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Ml'l .Ctiuuri iiiiih
AID . ' '"TO
'T'T W " s.
SCUAiNTOX l'A., wjujdjNesda morning, may
fi SSssSSsbS &
IH IH H l -w' ' . .-. TvWMBfTBj.ffc.yitMfrMhyi pvyi mmwv rivjRy ifiig:;, . - v' .
Discovery of the Missing
American Steamer,
Don Jose.
The Minnesota Officer Comniimded
an Expedition Sent on to Near San
Miguel Americans Met by Volley
Horn Intienched Rebels Effects of
the Tusllade Distinguished Brav
ely of Ameiican Soldiers in tho
Manila, Mu.v 9 A loconnolteritig
party troni Major General Law tan's
otnmand, which consisted of two com
panies or tin' Minnesota leglment uml
two companies of the Oregon regiment,
under command of Major Diggles, of
the Mlnm sota regiment, advance el yes
terday to a point near San Miguel,
which Is about twelve miles north of
Hallnng There- the Amcrlians hic
met with it olley ttom a fence it la
bels behind u treinh Mil i l Stile"
wai wounded
Major Diggles was wounded hi tne
head, and it ptivuto soldier vv.es alio
wounded Major Dlggle-.s nnd tli pri
vate, together with ten typhoid p l
tlents, were biought by nuclei train
to Manila today.
The Don .lose, tin. last of the mHs
Ing steumeis tindet the American i'.Tr,
which was detained b the insurgents
suite the beginning of the wat was
found bj the Runbo.it Manila i' Fal m
gas and arrived heie today.
Some of the Gallant Deeds ot Our
Soldiers in the Philippines.
Manila, Apt II 2, via San riauclseo,
Mo 9 Instances of peisonal biueiy
hi been quite as numetous in the
Ameiican war in the Philippines sis
during the Cuban campaign, but the
cone spondents hae nut had the whip
opportunity to thtoniele them, because
of the difficulties of the ountr ptnc
tiatid. One soldier, who has well illutiated
the quantity ot the American, is Cap
tain Chui le. Clay, of the Seventeenth
lufautty Captain Clay is a native
of Lexington Ky , aim i grandson of
Henty Clay He in ought new honor
to the family name In Cubi, lin ,
during the hottest action of tin San
tiago field, when his men were lying
bthind cover foi a sheltc-i fiom a shoii
ei of bullets, he maiehed luck and
foitli In fiont of tlie tomp.mv as siert
and cool as though on duss pui id-1,
not would he yield to the apiMs of
the men th.it he llnd shelter.
"The captain never forgot for u see
Jtid that he was a Clav," one or tlum
When Captain Hale was unsigned to
a biigade in tlio Philippines he ap
pointed Captain Clay to the po-ilim
of adjutant. On the that day ot Ai
thut's advance, Captain Cl iv, .idini
eiect as usual, leeelved a bulla
through the ruck He lav U houn
In the jungle befoie he was dibunerc 1,
and as the wound wan a thing
one at best tils ute was desnalii 1 .if.
Ills only thought when bi might hue
the hospital vuw that his family ch mid
be .nfoimod that ho was but -llghtlv
Injured. He is now, howe-vi, vwll
on the load to rompli le leiuve v.
Among those ollleers who have fallen,
no one will be longei or moie loyally
remembered by his comrades than
Lieutenant Giegg, of tho Fouith in
fantry. No man in the nimy had moiv
than he to make life worth living,
friends, hhcp's In his profession, vital
ity and physical stiength that made
him tho impersonation ol an athhto
and soldlei His feai It ssne.ss nnd con
fidence in his powers couti United to lils
i. In the beginning of the hot1
at Marlqulna. which Ceiieial Hale
conducted with such skill and success
that it was worthy of more attention
than the overshadowing impot tain e of
MacArthui's advance permitted. Gn-gg
was near his chief The hor.se he mtle '
had just been shot undo.- him He was
taking off the toddle when a man
warned him that the shot lnd bun
nroa oy a snnipsnootc r in a tlie near
by Refusion to take rnvei nJ ,.,u.
of the men weie doing the lieutenant'
stepped forward and standing crec l, '
uncased his field glasses to look at the
tree Just as he lalsed thi in to his
eyes, a puff of smoke was seen in tlie
tree. Gregg put his hand to his bre 1st
and fell foi ward, killed Instantly,
Contract Labor Law Raised as a
Bairler to Them in California.
San Piunelsio May 9. I'nlted States
Immigration Commissioner Noith has
lefused to penult the landing e.f tun
native Plllplnos who inlved a few
days ago on the steamship City of
Pekln. The tiative? nro under contract
to exhibit In a New Vork city dime
museum. Commissions Noith takes the
position, there-tore, that because of their
agreement to place themselves on ex
hibition they are contcac t Inboius and
as such ai not entitled tti land In this
country. On the othei hmiti the Plll
plnos claim they are netois and not
laborerp. They will piobablv appeal the
case to Washington
Urging Secretary Alger to Make an
Issue with the Piesldent.
