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,-, .I..H I "Ill ?
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man of the hour, mounted the platform
to second the president's nomination.
"Teddy" Did Not Flinch.
"When tho convention caught sight
of him It went off again like a rocket.
As he stood there facing the yelling
multitude tho roar could have been
heard for blocks. Ilanna smiled bland
ly as a daring photographer set up a
rapid fire camera directly In front of
the hero of San Juan and began bang
ing away at him. Hut "Teddy" did
r.ot Ulncli. lie looked about him while
he waited for the storm to subside.
Several times he raised his hand, but
tho cheering continued. Ills stern,
square Jaw was flimlv set as he sur
veyed the scene. Only once did his
face relax. That was when he caught
sight of his wife, who sat In the re
served seats over-hanging the pit, on
his right. Then he smiled till his teeth
showed and Mrs. Roosevelt fluttered
back her handkerchief. "When finally
he was allowed to begin he plunged
directly to to the heart of his subject
In the Impetuous way which tho people
60 much admire. His first statement
was that he rose to second the nomi
nation of William McKlnley, who faced
more problems that any president since
Lincoln. The convention got on Its feet
and It was several minutes before lie
could proceed. Every movement and
eveiy word was characteristic of the
man. He looked, spoke and acted like
one giving direction to an army about
to go Into battle. And nothing would
content him but to storm the heights
as he did at Santiago. Ttoosevelt Is no
master of the foot. He prefers the
broad sword, and as he laid about nlm
w 1th sledge hammer blows the multi
tude went wild with delight. A Ne
braska delegate shouted:
"Hit Yin again "
He had the manuscript of his speech
In his hand and leferred to It occa
sionally, dlscatdlng page after pagt.
as hi" finished, until the platfoi m at
his feet wis stievvn with white sheets.
When he reached his petoiatlon, and
with a woi Id of inllnttc feeling In his
xolcc, asked If Ameilca was n weak
ling to sin Ink from tho woild woik
of the woild powers, the whole pit
echoed "Kn" In choius. When he con
cluded and resumed his seat In tho
New York delegation the other dele
gates lushed forward and surrounded
lilm. .Many cmbrnced him, and It
.seemed for a moment as If they would
lift him to their shoulders. Senator
Thurston, the Demosthenes of the sn
alf, John W. Yerke.s, an orator from
the Illuo Glass state, and Governor
Mount, of Indiana, also seconded Mi1
Klnley's nomination, but before the
latter concluded the convention was
Impatient for a vote and several times
the crowd tried to box, 1 him down
The roll of states was railed, an I
delegation nftir delegation rose In
solid blocks and cast their votes for
When Chairman Lodge made the an
nouncement that the piesldent had
been renominated for the term begin
ning Maich 1, 1901, there was the same
wild storm which haa been lalsed bv
Forakcr, and when It was over, Roose
velt's nomination for the vice-presidency
eoked a succession of similar
demonstrations. I,afe Young, of Ohio,
who was with Roosevelt In Cuba,
nominated him on behalf of the stata
which had oilglnally come to Philadel
phia for Dolllver. His nomination was
seconded by Delegate Murray, of Sec
retary Long's state, and Delegate
Ashton, of Washington, who came here
for Uaitlett Tripp. Clmuncey Depew
wound up the oratoiy on behalf of the
withdrawal of Woodruff. Depew's
speech aioused the most Intense en
thusiasm when he pictured the day's
dream of the country's future.
During every pause the b.uid plajed
but one air, the tune which Colonel
Roosevelt had heaid In the ti ouches
befoie Santiago.
At 2.H the convention, which done
the unpaialleled thing of nominating
both candidates for president anil vice
piesldent unanimously, adjourned.
Governor Roosevelt drove from the
convention with Mr. Odell, seated In
the rear of an open landeau. He lifted
his bioad-brlm hat to the continuous
salutes that greeted him as he passed
thiough the densely packed streets,
like a conquering heio fresh from new
victories. TonlKht the faces of Mc
Klnley and Roosevelt aie on all the
badges and their names aie on every
Senator Hanna Re-Elccted Chaim'an
for Four Years.
Philadelphia, June 21. The national
committee met In the looms back of
tho convention hall immediately after
the adjournment of the convention. As
soon as the committee was assembled
Senator Hnuna was i.omlnated and re
elected chairman for tho next four
years. In accepting the nomination he
made u very short speech, in which
he thanked the old members of the
committee for the way In which they
had stood by him in tho cnmpalgn of
189(1, and said in accepting the position
for another four years, and especially
for the coming campaign, he did so
with the distinct understanding that
every members of the national com
mittee would stand by him und work
loyally for the success of the ticket
which had been nominated today,
Colc"nl Dick, of OIo, was electee!
temporary secretary, Chairman Ilanna
was authorized to select from the
members of tho national committee an
executive campnlgn committee and
the committee then adjourned, subject
to the call of the chairman Chalunan
Ilanna left very soon nfter for Mr
Grlscom's Hnerfoid, saying that he
would not be In Philadelphia until to
morrow nfternoon Ho win leave In a
few days for Cleveland. He said ho
would tnke his time In making the
selections for tho executive committee.
The headquarters of the national com
mittee will be established at Chicago
and New York, ns In tho cnmpalgn of
1S9C. Mr. Hunna said that his personal
headquarters would bo whereor he
deems It most expedient for tho suc
cess of th'e partv.
