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A Hew Feature
Clean tie Stock
The PI mi oder
Mr. Thomas Presents a Dill la Interest
of Removal.
He Speaks in Glowing Tonus of thu
J'ire Department niul Hreomcs Snr
cnstlc lion Referring to tlio Senntc.
A Hill Providing (or Tux on J'eiin
n Itiiuiti ami Foreign I!eerOIuiu
bcrs oi Mine Kvumining Hoard.
Harrisburg, Pa.. Feb. 10. The senate
was cnlled to order lit 11 o'clock this
morning, 'Lieutenant Governor Lyon
presiding. The following bills were lead
In place:
By Mr. Thomas To make the clt of
Philadelphia the capital and seat of gov
ernment ot the stato of Pennsylvania and
to piovlde for submitting the proposition
to the vote of the qualified voters of the
Btate. It provides that on and after Jan
1, 1893, Philadelphia shall be the capital
and seat of government, provided that
the said city of Philadelphia shall Hie with
the governoi of the commonwealth a legal
and binding agieement on the part of the
clt to furnish the necessary site.
That at least sixty dai s befoie the next
general election to be held In Novembei,
1S97, the governor shall, b proclamation,
order an election as requited by the con
stitution, upon the proposition of lemoval.
The secietarj of the commonwealth shall
have pi luted on the olllclal ballot two sep
arate columns, one heading "for the re
moval of tho capital," and the othei
"against lemoval of the capital," and the
result shall be aseei tallied In the same
manner as other elections, and when de
termined shall be dul certified to the sec
retary of the commonwealth The bill
wab refeired to the committee on judicial y
13y Mr Hardenbergh Providing for the
ndvirtlslng of proposals for contracts or
notices of letting and all legal notice ie
lating to the count) affatis bv the count
commissions! s In the several counties of
the commonwealth.
Two bills vveie passed finally, the
first authorizing school conti oilers to
establish free kindeigartens and the
other validates the Indebtedness of any
borough In the state herein before ln
cuued. When the period for the consideration
of resolutions vvns renched, Mr. Kauff
man, of Lancaster, offered a resolution
limiting the aichltect employed to pre
pare plans for a cnpltol building to
plans, the canylng out of which is not
to eort mote than $1,000,000
Mr. White offered a substitute giving
the commissioners of public buildings
and giounds the power to give the ar
hltect engaged general instiuctlons as
to plans.
The amendment and substitute were
refened to the public buildings com
mittee. Mr. Grady offered a resolution that
when the senate adjourn it be to meet
Monday evening, Feb 22, at 9 o'clock.
At 12.15 the senate took a lecess until
12 45.
Upon re-conventng the committee on
the part of the senate to investigate
the olllces of the state treasuier and
auditor general was announced It was
made up of Mr. Mitchell, of Jeff ei ton,
chairman; Messrs. Snyder, of Chester,
and Brown, of Philadelphia
The gov ei noi submitted tho following
persons to be membeis of the board of
exnmlneis to examine applicants
for the position of mine In
spectors to seive for four yeais
from March 1 next: A. V. Hoyt, Phil
lpsburg; George L. Miller, engineer;
Bitumen; Heni Gage, miner. South
roit, and Joseph Williams, mlnei, Lind
say. 'I he nomination of George Whegal,
of Penyopolls, to be a member of the
boaul of examineis to examine appli
cants for mine inspectors, was received.
The appointment, togethei with the
other nominees, foi the position, weie
The house amended the senate resolu
tion of pdjouinment so far that while
It agreed to the senate adjourning to
the 2'd, it (the house) agieed to ad
journ only until Wednesday, the 17th,
at 9 p. m.
The senate then at 2.50 adjourned to
meet on Teb. 22 at 9 1. in.
When the house met at 11 o'clock this
morning theie were the usual petitions
asking the passage of the bill to pre
vent the desecration of the Ameilcan
Among the bills read in place vveie
the following:
3J Mr Bliss, ot4Jglavv are Providing for
tax on beir, ale ana"portei, manufactured
or brewed In Pennsylvania, during the
ears U97, 1&9S and 1699 Also an act to
Impose a tax on the same pioducts manu
factured outside tho btate. It Imposes
half a cent a gallon on the home pioduet
and one cent on that manufactured out
side of tho state.
