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I ' IL(lfPWJ"W
'H m OwtKiwa '".' nvt.-'ilfaA -i.
aj " " '--W!,iiSKw?
AwpWtM, , 1 ,. JIMfc
Grip & Golds
Celebrated bv .11c. ond Mv. John
llotlmnii ol Tucutii'tli siicct.
Ml and Mis John llolfman thievv
open their house last nltrht to main
Invited guests In celelnation of the
fifteenth nnnUetsaiy of theli redding.
The house was piettil' decotatcd with
potttd plants for the occasion and the
evening was inut enjojnbly spent In
tomeisutlnn music, dancing und othei
pli'iiant dletlons
The host and hostebs weie the lceip
lenls of inaiij handsome lenum
hianc.es fioni theli filend umont' the
mail being a beautiful cut glass set
piesented b -Ml and Mis 11
Stotia, coal supeilntendent of the Del
tivvaie, -Lackawanna and Western
The fi lends who i'iijocd the hospl
tallt of Mi and Mis Hoffman weie
Mi and Mis. V II Ktoiis 1)1 and
Mis D W. Ueacli, Mi und Mis A 1J
lietteile, Mi and Mis H D Jones,
Mi and Mis Illchaid Ttnlt, Ml and
Mis Geoige lluftinaii, Mi and Mis
O V llottinnn, Mi and Mi Daniel
Clements, Mi and Mis Hugiue 1Cies,i,
Mi and Mis J'lilllp llllums, Mi and
MH, Thomas Hteinei, lJotts ille, Ua ,
Mi and Mis Thomas D JJavIs, Wo
inlng, l'a ; the Misses Povvill. Uioad
bent, Mollis 1j Jones, Illchaid Da Is,
Ilany ldvvaids Kdvvaid I'tlce, I3io
fessor Thomas JenKlns and J V. Oieen
Music was furnished fin dancing by
the Measeis Jenkins, Clements and
llofiman Mi Jloflmun Is the fen tinun
of the llnmpton colllei and i elides
neai It on Twentieth stteet
lie Is hnuuii as 'J'oni Ticu Phe Is his
wife and It is a sum of mum) The
muni j the Sonne ot ,1 dNgiae c till
scene enacted on uppci West l,acla
wuunu nvtnue "stuida utteiuuun
,tbttida inolliliig lining the abenc "
if Mis Win I'liui lis went to thcil
home In DecKci's couit und hud te
lliuvcd hence the fuinituie and In le
tilin lecehed twihe dullais Thes
twelve dullais he lnuceeded to spend
In Lontlliui.net tpf u two weeks old
spite Mis Pit u caught up to him
ut Win neh ' heitt I on West Inc lcaw nu
lla aseuue 'i bout loin o'cloi k and di -lunndtil
at least a lie it of the so-c.Hllv-gottcn
sjolli lie itfuslng slit Inoke
his but ana lace and ultitiuitelv lemov
e il fioni his pel sun u puitol the luoue
and then both st.ntej on the i minds"
The la-U Siun ol thtm lie, She and It
weie on tlnli wa tow aids the tedtial
The final 01 jymlz itlon of the cholt
to lie known a- the Wet Side Choial
soe letv, look place In I vol He hall lust
Sunda evenlnt About fiO nuinbeis
weie ctuollitl with the follovi In "111
cerfc elected Daniel Thomas, conduct
iii, Hugh James, secietai, Miss Xoi
'na Williams, aeiompcnist, and John
Williams, dooikeepet The lit st i cheat -sal
vll be ptobablj held next AVednes
dav evening ut the Jackson Stieet Bap
11st chuiell The cholt will entei Into
comp"tlllon in the Itobit Mollis lodge
statiox hcJusj: xoti:s
Mai tin Mangan, of Wrest I.ackaw anna
avenue, was at tested last night, loi
being dititik and bieaklns the glass In
tin house The famllv weie In feai
of his thtcats to clo them boelll injiuv
and weie compelled to have him locked
William Veil Mm, oM19 Notlh Biomley
uveuiii" is again In duianee He Is
given to dilnk and his htniseke epei,
who looks uttii hit, thtee mothelU'S
childlen, is altald that he will do tin in
nil huim anti seeks piotcctlon bv l.nv-
OrTTYTT -vrvTrvrvTrvv 'rvwrwrwrwmnr'i'WWWW'rwwrvwrwC
ViUU ViU UUUUVJViil ViixiU U i
It's time to begin to think of what it shall be.
And where to buy it. So man' things to consider in
the choosing style, quality, fit and price, Then,
too, the reliability of the dealer must not be lost sight
of, and all the clothing buying public have confidence
in Samters'. Here's four of our Spring Suits offered
for your consideration :
More popu
lar than
ever this
spring, aud
cloth that
-or as good.
of stylish
Avhere's the
wears better
Sack coats
leugtn tlie' re a
shorter this year
last. Good serere lining-.
In browns of all shades
for brown is to be the
t popular spring color, ioo
suits of specially good
value go on .sale this week
at $10.00.
