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limimmmmmimmv''sm:"rw mr
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' rwirvm ljynifytww-
that's worrying us now
is ho to sell 300 pairs
of Jadtes' $2.00 Oxford
Ties, for which we have
no shelf room. Black,
with patent leather tips,
and tips of same, all sizes.
To move them quickly we
will sell them for 3 days
We have put on sale 100
pair Ruffled Curtains, fine
muslin, well made, would
be good value at $1.75,
Our Price.
127 Wyoming Ave.
Base Ball today. Provi
dence vs. Scranton at
3.45 Admission, 25c.
To Insure publication In this paper,
volunteered communications ot a con
troversial character MUST BI3
writer's true name. To this just rule
wo cannot hereafter make exception.
J'cho of tho Nichols Will Cases Ilcnrd
in Alderman Wright's Court.
Charles Lee, the well-known Waverly
hotel kreper, was arraigned before Al
derman Wright yesterday afternoon.
Ho was nneated at the Instance ot
James Nichols, of Clark's Summit, who
wants to collect an alleged bill for
Nichols, It appears, has figured for
years passed In a number of law suits,
on which he was a witness. Mr. Lee
made a successful eifort to collect his
witness tees and now llr. Nichols, in
looklnff over old scores, finds that four
years ago this summer ho duff potatoes
for Mr. Lee.
He also sheaied sheep. Ho was never
paid, he says, and now he wants to
collect $11.50 as the wages for his work.
Alderman Wright reserved his derision
bo that he could look up the law on the
case. .
And 1'aliTn l'lno of"8l for Cruelty to
,fi AnimnU.
. Maiitn Barber, of Old Forge, was be
fore Alderman John T. Howe yester
day charged with shooting two goats.
Said goats were tho property of Louis
Chase, whose goat pen In Old Forgo
joins Barber's back yard. Monday tho
goats got loose and wandered into Bar
ber's premises, devouring lettuce and
parsnips, cans, bottles and everything
that grows there. Mr. Barber got his
fehot gun and filled tho two goats with
bird shot.
Even this did not choke off tho life
of the wanderers but it crippled them.
The owner, Mr. Chase, then swore
out 'the warrant for Barber's arrest,
charging him with cruelty to animals.
Barber was fined $2, which he paid.
The Scranton Ice Comrmiivl'iirclinscs
the Hood Will of tho HinUcyc.
The Scranton Ice company has pur
chtred the stock and gpod will ot tho
Bir'dseye Ice company, which for
years has been under management of
John Grlflln, tho well-known Ice deal
ei, and will hereafter serve tho pat
jons of tho BIrdseyo company.
The Scranton Ice company retails
Poyntelle ice from the houses of Stev
ens & Silsbee, wholesale dealers, which
tho finest Ice offered Scranton con
sumers, and it is the only company
Vlilch serves patrons with Ice direct
from the lake packing houses.
Choice Sugar Cured i
12 Pound Average
$:,', IV, j?RIC, Agent. J
- -4-
"tt-r-HH-ft-f-f-r-4-H-f t I ) t 1 1 ft
j .vv ,,... -. . -.
0 :
Per Pair.
President and Toastmaslcr Said Some
Things About the Controllers.
Ho Snld Th u I tho Hoard of Con.
trol Dlil Nat I'rontiKU to Turn
tlio IIIrIi Sctiool HulldlnR Into a
Duticu HnlNHo Also Snlil Sonic
Ollior Tilings i:itmll y I'olntcdTIio
New Olliccrs Chosen.
The high school nlumnl held Its an
nual meeting, reception and dinner last
evening In the apartments of the old
Faurot house, on Washington avenue.
The nfter-dlnner speeches were inter
spersed with certain remnrks, which
showed the ill feeling which the action
of the board of control In refusing the
uso of the high school building as a
banquet hall has engendered. Presi
dent of tho Boaid T. J. Jennings was
Attorney George B. Davidson and It.
