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Social and
The next fortnlElit will have much
crowded Into a brief space. The Gon
dollers Is the chief topic of Interest
Just now nnd will attract throngs din
ing its three productions. The object,
the Free Kindergarten society, which,
In some respects, Is the most beautiful
charity In the city, touches ft sympa
thetlo chord In all hearts Irrcaoectlve
of denomination or creed. The finest
voices among the young people of the
pity aro represented in the par
ticipants and the production Itself Is
ona that would Interest all were not
the cast made up from the leading rep
resentatives of the younger set.
The first week In December will be
B lively one, with the Jetniyn-Downey
wedding, tho Sctanton club reception,
the Green Itldge library fair and va
rious other events.
Among the interesting affairs of next
week will, ' course, be the Thanks
giving festivities, Including the pie
sentntton of tho famous opera, the
"Geisha," on Thanksgiving night at
tho Lyceum,
Though little has been ns yot. heanl
of the Bachelors' ball, tin- louimlttoe
lias been busily engaged settling nil
the details, which a dance uf sue h Im
portance necessitate). Tin- bull will be
held at the Lyceum I-'ilday ctenlnir,
Dec. 30, and Its former popuhulty will
undoubtedly be greatly enhanced by
Ixn unusually quiet holiday season
The following ladles will act as pat
ronesses: Mrs. James Aichbald, Mrs.
Henry Belln. jr., Airs. A. D. Blnok
Inton. Mis J. 11. Dimmlek. Mrs. li. L.
Fullei, Mrs. U. H. Jermyn, Mrs. i:.
B. Sturges, Mrs. Everett Wnrron. Mis.
Charles II. Welle. Mrs. l H. Weston
The committee consists of MesMS. J.
II. Brooks, F. C. Fitlk r. I'. B. Belin,
A. E. Hunt, Jr., Worthlngton Scran
ton. The officers aie: Mr. Belln, chair
man: Mi. Brooks, tieasiiioi; Mr. Ful
ler, secretary.
Mr. and Mis. J. L. Cinivfoid, Miss
Jennie Andrews, Mr. II. M. Set nut on,
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Metrllleld, Mr.
nnd Mrs. F. L. Crane and Mr. .1. G.
Shepherd were among those who at
tended the horse show this week.
Mrs. W. F. Hallstead gue a luncheon
Yesterday when the guests weie Mis.
1A. II. Shopland, Mrs. J. Owen Moore,
lot Washingtonvllle. X. Y.: Mis. f. II.
Eehnder and Mis. G. M. Hull-dead.
Mrs. Keese C!. Brooks gave a laige
re. eptlon esteiduy afternoon at her
liomo on Qulncv avenue, In honor of
Mis-. George G. Brook". It was a
chrysanthemum leeeptlon as the only
flowers employed In the large hand
Home rooms being thefcc- autumnal
beauties In huge clusters with mantel
decorations of delicate maiden hair
feins. Bauer and several members of
Ids orchestra occupied a position In
the library behind a screen of pulius
Mry. Brooks and her lovely daughter-in-law
lecelved In the drawing
ioom. About tho rooms Mi. (' I.
Matthews, Mrs. William McCluve.Mis.
T. It. Brooks, Mrs. W. B. MeCI.no,
Mrs. Willard Matthews, Mis. T. G.
Wolfe, and Miss Jennie Audi ens as
sisted In entertaining the many guests.
Mis. X. Y. Leet and Mih John T.
3tichards presided at the table in the
dining room, where Miss Frances Win
ton, Miss Clara Simpson. Miss Augus
ta Archbald and Miss Frances Piatt
assisted In serving. Mls, Huth Dale
nerved frappe; Miss Jennie Williams
poured tea.
Mrs. A. II. Shopland, who has been
rntei tabling her cousin, Mis. J. Owen
Mooie, of Wushlnstonville. X. Y., for
the past two weeks, gave a thimble
tea In her honor. Those piesent were:
Mrs. W. 1''. llnllstead. Mi". G. W.
Bushnell, Mis. C. II. Zehnder, Mis. G.
W. Fulton, Mis. Geoige Hand, Mrs.
M. U. Burnham, Mrs. W. W. Watson,
Mrs. Calvin Seybolt. Mis. J. Wilson
Peck, Mrs. B. II. Pratt, Mis. Kdwnrd
Whltlock, Mrs. J. A. Pennypacker,
Mrs. C. W. Klrkpatrick, Mis. I. A.
Capwell, Mrs. Chaunccy A. Reynolds.,
and Mr?. Goodwin O. Williams, of Xew
York. Mis. F. L. Crane, Mis Fran
ces Pratt and MLss Grace Noiton as
blsted In serving.
Mrs. Shopland entertained a few
friends at luncheon on Tuesday. Tho.se
piesent were: Mrs. J. Owen Moore,
Mis. W. F. Hallstead. Mrs. A. H. Wln
ton, Mm Charles K. Robinson, Mis.
Calvin Seybolt. Mis. Mooie is the
mother of a well Known visitor to this
city, formerly Mrs. Goldsmith, who re
cently married a German count of
great wealth and distinction.
Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Foster gave a
danclngpartyTuesday evening for their
daughter, Miss Bmma, and her guest,
Miss Curt!.-, of Xew Haven. Conn.,
and Miss Schieher. of Pittstield, III.
Among those piesent were. Mies Mabel
Schlager. Miss Gearhait, the Mlssvs
Geaihart, of Lock Haven, Mrs. S. P.
