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It Will Again Be Called
Up in the Senate
for Action.
Senator Bacon Will Dwell on the
Question of Extension of Territory-Opponents
of the Treaty
Profess Great Confidence in Being
Able to Defeat It Upon a Vote.
Both Branches of Congress Will
Adjourn to Attend Mr. Dingley's
Funeral Work 'Mapped Out for
the House.
V. ashltigton. .nil. 11 It Is the pur
loir oi Senator Davis, in dim bo of the
p.a'o treaty, to asaln rail It up as
Hion as it can 1- true lied without dis
placing other me --.urcs which take pte
oodonco under the existing orders of
lie senate. These measures are the
Indian appropriation bill and the Nlca
l.iguan c.itia! bill.
Under the n gi foment made Imst w'eck
tin,- canal bll' will He taken up at :i
o't lock Tttcnlai lor discussion in
speoehc. not to exceed 15 minutes In
dui'ition Tln'io is tio agieumoiU for
a vote "in the bill, but the belief is
reii'-ral tint the undci .standing alieady
readied will lend to an e.tily vote. The
senatois opposed to the pending bill
cxpivss no Intention of tivlng to pie
oiii a vote and the it lends of the bill
air- veiy onfidnt that this eulmlna
iion v II 1 not be postponed beyond AVod
tiesOu. Senator Mot gait, who haw led
the contest for the nioasuie, today ex
pised the opinion that the tinnl vote
would he reached hefore adjournment
Tuosdn. lie does not exped a great
many lllteen tnliiute speeches and he
JfdlctH thai the bill will ro through
without being amended In any esen
tlul particular. The acceptance by the
poinnilttec of the Boirj amendments
has h.nl the 1'iTect of lomovlng much
of the opposition to the bill, and theio
is believed to be llttlo doubt of Its
passage when the vote Is taken.
The senate will attend the f uncial
of Ropoi.soiitatlvi- Dingloy Monday at
noon but after the (etemon the sen
ators will icturn to their elesks and
lcsumo tomdderatlou of the Indian bill.
This bill may contlnui to hold atleii
tlon until Tui'Sdnv and If such should
prove to be the ease, further consld
eintion oi the tieatv would be post
lioiied until after fiction upon the Nl
eaiagua bill In the meantime the
pension and diplomatic apptoprlatlon
bill will h.ive to be repot ted ftom the
committee on appreciations, but it
is not tlie put pose at present to Rle
tluni pi.iecl"ti(.( 0ei the treaty. Sca
nt r Dads, clnl-man nf the foielgn
i latlon committee, and Senator Allt
Fm. clniirntnn of the appropriations
committee, nic working In perfect har
mony, a that no clash bttweon the
tl -nty and the supplj bills Is piobdble.
Seratot Bacon has given notice of a
spied) on the ueiier.il question of ex
tenHlon ot teriltory on Wednesday.
His addtcss will be based upon the
involutions regaidlng the status of the
I'lllplnos Introduced by himself some
time since, and its delivery mav lead
to considerable deb-Uc, practically on
the tieaty In open session. It is also
probable that theie will b.( nmw. ..
less discussion of the :esolutlon of Sen
ator Hoar for the recognition of the
independence of the Filipinos, Intu
duced on Saturday last. It to also
understood that Mr. Allen, at the flist
opportunity, will continue to talk on
his resolution for the investigation of
the conduct ot the war Altogethei tho
outlook Is against any serlom consid
eration of the tteaty betore Thursday.
The opponcntb of tho treaty piofess
Kreat -onfldence in being able, to de
feat It, upon a, vote, and to believe that
the frlnds of the agreement will seek
to postpone a vote until next session.
The Democtntio opponent? of the
agreement nave held seieia! meetings
during the past week and thoie vio
have attenderl profess to bo eiv hope
ful conceinlng the outlook. Thev cUlm
14 votes In opposition, or three oit.ie
than necessary to defni. They inv
they will be satisfied to havo the treaty
lutlllud piovldlng Tti amendment Is or.'.
Matted upon 't tirelsrlnir igsinst th
ir.alntenanr.e of novel elnntv In tint
Philippines, but the supporteis n- the
tieaty decline so far to giant any such
eoiicsslon. Heme of them indie, tic a
wl.lltmness to adopt a separate tcso
lutnii to this uid, and Ic is not m
P lble .hat this course may lr pur
sued. Tin supporters of the tiiat do
not ei.ilin to bo in the last dmtuihed
over the outlook Thy count upon
onsld ble delay m secuilug action,
but stlP hold to tlicii '-.intention that
the tr"ilv will be i.ulflecl Just as it
came to the striate.
wokk or Tin: housi;.
