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0e ?cranf:cm CviBune
Published I) illy, P.toop". H-iniliiv. he tlin
rlliiiiiiilMtilHlilniCompntiy, nt I Ifty Onti
Sim uii:Ulllci- J.vi ihi.iiS.,
-.s viti:r.ijNt,
l Arje-nt lor 1 oroltfti Aihcrililns.
SCltANTOX, Al'ML. 15. 1W.
J'lesldcnt MrKltile-.'s complimentary
dinner to Minfte-i iiml r'oibln ins no
tlcAbli. union',- other things. Tof the
nbsonro of (foiioi.it Mile?. l!"t Miles
cnn Mtnnil It It the otheis can.
Repair the Stieeis.
Thu time fur lniiiCP-HhlftM nnd cmipiiI
r tit?, for iiiRitinpntiitlio ilHI -tUilblnB
niiel political or factional ft-nclim, In
the matter of sttec-t lepalis hns in'Wel.
The advent ot sptinf?, with its icvlvnl
of plcnsute and buslne?- dilvlnt;, has
ndilcd so Rrontly to the popular dis
satisfaction with tho olstliiK condition
of out muln-tiaieled tliotoiishi.it es
that it btpps nro not soon taken by the
municipal authoiltlcs to abate this
nulsanLp Indlcnatlon tnpptliiKH will
bfcome iipcesTUV and steps will be
taken to e-nfoice lilRliwny linpiovc
lnent. Talk of fllllnpr tho holes In the as
phalt with sand or cement as a tem
porary concession to public opinion to
talis Jtts. iPnittiictnn'n futile use of
the biooin In her attempt to sweep
liack the lisliis Atlantic tide. Theie Is
today Just one way to lopalr tho as
phalt streets out of bond and that N
to resurface (hem. "Wtiptlu-r this ip
surfacIiiR shall be done by the Haibei
Asphalt compiny, by some other as
phalt company, or by the city dliectly,
resurfacing there must be. AVe have
Klon our ltisnns against the theory
of a city repilr plunt AVe li.uo shown
that the ilty cannot do such woik
cither as batUf.ioturlly or as elu-uplv
ns private enlei prise can do it when
bound to Its task by piop-r Meclllcii
tlons, piopor lnpe(tion and pi op r
Vonds If tho city is Incompetent i)
chaw up proper specifications, to se
cure proper inspection and to icqiili'1
a piopor bond covering the opoiatious
of a ptlvate paving oonip.in-. then It
is unfit to run a plant of Its own and
anv attempt to do so will wind up In
ctra again e, Jobboiy and falluie
Tt is for councils to say how the ie
palrlng shall b" done and to cause It
to bo done. The people dnnind of
counplls th.it they perfoim their elut
in these piemKis They have tiled of
quibbling, tired of make-shifts, tiled of
official pioi i.istlnatlon and gallnv
plaj.ing. TIipj insist upon immediate
ai Hon towaid the upaiilng of the
abominable stieet-.
A Miy nccoss.iiv piellmlnary to fu
tuio po.u ' in S tiuo.t is the pusemo
there of i Guin.ir on nil who has
some !"iise.
Tiling: fiom the Kc.it.
'I hort- iltiens who mo glin e-nt
to i ompl.iints at the continuous los of
good Ainerh in -soldier blood In Hie
Phllinplms and who si cm clUposid to
ci'-o their iatioii of spiiit bv puin
molipg McKinlev and the udinlnUti.i
Hon aio cousin nblo for one thing
Tl'cv aio nddlug to the piesldints d'l
(Ktiltles and encouiaglng the aimed
niipino lebels but they offer no altii
natlo plan. Meie riltklsni Is woith
Uss unless It suggests a icmedy.
AVhat do the fault-llndera piopose"
Pnder the tieaty of Pails, which Is
now the law controlling our coin so In
tho Philippines, the United States is
responsible to every other nation In th1
world for tin pitseivatlon of law and
older In Alaska or Hawaii oi the Yel
lowstone Pane or Oklahoma. No other
'oi.prplgnty cists there. Xo othti na
tion known In the Philippines any other
flag than the Hag of the United States.
