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Jtuqjrj 0j9 ,
Bimetallist Republicans
to the Dem
Convinced That the Cuncncy Ques
tion Is Not to Be Slighted Beliovo
That the Issues In 1000 Aro to Bo
the Same ns Thoso of 1800 An
nual Convention of the Ohio Valley
League of Bimetallic Clubs.
Blnckfnot, Idaho, Mny 29. Rx-Sena-tor
Dubois chairman of the oxicutlio
commltteo of the National Silver Re
publican party, was Interviewed as to
the present attitude of tho sllcr Re
publicans Mr. Dubois) said:
"The silver Republican will meet in
national convention at the same place
as lhe Democrats. The pcislstent
, statement made by the Republican
papers that silver i a dead Issue, Is
the cxpiession of their wish but not of
a fact Those who supported Bryan In
1S9S, will suppoit him ugnln.unloss they
have some special reason for not doing
so Theie will not be mar.v who will
abandon principles deliberately adopt
ed, for personul or special reasons. The
Dcmoeiats will without doubt declare
against the policy of the admlnlstra
tion against Impel lallsm. The issues
in 1000 will be th same as in 1890, onlv
Intensified and moie clearly defined,
and the candidates for president will be
the same. McKinley will be supported
li the nggiegatton of wealth and all
that it lupi cents Mr Bryan will be
suppoited by the reform forces.
Union of Reform Torces.
"So fai as the silver Republicans are
concerned they are Intel estcd in the
success ot tin principles which they
suppoited the Chicago platfoun and
Rian has not changed and the Chi
cago platloim will be te-adopted The
union of the Democrats and silver Re
publi ans will be moie complete and
hai ivonloiis In 1900 than ever before
nn.1 eve o thing points to a ktory of
the letoim force. There is no disinte
gration of the silver Republicans, ex
cept In the isons of those pctsons who
Uh the success of the gold standard,
tiust-controlled, impel iallstlc Rtpub
llcan partv "
Louisville Ma 29 Th laigest gath
ering of fice rllv elites which has b"en
seen in this pnit of the countiy Is to
be held h. this week The annual
oiuention of tlie Ohio Valley League
of Bimetallic dubs, which is to be
opened 'Wei' tic-day, is to bring hun
dreds of stl elites f loin the Ohio val
lej, and among the visitors will be
leading meiobets of the Democratic
part Tin session lr to be presided
oer bj Judge J.imes P. Tirln,of (Vv
ingtor, w ho Is president of the Ieagu".
The most pleading featuie of tne con
vention will be two b.tniiuets wheie the
leadets of the fice slher cause will
meet In a social way The Brjan ban
quet at Fountain Fcny pail;, Is to be
held next Ttlday.
Important Woik Befoic the Mission
ary Society.
Philadelphia, May 29 -Repoits le
celved h the Philadelphia mIslonuiy
council Indicate that u famine Is woil:
lng havoc In inland Aft leu, not fai fiom
the east coast. The council, which has
Its h.idriuait(is at Coatesv Hie, l'a ,
exeiclscs an oversight oei the Afilca
Inland mNsInn and messages fiom mls
slonailcs on th Held tell tnles of pain
ful suffeting which the aie powerless
to alleviate
Xo plctun if the suflering appears to
have i each' d the outside wot Id, and
the nilssionai count II has decided to
call public attention to the conditions.
In a letter just leccived fiom Willis It.
Hotchklss, a misslonaiy at Kangundo,
he sajs
"It Is Impossible for this condition of
things to gteatly impiove Inside of i
j ear at least Rven though a harvest
slmuUl lomlt this season. It will he
eaten up long befoie it is ilpe, as was
last season's So we beg of au to do
something and do It quickly, for these
men and women are djiiig while ou
wait '
The Theosophist None the .oisc for
His Experience.
New York, May 29. Howard Kretz,
the vonng man who jumped fiom the
Brooklyn bildge yesteiday, was ar
raigned In police eouit here today. He
whs allowed to go fiee, as he had not
apparently made his jump with any In
tention of suicide Kretz seemed none
the wotse for his epcipncc When
asked wh lir had taken such a tertlble
risk, ho said
"I don't exactly know. It was a fool
ish tiling for me to do I was Impelled
by something I cannot explain f felt
sure, lion ever, that I would not be ln
juied, and I had conlldencc that I
would come out all tight"
Eveiett Admitted to Ball,
Allentnwn, May 29. -Preston Bveiett.
who on Suturdiy nlsh' shut and
killed James Howard, cf hcranton,
on tho bridge at ''cmciitown, mis
taking him for a htghwuwmin. was re
leased this nftcriinn on $i.ik) hill on a
habeas corpus hearing Lofuio Judge Al
Convention at Unlontovvn.