J. Beamish, president and toastmnster
respectively, were the nlumnl's spokes
men. President Davidson, In opening
the post-prandlal exercises, mude tho
first crack at tho board. He spoke In
a sarcastic vein, and said the board
should have consldeted tho matter
more thoroughly. He designated tho
board of control us the"most powerful
autocratic body In the whole city." "I
speak advisedly when I say this," said
Mr. Davidson. He then showed the
alumni how the largo sum ot money,
5300,000, passed through the hands of
councils every year, "But," said the
nlumnl president, "the mayor's veto
stands over tho action of counclts like
a shadow. Now look at tho boaid of
control. Here wo have a body of men
who handle almost as gtcat a sum of
money every year, and It Is without n
check of any kind. No wonder our
board Is composed ot men of good
Judgment and good business ability."
The words wore spoken In the most
sarcastic tone Imaginable.
President Davidson concluded by In
troducing P.. J. Beamish as toastmnster
of the evening. Mr. Beamish also had
something to say about tho board ot
control. After he had fald It he intro
duced Attorney John M. Harris, who
responded to the toast, "The Uses ot
Life." Attorney Harris told the alumni
that President Jennings was piesent at
his (Mr. Harris') Invitation and w felt
sure that President Jennings would
fully explain the action of th board
Piesldent Jennings did Ills tlma
came whet' Toastmustc" BeainUh of
fered Mr. Jennings "thro' minutes" to
respond to a toast, "The Senate, the
High School of America," in the place
of Senator J. C. Vaughan.
President Jennings, In fierce language
told how Mr. Beamish had come befori
tho board and told them there would bo
no dancing at the banquet. "Under
these conditions," said Mr. Jennings,
"the members were In favor of the
building. But word reached as that
the alumni did really intend to dance
and we don't believe in turning the build
ing into a dance hall." He further re
ferred most freely of Mr. Davidson, et
al,. He designated them as "those fel
lows that go around with swallow tail
coats and high foreheads, thinking
that they know It all."
Ho said that when the alumni would
present their requests in the proper
form the board would welcome them.
Aside from these unprogrammed fea
tures tho banquet was a most enjoyable
one. Mr. Harris' address was a skill
ful effort, Charles E. Daniels, on tho
toast, "The Girl Graduate," was grace
ful and refined In his treatment, Miss
Ulna Langan, a favorite at alumni
gatherings, readded to their good opin
ion on tho subject "The Male Grad
uate." Hon. John P. Kelley was not
present to respond to the toast "Hu
mors of the Law."
P. E. Kilcullen made a nice effort
in representing "The Class ot '97." At
torney John J. Murphy spoke of "The
Importance of Athletics." Mr. Murphy
gave an Interesting argument. "The
Silent Toast," to absent members of
the alumni, a new feature, was drunk
and "A Word at Parting" was spoken
by Professor G. W. Phillips.
Tho Misses Itose and Irene Hann
sang sweetly during the evening'. Their
selections were "In Old Madrid" and
"O Lovely Night." Bev. Rogers Israel
offered grace before the banquet,
which was served by Hanley. Dancing
followed, the Lawrence orchestra fur
nishing the music.
The newly elected offlcer3 of the
Alumni nre: George U. Davidson SO,
president; Itahel Powell, 95, vice-president;
Margaret E. Tropp, 97, r.ecro
taiy; Andrew Fine, 91, recorder. Exec
utive committee: John P. Kelly, 79,
Frederick Crippen, SO, Mary L. Dol
phin, SG, John J. Muiphy 87, Nellie
Beamish 89, Nettle Nye 90, Will Allen
91, Will Schlmpft 92, Jessie Kern 93,
Mary Harrl3 94, Edith Williams 93,
Simon Nyo 90, Leona Gregory 97. Those
present were;
Misses Elslo K. Kellar. N'elllo Nye, Jo
sephlno 1). Lees, LeaM. Heath, Mrs. Goo,
Howell, 'Eliza J. Chase, Mrs. Georso l'nil
llps, Leila A. Porter. Gcrtruclo Fellows,
Jaivo V. Fellows, Mary Harris, Leona
aregory, '97; Mlnnlo Lange, Mrs. J. C.
