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Wormian & Moore
H20 Wyoming Ave.
308 Pcnn Avenue.
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As thli Is a legal holiday the meeting
of the estimates lommltuc of tho cltj
councils ai ranged for tonight luis been
postponed until ntt batiml ly evening.
The net legulii meeting of the Meth
odist Mlnlsltilul association will convene
ilonday rob .'.'. The mtetlng Is to be
addressed by the He Di S C Logan
Dinner and suppei will be tived today
t) tho oupg ladles of the Tlist 1'resbv
terlan chinch In the chuich pailois Din
ner fiom 12 to i o'clock, and supper tiom
6 to S o'clock.
August Pi .in,;, of Court street, was com
mitted to the county j.ill Satuulaj bj Ai
de! man Howo in default of J3U0 ball on a
charge of stealing a. razor, prof el led b
Chailes Vockroth.
At the poatolllcc toda tho stamp and
general dtllvtiv windows will be open
fiom 7 a. ni to 1 m Tlie money older
ami reglstei windows will be closed" all
daj, Morning delHeiies will be made bj
the can lets
Mrs Y. V. Mitchell, of Blnghamton, N.
V., will be at the "loung Women's Chris
tian association ici afternoon this weeic
fiom 3 to 1 o'eloek, to intioduee the im
proved Tujloi Svstem of diessmaking
ISvtry woman Is Invited to come to the
V II "Iatthewson, for ten cars freight
and coal dlspitchoi at tho I. icknwanna
and Hloomsbtug lunctlon, l'lttston, has
been placed In chaige of a passengei
train on the "ISloom" division Michael
tlorsch, of West l'lttston, the night dis
patcher, succeeds Ml. Matthewson
Tho ladles of the Howard African
Methodist Episcopal chuich will hae a
masquerade mm oh Peb ;', it the Hcthtl
hall In rear of the chuich A small ad
mission fee 10 cents will be charged at
tho door, A grand prize will be given to
the weaier of tho most unique costume.
Lieutenant Una S Oilfllii Women's He
llef coips, No TO, will give a Maltha
Washington tea and entei talnment at
Grlllln post room", 331 Lackawanna ave
nue, Thurbda evening1 net. The entet
talnmtnt will begin at 8 p in and the
supper will bo solved Immedlatelj utter
Eight Prisoners Spent tho Snbbnth or
a I'urt Thorol m tho Oiitinl.
Patrolman McMannnmn tnptured a
man. fUinn off a levolver In Nay Aug
latk esteuluy morning nt 11 o'eloek
mid rilated lilm under an est. At the
station house lie gave his name as
James lllnchcllffe ami his occupation,
butc net Jle left $10 for his appeal anco
this mutnlngr.
James Joidnn came i tinning down
rianklin aenue with James Jlooie
follow Ing him at 7 30 o'clock j esterday
morning when Patiolmen Slo.it and
Day stopped them. Joidan said Mooie
had pulled a levolver on him, and
Mooie said Jordan had robbed him ot
$G. Both vveio under the Influence, of
di ink so they weie loeked up in tho
hope that when they got sober they
would be betetr nble to explain mat
teis. Thov still clung to theli eonillet
ing stotles when aualKlied In pollLe
court so the mnyot lined them eagh $r
that no RUllty man bight escape Mouie
had a jevQlver and Joidnn had money
so It was possible that both weie tell
ing the tiuth In the main paitlculais.
Thev paid and wont their wuy
WusJiig Uioduskl, Mike Yesiuskl,
Mike Pendilck and Mike Dumpliool got
Into a fight in liioduskl's house on J,u
zeine stieet early jesteidny morning,
and weie hauled in by I'atiolmun Saul
and Ross. They weie all pietty badly
used up. At the healing It developed
the fleht staited over a simple little
thing- like Hroduskl's protest ugalnst
Yesenskl hugging Mis. Uioduskl. Tliey
paid $5 apleeu.
John Lockrln, tho diunken hostler,
who It Is supposed caused the fire
which destioyed Slebecker & "Watkins'
and Plerson'H bams, and who after
waids became boisterous about thqllie,
was fined fi, which he paid.
Dlnchiiior) lirol.o Down nt tho Ilium,
uniting Company's 1'owor I'liuit.