'i In a oil; or the house dutitiir tbo
coming; woek will lie owunst with ili.i
sod lltej aturidiii;; the llnil tiibutej
t') J!:- Uliuley. These will be hi Id 'u
the lions of teprewntathcH nt noon
toiromnx inil iiitiiodlat ly following
taini the house will ddjouiu for the
ta. On Tuesday the le';lslatlit wmlv
of the homo will bo resumed with the
naval pot.ioiinal bill turning oer tuna
last Krldav. i'.ut the peisotitiel bill
may nt displaced by tho contested elec
tion eako f Urcwn -vs. Mvnnsnti. for
mal iiotloa having beu given that It
would he cilled up on Tuos.Ja. An
cledlon ease haus the hlgnest prlvlloge,
and If th unttue Is carried out the
pOi'HvttCt hill will go over.
V r..i In.1 has been si t uslde for the
1 (jnti'iliti". ua interstate and foreign
r iiHiieicu, an agreement to that effect
hadnt, been made before the holldajs.
"iw iniiBt important bill this commit
t" ban on the calendar is that pro
vJ'Jlnc for a pacific table running to
77 ,v--
" ' v .
Viauall and thence to Japan. Hy Thins
day the postofilce approptlation bill
will bo lcpoitcd and ready to take up
In tho house, and perhaps also the mili
tary academy bill.
The main Interest attaches to the
time when the Impel tunt bill for tlw
Increase of the regular army can be
taken up. It Is nwaitlng the recoery
of Chairman Hull, ot the military com
mittee, and should he be about by the
end of this week this measure will be
brought forward. But there is little
prospect that his convalescence will
permit this. He was sitting up yes
terday, but his strength is hardly
equal to leading In this contest. 15"
yond this, theio Is little of a definite
nature forecast for tho coming week.
They Aro Still Opposed to the Land
ing of Troops at Iloilo American
Officers Go Ashore.
Manila. Jan 13. Olllclal tllspatdi-R
Just ieceled hero lrom Hollo, Island
of Panay, indicate that (he natives
aro disposed to be friendly, although
absolutely opposed to the binding of
the I'tilted States foices without or
ders from Malolos, the seat of the to
called Filipino nntlonnl government.
Some of the officials at Iloilo are not
In accord with the revolutionary gov
ernment, but aie willing to accept an
American protectorate and to go to
state the case to Aguinaldo If furnirdi
' transportation by the Americans
The Tnlted States transports New
port. Arizona and Pennsylvania, with
the nightoenth infantry, the Iowa bat
talion, Sixth artlllciy and a detneh
nieiit of the signal emps, constituting
(tetieinl Miller's expedition, arc an
dioied close to Guliuaras island, be
tween Panay and Negros, whole an
excellent water supply Is obtainable.
The natives, though indisposed prim
arily to furnish the Amei leans with
fieh supplies, now permit the Amer
ica n odlieis to go nslioiu and furnleli
them with an escort during tho day
Crush at Beecher's Old Church to
Hear Dr. Hillis.
New York, Jan. 15. Their was an
actual ciush befoie the opening of tho
doors of Plymouth e hutch, Brooklyn,
this meaning, of people determined to
hear Dr Newell Duight Hillis, for
merly of Chicago, deliver his (list Sun
day senium in the edifice. The gath
ctlng its its dlffeient phase bt ought
forcibly to mind the dajtt of Heniy
AVaid Iicecher and Dr. Hillis' mote ar
elcnt ft lends weie delighted beyond ex
pression. When Lyman Abbot, the re
lit ing pastor, opened the services at
10.30 o'clock eery pew and gallety seat
was filled, ami the extin chillis in tho
lower aisles were as eagerly taken.
People stood five and six deep in tho
rear aisles and there was a lino of
llsteneiis standing along the walls of
the spadous side aisles. It was prob
ably the laigust attendance since the
Needier peiioel. Dr. Hllils occupied a
seat on the platfotm to the right ot
Dr. Abbot and Hew Dr. Henry Field
was on the hitter's left
Dr. Hillis was listened to intently.
He seemed perfectly at case and spoko
ho distinctly that evoij. poison In the
church heaid him His theme was
"Jesus Chi 1st the Supteme Hxnmple of
Genius in the Itealm of Intellect."
May Purchase Ono of the Caroline
London, Jan 16. The Times says ed
Itorlallj this morning in the course of
a refetrnce to the denial given last
Friday by Baron ion Bulow, German
minister of foieign altaiis, through tho
Berlin correspondent of the Assoclateel
Press, to the it porta that Germany had
been Intriguing in tho Philippines
against the Americans, sajs: "It Is to
be regittted that the irresponsible en
thusiasm of fcomu Washington politic
ians should hae led to the use of lan
guage unnei'essarily offensive to Ger
many. It mav well be believed that
Aguinaldo and the insurgents would
have inclined to establish lelations with
Germany or with any other power, but
whatever views Get many may former
ly have held, it is certain that she has
not the least idea now of interfering
with the plans of the United States as
to tho Philippines.
