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Tjfi " 'A.
'Mrwi " i"' v " -'
' -
Ilia Mooitti IUidah srom
Two things you do not
have with the B. & J. Oil
Heater. We mention a few
things below which you do
have: fixtru large burner,
scnmless brass oil tank,
bale to carry it, and best of
all, heat.
Prices, $4.50, $5.00
Foote & Shear Co.
1J9N. Washington Ave
L. R. D. & I
v Jr s
y jt
People who count )n proper Iiop ncc-wary to
correct elriM will bo drlijtlitnl with our new
1'nll and lnlr Shoes now cm exhibition. A
store full of new iIm ami enry shoe a ulzc.
For swell footwear this is the store.
330 Lackawanna Avenue.
acka wanna
11 "THE"
;SPciin Avenue.
Local ilatn for .Vowinhoi
lliehcst trntpriiituti'
Lowest tcrnpo.tturn
8 a. ni
!i p. :n
It iIi-ritci.
tttf llfKH'Cl
,.. fS per rent.
. .. !i2 per (int.
-. ( T$jg0
'flu- ll.ii Iil1uis' ball li.ts been ikl'mitcly .iluti
ilmi"l mtl Kieal K the Ijiiii-nl.itimi llii'trnf atnonc
,niu; mtitiuns ami tuaiilens ami their mtt-nf-I
tx ti IticmK who Intjiv toivv.iiil In lliK tlt'iuliil
annual nlF.tii trntii one sion In the next, The
"Komi for the Ilai'lii-lois'," "ihc jeweltil pin I
wine nVt r.t Hie llacheloia'," "the inlet I
hail for the ItjUitlmV " aic but a few ot the
jliililciitals wliirlt go iluun in the teiniiK of
teutininity a.-, iiilain n eteiy .n Yr.n' iljy
npproai-hc. Thin it it that their will be unity
tu nionrti the itnalluuble iVci-iun of the com
mittee at hinteil at in thc-o rnbunut Mtue inontlm
a,; . 'ihe hcautllul ball ulitili b.it bien a jiiiile
nn.l ti lU'llglit to Oil-, lity for .c.ih wilt not
liitnlv the ho i. lay km -on of Idtm.
't then- I-. a ion-ol.tloiy ilaifc In this t'lllii,
Tliu llaihclott' lull li.it imt bi-en injetlnilely
picn up. .e.xt year it will iiimIii bo platineil
nn eun a wcue niajiiillliviit Mali- than befoie,
ami to biiiK'is hut litis m'.ioii it may be an
llioritaliu'ly statcil that a committee compovil
of Mi ms. JI. II. 1'iiller, .lames llhiir, jr., ami
W, J. Touey lia-s jiitt aiuiii.'ecl a bit; ilam i- at
tlm llleycle cTiih TIiiiimI.i nliflit, Dec'. -J7 In lent,
porarlly lake tlm place ot Ihc ll.u lu-loii.. It
will be a uiy elaboi.itf allair, with an el
(runic of iletall anil beauty nf effect tebloni
Hiip.itseil in tilts city, ami, while uccp-arlly the
Kiiets will not incliiile the Ijikc iiuuiber on the
Barhrloik' lint, It will b the finest rxciit of the
season ami will brim; Ucether Ihc piincipal rep
leteiitatlvei of tni'lcly heiu ami in many uther
One nmaut.ii;eout fc.it in e in companies thl.t ni'iv
ilepnittiro, ami that U the ihane of time will
thus Kite oppoitiinlty fur nur jotimt peoplo to
nttcml the iintiii.il Attenihly at Wilki-i-llaiti-, .t
'plejhttrc whidl liiiclofoti' they luiw been oblli;eil
In fimsu becaose of the i-l.itlt of iUIi-k, Thetc
is a postiblo obstacle to thU, however, lit a pto
pieil Nrw Yimi'u vv ilanco In be Khen by Ihe
