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The Subject of Discus
sion in the Senate
Senator Hoar Believes That in Case
of the Cession of the Philippine
Islands tho Natives Would at Onco
Become Citizens with All Bights
and Privileges Arguments by Mr.
.eiler and Others A Voto Today.
Washington, Feb. 2. The executive
esslon of the senate today wan merc
ly .1 continuation of tho legal argu
ment which staited with Senator
Spooner's speech In the open henate.
It grew out of a eiuestlon by Senator
Tillman concerning the status of the
Filipino? with reference to citizenship
In case the cession of the Philippine
islands should be accomplished.
Senator Honr made a set argument
ciuotlng liberally from authorities In
suppoit of the contention that they
would become citizens and foo entitled
to dll the tlghtF and pilvlleges as such
under the constitution. This view was
antagonized by Senators Piatt, of Con
neetlnit. Teller and Nelson. Senator
Nelson leferred to the ease of the ac
quisition of tenltoiy from France and
Spain during the history of the coun
ty and read from many legal opin
ions to slur.' that the Indiana In such
tenltoiy were not citizens. Mr. Piatt
made the point that citizens of terrl
totv weie not full fledged citizens and
Mr. Teller contended that they wete
not until they weie made such by eon
greslonal enactment.
Sonntoi Davis. In charge of the
treaty, exploded the opinion after ad
journment of the senate tonight that
a vote would be secured before tumor
low on the resolutions pending In the
senat" dec lit.itoiy of the country's fu
ture attitude toward the Flllplnon n
case of the latlllcatlon of the treaty.
The first vote will be on the Bacon
re-olutlon. which will probably be voted
down A vote will then be taken upon
a tesolutlon moie acceptable to tho
inajoilty, probably that offeted by Mr.
Sullivan, whli h It Is expected will be
Senator Daniel will speak on the
tieaty In the open serrate tomouow and
Senator Morgan In executive session.
The river and harbor bill can lug
slights niuie than WO.000.000 passed
the house today b a vote of If (l to 7
This Is the largest majoilty any river
and haihor bill has ever obtained in
the house. The bill atti acted little op
position and eveiy effort ao amend it
in Impoitant paitlculars failed. The
onlj important amendment adopted
toda.v, bevond piovlsos for survevrf, was
ip striking out the piovlslunal an-
piopiiatlon roi Biunswlck, C5n.. haibor
and Inserting provision foi a survey and
an appropilatlun of $10,MOu for the In
nei harbor. This amendment was pio-po-,ed
by tin. ilver and harbor com
mittee. Satuidav, Feb 11, was set
apart foi paving ttibutt to the memory
-i me laie .Mi. Dlngley, of Maine.
Nothing in tho Stories Concerning
Threatened Attacks at Manila.
Washington, Feb. '.'There is no
foundation for the sensational repoit
'hat Geneial Otis has cabled the war
department that the Insmgent Filip
inos are threatening an immediate at
tack upon him. Geneial ntl ii.n. i,n..
heaid from b the department but onco
in the past two days. This was a mes
sage received last evening iclatlve to
the health conditions of the A mm lean
Secretary Alger had Inquired bj cable
at the Instance of the United States
senate, as set out in a resolution Gen
eral Otis' reply relates entirely to the
subject matter ot the Inquiry and vai
tians-mltted at once to the senate in
its entiiely. Respecting the political
or military situation he said nothing,
and it may be stated that however
doubtful the first may be, the otllcials
beie have every confidence in the abll.
ity of General Otis and Admiral Dewey
to control the lattej.
Submitted to Judge Advocate of
Court Martial.
Wafhlngton, Feb. 2. The record of
the court-martial In the case of Gen
eral i:agarr Is now In the hands of tho
preddent top final review. Today Mr.
Worthlngtou. attorney for General
Kalian, died with the Judge advocate
geneiaj the additional or supplement
ary plea, which he was granted per
mission to lodse. It was an elabora
tion of tho points made by counsel be.
fore the court-martial A most for
midable array of authorities has been
produced, particularly In support ot tho
contention that General Uagan's con
duet, though tho facts be admltted.was
not legally In the line of the charge of
e onduct unbecoming nn otllcer and a
Thin paper was passed by the Judge
advocate general Into the hand of the
adjutant general and will be udded to
the papers bearing on the case now In
tho hands pf the President.
