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A StudO in Economy.
The throngs of people who have gathered in our New Building wonder at its magnitude.
They are surprised at the extent, beauty and quality of the stocks. Attractions are diffused through
out the store. Wilkes-Barre confidence finds brotherly love here. The store has been well planted
foundation walls of past experiences. Representation in big commercial centers has presaged the event
Scranton and the World are akin.
J,. j&Jt
yJO v tr
& .. s
Wm. k. JV "m. " K A. V V
fiA V jfCSSJ'
X sc
,y v,
A Question ah we ask is tliat lllis
new store of ours may
FailiV Asked have fair chance to sue
ceed. Never will it be
come a part of our business to belittle or
interfere with other businesses. Intelli
gent and generous assembling of merchan
dise, good storemaking and faithful, dil
igent effort in attracting customers to Scran
ton and serving them, will help all this.
Restaurant in the Basement
Perfect Cuisine.
The Onrbondale correspondence of Tho
Tribune lias been placed in the hinds of
Mr C 15. Munn, Salem uvenu" nnd
Church street, to whom iiiwa Horns nny
be addressed nml also complaints of Ir
regular dellety.
Kpworth liCnii l nliini't Preparing
luv r.llrcliw I Hint During 1H'.H.
Tile newly elected cablmt of tho Kt
wirth Leutjui ol this city, met ,U
the MothodHt p.iionafii Saturday nml
mapped out t'ie woilc for tiie mining
yrai. It was dcilded to slve enter
tainments on the ilist Weduos.Uv of
each month. The cabinet Is composed
an follows:
Fi evident F. U Kilpotilcl:
First Vice President. .. N 11. Smith
S-coiid Vice Piesldent
Mrs S. I.. Carlton
Third Vice Piesldent....C. M. l.c-dior
F tilth Vice President. Mis. -' liobeits
Seeietary Matlie Kenworthy
Treasuier Murtlin Hiin'c
Tie following committees were ap
pointed, one of the vice pierldiuts of
the cabinet lulng clmliman of each.
Spnltiial wm It. X. II. Smith, Mia.
M. Q. Mealter. Mrs. M. O. Abbey, J.
Hurcher. Misses Alice Nutlet and Net
tle Unyley.
Mfiry and Help: Mis. S. V. Cailton,
MIsb Mnttle Pnscou. Frank Stephens,
Miss May Stephens, J. 0. rtudd and
" H. Alexander.
Literary: C. M. Leslier, H. J. HoeU
enbprry. Or. Haker, Mlstes Jennie iiul
Ipi. Mty Pengelly and Hattio Wilcox.
Poclal Woik: Mrs. Chailes Roberts.
Miss Sadie Miller. Uert Dlv. H. F.
tflaik, Lucy Crowell, James Halls.
Tho IlnniUoint) House, of llnteitiiin
iiiiint Ik M Itliout a l.niulliird.
Iiotel Anthracite closed Its doots for
nn Indefinite period on Saturday even
ing. Proprietor Hnnes has for a long
time felt the depression In tiade and
It was not ii secret to his friends, as
well as the public nt large, that the
hostelry was not paying expenses.
It wns not, however, until Thuisday
of last week that the beginning of the
end became appaient. This was
brought nbout by the appearance of
Proprietor Hanea" brother-in-law. J.
Zortman, of Lancaster, who caused an
execution to be Issued to the amount
of $2,000 upon the personal piopeity
owned bv Hanes In the hotel, consist
ing of crockery, glasswate, linen, cut
lery and llquorri, which was purchased
of tho former proprietor, P. K. Oumear.
On Friday afternoon the help of the
hotel became alarmed, and collectively
they demanded that their back salary,
amounting to ten days, he paid them.