Is'o native chit go eminent exists
which any power has recognized or will
roeognlso. None will olst until we set
ono up. Wo cannot set one up until
we clear awav tho aimed tebels who
aic attacking our soldiers and thieat
onlng to burn Manila and all the other
places held bv American Hoops. !e
foro the foundations of a chil govern
ment can bo laid theie must bo accept -anco
of merican lnteienliou, tho
same as In Cuba.
Tf we turn tall and come away chaos
will follow, i:uronean nations will In
terfere, there will he a new Samoa on
n laigcr scale and lor all the nimpiis
and fuss oui cowardice will be ic
sponslble. I3o the giumblers advocate
this? Thoy daie not say so. Not ono
of them dnres to piopose the lecall of
Otis or hip suriender to Agulnaldo.
AVhy, then, do they complain' Slmplv
htcauso th"y aio of the mental an 1
moial type of tho Coppei heads dm lug
tho civil wni. who were too eow.udly
to go down South and Join the seces
sionists and Just contemptible enough
to Hie on Lincoln and the Union uimy
from the rem.
Tt Is hlch time to locate these men
and put their conduct in its piopar
The Mam Investigation In Now
Vcik Is only spaning for openings
low; ih llieworks will doubt'esa coimi
That Diplomatic Boycott.
In spite of tho Mexican ambassador's
rjuallticl disclaimer of any know ledge
af a social bojeott against him among
tho diplomatic u-picsentatlvfs at
Washington of tho 1'uiopean powers,
theie seems to bo substance- in tho boy
cott throiy. nut, as the Washlnctem
1'oM ery pungcntly remarks, "It u
not woi Hi while for seilous people to
oceupv themselves with these emana
tion" from thu clitlu of tho elect. Wet
can well afford to leave this tiumpeij
llttlo teapot to seethe and bubble with
Its tVeblo brew. It Is ridiculous to wip.
poAi that tho Mexican ami .uud.ir
i-tin bo hampried In his lepiesontiitlvo
usaf illness by any sniait rc-t combina
tion against him In the inactn of weak
tea and cheaper pastr. Scnor As
plio will bo recolvod bv tin gov en -i-ment
to which ho Is a-ci edited -te-ct-lvod
with lioiitr and e-stPcm-ho will
bo July roconlt-d and welcomed at
nil of our oillc-lal functions; he will be
peisona giata with public men In high
la OK. And for the rest, ho can dwell
Iioie quite happily. 'i sen o his conn
tiy inon pilleleiitly, without e'er see
ing thf 'ultia fashionables,' or healing
tho lltittni of Hit-It signs. Speaking of
society, tin-in uu otheis"
Tim Mexican ambassador Is not In
Wnshl'ir.toli pilmnrlly for th mrpo'-e
of plejlnp the august lepiesentnlUcs
01 the tin ones of Ihtrope. As u gpntlu
nian he would not, of course, glvo Just
ciicio to them, but If they ate slllv
ftioiigh to Hi l BlM! him the cold
shiuldn hoc auso of his ofllclol comico
Hon with the evocation of Maximilian
a connce-tlon In which in simply did
his duty tho injnty done to him will
be flight as computed with the In
Juiy In publle opinion which It will
btlpg In recoil upon tho botottcis.
Meanwhile, the Mesh an nmbas-ador
will nobnbly MieiltsiKf no lack of
f i lends.
(loneinl (loinc has thus far justified
the iiresldnl's cemlklcnce In hlni and
h Is too old to make a good Agulnaldo.
"oiedoomcd to Defait.
Mi nran Is certain!-, the political
Mail. Taplcj of tho gcnetatlon. Pais
lie "Suggestions that we uuandiu
the niono eiuestlon sometimes c-omo
f loin those- who deseiteel the patty in
ISOtJ, but those suggestions aio not sup
polled by evidence tending to show
that Hip position of ISOfi was wiong,
but ate meditated upon the theory
that the Issue upon which tho paitj
once lost can never be revived, nnd,
what --ecnis most stiangc, this argu
ment Is mado by thoso who have fol
lowed a dttfcient course In the past.
