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ITlin Carhondnlo c-orrenpondcnce of Tlio
Tribune has been placed In the hands or
Mr. J. M. Forbes All complaint ns lu lr
tegular delivery, etc. vra news mini,
should bo iideUcsicd to Huberts & Key
Holds, lions nccnts.
The KnlRlitH or P.vthltiH nic luMiig
plntis for one nf tlio lnigift Kind of
1'olcbrntlons on llu-lr tontli antilvoi
nnry. An oiitoi tnlitnu-nt will be kIu-ii
In which Kunio nf tin- bfit locnl talent
of Scrnnton will p.it tU-Iputo The pro
Riummo that will be tnrrlt-tl util In u
lone and oxtCcellniily IntoiostlnK 0110.
A Brand liiiiuiiii't will In lu'W l Hotel i
Anthracite., which will !" elorcn.ite-el ,
for the orcail'in. I
The innunlttee on nrintiKi'iiu-ntH Mf
worhlnc lianl to make the aflnlr a .
Rljrnntlc micrr-M and It will undoubted. I
! be nich. On next Sunday nlslit tin- j
Knights will attend ncrvlcr-i at tin. c
Trinity chuich, when n iHclnl connon .
will be ilellvemd to them b P.nv. It I
A Pawyei. the lector. The .Mo.ai 1
nielicKtia will be In attendance and i
riidir point ."acred nuifle iltirliiK the
feiVleoH. which will be dlldeil Into
three pints, xetinon, "acred cninpit '
and evening piayei. I
The i:iio. Stock cnnip.iny will llll
n week's engagement fit the (Iiand
this week. They am gieat favoillf
will Carbondale audleiKc especially
fo are Miss Chuich and Messis. Hurlte
and Cooke, who aie the leading men
of the oiganlzatlon Mr. Ililike has
a number of pergonal fi lends In the
city An Immenfie Ritdlenre will wit
ness the pipseiiliitloii of the "White
Siiuadion" tonight. A huge number
of seats hae been lepervcd at Key
nold's drug stoic. Matinees will be
jfKin on Wednesday and Saturday af
oik has not jet been lesunied by
fontiuctorx Blali and Kennedy mi
the pnvlnir ol Sixth avenue and Park
place The delay Is due to their being
unable to get any cits for the trans
portation of btleks to this tlty. Mr.
lJlnlr has endeavoied to sccuie the
leijulslte number of cars on almost
oery load In thte section. Howovev,
they weie not to lie had. Two oar
loads are on their way and will pioti
ably nnlve today. They will be used
In completing the lower jiait of P.lvei
The Mitchell hose company will open
theii fair tonight In the Watt build
ing, which as been ery piettily de
corated for the occasion. Seveial
booths have been erected and they
add to the attractiveness of the
hall. The boys have done ewiythlng
possible to make tha affair the luigest
of its kind ever held In this city and
no doubt their effoits will be crowned
with success. Tonight they will hold
a grjnd paiade, which will be headed
by the Mozart band, and In which a
number of visiting companies will par
Tin- Pi-lawn ru and Hurivun have had
n large force of men engaged In inl
ine In the road wheie It caved In on
Cottage stieet. Trafllc may now be
lesumed although the impiovemenis
will be continued for a few days. Many
ioiw of ashes wen dumped into the
large depicsslon before It came to Its
lormcr level. Work will be commen
ted on the taising of the house on
tin Ri.vne piopeity this week. 'He
iae was the most nistly cx.iPi'lo'Ve el
liv tin inilioad company for some
The Delawaie and HuilMin Canal
company on Satin day puulMfreel live
bundled an es of laud ninth of this
Ity cmhiacing the pioperties of Joiih
illlams. William llvans. Dwlght
Mills, Patilck McUany ami Michael
Coughllti. What the company will do
with It Is Impossible to tell as the
ollU litis positively lefuce to speak on
the matter. It Is genet ally supposed
that they will stilp the top vein of
coal, which Is some pl.ice'h lies as deep
ns fifty feet under the ciirthVc sur
A laige number of bo.vs and giilri
reieived tiist communion at the nine
o'clock mass in St. Hose's chuich yes
terday morning. The girls wete pret
til iittliefl In white iliessos and wore
veils They presented a charming
sight on the match to and fioni tin:
hancel tall. The chuich was eiovvded
to Its utmost capacity with people
desirous of witnessing the ceiemony.
Tin class wan the Iargeen that has ie
i Iv ed In some time.
ItiV U A Sawyer, of the Hplsciip.il
hutch pi i ached a senium ni Way
iait esteiday afternoon to a lingo
number of pen-onn.
c w Smith and wife have wuiined
fii'-ii a threi- weekk' stay with Now
J' ii-v friends.
I A. Kennedy, of the Lackawanna
. ''e.v House In Scraiiton, called on
f 1 1 mis in this city last week.
Miss Jennie IIulMti-iul. of Lenoxville,
wi-s a visitor lu this city on Sutui
tin' Tin- llienibeis of the AVelsb choir
v' ) .nuts before a laigo audic-iiio at
tlieniand Satuiday night weie enti.i
talued by the members of the Tilnlty
i Inn eh ostorclny.
II A. I'm plo Ii.m lutuiiu-il rrom a
v isi with Slisqtieliaimn flionds.
Ml and Mi. U. A. Hly. of Hi o.
vn Pa who weie the UlleMs 111 t lir-
home ni tlmli son. U. C. Hl, of Salem
avenue, litis lelllincd llom.
