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Copyright, 1897 by
The Christmas festivities nt Max VoBcl'a
cattle much at the Malheur m:-ncy have
ended In a most unexpected milliner. Tho
progrummo mapped out by young De.in
Drake, tho superintendent, has been In
terrupted by the arrival of Undo Paseo, n
peddler of cheap Jowelry nmonK the min
ers and cowboys Ptseo knows that Drako
allows no liquor nt thomnrh and smuggler
In to the cowboys bur-cumos as they nro
called In thn legion, a demijohn of whls
ky. Drako discovers this when the hue--caroos
are summoned to partake of the
flro dinner ;?am. the Chinese cook, has
prepured. The men come to dinner much
Intoxicated. Duke and Holies, thu scr.ool
niustor, who lives at the agency, arc walt
1ns for them The most bolstnroiM of tho
lot nre thice hi others named Drinker,
whoo bibulous tendencies have woii them
the nlr'xnnnips of "Full," "Half-past Full
mid "Drunk. ' Tho men smash the crock
cry and tho dirtier ends In disorder. They
finally withdraw to Ihelr quartets, but
In a Short tlmo Drake hears them stealth
ily returning to tho agency. Suddenly
S.im .lls hlin Into the kitchen, under pre
tense that tho stove. Is broken.
The superintendent enmj out of Ills
office, followed Sam l" thi kitchen. Ho
gac no look or wold to the buccaroos
with tlwlr rtrmljohn; he merely hold
Ills cl:;nr hiIpv. lo in his teeth and
ivnl.'.Pd with tu hurry through the sit
ting jooni. Pain ton!; him through to
th U'telie-; mid rntt.nl to a lilnd corner
of tlii' stove, p-intlng.
'Mlsof PIr.ke.' said lie. "Slove no
blok". I hear them side bunk-house.
The roltif,- to kill you."
"That i. about the way I wna figuring
It," mused Drako.
"MIsser Plake." said the Chinaman
with appealing eyes, "1 velly solly you.
They iu Inn tee me. Mo cook."
4"Sim there Is much meat In mir
wo-ds Condensed beef don't class with
ynu, Bui rccrvo your sorro v yet
awhile Now wi.nt't-: r.iy policy" ho do
bat' d. tapping th( stove hero and there
for .T1iprani,,sv homebody might link
In. 'Shall I gi back to my oiling and
get rn,' guns?"
"You not. goln' run nowV" said tho
Chinaman, anxiously.
"Oh, yes, Sam. Hut I like my gun
traveling;. Keeps mo kind of warm.
Now, If they should Kct a sight of me
arming no, shes .jot to stay hero till
I como back for her. So long Sam! See
you later. And I'll havo tlmo to thank
you then."
Drako went to the corral In a stroll
ing manner. Th -re ho tvoed tho
strongest of the hr.ises, ind also the
schoolmaster's. In the mld.-U of his
saddling. Holies tame down
"Can I help you In any way?" said
"You've done It. Saved me a bother
Ins touch-and-go play to pet you out
here and seem Innocent. I'm going to
"There are times to stay and times to
leave, Holies, and this is a case of tho
latter. Have you a real gun on you
Poor Holies brought out guiltily h'ls
22 Smith and Wesson. "I don't seem to
think of things," said ho.
"Cheer up," said Drako, "How could
ynu thought-read me? Hide F by
Bunting, though. Now, we're o'f.
Quietly, at tha start. As If we were
merely Joggling to pasture,"
Sam stood at I1I3 kitchen door, mutely
wishing them well. Tho horse1? were
walking without noise, but Half-past-Full
looked out of the window.
"We're by anyhow," said Drako.
"Quick, now. Hum tho earth." The
hor.se sprang at his spurs. "Rattle your
hocks. Erlndle. Vamoose!" Each
shouted word was a lash with his quirt.
"Duck!" he called to Holies.
Holies ducked, nnd bullets grooxed
the spraying snow. They lounded a
sorner and Faw the crowd Jumping Into
the corral, and Sam's door empty of
that prudent celestial.
