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'miipmtfF i
SOBANTOiN', PA., MONDAY MOllNrtfG, MABOir 3 5, 1897.
l-Mr "-f
il vLUlUL 11 d(0)d
tic Store
Hotter stop nt one ot tho big Show
windows and take a
Imt aft tie
New Trimmtags
Spring Wear
Wc'e gatheied thom In fiom the
four comets or Hie eulth, and a
liner dlsplaj has nevei bt en seen
In this cit Yet, the window show
while Intel estlng enough Is hut an
Intiodtic tlon to the exhibition In
side, to which eei ladj In
Stianton Is eoidlallj Invited
Will undoubted! v leach the 7onIth
of theli Dopulailt thlb jour Tine,
tlu ate nevei out of stvle, but
t'uie aie seasons when tliuv seem
to cany eveij thing befoie them,
and that is just wlint will happen
dining the spilng and siimmei of
Among: the newer things .shown
this season aie
Gaze aid Oriental Laces
In eveij conceivable tint, shade
and combination of colors, also
white Widths, iw. to li Inches
Mack Ctatllly Laces,
Silk Freicl
Valour Iisertiois,
Eiy Yatoiir Iiseiriliois,
Aitwiie Vals;
Emferoitoed Haiisoeks,
All Oyer EmtoroMeries,
Emtoitoies Si
Sets, etc.
In Boleros,
Bands and Girdle.
All shades and combinations.
2 to 7 Inches wide Some oxeiui&lte
goods In ontliely new otte'Cts.
oooooooooooooo ooo
IRtinelhi n o
in an endless vniletj
light shade want Inn.
and not a
These Are
merely hints at what we've laid
out for your inspection.
The Real
Of the Show
Cannot be guessed at howevei, till
you've seen It.
Germany Holds Lord Salisbury Raspon
siblc for Existing Conditions.
Wctoilu's liiteilcronce Hns M ifliout
Doubt lliul Its I. fleet I 'poll tho i:n
lisli l'rriun'i--Tlio Tuikish Troops
in a I)isuigtinii'd Condition-- Pro
vision mi (I Clothing ecili'd.
!ei1ln, Muich H Should tho coei
clve musuiis taken bj the poweis
against Giecce lesult in a geneiul Hu
i opi-.m wat the Initial blame, nte ending
to public and ollklal opinion heie, will
fall upon Hnglnnd lively step In the
ciltlcal negotiations which have been
and ate still piocecdlng has been len
deied unceitalii bj the vui Mating. II
not opposing com se of action, taken by
Loid hullshuiv If tin piuposals of the
Husslan and Gentian governments,
made tluee weeks ago, to blockade the
coast of Gicece, had been acceded to bj
the English pietnlei, the dangerous de
velopments of the ptcsent time could
nevei have occ until. So the olllcial
papeis in Beilln leason, and llbeial
politicians In full sjmputhj with Giecce
think likewise
Theie ate those behind the scenes who
sa.v that fiom the outset of the Gteco
Cretan cilsls, the pietendecl paitklpa
tlon of the SjllsVuiv goveintnent hns
been a blind, andfthat King Geoige up
to a late point in the diplomatic con
test was led to believe that eventttullj
the Inlluence of deal Biltuln would
b(unie the situation in favoi ot Guece
The Inlluence of the Danish ioal
family, with Its offshoots in I'uglund
and ''ussl.i Is known to have been at
woik and Is believed to have opeiatcd
with success while least expected The
dowagei i at ina who got ciedlt foi al
most supieine )owei In the cnis coun
cils has fulled to altei the undei stand
ing betwtin the knlsei and the czar,
though she liu had the active co-op-
.eiatiun of Queen Vlctoila, who has
stiong sjmpathks with Oieice, and an
indent detestation ol the Tuiks Nei
ther the hand of the ex-caiinn, not
that of the iiuten can be made vlblble
in thdsomo of dlplomucj wl ich is now
being plaved, but It Is known heie that
both have been suppoi ting King
Genige, and JJt is believed that to the
((".ten's Intel feience much of hold Sal
libuij's hesitating pollcj Is due That
the (iieeii does still exeieise an ovei
sight of foielgn aftalis is pel haps bet
tei known at the Gel man couit than
It is in Hngland.
