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'Cycle Club's Tournament Creating
Muoh Interest The Score.
Tho pool tournament now beliiR con
ducted liy the 'Cycle club nt Us rooms
3n North Church street Is exciting
Tiunh Interest, Crowds sui round the
tallies every iilfjlit and nothing but the
best feeling jnevailH while Raines are
being won and lost, in only one In
stance has a higher tins? man been
defeated by one In a lower class
One peculiar feature of tlie score as
It stands now is that only one player
haa the distinction of having won and
lost games. All the others have cither
tvon or lost all the Kami's thev have
played. The winners und number of
Ramos are: George James, 1: Dr. Day,
I; It, Marshall, lj G. Singer, 2; K. Ilob
brts, 2; II. VanDermatk, 2; VanGelder,
1; Johnson, 2: Frederick Ileverlv, 1;
Joseph Gilhool, 1: Hurry Wright, 1;
Harry Harrison, 1.
Losers of games are: Dr. linker. 1;
V. Manners. 2: F. Derby, -1: II. Hamp
ton, 1: F. Moon, 2: F. Woleott, 2; H.
H-Iggs. 1; George Paul. 1: F. Carpen
ter. 1 : Isaac Singer, 1 ; Joseph Gilhool,
1: Lewis Davis, I; Julius Snaetb, 1.
Joseph Gilhool Is the player who has
lost a game and won one.
Three defeats force a player from the
Muslo Dealer C. "W. Fulkerson was In
ficranton on business yesterday.
Miss Jennie Vincent has returned to
V. Manners, of the People's
More, paid Seranton a business
-Miss Florence Kllgour, who has made
an extended visit with New York
friends, will return home tomorrow.
Mrs. Isaac Newton Is convalescent.
Plans have been prepared for an ad
dition to John J. Simpson's Itlver street
J. J. I.owry, of Helmnnt street, has
purchased tho hardware business of M,
IP. Jacobs, of Forest City.
Mrs. J. P. A. Tlngley, of Itlver stteet,
Is convalescent.
Mr. and Mrs. G. II. Tiyon aie enter
tabling Mr and Mrs. C. V. F.stabrook,
of Jackson.
Mrs. li. D. Kelly, of South Church
street, Is entertaining Miss SIilllc 31c
Quillan, of Philadelphia.
Hev. Itogers Israel, of St. Luke's
ehurch. Scranton, preached an eloquent
sermon in Tilnity Episcopal church of
this city last evening.
Painters aie muklng Interior Improve
ments on the store of Mrs. M. II. Madl
gan, of Salem avenue.
Contractor T. C. Hoblnson, who i
eently underwent a surgical 'operation,
Is now able to walk around town.
Mrs. Kdward Padden and daughter,
Mary, of Orchard street, are visiting
tscranton friends.
A bclitru will be given bv A. V. How
its under the auspices of the ladies
of the Presbyterian church, Mai eh :!().
on the fall of Pompeii.
The remains of the late James Mul
let, were laid at rest in the '.it nolle
cemetery after a high mass of requiem.
The remains were carried from the
house to the church end two sets of
pallbearers were used. William Hunt.
James O'ltoiuue. Tlmimi Klelty, Paul
Holmes, James Gllboy, Patrick Maye,
Thomas Hrennan, of Archbald; Thos.
Kegan. Thomas Hart, James Nealis,
John Itegnn and John Martin, of Jet
mvn, acted as pallbearers.
Miss Kmellne Myres, of Main street,
fs on the sick list.
Mr. Patrick Keegan met a terrible
death yesterday morning while going
to church. In stepping out of the way
of a coal train he was run down by a
passenger which arrives here at (i. 10.
Mr. Keegan has lived in Archbald a
great many years and has made a
large circle of friends by his kind dis
position. He leaves a wife nnd six
The Junior Order United American
Mechanics held a smouer last evening,
after their usual business meeting.
Airs. Frank Healy and son called on
friends in Sernnton yesterday.
Mayfleld was visited again early yes
terday morning by a serious conllagra
tlon. The lire originated In the kitchen
of the residence of Mr. James Grady,
on the East Side of Penn avenue, and
so fiercely did 11 burn that within a
short space of time the building nnd
contents were completely destroyed.
The lire spread to the adjoining build
ing belonging to the James Mullolly
estate, which was occupied by Mr. und
Mrs. Bennett, and before the tlremen
Wi'io able to subdue the Humes the
building was ruined beyond repair.
Hotli houses were Insured In O'Hearns'
Mr. A. F. A. llattenberg, a well
known business man, and Miss ltosa
A Mountford. of tills borough, were
united In marriage at Wilkes-Harre on
Wednesday, and are spending a brief
honey moon In Wayne county.
The following ladles were the guests
f Mrs. Charles F. Iiaker, of Second
stieet, on Wednesday evening: Mes
dnines D. W. Humphrey, It. H. Fowler,
AV. Hobbs, J. 15. and AVIll Shannon,
AV It. Moon, F. H. Arnold. Homer
Smith, J A. Dennis, G. H. Sumson. of
Carbondale, and Mrs. J. E. Herbert, of
Jersey City.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hray, of Main
health is Wealth.
the ohig.nal; all others imitations,
Istoldunder poeltivo Written Guarantee,
byanthorlted ugenta only, to cum Weak Momory,
LUiiiness, Wakefulness, Fits, Hysteria, Quick.
ce, Nlsut Losses, Kvil Dreams, Luck of Conti
denoe,KerrounesB, Lassitude, all Drains, Youth
ful Kcrorc, or Eicoeeivo Ufe of Tobacco, Upturn,
or Liquor, which leads to Misery, Consumption,
Insanity and Death. At utoro or by waif, $1 a
boit six tor tV, with ivril t cu gutiran teo to
cure or reluuit money, featnploimcu
ngo, containing fivo days treatment, with full
lnetruotie.ru, 25 cents. One turnple only eold to
encu pursuu, afHiorsur vy wan.