A hand
s o m e
comes in the fashionable
plaids and checks. Fit
without bulge or wrinkle.
There's a trick in the
making that makes them
"set right." Strictly all
avooI with linings that
don't fray out. If we give
you the best selection it's
4 (!i.t.iiiiA.M..jn.mii..i,..ttai,miii
Inir the man coiiflnPd until lie set
I.ADinS' ad DI-NlP. SOCIAI..
The I.ailli'a' Alii of the riMiiniith Con
Kitgatlonat rlHiich held u clime orlnl
unci mippei In the olinuh tiitilnrs Hint
I'VenltiK. The; uttenditnce vvoh all the.
ladles could expect nml vvns Iniouras
Inj? to their effoitH to Cuinlih n plans
ant minus of spendltiK an evening with
li lends In the chinch woilt The ohject
of the ullali .is,the nljtnlnlnfc or funds
lot tne vvoilc pcMforiiicd by the aid In
the c hutch
At Hloomsbtiiff Nounal school two
West Side boys, Utnld pwons and Wal
ter Jones, nio In active tinlnlng fot a
"walking" match. It Is the Intention
ot the ' bov s" to establish a school
iccotd between this side and lilooms
blirp n dlstnnco of sixty miles, by
walking the mtlie dlstnlice. The event
comes off the fflith of Mutch i:veiy
moinlng just at IH, in tin "gvm" thiv
do two nillP3 liinnlntr on the cement
Hoot In theli bate Jet
Miss IAyc Vtltchaid, of Uifavetto
stiet, Is teeoveiingV tront a sveie at
tack of gilppe
Miss Cat lie Dunn of Wishbuin stieet,
Is b ick among the West Hide people,
nffi a tl.iee weeks' visit In Xew Jei
m;' ,
The latest and best styles. Roberts,
me. ixorin Maine
Mls f'assie Heese, of I'tlce stieet, Is
in Audentled on u visit
MIhs Maine Newell, of Itohecca ave
nue, haa te'utned li mil Vlttston
Thomas. Jteese and daughtei, of Not th
Lincoln avenue, me conlined to the
house bv gilpite
Mi inJ Mis Geoige Tewksbtti, of
I'eckvllle, weie visiting li lends on the
West Side last week
Miss S-uah Da) is lb In Vlttston visit
ing ft lends
Mis VJva Dtaiamof Hampton stieet,
will spniul seveial weeks among ft lends
In VVIlkcs-H.ine.
We laundiy stiff collars with soft
button holes Cistal Laundry
The l:eP"'Viie choii, Heni Jvans, con
due tin, will meet lei a genet al leheaisal
riiuibdn evening at the Helltvue Cal
vlnhllc Methodlit chinch
John the 0iuig son of Mt and Mis
John Ciowlei, ol Mildlau stieet was
bulled vest" Ida afteinuon In the Hyde
Vtik Pplhollc eeinetciy. The fiiuel.il
u io l.itr.r!.. nlt.m1,fl lit IiIoIwIm ill tie
famllv vln eletplv svmpathUe "With
Ml ind Alls Clf.wli v
Kc'V L It Po'ter ot ubut n The edog
IcjI stminatv was tendotwMl the dotildi
pastut ite il th Sumnei Avenue and
'tajlui Viesl)teilan Ohutehes on Sat
in dav last, fie has t ot given a di'flnlt"
answei to the cointlltUO Who waited
upon him as et, but It Is loalldenth
expic ttd thi lestilt will be In the attlrm
ativi Dt r, Y. Harrison, Dentist. Mears
tTr.ll 111 C Inln n.,ot.,,a
Xlilll. Ill J il,..lll ' nut.
Miss Katie H Hind, ut Vlttston ave-
line spent Sun la w lth li lends on thls
Mis :aw.url Smith, ol Wivnlv, was
liete among lelatlves lot a lew davs
last week
Chailes Andiews, of Swetland stieet,
is ill w lth measles
The funeial of the late Joseph H An
nelev, who died so suddenlv hist Satui
dav, will olcui this ntteinoou fioni his
home on Sixteenth stuet, al -' 10
(I'llock Intel inent at AVashbuin stieet
ee metei
Tlie leiuntlis. of James Geoige, of T3I
Xoith Itibecca avenue, weie intuiPil
In U islibuin stieet eeinetciy yesteulnv
aftctnoon The Hist scivices occuiied
it his home and the Luge nuinbei ol
nis tilends, who had galheicd theie, ac
companied the ptocesston to the 6eme
tet On Sunda attention John V Davis,
the s-veat-old son ol Ml and Alts John
Davis ol ' ,"i Ninth rilmote avenue,
died aftci a short illness The bo was
an liitoiestlnir child and leaves a sad
vacane in the home His funeial was
held ' esteidav af lei noon and lnteiment.
was made at Washbuin stteet ceme
teiv. The llev liouel ofTk lattd
Tlie Hllte Dancing class ol this side
held unothel of theli eveintgi ol tetp
siclioiean pleasute lust evenlns, in
Aleiis hall
Mi and Mis Thomas Strtnei, ot
Vottsvllle, aie being entei tallied b
Mi and Alls A r HHteil , of Wash
burn stieet
Mis-, Murv Y Hdwatds, of Washlnun
stieet, has gone to Alahanoy Clt , wheie
because we carry the larg
est stack. An item not to
be lost sight of in cloth
ing choosing. 75 of these
suits go on sale today at
Worsteds Pnard rT
ish goods
Some think the' wear bet
ter. These are fresh from
the looms. So tempting
ly pretty. Made on honor
and made to Avear. Style
aud comfort, too, in clothes
that fit. One particularly
handsome suit is an in
visible plaid that Ave are
selling at $15.00.
