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Hrct Ilartc's Three Partners.
Max N'ordau's Drones Must Die.
Canon Fnrrnr's Darkness and Dawn.
Lillian Dell's From Girl's Point of View
Edna Lynll's Wayfhrlni; Men.
V. V. Jacobs' Many Cargoes,
(Sailors' Stories.)
Udna Phlll pott's I,yln? Prophets.
Parks' The Game of Golf". Illustrated.
Authors' Headings; Selections from
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Mary Dcaumont'sjoan Scaton.
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Garney, Brow.i & Co,
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(120 Wyoming Ave.
The Best Wc Give Our Patrons.
Why Not Have It?
'oS Pcnn Avenue.
Have opened n Gcncrnl Insurnnco Onico In
into' iiioi 11 en
IJent Stock Companies represented. Largo
Jlneii especially solicited. Telephone lHUIt.
"While It has been stated, under u
misconception of the canons, that each
clergyman and each parish has but
one vote In the .election of Iilshnp of
the Episcopal Church In America, on
the contrary, the laity, In all suoli
cases, like the clergy, vote ns Indivi
duals -which Is not the rule In the
church when the clt-ruy and laity vote
aa aeperate orders. In IhiK case, the
election of n lilshon, the members of
the convention, clerical niul lay, each
lias one vote on each ballot.
This afternoon the members of the
Otis Whist club will have a compass
game nt the rooms In the Hears build
ing. Now d-avs on the twIllRht of the
short skirt for the bicycle. It must
have been the awful checkered stock
ings that effected the change, but
whatever the reason the skirts have
certainly come down to a decent length.
There Is no excuse for a woman to
wenr a bicycle skirt that only reaches
the knee. Many expert riders wilt
frankly state that when the hem falls
well to the nskles It dies not Interfere
with pednling.and now that the fashion
Is to decided with regard to a radical
lengthening of the skirt no doubt those
who have been the most conspicuously
attired will feel compelled to adopt the
conventional style. It may ,afely be
asserted that the well-bred American
woman may be trusted every time to
make a sensible ndaptatlon of even the
most exaggerated modes.
A special from Santa Fe, New Mex
tco, to the Rocky Mountain News.says:
"The New Mexico Improvement and
Mineral company, organized under the
laws of West Virginia, has filed articles
of Incorporation with the territorial
secretary. The Incorporators are Olrard
C. "W. I.owrey, of New York; Charles
U. Eddy, of Eddy, N. M.; C. D. Simp.
Hon, of Scranton, Pa.: Charles II. Ulalr,
and W. S. Scott, of New York city;
objects, acquiring mining properties in
Lincoln county and elsewhere In New
Mexico and nperatlne same; pilnclpal
ofllce, New York city; capital stock,
Mrs. Franklin D. McCIownn gave the
earliest largo tea of the season yester
day at the pleasant home on Wheeler
avenue, In honor of her guests, Mrs.
Corbctt and Miss Slsson, of Ithaca.
The rooms were elaborately decorated
In white and green. Unlquo and pretty
arrangements of maiden hair ferns
ndded to the effect. Mrs. McGowan's
guests received with her. At the table
In the dining room were Mrs. II. 13.
Ware and Mrs. F, II. Kingsbury. Mrs.
B. A. Hill and Miss Hurlbutt were
about the rooms. Miss Archbald served
Iced lemonade. Miss Boles, Miss Amy
Jessup, MlK-Alice Matthews and Miss
w a
WATERS, The Hatter
. mr.6'
'J jS
Hpraguo assisted with the refresh
ments. Others who had tables or as
sisted In the dtnln? room were Mrs.
A. D. Stells. Mrs. ha. Hue, Mr. C. C.
Hose, Mrs. W. T. Hnckett, Mrs. Lowry.
Mrs. Pettlt, Mrs. 1,. A. Wutres, Mrs.
John Sherwood, Mrs. Wlllntil Mat
thews, Mrs. McClnve, Mrs. W. I), Ken
nedy. Mrs. a. V. Reynolds, Mrs. II. A.