. t3J""e(i Label Special
i Extra strength,
' For ImDotenoy. Xona ot
l'ovror, Lost Manhood,
HtArllltv or riarrennnfts.!
ji n doxi ciz ror d, nut
tAniMinIri.v, Atutn.nllll
BBFOREorbvnmil, APTEf
For Sale by Wll lam (1. Clark, 33O Penn Ave
, ranton. I'a. ,
A remedy recommended for patients
utlllcteil with the Clrlppo Is Kemp's Hnl
snm, which Is especially adapted to ella
casta of tho throat and nines. Po tint
wait for the Mist symptoms of tho dis
ease, but get a bottle todny and keep It
on hand for use tho moment it Is needed.
If neglected the grippe has u tendency
to bring on pneumonia. Tho Ilalmim pre
vents this by keeping the cough loofe.
All druggists sell the Ualaum.
street, were at Unlondule yesterday
attending tt birthday party.
Mrs. John McGarrnh, Jr., of Mayfleld,
1b confined to her home with Illness.
l!ev. Father Mnlone, assistant priest
nt .Susquehanna, conducted Lenten ser
vice In Sactcd Heart church Wednes
day evening and preached an earnest
and forcible sermon to a large and at
tentive congregation.
Miss Mary Cole, of Mayfleld, who Is
111 of scarlet fever, l slightly Improved.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dunleavy, of
Maylleld. left yesterday for Schuylkill
county, where they will In the future
ltuth, the little daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Harnabah Carter, of Cemetery
street. Is 111.
Mr. II. A. Wlllmnn, of the llrm of C.
D. Winter & Co., Is confined to his
home, on South Main street, with an
attack of grip.
Michael Mcllale and Michael Mul
doon have been awaided the contract
for driving the long plane for tho foot
of the shaft In Jermyn No, 1 colliery
through the old workings Into No, 2
Mine Inspector Koderlck made an of
tlclat vis-It to the local collieries yes
terday. TAYLOR NEWS.
"Merry Milkmaids" to Be Again
Produced Personal News.
The operetta. "Merry Milkmaid."
which was produced by Protestor
David K Jones, under tho auspices of
the Calvary l.aptlst church choir home
time ago at Weber's rink, will again
be produced by the request of the mu
sical loving people of this town. Th"
event will be held on March UJ and II.
Mis. William Hell, of Peckville. is
visiting at th" home of Mr. and Mrs.
William M. Hell, of Main street, for
the nasi few days.
Among tho Taylor people who suc
ceeded in carrying away prizes from
the Olyphant eisteddfod on Wednesday,
were Hurgess J. 10. Watklns, who cap
tured the bass f-olo anil Daniel Evans
and Louisa Nicholas carrying off the
prizes on recitations.
Thomas Jones, of Pittston, was tho
guest of i datives in this place yester
day. Mrs. I,. It. Foster, of Hyde Park, and
also soloist of the Presbyteilan church
of this place, is visiting hr parents
at Hector, N. Y.
David Hovan, of North Taxior. bos
I'ullv recovered from his recent illness.
Mrs. Itnchel Hopkins, of Pittston, was
the guest of her sIster.Mrs. 15. J. Davis,
of North Main street.
Misses Murt'iiret and Maine Hroad
lieitd have returned after vWltlng rela
tives in Wyoming.
Samuel Hender.Omt, employed as a
driver boy in the Holdup mine, was
seriously injured by being kicked by
a mule.
Chamberlain's Cough Remedy.
'Phi's remedy is intended especially for
coughs, colds, croup, whooping; cough
and iullueliza. It has become famous
for Its cures of these diseases, over a
largo patt of tho civilized woild. The
most nattering testimonials hae been
received, giving accounts of its good
works; of the aggravating and per
sistent coughs it has cured: of seveio
colds that have yielded promptly to Its
soothing effects, nnd of tho dangerous
altuuks of croup it has cured, often
saving the life of the child. The exten
sive use of it for whooping cough has
shown thai It robs that disease of all
dangerous consequences. It Is especial
ly prized by mothers for their chll
dien, as it never falls to effect a speedy
cure, and because they have found that
theie is not the least danger In giving
it, een to babies, as It contains noth
ing injuilous. Sold by all druggists.
Matthews Hros., wholesale and retail
The olyphant United choir are Ju
bilant over their success nt the eis
teddfod AA'edntsdav evening, winning
the prize of $2."i for the best rendition
of "Aberystwyth." The Olyphant sing
ers In general received most of tho
prizes. The prize of $15, given uy Dis
trict Attorney John It. Jones, was div
ided between the Ambrose Glee club
of this place and tlie Schubert Glee
club of Providence. W. H. Priest won
the prize of $1 for the best ess-ay on
the history of the Sunday school from
Its origin up to the present lime. Miss
Maggie Thomas received one of the
prizes on the soprano solo competition.
Miss Annie Jones and Mrs. Owilym
Evans also won prizes. The eisteddfod
altogether was one of tho most suc
cessful ever held at this place. It was
after 12 o'clock when It closed, and
owing to the lato hour the tenor solo
competition, for which them were thir
teen contestants, bad to bo omitted.
At the Father Mathow Opera house
on Tuesday evening next will be pre
sented a minstrel entertainment by
Fields and Hanson's minstrel company.
Manager Cummlngs guarantees a first
class show.
Mr. und Mrs. Hnrry Huddle, of Hn
boken, have moved to this place. Mr.
Huddle Intends engaging in the milk
business here.
At a meeting of the school board
Tuesday night It was decided to class
the night schools March 17.
Airs Mary Shields, of Archbald, is
the guest of Mr. und Mrs. John Shields,
of Lackawanna street.
Miss Hena Morgan, of Clifford, Is
visiting her sister, Mrs. John Evans, of
School Director Donnelly Is In Har
risburg. attending the Directors' nsJ
eiptiun convention.
