shown to ndwintnge inliii splcn-
dialy fitted up rooms.
Ii Bztended to All Renders of The Trib
une to Call on "OLD RCLIABLU" in His
New Business Hume
" ISqW from 1 lit.
itvysM jgsar,)
zr,m .rtw
r,)X" h (' n '
I-.", U) sw v
fiWrv w
' "'V ,.1f
1st Day. l
of Me.
ir.t eifEHi noth Day.
prailurps tlio nlun rcsulth ln'3(l tin j o. It acti
Iofifiillyaiid(iulcLly Clues vttieu all othcre fall
loimKinonMilfreBam their lost loanhooil.andold
mm villi recovoi their jontufiil viuor bj uiim
lti VIVO. It 'iiilclilj ami biirel reitorcnIcrious
ct.s. I.okt Mtalitj, Iiupottucy MwUtlj tnilssloni?.
Lost l'oi or 1 atlinjf Jlnaory, Vas.tlns Dit.eii6cs aad
all tfliLta ot telf abUiu or escothaml Inillbtietloa
r hull unfits onutoi tiulj husfncejoruiairlaRo It
notoub turib b'iartlni! at tho scot of d.-seaio, but
laaurtat nt rvuttiulo and bluntl builder, brinp
lng back tho pink rou to nalo chci Hsandro
btortim tho (Iro of jnutli. It vtards ofT Jnsaulty
ami Consumption Inslut ou liavins Itljv IVO.no
other It tan bo cairied hi vest ocltt IJy mull,
S 1.(10 per rackesu. or tlx lorSB.OO, vtlthn posl
tlio iv rit ten kii ir.intoti tn turo or rotund
the mono). Clrcularfrco. Address
ROYAL MrDICiNE CO 53 (liver St . CHICACO. 1
lor sjlo b .MAI IIIDW.S IIkOs.. urui
lWt a.rjiiton. Pa.
bcludule In Effect Nov ember is. i8j5
Trains Leavo Wilkes-Barro as Follows
7.30 a. m., week days, for Sunbury,
Harrisburp;, Philadelphia, Baltl
more, Washington, and for Pitts
burp; and tho West.
10.15-a. m., week days, for Hazleton,
Pottsville, Reading, Norristown,
nnd Philadelphia; and for Sun
bury, Hnrrlsbura;, Philadelphia,
Baltimoro, WnshlnRton and Pitts,
burp; and tho West.
3.15 p. m., week days, for Sunbury,
Harrisburp;, Philadelphia, Balti
more, Washington and Pittsburp;
and the West.
3.15 p m., Sundays only, for Sun
bury, Harrisburp;, Philadelphia,
and Pittsburg nnd tho West.
6.00 p. m., week days, for Hazleton
and Pottsville.
I i wimn. (i. .ii i... i-.-.
S. 1M. PRUVObT, General MapaBer.
?J p2iim
't V M7 ri i
r tK k. i, iviaae a
fAJff- r M
''AS svfflweii ivian
a liTR tit
. 1 n siui
Lniliail VAhbRV HAILHOAD 8Y3-
Anthracite Conl Used Exclusively Insur
lng Cleanliness nnd Comfort.
in i:fki:ct nov. is, isos.
thain's i.uavh scitanton.
Tor Philadelphia and New York via D.
II. II. 11. at 0 45, 7.45 a. m 12 05, 1.20, 3 33
(Illiick Diamond Hxpiess) and 11.30 p. in.
l-or I'lttaton and Wllkes-Uarre via. U.
J'J-W. It. H 0 00, 8 08, 11.20 a. in, 153
3 fO. C 00 nnd 8 47 p. m.
lor White Haven, llnzloton, Pottsvlllc,
Sm,t!'rlonc.lMl points In tho coil regions
P in "' ll" 13 "' "' 12M mid 4 u
riiL "olhlolicm. naston, Heading, Har
iimi. ?i aml ""filial Intermediate sta
1'ir iVin ? - " 0, 7.45 a. in,
fum,ViV.nUCk Ulllm0"d BXIireS3)'
Tiw,, T-Utilchantiock, Townnda, Klmtra,
iL'E. ,ncv,a m,d Principal Intcrmedliito
9M 5 mVltt,' L- - w' ' GTO' 803
i' nni" 12,2 nml 3 40 P. m.
r..iu m ,evn' "ochestor, Huffnlo, Niagara.
: 1 1 't, ,',cu?0-nml n11 Points west via D.
mnn.i IV. ' 7 ? " m 12 3' 3 33 ("lack Dia-
i. m.,,.I',t"ress. 3 60 nnd 11.30 p. m.