An accident to tho machinery at the
geneiatlng plant of the Scranton Il
luminating, Heat nnd Power company
Hatuiday eyenlnu shut off the light In
many buildings.
The elevatois In tho board of tiade
building could not be used and the
Bcianton club membets who attended
the club election had to climb seven
fights of stalls The Scranton Public
llluaiy had to be closed, thus turning
away 'sooies. of anxious seekers of
1 oks for over Sunday,
The broken machlneiy wan lepalred
r quickly as the commendable efforts
i. the company officials would permit.
Coal--Hcdnced-. Coal.
" y Aug Paik Collleiy, Egg, Stove
r 1 Chestnut, $-'.D0, delivered. Tele
. e S712.
Five Alarms Were Sounded During Sat
urday and Early Sunday Morning.
IJnrn Itinlng In tho Midst of u Dis
trict Thickly Jluilt Up with Costly
Homes nml tho 1'iro Companies
Stalled on tho Icu-Covorcil Hills.
Two Fires on Adams Avenue, Ono
on the Soulh Sido mul One in the
North End Section of tho Oitv.
Plvo fires occurred between 11 o'clock
Satuulay morning and 2.30 o'clock yes
teuluy moiiilng. Two of them were
quite serloti" and one of them for a
time tin vanned to be extremely ser
ious. This litter was In Hitchcock coutt,
In the veiy heait of one of the most
beautiful residence poitlons of the clt.
About S o'clock p. m, a "hostler em
ploved by Slebecker & Watkins over
turned a lantern In their bain iocnted
In the rear of L J. Slebeckei's lesl
denco nnd sot lire to the huv. In an In
sfmt, nlmost, the barn was a muss ot
Majot T Prank Penman, who lesldes
ncaib'ns the Mist to detect the Hie
and after alaunlng the neighbors sent
In a call from box 27, corner ot Mad
ison avenue and Mulbeiry stieet. Ow
ing to the heavy grades nnd the sllp
peiy condition of the pavements the lire
companies were slow In getting to the
scene ano as a consequence the Sle
beckei & Watkins' bain and the barn
cf A, D. Pin son adjoining weie both
totally consumed.
A valuable hoise and catilage weie
burned up with the llrst bain but
evei j tiling of nluo excepting the hay
and feed weie lemoved fiom the Plei
son bam. The Second Piesbjterian
chinch manse, occupied by Tlev. Di.
C II Koblnson, the new home of Major
T. F. Penman and the handsome lesl
dence of Claude Piatt weie for a time
tlueutened with destiuetlon but
through the cffoits of the fit emeu hey
escaped with only a scotching. The
los on the bams is about $1,500 each
Both were coveted bv insuiance. Had
the lite companies at rived on the scene
In tcasonable- time Pleison's bain
ictlld have been saved and the total
destiuetlon of the oilier at least pie-
TIil hostler who It Is supposed caused
the lire tuineU no aftei the bain was
a mass of llames and insisted on going
in to lescue the hoise. When bystand
ers Intel feied to pi event him he bo
came ro abusive that Pattolman Saltiy
and Plahert decided to lock him up,
which was done
II was neeessaiy to use four hoi ias
to diaw the steamers up fiom the cen
tial city to the scene of the fire and
even then it was only with the great
est exeitlon that the panting teams
could move at a vva'k.
The othe" soilous file oecuned at 31
o'clock tv m , when the two-story
fiame dwelling house of Milkman
Stephen Yobs, at 1024 Stone aveiiu,
was totally destroyed The flic bioko
out In a closet on the second floor fiom
some unknown caiie. Tho house was
valued at $2,000 and was Insuied foi
y.QO in agencies lepiesented by Peter
Robllng Much of the furnltuie was
also dtstrojed.
At 0 13 o clock p. in, an alatm was
sent in fiom box 24, coiner of Wash
ington pvenue and Mulbonv street. 11
was oceislnned bv a slight fit e in the
lesldence of Mis. Back, 423 Adams
avenue. 'I lie blae was caused bv the
1'ames of a kerosene lamp Loming In
contact wlt'i clothing hinging in a
closet The chemical company pio
entcd any seilous damage lesultlng
The flie at 1 o'clock j esterday" morn
ing, foi which an alarm was sounllng
fiom box SI, coiner of Biiek avenue
and Oak stieet, was in an unfurnished
dwelling house, which is being elected
on A,rest Maikot stieet by James TK11
A defective Hue leading Horn ono of
the stoves which were Kept theie to
diy the plaster, is supposed to have
c.ui'ii"! the llames. The fliemen pre
MMilid the flie fiom spieadlng an! the
loss was In consequent slight.
