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In the mm of
Yesterday Was a Repetition of the
Opening Day.
Tho iixw X by tho Quakers nt
I1.L ' AnAs I'uts the rainier
nt thaU-:ncl nml tho HcnncntcM tit
tlio root of the l,roci'Sfcion--Clul'
Thut Won on Tliiirsdny llcpcntcd
Thi'lr Pcrtorinniice Vcstcrilny.
That MnpsnchuaettH holiday game
(vlilch the riilllles won at Boston on
Monday gives the Conner an advantage
and lead of one game over the other
1.000 per cent, clubs and puts the Heart
eaters In n hole. Cleveland, New York,
Chicago, and the other clubs which
were defeated on Thursday had to
swallow the same dose yesterday.
licit tills.
Philadelphia 3 New York 7
Baltimore. 7 llojlun 3
Cincinnati ..4 Chicago 5
Urooklyn 8 Washington 7
Pittsburg at St. Louis; rain.
Percentage Itucord.
1. V. I PC.
Philadelphia 3 3 0 1 000
Baltimore 2 - 0 1.WM
Brooklyn 2 2 1) 1.1TO
Cincinnati 2 2 0 1.W0
luttubunr 1 10 1000
Loulsllle 1 10 luiK)
St. Iouls 10 1 .W0
Clev?land 10 1 .000
New York 2 0 2 .ouo
Washington 2 0 2 .000
Chicago 2 0 2 .W0
Boston 3 0 3 .0U0
Todni's (iiimcs.
Boston at Ilaltlmorc.
Chlcatjo at Cincinnati.
Cleveland .it Louisville.
Now York at Philadelphia.
1'lttsburg at St. Louis (2 games),
lirookljn at Wnshli.Rlon.
l'liiludclpliin-.Vevv YorK.
rhlliclelphla, April 2J -l'hllailclphia
ngaln defeated New York today In a game
which had a most txclting llnlsh. Tho
Bcoro was 7 to G against the Phillies in the
last Inning. Oettlg started the trouula
b. hitting Nash with. 1 pltcncd ball (Jrier
was then sent In to bat in jilarc of Oith
and wa gloil n base on balls. Coolcy
went out, moving ujt the two runnero.
Clements batted In Ilnllnian'a place anJ
walked to Ilrst. La.lole singled and Delc
hanty's grounder was fumbltd by l!cckly.
Thompson followed with 1 thiei-ba-o hit.
The Inning netted M run". Taylor pltch"d
against New Ycrk In the ninth and retiicd
them without a. scoie. Attendance. 5 313.
Score: It t 12.
Philadelphia 0 0 3 0 0 3 0 0 C 1J y 3
Now Yotk 1 0000 2 100 7 U 3
Batteries Philadelphia, Taylor und
Bojle; Now York, Uettlg and Warner.
Unit! more-Host on.
Baltimore, April 23. It looked a suro
ting tor Boston In tho llrst half of to-
fy's game, but good stick work by tho
r.pions pulled tho gamo out of the lire
i tho eighth Inning. Score: lt.H.U.
fcaltlmaro 0 2100013 7 U 3
I'Ston 13001000O-G11 2
3atterles Baltimore. Pond and Clark?
Boston, Nichols and Yeagcr.
UronKh n- iithingtnn.
Washington, Aiirll 23. Again tho Brook
lyns won by a slnglo run. In the fifth In
ning tho Senators fell upon Daub's deliv
ery to tho tune of (even runs. Kennedy
then went Into tho box and tho locals dl I
not scoro again. Attendance, 2,SW. Score:
r ii.n.
Washington 0 0 0 0 7 1)0007 S 3
Brooklyn 021302000 S 13 2
Batteries Washington, King and JIc
Oulre, Brooklyn, Kennedy and A. Smith.
Cincinnati, O., April 23. The Beds again
defeated tho Colts In an exciting gamo to
day. Breltenstein was hit hard In tho
first Inning, but tho Colts vote unable
to do anj thing with him thereafter. At
tendance, 3,000. Score: K.H.IJ.
Cincinnati 031 00000 4 C 1
Chicago 3000000 00311 2
Batteries Cincinnati, Breitensteln and
Peltz; Chlcaco, Brlggs and Anson.
Heading , 0 0 0 0 0 2 1104 8 4
Toronto 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 10 h 4
Batteries Klnsclla and Anderson; Ca
Bey and Gastcn,
Joined tho New York Club nt Phila
delphia ThurMliij.