Vniil!"nli1 Vn,lor ana sleeping or Lehigh
wm I, Jvl-,lr cnrs on n11 trains between,
iilill i ir.VfST0 nn,u New York, l'hlladel.
Plila, Uuffalc . ond Suspension nrldge.
CHAS. S. I.1J12, den. Pass. Agt Phila..
Ain NON'NnXIACHKn. Asst. den
Pass. Agt.. South Hethlehem. Pa.
Scranton Olllce, 309 Lickawanna avenue.
Del., Lncku. and Western,
Tnf?,ffe,ct Jl"uny. October 19, 1S9G.
ni7,. 9s K?Ve Scranton as follows: Ex
1 n .SrrIYr'w.,Yl'k n,ld n11 t301"13 East,
3 33'p n a"J 65 a' m,: U0 a"
nhis,,rorr,r:nston' Trenton, Phlladel
? 10 mlSl. 33,;,Sn, th' 8 aml 9 B "" m-
&i!5'on nnu wny stations, 3 45 p. m.
loujiiannn nccommodiitlon, 0.10 p. m.
m ln.p ??8 f.01 "InBhamton, Oswego, El
Mo?ri n?,rinlt?Bi. Jath' Dansvllle. Mount
ii m nV'i IJ,lffal. 1- 20. 2 35 a. m.. and 1.55
in in" mn.kl"s: close connections nt Buffalo
Southwest thU W3t' Northwe3t ana
Iintl1 accommodation, 9 15 a. m.
vife , mton n,ul wn stations, 1.05 p. m.
rjlcnohon accommodation, E.15 p m.
P. in. a" alld Elmlra express, 5 53
., Impress for mica and nichfleld Springs,
Ithica 2 35 and Hath 9 15 a. m ,
and 1.53
P m.
nK.or N,?,r"'iimberlnnd, Plttston, Wilkes
iin i ' 'Vnouth' Uloomsburg and Dan-
..U.i' ','"""" Close connection at Nortn
Vimi,?rlaiul for Wllllamsport. Harrisburg,
iialtlmoro, Washington and the South.
iNoithumberlnnd nnd Intermediate sta
tions, C 00. 9 55 a. m , and 1 55 and G 00 p. m.
. i ,",ticokt) anu Intermediate stations, 8 03
and 11 20 a m. Plymouth and lutermediato
stations, 3 40 nnd S 17 p in.
i unman parlor and sleeping coaches on
all express tialns.
Tor detailed information, pocket tlmo
!' i .' e.t.c aPP'' to M- !' Smith, city
ucnet office, 32S Lackawanna avenue, or
depot ticket ofllce.
Central Kaili-oiul of New Jersey.
(LeliiBh and Susquehanna Division.)
Anthiaclte coal used exclusively, insur
In cleunllnebs and comfort.
T7.a,ns. leliv Scranton for Plttston,
v ill.cs-Hnrt e, etc., at 8 20. 9 15, 11 30 a. :n .
12 13. 2 00, 3 03, D 00, 7.10 p. m. Sundays 3 00.
a in , 1.00. 2 15, 7 10 p. m.
Tor Atlantic Citv, 8 20 n. in.
niy,' Now Yo,k Newark and Elizabeth.
S 20 (express) a. m . 12 15 (express with Buf
fet parlor car), 3 03 (express) p. m Sun.
day, J 15 p m. Train leav Ins 12 p. m.
arrives at Philadelphia, IteatliiiK Termin
al 5 22 p. m. nnd New York 6 00 p. m.
Tor Mauch Chunk, Allentovvn, Bethle
hem, Huston and Philadelphia, 8 20 a. m ,
12 15. 3 03, 5 00 (except Philadelphia) p. m.
Sunday, 2 15 p m.
For Loin? Branch, Ocean Grove, etc.. at
8 20 a. m nnd 12 13 p. in.
Tor Lakcvvood, 8 20 a. m.
I'or Beading, Lebanon nnd Harrlsburr,
via Allentovvn, 8 20 a. m , 12 43, 5 00 p. m.
Sunday, 2 15 p m.
For Pottsville, S 20 a. m , 12 43 p. m.
BeturnliiB leave New York, foot of Lib
erty stieet. North Blver, at 9 10 (express)
a m , 1 10, 1 30, 4.13 (express with Buffet
parloi car) p m. Sunday, 4 30 a. m.
Leave Philadelphia, BeidiiiK TerminnI,
9 00 a. m , 2 00 und 4 30 p. in. Sunday, G 25
u. m
ThrouRh tickets to all points at lowest
rate3 may be had on application In ad
vance to the ticket agent at tho station.
Gen. Pass. Agt.