Stello, Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Doster, Miss
Richmond, the Misses Docrsam. Doud,
Frances I'ratt, Decker, Louise Mat
thews, Caro Dickson, Kntherlno Sher
wood, Miss Uarker, Miss Jessie Con
noil, MIni Mayer, Miss Stelle, Mlsi
Craven, Misses lllrdsall, Sanderson,
Ruck, Doster, Ripple. Fellcusor. Nellie
Fellows, Elizabeth Ilelse, Edna Sax,
Street, Powell, Wheeler.
One of the plcusantest nffnlrs ever
given at the Young Women's Christian
association was the supper of last even
ing under the direction of Mrs. L. It.
Stello and Miss Richmond. The menu
wns elaborate and most Inviting. A
very Inrgp number of patrons were
served between the hours of half-past
live and seven. The tables were pret
tily adorned and many attractive
young ladles nsslsted In the work of
serving. The reception committee con
sisted of Mrs. W. H. Perkins. Mrs. J.
W. Uroek, Mrs. G. E. Denn, Mrs. Urown
and Dr. Anna Law. At the coffee urns
were Mrs. C. S. AVeston, Mrs. Rushnell,
Mrs. Simpson nnd Mrs. J. II. Steell.
The ladles of Elm Park church will
serve another excellent supper tomor
row night.
ii mere are any lint wheeled cars,
any unllghted cars, any cars that are
likely to drop In pieces or wobble off
the track, they are put on the line
where the Ill-fated Petersburgers have
to ride.
The following Is from the White
Oaks Eaule of White Oaks. Lincoln
county, New Mexico:
Hon. II. H. Ferguson, New .Mexico's
delegate In col.giess, who was Interviewed
the other day by a reporter of the Al
buquerque Democrat In reference to iho
effort of the building or the New Mexico
Itallwuy nnd Cuul company's railroad
spoko ns follows:
"Ves, 1 have for Hfteen years been well
acquainted with Lincoln county anil gen
erally Bpeaklng, with tho section of New
Mexico throUKh which the New Mexico
Railway and Coal eompanj's road p.ism?s,
and you can hardly overstato the advantages-
which this read will confer on New
Mexico. It furnishes transportation and
a market to one of the very i Idlest por
tions of our territory, rich in agricultural
possibilities, in coal, timber, marble,
building stone, gyj Mini, the precious me
als, cattle and sheep, and with a rail
road all their magnificent though unde
veloped resources will both become ac
cessible to the outside world and llnd a
ready market.
"In tho magnilleent mountain ranged
that traverse Lincoln county and eastcm
Dona Ana county numerous streams have
their headvwaters, and thu melting sno v
make, tho How of water perennial. Tho
farming land along these streams Is as
rich as the Mississippi bottoms or tho
delta of the Nile.
"The U3ual cro s, corn, wheat, oats and
alfalfa, grow luxuriantly; but us a lrult
growing section It almost surpasses be
lief. Its apples aro roaUy a marvel. For
certainty of crop, for abundance, for
llavor and freedom from Haw, It is a won
derful apple country.
"I ought to mention, also, the surpass
ing beauty of this section; not merely the
beauty of thu cultivated fields, tho timber
and the clear running streams, but tho
grandeur of the mountain scenery. It is
dcstliud to be u Great summer resort. All
kinds of same, bear, deer, turkey In the
mountains, nd antelope on tho plains,
and thu llnest trout llshlng In the fluted
"The road does not strike anything
worth seeing or having until after tho
southern line of New .Mexico Is crossed.
It will grcat.'y benefit LI Paso, of couise,
but It will ber.ellt Ntw Mexico more.
"There aro no land (.-rants along tho
lino of tho Now Mexico Hallway and Coal
company's road, nor In tho country trib
utary to It. All of It that has already
bteii taken up under the government land
laws can be taken up and perfect title un
acquired." Several local capitalists ate Inter
ested In the road above referred to.
The prospectus of the Chamber con
certs for this season is being distrib
uted. This is tho fourth season of
these excellent concerts which have
constantly grown In favor with the lov
ers of the best music. It will no doubt
be n delight to many to learn that
the famous Kreutzer Sonata for violin
and piano will be played by Messm.
Hemberger and Conant at one of tli?
coming series of Chamber concert:.