On motion of Senator Scott, of West
Virginia, Geoige AVIswoll, of Milwau
kee, was unanimously elected seigeant-at-arms
of the national committee for
tho ensuing four yenrs, In place of H
L. Swords, of New York, resigned
Selection of States and Territories
Philadelphia, June 21 Tho new Re
publican national committeemen from
the various states and teiiltorics, as
announced to the contention yester
day, were as follows:
Alabama No selection
Arkansas Powell 111 ton.
California W. C Vantlcct.
Colorado H. O Wolcolt
Connecticut Charles 1'. HrnnKci.
Delaware .lolin Fdvvard Vddicks.
Florida John G lorn.;.
Georgia Judson Lvons.
Idaho George L Miouii.
Illinois (Inraif stewnt.
Indiana Harry C. New.
Iowa Ernest V. Hart
Kans-is l)ild W Mulvinv
Kentucky John V. irkos.
Milne Joseph 11 Vlinle.
Marjhnd Ij C Vic Conns,
Massachusetts G L Mcer.
Michigan-William II 1 lliott.
Minnesota 1 bonus II Shcvlln,
Mtsslssiiipi II (' Turloj.
Missouri Milliard C Kerens
Montana William II Diwitt.
Ntlnska It 1'. Sijder
Nevada 1' I, I hnnigin
New Himpshirc ( Imlos T. Mcin3,
New Jctmv l'rinklin Vliuphv.
New x, ork Fresh rick filbbs.
North rinilini-l (' I'rltclnrel.
North Dikota leindir VIcKlnm.v.
Ohio (leorge II Co
Oregon Oorgo Mcole
l'rnmv inula Vleithcw pinlc "
Hhoile Mind ( links it. HraWon.
South ( nollni H Wilittet
South Dakoti I M Green
Tennessee- Wiltir I. Hro-vnlow,
Ti.is-R I! Hiwlt.
I l.ih No Dilution
irmnt -limes W. llrock
lrginl1 Oeorgo I' Ilovul"ti
W uhlrgton Oeorgo II lljkcr.
West irglnh V. I) Sou.
Wisconsin llenr C I'jno.
W'voming W Mils Vindov.intcr.
Vli'ka John G Hide
vrlrona William M (IrllTitti.
Indnn T niton -William M. Mllletfo.
New Milc Nilomun 1 una
OMihcmn Willhm Grimes
District of Cnlumhii Mui-n M 1'iikfr.
Ilawilt Ihrolel M . mil.
Only the Far Western Delegites Re
main in Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, June 21. As boon tws
the Republican National coinentlon
adjourned this afternoon tho lush of
Isitots to get out of town bean
Within an hour of the tlmo of ad
journing the session eety inlltoad
station In the city wns ciowded with
lusngei.s and the congested con 11
tlons of the i.illvvny waiting moms
continued until late tonight. It wps
llguied by the hotel men and i.Ulioe
otllclals that alniou 7j per cent, of tho
coinentlon visitoi.s hail elep.uteel by
11 o'clock tonight. Most of tlu sti mg
ers still heie come fioni the far west
and will visit other easti'in cities be
foie i entitling home. Willi the excep
tion of National t'hnliman Ilanna. nil
tie prominent kaeleis In the party
have depaited. Senium Ilanna w 111
leinain at llmoifoii a subuim, until
Sntunl'iv, as the guest of ("lenient A.
Grlscom, -ho.s hospllality the Oh'.o
senator nas seveial times accepted
dm In,; his stay In this city. lee
Piesld.-nilal Nominee Uoo.coxelt de
I ai ted tit C o'clock, accompanied by nl-
wife. All the lsltlng political clubs
also left the city, with the eNceptli-n
of the Cool: Count v Muichlng club, nf
Chlciigo, which will leinain heie until
I'hihdelpliii, June 21 ( huliimn Wanna to
night nnnoi'iiccd tie niiiics of the tne nitiu
bcrs rf Hi" in ixiutlvi cuiiiiultltc of tlu
natiotitl coiiimittei ns follows:
Hum (' Pane, of U-imilii.
Jomph II MinU, of VLi'iit-,
V II he-oil. ol Uiht Virginia,
llairv I) New, of Indiiui.
Ccoigc L. H oup, cf tdal o.
It Is tvpecled Hut the crpiiulttco to Infoim
I'icsliiciii VIcKmli cf lis nc nilii itlon will in
form tlu Ir (Jul; at (jiiten, I), Jul li,
W.ikhlngtcn, June Jl Vt i o'eh.k the presl
iliiit tent tin- lolhmlng louuatiiljtiiri tilcgrjm
to (ioitrnor ItonHtt-lt-
"Kvicutlw Mansion, Ua.Mnxl m, .liinr 21
"Hon 'Iheodoic lloiiM'Mlt, I'hllidelpliij
"uur in miliums in initiation i j hl;li and
deserved lienor I iMerel mi hcartv nnigratu
latlons William McKlnli "
Candidates Suggested as Running
Mates for Mr, Bryan.
Philadelphia, June 21 -The Soiih Ameilcan
will publish tomorrow luurnlnx the result of n
canvats ot the editors of pioinlnent newspapers
throughout the United .Statu, as lo the logical
runnitg mate of llrjan, In view of the selection
of Theodore lloosevelt by the Ilepubllcsin na
tional convention as tho vice presidential can
didate. There Is a wide divergence ot opinion, at least
twentv the Democrats of more or less promin
ence lielnc named as tiorslhllltiea, as strong
running males for Colonel Urin. The list of
tkorItes includes mch IHniocrats as foimr
Sintor liaiiil 11 Hill, of New York, HUhard,
l ro'.er, Joseph I'lilltn, editor atil proprietor of
the New Wk World; William R. Hearst, edi
tor and proprietor of the Xew York Journal;
Semtor rilltniti. Slfhele-, of lndiiino; Hook
vnltrr. of Ohio, General Pitzliugh Lee, Itoliert
I' I'attlson, of l'umsUtanla, admiral Dewiy
and Gem nil Joseph Wheeler Ona California edi
tor suuirisU l'niilo VpilniMo. The tahulated
m to shows a dcclilccl preference for Hill, of
New Yotk, luit ro man has a dear majority.