Bv Mi Martin, of Lawrence To prevent
fraud in the manufacture and sale of dalr
By Mr Dunlap, of Philadelphia Increas
ing the minimum punishment for fiaudu.
lent voting to live jears In prison.
,By Mr Foeht of Union Limiting the
numbei of luffed grouse and woodcock to
be killed In one da and prohibiting tho
transporting of this game.
B Mi. Smith, of Jeffeison Creating a
mining department In the department of
internal affairs
Speakei Boier appointed Represen
tative Robeit K. Fostei, of Centte
county, a member of the Soldiers' Or
phans' school commission In place of
Representative Cook, of Fulton, de
When the senate resolution opposing
the appiopi luting of any money for a
new cupitol until Ilnnisburg provides
a paid (ire department was taken from
the table, Mr Kunkel, of Hairlsbujg,
moved that it be tefened to the com
mittee on public buildings, now inves
tigating tho (Ire.
lie said In pait:
I trust members of the house will refuse
to concur In this resolution. It should go
to the joint legislative committee now In
vestigating tho lire, which is the proper
committee to consider It, I deslie to bring
mo attention or the house to the real pur
poses of the resolution and Its effect. The
honorable gentleman who Is tho author of
this tesolution took occasion to reflect
upon this elt) and the lire depaitmeut,
which has suved it so long und so well,
It is only fair that the resolution should
(Irst be considered by the Investigating
committee. This resolution piejudlcates
tho whole case. To press It now
and then havo a report from this commit
tee exonerating tho, firemen would be for
tho house to stultify Itself. I am here to
nsk fair play for the fire department which
has saved millions of property and many
humnn lives In Its history of moro than
fifty j ears In Ilnrrlsburgv
Mr. Kunkel spoke eloquently Of tho
gallnnt conduct of the Hi emeu In many
a lmtd fight with the Humes; and said
the depaitment would compare favoi
ably with that of any third class city
In the state, paid or volunteer. Con
tinuing, he said:
Isn't this resolution an entering wedge
to secure tho lemoval of the cnpltol?
Wouldn't It be ns sensible to substitute
for this resolution one that no senate
chamber shall be built In Harrlsburg or
elsewhcie In the state so long as tho sen
atorial districts continue to Send persons
to the senate who do not know smoke
when they breath It oi lire when they
smelt It. (Laughter ) Men who did not
smell smoke when It was all around them
and made no successful effort to ascertain
the origin of It are not In a position to
eiltlclse the conduct of our volunteer de
paitment Adveise comment conies with
bad gnce from them.
Mr. Kunkel said In conclusion:
This seems to be an attempt to use the
legislature for the put pose of prejudicing
the people of Pennsjlvnnla against the
ictentlon of the seat of government In
Hairlsburg, where the capitol has been
foi almost a ceuturj and where, by the
Intelligence of the people and the pdbllc
policy which has pievalled on this ques
tion, It will continue to remain, I trust,
for many veais to come There can be
no offense in referring this resolution to
the committee on Investigation and I move
to so refei it.
This motion was promptly seconded.
Aftei some aigument, Mi Kunkel's mo
tion to lefer the lesolutlon to the com
mittee on investigation was Lairied
The speakei appointed Messrs W. T.
Marshall, Keyser, McClaln, Hauls,
Ken, and Lennon nienibeis of the com
mittee to investigate the state treasury
on the pait of the house
After a shoit recess the amended res
olution for adjoin nment was letutned
fiom the senate and asreed to. The
house then adiouined until next Wed
nesday evening at 9 o'clock.
Some Specimen Instances of the Heroic
Struggle Made by the Chivalrous
Spanish Governor-General.
Havana, Feb 10 The rich sugar
plantation Cat men, in Sabanllla, ptov
Ince of Matanzas, lias been ravaged for
the third time bv a Spanish column
undei oidei of Geneial Weylei. The
troops binned thirty houses on the
plantation and killed two old men, one
of them SO, and the other 76 yeais of
age, a woman and a boy 14 years old.