Meanwhile uttei dlstiust of rhigland
Is the dominant fpellng at tlie foielgn
olllceheie, while the entente with Rus
sia is complete Hut lor Ilussla the J
Halkun peninsula would now lie In a
bl.ie and Austiia. and Russia would be
niobllllng theli lioupsfoi win Theie
Is ule-olutelj lellable Into! inatlon that
the tbtee Halkan states Sei v la, Rul
gaila and Moiuenegio, have concluded
an alliance which atfects not onlj Tui
kej but the claims of Gieece and the
nspliations of Austiia
Uniloiibtcdlv the whole ol the tiiple
undt i standing Is peilnllj well known
to the Russian government and was
connived at, II not Insplied, bv Itusblu
Monte negtei Is lin.im ed bv Russia and
gets het .it in.imi ills suppllt d in p. Ud
loi chiellj bj the St l'eteisbuig j,ov -ei
nine nt The Seivian goveininent
cleat 'v think thej can gtt nioie under
the Aegis ol Russia than fiom Austiia,
whose occupation ot Bosnia, the Sei
vlans ii sent With the i (conciliation
ol i'llncc reidlnand and the cai and
the l etui n of liulgaila Panslavlsm tlie
obstiulis in the wav ol an alliance of
the Halkan states, undir Russian pio
tettlou, have dlsappcaied and the en
tente has been achieved. It depends
upon Russia to let the dogs ol will slip
lioill the hah tTp to the plesent time
the whole pullcv ot the czai is to le
slialn them and If thev aie let loose,
the piotound c onv Ic tlon hei e Is that the
consequent genual embiollnu nt ot the
poweis will be lutgelj due to England's
polle Some Gel man ollii ei s w ho li.tv e
been stivlce, ate hel(ilng on the oignn
uation of lellel battalions ol the Tink
isli ai m lu the Vilaj ets of Salonlca and
Monustll PtiVlltc letteis lecelvt d fiom
these iiu.n teis slate that the mobili
zation Is only paitlal and pioteeds with
gieat dllllc ulty Clothing toi thetioops
is budly nteded, their piovlslons aie
cnntv and tin commlssailst lb disoi
gunled Tlieie is nko a scan Itj of
noises foi the aitillciv and things ate
geneiallj In confusion, but IU-tialiud
and Ill-fed at thi'J aie. the tioops will
light. The Geinian olllceih tstlm.itc the
Tuikish elfcctlve, nt Rlassotia, Moun
stli mid Jiinlna, with di tnehmenls i lose
to the Gieek liontlei at 77,000 men II
this estimate Is neai the tiuth, sui h
a foice could sweep ovei Gieeep, If
numbeis count foi an.vthing. Thespii
II ot the Gieek auny Is splendid, but
late accounts give a bad ippoit as to
the leseives, who aie as jet meiely a
mob, undlllled and aimed with out-of-date
Thus lai only Geimany anil Austiia
have accepted the Russian proposal to
put the blockade of Gieeie Into Imme
diate eflect and It Is believed that If
the other poweis lefuse to ail lu con
ceit the mm ships of the thleo poweis
named will undeitake to eufmce com
pliance with theli demands without
lefeienco to the attitude of the othel
Constantinople, Maich 14 ThePoite
has ngieed to concentiute the Tuikish
tioops now on the Island of Ciete In
the foi tilled towns as soon as the Gieek
foices aie wlthdi.iwn.
Hi. McKiulm Will Nor-hip in (lit;
Pew I'ormcrlv Occuiiieil b (.unit.
Washington Mauh II Piesldent Mc
Klnley again ntlended set vices this
iiioinlng at the Metiopolitau Methodisl
ihuich, while Piesldint Giant was a
communicant dutlng his lesldence in
the white house. It Is now undei stood
that the piesldent will become a inem
bei of the Metiopolltun chuuh
The Metiopolitau chinch Is located
about a mile fiom the white house, In a
init of the city that was once fashion
able. When the piesldent ai lived at the
(lunch this moinlng accompanied by
Mis, Abnei MiKlnley, Mr. John Addl-
son Poi tor and Mr Geoigc 12. Moise,
of California, he found n huge ctowd of
people awaiting tho opportunity of see
ing him. A bqund of policemen undei a
lieutenant, kept the pavement In fiont
of the chinch cleat Mr. MeKlnlej
bowed light and left to those who
saluted him and pnbsed Into the build
ing guided b an usher who made the
mistake of pulling the jimtj In Mis
John A. Logan's pew, dlicctly behind
the one known as ' The pi t sklent's pew"
whit h Geneial Giant had occupied and
which was leseived foi Ml McKlnlev.