' running like It foi lts tliiiu S'Jtl (10
In custom laiule. nulla IllltU trains
Lined v lth liiimi'ts Mttlu
Sorinc wor about
rW. Spring. Over
J Vcr- coats will not
COatS b.miss, We
oner a nobby
"Benjamin" Box Coat
with satiu sleeve liniugs,
for $10.00.
(iiioel enuUKli loi the limit fastidious,
.More tle loi le-w inouev tliun ou vo
evei Ncuu la tin uveitoul oiler,
& T
she will be th gust of Dr, and Mts,
Lot l.nk
Mis. LTineieau. of Sdnov, X. A',
th" guest of Mis John McKtevcr, of
Jackson stieet, has letuined home.
Di W A Cat roll, of l'lvmouth, called
on his biothei, Di J J Cniinll jestei
day. Chailes Cauavan, Michael Lavelle,
Michael Jennings and James Ilegin will
lepiesent the lldo Vaik Fathei Mat
thew soclet nt the Diocesan dlstilct
coiiventlo'i to be helil, at Xatillcoke
next Mnv The delegiit'eo verc elected
at an Intel estlng meellng held by the1
I'nlhei Jlntthew society on Sunday
ntteinoou last.
Dr. J J Cat toll, ot Jackson street,
hnsietuincd home fioni New Yotk city,
wheie he has been In attendance upon
his sister, who was seilously HI.
Choice cut flowers and dower de
signs nt Valtner & McDonalds, 541
est Side Business Diieetorv.
How era and funeral designs a specialty;
101 South Main avenue, two doors from
Jackson stieet.
avenue Vliyslclims' piescrlptlons care
fully prepaied from vvnrrantetl pure
cliuqs ana chemicals A lino assortment
of trusses, Him stationery blank books,
virnlsh fcttilns mixed pnlnts or fancy
work attlsts' mnteilnls, window glaes,
wall papei and plctiue moulding, Clerk
at stole all hours of night,
an thing ou lime to sell Furniture,
Stoves, Tools, etc, Cull and see the
Mock of J C King, 701 to 70J West Lack
awanna avenue.
'I o Cine il Cold in One Dili.
Take laxative Bromo Qu'nlne Tablets.
All druggists refund the money If It
(tils to cuic. 25 cents.
Suburban. News
In General
Matciuette council, ouiig Men's Insti
tute, have- set in ed Joseph P rttill of
Cincinnati,. to adelic-s the coiinclVat theli
looms this-evening The membeit ate
utgeel to attend, us lmpoitant basinets is
to be ii tttt upon,
At the untnial meeting of the Women a
loielMi Mihslotmi socletv of the 'Vaik
Place 'Jlethoillst Episcopal ohiiieh e-J.
ti ulaj.'itliefollowlng ollkcis weie I'lected
lot tlie"e tiMilhg- vein 1'iesltlent, Mis (1
'I Vll.i, lllt vke-picslilelll, Atis J W
Vail, SCi ond lee-pi etlclttit, lr.. Vilteli
Ui1,tlitl ,ite-piinIUelit, Il i: Allllcl,
lei uitilng .euiet n v, Katt Kuicler, cotn
sliondlnt. Si en tar.v Utsslt Heel; tieusur
ii c ui i A ull 'mite bii tommlttit AIWs
Catliiiliit Uiadei unci Al i s U MIHei
Uwlnt, to an itiilntcntloiial eitoi ol es
titilii s 'Jilbiuie the cum el t ot tills e
tnltitf wis blated to be lust i veiling U lie
xoell-ty of the l'lesb teilun chuich Vho
line th.UM ot the t litei tuliuni nt have
auiiiibul in excellent progi inline fm
tips eventing Some ol the best tulent ot
tilt tltv iial neai b towns hus been ht
tuuil ami all things pulnt to one of thn
hi st i out n ts-ol the si uson.