.1 1 'lin P. Creek and sops, .lolui and
l.nii's mi i' vlidldiK fi lends In Hones-
.! In. l. Moigan nt Hlnghinntou. -n II-
i .in his In ni bet, W. P. Moigan, last
w. !.
Hull' 1 1 ciwriis of Ktinutiiu. called
on tiluuls in Hits city Satuiday
Kugene f'tiuiiiiuui has letuinej home
from a nhori stay ui (licep llidgc
J (j. Shepherd, gf Struntmi. will do-
DR. c. e. WERT
t2rncd Label Special
txtra Htrcnnih.
for ImpntDDcy, Ijon ot
I'owflr, liott Manhood.
meruit or Karrnnnen.! Y
,11 a Iwxi eiz for JwittC;
written KuarantccCtk'
lnMifln!Vlir... l,.lK.jl
l : ...KHIV.,, W M.IHI AAkDLU.B.I I
lUBPOHCorbynnll. APTeR
Vm. (1. Clarke. JJd I'enn Ave, Scrntoi,la
yU '
Vl . IQh'm I
liver his leetuio cm "A t'llRrlnunnce
to the l.untl of lron;le" tonioirnvv
llljrht 111 the Methodist dirndl.
H. O Wntroux made 11 piofesslonal
call at Kurept City Sututdny.
The board of ttade will meet for
leotRunlzutlon totnnriovv night.
MlMOX Dottle I'lopner and Ucnttliu
Uviins were enteitalned ywHr-rU'iy at
the home of W. I). Kvans. The.v ate
memberH ot the Welsh Choial Society.
Mix. .1. J. Korbe called on Hcranton
i fllrilils .esteidny.
The Crescent Social club will hold
Its fourteenth annual social In the
iii ar future.
The Amaianth Sim In ilub will hold u
Binial and eutertalinueiit In the Hut he
building on Wednesday c'votilns.
J I.. Thompson, of Itelinont Hired
I who has been xeilously III .Is convalcs-
Thomas Martin, of Schenectady, N.
V to vIMUm? his lumber IMwtud. of
the ship Haltlmote. from which this
latter Is now home on a furlough.
Kminonx !. l'eck has been made
business niauager of the Dtange and
IJIitf, lluclfiiell college ollUlal organ.
David J. Davis Laid at Rest Sons of
Tempetnnce to Entertain Personal
The seivlces over the letunlns of the
late David .1. Davis oicuncd ftoin
1 his home on Main stiect jesteul.iy af
ternoon at -." o'clock. The wide ac
quaintance or the deceased in ought a
l.uge concollise to attend the obse
quies. The funeral seivlee was con
ducted bv the P.tv. William Pilsbv,
of the Methodist iiplscopal ihtiicb.
After tlie seivice the lemalns wete
conveved to their last testing place In
the Potest Home eemetiy. The cor
tege was pieceded y the Invincible
conimandeiy. No. 2."J. Knights of Mal
ta, and the Taj lor Mine Accidental
fund. The pallbearers weie John If.
llvans. Joint P.. Johns, William P.oli
blns. William Owens. Chatles Wnt
kins, Thomas Kiancls: llovvei bealers.
William Morris mid Davlcl Hauls, A
quartette i ompilslng Mis. John II. Xee
10. Mis. John Athi'iton. Mif.. Samuel
J. Phllllns. Mr. John P Tubbs and
Mi. Chailes Dibble, sang some beau
tiful seiec tlons.
The Kmblem division. N ". Sons
of Teiiipeiance, will enteitaln Its melii
bi is at this evening's meetine In Van
Horn's hall on Main stieet. The pio
grainme wl'l be icndeied as follows:
Addres bv chairman. Uev. Di. 11. 11.
Hauls, mandolin selection. Piofessor
W.J Thomas, impromptu spe'ch con
test; i dilution. I5.iy.ud T. (lillbths,
olgan selection, Miss l.vdlii Hosklns;
lecilallon. Hvan !. Kvans. solo. T.
Dewitt lMwnnls. woid contest, oigan
selection, Heibeit Hall. solo. Miss Liz
zie How en, Heading. Isaac Davis, solo;
ttexfoul Jones, oigrtn selection Hay
Moicans, lei itattou, AiUiui Stone,
choius organization.
Mr. and Mis. John C.oidon. of Sci an
ion, weie thi' guests of the l.ittei'S
paients, Mi. and Mis. William Itec-M-.
of Pnion street, yesterdav
Mr. John Lewis, of Hvde P.uk. was
the guest of ft lends In this place yes
leidav. The Indepi ndeni lleiUblliMli club of
the Fouith waul held a meeting io
rently at Welsenduli's hull on dove
stieet The following olllceis weie
elected: Piesldent, Samuel llailowe.
vk inesldent. Michael Itufebaek,
ticasuier, John Heigei, seciet.iiy,
l'eter SchllcR
A farewell lee option was tendeied
Pilvate David Jones, cif Conuuny A,
Thltteentli icgiment. Dievlous to his
depaituie to Camp Meade at the home
of Mr. and Mr-. Hvau H. Jenkins on
Pnion street, on Filday evening. Ite
ficshments were seived. Those pres
ent weie: Mr. and Mrs. William IJenii.