A spcond alaim from box 21 was
sounded at 2 30 a. m. This time the
flie wns in N. W. Morie's meat maiket
on Xi'ims avenue. The damage was
Whether Owners or Tenants Shall
Keep Sidewalks Clean.
The an est of r. S. Pauli for not
cleaning snow fiom the sidewalk of his
pioperty on Spiuco stieet, not to the
Commonwealth building, has raised the
question of whether a property owner
Is lesponslble foi the neglect of his
tenants'. The stieet commissioner Is
the complainant In the case,
Mr. Pauli's counsel contended that It
wns the tenants' duty to Lai e-foi the
Idewalk and asked Aldeinian Howe,
befoie whom the Lase was heard on
Satuidaj, to leseive his decision. The
lequest was gi anted
The city oidlnances do not specify
whether owneis or tenants shall clean
sidewalks, but It Is explicitly piovlded
that "eveiy owner or owneis of any
lot, etc," shall keep their sidewalks
clear of obstructions. A section of the
oidlnanco places the same obligation
on "the peison residing upon the
Name," but this piovlslon, the stieet
commissioner contends, does not le
lease the owner The penalty relates to
the owner or owneis.
The oidlnance dliects the stieet com
missioner to enforce the ordinance.
Attorney Dotmhoe Arrested en n
Chnrgo of Criminal I.ilicl.
Attorney M. J. Donahoe was arrested
Satuiday on a charge of cilminal libel
piefetied by IlGimatin Schaofei. It Is
alleged that ho caused to bo printed
In last Thuisday's Tiuth an aitlelo
stuting that fiaud had been perpotiat-
td by tho election board in the Flint
dlstilct of the Twentieth waid Mr.
Schuefer was lnspectoi of the boaid
and John Gibbons, Jr., the judge of
Mi. Donahoe went befoie Alderman
Ituddv and entered ball for his appour
ance at court.
llecansa His Mtfu Wns Accused of
Spiingou Her Neighbors,
Satuiday morning In Alderman
Howe's olllee John Surber stepped up to
go bail for Amos Koblnson, of Old
Porge, who was charged with violation
of the liquor laws by Mis, Mary Iluppe,
and as he was signing the bail piece he
was so Impudent ab to retnaik that
Mis, Hupp ought to be In belter bust
ness than spying on hei neighbors or t
some woids to that effect.
Mis. Hupp'H husband, who was
standing neat overheard the remark
nnd like a llns'i wan at tho throat of
his wife's mnllcncr. Theie was all
kinds of commotion theic foi a tlire
and It requliod two constables'
stiength, Mis. Hupp's cntieatles nnd
tho aldtrman's tin eat to send Hupp
to Jail to cause the Infuriated husband
to stibsld".
The uldeimnn gave him a lecture
which caused him to cool off quite as
tapldly as he llarcd up.
This an tomoiiow evening with a
matinee this afternoon "Othel People's
Money" will be pioduced at the Acad
emy of Muc with Hennessy Leioyle
In the leading lole. "Other People's
Mone.v' has a modem plot, deals with
living, busy people In the active world
of llnanr lal social scheming It Is de
void of the faice comedy element, yet
Is const! uctcd to produce loughtet from
Use to curtain fall.
The Spooner Comedy companv will
beglnawcck's engagement at the Froth
liigham this afternoon bv producing
the luughable comedy, ' The Judge's
Wife," and In the evening "Iner," a .ro
mance of Mexico. The Spooners are
considered the leadeis of all populai
pi Iced oiiranlntions and will be seen
each afternoon and cvoiilni: during the
week, changing the bill at each pei
foiinnnce. Seats aie now on sale at the
Fiothlngham box olllee for the entlte
engagement and us the demand Is veiy
laige It would bo well for pations to
call early.
The Cornell Glee, Banjo and Mando
lin club will give one of theli famous
conceits at the riothlngliam next Mon
day evening, Maich 1.