"Bather than Involve heiself In such
difficulties she Is more likely think
ing ot the Carolines, which the Amer
ican goierrmeiit have advised they re
fused to toncern themselves about.
Vslther has Fngland nn thing against
German acquisition of the Carolines."
Notable Banquet Given at the Palace
at Rome.
Komo. Jan. If.. At tho banquet given
at the palace this evening to the mem
bers of the diplomatic coips, Mr.
Diaper, wile of the United Stales tin
bastador. General William F. Draper,
sat on tho right of King Humbert.
His majesty tills afternoon granted
a farewell audience to Captain G. 1.
Scrlven, military attache of tho United
States embasay.
Had Just Been Appointed Resident
, . J .. .w W.VJ MWOJUbm,
oii'jciui iw x,iu ru-miuuii inmine
AYilkes-Carie. Jan. IS. -Dr. P.itilck J.
Moiau, resident physician of the City
hospital, died today at the homo of hU
patents In Hdwardsvlllo, after a brief
illness of pneumonia. Ho was 23 yeais
of ag..
Ho was leecntly appointed in the
position at the hospital and had served
only thiee davs when he was taken ill.
Collision on tho Reuling.
Philadelphia Jan. 15. In a cr,iii be
tweup it fielght train and a locomotive on
the PhlludelpliU ntul Heading railway at
Olm fildc, near litre, today, several can
ware ovei turned and burned unci John
Kuth, biaUcman on the freight tialn, was
pinioned under tha timbers and burned to
d at'i
Pennsylvania Pensions.
Washington. Jan. 14. Theno I'onnal
vunla pensions luuu bt'n Usud. lU-sto-tatlon
and lncreue, John U'C'onnell.dead,
Hcrnnton H to 12. Oilplnal wldo., tc,
Ann O'Cuniiell, Stranlon, it.
Company B, Eighth Regular In
fantry, Is Called Out to Disperse
the Mob Genoral Alfredo Itego
Refuses a Position in tho Customs
Service Spanish Soldiers Thickly
Quartered at Cienfuegos.
Ilnvana, Jan. HI. This mottling a
Spanish flag having been raised over
the Hotel Calazel del Monte, a ciowd
of Cubans gathered nnd began to throw
stones at it. Company B. Highth reg
ular Infantry, was called and proceeel
ed to the seen" of distill bailee nt double
epilck nnd with llxed bayonets speeel
ily dispersed the crowd, which was fast
becoming ugly.
The officer in command explalneel to
the proprietor that tho flag ought to
be lowered, because it was likely to
produce further disorder The propile
tor in icply assured the olbcei that
no offence had been Intended, and thnt,
having seen th Kngllsh and German
flags flying, he thought he would be nt
llbeity to raise the Hag of Sp'ln. Two
members of the company loweied the
Corpornl Francis n. Gteen Company
K, Fourth Illinois olunteors. was
di owned todav while bathing In the Al
mendaies ilei The body will prob
ably be sent home for interment nt
Litchfield. Yesterday u boy Mho was
called the mascot of the Second South
Carolina regiment, was drowned In tho
same stream. His home was in Ashe
lllo. N. C.
At Mailamo this morning, at the
house of the Cuban thief. Leyte Vldal,
a private meeting was held at which
a number of prominent inllltarv men
weie piesent Considerable displeasure
was expressed at the acceptance by
General Mario Menocal and otbi'r Cu
ban eifllceis of the positions under the
United States military government, the
criticism being flint Menocal and Hie
otheis had practically abandoned tho
Cuban nrmj, leaving their colleague
of less Influence to shift for thomsep'es.
Major Perfecto La Coste of Havana,
called yesterday upon Governor Gen
eial Biooke, with greeting to Presi
dent McKlnley and Genet dl Miixime)
Gomez and sent a fiiendly message to
the Cuban assembly at Marianao. Tho
municipal offices ate tei be ttansfeired
from the palace to the custom house,
after which Geneial Hiooke will oc
cupy the entire palace
The Cuban genoral. Alfiedo Kego,
foimcrly In command of the Insuigent
foices of the pioviuce of Santa Clara,
declines to accept a position in the cus
toms pervlco on tho ground that ho
might "crowd out some woithier per
son." The customs lecelpts yesteidny were
$"!?. 100, making a total for the month
thus far of $357,370.
Cienfuegos, Jan. 15. The entlic mili
tary depaitment of Santa Clara. Major
General J. C. Bates commanding, is
quiet. Twcnty-seen thousand Span
iards still remain in the vicinity of
Cienfuegos, but ono transport is now
leaving and twelve otheis are expected
to arrle at an early day. It Is im
probable, howeser, that the evacuation
will be completed much before the
middle of Febiuary.