Snothcr faxorlte Is William It He ut, editor
and proprietor of the New York Journal lie
Is ilmot as ftroru 1s Hill. General Wheeler Is
nnotlier whose n. tne the editors leliee would
he ii stronc one to conjure with
dmlral Diwe finds little fnor, I'attlson,
of I'cnnsihanU, Is recarclecl hy man as a
f Irons can lidite, and ntrhush Lee Is hehl by
not a few to be the ere man who cm matcn
IKpularity with Iloosevelt.
Chinese Minister Sat in Convention
and Wondered Why Did So Many
TalkP Why No Chinese-American
Delegates? And Then the Women.
Philadelphia, June 21. Wu Ting
rang, Hie Chinese minister at Wash
ington, who Is visiting this city, said
yesterday fo tho New York World:
"I am disappointed that the conven
tion did not nominate the president to
day. I could only allow myself one
day to witness the National conven
tion, and I chose this, believing that
the delegates would nominate Mr. Mc
Klnley. It was a great experience, a
scene neer to be forgotten.
' Tnero weie great statesmen and
great orators, who made great
speeches. Rut e'verybody was talking,
only sonn louder than others. Why
do they not make a rule that every
body should keep their mouths shut
except those who aru commissioned to
do the talking?
"This Is the firft convention I have
ever attended, and I enjoyed It im
mensely. It amused me gi catly to Bee
those rfient statesmen cheeilng like
so ji'inv fch'iolboys the sumo as at
one of yoar foot ball games. It Im
pressed m with the American enthu
siasm. The public sees the w lldest
demonstrations of popularity.
'TIic men, joung and old, yelling,
(hee.lng, waving the national Hags
and tosmig th"lr hats high In the "liliT
weie .ill new to me. Inthuslism wns
contagion-, rnd sevetal times I found
myself i.lmost In the act of shouting
with th1 lest without knowing why.
"When the Honorable Mr. Quay en
tered 'he hall and the ,Ticnt mass of
humanity lose and greeted him with
the wlld'st applause, when ever tho
ladles waved their handkerchiefs, and
1 heaid one crv out "ilunah'" then I
caught the spit It of the moment and
clapped my hands, figuratively, with
the wliol Ametlcin people.
"Again, when senator Depew. that
most cllsclngulshed and inimitable of
men, p-iss-d Ihiouuh the hall the ciowd
bin. st rorlh into another lound ot ap
plause It must make a man feel very
pi one! to see the lepresentatlves of
the eutlie United States llse as one
mint to pay him homage.
' Ope tlilnt-' I notice, thine are never
Chinese-. inei leans among your lepie
sent.itlves or delegates. I do not sup
pose tlier" ever will be unless San
Kiane-'fio should at some far futuio
date send one.
"I noticed Fovcml women delegates.
This Intei ested mo very much, and I
vi as notiy that none of them made ad
di esses. I should like to hear a wo
man polltl 'Ian make a political speech,
or, what Is It you say,' 'to stump.'
She might be able to 'stump many of
the men
"It seems that theie are few, If any,
things that r.n Ameilcan woman can
not do I noticed many negroes nmong
the delegites. A distinctive class they
wein-d to reprcsnt. i'he one from
Georgia v.ho Interrupted the speaker
on ow occasion, has, I believe, as pow
erful and musical u voice as I ever
heniel. And what he fold seemed to
be ut tried with lemarkable effect."
London, June 21 vbbns IJIlnil, the Khedive
nl I gvpt, .ir ived in 1 nclMi waters todav em
lu Inst olHe'iil v it e tlu. c iimlr) The 10..1I
) lelu Osborne btoiuht his hljhniss from lliu.li.
11 - In 1'ntl Victoria, whin- lie w i leceivnl
' villi .1 nlue fiom the Hut line holed at .Slper-
less, but lie was prevented by sickness from
eontiiulig Ids Joumrj
The khedivo 'vas said to hive been siiiTeilns
for tvo elivs prevl"n to his elepirture from
l'liishlng from svmptonis of iliphthcrla, vvhlcli In
111 ifod dining tin vovage Tlie attcrding ph)i
elms, niter a consultation on beuiil the lo.val
.vieht, tnnljlit deternilniil to wilt until S.itm
il.iv before deciding en the evucHtton of his
removal to Lordon.
Suppoit for Swallow.
Inellniupolls, June 21 The Inelhna ildegitlon
at the iMtinril Prohibition convention at Chi
c igii lev! wick will support S. C." Swallow, of
Pinisvlv mil, for president It is argued that
the nomination of VVoclle) or Jchnon, of Illi
nois, v III dec i.aie the cluiiieca of nomination of
MeVAliirtir. ol this oil), candidate for vice presi
dent. Ihric hundred icrsons will attend fiom
tlds state
Florida Democratic Convention.
lacksonville. I'll. June 21. Tin state llnio
cratle convention toda) clioso delegatis to tho
mtlnnil coin nil Ion. Hglit ballots wci. taken
fin governor but without a choice lein made.
