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TTT K m,ORR. charge of both
I I'm fnnlilriln thn rirrnlritinn nf ihn Con
TU Official Paper of Congress, Loessional Globe and cheapen it to subseri-
an'd XF.wsi'Aprn rnn Tim ppnut r p . . , . . - .
. . oers, uongrcss passeu last year a joint res-
It will be seen by the annexed extract from n..,nn mnkintr it fren nf nosta. I annex
nL1(n.n!,. w-m.: n..M p ...........- 0
i itun ui vjiii. . uoiiiuwiuii iu lk'uu OlUH- ,, n.v mav not hfi nrrnss! i p. to nnst
an, uaieu iew i orh., i ui March, I UU, mat mntPr opnorn v
:.i r t. . t ' " j
mai nu UB.IUI suciia paper as l propose Jomt RcsohUlon providing for the distribution of thc
iu inahc uie .iioue originatcu in Hie mum on Laws ol uongress ana uic ueoatcs tiu-i eon
i me
With n view to
The above reward will be paid for the ap
prehension of any person who will say that
Isaac II. Loder does not sell the cheapest
and best Cabinet Furniture, at the Peoj)lcs's
mS site Robert Boy's store, in the A IN UlAUlUlli
The subscriber respectful)' informs
13'ooi anb 0!)oc
1 1
d borQu , of strouddburg,) this
i t ..; .i- .i. i f I . -it- i
c.nraP."y""",' side ot iew iorK. j ..: ,..,.., o,i fr.Ar.rU thm hn has
KiT The undersigned, having purchased the f fM."" 1 & Poland Sho cManufac
lnrrrn and extensive Cabinet Ware Itooms ., r i..
Be it resolved by the Senate and House of ltcprc,cn- , . . , , Vro,nrnU phn WOIllll fory l store .. . .u. y M
tC P'nttior rtf life f n nt r t TTrt tnwt
v,. ...o . te.iul tlin.lnb.itesrnntributi.nr to the true inter
. . i , -.!. .i.tv. . v - . --, - .
- ii is iu uu liiiiiumcu uuu we euiwirs 01 im; uuieieui prctation tiicreoi, ana to maue iree cominuineaiu
Gazettes in the Union do not more generally and more tween the representative and constituent bodies :
roncciiv (lnsicia ol siu inii! I neir nantrs una scurnn- nr it rpuniriMi hv t in Snnnte ami House 01 ncnrcscn- . . . . , n ... i . i. nu:i:..
ty and nonsensical declamation, which few would read tatives of the United States of America in Congress as- nitCl) OCClipieu O) 1 rt-uuriou x ''"J;;"'"! j,.,, Sman, in Northampton Street, one
H.incv; were appnscu 01 uie cuim-mai ihiuiisii hibuc- scmuitu, i n.u irom ana aner inc present session ui respec Ills liy liiionn mu cuiauhs ui uuuuuo- i . jinv Ili'nilton Street and bet ween
uaies m oncruis on an gre.iuiauun.nuiKi". mi.- uoiiKrcss.incuonaresionai uiooeanu Ainteiiuix, iuuh ,!.,,. ,i, , m intmiic pnrrvinir nn " , ...... 1 n
Di inciplcMipon which the difference ol opinion arises, contain the laws and debates thereon, shall pass fice UUJts ,u,u "? Xrs. E. II. Ilatmony s Millinery ana l eiei
e puniMieu me iauiuui iiiiiitui" uuMiiusaui an no p - l")rti" Store.
. --7o .
Jlc has just rcceiveu a targu .isaui u.ium
Thu Daily GLonc
Tub Coxgukssional Gi-ode
In surrendering my interest in the organ
of a great political party, I cherished the
purpose of continuing the Congressional
ns well as the decisions, would then come fully before throuch the mails so ions as the same shall he
ihepuimc anaaiioruii "j"bwh.- by order or congress: l'roviaea niat no mng nercin branches: and is now prepared to receive or
' I I .1-,. ... I ..Mah.1 x r If . i 1 L" ffM otrniMt iliiTKrl - . . i i 1 1 1
uura uuu iiiiuuu iu ,m . --J of JJoots and bliocs, among wnien are oan
in his line of business. 1 lie undersigned Pco p.nt V.nnmnlnr! fimmress Uuots.