I'nlontovvn, May 29 -The niiventlmi to
canvass riatuiduy'n Republican pilmarles
met hem toduy with it full icvruxcr.ta
tlen nf delegates. Tho state, ilcligatex,
Dr 1 F. AtcnHhurr. Charlm R. binlth.
C. B. Frued una Uovrj( F. Tltlow were
Now TJ. S. Torepdo Boat De
stroyer Is Launched.
Rath, Me .May 29. The United States
torpedo boit destroyer Dahlgren was
iloated oft the ways on which the craft
has been built at the Uath Iron works
nt 4.20 this nfternoon. Ah soon as she
was fairly oiloat Mrs. John Vinton
Dahlgren, who Is the wife of the late
Admiral Dahlgren's youngest son,
broke a. bottle of champagne over the
decorated bow and pionounced the
christening words.
The ceremony was witnessed by only
a few guests. Three attempts to learn
if the rising tide had freed tho etnft
were made and on the fourth attempt,
soon after 4 o'clock the Dahlgren Anal
ly took the water and was towed to an
anchorage off the pier. After tho
launching Ml. and Mrs. Dahlgren gave
a luncheon to tho Bath naval veterans
and th Rath Iron works' officers.
Obtructions Discovered on the Track
of tho Chester Valley Branch.
Norrlstown. May 29. An attempt
was made today to wietk a passenger
train on the Chester Valley branch of
the Rending railway at Rxton station
near rvntervillc The train, fortunate
ly, was not running very fast when
the engineer dlscoveied the obstiuc
tions on the track ahead.
They consisted of two pieces of iron.
one a. poition of n 12-inch water pipe
about n foot long and the other angular
In shape anil of wrought iron They
wore wedged securely between tho
tracks at a switch in such a. manner
that the passage over It meant a de
railment of the train.
Considerable Damage Done in the
Vicinity of Pittsburg Annie Sul
livan Injured.
Pittsburg, May 29. A tenlfle wind
and lain stoim passed oer this sec
tion today, doing considerable money
damage, but no fatalities lesulted. The
early niniors had a number of people
Killed, but later repoits show that the
most serious effect of the storm was
the almost electrocution of Annie Sul
livan, a 10-year-old gill, who was on
her wav homo from school. She was
stiuck by a live telephone wire heavily
chirgcd by a cioss with electtic light
wlie. The wlte caught her across the
tin oat and burned Into the llesh from
car to car. The phjslclans tonight say
she has a chance of recovery.
The Miller sttoer school house in
Mlner.svllle was umoofed and secial
children were supposed to be pinned
under the debris. This fortunately
pioved untitle and no one was seri
ously lnjuied.
The entile sjstem of telephone, tele
graph and tinlley clt cults were pios
tiated, delaying the street car tralllc
for tlnee boms. The Rast Rnd electric
light plant was partially wtecked, re
sulting in the machinery being stopped
for the night, leaving the entile Kast
Rnd in almost total datkness.
The damage thioughout the city Is
big, but the loss cannot be estimated
tonight Repoits from surrounding
towns give the damage as consider
able, hut no fatalites are lepoited
Frank McGill the Victim of a Fiac
tical Joke.
New York, May 29 Frank MeOIll
died suddenlv in the car house of tho
Paterson Rallioad lompany at Patei
son, N. J. last night. It was given
out at the time that heart dlseao
caused his death, but investigation to
da indicated that he died as a result
of a practical joke, being killed bj elec
tileity. Tonight Joseph Grant and Chris
topher Ashlield were nrrested upon
clnrges of manslaughter Giant ad
mlts that a practical joke was plaed
on McGill, a live wile being connected
witli a soft soap tub. It was expected
that McGill would iccelve a slight
Dcmociats at Mercer.
Meicei l'a. Max 29 The Democratic
counu convention met In this plice today
and was one of the lament and most ex
citing ever held there by that party The
cotir-i of the Democratic members of the
legislatuto was Indorsed for their
lcviltv to pnttv ami the leideishlp of
Hon J M. Guffej The following state
delegates weie elected but left uil
histiucted Peter Cook Hickory; William
l.okler Greenville T. V. Hcan, Green, It
W Slmcox hiwlv Lake, Till Ttcose,
Giecnville; J. II Hnhlnievcr, Giove City.