"False Key Man " Sentenced.
riillidelphla, I'eb. 2.-Hlch.ud Wilson,
known to 'tho police lib the "l-'alao K
Man," was today convicted of robbing a
number of dwellings and was sentenced
b.' Judgo McMlchiiul to fifteen years," lm
Ml lonnifiit In tho Knstriu penitentiary.
WlUmr entered bundled of houses by
jvnnh of hkcletou door keys but fine
ncdd In eluulns the police until latt
w ct k.
Makes Statomont Concerning His
Support of McCarroll Bill.
Ilntrlsburg-, Feb. 2. State Chairman
Garman cave out the following1 state
ment tonight:
"My attention has been called to a
comment by certain seuntom as to my
advocacy of the passage of tho Mc
Catrell bill. It amounts to no moro
than the opinion of the perron1? who
expressed the views. To oppose It was
not even tho mandate of any senatorial
caucus. No state committee nor any
other body bearing Democratic author -Ity
over Daesed upon the question
whether Democrats should or should
not favor the bill, and this being the
case, It Is Impertinence on the pait of
any one to t rltlclze my position. So
long m properly authorized Democratic
tribunals shall not have determined tho
parti's course as to any measuie under
oonsldeiatlon by the legislature, any
Democrat is at liberty to advocate or
oppose such measure and has a light
to the use of his own judgment as to
what Is for the 'best Interests of the
Democratic patty.'
"In favoring the passage of the Mc
Cairell bill, I am following the lead of
such eminent Democrats as William A.
Wallace, Simon P. Wolverton, Lewis C.
Cassldy, Robert K. Pattlson, and many
others who since 1881 have tried to
secure the enactment of such a law.
These men of eminent ability and ster
ling: Democracy all united In declaring
that the power of a district attorney
to 'Htand nslele Juiors In misdemeanors
Is a power dangerous to the llbeity of
tho citizen." I appealed at Harrlsburg
In 18S1 In favor of the same sort of bill,
and have ever since fa voted such an
"Having had tluee years' expetlence
as district attorney of Luzerne county,
it is mv firm belief that the McCauell
bill should become a law, because it is
right. It Is my sincere hope that It
will pass In the Interest of all the peo
ple, and this is Democracy ."
He Has Assured Commissioner Por
ter of His Hearty Co-operation in.
Disbanding the Cuban Army and
in Distributing the $3,000,000.
Rernedlos, Cuba, Feb. 1, via Havana,
Feb. 2. General Maximo Gomez, tho
commander -In-chief of the Cuban atmv,
placed himself squaiely in position to
day at an active ally of the Fnited
States government In the work ot the
reconstruction of Cuba.
As a result of the lonfeieme whlih
Robert P. Poiter, the special commis
sioner oi President McKinlov, has had
with Geneial Gomez, the latter cabled
to President McKlnley this nfternoon,
assuring- him of his co-operation In dis
banding thu Cuban at my and In dis
tributing among the Cuban soldiers the
$3,000,000 appropilated for the purpose
of enabling them to leturn to their
homos General flomczalso telegiaphed
to Major Geneial Brooke saying lie
would aiceiu the latter 's invitation to
ao to Havana. The success of Mi.
Porter's mission greatly simplifies the
returning of the milltarv Cubans to the
pin suits of peace.
In view of Geneial Gomez" supposed
pilor attitude of hostllltv towatds the
United States, Mi. Porter came heio
clothed with absolute authority and
the tendei ot the tJ.OOO.UOO was prac
tically a verbal ultimatum. Had It not
been accepted, no moie ultimatums
would have bien made. Mr. Porter
made plain the purpose of the go em
inent and was gratified at the ready
l espouse of Geneial Gome. The con
feience took place at the house heio
occupied bv the Cuban general as hla
headquaiteis since coming to town.
General Gomez said the amount was
too semall, but that was not his rault,
and he would make it go as tar as pos
sible, while likening it to tho tniiaclo
of the loaves and tlshes. He specially
requested that the money for which
Mr. Potter had oideis In his pocket
should be paid over to General Brooko
and not to himself, as he did not want
the peisonal lesponsibllty of keeping It.
Only the Expeits Remain to Give
Beef Testimony.