jmiiiB l.nlii. Thlt lt.it not been ilelinllely ile
cltleil upon,
The pio'peitt for the opciatlu namlial avow
briirliter every ilay. Mi. Dixey Is Iiiiinviitcly
pleased with the ni.iliii.il titloiilcil In the per
lonnol of the joiini; people now ciciccil In tho
leltearsaU, Thetc Is mi uinnii.il lUiiiie of talent
ami an ei)uu) auioitut of cnlhiisiatiu, thus ehlni;
oily ailitinl.ii?i' to tin- uicee.s of the rntcitnlii
nicnt, llany tlclcels have been mhl ami the ill.it'rani,
which opens Friday luoinlnc nt the Lyceum, will
probably bo well inaikrd ott by hohhi.s of thexo
tnhanci! sales. That Ihetc will be kooiI seals,
however, In Ijo sei'iueil for the patrons nt liolli
pel fin inaiiiet is terlain,
A most successful rehearsal of Ihe Mikado sills
was held at tho home of Mr. Thomas II. Wat
kins on Sattuday. Tho lostunies ato to ba ex
leciliugly pretty in nil Ihe i houses, -while tlm
ilattco with tattanits in tho SpanLh Cicluuka
fs siiro to bo tho lilt of the ru'iilug In many ic
tpects. Tho solo pji'ls nie, Indeed, ciik-i)i, Aiumnr.
tlieso is n (,'ioal solo by Mi.. II. II, Itia.ly, jr.,
who will l? tho tltiiiii.it u souk nude l.iinoiH
by Xprdica in Iter Wilkes-ll,iin lomeil. As lo
tho choruses, few opnas uo been placed on n
hcrantoit maw with so many voltes and all of
tuclt iinlfoirn execllemo, As llikit hiddets will
hao tho advaulaKo over citlt putchiscia when
the illatcroin opens it will be well for patrom
to soctlto tlcWcta in iiiUaiie,o. , They may be had
d( the members of the Iteclta', iltth, of Madanic
Tlmlieriiian-ltaiulolpli, of tlm Hahnemann liospl,
lal directors and stall' or nt rJaudeison's, four.
Kit's or J. 1). Williams k Brothel's stoic's.
Scranton will soon be In a position to have a
bench how. Tin in aro many flue specimens of
canine beauty In tills city anil "I" fair collec
tlon ot rattt. Otic of the let cut atmiMtlons In
tlta dot; line It n beautiful .)ap.iiicsc.p.iiilcl with
uu nom to speak of, but the loveliest silky hair
Imaginable, and l,ias yaids of pediijice ami blue
ribbon unccstry. lo Is the propcily ot Jlu. A.
J, Connll. In f(ct, Ir. Conncll has a number
vi thoroughbred, dk-s, .litcludiue; lilsli tellers, a
iiltitlble Miltee terrier, two Inml'omo Vork.lilro
lerrleti mid two I'lrnili poodltsi. The lalfrt ad'
till Ion to tltc futility pets l it li.il' monkey,
Which Mr. 0. S .lohmon lia Jul ircrtipil lo
llltlo .M.URiilet, the dnuulitei' of the home,
Mr. ami Mt. (leortjp M, tlitlWeint wvc din
tier ri.iluiil.iy iiIkIiI nt thrlr tinmu on t'lny avenue.
Tinnencted a Consldernble
Amount of Business.
Tlte Musicians' I'lotcutlvo uxsnrliillun
nifl nt tltplr t'utinif, nt COi! Cotlar nvu
nuo, lit mtjotirnoil wpphIdii ycslortlny
nflornuon nt 3 o'cIopU. A Ini'Ko nttni
Ijpi' of tncniltoi'A wns In nttrnilnnt'e,
unit it eonHlilarnbli: ttintiuiit of unllu
Ishctl lntslni'KH wns cutniiletotl. The
IHP.iltlont, W. V. Clrlllltlts, iiroslilptl.