Lange, Fannie) El Conncll, Ntlllo 11.
Beamish, Irene Kahn, '90; Emma Fal
kowsky, '91; Agnes Edith Button, '97;
Mamlo L. Mollltt, Cora M. Itelph, '97;
Lillian E. Brooks, '97; Btna J. Langan,
Jessie Bevan, Carrie Grcss, '97; E'.lzubeth
Fitzpatrlck, Kathryne A. Fitzpatrlck.
'91; Helen J. Flaherty, '97; Carolyne Von
Beren, '97; Martha lteese, '98; Umlly II.
Itaedur, Emma W. Burns, '97; Marllla K,
Keifer, '97; 'Margaret E. Tropp,'97; Blanche
B. Gardner, Itachel Powell, "95; Edith Wil.
Hams", '93; F. Graco Williams, '97; Nellie
II. Beamish. A. S. Powers, W, lley
nolds, Alt. F. Clark, BImon L. A. Nye,
'93; It. Earnsst Comcgys, Georgo B. Da
vidson, Ituv. Hot-era Israel, G. W. Phil
lips, T. J. Jennings, J. Moore Crago, W.
J. Welsh, Arthur If. Sancton. '97: John
M. Harris, Emerson D. Owen, John Burns
T, J. Jennings, president of tho board of
control: W. T. Crago, Charles Falkow
sky, '90; W. A. Button, M. J. O'Toole,
George- A. Waltor, '7; George C. Scheuer,
'97; Charles H. L'Sersnni. '97; D. W.
Phillips, R. B. Carr, Holland I). Illce, '97;
George Orr, '97; Alexander 1'. Clurke, '93;
W. G. Moter, '94; C. E. Danlols, '&9; Ed
gar P. Gardner, Fold II. l'ratt, '97; An
drew M. Fine, '91; Bobort L. Hughes,
Howard Williams. Charles E. Sweet, '97;
P. B. Kilcullen, '97; It. J. Beamish, John
McCourt, Ilalph aregory, L. A. Lange,
John J, Murphy.
Interesting Kvont on tlio South Side
Yesterday Morning.
At tho Cedar avenue Methodist Epis
copal church at 11 o'clock yesterday
morning Rev. J, L. Race united Mlsa
Mary James, of the West Side and
Froderlck Jones, of Plttston avenuo,
In marriage, Tho ceremony was wit
nessed by only the parents and imme-
dlate relatives of tho contracting par
ties. Tho bride was attired In a trav
cling costume of blue cloth and was
attended by Miss Pollle Iltchards aH
bridesmaid, who was similarly attired.
Both carried bridal roses. Mr Jones
was attended by his brother, Edwin
Jones, Jr., as best man.
Both the young people are well
known, Mrs. Jones being an accom
plished young lady and Mr. Jones Is ti
trusted clerk nt Connell & Co's Mead,
ow Brook Btore. They will spend their
honeymoon at Philadelphia.
In tho parsonage of tho Cedar ave
nue Methodist churrh yesterday morn
ing at I) o'clock, llev. J. L. Uaco per
formed tho ceremony which united
M!sb Edith J. Jones, of Plttston, Bister
of the groom ot tho other wedding,
with Charles A. Kuestcr, of Mlnooka,
in the bonds of matrimony. The brldo
wait nttlred In a traveling costumo
and was attended by Miss Estelle
Prownrtl, Mr. Kucster was attended
by Edwin V. Jones, Jr., a brother of tho
bride. Mr. and Mrs. Kuestcr left on
tho 10:20 train for a trip to Philadel
phia and Atlantic City. When they
return they will reside on the South
Frank Morgan Plunged Ills Knife Into
Logan's Side Five TlmcsThcn
Gave Himself Up.
Peter Logan, of Dickson City, was
stabbed llvo times last night by Frank
Morgan, ot tho same place, and will
probably die. His nephew, Hichard
Logan, was slashed on tho left arm
by Morgan with tho same knife he
used In cutting the uncle.