Washington, Mav s in approving
the repoit of the army beef court of
Inquiry, the president has put an end
to the possibility of action against any
oftlcer criticized by the court. On tho
othei hand, nnv on who may feel ag
Rt loved Is prevented from appealing
foi vindication either to a military trl
bunul 01 to the civil authorities.
It 1 within the province of congiess
to inaugurate any Independent Inquiry
It may choose, and It Is not at all un
likely thut there will be an Investiga
tion, but that must bo entirely without
suggestion by any army olllcer.
11 Is quite posslblo that SeTeta-y
Alger might have made Issue with tho
president by demanding thu renio.-al
of General Miles fiom command, nnd
friends of the beef packing intercuts in
the west are endcavorlns to Induce him.
to take that step. They m been
nRRnivated bv the news vlilj'i c mc3
from Derlln of the demonstration n
tho lelchstag against American oo?f.
Dut the administration is tired of tho
whole controversy, and the president
desires only that the clamo- on both
sides should cease. It Is felt here
that further agitation will stand In the
wav of a satisfactory arrangement
with Germany, and that It will tend
nnl to make a bad matter woise.
Official Business Did Not Disturb
Him nt Hot Springs.
Hot Springs, Va May 9. Pi evident
Mnlf Itilaf li.nl ii iliiv of thoroinrh i est
and comfoit at the Hotel Homestead.'"01' suicide-
Olllclal business did not Intrude to dls
tuib him, noi did Importunate callers
ciowd to seek his favot. He spent most
of the day In tho apattments set aside,
foi his paity. oi on tho wide poichos
upon which his windows opened. Dur
ing the morning he onto strolled
throng the corridors to the hotel otllee.
After a nap and luncheon, he enjoyed
a hoilul eh.it with .Secretary of the
Tit isurj Ciiige, Senator Tali banks and
Mr. John C. .s'e w, of IndlanapolK and
shortlv afterwaid went out for a walk
with Hecretuiv Oage and Senator Fair
banks. As thev went along the piesl
dent's bilk gait and strong sttlde,
jovial dLspot-ltlon and upright shouldeis
gave an unimpeachable denial to nate
ments that his health Is lmpalted. be
Miiti a netesslt for a bilef respite
fiom the cares, of presidential lite
The walk lasted about half an hour
The piesldent enjovetl the walk thor
oughly, and said to his companions
that he felt much better for It The
piesldent and Mrs MeKinley Seeietarv
and Mis Oage and Senator Fahbanks
dined tonight in the president's pilvate
dining loom
The nesldential paity arrivetl at 8
o'clock this morning In a special tialn
over the Chesapeake and Ohio Assist
ant Seeietarv Cortelyou, Dr. and Mrs
Ulxey and Stenogiapher Thirmt. were
those who aetompanled Mr. ami Mis
MeKinley. The lattei rested all day,
keeping to her rooms,
Aftei dinner the president and Mis
MeKinley. accompanied bj Secretary
and Mrs. nage and Senator Falilnnks,
entered the pntlors while the otthestra
accompunied their appeal ante with
"Hall to the Chief They lemalned
for some time enjoying the music. The
piesldent will begin the baths in the
Seiutary ehige who says his stav
has thoioughlv lejuvenated him. will
it tin u to 'VVashinstoii with Mrs Gage
Satuiday night
Delaware nnd Hudson Directors Es
tablish a Sinking Fund,
New Yoik May " Stockholders of
the Uelawim and Hudson Canal eom
p.mv it their annual meeting today,
elected the following board of man
agei.s. James Uoo'-evelt, Kobeit M.
Olyphnnt. William H. Tillinghnst, Al
fred Vinsantvoord, Alex. i:. Oir,
Chauneev M Uepew. .lames W. Alex
ander, lames 11 Taylor, Horiee O,
Young. John Jacob Astoi. It Somers
Hn.s Fictlerleh Crnmwell and David
Wilcox. The last mined takes the
plice of James a Uoo'-evelt, who died
during the year
The ftoekhnlders voted ntlirmativeiy
on an ordinenee providing tor tne es.
ltthllhment of a sinking iund trom
the .sale of coal. This is to be not less
than r cents per ton and will amount
to ?IT3 000 or $200,000 per year as a
minimum ehiuge before dividends. The
sinking fund Is to bo used whenever
possible In lettrin? the company's feC
"Mysterious" Oeorge ialls in .Uut
falo. Buffalo. May 9 IMdle Con jolly. e.f
Kt John's. N H , knocked out ' My-
steiious' (leoige Kerwin, of Ch'"igo,
' tllP i"rtU 0UUl1 oC whdt ,U1S , tn
have been a twenty jound contest be
loie the Olympic Athletic club nlgnt.