Itusle reported to the New York ' -so
ball club for duty In Phlladel. jt.
Thursday evening. Concerning .he
cent, Charles Dtyden telegraphed as
follows to the New York Journal:
Amos Rusle, long absent, bait looking as
If tho had been constantly In touch with
three metis dally, stood assembled by
himself In tho rotunda of tho Bingham
House today, when tho Giants trooped in
with their bat bags and baggage.
Each player, as he adanced, shook tho
good right wing that has done such noble
work In tho past and expressed a hope
that the owner of the arm was feeling
well. Amos Old not riply at length, hav
ing no reputation elthor as u before or
after dinner speaker. Ho simply smiled
a wide, fat smile, and said ho was in good
condition. Tho big boy looks it, too. He
Come and Examine the
Is the best medium grade
Jlicycle on the market
Xue? Y. Al, Q. A. Building
Is not ns heavy ns when last seen In pub
lic, and his appearance bears out tho
statement that tho Indiana cyclono has
been taking care of himself. Of tho tlou
bio that caused tho 1cm of one year In his
busy base ball life Ituslo had but little to
say, except that everything had been set
tled nnd that he was back In tho gamo to
stay, ho hoped.
After greeting nil his old mates tho
prodigal called at tho Bellcvue "hotel to
seo Mr. Froedmnn. Tho meeting ai
brief, but cordial Mr. Prcedman shook
hands with AmoV nnd nuked If he felt well,
Huslo replied In tho nlllrmatlve, nnd then
ttyo president Inquired of the big fellow if
ho lntondcd to play ball this season.
".My contract, duly'slgned, Is In New
York, nnd I've reported hero for dut," re
plied tho pitcher.
An understanding was soon reached, and
Huslo returned to tho Bingham House In
an nmt.tfelo frame of mind. Ho will Join
tho team In practice tomorrow, nnd may
ho called upon to make his 1837 debut In
tho box. Husle weighs less thnn at any
tlmo In his professional career. Ho viewed
the defeat of his cohorts from a seat In
tho grand stand.
Scranlon Loses the Last Game of the
TripMorse Makes a Very
Creditable Showing.
Special to the Scrnnton Tribune.
Lancaster, Pa., April 23. Scranton
plajed n much faster game today than
did Lancaster, but ono unfortunate
error each by Bonner nnd Hagnn In the
first Inning gave the Atlantic leaguers
two runs which won them the frame
by a score of C to 4.
It was a fine contest nnd with the
itsult always In doubt up to the time
the last man was out. Tho batting of
Massey and Mnguire was timely and
made possible three of Scranton's four
runs, Morse pitched a splendid game
and there seems little, If any, doubt
that he will be a permanent llxturo on
the team.
Tho club leaves for homo at C 30
o'clock tomorrow morning.
By Associated Press.
Lancaster, Pa , April 23. In marked
contrast with tho one-sided slugging
exhibition of yesterday, Lancaster and
Scinnton had a close nnd exciting con
test this afternoon, the home team
winning by a single lun, and the vis
itors having tt man on third when the
game ended. Both clubs fielded finely,
and only ono error on each side count
ed In the run making. Score:
AB. It. H. O. A. L.
Butlermore, rf 4 12 2 0 1
Ward, 2b 4 1 1 3 J 1
Leldy, cf 3 0 0 0 0 0
Laioque, lb 4 0 1 i) 0 0
Sejbold, If 4 0 0 C 1 1
Graham, 3b 1 1 2 4 fi 0
Madison, hs 4 1 2 4 C 0
Both, c 2 0 0 2 2 0
Uafferty, c 2 110 0 0
Dolan, p 2 0 0 0 0 0
llepting, i 10 0 0 0 0
Totals 31 C 8 27 11 4
AB, It. H. O. A, H.
Walters, cf, 3 10 2 0 0
Bonner, 2b 4 0 1 2 .5 1
O'Brien, if 3 0 0 2 0 0
Bcatd, ss 4 0 1 C 4 0
Hagan, If 4 2 13 0 1
Massey, lb 3 1 2 11 0 0
Magulre, 3b 4 0 114 0
Bod, c 4 0 0 10 0
Moise, p 3 0 0 0 2 0
Lal 1 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 33 4 C 27 IS 2
Daly batted for Morso In ninth.
