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Tho Baltic sailed from New York
on the 15th, for Liverpool, with 130 pas
sengers and 8.979,000 in specie. So it
goes. The specie needed in the country
is sent abroad to pay for anticles that
might he dispensed with or produced at
Thousands of Parents who use Vermifuge
composed of Castor Oil, Calomel, Sec, are
not aware, that while they appear to benefit
the patient, they are actually laying the foun
pations for a series of diseases, such as saliva
tion, loss of sight, weakness, of limbs, &c.
In another column will be found the adver
tisement of Hobcnsack's Medicines, to which
we asklhe attention of all directly interested
in their own as well as their Children's
health. In Liver Complaints and all disordes
arising from those of a bilious type, should make
use of the only genuine medicine, Hobcnsach's
Liver Pills.
(tCp"Bc not deceived," but ask for Hoben
sacka1 Worm Syrup and Liver Pills, and ob
serve that each has thesicnature of the Pro
prietor, J. N IIOBENSACK, as none else
are genuine.
In Eldred t?p. on the 18 inst Mr. Hen
ry Smith, aged 59 years.
All persons are hereby forbid not to
hunt or make shingles or trespass in an
manner upon my propcrt, under penal
ty of the law.
Coolbaugh tsp. Oct 27, 1S53. 3t
Respectfully oflers his services to tho pub
lic generally; and io those unacquainted with
,him, takes pleasure in re.'cring them to the
Physicians of Stroudsburg, or to the follow
ing recommendaiion, which was kindly giv
en liim by the Physicians of Newton, N.-J.
Dr. Swayze. hating been our family Den
tist for the last five ears. and having ahvavs
found him worthy of our confidence and pat
ronage, we, the undersianed, take great plea-,
euro in re ommending him to the public as
an honorable and skillful Dentist.
Dr. John R. Stuart,
" Fancis Moran,
Dr. T. Pycrson.
A. D. Morford.
HIP All know the danger of trusting their
Teeth to those not properly qualified. The
best and handsomest artificial Teeth used iu
all cases, and set upon gold plate in the
neatest manner.
Eastnn, October 27, 1333. Sin.
550.000 Brick,
Just burnt and now nn hand for sale by the
subscriber as follows: 350,000 at his klin
at Stroudsburc, and 200.000 at his kiln at
Dutotsburg, near the Delaware Water Gap.
Thee biirk will be sold on the most reason
able terms, as the subscriber wishes to quit
the business as soon as he can dispose of
his stock of brick. He also offers his brck'
yard, house and lot, with a large body of clay
at Dutots! urg, ali in good order, and new,
f.r sale. Any person wishing to engage in
Uie business, can do well by purchasing
said esatbiiskmenl.
Stroudsburg, October 27, 1853.
(bjrecutor's Notice.
Estate of Phoebe Fowler, late of the Borough
of Stroudsburg, deccscd.
Notice is hereby given that Letters Testa
mentary upon said estate have been granted
to the undersigned. All persons indebted to
said estate, are requested to make immediate
payment, aid those having claims or demands
against the same, will present them for set
tlement, to
Stroudsburg, Oct. 1, 1S53 6t.
SUministrator'a Kotirc.
Notice is hereby' given that Letters of Ad
minstration upon the Estate of Abraham
Fowler, late of Hacken Sack, Bergen County,
N. J. deceased, have been granted by the
Register o Wills in and for the County of
Monroe, state of Pennsylvania, to the under
signed, residing in the Borough of Strouds
burg. All persons indebted to said Estate
are requested to make payment without de
lay, and those having claims against the
game, will present them duly authenticated
for fcettlement. to
Stroudsburg, OcL 1, 1853 Gt.
Valuable Building Lots at
rpljans' (01111 Sale.
Pursuant to an order of the Or
phans' Court of Monroe County,
.4 made at Stroudsburg in said Coun
ty, on the 1st day of October 1853,
will be exposed to public sale on Monday,
the 21st of Not ember, 1353. at the public
houBe of Jacob Knecht, the following descri
bed lots, situate in the Borough of Strouds
burg, viz:
No. 1. .A lot on the corner of George and
Monroe Streets, 25 feet front by 9H in depth
to an eleven feet wide alley.