In 1SS8 Mr. Cleveland was defeated en
the tin Iff Issue, and vet the tin iff was
made the- main issue of 1S9J and Mr.
Cleveland was defeated largely on ac
count of the McKinley bill, and four
e.irs later the authoi of the bill was
nominated upon a pliitfonn lcnllltmlng
the belief In piotectlon and was suc
cessful. Thus It Is seen that In two in
stances letPiitly a losing Issue In one
campaign became a winning Issue in
the- c impaign lollowlng"
Mi. Til. van should eeitalnly be ou
coiliaged to ehillsh Hie delusion til.it
he e in win In 1900 on the Issues which
wont down in defeat In 1MMJ. Tint lie
Will be- the Dcliioci.ltio iueslilentl.il
nominee one jeai henei- Is as ccitiiln
as anj political contingent. In the fu
tuio can be Heme If he will if-e h,s
bin nt powder ovei again It will be a
signal adv antngi- to the lie publicans,
who should fuveu- his leneiinlnatlon ur
aiilmoiisly At the raine time, looking
at conditions impnitlilly, It is Impos
sible to disc ov ei adequate giounds fm
Mr lliyan's hopefulness Nothing rn
oeeinied since 1!9G to cause conveils
to tho iloetilne of unlluilteil fiee silver
coinage. All the- dcvcloiuiioiHS luive
been in an opposite ellieetlon X v
Issues have nilsen which veiv laigelv
supeitt-dc tho iliiantial Issue- In public
interest. The Issue- of expansion cleai
ly ov oi shaelows oveiy other issue now
hpfoio the people. On this issue Mr.
lti.vaii has taken a stand opposed to
that of the- adminlstiatlon, but oven It
the- m.ijoilly of vote-is agited with him
that we- ought to pull our Hoops out of
tho Philippines and let Diwev's vie
toiv go fen naught, how manv could
safelv ti list him silflle icntly to xoto
fm 111 til for pickle-lit '
The coming e,u may cause a iadl
i.il ihange in conditions Those aio
lapld times, with events moving so
swlttly as to make piopheey a piecar
lous occupation: but no change In gen
eial conditions can alter the fact that
15i an's election one joar hence- would
expose tho countt to the peills of a
lonevvtd ouironcy agitation, against
vvlilth every eon-eivatlvo Influence, In
spite of difference's on other i'siies,
would have to take a stand in self de
ft use. The nomination by tho ?tmn
ctats of some othei man might give it
a lighting chance, but with Hi nn eon
ti oiling the- Democintie paity that or
ganl7ition has nothing but iuaitrdom
ahead of it and hence we coidlally
lav or Mr. Ih van's lenonilnatlon
Tho lneilal elistiibutlng boaiel ha
deilded tint Colonel Koosevelt Is not
entitled to lecognltlon at theli hi.nds
for the- biavciy he dlsplaved in the
famous charge up ban Juan hill They
stated that he simply porfoimed his
dut. In other wends, the man who
leads a biilllant chaige Huougli a i.iln
of bullets and pel haps dot Ides a battle
is deserving ot no moio cieellt oi io
waiel than tho membei of the coninils
mil department who makes conn acts
tor clienilcall-piese-ived teftlgerated
stock and hermetlcallj -sealed soap-gle-iise
Soino 111 st-e lass Judlclul tlm
bti Is evidently going to seed on the
utniv medal boaiel
Additional testimony Is piodueed
daily to show that Goneiul Miles
uneltt.stantls tho definition of the wend
It Is not likely at tho United
States government will be induced to
im auv ono $J0,O0O.Ouo fm Samoa.
1 roin Uu Nvv Yolk Sen.