Mr. and Mis. Hvan It Jenkins, Mi. and
Mis. David Jones, Mr. and .Alls. Wil
liam White. Mis Altbur Sweet. Miss,
es Maiy and I.lzzie Jenkins. S.iMIe
and Delia Williams, Mai tha Pi lee. Liz
zie Prweider. Marv J. 'lchola, Annie
Heese. Maitha .1 Williams. Hessle
Phillips, May Phillips. Mai.v J. Thomas,
Hltulys Samuels, lMltli Hogcrs. Maiy
J. Itevau, Susie Moes and Mlssi s An
nie Itevan, Hva Davis, Sellna Jones,
and Messis. William Nicholas, Wil
liam Piiie. William C.illllths, IMwIn
While. Adolnh Pi welder. Prank Deck
er. Thomas lievan, 1'ilvate David Wil
liams, Moigan IMwnids, of H.vde l'.nk:
Owen Jones, Daniel Jones, oear
Davis, William Lewis, David Hvans
and William Dunwei, of Piovidence.
John Jnmes, ol Hyde I 'ail;, called on
lib mis In this place vesteidav,
Dtnlel L lllchaiits died vestudav
moinlng at the home of his daughter.
Mis. David D. CrifTltii", of West Ml-
nook. i. He was a devoted membei of
1 the Welsh Baptist chuich. Tliefunei-
al will take place this ntteuioon and
impressive seivlces will be held at the
house by the Itev. J. M. Lloyd In
tel inrnt will be made In the Pont
Home eenieterv.
Pen onian H. J. Conner, of Mnln
stieet. Is making some noted linmove
menls mound his Mnln stieet piop
eitv. Cit lllltli Pilce. of Hyde p.uk. was the
guest of fi lends In this place j ester
da v.
Mr and Mis P.obeit Inglls. of Yates
vllle. spent the Sabbath with relatives
In this place.
Tnviorville lodge. No. i;, Independ
ent eiidpe or dd Fellows, w diked the
degree of Pilendship and Truth on
seveial candidate.-, uu Satuidav even
ing. Itev. Thomas Ilutl.ind, of Piovidence,
was the guest of fi lends In Voith
Taylor Yesterday.
Miss Smalt Pllce. of Dunnioie. spent
the Sabbath with her patents. Mr. and
.Mrs. John Pi lee. of Pnion stieet
Mr. and Mis. dint Us Sampson, of
Wllkes-llaiie. were Hie guests of Hie
hitiei's naieiits, Mr. and Mrs. David
IMwaids, on Mnln sit cot, .vesleidii
Hoy. t''i- 1-vcai-old child of Mi. and
Mis. Hllliu Da, of Ninth .Main stieet.
died on Satuiiliiv afternoon lie will
be bulled tills llfteinni.il Services will
be held 111 the house. Hllil.il will be
iiiade in tin Poiest Honv etnii-teiy
Tin Talor Hose i oni)an, No I, will
Until an Important ini'ittug this even
lug in i lif clonal inu-nl looms In Web
er's hall Much bu.sliiis of unpoi lance
will in tiausai ted
Itev Chailes I.ec, of Caibondale. was
a caller In town last Pilclay.
Miss Mn Kllpatilck, of Ciiiboudule,
ipeiit Satuiday with Miss VAlzn Oil'
lua ue
Pi auk W inter und blutoi, Miss JeHsle,
oi Wyoming Sonilnaiy. spent Sunday
with their parents, Mr, and Mrs, C. D
Ml s Lrtiiiu Hill visited friends at
V i .vi ait Satuiday.
Mil.. Foieinun milieu Is voiy slek
al Ills bouici on Second stieet.
'I lie levival seivlces at the Methn
dii J plfcopal chiiroh will be conlln
iii"! each evening this week,
Ho:,fi) Ih's baud fair opened lait Frl-
.Something About thu .ovv Dltcorerr
(or Curing Dyiprpiln.
Tho itev. V, I. Hell, n highly rteem
oil nilnlHler lesldlng at WcedBpoit.
Cayuga. County. N. Y In a iccent let
ter vviltes as follows; 'Thetc has
never been anything that 1 have taken
that has relieved tho Dyspepsia from
which I Have suiteied tor ten oni
except the new lemedy called Stunt tVt
Hyuicpsiu Tablets Since taking them
I have had no dlsties at all after eat
ing and again after long yeais CAN
SLPLT WIILL Itev. P. I. Hell. Weeds
poll, X. V., foimerly Idalla, Colo.
Slum I' DspopsJu Tablets l a ic
markable leiuedy. not onlj because
It Is n ceitaln cine for all forms of
Indigestion, but beiiiU"e It seems to
ait as thoioughly In old chronic casus
of dyspepsia us well as In mild at
tacks ot Indigestion or biliousness. A
pel son has d.v.'pepsla simply because
the- stomach Is ovei workeel, all It wants
Is a liaimless. vegetable lemedy to di
gest the food and thus give It the
much ncedi d test
This Ih the seciet of tho sue eos of
this pecullni lemedy. No mutter how
weak or how much dNot dried the ill
gesllun may be, Stuim's Dyspepsia
Tablets will digest the food whether
the stomach wolks or not. New life
and energy Is given not only to the
ptomaeh but to eveiy oigan and nerve
In the bod.v A tl till of this splendid
medicine will convince the most skep
tical that D "pepsin and nil stomach
troubles can be cuied. The tablets
are piepaied by the P. A Stuart Co.,
of Mai. shrill. Mich., but so populal
has the lemedy become that Stnait's
D.vspopsla Tablets can now be seemed
nt any ding store at JO cents per
package. Send for the book on stom
ach diseases fiee.
lay Light in Hnterpiise hall and was
a gland sun ess. The progi amine was
a good one and several of the selec
tions were heal tilv encoied. The door
ptlze was won by ticket No 1ST. The
piogramme Satuiday night was ,i se
lection by the Ma field band: solo, siis
William P.ucklngham: recitation. I'd
gar Hm ton. selection, by baud, song.