A consultation was held and they weie
Don't five them tea or c-otlee. JIumi ou
tried the new food drink cdilad (Iraln-Of It
U ilollclouii und nourliihliiR nnd tulte the
plure of coffee. The more Ural n-0 sou glvu
,.a ..i.ii.Ipa., thn tiinre Iil'hUIi von dUtrlbute
throucb their u-cloin. (lniln-0 In inude of
pure Brttlim, und when properly prepured
lame like the choice evaAcH of tolteu mil
cotUubout u n niuci:. All srocei fcell It
Ktisc. and 20.
ilreadv been expended in the establishment of this business ; the stock shows it. Trade movements must bristle
with activity. Holiday
for printers' ink to illustrate the bargains would
C f Sl P-
Perfect Service.
llnalK pMMiid.d that the) would he
paid In full "ii Saturday night.
S.ituidn) morning Pmpiletor Hanc
left the town on the 11.20 tialn. and it
is statid not authoiltutlvely that he
has none to Philadelphia.
Saturday afternoon the Antlnneite
Land Imp! n intent company, who con
trol the hotel, held a meeting, and the
Jesuit vn thev unanimously decided
to tender the management to Daniel
Uoblnson, the elllclent and popular
eleik nt the Hotel American.
A confeienie was held with tne pto-poi-ed
new landloid, and he modestly
stated that he might consider the mat
ter, piovldfns the company or, In
other wot ds, diieetnis ut the hotel
would agree to should . the expense
of the hotel.
This thev weie not disposed to do,
and the meeting adjourned.
The Social Club Srriiiinc Kxcrllcnt
'I iilcnt for ''ben- Kntertaiiiuioiit.
After considerable t fiuu on the
pait of the manige'nent, Wooler, tho
eelebiattd tenor ol the lVm Park
church, 1ms been engage 1 tor the
giand musical entertainment to be
fclvin In tho (limit! Opeiu house. New
Yeat's eve loi the belicllt of 111" des
cent chili.
The eiileilalnment piomlses to bo
the mimical i vent of the season, as
In connection with the aforementioned,
Mrs. Kate (."rossln O'lsileu, soprano, of
Srrantnn; W. A. Kelly, baiitone, of
Paisons; the Phlllrmnnnle Stilng
filial telle -if Set anion, and MKs Jm
nle O'tloyl', of Archlald, aeiompanlst.
have bet n secuted.
An effort Is being made to vecure
Miss Allen of Wilkes li.iuo, clocu
t!ml3t, and the mopped aro leiy
liilght for halns her pivsent on that
Leon W. Washbuui, the veteran
showman and manager known all over
tho United States and Canada as tho
bond of the blg"st elrcus hearing his
name, has launched another nimis-e-
ment emerpi Ise this seuson and this
osenlng he lnlng his big niinstiel
show to the Carbondalo Oiauil Opera
house for one performance. The Uinp
Is u big one of fotty nitlsts, culled from
the choicest cirnuis in minstrelsy.
Tl.ey ttavel on their own special car
Txeelsloi" and will make a noon-day
street paiade with two brass bands and
both companies.
John Sheehun, of Faiview, fell oft a
car of ecu th at Waymart Satumay and
dl-d instantly. Ho was sixty-one ytaip
old and a bati'helor. He Is survived
b a btother. (leorge, with whom he
boarded end three sisters, Mis. Uiidget
Mannu, of Siranton, Mi's. Janv.-s Kll
ptitriek, of Vandllng, and Mis. Mat
thew Mangan. of this city. Deceased
wns t member of the Pioneer Father
Mathew society. The funeial will take
place this afternoon at 1.50 o'clock at
St. Rose church.
Miss Sarah J. Healey. of Forvlew
street, and Patrick F, Lanian. wtr.
shopping is crowded into a paltry two
Advertising The newspapers must be our
speaking tube from store to
Influence. public. The world is influ
enced by advertising, per
haps unconsciously. You may have been
fooled bv advertising and vow eternal ven
geance on all that pertains to it. That is
prejudice. It will vanish by the influence
of honorable facts, honest motives and low
prices. The power of truth is every day il
lustrated by the- success of fair dealing.
Free System of Delivery.