Illshop lluist made the opening piaei.
lie invoked the blessing of God on the
sniggling Cubans and appealed to the
Altnlghtv to stilke tne shackles fiom
them He also piavcd foi the piotee
tion of the Chilstluns in Ciete Rev.
Hugh Johnson, pastoi of the clitnih,
pleached tho senium His text vvus
fiom sfiond Coiinthians- "We also be
lieve and theiefoie we speak"
Result o) ii
I'iic nt
Hlklns, W. Vtiv M.neh 1 1 A, devas
tating Hie In oke out heie todav and
befoie Its piogiess could be checked
It had destrojed IL' stoics, the opcia
house, a hotel, baibei shop, seveial taw
olllces, a pi luting olllce and thiee dwell
ings. Se.eial families lived in the apai t
lneiits above the stoles, and lost their
goods. The loss is heav, but cannot
now bo estimated. It was the most
destiuctive flic that evet occuned heie.
Report of the Insurance Commissioner
Indicates a Good Year for Penn
sylvania Companies.
Hanlsburg Pa, Match II The (list
pait of Hie twenti-touith annual te
poit ol the insuinnce commissioner will
be tiansmitted to the legislature tomoi
iow It contains that much Inteiesting
data conteinlng the tlie and mailne
Itisuiaiice companies doing business in
Pennsylvania. The assets of the foitj
companies doing business lu this com
monwealth In lS'JD amounted to $41,
07),!J1 and last jeai, $I3.8SJ,253 the lia
bilities, except capital, wele J1,S4.,,C!'J
In 1SU". and $.'.',01,414 last jeai The
bin plus last eai was '$11,3.'4,.ICG as
against $9,S77 S07 the jeai (lievlotis.
The total lecelpts, losses and dividends
paid did not-Taij much lot the hist
two eais The llsks in toice in 1S9.1
amounted to $.' "dl.l'JJ.SOS and In 1SU0
the total was $J,13S,"iliJ.01iy Theie was
a big lnc lease lu tne amount oi pie
miunis received and llsks wiltten last
eai as lompaied with lS'Jj The (lo
ci ease In Hie losses last jeai was V.
f2:,701 4S The total losses and expenses
of Pennsjlvanla lompanits hist veai
weie SlC.SS'l.bSJ 99 the total income, $17,
0;0'Uij"0, net income, jj 117, ISO 04, divi
dends, $1 !2G i'm'i 4 ! 'f total losses
palel In l'ennsjlvanla last eai b all
camiianles wcie $7, Iril,(j47 10
It was a piospoious jeai for the
Pennsvlvania companies, the piemlum
tecclpts being ovei foul bundled thou-
sand dollais inoie than In the pieceel
ing j eat, while the losses wete onlj a
little over $J00,000 gieatei Dill lug the
jeai llfteen spei illative mutuals" weie
diiveii bv the lUpailinent to the wall
The insuianie cominlbslonei sajs that
In eveij paitlculai pettalnliiK to these
fiaudulent miitunls the atmospheie has
been veij much denied within the past
twelve months The hlstoij of these
liauduknt opuatlons Is given In the
lepoit. Hie depaitiuent lias also neen
aftel the unlleenscel bioktt. Comnils
slonei l.ambeit sajs evidence of the en
tile willingness ol niiinj people to be
cheated with cheat) insuianie hns ac
cumulated in a lemaik.ible degiee. It
is a unions lact, he adds, that men
sliiewd enough in all othei matteis can
be easilj tile keel lu all insuianie nego
tiation. He calls attention to defects in
existing laws and levlews lecommen
dullons of the last lepoit. The lecelpts
of tin dtpaitnient Inst jeai weie $34,
.US Jo and the exiiendituies $14,Si'J0,
leaving a lialiuue ot $3'i,4b9 Uli tinned
into the state tieusuil
Koostei Mill M'ck to Divide!
Illinois with the Pugilists.
Of,ikn, f'tah, Maich II Geoige T
Gejsei, of this eit j, and well known as
a pioinotci to cocking mains, left is
tetdaj foi Caison Cltj, with .ll pun
game cocks, wheie he will meet a like
miiubei of Jap biids lioni Cnlltoinln loi
$r,00 a side It will be an Inteistatc
c.iamplonshlp m.iti h and will be con
tinued loi tluee dajs, Mauh 10, 17 and
The California blids ale the piop
eity ol the ehlel of police, Gieen, of
Sac rniiieuto.