The Spanish tioops, who are thickly
quaitered in the warehouses and along
the wharves, swaim thtough the city
day and night. Their officers ciowd
the hotels. The soldiers are pooily fed
and have had no pay for months. They
are quiet enough, but their continuing
presence makes impossible a proper
cleaning of the town and prevents ac
tivity on tho part of the American ad
mlnliitiatlon. Cuban soldiers garrison the country
towns in the piovlnce, a well as guard
the plantations, whose owners in some
cuses pay each soldier $6 a month.
The behavior of the Cuban troops in
garrison capacity Is highly lecommend
ed. They observe discipline and main
tain pel feet order.
The Cubun majors and civil admin
istrators In the interior towns of tho
department are awaiting the advent ot
tho American authorities. In numer
ous eofles no communications have
reached them from the latter and they
are proceeding with their oidlnary
duties in default of Instructions,
The customs receipts here at Cien
fuegos are lrom $5,000 to $6,000 a week.
The telegiaph seivlce of the district
is still In the hands ot Spanish em
ployes. Captain Hickard, United
States Signal corps, has made a re
quisition on Havana for operators and
the necessary Implements to establish
an adequate service throughout the de
partment, und many of the piesent op
ciatois will be retained.
General Bates, in making civil ap
pointments, takes lltnesa into consid
eration first, and then gives the pre
feience to Cubans The Spanish gen
eral, Agulile, is still in chatge of the
Guaidla Civil In Cienfuegos.
The plantations of the distilet aie
lesumlng grinding The distribution of
government rations to the poor lather
tends to demoralize them and prevents
them ftom seeking employment.
Tho public buildings In Cienfuegos
are (dill In possession of the Spaniards
and Gi'iieral Bates and his- stafi aie
tiowded into Inadequate qurters
General Maximo Gome Is expect.. d
nt Santa Clara tomoirow.
Rough Passage of the American
Liner St, Louis.
New Yoik. Jon. lr.. The .nieilean
line steamer St. Louis, Captain Ran
dall, which left Southampton on Jan
7. nnlved this morning after a tem
pestuous voyage The big liner en
countered a succession of stiong head
winds and gales dining the greater
part of her passage. The stoun was
accompanied by heavy seas, hard
squalls and veiy cold weather.
The spray which flew over the ship's
sldo froze rapidly, encasing the spars
and ilgglng In solid Ice, making it
very difficult to get about the decks.
Two seamtn weie seriously injured.
Tho Final Arrnngeraonts Completed
Washington, Jan. 15. Final arrange
ments were toelny completed for th
public nineral tomonow of the late
Representative" Nelson Dlngley in the
hall of the liotiso of lepresentativcs,
and for the removal of the remains to
their last resting place In Mnlne. The
body has been enclosed in a casket of
plain black with sllxer handles. A sil
ver plate bears the following Inscrip
tion: "Nelson Dlngley, jr., born Feb. 13,
1S?2, died Jan. 13, W) " The body will
be taken from the Hamilton house to
the capital about 10 o'clock In the
morning and placed In tho hall of the
houc, wheie tho public funeral ser
vices, completed by Rev. S. M. New
inon, of the e'ongregatlonal chinch, as
sisted by Chaplain Condon, of the bouse
of representatives, are to tako place.
Subsequent the lemalns will be taken
to the Pennsylvania railroad station
and placed aboard a car attached to
tho 4 20 o'clock tialn for New York.
They w ill be accompanied by members
eif the family now heie, the commit
tees of both houses of congress nnd
other f i lends. The citizens of Lewis
ton nnd Auburn, Me , have expressed
to the family heie their eleslre to honor
their foinier fellow townsman, and on
re idling Lew Iston the boelv will be con
signed lempoinilly to the committees
of the citizens of thoe cities.
Airnngemcnts h.-ue been made bv
which it will He In state in tho city
hall at Lew Iston probably luetwVen
the hours of 1 and 5 In the nftcrnoon.
Whether or not there will be public
funeral services will depend entirely
on the wishes of the local committees.
Tuesdny evening the remains will be
remoeil to the Dlngley residence In
Lew iston and pilvate servii'ivt will be
held theie the next morning, after
which they will be deposited In the
lectivlng nult next to the body of Mr.
Dlngle's father, who died recently.
Hvldences of tho sympathy for the
family In their bereavement continued
to be leceived at the Hamilton house
dining tho ihiv and a numbe-r of pub
lie men tailed and left their cards.
Both the Ametican and Canadian mem
bers of the Joint high commission now
in session hero sent floral pieces and
in neldltlnn a laige number hao been
leceived fiom persons In pilvate and
public: life.
No Developments in the Affair Yes
terday Shatter Did Not Recom
mend tho Beef.