Miss Vivian Lee: duett, Mlses Saiah
A. James and Maiy Jones, sc'ectlon.
band: comic sketch, by band: mat eh.
band, all of which weie well let el veil.
The fair will be continued dllilne this
A inciting of the council was held
Fliday nlglit. Among the bills passed
weie the following. Dolawaie and
Hudson Canal companv. .'TAo; August
llummlei. M7. W. P. Lawlci. $4::. Oly
ph.uit W.ilei iiiuii.iuy. $10. D. il.
Jones .. Son, , lounellmeu. commit
tee weak. $S.."ft each, police ollleeis,
$V each. A bill fioin the Olyphant
Hecoid was icfeiied back for collec
tion. U-Tieasmer JlcLoughllii's com
mission amounting to J600 was oideiecl
paid. Mr. Howaul icpoited that he
liad seen the attorney in regard to the
new tiack being elected li the Dela
ware and Hudson company, and stated
that he advised tli.it as soon us the
company c oiumencod opetatlons on the
said stieet In dispute, it would be the
duty of the buigess and piesldent of
council to seive wilttcu notice on the
workmen, and if they refused to cease
winking to communicate with him and
lie would have an Injunction set veil
on the eomp.'iny within two houis. The
lepoit of Mr. Unwind was adopted.
Tile light loniinitloe icpoited that a
piaottcal englnoei would bo at the elec -tile
plant on Monday to examine the
engine to sn- wheie the defects are.
The seiiotaiv was instituted to noti
fy the stieet inilvvny loinpaii to le
pair theli traiks at tli.issy Island, and
it the.v l of used to do so, then the bor
ough would tear up the tracks and
ehiuge the expense of the same to the
coinpanj. In legard to tin- lepoited
sewer transaction. Mr O'llileii retain
ed that lie had consulted the boiough
attorney. vho satd that the Now Yolk
syntiifnte had lost tlnit hatter, and
had no i ml. whatever to lay u sewer,
.ui.l advisicl that the council i eject all
proposals tiom them. Atlldavlts weie
lead fiom Auditors P. J. Fan ell and
P. L. WaNli as to the amount of lime
they consumed in making their lepoit.
Til r bills amounted to "GO each and
weie paid. The sectetary lead his te
poil of the eleetili light accounts for
August and Soptembei It showed
that the cost ot oppiatlng the plant in
those months was luS In exoo-s of
it wits icpoited that seveial of the
sidewalks on Dolawaie Ktioet, weie
not on a guide with the toad, causing
tltc watet to (low ovei on litem. The
stieet committee was Instructed to see
that the walks are i.ilsed. Councilman
Mail's wanted the seat of Councilman
ciallnglier deil.it ed vacant, because he
had not attended a meeting In seveial
months. Mi. Lewis said thai it would
be haidly just to Mr. (iallughei to take
any action of that kind, as he was
away in New Jeisej attending In some
business Interests H was decided to
notify Mi. Ciiillagher that unless he is
pic-sent at the next meeting his ho.ii
will be declined vacant.
Announcement Is made of the coming
maiilage of Miss Maiy A. Caiblne to
Michael J. McAndrew. both popular
young people of this plate. The ceie
inoliy will bo potfoiined In St. Pnt
ilck's chinch Wednesday evening. Nov.
.!o. at i! o'clock. Following the cere
mony a lecentlon will be held at the
home of the Inlde on Delawate stieet.
Jinny IJudd'e. of Hoboken, N. J Is
visiting al the tesldence or Justlie of
the Peace William Mason In Hlakel.v.
The tuneral of the lute Mis Ann
Sheildnn, who died on Filday last, took
pjaco vestoiday nfternoon at ", o'clock.
Alter the it mains had been viewed
nt tho house thev weie borne to St.
1'ati lilt's chuich wheie a short seivice
was held. A latge number nf telatlves
and ft lends attended. Intel iiient was
made in St. Patrick's cetneteiy.
Tlie Pocahontas.' will hold a dliiio
iiii.it on Tuesday evening, November
', at the lionie of Mis. ". tl. Wagner,
t Depot stieet. A tints' progi amnio
has been ptepntcd and lefieshnients
will also b- served.
Mt. and Mis. J W. Samson, of Dli k
Min. visited telatlves in town ivior
day. The the h.wlnmt on Mnln fttreot, tunr
1. H. tieimen's stoic, should be tlxoej
at once. Il is leaking badly and pe
destilans aie obliged to wade tluough
water to pass along llint ntieut. Coun
cil should see thai tt Is lepalred al
once, us tt tin own those living In thut
liumedlate vicinity out of tlie pio.
All unlfoi tned incmbeiH of the Wilson
fiio company aie requested to meet
lu full untfnim nt the 1. and II. depot
nt C.lu this moiling, piepaiatory to
attending the Andiew Mitchell fair
ind painilo at Caibondale.
Itomombcr the Llbby Hlass lllnweis
will give an exhibtlou at the hose
house this af let noon and evening,
By Kenneth HerforU.
From tlio Detroit IVo I'rcss.
