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Wall Decorations,
Window Shades and Fixtures.
Now is a suitable time to decorate
and "fix up" your rooms for the
Autumn and Winter's use. Our
assortment of desirable
Is complete, and we invite an
inspection by any one that wants to
sec Cliolcc Fine Tapers from the best
factories. We can furnish good
decorators on short notice and
reasonable rates.
322 Lackawanna Ave.
Have a Cigar?
Tlinnkn Don't rnra If
I do. Ab, this Ma
Popular Punch
I'm In Hide. It's my
Garney, Browa & Co,
Norrman & Moore
H20 Wyoming Ave.
The Best Wc Give Our Patrons.
I ackawanna,
308 Penn Avenue. V. B. WARMAN.
DR. W. r, riENWOOD,
Have opened a General Insurance- onico In
me Tioflers iiffl em n
licet Block Companies represented, l.argo
lines especially tolkltod. Telophono lbtltJ.
The Pe Ell Examiner, printed at Ie
Ell, Washington, has the following
complimentary notice of Attorney II.
W. B. Ilewen, formerly a member of
the Lackawanna bar:
While In Chehalls last week tho edi
tor of the Examiner met a friend who
had recently talked with a prominent
San Francisco attorney, once a resident
of Astoria. In discussing some of tho
leading- men of Southwestern Washing
ton, the Sun Francisco lawyer Inquired
about H. W. p. Hewen, of South Bend,
who will be remembered as the Itepub
llcan candidate for Superior judge of
this district last fall. He said that ho
had met Mr. Ilewen frequently, nnd
knew something of tho energy and
ability which he Is applying to the
practice of his profession. Ho spoke
in the most nattering terms of Mr.
Hewen. "I am well acquainted with
the lawyers of Washington," ho said,
"and though Mr. Ilewen Is a man who
never practices law with a flourish of
trumpets, and Is not much given to
advertising himself In the newspapers.
ho Is undoubtedly one of tho most
promising young men of tho Washing
ton bar. I have frequently been sur
prised at the profound knowledge of
legal matters that he has acquired. I
am of the opinion that there are not
nvo better lawyers than this young
man in the state of Washington. He
would grace the Supreme bench of tho
fitatc, ana I shall not bo surprised to
'see him occupying such a place before
.lie is nrty years old."
I Mr. Hewen practiced law In Scran
Ion about ten years ago and had an
bfllce with Gardner, Hulslander and
vosburg on Lackawanna avenue. While
In Scranton ho was numbered among
the best read and keenest wltted of
the younger attorneys nnd has many
friends In the city who will bo pleased
to learn that ho Is still progressing in
his chosen calling.
Will I'lny tho Keystone Eleven nt
1'nctoryvillo Todny.
The Scranton High school foot ball
team goes to Factoryvlllo at 0 o'clock
this morning and at 3.30 o'clock In tho
afternoon will meet the strong eleven
of the Keystone Academy of that place.
Line-up of Scranton will bo as fol
lows: Center, Malla: right guard,
Horan; left guard, Hull cap(taln); left
end, Battln; right end, Moser; right
halfback, DeBow; left halfback,
Gearey; right tackle, Morris; left
tackle, Murphy; quarterback, Tewks
buryj fullback, Welch. Substitutes
Davis, Itlce and Dougherty. David
Owens, of this cltv, will probably bo
For llio Famous I'lcxiblo Finish
Patronlre Tho Lackawanna Laundry
SOS Pcnn ave. A. B. Wnrman.
Leather Braces
Tho most comfortable and econ
omical iunponuer ror tne work-
ingmun, will wear (or years,
j 25c, 50c, and 75c.
3og uicKawinna Ave,
IS i
All Threo of Them Arc Known to tlio
Ncrnnton l'olleo.