Washington, Feb. 2. The war Inves
tigation commission tin to noon today
had received no response from Jamea
Fainan, who was esteiday summoned
from Chestei, Pa., to testify as to the
ihcmlcal pie pa ration of beef in Omaha
last summer. In tase Farnan appeals
It is possible that the ratification of
his testimony may Involve the com
mission In another long series of hear
ings, but If ha does not nppear, or hla
testimony is not so important as It
would appear on his own statement,
there remain onlv the expeits of the
agricultural department and the aimy
medical museum, who are analysing
the samples ot meat secured by the
It is understood tltoso gentlemen will
appear as witnesses before tho com
mission, instead of submitting written
tnatcments. Their examination is not
expected to take long, and, as tho com
mission's report is now largely In type,
It may be submitted to the president
quite soon.
Armor Plate for the Alabama,
Bethlehem. Pa.. Fob 2. The Bothle
hem Iron company today bent three hun
dred and elchteeu tons of atmor plato
foi the battleship Alamaba to t.'ramp'H
ship yard. Tho company has Just nn
lshetl the largest shipment. It Is for
the Boston Blevated railway and weighs
17i,) pounds. U is twenty-eight feet
long and one yard In diameter.
Hall Named for Dewey.
Northtlold, Vt., Feb. 2. President Al
lan Brown, of Norwich unlversltv, has
received a cablegram from Admiral
George Dawey, opprovlng tho plan oris
Inati'd a few months ago to erect n build
ing at Norwich unlverMty. Admiral
Dcweia alma mater, to bo called Dewey
hall, as a testimonial from tho general
publlo to the hero of Manila.
Brick Works Destroyed.
Clear Held. Pa.. Feb. 2. Tho fire brick
works owned and operated by the Harri
son & Walker company, ot Pittsburg,
Pa., and located at Grampian, Clearfield
lounty, were totally destroyed by lire to
night, throwing one hundred men out of
impolyment. Tln low Is estimated at
JS.iwO; pattlnlly Insured; origin unknown.
It Is Reported Favorably by tho
Judiciary Commit too of the Houso
of Representatives The Action of
Chairman Garman Is Deplored by
a Committee of Loaders.
Special to the Scranton Tribune.
Harrlsbutg, Pn., Fob. 2. The advo
cates of the McCarrell bill, which lal
figuring In the vety thick of the sen
atorial fight, scored two very Impor
tant points today and the result !s
that tonight the fliends of tho measure
are exceedingly jubilant, while Its op
ponents are correspondingly depress
ed. It looks very much at this time
as though the bill will And Its way to
the fitatute books as speedily as the
legislative machinery can do the work.
The first victory was won when the ju
diciary general committee of the houso
decided to favorably leport the meas
ure to that body by a vote of 15 to S.
Four of the Democratic members ot the
committee: Hoy, or Clarion; Chrlsman,
of Columbia; Dutler, of Adams; and
Skinner, of Fulton, voted in the utnrm
allve The action of the minority rep
resentation was in Itself an indication
that the Demociats would not line up
solidly against the bill, but additional
evidence of this fact was furnished
at a caucusof theDemocratlc side of the
house held this evening. At this gath
ering, Representatives Cieasj, of Col
umbia, presented a resolution commit
ting the Democratic membetshlp of tho
house to a postponement until Murcn
21 of the McCarrell bill. The propos- j
ltlon was vlgoiously lesetited by sev
eral leading Democratic representa
tlves. They repudiating- the tight of
trie caucus to ninu them upon any
matter of legislation, particularly
where, as In this case, an effort Is made
to commit against a measuie which
has had the support of leading Detno
ciatlc statesmen foi a genetatlon.
A .-.necch that will give the boltlns
Republicans little consolation came
with much toice fioni Ceptain Skinner,
of Fulton He declared that the Dem
ocratic members of the legislature have
been plavlntj horse too long for tho
amusement ot the anti-"Rcipublleans."
He did not propose that the Democrat-
ic party should be made a trading
post foi one Republican faction from
Phllt'delphla, and another tiom Pitts
buig Those io-called Independents, It
was apparent, would never vote for a
Democrat for United Stales senator nor
would thej ever support a man like
Judqe htewnit. TrVy simply want to
foiee Quay out of the light, then sup
port another Republican who might be
even more objectionable than Quay.