Oil Aplll 1' lslS tuliRiews passe el If!".
lllllUllS IllltCtlllk tin piisleltiu to put .ill
end to S iiulsli iiiithoiily In Cuba Ol
Aplll Jl Mlntsiu Woinlford iici-iveel bis
pisspmis li t m Hie Sp inlsli government
On Apill ii Hie pitt-liU nt bMKil a pi )tln
niation to thu lie iur.it powus aniiouiicing
a state ot war, and nu the . inie- c 1 n the
blockade of the ( iibiut poitu lit gull. 'Ja
Atull 'J I a fm in, il dei 1 n.itlou of vvnr was
mule bv Kpiln. (Jii Jla 1 Ailinli.U
jivcv dttio.td tbn Spiiiilsli fleet at Ma
nila On Muv 13 Aillilli.il Ctnoui's leot
uirlvtel i t .SinlliL'ei, Mill on JUij i) Ad
Hill ill hauipsiin'ri tin I ill 1 hid ulT that
pent On June 3i Genual Sli.ifter's arm
lauded at Ii.tlquiil On Julv J Adnihal
Cei vela's licit In attempting to one ipo
fiom Banting!', v.us iHxtniveil bv Ad
inlinl Bainptun ships On Julv 1" H.n
Hugo suirendiiid to Oe-neral .maftci s
niinv On July .'3 Poito Itlco was uc
cchsIiiIIv Invaded On Jul) "i, the Span
ish Mivtri.me-nt nsUtd loi turns of peace
throne h tl.e I'rene n nmli if ulor at "'asli
liikton m Aug.ist il ''inlii aceepf-d tho
tiinis On Ani'iitt If the peace protocol
w.m Kignrd lit 'iiiililii"ton and amilFtlco
piool limed lin-tllltli s with Spa'n wcio
uvii utter a little nioie tin i threo niuiiih"
ot att.iil win Dining the contest v,u
hud lost no ship not a gun, not a
col ir not a piUuiiir. and our loss of life
in b.ittlo and by discaso was smill be
valid pree eilent In thu hUtoiy of wnr
W sent liiiej military epi dltlniis to
CUba to Potto 1'lco. to the Philippines,
tnM all cf them were micccfsful, with n
liitnlnuun of loss. Tho rnnfrtonre of the
American and Spanish commUHlunera of
peneu began at I'm Is on October 1, and
fill Ironilicl 10 they signed tho treaty of
I'arls, Hie prhancf of tli ratll'catlons
of which l tho two goornmfcnts took
pliice tit thu white hoilop April 11, IS'ji
Noior In the hlmot". of war was theio a
mor complete trlinnpli po mpldl-. se
cured, necr weio ieults so mn.'ntll
tent iichlewd bj so lit lot a war, with a
loss of life o sin ill (icttitllv and n In-tlvdj-wltliDtit
a single rocrse, a sluglo
setback on cither the sea or the land,
or the slightest Intniupllon of tho con
tinuous succession of lrtorlcs
In Qiiay Cas?
(Concluded fiom l'.ige 11
whli li Inteiost on state funds was cal-t-ukiled.
In lpplv Mr Simple v ild tho vvlt
HP'sea h testimony would be a e-onlec-Hiip
The commonwealth, ho said, ban
elite d all tho olllceis and emplovps of
tho bink, with the exception of 1'iesl
dent Mc Manes, and has failed to have
ono of them Identify the "iod book" ns
one of tho bink'n books Ho quoted a
number of opinions as to how far an
expei t can go in testlmonv
Mr. Shields followed In aigumcnt on
the sustaining of the objection, and
after endotslng his colleague on the
genernl object of tho ex'pert testimony
ho said the- witness never saw the "red
book" until after tho an est of Mr.
Quay, lie road Judge lllddle's decis
ion of AVednesday admitting tho books
with respect to their being lecoids,
when the Judge ald ho was not .et
satl'tled that the "led book" Is com
petent evidence against Mr. Quay, but
nfteiwatd witlidiew the latter state
ment He also dwelt at length on the
fact that none of tho bank officials
or cleiks had Identified tho book, but
Instead It fell fiom their lips that none
had ever seen It befoio
"Red Book" Pait of the Conspiracy.
The ellstilct attoiney acknowledged
that none of the cleiks had ever seen
the book because it was the purpose
of the cashier In fuitlieilng tho con
spliacy to keep the book fiom tho oth
er employes. In October, ISM, he said
the svstcm whereby the cleiks wcio
awaie of the transactions was changed
bv Hopkins lor the xe-ry purpose of
deceiving the cleiks and the "red
book" began Its "iniquitous existence."