'I homas VMlllams Is llng ciltlcall ill
at Ids home, 6ii'avne avenue
1 'Hie luiu ral or Mi s 1 nomas Gordon, ol
'uj Aug uveuiit , will tuki pluie tills
nioi nlng at 0 J) otloek The leinulus will
,bt. taken to the Jlol Hotai chinch,
win it u high mass of leiptlcm will be
snug lntitment will be inuele In the
Aichliald Cath9lle eemelei
A laige iiinnbi'i ot s tiipathlzlng ftleiuU
atttiultil visltndii moining the tuneial
of Putt Ick I go, one ol the vlttims of
Mullein v s txploilou rttliel ll sei v lei 3
wilt held o c i the leinilns at St Vaul'-e
ehuieh b the Hev. V J AIcAIuiuis The
secial s,oeIctks of which the ileeea 'il
w is a memliti ittemUd In a bodv '1 Ik
leinilns weie Intefied ill tin llvcle Vaik
Catholic tenittei
John and Lizzie Gclbeit, of Idod
btiett, wetobeCote Aldeiman Robeits l.'st
evening on chugts piefeiieil b John
ltenkovlteli It K cl limed b the Henko
vltches that while at woik list Aednei
tla the Gclbetts m.nlt fotclble entiante
to his tntnk and took $JI The vvanaiit
was placed In the hands ol Constable Di
vis lat Vilelu evening, but not until es
teidaj was he able to hi lug thtm to Jus
tice When anilMicd befoie the Aldei
m m the disclaimed mv toniiettlon with
the dlsappe iiiuce ol the mone, but the
ptoi-tciitot had sevetil wltutsses to tes
tif to his chnige Aftn healing the tts
tlnioiiv the aldeini in held Ml s Gllboit in
$"Ct) hill, and John (Jllluit, the hush mil,
111 TOO to apju at ;it t mil t Thev lm
nlbheel the leiiultecl ball und weie al
lowed to t,o.
Alvia Moigan is uulle ill at his home, on
Chuich avi nue
Mine Supc t Intenilent Vlnlev ltoss is con
lined to his home, on Noitli Alain jvinue,
with a (-light uttatk of 1 i giippe
H C TouiJI, of .Aim Mllfoid, spent Sun
da with his niece, Mis,. A II Huitwlck,
ot Noith .Main avenue
111 Hoi Hosai chuich at noon es
teitlu Uelwaid J O M ille and Allss Mai
O'liovle veeie mauled bj Itev , J, 1.
O Toole The wedding was a veiv quiet
ulfjh A leceptlon to the bride and
gioom followed the manlage, and aVet
Mi and Mis O'Mallej had been watmlv
tongiatitlated bv thill filends they weie
dii, en lo the Di law ate, Lackawanna nn J
e tun station ami stalled fot Pueolo,
Col All and Alis O'Malle are both
well known oung people and are e
tniuclv populai with their accpialntaii',es
The tuke with them the best wishes of
tlicli man fiietids to tlnli new home
gki:i:n iuugi:.
On Wednc sdii night the pupils ot Bt
Pauls Putochlul school, In CJiecn Itld(,e,
will glvo an lutein itlonal Hag dtlll in tlio
basement of tho chinch Thev will be
usslsted b the chinch choli, who will
hlng nation il songs At the ope nlng of
the entei tainment the it piesentatlvcs of
Holland will tniii and dance to the all
of the Dutch national hmn The Pittl
tans will then nppe,Ji These will be tal
lowed h the Swiss, Ahi(,gle Ituddv giv
ing William 'Jell to Freedom " Then
tome theUiteks, Angeli Jilevvltt lecitlng
'Marco Uozails" The Geimans and
lUishlans lollow The Tit nch next pre
sent themselves, Xoia Cadde.n tecltlng
Napoleon at Helena," then the Scotch,
imgtnla Smith giving 'The Siege, of
I.utknow ' "The Irish ate then seen, the
let llatlon being 'Tonteno," given b
Mlthiel Nllaud Atueilca Is next itpie
setittd, with declamations as follows
' Iilsh Mollv at Monmouth," Mar Husa
nell, "Piedeilt ksbuig," Noia Loftus,
"ISaibaia Piltchlt," Aggie MeTagiie,
'I.liuoln's Addits at Oettsbutg," llai
ir (Jiattan, ' Otti Iiannei of the Stnis,''
Alai Vail
Thu Women's Christian Tempcianee
union will hold Us legulai weekly meet
lug at the homo of Alts S H Pen, 11.')
uupouse avenue, this attemoon at 2.J0
Miss Helen Dewc), of West Plttston,
calltd on fi lends In the Itldge jesteula
Chailes Hi own bus taken possession of
his new home, on New Yoik stieet, near
Mouse avenue
Alls Oeorge Allte hell of Mom oe avenue.
Is Hiifftiing with u scveie attack of
Hthel Oieen, Ant,lu Shannon, Alice Hui
ve, I.llllan l'ostei ('luiu Ua , Lulu Hir
vt tkssle Westutt, Nellie Uenson,
Oiuee lieaslc and Helm Htackhouse, all
little lollcs, tendered a nuipilse. jmit to
Miss Oiato Heuson, at her home, on
M .u Ion stieut, lust hatuidu ufteruuon,
W S Cobb, of Capouse avenue met
with a let sevi'te arid painful lucidenl
while hauling a load of coal last .S.itm
tlay uftoiiiQqn In some wa he fell be-
DO you um
Steel Pennyroyal Treatment
is the original nuu only r lir.nun
safe and reliable euro oil the mar.
ket. Price. $1,00, flout by mail
Oeuuino sold only by
Win, Cl, Clark, 32(1 Penn A., bcruntun, Pa.
death the wagon, one wheel pacing over
his leg, lie Is now able to be around with
the aid of clutches.
sot'Tii sum:.