No. 2. Adjoining the above, 25 feet front
on Monroe street, by 91A in depth to an elev
en feet wide alley.
Also, a lot fronting on George and Sarah
streets. 25 feet front on Sarah street by 91A
in depth to an eleven feet wide alley.
The above are valuable building lots, being
situate near the centre of the Town, and
along the line of the Delaware, Lehigh and
Wyoming Valley Railroad.
Terms of Sale. One half of the purchase
money to be paid on the confirmation of the
sale, the balance in one year, to be secured
by Judgment, with interest from confirma
tion. Sale to commence at 10 o'clock A. M
By the Court: M. H. DREHER, Clerk.
Stroudsburg, October 14, 1853.
The undersigned respectfully bege leave to
inform the citizens of Monroe county, that he
lias opened a new Marble Yard in the Bor
ough of Stroudsburg, on Elizabeth street,
nearly opposite the Union Hotel, where he
will keep on hand American and Foreign
Marble, and holds himself in readiness to fur
nish Cldmney Pieces, Cabinet Marble, Mon
uments, Tombs, and Head Stones, &c. de
signed and executed with neatness and des
patch. M. M, BURNETT, Agt.
for Peter Smith.
September 1, 1853. 3m.
Attorney at Law,
Office on Elizabeth street, formerly oc
cupied by Win. Davis, Esq.
May 6, 1S5J.
I Wis
The undersigned respectfully informs
the public that he has taken a room in"
the Brick build ing, on the corner o
William and Sarah streets, and directly op
posite Ivautz and Huntsman's whcelrighl
shop, in the Borough of Stroudsburg, where
he purposing carrying on the Gunsmithing
business in all its various branches. He
prides himself in being able to give entire
salcisfacion to all. Persons in want of any
thing in his line of business are rcpectfullv
invited to call. Particular attention paid to
repairing in all its various branches. Also
door locks repaired on the shortest notice.
Stroudsburg, October 20, 1S5U.
Tlse Official Paper off Congress,
It wiil be seen by the annexed extract from
a letter of Gen. Washington to David Stew
art, dated New York. 17th March, 17U0, that
that the idea of such a paper as I propose
to make the Globe originated in the mint! of
the I'aiher of his Country. He said:
'It is to be lamented that the editors of the different
Gazettes in the Union do not more generally and more
coriectly (instead of bluiling tlii'ir p.ipeis uitli soun:li
ty and nonsensical declamation, w hich few would read
lf.thcy were apprised of the contents) publish the de
bates in Congress on all great national questions. The
nnncinles 110011 which the Oilference ol opinion arises.
as well as the decisions, would then comu fully before
the public, and aflord the3ct data lor its judgment."
Spurks's Writings of Washington, vol. 10, p. Hi.
The Daily Globe
The Congressional Glome
In surrendering my interest in the organ
of a great political party, 1 cherished the
purpose of continuing the Congressional
Globe, and, if possible, in time, to perfect it
into a full history of the action of Congress,
giving the debates accurately and fully with
:he proceedings all stamped with the verity
of an official record. From the passage in
tho leitet of General Washington, which 1
have quoted, it will be perceived that he
thought this ofiice might be combined with
that of a regular newspaper; and it is certain
that ihe avidity of the public for uews of the
less imporiant kind greatly conuibutes to
give wings to the weightier matter which
may be called Congressional news.
Having succeeded in my purpose of per
fecting the reports of the debates in Congress
and giving them the official tamp, 1 now
propose to send thein abroad, in connection
with the news of the day, in such haste as
shall outstrip full and accurate intelligence
sent from the seat of Government in any
other form whatever. It will even antici
pate the scraps of news forwarded to cities
W1II11I1 lU UU11UISJU .HIU till J "111" UI "
inton bv teleeraph. Befor the events thus
transmitted are published in the morning
papers, (for instance, of the city of York.)
the Globe containing them will have readied
the post office of that city bv the Express
Mail of the previous night. 1 ne process by
which this will be effected 1 now lay before
the public.
