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Connell Building
Law Library
Room 302 Council Building.
Some Fine
Ludwig Pianos
firo attracting the attention of nil who
nee them tit our stole. Tins" splendid
pianos conU so manv Improvements
and In stylo and finish me bo far ahead
of anything of tho wane wholesale, cost
that one mnrvels at tho low prices wo
uxk for thorn. WHY CAN WK Blll.li
OUIl 1'IANOS SO LOW,' IJccauso wo
buy at tho lowest cash price. IlcealiFo
wo curt no pianos out on trial. Beeauso
we demand a payment down on the In
strument. llccai'Ru wn have no aponts.
nccuin-e wo make no unnecessary ex
pense. It eosts thousunils of dollars to have
from M to "u pianos about the country
on trial, all of which must be made up
by those who purchase. All the. latest
music at half price.
Perry Brothers
20.) Wyoming Ave.
And Photo Supplies
ioj Wyoming Avenue.
Kye, Ear, Nose aud Throat
Gfllrellourn-On.ni. to l'J.fJO p.m; 'J to 4.
William Ihilldlng, Opp. 1'ostofllco.
UILLS Ari'ROVKD. - Tho auditing
committee of councils met last night and
approved tho bills that had accumulated
during tho preceding fortnight.
Tomorrow the bo.nd of health will en-,
tor upon Its anneal inspection of the wa
ter supply. Tho works of the I'rovlden-e
Gas aud Water company will be visited
l'OVBRTY SOC1AL.-A poverty soel.il
will be given by the Guild of St. Hilda
of St. Luke's church in tho parish house
this evening. Those attending not attired
In rag time costume will be lined four
cents. All are welcomed.
Whitman, of Jones street, North Scran
ton, accidentally shot himself in the
Tight leg over the knee, Friday, while
ine rasnion
Last Week of Our
! Great
That's Why We Offer Such Bargains.
Will buy your choice of any
Ladies' Tailored Suit in the
place. They are all the latest
styles and worth from $10 to
8i8 each.
Will buy Ladies' Mackin
toshes that actually retailed at
5 and $7.50. All are per
fect garments. Only a lew
of the best sizes. lelt.
Your choice of as handsome
a line of Ladies' Separate
Skirts as was ever shown in
this city. All are worth from
$2.98 to $;.q8.
308 Lackawanna Avenue t
cleaning a revolver. Ha did not know It
was loaded, Dr. John U. Coraor intend
ed the tnntu
A NEW MUDCJK. Tho Delaware mid
Hudson Itallroad company Is huVlnsr a
bridge erected over Its tracks leading
from Green plaeo to Htowcr'H packing
house and tho city crematory. The
stnicturo will bo fifty feet In length und
thirty feet In width.
directors of the nut nnd b( It works held
n meeting In tho bri.nl of trndo rooms
yesterday afternoon mid considered mat
ters pertaining to the election ol a plant,
Thoro will bo another meeting Wednes
day afternoon.
of tho "Little Gleaners" band of tho
Calvary ltefoimed church, under the di
rection of Sirs. W. (I. Welsh, will conduct
an auction social at the above church to
nlRht to dispose of otllcles left over from
their fair. The public Is eotdlally In
llenry Austin Aduin", the brilliant lee-Mi'-pa
will come to St. Thomas' Col
!.!. hall on Tuesday evening Slay "0. un
der thn auspices of the Clark's Hnminlt
Catholic church, of which Father I'eelcy,
formerly of Bcranlnii, Is pastor. Ills tub
ret will be "JIemo.-l,l Day."
STILL ANOTIIIMt.-W. l. lliiser. who
has been In the employ of the Delaware,
Lackawanna and Western Itallroad com
pany for thirty-four years, and for tho
last ton yearn Rcncral purchasing agent
for tho company, has tendered his resig
nation to take effect at oneo. Sir. Ilager
resides at Kast Orange. N. J.
ANOTIlKll IlimOLAKY. - The resi
dence of Frederick Warner. Mitt Wyom
ing avenue, Green Ttldgo. was entered
early Hatuiday morning by a burglar. A
valuable meoti-chaum pipe, it mackin
tosh and other articles of men's ap
parel were taken. The burglar left tin.
touched much silverware and other valu
able". MBMOHIAL SKItVICH.-A memoil.il
service wilt bo held in All Souls' Uni
versalis! church rn I'lne street between
Adams and Jeffeison avenues next Sun
day morning at 10.30. All Grand Army of
tho Uepiibllc men and nil Interested aro
Invited to bo present. A business mct
lng at All Souls' Universalis church Fil
day evening.