Stoiv 'I hut lie Jills lii'cii Res
pitetl Was I nwaiianlcd.
riankfoit, Kv . Maich 14 Goveinoi
Biadkj has not icsplted Alono Wall
ing The lepoits suit out that ,i lesplte
of lour dujs had been gi anted the ac
complice ol Scott Jackson in the mill -del
ol Pi ml Hij.in aie nionounced bj
the uovemoi as unwai lanted.
He sajs he has not jet finished lend
ing tho evidence lu the cuse and will
not llulsh that woik befoie Mondaj
He will not sav whethei oi not a le
splte is piohnhlc.
Terrilic (iulo nt I. lie.
12ilc, Vi , "VIuicli H A teiillle gnlo
stiiak Ihie this moinlng and tile hluli
wind, slMj nillis an hout ut times, elld a
gieat utnouul ot damage It Is lepoited
tint Wuttbmg, a town In a remote pint
of the counlj was destiojed by lite. The
wins aie down and the puitlculuis can
not be hud tonight '1 he tow n Is a small
hamlet ot wooden liulldlncTH.
Itrucgci Shoots Cooke).
Rile, I'a, Match 11 Muck Conkey and
a (nirtj of file ads met ut John It Ktueg
ei'tf house this evening An ultercutlon
msued which lesulted In Kiuegei bhoot
Ing Conkej through the ubdonien Con
kej will dlu before moinlng Kiuegei Is
iliulei uiiest He ulleges Conke) und Ills
f i lends we it lobbing him and he shot lu
It iu t.'icaincrj
Willow- Grove, Pa
Muich 14 -The
woiks ot the Willow Glove CTeunitij
eomimny were dtBtrojed by lite this
morning. The loss Is $18,000.
High Old Time at a Meeting of Colorado
Ainiious to tlie I rout in n I'lglit Tliat
I.nstcd Tlirco Hours--A lloilur
Inspector lloiiuccd--rnto oi' tliu
.linn Who Keiiiscd to "(Jo Out mill
Choke IIiiuscll to Death."
Denver, Col, Maich 14 The middle
of the load Populists met heie jestei
day and adjourned n'tei tiitee houis of
lighting Wiirao.i weie In the thick ot
the melee and thej Wete In seveial in
stances Instigators of the attacu
The Hist assault was piovoked bv Hie
lenuiiks of n woman that she would not
sit in a convention with th? hit clings of
coipoiatloiis, Indicating one ot the dele
gates The hittei leplled that the ac
cusei was a llai and hei liusliand Ik w
to the lesctie. while his wile end het
women companions stood bv and
cheeied the llchteis.
Mis 12. Reed staited anntlit low
bj sajlng that she had seen too mm It
of politics to blush nn more; as that
was a petfunetotv cfi'oit that did the
pal tj no good Mis Alice raulkiu'i
took a hand In the low an J elllogled
Giaiul Old Man Wulte " hh giew ex
cited and some one made a slighting
lemaik that piecipltated lu-tln-i tiou
ble. The event of the afternoon vva when
MlbS Holmes leplled to tho attiuk ot
the boilei Inspector, W R Tiazle- He
said that the coiuoiatlons weie mole
loweiful than the Populist pilnciplcM
"That's a lie,' was shouted and half
a doen men and women weie on tin ii
lcet making foi the speakei.
"If the shoe Hts put It on, l .'totted
Frazlet, 'iacliifr himself foi the lush
He wns no match foi the etow.l and
was dilven fiom his position, bill
fought debpeuitelj to the doo
Mi Akei next came in tor lough
tieatment. On being asked bj Mm
Reed If It was not time foi hlin to go
out und choke himself to death," Akei
letotted that Mis Reed had not added
anj thing to hei leputation bj going
out as a stieet singci. Miss Holmes
demuneled the leason w hj the men
stood sllentlj bj and saw the women In
sulted None lesponiled, and then Mis
Reed and Miss Holmes ndmlnisUicd
the punishment themselves and ton
most of Mi Akei's beaul out of hi"
Ihcy Send Bishop Mallalieu, a Con
federate Flag and a Little Note
of Explanation.
Roanoke, Va , Jlach 14 Some of Ro
anoke's ex-Confedeiates took occasion
todaj to mildly lemind Bishop Mal
lalieu, of Boston, that his titteiances
condemning the conledeiacj will not be
loleialed In the south without piottst
In a senium in Baltlmoie last Sun-daj-
the liishop, who pieslded ovei the
Baltlmoie confeience of the Methodist
12piscopal chinch, lefeiied to tlie cou
fedeiate Hag as a ' dlsgiaceful, aboni
in ilile and Inlanious lag."