Synod of the Reformed Church.
Tiilin May 29 At the geneial synod of
the Reformed church todav, the declina
tion of Rider II Wolf, of PJttslmig. now.
lv eleetcil tieasurei, was accepted It
was decided to hold the net meeting of
tho sjnod at lialtlmme, Md , May 20,
The Philippine Courts.
Manila, May 2 7 i. m An older has
been Issued re establishing the l'hll
tpplnn courts which have been closed
since the American occupation It :e
lves nil tho Spanish sstem not conflict
ing with the soverclcnty of tho I'nlted
To Increase Capital.
Harrlsbur Mty 2ft. Tho Pittsburg,
Bcsxrincr mid Lake Rrle Railway com
panv, of l'ittrburg fllid a notlco todav
in the stnto department ot an incienso
of fiom fltf,000,M) to $12,000,Oi In its cap
ital btock
Fred Reppert Dead.
AUentov.n, May 29. Fred Reppert, who
choked hla wlfo to death on Saturday
and afterward cut his throat with a
razor, died today from his wounds.
The new puhllo building at I'ottsvillo
will ho leudy for use by Juno 1.
I'ottBVlllo's board of trado 1b working
to have a bolt and nut works and a bar
and rolling mill located In that town .
Operations will be commenced In a
wick or ten dujs at tho now tube and
plpo mill of tho Reading Iron company,
nt Reading.
Presbyterian chinches of Western
VennsjHanla. Maryland unit Virginia
will hold their annual luunlou at I'tr
mar, Franklin county, July ii.
President of tho Civil Section of the
Couit Reads His Report Takes Up
tho Contradictory Evidence Room
In Which tho Proceedings Aro Be
ing Conducted Crowded Promin
ent Persons Present Precautions
of Authorities to Prevent Disorder.
Selling Tickets of Admission.
Paris, May 29 The court of cassa
tion met today to hear the debates In
the application for a revision of tho
Dieytus case.
Tho procedure, as cabled to tho As
sociated Press on Saturday night, will
consist of the reading of tho report of
the president of the civil section of the
couit, M. Ballot de lleattpre; a speech
by Maltro Mornard. counsel for Mine.
Dreyfus, and an address on the part
ot the public prosecutor, M. Manua, af
ter which the couit will rellie to de
llbeinte on a veidlct, which, It Is ex
pected. Is to be rendered on Friday or
The doors of the palace of justice
woie opened nt H o'clock. Persons
connected witli the case, newspaper
men and other.s began to arrive half an
hour previously. There was much ani
mation In the lobbies of the palace, but
tire crowds in tho icinlty woie not
numerous. Rxtenslve precautions were
taken to preserve order Inside and out
side tho building. The colonel com
m Hiding thu usual guard at the piloee
had special reinforcements, sent bv the
mllltaty governor of Paris, Gen. Zttr
Ilnden, tinder his command, and con
siderable foices of military and mount
ed police weie assembled at tho bar
racks In the lclnlty of the court
The witnesses who have testified In
the Dreyfus case wno admitted by a
door on the left of the palace and those
persons connected with the tiial of
MM Derouledo and Marcel Hubert, for
Inciting soldiers to Insubordination In
connection with the election of Presi
dent I.oubet, were admitted by a door
on the right of the building.
Speculators about the palace were
selling seats at points of vantage for
from ten to twenty francs each, but
the business done was not ns good ns
during the Zola trial, when they easily
obtained 40 francs for scats
Tho courtroom was filled with Puiis
ian celebrities, the greater pait of tho
hnll having been reserved for ticket
holders Many judges belonging to
other coutts weie piesent and absolute
tranquility ptevailed bout twenty
women were In the audience tilling the
Tho proceeding were begun at noon,
amid ptofound silnee, the piosldent of
the civil section of the court reeling
his icport on the case. After recalling
the conditions under which the piose
cutlon of Dreyfus was Instituted In
IS'il, he dealt with the contradletoiy
evidence of the experts In handwilting
and mentioned the protest of Innocence
by Dieyfus, who said to Lieutenant
Colonel Hnry.
"This odious accusation is the death
of my life. I must have jttrtice done
Contract for Supplying Troops at
Cuba and Porto Rico.
