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Tho Oporationa Proceeding Very
Smoothly Considering All Condi
tionsCustoms Collections Can Bo
Mado Object Lossons for tho Na
tivesMany Spaniards Resign.
Collections for tho First Day.
Washington, Jan. 15. Assistant Sec
retary or War Melklejohn gave out
todny a syncjpslH of a report recently
made by the collector of customs at
Havana, Colonel Tnsker Miss.
Colonel Bliss writes that the opera
tions at the custom house at Havana
are pioceedlnh' very smoothly, consid
ering all the conditions undnr which
lie has the woilc. On the day followlne
his Installation a number of employes
vacated their positions. Some of them
were Spnnlards urturnlnfr to their own
country or were employes who, un
der the Spanish law, had become en
titled to a retiring pension. Had this
class remained In the service their pen
sions would have been Jeopardized.
Others left for reasons best known to
themselves. At present Colonel Miss
Is carefully teadjusting his forces
placing Americans only on guard where
general superlvlslon of the whole force
is necessary.
Colonel Hllss says that In his opin
ion the customs service of the island
should not only be an object lesson,
but a Hchool of instruction for the
natives. It can, he says, bo made an
object lesson by having no one except
Americans In the service. But It can
be made a school of Instruction only
by having the natives for the great
mass of employes, with only enough
Americans to see that 'their work Is
faithfully and honestly done. Collec
tor BIIm announces that In addition
to the weekly reports required from
such collectors by the executive order
of Dec. i. he proposes to Institute a
system of dally leports showing all
moneys received. He thinks he can
keep the war department dally In
formed as to the revenues or the Island
at a trilling expense.
.'okmel HIM found on hand wIipii
he took possession of the customs house
in Havana only Sl.r.do, resulting from
a special tax which was laid upon loud
Ing and unloading vessels under the
Spanish reign. His collections on the
tlrst day amounted In cah to $2,522.21.
On the second day they rose to $3,920.59.
They Do Not by Any Means Repre
sent That Individual.
Fiom the Haltlm re Ameilcnn
There 1st on the market now a surfeit
of music intended to represent negro
mjiirs. The chief aim of some com
posers seenih to lie to produce music of
this sort. In their anxiety to create a
laugh they overtax themselves to bring
out something that Is as untrue In rep
rerentlng the song of the negro as It Is
in presenting the warbling of a canar..
Occasionally some song Is published
that lias a good vein of humor in it,
and at the same time pleases in so
much as It Is true to the thing It Is In
tended to represent. The song "Old
Black Jou" is one of this kind. But
there are many songs written now for
negro songs that are no more negro
songs than they are the songs of the
American Indian.
The writer of the song nowadays
thinks his song Incomplete unless he
has the "razor" and "chicken" brought
out In every Htnnzu. Judging from tho
police records, the club and pistol seem
to be the favorite weapon of tho negro
now. The pistol and tho cash box seem
to be their favorite temptation now;
yet tho razor and hennery still live in
the songs that wrlteis, craving for
fame, bring before the public.
It is also noticed that would-bo prima
donnas, with 'he hem of the iklrt in
one hand, the other hand thrown back
like the Mexican dancing the fandango,
and the body distorted like it Is lu the
death dance of the wild Indian, Jumps,
yells and hows over the stuge In the
blind belief that she Is lepresentlng a
negrcss. She does one thing, and that
veiy well. In her dress she represents1
tho quantity a wild Hottentot girl
thinks necessary; in her acting she In
illcts on the audience a new dance, and
In her singing she possesses the happi
ness of being real, for no two of these
prima donnus have the same idea of a
negro song.
Tho negto in his singing, so far as he
Is observed by the writers of these
wings and the slugeis of them, prefers
chorus to solo. In the days of slavery
many negro owners when they heard
the songs of slaves knew full well that
tho work was going on. A huppy-go-lucky
race, even in bondage.they would
always sing. In their chinch service
the pongs of these people again de
lighted in chorus. It seems nbsurd for
ii female to sing the song of a negro
man, for it is well known that In every
ago of the negro song the negro has
prided himself on his bass. "Come
down on de bass" was always heard
whenever a crowd of thesna peoplo gath
ered together to sing.