The followlnc dispatch was received
by The Tribune from Wllkcs-Barre last
Wllkes-Ilarre, Oct. 15. Henry r.vans, or
Soriintott: David Sulllvnn, of Pittsburg,
nnd Lawrence Sullivan, 01 l'hlliulclphl.i,
who were arrested lrat-vvcck charRcd with
belns pickpockets, were ordered beforo
ho court for n. hnbcriH corpus honrhij? to
day, nnd Whllo Jail Warden Uoland wu
escorting- them fiom tho Jail to tho court
house, nil three made a d.ifh for liberty
nnd escaped. Uoland In n heavy man and
couid not ovortako tho prisoners. It Is
believed that tho men aro notorious
Kvann Is known to be from Scrnnton.
Tho two Sulllvaim hnvo relatives on
Ninth street nnd nil three are known
to tho Scranton police.
AsIc for tho Printing of Olio of Judge
Ildwurds' chnrges.
Tho following petition was yesterday
presented to court. It was signed by
about twenty attorneys:
To tho Honorable, tho Judge of the Court
of Quarter Sessions of Lackawanna
We, tho undersigned member of the bar
of said county respectfully lcprescnt that
having either heard tho chargo of tho
court In tho casoof the commonwealth vs.
Thomas McLaughlin or heard comments
on tho srun, bellevo It In tho interest of
tho bnr to havo tho samo reported and
Wo therefore pray the honorablo court
to order tho same published and reported
In tho court Journal nnd we shall ever
I'nrko Sistors, Tucsdnr Evening, Will
Ho the First Attraction.
The Young Men's Christian associa
tion course of entertainments begin
next Tuesday evening. The Parke sis
ters aro to bo the principal entertain
ers. They havo been In Europe for a
year or two and havo won additional
fame in playing to and for the nobility
of Europe.
This will bo the first appearance- of
the Parke sisters In Scranton and they
should havo a full house to greet them,
because they are worthy of a full house
and tho Young Men's Christian asso
ciation course should bo patronized to
help them along. Miss Edith Norton
will recite.
Junior Ilcpublicnn Club Will Go
There in a Ilndy.
At a meeting of the Junior Republi
can club last night It was decided to
attend the Republican rally In Carbon
dale tonight in a body. The club will
leave on .tho C.25 Delaware and Hud
son train, nnd It Is expected that 100
members will respond.
At tho Carbondalo station the club
will bo met by tho Mozart band and
a short parade will precede tho meet
ing In the Opera house. At the meet
ing last night the club petfocted plans
for an active participation In the cam
paign. '
Handsome Window Display of Brass
Ucdsteads on I.iichnwiuiiin Ave.
A practical example of tho kind of
finished workmanship that can be pro
duced in Scranton Is tho display of
brass bedsteads In the window of Sle
becker & Wntklns. They were manu
factured by tho Scranton Bedding com
pany, whose factory Is at the corner of
Adams and Lackawanna nvenues.
The bedsteads are splendid examples
of the present popular style of boudoir
furniture. Few pedestrians can pass
the window where the bedsteads nie
displayed without stopping to examlno
.11 rs. Sol. Kline Buys tho Silkmnn
Building on J.iirluiuiiiiiiii Avenue.
Mrs. Dora Kline, wife of Sol Kline,
has purchased the Sllkman i state, tho
building nt 307 Lackawanna avenue,
occupied b Louis Conrad. The con
sideration was $40,000, tho same price
brought by tho Fuller building next
door, which was last week purchased
by L. X. Cramer.
The order of sale was yesterday made
in orphans' couit.
O. (J. A. .M. .Meetings.
Patriotic meetings are to bo held un
der tho auspices of tho Order United
American Mechanics ns follows: Tues
day, Oct. 19, nt P. O. S. of A. hall,
C10 Lackawanna avenue; Wednesday
evening, Oct. 20, at Jackson Street
Baptist church, ot 8.S0 o'clock; Thurs
day evening, Oct. 31, at Clark's Sum
mit Methodist Episcopal church,
Friday evening, Oct. 22, at Odd Fel
lows' hall, Moscow; special meeting,
for members only, nt Garfield council,
Green Ridge, on Monday evening, Oct.