These artists have been heard so few
times In concert that this Is only th.
realization of past wishes and requcet.s
of subscribers. At the request of
many the Schubert quintet which was
so well received during the last ser
ies, will be repeated. Another quintet
by Schuman will nlso be heard. Mr.
Rippard, whose 'cello playing nston
Ished so many at the Symphony con
cert, Is rehearsing with Mr. Conant a
duet for 'cello and piano, which they
will play at one of the Chnmber con
certs. i'EKSOSAL.
Police Sergeant Kline, of Wllkes-Uarro,
was In this city yesterday.
S. S. Jones, of Carbondale, called on
Seranton'frlends ycsteiday.
Lou II. Scnkcr, of tho linn of Senker &
O'Malley, wus In Kingbton last night.
Thomas Jordan, of Alderman Millar's
court, Is ab'.o to bo ut his desk again af
ter a severe Illness.
Thomus Evans, of William street, leaves
today for England, wheio he expects to
permanently t cable.
John Martini, of Ualtiniore, was th
guest yesterday of John Klrby, business
manager of the Sunday Free Press.
Mrs. Galland and her daughter, Miss
Hertha Galland, of Now York city, are tho
guests of Hon. and Mrs. L. A. Watres.
Richard A. Williams and Miss Lllllo
Farnham will bo united In marrlago this
evening at tho home of tho bildu's parents
on Nay Aug avenue.
i.Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ostcrhout have re.
turned from their wedding tour and will
tako up their residence in a handsomely
furnished houho on Oak street.
Tripp I'm in Lots
33 1-3 per cent, oft for cafih. See ugenU
on plot.
(Jlary O'Malley, Died Oct. 22, 1897.)
In thtj vust, tannic! garden of the wot Id
Thero grow a (lower so pusslng swcot
tutj fair
That all tho other (lowers tho vety air,
Loved Its rnrs perfimo as lis leaves un.
Humble U was, yet wr.a its beauty known
To tho Great .Mi.fcter; and with tender
Ho plucked it, safe from winter's blight
ing air,
To bloom iforever near tho Great Whlto
And though our heart strings throb with
vague unrest
Yoarnlng ouco rroro to see her fair and
Wo know tho Matter can do naught
but right;
Wo know H taketh whom Ho lovoth
beet. J. A I.
ArrhbaM. Oct. 2. 1197.
Hall Could Not Hold Half Who Wanted
to Oct Inside.
Kloriiicnt nuil Convincing Argument
Advnnccd by John I". ScruBS""
trict Attorney John It. Jones l.tilhu
olnstlcnll)' Greeted by Ills Neigh
bors nnd the '"nudldntcs In Goiiernl
(Slvon n llenrty ltcceptlon--rif-tccnlli
Wind Also Hits n Dig nnd
Enthusiastic .Meeting.
Another rousing Republican meeting
was held In Peckvllle, last night. Molt
Haven hall, midway between thu Peck
vllle station and Olyphant, where the
meeting took place, Is not of very Im
posing dimensions' but. between the
crowd that nqueezed Itself Inside and
those who managed to place themselves
within earshot of the speakers by
standing In tho doorways nnd outside
the hall nt the open windows, there
w.ih a good sized audience gathered,
probably seven hundred perpons.
All thf candidates were present und
as linn been their unvarying experi
ence all through the county they were
given a vcrltnble ovntlon when they
appeared on the stage. Tho speakers
were Fred W. Fleltz, John R. Jones,
John F. Scrags nnd M. W. Lowry.
Gomcr J. Reese wns chosen chairman
nnd In the list of vice presidents were
all tli? leading Republicans of that lo
cality. Mr. Scrngg was tho main speaker of
the evening nnd his subject "Party Re
form" proved under his nblo hnndllng
to be n most Interesting one. Men are
not Infallible he started out by saying
and lunce parties which are simply an
aggregation of men can not be expect
ed to bo Infallible. The Republican
party Is porhnps not. perfect. Possibly
thero are defects In It, but they are
similar to defects In any family and
like any domestic dissensions must
bo treated within family lines.
When a party convention mnkes a
choice, Mr Scrags contended, the men
of that party who nre believers In the
principles of that party should support
that choice even though as Individuals
they would not have made such a
choice. They have no right or logical
reason to put their wisdom In competi
tion with the combined wisdom of the
party. The probabilities always aro
that tho wisdom or the party is always
more to bo relied upon than the wis
dom of an Individual.