While piesldlng todaj ovei a mls
sluuaij meetlnir In the Acndeinj of
.Musk in this city the bishop lecelved
fiom an unknown souice a neat little
pai kage 'When opened the paicel was
lound to contain a contedeiate Hag
lilac aided, 'The abominable lag which
iloated ovei the conft detacj ." A
tjpe-wiltten note was also inclosed
which lend as follows
"The emblem undei which touht the
noblest band of heioes the wiild evei
piodueed. The folluweis of I.ee anil
Jackson and otlieis eiiinllj gall int.
contended loi foiu jeais with tout
times their number, wtestlng vlctotj
tioin them on mote than one hunched
Ikbls, j hiding onlj when staivatlon
and disease had thinned theli lanks to
biich an extent that less than 8,000 sui
tendeied to 120 000, and these In line
of battle i cad j to die at tlieit leadei s
wold Whose was the gloij '
Mlbhop Mallalieu made himself ac
quainted w ith the contents of the pai k
age but did not lelei to the Incident
tioin the platloim Afteiwatd hi said
he had consigned the contents of the
panel to the Humes and imped that the
mattei would end time If the agl
latois deslie to go faithei' he said,
thej maj heal tioin me ag.iln "
- -
He Attacks the state Pisli Conimis
siouei foi J.iivisli i:viendiliiii's.
Hanlsbiug. Pa, Match 14 James H
Wnich u, a nienibei ol the state huutd of
gunie eonunlssioneis. Is out lu a state
ment to the ncwspupeis suppoitltiK the
Baldwin bill inovidlng loi a otate game
and (lsh wai den, who shall have povvel
to appoint dtputj waickns thioughout
the state He attacks the btate llsh
commlssloiieis foi spending dining the
lust ten j eats $J04,000 without anj good
He says the commissions system of
ptotecttoti is 'antliiuuted, bcltlsh, iuoi
eiatlve and expensive and then pio
ceeds to piove his assei tlon bj showing
that the appointment of watet ballilfs'
ill each lountj of the state at ten dol
liuseaeh pet month as pioposed bj the
llsh i ommlbslon would cieate mi annual
expeiibe of nut less than $17,000, wheieas
the Baldwin act limits the annual ex
pense lu the state to $0,000 and luinlsh
es Jl- llsh and game protecteus He
points to the fact that such a law Is In
successful opciatlon in Michigan, vvhete
the teveuues fiom lines and costs for
lb'JC-G exceeded the expenses of the
wui den and his deputies, $2,1J4 4J Mr
Waiden contends that the state game
fish waiden would co-opeiato with the
fish and tome commission in enfoiclng
the laws.
Tho SIiimiiii Higher at .llcitiiihis Than
It Hiin Been Since IHT'J.
Memphis, Tenn., Maich 14. The Mis
sissippi liver heie Is highei than since
the establishment of the weather of
fice in 1S7-', and piobably since the
sinking of the lowlands of Mlssouil,
Arkansas nnd Tennessee by eaith
iiuakes The llso today was sllghtlj
above halt a foot. On nil the Islands
near heie nud In the lowlands of Aik
tyisas theie Is gieat surfeilng and also
gteat loss of stock and propel tj, but
no lepoits have been lecelved of pei
suns being di owned
Seveial small levees or pilvate dikes
niound towns and plantations have
been bioken, but so fni as lienid thetu
have been no bleaks In the main levee
sj stems.
They aie being ilnely wutched and
tvventv shots weie 111 id todaj- at the
stiainei Rluff Cltj be cause she went
neai ei to the embankments that the
guai ds thought she should
tlnrri Unison Poms n I.ontl of Shot
Into I'clci's Itodv.
Oxfoid. Pa, Maich 14 Petei and
Han j Watson, Inotheis, nuaiieled last
night and Hanj came off second best
In theli light He said at the time that
he would kill his bi othei and when lie
met him this morning on the stieet he
pouted a load of shot fiom a shot gun
into Petei's bod Hunv was ui tested
and committed to jail without ball
Petet was taken to a hospital In Phil
adelphia wheie 200 shots weie picked
tioin his bodj. He can linidly suivlve
his Injuiles.