Allen, Miss Wanner, of Goshen, Ind.;
Miss Pleison, the Misses Hanley, Miss
Buck, Miss Edith Hill, the Misseji Al
lire, Miss Henwood, Miss Barker;
Messrs. "Will Hanley, James Geaihart,
Edward Nettleton, Ellison Snyder,
Warren Pierson, William Cunle, Young
and J. M. Chance.
Mr. and Mis. John Jcimyn hao ta
bued Invitations to the mairiagc of
their daughter, Susan May. to Mr.
Robert Arthur Downey, of Oswego, X
Y., Dec. 1, at noon, at St. Luke's church.
A surptlse party wns tendeied Jacob
Chrlstophel at his home, S15 Piescott
avenue, Wednesday evening. A large
number of friends weie present and
enjoyed the evening In the usual way
on such occasions. Previous to
their departure for homo tho guests
partook of u bounteous icpast. Those
preent were: Mr and Mrs. William
Williams, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Han Is.
Mrs. Haberstroh, Mrs. Isaac Williams,
Mrs. Thomas Davles and son, David;
Misses Xorma Meiedlth, Viola Eans,
Blrdella 12 vans, Emma Lewis. May
Samuel, Mary Burke, Edith Lloyd,
Margaret Thomas, Mary 'Chrlstophel,
Liziie Chiistophel. Xellle Williams;
David Glbbs. Mendie Davis. William.
Jones, David 'Price, Mr. Dean, Mr.
Van Burn, Peter Lewln and Bert Wood
w aj d,
Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Simpson and Miss
Simpson attended tho wedding of Miss
Vansickle, of Xew York, to Judge
Mann, of Galveston, Texas, on Tues
day. Tho brjde Is a school friend of
Miss Simpson.
A number of the Scranton guests at
the Pilneotoji-Yalo game laft Satur
day fared better than soveial thous
and other peoplo who were hungry and
tlilisly with a hunger and thirst that
eyenfoot ball was poweiless to sat-
Isfy. The Scrantonlans wete fed nnd
comforted through the canny Influence
of Mr. John Brooks, whoso club and
fraternity popularity at his nlma mater
were a material aid at this cilsls.
Tho fair of St. Luke's churcli lias
been a great success. In fact It lias
surpassed expectations to the desree
that It will close this afternoon, Instead
of this evening, ns previously planned.
This morning a enke sale will be held
and It Is hoped that the ladles who are
downtown on their morning shopping
expeditions will patronize the affair.
Movements of tojple
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Halo aio ut Sha
mokln. Miss Kthil Boles has icturued from
W. A. Lyons, of tho Now Yoik World,
Is In the city.
Miss Helen J hind Is llsltlng tilends in
New York clt.s .
J. i;. Caiman, esq., und family aie. re
siding In Haw ley.
Colonel F. J. l-ltzslmmons was Ju Car
bondalo this week.
Mr. and Mis. C. L. Grlltln we.ro In Xew
York on Thursday.
Mrs. D. E. Taj lor returned fiom New
York en Thar. day.
Mrs. Iliimnietskln. of Syracuse, Is ls-
Itlng her sister, Mrs. F. II. SllUman, tf
North .Main nconue.
Air und Mis. A. 11. Council attendcil tho
hoist- show this week.
Mr. Charles Reekwlth returned fiom
Princeton on Motidut.
Miss Esther Kline, of Willx s-H.nre,
was In town )stird.iy.
M)ci Davldow, tho shoe in. m, letmncd
fiom New Ymk )csti idat.
Mrs Etta liemeiit, of Wlll.i s-liaire,
was In tho eltv this week
Mlvs Lizzie IMtrllne, i.f AVilkes-U.iue,
Is visiting Soi anion liicnil"
Mr. Cm In, of the Leader d"y goods
house. Is hi New Yoik city.
Misses Baldwin, of Toil Jen Is, me In
tho tity, tho guests of liiends.
Mis. Kiithcrlno Wilcox was In Wilkes
B.uro the eaily patt of tho wed:.
Mr. Moillmer Fuller has letuined from
Viiglnla much lmpi cited in health.
Messrs. J. J. "Williams, T. )'. lMunan
nnd a party of fnci ds have leuum il Horn
North Carolina.
MI--S Ch eland who whs tin gnet t
Mrs. II. M. Bole-, has lttuincil lei In r
home In New Yoik.
Mr. Cluiii ltoii Bidwell, who will t ike the
pait of gland Imiulsltoi In iln "(icuuio
llei," unit d In t tie city tositielu)
Mls Mabel 11 tiding, who has ,,ei n the
guest of Mrs. W. F. Hallstt.ui 1ms n--till
noil to her heme In Itlnulialiuon
MKs Maud Kemiilck, who has ht en the
guest of Mis. E. C. L)iiilo, lux gone to
Wllkes-liano to spend u Uw das before
it tinning to her home In Jiostun.
On Wednesday last Mis, "'. E. Dean ai-
littd fiom Get man) a teaching her liniiu,
coiner Gieea Itldge stleet u'ld .Moliieit
:it-niie. the sanm evening. Dr. Dean met
her at New York.
Roland ll. 1'rav, adiante man of '"1 lie
GeMm," is ill the city completing nr
langements lm- tho production of the
opera at the Lteuin Thursday uf lemon .
and night of next week.
Mis. Whiting and daughter hate sud
denly bten called to Philadelphia on ne
eoimt of the M-rluus Illness or Mr. Amos
Whiting, who had gone thither to ui
tango for his futine lesldencc.
Mr. a.nl Mis. T. .1. Foster, Mr. and Mi
A. H Com se-n. Ml. B. E. Watson. 15. E.
Wnt-on. L J Di.'Wf". It. I. Soble. A.
Sllkman, Mrs. It. J. Foster and Mis C
E Sllkman were leslslind nt the St.