Washington, Jan. 15. Apparently
theie were no developments today In
the tase growing out of the attack
made by Commissary General llagan
upon Geneial Miles In the former's
apepaiatuo befoie the war Investigat
ing tommisslon. Dining the e-omlng
week the probability Is that some word
appearance before the war inestlgat
gntlng commission fiom General Kagan
iti answer to tho letter of that body
HUggemlng the expurgation of the ob
jectionable part of his testimony Gen
eral Eagan declines to make any state
ment In the mattei foi publication at
this time.
William A. De Calndry, tho chief
cieik of the commissary general's
office of the war department, Is out In
a eaid admitting that he had mailed
his lesignatlon to the secretary of war
thtough General Uagan on the morn
ing after tho submission of the latter's
paper to the war Investigating com
mission. He says the report that the
tender of it was due to the action of
Geneial Lagan In giving practical
supervision and contiol of the oillce of
chief clerk to his military assistant,
can only be suunise. The card con
tinues: "The rent on for tht preserce of every
provision In tho contracts inaele by him
(Uentiul Lagan) with Swift & Co. for
chilled, lefrivctatcd or frnrmi fiesh btcf
for the aimy can be explained by one;
and not being aware of nni Investigation
by General Eagan 'as to who ilrew- up the
tontiucts' tht i o is no dlsiiitisfattlon on
my sart about the matter "
San Antonio, Tex., Jan. 15. Major
General Shatter and party left here at
5 o'e lock this evening for San Fran
cisco. They spent the day In visiting
the army post heie, where they were
entertained by Colonel Mines, of the
Sixth Infnntiy. at luncheon by a con
cert of the regimental band of the
Before leaving Geneial Shatter said
to a lepresentatlve of the Associated
Pi ess:
"I do not wish to mix Into anvbod's
business I have never said to Goner il
Eagan or to any one else that the beef
over which the tontroverss has ailsen
was good, because I know nothing ubout
It. I only know and only havo said that
the beef at Santiago was Rood t saw It.
I do not caro to say ani thing in icter
enco to General Eagan's Indefensible ti
rade atalnst Gonetal Miles Tho matter
has reached an acute point and it is not
my wish or province to have anything to
say in connection with it, further than
to disclaim having made to General
Eagan or anv one elso the remarks at
tilbuted b repot t to me"
The Pennsylvania Railroad Will Re
duce Time to Havana.
New Yoik, Jon. 15 At noon tomor
row a train seivlce will be started from
Jetsey City over the Pennsylvania,
railroad and the Plant svstem, which
will i educe tho time of tiavel to Ha
vana by thiee hours Hitherto the
train making ship conuectluii ar Tam
pa tor Havana has left Jeisey city at
J a. in., but the New York and Florida
special, which begins strvlce tomor
low, villi by Incienseel speed mnko tho
same ship connections though marling
three hours latei.
All space in tills Hist tialn Is taken,
and state rooms are fully engaged tin
til late in February. The Plant steam
ship Olivette, which did tianspoit work
dining the war, and which was sunk
at Feinandlra, has been lebullt In Phil
adelphla and will sail Jan. 21 to enter
the Tampa-Havana seivlce.
Position for Van Wyck.
New York, Jan. 15. Tho Hciuld will
tomouuw announco that cx-Judgo Van
Wyck. recent tamlldato for governor of
New Yoik, on tho Democratic ticket, bus
baen appointed general counsel of Rich
aid Crolter's new New York Auto-Tiuck
company. George 8. Grali mi, cx-dlstrlot
attorney of Philadelphia, Is associate
The Ship, Which Was Anchored in
tho Harbor, Is Capsized by the
Gale and All on Board Perish List
of Victims Obtained from tho Sole
Surviving Member of tho Crow,
Who Is in a Tacoma Hospital.
Tacoma, Washington, Jan. 15. Tho
full list of those lost by tho capsizing
of the British ship Andellna in tills
port yesterday, Is as follows:
11, N. S.
II. GllOWE, aged 09, Londonderry, N. S.,
first mate.
E. G. DOB. aged 23, Blackpool, England.
ME.MEV JOSSIAM, Victoria, B. C.
JOSEPH M. A. D'HOLLVnm:, Ootenel,
Belgium, appi entice
Belgium, npptontlcc.
CHAKLCS SMITH, oi United Stated,
JAMES DALY. New Yoik, boatswain.
.1. It nilOWN, BarbaeliKs. cook.
Jl. HANSEN. Sweden, nble seaman.
ANTON JENSEN, Denmark, seaman.
JOHN NIELSON. Norway, seaman
U ejHTUtWI. Finland, seaman.
EDWAHD Ll'.TZ, llcgl.i. ltussia, seam in.
FEED U1NDSTUOM. Norway, seaman.