1 will have a corps of sixteen Reporters
in Congress ; each in succession will take
notes during five minutes; then retire, pre-
pire them for the Press, put them slip by
blip iu the hands of compositors; and thus,
while a debate is going on in Congress, ii
will be put in type, and ina few minutes
after it is ended it will bew print. I shali
by this means be enabled to send by the
Express .Mail of 5 o'clock p. m. for the
East, West, and North, and by that of 9 o'
clock p. m. for the South, all the proceed
ings o!Congress up to the ordinary honr of
adjonrnment. Thus the accurate debates o'
Congress will reach the cities two hundred
and fifty miles from the Capitol btfore their
daily morning papers are in circulatnn.
The miscellaneous news 1 shall be care
ful to gather from remote sections of the
country hv telegraph. I will obtain from
the Executive Departments, through official
sources, the matters of moment transacted
in them, and, through agents employed for
the purpose, all the city news of conse
quence in sufficient time to be put into the
the Globe anb mailed in the Express Mail
trains. In this way 1 hope to create a new
era in the dissemination of news from
Washington. Hithelto no newsdaper has
attempted to give authentic accounts ol
things done at Washington befoie the pub
lic mind at a distance had received its firsi
impressions f.om irresponsible telegraphic
dispatches, or by letter-writers biased by
peculiar views.
Washington has now become so great a
center of political interest during ail the
year the proceedings of the Executiue De
partments and the information collected by
thern nven duriog the recess of Congress is
if so much imparlance to ihe interests of
every section of the country that 1 shall
continue the publication of the daily paper
permanently, with a view to become the
vehicle of the earliest and most cored in
telligence. It is part of my plan to reduce the price
of the daily paper to half that of similar pa
pers ; and thus I hope to extend its circula
tion so as to invite advertisements. 1 will
publish advertisements of tiie Government.
To subscribers in the cities I hope to sub
mit such terms as will induce them to ad
vertise their business in every village
throughout the Union, where the Globe is
sent daily under the franks of members ol
Congress, all of whom take it, and some of
them a large number of copies
The installation of a new Adminisltalion
and a new Congress portends much change
in the course ol public affairs as the result
of tire next sesssion. Many vast interests
which were brought up in the last Congress
were laid over by the Democratic majority to
await the action of a Democratic Executive.
The new modeling of the tariff; the new
land system; the question of giving home
steads, and making every man a freeholder
who may choose to become one; the approx
imation of the Atlantic and Paoific oceans
by a national railroad across the territory ol
the Union, reform in the Army. Navy, and
civil offices all these great quesfions, with
a thousand minor ones, deeply affecting
multitudes of men and every State in the
Uuion, will, now being matured by public o
pinion, come up for the Government's decis
ion. These new issues, co-operating with
old ones, coming up to be disposed of by
new actors on the scenes at Washington,
will be apt to modify greatly, if not alter es
sentially, the party organizations of the
To these elements of interest another is
likely to be introduced by the interposition
of the agitations of Europe. After nearly
forty years of peace in Jurope there is an
evident restlessness that now seerns fraught
with tendencies threatening war; and if war
comes, in all likelihood there will follow
sarh universal change that the United
Slates can searcely hope to escape its vor
tex. Indeed, from late events it is apparent
that our Government is already drawn into
European diflicultiee. These cUcumstances
are calculated io draw the public mind to
wards iho next Congress with much expec
tation. The sybscriytion prico for the Congres
sional Globe (including the Appendix and
the laws) is sis dollars.
Washington, October 1853.
The above reward will be paid for the ap
prehension of any person who will say that
Isaac II. Loder does not sell the cheapest
and best Cabinet Furniture, at the Pcoplcs's
Cabinet-Ware Rooms, (oppo-
-aS site Robert Roy's store, iu the
borough of Stroudsburg,) this
side of New York.
The undersigned, having purchased the
large and extensive Cabinet Ware Rooms
lately occupied by Frederick Philips, would
respectfully inform the citizens of Strouds
burg and vicinity thai he intends carrying on
the Cabinet making business in all its various
branches; and is now prepared to receive or
ders and attend to all calls for every thing
in his line of business. The undersigned
will keep on hand and furnish to order
Good and fkimsome Fui'sihurc,
as cheap as can be sold anywhere. The
following articles can be examined in his
Ware Rooms:
Sofas, of various styles and patterns;
Sideboards, Secretaries, Wardrobes, Bu
reaux, of various pa terns.