Denis, lu New Yoikflty, this week.
Dr. William Tod llelmuth made a
ery pleasing Impression on the occa
sion of his tWt he ic- the other even
ing. If Mr. B. II. Pratt patted his
hair In the middle all the wa fiom
his foiehead to the back of his neck
he would bear a very close lesemblanee
to the distinguished apostle of home
opathy. In fact, Dr. Hehnuth looks
eiy much like Lieutenant Greeley, al
though the latter is consideiablv
younger. The doctor lias such a suave
and genial niunner that the allopathic
physician who will not take him to his
heait must he a. teiy haid-lie.u te d
creature. Indeed
But It wns Mrs. llelmuth who excit
ed the most Intel est. A large poition
of the audience In the fiont of the hall
at the Albiight llbiary the other night
sat In a bias soil of fashion nnd made
Itself nearly noss-eyed In endeavoilng
to catch a glimpse of Mis. llelmuth,
midway down the room, and at the
same time pay polite attention to tho
elegant gentleman who wns occupying
the floor. Xow Ml. llelmuth is a
plump, lound-fneed lady of middle
height, with a certain grace of caulage
and a decided graclousness of manner
which people And most attractive. It's
a ttlck worth cultivating to bo able to
make- each person who talks with you
live minutes believe that you aio ex
tremely Interested In her. I cheerfully
icconimcnd this hint to young men in
society, who are rather prone to con
duct themselves on tho plan that It
Isn't wot th while to be agreeable ex
cept to tho fair young girls whom all
the fellows want to marry, foi getting
that a little haunless civility to the
matrons, who chiefly do the entertain
ing of tlie season, may have Its com
pensation In securing friends nt court
as well as tending to provide a miracu
lous outfit of loaves and fishes indefi
nitely Some young men, you know,
seem to labor under the hallucination
that tho pleasure of seeming them for
a dinner paity or the satisfaction of
having them within call when out of
town girls are guests in the house, Is
as much bliss as any reasonable hos
tess has any light to expect in this
world, and that there the obligations
for couitcsles end.
But dear me! Wheie was I at? Oh,
Mrs. llelmuth. And hero I nm sajlng
unkind things to the young men. win u
ung men never lead this column.
Well, sho"hasa way" with her, as tho
young man said of the lasclnatlng
young woman In the balind. It's a
nice way and makes you actually bo
liete that inside her blessed head ate
bomo such Ideas as these, us she greets
you. "Oh, heio Is somebody who Is
really Interesting. I'm glad I rame.
We uro fiultu congenial In thought I
do wish the other people would stay In
the background und let us talk to each
other." Of course, she doesn't say ull
this. In fact, sho says very little, but
she somehow gives jou tho Impression
thnt she'd like to say something of
the kind, nnd you leluctantlv pass on,
metaphorically patting yourself on the
head. It Is so nice to meet people who
send ou on patting yourself on tho
head. They are the Jugglers of tho
world who can transform the hay, wood
and stubble of life Into the rich lustra
of Jewels and gold by tho magical
alchemy of their deftness nnd tact. I
know two such women in this city.
There are others, but I'm only going to
mention theso now. One Is stately
und magnificent lu pose nnd queenly In
face and form. Sho has always tho
nlr of tho great lady she Is, but more
than all this, sho has a sweet graclous
ness, nn unconscious flattering tone In
her very volco that makes you feel
warm all around your heart. It Is such
a good feeling and causes you to re
joice that tho dear .ord mndo some
women lofty In spirt, noble nnd pittc of
thought, and yet so slender and wo
manly, Instead of narrow and earning
and critical. This Is all veiy fresh lu
my mind because I wus talking with
her only yesterday.
And the other woman? Oh, I like
to speak of her. She Is little und
dainty, with a tidiness of mind that a
monarch might envy, and a brilliance
of wit thnt would make her fortune
In almost any sphere. She has graces
and accomplishments unnumbered, but
better than nil, sho has this same In
definite chaim of manner that en
thralls the foitunate ones who come
within her atmosphere. I wish she
would tell her seciet to ine. Some tnuy
say It is ton good to be tine; that it
Is only a dazzling spntkle on the sur
face, and doesn't eome fiom the henit,
hut I can't believe Hint, and, anyway,
I'd talher have her Just ns she is even
If iiipposlng which I am not that she
doesn't quite mean It till. It makes my
heart warm at any rate, and that Is u
blessing 'In this world, vheie theio me
so many other people who give me- a
But the wnv I do wander fiom Mis.
llelmuth! Well, you tan see nt once
why she gets to be president of wo
men's club nnd Is so much ndnilied' by
her own sev. It is that "way" of hois.
She Is feminine and dainty and cor
dial, and she has a ilelt, Ilatteilng
glance that takes you all In. Then she
likes people. You can tell that. She
Is actually Inleiested In them and
their plans. Of eouise, she Is a club
woman. She was gileted to Und that
Seianton had not ndvanccel mole In
that dliectlon, and enthusliistlcalb de
e hired that we nie missing n gient deal
In not tiylng to do mint- for women in
general in one gicat conceited incite
ment. She evinced considerable Intel -est
In the Green Itldge Women's club,
and no doubt could hate been of gieat
assistance to that enteipilslng slstel
hood had her advice been sought.
What did she wear? As If that niat
teis. And et you know and 1 know
and everybody Knows that ll does mat
ter a lot. The woman who dresses
well and that may not nn an epen
sltely has, ten advantages uter the
one who goes about looking fmwsy and
dowdy, with a two-ye'ai-uld tut to htr
sKlit and a queer bat.