Lancaster 2 0000 o 02 1 C
Scranton 1 0010000 24
Earned runs Lancaster, 2; Scranton, 1.
Two-base hits Graham, Eagan, Bonner,
Magulre. Thrce-base hits, Mndlson. Sac
rifice hit Ltldy Stolen bises Butter
more, O'Brien, Hagan PIrst base on er
rorsLancaster, 2; Scranlon, 3. Wild
pitches Oolan, 1; Morse, 1, Bases on
ball-Oft Dolan, 2. Hit by pitcher
O'BiIen. Struck out By Dolan, 2; by
Morse, 1. Left on bases Lancaster, 1;
Scranton, 4. Double plajs Scjbold and
Graham; Bcnner, Beard nnd Massoy;
Beard and Massey. Time 1.43. Umpire
Scranton nnd joining Seminary
Will rim nt Athletic Purl..
Somewhat bruised and beaten the
Scranton Eastern league club, returns
today fiom a practice trip down the
state and will play at Athletic park
this afternoon with the Wyoming sem
Inery team. The name will be called
at 3 30 o'clock. Ladies will bo admitted
free to the park and grandstand.
Tho seminal lans have a large alumni
following In the city and a host of linn
friends and relatives. Thobe elements,
together with the sensible cranks who
chaw no conclusions fiom the profes
sional club's exhibition trip, should
bwell the attendunce up to a large fig
ure. Ulllon and Fallon, the two pitchers
who did not go on the practice trln
will pitch for Scianton. O'Neill will
Scranton vs. Wyoming Seminary at 3 30
this afternoon.
Ladles will bo admitted free to tlio
grounds and granstand today,
Scranton made u good move in securing
the eteran shortstop Olllo Beard from
Rochester. Ho is batting and lleldlng in
good style. Toronto Globe.
Manager Tom Burns, of Sprlnglleld, has
a string of seven pitchers, from whom he
will pick four to keep. MeDougal, of Buf
falo, Is tho latest acquisition.
Catcher Boyd, who was sold to Scranton
by Rochester, has an Injured eye. which
may put him out of tho game for the
Beason. Ex. Pnlse alarm; JJojd was in
jured but Is In the game again ery much
in It.
Wo put this question to 'stecmed con
tempts east and west: What would you
say If Gafiney weio put on tho Eastern
leaguo staff of umpires again? It Is not
necessary to ask By racuse. Syracuse
Courier, Scranton otcs un unanimous
It is hardly fair to criticize Grlflln's team
from tho showing on tho trip which ended
at Lancaster yesterday. Of tho four
pitchers, Morse, Wellner, Meaney and
Ycrkcs, who mado tho trip, tho former
was tho only ono to escape accident or
keep In condition. Wellner split his fin
ger on Tuesday nnd has been unable to
plth slnco; Meaney has been 111 ever
since the team left home, and Yeikes suf
fered from a lamo arm beginning on Mon
day, whon the team ran Into a three-day
spell of reolng weuhter. Daly Injured his
knro Tuesday and has not been In the
tame slnco. If those discouragements
took the vim out of the team It's no won
der. Toronto and Syracuse had no better
luck than did Scranton,
Will Ito Held nt Y. .11. C. A. Park,
Will.cH-llnrrr, .liny 1,
If. Welles Athcrton, manager of tho
Harry Htllman academy track team,
has about completed the arrangements
for a meet between that school and
Wyoming seminary. As this Is the
first tlmo tho two schools have met
upon tho track, pome interesting nnd
exciting contests arc looked for. Tho
meet will bo held on Saturday after
noon, May 1, at Young Mcn'H Chris
tian Association park, Wllkes-Barro.
Tho officials for the meet are: Hcf
oreo, Charles N. Lovolami; Judges,
Professor Fcnutermacher, Wesley K.
Woodruff, Frank Darte, lYofessor
Stevens and l'rofessor William II.
Dean; timekeepers, Chester 11. Derr,
Harold J. Miahon, Professor W. L.
Dean; starter, Ralph Derr; measurers,
Edward Rjmnn nnd II. L McDermott;
scorer, Mr. Frantz; clerk of course,
Richard Turnei.
Plenty of lllinlry, but Dntcs nn
Places Arc Not I'ixcd.
Now' York, April 21 Never before In
tho history of college rowing has thoi-e
ben eo much uncertainty as now ex
ists. Neither the places nor dates have
been finally settled In many of tho most
important laces.