The New Tariff Bill Will Be Introduced
in the House as Soon as the Or
ganization Is Perfected.
Washington, D C, Maich 14 The
new tin Iff bill will be Intioduced in
the house tomoitow as soon as the or
ganization Is peifccted and will be le
feiied to the wajs and means commit
tee b whom it was piepaied It Is
still incomplete The committee spent
the bettei pott of today levlslng the
bchedules and the woik will be con
tinued tomoiiow noon
Jinn J details leipilie a cat ef ill con
sideration and aie liable to change at
the last moment The bill w 111 be given
to the in ess about noon Mondaj.
Chaltman Dlnglej will, dutlng the af
ternoon furnish the pi ess a statement
which will luterpiet the vntlous pio
so'is of tlie measuie, explaining the
tuatellal changes that have been made
theli effect and the leasons which led
to them. A meeting of the lull com
mittee will doubtless be called foi
Tuesdaj at which time the Demoiiatle
membeiH who have no connection with
the piepuiation of the measuie will be
picsei't. Full committee meetings will
continue duilng the lemaindei of the
week In oidei that the vailous bchedules
maj be fully coiibldeied and an op
poitunltj aftoided the mlnoiitj of of
leilng theli amendineiits which, It Is
safe to assume, will be piomptly voted
down It is Mi Dlngjey's de she to le
Ioi t the bill to the house the Hist of
next week and to have It passed
thiough that body at the eailiest piac
tical moment No satlsfactoij expla
nation has been given 1 the lommlt
lee as to whj Incomplete and lnuccu
mte di lifts ot the pioposed bill have
been peimltted to be published
Uoth Coibett nnd I'ltsimmons Will
Rest Until (he Gient Tight.
Caison, Nev , Match 14 I'itzslmmons
contented hlmscll w 1th a plunge bath
this moinlng and a dilve Into town
with Is wlte The Coinlshinan took an
uo daj and did no hard woik as a llmiv
ot snow this moiniim softened the
loads, whh h weie In a veij liuuldj
'I heie weie pkntj of vlsltois to
Shaw's Spilngs, wheie Coibett did some
lndooi woik which Tiainei Chailej
White lishtened somewhat fiom the
oidlnaij loutlne In fait both men
have about concluded with the heuvj
woik and will let up a good deal dining
the next couple of dujs
Captain Hinds, supeiiutendent of the
Plnkeiton Detective Agencj, San fian
cisco, who will have c lunge of the
police iiiiangements at the ting side,
was among the dnj's anlvals With
him i ime Bolton Rogeis, ex-chlet ot
police of Seattle, Wash , Jl J Couwaj,
ol Chicago, and a nutnbei ot thief t ik
eis with national lepututious Twcntj
pie keel men sdecud tioni the huge!
Plnkeiton agencies lu the east aie ex
pected to nnlve tomoiiow The gam
bling hoiibis aie being eloselj watched
and .all i looks aie Invited to leave town
dllectlj thej aie i ecogtilable
De.llli ol Ills. Gill.
Philadelphia, Mauh II Mis Wllllnni
H GUI, wife ol VVIlliani Ii Gill, supeiin
tcudent of the Western 1'nloti Tilegiaph
tomimnj, died toduj ufte i a long lllne-s
Mis Gill was a worn m whose noble Chils
tlun cha aclet eiuleiiied het to a large
click ol filemls and uiipi iliitniites.
Tin' Uiuser ( ns
No'llstovvn. I'a, Maich 14 Attotnej
I.at? ilein. ihkf coiuibi 1 foi the delense
lu the Kulsi i (use, btuted todaj that
kalsel's coiuistl would stick to tliu (ills
omi's stoij lh it hlghwaj men killed hi
wife III itbiittlng the te.stlmonj of the
VV cither Indications Today;
Pair and Colder.
1 Coiignssman eJoiinell Will Rndeavoi
to Have Coil Put on the Dutiable
RiigUnd Is Ik Id Jtesiioiibihle fot the
Continued Tioubleh lu Ciete.
Mlddle-of-tlii-Itoud Populibts Rtijoj
Thenifcthes ut Iknvei.
J Tliomis II Ueed Will 15o Re-elocted
rinuuelul and Commeielul,
3 (Local) Colonel l'attle Walkins-Lind.
sa Visits the City.
Six Bundled and Two Llgenses
4 Hditotlul.
CQininent of tho Press.
C (IxieuD Rev. Hi. IlKon's Atralsn
nient ot License Coeit.