Washington, Muy 29 The war de
paitment Is Informed that the award
of the contract for furnishing flesh
beef to the army In Cuba nnd Porto
llko has been made to Swift r Pom
panv of Chicngo. Theie ate nineteen
posts to be supplied in Cuba. Thu
proposals vvero for refrlgeiated beef
and fleshly slaughtered beef, the lat
ter to be cooled aitlflclally or other
wise, so as to be in condition for use
immediately upon dellveiy. The ie
qulrements are for Hist class meat and
confoim on general lines to the le-
qulrements for beef furnished to urmy
posts in this country. The refilg
eiated beef must be fiom catcasses
dtesslng six hundreds pounds or over
nnd the freshly .slaughteted beef must
dtess not less than 400 pounds
Tlie meat Is to keep twenty-four
hours nfter dellveiy and subject at all
times to rigid Inspection The war
department is not yet Informed of the
figures of the successful bid. The
rontraet Is to tun duting the year be
ginning July 1, 1S99.
Miss Edna Wilson So Sick That She
May Die.
Wilmington, Del , May 29. TMa WIN
Hams, who is held in New CatlP Jail
as the chief witness In the case of
Montvloo A. Cole, the rniveislty of
Pennsylvania student, chaiged with
killing W. A. Montague with a base
ball bat, Is In a serious condition, and
the Jail otllclals fear she may die. In
answer to nil questions that might
throw light upon her past life she sajs
"I am alone in the wen Id." Cole spends
most of his time lying on his cot. and
seldom says anything to his cell mate.
The two men fought over Miss WIN
Race Meets That Receive Sanction of
L. A. W.
Chicago, May 29 Tho L A. W. rac
ing boaid announces that the suspen
sion of Frank Waller and Hdwaid Mc
DufTie, of Boston, has been raised up
on payment of fine. The following
lace meets have been sanctioned,
July 4, Richard Fold, Altoona.
June 9, Gcorgo T. Press, Oxford, Pa.
Mr. Smith at Easton.
WashlnKton, May 20 Postmaster Gen
eral Smith leaves Washington tomorrow
for K.iiiton, l'a, wheie ho will dcl.vjr
an adrtiess on Wedncsduj en "Rducalcd
Men and Ameilcan Progreaj," tho oc
casion being tho dedication of Pardee
hall In connection with Lafaettu col
Cincinnati, May . The Burnet Houso
It on Are. All .-ucsta uio tdfu.
Report of tho Board of Foreign Mis
sions. Philadelphia, May 29. At today's ses
sion of tho geneial assembly of the
United Presbyterian church the report
of tho board of homo missions was
adopted and the report of the board of
foreign missions vvns lead and dis
cussed. The question of acting upon
the memorial of tho Chicago piesby
tery asking for tho repeal of the sec
tion of the Westminster confession,
which prohibits marriage with a de
ceased wife's sister, was brought up,
but postponed for future discussion.
Tho resignation of Dr. Owens as cor
icspondlng secretary of the board of
home missions was accepted nnd a reso
lution vvns adopted requesting him to
write a history of the board. Dr.
Owens, in discussing the report of the
board, said It was not gratifying ac
coidlng to the figures, but thev have
Increased some, and If It had not been
for this Increase the church, as a whole,
would have shown a dcciease.
The memorial piesented at the last
assembly, asking that the president ap
point a resident missionary at the
Wat in Spilng leservatlon In Oregon,
was discussed and no ftttther action
will be taken.
With reference to the use of tobacco
being sinful and Inconsistent with tho
Christian profession, which was sent by
the last assembly to the presbyteries,
the committee on bills nnd overtures
today reported that the vote was 11 to
1 in favor of taking no action on the
subject. The vote was 8 to 4 in favor
of similar non-action In the matter of
tlie piohibltlon of Its use by students.
Another overture, requiring church
members to promise systematic and
proportionate contilbutlons, was voted
down unanimously by the presh.vterles.
The afternoon session was devoted to
the report of the committees on foreign
missions and women's work In chinch
The committee having In chaige the
memorial of the Chicago ptesbjtery
asking tor the repeal of that section of
the Westminster confession, which pro
hibits marriage with a deceased wife's
sistoi, held a meeting late tonight and
decided not to make a topoit on the
subject to the assembly. This action
of the committee will preent a discus
sion of the subject during the present
The committee on bills and overtures
tonight lecommcnded, and the assem
bly adopted, the memoilal of Southern
Illinois pre.sbyter in regaid to secret
societies. Tills provides for the ap
pointment of a committee composed of
one member from each snod to revise
Article XV, which ptohlblts niembeis
of oathbound seciet societies from be
coming membeis of the denomination
nnd fuither to say whether this should
pi event miimbeis of all seciet oigan
izations from Joining the chinch on
which theie Is now such diveislty of
She Was Veiy Tond of the Child, Say
the Ntuses Who Knew Her.