Addressing himself to those who
have wandered from tho party and In
augurated new parties In the vain hope
of effecting this reform or tliat. Mr.
Scragg said they were to his mind,
honest but ir'stakon: they could ac
complish more In tho furtherance of
their pet purposes by remaining loyal
members of a powerful party, partici
pating In Its councils, helping to shape
ItH course mm sharing In Its power
and Intluence, than they can ever ex
pect .to accomplish in their weak Inde
pendent movements, which effect no
good for the particular principles they
espouse and do no small amount of
harm to the general tenets of their
political creed. Such men he hoped
would realize tho Injury they were do
ing to themselves and their friends.
and the help they were inadvertently
lending to the common enemy. The
only candidates In the present cam
paign are those on tho Republican and
Democratic tickets. A vote cast by one
who should be a Republican for a
third party was a half vote cast for
In speaking or the Democratic party,
which It will not be gafnsald ho hnd
excellent opportunity of studying, Mr.
Scragg branded it as a party of dead
statesmen and dead Issues. It Is with
out fixed principles and devoid of a
lender who can bo classed as a states
man. Its Inconsistency Is Instanced in
this county and in this campaign and
proof Is once more given of tho trite
and true saying that It never learns
anything by experience. In this con
nection Mr. Scragg dwelt at length up
on tho action of the local Democracy
In loudly acclaiming Its undying faith
In and fealtv to the platform which
was repudiated In this county by n
two-third vote of the people and then
not only refusing to stand upon the
platform but trying to hoodwink tho
sensible and thinking Democrats into
the belief that platforms are of no con
sequence In county campaigns.
For the benefit of the many Demo
crats who were present, Mr. Scragg
reviewed the "stalwart and unflinch
ing" Democracy of Mr. Schadt, and it
Is not at all Impossible that many of
those present heard some things which
they were not aware of before, judging
from the questions that wore piled to
the speaker after the meeting hnd ad
journed. District Attorney John R. Jones' re
ception was a repetition of tho demon
Htmtlon at Olyphant the night before.
Tho people nnd tho band men kept It
up until they wore ready to collapse.
It was such n scene on a small scale
as one would witness during u nomi
nation at a national convention. Mr.
Jones made one of his characteristic
speeches and when he had finished nnd
the npplauso following his speech had
subsided a committee of his neighbors
of Ulakely went forward nnd presented
a set of resolutions similar In tone to
those adopted at Olyphant, atllrmlng
tho highest confidence In Mr. Jones
nnd expressing esteem and regnrd for
him as a citizen, neighbor and nillclal,
und assuring him and the ticket of
which he was a part the heartiest sup
port. It la needless to say they were
unanimously nnd vociferously adopted.
Mr. Fleltz and Mr. Lowry plead for
strenuous and uncenslng work for tho
whole ticket from now until tho close
of tho polls on election day. After the
meeting tho candidates held an In
formal reception nnd were presented
by the county committeemen to hun
dreds of the workers and voters pres
An enthusiastic and well attended
meeting of tho Fifteenth ward voters
was held In Evans hall on South Main
avenue, last evening. Tho meeting
wns addressed by Hon. John R. Farr,
AV. Gaylonl Thomas nnd E. E. Robn
than. It was the Intention to hold un
open nlr meeting hut the ground wob
In. such a bad condition that this Idea
was abandoned and ns many na could
got Into the hall attended tho mooting,
AV. 8. Jones, of Hampton Btreet acted
ns chairman and introduced each
speaker with a few timely remarks.
Hon. John R. Farr was tho first speak
er. He outlined the purposo of tho
mooting. Mr. Farr dwelt nt tome
length uoon the reports circulated in
rMvnce to thp laFt s!iit lfriiMtMw.
lie showed that nn Injustice had been
ilono that body which wns one of the
best tluit had mot. In many years.
That his hearers were in hearty accord
with the spc alter wns evidenced by the
Ills remarks upon the labor question
and thu laboring man nlso met with
their full sympathy. Then Inking up
the county ticket selected' by tho Re
publicans. Mr. Fair spoke In regatd
to the merits of the candidates and
concluded his tomnrks with un urgent
appeal to the workers to do tholr duty.