'Jlie convention adjourned until tomorrow.
Miss Roth's Body Found.
Miignia Palls, June 21. The bodi ot Miss
Ciitiude Iloth, of Mhntown, Pa, who commit
ted suliiik on Juno 11, bv Jumping Into the
Mauari river, was fouicl floating at LewUtnvvn
tod i)
Corporations Chartered.
Ilarrlsburg, June 21. Ctiarlers were issued at
the state clepirtment today as follows; The
Salem Coal company, of (Jfeennhurg, capital
J2IO.O0OJ tho I'itttbure Electrical and Machine
vvoiki of rittsburg, capital $u0,000.
(Concluded from Talc 1.)
vrlt, Mink Hanna Included, who It nil
been cnstlng about for c. ntnn In whosu
person could bo centeieil the elementn
In the convention tint might be anti
Roosevelt, renewed their efforts. It
was an unavailing hunt. Senator Wil
liam II. Allison, of Iowa, Hon. Corne
lius N. Jillss, of New York, formerly
secretary of the interior, and Postmas
ter General Smith were out of the
race oven before Roosevelt appeared
really dangerous.
Timothy Woodruff, of New York,
was more distasteful to Hanna
than Roosevelt. Ssnatoi Pah banks,
of Indiana, would have made a splen
did candidate, and had many things
to recommenJ hint favorably, but ho
did not look with much favor on the
Idea, and the Indiana delegation did
not hesitate to say they wanted to
hold back Senator Fairbanks until 1904,
when, as they phrased It, 'he will win
the presidential nomination In a walk"
"We don't want to wastp him on tho
vice presidency," they continued.
Secretary of the Navj Long was the
man who, after Bliss, Hanna would
like to nee the convention name as
McKlnley's running mate, but the del
egates said nay.
"We want a man with more mag
netlsm," they said. "A man the peo.
pic can enthuse over," and that's the
reason they tinned their eyes longingly
toward Roosevelt, the Idol of thousands
of Republicans of the country.
The only man mentioned for the vlcc
presldency who could dispute with
Roosevelt the position of being a popu
lar Idol In his party was Congressman
J. P. Dolllver, of Iowa. Had Roosevelt
been wiped out of the contest, Dolllver
was the natuial legatee of the Roose
velt sentiment and would have been
nominated, but there were reasons why
Roosevelt should prevail, and he did,
even against his wishes.
Wednesday night It was evident that
nothing could stop the movement tow
ard New York's governor and other
candMates dropped out of the race.
At H.r.'J p. m. Mark Hanna read a
statement to the newspaper men at thi
Walton to tho effect that McKlnley
and Roosevelt would be nominated by
acclamation. He proved a true pro
The part that Former Senator Quay
played In the nomination of Roosevei
was one of the Interesting features of
the convention. Sunday he declared In
favor of the Rough Rider and In the
days of uncertainty that succeeded
when Governor Roosevelt was fighting
the most unique battle In tne history
of American politics, the quiet little
Reaver statesman would Bmlle an easy
smile when Interrogated and quietly re
ply, "Roosevelt will be nominated." If
he ever wavered In his belief that such
would be the outcome of the conven
tion, he gave no Intimation of It. He
seemed to be always serenely confident
the convention would endorse the man
he believed the best running mate for
McKlnley that could be selected.
During the days Roosevelt was fight
ing against fate he was unjustly
charged with Indecision and vacilla
tion, lie was consistent throughout.
He did not want the nomination and ho
plainly and bluntly said so. Rut It
was quite another thing to refuse to
accept the call of the Republicans of
the countiy to nccept such a high
nomination as that of vice president.
"If I absolutely refuse to accept."
he sdld to a friend, "the people will
say that Roosevelt thinks he Is too
good for the vice piesldency. I don't
think nn thing of the kind. It Is an
office . orthy of the gieatest man lit
this great country, but for myself, I
believe I can be of gi eater service to
my pirty In New Yoik this fall as a
candid tte for governor than ns a vice
ptesidnntlal candidate. Many mem
bers of the convention seem to look at
the natter in a dlffeient light, how
ever." A Hard Struggle.
It was a hard stiuggle for Roosevelt
His ambition naturally leads him to
look to the piesldency us a reward
the future may have In store for him,
and It was only natural that ho should
consult r 'he effoit 'o make him vice
preslde'nt as a snclv Ing process, to say
nothing of lemovlng him fiom a Held
of action where he believes hr has uu-llnlshi-I
tasks that demand his at
tention. Small wonlcr he tiled to hold
back the torient until he saw it was
It will be Interesting to watch the
futuie career of Governor Roosevelt.
Can he do what no piecedlng vice pies
ldent since the United States became
a fac t has been able to r.ceompllsh? Is
the question thai Is on thousands of
tongueti heie tonight.
Roosevelt Is a marvelc us man who
w HI t ever allow himself to be trnm
meled 'iy precedents. It Is among the
possllillltlas that he will pass from
the vice president'? to the president's
chair, but the load may be more diffi
cult than if he went bv way of the
New York executive chamber.
J. F. Mitchell.
Fire Committee Buys Twelve New
The Joint fire department committee
of councils assembled yesterday after
noon In the Crystal engine house nnd
Inspected nil of the now horses vvhlrti
have been on trlnl In the depai tment
for the past two months. The com
mittee passed favoiahly upon them all
and decided to pui chase them.