He was opposed to making tin? McC'ai
rell bill or any other legislative matter
of that character a political measaite.
Others who opposed the Creasy teso
lutlon were: Hoy, of Clarion; Andfi
son, of Schuylkill. Roth, of Lehigh;
Cale, ot Adams; Dumbnttld, of Fay
ette Timlin, of lickawannu; Tighu,
of Luzerne, and Sputz, of Berks. Tho
opposition was so pionouuced and
overwhelming that Mr. Fow, of Phil
adelphia while In lavor of the resolu
tion, moved lis, indefinite postpone
ment, which was cat tied. This unex
pected lesult has demoiallzed the op
ponents of the bill. Before the caucus,
adjourned a tesolutlon was adopted by
which the Democratic: members agreed
to remain out of the senatoilal con
vention on Saturday and Monday next,
aa was done last week, in older to
prevent a quorum J. P. D.
Senator Quay Is Still Thitteen Votes
By Associated Pres.
Harrlsburg, Pa.. Feb 2. The .sena
torial deadlock continues with Senator
Quay still thirteen votes short of the
number necessary to elect. The four
teenth ballot was taken today, with no
change in the situation. The Indica
tions are that there will be no quorum
tomorrow, Saturday or Monday. Tho
house has decided to hold afternoon
sessions hetenfter, beginning next Tues
day, on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and
Thursdays. The result of the ballot for
senator today:
Quay - 1W
.leaks "0
Dalzull 13
Stewart S
Stono U
Huff T
Irvln ,.,,....... ...... ......m..9 o
Itlco 1
Wldcner 2
Tubbs 'J
Smith 1
Rlter J
Marklo 1
Glow 1
Totnl, !3J; necessary to a choice, 117,
paired, 18, absent without pairs, Be-nator
Higglns, Democrat. No election.
Mr. Fow'fl Amendment Fails to Gain
llarrlsbutg, Pa., Feb. 2. The McCar
rell Jury bill was tho subject of a. live
ly discussion at today's caucus of the
Democratic members of tho houso of
representatives. Mr. Creasy, of Col
umbia, offered a resolution pledging
tho Democrats to vote to postpone con
sideration of tho measure, wh,en It Is
token up by tho house, until Feb. 21,
Messrs, Spatz, of Berkshire', Dumboldt,
of Fayette; Skinner, ot Fulton, and
Squler, of Wyoming, opposed the resol
ution and stated that they would voto
for tho bill when It came up In tho
house. Messrs, Fow, ot Philadelphia,
and Hnssorr, of Venango, declared It
vva a mistake to voto for tho bill at
this time and uiged their colleagues
to stand together against the measure
until tho time fixed by the resolution,
when tho conspiracy cases of Senator
Quay will be called for trial la the
Philadelphia courts. The debate was
bt ought to a close by a motion of Mr.
Fow that the resolution bo Indefinitely
postponed. The resolution carried and
a resolution was adopted placing tho
Democrat In position to remain away
from the Joint session until next Sat
urday and Monday.
The McCarrell bill was can led to
the house today from the senate and
referred to the Judiciary committee.
A meeting of the committee was held
this forenoon and by a voto of 15 to 8
it was agreed to report It favorably.
Those voting to report the bill were
Messrs. Han Is, of Clearfield. Crew, of
Philadelphia; Colvllle, Philadelphia;
Henderson, Allegheny, Wilson. Henry,
Jefferson. Thompson, H. J., Indiana;
Richmond, McKeanzle, Vooihees, Phil
adelphia; Kreps, Franklin; Cassel,
Lancaster; Dempsey, McKean; (Rep.,)
Skinner. Fulton; Hoy, Clarion; Dut
ton, Adnms: Chrlsman, Columbia;
(Dem). Titos voting In the negative
weie Messrs. Mooie, Butler, McElhany,
Allegheny; Strndling and Keator, of
Philadelphia: Ford. Allegheny; Scott.
aoiin it. k., Philadelphia; Smith, Fied
erlck, Tioga, (Rep.); and Fow.Phlladel
phla, (Dem ) Mr. Fow moved to amend
the bill by inserting- a proviso "that
the district attorney and the defendant
both dhall have the power to examine
jurors as to bins, expressed or Implied,
In the case called for trial." The mo
tion failed and the bill w 111 be reported
as It passed to tho senate. It will be
read the first lime In the house tomor
row and will be eons.Ideied on second
leading next Tuesday, and third lead
ing and final pas-sage on Wednesday.