Tltf constltttlnn nntl by-tmvH were 10
lHirlotl on nntl adniitctl, ns wns nlso ti
price list tu Rovcrn nil rnto." f '
RitKonionts for bnntls, iircliPHlniM nntl
liltiini work for tlunecf, imrtules. cxciif
.iloiift, iitciitcR. etc, covct'lng a territory
from Mooslc to Olyphnnt.
The foIlovvlucT connnlttccH were voted
on nnd tiecc'iited for the cnHttlntr yenr:
KnocuIIvo Honitl Thoninw Miles. Nell
O'Dtinnell, TlionniH Untitle, Frctl Kltf
liitrdt, Wllllnin Shlffor, Ulchnrtl O'Don
itell, Scfonton: .Joseph Davis, Olyphnnt;
.linnes Cntniibell, Mooslc; Kilwiird Mur
phy, Tnylor.
Kxnmlnntlon Uonrrl II. .T. Mitttcr.
AtiBtist'flehlnildl, Prof. Johnson, Hcrnn
ton: llentr Hotin, Olyphnnt; .1. Shoan,
Moiislc; .lolin ChiiHp.fjoulh Side: George
Crtinip, Clark's Summit.
Hoard of Ttustefs William Prossef.
.Toseph Fart', Hcrnnton; JoIjji Pctll
gfew, Olyphnnt.
IJeleKittes to the CVntriil T.nbof XInloti
W. V. nrllllths, president; M. .r.
rtislck, "Wllllnni Tnnnler, Fred Khr
hnrdt, Andrew Hayes.
Cross Suits Between the Men Begun
Before Aldermen Howe and Mil-
Itu- Worden's Statement.
Alox Dunn, lmbenluslier, and K. O.
Wotck'ii, arc hlteet, xverc the prinelpf.l
on Sntttidtiy In two rntlter sensnt tonal
aldoitminif citses. Kncli caused the
nrrett of the other nnd both are no'"
under bail for their appearance In
The first to be arrested was Mr.
Dunn whom Mr. AVnrdcn chaiRcd with
nmkhtit threats. The warrant was
sworn out before Alderman Howe boron-
whom Dunn was arraigned. "Wor
den testified that Dunn had m-t him
on Wyoming Avenue anil thrcati'df-d
him, a norwards following him into
l'holp's drug store where he renewed
the verbal attack-. Tlte alderman held
Mr. Dunn in S200 ball.
The latter went immediately to Al
derman Millar's ollice where lie swoiv
out u warrant for Mr. Worden's arrest
ehnrglns him with obtaining S1G worth
of gent's furnishings under false pre
tenses. He allowed that Mr. Woitlen
ordered the goods sent up '. O. D. and
only paid pat I of the bill. Mi: AVorden
appeared with his attorney, John V.
Setting and. waiving a hearing, en
tered bail in the sum of 5i0.
Mr. AVorden last night gave out the
following statement concerning the
"Jt is indf.d unfortunate that this
matter sponld have b-en taken .nto
"oui't but since it has been I desire to
make an explanation of my connec
tion with thi' matter and n refutation
of the charge Mr. Dunn litis brought
against me. The whole affair started
when Mrs. Dunn loft her hut-band on
September ' lust. Prior to that my
wife had been giving her vocal .lessons.
"Mrs. Dunn left her husband be
cause of his treatment of her. Ho
charges my wife nnd myself with till
ing her with lies about him but thN
is absolutely and entirely false. My
wife nor I had nothing to do with
Iter domestic affairs nor did we even
toll her anything against Mr. Dunn or
persuade her to leave him. Flic, went
of her own accord.