' I'll do It "
Margaret Atlnms' eyes spat Med with
delight an tin thought occurietl to
her. She chopped the p.tpr she had
been leading to the lloor of the polcil
nnd rnn into the bouse. Shortly Rhu
came out vvlth a block of ttatloncry In
one hand and a pencil betweli thu
firiKcr. of the othei. She picked up
th" pliik paper that she had tlno'wn
dfiw'ti and rend n'.'.iin the udvcrtlsc
ment tlutt had raimhl her eje. The
paper was one of tho common "niattl
inoiilnl weet llos' which me chculated
thioiigi'ciut tlie i ountry. but which ait;
lit ci seen In the elites of their publl-c.itloi,
Tin iidveitiseiii'Mit that the gill read
was wc rdi"i as lollows:
" veiling man of excellent family
iiiul chmncter liluek lmlr and eyet,
height I', f'-et. Win lb JV'.UOO, would like
to cottesponil with ollng Inch of good
station, blonde ptofeiicd, object,
miiti Imon' "
Then thelc was pi luted the .'iddtoss
or i ho vouup, man with blni; hair and
eves, It was "lln.v K 1'.', JBckhOU,
Muigaret Ad'inis lowci-d the paper
from her ejes, "I wonder If I ought
to"" she nsk-tl heinlf. "Of coitise It
would be only In fun. He's in tun, ton
Why should n mini worth S"i.ii0 ad
vertise for a wife'.' IMhftv ' The Ider
is Hellenic. up I'll v, tile to hint at the
adehesg given and then If 1 see he Is
lu em nest I'll Just tell him what a
fool he has boon milking of himself.
I hope hell conlli'iie the cottospond
ence, thot'gh. It v.ill be a lellef from
the ilieadrul monolonj on the faun.
What v.ottld the girls back in board
ing seltool stiv to sui h op eseapeele?
I believe they'd all snap tip tho chancii
to wilte to a man like tills one that
I'm going to wilte to. And lieY In an
other Hlate, too. i.ot in Ohio, and t
don't believe thoie's any luitin in it.
yes, I'll wilte. and I'll wilte now "
And resting the pad of paper on her
knocM the gill began a letter In lit mil
to the tall man with thick eye. She
did not say much. She told him how
she had run acioss the hett .ontalii
Ing lis advertisement iincl how the
wording of II had tturk her and made
sin h an Inunessii'ii on her that she
could not withstand the temptation to
write to him (lt was Jut a like little
letter, such as a frank, fun-lovlnt-glil
would write, and when she had
IlliMicd she flipped II into an envelope
and addiossed It
"Box K 1-'. Jackson, Mlth.," she
And that night she mailed her letter
mil wlthiut eiitnln qunlms and
t v luges of Per corseience. however
at the village postotliec.
The nel day an 1 the not night and
dav passed, end on tin ninrnln? of the
thiiil there tatno a lettei tor her.
writ le n in a bold, uptight lu'iul ami
addiesscd to hei in her own name,
which she bad ftnnkly signed to the
Tlie envelope bine the Jackson post
inotk. and she knew H was lioin him.
ns she hail tome to speak of the un
known lo hoi self when alone.
She took the letter away clown by the
fiont gate of the tatm yaid to lead It
under the oak tree there. It was a
good letter. It appeared slncete. The
wilter, who signed himself John
Thompson and added bis addtess a
ceitaln number cm a well known and
fashionable Jackson streetprofessed
lntei est In his new-found coiieapond
ent. and expiessed hope that other let
tots would follow
That night one did. Matg.iret wiote
her second in a more familial vein, for
she was becoming interested. Two
days In ought her a reply. It too. was
more tamMlar than the first had been.
She wiote eraiu and a train, and after
the fourth letter sho.ieielvod her cor
respondent addressed one "Dear Mar
gdiei '
Matgatet smiled when si e toad that,
but hot smile was mole eitie of nleas
ui e than mlschlovoitsnoss. Thou she
addressed bint as "My dear John." and
after as "Deal John "
As the letteis Incieafi d In number
the girl found herself awaiting them
with Impatience, then l tile b.v little
she btgnn to toad them over two and
thtco tliii"s when they did mini', plac
ing theip attei wards vvlth the first, tied
together v. lib a bit or blue i ibbon and
tucked pv.av In a b ick corner of her
dresser drewei.
Her mother thought untiling of tlie
hue! her daughter was toeohing fioni
Jackson Matgatet loir, hoi the.v weie
from a boy she had met at an academy
dance when sdie was a pupil In the
somli.nry the year betore. It was a lie,
but It was a whitu one. The truth,
thought the gltl, would spoil the fun,
and fun '.s nut so common that one can
afford tn spoil It just as It ceases to be
tncrelj imi'jslns to become i cully Intel -ostlnj,
rrv the gltl was becoming nunc
and more Ititeiested lu her unseen, un
known i orre"i undent as the days wnt
With each letter the wanting giew
more affectionate, not only mi the part
of him. bt't nf her. as well It was
"Deaiesl John and "Dearest Maigniot"
now. ami two da.vs without a letter
had come to mean two days of ellstiess
to Margin et.
Thru, towiucls the middle nf .Inn.', a
whole we'k iMsfcd without a woid
from 1.1m. Matgui' t wiote thioe let
lets, but thtre came no reply. Then
she sent one by special dtilvoty. .Sh"
thought that he might have been fool
ing all the time, and just wilting fnr
fun, wotrled her. Then at last theie
d.d eoni" a letter. It was a long one.
Theie were many apologies for nm
having wi'.Ueii befote, but an excuse
of Illness whs given. That night the
gill sat down al her willing table and
punted out her lteatl to John Thomp
son. She t dd him what the dnys had
been to hot with no letteis fioin hhn.
how she had dreamed of him at night,
and thought of him every innnietit of
her waking limits. She ended by ask
ing hlin If he would not send liet his
Thiee das later theie came to In n
flat post'D.utel. She untied Hie eiliii ,f
with flnitei's all a-tremblo. The paper
lin loH'ii a photograph n was of t
N'nung iiihi) who In every lespeci mis.