"IIob a very wise Chinaman!" shout
ed Drake, as they rushed.
"What?" screamed Holies.
"Very wise Chinaman. He'll break
that stove now to piove his Innocence."
"Who did you say was Innocent?"
screamed Holies.
"Oh, I said you were," yelled iruke,
disgusted; and he gave over this effort
at conversation as their horses rushed
It was a dim wide stretch of winter
Into which Drake nnd Holies galloped
from the howling1 pursuit:. Twilight)
alraady veiled the base of Castle Rock,
and as they forged heavily up a rldgo
through the caking snow and the yells
came after them, Holies looked serious
ly at Dean Drake; but that youth woro
an expression of rising merriment,
Bolles looked back at the dusk from
which the yells were sounding, then
forwnid to the spreading hkeln of night
where the trail was taking him and the
boy; and in neither direction could ho
discern cause for gayety.
"May I ask whore wo are going?"
raid he,
"Away," Draite answered. "Just
away, Boles. It's a healthy resort."
It was ten miles until either spoko
again. The drunken buccarooB yelled
hot on their heels nt first, holding more
obstinately to his chase than, sober
ruffians would have attempted. Ten
cold dark miles across tho hills It took
to cure them; but when their slioutlnc.s
that had followed over heights where
the pines grew and down through tho
open swales between, dropped oft and
died finally away among tho willows
along tho south fork of the Malheur.
1rakB reined n hi? horse with a jerk.
M W at-"
Owen Wlster.l
"Now Isn't that too bad!" he ex
claimed. "It Is all very bad," said Holies, sorry
to hear the boy's tone of disappoint
ment. "I didn't think they'd fool me again,"
continued Drake, Jumping down,
"Agiin?" Inquired the interested Hol
los. "Why, they've gone home!" Bald tho
boy In disgust.
"I was hoping so," said the- school
master, "Hoping? Why It Is sad, Holies Four
miles fuithor and I'd have had them
"Oh!" raid Holies.
'"I wonted them to keep after ua,"
complained Drake. "Soon as wo had a
good lead I coaxed them. Coaxed them
along on purpose by u trail they knew,
and four miles from hre I'd have
swung south Into the mountains they
den't know. Tnen they'd have been
good nnd far from home In the snow
without supper, like you and me, Bol
les. Hut after all my trouble, they've
gone back snug to tho fireside. Well,
let us be as posy as we can."
He built a bright the, nnd he whistled
as he kicked the snow from his boots,
busying over the horses nnd blankets.
"Take a rest," he said to H"lk-s "One
man's enough to do the wot);. He with
you soon to share our llttl: cottage."
Pretently Holies hcatd him reciting
confldentlnllv to his horse. " 'Twas
the night alter Christmas, and all In
the house only we are not nil In the
house!" Ho slapped the belly of his
horse, Tyree, who gambolled away to
the limit of his picket rope.
"Appreciating the moon, Holies?"
said he, returning at length to the fire.
"What are you so guzeful about, fa
ther?'" "This Is all my own doing," said the
"What, tho moon Is?"
"It has Just como over me," Holies
continued. "It was before you got In
the stage at Nampa. I was talking. I
told Uncle Pasuo that I was glad no
whiskey was to be allowed on the
ranch. It all comes from my folly!"
"Why, you hungry old New England
conscience!" cried the boy, clapping
him on tho shouldei. "How In the
woild could you foresee the crooked
ness of that hoary Beelzebub?"
"That's nil very well," said Bolles,
miserably. "You would never have
mentioned It yourself to him."
"You and I, Bolles, are different. I
was raised on miscellaneous wicked
ness. A look at my side would make
you say your prayers."
The schoolmaster smiled. "If I said
any prayers,' he replied, "you would be
In them."
Drake looked moodily at 'the fire.