The- "iod book," he insisted. Is a pait
of the bunk books, and entiles In the
lidgei.s cannot be explained or undei
stood unless it is ndniltted.
Mi Shields nsseited that not a single
c-ntiy In the 'lcel book" coiresponded
with an entry in tho legular bank
The dlstilet attorney leplled that ev
oi tntij In the 'led book" cono
spondpd to an onliy In tho ledgeis and
en-It books.
This ended the aigumcnt and evoiy
bodv gave attention to Judge I'lddlo
fot his decision.
Judge Middle de e Ided against tho de
fence His decision on general giounds
was that the witness (Joldsnilth should
be peimltted to testify ns to entiles
In the "icel book" and their connec
tion with the tegular books of the
bank. This decision piacticall ad
mits the "reel book" as evidence
against Mi. Quay
Afternoon Session.
After the iceess the expel t, Gold
smith, was e ailed to the stand. Mr.
Shields moved that befoio the- piosc
eutlon examine him he be peimltted to
examine the- witness as to whence and
fiom what souice ho obtained the In
fot matlon upon which he is expected
to give an opinion The Judge over
l tiled the motion and the dlstilet at
torney pi oc ceded
The witness ald he had been a pub
lic accountant for thlity xeats.
'Is this book, the iod liook. In jour
opinion, a book of the bank'" Inquired
tile- dlstilet attntne..
Objection by the defence nnd over
ruled b the couit
"It Is undoubtedly a book ot tho
bank" said tho witness.
Under cioss-examlnatlon Goldsmith
aid that two of the aci ounts lu tho
books of the bank alieady In evidence
aic- Incomplete, out of upwntds of one
thousand ne counts. He said ho was
piepaied to e-xpuss the opinion that
Huso books woie complete so lar as
the incomplete nccounts aio made in
telligible and complete by tho entries
In the ' led book "
He explained tills by saving that the
entiles made in the "iod book" explains
and leconcllo the diffeienees In thoso
accounts that aic- Incomplete in tho
books conceded to bo a pait of the
bank's sjstem of bookkeeping
Mr Shields asked another question,
whethei the statement 'iiconelle-d tho
ae counts' wn ineiely the personal
opinion of the witness nnd based olilyou
Infeience-. The dlstilet attoiney pro
etsted and Mr Shields, tinning shaip
ly tow ai els him. said- "Now, don't go
hunting for light or -nu will get It "
' I am not nlaimeel, Mr. Shields,"
suavely leplled the dlstilet attorney.
"I can take- caie ol m.self."
Panics of this soitweio fiequent dur
ing the examination.
"You must not direct us, we'to much
iblei than von nie," said Mi. Shapley
to Mr Uothermel.
'You nie not sony nie ".on"' re
joined the- Ulidlstuibeel dlstilet attor
ney The protest was siistulned
The oi oss-exnmliiaHoti lesumcd. the
witness said theie was not a lino of
le'eioncp in any of Hie bank's books
to what was e onlalned In Hip "iod
bool ," but in leplv to tho next ques
tloii ho said theie was a refetenc-c In
Hie "ted book' to what. In his opin
ion, wns In one of the bank's books.
This book, the -.ltnes said, was the
ca-hier's stub check book The line ho
nib' 'vrs at the bottom of a page
wlieio the amount Sl.filfi was entered,
and alongside It ,vete the woids "p.ilel
by oa-ehlei's check ll-l-i".
Red Book" Entiies.
Tho witness admitted that the "led
boo);" entries wore of tiansattlons ot
months befoio and In most Instances
six months. In explanation of his an
swer tho witness said the calculations
weio made at the end of oveiv slc
mo'iths and, so lar as that time Is
cemccintd with lespect to tho tiansac
tlor.s, wns coincident with tho calcula
tions. The witness compared an Item
of SS.SVJ 10 In the- regular cash book
dated Muv 'J I. 18-H, with an item for
a -lnillar amount In the reel book.whlch
Is enteiod In lenel pencil and dated
Oct. S". ISO!