J. II. OLHAUSr.N. Gen. Supt.
On Monday, Nov. 23,
trains will leave Scran
ton as follows.
Tor Carbondale 5 15,
7 55, 8 53, 10 15, a. m ;
12 00 noon; 1 21, 2 20, .1 b.
5 23, 0 23, 7.57, 9 10, 10 30.
11 55 p. m.
Saratoga. Montreal. Bos
Tor Albany.
ton, New England points, etc. 5 45 a. m.;
2 20 ii m.
For lloncsdale 5 4j, 8 55, 10.15 a. m ; 12 00
noon, 2 20, 5 25 p in.
For WUkcs-Diure 0 43, 7.43, 8 43, 9 33,
10 13 a. m; 12 03, 120, 2 23. 3 33, 4 41, 0 00,
7 50, 9 30 11 30 p m.
For New York, Philadelphia, etc., via
Lehigh Valley Railroad 0 13. 7.43 a. m.;
l'Oj 120, 3 33 (with Black Diamond Ev
puss), 11 30 p. m.
For Pennsylvania Railroad points 6 45,
9 3S a, m ; 2 30, 4 II p m.
I'or western points, via Lehigh Valley
Ralltoad 7 45 a. m : 12 05. 3 33 (With Black
Dlnmond Express) 9 50, 11.30 p. m.
Tialns will arrive at Scianton nt follows:
From Carbondale and tho north 0 10,
7 40 8 10, 9 31, 10 40 a. m : 12 00 noon; 103,
"l" 3 23 4 37. 5 43. 7 43, 9 43 and 11 25 p. m.
" Fiotn'Wilkes-Barte and the south 5 40,
7 50 8 50, 10 10, 11 55 a. m , 1 10, 2 14, 3 43,
5 0 21. 7 53. 9 03, 8 43. 11 52 p m.
j"W BPRDICK, G P A, Albany, N. Y.
II W. Cross, D P. A Scranton, Pa,
Crie :uul Wyoming Valley,
Effective Jan. 4. 1S07.
Trains will letivo Scranton for New
York, New bin Bli and intermediate points
on Erie, also for Haw ley and local polms,
at 7 05 a m. and 2 2S p. m ; and arrive from
abov e points at 10 33 a. m and 9 3S p m
sen wro DIVISION.
Ill lllfi'Ct Oittibcr Ull, 18(111.
rr r
North Hound, south ItomuL
I '2 Oil 201 1 r.'Oi 'HH
! 5, S? J statlon3 f. 3 1
g g 5 (Trains Dally. Er-
a 'A I ccpt sunday ) q g qI
i up iiirlvo Leave PIE '
7 2ra Y Franklins: .... 741....
. 7 10, West 4Jnd street .... 7W ..
7 00 wcehavvken .... 810 ....
r mIA rrlvo Leave a m1 mI
1 lS.llaueocK .1 unction msi
1 ou Hancock . a'l ....
. 1250 btarlbjut S22 , ..
. uni ricatoiti'aru .. an ....
12 40 ''omo 2 41, , ..
Ul-, I'ovntello .. 2 50...
. 12 ll Ilelraont .... ! ....
18 0J rieasant Mt. 3l ...
. . fllM Unlondalo 8C9 , ..
1149 Forest City 8 19, ...
... fl0H34 Carbondale 701 33i' ....
.... fii4Gftro w into Bridge 17 0713 88, ..
.... w uriiJi Jiajiitid i:wi8 43. ..
....I ( IlilUl Jenny n 7141343...
... ' b HU 18 Archibald 720 3 si . ..
....'02211151 Vinton 723 JM ,.
.... titSll HI 1't'CkVllle 7 27 3. , .
.... fi si 1 1 W olirhant 7 Si 401 ..
... b 20 1 1 03' l'llceburs 7S4 401 ...
.... 01hll03 Ibroop 730 410...
.... 6 IB lino l'rmldeece 7 39 4 14 ....
... audOST Park piaco I7 4if4i7 ...
... 6 10,1055 bCtamou 745' 42J,...
r m'a m leave ArrlTBA mi- hi
All trains run dally except aundnv.
f bljulfles that trains stop on signal for pas
eeugets. t-ecure rates via Ontario a Western beforo
purchnsingtleketsand b.ivo money Day and
Sight Eipress to tho VUst
J. C. Anderson, den. Pa93 Agt.
T. FlltcioK, 1)1 Pass, Agt scranton, ra
Houses for Sale and for Rent.
It ou contemplate purchasing or leas.
Ingu house, or vant to Invcbtln a lot,
sec the lists ut desirable property on
page 2 of I he 1 ribune.

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