Cupboards, of different kinds;
Card, Center, Side, "Breakfast, and Dining
Wash Stands, Twist, Small and Large
Etagere, What-Notes, Music Stands, Sofa
Tables, Tea Tables, Oval and Serpentine
Tables, Chinese What-nots, Fancy Work-
tables, Refreshment tables, Divans, and a
general assortment of Cottage Furniture on
hand and made to order.
OrYamishing and repairing done on short
notice and on reasonable terms.
A handsome assortment of Gilt, Maho-anv
and Walnut Looking Glass and Picture
frames, of every description, will be constant
ly kept on hand and made to order.
CSiip- Ready-made coffins kept on hand
.iT-Z&'-and made to order and in the best
style, at short notice. A hearse will also be
furnished when desired.
Lumber and country produce of all kinds
taken in exchange for Cabinet Ware, Give
us a call before purchasing elsewhere. Re
member the place is ooposite R. Boy's
Stroudsburg, March 24, 1853.
Any good, active and intelligent man. with
a small capital of from 830 to $100, can
make large profits by engaging in the sale of
the lollowing
lumbers'' Information for the People : or
Popular Encyclopedia of Useful Knowl
edge. I wo large imperial octavo volumes,
containing 1700 pages.
Peterson's History of the American Revolu
tion. 500 large octavo pages, and 200 fine
Frost's Remarkable Events in the History oj
America. I wo large octavo volumes, con
taining 1600 pages and 700 engravings
The best History ol America published,
I'rost s Pictorial Life of Washington. A
Splendid Book containing 600 octavo pages
and loO elegant Engravings. J ne cheap
est Life of Washington ever published.
Moore's HistoMi of the Indian Wars. Fine
colored and Plain Plates.
The True Republican. Containing the In
augural Addresses and the 1 irst Annual
Addresses and Messages of all the Presi
dents of the United Stales, the Constitu
tions of the most important States in the
Union, &c, &c. Embelished witht Por
traits of all the Presidents, engraved on
steell, and a view of the Capital of the
United btates. 500 pages; 12 mo.
Fox"s Book of Martyr's. A Splendid Family
Edition, large quarto, with 55 Engravings.
beautuully bound in morocco, gilt.
De Cormenin's History of the Popes. 900
lare octavo pages, with illustrations.
Josephus"1 YVoi-ks Fine Edition, one large
Sturm's Reflections on the Works of God.
St. Pierre's Studies of Nature.
White's History of the World. A Valuable
General History. One large octavo vol
time, with handsome Engravings.
Lives of Great and Celebrated Characters :
of all Ages and Countries. One large vol
ume of S00 pages, with numetous Engra
vings. Together with a number of other Works
particularly adapted for Popular Reading.
KTThe most liberal discounts will be giv
en to Agents who may engage in the sale oj
the above Valuable Books.
For further particulars, address (postage
J & J. L. GIIION, Publishers,
No. lJ8 Chestnut Hired, Philadelphia.
October, 7, 1853.
13ok A go sits WassU'iS.
To Sell Pictorial and Useful Works for
the car 1834.
Wanted in every section of the United
States, active and enterprising men, to
engage in the sale of some of the best
Books published in the Country. To
men of good address, possessing a small
capital of from 825 to 1000, such in
ducements will be offered as to enable
them to make from S3 to 85 a day profit.
fi65Thc Books published by us are all
useful in their character, extremely pop
ular, and command large sale wherever
they are offered.
For further particulars, address, (post
age paid.)
HUBERT SEARS, Publisher,
1S1 William St., N. York.
S.epos'S. of tiie Graiad .ssry, Scp
tcuibur Toriis, I 53.
The Grand Jury, is satisfied from the
information they could obtain that it is
a general practice by the Innkeepers in
the county of Monroe, to sell ardent
spirits on th'cr Sabbath day, and it is the
desire of the Grand Jury that the Inn
keepers throughout the county shall be
notified to close their bars on the Sab
bath, and in case said notice is disobeyed,
to enforce the law against them.
t Foreman of the Grand. Jury.
Stroudsburg, Oct. 1st. 1853.