The manager of the plantation, F. Te
joia, an American citizen, protested
against the unlaw tul attack and the
assassinations. He was Immediately
killed by the Spanish soldiers, after
having been insulted when he declared
that the plantation was the propeity of
an American citizen.
The ow ner of the sugar estate Carmen
Is Alfied Hernandez, who was impris
oned for twenty days at Havana and
then expelled from the Island. He is an
Ameilcan citizen At piesent he has a
claim befoie the state department at
Washington against the Spanlbh gov
ernment for the damages to his ptop
eity lesulting fiom the two previous
raids upon the estate. Since the exist
ence of that claim became known heie
all of Mi. Hernandez's pioperties have
been in danger of destruction. The
mllltaiy authoiltles and the Spanish
guerilllas say that Hernandez, as an
enemy of Spain, deserves the severest
punishment, and all the more because
ho is an Ameilcan. Just before Te
joia was killed a soldier said to him:
"So v,e do with all Amei leans," and
pleiced him with his bajonet.
It Is a fact that, not Including the
paclficos assassinated in the country
by the Spanish columns, and who aie
to be counted by thousands, the Span
ish couits martial condemn to C Mi on
political accusations about twenty per
sons eveiy day, all over the Island
When not the slightest evidence is
found against the victims these teiri
blo tribunals invariably Inlllct upon
the prisoneis a sentence of Imprison
ment at haid labor foi life. Such are
the cases of F. Navauo in Matunzas,
and in Remedios of Pablo Hurtado,
Manuel Bairios, Hennino Lopez, Mateo
Tejeda and Pedro A. Perez. The list
of those ulieady shot in Havana or
sent to Fernando Po or Chafarinas
Islands is enormous. The Spanish
steamers leaving for Euiope are ciowd
ed with thebe hapless victims of Span
ish oppiesslon, and among them aie
many lepresentatlves of the more
learned and distinguished classes.
Negro Sentenced to Death.
Houston, Tex, Teh 10 Alexander 'ler
rell, the negro who outraged Ms. Jack
son, a white lad In the outskirts of this
city last December, pleaded guilt to the
charge this uioinlng and was sentenced
to death The olllceis who escotted 'ler-
i ell to the court house and subsequently
to the jail weie followed by a laige crowd,
but bejoud a few jeei3 and cuises no dem
oustiatlon was made.
Will .Vol MiiUii ItuiU.
Young3town, O, Feb 10 The Ohio
Steel company deny that the Intend en
gaging in tho manufacture of steel rallb.
and membeis of tho compan asseit very
emphatically that the question 1ms not
been consldeied and that no action of any
kind In that dliectlon has been under con
sideration at uny of the meetings' of the
(Jlnss Worker Strike.
Ellwood, Ind , Teh 10 The soveral hun
died emploves of the McUeth Lump Chltn
ne factory walked out this mottling It
Is suld that tho glass has been wot king
badly for some time and tho bieakage has
been so great that the men could not make
wages, nnd decided to walk out und remain
out. until tho matter was bettled.
Steamship ArrmilH.
New Yoik, Feb. 10 Arrived. Steam
ers Manitoba, from London; Westernland.
fiom Antweip; Palatla, fiom Hambuig
Sailed. Steamers New Yoik, for South
ampton, Schiedam, for Amsterdam, Ma
jestic, for Liverpool, Sailed for New
Yoik- Spaarndam, fiom Rotterdam,
Dresden, from Bremerhaven.
bineer Prnpn Demi.
Now York, Pcb 10 vAt tho conclusion of
the final scene of the opeia "Maltha," at
the Metiopolltau Opera House tonight,
and as tho cuilaln wtU down, Armand
Castelmury, the vvell-knoVn singer, leeled
and fell dead. Heart disease was the
Cuba Wants Nothing from Spain Except
Complete Independence.
Tho Island Would iot Accept Home
Utile with n Spanish Cnptnin Cen-cial--IIc
Docs Not Think the Atti
tude ol Our Government Hns Been
rricnclly to Cubn -- He Protests
Agninst Cleveland Ignoring the
Cuban Republic us nil Established
Tiom tho New York Sun.