NOT A STRIKH.-W. R. Smith, the
South Washington" nvemie merchant,
wishes The Tribune to state that there
was not a slriko of his clerks at bis
store. The demand of his men to close
his store every night of the week, hut
Saturday, at 7 o'clock, ho states was
unreasonable lrom tho fact that Friday
nights he has to keep open late to ac
commodate the silk mill trado. He made
sulllelent concessions. In his opinion, re
garding closing hour, and his clerkH re
signed nnd were paid off. There the mat
ter ended, Mr. Smith states.
G. A. R. Committee Wants the
Pupils to Participate.
Certain teachers of the city with their
pupils arc desirous of showing tlvir
patriotism by participating in the ser
vices to he held In the several ceme
teries on .Memorial day. but felt that
authority to do so should bo secured
from the supeilntendent. In response
to a request from tho Joint Memorial
day committee, the following letter lias
been received from Mr. lloivull:
Scranton, Pa., May 10, 1S!'0.
Mr. Fred J. Amsdeii, Chairman Joint
Memorial Day Ccmmlttee. Posts 125
and ,11!i. Grand Aimy of tho Republic,
Scrantnn, Pa.
Dear Sir: Any teacher In the city if
Scranton Is at full llleity to u$c h. r
school as Judgment dictates to com
memorate the memory of dead soldleis.
I am glad to know that some of tho
teachers aro inclined to participate In tho
memorial services to be held in the va
rious cemeteries.
If we can serve you In any way wc arc
yours to command. Yours truly.
Georgo Howell.
Nothing would please tho committee
better than to have all the schools In
the city represented.
Mayor Signs the Resolution Direct
ing Its Advertisement.
The resolution directing City Clerk
Luvello to advertise the ordinance an
propriatlng $30,000 for the Improvement
of Nny Aug park wus signed yesterday
by Mayor Molr The ordinance itself Is
now nearlng ilnal reading; in select
The mayor also signed resolutions
permitting the property holders on
Price street, between Sumner and
Dromley avenues, to construct a pri
vate sower, and directing the chief of
the lire department to causa the erec
tion of a hydrant at the corner of Sev
enth and Scranton streets.
Smoke Tho Pocono 5c. Cigar.
Will buy a beautiful pair of
Nottingham Lace Curtains,
with white enamel pole and
trimmings comple. Actual re
tail price of curtains are $4.50
Will buy Children's Sum
mer Reefers of white flannel,
beautifully embroidered, also
White Pique Reefers trimmed
with ribbon that formerly sold
at 98 cents each.
Your choice of Ladies'
Trimmed Hats that are act
uary worth from $3.00 to
$5.00. See our window display.
All of Scranton and the Region
Roundabout Took a Xny Oil to See
the Horsemen and the Indians and
the Hundred nnd One Other Inter
esting Things That Colonel Cody
Has Gotten Together Had to Stop
Selling Tickets for Afternoon Per
formance Shortly After 2 O'clock.
There wast but one disappointment in
connection with Iluffnlo Will's show
yesterday the exhibition enclosure
could not accommodate .all who
wanted to attend the tifternoun per
formance. This Is no press agent's
"Jolly." but an actual fuel. Shortly
after 2 o'clock the ticket wagon closed
up and thousands of people had to be
turned awny.
It was one of the greatest show days
.Scranton has ever known. H seemed
as If the whole city nnd ull the country
roundabout turned out en masse to see
the parade In the morning and that
nearly all who saw the parade followed
It to the show grounds. It is estimated
that over .",0.000 persons witnessed the
two performances.
I'nllke the occasion of Buffalo Bill's
visit thrt'o years ago, when u veritable
cloudburst occurred at night, the day
nil through wus Ideal. It was one of
those days when one Is In doubt ns to
whether or not he should wear his light
One very commendable thing that
was very generally noticed In connec
tion with the lateral features of the
show was tile almost total absence of
the festive fakir. The management will
not allow them to follow the show and
permanently employs a Plnkerton man,
tho celebrated John Rogers, to look to
the observance of this rule while he is
about smelling out crooks. The red
lemonade and peanut man Is not
molested, of course. A show without
them would not be a show.