WUO'l the de.eiintloit detailed 111 the
fulveitfei'imnt He was hundsonio,
with kiwi l daik e.M's. and datk hair
that moved ovei his fnteliead The
mouth was tit m, the chin cctcitliii"t.
the cheeks full and healthy. The girl
looked at the plctuie long. Then sli.i n .
rviubeicd tltat theie might be rcnine
ihlngr vvtitten on thu buck. Theie vvu
the. i.' word. "J"rom hlin to her." That
was till.
That night, us she sut by hot window
with tho soft rujs. of the moon silvering
her golden hair and dancing light!
upon her t hrek, Maiganq kissed the
vvoids written on the back or the card
and th tace- of the poitinlt ninny
times. Then sluv blushed as ihotiph
slip had found hemelf obseiveel.
PneonsclouHly, liivoluntaiily she had
fallen lu love with a man whom she
hod never seen In tho person, but
v hosu poitrnlt utood bnfoie her on her
drcRiilnr tnble The letters between
them flew faster and faster. And
finally there was brought her one even
ing by her father u note saying simply;
Will jou marry me? I fear that our
piironts will object. Can .vou not, elcur
ft lnaliiiKe to come licie, say to visit
mine one " And wo will be married e
cretly 'leie. Cotne, come, denrle. come.
Forever. John
And later that night Hie girl thought
of ovciythltig, thought of whtit suth n
step might mean, of tho anger of her
parents, that they nilght dlown hot.
that she did not really know him and
that he might not be milted to her. Hut
above nil these thoughts there roi"o
another. Her love for him. his leva
for her. And that thought tiuinphed.
She would go. She would not piomlse.
but she would go, would talk to him,
would ree, and then, perhaps--
Fa voted In everything as she had
been all her life bv her paiontf, Mur
gatet's i use to get away fiom home
for i few days vvus easily accomplished.
She intended visiting an old fchoolmate,
one ot tlie scmlnury git Is, the one who
had introduced her to the young man In
Jaekvoi' nt the academy dance. And
tit Hie etui of three dnys she was toady
to s'tnit on the mot row.
She undeistood heisclt well. Never
had she known any one who In the
smallest degi eo hnd entered her heait.
At school she had studied long and
late, and gone home finally with a
card of honor. The life of the country
town was galling to the gltl. Her
naturally sensitive temperment thafed
within the narowness of her life Such
an adventure as flic had now started
In ii'ion was but natural to her.
She did not Inform John Thompson
of the date of her in rival. So. when
the train at last whliled Into the sta
tion at Jackson uho saw no familiar
face. Her cheel weie aglow as she
stepped from the platfoitn of the coach
to the ground. Soon she would see
him, and then Was her dieain to
prove but u dream, or was she to find
In him that which her heait most
longed for?
She took a rairlage and told the
driver the address to which she wished
to be taken his ndchres. It was not a
long lido. At every bump of tho vehi
cle the gill's heait bumped. Those few
tnlnuti s of the diive weie minutes; of
unxloty, almost of tot ment to her, so
wrought up had she become1 lu hut
mind by the thought that pel haps he
did not teally mean he wished her to
come, he teally did not mean that ho
loved her.
At last the carriage flopped, the
door was opened. The girl alighted.
The vehicle had drawn up before a
gloat stone and bilek house In what
appeared to be a fashionable patt of
town eumpaiod to the dlsttlcts which
she had pased on her way fiom the
She told the driver to wait for her,
nnd she ran lightly up the wall: to the
pinch. JuKt ns she pushed the button
of the bell she noticed n woman dart
away from one of the fiont windows.
Jn another Instant the door was
opened, and by a woman.
"Mr. John Thompson lives here, does
he not."' Inquired Margniet with a
tremor in iter voice.
The woman looked al her queeily,
fixedly for an Instant, then teplled.
"Yes, won't you come InV"
From the hall the girl was ushuied
Into a pallor on the loft. The woman
followed her. About her mouth there
played u little smile of curlimlty and
lnt"iost and her eyes weie quizzically
studying the gltl.
"Is Mr. Thompson busy?" asked
Margin et.
"No," was the woman's icply, "what
would jou like or him'.'"
The gill looked up stat tied. "Why-
why," she tftammered, "It's a little
mutter of purely poisonal business."
And then she exclaimed suddenly,
"Maybe you ate his sister, are you?"
Again the queer look in the woman's
ey.'i, again thut little cuilous smile.
Then situ said (Irmly. "No, 1 am not
his sister. 1 am John Thompson, the
John Thompion whom you wish to
Mai gin et Adams did not uttei u
The bilghtness died out of her eyes.
Ilor lips parted slightly and showed
In r teeth between them. Slowly her
flngeis loosened i heir giip on the
handkerchief that she held in her tap.
Then she ci led, h though pulling her
self together for an offoit of stiongth,
"Anil titi you are the one who wiote
the letters to me. I ant Margaret
"Yes," leplled the woman, si I'd
willing. ' I elk! It for my own amuse
ment, and to tench fotno foolish gill
a le?on. f am Sony the gltl happens.
to be Mti h a piettv one ns vou ate
As for the picture, that Is of an actor
now engaged lu New Yotk. a man who
htift been mill l led for ear.a. anil whose
wife "
She did not finish the sentence. Mar
gai'i't's bend fell lo one .de on nor
slioulcli i. Hot lips opened furthei. and
there was a fleck of white In each eor
n r of hei mouth. Her hands hnd re
in f el.
bho sat iti'UlnnlPss in tho chair for a
fe-w secoiidf tho woman kneeling be
side her. chafing her hamR
The gltl sluiddeted twice and Iter
lu ad lilt nod slowlj.. Her eyes looked
Intel ilioso of the woman gazing up at
her She lah'ed her hand and placed
It on the hiad at her side. V little
t.iiiil. v.ifiue smile, the shallow of a
sntlle, s-em?d tiving to break fiom
ner lip". Then sh- laughed once, u
mtjllc, mely suit of laugh, with no
I'leiilm-'itt In it Jle-i hand lying on
tin) heud of the woman, bowed to the
i.i in of the chair, eiulvorud a little and
tln 'lnt.it i Ml inked slightly the hair.