Camp of Gen. Maximo Gomez, near
Salado, Piovlnceof Santa Clara, Cubi,
Jan. ai, via Jacksonville, l'la., Feb. i -Yesteiday
I arrived at the camp of the
commnndei-lii-chlef and today General
Maximo Gomez, the hoart, head, sou!,
and strength of the lebeillon against
Castlllan power In Cuba, gave in the
most satisfactory nnd lengthy Intet
vlew yet accorded the lepiesentatlve
of any paper. I found the Cuban leader
seated In a hatd, straight-backed chuli
upon a v Ine-coveied veranda. He was
sunounded bv several of his officers
Betancoui t, Menocal, and Lieutenant
Galvo The latter, lately arrived from
San Domingo and a fast friend of the
Gomez family, translated and assisted
in tho Interview which follows. I have
tried to follow the commanders own
vvoids ns much as possible, since he hos
a dliectness nnd teiseness of exoies
slon that leaves no doubt as to his
"What do you wish to know?" was
the beginning of tho interview, and
without giving me time to reply, Gomez
continued "You must quote me cor
rectly. I will speak openly on nltnost
any subject ubout which you will nsk
me, but j on must not say more than I
do. Therefote I will lequest that a
copy of the inteivlow be submitted to
Lieutenant G-alvo and to Dr. Stevens
befoie It Is sent nvvay."
Dr. Stevens Is a loung Boston sur
geon who has the entiie confidence of
the insurgent leader, and is the only
foreigner who dines with Gomez iegu
laily. "What Is the attitude of the Cuban
people In relation to reforms to be
granted by Spain?" was the first ques
tion. Geneial Gomez replied: "Spain
does not Intend to grant reforms. She
has no good will tow aid Cuba or the
Cuban people. She never had It has
been alwavs liei foiemost deslie to
make as much out of the colony and
get as much out of It as was possible
for her own good. Be that as it may,
we are asking nothing of the Spanish
government or people. Even were the
pioposals for reform bona fide nothing
could tempt us to treat with them.
"We aie for liberty, not for Spxnish
i eform We are for Cuba, not for Spiln
Wo aie for the people of our own land
who work, not for the horde of 'dlers
and coiruptionlsts that Spain intends
for us so long as she is able to back
them by bayonets.
"I am disgusted with this talk of re
foim. Does Spain think we have for
gotten the lessons of the oast.' Does
she think we will bo ready to tieat
with her loi a portion when the whole
is within out ieach, and when we can
win it with honor'" and then Gouipz
asking ot me paper and pencil, vviote
the following quotation:
"La Llbeitad es uno do los mas pre
clsos dones que los clelos dleion a los
hombres," and continued: "Liberty Is
what we are lighting foi, because, as I
have Just written, it Is one of the moit
glorious gifts that God has bestowed
upon man "
Lieutenant Galvo then read to Genei
al Gomez the words of Mlnistei Estrada
Pnlma legaiding Spanish iefoims con
tained in a newspaper clipping.
"Dr. Palmn is light in what he says,"
said the little general when Galvo
had finished "He understands w hat
we are all fighting for. Di. Palnm
could not have truthfully said nuj thlr.g
else. He knows the Cuban hcait, and
hi knows as well as any one in the
world what a sham and deception Span
ish refoims would be"
"Would Cuba be willing to accept
home rule in the broadest sense?" I
"Home rule In its broadest sense In
independence," quickly retoited Gen
eral Gomez "That Is the kind of home
rule ve want. If vou mean would we
accept home mle with a Soanlsh cap
tain general, I would answer must em
phatically, no We want nothing from
Spain but our rights. We do not want
her captain general nor her glorv, If
bhe has any lemalning, nor hei care
"The hatied for Spain is so deeply
rooted In this Island that I am sure that
a very latge majority of our people,
those under arms and those who have
not yet had oppoitunlty to go Into the
field, woultl rather, if they thought the
revolution was going to fall, go abroad
and live among stran:eis than stay in
Cuba under a continuation of the
Spanish power. As for me personally,
I would piefer hell and the domina
tion of the devil than my beloved isl
and with a Spanish captain general "
General Gomez rose and looked about
him as he utteied these vvoids, while
his officers smiled at his emphasis Ills
face, however, undeiwent but slight
change, and in a minute or so he was
again talking. "Why should we be
willing to nccept an) thing from these
people9 Who are they that thev
should ofler to us certain concessions,
when we know, as all men know, that
the concessions ofrered us are the rights
given us by God? Here wo are a peo
ple struggling for what is our due, and
here Is another people, hacked bv the
sympathy of Europe and the mateilal
assistance of the United States, snug
gling Just as hard to keep what Is ouis
from, us, Yes, It is a ciying shame In
this day of light It Is a blot upon thu
page of this, country s history, but with
the help of God the Cuban ar.iny will
sponge It away
"Have ou regarded the United
States as an ally of Suain?"