The lighting wus fast and futious fiom
the statt, but Connolly always had
the best of It, Kervvhi continually run
ning Into light and left swings
In the foutth lound Connolly stag
geied his man with u fusllilo ot Jabs
and swings and ended by sending him
clcni throgh the lopes Keiwln s sec-
omls I's'ie(l ,ll,n U!l015 lnto ln' ,,n'
Connolly lloorlng him with a left on
'be bivv and ending the contest.
Foice Men to Belong to the
Miners' Union.
Halctou, May 0. Piesldent Duffy,
of the United Mine Workers of this
dtstilot, today notified nil mlneis and
laboreis employed In tho Lehigh and
Wllkes-P.au e Coal company's vvoik'ngs
that after May 10 members of tho Mine
WoikoiV union would not work with
men who do not belong to the union.
President Duffy said a general strike
will be ordered If the coal company
makes any Interference.
Mollneaux Re-anested.
New York. May 9 Roland Iluinham
Mollneux, who has spent several weeks
ln the Tombs prison, chaiged with the
minder of Mrs. Kate J Adams was
dlschaiged this afteinoon, the giand
jury having failed to re-lndlct him, and
was Immediately after re-anested on
a wairnnt charging him with assault
with Intent to kill In sending cyanide
of mercuiy to Harry Cornish. Hall was
fixed at $10,000, and tho hearing was
postponed until tomoirow.
Not ln the Combine.
New Haven, Conn, Mny 9 Vlce
Prefldcnt John M. Hall, of tho New
Yoik, New Haven and Hartford Rall
roid company , today stated that his
companv was not Inteiested In tho re
ported combination of tho "Vandeibllt
lallroacl intoicsts between Hoston nnd
Chicago " He added "Wo have never
heurd of buch a thing, nor do we place
the sllshteet credence in It."
Killed Her Mother in Oidor That She
Might Not Be Troubled by the Dls
grace of Her Daughter's Suicide.
Story of a Trip to Chicago Ad
vice of n Spiritualist Medium.
PIttsbuig, May 9. The common
wealth rested Its cabo today In tho
Uertha liellsteln murder tilal, after
having produced a number of witness
es piincipally relatives of the prison
er who detailed conversations had
with Ileithii, ufter the murdei. To all
of these witnesses liuttha s Ud she had
killed her mothet because she (Ilertha)
was tiled of living and did not want
her molhtr to beat the disgiatc of
Distilot Attoinev Ilny-
mikei made two of the witnesses, Miss
Marie Kellstoin (a cousin), of Youngs
town, O, and Mrs Kmma IlelNleln, u
slter-in-law, tell of Beitha's vlbit to
Chleigo last July, when she Is said to
have had Improper i el it Ions Avlth her
cousin, Will Kellstelu, tin tesult of
which. Mr. Reilstein testified, was one
of the causes of Heitha ticking her
ninthei'H life.
Mrs. i:mnm Cellstein said she was
present it a meetlus between Mis
KlUabeth Dellsteln. ot Chicigo. "WlH"
TJeilsteln's mother, who came here 1
from that city, Mis Voegtlv and MKs
Uertha At this meeting Mis RlUa
hetli Bellst'dn isked the prisoner why
she had not told her of the Chit ago
uff.ili .while she was theie, when a
niatilage might have been ai ranged
Vi'H Beitha ieplieel tlwt she did not
want the young mm.
The defense opened its case at -MO
this afternoon by Attorney llmlelgh,
who sold the detenst In the case would
he Insanity, tho dliect je-ult ot shock
sustained at tho time the piisonei's
father diopp-d dead at the bieaktast
table some months, piovious to tho
mill iter
Miw. Hettht lltllsleln was the fhst
witness called In hei own defense She
told of the great affection existing be
tween her fathei and herself, nnd of
the effect his sudden death had on her
She s-ald "It was an exceedingly great
shock, one from which 1 hive never
recovered and never will 1 lost Inter
est In even thing I lost sleep. I fell
oft in weight munv pounds"
She felt. 'Oh, so melancholy." she
Witness f-ald hei mother and httself
wtie firm believers in spiritualism "I
believe," she siitl, ' that pcrsonr In
this vvoild can communicate with per
sons In the othei " While In Chicago
last vear she visited two mediums,' The
first, a Mis. Cowan, told me that my
father was lonely and would not be
bnppv until my motner aim i wviu wiwi
him. Nothing e ntered mv mind tin n
about taking my mothei's life" The
witness next said she sted a male
medium. He told her a slmilni story
tl.out her father belrg lonelv It then
became lixed In her mind that he was
Bad Condition Physically.