AVIlllam Tinker, of Clifford township,
has purchased the house and lot owned
by Clmtnp Ebdon, on Delaware street,
for $1,100.
Services will bo conducted In tho
AVelsh Congregatlonnl church next Sun
day at 10.30 a. in. and C p. m. by Rev.
J. P. Thomas, of Nantlcoke.
The Epworth league of tho Metho
dist Episcopal church has elected the
following "Ulcers to serve for the en
suing term: Ptesldent, Mrs. 13. E. Hor
ton; first vU-e-presldent, Miss Rebecca
lUicklngliam; second vice-president,
Arthur M. U'estgate; third vlce-presl-dent.
Mrs. George E. Maxey; fourth
vice-president, Miss Ethel Alexander;
secretory, John Lung; treasurer, Miss
Mume J. Hrown.
At the meeting of the Ministerial and
Literary association of tho Honesdale
dtHtrlct, which Is to bo bold. in Carbon-
dale on Monday und Tuesda, March 13 1
nnd 14, Hev. O. H. Stone, of tho Forest
City Methodist church, will deliver an
nddress on "Early American Metho
dists." 11, F. Mnxey, of Sernnton. was the
guest of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ben
jamin Maxey, yesterday.
I. 12. Lowery, of Carbondalc, has pur
chased the hardware Htock of M. P
Jacobs and will continue the business
in tho Joseph building.
Miss Ileatrlce Long, of Scrnnton, Is
the guest of her sister, Mrs. M. D.
Dr. George T. MeGulre, of Vandllng,
will locate in Forest City for the prac
tice of his profession about April 1.
Thomas Wnlte, Jr., a young man cm
ployed ns n laborer by John McKernon,
in No. 2 shaft, was quite severely In
jured Wednesday forenoon. The miner
was pitching out coal, when a piece
hit a prop and knocked it down, strik
ing young Waite In the region of the
hips nnd small of the back.
Mr. Harry Cllft, of Wlnwood, Wayne
county, has been a guest of Mr, and
Mrs. T. L. Hbrton, for several days
Although the proposition to bond the
borough for $6,B0O, for tho purpose of
constructing sewers in the Second
ward, was defeated by the people at
the February election, It Is the pur
pose of the gouncll to extend the sewer
giadttally, putting In a section each
year, until the system Is complete. Ac
cording to their plans, the sewer will
lw placed where It Is most needed, and
gradually extended to the outlying sec
tions ns the necessity for It becomes
Itev. J. AV. Homberger, who has been
the Evangellcnl minister at this place
and at IJardwell during the past year,
has been assigned by the conference
to AVhlto Haven. Itev. .1. K. labelling
comes to Tunkhannock.
The committee appointed at the Inst
meeting of Triton Hose compnn.v for
the purpose of Investigating the mat
ter of a lire alarm for the borough, met
at the oirtco of T. S. P.enson on Tues
day night. The committee. Is figuring
on to placing of Hie call boxes, three
gongs and a cuckoo whistle, the cost
of which will be about $123. They have
prepared a map of the town showing
the proposed line.
Joseph V. Piatt, esq., has been tit
Laporte. this week attending the Sulli
van county court.
Miss Anna Ithodes' lecture nt Piatt's
opera house tomorrow (Friday) even
ing for tlie benefit of the public school
library, her subject being "Porto Itlco."
'Squire Sampson and wife anil Mrs.
O. C. James left for Philadelphia os
terday. Mrs. James has been lsltlnf
Mrs. Katharine Townsend and is on
her way to AVashlngton, where she will
visit her son-in-law, Captain Lyons, of
tlie H. S. S. Dolphin.
G. Evans Avery, who is now located
at Syracuse, N. A., was visiting bis
parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. P, Avery, tlite
w eek.
Dr. E. H. Hill, of Pittston, formerly
located here, has been unable to at
tend to his practice for some time on
account of rheumatism.
Curies IUttespaugh, formerly of this
place, but now of Wilkes-Harre. where
lie Is warden of the prison, is on hero
to attend the funeral of George Ileek
mnu. AV. K. Little, esq., Is in Stroudsburg
on legal business.
K'ounty Superintendent Jarvls and H.
AV. Lewis are in Hariisliurg attending
the convention of school superintend
ents and directors.
County Treasurer J. Dudley Qulnan,
of LaGiange, was In town on AVednes
Mrs. William Douglas, of Hochuster,
is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
AVIlllam Tucker.
We are pleased to hear that Mr. and
Mrs. Smith French are about to move
into tlie Tucker house.
JJis. Glllett entertained as guests
Wednesday Mesdames Miller, Trues
dell, Turrell, Jenkins, Hownrd, Harnes
and Latham.
Some of the school attended the clos
ing exercit.es of the Aldiich school last
The following attended the drama
at Jackson last week: Gus Hums,
Harry Hloxhani, Fred
Gelott, Hannah Latham
man and Ethel Smith.
Mrs. AVIlllam Blandin, who is sick,
we aro glad to report Is convalescent.
Miss Nellie Aldrich Is attending
school here.
George AVallace, who has been visit
ing relatives In Springville, has re
turned. The band concert held in the F. H.
church Tuesday evening was a grand
Gus Hums made a business trip to
Pleasant Mount AVednesdaj .
CURE SCHOFl'LA promptly and
permanently by a thorough course of
TIood'M Sarsaparllln. All lorms of this
painful disease yield to the blood pur
ifying power of this great medicine.
HOODS PILLS are the best family
cathartic and liver tonic. Gentle, re
liable, sure.
The futifial of Jnmes Kagan, who
died on AVednesday last, will take place
tomorrow morning. The remains will
leave his resldenco on the Houlevard at
0 o'clock a. m. Interment will bo mule
in Hyde Park Catholic cemetery.
John AVesley castle, 34'J, Knights of
' the Golden Eagle, will hold their regu
I lar session In Odd Fellows' hall this
J evening. All felr knights aro requested
to attend.