This morning at "J o'clock the property
owneis of tho piopoed new sewer ells
ttlcl will meet In the clt solicitor's al
ike, The meeting will be ptellmlnnt to
the appointment Of vleweis. Uy thu end
of this veck the sollcUoi'n application for
the appointment of the "elected vlowcts
will be piesented In com t All ptopeity
owneis aio leciuested to he pi cent, us
they will be met b the boatd of trade
committee and bo that the most deslia
ble tltlzens may be chosen Onl com
petent men who aie thoroughly famlll ir
with tho dlstilct will constitute thu
choice In otdei that a Just and satlsluc
tory assessment may bo made.
The Scianton Sacngeirundo will meet
In Nattet's hall this evening.
-Mlsii Anulti Lavelle, of Vlttston avenue,
(s slowly lecoveilng from hei lute seveio
The Patriotic Older, Sons of America,
held a meeting In rreilhan's hall lust cv
i nlng
Scivices will ho held this evening In
St John's Catholic chuich, on Ulgstiert.
A slipper will be given Veelneselii
ntternoon, Match 17, b tho congregation
of the Cedar Avenue Methodist church.
It will be seived by tho ladles of the con
gregation The Itoiirlng Vrook Hlecle club held a
meeting Sunda afternoon In their looms,
on Viospect uvenue.
Choice cut floweis and flower designs
at Palme i &. McDonald's, G44 Spruce.
lth the expected building boom that
customnilli accompinles the spring will
come tho t nla'igi inent of (leimanla and
Nutlet's halls. The pioposed woik Is ap
patentl.v the outcome of the new hall
movement that has been undo discussion
foi main vtais because of the excessive
demands for (punters to accomodate
the laige ciowds that gather to attend
social events held b vailous local oi
ganiatlons Hoth are endeavoring lo
have tlnli lemodelled stiuctuies iepl"te
with model n lmpiovements and unsur
passed by main In beautv,
We laundr.v stiff collars with soft button
holes Cistal Laundry.
Mrs Hornet Millet, of Alteram, N. A',,
Is the guest of Ml. and Mis. Sltltit
Matthews, of Utook stieet.
The Young People's soclet of the
Chtlstlan Cndenvoi will hold a "cobweb
social' at the home of Mi and Mis
Kdwanl Osterhout, of Oiove stieet, to
nlhlit. Special anangeiuents huve been
made b the aiiungement committee,
which will make this social the nio-st
pltusant evei vet held . Jlefieshmentb
will be seived dm lug the evening
Miss Jluj Keeniei, of Dudle stieet, has
K turned 1 1 oni Mill Clt, wheie, lot the
past li w dus, she bus .been the guest of
' The Wieckei's Daughtt I," a stilling
dial mi In fom utts, will be piodliced In
Odd fellows' hall tomoiiow evening Ad
mission will be Jj cents,
William Millet, of lliook stteet, spent
Vestetduv with fl lends ill Alt Cobb
Hoi n, to Ml mil Mrs Michael Sean
loll, of Glove stieet, a gill,
Ldwaid Pun ell, stipe tlntendent of the
Pinch Gus woiks, of Philllpsbuig, N. J,
Is the guest of his hi other, V L Pui
i ell, of Dilutee! stieet
Meetings of the school boaid and coun
cil wPl be held this evening.
The Hose Hud Diuni eoips will hold an
entei t ilnment und seiclal In the neat tu
t ill e
Seveial eases or la gtlppe are reported
In this linioui,li
Airs Thomas Williamson, of Pouilh
stiett, Is lmptovlng aftei a. tecent seveie
lllin ss
Miss Hsthei IJiuke Is Indisposed at her
home, on Pottet stieet.
Mis McDermott, one of the oldest icsl
dents of Mluooku anil peihaps the oldest
woman In notthtustein IViins hunlu Is
elangiiouslv 111 ut hei home, on Staffotd
Thomas Duff, sr , Is conlined to his
home, on the hill, neai the abandoned
Stnttoid sh ift, b the grip
'lho funeial of the Into Albeit II.
Compton, whose death was chionlcled In
vcstetda'h Tilbune, will tuke place
W'tdnesda.v at 'J o'clock, from his lite
home, on Davis stieet
Tin Gieenwood No 1 colllei will le
same opeiatlons toda aftei foui dis
Tho committee of the St Joseph's so
clet that Is nuking nrtangements tot
the epuiiteil convention, will nuet tills
(Veiling at the li hnll The ladles Who
aie assisting the committee, aiu also ie
cniesteel to be piestnt
The LIteiai circle of the Daniel O Con
ned council, young Men's Institute, of
this pluce, will conduct u debate this ev
ening at theli looms, on Willow stitet
V delightful sin pi Ue patt was held at
the home of 1'. 13. Moigan, In Mlnooka.