General Gomez thought a moment
before replying. "That is a pretty
strong question," ho finally answered.
"No, I should hope not. Hull, even
though this Is a delicate question, I
may speak plainly and with candor. It
Is certain that the United States bus
not been our ally. It Is certal;i that
LConUnucd on Page 2
0f ,
Leader of the Cuban Insurgents.
A Superb Social Function That Has No
Parallel in America-Interesting
Customs Worn.
Now York, Teh. 10 The Bradley
Martin fancy dress ball took place tills
evening In the spacious ball loom of
the Waldoif hotel. The scene was of
bewlldeilng enchantment, a veiitable
fairy land, resplendent w Ith all that
wealth and taste could command and
graced by the presence of many hun
died membeis of the fashionable set
radiant in lich robes of historic io
nown. As a superb social function It
has had no parallel in America. Its
fame may pass into history and perhaps
its splendors will be written down as
the standard foi the belles and gallants
of the coming century.
Pei haps there were 700 guests piesent
all goigeousl garbed In silks and sat
ins and bedecked In diamonds Almost
every character of note In the times of
Louis XIV and X.V fiom the Pleblan
peasant to the jewel clowned king and
qusen, was personated. They presented
Imposing figures, dancing in the stately
minuet or whirling in the merry waltz
The Marie Antoinette ladies predomi
nated. America's hlstoi leal notables
seemed badl neglected, even the father
of his countiy,,Geoige Washington, be
ing honored by only two lepresenta
t(v es
Aside from the beauty of the cos
tumes, inteiest centeied In the unpie
cedented display of jewels. Theie Is no
estimate of thcli monetary worth, but
they ceitalnly represented vast for
tunes. Many ot the women sesmel
ablaze with the spaikllng gems
The guests began ai living about 11
o'clock They entered the hotel
thiough a pilvate door on Thlity-thlid
stieet and were Immediately usheied
to tho second Hoot, where a suite of
fifteen lnrge noaitments had been ie
server for diesslng purposes Heie
stationed numerous hnlr diessers, cos
tumeita, modistes, and all functionar
ies required for the final polishing
touches of the exquisite outfits After
tho guests had assembled and made
i each foi the grand entiee thej de
scended the tlowei-stiewn stall ways to
the reception pailor on the main llooi.
As they passed thiough the aichwaj
they vveie met by the hostess, Mis
Biadlej Mai tin, who stood beneath a
canopy of rich tapestries, and floral ef
fects Mrs Martin wore n becoming
costume of the Queen Elbabeth period,
made of black velvet ovei led biocade.
She was adoined with nil hei magnifi
cent jewels, Including hei famous robe
of diamonds
As the iruests approached, their
names and the characters Imperson
ated were announced bj lackeys. The
walls of the reception room wore cov
eted with costl tapestile3 of the daint
iest culois while mllads of loses, caie
lessly thrown, vveie at rested In the
folds as they chanced to fall In one
i ornei was placed the Hungarian band
hidden behind a bower of long stemmed
The fuests moved fiom this saloon
thiough the corridors, which had been
made to lepiesent a woodlnnd, lit bv
scorso of concealed miniature incan
descent lights, to the big ball loom
The decoration of this loom was also
a woik of nit, and the Illumination
biillinnt. At the end of the room was
a balcon haildsomely adorned In w hlch
was stationed "Victoi Hei belt's or
chestra for the dance music"
It was neai midnight befoie the qund
illle d'honni'Ui. the openlns number of
Weather Indications Toda:
Pair; follow cil by Cloudiness.