Peter Logan and Morgan hnd some
words, and tho latter knocked Logan
down. Then the nephew came to the
rescue. He grappled with Morgan,
who drew a knife from his pocket,
opened It and plunged the blade into
Peter Logan's side live times. Kichard
Logan thtew a stone ut Morgan, who
followed him and cut him on the left
Dr. Bolhelmer wns called to attend
Logan, but lost night was unable to
gtvo any assurance that the injured
man will recover. Richard Logan went
to his home in Dunmore.
Morgan gave himself up at tho North
End police station after the stabbing.
Ho resides on Bloom avenue.
Brian Cooney, of Dunmore, was yester
day granted a peddler's llccnsa by court.
Tho Country club band concert pre
vented by rain last Saturday night will
take ploco tomorrow night,
Tho Ladles' 0ford Junior society are
requested to meet at their looms on
Thursday afternoon at 2 o'clock.
Rev. Mauley S. Hard. D. D., addressed
tho members of tho Elm Park Dpworth
league Monday night on "Using Our Op
portunities." The Lady Oakford union will meet to
morrow afternoon at 2.30 o'clock. Tho
meetings have been ohanged from tho
evenings to tho sfternoons.
Tho Home for tho Friendless concluded
a very successful excursion to Harvey'a
lako yesterday. It was attended by abo'lt
2,000 persons who spent a most enjoyable
Camp 8, Sons of Veterans, went to
Plttston last evfrlnc and instituted a
new camp therc.The delegation was lurso
and was under tho command of Captain
Tho equity suit of Stephon Kuzmlak
and others against Georgo Chylek and
others over tho possession of tho co
operative store In Olyphant was yester
day reported tottled.
A committer of select and common
councllmen met In tho city clerk's of
fice last night and mado arrangements
with reference to tho proposed trip to
Blnghamton on July li.
,In tho estate of Charlotte Jones, lato
of Scranton, letters ot administration
wero yesterday granted to her ton,
Gwilymn Jones. Tho will ot James
Mooney was admitted to probate.
Tho directors of the Salem Camp Meet
ing association ravo fixed as the dato of
camp meeting August 17 to 23 Inclusive.
Professor R. C. Buck, of Bethlehem, Pa.,
will havechargo of l he singing.
Tho funeral of Mrs. .James N. Noone,
wife of Councilman Noone, will take place
this morning. Moss will be celebrated
at tho Church of tho Holy Cross and
burial will bo made In Hydo Park Cath
olic cemetery.
Tho building committee of the board
of control at Its meeting last night exam
ined a number of desks that wore present
ed by agents of various concerns that
aro anxious to place their desks in tho
new school buildings.
Ladles and gentlemen do not forget tho
Btrawberry social at the Young Women's
Christian association rooms Juno 23,
from 7 to 10 o'clock. Come and got reclpo
of college shortcake. Music will be fur
nished throughout the evening.
Tho funeral of Mrs. Catherine Noone,
wlfo of Councilman James F. Noone, will
tako place, this morning nt 9 o'clcck from
her lato residence, CIS Emmet street. A
high mass of requiem will be celebrated
at Holy Cross church. Interment In
Hydo Park Catl.cllc cemeteiy.
J, II, Gallup, superintendent of the Col
umbia Construction company, of Syra
cuse, N. Y., and Georgo W. Law-son, a
New York representative of the same
company, wero In tho city yesterday and
went over Mulberry street. They an
nounced that tho work of paving that
thoroughfare will begin this week.
Through Attorneys Warren & Knapp,
M. M. DoWltt yesterday instituted suit
to gain possession of tho effects of tho
late Professor Louis D'AcquIno, which ho
alleges D. M. Evans Illegally detains. Tho
effects in question consist of the lato
professor's olllco and bed room furniture
and his paraphrnalla for manufacturing
Good Samaritan salve.
Mayor Bailey has lesued a call for a
special Joint session of councils for to
morrow evening for the purpose of elect
ing a board of examiners to examine can
didates for tho appointment of building
Inspector. Tho applicants aro John Nel
son, tho present Inspector; John Colll
gan, Mr. Haines, of tho West Side; P. J.