W. Goylord Thomas, spoke upon tho
national, state and local Issues nnd ex
plained the connection which neces
sarily existed bet.veen them. The
ppoaker urged continued efforts to
wards th'e success of that party nnd Its
representatives, that had brought re
lief to a long suffering people. His
romnrks were interspersed with taint
ed storloH which enforced the meaning
conveyed. Ills hearora heartily ap
plauded his words at frequent Inter
vnls. Ho urged a h-a:-ty support for
nil tho countv candldntes. Ho con
cluded lila remarks by saying that
when the "last vote Is counted our
Democratic friends will have only
enough Ice to place In their political
E. K. Robathan followed, nnd in a
hnppy view. Ho mentioned tho state
ment of a Democrat who assured him
only yesterday that tho Fifteenth
ward wns already won over to that
side. Mr. Robathan thought otherwise,
nnd ho only wished that same prophet
was present to learn so for himself.
Tho npplauso which followed seemed
to Indicate that tho Democrat wns a
false prophet. Mr. Robathan conclud
ed with n few pithy remarks In con
nection with each candidate on the
tlotet nnd assured his hearers that thoy
would h'ave no cause for regret in ac
cording them hearty support.
The meeting then adjourned and the,
where they wore received by the Uelle
vno Republican club nt Jones hall.
Short speeches wore made there.
Fell Township, I'pdIUe's Hull-K. K
Robathan, esq., Hon. John F. Reynold
Hon. John R. Farr.
Mudtown John F. Scragg. esq., M. Vv
Lowry, esq.. W. Gr.ylord Thomas, esq.,
Everett Warren, esq.
Archbald, i.indo's Hall-lion. J. J. Sny
der, of Lehigh; John It. Jones, esq., Fred
W. Fieltz, esq., John M. Harris, esq.
Dunmore, Odd Follows' Hnll-Hon. Fill
more Maust, of Carlisle; John R. Jones,
,, . Hon. C. P. o'Mulloy, M. W. Lowry,
esq., Fled W. Fleltz. esq.
Prlceburg, Smiths nun lion. J. J. any
.ler. of Lehlnh; John M. Harris, esq.. W.
Gaylonl Thomas, esq., William S. Mil
lar, esq.
Jermyn Hon. John R. Farr, John F.
Scragg, esq., Hon. John F. Reynolds, 11.
C. Reynolds, esq., Hon. J. J. Snyder, of
Minooka, Temperance Hall John It.
Jones, esq., A. A. Voiburg, esq., John M.
Hnrrls, em.. W. Gaylord Thomas, esq.
South Side, Twentieth ward, Rattle's
Hall W. Gaylord Tl otnas, e.q., David J.
Dnvls, esq., John R. Jones, esq., E. E.
Robathan. esq.. W. S. Mlllir, esq.
Callery's Hall, Twentieth w ard Hon.
Fillmore .Maust. of C.-irlisle; William S.
Millar, E. E. Robathan, John F. Scragg.
esq, Fred W. Fleltz. esq.
Curcoran's Hall E. K. Robathan, esq.,
W. S. Millar, .sq., A. A. Vosburg, esq.,
John -M. Harris, esq.
St. John's Hall, South Slde-M. W. LoW-
rv. esq., Hon. J. J. SSnyder. of Lehigh.
Worklngmon's Hall-M. W. Lowiy. esq.,
Hon. J. J. Snyder, of Lehigh ; Fred W.
Fleltz, esq., John It. Jones, esq., H. M.
Streeter, esq.
Fr.ink Moeller's Garden Fred. .
Fleltz, esq., H. M. Streeter, esq., M. W.
Lowry. esq.. Hon. J. J. Snyder, of Lehigh,
und John R. Jones, esq.
Mooslc lion. J. J. Snyder, of Lehigh,
Hon. John It. Farr, Fred W. Fleltz. esq..
M. W. Lowry, esq., and John V. bcrngg.
Hy.lo Park. Meais' Hall-Hon. Flllmoro
Maust. of Carlisle: Hon. William 1. Schat
fer, of Delnwnic; Jnbn R. Jones, esq.. W.