1 General Gomez Gives Cuba's Attitude
Tow aid Spain
Legislature Votes to Take a Best.
The Hi adlej -Martin Ball.
2 Financial and Commeicial,
i (Local) C. II. It of N. J. Depot on Pile
Cilmlnal Court Doings.
4 Kdltoilal.
State Legislative Topics.
Casual Mention.
5 (Lqcal Disruption of tho Steel Ball
Two Callers Attempt to Stab Mr. Freed
man C Annual Statement ot the County Com
missioners. 7 News and Gossip of the West Side,
Subutban lluppenlngs.
Phoenix Contract Caso at Wllkes-Baire,
1 8 Up and Down tho Vulleyr
the ball was danced. It had been or
ganised by Mis Astor. John Jacob
Astoi and Mis. Bradley Mai tin led the
quadrille. Then came the debutante
quudiille, all the dancers wealing cos
tumes of the Louis Qulnze epoch Gen
eral dancing was then Indulged In Sup
pei was served in the Emplie dining
looms. Tlie tables were prettily deco
rated witli roses. The cotillion after
supper was led by Ellsha Dyer, Ji , who
wote a costume of the peilod of Tian
cls I It consisted of a cloak of royal
puiple velvet, a coat of the same ma
terial nnd richl decorated with cm
bioldery. The tights were of violet silk
and ho wore a hat with laige ostilch
The gray streaks of daw n w ere strug
gling through the windows of the Wal
dorf befoie the last echo of "Home,
Sweet Home" had died In the floral
scented loom and the greatest ball i
Gotham's history was ended,
Thcte weie many guests from out of
town, small parties coming from San
Ceueral Wooi'lord's Prospects Arc
Kuconiing Brighter.
Canton, Ohio, Teb 10 Much inteiest
centered in the visit today of P. C.
Knox, of Pittsbuig, who has been dis
cussed ns a cabinet possibility. Major
McKlnley sent his carriage to the sta
tion to meet him and welcomed him
heaitlly. Mr. Knox took lunch with
the piesldent-elert and left for Pitts
burg In tho afternoon He said he was
not offered a place In the cabinet. He
has, been verj strongl suggested by his
trlends foi the position of attorney gen
eral. C P. Shavne, of Now York, a busi
ness man and politician, called on Major
McKlnley to suggest the selection of
General Woodford to a place In the
cabinet. He did not disclose the result
of his confeience, but Is confident that
Now Yoik will be leprescntod In the
Among Major McKlnley's callers to
day were e-Congiesman M. M Booth
man, of Ohio, who came with Phlletus
Smith, of Chicago, who is an applicant
foi the Liverpool consulate and Z H
Mastei, of Bivan, Ohio, who wants to
be consul at Belfast
A. T. Wimbeily, of New Orleans, who
is inglng the appointment of James A
Gaiy, of Baltimore, to the cabinet, call
ed on Major McKlnley this evening
Siv New Cnscs Are Itr2iin--.1Iagce
arid Plum re Active.
Pittsbuig, Pa , Teb' 10 Six libel suits
against three newspapcm weie besun
this afternoon by Stato Senator Mageo
and Flinn. Thej aie civil actions, and
are foi damage1 foi publishing certain
stoiies about the senators making a
deal with Chaiimnn Hanna during the
last piesidentlal campaign. Tluee suits
vveie enteied by each i-enatoi against
the Commeicial Gazette, the Pi ess, and
.tho Leader
Two criminal suits will also bo en
teied tumor row bv Messrs Miiree and
I'llnn against the Leadei company for
publishing an alleged libelous editoi'al
and cuitoon relative to Maik Hanna's
testlmonj in the iceent suit of the
senntois against the Gazette
In addition to these suits Mesnis. Ma
gee and riinn will enter cilmlnal libel
Infoi nation against Rlchaid Quay, son
of Senator Qua Young Quay is charg
ed with giving the Gazette the Infor
mation on which that paoei based Its
article charging that Senntoia Magee
and Flinn had "sold out" to Hanna dur
ing the last piesidentiil campaign.