18. Rev. B. C. Llpplncott, of Lake
wood, X. J will spean. at each meet
If you lndorso tho f reo trade and free
ellver Chicago platform as tho Lacka
wanna Democracy docs, "fully and
without reserve," then work nnd voto
for Schadt, Horn, et. nl. If you be
lieve In McKlnley, protection and pros
perity, turn theso agents of Bryan
I'or tho I'anious I'lcxiblo Finish
Patronize The Lackawanna Laundry,
30S Tenn ave. A. B. Warman.
I'nir Opens Tonight.
Tho St. Peter's and St. Joseph's Ger
man Catholic societies of St. Mary's
parish, South Side, and St. Joseph's
society, ot St. John's parish, West Side,
will hold a Joint fair in St. Mary's hall,
South Side, commencing tonight, to
raise funds for tho State Convention
to bo held In Scranton In June, 1898.
Miss Cordelia Freomnn, Soprnuo.
certified pupil of Sbrlglln, Paris and
Royal Prof. Ilcy, Berlin. Voice culture
and harmony. Voices tried free of
chargo AVednesdaya at Mr. 'South
worth's studio.
J. L. Haldeman, formerly with tho
Connecticut Mutual Life Ins. Co., has
accepted the position ot city agent for
tho Northwestern Mutual Life Ins. Co.
W. J. Welsh, general agent.
Auction Snlo ofllousoholds,
Consisting of Carpets, Parlor Suits,
Book Cases and Books.Bed Room Suite,
Silverware, etc. Sale commences to
morrow afternoon at 1 o'clock, 119 Dud
ley street, Dunmore. A. It. Harris,
auctioneer, for M.. II. Van Pelt.
m ii
Opening Number Y. M. C. A. Standard
The Park sister and Miss Edith
Norton, Tuesday evening, Oct. 1?. Dla
gram at Y, M, C. A.
Young Man Arrested In Coal Exchange
Is Now In Jail.
Entered Architect Duckworth's Ofllco
nnd Stole Drawing Instruments;
Also Took Cigars from Keogh's
Fool Hooni--Wns Sinking n Third
Attempt When lie Wns Detected.
At tho Hearing Held Under 91,500
Maurice J. Wlnfleld, the young mnn
whoso arrest In the Coal Exchange
building at 2.30 o'clock yesterday morn
ing was exclusively reported In yester
day's Tribune, Is now In the county
Jail In default of 1,500 ball on a charge
of burglary. He confessed to the re
cent burglary of Architect Duckworth's
olllco nnd tho stolen goods have been
returned; Wlnllold also acknowledged
to have burglarized Jerome Keogh's
pool room, on Lackawanna avenue.
For these offenses and the entrance to
E. A. Shifter's ofllce yesterday, Wln
fleld was held in J500 ball each by
Mayor Bailey at tho hearing.
AVInfleld Is a very clever young man.
He came here last June from Lead
vllle, Colorado, where his father Is n
reputable citizen. The young man is
a civil engineer, having followed his
father's ocupatlon, and when he struck
Scranton had little trouble in securing
employment In George Lelghton's ofllco
on the second floor of the ConI Ex
change building. He gave a hard-luck
story nnd through tho kindnes of his
employer the young man was given a
key to the ofllco and allowed to sleep
Thus he was plnced where he could
strike from the Inside. A few weeks
ago the Duckworth ofllce was entered
and drawing instruments to the value
of several hundred dollars were stolen.
Miller & Pock's china store on the
ground floor was entered on the same
night and $7.73 In money taken. The
manner of tho robberies showed that
some one familiar with the premises
had done the work. Wlnlleld was not
suspected, however. His actions did
not warrant the slightest suspicion.