Miss Mary Ellon AVrightson, of Hal-
steud avenue, who has been seriously
, ill, is slightly Improved.
1 Thomas Grler, of Main street, Is con
, fined to his home by sickness.
! How's This P
I Wn nffi.v One Hundred Dnllnrx Ilmvurrt
for nny tnso ot Catarrh that can not bo
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure.
F. J. CHKNDV & CO., Props., Toledo. O.
AVe the undersigned, have known F. J.
1 Cheney for the last 13 years, and believe
ltlm perfectly honorable in nil business
transactions and financially able to carry
out any obligations made by their llrm.
AA'cst & Truax, Wholesalo Druggists, To
ledo, O.
Waldlng, Klnnnn & Murvti, Whoelsale
Druggists, Toledo. Ohio.
Hall's Cntarrh Cure Is taken internally,
acting directly upon the blood and mucous
surfaces of the system. Price 73e. per
bottle Sold by all Druggists. Testimon
ials free.
Hall's Family Pills are the best.
Full strength, health, tons
and derelopment to every
portion of the body. Effects
01 uinitur, overwork, worry,
I the follies ot youth and ex
cesses of maidiuod quickly
'cured, Appliance and rem
edies sent on trial. Xo
money in advance. Eealed
particulars free, Corre
mouJcuce confidential.
to all
I will pimrnntee
that my lUiruwatlsm
Cure will relieve lum
bago, tclntlcH and nil
rheumatic pain in
two or three hours,
nnd cure in a few
At all drugglnta,
25c. a Tin, Oulde
to Health nnd medi
cal advice free.
1505 Arch St.. Thlla.
Valuable Real Estate
rillDAY. MAHtMI 24, Ulf.i.
By virtue of sundry writs of Plerl Fa
clns, Levari Facias nnd Venditioni Ex
ponas, Issued out of the court of common
picas of Lackawanna county, to me ill
lected, I will expose to public sale by ven
due or outcry, to the highest and best
bidder, for cash, at the court house, In
the city of Scranton. Lackawanna county,
on Friday, the TWICNTY-FOUimi DAY
OF MARCH, A. D. IHffl. ut 10 o'clock
in the forenoon of said day, all tho right,
title and interest of lite defendants in und
to the following described lots, pieces or
parcels of lnnd. viz:
No. 1 All the right, title und interest of
the defendant". Frank E. Thurston and
Nota M. Thurston, In and to nil- that cer
tain lot, piece or parcel of land, situate,
lying and being in thu borough of Hlake
ly, county of Lackawanna nnd state of
I'ennsylvania. Identified ami ilescrlbeil
as follows, to wit: lielng lot No. eight
(1) In situate or block No. four (!) and
situate on l-'ourth street In Hull's Addi
tion to said borough of ifl.ikcly, a map or
plot of Mild nddltioti N recorded In the re
corder of deed's otllce In th county nf
Lackawanna aforesaid, In Deed Hook No.
115. pd go u7(J. Slid lot being tlftv (30) leet
in front on said Fourth street nnd 0110
hundred and forty U1i feet in depth.
Coal and mitiL'tuW excepted and reserved.
All improved with two Mimle two-story
t'tnnie. shingle roof dwelling houses, out-
utiuilliigs, etc.
Selieid and taken In execution at the
suit ot Republic Savings and Loan asso
ciation vs. Frank K. Thurston and Nora
M. Thurston. l)bt, $l.r,Te.S!. Judgment
No. i.W. January Term. 1W. Lev. fn to
March Terra lf'in.
watso.v niEHL - ii:.i.u:m:r.,
Attorney s.
No. 2. AH the tight, title and Interest of
the defendants, M. 1). Huntsman. Ihnr.ia
Huntsman und Mollis D. Huntsman, ad
ministrators of the estatw of Charles E.
Huntsman, deceased, hi and to all thai
certain piece or parcel of hind situate and
being In tho Second ward In tho city of
Scranton. county of L'lcUaWHtin.i and
state of Pennsylvania, bounded and des
cribed as follows, to wit.: Ilegluullig at
a corner or this lot and John Walsh's lot
and on the south side of Urcaker sttett,
thenco along line of said street .11 degrees
east tltty-iiur (3D feet to a stake set on
line of said street lor o -ner. tlicrrn
south 17 degrees wm one hundred and
forty (110) fe t to a stako set for a corner
one and one-half lent from the south cor
ner of tho barn, thence south G2 degrees
west fifty-seven and one-half Co'tO feet
to post of line fenco of Ilanlel McSlmne's
land, thence along s.ild McShatic line
north 51 degrees wett s-.vctitv (7ui feet to
tho corner of AV. J. Lewis .md It. t'rippen
lot. thtneo along line of wild lot and
other parties uoitb 3ii degrees oast two
hundred ('.1)11) feet to tlie place of begin
ning. Containing twelve thousand Hi.ouO)
square feet ot land be the sami morn or
less. Coal and minerals reserved; ulso
passaMo way from Urculicr street to the
barn to bo used In common bv parties re
siding on each side of the said passage
way as it has been and now is used. He
lug the same premises which AA'm. A.
Halstead and wife by deed dated 31
.March, lS'U, and recorded In Lackawanna
county in Deed Hook No. 11:.', pago 101,
etc., eonvecd to Emma Huntsman and
Cbaiies E. Iliiiitsmun (now deceased). All
improved with one two-slorv double
frame dwelling housp, one tramp barn,
chlckery and outbuildings thereon.
Seized and taken in execution at tho
suit of AV. A. llalstc-ad vs. M. D. Hunts
man. Emma Huntsman and Morris
D. Huntsman, administrators of the ts
tate of Charles E. Huntsman, deceased.
Debt, $2.3W.H2. Judgment No. CI. March
Term, 1S00. F. fa. to March Term. WM.