AUGUST SIMONSON. Holland, seaman
PAT WfLSON, St. John's, N. 1'., sea
man The sbip, which was of English build
and wot tb probablv WO.000, enteted
this port several days ago. She was
te) have loaded wheat under charter to
Epplnger & Co., ot San Francisco, for
Euiope. Friday the Andellna was taken
to the Em oka dock and all ballast re
moved and the hold cleared prepaia
totj to receiving cargo. She was then
lowed to nnchoiage several hundred
vards noitheapt of the St. Paul and
Taeoina Lumber company's dock, nt
which point disaster ovettook her. She
had out, according to the best infor
mation obtainable, tho staibeiaid an
chor, weighing at least two tons, while
to eltlui side of the vessel were at
tatheel the ballast logs used to keep
a hhlp uptight during the nbsentc of
cargo or her ballast.
The ship was riding easily when the
skippers of other vessels nnchoicd In
the bav. retired for the night. When
da light dawned no signs of the An
dellna weie possible. Over the spot
where tho ship lode at anchor the night
beforo only a danger signal buoy lamp
was visible. When the absence of the
ship was diseoveied. Captain Doty and
Captain But lev took the tug Fairfield
und made an investigation, nnd It was
soon determined bejond possibility of
doubt that the ship had gone to the
bottom. Ono of the baltast logs was
found. To this dangled part of the
chain by which it was originally fast
ened to the Ill-fated ship. In addition,
one of the life-boats1, a mattress with
the name of the ship on It nnd several
oars wete found Beyond this, no
wieckage has been diseoveied. As all
on board perished, only surmises as to
the cause of the disaster were obtain
able. Judging from indications, shipping
men say that the ballast log found
was from the port sldo of the vessel.
The ship, according to all account,
was headed in a southetly direction, or
toward the head of the bay, at the time
the gale swept down the sound. The
heavy winds caused the ship to strain
on the chains, making the log on the
weather side taut and give a tendency
to lift the log fiom the water, but the
strain was too great for one of the
chains and It snapped, This released
the towering craft from the greater re
straint on the weather side nnd she
lifted with tho wind, and there being
little restraint from the other end of
the log, raised It enough to allow
the mooring chain to slip off The
ship freed from ballast and floating
like a chip, caieened under the pres
suie of the heavy gale, shipping great
eiunnimes oi water, filling completely
the hold and forecastle, causing her to
capsize and sink.
The situation was further aggravat
ed by the fact thnt the tides were
Just setting in nt the time the ship !s
supposed to havo gone down. This,
in all piobablllty, forced the stern of
the vessel around and exposed the
bioadside to the gale's fury.
Late this afternoon the vessel was
located She lays on her broadside un
der 23 fathoniis of water close to the
spot wheie she had been anchored.
The vessel will probably be raised,
and the bodies of the dead sailois re
covered. When the Andellna enteied this, port
she was manned by a ciew of neaily
30 men. Some deseited and others
were discharged, until IS were) left
The only list of vlttlms obtainable
is that given by Percy B. Buck, an
apprentice, who was injured two days
pi lor to the disaster and taken to one
or the Tacoma hospitals It Is said
the ship was insured by u British agen
cy foi $100,000.
Captain John J. Kellogg Attempts to
Commit Suicide.
Philadelphia, Jan. in. John J. Kel
logg, of Washington, in,, a veteran ot
the Civil war. attempted to commit
sulcldo lu Fall-mount putk today by
kuw on -piMti on. ti Jidhtupi Suiiouiib
taken to the Geiinan hoppltnl in a
ctitlcal condition. Despondency as a
result of ill-health is said to have
piompted his act. Duilng the Civil
wai, Kellof,g was a captain of volun
teeis and served under General Grant.
The spot he selected for his attempt at
suliide was alongside) the hlstoile Giant
log cabin.
A letter of it-commendation signed
by Senatcn Gear, of Iowa, and papers
show Ins him to be a lectuier for the
Washington Lyceum buieau of Wash
ington, la., were found on him. He Is
repotted to have been In this tltv for
several weeks lelatlvo to the settle
ment of an estate.
Steamship Arrivals.
New York, J tin, 15. Arrived: Now York,
Southampton, Queenstown Sailed: Cam
pania (from Liverpool), New York. Havre
Arrived: La Guscocne, New York.
Weather lndlctlon Today:
Partly C'oudy.
1 Geneial British Ship and Crew Lout.
The State Senatorial light.
Forecast of Week in Congress.
Cubans Insult tho Spanish Flag.
2 General Blei.nlal Report of the Attor-
ney General.
Financial and Commeiclal.
3 Local Result of Saturday's Republi
can City Primaries.
4 Editorial.
Woes of Porto Rlcnns.
5 General-Tho Collection of Havana
6 Local Sermon by Rev. G. L. Aldrlcli.
Resignation of Rev. F. t". Gift.
Flro Insurance Companies Made I o
Money Lnt Year.
7 Local Duryea, Murder Suspects Dis
Eleventh Annual Y. W. C A. Meet
lug. 8 Local West Scran ton nnd Suburban.