Ellhu n. Spencer, a tragedian whose
woik Is pleasantli lemombered In this
city, vill be seen at the Academy of
Music Wodnesduj andThuisday nights
supotted by a M-iy capable company.
Wednesday night Mr. Spencer will be
seen as Shylock In "The Mei chant of
Venice," and Thuisdaj evening as Ingo
In ' Othello "
The Sam Do Leon Motiopolltan com
pany, a stiong coterie of playeis, will
ptesent for tho first half of this week,
beginning this afternoon, for the Hist
time In Scianton, the latest New Yoik
coined diama success, 'The Piesl
tlont." This piece should please all
classes ol tlieatei-goeis, as it not
only has Hteiaiy mult, leallstic scenic
etfects and elaborate costume but
combines comedv, diama and vaude
ville As an cxtia attiacllon Manager
Do Leon has engaged the New 1S')7 Edi
son Vitascope, a machine which has
been much Imitated lint not equalled.
Foi this week only, ladles and children
will be admitted afternoons for ten
Trolley Wire Palls nt Washington
Avenue mid .Spruce Ssrcet.
The tiolley wlie In fiont of the Com
monwealth building near the junction
ot the Washington avenue and Spiuco
Htieet tracks, broke last night about
8 o'clock and wilthed, splutteied and
emitted spaiks for the several minutes
It lay on the pavement. It was not un
til the anlval of the lepali wagon fiom
Linden stieet that the wlie ceased Its
tlneatenlngs of death to any living
being that touched It.
Meanwhile a blockade wan caused
on all outgoing and Incoming lines
Cais occupied all the tracks In the "vic
inity and theie was a. luige gatheilng
of cuilous pedestilans who weie kept
In otder by Lieutenant of Pqllce Davis
and tluee patiolmen.
When the lepair gang arrived it only
required a moment to get the wlie off
the ground and begin the woik of fix
ing the bleak. Within twenty-five
minutes tiafllc was lesumed as usual
Had the wlie fallen dining the day
oi at am time othel than a Sunday
night the consequences might have been
seiious ami maybe fatal as that cor
ner witnesses nearly as gieat a traffic
as any other In the city.
Patriotic Discourses mid General
ltefcronees to the first Prc,idoiit.
In the com so of most of yestei day's
seimons lefeienee of a moie oi less
specific nattue wus made to Washing
ton, the Hi st president, the annlvei
saiy of whose blitli takes place today.
Seimons of appiopilate natuie were
dellveied In the evening at Elm Paik
Methodist, Jackson Stieet Baptist,
Pi evidence Methodist, Gieen Hldge
Baptist and Tilnlty United Evangelical
chinches The Patilotie Older Sons of
Ameilca attended In a body the ser
vices at the Jackson Stieet Baptist
Thrown l'rom the Cristnl Hose
Mngoii.oii the Mav to u 1'ire.
Fli email Geoige Connor, of the Ciys
tal Hose company, was painfully In
juied on the way to the lire on Ad
onis avenue at 2 30 estcidny morn
ing At the coiner ofWjumlng avenue
and Linden stieet the wagon slid over
the ley pavement and against the cuib
Connor, who was l kilns' on the tear
step, was thtown asali st a tolegiaph
pole and when he was picked up was
found to be badlv tit on the head
and mulsed about the right shouldei,
Dr. Poiiiiypackci diessed his Injuiies
and then had him lemoved to the Lack
awanna hospital, whcie he was lepoit
ed to be lestlng easily last evening.
To Inspect tho Plant.
The new electile plant ot the Scran
ton pooi dlstilct at the Hillside Home
will be Inspected by the membeis of
the pooi boaid today.
that people come fiom far and
near to tniv COUUSKX'S PHILA
sncoND, pmci:
Wo offei today ut JSe, per pound
(prints), full pound, no waste In
serv lug.
Pune Elgin fresh palls to cut,
23e per pound. .
Wo are still doing business at the
same old stand wheiu we have been for
twenty-two years past and most ro
spectfully solicit the patioimge ot the
public as heietofoie In awnings, tents,
lings and all kinds ot society goods
and decoiatlons
S. J. Fuhrman & Uro.
, Conl-Iteducetl--Uonl.