A l.SO
No. '!. All Iho defendants' right, litlo
ana interest in nno to tlie loiiowing de
scribed lot or parcel of land situate In tho
Sixth ward ot the borough of Dunmore,
county of Lackawanna and state of Penn
sylvania, being lot number two hun
dred and eighteen (Hi) In square or block
number twenty-one (21) and sltuato
upon Qnincy avenue, formerly called Sev
enteenth street, upon the plot of "Dick
ton's Addition." in said borough, duly re
corded in Lackawanna county in Deed
Rook No. 47. page U. Said lot is ric
tangular noil being forty (-10) feet In
width on said Quliicy avenue, forty (10)
feet in width on suldfjulney avenue, forty
(10) leet In i ear and ono hundred and
llfty-two nnd llvr-tenths (132 5-10) feot in
depth, the measurement of tho depth of
said lotonQulncy aveniionndof the width
of the same on Delaware street to com
mence ten (10) feet from tho Inside of
the sidewalk on Qulncy avenue and Dcla
ware street with the light to enclose, oc
cupy nnd use ten (10) feet In front of th"
front lino of said lot on Qulncy avenue
and Delaware street for yard and shrub
bery. All improved with a two-story
frame building, used as Morn room and
dwelling and outbuildings thereon. Coul
and minerals reserved.
Seized and taken In execution nt the
suit of assigned to J. I,. Hull vs. C. 5!.
Butts. Debt, JI.OfH. Judgment No. 817.
November term, 1W, 11. fa. to Marcb
term, ISM. HAAVLEY, Attorney.
No. I. All the tight, title and Interest
of tho defendants, David Cushlnu and
Margaret Cushlue, In and to all those.
loiiowing pieces or pnrcejs ot land. First
thereof sltuato in city of Carbondale,
county of Lackawanna, state of Pennsyl
i until, being lot No. 1 on the comer cf
Throop avenun and Helmont street In
Reynolds nnd Lathrop's addition to said
city, being 50 feet front und rear and 150
feet deep. Hiing on tho easterly or
southerly sldo of nld street excepting
and reserving all coal und minerals there
on with right to mine and removo tho
s imc. Improved with one two-story
frumo dwelling with basement nnd out
milldings. Second piece sltuato In Fell township,
county and state aforesaid, and fronting
on tho old Turnpike road on the south
live rods and four and one-half fuet ex
tending back to lands owned by the Dela
ware and Hudson Canal company In a
northenstedly direction; thence on tho
oast adjoining tho line of land of said
company from tlie Turnpike road back
one hundred rods or poles, thence run
ning north adjoining said company Una
llvo rods and four and one-half fee tu
tho corner of land owned by Jnmes Ryrno
now or formerly, thence north adjoining
said last named land one hundred rods op
poles to the old Turnpike road containing
about three acres of land.
Third nieco situate In Fell townsh'p
aforesaid bounded nnd described ns fol
ows: Rcglnnliig at a corner In tho old
Turnpike of land belonging or intely be
longing to Helen Ryrne, thence north
westerly along said Turnpike road four
lods and fourteen fret to a corner of
other lands lato of Amzl AVIImm estate,
thenco northeasterly nlong land of vuld
cstnto 100 rods to line of lands of the Del
aware nnd Hudson Canal company,
thence In a southwesterly direction ulong
tho lino of laud of said company four
rods und fourteen feet to line of land
owned by Margaret Cushlne, thenco in a
southwesterly direction along said last
named land 100 rods to place of bcRlnnlng
containing thrco acres more or less. Two
last described pieces adjoin und form one
plot Improved with frame house, barn,
fruit trees, outbuildings, etc.
Seized and tnken In execution nt the
suit of assigned to J. II, Shannon & Co.
vs. David Cushlne nnd Margaret Cushlno.
Debt, J1.13-7.W. Judgment No. CIS, March
Term, 1899. Fl. fn. to March Term, 1SD.
J. F. REYNOLDS, Attorney.
No, 0. All tho right, title nnd Interest
of tho defendant, Joseph lligglns, In nnd
to ull tho surface or right of soil of that
lot or parcel of land situate In tho city of
Carbondale, county of Lackawanna and
state of I'ennsylvania, bounded on tho
south by lands of Thomas Kennedy, enM.
by lands of John Kllcen, on the west by
lands of Thomas Hlgglns and north by
lands of Thomas Hlgglns. lielng one
hundred and thirty-eight feet in length
north nnd south, nnd eighty feet In
width from lnnd of Thomas Hlgglns on
tho west to lnnd ot John Kllleen on the
east, Coal and other mineral rights re
served. Also tho free and uninterrupted
uso, liberty and privilege of und pussnge
Jointly with Eliza Hlgglns, Thomas Hlg
glns, Jr., and Joseph Hlgglns in and
along a certain alley or passage of twenty
feet in width and extending In depth from
tho public Inno on the north of said Eliza
Hlgglns' lot In a southerly direction
across tho easterly ends of lots now
owned by said Eliza Hlgglns, Thomas
Hlgglns, Jr., nnd Joseph lligglns In the
city of Carbondale, Pa,, and along tho
westward lino of John Killecn's land to
lot of said Joseph Hlgglns. lielng the
snmo property conveyed to suld Joseph
Hlgglns by two deeds, ono from Thomas
Hlgglns ct nx. dated January 17. PWS. re
corded In tho oflloe of the recorder of
deeds of Lackawanna county. D. II. No.
13S, pago S03, tho other from Eliza Hlgglns
and Thomas Hlgglns, Jr., dated Septem
ber 3d, 1M)S. Improved with a frame dwell
ing nouso ana outbuildings thereon.
Seized nnd taken In execution at tho
suit of Calvert Kulldiug nnd Loan asso
ciation of Iialtlmore city vs. Joseph IIU
glns. Debt, $313.75. Judgment No. 3M1,
Mnrch Term, 1W. Fl. fa to March Term,
ISffl. J. F. REYNOLDS. Attorney.