Eight of the ten Detnociatlc mem
bers of the senate issued the follow IriK
statement tonight.
"We sincerely legiet and deplore the
action of trie Detnociatlc state chair
man John M. Garman. In his active
woik unon the floor of the senate of
Pennsvlvanla in behalf of the McCar
lell bill, and further declare that bis
action In our opinion was In direct op
position to the best interests of the
Demociattc partv. (Signed) O. R.
Washburn, D. S. I.ee, Jacob B. Kern
el er, John A. Wentz. .1 Henry Cochian,
A. M. Neely, W. Oscar Miller, William
E. Miller."
The Deniociatlc senatoi.s not signing
the statement au Messrs. Stiles, of Le
high, and Bojd, ot Favette, who oted
for it on final parage yesterday In the
Reptesentallve Spatz, commenting on
the action of the Democratic caucus
on the McCanell bill, said tonight:
"In my opinion, the action of the
caucus today was a great vlctoiv for
the Deniociatlc partv. It virtually
means the passage of the McCairell
bill, a measure th.it has been advo
cated by the Detnociatlc partv for
many yeais, Ftom what I can learn
through conversation with my Denio
ciatlt colleagues, I have no doubt the
measuie will be passed b the houe of
representatives if it gets a fail support
from thobi on the Republican side. Thla
bill, which gives the defendant an equal
chance with the district attorney in the
matter of setting aside jurors, is in the
interest of the laboring men, and ought
to bo pasted."
Sailors Who Will Relieve Dewey's
Men Are at Manila.
Manila, Feb. 2.-5 p. in. The I'nlted
States transport Buffalo, having on
board bailors to lelleve men in Roar
Admiral Dewey's fleet, an Ived heie to
day. The I'nlted States transnoit Perrn
blvanla has arrived heie Horn Hollo,
with the Fifty-fit st Iowa. These troops
are being disembarked at Cavlte.
The United States tiansport City ot
Pueblo has sailed for Nagasaki, Japan.
Major General Otis has published an
order lequlilng the Inhabitants of Ma
nila to procure official ceitificates of
Identity, which cost twentv cents each,
after Feb. 2J.
The British battleship Centui ion, flag
ship of Vice-Admiral Sir Edward H.
Semour, and the British second-class'
crusler Bonavcnture, have sailed for
Hong Kong.
Accident at Grand Junction- The
Fiieman Crushed.
Grand Junction.Iowa, Feb. 2. The en
gine of the fa.st mall tialn which left
Chicago at 3 o'clock was derailed heie
today. As the train was approaching
tho Rock Island ctosslng tlnough an
over-tight of the engineer or the failure
of the biake to work, the engine ran
of the track and fell over, criwhlryj
Fireman Casey,
The cais remained upright and none
of the passengers were Injured.
It Is Alleged That They Are Danger
ous Counterfeiters.
New York, Feb. 2 When the steam
er Spartan Prince, from Oenoa, reach
ed quaiantlne today, secret coivice
agents boarded her nnd arrested three
members of an alleged gang: of Italian
They wen FrantIco la Barbera,
Contl Provldeiuera and Anzelmo Al
berto. A fourth arrest was afterward
made at tho barge ofllee. All the pris
oners have their families with them.
Request from Chamber of Commerce.
New York, Feb 2.-The New York
chamber of commerce at Its regular
monthly meeting today passed a rfsolu
tlon tuning upon tho tenate the speedy
ratification of the peace treaty "as be
ing necessary to sustain tho honor and
dignity of the country and to prevent
d.ingeious and neodleis complications."
Umbrella Hardware Trust,
Trenton, N. J., Fob. 2. Articles of In
eorinatlon were filed today at thu ncura-
tary of state for tho Incorporation of the
rmbrelli Iltudware company, capital, .',.
iXt,000. The company Is empowered to
manufacture and deal In supplies for um
brella and parasol makers.
Official Announcement That tho
Regiment Will Bo Mustered Out
Is Grcoted with Groat Hilarity.
Tho Men Are Delirious with Joy.