"She went to l.'oston, but we did
not know .this at first and were as
much at s-.i regarding her where
abouts as was Mr. Dunn himself. Ho
came to us and wanted us to assist
hint in getting her back again, promis
ing that he would treat her right. Wu
said we would assist him becuuse wo
w.inted to have no trouble with thu
"Hr. insisted that we knew where
i.ho was hut we did not. My wife sug
gested that she might bo in Wilkes
Dane, which was her former homo,
and ho said h would pay all expenses
if we would go there anil get her to
come back to him. Wo went there on
two occasions but found no trace, or
her. When I suggested to Mr. Dunn
that he pay our expenses as he had
promised, he told mo to come Into
Ills store and got an eiunl amount of
"This T did hut he was not thei" at
the time and 1 told the clerk lo send
them up C. O. P., but not to do so
until Sir. Dunn arrived, I did this
because I didn't want the clerk to
know about the arrangement and be
cause 1 thought that when Mr. Dunn
came in he would send litem up as it
they had been paid for. The goods were
stmt to my ouieo several times and
linallv lo my home, where they were
taken by my wife,
"Tho goods worn not exactly what
I wanted and I was obliged lo return
all of them with tho exception of
some small iirtleles, the value of which
was Insignificant, instead of my be
ing In Mr. Dunn's debt, ho Is in mine.
There Is absolutely no foundation for
bis clmrse of false pretenses."
"1 was obliged to euuso his arrest on
Saturday because ho threatened me on
tliestrentund because I was afraid that
ho would do something despornte. Ills
arrest of mo for fulso pretense wns
spite action.
"Tlm insinuations and Intimations
In tho Sunday pupers that I was try
ing to blnc-kmull .Mr. Dunn were the di
rect result of the bulldozing tactics
adopted by his attorney, Frank Doyle,
iu bis cross examination of inc. lie
threw out suggestions In his questions
which wero entirely uncalled for and
which had no existence In fact,"
Spend Your Evenings Profitably,
Young moil and women who are em
ployed during the day should ciuallry
themselves to earn lurser salaries by
spending their evenings at the Scran
ton Huslness College night school,
Great vaudeville show, Lyceum, this
afternoon, popular prices.
Fancy Groceries nnd Fruits.
Largest line in N. E. Pa. Cotusen.
A beauHlful entertainment at th
Lyceum this afternoon.
Deputy City Treasurer Wanted by the
Proposed North Scrnnton Bank.
Dr. Claude Wnlker and His Prep
aration for His Life Work M. B.
Casey Chief Clerk for J. M. Daly.
Hit Made by James Gardner Snn-
. derson at the Dinner for Judge
Kelly Bnlenttno the Wit.
Deputy City Treasurer P. J..Ruaue
Is being discussed ns the likely t-nshler
of tlte proposed North Scrnnton bank.
H Is understood bo hns been Invited
to take the place hut "hesitates to leave
the position In which 1m has served
so long and successfully, it Is to be
hoped for the city's good that Mr.
ltunuo will continue In tho treasurer's
olllri-. He has tho city's financial
nfla! i-M nt his lingers' ends nnd when
it comes to a question of nice financier
ing in emergencies which often arise,
his suggestions unvarlably prove of
great value.
No legislation bearing on municipal
or school district finances Is projected
without Mr. Uuano's advice first helm;
sought, and it Is quite safe to say Hint
practically all such legislation now on
the city's books would find him Its
father If it went to trace Its actual
Mr. Utinuo is nlso accredited with
being one of tho most expert account
ants in tho city. Ho can rend a column
of figures quite as readily ns another
could read a paragraph In it news
paper and be has tho book-keeping
of the ollice so systematized that with
in five minutes after the office closes
the books nre balanced and qverv
thlng ready to "be locked up for tho
During the temporary absence from
the Lackawanna hospital 'during elec
tion week of two of tlte resident house
surgeons, a new face was seen at the
Institution. Jl was that of one.of the
younger physicians of tho city, Dr.
t.'lattde AValker. During his short
period of service, he mode himself a.
thorough favorite with all connected
with the hospital, and proved a valu
able substitute for tho absent sur
geons. Dr. Walker is a stepson of tho well
known local practitioner, Dr. C L.
Frey, nnd during the Inst six years
has been absent practically all the
time from tho city, being busied with
his studies at the University of Penn
sylvania. His return has reintroduced
him to his numerous friends, who
unite In wishing him success in the
career for which lie has fitted himself.