The Item of fl,il9 was fuithor tiaced
by the witness to the ltdger. Tho
amount was enteiod on the latter, the
witness said, to the ciedlt of tho poison
who received the check, Tho "red
bool." not being In ovldcnce Mr. Gold
smith was not pot milted to mention
tho person's name.
Tho two amounts brought out by tho
crofs-examlnatlon, the witness con
tinued, can ho accurately tiaiod
through the other books of the bank.
Tho "rod book" he admitted did not
contnln any regular entries, and Is not
paged and Is In Die nntuie- of a mem
orandum He said there woie a num
ber of clerical errois In calculations of
Intei ert in the "led book" and one Im
portant line. The tutor wus not dis
closed nofpionte to the contents of the ted
book being made by the dlstilet attor
ney In tallvlng with nil entiy In the
bank's ledgers, bi ought a icjolnder
from Mr. SIiIpUIh that "It must be ie
incinbeied that the- ted book wus not
yet In evidence, nlthough the Indirect
but Ingenious manner In which It Is
being exploited would give thut Im
pression." Mi. Shields hi ought from the witness
the admission that there Is apparently
a page missing from the led book which
would seem to have an Important heal
ing on the figures and entiles under
discussion. The witness said that when
be first opened the book he- dlel not con
sider It a book of the bank. He con
sldPied It such when tho calculations
compaie-d with Hansactlons in tho
other books. Ho explained this by sa
Ing that pi lor to IS91 the calculations
were enteiod lu the leelgcr, but since
then the "ted book" had been substi
tuted for pitch calculations, nnd that
this book fullllts and llxcs the icstilt
of tho two Incomplete accounts In the
other books. An answei given b thu
witness along the same line to the ef
fect that an account book, no mutter
bow bnillv II ma Unrtl If It tltn imd
supplies the omission In other books
ot a system shows that the- book Is
peitlncnt to that system, led to a bril
liant passage between the cross ex
amlnois nnd the witness, with points
slightly In fnvoi of the witness. He
refused to become i at tied and paused
when the- questions of Mi. Shields ap
pealed ambiguous to him.
The- examination of the witness was
resumed with a question by the dis
trict attoino., the effect of which
would bring befoio the juiy other
ttaiisnctlons in the "icd book" coinci
dent to transactions In tho other books.
The question was objected to, as tho
book speaks for Itself and Is not et
In evidence. Aigument between coun
sel followed and a question ns to whit
the witness said under cross-examination
became Involved, wheieupon thu
district attorney witlidiew the eiues
tlon Court adjourned until toinoiiow.
The fact that during Hie l.it eighteen
mouths Industrial tntcrpil-is have b-ta
put upon tho nuiiket with an am utng
agt'icg.ito of capital of ovir S I eX"J eoXt tin)
bids un appttelatlve ip.uIpi of Leslies
Weekly who louse rs a vciy serious con
dition of affairs ahead of us within a
few tais, to nnd to the editor ol Hi it
paper a lake-eff on some of the Indus
trial prospi.etus s of the eliv. As a
m ittei of amuse me nt and inteicst tho
document Is it piiMluecd.
It.ibblts commence bleeding at s
months, mid l.ue drops of eight every
time months It Is prnpo-eil lb it we
c online tie o with twenty pelis, ten tntiKs
and ten fi miles, which, exclusive of I mil,
will call for an Investment of four doll us,
n suiting In the fulovvltig pioeluct.