Miss liellsteln said she lemalned In
Chicago about a week after that. She
was in very bad condition physically.
blic thought about what the mediums
told her
Her mind seemed to he un-
balanced on that one subject Still (f U)e r(afl apijng that the schedule
she did not think of destroying her 'jt t,ains DP niteied h as to giv as
own 01 her mother's life She cut hei t( w sjun,iiljr tialns as possible,
visit short and returned home c.peet- T)i(i petltf,n WM started bv lesidents
lug to get better. She could not leep ( tm 0r,inKl?s und wa.s chcuhited In
She said "I did not sleep at all until ' uminlt rjovei, Memtelnlr. nioomtlelcl
the night e.f the killing" and told At- ' (jln(?l. (0 s Tne American Sah
torney Uurlelgh she wanted the jury ))Uh un,on (lKo ne(.an1e interested In
to understand it literally
On Saturday afternoon, the dav be
fore the shooting, she went to Pitts
burg and bought an ounce of lauda
num She went homo Immediately,
getting thero about 6 p. m. She nto
a light suppei with her mothei They
spent the evening at home The wit
ness went to her 100111 about i W
o'clock, her mother jetlilng a few min
utes later. The relations between the
witness and her mother had always
been very affectionate and there had
ben no mihundei standing whatevei.
Mr. Hutlelgh nbked the witness If
dining her visit In Chicago In July
last, thcie had been anything improK.r
between her cousin, "Will" Hi 'lstel'i,
and hei self
"No sli , theie was not," was the re
ply "Had there ever been anything 1m
pioper between him and yourself?"
"No, theie had not "
On the night before the shooting she
laid out her clothing, intending to kill
hei self. She tossed about all nigjt
and walked the floor. "I bought the
laudanum with the Intention of taklnt
my own life Instead of that of "jy
mother," she said. "When I hoard
the clock strike tluee I rose nnd get
ting the- bottle of laudanum I stau d
to pom It Into the glass Before I
had finished this the bottle diopped
ttom my hands
My hands became
liko steel and I went to the bureau
tenk the revolver nnd, going Into moth
er's loom, discharged It "
Mr. Iluilelgh "Do you remember ot
discharging the weapon moie than
"Do you remember about shooting
"I remember shooting myself once."
Miss Reilstein gave her testimony
thorughout In a clear tone of voles.
His Departme Attended with Lively
and Affecting Demon&tiatlons.
San Tuan, Porto Rico, May 9 Major
General Guy V. Henty, tho retiring
governor general of Porto Rico, left for
the United States today on boaid tho
United States ttansport McPherson
Ills departure was attended with lively
and aiTectlng demonstrations.. All the
military nnd civil ofllclals of San Juan,
representatives of the principal soci
eties, hundreds of public school chil
dren, Inrge crowds of citizens, together
with delegations from tho surrounding
towns, thronged the quay, where sever
al bauds played nnd numerous gay and
brilliant decorations lent animation to
' l'" stP'e-
' Geneial Henry and Mrs. Heniv wars
presented with n portrait of the for
mer and received many other gifts and
testimonials of afTectlon. He was vis
ibly affected by the tokens of good will,
lhlgndler General George W. Davis, the
nuw military governor of the Island,
nnd his entire staff wore present.
The McPherson left the harbor amid
the booming of guns, tho women on
shore waving their hundkerchlefs and
In not u few cases shedding tears of
genuine regret. General Henry's
duughtcr, Mrs. Denton. Major Traub
and Mrs Traub, Lieutenant Ward of
the transport Panther, and the mom
bcis of his family with Mr. Ilobhison,
postal Inspector, and many ofllcers ac
company the patty
Rumois of nn 8800,000,000 Syndi
cate to Control the Industry No
Foieign Company Can Compete.
Chicago, May s The Tribune will
f.av tompnou Representatives of two
of the big cuiponitlons, which rumor
hei associated with the pioposed $800,-
P0),0U0 dollar combination of Hon and
steel lniiustihs, declared today nm-f-inl
piogits-e had been m ide.
The plan, aheatly exploited to a con
siderable degieo. Is to absorb mines,
mills lalhoadi. and faclorhs. The
two repr tent.Ulves In question said
the foielgn corpoi ulons giving th'J
capital stock ot each, weie to be The
Cainegie companv, T2"0,ono,000, Feder
al Steel tompiinv, $1(10.000,000, Atnetl
enn Htnl and Wile company, tw.000,
oou. National Steel tonipnny, $'1,000.