Mo has been well prepared for that
profession at the University, whicli
Pennsylvania can proudly regard ns
one of the finest medical Institutions
in the world. Prior to beginning his
regular course, he took a two years'
course in biology, beginning work in
September. 1SUL Jn tile fall of ISM,
he entered the medical school, and
graduated last spring in the same
class with Dr. John AV, Hunter, .iuuior
bouse surgeon at tho Lackawanna.
During the summer be spent his time
In pursuing a post graduate course at
the Polyclinic at Philadelphia. At the
'varsity Dr. AA'alkcr wns one of tho
most popular men in bis class. Ho
was ti prominent member of. Hie Hus
ton club, and a leading spirit around
the dormitories.
Of tho many men brought to the city
by what has been termed the now
regime of the Delaware, Lackawanna
and AVestcrn, there is no one who lias
won for himself a warmer place in the
regard of the persons who have busi
ness dealings with that company than
M. U. Casey, the chief clerk to Super
intendent of Transportation .1. M. Daly.
He is a walking encyclopedia of infor
mation of all kinds pertaining to the
transportation business nnd this infor
mation is always ul the disposal of
those to whom It is useful. Without
hesitating a jnoment, he can tell von
all about tile roads a car will have to
travel over in going from Scranton to
the remotest part of the United States.
Mr. Casev is a native of the Blue
Grass region anil possesses a dome of
thought that resembles Tom Reed's.
o has been In the railroad business
for tho greater part ot his life and has
made a study of it as he would of a
science. Hiv not only knows railroads
and railroad methods, hut he has nn
extensive acquaintance with prominent
railroad men all over the country.
Like every real railroad man, he en
joys a good story and knows how to
tell one.
Not many of tho members ot the bar
who attended tho complimentary ban
quet to Judge Kelly at tho Jcrm.vn,
Thursday night, were aware of tho real
I rent In the way of hlgli-clnss enter
tainment that was in More for them,
as the concluding number of the pro
gramme,. Like the hosts of old, tho
banquet committee reserved for tho
last what they very likely thought was
the best, and there are those among
tho guests who will say, with all due
deference to the other entertainers,
that tho committee was not much agleo
In Its reckoning If It did fashion its
programme after the manner of tho
hosts of old.
James Gnrdner Sanderson made the
biggest kind of a lilt, and whenever
the banquet was discussed during the
California Grapes and
Pears, Malaga Pink
Grapes, Florida and Cal
ifornia Navel Oranges,
Gordon and Dil worth's
Mince Meat, Table Rais
ins, Jordau Almonds,
Princess Paper Shell Al
monds, Olives, pitted
and stuffed. Pimento
Olives, Full line fancy
Cheese, Sweet Cider.
Fresh Imported and Key
West Cigars,
E. G. Com sen
Best Goods for Least Money,
succeeding days Ills contribution to the
evening's fun was a foremost topic.
Among his Intimates, Mr. Hnnderson's
abilities as an entertainer nre well
known ami In constant demand, To
most of his newly-made brethren
among the lawyers he was known only
as a clt-ver composer nntl raconteur of
short stories. They did not know that
In addition to this ho possessed powers
of mimicry that would place hhn In the
front rank of professionals, if ho cho?o
to go after fnmo and fortune by the
stage route.
Srost commendable of Mr. Sanderson
In this regard Is that there Is no buf
foonery In his entertaining nnd that he
hides his talent, except when It Is fit
ting to bring them forth.
Clarence Halenllne Is another voting
lawyer who made a hit as a ready wit
at tho Kelly banquet. Mr. Utitcntlne
was not on the programme, but when
tho post-prandlal exercises were turned
Into n Clover club affair, as Is the cus
tom of local lawyers' banquets, he be
came easily und gracefully the "prin
cipal speaker of tho evening."