Thomas, and tho general foreman at Car
luccl's stono yard,
Tho Lackawanna county Sunday school
convention will bo held at the Young
Men's Christian association rooms, Scran
ton, Thursday, July 1, 1897. There will
bo thrco sessions, beginning at 10, 2.31
and 7.30 o'clock. This convention is for
all tho Sunday schools of tho county,
and delegates from each school will bo
welcomed. Meisanj. Roop and Kephart,
of the State, association, will be present
at each session. All Interested In Sun
day school work aro cordially invited to
attend tljls convention.
Stolo .Honey mid Kloped.
Marie, the 10-year-old daughter of
Bernardo Gutzeo, of Park Place, stolo
fifty dollars from her father yesterday
morning and eloped with Carlo Ros
so. The police are looking for them.
- " .
Now Is tho time to purify your blood,
and Hood's Sarsaparllla Is the best
medlclno for tho purpose. Thousands
of great cures prove that It is tho one
True Blood Purifier,
Hood's Pills aro the favorite family
cothartlo and liver medicine. Prlco
Alderman Millar Gave lllm Over to the
Custody of Mrs. W. B. Duggan.
Number of Witnesses Wcro Exnmlncd
to 1'rovo Thnt Mrs. I'arfroy Is Notu
I'lt Person to Hnvc tlio Custody of
tho Child -- She Lives nt No. 10
Jiiicknwnnim Avenue and Recently
Figured In nn Unsavory Cnsc.
Alderman Millar's court room yester
day afternoon had nn assemblage of
fifteen women, most of whom wcr sub
poncnaed on the caseof County Detective
Leyshou against Mrs. E. E. Parfrey,
who was charged with criminal negli
gence In the care of her nine-year-old
son, Frankle. The case was the out
come of certain disgraceful actions In
No 1C, Lackawanna avenue, where Mrs.
Parfrey lives. The woman was arrest
ed on a charge made by Mrs. Charles
Johnson In which Mrs. Parfrey and Mr.
Johnson were concerned. Mrs. Parfrey
was held under ball to appear at court.
This was last Saturday. Mrs. Dug
gan heard of the bad state of affairs,
and Inquiries led tho Charity Agnt to
believe that Mrs. Parfrey was not a
lit woman to tako caro of a child.
Therefore, County Detective Leyshon
began legal proceedings against her
and the case came up before Alderman
Millar yesterday morning.
Owing to tho absence of witnesses
adjournment was made until 9 o'clock
p. m. At that hour the alderman's of
ilco was crowded with witnesses and
spectators. The boy, Frankie, was the
centre of Interest. Mrs. Parfrey, his
mother, had not arrived yet.. One wo
man bought the boy a bag1 of peanuts.
another some candy, Mrs. Mllleck, who
lives at No. 10, purchased a pair of
new shoes and a new straw hat, both
of which wero placed upon the little
fellow In tho oOlce.
When his mother came in the boy
whispered to one of the kind friends:
"If my mother knew where she was
going she wouldn't wear that dress."
The dress in question was of shlney
black silk made after the fashion of
thirty years ngo. The woman herself
Is of the dark featured type of beauty,
with snappy blue eyes.
Frankle thought she was going to
Attorney L. P. Wedeman appeared
for the defendant. County Detective
Leyshon was the prosecutor and Mrs.
Dugan and Miss Kelsel, of tho board of
charities, were present. The first wit
ness called was Alfred Parfrey, the
"last" husband of the woman. He said
that Mrs. Parfrey taught the boy to
tell lies. The boy Is nine years old, but
his mother compels him to sweep the
house, wash the dishes and wash and
Iron his own underclothes, and make
his own bed. This is what Mrs. Par
frey's husband testified.
On direct examination the witness
said that he was not Mrs. Parfrey's
first husband.
"What are you, tho second?" inquired
County Detective Leyshon.