Last Wednesday night Jerome
Keogh's pool room was burglarized.
Eight boxes of cigars and seven or
eight dollnrs In money were taken. The
theft wns the work of some one from
the Inside, although an attempt to
ward off suspicion had been made by
loosening the bolt from the outside.
Tho police say that the Keogh burg
lary was traced to Wlnfleld and that
a warrant was to have been sworn nut
yesterday for his arrest. The coup by
Patrolmen John Thomas and John
Saltry yesterday morning cleared up
the mystery In a better way than an
ticipated. Patrolman Thomas, who patrols the
Wyoming avenue beat, has been par
ticularly watchful of the Coal Ex
change building during all the week.
He, In truth, spent most of his time In
tho building and no person entered the
place without being stopped nnd ques
tioned. At 2 o'clock yesterday morn
ing a light was noticed in the npart
ments of E. A. Shifter, on the second
floor. This light had not been burn
ing earlier In the night nnd Patrolman
Thomas at once reported tho fact to
Captain Richard Edwards, who Is in
charge ot the night force this week.
He was ndvlsed to Inform Patrolman
Saltry and together an Investigation
was made.
Two Tribune reporters, who were
standing on tho opposite side of the
avenue, saw tho patrolmen enter tho
building and. It seemed, the policemen
had Just started up tho stairs when
he light in Shifter's establishment was
extinguished. The reporters nt once
informed Patrolmen Thomas and Saltry
of the unusual happening.
The door to Shifter's olllco was found
locked. For fully twenty minutes the
patrolmen knocked nnd threatened nnd
Anally a young man came to the door
and said: "Hold on there; what the
h are you fellows doing!" He opened
tho door nnd wns nt once grabbed and
handcuffed. Patrolman Thomas' re
volver was drawn.
After Wlnfleld. for such was tho
name given, had secured his coat, tie,
collar and shoes fiom Lelghton's ofllce,
where ho slept, ho was taken to the
police station. A valise which was
found In the room was the only article
disturbed. Upon examination by Desk
Sergeant Robert Delter this was found
to contain the Instruments taken from
Architect Duckworth's olllco.
Yesterday mornlngWlnfleld confessed
everything. The key to the Lelghton
ofllce fitted the lock in Shlffer's door.
He wns after money. Ho entered the
Duckworth ofllce several weeks 'ago In
tho same manner. Wlnfleld stated
that he burglarized Keogh's place by
hiding in the room until every other
person had departed. When taken be
fore Mavor Bailey the prisoner broke
down and cried hysterically. He per
blsts In saying that he had an accom
plice In his work.
The police aro looking for the second
party. The arrest of Wlnfleld reflects
particular credit upon Patrolman
Thomas, whose tireless vigilance
brought It about.
Spcclnl Snlo of
Oriental Rugs and Carpets In Mears'
Building. If you like to havo a fine rug
at a great bargain, come nnd buy it
now. Xo advance In prices yet on ac
count of high tariff.
Mlchaellan Brothers & Co.
The Scranton Bedding Co. will bo
pleased to send a man to your hous-
and give you nn estimate on the cost
of upholstering your furniture or nny
other work in their line.
t F. P. PRICE,
Women Know by Ftnctlcnl Experi
ence Thnt It Is Easy to I)yo Willi
Diamond Dyes.
It's tho easiest matter In the world to
dye with Diamond Dyes, as thousands
ot women know from practical experi
ence. By using these simple home
dyes, one can make old clothing look
llko new and save a grent ihany dol
lars In the course of a year.
Do not accept Imitations of the orig
inal Diamond Dyes from any dealer,
no matter how strongly ho may recom
mend them, for while he can mako a
larger profit on them they do not dyo
as much nt the Diamond, nor equal
them In fastness of colors. When poor
dyes nro used, both, your money and
labor are thrown away and the goods
are spoiled forever. Uso the Diamond
Dyes only nnd get results that are
equal to those of the professional dyer.