Gaylord Thomas, esq.. John M. HarrU,
esq., A. A. Vosburg. cso.
Dalton. Old llaptlst Churoh Hon. Fill
more Maust. of Carlisle; Everett Warren,
esq., Hon John R. Fnrr, John F. Scragg,
Lackawanna Township, Rabylon Hotel
H. M. Streeter, esq.. David J. Davis, esq ,
E. E. Robathan, esq.
Every Indication points to n rousing
Republican victory for tho entire
ticket next Tuesday. The party's
lighting blood Is up at last and that
portends a Waterloo for the enemy.
Rut no Individual Republican should
relax his efforts. Tills Is the chance
of n life time to rivet and clinch Re
publican supremacy In once Demo
cratic Lackawunna.
Interesting Pnpcr Itond by Rev. J.
V. Randolph.
Thu Lutheran Pastoral association
c.f the city held its monthly meeting
Monday In the study of Rev. W. C.
L. Ijtuer, of St. Paul's Lutheran
church. Tho Rev. J. W. Randolph
lead a lengthy paper on the "Doc
trine of the Holy Ohost." lie empha
sized tho subjtctlve phase of the doc
trine. "Ilavo ye received tho Holy
Ohost since ye believed?" The discus
sion which followed was full of prac
tical points on this nil Important
The Rev. Oharh Splekes, tho pres
ent pastor of Holy Trinity church,
was present for tho first time. Rev.
nnd Mrs. Lauer entertained tho clergy
and their wives at. dinner.
The Wonderful .Mnudolinist.
Valentine A lit. nt Y. M. C. A. hull to
night. Reserved .seats, 33, &0 and 7B.
Diagram now open at Powell's Music
A (irnnd Oiler,
CO days only: 20 Lots half price; .10
Lots .33 1-3 off; on time 20 per cent. off.
444 4-44 -f 444 4444
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Barrel of first-
class see us to
tday t oooooooooooooo
4. IHU UU.l.lll.VII .UHUH U.UI.U
Scenes and Incidents of (lie Great Na
tlonal Struggle.
New York Clly's Soldier-. Minister
Thrills nil Audlencn in tho I'eun
Avcntio Ilnptlst Chiircli--IIo Con
fined Illmstifto tho Personal I.x
pcrlcnccs of the Recruit mid Soldier
nnd Vividly Described Ills Scnsn
lloni nt CliniicclorsvUlo-iTrlbiilG
to General Ilnncorl;.
Instead of a hnlf-niled church, every
pew In the Perm A Venue Uaptlst church
ought to have been occupied 1-ist night
when Rev-. John R. Paxton. D, )., of
New York cltv, delivered his lecture,
"The Puvlllon of Mars." Dr. Paxton
served three years nt tho fivnt during
the Civil wnr nnd from his personal
experiences dtow n vivid plctuio which
for two full hours thrilled his hearers
lnt night. It was tho second h'cture
In a seiles of four to bo given In Un
church. Dr. Paxton's lecture was, happily,
not a resume of the war. He appar
ently uppreclntes tho knowledge pos
sesed by peoples generally of the mem
orable struggle, nnd strictly confined
himself tu u rehearsal of Incidents that
happened to him and to thousands of
other volunteers, tho enlistment nnd
scenes before tho regiments wore fully
mustered, tho ninrchs fnun Washing
ton to tho front, the sensations of re
cruits nnd veterans under fire nnd a
graphic word picture of the llrst
slaughter at Chancellorsvlllo. Ho wns
In twenty battles during 'G2-'G3 and '64
nnd Is well qualified to hold the wrapt
attention of his auditors during n re
cital of tho dallv scenes nnd Incidents
which made up tho life of a soldier.
Interspersed among his recitals of
war-time, Dr. Paxton chose to diverge
nnd treat of the qualifications, senti
ment, character and spirit of human
ity In its relation to deeds of valor, but
he nlways kept these observations In
close communion with his main sub
The bravest of men, he said, fear
nothing except danger. What Is true
of tho individual is not always true of
nn army. An nrmy Is a mob encour
nged by numbers which perform the
most desperate service through the
courage of Its officers and tho spirit of
Mars. Poter denied the prisoner nt the
bar; a man In tho New York Central
wreck sttuck a woman In the face In
order to gain escape through a car
.Continued on Page 8.