There weie twelve purchased alto
gether. Five of these are for the Crys
tals, two for the Franklins, one for the
Neptunes, one for the Xay Augs and
three for the Hook and Ladder com
pany. They are all young, spirited
five and slx-yenr-olds, and cost an even
$200 apiece. The extra horse at the
Crystals has been purchased for the
use of Chief Walker.
Owing to an Inadvertance, The Trib
une stated on Wednesday that tho
horses were purchased fiom Waldron.
This Is not true; they were purchased
from Frank Cobb.
The animals Just purchased are the
pick of a total of twenty-live vvhlcn
have been tried, and nil have passed
the eagle eye of Vetetlnary Bitterly.
Chief Walker stated yesterday that
the department Is now in flrst-clas
condition, as far as horse flesh Is con
Well Rendered Programme Was
Given Before Large Audience,
The third .ocal recital of J. T. Wat
Ulna" pupils this season was given nt
Powell's music rooms, last evening, to
a large audience. A stage was erected
In the rear of the hall, which was
banked up with palms ni,d decorated
with (lowers, upon which vvcie seated
tho chorus, composed ot a number of
Mr. Watklns' pupils. The programme,
which has nltemly been printed In
these columns, was well rendered
throughout. Although It wns stated
on the programme that no encores
would I o allowed, W. M ynn Watklns
was obliged to respond to his singing
of "If I were King." He gave "Ask
Whal Thou Wilt" as the encoro num
ber. The most ambitious effort wns the
"Miserere," front "II Trovalore," by
tho full chorus. Miss Martha Matthews
and Joshua John singing the solo
parts. The fourth recital will be given
next Saturday evening.
Mary Weaver and Hattlo Sanders
Victims of Ruffians Attack In
West Park Last Night.
At 12 o'clock list nlRht, I.lpulenint of I'olloc
Thomas L. Williams wis Informed by Wcftey
Jones, of Tripp's 1'irk, that a oun woman
had been criminally ss.ullrd it 1 1, in o'clock
In West l'irk, lear the ecrncr of 1'etteboiie
street and "umncr avenue, and when an Imes
tlsitlon was uncle it was learned tint two
attempts had also been made on two other
ouner women
Tho first one assiulfeel was a plrl 17 eirs cf
acre, who uae her mmc as Mary Weaver, le
sldlnc at lilt Snetland street, "'ha was found
nt 12 1"! o'clock b a Tribune mm, wintering
aimlessly near the corner of North 11 de l'aik
avenue and Pettrbono (trcet. When cpiestioneel
she stated that in company with a ouner man
unknown to her he wns seated on the poreh
of an inoccupled dwelling In West Park, and
two ruffians eame down on them from the In
terior of the building
One crabbed the plrl and attempted to cacr
her, while the other covered her companion with
n revolver The clrl nueceedi'd In relrilmr her-
felf (rem her assilhnt's irrasp aril m reamed
for help, while the .voting man who was with
her ran awi, followed by their issiihnt
In the meintitnc lieutenant Williams and
Patrclmin Ihorris Kvans were scouring the pirk
in search of the nifllins, and ahorth before 1
o'clock discovered mother couple almost fright
ened out cf their wits At first the offlcirs
believed tiny had foun 1 one of the assailants
committing a second aiult, and vvl en a short
distance iwij, fired several shots in the air to
(lighten tlcm Ilolh drorped to the ground In
a stile of terror.
When the otlloors reached the couple they
leirned the oung woman was Miss Hittle Sol
ders ,of N'orth Itebecca avenue, and her com
pinion wts I'rcd (Joild, n, resident of Oiv
avenue Thiv stitcd tint while returning horn-
on Sumrer avenue at 10 o'clock the were ac
costed b two men, spcikirg a foreign lan
guage who covercel them witli revohcrs.
Could vcbs forced to retreat at the point of
a tcvoher, ard rm as fast as be could to the
house of Willlrm Pivlj, on North Main avenue
and rang the door bell Without wilting to
In'erm the ocenpints of the houe of his mis
sion he stirled iwiv and met Jones, who In
turn irfomed the police.
Could returned to the girl and was araln
driven awav The rufflans ir the meantime lial
torn Miss Smders' clptlnng and attempted to
eiimlmllv nsfai It her She was overcome from
tin- treatment received, arc when found by
Could the third time wis In i scml consciouj
She was rrmoved to her heme and a diligent
search was mile for her afiilants, but with
out avail The police are in piwiession of the
mines of sevcril well known omg men who
are suspected cf compllcitv in the outrage, and
several nrrcsts v ill follow
$0.05 for tho Round Trip Via tho
Lehigh Valley Railroad.
Tickets on sale July 3rd. limited for
rlurn passage to July Mil, inclusive,
and will 1 honored on any tialn ex
"ept the Klnr-k Diamond Kxpress, Tor
further Information consult Lehigh
Valley ticket agents.
Wall Street Review.