Stoij "The
Passing of the Ciojs-
WeBt Side News and Goselp.
V and Dow n the Vallej'.
Air. Conncll Will Endeavor (o
the Coal Schedule.
It Is liikclv That the New Membci
lioni the Eleventh District Mill He
'I'a ken t'uic ol on Coininittees--Mr.
1'ovidcil) an Aliplicnut (oi Chief of
Immigration ltiin,nu--A Ciiiiilidutc
for (.riiut Herring's Keith.
Special to the Scianton Tilbune
Waslilngton, D C, Mauh 1 1 Con-
giessman-elect Connell in lived heie hist
evening in lime to take pai t In the Re
publican caucus, which unanlmouslj
le-eleeted Speakei Reed and the othei
otllceis of the house. Ml. Connell and
Speaku Reed ale stopping at the s ime
hotel, The Shot chain, and aftei the cau
cus last night thej had a shott talk
about committee assignments. It Is
llkelv that the new ineinbei from the
!21cv until dlsli let w 111 be w ell taken care
ot bj the speakei when he makes up
his committees.
Mi Connell will endeavoi to have the
wotd 'bituminous" stiuck out of the
coal schedule of the new tailft bill, so
that anthracite will be piotected as well
as soft coal Keeping anthiacite on the
flee list will not altect the Pennsjl
vanla ptoduct, but it will that tound
In Coloiado, which comes In competition
with hutd coal Impoited on the Pacitic
T V. Powdetlj Is an applicant fni
chief of the Immlgiatlon buieiiu L. T
Kolu bac k, of Noi thumbei land, Is a can
didate for collectot of Internal levenue
of the Twelfth dlstiict, to take the
place of Giunt llening.
Both Houses ol the 1'iltj -liftli Con
li ess Will Convene Toiluv.
Washington, Maich II Tomoiiow at
noon both houses of the riftj-llfth con
giess will c onv cue In extiaoidlnni j
session' It is not likely that the stn
ate will leinaln in tontlnuous session
dining the week unless the piesldent
Is much mote expeditious than he has
been In making nominations Theie Is
nothing befoie the senate and thete w 111
be nothing to leijulie clobe application
to business until the committee on foi
elgn lelntions lepoits the aibltiation
ticatj with Gient Bi Haiti. A special
meeting ot the committee foi the fui
thei consldeiatlon of this subject has
been called foi tomoiiow. When Sen
atoi Davis' motion to lefer the treat j
back to the committee was discusseil
dining the leient special sebslon thete
was a geneial expiession of opinion
that the designation of judges of the
I'nlted States Supieme couit as mem
beis of the tiibunal should be elim
inated It was thought that as Juilsts
sitting In the couit of last tesoit In this
count! the judges might be called
upon to pass on questions similar to
those that might aiise under this tieatj
of aibltiation, and should this piove
to be the case' the situation would be
mote than embanassing us the opin
ion of the judge nb a membei of oui
own loutt might act ub an estoppel in,
the exeitise ol his lights ns an Inde
pendent membei of the ttlbunal
It Is almost a cettalnly that the
tieatj will be amended along the lines
of the Tin pk amendment of the last
session, so as to piovlde that eveiy
ease oi eiuestlon Intended to be sub
mitted to aibltiation undei this gen
ual tieatj shall Hist be submitted to
the senate loi Its Limitation
It stems to be a geneial imptesslon
that when the senium appointtd bv
the goveinoi ol I'loiidu to succeed Mi.
Call in lives he will be seated The leg
islating of riot Id i does not convene
until Am II 7 and six jeais ago the
senate seated Ml Pasco ad Intel Im,
undei Dieclselj slmllai conditions,
The appointee lioni Oiegon, In the
place ol Mi Mitchell has not jet ui
1'veii His claim to a sent Is legaided
as les adjudkala by the decision ot the
senate In the Montana, Washington and
Wjomlng cases In the last congiebs
Ills ciedentluls w 111 uueloubteillj be sent
to the committee on pi Iv lieges and elec
tions as weie those ol Majoi A T
Woods the appointee of Goveinoi Biael
ley, ol Kenuickv
Meanwhile the Rmmblle ans lu the
mattei of the oigauUations of the com
mittee aie phivlng a walnut? Mime
Thej will make no elfott to do moie
than "11 theli own vacancies until the
leglslatuies ol tin si two states elect
It Is undei stood an nm cement has
about been leatlml with the Deinocints
to this end The nioposltlon to con
holldale all elements opposed to the
Republicans loi the put pose of cuptui
ing the oiganlatlon and the loinmlt-
ttcsnppeai to have fallen Ihioiigh ow
ing to the inabilltv of tlitse elements
te come togetllel
The' Republican majoi Itj of the house
hnv lug adopti'd in c am us w Ith uuuniui
It j the old ticket the oi'jaiili'jUoii of
that bodj will take but little time and
then is no le.isou outside of his own
possible deslie foi u cltiv's longei time
whs the piesldent should not send In
his message' to const ess on the opening
daj which is lathei an unusual hap
pening All the house has to elo after
olganllngls to diaw loi s-eats and this
call easilj be done while the joint
committee Is on the way to the white
house to iieitltv the piesldent that, the
riftj-llflh conirict-s Is readv fot busi
ness. Spain's Lenient Policj.