No. fl. All th right, title nnd Interest
of the defendants, Kate Kerl and John
Kerb In and to all that piece or parcel of
land In the city of Carbondale, county ot
Lackawanna nnd s.tnte of Pennsylvania,
hounded nnd described as follows, to wit:
Northerly by lot now or late of Evan
Tucker, easterly bv land of T. Davis,
.southerly by land of Julius Hudwlll, west
erly by Wyoming street, being thlrty
nlno and one-third feet wide in front nnd
renr nnd about elchtv-two feet in ilent'.i.
Improved with a. two-story frame dwell
ing house and outbuildings thereon.
Seized nnd taken In execution nt the
suit of tho Co-operative Building Rank
vs. Kutn Kerl and George Kerl. Debt,
$ili.:i0. Judgment No. 5i2, March Term,
PflO. Fl. f.i. to March Telm. 1S?P.
.T. F REYNOLDS. Attorney.
, l.SO
No. 7. All the light, title and Interest
of the defendants. Michael Sh.irak and
Annie Sharak In ami to all those certain
lots, pieces or parcels of land situate In
Lackawanna enmity. Pa.
First All that certain lot of land situ
ate in the Fifth ward of Setantoii, Lacka
wanna county. P.i., described as follows:
Relng a part of lot No. I In block No. (12
on J. lleerman's map of Hyde Park nnd
being 43 feet In front on 't'wentv-seconJ
street, same In the rear and 1.7) feet In
depth, being tho same property convey od
to M. Sharak and John Nlplk bv deed re
covered In I.nckawauna county D. II. 14.1,
page 505. Improved with one two-story
from" hotel and hall, also one two-storv
frame dwelling house, and outbuilding's
Second All that lot or piece of laud
situate In the borough or .Mayfleld. Lack
awanna county. Pa., distinguished as lot
No. 0 In block No. 10 on property of Hill
side Coal and Iron company, being In
front 00 feet nnd In rear t,n feet and 130
feet deep. Rounded northeast bv lot No.
7. southeast by lot No. 1. southwest by
lot No. 5 and on the northwest by Hill
street. Reing the same pronerty con
veyed to M. Sharak bv M. Flck by deed
recorded In Lackawanna countv D. R.
No. 127. page si.
Third All that lot or piece or land situ
ate In Maylleld, Lackawanna countv. P.i .
Rolng lot No. 5 In block No. 10 on map of
Hillside Coal and Iron company's plot of
Maylleld, being Art feet in front, CO feet In
itar and 13n feet deep, bounded on the
north by lot No. ti. on tho southwest by lot
No. I, southeast by lot No. 1.1 and north
west by Hill street. Reing the same pro
perty conveyed to Susie Sharak by deed
recorded In Lackawanna countv In D. I.
No. Pit, page 414.
Seized and taken In execution at the
suit of Mulhctin & Judge v. Michael
Sharak and Susie Sharak. Debt, Sli.
Judgment No. 7S0. November Term. KM.
Fl. fa. to March Term, TO.
DEAN. Attorney.
No. 8. All tho right, title and Interest
of John J. White In and to all that eer
taln lot. piece or parcel of land situated,
lvlng or being in tho city of Scranton in
tho county of Lncknwnnna and state of
Pennsylvania, described ns follows, to
wit: lielng lot number ono In plot of lots
made by J. S. Lawrence, C. E.. on tho
1Mb day of Mnrch. A. D. ISfti, of certain
lands In tho First ward of the city of
Scranton. Said lot number one Is forty
two feet In front on North Main avenue
and the same width In tho rear on Hol
llster street und one hundred and slxtj
four feet In depth. All Improved with a
two-story frame dwelling house and other
outbuildings thereon. Reing the same lot
of land sold to the ahnvo named John J.
AVhlto by AVIlllam O'Hara bv deed dnted
tho 15th day of May, 1S01. and recorded In
tho olllco for recording of deeds In and for
Lackawanna county, in Deed Rook S2,
page Kk, etc.
Seized and taken In execution at the suit
of Thomas Maloney vs. John J. AVhite.
Debt, $110. Judgment No. C0!. January
Term, 1M0. Fl. fa. to Starch Term, ISM.
CAAVLEY & SHEAN, Attorneys.
No. ft. All the right, title and interest
of the defendant. AVIlllam II. Campbell.
In and to all tho following pieces or par
cels of land each of which is on the or
iginal warranty of Beth IVarco, now sit
uate In the borough of Olyphant. county
of Lackawanna, and stato of Pennsyl
vania. The first piece upon River street
being occupied by AVIlllam 11. Campbell
and tho tenants of Wllllum II. Campbell
for resldenco and business purposes. The
second piece upon Deluware street being
occupied by said AVIlllam 11. Campbell as
a residence.
No. 1. Tho business property fronting
upon River street being nbout 75 feet In
front and extending back In depth to thu
lino of low water mark of tho Lackawan
na river, according to a plan or map en
titled "Throop's Map of Olyphant," said
lot being tho land line between Lacka
wanna street and tho land lately con
veyed by Dr. Henjnmin 11. Throop et nl.
to J. AV. Kennedy. Excepting and re
serving from and out of the said prem
ises all coal and minerals beneath tho
surface thereof, and all mine linhtrf us
set rortn in tlie ueeu rrom tlie s.ild Ren
Jamln II. Throop et. al. to iho said AVIl
llam II. Campbell, dated September 10,
1S95. and recorded In Lackawanna countv.
In Deed Rook 145, pago 101. All Improved
with a three-story frame building iise.1
for shops nnd ware-rooms, and also a
two-story frame building used for stores
und dwellings.