Big Orders for Steel ICnils.
New Yoik, Feb 10 The Illinois Cent-al
Italhoatl compaii taking advantage ot
tho iceent bieak in the price of steel rulls,
has placed ouleis with different mills tor
0,0C0 tons of rails tor delivery duilng the
jeir liH7 Of theso oi del sit is understood
43,000 tons went to tho Illinois Steel coin
pan, ot Chicago
. m
P.ipresentatlve John 1. Shaw, of Alle
gheii countv, has announced himself as
a candidate for state treasuier
Governor Hustings finds that the press
of olllclal duties since the burning of the
capitol building will make It impossible
for him to be present at tho Lincoln an
nlversar dinner of the Marquetto club,
In Chltago, wheie ho wus booked for a
The second annual convention of tho
State Association of School Dlteetois was
called to oulei in tho Supreme court room
jesterdaj afternoon bv H. H. Qulmbv. of
Montgomer count), w ho inado the annual
udetiess. Governor Hastings was invited
to bo present and made an address Ho
attacked tho present method of distribut
ing school apptoprlutlon us tielthet equita
ble nor Just.
. M '
JLiAM JldlLd
We have now on ex
faibitton a Magnificent
New Stock of
Dress Good
Your personal Inspection of which
Is cordially Invited. j ;
It comprises many ex
clusive novelties in French
and German All-Wool
and Silk and Wool
Fabrics. Also,
Covert Goths,
ie Etes,
., He
510 AND 512
Always Bttusyo
1897 Bnasiefo
February, 18W.
Several 3Ion Air Injured lv the Ev
plosion 01 n Caitudgu.
Chaileston, S. C, Teh 10 A seiious
accident occuued on boaid the battle
ship Malpe yc-terdav, but It was kept
quiet until tod v. This was iendeied
possible by the fact that the ships aio
some sixteen miles away from the city
out at sea
While a crew consisting of First Ser
geant Wanner and Privates Serimun
and Hnidln weie loading a one-pound,
gun of the Maine's secondary bat
tery with a one-pound callbie cart
ildge, the cartildge exploded, iu
Juiing Wagner on the right hand, teai
Ing the (lodi fiom the bones. Pnit of
tlie shell stiuck Hardin In the leg and
has not yet been extracted. The men
aie painfull, rather than seilously
huit Scnman was injured about tho
The Indiana ndi Massachusetts
have not yet joined the fleet. It was
learned today that the manoeuvres are
to begin ut once.
M lieolmeii .licet.
' Alian, I'eb 10 Wheelmen from all
sections of the counti weie present 10
da it the opening session of the annul
assembb of the National League of Amer
ican Wheelmen 'Ihe opening gun was
Hied In tho cause of good loads. At pres
ent about 2oJ delegates and about foity
ex-olllclo voteis uie heie.
Pittsburg Hicvclo Knee.
Pittsburg, I'eb. 10 The scoies in tho
72-houi blcclo lace at midnight (thirty
six houis) weie as follows. Waller, tU
miles, 10 laps, Glmm, 01.', 10 laps; Schock,
010 miles, 7 laps, Hall, uH miles, 10 laps;
Torster, 5S1 miles, 10 laps, Keuekel, OjJ
miles, 7 laps, Dene he, 423 miles, 10 laps,
Itii'vclo Jliiniifncturrrs I'm I.
Reading, Pa, l'ib 10 W. J. Wllhelm,
thu bkcle manufacturer at Humburg,
has made an assignment for the benefit of
his creditoib to Geoige H. Whltnei, of this
The lloralil'h IVoutlioi Porecnst.
Now York, Pcb. 11 In the Middle states
todaj, fall to pait! cloudy weather will
prevail, with sllghtlj lower tomperaturo
and flesh noithwestel to northerly winds
shifting to bilsk northeasterly und fol
lowed by Increasing cloudiness and snow
or tain. On Friday, cloudy weather and
brlsl: northeasterly to northerly winds
will prevail with snow and rain, Blight
temperature chunges and dangerously high
winds on the coast,
h n
I &

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