Tie gill shuddered again mid
slivlghte nod up. The woman lalsed
horluad. Maigaiet fumbled Willi ihe
buttoi, of her glove and mudo to ilse
The w.iniuu clutched her elbow.
You mustn't go," she sUd. "And
forgive me 1 novel lIlnllBlll, f never
Tin glil bud i Non
Looking down til on the illl kneeling
woman she said, tdovvly. as thuiiyli tlv
cfi'nri to spent'. ntised hoi pitlu "Tin i
is pothlmr to feeqivo -Hint is, thef Is
i c.ihlni; for vou to fomlvc but I- jo i
I - vn will toiglw me, won't --It aas -nl
I vi, foolish si. finlii-h. I 1 l inlt'ln
have known You ere good to show
ni" "
She turned mid tnislened lowunl
the d ioi by which she had enteii'l
The I'u'iiuii l'dlowrd hei As the gp. 1
an down the steMs to the w.iltln,,
fUirl.ifV 111" hroejf. of that Ausi'si
day 1)010 back lo the porch a laugh,
frank, fiee. rnrclesa
The woman stood on the upnr sioo-i
of tin veratidn. siio faw thu ianlag
eloor close behind the ounpir form
nnd heard It snap the cate h. The
di Ivor took up the ioIiih and flecking
tho hor""n with the whip turned about
And us the vehicle lolled buck down
the stieet tho woman standing theie,
raw a hand wiiwd to her fiom the
Then she tinned and eiitned tli
house, ehulns the door quietly behind
i; . n.HnnnnH.nnKnn.nnK,.,. . kk nnn
Scranton Store 124
1MK m
Second week of the
alteration sale
The prices here set forth arc for today and tlie
rest of the week as long as the lots last. New lots
will replace those that will be sold out and even
better values will be substituted if it must be. So
far this sale has been the biggest ever held in this
store and it is our intention that there shall be no
let-up in the multitude of our attractions. The
crowded condition of this store speaks volumes
for the greatness of this sale.
Cut prices on every item
Alteration sale
dress goods
All ot our plaid nnd
figured dress goods. r'
l2jc (rradc. Altera- j
lion sale l
It.il.uiie ot our UK. pi. ild
rnodx In on,, int. alteration
sale price .. ...
All of onr "V clliil fie. nil wool
ilii'si guild, alteration unle- te,.
jitlee "'
Due lot nil wool iilixtuies.
tins been 7ic , alteration
wile price
inn '
All of our 75c. ."lO-li.ch rile eked
mid fancy dresi gentW. nl- 4Qc
legation sale in Ice -iw
Alteration sale
black and colored silks
All of ii
sule pllce
I- I'll
.nut r.ic
IiIhi K
All of mil 5'ii blink t.itTetn
iillciiltlcili salt' price
Uululice of our 5'it. liluek s.itln
diichi'11. l lk. alteiatlon Qe
File price . . .
Alteration sale of
bargain counter specials
oil. PI.OTII One lol i.niiiiuH
oil cloth 20c Blade, attei- Qr
atlon sale pi ice .... w
TAlll.H DA.MASK-Olie lot of
bte.it heel table il.imiisk, .Be. 97f
Ri.telc .clte'iatlon sale plleo '''
Ot'TINU ri.ANNHI-All or our
7c. f.inev oiitlnir llunnel. In Hfiht
mid d.uk cITcets-, alteration c.,
sle price au
It.il.uiie' of our oiiilui; I'.innil
-klrt p.itte.-ii". tirlco h.iv been
"i ci nt-". alteration s.ilo
pllie .
One lot tinny e otton eiepe''.
ful p.i'tv elie-ecK, IUC. stacit
nltc ration s.ele price
gfllra All ol our 11-t
i ilv while enillts. !'."c. si.ule,
ulier.illnii sale inicc
", ooii vauls lest iiualiiy lliiin
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the piece Jc. alte ration1:
".lie pi lie
TOWHI.S Itakiiice of mil I5l
1 ivvil l'Klll.ir pi tee ')c
nltc ration sub pllce
B y
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ask towels white
tun di rs, "Oc. Kiude.
ti ration sub price
quality elam
iind colciietl
aI: i24c
All ot our i2'-c. Tuil'.tsh c
ii.v.ils aller.itlou s Ii loin ww
TW'll.l.HOSriTINGS-riiii Miielx
plaid twilled suitings fm cliti-
clten's di'-i-MS pie. Knidi, Kr-
.I'toiatlnn wile prli i w
SinHTINUrinNTS-ltest i,n. 1-
ilv shlltlilB pi lilts pile
wa" '.e , alteration sieli-
11 r-
A A ' A A ' 'A ' ' ' '"
At Retail.
Coal of tho best quality for dorr.estlo uso
nnd ot ull sizes. Incluillnf Buckwheat arid
r.lrdseye. dollverod In any pail of tha
city, at tho lowest price.
Oiders received at the office, first floor,
Commonwealth bulldlns, room No, u;
telephone No. 2CJ4 or at the mine, tele
phone No. 272. will be promptly attended
to Ue.ilcis supplied at the mine.