No. 2. Residence upon Delaware street,
beginning at a corner of lot No. 22 upon
Delaware street, thenco southerly ulong
tho lino of said lot No. 2, S3 feet to a
corner, thence southwesterly along land
now or late of Right Hev. William
O'llnru, now of Scranton, and parallel
with Delaware street 38 feet to a corner,
thence northwesterly along land now of
Intely of Rev. P. J. Murphy S3 feet to a
corner upon Delaware street, thence
along the lino of Delaware street 38 fiet
to tho placo of beginning, nnd comprising
a portion of lot No. 20 upon Delaware
street In tho said borough, ns the same
appears upon n map of and of the Dela
ware nnd Hudson Canal Company. Ex
cepting und reserving all coal nnd min
erals beneath the surface of said lot. to
gether with all tlie mine, rights as same
are sot forth In deed to William II. Camp
bell from Rev. P. J. Murphy dated April
Cth. Wi, und recorded In Iickawannn
county In Deed Hook 107, pane 101. im
proved with a two-story framo dwelling
house nnd outbuildings and other im
provements. Seized nnd taken In execution nt tho
suit of Mutual Guarantee Hulldtng nnd
Loan Association vs. AVIlllam II. Camp
bell. Debt, ll.Dal.SS. Judgment No. 61.
Janunrv Term, U9P. Lev. fn. to March
Torm, 1800. J. J, O'MALLEY.
No. 10. All the right, title and Interest
of tho defendant, Cornelius 11. Ilaslnm In
mid to nil tho following described lot,
piece or parcel ot land: I'nrt nf lot num.
her twelve (12) la Btiuaro or block number
fifty-four (51) upon the plot of Scranton,
Lackawanna county, Pa Intended to bo
duly reglstored and recorded. Tho po
tlon of said lot commences ut a point on
Ollvo streut Blxty-threo and one-half (Kl'ii)
feet from the Intersection of tho enstnru
building lino of Adams avenue with the
southerly building lino of Ollvo street,
thenco easterly along said Ollvo street
twenty-six nnd one-hnlf (2Cli) feet,
thenco at right angles with last line and
extending back of tho snmo width forty
feet (40) nnd rectangular In shape; with
tho pilvllego of using ten (10) feet In fiont
of tho front lino of suld lot on Ollvo street
for yard, vnult, porch, piazza, cellnr-wa
and bay windows, but for no other pur
poses, tho top of the vault In no case to
be higher than the sidewalk In front of
tho samo. Excepting and reserving coal
nnd minerals. Improved with it two
story rramo dwelling House.
Seized nnd taken In execution ot the
suit of V. 13. Darker et nl. trustees, vs. I ,.x,, ,,.,. ..,.,
Cornelius 11. Ilnslum. Debt, $1,500. .Iildg- i oIKUCK Ui'
ment No. 471, March Term, 1S30. Fl.
to .Miircu Term. )M):).
No. 11. All the right, title ami Inteiisl
of tho defendant, Margaret Lewis, tho
defendant within named. In and to all tho
surface or right of soil of all that certain
lot or parcel oi uinu situate In tllo town
ship ot Old Forge In said Lackawanna i
county, bounded and described us follows, l
to wits Reglnning at a corner of James I
Reese on Edith street nnd by said Reeso
ono hundred and fifty feet to unsold land;
thenco fifty feet to corner of lot No. 1S7 I
and by It one hundred and fifty feet to i
corner tho place of beginning, und con- ,
tninlng seven thousand live hundred feet .
of lnnd bo the same mote or less and hi - i
Ing lot No liC.
Second thereof being ail the follow
ing lot or parcel or land situate, lying I
nnd being in tho township of Old Forge, ,
Lncuwanna county, lVnnsylvunia. He
ginning nt a corner of (Trace and IMIth
streets, being thu westerly curlier of s.lld
streets; thence iiotlh 40 degrees nnd 23
minutes west 50 feet along said tlrncu
.street 10 a corner; tnence soutii i:j de
grees and 11 minutes west ut right angles
to said (Irtice street 150 feet to a corner; I
thence at light angles to said l.isl men-
tloned corner parallel to (Race street
south 4o degrees unci 25 mliiutca cast 50
feet to said Edith street tu place or be- '
ginning. Reing lot No. 1W on Jane o.
Smith's addition to Old Foigu loivnshtp '
iiuuiiocu in lie miiy recnnicii. tn im
proved Willi a two-story framo dwelling!
2r,uV,A,rl,.BH t,,orcon- c'm' uml m,n-'
Seized und taken In executant at the ,
sun or l. f. Coyne vs. Margaret Lut.ir.
llebt, J51.C0. Judgment No. lit, Novelnh. !
Term, IM'0. Alias Vend. Ex. to March ,
Term, IMm OKELL .; Dl'NN, j
Attorneys. I
No. 12. All the llslit, title ami Interest
ot the defendant. Coiitad Vernon, In and
to all that certain lot. piece, or parcel of
land situate. Ivillir .'lltrl lieln.- In ttir. Iwi-
lough of Archbald. county of I.ackawan- !
tut and state of Pennsylvania, described i
as follows, to wll: lielng lot number two '
(2) III stiuaro or block manlier there l'!l. !
nun stinato upon street called anil known
ns Alain street, laid out upon a trail of
bind in the warrantee name (f .lobn
Priidden. and conveyed b Hnkur . , . . , 1
wife to Edward Jones. George Simpson
and Aler Eaton by deed dated Se.aein- '
ber 21. IS7I, and ii-cuidid In the recoider's
ofllce of Luzerne coimi In Deed Hook I
ino. hi at page IV. etc. said lot being lifty
(5u) feet In front and ono hundred and
fifty (150) feet deep, Relng the same lnnd
conveyed by Edward Jones et al to Con
rail Vernan by deed dated tho 11th of Sep
tember, )!01, and recorded In Lackawanna
county In tliifufllee for r. col ding of deeds
In Deed Rook No. M, page 52 etc. Coal
and minerals reserved, with the iliiht to
mine and removo thu same to the said
Edwaul Jones et nl. Improved with two
framo dwelling hoases, farm and either
Seized and taken hi execution at the
suit of Thomas Monle vs. Conrad Veinon,
Debt, !i. Judgment No. ,517. November
Term. 1SP3. Vend. ex. to March Term,
1M!'. RATTENRERO. Attorney.