'J hree months Ml
Six mouths lie
Nine months sso
One vur t im
One veal, three months IT JM)
One sir. six months ... IjSTiii
One vear, nine months 2?j.f'i)
Two vtiiis 1.UV7.1)
'J vmi eius, time mouths .. . 4 IT" "iJO
Two sciiis, Mx. months . 1T'i02,7.",i
Two tars nine mouths . . TIHI'SI
Uhreo irs . . . Tiij Hi. lo
This produce i. in be sold In tin niiukct
ciitnlnlv at r, ci nts each giving a. moss
income In thiec veirs of $1"- ..'.', 'j(S to be
deducted fiom whlth nie the following
Supe-iliiteiidi nop per annum 2eKi ionO
reed (estimated) 2(m) 6j0,
Kent of line!, per annum. .JtuflO Jl.'Oi-l
$.'l OGJ
To he deducted from tho kioii income
leavliiff ,1 net profit on a four-dollar In
vntment of&ver fifteen million, two hun
dred and nlnetv -el-tlit thousand, threo
hundred and tliiitj-l ($13 ?S, M in
time j ears
The capital stock of four dollais will he
elivldtd into Isi) hlnrei, par value, one
You aio Invited to fuiisc rlbe.
Tho Jli.nlla ciiiicsi-oiulcnt of the Chl
imrii Iti ce ill pass this tiibute- to the
Sp mlMli women of the- I'lilllppines: "Th
troilhlo lietween the Aineilcan-e anil Ihe
natives of tho Philippine Mc the last
lour weeks his done a Kie.it deal towarl
eiasliif,- the nal111.1l ftelln,- of hatrnt of
iinimo'iltv that th" Spanish lesldents
li.ive townul lh- 'Ameile inn' The Amir
lean s-olillci In, In the up of the- uvnagc
icslelont ot tho cite a hero and a savior,
nnd to show In part tin ir aiipieelatlo.i
of him the- wait ipe-n the -lck, nurt-e
the wounded and feed tin huiwo. The
Sn.inlll lady visits the liosptlal whelo
lits the wounded solillci. aid just 111- her
American sister does nt home, Miiouthi-s
Ills pillow, cools his brow and teeds him
those little dainties ho uinteful to a -lee
mm that onli a worni-n knows how to
piepue Down tin U nif lows of white
eots In tho coiridors of the cenn.il hos.
Pital where the wounded trom tlie fiont
me re-o-lved thei slide to and fio sld
In side- with thu Red Cross 1 idles of our
own rountiy. Thest fapanlsli woni'ii
know how to caie- for a wounded man
know how to ni.ike lis lust houis 1 is
und know how to bear with his leveriMi
and fietfu compliilnli'Kx and dellrlius
iiivlngs. Thev luive le.unid fiom c
perlenee. these UuiKhtei of the MJiith
and their minds no doubt run back an
thc tend the woundrd to .1 husband
sweethe.ut or lnothei who has met his
fate at h int 1 li..i, San .liun ilel Moiito
01 San l'edio .Mueatl In tlln Vt-airt koiii
bv. 'Ood blesse thu bp uilhh women' Is
the fervent prajir ot moie than one
wounded liero an ho Ilea 011 his bed of
pain In Manila 10d.1v "
Tim cclibi.ited war roiiespoiident
Croelman. writes from Al.inila: "vv'liu'-
cver faults Oen. Otln m.i have- ho Iuih
crrtalnlv moved hlnisulf to lie liouest
nnd pnliiaLikltip and cnpahlo of prevetit
InfT milfeascanco or eoriuiillon on tho
part ot his subordinates Tho quaitcr
maflci's depailment, undei Col. t'ope
and tho commissary elcpaitmciit. unel'-i
Colonel Hr.ilmtel nia i.caily pciicci 'tbn
men riie welt clothed and well quaitcrnl
and I havo i-.neti Letter rood In tin
lienchos than I have pot In the hotel 11
.Mmlla. The beef ted to tin- poldlers In
tho llrlns line- from the- m-m Iterator
Fhips Is ns cnod 'is 01 e cen thid lu the
cvciugn New Voik retnllralt "
New Zealmd has a law in fuiee com
pllliiB every Intoxicated man to havo his
photograph token HI - plctiue In th'ii
ellstrlbuted aniorpr the lnnktepois mid bar
tenders, and they must refuse to poll
lihn liquor
An Illustrntion.
Teiic-her John, tlliibtrate tho Uirtorcnco
liLluoen sit iiml set.
HrlHht unU I'.itrlotle HojThe 1'nlteil
BtntcB la 11 country on which thy Mill
never sots iiiul the rent of tho worlil neor
Mtst. Detroit Journal.