New York May 29 Raby Marlon
''laiko was kidnapped a week ago to
day and her wJieieabouts ate as much
a msti'r as the Hist day of her dis
appearance Outgoing steamships and
sailing vessels and outbound trains
have alt been seaiched and the
7,000 men of the police fence have been
unceasing in their scrutiny of women
and children without any results that
lead away fiom the nrsenal, wheie the
baby was lat seen In its cairlage on
Sunday, May 21. If the abductor has
feaied to leave the city theie has been
ample time to altei the baby's appear
ance by cutting and dvelng Its hair
and staining Its skin a da liter hue.
Some of the nurse gills In Central
park, when questioned, claim to re
member Carrie Jones, but say that
she was so taciturn that no one made
f i lends with her. One git I, who did
convere with her, found that she was
a woman of education. "She Impiessed
me," said one nurse girl todaj, "as a
woman who was extremely fond of
childt en. She was very affectionate
to little Marlon "
The Work of Biendell Is Unearthed
at Snow Hill.
Philadelphia. May 29. Special Oper
ative Bums, ot the secret service bu
leau, .u lived In this city from Snow
Hill, Mel, with the Sherldan-head $10
ceitiflcate plates which Baldwin S.
Uredell, who Is under! airest foi his
connection with the fnmous levenue
stamp counteifeitng conpliacj. con
confessed having made The plates had
been burled In the ptopeity of Uie
dell's patents nt Snow Hill. They
arc In an excellent state of preserva
tion, having been coated with paraflne
beforu being placed In the ground
Bredell says two certlllcates weie
printed fiom the plates, but the secret
service ntllt lals doubt Ills statements,
as nne corner of the face plate is un
Memorial Day Observed Yesterday in
Many Cities in Texas.
Houston, Tex.Mny 29 Memorial day
was observed In all of tho large cities
of Texas yesterday. The featuie of thu
services was the geneial participation
of cx-Confedeintes as organized par
ties. At several places ministers who
served under the Stain and Bars
preached the sermon In honor of the
Federal dead.
Decoiatlon Da Is to be observe J gen
Philadelphia. Ma J A statement of
the earnings nnd expenses of the Penn
svlvanla railroad for April and for the
four months ending April 30, M9, com
pared with tho same periods of 18J8 fel
low Pcnnsylvmla lines dliectlv operated:
Gions cumlngs, IntlrcaHe, rAOK). ex
pense. Increase, JIM.lOOj net earnings, in
(lease, $107,100. For four months, gioss
carnlngp, increase, $3IS,;ooj expenses, in.
crease, Sl.O.'I.MX): net minings, decrease,
$l74,iiOO. Lines wist of Pittsburg and Brie:
gross earnings, Iticiensc JDI.ujO, ex
penses, Increase, SIJOOO; net earnings, In
crease, $I0uju. For four months, gross
earnings, Increase, $7I1,U)0; expenses, ln
crcise, (277,100; net earnings, Increase,
i J1S3.WQ.
Count Nigra, of the Italian Delega
tion, Submits Proposals In Form of
an Amendment Amei leans Also
Submit an Amendment British
Minister Gives a Grand Reception.
The Hague, May 29. The draft from
the committee, or sub-commltteo of the
arbitration committee mot todav and
discussed the Russian scheme, adopt
ing with slight modifications tho tlrst
six articles
Count Nigra, chief of the Italian
delegation, submitted a pioposal ot
mediation und arbitration consisting of
six ni tides In the form of an amend
ment to the Russian project.
Thu Amei leans also submitted an
amendment, demanding that in the
event of a dispute between two nations
each should choose another nation to
act together as arbitrators to settle
the difference w ithout bloodshed. This
must not be confounded with the pro
posal for n permanent arbitration tri
bunal, which the Americans will In
troduce dining the week.
The ttnllan proposal includes a clause
providing that mediation and nibltra
tlon shall not stop mobilization or prep
arations for wai. Neither the Ameri
can nor Italian amendment has yet
been discussed.
The navnl and military sections of
the disarmament committee both met
today and exchanged Ideas In a desul
tory manner. The impression gains
ground that the outcome of this com
mittee will be piactlcallv nil.
The British minister to the Nether
lands, llemy Howard, gave a grand
reception tonight, at which all tho dele
gates and the leadets of Dutch society
were present,
Manufacturers May Feel Effects in a
Few Days.