Ptlda e veiling in lionoi of tlie thh t-entli
blrthdav of Willie Moigan dames and
music, both liiHtiuniental and vocal, weie
Indulged in, when a bounteous lepast was
seived. Among those present weie; 'Ihe
Allsses Llz.de and Cot a Owens, Miss
Hlanche Wlnslow, Gettlo Thomas, JJtla
Hauls, 1 liz.lo Davis, Maud Kvans,
Glads Samuels, Sadie Got dun, Geitle
AVutklns, John Jones, Tommlo James,
Tonimle T3vans, Chestei Iteee, John Ow
ens, Huge lie Heese, Vied Hose, 13dg,ir
Hose, Hei belt Guaitl, Willie Thomas of
Taloi, MWses Canle and Lizzie Lovi
lng, Maicie Knipp, Hattie Kiupp, Ala
Davis, Alma and Heltha Loveilng, Sail)
Haw son, Hdgai Davis, Geoige Lewis,
Geoige James, Willie Millet, Itobett
Mucklow, ot Gieenwood An enJouble
tlmo was had
Tho death ot Allss Hliyabeth Watts, foi
mail eais a lesldent of Xew Yoik clt,
took place at hei home, In that clt,
last Hilda She succumbed to an attack
ot pneumonia, which, at hti advanced
age of 79 yeai k, she was unable to le-slst
Tho deceased was a blstei ot the late
Heni Watts, of Caibondale bhe haves
a numbei of telatlves In this clt and
Caibondale She was a woman ot stiong
chaiactei and peisonallt und was espe
ciall attached to the oung, and counted
among hei fi lends a largo numbei of
oung people of all ages, atttatted b
lit 1 loving and klndl disposition bhe
was a devout Clulstlan and was a com
municant of St Baitholomew's Hplscopal
chinch, Xew A oik I'uneral sn vices
were held on Sunday at hei late homo
and weie conducted b Hev. 1)1 G H
AlcGtew, the lectoi The inteimeni was in
Maplewood cemetei, Caibondale, estei
ela afternoon beivltes at the grave
weie conducted b Hev. Cliatles Lee, of
the riist 1'iesb teilan chuich, Caibon
dale The pall-btaitis weie sl nephews
of the deetased W. J Watts, Thomas H
W'attb, V D, Watts, G A Watts, Hail
Aattn and L A, Kobei tb. Site Is suivlved
b one ilstei, Miss Tannin Watts, ulso a
lesldents of Xew Voik city
On Satuida Alts, Mlianda S Bowen, of
Tails, passed uwu at the home of her
son, Hdwaid, In Plttston, hei death being
due to paialslb The Gazette tag
"Alis lliowii was n meinbei of a fundi
well known In Woming and Luckawunua
valles Hei fathei wus the late Jtulns
Mlllei, of Lurkuwanna, and she wus the
widow of 't hei on Hi own, who died foui
e4if uu lust AiigUBt She was born in
Laekawuuna, wheie i.he was also mariled
A few .veais uftei this evtut, the futnll
moved to fulls, wheie. the leinullldei Of
All uud Mis Hiuw'ii's lives was spent, In
all ubout foit eais. Thiee childlen weie
bom ol the union, all of whom aie living,
us lollow s, Hdwaid liiqwn, who Is em
plOed In the stole of the Xew ton Coal
compuu Mrs Ainos Leaiu of Sciautou,
and Altss Hattie Hi own The following
biotheis undiuUteiH of tha deteabed ulso
suivlve. .All. H. W. Diake, Mis A M
KdBett, S II. Mlllei, of Wilkes. liane, and
a, W. Millet, of nitnlra, Mih. liiuvvn wua
a most devoted Chtlstlan woman and to
know hei wa- to love list. She was not
only one or the best kilonn and hlghl re
spected ladle ut hei home, but hud nu
merous friends and acquaintances in this
und other places. At the time of her
death ho was U veais, 'I tuontlis and II
das of uue " The fillu'tal was held ves
teitla moililng, with Interment In New
ton eelueterv,
Oardnei J llabcock died at his home,
No. 218 front stieet, lllughnmtoii. N. V,
Hilndn, aftr a busy life of sevent-thiee
linnlo tin a BUM II til lit Vitu II Ifo lit 111 n
,i cuiai x iv I n u i I I i i u ij ii in Mini uj v-
sisters, Mis. Limn Longstieet, Mis. Dove
u. uoii aim mien naiitocK, ot niiignuiu
tou, Mts. Maty Ann Spcncei, of Kliks
vllle, Mo, and Mis. Vllen Hunt, of Paul
ing, and by two btothcis, Will 13. Hub-
cock, of Monti osfc, l'a , and AH 11 Hab
cock, of Ilavvle, Pa He was an uncle
of Augustus Habcock, of Blngiintnton
Gaidnei J Habcock was hot 11 111 Htldge
watci, Pa , Dec 7, ISi'i, and lived in
Hildbewatet until 1!J ears of age, when
he stittek out for himself on u faun nt n
Haifoid, Pa While still conducting the
faun he went Into the meat bitslntss, .ml