"The Lord helps those who help them
selves," said he. "I've prospered. For
a. 19-year-old. I've hooked my claw
fairly deep here and there. As for to
daywhy that's In the game, too. It
was their deal. Could they have won
It on their own play? A Joker dropped
into their hand. It's my deal now, and
I have some Jokers myself. Go to sleep,
Bolles. We've a ride ahead of us.
The boy rolled In his blanket, skil
fully. Bolles heard him say once or
twice In a sort of Judicial conversation
with the blanket, "and nil In the house
out we me not all In the house. Not
all. Not a full house" His tones
drowsed comfortably Into murmur, nnd
then to quiet breathing. Holies fed the
lire, thatched the unneeded wind-break
(for the calm.dry night was breathless)
and for a long while watched the moon
and a tuft of the sleeping ooy's hnlr.
"If he Is blamed," said the school
master, "I'll never forgive myself. I'll
never forgive myself, anyhow."
A paternal, or rather maternal, ex
pression came over Bolles' face, and Iib
removed his large seiicus glasses. He
did not sleep very well.
The boy did. "I'm feeling like a
bird," said he, as they crossed through
the mountains next morning on a short
cut to tho Owyhee. "Breakfast will
brace you up, Holies, There'll be a
cabin pretty soon after wo stilko the
river road. Keep thinking about cof
fee." "I wish I could," said poor Bolles.
Ho was fot giving himself loss and
less. Their start had been very early;
as Drake bid thw schonlmnster observe,
to have nothing to detain you, nothing
to cat and nothing to pack, Is a gain In
Journeys of haste. The warming day,
and Indian Creek well behind them,
brought Drako to whistling nealn, but
depression sat upon the salf-accusing
Holies. Even when they sighted tho
Owyhee road below tliqm, no cheerful
ness waked In him; not at the nenrlns
of coffee, nor yet at (ho companionable
tingle of slelghbells dancing faintly up
ward itirougfi thu brlulit, sllqnt nlr,
"Why, If it 'ain't Uncle Pasco!" said
Drake, peering down through a gap In
the foothill. "Weil get breakfast
sooner than I expected. Quick, Glvo
me Baby Bunting!
"Are you going to kill him?" whis
pered tho sch'lmaster, with a beam-
Ing coiintennnco. And ho scurried with'
his poclcut to hand over his hitherto be
littled weapon,
Drako considered him. "Holloa,
Holies," snld he, "you have got the New
England conscience, rank, Plymouth
Rock Im a pudding to your heart. Re
mind me to pray for you the first spnro
minute I get. Now follow mo closs.
He'll no much more useful to us ullve."
They slipped from their horses, stols
swiftly down a shoulder of tho hlll.and
waited nmoii!; some brush. The bells
Jingled unsuspectingly onward to this
"Only hoar 'em!" Mid Drake. "All
full of silver mid Merry Christmas.
Don't gazo at me like that, Holies, or
I'll laugh and give the whole snap
away. See him comet The old man's
breath rtcams out so calm. One, two
three" .Hist before the sleigh ciimo
opposite Dean Drake stopped out.
"Morning, unelr!" snld he. "Throw
up your hands."
Uncle Pasco stopped dead, his eyes
blinking. Then lit stood up in the
sleigh among his blankets, "Hm,"
said ho, "the kid."
"Throw up your hands. Quit fooling
with that blanket." Drake spoke dan
gerously, now. "Holies," he continued,
"pitch everything out of the sleigh,
while I cover him. lie's got a shotgun
under that blanket. Sling It out."
It was slung. The wrnps followed.
Uncle Pasco stepped obediently down
and soon the chnttels of the emptied
sleigh littered the snow. The old
gentlemnn was invited to undress as
far down n n slv.shooter that Drake !
suspected. Then they ate his lunch,
drnnk some whisky that he had not
sold to the buccaroos, told him to re
pack the sleigh, allowed him to wrap
up again, bade him tuke the reins while
they would take his slx-shoote.- and
shotgun to point out the road to him.
He had said very little had Uncle
Pasco, but stood blinking, obedient and
malignant. "Il'm," said he now. "Goln"
to llde with me, nre you?"