The above Presentment is directed, to
be published in all the newspapers in
Monroe county, as notice to those inter
ested, that they shall not, in future, vio
late the layr, without being answerable
for it.
By the Court.
The sub.scriber has opened
his new Hotel and is ready to
vor him with their custom.
Stroudsburg, May 27, 1852. 6m.
t E ti I ll?.
' REMOVAL ! ! .
Boot anb Sljoc
crl! The subscriber respectfulv informs
V'vj'V n's Cl"slun,ers a"d friends that he has
removed his Bool and Shoe Manufac
tory to the store room formerly occupied b
Joseph Sigman, in Northampton street, one
door above Hamilton street, and between
Airs. E. H. Harmony's Millinery and Peter
Pomp s Drug btore.
He has just received a large assortment
of Boots and Shoes, among which are Calf
Congress Boots, Enameled Congress Boots.
Calf Napoleon Bouts, Patent Morocco Na
poleon Boots, Brogans, &c. for Getlemen
and Boys.
Also on hand a large assortment of Shoes
for Ladies and Misses. Women s fashion
ble Gaiters of every variety, made to order
at short notice. A large assortment of Chil
drens Shoes always on hand. GUM Shoes
of all descriptions and kinds, which he is
The goods are manufactured of the bes-t
materials and iu the neatest and most fash
ionable manner. He employs nona but the
best workmen about his establishment.
Thankful for the liberal patronage hereto
fore received, every effort will be made to
merit a continuance of the same.
Easlon, Septcnn.er lfi, 1832.
Bn Adciissi's Elixir
S the onlv medicine capable of curing the
H EAD ACH IS, in half an hour. Form
erly, several days were required to relieve
this distressing pain; whilst now the use of
the Elixir will, in a few moments remove it
entirely. Although but lately introduced
to public notice, this wonderful preparation
count thousands of advocates. It is very
beneficial in Colds and Coughs, checking
the most obstinate fit of coughing in a
minute or two. This remedy is an invalua
ble Family Medicine, in all sudden attacks
of sickness. A single trial will be satisfac
tory evidence of its efficacy. Price 25
cents per bottle. Prepared onlv by
Ofiice No. 118 Catharine street, above
3d, Philadelphia.
Allentown, July 0, 1852.
Dr. T. S. Prichard Dear Sir: I have
used the bottle of your "Elixir for Head
ache," which you left with me a few weeks
since, with. I think, decided advantage. 1
have for many years been subject to attacks
of this distressing complaint, and certainly
found relief in your preparation.
Yours respectfully, M. II ANNUM.
For sale by Dr. Samuel Stokes, Strouds
burg, Pa., wholesale agent.
Samuel B. Keefer, Snydersville.
W. S. Deitrich, Saylorsburg.
John Merwine, Merwinsburg.
David Christman. Christmansville.
H. D. & J. It. Sharer, Pleasant Valley.
July Ll, ISo'J-Gmos.
Mechanics, !rv.iiiois and Mami
ufiielurersi .50. En gplcsniiid Prizes. 550.
Volume IX of the Scientific Amijuican
commences on the 17th of September. It is
chielly devoted to the advancement of the in
terests of .Mechanics, Inventors, Manufactur
ers, and I armors, by the diffusion of useful
knowledge upon these important branches.
It is edited by men practically skilled in the
arts and sciences, and is widely regarded as
a sound and able journal. Nearly all the
Valuable Patents which issue weekly from
the Patent OmacE are Illustrated with
Engravings, and the Claims of all the Pat
ents arc published in its columns; thus mak
ing the paper a perfect Scientific and Me
chanical Encyclopedia for future as well as
present reference. The Scientific Ameri
can is very extensively circulated its circu
lation in the last Volume exceeding 18,000
copies per week. It is in form for binding;
each volume contains Several IIundiieu
Engravings and over Four. Hundred Pages
of Reading Matter, with an Index. The
practical receipts alone are worth to any
family much more than the subscription price.