Tho songs that have been written to
represent the song of tho negro, his
habits or his life, have In late years
been Incorrect. Kvery lover of music
can appreciate "Suwanee Itlver" or
"Massa's in De Cold, Cold Ground," hut
the people who are pleased with the
Jargons of today called negro songs are
as) Ignorant of the true conception of
the merits of a negro song as Is tho
composer himself. The latter flings his
song to the public with tho same Idea
that the grave digger had of Hamlet's
going to Ktigland "It makes no dif
ference, for there tho peoplo are as mad
as he."
His Back to the Foe.
An ni my olllccr tells that In oiio en
gagement there were numbers of young
fellows who smelt powder for tho first
time,' and it is. not surprising that nt
times tho recruits were a trlllo unsteady.
"However," said tho old ofllcer, "1 only
remember one en so of actual light, and
when I think of It I can scarcely refrain
from laughing.
"In tho very thick of a hotly contested
engagement one of my own men throw
down his rlfla and bolted.
" 'Here you coward,' I roared ufter
him, 'what are you running for?'
"Without so much as a glanco over his
3liouWor, tho fellow replied: 'Uecaueo
I'm in a desprlt hurry, an' I can't fly.' "
Saturday Evening Post,
You Poor Thing.
"Do you havo any faith in this Idea
that maladies can bo transmitted by
kissing?" asked ono of Detroit's young
society men of another,
"Well, sir, I was mighty skeptical till
tho other nieht. I kissed my bent girl
,for the first time lu my llfo and I've had
palpitation of tho heart over since."
nuirolt Journal.
Special Monday
5,000 yards Lonsdale
Cambric Muslin.worth i2c
a yard, at
7jc yard.
Special Monday
soo full size Bed Com
forts that are worth 75c.
To go at
49c each.
The Great 1899
An Incomparable
Showing . . .
This week as never b?fore broadened, better and larger than ever. An annual trade feature that has many copyists but no
equals. Wonderful inducements confront you here with money-saving chances of a lifetime. No other one house in the country
can cope with the bargains we now place before you.
Muslin Underwear
f M
It's to your interest to come and be convinced. You'll be satisfied beyond
Muslin Underwear
That Cannot Be Equaled hi Style
Women's Musl.n Gowns, with high neck and tucks.
Very special at 33c
Women's Muslin Gowns, with four rows ol" lace in
serting and six clusters of tucks. Special at 15c
Women's Fine Gowns, with square necks, lawn
ruffles edged with Toichon lace and baby ribbon; also
Empire style. Very special at 79c
Women's Fine Gowns, with full ruffles of embroidery
over shoulder; others trimmed with lace inserting. Very
special at 89c
Women's Good Cotton Drawers, with tucks. Very
special at 12 i-2c
Women's Umbrella Drawers, with ruffled edge with
lace; others trimmed with embroidery. Very special. . . . 29c
Women's Fine Chemise, with tucked yoke and seven
rows of lace inserting. Very special at 39c
That Cannot Be Equaled in Price
Two styles of Corset Covers, with both high and
square neces; very handsomely trimmed with embroid
ery, Very special at 12 i-2c
Women's Fleece Lined Jersey Ribbed Vests. Very
special at 12 1.2c
Women's Fleece Lined Pants, the 25c kind. Very
special at 17c
Misses' Fine Jersey Ribbed Vests, always 25c. Very
special at 19c
Women's Fine Australian Wool Jersey Ribbed Vests
and pants; Oxford cut; always $1.00 and $1.25. Very
Boys' Natural Gray Shirts and drawers, always 25c.
Very special at 17c
Boys' Fleece Lined Underwear, never sold under 35c.
Very special at 22c
Domestics, Linens and blankets Jonas Long's Sons' greatest of all these January sales
The most astounding sale of the whole year. A price-showing almost beyond belief. An aggregation of values that should
crowd this store to the doors. An event of surpassing interest to the economically inclined. Plenty of everything for everybody.
I mi
TS )-J-' '-VV."f77
Vl'." "- rr-.Ttf,;.
.z :
t ri,:y;0.v.w: Alii, J, i
iL '---!iO-CS- - .." .