Ie was told yes, that for the present
he was their coachman. Their horses
weie tired and would follow, tied be
hind. "Weio weary, too," said Drake,
getting In. "Take your legs out of my
way or I'll kick off your shins. Bolles,
are you llxed wnrm and comfortable?
Now. stmt her up for Harper ranch,
"What nro you proposing to do with
me?" inquired Uficle Pasco.
"Not going to wring your neck, nnd
that's enough for the present. Faster,
uncle. Get a gait on, Holies. Here's
Baby Hunting. Much obliged to you
for the loan of K, old man."
Uncle Pasco's eye fell on the 22-call-ber
pistol. "Did you hold mo up with
that lemonade straw?" he asked husk
. "Yep," said Drake. "That's what."
"Oh, hell,' murmuicd Uncle Pasco.
And for tho first time he seemed dls
splrlted. "Uncle, you're not making .time,"
said Drake In a few miles, "I'll thank
you for the reins. Open your ban
dnna and get your concertina, Jerk tho
bellows fur us."
"That I'll not!" screamed Uncle
"It's music or wall; home,' said tho
hoy, "Tako your choice."
Uncle Pasco took his choice, open
ing with the melody of "The Last Rose
of Summer." The sleigh whirled up the
Owyhee by the winter willows, and the
levels, and the meadow pools, blight
frozen under the blue sky. Late In this
day tho amazed Brock by his corrals
at' Harper's beheld arrive his favorite,
his boy superintendent, driving In, with
the schoolmaster staring through his
glasses, and Uncle Pasco throwing out
active strains upon his concertina. The
old man had been bidden to bellow
away from his neck.
Drake was not long In explaining his
need to the men. "This thing must be
worked quick," said he. "Who'll stand
by me?"
All of them would and he took ten,
with the faithful Brock. Bolles was
not permitted to be of the expedition.
To all his protests, D rake had but
tho single word: "This Is not your
fight old man. You've done your share
with Baby Bunting."
Thus was th schoolmaster In sor
row compelled to see them start back
to Indian Creek and the Malheur with
out him. With him Uncle Pasco would
have Joyfully oxchnnged. He was taken
along with the avengers. They would
not wilng hiB neck, but they could play-
cat nnd mouso with him and his con
certina; nnd they did, -Hut the con
science of Bolles still tolled. When
Drake and tho men were safe away, he
got on tho wagon going for the msJI,
thus making his way nest morning to
tho railroad and Boise, whore Max
Vogel llsUncd to him. and together this
mi y J
couple took train and teams .for the
Malh'cur agency.
The avenge! s reached Indian Creek
duly, and the fourth day after his
Christmas dinner. Drako came once
more in sight of Custle Rock, "I nm do
ing this thing myself, understand,"
lie Fild to Ilrock, "I am responsible."
" e'ro here to tako orders," returned
the fot email. Hut a the buildings grew
plain nnd tho time wna comlng.Hrock 3
nnxlous heart spoke out of its fullness,
"If they start In to to thay might
I with you'd let mo get in front," ho
begged, all nt once.
"I thought you thought bettor of me,"
said Drake.
"Excuse ni"," said the man. Then,
presently; "I don't sec how anybody
could a told he'd smuggled whisky that.
way. If the old man (Itrook meant
Max Vognl) goe.i to blame ycu, I'll glvo
him my opinion Btrnlght."
"The old maniit get no use for opin
ions," said Dratte. ''He goes on results.
He trusted me will, this Job, and we'ro
going to have lcsults now."
The drunkards won sltMng around
outside the ranch house, It was even
ing. They cast n sullen Inspection on
the newcomers, who returned no In
spection whatever. Drake had his men
together and took them first to the
stable, n shed with m.inngore. Here he
hod them unsaddle. "Hecau.se,"ho men
tioned to Brock, "In case of troublo
we'll bo silio of their all staying. I'm
taking no chances now." Soon the
drunkards strolled over, saying good
day, hnsardlng a few comments on tho
w rather nnd llko topics, meeting suf
ficient answers.