Poughkeepsle, New London and Sar
atoga are still being discussed as the
probable locutions of tho larger races.
It Is very probable that Poughkeepsle
will be- finally namd. The races ar
ranged up to date aio as follows:
Columbia Freshmen, Hudson river,
May 7.
Cornell-Annapolis', Annapolis, May
Pennsylvania- Anna polls, Annapolis,
May 29.
Columbia 'Varsity, Harlem regatta,
Juno 23.
Columbia-Wlscoiisln, Hudson, river,
in June.
Yale-Hnivard-Cornell Freshmen, un
settled, June 23.
Yale-Harvard-Carnell 'Varsity, un
settled, June 24.
Yale-Wisconsin, unspttlcd. In June.
Columbia-Cornell Freshmen, unset
tled, June 30.
Cornell - Columbia - Pennsylvania
Freshmen, unsettled, June 30.
Coi nell-Colutnbla-Pennsylvania 'Var
sity, unsettled, July 3.
Several of tho Green Ridge Wheelmen
will pedal to Elmhurst tomorrow merit
ing. Captain Whettllng, of tho Scranton
Bicycle club, will conduct a club run to
Carbondalo tomorrow.
Tho man with tl.o gear ranging any
where ftom 84 to 1W, rot only makes him
self tired, but his fellow wheelmen as
Clayton L. Cook, of S racuse, now In
the employ of the Lackawanna Wheel
company is considered the finest cnatncler
In tho country.
Dldlo Bald has found another sourco or
revenuo for racing men. He will ride an
exhibition mllo for tho klnctovccpe nt
Fountain Perry track, Kentucky.
Tho Elmhurst bouleard Is In good con
dition, nnd tho wheelmen and wheeho
men of tho city are showing their appre
ciation of the ftct by liberally patronizing
tho toll gates of that beautiful roadway.
Up-turn hardlo Mrs are growing In fa
vor continually. The position civen tho
rider by the uso of these bars Is certainly
more comfortable than that of tho "drop"
handle bar, but nevertheless more speed
and power cab bo attained with tho latter
Jimmy Michael, tho Welsh champion,
who has been In this country slnco the
mlddlo of last season, and who was re
cently suspended from tho track by tho
Leaguo of American Wheelmen rncing
boaid, has been reinstated, and will bo
found on the line when the national cltcult
opens next week.
The newest thing In tho lino of bicycle
sundries Is tho Eleettlc blejcle lamp. Sev
eral of these lamps are now upon the
market, and ha Ing a good salo. They nro
no laiger than tho ordinary cyclo lamp,
but are somewhat heavier. The light
comes from dry batteries' which will fur
nish light for about ten consecutive hours
without being recharged.
Richard Wambold narrowly escaped
seilous lnjuiy last Prlday by being thrown
from his blcjclo while riding down Ca
pouso avenue. Tho cause of tho accident
was a large hole In the asphalt pavement
Into which Wambold was forced to steer
In order to ocapo a collision with a team
going In nn opposlto direction. When tho
event was over Richard was a little tho
worso for wear and tear, but no bones
wero broken.
There Is a surprising amount of Ignor
ance among tho general public, as well us
among a consldeiablo number of blcyclo
ridel, respecting tho character of tub
ing that Is used In tho construction of
bicycles. Many among tho latter, prob
ably tho majority, Imagine that all makers
Uio practically the samo material, varying
only In size, while there nre thoso among
the former who aro qulto willing to th'nk
gas pipe, or something akin to It, Is tho
iraterlal out of which is fashioned tho
Lcautlful little tit of mechanism that has
H-volutlonlzed individual method of loco
motion at tho end of this century of mir
acles. Apparently no thought Is given to the
prime necessity of great strength In every
part of the bicycle. Only the finished ar
tlclo Is seen, and In many cases purchased
because of some fancied that Is, appeal
ing to one's taste, or Imagined to exist
detail In llnlsh or construction. But how
many among the thousands who purchase
bicycles ever seriously stop to think and
Inqulro Into overy minute detail of tho
cycle's construction? Elegance of llnlsh
or appointments are not value-detormln-Ing
qualities by themselves they aro sim
ply superficial embellishments and may
possibly cover structural weaknesses.