Mis. llelmuth wus gowned In blown,
diagonally striped with black a ihh
and beautiful material. It fitted to
perfection and was elegant In cut. The
fiont had a pretty silk vt of a ualo
color, with an Intricate seiles of lapels
of shaded el vet. The little Lonnet
worn with It was entliely haiinonlous
In hue nnd rested gimefullv on her
prettily aiinnged giay hall. It Is said
of her that she never makes a mis
take in die. which Is inui- than win
be said of the average woman m the
iim tagt- liiudlste.
Dear me! I had a long list uf u
semhlnnees routi United bt many
liiends, who consider that last week's
efforts lu that diiectlon weie most In
complete, but the printer mail dec l.iu-s
that these lemarKs must come to an
end sometime and pathetically Imiulies
'Why not now?" So they must wall.
I have one more thing to say
Ye dear ladies who want to be lovely
in fuci- and who desire also to pieseite
the jouthful appeal ante of eyes, hall
and complexion, read what will he said
in this column next week The skill
ful jottng person who has heen able to
wniK some muacuious lesults In cei
tain cases has been out of the city tin
a few weeks, but has i etui ned and
has promised to confide some of her
seciets of the toilet tor the benefit of
The TilCifne readers through the tiled-
turn ol "saucy Hess.
In Time of Peace.
"What makes Brown sc oulet of
lat? He hasn't a wotd to say, and
he used to be u gieat talkei."
"He's in training."
"In tinlulng for what?" -"He
expects to marry the piesidont
of the Young Women's Debating so
ciety." Chicago Evening Tost.
My Lady Nicotine.
She Just like jou! Why I don't
know what'd you'd ill It ou had to
choose between youi old pipe and me.
He Well, but ic member thai pipes
Improve with age, wnllu women ,
El Liberal.
The Fiist Endeavor.
Sing no song of distant glm,
Whi-ro the battle snioku Is curled;
Llngci not to hear the stoiy
Of a hero's Hug untuilid,
Let the pageantry go gloaming;
Let tho eternits gtlmly stalk.
Such tl.lngi h" of shallow scorning
Slnco the baby tried to walk.
First a smile, setene confiding:
Nct a look of teiroi deep,
Then a start; a timorous gliding;
Now n wee pathetic Inap.
Loving hands. nutttr-tchcd, nie uc.it him,
Fiom his own sh. loitering talk
Lot tug words ale culled to chcei hlni.
So tho baby leatns to walk.
How that sndlo of s'lf-iellaneo
Must glow faint It later eais!
How the glances of defiance
Shall bo dimmed again with te.iisj
May there still be Unite beside hlni,
Itendv ell mischance to balk
Gentle picsencos to guide hlni
As when llrst ho learned tc w ilk
Washli gum Star
Receives Good Advico from Fel
low Workmen ,&jfrfij$
Tho Wholo Story Told by HlsWIfo--It
May Help You. "Al
' "When my littlo boy was six years old
he had an attack of tho measles, and alter
recovering he was restless at night, had
no appetite, and was cross and fretful.
Later on, larfjo blotches and sores broke
out on his face and limbs. We were told
they would heal In a few days; but
these few days grew into months. One
day ray husband, who Is a well-known
railroad man, was advised by some of his
fellow workmen to give tho boy Hood's
Barsapurllla. We concluded to do so, and
after he had taken the first bottle wo
noticed some Improvement. We kept on
giving blm this medicine until he had
tskon three bottles, when he wbb com
pletely cured, and he has been well ever
Blnce." MBS. E. J. MILLKU, Bennett, la.
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Is the best In f aot the Oae True blood Purifier.
Bold by all druggists. 81; six for fi.
-i i n:tl- rt0 nnt ciu',fl paw or
I iuuu is rina
Krlpe, All druggists. Vic
Profwor.T Alficd Pennington, director of the Scrrnton Conserva
tory of Mudc and oiganlst of Elm Park church, has consulted to re
plv In tho Saturday Trlbcno to questions concerning mtiiflc and musi
cal topics asked by Tribuiio rcndcis. Every reader Intended lu mindo
Is nt llbertv to iixk for Information. Questions may by nddrvs'od to
"Musical Question Box, caro of Tribune," or they muv bo addressed
to Professor Pennington. Only the writers' Initials will nrpear In
connection with the answers to their imestlons. They may sign ficti
tious Initials If they desire to letnaln ctitltcly unknown.
X. V. Some of cur fi lends aio In the
chouts of "The acudollers" now bo
rehe.used. consequently that opera
is much discussed. Would you mind
giving a synopsis of tho onera In the
"Question Hot?" 1 nm sure thoio urc
many besides myself who would bo
greatly interested In It.
In last Satin day's "Question Box"
we left the Gondoliers with Marco and
Giuseppe, who wcio to act together
as King, cinbatklng on the "Xebeqiie"
for tho Hand of Baiatiitla. where all
nie- to Jin engageu in me Hiinus oi
state. Tho second act opens' with n
scene of a pavilion In the palace of
Raratnila. Mateo and Giuseppe, m.'ig
nlllcently diossed. nie seated on two
thrones, occ upled In cleunlng the ciown
and tho sceptre. The Gondolleis ate
discovered dl eased, some as1 eourtlet",
otllceis of lank, etc., and othets as
private soldleis und servants of uni
ons degtees. That they aio dellghte 1
with their new stations' Is shown by
the following which they sing heartily:
Of happiness the teiy pith
lu Paralalia jou nnv ce
A monarchy that's tempered with
Rupilbllial. eciunlltv.
This form ot got eminent wo lltnl
The heiiu Ideal ot its kind
A despotism sttlct, combined
With absolute equality.