The Publishers offer the following valua
ble prizes for the largest list of subscribers
sent in by the 1st of January next: .$100
will be given for the largest list; 75 for the
second; 30 for the third : 13 for the fourth;
10 for the 5th; $H5 for the Gth; o() for the
7th; 25 for the 8th; 20 for the 0th; 13
for the 10th; 10 for the 11th; and 5 for the
13th. The cash will be paid to the order of
the successful competitor, inuncadiately after
January 1st 1854.
Teiuis : One copy one year, 2; one copy
six months, 1; five copies six months, 1;
ten copies six months, 3; ten copies 12
months, 15; fifteen copies twelve months,
22; twenty copies twelve months, 28 in
Southern and Western money taken for
Letters should lie directed, nost-paid, to
Munn & Co. 123 Fulton-street, N. Y.
Aug. 25, 1853.
The fortieth edition,
with one hundred engra
vings, showing Diseases
& Malformations of the
Ijl Females, being of the
nest importance to
mairied people, or those
contemplating ma triage.
B5y WsESiiiEia rnj :s;r, E3. B.
Let no father be ashamed to present a copv
of the Msculapius to his child. It may save
him from an early grave. Jet no young man
or woman enter into the secret obligations ol
married life without reading iho Pocket Ms-
culapius. Let no one suffering from a hack-
nied cough, pain in the side, reslcss nighs,
nervous feelings, and the whole train of Dys
peptic sensations, and given up by their phy-
sin in, oe anotner monument wunoui con
sulting the Msculapius. Have the married,
or those about to bo married, any impediment
read this truly useful book, as it has been the
nmcas of saving thousands of unfortunate
creatures from the very jaws of death.
Any person sending Twenty Jive cents en
closed in a letter, will receive one copy of
this work by mail, or five copies will be sent
for One Dollar. Address, (post paid.)
No. 1 52 Spruce si. Philadelphia.
February 17, 1853 ---ly.
XOAP. Fine scented Soaps forwash-
inr and shaving a'so the ce'ebratad
shaving cream, for sa'c by
Five doors above the tJcffersomaii office,
This is the cheapest place to buy Ready
made iloi!)mg, Boots & Sljocs
in the Borough of Stroudsburg.
GILO'S" IE Eff G I C LOT 11 3 7id !
Less than City prices ! Quick sales and
small jinfits !
We have on hand the largest assortment
of Ready-made Clothing, Boots &. Shoes
suitable for all seasons of the year that can
be found in this place, which we arc able to
sell at less than City prices, and at least 2d
per cent, lower than the same kind of goods
can be had at any other establishment in town.
We buy our materials in large quantities di
rect from the manufactures, by which we save
30 per cent, in our purchases. The Clothing
we offer are all of our own manufacture, and
not bought ready-made.
We also keep on hand a splendid assort
ment of
Qcnllmcns Stocks and Handkerchiefs,
of the latest style, and a variety of
Trunks, Valises, arpct-bags,
OCF" Produce of all kinds taken in exchange
for anything in our line of business.
Cash or trade will be paid for 2,000 sheep
skins. July 21, 1653. 3 mos.
JSs The proprietors of this etah!ish-
E&Sfy mcntare prepared to furnish the pub-i--lic
with all the conveniences that
can be required iu this business. Having
latciy added new stock, it will be found that
our new Omnibus is just the thing for parties
on pleasure trips, marriage excursions, &.c.
Wo assure the public that our slock is all
good and reliable, and are at all times pre
pared to furnish every variety of vehicles.
Prices reasonable.
Stable on William street, adjoining Katuz's
Blacksmith shop.
Stroudsburg, August 4, 1853. ly.
PIUs! Fits! Fiis!
For the cure oj' Fits, Spasms, Cramps, and
all Nervous and Constitutional Diseases.
Persons who are laboring under this dis
tressing malady will find the Vegetable Epi
leptic PWs to be the only remedy ever dis
covered for curing Epilepsy, or Falling Fits.
These Pills possess a specific action on
the nervous system; and, although they are
prepared especially for the purpose of curing
fits, they will be found of especial benefit
for all persons afilictcd with weak nerves, or
whose nervous system has been prostrated or
shattered from any cause whatever. In chron
ic complaints, or diseases of long standing.
superinduced by nervousness, the' are ex-
eedingly beneficial.
Price 3 per box, or two boxes for 85.