Rcpubllcans who nro faithful In so
called off years nro tho ones Whoso
fealty to party counts. Let all such
bestir themselves now.
Millar & Feck's J.nmp Exhibition Is
Well Worth n Visit.
Ono could hardly ask a prettier eight
than that displayed In Millar & Peck's
china hall yesterday on the occnslon
of the opening of their special lamp
sale. Hundreds of lamps In endless
variety from the ordlnnry kitchen af
fair to the hundred-dollar hand-painted
parlor lamp were exhibited In tasteful
array, and during the day and eve
ning were viewed by crowds of delight
ed visitors.
Tho window display halts nlmost ev
ery passerby, nnd with their atten
tion thus attracted to the dazzling
splendor of the Interior exhibition few
Indeed pass on without entering.
In the evening when the more beau
tiful lamps aie kept burning the dis
play Is especially attractive. The ex
hibition lasts until Monday. The firm
claims that a larger or more varied
display of lamps cannot be found any
where In the country.
Young Olvphnnt Collide Trying Hnrd
to tJivo Tli cm the Laugh.
William Schenek nnd Anna Eustln,
aged respectively eighteen nnd sixteen
years, want to be married. Fate, how
ever, seems to be detnrmlncv' that they
will have to bldo their time.
Opposing parents are tho cause of all
the trouble. They thought to sur
mount the obstacle by running away,
but as they were boarding a Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western train for the
land of the flee and easy marnuge
laws Jeisey they were overtaken by
tho lad's step-mother and maishaled
back to Olvphnnt.
Various threats on the part of the
young couple finally Induced the yuun
man's patents to give their consent,
and yesloiday they enme to the court
house radiant with Joy and full of the
pleasantcst anticipations. Woe wns
theirs again, for the consent ot the pn
rents was not In evidence nnd the ctuel
Mr. Mlrtz, who presides over the mar
riage license docket, turned them away.
Undaunted they started out to secure
the written consent of their respective
paients nnd vowed they would be bac
on the morrow.
Freight Kates mid Advertising to lie
DUcussed Monday Mghl.
At Monday night's regular monthly
meeting of the board of trade the
transportation committee will make a
report on the freight rate equaliza
tion. There will probably b a discussion
of a proposed plan for discouraging
the many fake nrtvertlclng schemes
which merchants ate called upon to
Attorney Osbnrno to lie Asfistiint
Secretary to Commissioner Ktisson.
Attorney John Ball Osborne, of this
city, wuh yesteiday appointed bv Pres
ident McKlnley assistant secretary to
Hon. John A. Kasson, f iown, sperlnl
commissioner with plenary powers to
carry into effect tho reciprocity pro
visions of sections 3 and 4 of the Dititj
lv tariff bill.
Mr. Osborne was consul to Ghent,
Belgium, during tho Harrison adminis
tration. THE PE1JUT1L LIFE
Insurance Company and tlis Late Hon.
Lemuel Amerman.
A Churnctorlsticnlly Prompt Settle
ment. The Tenn Mutual Life Insurance
company, of Philadelphia, Pa., paid
yesterday through their executive,
Special Representative Mr. Jerome
Lynch, the first Installment of tho
yearly Income of $2,000, guaranteed to
Mrs. Amerman under the two policies
upon her husband's life, amounting to
$33,000. Mr. Amerman had been in
sured In tho company less than two
years. Under the terms of one policy
the company will pay Mrs. Amerman
$1,000 per year for twenty years and
under tho terms of tho other policy
the company will pay Mrs. Amerman
$1,000 for fifteen years.
For tho Famous Flexible Finish
Patronize The Lackawanna Laundry,
103 Penn ave. A. B. Warman.
Grand Spcclnl Excursion
to the Klondyko Gold Fields. Special
train to Seattle; special steamer to St.