No. la. All the right, till" and Intciest
of tlie defendants, Jacob Korhelak end
Cutharino Korbclnk. in and to nil tin- sur
face or right ol soil or the following de- i
scribed lot of land, situate In the town-
win i oi uui lorge, county ot l.nekawaiin.t
and State of Pennsylvania, bounded and
describes! as follows:
Reglnning at a corner of lot No. im. on
Edith street; thence 150 feet to unsold
land; thence 50 feet to a corner of ioi
number IsS; thence 150 feet to a corner
on Edith street: thence 50 feet to a cor
ner, place of beginning and containing
7,500 sciunre feet of land, be tho same
more, or less. Iicl.ng lot No. isfl. Tho prop
erty of Catharine Durkln. now Korhelak.
Also all the surface or right of soli of
one other lot situate In tho township,
county and slate aforesaid, bounded and
described as follows:
Reglnning at a corner on Edith stieet
and lot formerly purchased by Catharine
Durkln; thenco north in degrees 18 min
utes west 15l fce't to a corner: lbenei
south 13 degrees 11 minutes wvst 50 feet
to a corner; thence south fl degrees ,s
minutes east 15u feet to a corner; theme
north 43 degrees 11 minutes cast 50 fe.t
to corner, place of beginning. Cuntiiininu
7,500 square feet of land, be the same more
or less. Reing the propeity of Jacob Kor
helak. All improved with a two-story tram,
dwelling house and out houses thcre.u.
Seized and taken In execution at thu sou
of the New York Mutual Sayings and
Loan Association of New York. Debt.
JS0S.15. Judgment No. 505. January term
ISl'Si. Lev. la. to March tetm, lSD'J.
STARK, Attoin.-s.
No, 14.-AU the rlcht. title and Inter.'
of tho defendant, Joseph Torofskl I id
to all that certain lot, piece or panel ,,i
idiiu milium in i ru'cuuiK. eoiuiiy oi
Lackawanna and statu of 1'ennsvlvaiiln
being lot number four Hi. in square 01
block number two 2i, and frontimr im
Carbondale and Providence turnpike; said
lot being fifty (50) feet in fi out bv ue
hundred and ninety (100! feet In depth
according to a plan or map entitled
"Moore's Map of Prleeburg, Ph." Cn.ii
and minerals excepted and rescued. He.
Ing tlie same premises e'oineved to said
Joseph Torofskl by deed 01 Edwin Ran
Ileld and wife, dated Aug. 1, 1S'.. ane
duly refolded In L.iikawaniia -ouut Im
proved with a two-story frame dwelilt
house and out buildings thereon.
Seized and tnken In execution at 1
suit of Co-operative Rulldlug Rank
Joseph Torofskl. Debt to collect, 1 1H
Judgment No. 150. March teim. 1M!
fa. to March term, 1MH.
OIVER. Attorne.e
No. 15 All the right, title mid intei -of
the defendant. C J. Orosvenor. tb
defendant within named. In and to all lie
surface or tight of soil of all that eer
tain lot or piece 01' land situate In ,h
borough of Jermyn. county of Lackawan
na, and stale of IN nnsylvanla, buimdi 1
and described as follows: Containing .
front of fifty (50) feet southeast wnid or
Fourth avenue: bounded southwestwiii
at light angles to said avenue one bun
dred and seventy (170) feet by lot mini
ber five (5) In block number fort.
four till; northwestward parallel will
said avenue tltt 1&O1 feet by .111 al'ej
and northeastward at HkIU angles to sal
avenue ono bundled nnd seventy (17ei fee
by lot number sevpn (7) In said blue!
number forty-four (II.)
Comprising lot numb r fIs () In hind
number forty-four (41) fronting on I'ouitl
avenue as the same Is represented ami
designated on a map of building lots of
John R. Smith in tho borough of Jerm.n
Excepting and reserving coal and minei
Improved with a two-story frame dwell
Ing house nnd outbuildings.
Seized nnd tnken In execution at th.
suit of Henry Sahm vs. C. J. lltosvem.'
Debt, J500. Judgment No. 31. March tern
1M)S, alias fl. fa. to Miuch lerni, lSf.
CAREY. Attorney
No. 1C All tho right, title and liun. 1
of the difeiulniit, Thomas P. Durkln. it
and to all that certain lot, piece or pa 10
of land situate, lying nnd lielng in tie
city of Scranton, county of Lackawaeu
and statu of Pennsylvania, being lot mini
ber thirteen (13) In block number fifty-si-(50)
and situate on street railed or know
as Luzerne street or Sixth avenue In s.n
tily, upon J. Ileermnn's map of Hunt1
llydo Park. Intended to be duly reglstnv
and recorded. Said lot being rectangul.'
In shape and measuring fifty (50) feci n
front on said Luzerne street or Slxt'
avenue nnd measuring one hundred hit
fifty (150) feet In depth to nn alloy.
Reing tho samo premUoH which wei
conveyed to the said Thomas P. Dnrkl
tiv Tliomnu Durkln imil wlfi. lie ried dl
cd July Oth, 1W, of record In the olllce Ioi
recording deeds In nnd for the snld coun
ty of Lackawanna in Deed Hook No. I2!i,
page 113, etc. All Impioved with u two
Mory single framo dwelling house nnd
out buildings, etc. Seized ami tarseti In
execution at the suit of tho Eastern Union
Rulldlug ilnd Loan Society vs. Thomas P.
Durkln. Debt. $000.57. Judgment No. 47(1,
March term. 1SW, II. fa. to March term
SlietifC's otllce, Scranton. Pa.. Marcb
1st. 1SW,
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Tor wilo In Scrantcn, Pa., by Matthews
1 Jros. und II. C. Banderccn, druggists,
i -
ir n w n
I I inLtiM am a Kama
1 a Saa fc$

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