Cleveland. May 29. A famine In pig
iron is threatened and the manufact
urers may teel the effects of It within
a few davs if the Iron brokers can
be believed The surplus supply of
pig iron is now but tlnee days ahead
ot the consumption nnd within a week
it is predicted that suiplus will be
wiped out and the consumption will
exceed the supply. The reset ve on
April 1, 1S9". amounted to 1,092,113 tons
On the corresponding date of 1898
It amounted to Sit, 951 tons and cm the
first of lnt April the surplus had been
reduced to 302.C28 tons. The cause
Is the abnoimal lncrea In the con
sumption, which Is S3 per cent, greater
than one yeai ago. All the furnnces
are now running to their full capacity
j'nd the condition which confronts the
manufacturers Is said to be serious.
Pays the $10,000 for Frank Pears'
Death on Machais' Arrival.
New York. Mav 29 Tho I'nlted
States gunboat Machias, Commandei
L (' Logan, ai rived here today. She
was then oideied to Puerto t'ortez,
Honduras, to demand satisfaction for
the killing of Frank Peais, of ritts
bmg He was a membei of the Honduras
and Pittsburg Lumber company nnd
had been only two weeks In the coun
try when, during an insurrection, he
was shot dead by a sentry. The stnte
depai tment demanded $10,000 Indem
nity and Honduras paid the $10,000 on
the aitlva! of the Machias.
Judge Riley's Action Made Zanzibar
Consulship Famous.
Washington, D. r May 29 Robert
Mansfield, of Muncle, Ind., has been
appointed consul to Zanzibar, The
consulship at that place was Immor
talized by Judge Riley, of Virginia,
who, annoyed by the persistence with
which n dusky queen of a neighboring
tiibeellsobeyedhls oiders about bathing
in a running stream near his house,
let go at her with his double-barreled
shot gun, which peppeied her with tine
Such a rumpus was laised about it
that he had to be tecalled.
Steamship China Makes the Passage
in 5 Days 17 Hours.
San FianeisTO, Miy 29 The steam
ship China, which arrived from the
Oilent list nlfiht. made the run from
Honolulu In the fast time of 5 days and
17 hour1". She left th it port tlnee diy.s
after the transport Solace, but bilngs
no late news of Importance. She has
moie than 20) pasengers, but contiary
to expectation General King is not
among them.
Her pns(nseis and mails are to be
landed todav
Landlord Shot Tenant Who Would
Not Pay What He Asked.
Dubois, Pu., May 29 A shooting af
fray took place this afternoon at Wals
ton, a mining hamlet near Punxsutaw
ney, in which Lul Tianza received his
death wounds at the hands of Mike
The dispute which led to tho tragedy
arose over a question of rent. Coloues
claimed 75 cents more than Tranza was
willing to pay. Coloues shot his vic
tim twice, in the arm nnd hack.
Killed at a Ciossing.
New Voik, May 29. Mrs. Peter A
Mtoker, wlfo oP a well known citizen of
Rowland, N. J., was killed nt tho Rose
land nvenuo crossing, n closing of tho
Rile milt cad In Caldwell N J today.
Sho was driving a can (ago which was
ettuek squarely by tho locomotive.
Mr. Hobatt Out for a Drive.
Washington, Mry 29. Vice President
Hohart went out for an hour's drlvo to
day. Tho family expects to leave for
Long Branch Friday or Saturday,
Weather Indication! Todayi
1 General Incldtnt of Filipino Treach
Hopeful Silver Men.
Arguments for Revision of Dreyfus
Topics Befoio Pcaco Conference,
2 Atlantic, National nnd Other League
Base Ball Games.
Flnnnclal and Commercial.
3 Local News ot the Industrial World.
Remains of Howard Havo Arrived.
4 Rdltorlal.
News and Comment.
5 Local The Way Memorial Day Will
Ho Observed
Common Com ell Passes the rave Ap
propriation Ordinance.
6 Local West Scianton nnd Suburban.
7 News Round About Scranton.
8 Local Cornelius Smith Again a Mem
ber of the Lackawannv Bar.
Opening of Common Pleas Court.
Man Says He Knows Where the
Child Is Warns a Brooklyn Store
keeper to Be Careful or His Child
May Be Kidnapped.
New York, Alay 29 A man who give
hln name as R. Nugent and said he was
a book canvassor from Boston, was ar
rested at 7,30 o'clock this morning in
Sands street, Brooklyn, on the techni
cal charge ot vagrancy. The leal rea
son fcr his arrest Is the allegation of
Fred Salzel, a nwade.iler. 21" Nassau
street, that Nugent said to him, "I
know nil about the Clark Kidnapping
Salzel said that Nugent came Into his
store to buy candy, Salzel's little girl
being In tho place at the time. Nugent,
hf savs, made the lemark that Salzel
had better watch his child or she would
be kidnapped.