It seems that the fact that Maico and
Giuseppe ale to ait as one pel sou
until ll Is decided who Is the actual
King has In ought to these gentlemen
some Ineontc nleni e since their In) a!
sltlijei t-i have Intel Pi eted the state of
urt'uiis tun llte-tnll), and an supplying
them with only one latlon between
them. Giuseppe complaining of this, It
Is dee hied that the gtlevanee shall b
In ought up for argument In-fine- the
full cotiit. Giuseppe's and Mario's po
sition as mler Is summed up lit the
founer m follows; "We ate i ailed
'Yout Majesty,' we ate nllnttil Ho
pin chase lor out selves magnificent
clothe", our subjects fiequently nod
to us In the stiects, the sentiles al
ways I etui n our salutes', and we enjoy
the Inestimable pilvilege of bending
the stibsi ilptlmis to all tho ptlitclpal
Rising e.ul) In the niuinlng
We proceed to light our tu
Then our MaJestv udiiining
III Us woik-a-ilay atthe.
Weemh.uk without delay
On the duties of tho iIji.
Giuseppe hen- enumerates some of
the Klugl) duties in a humoioiis song,
a pait of which Is ,ui follows:
Aflei Ihi't we M nt i.illc
Go mil ill ss our pi Kate tii.t
(IlV a ratlnr uertous diit) he s a toll. h
little in mi
Wilte some Klteis llteiaiv
For our pi It ute soeieliiit -lie
W -hakv in his spelling, so wo help
him if we c nn.
Thu lu tlew of u.itli.jr Inner
We to down and i idii dlnpe,-;
Then we polish the It' f' Ha and the Curo
nitlon piate.
Spend an hum tltltatlmr
All nm- lii-nili nieii-h.-ttalliii?.
Or we nm oi, little eiiiiuds J in t'n minis
ters of state1.
Alter some cuineis.utnn on the sub
jeet, Klnss and fourth is all aKiee
that the only cloud to their complete
Iripplness In lUiiatailn Is the- absence
of all female soeiett. Mnieo then. In
a suns. Kites a lecipe- for complete
happiness'. Scaicely has ho t-udi-cl
than the chorus of contudlne ennie mn
tiliiK In singing:
lieio wei uio ut the iKk of our lltes,
From iter so fin, iu.il ve'tu bi ought ou
tour wives
And to that end we'te i lossed the mall.,
And we don't Intend to leturti nR.iin. Ktc.
Te'sa and Ohinetta In a duet desire
tn know all about lift- In Haraturia.
This deslie Is .seconded by all the con
tudlne. Wo shall all ko on ri(instln,r
Till toll toll us. neter doubt It,
I'.t oi thlnff is Inter sth k.
Tell u, tell us ull about It
Tint moie than all, Ulanotta and
Tessa desire especially to know which
of them If actually queen. They aie
told that that question can not be de
cided until the old nurse has been
luousht. The matter of special lmpoi t
anco now before- the mint Is how to
fitly celebrate the honeymoon and they
decide to danco tho "cachucha." Hero
follow f the danelns of that celebrated
Spanish dunce, which Is the most beau
tiful featuie of the opera. Thcr cott-
tadlno with castenets, the gondoliers
with tomboilnes, accompanied bv tho
orchestia to music of the most bu
tt itchlns nature, nnd with a llbeial
use of calcium colored IIrIUs entity
the sense of beauty of both eye and
ear. It Is llrst danced by the Iloynl
nuaititte, the otheis In the meanwhile
slimlns, and afterwards all dance to
the accompaniment of the orchestra.
Tho dance is suddenly Intciruptcd
by the unexpected appeal anei- of tho
"Clrand Inquisitor," Don AUiambra.
who looks on with astonishment. Mar
co and Giuseppe appear embaiassed.
Tho others mil olf. Hcte follows an
ainushur dlulocue between Don Al
hambtu and the KIur-, that Is. jratco
and flluseppe. The Urn ml Inquisitor
was shocked In seeing a footman dnnc
liiK. but 1h promptly Informed that It
was the "Lord HiKh rootman." Ht
then mentions having seen u "com
mon littlo (liummer boy," but was
told that It was tho "Lord High Drum
mer Hoy." Tills docs nrjt satisfy his
Ideas of courtly customs and he pro
ceeds to enlighten Marco and Oluseppe
on courtly etiquette, following it up
with a song.
Giannetta and Tessa lp-te enter im
obseiveil and listen to the Gland In
qulsltor's announcement that the
Duke and Duchess of liaza Toro, with
their daughter faslldn, have arrived
In llirataila nnd aio expected anv mo
ment. Marco nnd (Jiilseppe leply that
theio coming Is nothing to them. Don
AUiambra expresses tho opinion that
the coming of the diuiKhtor makes a
great deal of dlffeieiice to them that
is. to one of tliem. and pioceeds to
explain that sho was married to th-i
king of Harntarla when they were both
InfnntH, and that the only thing left
now Is to decide which ot them Is
king. Thin announcement causes a
sensation. Tessa and Giannetta now
tonu forward, and, upon the Grand
Inquisitor asking who they are, ho Is
curtly told that they aro tho wives
of Maieo mid Gulseppe. Tho young
ladles ate new in great dlsttess, Ono
of them Is properly married nnd the
other Isn't. Now who Is and who Isn't?
Don AUiambra says the matter will
soon bo cleared up us the old nurse
Is oven now In tho Torture Chamber
waiting to be Interviewed. The two
kings and their wives engage In u
quartette In which decidedly adverse-
ciltlclsnis uit- passed upon fa
sllda. A piocesslon of relalneis now en
ter Vlth a fan fa ic of trumpets, fol
lowed ny tin- Dtieni patty, who nto
dressed In tho utmost magnificence.