Persons out of the city, enclosing a remit
tance, will have the Pills sent them through
the mail, free of postage. For sale by Seth
S. IIance, No. 103 Baltimore street, Balti
more, Md., to whom orders from all parts of
the Union, must be addressed, post paid.
June 2, 1353. ly.
TTr tr nnvrno nnnf 1 r TnrMi tin A Ii Tm
u Tr?i self m Stroudsburg, and moved
- his ofiice next door to Dr. S.
Walton, and nearly opposite S. JMelicH's Jew
elry store, where he is fully prepared to treat
the natural teeth, and also to insert incorrupt
ible artificial teeth on pivot and plate, in the
latest and most improved manner. Most per
sons know the danger and folly of trusting
their work to the ignorant as well as the
traveling dentist. It matters not how much
experience a person may have, he is liable to
have some failures out ol a number of cases,
and if the dentist lives at a distance, it is fre
quently put ofF until it is too late to save the
tooth or teeth as it may be, otherwise the in
convenience and trouble of going so lar.
Hence the necessity of obtaining the services
of a dentist near home. All work warranted.
April 25, 1853,
Just burnt and for sale by the subscriber
These brick are of a largo size and of a su
perior quality, and will be sold as low or
lower according to quality than any other
Brick, in the county. A portion of them are
pressed or front brick. Said brick are made
of the best material and will stand the fire
with impunity, thus; answering for the pur
nose of building Bake ovens, &c. All
which will be sold as low as any in th
neigllborhood. All kinds of Produce taken in exchange
for Brick. SIMON GRUB Eli.
Stroudsburg, August 18, 1853 1
Clark's Patent combined grinding and bolt
ing mill, is an invention which cannot fail
coming into general use, turning out as it
does from the wheat extra flour, superfine,
middlings, ship stuff and bran, at a single op
oration, and in the most complete manner.
This ti uly scientific mill fills a space of but
three feet in diameter, and live feet high, is
worked by a single shaft, capable of grinding
and bolting from three to ten bushels of wheat
an hour, and can be propelled by any power
from four horse, to any which may be desired.
The entire cost of a mill calculated to make
one barrel of flour to the hour, does not ex
ceed 100. Those desiring to purchase a
mill, or the patent for counties or townships
in Pennsylvania, are requested to address
Wm. lleilman, or call at No. 41 Brown street,
September 1, 1833. 3t.
T ESPECTFULLY announces to the cit-
zens of Stroudsbuig and the surround
ing country, that he still continues the above
ousine.s, and may be found at his establish
ment on Elizabeth street. All orders for Pa
per Hanging will be punctually attended to,
and executed in the beht style, upon the most
reasonable terms.
N. B. Wl'DOW SASH, painted and
glazed, of all sizes, constantly on hand and
for sale at the nboie establishment.
Stroudsburg, April 15, 1852. ly
CM A R 1.358 BE DSC U,
Manufacturer and dealer in all kinds
of furniture, cabinet-ware, cofllns, etc.
at his stand on the Milford road, two
miles from Strqud&burg.
(XT-Ready-made cofiins of all qualities
and sizes kept constantly on hand and for
sale at Ihe lowest, cash price.
October 20, lS63.ly.
Books & 0tolionr.ru
88 John st. New York.
Publishers, Booksellers, Stationers, ami
Manufacturers of every description of
3&ssm isa,
having enlarged their manufacturing depart
ment, and added a new Sales Room to their
establishment, are now prepared to supply
Booksellers and Country Merchants with ev
ery variety of
Books, Blank Boolcs Stationery,
on the most favorable terms. Their stock
of BLANK BOOKS, all of their own man
ufacture, consists of all the various sizes and
styles of Account Books, Memorandums,
Pass Bool:.., Writing, Ciphering, Exercise,
Time, Roll and Drawing Books, Bookkeep
ing Blanks, &c.
ii:tries for I5,
graeat variety.
BOOKS in every department of literature,
suitable for Schools, Academies, Colleges.
.School. Sunday School, Public and Pri
vate Libraries, Standard Works in Prase
and Poetry,
Annuals and other books in fine bindings
for the Holidays.
JUVENILE BOOKS, of every descrip
tion. Bibles, Prayer & Hymn Books hi all their
A !&!::., ?2B:si Books &c.