9 News Round About Scranton
10 General Americans In Puetto Prin
cipe. Industilal Glcanlnt's.
The Seventeenth United States In
fantry Departs from Columbus,
Ohio A Public Demonstration.
Columbus, O., Jan. ID. Tho first de
tachment of the Seventeenth United
States infantry left Columbus at G p.
in. today for New York, en route to
the Philippines. The departuie of the
troops was tho occasion for a public
demonstration, In which fifty thousand
people participated. Major Rogers' was
In command of the detachment, which
Is composed ef Company B, Captain
Roach; Company I.LIeutenant Fienth;
Company M, Captain Clay: Company
G, Lieutenant Davis, Lieutenant Sur
egon Hess also accompanied the de
tnehment. Tho departing tioops were
escorted to the Union depot by the
Fouith Ohio volunteer Infantry, the
remaining eight companies of the Sev
enteenth, which will leave later for the
Philippines, nnd a number of elvio so
cieties. The Seventeenth was In the thickest
of tho light at Santiago and has been
fairly showered with honors by the
citizens of Columbus since its return
from Cuba. Handsome guidons were
presented to the regiment by the Indies
of the city. Company G, of the Seven
teenth regiment, which Is to garrison
the Columbus post, arrived this after
His Temporary Command Presents
Him with a Sword.
Special to the Scianton Tribune.
Camp MacKenzle, Augusta, Ga., Jan.
15. This afternoon the members of
Company G gave Lieutenant John L.
Huff, of Company H, a pleasant sur
prise. The regimental band vins lined
up In front of Lieutenant Huff's quar
ters and the members of Company G,
to which he has been detailed during
the absence, on account of sickness, of
its commissioned officers, were all pres
ent at the time.
The popular lieutenant was visiting
at the Elshtb icglment. He was sent
for, and taken entirely by surprise.
After a selection played by the band,
Color Sergeant Charles Reed made a
neat speech, and, as a maik of the es
teem In which Lieutenant Huff Is held
by the men of Company G, presented
him with a beautiful sword. Lieuten
ant Huff expressed, not only his sur
prise, but his appieclatlon of the hand
some gift.
Lieutenant Colonel F. W. Stlllwell
has been nppolnted to hold all sittings
of the regimental court-martial Instead
of Majors Wood and Fellows. This
has some significance. In as far as the
lieutenant colonel Is a severe disciplin
arian. Richard J. Bourke.
Member of General Gobin'a Staff Ex
pires While on a Furlough.
Itarrlsburg, Jan. 15. Captain A. Wil
son Norrls, of Harrlsburg, assistant
adjutant geneial of the staff of Geneial
J. P. S. Gobln, commander ot the Third
brigade ot the First division of the
Second army coips, stationed at Au
gusta, Ga., died suddenly this even
ing at the Hanlsburg club Captain
Nonls came home last night on a fui
lough to attend the Inaugural cetemon
les and was apparently In good health
until 1 o'clock this afternoon, when he
was" taken sick while conveislng with
friends. He was a nephew of the late
Auditor Geneial A. Wilson Noirls, was
a vice-president of the state league of
Republican clubs and one of the best
known nnd most populai young men
In the community.
He gave up the practice of law with
the bteaklng out of the wat with
Spain to become adjutant of th
Eight regiment, Pennsylvania Volun
teers, and was subseejuently piomoted
to captain and assigned to Geneial
Gogln's staff.
She Refuses to Live with a Mer
cenary Husband.
Loudon, Jan. 16 The Vienna tones
pondent of the Dally Mall navs:
"Countess Rosement de Rouge-Aix,
daughter of Mr. Stewaid, a Boston
millionaire, has been living in this
dti Incognito, as tho governess In a
gentleman's house. It appeals that
within a few minutes after her wedding
she learned bj chance that the count
bad only mauled her because her fath
er had promised to paj his debt, which
amounted tn $1,500,000. Overcome by
this dlsclosuie she run away us a pio
test against her being sold in this wny
and sho Intends to earn her living hero
until she can dlwuce her mercenaiy
Jfatal Skating Accident.
Bethlehem, Pn Jan. 15 While skat
ing on the Lehigh canal this afternoon,
Men 111 Klldare. aged 13, son of llany
Klldare, btoko through the Ice. He snug
gled for llfo for 20 minutes, half a dozen
friends trvlng to rescue him, and In their
presence he dt owned,
Approach of the contest
for United States
Chairman Elkin Is Confident That
Mr. Quay Will Be Re-Electod Tho
Senator Expocts to Start Upon Hid
Annual Pishing Trip to Florida on
Thursday Next Van Valkenburg'a
Harrlsbuig, Jan. 13 This was an oft
day with the leglslatois and politicians
gathered at the state capital to taki
part in the big contest for United
States senator. The candidates and
their managcis went home to spend
Sunday with their families, and will
not return until tomoirow. Chairman
Elkin, ot the state Republican commit
ter, Is here In tho Interest of Senator
Quay, and 10. A. Van A'alkenburg of
the Business Men's league. Is looking;
after the anti-Quay forces. The hcad
ciuarters of the two factions wcra
closed today, and no effort was mado
by elthci sld'a to make votes.