Tlie l-ctnlncis slug
With Ducal pomp r.t.d Ducal pildo
(Aunouncu these counts
O ju kettle ill winners!)
Conies liarataila's hlgli-botu bride.
O'u sounding e) minis iking!)
Sho omcs to claim the Ilcjal hand
U'liicMilm their Giacos
tl Jo double bas"i s!
Of the Klng.who lilies ihls gno'll) land.
,tYe lin.o?i luas-e.s bang')
The Duke demands an audit nee of
the kings and, while wailing lor them
to iippe.il-, scteral impoitunt nuuteis
ate- discussed, ending with a. humorous
duel ly the- Duke and Duchess. Their
Mujestleu now appear anil make i mi
leal "iidcavois to be polite, laling the
olM-qulous toinu'llty of the- Ducal par
ty a-i their models. The Duke heie jul
dlesse.s "the- gentleman which mt
daughter mariled, whichetfl' Is he,"
and extols Casllda's meilts lie ends
by finding soilous fault lu the fact that
they w.n i.'it lecelvc-d by a gmud of
honor, a ro)al salute, tilumphiil uichcs
cir the- llngmg of bell. (Jlltuoppt- beys
lb' Duke to overlccik this fact on the
se me that they wre hi ought up lu
gondohis and weie not Informed of the
loyel etliiuette. Tile lit l heie sing a
quaitette-, elanclng a gavotte- at the
sain-- time, the Duke Instiui Hng Mar
co 'inci f.iiiseppo. how It should be dull
and thc-v miikc- awkwaid atteinpts lu
learn. At tin- cud the Duke and Dm h
cs.s leave Ca-dl'la alone with Giuseppe
and M.nii-0. They L-nU-r into i-nnteisu-th
ii, and nto joined b) Ti-ss.i und elian
ni'tl.i, who explain to I'lislldn who they
ale. They nil join 111 a quintette: to
the e-ltect thai
Till ilinn "li ill i Iim .-
To solto llu 111 tc ll
hlch wile Is thu-e
Who.-, wile Is wlilclr.
Tho throe .toting blldc-s helib) imie-i-To
act as one and l-ot as Ullee,
And both I heir lords till tint H ilone,
Two gentl men lohul Into one.
They agiec- that the c oinblnatloti of
th'- tl'.iee jilting ladles since they inc
ut ling us ore, shall be called Jenny,
and that the two gentlemen shall be
culled Thomas To cany out the Idea
of their being bitf n:ie, the- three young
htdlt-s speak fi tlie-r, saying the same
words, ditto the gentlemen, wlilih
pioduce a most amusing effect.
Don Alhambta, the Duke and Duch
ess, and all the c hoi Us eater at this
point. Don Vlhanibia Mugs;:
Now let the lual llepis gather ininul
The. foster n othei has N en linind'
She will cU ei. tu- to sii,-r daiions souint
Uho lUiitlul King lit him foilhwith .
Don Alhambia lieu- bi lugs fuiwiinl
Inez, the- I'lince'fa foster mother, who
lb peu-mptorily told to "Speak, wom
an, speak," by all. Inez in a leeita-
tlve sln','s:
The Kouil I'llnce was by the King ou
tlasted To my fond cuio, cic 1 piow old and
When traltois camo to steal his son ic-
J!v own small boy I deftly substituted:
The villains tell Into a tinp comilotel
I hid tho I'linto awn) still slcetiiug
I call him "son" with pardonable slj-
Ills name. I.uiz: Heboid his Uoyal illnh-
Theie Is a sensation as Luis as
cends the thione. ciowned ami robed
as king. Cnslldn lushes Into Lulz'
aims and nil sing'
Is this Indi ed the King?
Oh, ttontlii us loti-l.illon!
Oh. uni-peeted thing!
I'lilooketl-fci situation!
Marco, Giannetta, Giuseppe and Tes
sa e'eclaie that they receive the news
with sentiments conllicting. "On one
nolnt lather sore, but r,n the whole
delighted." Maico and (Jlusueppu de
cide to retiiin to their old vocation In
Venice and the chorus tiics:
Then hall, O King of r gulden laud!
And the high-born bihlu who claims Ids
hand, i:tc.
and all unit" In the Hmil choius:
ov, good-l))e Cachuciia, fandango, lm.
We'll dance a fan-well to that measuii
Old Xeles. tulloii .tilII2imlllo .Monte ro
Wu loatu .toil with toelllib'S of ploasuio.
Oiganlst Will you kluiJy lec.un
mtiid soiiio toluiit&rlcs fCM' church use
that ire not ospec Lilly tlllluull. I
hate, tiled various celloetloiu but tho
pieces ate tco short and not teiy In
teresting. Answer. I can lieuitlly leeommend a
collection of toluntailes compiled by
Sir John Stuini-r, fuuueily organist of
Ht Paul's e-atheclial, London, nnd Mi.
A f Cunnlughum, published by No
vello, Hwer & e'o , I.nndon The pieces
Our littlo daughter hail r.czcnu from birth.
Tin) parts afflicted would becomo terribly In
Hamuil, and water would ouzo out liko great
beads uf perspiration, finally tliU would dry
up and tho sU In would crack and peel off, HI o
BiilTercd torrllily. Hid to put soft mlttcm on
her hands to keep her from scratchlug, Tuo
ot our leading phjslclans did not help licr.
After bathing her with Cuiiccm Bo.tl, I
applloil Cutici iu (ointment) f rcclt ,aud gai o
lior C'uncoRA Umm rT legularly. Plie iw
jirwcil at once und is now ntr r trouble J, 1 lio
statements I hato inailo aro absolutely true
aud i.ot exaggerated lu any tray.
nU West SliloSnuare.BprlugUcld, 111.