Of the performance given by Colonel
Cody it might be said in the outset
that Its title needs alteration. "Hough
Riders' Congresr and Wild West"
would be more appropriate, it would
seem. The Rough Rider end of it so
far surpasses the other that it clearly
overshadows it.
Once upon a time the Deadwood stage
coach, the emigrant train and the set
tler's cabin Incidents were thrllllngly
Interesting, and without doubt they are
that even yet to many, but to the spec
tators taken as a whole, the congress
of horsemen and the soldier evolutions
Is by far the main feature.
And what a feature this Is! The
grand review of the "Rough Riders of
the World," the Introductory number,
Is In Itself worth the price of admis
sion If considered only from the spec
tacular point of view, without any con
sideration, of Its educational side.
Everything was there just as repre
sented in the announcements: Indians,
cowboys, Mexicans, Cossacks, Gauehos,
Arabs, scouts, guides, and detachments
of fully equipped cavalry from the
armles.of America, England, Germany,
Russia, Cuba and squads of Hawuiiaus,
Porto Rteans and Filipinos. The Fili
pinos attracted the most curiosity, but
It was when the Roosevelt Rough
Riders dashed Into view and circled
about to their place in the big gioun
of horsemen that thi enthusiasm was
let loose. It was the first opportunity
Scranton has had of showing Its ap
preciation of these heroes and the as
semblage proceeded to show it. There
was no mistaking' that the applause
was not Intended for mere circus per
formers. The same might be said of
the ovation which greeted Colonel
Cody's appearance.
The reproduction of the storming of
San Juan hill was the most pictur
esque and thrilling number on tho
programme, and was especially Intcr
estlns: because of the fact that most
of the performers had actually par
ticipated In the famous charge. In the
attacking party were good-sized de
tachments of the Rough Riders, Twenty-fourth
infantry, Ninth and Tenth
cavalry, Grimes' battery, Garcla's Cu
ban scouts nnd cowboys in charge of
the pack trains.
They entered In marching order and
after a short bivouac on tho arena dls
appeared by an opposite exit. Then
curtains at the far end of the exhibi
tion quadrangle were removed disclos
ing a block house and breast woiks
manned with Spanish riflemen and ar
tillery. The American soldiers came
upon the scene from a side en
trance In single file and deployed as
skirmishers. A Spanish picket discovers
them, fires his rifle and retreating be
hind the breastworks gives the alarm.
Then begins a terrific fuslla.de of rllle
shots punctuated with the periodical
rattle of the machine gun on the
Ametlcan side and the boom of the
cannon at tho block house. Men drop
on all sides and are hurried to the
rear on stretchers, but the American
line advances slowly but firmly until
within easy distance of the fortifica
tion when with a wild yell they rush
across the Intervening space, over tho
embankment and driving the Spaniards
pell niell ahead of them, tear down
the red and gold and run up the stars
nnd stripes.
Another of the most Interesting fea
tures Is the artillery drill by veterans
from Captain Thorpe's Battery D.Fifth
regiment, United States army. Tho
quickness with which the guns were
bundled and with which the men han
dled themselves was a revelation to
the civilian. Everything moed like
clock work".
In the horsemanship feats the Ameri
can cavulryman was easily the peer
of all the others. What the Cosacks
did with the aid of heavy saddle, stir
rups and foot and hand straps, the
Yankee soldier duplicated or surpass
ed on a horse devoid of all trur.plngd
ONcept a bridle. The cowboys, of
course, excelled In rough riding but
they did not compare with tho boys In
blue In fancy feats. One of tho feats
performed by the cavalrymen was to
mount ut full gallop from tho ground1
across one horse on to the back of
another that was galloping along on
the opposite side. And this was done
with the aid of only the bridle and
The wotk of the Mexican lailat
throwers, the expert shooting by lluf
falo Hill, Annie Oultley and Johnnie
Raker, tho drill by the English and
German cavalry and the acrobatic
work of a troupe of Arabs were the
other ptlnelpal features.
Tho typlcul "Wild Weft" features.
1 uuch as the Indian dances, tho buffalo
hunt, the attack on the stage conch,
the cowboy and Indian races and the
like were better than ever before. All
In all It was a great exhibition and
deserving of the very generous pat
ronage given It In this city.
Attendance Did Not Warrant Ses
sions Being Held.