Throughout Scranton and Vicinage.
mauled at St Hose church at two
oflnrk Saturday afternoon liy Ke. T.
r Coffey. Miss niizalieth Henley was
luldesmaln and Thomas Hollllian. best
man. Tiie btlde was beautifully
irowii'l in brown silk with en am slllc
and oliitfon trimmings. A leceptlon
was given in the evening at the home
of the bride's patents, Mr. and Mis.
Thomas Ilealey. The newly married
pair went to New York on a wedding
S H. "Williams and family have mov
ed fromMoss Side to Lauiel street.
Mr. and Mis. John Kelly, of South
Chinch stiect, aie entertaining their
gnuddnughter. Miss Helen Walsh,
of Plttston.
A. J. Puny Is suffering fiom gilp.
Joseph Killeen, of ISrooklyn sU'eet,
Is suflerlng n fiacturcd arm.
Dr. C. J. Meaker was elected a diiec
tor of the Luzeine nnd Lackawanna
Pental society Fiiday evening In
Wllkcs-liai re.
K J. Ply is laid up with a sprained
I. A. Huike, of Huffalo, N. Y., spent
Sunday with Is patents on Uiooklyn
J. J. D(fiiiey spent yesterday with
friends in Sctanton.
Atlss Kate Mang has returned from
her Washington visit.
City Solicitor Wntrous Is ill.
Mr. and Miu. 13. K. Morse are In
New York and are expectel home In a
few days. They have n made a tour
of the South.
Herbert Uenson, of Scranton. railed
on friends In this city Satuiday.
Robert MrKlnney, jr., of Scranton,
supeiintendent of air brake const! tic
tion on the Delaware. Lackawanna and
Western, lectured to a large number
of inllroad men in this eltv yesterday.
The lectin e was given under the aus
pices of Oeore W. West, division ot
locomotive engineer?.
An unknown Hunrraiiun was found
lying lu the roadway ninth of Simp
sfm Satuiday aftomocn. He had two
deep gashes In Ms head. He- was tak
en to the hospital.
I, dual Iiutituto Urld in School llulld-iiig--Airiiigncd
for Selling Without
Tho teacheis of the giaded schools
held a local Institute In tho school build
ing on Saturday morning. The session
wus called to order by professor Rogers
at !i a. m. MIh Mullen read a paper on the
"Llfo of tho Poet Tennyson." Miss Jones
guve to each teacher pinsiint a set of
questions to aiiHuu on "HUtory of IMu
cation " subject to discussion on ques
tions and answers afterward, the teach
ers discussed the school woik In various
departments of the hchools In order to
rabe tho standard The next Institute
will bo held the fourth Satuiday of
Januaiy. Tho progranimo will be: Pa
per, "I.lie or tsnaKCBpeare ny .miss
Ryniei . set of questions on "Illstoiy of
Teaching." Miss Roberts general class
reading and analyzing of SbukespeniD's
pluy 'Hamlet "
Miss Anna K. Uarnes und Mrs. J. N.
Reynolds, of Lancsboro, spent Thursday
and Friday, the guest of Prof and Mrs.
Miss Mabel Davis enteitalned a num
ber of Carboudnle fi lends on Thursday
Miss Mundauo Ilymer, of South Main
street, spent Saturday In Soranton,
Mrs. Jeanctte Rogers, who has been
vlsltlir; her son, Professor Rogers, of
be adding to their
4dg ISmHKi Rxksss
Second street for the past two weeks,
has it-turned to her home ut Haifoid
The Crystal Pile comp.ui will hold a
social In Knterpiise hall on New Year's
.Mr. and Mis W S Hatlger and son,
Preston, of Cemcteiy Stieet, are visiting
at Iiinghamton.
Mr. James L. Curtis, of Scranton, spent
yesterday In town.
Miss Mnrgaiet Collins spent Saturday
In Sctanton.
Samuel Rodway. of Ma field, was ar
raigned In court on Satuiday for selling
liquor without a license nnd on Sunday.