OOii, merlcan Tin Plat- company,
ft',0 (li'O OHO, Kepubllc Steel company,
$10,000,000 American Steel Hoop com
pany, $33 000,090
The tlguies given of the Carnngio
company s are les than the accepted
estimate of the amount Invested It Id
said If the gieat tiust is foirmd the
C.irmele concerns will request. nt no
lesa than $"W0o0.000 of Its capital The
IVdeial Steel companv has an author
ised capital or SJ00 000 000. but onlv one
half of it will be tnken. It Is said
one thing it is puiposod the trus.;
-Iiall do. the reptesntatlves stated, is
to lake In the lion ind stetl plants of
Importance which aie still Independent
concerns Nnn of thse 1s huge when
compared with the ti lists but they are
tonldribl4 Industiles The largest of
them aie Jones & l.aughlin Co, of
Pittsburg, capital $10,000,000 Cambtia
Steel coinpiny.cipltal $r..0n0000 Seian
ton Steel eoinpny, capital $" 000,000
Several of the piomoters assembled at
the oflee of John W Gales, piesldent
of the Ameiican Steel and Wire com
pany, dining the clay. They said sat
isfactory results were not far off 4n
... ,1 uttxi.iteii the consolidation could
leonirol business. It will captuie tho
i business of Kuiopean tonterns, they
I contended, and furnish ialls and steel
plates foi Huropean railways and war
ships. No foreign eompanv thev ns-
ett, Is big enough to be a toimldable
Petitions Aje Received from. New
Jersey by President Traesdale.
New York May A committee ot
eltiens and uilnlstcih living in New
Jeisoy towns adjacent to the lines of
the iJclawaie'. Lackawanna and Ac-st-cm
lalhoad, held a conference today
with President W. H. Trucsdale, of
., r.illtnml. Thev tucspiited to hint
. 0.iH,, ..,, n,01. 2.000 commuters
the matter and s-ent out peunonsc num
Its otlutiis In New Yoik
Iron Workers and Othei s Aie Made
Lebanon. Pa, May 9 -The Cornwall
Oie Hanks company today Increased
the wages ot the men who work on the
cue banks ten cents a dav. This Is
tho thlid advance within a Bhoit time.
I'pwards of fiOO men are benefitted and
will now tecolve $150 a day lor tun
houis' work.
New Castle. Del , Mav 9 The Dela
waie lion eompanv nas made nn ad
ance In wages of ith employes The
fuinacemen, Including welleis, bend
ers and turners, vvi receive an ad
vnneo of 30 per cent The truck and
floor men will get lr per cent, more,
virile the wages of the machine hands
will be Increased 10 pi 1 cent. This
w III make wages e qual to those paid In
As the Result of a Dispute, Four
Piornlnent Citizens Are Dead.
Okonola, Mls , May 9. As a le-sult
of a dlsDUte here tonight, four men,
j among tho most prominent citizens of
the town, are dead
Dr. William Murphy became Involved
in a dispute with Chailes D. Claike
over a bill which Dr. Murphy claimed
Claike owed him. The dlbpute became
heated nnd a light w.-us piet ipltated.
Claike drew n knife and slashed Dr.
Muiphy, seveilng the Jugular vein.
Howard Murphy, son of the phyBlchm,
rushed to the scene of the killing and
shot Clarke to death
Walter Clarko, hi other of Charles D,
Clarke, and Hownrd Murphy then be
gan a duel to mttle tho matter. Pistols
were used. The men fought viciously,
the end being that both were killed,
Cleveland Out Gunning.
Pilnceton, N J., Muy ! Former
President Cleveland left Princeton to
day and went In his private car to
Philadelphia. There he took tho Haiti
more and Ohio railroad for the west.
It Is thought that he Is on another
gunning tilp. as ho went west by tho
Hime louto last yeai for that purpose.
Another Chance foi Wiieback.
Harrlsburg. Muy ! Wlrebatk. the
Lancaster murderer, who was respited
lodav, will bo the subject of further
Inquiry us to his mental condition, and
Preston, the Chester county murderer,
will have anothni chance before the
boaid of pat dons on an application for
Beginning of the Conven
tion of the Grand
Duiing the Afternoon the Degree
Was Conferred Upon Ninety-two
Past Commandeis Presentation to
the Grand Commander ot a Hand
some Ebony Gavel Block Degree
Confeired in the Evening by the
Degree Team, of Anthracite Cora
mandeiy Parade This Afternoon
and Touiney in the Lyceum in tho
Of Chester Siipunu
1- S C.
The liiht sessions of the convocation
ot the grand commandery of the
KnlgTits of Malta were held yesteiday
and alley will be continued today.
Tills afternoon the parade will be
held and the event of tonight will li
the touiney In the Lyceum
Quietly and systematically the- grand
ofhtcis and representatives y--teiday
began the business vvhlth will come be
fore them while assembled hi evnth
annual convocation. The conmane'ery
was cc-nvoked at 10 "0 o'clock yesterday
moiulng with Grand Commander Sir
John Gowland In the occidental chair.