Very few. If liny, of the publlo
schools had more than one session yes
terday and at some of them no session
at all was held. The "circus day" rule
Is that the principal of the building
can use his own discretion as to
whether or not the attendance war
lants the schools being kept open. The
attendance didn't warrant an after
noon session u t any of the schools ns
far us Superintendent Howell had
heard and at only a. few of them was
there, In the discretion of the princi
pals, as would warrant even one ses
sion. Superintendent Howell when seen
yesterday afternoon didn't appear
greatly vexed at the reports of "no
session that come Into him from all
quarters. "I would not want," he said,
"to be quoted as saying that I give my
approval to this thing of dismissing
school to see u cltcus, but I will suv
that 1 always see 'hopes' of a boy who
will go without his breakfast live
miles down the pike nt daybreak to
meet the circus."
Very Few Arrests Were Hade by
tho Police Yesterday Two
Supposed Crooks Were
Gathered In.
Sernnton is not so bad to Judge fiom
yesterday's police records. Up to mid
night. 1" the central city, not a blngle
arrest had been made for drunkenness
and there was only one Inf.tance of
Infraction of the peace that called for
police interference.
This was a case whole two Olyp'iant
youths reached the wrong floor of E09
Center street and were kicked down
stairs by the woman's husband. When
the street was reached tin- Olyphant
youths set upon the husband, the wife
rushed to defend her defender and a
general rnlx-up wus the result. Ser
geant Reese G. Jones and Patrolmen
Parry and Karius, ufter hearing tho
stories of the belligerents and several
of the early spectators decided that
the Olyphunters were the offenders and
took them to the station house
Another remarkable thing Is that not
a single case of picking pockets or
other such work was reported, nnd the
police w-re notified of only one lost
child This was a 0-yeer-old boy
named Clarence Moxley, of Dalton,
who went to the show with bis uncle,
a resident of this city, and then, ac
cording to the story of som little boys
with whom the lttl fellow had been
playing, started to walk to his home
In the country. The police had re
ceived no word of nlm up to a late
Two alleged crooks, one of them a
supposed pickpocket, and th-- other a
cheap jewelry fakir, wero gathered in
during the day. The first was arrest
ed on Lacknwanua avenue while the
parade crush wns on, by Detective
Molr and Lieutenant Davis, He was
spotted by John Rogers, the Plnkerton
man, who accompanies t!u Huffalo
P.ill show, and pointed out to the local
Riding along Capouse avenue on a
car yesterday at noon. Patrolman Lona
Day, ho wns detailed on detective
duty, saw F. II. Anthony, a local fakir,
going Into a saloon. Suspecting that
he was up to some game the officer
Jumped off the car and followed him
Anthony sled up the detective for a
"rube" and tiled to sell him his gold
watch, singing the old sonjr about be
ing stranded and so hard up fur money
that he was willing to part with 1,1s
$00 birthday present for SI'!. When
searched ut the station hous a largo
quantity of other "sold" Jewelry, such
ns charms, chains, rings and the like,
were found on the fakir's person. He
was allowed to go upon making a de
posit of $3 for his appearance In the
morning. There Is very little fear
alxmt headquarters that he will bo
around to redeem the fiver.
A fakir who was selling button and
badges without a license and who re
opened business after uclnjj once
warned, was taken Into custody at
Chief Kobling's order and locked up.
He was released later uikui his prom
ise to get out of town
Big Attendance and Big Receipts
Attest Their Popularity.
Despite the counter-attraction of a
i Ireus the firemen's fair last night on
the occasion of the Hook and Ladder
company's inning had the largest at
tendance since the opening night and
It is estimated the returns will exceed
those of any other night, not except
ing the Phoenix night, when the high
water mark was reached. The "Hooks'
were honored with the largest escort
that has us yet turned out. It in
cluded the Niagara and Eagle com
panies of Pittston; the Neptuues, of
Dunmore, the Nag Augs, Crystals and
Phoenix Chemicals, of the central city,
and a delegation from the Franklins
and Ira Trlpps from the West Side.
Heforo going to the fair the com
panies paraded through the principal
streets to music by Hauer's band and
the Nay Aug Drum corps. The band
gave a delightful concert at the fair.
is Vour Hair
Turning Gray?
Just remember that gray huir will
never become darker uithout help, i
Hair Vigor
Swill bring back to your ha
of youth. It nerer fails
hair the color
It cleanses the scalp aleo. and
prevents the formation of dandruff.