Ilcuon, witu LussorlliiK Wrm titbwliK Cun
ciiu Soir.acDiK annlntinet Ith CuTir(ia.pumtef
mnltiint tbin cnrei, intl mild doinof CL'l let Hi Insula
vvfT,c:tc.tolti ooil puriflyri ind bumoi curti.
SaM Ihmoshout th or!1. J-urtit I r. Coir , Ft1
I'l j.ii , llo.iua. liowiuCun Dibj'iSklo Pixuti.fiK,
United States Senator Tabor Says
That It Should Now Be Used.
lb tent events showed that a canipl
Is mure ilangeioii- than a battle Not I
only lu the anil), but In mdlnait lite,
moie lltes aie lost by a heedless ill--leganl
of the lipglnnlngs of pooi health
than by all ulht i i.iusis toinbiiied
D.tspepslii i- neitoiisues is absolute
ly liiex usable now. Theie Is no moie
reason for a man or a woman eating
with poor appetite or sleeping pout I v
or siifteiiug loutlnually fiom neiiialgla
or ihelimatlsui todav than theie is of
his or her going without the net "!-
ties of life.
Utery ciindld pel son who has diagg-d
along under the clepiesslug efl'ei ts of
neite and lu.iiu exhaustion, needs to
take to lii.lll the winds of sllih uu
lilnsed peisous as Senator Tabei, who
cannot alloi'tl to altuih their guuiau
too to mi) thing they hate not theinsi-l-es
Dint or, I'u'ii. Sept. 'M, Is'.is
Messis. Wells, Klchutdson nnd fniii
pany, Iluiilngton, Vt. I hi-aitlly :i
commend your l'nlui-'s feieiy fom
pouud. It is the one itiueily w hh h shot-Id
be wldelt ll" tl. 1 hate used It, and 1
appear in patts, or in books, e-ai h t ou
tallling seteial opening and conclud
ing voluntaih-s. The music Is model -ately
easy and jet is cuiofully chosen
and veiy effc-ctlte. Sixteen books, or
paits hate alieady appealed and oth
eis ale to follow. The)' may be oh.
tallied at the publishers' New Yoik
house, oi tluough any music dealer.
- o
For l.uk of spate, seteial questions
have been held tit c-r until next Sat
in day. J. A. P.
"Musltnl Anieilca," one of the lead
ing publications devoted to music lu
this cnuntiy, contains the following
concerning tlie great tenor I'wui Will
iams, who will appeal In this city .it
tho coming conceit of tlie Kyinphony
On the other side of the Atlantic (Ju
luuiiy and ltalv aie not the only 'LmitN
of Song." There- K for Instance, tho land
of Wales win to, six coutuiles ago, the,
IhiglNh tjiant who slew the hauls by
hundreds at fouway was piompted to
pay 'Let me mn'io their songs, and 1
caro rot who mike their laws. Natur
allv C'litiURll. Welsh lilnod Ills contilbui.-d
much to the- tletloimient ot mask lu this
country, that has mid all other counlilis
undi t coiitilhutloii to m il.t- tho lounili
tlou of Its nit sti uc tut i-. One Heeds oulv
a slight in qiiiilntaiii i- with WeWh sut
nainis to u-etii-tnl'ie how fair aud lull Is
tho contrlbiitltm of tin- little principalis
Lio) d, Datls, Tho'iias lor c-;aniiile. nm
thoioughly iiish. And now the home
of the Klstedilfod hiiH glten Ann ilea a
man who Is recognized as Amen lea a
gieatcst tenor R an Williams.
He bus leally been glteii to Amflili.i,
not merely lent; belongs to lur und has
1 elongcd to her fi mi willy boyhood. Uoin
hi Wales lu ivijs. ll was in Ohio, lu tho
compiu lively obscuie cltv of Akiou, tint
mi American ooal teacher. .Mine, ton
relhtseh, hail the Intuitive powoi to dis.
com r his Rift.
I'p to this time Dvan Williams had
iluno nothing m ike- hlni famous oiitsidn
of his own Intimate elide, He had id
w.is boon a slngei, which wns not In It
self iiiiUMial in tho little Ohio oolonv of
Welsh mlneis. and he had mauled tally
at tho iigti of twr-nt) and neither was
that uncommon. lie hi loused to amateur
clubs and sing lu chinch choirs. Tho
l.cttt r fin t helped htm on to fame and
wVilth, lor It HUKi,estod to him to com
pete for a position In the dinlr of a Ncv
Yoik ihurih. ilo got the- position, and
with It a salary of J) u soar, which to
tb.i Hi an Williams ot those dats four
)ears ago meant nllluento. What this
first success nnaut was far moie than
uitinl proiperlty; It wus the mean 4 of
placing hlni whole his powers would bo
rc-cognUed, and iccognlzod they weie. In
two yea lb" lime tho Impiosatius saw that
this new tenor would lm a paying thing
for them, and then the etmtii'vnuuts be
gun to pour In. It was a small thing
that he wits mndo soloist at another
ditirdi nt moro than twice his foimor
snlal.t. It wus a much guater thing that
he be-camo olio of the blight stain of tho
Woicoster festival that yeai WW when
Nordlca was theio lo .diure tho honois.
The spontaneous nnd ovorw helming out.