Neither does the oft-reltcrated statement
that somo one or a multitude of titled
peisondgcs rides this or that mako of
b!cclo add one lota to Its value as an
honest piece of merchandise. Tho fiame
of a blcyclo Is Its bono and sinew, so
to speak, and tt follows as a natural con
sequence that Into Its construction must
necessarily enter material possessing no
uncertain elements of strength, The gen
eral public understands nothing1 of metal
lurgy, but there Is ono thing everybody
can understand that is, common honesty
When a bicycle rider Is confronted with
broken tubing or parts In his bicycle, ho
readily understands that he has secured
an artlclo mado of faulty material, Ho
may or may not have paid a high prlco
for it, but In either caso ho was entitled
I to re.-.soimblo Immunity from breakage.
1 Tho factor of safety Is so exceedingly low
In a blcyclo that no rider having having
legard for llfo or limb cap afford to gam
ble witn cnanco.
From the Reading Times.
The Scranton Trlbuno has added one of
Hoe's modern fast presses to Its already
splendldly-oqulpped establishment. The
Tribune Is one of the most enterprising
Journals In tho state, and ono of the most
ably edited, as wtll. Tho purchase of
this press will put the Trlbuno In tha
forefront of up-to-dato journalism a
place which Its enterprising management
have honorably won for It.
The Tribune
U. D. Club
Voter's Name
(APRIL 21.)
N. tt. This coupon will not bo ac
cepted w hen more than o tin s old.
Tho club receiving the greatest
number of otcs will bo awarded
ten complete uniforms, comprising
line thlrt, pants, cap, belt and
stockings, m.tdo to order by C. M.
riorey, tho sporting goods dealer of
22.2 Womlng avenue. They will bo
ot tho best stlo and equal to tho
uniforms of any Eastern leaguo
This vote will bo confined exclu
sively to clubs of Lackawanna, Lu
zerne, Wnvne, Susquehanna, Mon
loe, Bradford and Womlng coun
ties. Tho winning club will be an
nounced Saturday, Juno 26 Send
ballots to Spotting Editor, Tho Trlb
uno Tho tlmo Is short. Better be
gin now.
Eight Amateur Clubs Secure 1,132 Votes
in the Tribune's Base Ball
Uniform Contest.
Following la a complete list of votes
received up to 9 o'clock Inst night In
Tho Tilbune's amateur bast- ball uni
form contest:
West hi Je llrow r.5 526
sliders ;oS
West Side Harmonics - 331)
Lackuwannas 171
High School 142
south bide Violets ,15
Archbatd bunsets 15
turners 0
The first printed coupons appeared In
Tuesday's Issue of The Tiibune and
1,432 otcs have been iccelved since
that time. The fact that the West
Side Hi owns have pccuied 22S votes
moie than have their nearest cumpetl
tois, the Sliders, a club of boys, sig
nifies but little Juat now as this Is a
1 ate that belongs to tho "sutu" as
much as to the sw Ift. For Instance the
Sliders, Hat monies and Lackaw annas
are popular clubs and they und their
friends will make a big effort to keep
well up In the voting.
The High school team ought to prove
a dangerous competitor, as It can
draw upon the many students h the
school for aid. The other clubs have
the same opportunity to secure outside
An important feature exists in this
contest which gives nn equal chance to
all competltoi.s: The votes pilnted in
each issue of The Trlbuno aro good for
but five days, so It will not be possi
ble for nny club to hold back their
votes for more than that period. Thus
each club can know from time to time
what the others aro doing.
There Is plenty of time for clubs
whose names do not nppear above to
Join the contest. Not until Saturda,
June 26, will tho letult be announced.
Clubs whoso names do not appear in
the voting can take advantage of the
fact that the contest has Just started
and Is not now as splilted us It Is
bound to bo later on.
Only occasionally will tho particulars
of the voting be announced. So It is
possible that during the next few dajs
sonic eneigetlc club will enter the com
petition and secute enough votes to
lead all others.
It Isn't every day that nn offer is
made to give away ten complete uni
forms, including cap, belt, stockings,
pants nnd hlrt. They ate worth hus
tling for especially so when It Is guar
anteed that the unicornis are to be of
tho best style and quality and tho
same as those woin In the Eastern
league. They will bo made to oidr
and according to measuio by Floiey,
tho Wyoming avenue sporting goods
Tho Scranton Juniors defeated the
Black Stars yesterday on tho Delaware
nnd Hudson grounds.