It feeds and nourishes the bulbs of
the hair, making them produce a
luxuriant growth. It stops the hair
from falling out, and gives It a fine,
eof t finish.
J1.M a bottle. AtaUdrnggUU.
If joa do not obtain all the beneBU
you Mettled (rem tb ui of lh Vigor,
writ tbo doctor abaot It.
ujn., in. r n irnu
IX) wen, Man,
No Cause Assigned for the Rash
Act, but It Is Believed Ho Was
Brooding Over His Position and
Shot Himself in a Moment of
Temporary Insanity Is Rapidly
Sinking Into an Unconscious Con
dition and but Little Hopes of His
Recovery Are Entertained.
Norman Wheeler, of Sli Keyser ave
nue, who wus u curpeiiter In the cm
ploy of the Delaware, Luoknwanna
and Western company for the past
forty yiars. attempted suiolde shortly
before I! o'clock Inst evening by shoot
ing himself In the head with a 22
callbro revolver.
No cause is assigned for the deed,
but it Is believed by his relatives that
the act was committed In a. moment
of temporary lnanltj.
WheiJer bad not been feeling very
well for some time. He feared the loss
of his position under the company ow
ing to the discharge of so many old
empfoyes, and brooded considerable
over tlu matter. He resigned on Sat
urday and this, with bis Illness, Is as
signed ns the reason for the shooting.
Yesterday afternoon ulioiu 1 o'clock
Wheeler lett his home und went to tho
central city, returning about '5 o'clock
Ho seemed In good spirits and sat on
the porch smoking his pipe for some
time afterward. He also walket be
tween the house and bant several
times, but did not seem worried over
anything, although he appciued some
what 'restless, Mt a. Wheeler said. There
was no one about lh. houye except
Wheeler and his wife, and about u."0
o'clock the latter left the hou'ie to go
to a. -nllkman's nearby to procure some
milk fw the evening meal.
AVheeJer was sitting on the porch
when hi wife left the house, and when
she returned about twftity minutes
later, b; was sitting In a chair In the
dining room with the revolver In his
hand, hftvlnsr fired two bullets Into the
right ear. Sirs. Sanderson, t neighbor,
beard the shots fired, but did not pay
nny attention to them, supposing It
was some one In the open field nearby,
und the first person to discover the
man was Mrs. Roach, anothi r neigh
bor, who had gone into tho house to
procure- some yeast.
The latter noticed the man sitting In
the chair with the revolver in his
hand and ran out of the house to the
front yard, where she met, Mrs. Wheeler
returning from the milkman's. Sev
eral of the neighbors were summoned
and they removed the Injured man
Into an adjoining room and placed
him on a couch and everything pos
sible was done to stop the flow of
Dr. R. G. Ueddoo was telephoned for
and when he arrived Wheeler was still
conscious, but would not say any
thing, except In an undertone which
was hardly audible.
An examination revealed the fact
that both bullets hud lodged In tho
head and the ear was burned by the
shooting. Everything possible was done
and tho man was resting comfortably
in a semi-conscious condition at 9
o'clock, when Dr. Reddoe and Dr. Rob
erts held a consultation. They de
cided twit to probe for the bullets, as
the chances are Wheeler will not re
cover, owing to his extreme age, which
Is 'l years.
The revolver with which the shoot
ing wns done was a young American
safety-liammer, 2'i calibre, and wus
purchased by Wheeler yesterday while
In the central city. When found It
contained three loaded and two empty
Tn a conversation with a Tribune
man last evening, Mrs. Wheeler stated
that her husband had no reasons for
shooting himself that she knew of, as
his home life had always been happy
and he only thing that might have
caused him to feel melancholy was
the fact of bis fear of being discharged
from the Delaware, Lackawanna and
Western company. This statement Is
borne out by the fact that last Sat
urday Wheeler tendered his resigna
tion. He wl-nt to John Hoffman, outside
foreman at the Hampton mine, where
he worked and told him that he did
not Intend to be discharged from the
company's employe after having
worked for them for forty years, and
would not again resume his position.
Yesterday he went to the shop and
secured his tools and removed them
to his home. Wheeler has two sons
and one daughter residing In this city.