They May Come Home Individ
ually. Special to the Ocranton Tribune.
Camp AlncKenzle, Augusta, Ga., Feb.
1. The end is at hand, and the Thir
teenth regiment Is to be mustered out
at once. The camp Is In a good nat
ured uproar tonight and the joy of
the moil is untold. At seven o'clock
this evening the welcome wold that
the regiment Is to bo musteied out was
received b.v Colonel Coutsen nnd by
him quickly announced. The news
epread with the rapidity of lightning
and the Thliteenth's camp was In
stantly in a pandemonium. Men plung
ed out of their tents, thtuvv their hats
und coats and eveiy thing belonging- to
them high up Into the air. They sang,
they danced, they yelled, they embrac
ed ono another and for a time acted
n If they weie entirely out of their
senses. They weie delirious, distract
ed with joy, and it would be ealer
to check the ocean than to lcstiatn
the wild outburst of their enthusiastic
feelings. The regimental band was
called out and played seveial selec
tions while matching up and down
through mud and sand and mlnature
lakes of water. The terrible din and
yelling could be heard far beyond the
division headquaitcrs, a distance of a
mile, and have never been equalled
befoie within the limits of Camp Mac
Ken7le. The definite ordeis for the muster
ing out of the I'll. st Maryland and the
Eighteenth and Thliteettth Pennsylvan
ia weie received from Adjutant Gener
al H. C Col bin at coips headquaiters
last night and transmitted to the
i division, brigade and regimental quar
ters this afternoon They weie le
celved by Colonel Coursen this evening
shortly after supper. The otfieial order
was handed to yom conespondent this
atteinoon Immediately after Its receipt
at dtvlsion hendqtiniters by Major F.
S. Strong, the adjutant general, and re
quired that regular armv ollkers at
once Inspect, correct and prepare the
records and papeib of the three doMr
nated regiments,
The work of mustering out these
tioops will be wholly accomplished
here without giving any fuiloughs.
.Major Strong stated to jour corre
spondent thai thK woik will be begun
in a dai oi two nnd will take about
four weeks, so that the rtsimc-nt will
not be able to leave here befoie the
beginning- of March All ordnance and
equipments will be turned Into the local
aretral. This will mean that the men
of the regiment may go home, not as
a bodv, but individually. They will be
paid one month in advance fiom what
ever date they may be muteied out,
and will get in cash liberal allowances
for travel and rations. It is calculated
that by being mustered out here and
being allowed each one to go as he
may please, the men will get on an
average about $75, which would be
much moie than they would get were
they sent home In a body. This con
sideration is now the ull-important
question. There lb no unanimity as to
how the regiment bhall go home,
whether Individually or collectively, as
the boys would be losers' financially by
pursuing: the latter method. Colonel
'Coursen is somewhat puzzled. He told
The Tribune coi respondent this even
ing that, though he would like the
regiment to go home as a unit, he
would resret to see bis men lote bev
eral thousands of dollars, especially as
muny of them will need It when they
arrive home. This difficulty, however,
may be straightened out later, but to
night everything else Is forgotterr but
the all welcome news which brings Joy
untold to the heal ts of the boys. At
tattoo the drum coins added, by way
of an extra and as a serenade to Col
onel Com ben, "Home, Sweet Home,"
"When Johnny Comes Marching
Home," and other such appropriate
selections. The colonel kindly acknowl
edged Ute compliment.
All afternoon It has been raining
heavily arrd the storm has been In
tenflfted by thunder and lightning, but
tho elements have not been ablo to
dampen the lively ardor nnd the en
thusiasm of the men. All are well and
the health of the regiment Is good.
Richard J. Bourke.
Indians on the Warpath.
Vancouver, B. C, Feb. 2 Indians urc
on the vaipath in Alnski. One liuttk
litis tukeii placo and moro righting Is Im
minent. Four Indians were killed, ami
several Injured In the tight which has al
read taken, place. Four Ameilran dep
uty mar&htUs were wounded. The In
dians aro drunk, nnd there may be a ger
cr.tl upilslug.
Buchanan's Housekeeper Dead.
Lancaster. Pa.. Feb. 2. Mlas Hester
Parker, who was housekeeper for ex
Prcsldent Buchanan hero and at Wash
ington during his administration, died
this moinlug from old age. She was In
lior ninety-fourth year.