"Goln' to stny?"
'Don't know."
"Thet's a good horse you've got."
But Sam was the blithest spirit at
the Malheur agency. "Hl-yah!" he ex
claimed. "Mlsser Dlake. How fashion
you como quick so?" and the excellent
Chinaman took pride In tho meal of
welcome he prepared.
"Supper's now," said Drako to his
men. "Sit anywhere you feel like.
Don't mind whose chair you're taking
nnd we'll keep our guns on."
Thus they followed him, and sat, Tho
boy took his customary poich nt the
head of the table, with Ilrock at his
light. "I miss old Holies,' he told his
foreman. "You don't appreciate Hol
ies'." "From what you tell of him," said
Block, "J'll examine him more care
ful." Seeing their boss, the sparrow hawk,
back In his place. Hanked with support
ers and his gray eye Indlffeiently upon
them, the buccaroo? grew polite to op
pressiveness. While Sam handed his
dishes to Drake and the newcomers ate
what was good, before the old Inhab
itants got a taste, these latetr grew
more and more polite. They offered
sugar to the strangers, they offeied
their beds. After supper Half-Past-Full
urged them to sit companlonably In
the room where the (Ire was burning.
Hut tho visitors went to another room
with their arms, nnd lighted their own
lire. They brought blankets from their
saddles, and after a little concertina
they permitted the nearly-perished
Uncle Pasco to slumber. Soon they
slumbered themselves, with the door
left open and Drake watching. He
would not even shaie vigil with Brock,
and all night he heard the voices of the
buccarros holding grand, unending
When the relentless morning came,
and breakfust with the visitors again
In their seats, unnpproachable, tho
drunkards felt the crisis to be a strain
upon their sobered nerves. They
glanced up from their plates, and down
along to Dea -. Drake eating his hearty
porridge, and back at one another and
the hungry, well-occupied strangers.
"Say, we don't want trouble," they
began to the strangers.
"Course you don't. Breakfast's what
you're after."
"Oh, well, you'd have got gay. A
man gets gay."
f r-
"Mr. Drake," snld Half-pist Full,
sweating with his oflort. "we were sor
ry while vo was a-fosglns you up."
"' Yes," said Drake. "You must have
been Just overcome by contrition,"
A laigo luugh went up from the vlslt
ois, and tho meal wus finished without
fuither diplomacy.
"Ono matter. Mr. Drake," stammered
Half-past Full, as tho party rose.
"We're glad to pay for any things what
got sort of hi oke."
"Soit of broke," repeated th'o boy,
eyeing him. "So you want to hold your
if-" began tho buccal oo, nnd
"Fact l.s, you're a set of cowards,
said Drake, briefly. "I notice you'vo
forgot to remove that whisky Jug."
The demijohn still stood by the great
tlreplac". Diake ontered and laid hold
of It, the crowd standing back and
watching. He took It out, with what
remained in Its capacious bottom, set
it on n stump, stepped back, leveling a
gnu und shuttered it to pieces. Th'o
whisky drained down, wotting the
stump, creeping to the ground.
Much potency lies in tho object les
son. A grin was on the faces of all
present, pave Undo Pasco's. It had
been his demijohn and when the-shot
struck It, he blinked llko a dog wlun
tho whip is raised.
"You ornery old mink!" nald Drake,
looking at him, "you keep to tho Jew
elry business hereafter,"
The buccaroos grinned again. It was
soothing to witness wrath turned upon
"So you want to hold your Jobs?"
Drake resumed to them. "You can trust
"Yes. sir," said Half-past .till.
"Well, I don't trust you," stated
Drako, and the buccaroos' hopeful eyes
dropped. "I'm going to divide you,"
pursued 'the new superintendent.