Ills contributions to the sallies of wit
with which the speakers were Inter
rupted were numerous, bright and well
timed. AVhcn ho spoke ho said some
thing, and every Hints ho said some
thing there was a laugh. Ho Is a real
wit, and when the bar again has a
banquet there Is little question but that
he will bo among the first Invited to
help In the entertaining.
Woman Charged with the Murder of
Mrs. Antonio Hose Held Without
Ball Theory of the Police.
Mrs. Josephine Bewiluqiie. who on
Friday hist deliberately murdered Mrs.
Antonio Jtoso at ISUO Capouse avenue,
was given a hearing before Mayor
.Molr on Saturday morning and at its
conclusion was committed to thi
county jail without ball to ttwait the
action of the grand jury.
The accused woman was brought
before the mayor with her little in
fant fast asleep In her arms. Tho
stolid Indifference which she displayed
on Friday seemed to be all gone and
she appeured lo bo suffering great
remorse. She was represented by At
torney Frank K. Boyle, who cntPt'Pd
in her behalf a formal plea of not
Tho only witness examined was
Annie Maroseo. the oye eyewitness of
I ho murder. She repeated the story
she told at the coroner's inquest and
described in detail tho events leading
up to the crime. She told of Mrs.
Rose's visit and of how Mrs. Beva
lacque canto into the kitchen from the
yard asking for some potatoes.
She told of the women quarreling
and described having seen Mrs. Beva
lacque suddenly pull a pistol from
her jacket and fire at Mrs. Rose. The
accused woman was committed by the
mayor. She was taken Immediately
to the county jail where she Is now
located In the woman's ward. The
child Is still with her, but will prob
ably be placed In some institution In
ti few days.
The police now believe that when
Mrs. Bovalaoeque heard Mrs. Rose's
voice down stairs she determined to
go down and pick a quarrel with her
and with this end in view armed her-,-eif
with a revolver. They maintain
that she asked for the potatoes merely
as an excuse for entering the Maroseo
apaitments and contend that the mur
der was undoubtedly premeditated.
No Sherlock Homes has as yet dis
covered whether there wero any po
tatoes In Mrs. Bevalaque's larder at
the time.
Latter Day Saints Assembled in
Snover's Hall.
Tho semi-annual conference of tlte
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Dav
Saints convened in Snover hall yester
day. Tho elders who have been labor
ing In the Eastern Pennsylvania con
ference, seventeen in number, were all
present, also Apostle Jl. F. Cawley, of
Utah, and President K. II. Snow, of the
Eastern States mission. Services com
menced at 12.30 p. m. and were presided
over by Kldor Joseph Finlinson. After
tho opening exercises, President E. II.
Snow was introduced as the speaker,
and set forth the claims of the Latter
Day Saints with reference to the ex
istence of tho Mormon church. v
A good crowd attended tho' evening
meeting to hear Apostle M. F, Cowley,
of Utah.
Sewage Said to Cover the Streets in
Old Forge Borough.
Arbitrators AVedenion, Mulhollnnd
and Balentine heard testimony on Sat
urday In a suit brought by Lorenzo
Semenza, to recover $1,000 damages
from Old Forgo borough, and the na
ture of tills testimony goes to ptove
that Old Forge must bo a pretty un
healthy locality to live in.
The borough authorities closed up a
sewer which Semenza hud constructed
and which. It Is claimed, discharged Its
foul contents onto the public streets.
Several witnesses testified that tho
sewage covered the streets for blocks.
A number of cases, of contagious dls
eae in that vicinity have been traced
by physicians to this cause.
But No Blood Was Shed, and the
Malefactors Were Arrested.
About 10 o'clock last nlRht Pntrol
muu Lonu Duy heard tho sound of
several shots, Jlred In quick succes
sion, from No, 25 Lackawanna avenue.
Visions of sudden tragedies till ted
across tho bluecoat's brain as ho
loosened his revolver, gripped his night
stick and hurried up the (light of steps.
Ho found two Itullans, armed with
38-callbre lovolvets, blazing aimlessly
out or a rear window.