His Luck.
llnrrj So jou illtln't
ihut iiiitt-
Miss Dlin.ile. uftor nil'.'
Dick Nu; 1 Iiml the cood luck to lo
iJce tul.
lluri-Hour BHil'w! Vou wcio )t e. -.id
polio en hti.
Dick J uelnilt It 11m now wlim on
como to that. Hut I'm In luck, nil tho
sumo. When 1 meet her and her hus
band In socle-ty, she gives lu-r attention
to nie which Is Just heiive-n, and her Inn.
bund all tho timo Is torn bv pangs of
' -lov which l-vvcll, the other place
in Huston Trnnscrlpt.
New Trust.
"Ye hiVn got a great eclieme on foot.
Ho expects to bring the) magazhio editors
to terms In nhort order."
"What's the schemp?"
"A dialect trust." Cleveland Plain
Boudoir Chat.
Alice I hear that Mr. Wlckson is call,
lug on von. llow elo ou mtimigp to get
lid of blm when joii become olecpv 1 t
ucd to havo a terrible time getting hlni
started away.
Mabel Oh, T manage to tulle about
things that lnleicst blm and thus keep
blm so thotoiiglily awake that lip doesn't
have to bo doused with cold water or
anj thing of Hint kind when It Is time foi
him to go homo.
Paul h Wirt Fountain Pens
with 14K. solid gold pens are sell
ing very fabt at 75 cents. The
reason these two-dollar pens are
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We are
This Week
a great variety of elegant
goods in
Spriig Serges,
CSaecte aM IPlaMs,
You will find the prices as
the "oods.
213 Wyoming Ave.,
Scr.inton, Pa.
Qardee ToollSc
icreemi Doors,
325 and 327
A tntli-lovini anel conscientious
fc y- 1 -- -a
HRers and others in New York f.iti, relates Ins experience wnh Kipins Talmlci as fol
' ions ; "Having been troublcel with rheumatism for the nat ten yem Uu aehised by
one of ray aisociate'. to try Kipans Taliutej. Not at tir-.r fully appicciitiiif; his great
faith in the article 1 paid no attention to v.lut a sat I, hui after a couple of niontlis I
decided to try tins inediruie. juet to sec if anjthin,' would come of it. 1 he first month
1 had no marked relief, but after tbat the tin untitle pains praduilly left me until now I
.vii relieved of ceryons of those disagreeable sensations that come from rheumatism,
f and I earnestly assert my belief that any one who i troubled with that fearful and dis
tressing scourge, which may have cost them thousands of dollars in doctors' fees and pre
icrinttiiiis. urn have icluf and cure at nil expense so innelriate as not to he Mortli
counting, 'lo those v.lin were troubled as I uis 1 siy tr Kipans for i month and ou
will be benefited ; try the m for three months and ou will be cured." This man had
suffered from rheumatism for ten years. Ills age is twenty-eiglit. i
WAVTiri -A a. . r hml lic-Jih Ihut n t P A N S will not bn Hi Bon t Hr rnt te nipar.i Chf ro'r -J Co,
Co. 19Hpruc Screri. Stnr York, for iflRiinplu. ami I ncttctinioiituU ill l- N -i, lo lur A u nit.. i.r niwkvi.fi r
41 rrntmur t luul uf all Umvfflkt.nh uie Milling iomII h AlamUnl iiiisIh Im nl a tuorraltt i rout Ib.j
bauUD lulu ami froluoir tlfe CMo IrtYM ItrUet. .NoUtto wurJ 1. 1 i' A .s b ui Ihc iwtLct. Aiccjl bq lubilllui.
Wc have a number
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mmf :ji
pcntlcman. well known to theatrical
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The Haunt &
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04 tackawana Avenue
Uenerat Agent for ths Wyomlux
Ululnc, HloJtln;, Hporttuj, Umouolnu
unU ttia Itopauno Chemtua.
Lompiny s
1 1. feiy 1 int, Liic and Kxplulars.
Itoom tut Council llulldlu;.
Tlin, conn
. i. siuLt.iu.v:.,

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