They are William Wheeler, of West
Elm turret: Adam Wheeler, of Luz
erne street, and Mrs. Ella Swartz. He
Is a member of Ezra S. Griltln post,
No. 1119, !rand Army of the Republic,
and has resided on Keyser avenue for
about twenty years.
At midnight Wheeler was lapsing
Into deeper Insensibility and his re
covery la extremely doubtful.
Witnesses Who Gave Their Testi
mony Yesterday.
The following witnesses gave their
testimony In the Langslaff-Kelly con
test yesterday:
Arehba Id Peter Esterruth. Georgo
Stern, Henry Rosenbauni, Henry Sim
on, Peter Herghelser, Charles Simon,
John Puters, Anthony Rrlll, Jacob
Wagner. Henry Wagner. Henry Pro
ber, John Hoffsomes, Henry Heine,
Lewis Brown, Henry Schwartztrauber,
John Hivkinun, Philip Brawn, William
Young, Henry Simon, Conrad Berg
hausor, Frank Young, John Otto,
Henry Busse, Peter Wendh, William
Heckman, William Furcht, Conrad
Klclnbauer, Michael Rupp, Henry
Blakely borough Emll Ktihhuan,
Jerry Swingle, Edwurd Edwards, Rich
ard WlUlums, A, S. Newton, Minor
Olyphant William Winters. Walter
Hotchhln, George llol.se, John F. Pro
vlts, E. E. Dukln, Thomas Hodgson,
John Wilding. John Wutklns. Nathan
lei Smith. Joseph Marks. Henry Wll
llums. (leorge T. Williams, Samuel
EdwardH. William Scilven, William
Brown, John H. Prltchard, Edward
Jones, James E. Williams, Edward
Tlnsley, Andrew P. Owens, Charles
Reese, George J. Webb, Henry Wood,
William Mosley, Thomas Hodgson. Ed
ward Lloyd, Henry Shaun, Henry
Waugh, Kr., Henry Waugh, Jr., James
Asking, James Cooper, George Booler.'
Taylor John G. Owens, William
Masters, William Powell.
Scranton Henjamln Wooding, I. H,
Holly, John O'Donnell. Jr, Frank
Hclnan, John lluttennan, George
Shocmukor, Uoniard Miller.
Will Test Applicants 'for Position of
Building Inspector.
Pursuant to the terms of the ordin
ance creating the olllce of building In
spector, Mayor Molr has appointed
Architects T. I. Lacey and E. II. Davis
ami Contractors John llenore and
George D. Brown to conduct a cotnpetl
tlxe examination to determine the sue
cesser of the present Inspector, John
Nelson, who term bus expired.
There are a number of applicants for
the position, as has been the ease each
time a vacuncy has occurred Mr.
Nelson, who has held the olllce ever
since It was cteated, Is a candidate
to succeed himself.
George W. Loomis Held for At
tempted Burglary,
George W Loomis, whom the police
suspect of being the burglar that at
tempted to enter the resldenco of Dr.
Murray, on Wyoming avenue. Friday
night, was picked up on Lackawanna
avenue yesterday morning by Patrol
man Haggerty ami locked up to awult
an Investigation.
The attempt to rob Dr. Murray's resi
dence, It will be remembered, was frus
trated by a servant girl who discovered
the thief In the act of entering a win
Only Twenty Deaths Reported to the
Board of Health.
Scranton experienced a teiimrkably
healthy week durlnir the seven iIbvh
ending May 10. Only twenty deaths.
twelve less than the average, were re
ported, and the number of new cases
of trnnsmlssable diseases was, but ten.
Six of these latter were diphtheria;
thtee, scarlet fever, and one, croup.
Bought a Gold Mine.
George W. Hall, of this city, and
Frank Jermyn. of Scranton, have pur
chased from a relative of the hitter
the Don Castor gold mine In EI Dorado
county, California, and they will erect
u stamp mill at once. The purchasers
will leave for that place in about three
weeks and Mr. Jermyn will remain
lermanently. A test yielded ore val
ued at $ir.!)0 a ton. Mr. Knight, uncle
of Mr. Jermyn. owned the mine for
nearly half a century. Wllkes-Barre
Died from Burns.
Ln ti cab ter, Pa., May 2.'. Mrs. Bphralm
Hoyce, while filling a lamp at her home
at Silver Springs, spilled oil on the floor
and then In her excitement upset matches'
which Ignited the oil. Her clothing
caught fire. Sli died this afternoon from
tho burns inflicted.