"Split you far and wide among the
company's ranches; stir you In with ,
decenter blood. You'll go to Whlte
horso innch. Just ncross the line of Ne
vada," he snld to Half-past Full. "I'm
tired of tho brothers Drinker. You'll
go, let's see "
Drake paused In his apportionment,
nnd a sleigh came swiftly round the
"What vns dat shooting I hear Joost
now?" shouted Max Vogel before ho
could artlve. He tossed tho reins to
the placid Bolles and sprang out like
a sure-footed elephant. He looked
around nt everyone, not comprehending
niul seeing his boy. Dean Drake, un
harmed, standing with iv gun, his in
quiring eye stopped. "Thank the good
Gtil!" he exclaimed.
The boy closed one gray confidential
pyo at his employer,
"You Hddle r-rascal," sntd Max, fond
ly. "What you shoot at?"
Drake pointed at the demijohn. "It
was bigger thnn those bottle nt
Nampa," said ho. "Guess you could
havo hit It yourself."
"He's the boss, sir," put In Foreman
Brock, with fervor.
Max's gieiu frame shook. He took
In :h: situation now.
"Und you have -ed nodlng else?'
said lie, nnd looked nt Uncle Pusco.who
blinked copiously. "Mine old friend,
you never get rich If you change your
business so frequent. I tell you that
thirty years now." Max's hand found
Drake'3 shoulder, but ho addressed
Brock. "Ho Is all what you tell me,"
said ho to the foreman, "he nave Joodg
ment." Thus tho huge Jovial Teuton took
command, but found Drake had left
little for him to do. The buccaroos
were dispersed nt Harper's, at Fort
Rlnehart, at Alvord Lake toward
Stein's Peak, and nt the Island ranch
by Harney Lake, And If you know
East Oregon, or the country where
""hlef E-egante helped out Specimen
Jones, his soldier filend, when the hos
tile Bannocks wero planning his Im
mediate denth as a spy, you will know
that wido regions sepal ated the bucca
roos. Bolles was taken Into Max Vo
gcl's esteem; also was Chinese Sam,
But Max sat smoking In tho office with
his superintendent, In particular satis
faction. "You are a llddlo r-rascal," said he.
"Und I r-ralse you fifty dollars,"
(Tho End.)
JUckIu Oil.
Various brands of camphorated olU
for bicycle lamps havo mnde their ap
pearance, and appear quite satUtaotory,
Tho camphor Is supposed to cause tho
oil to glvo a very whlto light, as well
as to give strength to tho flame, so that
It Is not easily blown out. A recipe for
tho compounding of such an oil is us fol
lows: Fill a pint bottlo with two-thirds of
tho host lard oil and one-third of head
lifiht oil, to which add a piece ot gum
camphor ubout tho slzs of an egg.
It Was Thunder.
A loading Judge Is very deaf, and recent
ly there wus frequent applause- during tno
hearing of a case, Ho silenced it several
times, but after u while came un outbuut
louder than ever, and In great indignation
ho exclaimed; "Those demonstrations
are most unseemly. If they continue I
shall have tho court cleared at once," Hut
tho noUo tho Judgo had heard was a peal
of thunder. Buffalo Times.
The Blue
Laboratory 9
L. T. HEADE and
A tale of thrilling interest, dealing
with some experiments in photography
which are conducted in the most extraor
dinary manner.
Something About nil Institution in
Which .Many Surnutoiiiiins nre In
terested, From tho New York Sun.
Syracuse University Is better
equipped for academical work of a
high order than was Harvard college
thirty years ago. It Is a university of
the German type and bus adlllated to
It seven gymnasiums, or classical
schools, tho graduates of which are
admitted upon the presentation of cer
tificates. It comprises a college of
liberal arts, a college of fine arts, a
college of medicine, nnd a. college of
law. The ranee- of Its usefulness will
yo nnnrrvlntnd whnn U'n mrvntlnn flint I
during the collegiate' year 1S9G-97 It has
employed 117 instructors, nnd has
taught In one or another of its depart
ments, 1,135 students. We odd that its
library building already contains 47,000
bound books, Including the precious
historical library of the German his
torian, Leopold von Ranke, and It has
shelving for 135,000 volumes. Mote
over, the College of Mcdlclno has a
valuable professional library, and the
College of Law has access to the ad
mirable collection made for the New
York court of appeals.