"That was a terrible thing," observed
the newsdealer, referring to the kid
nnpping of Marlon Claik.
"Oh, I know all about It," exclaimed
Nugent, according to Salzel's story. "I
could toll where the child is, who took
her awav and why It was done, and all
the rest."
With that Nugent Is said to have left
the store hurriedly, Sal7el followed
him, called a policeman and had him
arrested. At the police station Nugent
denied having made any of the re
maiks ascilbed to him. Ho said Salzel
had had him arrested because he
thought he was not going to pty for
the candy,
Salzel, in making his statement to
Deputy Chief Mackelly, appeared so
much In earnest that the deputy ehlif
had both men arraigned before Magis
trate Kramer. After an exninlnntlon
the magistrate held Nugent In X200 ball
until his record could be Investigated
The alleged book canvasser Is n msn
nbout 2" years of age, well dressed and
of an intelligent appearance In his
pockets weie found caids beating the
name of "Wllllnin V Jackson. Rng
Time Pianist." The cae will come up
on Mondaj.
President of Atlantic Line Believes
She Is a Total Loss.
I'ovematk, Cornwall, Mav 29 Fur
thei attempts to llo.a the Ameilcan
line steamship Pails have been aban
doned until the nest spilng tides.
Flesh holes have betn dlscoveied In
her foiepait. Theie Is no doubt the
Paris Is badly strained. Foi tunately.
the weather continues line and the sea
Is smooth
Baltlmoie. May 29 Bernard N Bak
er, president of the Atlantic Tinns
poit company, has leturned to Baltl
moie after a bilef stay In London on
business. He saj that It was undei
stood that the American line steam
ship New York would be put In the
Olierboing tiade In place of the wteck
ed Pails. The New York is under
going lepairs and Is to be ready to
start soon
In speaking of the causes of the
wrecks of the Pails and Mohegan,
which went ushore at almost the same
place. Mi. BTker said It wus an In
penetrable mystery and must remain
so until after the official Investigation,
hen It was hoped that something
dellnite about It would be learned
'The officers of the Pails. should be
able to assign some cause for the ac
cident, although the aie saying noth
ing now," Mr. Baku added "The
wieck might posslblv have been
biought about by a wrong manipula
tion of the big lights on the Lizard, al
though even if this were tiue," he
sild, ' It was doubtful whether It could
ever be pioved. There aie two big
fixed white lights and a ted revolving
light on this point, and If one of tin
white lights had been obllteiated and
the other one taken by the Paris for
one further out, the boat might havo
inn nil the locks, thinking ull danger
had been passed "
Mr. Baker, however, did not under
stand how the Pails could be anywhere
near Rugland, as she had started from
the French coast and had a perfectly
clear and strnlght course
The Mohegan was wrecked, Mr. Baker
explained, Just about 7 o'clock In the
evening, or dusk, when the lights weig
Just appearing: while the Pails accord
ing to the accounts, was wiecked some
time about 2 o'clock In the morning,
which In Rngland Is veiy close to day
light, and about the time tho lights
would dlsappeai That is one fact that
gives some plausibility to the misman
agement ot the lights theory, although
Mr. Baker does not say that happened.
Mr. Baker docs not believe It possible
to save the Paris, and considers her a
total loss.
"They might," he asserted. In con
clusion, "blow hoi up and save some of
hei fixings, but unless they have a
most unusual stietch of calm weather,
I don't think they can get her off tho
jocks The sea nt that point Is ter
ribly inugh, and theio is no more ex
posed point nnyvvheie,"
Decision for Jack Byrnes.
New York. May 29. Jack Brnes, a
local boxer, gained a decision over Prank
Bradley, of Philadelphia, ut the Lenox
Athletic club tonight.
It Will Be Investigated
by General
They Display n Flag of Truco
and Then Firo Upon Approaching
Americans General Smith on tho
Trail Sails from Manila with, a
Force of Troops for the Island of
Negros Arrival of the Transports
Senator and Ohio.
Manila, May 29 Captain Tllley, of
the Signal eoips, with a detachment
made up of other members of the corps,
landed at Rsealanto, on tho Island of
Ncgt os, to pick up and lepalr the cable.