VVeither Indication! Today!
Rain; easterly Winds.
1 General The Senate Discusses the
Status of the Filipinos.
General Gorrer. Promises Co-opratton.
Muster-out Order Received by the
Democrats and the McCarrell BUI.
2 General Expected Aric&ls hi the Ad
ams Polsonlnc Case.
Kin iticl.il ar,d Commercial.
3 Local Meetlnir of Councils,
4 Editorial.
Comment of the Press.
G Local Exploding D.vnamlto Kills Four
Reception to the Thirteenth.
Scrantonlans Purchase a Water Com
pany. Colonel Boles' Residence Robbed.
6 Local West Sctanton and Suburban.
7 News Round About Sciontou.
3 Local Court Procccdlncs.
Four Strong Tugs Succeed in Mov
ing the Ship a Shoit Distance.
Fassengeia Removed.
Philadelphia, Feb. 2. The American
liner Rhynland still lies helpless on the
panels of Cotton Patch shoal, but the
indications are that she will be float
ed with comparatively Inconslderablo
damage betore many more hours have
Four strong tugs, tile North America,
Pioneer, Protector and Juno pulled on
her today and bv their combined efforts
succeeded In moving her 03 feet. If
the weather continues favorable, It is
hoped to have the steamer In deep
water on the net high tide. Anchors
have been put out to prevent the pos
sibility of her being di Iv en fur titer back
on the shoal".
The barge Lottie took off the Rhyn
land's cargo today anil the -41 passen
gers weie taken to Lewes by tlu
steam pilot boat Philadelphia. Tlwi
they were put nboatd a special train
for this city, where they airlved to
night All arc in good health. Of the
cabin passengers, Mrs T. l.cmplav
pioceeded to her home in Wenonali,
N. J. Htiich ltooney and Hugh Thomas
belong In Dublin and were bound to
this port The others are Phlladel
phlans with the exception of Mr. and
Mrs. Lionel C. Lawrence, who were te
turnlntr to New York from London,
wheio Mr. Lawreruc was playing nn
eruragement with the "Belle of New
York." He Is a member ot the New
Yoik Casino company.
Mr. Lawrence in detailing the
peilences of the tilp across the uctfiti
said that until Monday afternoon t
ovagu was uneventful. At that tl.n
the steamer fell in with a heavy ml.i
stoim which continued until Tui-duv,
when It turned to snow. The pas-elt-gers
were all at dinner that evening
when the ship struck. She listed con
siderably, scatteilng and demolishing
the dishes. There was much excite
ment the passengeis, but Captain Hun
nah soon calmed them. He ordei.d all
hands to stand by the life buats, but
In a few minutes discowied the .sunni
er vi as lying In a compaiatlvelv bate
partition He assuied the passengers
there was no cause tor alann and pro
ceeded to make them c omtortable. At
lliot he was of the opinion that the
vessel had struck off Cape Ma, hue
the weather was bo thick that it was
impossible to surely ascertain their pos
ition until the ciew fiom the lllV sav
ing station appeared.
Today when the pilot boat oarrte
alongside to take the pas-si-ageis
aboard the waves wero beating- so high
that It was necessary to lower the pas
sengers Into the boats by mean, of a
chair. This was accomplished with
safety, comfoit and despatch.
Fpon reaching this city the steeiage
passengers were taken to the Atneil
cau line pier, where they wt-re made
Committee Appointed to Look After
McCairell Bill.
Hanlsbuig, Feb. 2. A conference of
the anti-Quay Republican senators, and
membeib was held thlb evening at
which Senutor Weller, of Bedford, anil
Representatives Bliss and Claiency
weie appointed a committee to look af
ttr the interests of the opposition to
the McCarrell Juiy bill
It was also decided to offer a re
waid of fi.uOU for the auest and con
vlctlon of any peieon who attempts
to vote without a right to do so at the
Republican prlmailes lu Lebanon coun
ty on Satuiday,
Will Be Increased Under Terms of
Personnel Bill.
Washington, Feb, 2 Responding to
a resolution of Inquiry the secretary of
the navy today sent to tht senate a
tubulated statement showing the sal
aries the various ofllccrs of the navy
would receive under the terms of the
navy personnel bill.