As I sell the Daily Globe at half the price w;u ecr) on ,and tmd furnish to order (.irBy,ninn l!,w,iR Pntnnt Morocco Na
of similar publications, so the Congressional , , RoivIsOBC FllPlitarC, poleon Boots, Btogans, &c. for Getlemen
Globe and Appendix is sold for hall the cost wO!i aUJ ISc.i.USlL.X t ni.in.ua
of so much composition, press-work, and pa as cheap as can be sold anywhere. The ' As0 on" j,ani a lare assortment of Shoes
1. I ifociH in limn nnfPlil " . " . " I IOT IjauICS ailtl IVllSSCS. WOlIieil S lilblllllll-
y,uuc'- i " ' Uig subscription oi congress almost covers Ware Rooms:. . (Jnitors of everv variety, made to order
;mn n fn nstorv of the action of Con?ress. .. . r ,i ,u: mQc mo r : i ..-... nie uaucrs oi ccr) ,inuj,uiaui, uiuiu
" -------j , , r ,, - t I IIIU CUSl UI tuiiijiuaiuiiii, iuu 11113 tiwuiso im- CiOiaS, 01 VailOUS SIVIUS UUU JiilLUJI lie,
giving the debates accurately and fully with seu"for ne mota ihan the cost of press-
tiie proceeoings ait siampeo wiintnc enij work aj paper. u requires the sale ol
of an official record. From the passage in , , nnno conies to reimburse expenses.
tho lettct of General Washington, which I j f 500 oniy were solti, tjie cost of each copy
I . : ...;11 Ka nAff.nirnrl flint hnl 1 f . Air.ii 'tii lf.... : .1.,
ni tjuuiuu, n ni (iv.v... ...... Woulu oe aooui oiui : i ue uuuaii's in rp , 1
thought this olTice might be comuinca wiui pjnojis Parliament cost about eleven times ,v
that of a regular newspaper; anu uistcn.uu i mucij as i charge subscribers for the de-
that the avidity of the public lor uews 01 'R bates in Congress, equal in quantity, and as
less important Kino greauy comnouiua iu led and prinled
Sideboards, Secretaries, U ard robes, u- .irfills shoes ahvavs on hand. CUM Shoes
reaux, of various paterns. ()f n derfCtiptions and kinds, which he i.-
Cupboards, of different kind?; sellino-
Card, Center, Side, Brcaklust, and LMnmg CNS&P FOR CASH,
The goods are manufactured of the best
Five doors above tlic 1 Jjfersnrdany oflico,
This is the cheapest place to buy Ready-
tlotl)htg, Soot? & Sljocs
in the Borough of Slroudsburg.
Less than City prices ! Quick sales and
small proits!
We have on hand the largest assortment
Sooks & 0tafioucv '
88 John st. New York.
Publishers, Booksellers, Stationers, and
Manufacturers of every description of
having enlarged their manufacturing depart
ment, and added a new Sales Boom to their
establishment, are now prepared to supply
Hnoksellers and Country .Merchants with ev
ery variety of
Books, Blank Books $ Stationery,
be found in this place, wlncli we arc aoie u uiaciure, consists ol all the various si:
sell at less than City prices, and at least 25 styles of Account Books, Memora
per cent, lower than the same kind of goods Pass Book?, Writing, Ciphering, Ej
can be had at any other establishment in town. Time Roll and Drawing Books, Boo
P1VC Wings to uie weiguucr nnmei vtunu
mav be called Congressional news.
j , f. iuut uuu, -' fj 1
lIoiMnn ciirppilPil in mu niirnnsn 01 ner-I . , i . :. ...:ll u I nnn i I
na..K j - ai uiOUC tor u win ruacu i.uuu iujai Muanu r. ,, mn in r,inr
!i Stands. Twist. Small and Lar?e . F .i r..r.i. nP thn l.itpst stvlo. and a variety of
... ;t 7 ,v o.- i o materials ana in inu nuaiesi. uuu musi man- j--'
X 'Tnn T, 'oTal and Seruontino 'nablG T"""', A " .LSS,:Tf " WimiLS, WHSeS, WUU,
t ' r'l.i.tnoi-i w...,. 0 V v 'Wnrb ucsiwon.mona.ciui .iibiaunsumuu. nT?V COO OS AiVD YANKEE NOTIONS
in. .. tl.n i ,mix nolrnnonft liornln. I aka 1 -
'I he next session of Congress will be a j Refreshment tables, Divans, and a
ng one; and it is believed the Congression- ' aBsnrtm-nt ofCotta-e Furniture on
fjir Varnishing and repairing done on short
notice and on reasonable terms.
A handsome assortment of Gilt, Mahogany
and Walnut Looking Glass and Picture
frames, of every description, will be constant
ly kept on hand and made to order.