White Shaker Flannel, yd. . 3c
Striped Outing Flannel, yd. 3c
Light and medium Calicoes,
5c kind for ac
Yard-wide Percales, 10 cent
kind lor 5c
Fine Dress Ginghams, 10
cent kind for 5c
1 ! 1. r. -n. .rv ic. r .- mi it rr- -ti,- n "." -t- l n ri'i j-w. i-. - n i. .it i ir.ifjui a. i i - vim - v v--.t... . rj.. - .. ink
r7TK siw mm?mMjm mm-'rm&f i
'TXTf nSss M&rm TSn &?f I &i:mXMm&r v;asJl
$.;. ?? v te-i&T&mr' rm-Am T&-?m wrsB3&ai kian
n i. i"ttT& m?ix&i&m. . 1 v-doy-JiHi s?vzii iysA tvst a X-iS9 Vv x 1 v 's w V3fei-rwrw
it ti r j uig&Qtft,:. mm'&zm n thh . jiw .. sffl&j A2k2Sk'- fesy,
Fine Wrapper Flannelette, 8
cent kind, for 5c
Fine Apron Ginghams, yd . . 41
Best Lining Cambric, yd... 234c
Gray Silicia, 10c kind, for.. 6c
Fancy Striped Dress Skirt
ing, 18c kind, lor i2;c
Black Rock yard wide Un
bleached Muslin, yd ijjc
Good quality Turkey Red
Table Damask ; well worth
zc yd; sale niice
100 dozen large sized fring
ed Doylies, with colored
borders, at 25c
White Turkish Bath Towels,
10c kind, for 8c
One case of large size White
Bed Spreads, all hemmed
ready for use; worth 75c;
sale price 48c
50 dozen extra large size
Hemmed Huck Towels. .i2c
Fringed Table Cloths, 2
yards square; to go at. . . 89c
Extra Heavy 10-4 Gray
Blankets, 69c kind for, pr 39c
Wool finished White Blank
ets, $1.50 kind, pair 98c
Gr. v Wool 11-4 Blankets,
fit . finish, and worth
$2.0 pair; sale price.... 1.89
1 1-4 extra heavv solt finish
Blankets, 5.25 kind, pair 2.48
Fine Unbleached Muslin,
worth 5c yd; to go at.3-c
Fine Bleached Muslin, yd. . .3'4c
Very fine White Cambric
Muslin, 8c kind, for. 4c
60 pieces of fine Checked
Glass Toweling, yd 2c
Very line Bleached Towel
ing, yd 3&c
Dress Goods
I lie Very
Coats and SuitsQrand Clearance
5,454 yards of double-width Fancy Plaids
in excellent colorings; Sc kind for 4?c
2, 170 yards of double-width Check Tweed
and Fancy Plaids; always i2j4cyd; sale price.7j.jc
Assorted lot ol 56-inch and 38-inch Diess
Goods; worth up to 40c yard; sale price 19c
Crepons, 4;-inch Cashmere and Storm
Serge, worth from 39c to 50c yard; your
choice at ' 25c
is pieces of 4(S-inch fine Darnier checked
Novelties; always 59c yard; sale price 29c
52-inch all wool Ladies' Cloth; best quality;
new shades ; always 75c ; sale price 50c
Assorted lot of all wool Henriettas, good
quality; always 45c yard; sale price 25c
10 pieces ol line black Imperial Serge;
choice quality; always 59c, sale price 39c
Assorted lot of fancy colored Silks in large
variety of designs; positively worth and never
sold under 75c and 98c; sale price.- 39c
10 pieces of all silk Black Satin Duchesse,
value 75c yard, sale price 49c
20 pieces oi all silk Black Satin in small
Darnier effects; nothing better at any price,
always 95c yard, sale price 65c
5,000 yards of Cambric
Edges, cut out ready for use
full assortment of pat
terns. Always 6c yard. To
go at 3c
10,000 yards of fine cam
bric edges, 1 to 5 in. wide
cut out ready for use. Al
ways 10c yard. To go at.. 5c
Women's tailor-made Jackets in
Beavers, Kersey and Cheviots ; some
are lined tnrough with
silk and satin, made up
in the very latest style;
former price $12
and $14 to - at
S ' 1 iii
'9,1 ' ' 'MV
len'stail- Jf
e Jackets y
1 It'll UUI- lit
or made Jackets f
sey, Bea- jr
in Kersev
ver, Cheviots
and English Mel
tons: strictly lat
est style; some
box front; others
half tight fitting
fly front. Tan, mode,
navy, brown and black. Former
prices 13.00 to 10.00. bale
Misses' Jackets of Fancy Mixed Boucle,
lined in brown, blue, green or red ; latest
style, Darte sleeve, button high neck.