As staled In yestei day's Tiibune, all
the gi and ofllceis, with the exception ot
Grand Junior Wniden Sir Joseph W.
Smlnk, were pres-nt,al.se about 125 rep
resentatives Two sessions weie held, one njoinlng
and one in the afternoon. The princi
pal wink accomplished was the receiv
ing of annual uports, giand enmmand-
ei s auiiiess, appointment ot a press
committee, conferring ot the degiee
upon ninety -tivo past commander", liv
ing of the session houis and incidental
routine work.
Grand Commander Sir John Gow
land s addiess was an able efiort, and
in pan was as follows.
To the officers, representatives and
companion?, of the Grand commandery
of Pennsylvania, Ancient and Illustii
ous Older Knights of Malta.
"Greeting- We have left our homes
nnd assembled In this beautiful cltv as
mcmbeis of the Grand commandery" of
rennsv lvania, to take part In the de
liberations of this the seventh annual
convocation, and endeavor to contitb
'tite, by our careful, thoughtful and wlso
j dotei initiation of many and impoitant
questions which shall come before us.
I Amidst all the rivalries and activities
of life, and the dlfllcultles we hive on-
counteied and dealt with, the successes
accomplished and defeats suffered, wo
have completed tho history of another
year for our noble order. Obedient to
law and custom, It is my duty, as well
as my pleasuie to review as concisely
as possible the records of the past year
up to April 25, 1591).
The p.ist y ear has been remarkable
foi the hatmorry fraternal feeling and
good fellowship that existed among the
Sli Knights to sue h a degree thai I
am happy to be uble to state wu come
together at this time with our thoughts
centered upon the idea How can we
best legislate for the best interest and
welfare of the Ancient and Illustrious
Oidei we have the honor to repro-ent,
nnd with noble and lofty purposes to
perform the many duties that may bo
Imposed upon us9 When war was de
clined with Spain nnd tho president
called for volunteers, it Is with pride
and pleasure I announce that many
loval Sir Knights of the Keystone
state responded to the call with that
spirit of pattiotlsm, hetolsm and devo
tion that nie characteristic of tho
teachings of our noble order.
"They went forth determined to
avenge the Insult to the nation of the
muny lives that were sacrificed by the
blowing up of tho Maine, and that tho
honor of our flag must be maintained.
And ere pence was ddclarod they ban
ished forever irom the American con
tinent a form of government which has
alwav.s been a menace to liberty, fi-eo
Institutions and the pursuit of happi
ness. As a slight expression of our
appreciation of the many heroic Sir
Knights who went forth In defense of
our nation's honor, and those who sac
rificed their lives, I would recommend
that a sultnble memorial be prepared
and published with the lecords of this
'Herewith Is respectfully submitted
for your enlightenment an at count of
my ofUelnl action?. If errors have been
committed, companions wionged or
friends maligned, the samo weie errorn
of Judgment rather t nan Intentional
Following Is thu gist of the statist!-
Continued on Pago ",
Weather Indication! Today!
fienerni The Advance of IUtcn.
Pittsburg's Murder Case
Knights Held Two Seselons.
All Quiet In Samoa
(lencral Ami rlcan lleef In Vorclgn
Market and Stock Reports.
Sports Atlantic, Xuttoti.il and Oilier
League llao Pull (litinejt.
Comment of the Press.
Story "A Young Man In a Hnrrv."
Local Second Dtrict Convention.
Juko Ilryant Duns tho Mining King.
Local Councils Palled to Muster a
Meeting ot DcntNts
Knights Held Two Si-loivs (Con-
eluded )
Local-Went Scranton and Siirlmrlmn
News rtounil About Somnton
Local Itefused to Gnint New Trials.
He Will Be the Recipient of Many
Honois on His Return Home Au
tograph Letteis.
Washington, May a Adiulial Dewey
upon hln return to the I'nlted States
Is to he piesented with .1 monstei test
imonial consisting ot autograph let
ters fiom nearly every member of
President MeKlnley's cabinet, gover
nors and states and niornliient I'nlted
States senatois.
The setretaiy of the tieaswv utiyrt
ln his wiitten opinion of Dewev tlilt
he legaids him as one ot a galaxy of
men who have mftde the Ameilc n
name honorable and Illustrious, '.he
setretaiy ot state willes that ao ai ini
tial commemoration of his vl-iory Is
at all needed to pieservo it -t ve
in the American heart, the setrctaiv.
of the navy expu-sses slmllai views,
the secietaiy ot agrUultuu- lemlnels
Americans that Dewey In a day added
an archipelago to the possessions cf
the 1'nlted Staten the secletaiy or war
writes that lie gladly adds his tilbuto
oi ptalyc- to Dewey, and tne postmas
ter geneial enthusiastically seconds the
proposition to emphasize the giatitude
of the people. While Admiral Dewjy
will be the- tetipient a'" many lienors
on his return home, this te.stlm tilal
will he the first written evident e -tended
to him of the very wldesiir'-.id
sentiment of idmhation and giat'tude
oil the pint of Amei leans for the v'-ior
of .Manila.