afterwaid became active In seveial othei
enteipilses. In 1817 he moved to lilng
luimton and about this time his healtn
became Impahed, Heeovetlng lit conduct
ed a milling business at Nicholson, contlii
ulng tlie business until fourteen euis
ago. About the eai 1SSJ "It Uubcock en
gaged In the wholesale pi odncu tiade In
Sciatitejn, which business he continued un
til his death The deceased was a dliectui
of the Men chants' bank ft 0111 the time of
Us Inception He was likewise laigelv tu
tetestcd In the Tiuders' National bank In
Scianton Alt, Habcock, bv a cm Ions co
incidence, died on the nnlnveisaiy ot his
manlage. He mauled Allss Alaiida A
Caipentei on Mnich H, 1830 The funeial
will be held from the house 011 Wednes
day moining at 10 o'clock and fioni tin
1 lunch In Haifoid, Pa, at o'clock In the
afternoon lnteiment will be at Haifoid
All Habcock Is a membei of the III in of
G J Habcotk i Co, of l'l enklln ave
nue. Alio. Alai v AleDonoitgli, died Sunda
afternoon at 1N14 Cediit avenue 'the tu
netal will be held at M o'clock tomouow
mottling at St Joseph s Cutholle chuich,
Mluooku, whtic a high mass of itqulem
will be celebiated Mis McDoiiough vmis
It, eaH old She was bom In Count
Muo lieland, and mini to this counti
thlltcen eais ugo. A husband and the
following nine chllilitn biitvlve bet Mis
Alai Dwei, Annie, ICalle, Dulbv,
Allthuel, Jiimts, John, Maigatet and Tes.
slo McDonough
Alls I'atiick Halev, of Gieenwood hill,
died estttda at 1 o'clock aftei a tew
duH' Illn"s3 with pin uinonla The de
etased wa ilie muthei of Mlchiel 1 J .1 ' v,
one of the mo.jt popular Oimg mm III
Giemwond Slit is suivlved b hti hu
land, two sons and one iluughtei, Miss
Mniv Hale The funeial will take place
Thuisdav moining at ') o'clock. A tt
ciulem nigh mass will be sung ut h.
Joseph's chilli h, inteinient In Mlnook 1
Catholii cemetei.
Augustus Lewis, a piotnlnont citizen of
Waluslng died ut his home in that vil
lage Sunday moining, aged 70 tuis Ml
Lwls began business in Wvuluslng 111
1610, continuing until Ps77, when he ictlied
being succeeded b C. J & 13 D Lewis
He Is suivlved b tin ee children G M
ah ittoine ut Wilkes-Banc, and C J
Lewis and Mis J V, Talor, ot Wj alus
Ing. The death of Geoige Davis, of AtlliPt'F
Glove, occuiied suddenl on Satunla ev
ening nftet a few houis" Illness of paial
sls Dtceastd w is about 03 ens of ago
aud Is suivlved by a wile and foui ihll
jlitn John, Hannah and Cuiniii, of
Avoca, and Gtoit,e, of Ilde Pink lho
funeial will take place this ultetnoon.
lnteiment will be in Mate cemetei
John Knight, fonneil of Jermn, su I
denl died In Hldoiado, Cal , on Satuida
Ml Knight Is lemembeittl bv the old In
habitants of Jeinin as being outslle
foi email of the bteakei which John .1 1
ni n then hud tontrol of All Knight
was a biothei ot Mis lVtet MVtiltt -nl
Mis. John Jet m 11
A'esterdav moining, aftei an Illness of
thiee weeks bf typhoid fevei, John, son
of Mi and Mis, Pied Ciamer, of Jeunn,
died, The deceased was 'JJ veais and h
months old Funeral will take place on
Wednesdu aftctnoon at 2 o'clock Sei
vlces at Jeimn Methodist Hplscopal
Alis , Chailes W Seasholti", oldest
daughtei of Mr. and Alis c T. McKln
ue, died at her home, on South Alain
sluet, Towauda, Sunda foienoon, aged tu
c'ui3. She had been 111 but a shoit time
and Is suivlved b hei husband and two
An Infant chile! of Ilenty Holly, 111
Xotth Hveiett avenue, died esteiday
aftemoon The funeial ceiemonles will
be held at the home nt J o'clock on W cd
nesdav attemoon, buiial being made in
Washbuin Strtet cemeteit
Allchael Kell, aged CO cais, died last
evening at the lesldence ot Ills son,
Allchael, of tho Xortb J3nd, Avoca Dt -erased
had been a sufleiei trom lung
trouble Funeral announcement will be
made tomoirov .
Patilck AA'alsh died nt South Canaan,
Waiie county, estetday He was a son
of J J. AValsh, of Plttston avenue The
funeial anangements have not been an
nounced. J Kempor Hoswoith, an aged resident
of Hastein Hiadlotd, died at Leltasillte
last AA'ednesda, aged St ears.