Tho Potest Boys challenge the P. A club
to a game this morning at lu o'clooi 011
the Gammon's 1.111 gioumls. 'J ho Potest
Boys challenge nil 11-yeir-old clubs to
games on the above giounds at any time.
W. Halley, captain.
Tho Nonperlels of Dunmorc challrngo
the Stars of tho South Side to a game of
ball tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'elo k cm
tho Balla Head grounds. If chalk nge Is
accepted, telephone to Thomas O Donnoll,
undertaker, of Drinker street, bcfoie 7
o'clock this evening, John Coleman, man
ager. Tho South Side Baso Ball team will Jour
ney to Dunmore tomorrow, where thu-y
will play their opening game of tho season
with the Lackawannas. Tho make-up of
the team will be as follows; Mamget, C
J. Ruddy, catcher, J. Lally, pltchei J.
Hastlngn; shortstop, P. McGlnmss llrst
baseman, Owen Melvln; thlid bisrni in,
Con Fallon, left ilcldor. Prank Wlilar.l;
center fielder, O. Stcnglcrllno; light Hold
er, W. Vaughan.
Down In Mexico bull fighting Is losing
In public favor und bicycle rncing Is tak
Ing Its place. Possibly large fltdda nnd
$100 OLIVE.
A rare Collection of Lcudcrs.
Arc Popular. Prices
from $10 to $75.
A Tine Line of Pishing Tackle and Sports
mans Supplies to bclect from,
324 SOB si. lei
Improperly banked trncks nro supplying
an much excitement and goro ns did tho
other "amusement."
Tho Easter Monday fly of tho Royrrs
ford Homing club was won by Thomas
Mitchell's Lord Dutirnvn, covering the
nerlnl course from Bridgeport to Its loft
In Royersford a distance of about eljhl
miles In 17 minutes, 38 seconds.
Teter Mailer 'will meet Steve O'Donn"!!
of Australia,, In a six-round contest nt tho
Arena, Philadelphia, next Monday night.
Mteher has not ow In Philadelphia for
several yonis. This will be his Inst public
engnncment before fighting Sharkey.
it Is nmong the possibilities Mint tho
new manager of the Hartford track will
revive tho J10 000 Chniter Oak stakes,
which was the star ev tit of tho season on
tho trotting turf until prohibitory betting
lnws In Connecticut closed tho gatea of
the historic Hartford course.
George II. Onoclrrham, of Toronto, hns
Just Imported the llncst fox terrier ever
brought Into Canada, In Verncltv, for
whom ho paid ft.COO Ho Is by Vlsto, out
of Violet do Vere, nnd won llrst prices
nt Exeter ami Oxfoid. In 1SW he carried
off tho Birthday stakes and cup for best
dog born In the jrar.
Peter T. Muipliy. better known ns
"One-Bancl Murpbv, of Philadelphia,"
was goose hunting n few days ago at El
mini, Cnl. In four hours' hunting In tho
early morning, with the assistance of a
good caller, ho killed slxtv-thren irnnsn.
making somo very long nnd dllllcult shots,
tho longest shot being ninety -eight puces.
S. Q,
Not mere ly assembled, but built by the Pope Manufacturing Company. Not the
finish only, the wearing qualities of Columbia Bicycles are proverbial. The surest, safest
wheel 3'ou can buy is the COLUflBIA.
1 HE H
Next Best, reduced from $75.00 to $60.00, is the best Wheel manufactured
for the money. Riding Academy at the Armory.
Complete line of
You won't have to
wait several weeks
if you purchase of us.
We Have Them
in Stock.
In the City.
rflrftfft II fli7tn G BR"
'T 1T(J ?' rTV
rage uraae oiey
Black Diamond, $50, $60 and 75
, ,
Nickel-Platiug and Enameling a specialty. Nothing but expert workmen at our factory
and the very best material used.
Spring Suits,
In all the newest colors and fabrics, direct
from the manufacturer to us. You save
money by purchasing from us and
you will be sure to be
fashionably attired,
Hav3 You Sesn Our Spring Hats at $2,00, $2.53, $3,00?
220 Lackawanna Avenue.
T" n
Board of Trail Building, Union Sliool,
Court Houss Square.
i pc
lrmy BbHMMi kH7
Wyoming Ave.
We Have the
ist Equipped
Repair department
hereabouts. Our re
pairers are experi
enced, competent
We Cordially
Invite You to Gall
and inspect our es
tablishment and ex
amine our stock.
& ODMB tf&

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