According to this estimate rear ad
mirals would receive after twenty
jeats of service, $8,ltil; a commodore,
fCi-'O- a captain, f 220 u command
er. fl.fi'O; a lieutenant eommauelei,
$I,07C, a lieutenant (after five vears
or service). $2,412: lleutenunt, junior
grade, Jl.OJS an ensign, $1,S.'S.
Small Fox at Manila.
Washington, Feb. 2 Surgeon Getirml
Steinberg In answer to an Inquiry toeliy
CM'ri'bM'd confidence In the entire ability
of the rr.edlial ofllcers In Manila to
slami out the Hinall-po among tho
tioops there,
William Givoa Thanks.
Berlin. Feb. 2. The Rcichsan Zelger to
day publishes an Imperial draco In which
tho empiior thanks God for bis mercv
In permitting: him to complete?, tho foitleta
car of his life and the tenth year of his
' '
Candidate for Librarian.
Ntw York. Feb. 2. It Is anuounceil here
nn what appears to be good nuthoiltv
that the name of Dr. Jjmes H. Canllcld,
president of tho Ohlrf st.ito university,
was today presented rMtlio president for
appointment for llbra'Ai of congress.
Rt. Rev. Bishop O'Hara-
Is Sinking Very
At 3 O'clock This Morning a Trib
une Man Was Informed That the
Venerable Prelato Might Liva
Until 5 A. M. For tho Last Ten
Days Ho Has Been Sinking Grad
ually and Yesterday His Condition
Became Highly Alarming Sketch
of a Remarkable Care or of a Re
markable Man Whoso Lifo Wan
One of Unselfish Devotion to Hia
Sacied Calling.
Right Reveiend William 0'Hara.blsh
op of Sciauton, will likely have breath
ed his last by the time this leaches
the leaders of The Tribune.
At '! o'clock this morning he was
rapidly sinking and In the opinion of
his attending plivsklan, Dr. R. H. Gib
bons, could not last many houi.s longer.
To a Tribune reporter. It was stated
by Riv. Father J. A O'Reilly, lector
of the cathedral, that the bishop might
last till a o'clock a m.
The beginning of the end came at
nightfall. For ten days he had been
continually gi owing weaken and weak
er and early last night lapsed Into
xeiiil-coitscloiihiiess He never roused
evi'ir hUttietently to illstlnguldh any one
about him and after midnight every
bieath was expected to be his last.
When it was evident eatly in th-
evening that death was not far orf,
the pilebts of the I'plscopal residence!
and two hlbteib Horn St. Cecilia's con
vent sralhertd about bis bid .to watch
his dvlng moments Word was tele
graphed his aged brother. Dr. Michael
O'Haiu, of Philadelphia, who although
quite 111, answered back that he would
be on without delu). Dr. Gibbons was
present almost contlnuouidy during tho
night. Bishop Hoban, who went down
to Ashle.v In the afternoon, was sent for
and is expe'ted on the Hist morning;
That Ulshup O'Hara was In his last
Illness was1 realized nearly two weeks
ago and he was given thu last sacra
ments by Rev. J. A. O'Reilly. Dr.
Gibbons attended him constautlv,
but nothing could stay the approach
ing end. Theie was no particular con
stitutional trouble; but a gtudual wear
lim out of vitality.
For the last twelve years he-has been
veiy feeble and several times vva4
thought to be at the point of death.
He rallied each time, however, and un
til last Christina was able to be about.
Since the hollduys he has been confined
to his room, most of the time to hli
bed. On Tuesday he bat up for a w hilts
In a chair and as late as yesteiday took
Ho Is todu aged elshtv -two jeart,
nine months and nineteen ilavs. For
over flftv-.slx eait ho wore the sacted
robes ot the uticbtlioeid, and during
thirty-one jears, talking Just onu
month, hit bore tho illgnlty of the
Right Reverend Bldhop O'Hara was
born April 14. 181C, In Ireland. While
et an Infant his patents came with
him to this countrj, settling In Phila
delphia, in St. Patrick' pailsh, whora
ho was afterwards pimtor. His elemen-
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Washington, Feb. 2. Forecast for
Frlel ly: For eastern Pennsylvania,
cloudy weather with rain in tho
afternoon; light to fresh easterly

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