We observe with satisfaction that tho
B. A. decree Is not conferred by this
Institution, on false pretences. Appli
cants for admission to the classical
course leading to that patltcular degree
must give proof of a certain acquaint
ance with both the Greek and Latin
languages. That Is to say, a prospec
ts e freshman must have read. In Latin,
four books of Caesar's commentaries
on the Gallic war, six of Cicero's ora
tions, six boolis of the Aeneld, and the
ten Eclogues of Virgil, and must bo
able- to construe easy Latin nt sight;
In Greek he fnust have read four books
of Nenophon's Anabasis and three or
four books ot Homer, according ns the
Hind or Odyssey Is chosen nnd he
must be able to construe at sight pas
sages of average difficulty from those
authors; he Is also required to trans
late English Into Attic Gtcck, Ir a
young man has studied only one of tho
classical languages, but can meet tho
requirements in cither French or Gnr
mnn, ho may enter the philosophical
couipo leading to the degre of liacho
lor of philosophy If he is Ignorant of
both tiassle.il tongues, but Is prepared
In both French and German, he may
enter the science course, and obtain
tho degree of bachelor of science. There
are alo courses In architecture, belles
lottie.s, painting, inusin medicine, nnd
law, respectively conducting to the rte
giecs of bechelor of architecture, or
(letters, of painting, of music, and the
laws ana thai or m. d. ah tins is as
Established 1866.
At a time when many manu
facturers and dealers are making
the most astounding statements
regarding the merits and durability
of inferior Pianos, intending pur
chasers shou?d not fail to make
critical examination of the above
General Dealer in Northeast
urn Pennsylvania.
New Telephone Exchange Building, 115
Adams Ave., Scrnnton, Pa,
It should be. Nolwdy Is taken in by
these diplomas; they mean precisely
what they sny.
It remains to note that In the college
of liberal arts the btudlcs of the fresh
man year are prescribed; those of tho
other three years are elective, except
that students In the classical course
nte required to study both Greek and.
Latin In the sophomore as well as tho
freshmnn year. This also is us It should
be1. Four years are prescribed, like
wise, for th'e attainment of the degrees
of bachelor In architecture, painting
nnd music, but there Is a special two
years' course In architecture, und only
ISO term hours are needed In order to
secure the degree of bachelor of letter.-?.
On the other hand, a quadrennial cur
riculum must have been fulfilled by a
student to make himself eligible- for
th degree of bachelor of science or of
philosophy. The law course, we regret
to say, covers but two years, but to se
cure an M. D. degree one must hava
completed lour full years of medical
stud, the last of which, at least, must
have been sienl In thu medical depart
ment of this Institution.
No Danger.
"I m nfrahl." said a person of ques
tionable or unquestionable habits, that I
am likely to have water upon the brain."
"You will never havo It upon the stom
ach," was tho companion's consolatory
reply." Tammany Times.
intellectual and practical training for
teachers. Thru) courses of study besides
preparatory. Special attention Klvcn to
i preparation for college. Students nd-
nutted to best colleges on certificate.
1 Thirty graduates pursuing further studies
last your, ureui uuvantuecs ror special
studies In nrt and m'lsle. Model school of
three hundred pupils. Corps of sixteen
teachers. Beautiful giounda Magnificent
buidlngs. Largo grounds for athletics.
Hlevutor and Infirmary w.th attendant
nurse. Flno .gymnasium. Everything
furnished nt an average cost to normal
students of J143 a year. Fall term, Auir.
2S. Wlr.ter term, Dec. 2. Spring term.
March 10. Students ndmltted to classes nt
any time. For catalogue, containing fuU
Information, apply to
S. II. ALIJUO, Principal,
.Mansfield, Pa,
Over 26,000 in Use.
"& 'St75 ii.o,

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