Not Enough Available foi Service in
Havana, May '1 Aimv otliceix hi
Cuba are complaining that their du
ties hero have become over-arduous
on act ount of the Insutllc lent number of
commissioned ofllcers who aie avail
able for service thtoughout the IMnnd.
A case in point Is that of the Kili'ii
United States Intantry leglmetu, from
which half the olllceis aie ahs. in A
majority of the men in that regiment
aie tecrults, and require eemstnn
drilling The ofllceis, it Is alley -d. .lie,
under the die umstances, piaeticaPv
drill sergeants Some conipt'iia that
they are so haul-worked that tin ; can
not even llnd time to enjov their meals.
Walter A Donaldson, assistant col
lector of customs heie. Is about to re
turn to tho United States on a two
months' leave He has been Instructed
I to go to Washl""' n to confei with
the treasury ofl als then- regarding
customs affairs. Mr Donaldson has
been contlnuoui .' on the Island since
July of last yeai He was the iirst
American collector of cusloms at San
tiago de Cuba.
Veiy Lively Fight at the Lenox
Athletic Club.
New Y01 k, May 9 -There w as u large I
crowded tonight at the Leno Athletic
1 1 , .
club to witness the twerr y-flve-round
encounter between Frank F.rne. the
Buffalo lightweight, and Geoiae Mc-,
Fadden, of New Yoik, who iccently :
lowered the colors of Jon Gans, the
clever Daltlmoie man The men,
weighed In at 114 pouudp. Ume was
the favorite in the betting at 100 to 70.
In the twenty-tlfth and. last ic.und,
McFadclen fought desperately, poking
his light to the ear and blocking Urne's
light 01 the wind It was give and
take to the end of the lound, when the '
leferee decided the bout on points and '
gave the conte-st to Cine.
Mass Meeting for Negroes.
Uaston, V.i . May O A mass meeting
of the students of Lnfavette college I
was held todav, at which John M.
Howell, of Philadelphia and Charles II
Drown, of Jeisey City, were elected 1
manager and assistant mnnagei, re-1
spectlvely, of nest yeat's base ball 1
t.tn.vi r-i,niua i reiat nf nnhnniTn !
Iowa, was elected manager ot tho '03
foot ball team, v Ice Norman J Kruen,
leslgned W. F Whitman, of Philadel
phia. J. I' Pat dee. of Hazloton, and W.
H. Ilulick, of Hasten, were elected
member of the advlsoiy boaid of ath
letics. Respites Granted.
Hanisburg, May 9 Gov 01 nor Stone
has gi anted respites until June 7 foi
Ralph Wire-back, of Lancaster county,
and James Preston, of Chester countv,
two mutderers who were to have been
executed next week Wiieback mut-
de-ied his landloid. Dav hi It I.audiu,
who was endeavoilng to have Wire
back ejected from tin hoiibo Pic-tcton
muidered his wife
Asphyxiated by Gas.
Philadelphia. May 9 John Hlnz. aged
23 yeais, and his wife, Henrietta, aged
.'1 were asphyxiated by illuminating
gas ns they slept last night They wore
found dead In bed this morning with
the gas issuing from the burner The
couph were mnirled only lecently and
t In Ii death is supposed to have boon
ace Identai
Moiocco Affair Settled.
Tangier, Morocco, May 9 Tho claims
of tho I'nlted Stntes ugalnst the gov
ernment of Moiocco has beon settled
The United States ciulser Chicago
sailed from this port today to lesume
I her voyage aiound Africa.
The Suspension of Hos
tilities continues
Arrival of the Joint Commission
Awaited Searching1 for Lead to
Pievent Rebels Casting Bullets.
Dr. Solf Returns A British Plnnt
ei s Jtixperten.ee os a Uaptlvo oj
the Rebels.
Apia, amoi. May 4 fvla Auckland,
N 7. . Mny 9) Hverythlng is quiet 011
the Island. Opeiation.s huve been sus
pendi d pending the- 111 rival of the joint
1 onmilssiont is fiom Sm Fianctscok
ftei 1 he eesi-ntion of hostilities, n.
cleliichini nt ol UrUlsh soldiers lsltect
the battle ground of Valllma. whero
thev u-coveied an Ameiican lnaehliiM
gun that had b-en captured by tho
lebeds. The rebel forts at Loltopci nnd
Yiitllin.t. were two milea long and of
grfaAt ntri nuth be Inir lelnforceel by
trenchet, and llfle pits. It was found
that sfvtinl libels had died in the:
trenches from the shock of bursting
shells, hut without having been wound
ed. .flrr the aiminke had boon agreed
upon tin- ic-bcls left the- torts, siiigimc
vvai songs of the- v jiuiuMicil
Search for Lead.