London, Mutch H Tho Times tomoi
iow will publish u dispatch from Ha
vana dated Mauh I J sujlng that there
aie fuither liidltutions that u tnoie leni
ent pollej will be piit'iied foi the (impose
uf avoiding complkutlons with the United
Suites Thleo olllteis ot high milk, who
wete iiaiged with limine seveiltj, have
been lemovtd The dispatch adds that
tluee mote Anieilcuns who aie now In
custodj will shattlj be llbeiated without
lilockiulo Begins Wcdncsila).
Iondon, Muich 14 The Cliionkle will,
lu its issue tomoiiow, claim to have au
thoiltj lo state that the block.ulo of
Ciete und ceituln unnamed Gieek iioits
will begin on Wednesduj, mi ultlmntum
to th.it effect having been dellvcted to
Oretce Nteotlutlotis urn pioceedlug
tovvaids having Piunce und Itulj jolntlj
oecuuj Crete, oi itulj alone with a nian-
j date fiom the poweis,
T T bi
JLL J- A v
i4 ILd
We (flijpei Tedlay a Magil
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rect firon
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dines (tlie
latest), Snake Sk5n Novelties,
Pure French Mohairs,
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Tone Checks, Eplng
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Specials for March
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member of the -family.
Wholesale and retail,
Lewis, Reilly & Davies
114 and UO Wjomlng Avouue.
.1 nines Blair's Condition Showed tl
Change for the Iietlui.
Hailv jesteielaj moinlng It was be
lieved that James lilall would die dut
lng the daj He tallied how ovei and
tow mil evening Ills condition was much
impiovcd and theie was eveij' leason
to exptct he would live thiough the
night At 130 o'clock this moinlng a
Tilbune icooitei called at the lioue
and was told that Mi Blaii was lest
ing nuletlj Ills puho leglsteied 10)
and his condition was as favoiable as
at anj time diiiing the day. He was
coiibiious and hud asked loi a dilnk
ol wntei a fevv minutes befoie n Til
bune lepoitei's ImilliiJ lit the house
Since the ciltlcal tin u of Mi Hlnlr's
Illnebs about ten dajs ngo he hns ex
pel leuc eel ieieated sinking bpdlls ami
lalljings Yesteielaj moinlng ho was
in the verie of a collapse, but last
night he was so gieatlj improved that
the lamlly letlied soon nltei the usual
hoiu and left the putleut in chnigo of
the night muse as has been custoumiy
dining his Illness
Len Chntker unci H. C. C.irson .llect
Death on Hie Lehigh Vulliiv.
Tinikhantmck, Pa, Mnich 11 A
wagon contninlnc two men, Lea Ch it
kei and H C Caison, was stttiek by a
tt.iln on the Lehigh Valley inlhoad
at a ciosslng west of Wjaluslng.it Vi IS
this moinlng and both theli bodies were
so badlj mangled that they died within
two houis
Tho men hnd been ell Inking and had
dtivtn lecklebslj on the Hack.
Steamship Aiiivuls,
New Voik, Match 14 Airlvod Olltt Lx
GuseoRne ut Iluvie Sailed foi New Vorkl
Canipuiiia fiom Cueeiistown.
Tliu lleiald's entlior rorrenst.
New Voik, Mnich 15 In the Middle
Stutes toJuj, full vveuthoi will pixivall.
with sllghtlj lowet timpeiaturo and vn
tluble winds Uti Tuesdaj, pnitlj cloudy
to fulr vvcuthei will pievall, with a slight
Use of tempeiatute and wtsteilj winds.
SelllM Ho
w IM f

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