The nntlves had a white llag flying
over the cable house when the party
landed. The latter, however, were no
sooner on shore than thev were fired
on by the natives. They at once took
to the water and n number of them
weie picked up by n boat, but Captain
Tllley and two native men ot the party
aie missing.
Geneial Smith, with a, detachment of
troops, buB stat ted on board a gunboat
to Investigate the affair.
The transpcuts Senator and Ohio ar
llved todaj.
Helena. Mont, Mav 29 Captain
Geoige H. Tllle, reported missing at
Manila, and eight men of his corps
weie well-known lesldents of this city.
Captain Tllley Is a son of George i:.
Tllley, of Jamaica, L. I., and at tho
outbreak of hostilities was night man
ager of the Western Union Telegraph
company in this city. The names of
the other men were not Included In tho
The corps was composed largely ot
practical telegraphers and Included
seveial well-known experts, Captain
Tllley having been a paitlcularly bril
liant one, well known In New York nnd
Chicago, where he was formerly em
ploy ed.
Washington. May 29. General Otis
repoits the following deatli3 since hla
last weekly lepott1
Typhoid malaria, May 10. Claude R.
White, private, A. Twenty-third In
fantry, malaila, 21st, Dennle Hayes,
piivato, R, Twenty-second Infantiy;
26th Hdwaid Hylln, coipoial, D. Sixth
aitlllet. Uphold. 22d Joseph Sal
whltkn, pi hate, R, Third infantiy:
21d. Vol nun R Taggert. private. F,
Thliteenth Minnesota; 2'th. Chailes
Mllkewckl, coipoial, F, Twenty-second
Fiom wounds in action 24th, John
(' Hjinu, coiporal. First North Dako
ta J.ltli. Rainest Rvan, private, L,
Twentieth Kansas, sfith. Arthur M.
Dlggles, niajcu. Thirteenth Minnesota.
Captain Clay Says 100,000 Men Aio
Needed to Subdue Islands.
Chicago, May 29 The Times-Herald
"Captain I'hntles D f'lav, of the Sev
enteenth Infanto.a ginndson of lleniy
Clay, one of tho men who was at San
tiago, has returned fimu .Manila mi
sick leave He was wounded In a fight
near Malolos on Match -'" fifteen dny.s
otter landing iinm the tianspoit
Giant The bullet enteied his neck
and lias not been extricated He went
last night to bis Inline in Lexington.
Kj , but expects to go onto New York
Iininedlatelj fm tieatmcnt. Concern
ing the wai In the Philippines he said
' 'Volutiteet.s vie with legulars in
gallautiv The heroism of both Is superb.
The First N'ebiaska nnd the Twentieth
Kansas regiments aie equal to any mi
earth nd the war going on is ns
difficult and magnificent a passage of
arms as an In out annaK A hand
ful of men are waging war thero
against Incompaiable odds. With 7"i,
COO or 100,000 men we could sweep tho
Nland In tliiitv d.ivs und avert tho
tu mentions nuutnlltv that Is now cer
tain as fnte. Geneial Lavvton had tho
eve of the soldlu when he said that
100.000 men weie needed. We hnvo
nut 1 1 oops eiioucji to occupy what wo
conqucied. The place at which I wan
wounacd had been taken tlnee times
before and as many times abandoned
because we did not have force enough
to hold It That Is the case every
wheic Manila Is a great country,
full of thousands of men readv nt a
moment's notice It requhes 1,000 to
hold down Mnnlla Some d.OOO aro
In the hospital or useless, and that
leaves barelv l.'.OOO men to beat tho
Filipinos In the field nnd hold what is
Steamship Arrivals.
New Voik May J-Cleaied: Kensing
ton. Antwerp; Tiave, Bremen via South
ampton and Cherbouig; New York,
Southampton Dunne t Head Passed:
Wlnelanil, New York for Copenhagen.
Lizard-Passed Ptatcndam, Now York
;for RottcicUim Antwerp Arrived:
Southwarlc, New York
Jack O'Brien Wins.
New Yoilc Mn 29 -Jack O'Brien got
tho decision over Martin Flaherty at tha
end of a 2Wound bout at tho Lenox
Athletic club tonUht Tho fighting w is
lather Jlveh thrcuKhout buf O Urlen
had the bitter of it at all times.
4- -f 4- 4- 4 4- -f
Washington. May 29 Forecast 4-
for TuesiUl For eastern Ponn- -4-
s!vaula, generally fall, except 4-
piohably local thuuderstorina, brisk -f
southwesterly winds; Wednesday, -
fair and warmer.
-f 1"tt 4-4-4-tt1-4;t t..:fc

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