Vow York, line 21 -The stoe-k mirket was ex
ceiditulv iriegiilir ill el todav anil the r.ut
iimiKs, eveept In a f w ttocks are not large,
Ihiiu.-h Hi. rxlrciui ran.e of prlus was vcr
c oniiler ii le 1'rien ruin! above list night,
closing leul fur the gri iter part of the ill,
.mi! wlun the approae heel 1..-I nL'ht s liwl
the narket nlmifct imir r! h Ml Into extrim"
dullness Tint the elemind which kept up
prices ciime virv lirgel from the short inter -t
Is liiglil roliiblc but the cessation of pressure
it such tiuin .ii the nwrkots fell to or beliw
last nlglt's level linllritiel tint lliuleht on wu
not being frrcccl '-nine support was accord
ed bv the -viiipatlutii effect ef the post'lvp
Ktienglh ininlfestiel bv New brsev fentril und
lie idiiu llrst pr.fured Northern Pacific wis
conspicuous nniler pressuie- nil elav l.tToiis
were nude to Mipport the stoe K it about flft,
but it broke throiuh tlia piiec neir nooi an 1
fell to l'i"i with rtnH a feeble lallv Some of
the sellers of --locks lue avoweel as their mo
live- the piobibilitv tint (iouinor Itoosevclt
would rifiw Hie iioinii itioii for Hie vne prist
elenc, and as governor would ini-lst njion the
Irisfic enfoieemctit of the fianchise I ix liw
TIiom- wlio sold cm this giound ve-sterdav natur
nil v eowred tlfir shott coitiiets on todav'g
eleveloiim. nts Tetil sales. S'Kl.MO shires,
Tlu bond market wns ilull and Irregular Trial
sales pir value, 'l,(115,WI l' "i twos, when
isMied, declined U in the bid price.
The following epwtatlons are furnished The
Tribune bv VI S Jordm k Co , rooms T03 70rt
Meirs building. Telephone S0O1
Olien- High- Low- CIos
ir,'. est. 1 st. ing
Amor Sugar 112'fc llt'4 112 111
.mer. Tobacco V14 tsH RHi 7
Am S-teel d. Wire IPd 31s M'i 31
Atchison 21 21 2I'4 244
Vtehlson. I'r i.'p4J TOVf, fi'i 70i;
Ilrooklvn Iracticn ... (1H IU'4 fil C1
llilto & Ohio Tt'i il4 7U1 7li
Cuit. Tcbacco 21 21 2
This K Ohio 2'i 2IH 2l"s 2V,
Chic t. ct West I0i kvh inn mn
r.n v o ki i2-i 12114 nt
St. Paul Ill 111-4 UO'J in
ltcck Island HU WW 11)1 miTj,
Lackowanni llv 17V4 17V?4 17V', 175
Pederal Steel U 31 '4 S0H ,11
Keel steel. I'r fil K f.ii; M
hm cV Tev,. I'r 2V-4 Cl 20V4 2114
Louis it. Nash 7tU 7'i 74H 74lJ
Vlan l.Ievited M4 Wl li MH
Viet Traction 1T5 Hk,4 147Vi 14-ite.
Mlssei Pacific I7'i ts 4.714 47
I'eoph's lias 07 Wl 1)7 H7
J. Ci.tral 122 12"i 12l3 U1'4
Svuth 1'ielllc 31U ..lt ,UH -ll,
Norfolk West SI 14 ! 'U 3Pa r.l"
North Pacific Wt f.1'4 4014 4)8
Noith. Pacific. I'r 72V4 72H 71i 72
V Cintril 1'7'4 l-"i 1274 12,
Ontario k West .... Wj ls'4 lRi- lVj
l'cnin 1! It 127 12T'4 12r,t; 107
I'.iclflc Mill 27 27 2fAi if
Heading llv Wt W VK 1B
Heading Itv . IT, . . . V4V, 17'4 ,1l'? 'i7
Southrm H 11 ina, in 109I 10
Southern It II, I'l. ... H4 fill .W M
Teim (' k I ra-i r,i4 n.i oi
1' S I either S?, K4 S,
V S 1 either. I'r. .. ft! i.rt'4 OH 5V4
I'nlon 1'n Iho rfi'A M t l'i
I'lilon Pacific. IT. . .. 71''. 72 71', 71V,
Walnsli. IT 1714 17't I7I5 17
Wistern I'nlon 7') 7'l 7J 7SU
TlUrd Avenue Ill 1UH U0U, m
cnifAno novitn ok thuib
Open- High- Low rios.
WIIKAT. ing. est est. n.
Jul! SH SHj 82 H
August hi SJi-j S.1 sT)4
.lull 41'i 12 40 40T,
uinist 42 12'8 41'4 4114
Julv 2V. 20 2U4 2414
Julv 1107 1107 11 VS 11,17
hept II S2 11 J 1172 117)
Scranton Board of Trade Exchange
Quotations All Quotations Based
on Par of 100.
First National Hank
Scranton havings Hank
Scranton Packing Co
Third National Hank
Dime Deposit and Discount Hank ,
Kconomv Light, II &. P. Co
tacka Trust k Safe Deposit Co. .
Scranton l'alnt Co
Clark k Snnvcr Co., IT
Scranton Iron IVnee k Mfg. Co....
Scranton Axle Works
loiekawanna Daily Co., IT
Countv Savings Hsnk k Trust Co.
Ilrst National Hank (Carbondale).
Standard Drilling Co
Jonas Long's SoqsI
Special Sale of
Today for
Graduation Gifts.
At 99c
Stalkv & Co. Kipling.
The Gentleman from Indiana Tarkington.
Little IicrmiHla Marie Louise Pool.
Tile Garden of Eden Blanch Howard.
Parson Kelly Andrew Lang.
Resurrection Tolstoi.
Savrola Winston Churchill.
The Bondwoman Marah Ryan.
The Puritans Arlo Bates.
Children of the Mist Phillpotts.
Sophia Stanley Wcyman.
From Kingdom to Coloin Devereau.
Prisoners of Hope Johnson.
The Green Flag Conan Doyle.
Red Rock Page.