AVith the assl.stunce of Patrolman
Nculs, he took tho twain Into custody
und escorted them to tho Center street
station. About u year ago shots wero
II ted from this same house In a similar
maimer to tlio.su of last night.
Tho combined scholarship (a contract
entitling tho holder to both complete
courses), now offered by the Scranton
Business College for $100, is so liberal
a contract that very many are dui
chaslng it. This offer will soon bo with
drawn. m
Park & Tllford's Cigars
Yaruntizza Cigars. Courson.
Ladles and children matinee to-day,
That's What Councilman Keller Says
He Believes That the City Should
Agree to Pay Contractors Instead
of Giving Them the "Amount Ac
tttolly Collected" Saya That at
Present Contractors Bid High Be
cause of the Difficulty Met with in
Negotiating Estimates.
As tho result ot remarks made at
last Thursday night's meeting nt the
common council by Luther Keller, It
is probable that some method will be
devised In the near future by which
the payment of city engineer's esti
mates furnished to sewer conlracl-ors
may be guaranteed by the city.
Asls well known nil sewer contractors
are paid by monthly estimates fur
nished by tho cltii engineer. The latvar
estimates tho amount of work done
on the sewer within the month and
figures up Just how much the contrac
tor Is entitled to nt contract price for
that work. From this uniount Is sub
tracted tho city's shurc ot the cost and
ten per cent, extra, which ten per cent,
is rut-alned until the entire sewer Is
This estimate is first approved by the
city engineer and must- then be tip
proved by both councils and the mayor.
It Is thon given to the contractor but
Is In the mnjorily of Instances, as Mr.
Keller said, pactlcally a worthless bit
ot paper for all present purposes,
simply because the contractor Is gen
erally unable to negotiate It save at a
ruinous rate of Interest.
Tills menus it great denl t'o a con
tractor who hasn't got very much cap
ital nnd many of them hnvc been often
times reduced to very dire straits be
fore they could obtain any money on
their estimates. A recent Illustration
of this was the CSIbbons case. M. J.
Gibbons is the contractor for the
Scranton street sower and he wns re
cently unable for a number of weeks
to raise sufllcicnt money on his esti
mates to pven pay his men.
The pay roll nnd run up to over $",000
nntl Mr. Gibbons was unable to raise
any funds. After being besieged for a
time by his employes he finally suc
ceeded, aft'-T a great deal or difficulty,
in borrowing money on his estimates
but was obliged to discount them at
six per cent.
Six per cent, means a very big hole
In a man's profits especially when com
petition Is so close as it is among
sewer contractors just at present. Mr.
Keller says that he Is convinced that
each and every sower contractor who
bills on work in this city adds from
fifteen to twenty per cent, more on his
bid than he would If the city guaran
teed the estimates. This may bo a lit
tle bit high but the general concensus
of opinion is that n great deal of money
could be saved if the city guaranteed
the pnympnl of the full face value of
the estimates fuinlehecl by it.
. II mttsl be understood that tin- pay
ment of these estimates Is derived from
the sewer assessments paid Into Hie
city treasurer's office by the property
owners along the line of Ihe sewer be
ing constructed, All sewer ordinances
contain a clause which roads, "The oily
shall use due diligence in collecting
the assessments but shall only be liable
for tho amount collected."
That is to say, if the properly owners
do not all pay up and If by neglect tho
proper city officials fail t'o compel them
to do so, the sewer contractor can
whistle for just that much of his
money. That Is the reason he finds it
hard to negotiate his estimates and
that Is why when he docs negotiate
them lie can only do so at a high rate
of Interest.
''Persons with money to loan won't
take risks. They want to bo absolutely
sure of getting their money back and
when they realize tint t the city only
guarantees whatever money Is collected
In the shape of sewer assessments they
insure themselves by discounting only
at a liberal rale of interest,
Mr, Keller believes some plan should
bo devised whereby the city could place
its guarantee on its estimates. "Then,"
said he, "they would be as good us
gold and could bo negotiated for their
full faco value," Ho says that it Is
done In Pittsburg and could be done In
this city as well. "Of course, If such a
plan was put Into effect, it would ne
cessitate the greatest of care in the, col
lection of scavci' assessments so that
the city would not be out anything.