Tho chargis were preferred by Joseph
Pool. Rodway had no lawyer and being
out on bnll court would assign him no
counsel. A half doren witness! s icstltlcd
that they had purclmed liquor in Rod-
ways place, court uiuctiu tnai a mt
dict ol not guilty be taken as to the
Sunday selling case and submitted the
other. A voidlct of guilty was rendered
and Rodway was lined J.'OO, the costs nnd
Fcntencul to threo months iu the county
Mrs. Uiuiil J. Thomas Laid to l'.cst.
A Itctiirn of Thanks-- Personal and
Other News N'otcs,
Services oer the remains ol tho lata
Mrs. D.nld J. Thomas were hi Id at her
late residence In Feltsille Saturdaj ar
ternoon nt ".M o'clock, fahoil sun ices
were hold In the boasi alter which tho
lem.ilns were convtid to the Call iry
liaplist cl ureh, where the Re Dr. 11. II
llairls nnd Rev. C'h.illes Joins, of Nnu
tlcoke. dellveied eiv abb ..imions to the
menioij of the decenied. lnttiineiu was
madi In tho Potest Home eeineter. Th
pall-beareis were IMinoud Cartel, Chas.
i:aus Rlehaul How en. Krasuis Joins,
William Pin i y and Oomer lll'ams
Temple of Loe lodge. No. 7 True Ivor
lies, nominated Us ollieei.s on Saiuulny
e enlng.
Mr. and Mrs. Fdwnul K. Kiuns of Tay
lor strict, wish to etend thin slueerest
giatltudo to those who so klnillj assisted
and hjmpatblzed with them dm lug the
Illness and recent death of their daugh
ter. KUen Usans.
Tho Klondike Social club wlb conduct
their regular weekl) social this o enlng
In Weber's link.
Daniel Williams, of the Phst ward, an
nounces nlmself as a candlndte tor coua
cllmun. Mr. and Mrs. David Hauls, of t'nioii
street, wero tho guest ot relatlies in
Hde I'aik yesteid.iy.
Tno Kmbleni division. No. 57 Sons of
Temperance, will meet this evening in
Yin Horn's hr.ll.
Mis. John Lewis and Mrs John W1H
lnms, of Hyde Park, attended the funiral
of the late Mrs. David J. Thomjs. of this
place on Saturda
Mr and airs, wnaries i.uws, ui ivuiha
ton. were guests of relatlies in this place
Mis. W. W. Watklns and ilnughten.
Annie, Ldl.h and Gertrude, weie guests
ot rebilUes in Peckvlllc yesteulii.
Menrrs, William II. Nicholas and Wll
ln m Price, of this place, circulate d unions
Hide Pnik friend yesterday.
Miss Hinrloitu Scherer. or Scranton
was the gust of her sister. Miss Maiv
Kiheroi, of Pnlon street eaterdnv
M J. Reese, of Piovldi nee, eliculated
nmonn- iclatlvcs In this placo yesterday
Mrs. Thomas Jenkins, of I'nlon street,
Is seriously at her home.
IMward Jllles. of Hjdo P.uk. wus a
Tnjlor llsltor jestelduy
WAV lilt LV.
Mis. W. R. Pinch, mother of Ma)or
J. (!. liallei). who has been scilously III
Is improving In health and Is gaining
P. If, Halley made a business trip to
Hlnghamton last Thursday.
Rev. A. U. Urowe will hold the usunl
services ut the Uaptlst church tomor
row. The Intermediate session of the Lucka
wuumi and Wyoming Musical Alliance
will lie held at tho Uaptlst church com-
weeks they'll be interesting weeks here.
nienelng Dee us. mid closing Dec 31, in
ilusie. Plot Hayden Kvans. leader of
the winning choli at the World's fair,
Chte.mo, will conduct the exetcises.
Mr and .Mrs. Crid Spencer of Hyde
Paik. weie lsitors hire last Wednesday
The members of the Mi thodlst episco
pal church tLiidiiid their pistor, Rev.