Light of Scai thy Castle.
Janice Meredith Ford.
The Changling Besant.
To Have and to Hold Johnston.
Deacon Bradbury Dix.
Flute and Violin Allen.
Unleavened Bread Grant.
The Fouler Beatrice Ilarradcn.
Duct Conan Doyle.
Black Rock Ralph Connor.
Prisoners and Captives Mcrriman.
His Lordship's Leopard Wells.
The Black Wolf's Breed Dickson.
The Other Fellow Hopkinson Smith.
Feo Max Pcmberton.
Forest Lovers Ilewlitt.
A Double Thread Fowler.
Orange Girl Walter Besant.
Hope, the Hermit Edna Lyall.
lone March Crockett.
The Touchstone Wharton.
Trinity Bells Barr.
Beautiful Alien Magruder.
Red Pottage Cholmondcley.
That Fortune Warner.
Strength of Gideon Dunbar.
Towards Pretoria Ralph.
Castle Inn Weyman.
Gavin Hamilton Seawell.
Castle Czargas Birt.
Philip Hinwood Stephens.
David Harum Wcstcott.
Three Men on Wheels Jerome.
Vengeance Is Mine Balfour.
Richard Carvel Churchill.
Mauriel Sterling Jewell.
Mr. Dooley Peter Dunne.
Boy Marie Corelli.
Monsieur Beaucaire Tarkington.
The Heart's Highway Mary E. Wilkins.
Burn's, Scott's and Browning's Poe "Mnplete.
Enoch Willoughby Wickcrsham.
Robert Tournav William Sage.
The Sky Pilot Ralph Connor
Silk finish handy volumes bound in red, with gilt edges:
Lowell's Poems. Locksley Hall.
Bi ant's Poems. Prue and I.
Poe's Works. - Scarlet Letter.
Emerson's Poems. Tales from Shakespeare.
Holme's Poems. Pilgrim's Progress.
And One Hundred Others.
Vow Mexico Hv Coal Co . IT 40
Traders' National Hank Uj ...
Scranton Holt and Nut Co 11"
Scranton Passenger Hallway, first
mortgage, due 1120 115
People's Street Hallway, first mort-
gage, due 1913 Ha
People's Street Hallwa, fiencral
mortgage, due 10 '1 115
Dickson Manufacturing Co juu
lucka TowiMilp School 5 per cent. ... lta
City of Scranton St Imp. 0 per
cent 10i
Scranton Traction 6 per cent, 115 ...
Scranton Wholesale Market.
(Corrected by II. O. Dale, 27 Lackawanna Ave)
Putter Creamer. 21c , dalr.v tubs, 20c.
Kggs Select wistern, 14c , mail) state, ll'iC
Cheese Pull cream, lew, ll'4al2e
Hcans Per bu , choice mariovv, $2.45; medium,
$2 'iO pea, '?0.
Pctattes 45e
llermuili Onions $1 71
I lour Hcst patent, 1 25.
Philadelphia Grain and Produce
Philadelphia. Jim 21 Wheat l'lrm and 2c.
higher eoiitiiet gride, lime , MiMi. t rn -linn,
'ie higher. No f mixed, June. H)V a
4( V Oits-Plim 1c higher No 2 white
dipped Hie Putter Finn, prints, le high
er; fancv western iri-inicrv, l'l'ic , 1I0 prints,
21c I'iMS ITrni. fii-h neirbv, lie , do west
ern, 14 . do southwestern HVc do south
tin. 12e. flicse I 11111 Ib'ined sugirs Fu
el anged. Cotton 'le !cwtr; middling unbind-..
0 7 Ilk Tallow Dull and lovvei, city
lilnis In lilidi, 4c , comlr no i.iii-s . le ;
iluk do. SV : enkei. 4V 'F pool tr.'
Ijulit and prices leiwtr, fwK I0il'i'4 . old
loosters, faTo ; sprlig cliieVens. Ii!a22c Dresseel
poultrv -Firm and in fill elemend, Jowk,
el oice inc., di Mr to good, OalHc.; old roost
ers. TaTHc ; western' fror.n chiekens, Ualic ,
nearbv broilers 20i2V western 1I0 . IV121V.
Hecelpts Flour, S.Vs) bbN aril i.NOOOO) pounds
in sacks, wheat. .rX! bushels; corn, HO.rxVI
bushils, oals, 32.IXW bo'hels Shlpinents
VVhcnt 1 NiO lushels. corn, 235 OKI bushels;
cits, O.niXI
New York Grain and Produce
ew- York. June 21 Flour market was strong
nnd nominally 2Vir" hlghir, with loislness 011
n small scale. V bent pot (inn. N'o 2 rid,
li",4c f u Ii afloat No 2 red, WHie elevator
Option opened strong and evperlenced a favor
ite miiancc during Hie furenoon In the after
nion realizing ileveloprd on liberal scale and
prices cased, dosed unsettled at T4alVe net
aelvancr Julv doseel STiJc ; ept . 87Ttc ;
Dec , SSUe Corn 'pot ilrm; N'o 2, 4Slo.
f 0. b. alto it and 47V ih valor Option mar
ket opened strong but litir cased en und.'r
realizing, dosn! iasv at n partial "-ie net ad
vanee Julv cleseel 40140 ; Viil , 47'te Oals
-Smt strong. No 2. icje , So 3, 28c ; o 2
white, somatic . No i white. .JiV . track miveel
western, 2sHa20Hc i trick white, 2lV4aiV Op
lions unlet lint hrm. dosing casv with corn
Hurt Dull. ttp nnd I'enna., llillc.; western
ungraded at mark, 10all'e; wmtern loss off,
ungraded Uslle Ilutter Firm; creamery
ixtras, Ifiilne.; factory, 13iial0e-1 ImlUtlvn
eresmer. 14'4al7isc. , statp dairy, 15alS'4e.