It is Mr. Keller's idea to have a spe
cial committee appointed from both
branches of councils to carefully con
sider this question and report upon It
with mu.ii rpcommendatlons as the
members might see lit to suggest.
.Something new at tho Lyceum, mati
nee 'to-day.
Excursion to New York City.
Ticket agents of the Lackawanna
railroad will sell excursion tickets to
New York city, good going on any reg
ular train Dee. C, return limit to und
including Dec. ll, at rate or $5,03.
Bring tho ladles and children lo the
vaudeville matinee Lyceum to-day.
To Knot or
Not to Knot.
New neckwear, displayed
today in all its glory. New
shapes, narrow four-in-hands,
New Tecks, Bows,
Strings, Imperials and, But
terflies. All the colors of the rain
bow, and a few reigning
colors that the rainbow
never had.
"ON T3u-
The Issues
That carry. weight fail dinner
pall, full value, full quality.
Value and quality are our cam
paign motto always. Just look
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Wines and Whiskies
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Waters of Wayne County Will Be
Utilized to Advantage.
A mammoth Ice house, with a capac
ity of 25,000 tons, Is being erected liy
tho Luke Lotion Improvement com
pany on the southeast sldo of Kerne
lake, In Wayne county. A branch rail
road 1,700 feet long Is also being con
structed I IX I'IIMMIW'1 Uu. l.lnlll ivllli till.
Honesdale branch of the Delaware and
iiuuson railroad.
The building will be 2tf2xtr,0 feet, anil
will contain all tho latest anil best np-
tlllrtnt1,. flip llnt-wlllm- trn H'liiiw. ni,.
200 acres of water In Keene bike, whicli
win yield 200,000 tons a. foot thick, at
one cutting. Its altitude Is 1 .520 feel,
and several crops of Ice can be gath
ered from the lake In one season.
"I'lio pnlnnnlii' nluix linu .-.All nfl.lltfnmil
acres hi Lake Lodore and Klk lake,
which will ho ulili'.otl during the win-
fi 'Pllf, inn .fill l.rt ultltn.nrl nl'lti. tin.
Delaware and Hudson road to this city
and other points.
High class vaudeville matinee to-day,
Costs Little.
Young men should realize that it
costs loss to spend their evenings at the
Scranton Duslness College night school
than It docs to spend them on the
Matinee at the Lyceum to-day, great
Physical Culture.
Mis Mlckle will open two now classes
nox-t week. Ladles' class, Tuesday and
Friday nt 10. Little girls', 5 to 8 years,
Saturday afternoon at X
Bring ithe Children, Matinee to-day,
Lyceum 15c to any part ot house.
in All
Clarke Bros
The Oriental
OKU M-li-cli-il mi"-. ii'Miwil until rliil.it-
in.K r.t'.
A Thanksgiving Special,
- As turkey days suggest Im
provements In the titblc service,
wo present tin opportunity on
Monday, Tuesday and AVedncs
day .November 2, 27, 2S that
will mako the possession of poor
or broken up chlnn sots, a mat
ter of choice rather than neces
sity. Per lliicc i1j.ch, a l'"r-
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i. fa Vr-rl-
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Don't get scared
t it's a muffler, and
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creation for the
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House Beautiful
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This stock Is absolutely new,
each pattern selected not only
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It will pay you to Investigate
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The feast of Thanksgiving should
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How About
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rudci'KlJml utitl uaiiantril not to conn
1'liu! otic-l lili.l less than U asknt r
r.M'ltuiU' ilciliu.
221-223-226-227 WyomlngAve
f?fL '
.&& , ., 4fcasU .... ,.. ,i. . ,.v

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