Mr. Elkln said tonight he had every
reason to believe that Senator Quay
would be re-elected. Mr. Van Valken
buig said Just the leverse. He claims
not a break ban been made In the antt
Quay lines, and predicts Mr. Quay will
fall twenty-tlve shoit ot a majoiity in
the hoiiM on Tuesdny..
'Senator Quay's thlul defeat will fol
low on Wednesday." Mr. Van Vnlken
burg added, "when on Joint ballot
theio villi bo a majority against him
too large for him to over overcome.
His managers know that be cannot win
and are only playing for position and
looking for a market."
Senator Quay's friends declaio he l
so confident of his re-election that be)
will start next Thursday for a month's;
fishing at St. Lucie, Fla,, Senator Vest,
of Missouri, and Dr. L. Webster Fox,
of Philadelphia, will go with Mm. Thcro
are less than a score ot legislators
here tonight and none Is certain as to
the outcome of the contest. On thn
surface the tesult Is veiy much In
doubt, and neither faction Is over con
fident as to bow the light will end.
General Mercier Is Interviewed by
the Soir.
Paris, Jan. 13. The Solr says that
Count von Munstei, the German am
bassador, who left Berlin suddenly
yesterday was summoned to confer
with Baron von Bulow, Germnn sec
retary of state for foreign affalis, con
cerning the Deryfus case.
Geneial Merciei, who was minister
of war at the time of the conviction
of Dreyfus, has been Interviewed by
a lepresentatlve of tho Solr, to whom
he deflated that In 1S94 he knew noth
ing of Comtc Ferdinand do Esterhnzy,
of tho lattet's business with Colonel
Sandherr. "Dreyfus," ho added, "Heel
when he pietended that I knew thnt
he had supplied documents to a foi
eign power In order to obtain moie
Important documents In return, with a
view to obtaining some mitigation of
sentence. Howevei, I caused him to
bo asked the number and value of the
documents ho had so supplied. Ho
icfused, and his icfusal, theicfoie,
pointed to his guilt."
General Mercier asetted to he Solr
lepresentatlve that the Dieyfus dos
sier contained documents"compromlslng
tho mutual lelations of France, Ger
mnny and Italy "
Anangeuients have been made to
give .Major Comte Ferdinand Hsterhazy
a virtual safe conduct to testify before
tho court of cassation in the Dreyfus
levlslon Inciuliy, the comte having for
w aided to Jl. Mazoau, Htst president
of the eoiut, a synopsis of the evidence
he Is piepaied to give.
Overjoyed at the Prospect of Com
plete Autonomy.
Santiago, Jan. 15. El PorvencI pub
lishes an extra today giving a cable
message fiom Joaquin de Castillo, now
in Washington with General Wood In
the Intel est of the Santiago board ot
trade. Dr. Castillo pays that complete
autonomv will be granted to the in ev
ince The whole tlt Is talking tonight
of a demunstiatlon to telebtate tho
A negro pilvate of the Twenty-third
Kansas leglment bioke into a store op
posite the police headquarters and stolo
a diamond ling. The jmllce were called
and the man was shot, though not
seriously injured. The local press Is
making the most of this situation, con
tending that It Is only another incident
In the bad hlstoiv of the negiei tegl
ment. Thu sentiment of tho Ameil
cans. howevei, Is that It would be un
just to blame the lace foi the att of
ono man.
Chin ges of a seiluiis chaiaeter havo
been biought against an olllcer of the
Thlid Immune icglment In the Guan
tauamn dlstiict Mnie than n thou
sand dollars Is liivoHeei. The otlker Is
under in i est
Cordelia Botkin Smiles.
San rr.inclsio, Jan II. .Mrs. Cordelia
Botkin, convicted of tlii' murdir of Mrs.
John P Dunnlnu. of Dover, Del., ap
peaied befoto Judge I 'a i roll Cook today
for seiiteiu e, but on ibu motion of her
attornevs sememe wa defined until
Jan. "i, at wliiclkilme hei attorneys will
niter n pleii for a m w tilal. The con
victed woman appealed in court smiling.
t t-f -"M -M-1 -H-f-H-t- -f t
4- -f
f Washii.gtou, Jan. 13. -Forecast --
lor Mondaj . For eastern Penn- -
sslvania, partly cloudy weather;
f light soutluily winds, -t-
t-H-t m-M-tt-M- -r-H-tt tt-tt-

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