Under this heading shoit letters of In.
terest will be published when accompa
nied, foi publication, b the wiltei'a
name. Tho Tilbune will not be held le
sponslble foi opinions here expreisaed
The Jiuiiois Coiuiiii'iitletl.
I3dItoi of Tilbune
Bli Pleai-e allow me tpace In the col
umns of otit valuable intdlum to speaK
of a case ot pine hlde-Oui-llght-undei-a-bushel
which has but ircentl leaded out
The two oung bOH of Petei C'oui tiluhl,
who was kllltd hut lecentl. weie taken
to Ohio and plated in the Ann i lean .Me
chanics home, wild i) the will be taught
to become good, Chilstluu uud lojal
Ameilcan cltUeiis The oHIclals of the
llelawaie, Latkawauna and Western
lallioad vei Klndl gave flee tiauspoi
tatloii to the pait In chaige and ulso
to the little fellows To this compuu
then, the thanks of evei .Xuteilcaii .Me
tsiuulu should be extended, Thu Junior
Oidei of Amu lean Mechanics hus per
f 01 mud a noble deed In thus eailng fot
the children of then late brothel, ind
this one act alone will evei shlno foith
with undiuilnlshable lustie Although I
am debaned fiom bt coming a memhsi
ot this gloilous otguulzatlou, et 1 sa
with my whole heart and soul, "All hall,
houoi uud gloiy be to the Junlois!''
A, J, Marsh,
UC Pine Street, Duumore.
f ft
308-Lackawanna Ave.--308.
Our Dress' Goods news today is about the arrival of
our New Spring Styles. The lot includes all the latest aud
most exclusive Paris styles.
45-inch all wool Suitings, choice styles, made to re- "IQrr
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the latest colors, 65c. value. This sale TVC
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General Office: SCRANTON, PA.
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When yon see our Net Prices
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Are Welcome.
Monday, Tuesday and
St. Patrick's Day.
he luiuiupiuable Little Coined
lu llti Own l'hi, Siippinted t)
Jlti Uwu Loiupnii
Tuesday "Canny's Cross-Roads"
St. Patrick's Day "Rhody"
Admission 10, 20 or 30 Cents.
Two performances dally, Doc.-s open at
1,99 and 7. Curtain rises at - SO and 8 IS.
If ou cannot enjo theluui.v ora Florida
tilp, vou will Und a teuipcuite clliuateani?
eepiull attiactlve lesoits at
Old Point Contforf,
Uirginia Beach and
Richmond, Ua,
All ol these places ollci Ideul hotel uccom
nioiliitlons and gieut natural attiactlous.
Uhe aie leui heel b a dall sciv lee of thu
Tickets, include une and one-quarter day'Ci
stuyut OU Point Comfort or Virginia Ueactv
vvlth accommatlons ut teadlnt; hotels, $17.00
loi fall liitoiuiutlou, appl to
Pier 20, North Kivcr, Xew York.
W.I.. OUII.I.AUULU, Vlce-I'res. & Traffic Mgr
Beimiida and Southern Produce,
lrx- rUCSDAY, MAKCH 16
l'list 'J line llcio of tho ruinous
i'lt Minting, In an I liihouite Mannar, the
JlUhl SutctDftil ltoinnutlc Opeia.
J) DiKoven A smith, uthouof
"Itobln Hood,' Etc
'1 ho pi oiliu tlon given In tho sumo perfect
stjltum duilUK the tun ol sl-c mouths ut tha
Jliialtl "511111110 llRiilei, Nt oik.
PH1C1 .S-Clalkr 35c; Ualcony, 1 Rous,
7SC, Balance 50c; Orchestra Circle 75c, Or
ne:itra$i 00; I'arlui Chairs $1.50.
" WfDMibDAY, MARCH 17,
Matinee an J Nlcht.
The VV oildd limed
In UieJi riiiiiiiioiiklv biitoeaaful
spittatiiliu Piotliutlou,
AUIfeantlt-l'iotliiitlon hull of Xoveltlei.
I'KICr.S-Matlnee, 35c and scci Lvenlnif,
Ualler) , 35c, llulconj , ,vsc; Orchestra Circle,
Soc, Orchestra. 75c; I'nrior Chairs, il
J ho laiiluent Itoinnutli: Actoi,
:bt iantell
tconipanled bv CHARI.orTC UI3HKENS
and n Select I'ompuuv, under the munuKO
liiuiit of M W llanlej, preneutluu I.ouU
Nutliul udiiptulion of U 1 niiei v h
PRICUS-ssc soc, 75Candii.oo.
Wednesday, Mnrch 17.
'J he lepottu of tho nBiit win be iccelved
nvei a vvlro iiinnlnif illutt tiomthe ring ulde,
Caikoii Llty, to 'Hie 1 lotliliignum stage, una
will be lulled oil bv the operator word for
word, Dooisopeu at l.'.lil, buttle commence
at 'J p. in.
lteeived rnuta now on gale.

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