Nay AuV Paik Colliery, 3Igg, Stove
and Chestnut, $2 CO, deliver.. Tele
phone 3712.
They llavj Not Attached Their Nnm:s
to a Scranton Contract As Vet.
Tho Thrco .Men Mill I'ino Work for
Kochcstcr Last Season Hut Condi
tions llavo Since Arisen Winch
.Millies It Undesirable to Ilnvo Them
On '1 hat Team Next Kcusou--Soino
Notes About Well Known Plnvers.
Shortstop Beaid, Catcher Finnk Boyd
and Outfielder Duly, of the Hochester
elub, have positively been teleasod to
Scranton That happened dining the
middle of last week, but they have not
nttacheil theli fists to Scrunton ion
tracts unless duiing Satuului uftei-
Not one of tho three was let go by
Hochester on account ot Indifferent
playing or for any l canon that might
make him useless to Scranton. Neither
wan It Manager Shannon's choice, ex
cepting the case of Beard, that they
were ieleaed. Beard and the genial
Dan auieed to dlsagiee along toward
tho end of last season and Bod and
Daly met with the dlsfavoi of the
"Big Thiee" Hochester owners Al
though all tluee played steadily during
tho season and plnved well they could
not be letalned under existing Londl
tlons. It nai mainly due to the strong tie
of porsonal filendshlp formed between
Shannon and Urlllln when they played
together In Wllkes-Bane that Shan
non opposed the Hochester owners In
their disposition to dlckei with othei
clubs for the tiansfer of tho men
Shannon can led his point and now it
onlj remains to get the Hlgnatmes 'ot
the tin eo Theie does not seem much
doubt about Beaid, ho has all Lady le
celved $2f.O advance money.
While tho league managers continue
to favor Piovldtnee, Sjiacusound Buf
falo as the piobable leading bunch
dining tho ill st pait of the dash, no
one of them Is looked upon as a dead
suie thing. Scianton and Hochestu
aie stiong second choices Wllkes
Bane, Tot onto and Spiingileld aie not
much thought of.
The Buffalo Enqulier sums up the
situation vei comprehensively as fol
lows. Tho gcneial opinion as expressed by
manngeis tliiougliout the clicult Is that
Piovldence, Buffalo and Sjiacuso will
lnvo the stloiiKist Eustein League teams
this jcai But theso guesses do not
count for much The Stais are mighty
stiong on papci Providence and Buffa
lo aie not stiong et, but Howe Is at
woik, and Piovldence never talks base
ball much In vvlntci; the fans theie as
sume that Aim i ay will get together a
good team and let It go at that. Hoches
tei Is pietty ceitnln to have a stiong
team, even If theie aie knockers In It.
S.uulj Grlllln piomlses well for Scranton
Tho Spiingileld, Toionto and Wllke'3
Bnne teams do not read stiong so far as
thej aie made up. But pennants ate not
won In Pebumiy.
The lirepresslble Spiingileld Union
man, howevei, In commenting on the
foiegolng paiagiaph, lemaiks that .1
suipiiso pait Is In stoio for those
who continue to count Sptlnglleld as
weak on papei. The Tillnine is mak
ing no Hat predictions but it Bees no
leason for marking Sciauton's chances
below those of the other clubs.
Shoitstop Hulen and Outfielder Mertes,
of tho Philadelphia club, have been sold
to the Columbus elub for $2 W0
Man igei Bums, ot the llaittotd club,
has signed Paul Kidford to pla at shoit
stop or second bae Last season he led
tho New England league In baso iiinnlng
and lun getting while plajlng v. 1th Uan
goi John H. Shauott, who was foimcrlv
winning pitcher foi the New Yoik team,
has signed with tho Wllkcs-Bnrro club
for this oeason. As a base 1 miner he
was a great sueciss in the New England
league foi the past two seasons He was a
batter of tho 300 maik. Wllkea-Uarre
Hrenkcr Dostrojcil bj 1'ire.
The bleaker of the Baltlmoie Tun
nel at Wllkes-Bane was totally de
stioed by Hie Satuiday moining. It
was built by the Baltlmoie Coal com
pan In 1S34, but subsequently became
the piopeity of the Dalawate and Hud
son Canal company. The loss amounts
to $75,000. The bteaker wll be lebullt.