"Oh, my, no 1" exclaimed Mr. Par
frey, "I'm aVay behind that." He,
thought that she had married six men
at least.
"Do you know any beside yourself?"
"Yes, one," said Parfrey; "Jim Hayes
of Shanty Hill. She has another at
court," he added.
Mrs. Melleck, a fine looking woman,
testified to hearing the boy's screams as
his mother whipped him. The boy used
to hold up one end of the clothes line
on the roof while the clothes dried.
"What Is your business?" suddenly
asked Attorney Wedeman of the wit
ness. "A housekeeper," she answered.
Attorney Wedeman then charged th'at
Mrs. Melleck was not the prQper person
to testify to the care of a child. Mrs.
Ray Brown, ot No. 10 Lackawanna
avenue.said that tho boy never went to
Sunday school.
"Do you go to Sunday school?" de
manded the counsel.
"Yes, sir," answered Mrs. Brown.
"You're a real, nice lady," sarcas
tically remarked the attorney; "that's
Mrs. Edmund Parfrey, of Adams ave-nue,slster-In-law
of the defendant.was
a talker. She testified In effect to
what the proceeding witnesses had
Attorney Wedeman asked her one
question, and the answer came so snap
pishly that he Judiciously decided to
quit right there.
This evidence was thought to be suf
ficient and Alderman Millar gave the
child into the custody of Mrs. Duggan.
Frankle will be kept at tho Homo for
the Friendless until the matter of his
indenture to some one shall be decided
by the county Judiciary.
The boy left his mother without any
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Complete now assortment of
12Jc. goods, all now styles. The
greatest bargain of the season. .
At 5 Cents
Very lino selection of New
Lawns, regular 10c. kind.
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show of (iflccUon, but Mrs. Parfrey
Two Wcll-Known Young People
Wedded nt Green llldgri.
Miss Jennie, the. charming daughter
of Mr. and Mfrs Frank Staples, of 1715
Penn avenue Green. Ridge, was married
to Charles Ostrander.of the West Side
at high noon yesterday. The ceremony
took place at the brlde'B homo and
was performed by Rev. J. P. Moftatt,
pastor of the Washburn Street Pres
byterian church. While Mr. Frank Eyer
of Wllkcs-Barre, played Mendclsshon'a
"wedding march" the bridal couple
preceded down stairs to the sitting
room and, standing beneath an arch
of beautiful Hewers and fern leaves,
and In front of a bank of roses they
were united for life. After the usual
felicitous congratulations of friends
tho guests were seated and enjoyed the
tempting wedding dinner wcrved.
The bride was attired in a handsome
gown of blue cloth trimmed with mous-lln-de-sole,
and cnrrled bridal roses.
Miss Alia Sanders was bridesmaid and
was attired In a charming costume, of
silk linen over pink silk, and carried
carnations. The jrroom was attended
by Edwin F. Peters os best man. Miss
Ella Puterbaugh, of East Stroudsburg
was flower girl and carried roses and
Immedlatel after the weddlnc; din
ner Mr. and Mrs. Ostrander left for
Mlddletown, N. Y., where they will
spend their honeymoon as the jruests
of Mr. Ostrandor'B brother. Mrs. Os
trander formerly roBlded on the West
Side and Is a charming young woman.
Mr. Ostrander Is employed at the store
of T. J. Luce's Sons on North Mtiln ave
nue, and enjoys a wide circle of friends.
Upon their return they will reside In
a fully furnished house on Tenth street.
They expect to lie "at home" to friends
after June CO.
Tho guests present wero: Rev. and
Mrs. J. P. Moftatt, Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Staples, Mr. and Mrs. George Swartz,
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Luce, Mr. and Mrs.
William Luce, Mr. and Mrs. William T.
Ace, Mr. end Mrs. George- Daniels, Mr.
and Mrs. Bert Blnghnni, Mr. and Mrs.
Alex Bender, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Ste
vns, Mr. and Mrs. William Stelncr,
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ashlcman, Mrs.