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great bargains and cannot be duplicated.
Japanese Rugs
New lot just received in 6x9, 7.6x10.6 and 9x12 feet.
Newest patterns, New colors.
White Fur Rugs
Cheaper thau ever before. Also plain, black and grey.
Baby Carriage Robes, all kinds.
Neither too long uor too short neither too heavy nor
too light. More absolutely new stock thau any house of
which we know. More time, more care, more fine work and
trimmings thau auy tailor will put into twice as expen
sive garments. More good values than you have ever seen
for the top notch ot excellence, of quality, of selection, is
now here. Or as an intelligent customer briefly puts it:
Top Coats at Bottom Prices.
Henry J. Collins, Lt., Lacka.2Ave
& "Not only bcultli but mornln nro promoted by tbe cultivation of music. S
SS lletliu-d pk-umirei ltlto uiulc Htund In tlio way of Broker tiiateH. u
j WILLIAM LUI.Iib lllliA.M. u
g J. ALI'ltCI) PHNNINOTON. Director. Adams Ave. and l.lnden St. S3
I Music, Fine Arts, Languages.
S KtudentHniny enter uuy of tlio departments NOW. I'roipeetus (ocond S
edition) sent on application.
1 II to 1 to Meridian Ktrcel.Scrunton, Tn. Telepbone UOBn.
PAINT DRPARTMIiNT I.limcod 01, Turpentine, Willie I.o:i 1. i'oul Tr, I'ltcU
Vnrnlili, Dryer, JupuuuuaHtilngluHtuttM
- llMlSr
I 1118" 110 CLOU
Peculiar name for clothing, lsnt It 7 Wo
tiro sole agents In this city, und will en
lighten you. It received Its name from
tho fact that It Is positively tho only
thoroughly reliable Rendy-to-Wear cloth
ing made and sold at small prices.
Tho Insiders that's It TUB "VITALS,"
are tailored with as much caro and
thought us the Insldes of your timepiece.
It hns a constitution that will stand ex
traordinary wear. It Is manufactured
and tailored hi the largest nnd most sci
entific plant In America, and contains
every essential known to "science nnd
skill" to gitnrnntee DURABILITY,
It has that unmistakable stamp of fash
ionable correctness so paramount In high
class tullor clothes. ThlnK of tho econ
omy. Men's blue or black Kersey Overeia's,
woitb $11.00: nt $;.!.
Men's fine, tinllnlshed Worsteds and
fine all Wool Clay Suits, worth $11.00; at
That is the name of this
hat, and it's all right,
can't be beat for
We arc sole agents for this
Hattsrs and Furnishers,
412 Spruce Street.
Lackawanna Avenua
K IS.,
820 Lackawanna Ave, Scranton Pa.
Wholesale ntul Retail
Ready nixed Tinted Paints,
Convenient, Kconomlcat, Duruuto.
Varnish Stains,
Producing 1'crfect Imitation of lixpomlvo
Rnynolds' Wood Finish,
Ipcclully Deisncd for Iinldo Work.
Marble IMoor Finish,
Durable uud Dries (iuloltly.
Paint Varnish and Kal
somine Brushes.
Sohimr Piano Stands at tho Head
AND J. W. aUHRNSCY Stands at the Heal
iu tho iluslu track. You can nlnays gut ;
better bargain at bU lieautltul wareroomi
than at any other placo In tho city.
Call and tea for yourself boforu buyluz.
205 Washington Avenue,
all the .
Babies ' 1
at -j
tm 312 nn J 314 Lack. Ave.. Scranton,
Not a store in the
state can show you such
a variety of the latest
novelties for Decorating,
and will sell at old tariff
prices. Call and see for
Metropolitan China Hail,
110-112 "Washington Avo.
Hears Building.
In Black, Brown, Green, Etc.,
Now on Sale,
Hotel Jarmyn Hatters,
Including tbo palulosi extracting ot
tcetti by uu entlrvly now prooosj.
311 Spruce St, Opp. Hotel Jermyn,
Lowest Trices In
Huts ami Furnish
ing. DUNN'
I iDniig!

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