After thinking the matter over for a
week, Mamie Smith decided to go to Jail
rnthei than bo committed to a lefonna
toij. She was eouvleted wetk before last
of keeping a dlsoideily house at Hi
Pianklln avenue. When culled up for
sentence she prolVsswl pentene and
asked to bo given an oppottunlt to 10
form. Judge Gunster told hei ho would
fclvo hoi a woik to make up hei mind as
to which refoimation Institution she
would piefei to untoi and lemauded hei
to tho eountj jail to think the matti
ov ei Satuidij, when she was atiin
biojght up betoio the Judge, she slid shii
piefmed Jail to a leformatorj Thei -upon
Juilgo Gunster sentenced hei to a
Hue of S'uQ and live months In the count;,
'lho prellmlnaiy Injunction reforred to
in Saturdu's Issue lesti .lining .1 Duttun
Ilackett fiom collecting the accounts cf
the Ilim of Collins &. Ilackett and post
poning the shu Ill's sale adveitlsed for
Situiday, wus gi.iuted duilng Satuiday
foienoon bj Judge Gunster Messrs Pow
diily, Burns and Ameiman ltpiesentetl
the petitioner, llem J Culllns
Gietnlleld people aie nothing If not
nclghboil and peice-lovlng In Tui s
daj's election Piank B Plnn and Doiance
Hivenbeig each had slxtj-(le votes for
tho ollke of suporvlgoi NeU'hhoi Hiven
beig said "let Nelghboi Plnn oavo It,"
and headed a petition for his appoint
ment The petition was piesuted to
court Saturday and Neighbor Plnn Is now
the supervUoi
In the estate of L T Pajne, deceased
letter of administration wlio Sitii'duv
granted to his widow Veina E PaviK
The will of William It Hlchaids, lato of
Scianton was admitted to probate Sut
urda and lettcis tcstamentai giann, I
to Xlarguret Hlchaids
A rule was gi anted Saturdav to show
cuuse why Judgment should not bo
opened In tho case of tho Tunis Lumbci
compan against tho Spilng Iliook Lum
bei companj, and the defendunts let ijitq
a defence, as to all except $143 CJ of hie
claim, leturnablo next aigument court
H an ordei of couit Satuiday tho shr
ift was directed to pa to the clalnnnlij'
attorney fiom tho moneys arising fiom
the salo of tho luce factor 51,1C, the
amount of tho wage clulins.
In tho case of Mcrs & Co, against
Georgo rannlng a lulo was granted Sat
urdav to show cuuee why tho Judgm-nt
Bhould not bo opened and the defendants
let Into a defense, nil pioceodlngs to be
stayed until aftei the healing, which Id
fixed foi net mcument eotut.
Subpoenas In dlvoico weie Blunted Sat
uiday In the cases of Caiollno Jones
against Alber L Vones and Kato Kun
klo against B, P. Kunkle.
In the caso of the Lehigh Vulley Rail
road company against George R, Kress
and G. C. Aschbach against the same. 0.0.
fendnut, a rulo to Interplead was mude
absolute and Issue awarded as prujed for,
the claimants to bo plnlntlrt and the exe
cution 1 1 editor defendants, plaintiffs tc
lllc declaration and bond within ten davg.
In tho ensq of dopiue II. Kress, nj;ent,
ognlnst AugustitB Vct7el, tho rule was
discharged nnd the shcilff directed to
piocied with his levy upon property
claimed by Ellen Wetrell,
The court house olllces will be closed
toda, It being a legal holiday.
Onu .Man Killed mid Another limit)
Hazleton, Pa., Teb. 21. A terrible
shooting nffiny occurred at Mllnes
ville this afternoon, in which one man
was Instantly killed and another so
badly wounded that ho cannot possibly
lecovor. Yestciday wns pay-day at the
colllei los and the men began to cele
bi ate. Joseph Kugllch stinted out with
a two gallon can to have It tilled at the
Mount Scenoii hotel. Theie hail been
a fiacas and a number of his coun
tijmen fallowed, pumniellng him with
stones, lie lufoimed them that unless
they desisted he would shoot They
paid no attention to him and 11 moment
later he diew his revolver and began
to file Joe Hruddoek fell with a bullet
through his la ait, while Mike Kosbuck
was mnlined by a bullet striking him In
the thigh
It was Impossible to obtain a physi
cian nnd the loss of blood was so gieat
that It Is feaied he will die before
11101 nlng. When the news 1 cached this
city Detectives Hellly and Kennedy
Immedlatelj went to the scene, but
Kugllch had made good his escape
John Bonnet, a well known amateui
base ball plaei, was also shot tluough
the right leg In a fracas at Lattimei.