The eountrv is hems f-couiod by
Hiiiish and Ameiican boldiera ii
soaich lot lead fiom whioh the natives
might muko bullets. A Biltlsh planter
who had been a prisoner ln the hand-
01 the le-livls flu i weeks has nrilved:
at Apia. His operlcnce.s during his
captivity w'ie liightful. and many
times he was thu-iteneel with beblg be
headed Captain Stuiihe, tho ranking
British naval olfhei hen-, ln companv
with a. lnlhsloniii v. wont through the
rebel lineH unmolested They found
everything quiet pending the airlval of
the Joint commlssioneis.
Tin- Uiitlsh Uilrd-cUii-s cruiser Roy
alist his sailed for Kngland by way
ol Sydney.
Dr. Solf, pn sldent of the munlcipii
council, has returned here from a visit
to the United States He will rrauvln
Inactive until the commissioners ai
rlve with advices, rive otlicers for the
United States cruiser Philadelphia
have uriived here em board the steam
er Mariposa The United Htaws arm
ed collier Brutus will lematn nt Apia,
all this month
An Ame-rlc an sailor, while drunk, w is
shot with a revolver by a. marine who
was airestiug him. The wound Is not
Pennsylvania Foot Ball.
Philadelphia. Mav 9. The following
is the schedub of games for tho Unl
veislty of Pennsvlvanla. foot ball team
for the season of 1S')9. September 27.
Franklin and Marshall at I'ranklln
Field, Philadelphia, September 30, Le
high at rnnklln Field October 4,
Bucknell at Franklin Field, October 7,
Hrovvn at Providence, R. I.. October 11.
Virginia at Franklin Field; October 14,
Indians at TiankUn Field; October is.
Wesleyau at Fianklln Field; October i,
Lafavotte at Franklin Field, October
'1. Chicago at Chicago. Novembei 4.
Harvard at Fianklln Field; November
11, Michigan at Franklin Field, No
vember 17, State Collego at Franklin
Field. Noveanber .", Cornell at Frank-
lUi Field.
Charges of Professionalism.
Ithaca, N. Y , May 9 A meotlng of
Cornell's nthletle council was held last
lBht t.Uw n uctI"n ? "le charges
?f ".""Tlh'TnSR rt n t'AnV
hind ot tlni arPttj foot Dan train,
Xh Vw brought before that bodv
iast winter. It was unanimously voted
tilt the charges weie unfounded and
Hweetland was restored to the position
of an amateur athlete in good standing,
It Is Shetland's Intention to begin
training tor the 'vaislty crow under
Coach Courtney. It is also probabli
j that he will train for the foot ball tfom
Itt AW wuyicnmvi
Raleigh Runs Aground.
Charleston, S C , May 9 Tho orutsem
Raleigh, which tan aground this morn
ing while coming up to the city, was
pulled 01T at high tide this evening antl
proceeded up to the h.ubor to her an
chorage It was stated by her ortlcers
that a superllclal examination disclosed
no Injuiles to her hull Tho accident:
necessitated a postponement ot tho
olllclal reception to the cruiser and thU
will be can led out tomorrow montlnc
according to programme .
Steamship Arrivals,
New Yen k, May 9 An Iv ed- Amster
dam from Rotteidatn Cleared: HrlN
tannic, for Llveipool, Pails, for South
ampton. Frlesland, for Antwerp.
Sailed Kaiser Wllhelm Her Grosse,
Hremen via Southampton and Cher
bouig. Sicily Pa-bed SpanrniUm, New
Yoik for Rotteidam Crookhaven:
Pasted stearnei Majestic . New York for
Tripped on the Tracks.
Harrlsburg Mav 9 Muiy RWler.
aged five years was Knocked down by
a shifting engine neai her home on
Mulberry stieet todav and one leg was
turrlbly crushed, making amputation at
the thigh necess-ary. The child tripped
us she run across the tracks.
Will Receive Dowey.
New York May 9 At a meeting of
the board of uldeimen today an en
thusiastic u-solutlon calling for nn of
ficial reception to Ad111i1.1l Dewey upon
his nrilval In tills 1 Itv wns adopted
- --- --
WiiMlitiihtiui Mav 8 1'orecast
for K.ihieiin I'eniiH.vlv.iiii 1 Fair
Wednesday. ptobubly hovvers
Thursday; varlablo wluds, shitt
ing to MlllllKTly.
Hft Hftttt
i .

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