J. 11. Sumnei, a donation last Thursday
evening, which was will attended.
Tho funeral services oitr the remains
ot Mrs. Wallace, tiom Winton, weie held
nt the Methodist Kplscopal church heio
esterdn ntteinoon end was conducted
by the Rev. S C. Slnipklr.s after which
tho lemalns veie homo to 1'rospect tem
etia'y for lntuincnt.
One of the gleatest lieaks ol n.ituio
thai will be ut the hose boss' lair will
bo u calf with two heads, eight perfect
legs, two tails and only one body.
Messrs. John L. Jones, William T.
Orittlths and John Iiombo called on Job
Williams at Jerimn jesturdus.
Last Priilay e enlng some ot tho fi lends
and neighbors of V. V. Maeo teudci -d
him a surprise paity at his liumo on Main
htieet. It was In honor of his slxtj. -ninth
blrthda). A leiy enjovnlile t enlng was
spent with music und social Intercom ms
and refreshments weie bin ed. Mr Mai e
was the leeipleiit of a ii nice willow
locking ch.ili. Those piesent wer. . Mr
and Mis. C A. Rejnolils, Mr. and Mis.
(liorge A. Dedraw. Mr. and Mrs. F O
Rice, Mr. and Mis. A. L. Reynolds. Mrs
Milton Taslor. Mis. Carolines Lewis, Mr
und Mi. W C. Hilggs, Mbscs Nellie De
nr.iw. f'leda Hilggs und Aillne Reynolds.
All ladles who me Interested lu the
hose company's fall uie lequested to
meet ut the hose rooms this eiening. I he
soliciting committee ure also lequested
to be pit sent or send in their wiltten re
port". All matious will also please be
presi nt to choose the Ir booths.
The tuneial cf Patrick Cawlej. the
young man who was so badly hurt ut the
Steirlck Creek mine last Tuesduy and
died nt the Lackawanna hospital, was
held from the home of his aunt, Mrs
Peter Cunningham, on the Hack roil
yesterduy afternoon nnd wus attended b.
a large eoncouise ol ti lends. Interment
wus made In the Catholic ccmoter at
Ilhikel). Tho deceased was a joung man
well known and was one of the two lli"
meii ut tho Orussy Island Dulnwnre ami
Hudson bleaker when the boiler exploded
nbout seve'i mvis ngo He escaped with
out mi) iniuiv but tin other young
man, MrOovein. wus killed
Iseoldunder poltivo Written Su8rnntee,
byanthorizodngeuts only, to cure Weuk Memory,
Uizti"M8, Wakefulness Vits, llseteria, Ouick.
neas, Nislit Lioaaet, LtiI Dreams, l.acl of Conu.
iloncs, Nervoustieaa, Iiaceltndo, ull Drains, Youth
fnl Errors, or Hice.lvo Uco of Tobacco, Opium,
or Liquor, which luadi to Miaory, (Jonsumiitlon,
Insanity nnd Death. At etoro or by nisil, $1 a
boii six for J5; with written cnnrniitco to
euro or refund r.intiry. Hamplonuclc
atto, contaiuinij 1'ito dnyar treatment, with full
iaetructions, 'ii cents. Ono eamplo only sold to
cacn pereon. At toro or uy man.
ltSrncil Labd Special
For ImpoUncy, Loss ov
I'nnftr. Tjiiat Munhnrwl.
Htnlitv or HarrftntiPtw.'
t a box; six for $5, wittiM-
ivi Ittnn iiuavtknto.o'ti
lit tMirrttn AliiAva. Atfltoni
QBFOREorbyniall. APTEK
Wm, (1. Clark. 201 Washington Ae. and
316 Penn, Ave . Scranton, Pa.
Mllh is Wealtli.
"- - ' I Tiff
"y rfl
rt v
OF' 130X.LJLR3
A Word About lt is a wise family that
does the toy buying ear-
Toy Buying. y- You set the creal11
and skip the crush. Buy
now and we will hold them for you 'till
Christmas, if you wish. Base ball, ten
pins and games of all sorts; trunks, wag
ons and but we can't catalogue them
any list always ends with ''and." Rest
assured, we can make glad the hearts of
children large and small.