Michaels, and Bpeclal steamer from St.
Michaels to the Gold Fields. Leave
Buffalo midnight of March 9th; leavo
Seattle Wednesday, March 16th. Tour
ist sleeping cars, lowest rates, berths
reserved and tickets sold through to
For all information as to rates, sup
plies and cost ot same, write at once,
as tho boat Is fast filling up, to F. J,
Moore, General Agent, Nickel Plato
Road, 23 Exchange St., Buffalo, N. Y.
Miss Carolyne V. Dorsey, teacher of
elocution, oratory and delsarte, 107 Wy
oming avenue.
To Curo a Cold in Ono Dny.
Take laxative Eromo Qulnlno Tablets.
All druggists refund the money it it
falls to cure. 25 cents.
Twining, optician 125 Penn avenue, la
Harris' drug store. Hours 9 a. nx. 5
p. m.
That's Wliat the Scranton Poor Direc
tors Think, Anyhow.
Scrnnton Accommodates tho Central
Poor District of Ltuoruo by Caring
for Twenty-llvo of Its Insnno Ench
Month nt Cost Itntcs nnd tho Wilkes
llnrro Directors Crumble About It.
Now tho LntterAroto Ito Asked to
Explain or Cnro lor Their Own
Tho directors of the .Scranton Poor
district nre tired of doing favors for
the Central Poor district of Luzerne
county and getting in return criticism
of county asylum methods. The Scran
ten district gets $1.75 per week for
maintenance of WJlkes-Barre's insane
confined In tho Hillside Homo but tho
Scranton dlractors prefer that Wllkes
Barre should do Its own care-taking or
cease to criticise.
Such is the situation as revealed at
yesterday's meeting of the directors of
the Scranton Poor district In their
rooms In the city hall. Members Ful
ler, Shotton, Murphy, Terppo and
Paine were present. In the nbsenco of
Mr. Lnngstnff, tho president, Dr. Paine
was chosen to preside.
The Wllkes-Barro matter started
with Dr. Paint's suggestion that It
was time to regulate th'o reception of
Wllkes-Barre's Insane at tho Homo
where an average of 23 from Luzerne
county aro Inmates during each month.
Mr. FulUr stated that two Wllkes
Barre directors c.t the recent state
convention of poor and charity direc
tors In this cltv liad misrepresented
the Scranton district and Its asylum.
If their statements Indicated the gen
eral sntlment of the Luzerne district
It was time, Mr. Fuller said, for the
board to take action and decline to ac
commodate people who did not appre
Secretary Lynett was directed.on mo
tion of Mr. Shotton, to correspond with
the Central LiiHTne directors and ask
for an explanation.
The trouble is traceable to the differ
ence of opinion between the two board.;
ns to county or state care of the In
sane. At the convention this week it
was the consensus of opinion that
Pennsylvania should adopt the Wiscon
sin plan of county asylums for the
Insane. It was agreed-, however, that
this plan was not wanted unless cre
ated by n state net and not special
legislation, ns in the former case each
county would have Its asylum nnd tho
wh'ole would bo under state supervi
sion. At present counties pay $1.D0 per
week p r inmate for the care of their
insane In state asylums, while the state
pavs $1.73 per wek per inmate in
county asylums, a difference of $3.23
In favor of counties like Lackawanna
which have their asylums.
Lu7ern(? county, and Its Central dis
trict In particular, has for years been
'plugiTlng" for tho locating within Its
borders of a state Insane Institution for
the northeastern part of the common
wealth. While Luzerne has been plug
ging It has had to iay $1.75 per wool:
for the care of each of Its insane in
Danville, Hillside Home and other in
stitutions outside Luzerne county and
l frequently obliged to confine its
subjects in the Luzern.'1 county Jail un
til a nlnee can be found for them.
Meanwhile the other counties of tho
rtate are almo3t without exception
drifting toward tho countyasylum plan
of Wisconsin, lu which stale there is
not an ov rcrowded insane institution.