'must of npplauso which gieotod llvau
Williams' rondorlng of the trllo "Culm
Anlniam" on that occasion was Musical
Anioilcu's welcomo lo her latest acqui
sition. It was not merely the anutoml.
cal perfcrtlmi of the singer's tluout that
tuouicil this enthusiasm. It was the maul
, fe-jiatUui ot tho Welshman's subtly syin-
thiefoie 1 now whereof I speak.
c-rt Tiuly Yoiiri,
N A W. Tabor.
Till lie lit l' S St Illltlll-
Du ton sutfi r tioiu iiisoniu.il'.' .Vie
Jim olio ot those lnileh to be pltb-d
liulltidual who wit-stle with the pill iw
thinugh Hit- long hours of the nig'.t
and llse in ihc moiiiliig with hagg.ud
feature's anil hollow eyes'.' If so, fiki
atlvuntage of the luinni liable power
ot this gieatest of all lemcdlc-i for
lc-stoilng sttouglh.
faille's feleiv C'onipound calms and
equullKos all the nertous tissues aim
Induces the body to take- on solid lle-n.
Xeivous deblllt) causes timidity,
depiosslon and lm k of confltlerce In
the slitisKle of life, wheieas plenty of
nei tons fence insmes self lellanc.
enteipi l-i"- and piospeilty. In untoltl
liumliei.s of cases the- lack of succesi
can easily be- tiaced to the- simple
lack of nei t e fence.
Theie Is no better foundation for per
manent uuod health, or a better pr
paiation for toping with haul work
and the taxing stialn of life than lkh,
leil. puie blood and plenty of It, ac
quired li) use of I'allie's Celery Com
pound. l'h)sclans ieiogiil.e I'alne'M Colery
('ti.npound as the one scientlllc lemcdy
lor it-stoilug health and strength to
tile- woin-olll yj.stem.
patht'it cum pliuu of the luiliau's woik.
And it is this i onilili.ulioii ol the higher
villi the lowoi bill Hint plnc-i s l.Viin
Willl.iui- wln-iu he Is toda) at tho head
nt Alilelba's tt nm slnijt'is.
The et tiling of tho Lth has been an
iiiiiiuceil tor the thlitl uiituiuii organ re
t Ital ll. the Piot ldoi.ee- Picshyturinii
c hutch. The locltnls of f", ptember .mil of
thrt-e wetks ago by Profcssoi l'cimtngt'iii
nnd Miss l'liiieiicc- lilchmond woiti of .i
high older and a meat ilollght to th-i
laige audiences and It Is confidently .i"
siiitd that this high inoiiloilous standaul
will bo fully siiHtniiied by l'loltssor Cai
tt r, who Is to picsldt- ut ihls coming io
i Inil. Prejlosfor fuller lies m Suaiiton
a host of ulmlicis ol his musical
genius and he will doubtless have u in f
i.iige- mullein e lo listen to hlni hi tho
Piotldince- I'll sb.Moi Ian chinch. 'I Ilo
lecitnl 1st ope 11 to the public, no tickets be
ing sold, t hough a slltcr olfcilng Is le
ctlttd at the dooi.
. H
Willi spie-ael Intetcst has boon mani
fested among the- musicians und public
ut huge- regaldlng the- Hell Symphony
conceit, which has brt-n booked for thu
Ljcmm cm the ISlh ot this month. Tho
symphony lo be plated Is Mendelssohn
tuneful Italian s)iniihony. a most beia
tltul woik. Other woll. s by Gile-g and
fhoiublnl will be plu)od. An oteitiue.
"The Water fan In." by flie-rublnl, wl.l
pioto lo be out of the- most popular niim
bci.s on the lutigiutnnie. The S)tuphoay
bj)s and glils destitc a huge audience.
Among tt mplltnentaty things said no-v-a-da
- ab( ut some- g oil thoils nt our
city iintl the high cutler tit tletotional
music which the maintain, Mi. f l'
Whltttinoii- and his cotcile of elghtee-n.
slngeis sec in lo bo securing a good shnia.
Ot course the lino largo organ iccently
placed in thu Prutldenei- l'rosbyterlau
chinch has iluno much to strengthen thu
musical loatuies nt worship of that con
gregation, bat lien i tlu-less asldo liom
this fact and exdusltoly on their own.
meilts tho choir under tho jklllful direc
torship and by painstaking devotion to
choir practice) ic-.illy desert e tho gen
erous mi oil of pialse of the worshippers
in that chutili Tho membois nt tha
11. i.i'lil.m. .. i 1ml i ll linllt f III I lir MTlll Itll ll
mission of s,ieie-d mu-lo and no doubt
their geuoious i-pptt elation ot that fact
has much to do lu cneoutaglug their
master and oth-r membois ot the choir. A
music loving und a cholr-cncouiaslng con.
gregutlou havo not a littlo to tin in secur
Ing helpful and lellglotisly uplifting ser
tlco for the choir loft.
I ! I!
The last oigau lecltal rendoivtl In V.m
P.ilk chinch whl be repeated 111 Wllkos
Uarie In the near fi'tiuo.
From New Zealand.
nccftuu, New Zealand. Nov. 23, 1S96.
I nm i cry pleased to state- that since
I tiuk the agency of fhambei Iain's
iconic lues i lie sale lias been te-iy large,
inoit' i-spt dully of the fough Kemedy.
In two years 1 have sold moie of thU
nm t Icnln r lemedy than of ull other
makes lor the- previous live- yeuis. Ai
to Its elhcucy, I have been informed
by fccoiea of poisons of the good le
sulls they hate- ii'celvcd from It. und
know Its value fiom tho use of it lu
my c,wn household. It Is so pleasant
to take that wo have to place the bot
tle beyond thu icai-h of the chlldicn.
13. J. Scuntlebiiry
1'cr sale by nil druggists. Matthew
lijotheis, wholesale und retail agents.

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