Store Transfer Service.
No Waiting for Change or Parcels.
Fine Line of
Diamond and Combination Rings
Starling Silver Wars an i
Sterling Novalties,
Finest stock ot Watches,
all the latest styles and sizes
at very close figures.
The largest Jewelry House
iu Northeastern Pennsylva
130 Wyoming Ava,
Cor 11th street nnd LnHciilty Place,
Ni:l' 1 'UK One block wectof ilroail-
.i. Notedfor to tblnss
rirst-clns looms nt Sl.no a .lay and iijh
ward, on the Kuiopean plan.
Oernianla Wine Cellar.,
Ilammonilsport and
khelm. N Y
We aro ddtei mined to
ntrodiu'9 our goods
is the ery nest peo-
In 'he country, und
in sou uu boiler way
iltii this than by null.
ihsm u eae of our
1, euiiUUnln.' ele.ui
an of wine und o iu
le of n.ir eira flno
liie - dlotl led Clrupj
ndy. ut ono-lialf Its lie-
l mil .'0u Upon re-
t'll't ot S,',.oo MO
will Mend to nny
reidor ur (ulh papir
oun euo of our
u'Q--K nil llrnt-clu
und put up In eie.
l, mi Kiyle. nioite I
114 lOl.OWi'
I )t hot (irand Im
perial f-ei) ('h.1111.
1 qt hot. Delaware.
I i' hot. Illoalltir.
I qt hot. JoUt).
I )t bot. Hweei C'a
u vim
1 .jt bot Sherry
I ql bot. RUIrii
1 qt bot Nlnjarn.
I qt but Angelica,
I qt bot. Port.
I qt. bot. Sweet li
ut.o.lu, 1 nt bot. Im lira pa
ThU oirer Is made
mainly to Intioduce
our Qrand ImpgrUI
Sec Champagne mid
our Hue iloiiuIC-iUB.
tilled drape Brandy ThU cm of goods la
oPoied nt ubou oucvbalflts uutual cost und
It will plCKae uslfaur frleuda und patrons
will tutte iKUBiitiiBo of tbla and help us jutro
duce our goods. All orders ahould be lu be
fore December lotu.
BOT Mi m
pWL I , ul
1 Md.M
' fflfrffivll W r-St I lrTi
Spending money
To those who aie not acquainted with
the stundlng of the W. W. Kimball Co.,
the followine will piove of benellt:
Business established In ISM by W. W.
Ini'oiporuied June, M2, with cjplt.il o
Capital Inciencd In Jnmuiy. 16S, to
r.ipltnl Ini leased fiom ?1.000,"00 to $) -
Statement, Jinuaiy. leH showed su,
plus of uer $l,iW,tiO oveipald In capital.
Tho eomp.n.v Is known as .1 Jlrst-i hi-
house In Its line and Is In high comma.
t l,il standing.
If competitors say the Kimball guar
antee Is not good, ask them for a mer
cantile lepoit of their company and
see how It compaies with the aboe
GEOKtiK H. IVKS, General Acnt,
11 West .Market Stieet, Wllltes-Uarru
W. S. F00TE, Local Asscnl.
1'2'i rage Plaee, serantou, Pi
Electrlo Batteries, niectrlo Kxpl 1 law, far s
ploding blasts Safety fuss, und
Repanno Chemical Co.'s nxp"q'ivn3
Boilers, Engines and Machinery.
We will sell sou New or SeeoiuPIInnd.
We will sell )0ii now or talco old lu e
chance', or we will lent )ou anything; ou
want In tho .Machinery l.lne. hpot CasU
puld for crap Iron und Metals
National Supply aid Melal Co,,
709 West lackauaiiiiu Avenue.
M.E. KEELEY, Mgr. Telephono 395 4

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