Cllv Pulpits Tilled ' Visiting Dele
gnlcs Vcsterdii).
neadlng, Pa , Teb. 21 A large nn
joilty of Heading's pulpits weie filled
today by visiting delegates to the
Young Men's Clnlstlan association con
vention In addition Hev. Di. Sco
lleld conducted a bible lending. The
lallioadeis mot In Covenant Methodist
Episcopal chuich Ehlneeis, fliemen,
conductor, etc., testified to the saving
power of Jesus PiofeMSoi E J. Hous
ton, Philadelphia, nddicsscd a large
audience of boys In Association hall.
The Ladles Auxiliary held u largely
attended praise soivlce
Ex-Governor Bcavei nddiessod two
gieat audiences In the Academy of Mu
sic this afternoon and evening. To
night resolutions weie adopted that the
outcome of this convention would le
sult in great good to oung men of
Pennsjlvanla. The college men held
an Inspiilng pi also seivlce this aftei -noon
I.nrgc Ciowd tJreols Htm at Jcllerson
Cllv, .llissouil.
1 Jelfenson City, Mo, Feb 21. Not
even during the heat of the last cam
paign did an candidate lecelve a 11101 e
heaity loceptlon heie than that ac
coided to William J. Biyan jcsteiday.
When his tialn anived fiom the west,
the hills ovei looking the depot weie
coveied with people. As Mi. Bijan
nllghted fiom- the cai, he was met by
.Governor Stephens, and a leceptlon
committee foi m both houses of the
state legislature. The paity diovo to
the govemoi's mansion, wheie a light
lepast was seived. At 3 30 o'clock the
party entered the hall of the house of
lepiesentatlves. Mi. Bijan was lntio
duced b Speaker Pauls, as the "gieat
est champion of the gteatc&t question
that ever came before the Ameiican
people "
Tor and hour the Nebiaskan pouied
out a Hood of 01 at 01 y and applause was
fiequent. Ills theme wus "The Sci
ence' of Government.'"
In the evening a leceptlon was ac
coided Mi. Bijan at Madison hotel,
wheie the guest dellveied a second
Stemii Heating mid Plumbing.
P. F. & M. T. How ley, 231 Wyoming av e.
230 XX White Envelopes for 17c. at 3c.
Store, 523 Lack'a. ave.
rnltirgcmcnt o
132 Wyoming Ave.
To make room for new
Spring Slock.
Tlic balance of 'Winter
At very little prices,
Includlnc tho painless oxti acting of
teuth b un cntlielv now pioztss
5. C. SNYDER, D. D. S.
321 bpruce St , Opp, Hotel Jsrm n
yBBUHuu yfliJ)uH yuuigBlu
,1 J J ,1 j$s$
VmS ' PrwM
It Puzzles Proprietor A1. P. PI) tin, of
tlic Lackawanna Valley Hour:.
Placed in Hotel Snl'c ut it O'clock in
the .11 o nil 11 k mul Two Hours Later
It Mm Gone, Although Someone
Vu. in tho Ullice Almost Continu
ousl) I)uriii( tlio Time in WhWli
tliu .Iourv Took W ilifjs.
Theie Is ono man In thli city who has
a Ilfteen muzle. He la M. P. Flynn,
ptopiletor of the Lncknwanna Valley
Houbo Heie Is the nuzzle:
The nlRlit elerk (llilts at 3 o'clock nnd
the day cknk comes on at fi. In the In
tel Im two bell luq look after the af
laliH of the lintel. Satuiday morning
when the nlht eleik quit at tjie usual
hour, he took the money fiom the cigar
ciiho and uKo the lecel'its of the b.n
nnd placed them with the hotel leeelpta
in tlie cash drnwer of the Bafe Ho
then locked the safe and tiled the door
to make suie that It was locked, plueed
the key In his poeket and went to bed.