STATIONERY. plain and fancy, Eng
lish. French tj- American.
Slates by the case at Manufacturer's low
est prices.
All of which they will sell, at prices av
eraging probably lower than any other Es
tablishment in the city.
Orders by Mail filled carefully and prompt
ly, and at as low prices as if the purchasers
were prepnt.
John, cor. of Gold Street, New York,
July 7, l85:i.
New Boot and Shoe Eslabiishjii.iitt
The subscribers would solicit the attention
of the public to their new Boot and Shoe Es
tablishment, just opened in Stroudsburg, first
door below Barry's Hotel, where work of all
kinds can be had either ready-made or made
to order at the shortest notice and on the
most reasonable terms. Ladies' Shoes of the
neatest styles constantly on hand.
Long experience in the business in all its
department?-, enables the subscribers to re
commend their work to the public, feeling;
well assured that their highest expectations
will be fully realized after giving it a fair
Stroudsburg, June 23, lS.53.-tf.
The undersigned having io
cated himself in the borough
ol Stroudsburg, at the old Sad
dle and Harness stand of Jas.
IS". Durling, on Walnut street,
opposite the Washington Ho
tel, ivould inform the public
that he will keep constantly
on hand a choice assortment or
Saddles, Bridles, Collars, Yvhipsi Carriage
Harness, Sulky and Gig: Harness, Team,
Harness, leather, cotton, and worsted
Flynels, Trunks, Valises, Carpel- .
bags, Curry-combs, Horse
cards and brushes,
and all other articles in his line of business,
which he will dispose of upon very reasona
ble terms.
Work made to order at the shortest notice.
His materials will be of ihe best quality,
and as he emplovs none but good workmen,
he hopes to receive a liberal share of public
His motto is "quick sales and small profits."
Call and see for yourselves.
Country produce taken in exchange for
work. W. C. LARZELLER.
Stroudsburg, March 17, 1853.
JNT. B. Carriage trimmings fur sale, and
Carriages trimmed to order.
New Whole Sale and lidail
Slroutlbs3;,-, iPa.
The undersigned would inform Land
Jiy: 0rds and the public generally, that
they have justopened the above business in
Stroudsburg. in the store house formerly oc
cupied by John II. Melick as a Jewelry Store,
and have on hand a large stock of
of all kinds and of the best quality, direct from
the Custom House, which they are prepared
to sell to Landlords and others on the most rea
fonable terms. Our stock consists of French
Brandy, dark and pale. A so, Peach, Black
berry, Cinnamon and Cherry Brandy ; Hol
land Gin, N. E. Rum; Irish, Rye and Apple
Whiskey; Lisbon, Claret, Port, Sweet Mala
ga, Currant and Champagne Wine, &c. &c
Also, on hand a large stock of Bitters of ail
Demijohns, from I to 5 gallons; bottles, and
generally any thing that can be asked for in
our line.
Landlords will find it greatly to their aid
vantage to deal with us. Wc have no hired
agents to sell and distribute liquors for us at
great expense, which must be paid forhy the
consumer. Those dealing with us we intend
shall be satisfied with the article they get, as
well as the price, and whenever they are noti
we will be pleased to have them return the
tquor, and make the fact known, for we in
end to make it a permanent business, and
can only do so by dealing honorably. All
orders sent us, by stage dm era or others, will
be promptly attended to, the same as though
the person was present dealing for himself.
July 8, 1852. P. S. POSTLWS & Co.
The Co-Partnership heretofore existing un
der the firm of Palmer &. Peakci:, in the
manufacture of Candles, has been dissolved
by mutual consent. The Books and Accounts
are in the hands of John Palmer, to whom
all indebted are requstcd to make pur merit.
Stroudsburg, June 10, 1S53.
N. B. John Palmer & Son having purchasr
ed Pearce's interest in the Stock, the bus
neas will, as heretofore, be carried on at tho
old stand, by John Palmer &. Son, who a-k a
continuation of public patronage.
A great variety of Toys on hand awl
for sale cheap at the variety litoru
Stroudsburg, G, May 1S53.
For sale at this Ofiice.
. For snie nt this Omc..v

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