William Lannlng, Mrs. J. P. Addyman,
Mrs. Wesley Lannlng, Mrs. Charles
Stevens, Mrs. William Staples, Mrs.
William Yohe, Mrs. Adam Frauirfelter,
Misses Lena tSaiples, Mame Whtet
stor.e. May Keen, Bessie Wlnans, Nellie
Jones, Margaret Hill, May Bell Swltz
er, and Ethel Staples. Fred Stevens
George Staples, Horace Keen, Frank
Thornton, Allen Sccor, Henry Hitch
cock. Out of town guests were: Mr. and
Mrs. II. S. Puterhach and daughter
Edna, East Stroudsburg; Mrs. Frank
Eyer, Wllkes-Enrre; Miss Lockwood,
Plttston; Mrs. Tine Buller, Blngham
ton; Mrs, Dr. Houser, 'Taylor; Mrs.
Sam Case, Plttston; Mrs. Jerry Bauch
man and daughter, Miss Florence,
Jersey City: Mrs. Guy Lunger and
daughter, Miss Emily, Bertren Point;
Mrs. Hnlleck Berry and daughter. Miss
Sadie, Hamton Junction; Mrs. Robert
Klstler and the Misses Katherlne and
Florence Staples, Delaware Water Gap.
General .llanngcr Weliruni Did Not Go
to Now York Ycstordny.
There was no change in the situation
at the South Mill yesterday. General
Manager Wehrun, In an Interview with
a Tribune reporter last evening, declin
ed to say whether or not he Intended to
go to New York to consult with the
company's officers.
All he wsuld say was that there was
absolutely no change in the condition
of affairs.
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Prices cut all through the store.
The next ten days are to be busy
ones. This is to be a record-breaking
June with us.
Music At cost. We have one
Rolls hundred and seventy
eight music rolls, moroc
co, alligator and real seal. We ad
mit some of them are soiled. They
go at cost today and tomorrow.
22c, 08c, 03c, etc, etc,
Waist A Yankee jewelry maker
Sets down east has smartly
copieda solid gold,French
enamel set that comes from Paris.
They sell there for $8, our money,
The price is 50c.
2 links, 4 stud.
A lot of novels by
good writers are in
the way of other
goods. What's left are to get out
double quick. Good print, well
bound, 4 for 25c.
Knife, Fork Little ones, like
and Spoon "We eatin8 100'?
Here are sets in
plush lined box, triple plate, on
hard, white metal, steel knife that
cuts, Rogers' make, 39c. set.
Regular price, one dollar.
303 Lacka. Ave.
1 , 1
415 and 417
Lackawanna Avenue, Scranton, Pa,
4c. Yard,
They are worth 8c. and ioc.
a yard. Also.
Pillow Case Lace,
Torchon Laces,
Black Laces, Etc,
All at
4c, Yard.
They are all Bargains.
We have never been
equalled yet. 1,000
dozen of new Ladies'
Swiss Handkerchiefs,
faucy borders; also
1,000 dozen Ladies'
White Hemstitched,
wit n lace in corners,
worth ioc. Our price
Bargains in colored
borders, also toweling
by yard or pair. La
dies' and Misses Gauze
Underwear at -
310 Lackawanna Ave.
is sold in nearly every city in tho
United States for $15.00. It is
built up in layers and will not
mat. It is soft, clean, healthful,
elastic and durable. 1 liavo mado
special arrangements to liandlo
this, best of all mattresseB, In
Scranton and am now able to sell
them for
$10.00 APIECE.
It is a far bettor mattress for
complete rest than tho best hair
mattress, which cost from $25.00
to $35,00
Your inspection is earn
estly solicited.
507 Linden Street.
Why let your homemd btulnen b dMtroj
ed through itrong drink or morphia, whea
!ou can be our.d la four we.lu t tb Ktolcjr
nstltute, 788 Madison aranu Scsantoa, P.
be Cur WUI Bar lavutlxatUa.
We are Offering All
Ladies' Tailor Made Suits,
Ladies' and Children's Coats,
Separate Skirts and -Capes,
RU !'i

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