That he did .ill this, he solemnly aveis
nnd he Is eouoboiated by ono of the
bell boys who saB ho saw him doing
It. The bell boys svveai that one or the
othei of them was about the olllee eon
tlnuall duilns the two houis lnter
venliif,' between the time the night
elerk loft and the day eleik came on
duty, nnd that nobody else was In,
mound or about the iilucc dining; the
time In question
Yet at 5 o'clock when the day clerk
went to oiien the safe lie found it nl
icady open and the cash dtawer,
vvhleh contained $2G0 nilsslnp;. It Is an
old-fashioned safe v hlcli locks w Ith a
ke. Some one with a duplicate key
had opened the feafe between 3 and G
o'clock and absti acted the money.
Hi Plynn has called In detectives
to help him woik out the puzslo.
-' -
Tor 111 effects of over eating
Tailor made fall suits and overcoats,
latebt stlcs, John Hobs, 307 Spruce
We hsive a treat for you in our
M ENT this Aeek.
IT2 piece English Porce
lain Dinner Set, blue Mare
clial Neil Rose xuiderglaze
decoration, full gold line, reg
ularly sold by us at $13,48,
For This Week Only, $8.50
56 piece English Porcelain
Tea Set, flower decoration
filled in with color, the actual
value of this set is $6,00, our
For This Wesk Only, $4.67
Full nickeled Table L,amp,
central draft burner, complete
with io-inch plain dome
shade, tripod and chimney for
$1.68. The above is guaran
teed in every respect, and is
a chance to secure a high
grade lamp at less than half
the regular price.
Sohmar Piano Stands at lire Head
AND J. V. aUCUNSHY Stands at the HeaJ
In tho Miiblo tract. You can alvynja get n
better brrsnln at Ms luaiitlful vvnrerooms
than at any othei placo in tho cltj.
Call and sen far 3 ouisolf befoiu buj ing,
205 Washington Avenue,
Prettiest Patterns
In carpets,
patterns that will go
with tlie walls, the cs
ana cue iurmture ot your
home are here. Another sat
isfactory thing about our car
pets is that you can be abso
lutely sure of their wearing
quality. Our reputation is
staked on that.
E 1 niSl A 6 ifMSTi
r n j
lit 55lV'MTr5Sntev1w
' 1 llSivfi5f If
' Jl If 14' Sxitrin"Vn',K 1 !T jE Ml
423 Lackawanna Aveniu.
Clocks, Jewelry,
Sterling Silver
And Cut Glass.
Great Reductions in All
These Goods.
Watches and Clocks Re
paired on short notice.
About our Chlnn, hive you soon It? Wa
mum tlio last Invoice from "HAVI
IjAND," the fm-funieil tniinufnctuitis.
Tht j pai thtlr doslKlitrs a little foi tune.
The lnoiluptlon ot works ot att Is their
llfR htlUl
Wo huo sccurod f-omo of theso gema
In Dlnnei Sets, v 111 vontuie to say you
nevei mivv theli lilp.
Anj thins In Olioswaie or Lnrrrs. Como
ami see our ptrform.ince In iu?5r upsrt
tlnir. Doubt no longti, but piuchaso and
btlieve oui woids
1 o and 141 Wnshlnjtun Ave
Jewelry Store,
il3 LftCIUWAfJ.'n AJEUi
Look at our $10 Gold "Watches,
Warranted 15 Ycara.
213 Lackawanna Avenua.
Ladies' nnd Children's Wear.
Seal nnd Plnsh Sacqncs,
Carpets and Feather Beds
L POSNER, 21 Lackawanna Ave.
nhrot's Bias IloolliiK will withstand all
extremes and chamiea of temperature,
ovvlnu to tho elasticity of tho materials
UMtil In Its manufnctuic Wo speak from
hnovvledRo and txpeilenee aequliod dur
ing thlrtj ears' piaotlcal woik.
314 Washiniton Avenue,
Strictly New Laid Eggs,nea, by, 25c
Frash Eggs, Jersey Stock 22c
CooJ Storage Eggs 16c to 18c
Fancj Hot-Houso Hmlislies,
lHlo TonmtoL's, Ciiciimbcrs,
tireen Beans, CaulllloAors,
Mushrooms, Ktc, M(c.
I' fil "i
'SB mts
P Dunn's

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