A T.I. AuriAii ftlicnMt I'aillna ilcr
.? 8
51 orr.Iropoteut-. HiorpIvMne.oto .ciuieJ
CtelloD, Then quickly ami Utrttit
rotorIrtVitatU7 lu oMorrojnjj nuil
f.t Hniaafortudr, lm in"? or rjurucjf
ftTHjt inisuity &n lonvuaipiion it
TtiririiBA hhnwK la TiCdlfttl itnrrnvr
ment and efforts u CUJtC r-bcio ull other fail lc
let upon hariDS tha crnuliio Ajii Tnt-iotn. Tha?
baTO cured ttiouaod and will euro j on, Uoplvn npne
itioffrlueuBuarnntae to effect uouro Cft fiTC I
cachciMor lefund ths tnoncj lrlrowu w tuir
cckoaei or rU ikitM ifnll iroVnonti ;or C1M. lij
null, in rluin wrppr ipcm rnrrineol rriro t jrculor
Tor fill In Scranttn, V.x b Maith ws
Hios. and 11 ' f-'anilcncn. diuttjista
? ' - f&fCd
AGAIN ! 0"
vijor to the wliole beis All dralus und !oi:m s'e chetXtAftriiaKtr.tiy. Urlen patitnu
are prnperly cured, iheir condition eficuw si. i'i them eitol unity, ( oniutrptisn or Death.
Mailed fealed. Price ii perboi, ti bonei, lib irer-clut If SJl ri-trantee 10 euro or refund taa
US money, j to. bend lor Iter book,
For Sale by JOHN II, I'lll'.I.l'iS,
11 lid Spruce .street.
- 126 Wyoming Ave.
Balance of our ioc
doub.t; fold fancy dress
Roods while they
Out &"e.
nl.iiil ilreMs Kiiotts hi
one lol.
price .
alteration sale enr
All of our '"i black e re-
liinis. alterattoti snle pi Ice
All of our S $l'l and 31- l"-c
pallet ii .ilter.ition -ale 4.50
VI? oi ii'ur Vl'-iiioli all wool storm
seiKe o'lc. Kriule. altPlHtion 45C
side pilco . ... : , , ,
One lot Jaeniliird llsuied lil.nk
dres kooiI", Pc. Klllde. ill- 25c
teintloii sale price " "
Inl fancy silks, real
.' , alteration sale 59c
Tvvclitv-IUo pieces
UifTi'tH. iCRiilar to lee
nlleiatioii sale pllce
Klae silk
we- 48c
All ol out 75c. fancy silks.
new brocades, alte ration
sale plice
HUD t'OMrUOHTri-l...lSe slr.o
bed commits. HM'. Kiatle, A)r
altciiitlon side price "y-w
llOMI'T ri.ANN'Ul.-naluiiCe. of
mil1 tit mil n unmet iiuiiiiii.
inc. grade, alteration sale..
INDIGO I'ltl.Vl'S-o.enO
stiinclaid Indliro pilnK ,'
Kiiide, altt'iation inlf price
j ai ii-
I II. AN' NUTS Italanee or out ."ic
blankets, alteration sale 17 n
lot eldeielovvn llunnel. plain and
liiney, Soe. and lie.
alteration sale pi ice
I'llAHII One lot limn
n Kid.ir priee 7c , ulli la
ilnn sale price
WASH 'I.OTllS-Une lot
Wll -h
i lot ll icKUlir in let
alteiailon iitle price .
imlilt aclieil tniHlln. v "&Ar
KlMde. alteration t-.itt- prir"11-
Vine vvlille all
wool llaniui, "'Je.
nlte intloti sale price
fir.de. 20c
One lot nil wool ml flannel.
Isc Kiatle, alteiailon sab f -lr
111 lee lUL'
Oil" llll llll
c neck, il Ulev
tin1 ovi rihlrt"!
wool plutn and
ll.iimil iiU,iIi1b
soil under- "i(n
sl.irls alte uitluii
ale prlei ''
1'll.l.oW r.Si:s on- lm lum-
Hitch, -il pillow e.i.-i1' '-'i'O.IC
H.ieli. alteiiitlon "ale priiM 'H'
& Cor In
A A A A A A 'A "A A A A A A A'A'A'A
Leave lloslun and New LnclanJ nolnti
ever W cilncsJ iv vU Chicago, Coloradci
tprlilESiir.il Sctnic Rtiute
Southern Route leave Itoi ton every Moil
Uj laClilC3E0, Kunj City It Worth and
LI i'aso to Lot Angeles
These t'scursliin Cars ure attaclteit tn fait
Passenger 1 rains, anil their popularity l ev I
deuce that we niter llu bet.
Write (or hunilsonic Itinerary which gleet
full Information and rcw mar, sent free.
Addn-ss W.J. LUAtl. ill s olh St, Phlla
ilclplila. I'a
JOHNMillASTIAV. U I. A .ChUaifo.
bciiiiilon anil VVIIUes lluire, t'.v.
Miuuifaetorcia ol
Hollers, llolitlnz and t'emplnj VUcliImr y.
Leiiriul Oltlce, Sciantou t'.i
1 hey h:ve ttosil ih ten cf yean.
aud nve cuteu thouiandt ct
zitn o( Ner gvs Ducucs, tuch
Debility, I)i.;.r.e'.,Sli:elelt
neti and ingoceIr,Atorhy,S.c.
They dear the bum. urcntlhca
lbs circulation, make daemon
nerfect. and imn&rt a healthr
r 'l
Acdrcii, t'CAL HtCIClNE CO., Clevelsntt, 0.
I'liiiruuuisl, cor. Wyoinlug uvctiuo
. (

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