Cher r'lsvi Ivrui' vvhlte. fil4e ; large col-ore-el,
ic : small white, O'ja'J'ic ; small col
cued, Oiiatlc.
Chicago Grain nnd Produce.
Chicago. Juno 21 Wheat was again excited
texla), rullviug over 3 cents, but losing some of
It on Hiruhhtlon, closing nervous. Hie over
sestcrda). Corn rallied with wheat, but broke
later, and closed weak, lc lower. Oats were
Worth $1.50.
Worth 75c
excited and closed Jic. up. Provisions closed
steiil. Cash quotations were as follows; Flour
-Firm: No 3 spring wheat, SOaSlVic; No. 2
red, b2V8'i-3Hc ; .No. 2 corn, 41a42c; No 2
vellow. llH-itlSc ; N'o. 2 oats. 244a!Slic: No.
2 white. 27ia7?sC.; No. 3 white, 25a27Hc 1
barley, 40o ; No. 1 flax and northwest, fl SO;
pork, 10 45al! (X)j lard. 1 B5a.75H; ribs. M P0
ail'iO; shoulders, V.a7'4c; sides, 7.15a7.25j
whiskey, $1.23; sugars, unchanged.
Chicago" Live Stock Market.
Chicago. lune 21. Cattle Choice to lirht and
evtra stcim about steady; others weak; 10
lancv cattle on sale. Hutchers stock 6 to 15e.
lower; best on sale todav, sevsn car loads at
If. 50- good to prime steers, S dial 70; poor
to medium, 3l45a4f5; selected feeders. 10 to
Tic. lower, except choice, which vrere $4l 7a;
mixed stoekers, stt 40a1 PO cows, 2.95sl 40;
heifers, Ma5, canners, i2.2ii2.Vf. bulls. f?.90
I ii; calves, steidv. fivB.75 Texaas Hest en
sile todav. 3 crloaiU nt tS Texas fed ste'rs,
slow to 10c lower, nt ti 10aM5; Texas grasi
steers, t70U20; Texas bulls, $3aJ M) Hogs
Average, shade lower; tops, 15.174; rough
beavv, fl'rtaSOS; mixed anil butchers. 5ai 15;
gooil to choice heavy, J5 10a5 17H; light, ft l
nsn; bulk of siles, r 07Ha5 124 Sheep-13
lo 20c lower, except hist lambs, 15 to 2V-,
lowir, medium spring lambs, 25 to 40c. nmr;
good to choice wethers. $4 50a5,5; fair to
el oice mixed, $S 50a4 tIS, western sheep, $4 21i
A. vearllngs. 'ia'i 50, native Ismhs, 5a6 35;
western lambs, trail 85, spring lambs, ?5a7.
New York Live Stock Maiket.
New- York, June 21. Heeves Fcellnir steadr.
Calvis Vials, weak; buttermilks, nominal; E'l
bead unsold. Veals, J A0aA7V Sheep lOalJc.
lower, choice lambs, steaely; others, dull ami
easier Sheep. $.i.25ari.l0; culls, $2,25aJ; lsmhs,
$j 2517 70, vearllngs, $5a5 75. Hogs Nomlnil-
ly weak and lower.
DuiTalo Live Stock Market.
Hast Iluffalo, June 21 -Cattle, steady. Unas
lOilSe lower; heavv and medium, $5 4Ja5uOj
mixed packers. $5 11; orkers. $5 40a5 45; pigs.
S."a5 35 Sheep and lambs tetdy; miceel
slieep tops, $1 5Qq 00; lambs. M7, fancy more.
East Liborty Cattle.
East Libert), June 21. Cattle Steady, extra,
$j iV)a5 fO. prime. 5 45al fiO; common, .x 50i
4 25 Hogs Lower, prime mediums, 5.S5a5H;
heavy hogs anil best yorkers, $5 30; do., ft ',
pigs, ?! 15a5 20; roughs, M.7flal.n0, Sheep -Slow
choice wethers, $4 flOa4.70; common 1150
a2 V), vearllngs, Wa5 25; spring lambs, $4,50a8;
veal calves, $5 50a7.25,
Oil Market.
Oil Clt, June 21. Credit balances 125. Cer
tlflcates, no bid Shipments, 8X.071; aversge,
04.050. Huns, 104,042; aveiage, 00,601,
Elate of Ohio, City 0! Toledo, Lucas County, n t
Krsnk J. Cheney mnket oath thtt he li the
senior partner of the firm of K, J. Cheney clt
Co doing business; In the City of Toledo, County
,nJ Stato aforesaid, and that said nrm will
pay tho sum of ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR for
each and every case of Catarrh Ihst cannot b
cued by the use ot HALL'S CHrAHHl! CUnE.
Sworn to before mt and subscribed in my
presence, this fth day of December. A. D , ISjti.
Beat. A. W. OLFv;ON.
Notary Public.
Hall's Catarrh Cure Is taken Internally and
acts ellKctly on the blood and mucous sutlsci
ot tho s stein. Send for tutlmonlsli, free,
F. J. Cllt NEV k CO., Toledo, 0.
Fold by Druggists, 75c,
Hall's family Fills am the best.
v 1

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