Mr. Fuller entered a protest against
the district paying for patients at hos
pitals whlcli are beneficiaries of state
appropilatlons. Ills, motion, seconded
by Mr. Terppe, provided that nn direc
tor should clvc an order on a hospital
of thnt kind for a patient whose main
tenance Is charged against tho district.
The ttsiril number and variety of ap
plications for relief were heard dur
ing the meeting.
The Scrnnton Bedding Co. Upholster
The Pcranton Bedding Co. make tho
finest Box Divans and Couches. Lift
ing Springs on Coveivi. Any size or
BiknoMMS m
With us tho past two weeks, and tho reason is that Wc IIllVO Not
Yet Advanced Olir Prices on goods purchnsed so heavily by us at old
prices, some time ago. in anticipation of tho riso which has taken
place nnd which is manifest in other carpet houses.
TAPESTHY BRUSSELS An iinraenso variety of tho latest pat
terns and latest colorings, Yorth and sold ovorywhero at 85c and l)0c,
at 03c and 75c.
ALL WOOL INGRAINS Very heavy, choico patterns, 50c, 00c
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I China Painting I
S The course In China Painting In the l'lno Art Dopnrtniont of the S
m Kmlirwc Instruction In tho lllschoff, Frey I.eyknuf styles of flowers and
S fruit decorutlons, raised paste enamels, monochrome mid figure pulntlm; ;
In tho Hevres uud Drciden method. Inntructlon Is given by MIS1 KIJ.A.
MAL'.N'UTr, who has Just returned from stiidyiug In l'nrls, bevrea nnd S
tS Drcsdon. S
1 11 to 140 Meridian Strcet.Scrontou, Pa. Telephone 3U85.
PAINT DEPARTMENT Unwed 01, Turpentine, White Lead, Coa.1 Tnr, Pitch
YornUh, Dryers Jujhiu uudttliHii'lortUiliU
Our Cloak
Has been tho sceno of activity for the
past few week. Havo you been among
the number? If not. It will pnv vou to
iook through our lino beforo going else
where. Wo claim no cxclitslver.ess of
stylo on tho garments montlonci: they
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pay moro money.
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In Black, Brown, Green. Etc,
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Hotel Jarmyn Hatters,
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tcotU by an entirely now process.
5. C. SNYDER, D. D. S.,
21 Spruce St., Opp. Hotel Jermyn.
Lackawanna Avenue
320 Lackawanna Ave, Scranton Pa.
Wholesale mul Kcttill
Rcndy flixcd Tinted Paints,
v Convenient, Economical, Durabla.
Vnrnlsli Stains,
Producing Perfect 1 mltntlon of BxponslTi
Woods. r
Raynolds Wood Finish,
Especially Designed for Insldo Work.
Marble Floor Finish,
Durnblo nnd Brlos Quickly.
Paint Varnish and Kal
somine Brushes.
Sohmsr Piano Stands at tha Head
AND J. W. dUCRNSEY Stands at tha Ileal
In tho Muslo track. You can always gt '
Ixittcr bargain at bis Iwautltul warerogrmai
than at any other pUco Intlio city.
Call and sco for yourself1 beforo .buyl&E.
205 Washington Avenue,
m Cm
all the
I J. D. WILLIAMS & Bflfl. 1
5 13 and 3 14 Lack. Ac. Sccanton.
Ifil Oil
at the
China Hail
Thursday, Friday and,
Saturday, Oct. 14,
J5 and 16.
All Are Welcome.
1-10-142 Washington Avo.J
Mears Building.
Open evenings on tho dates.
Opened for Busines with
the Finest Line of
Have had twenty-five
years' experience and
can guarantee a per
fect fit.
314 Spruce Street,
Lowest Prices In
Hats and Furnish
ings. DUNN'S
. . .14j&

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