Were y.c;o to $9.00. Sale A yj
nrirf nro m
S. . VW. -"jit
J "V-l FI
Misses Jackets in Kersey, Melton,
Beaver and Fancy Boucle; colors of tan,
brown, reds and block. Up-to-date and
stylish, and never sold under X Q
$10.50 to $13.00 Sale price... v
siiK waists in iancy stripes
and plaids ; also
in plain colors.
Pointed yokes
and plaited
back's. Some
have detachable
stock colors. All
the newest sea
son's effects.
Positively worth
$4.75 to $nxo.
Sale price 2 Q.H
Women's tailor
made Suits in pin head
checks, fancy plaids
and plain black serge.
Jackets all silk lined,
four and six button style ; also fly front.
New style and never sold f 07
under $ 1 j to $ 1 8. Sale price v
Men's Wear
the Very
Men's fine Camel's Hair Underwear, very
nicely made, worth 39c; to go at
Men's Velvet Fleeced-Lined Underwear,
never sold nnder 50c ; to go at
Men's Natural Wool Underwear, always at
75c; to go at
Men's fine Camel's Hair Underwear, always
sold at 89c; to go at
Men's fine Linen Bosom Shirts, reinforced
front and back, always 50c; to go at 35c
Men's and Boys' Percale Shirts with two
collars, easily worth 75c; to go at 45c
Men's fine Natural Grey Underwear, never
sold under 50c; to go at 37c
Men's Hygienic Wool Fleeced-lined Under
wear, always 75c; to go at 45c
Men's finest quality of High Grade Wool
Underwear, fine cashmere, will not shrink,
elegantly made, always sold at $1.75; to go at $1.00
Men's Unlaundered White Shirts, double
back and front, always 39c; to go at ; 25c
Men's 1900 Linen Bosom Shirts, bodies of
Wamsutta and N. Y. mills muslin, 69c kind;
now 45C
Men's Cheviot Working Shirts, always
sold at 40c and 50c; to go at 29c and 39c
Men's Wool Sweaters, $1.00 kind; now.. 69c
Household Utensilsnever so cheap in price as now.
p each for
v vnur rlinirp nf
.Asbestos Mats.
Spice Boxes.
Japanned Dust Pans.
Large, heavy, tin Dippers
Hanging Match Boxes.
All sizes of Pot Covers.
Worth oc ami 10c.
Six quart convex cooking
pots that have never sold
under 35c. Goat
Your choice of pic, tea or
Breakfast Plates, handsome
ly decorated and always 10c
each; goat 6c
Mrs. Potts
Highly polished
57c set-
Decorated and white Por
celain Bowls, ioc kind.... 7c
500 scrub, shoe and stove
Brushes, always 10c. To
io nt 6c
100 best grade Wood
Clothes Pins, for 6c
r each for
'OL vour choice of
Tea or Coffee Canisters.
, Dover Egg Beaters.
Wood Lomb Boxes.
Enameled Potato Mash
All Arc
Worth 10c Efich.
5,000 yards of machine
made Torchons that will
wash and wear big variety
of edges and insertions, was
ioc yd. Now 5c
Net Top Oriental Laces.
Applique laces r.nd Venise
bands In creme and white;
Chantilly laces in black and
creme. Worth up to 40c
yard, Now 11c
Other Bargains through the Storeno other house can approach them
WOMEN'S VGSTS, fleeced lined and ) MORONS, No. 12 single and double 0L0VI:S, Women' fine Kid Gloves, SEV1N0 SILK Belding's finest silk, 1 STORY BOOKS for children, were 15c,
Jersey ribbed, 18c kind at i23ci faced Ribbon, worth 28c yd i8ci worth $1 and 1.25 pair, to go at 59c per spool 6e t 20c and 29c, all at 5c
WOMEN'S PANTS, fine quality fleece- I STATIONERY, 1,000 boxes of fine OLOVGS, Women's fine Mocha Gloves, ( CASTING COTTON One dozen large (PEARS' SOAP Fine unscenfed toilet
lined, 25c kind for 7CS Writing Paper, worth 12c, to go at 6cS were $1 pair, now 89c) spools for 5C soap, per cake 9c
BOYS' UNDERWEAR, natural grey, S PERFUMERY, 100 boUles, fine odors, S HOSIERY, Women's fine Cashmere 5 CHILDREN'S HOSO-Double knee and 5 TABLE COVERS Ready to work,
always 25c sale price 17c i worth 25c, to go at 13c ( Black Hose, 45c kind, to go at. .. 29c fast black, I2c kind, for oc were 89c, all to go at 49c
Jonas bong's Sons

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