Finest wines and cigars at Lane's,
S20 Spruce street.
Smoke tho Pocono cigar. So.
COLBY. In West Suiilitou, May 22, 1859,
Mrs. Robert Colby, tged 67 years, at
her home, corner of Hromle;, acnue
and Swctland street. Funeral Thurs
day ut 2 p. m. Inteiment ln Forest Hill
KOLB. In Carverton, May a). U9!P.
Nathan Kolb, ." years of age. Funeral
this afternoon. Interment at White
M'DERMOTT.-ln We.-t Scranton, May
22. lfcO'J, Mrs. Kale McDermott. at the
home of her sister. Mrs. John J. Cum
mlngs. SOT Hampton street. Funeral to
morrow iiftrrnnon at " o'clock. Inter
ment In Cathedral comet try.
The OLIVE Wheel
The most attractive and popular
The best that money can buy.
Call or write for catalogue.
122 N. Washington Ave.
Scranton, li.
r M i r fwL
. K K . K . ". KKH K . .K K KKKKKV. V. K K K K . f. t ! t t K
THE L E ft D E R
Scranton Store, 124-126 Wyoming: Avenue.
$1.50 copyright books at 88c
Should any of the following titles be sold out
completely before your arrival, we will take your
order at the price quoted, providing it is left this
Other great book bargains by the score. Thousands of
books here at less than wholesale cost, but special for a short
time only. Here are some ot our book wonders:
20c cloth bound books at 6c
2sc cloth bound gilt top books at 12c
ISC cloth bound gilt top books at 18c
M ' 'A M '4 ' VI fc ', '4 'A M
Pays if it leads to a find ;
that results in looking in
the tight place and the
right place with emphasis.
The market is Hooded
with inferior goods, the
unwary may easily make a
When Biiying
do to a lirst-class place
tor a lirst-class article at
bottom prices; that's ours.
We are House Furnishers
ot Lliina, Lamps and ulass-
g riillar & Peck g
2; i:tt Wyoming Ave. j
"5 "Walk In and look around." JJ
Fire Sale of
The 4c. Store
Is a money saving sale in cvcrji
sense of the word. Owing to con
tracts made before the tire we are
now receiving daily lots of goods,
which we are marking at about
cost to make them move quick and
for less than the goods cost today.
So now is the time to save your
pennies. See the list below. It
may help you to decide. NEW
Toilet Sets Worth $3.50, print
ed and filled in. gold stiple, nice
shape, nine pieces. .
Sale price p&.4y
Cnsplrtorcs Nice shape porce
lain, printed in colors and gold
lines, worth $1.23. Sale .
price 4C
Washing Machine Worth $4
and $5, the American,
good washer as anv.
Sale price 2iJ)
Clothes Line Worth 10c, 50 it
cotton plaited, strong. Sale ,
price OC
Enameled Ware Tea or Coffee
Pot, enameled, 2-quart size worth
4 cents. New goods.
Sale price lVC
Cook Pot Enameled, 6-quart
size, new, worth 64c. Sale
price 39C
SailCC Tan Enameled, 8-quart
size, new, worth 74c. Sale .
price 49C
Preserving Keltic Enameled,
10-quart size, new, worth . .
64c. Sale price 44G
Itcmcmhcr, a Penny Saved Is
a Penny Earned.
Now at '225 Lackawanna Ave.
J'uri liases of Jl.tn) and over will be de
llvered free llhili two miles of store.
jE lTrt-M
ff -
David Hartim, by Edward Noyes Wescott.
Red Rock, by Thomas Nelson Page.
The Choir Invisible, by James Lane Allen.
The Castle Inn, by Stanley Weyman.
The King's Jackal, by Richard Harding Davis.
The Gadfly, by E. S. Voynich.
The Phantom Army, by Max Pemberton.
The Changeling, by Sir Walter Hesant.
The Forest Lovers, by Maurice Hewlett.
Hope, the Hermit, by Edna Lyall.
Afterwards, by Ian MacLaren.
Beside the Bonny Brier Bush, by Ian MacLarea.
Mollie's Prince, by Rosa Nouchette Carey.
Simon Dale, bv Anthony Hope.
And many others.
V V " 'A ' ' 'A A 'A "4 'A ' J ' "4 ' 'A
'A A
.:mmifiti&-'ir iu,

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