7T53 Ready-made comns kept on hand
feeling the reports of the debates in Congress aeg ag tl,c iast long session made 3,312 ;
and giving them the oiiiual stamp, 1 now anj ,jie iong 0ne before that made 3.1)01 roy
proposc to send them abroad, in connection aj quarto pages four large volumes each
with the news of the day, in such haste as sei;s,on if subscribers will be careful to
shall outstrip lull and accurate intelligence file an lhe numbers received by them, I will
sent lrom the seat 01 uovernmeni in an) ' sunniY anv that may miscarry in the mails
other form whatever. It will even antici -phis 'work increases in value as it grows
pate the scraps of news forwarded to cities l 1(1 firSt sevcnleen volumes will now
within two hundred and fifty miles ol asli- comman three limes, and some of the subse
ington by telegraph. Before the events thus nnen. ones (wicc thejr original subscription style, at short notice.
transmitted arc published in the morning nrjrp furnished when desired.
papers, (for instance, of the city of Is. lorK.) -im.. subscription price for the Congrcs Lumber and country produce of all kinds
the Globe containing them will have reached sjonal Globe (including the Appendix and taken in exchange for Cabinet Ware, Give
the post, onice 01 mat city uy uiu ii.piess ,1 in.vs ;s s;x dollars. us a ca 1 before purchasing elsewhere. Ke
--.r. -i. oi 1 , . . .1
iMail ol the previous nignt. uic process o) Comolete indexes will be made out and member the place is opposite R
. . . 1i .-V IT 1 1 I . I I . - I
which this win ue eneciea 1 now iay uuiorc forwarjetj l0 subscribers soon after tho ses store.
the public. sion is ended
I will have a corps of sixteen Reporters Subscribers for the Daily should have
in Uongress ; each in succession win lauii llieir money here by the 5th, and fur the Con
notes timing nve minutes; men runic-, pi- crcssion Globe by the 15th of December
pare them Jor the rrcss, put mem sup ") 'j',0 money must accompany an order tor
v.hp 1:1 the han:s 01 compositors; anu inns, eiti,or thc Daily or Congressional tilobo.
while a debate is going on in Congress, it ank noles current where a subscriber re
will be put in type, and in a lew minutes sideS wiji bc rcCeived at par
after it is ended it will be in print. 1 shall JOHN C. RIVES.
by this means be enabled to send by the Washington, October 12, IS53.
IJonmcc Miil ixf f, (iVIiip!; n. m for thp I
received, every effort will be made to
merit a continuance of the same.
Easlon, September 1G, !95'J.
n. Ac3cli?aas's EDEsxsr
fS the onlv medicine capable of curing the
HEAD ACHE, in half an hour. Form
erly, several days were required to relieve
this distressing pain; whilst now the use ol
of Ready-made Clothing, Boots & Shoes on the most favorable terms. Their stock
suitable for all seasons of thc year that can of BLANK BOOKS, all of their own man-
be found in this place, which we arc able to ufacuire, consists of all the various sizes and
Itw.lrt' onn.
wr 1 .,in,;ni0 in I irn-o niimtitics di- ng Jilanki, A'c.
rcct from the manufactures, by which we save Diaries f :u-
30 per cent, in our purchases. rI he Clothing grneat variety.
we offer are all of our own manufacture, and BOOKS in every department of literature,
not bought ready-made. suitable for Schools, Academies, Colleges,
We also keep on" hand a splendid assort- School, Sunday School, Public and Pri-
1 1 -. "o..f 1 nr...... t
mentor vate Moranes, oiauauru jk jtusg
and Poetry,
Annuals and other books in fine bindings
for the Holidays.
JUVENILE BOOKS, of every descrip
tion. Bibles, Prayer & Hymn Books in allthetc
A!2nm, music CooJcs &c
STAT ION F. K Y, plain and fancy, Eng
lish, French liencfr.
Slates by the case at Manufacturer's low-'
est prices.
All of which thev will sell, at prices av
eraging probably lower than any other Gs-
Gcntlmcns Stocks and Handkerchiefs,
ftV Produce of all kinds taken in exchange
for anything in our line of business.
Cash or trade will be paid lor 2,000 sheep
skins. July 21, 1S33. 3 mos.
Thc proprietors of this cstablish-
iiMi mcntarc prepared to furnish thc pub
'VSV 1 . , '"b" 1
-l:c with all thc conveniences that tablishmcnt in the city
.SZL,:XrZ? remove it can be required in this business. Having Orders by Mail filled careful y and prompt-
k ' . . . V 1 1 I It. I1111UV. I-V W t VIV. I ...... ... V..W WW .1,111,
Alt'houoh but lately introduced lately added new stock, it will bc found that jy, and at as low prices as if the purchasers
cor. of Gold Street, New York.
public notice, this wonderful preparation our new Omnibus is just the thing for parties were present
unt thousands of advocates. It is very on pleasure trips, marriage excursions, &c. 83 John,
ncficial in Colds and Coughs, checking Wc assure the public that our stock is all July 7, lf-o3.
Stroudsburg, March 24, 1653.
A hearse will also be entirely
the most obstinate fit of coughing in a good and reliable, and are at all times pre
minute or two. This remedy is an invalua- pared to furnish every variety 01 vehicles.
ble Family Medicine, in all sudden attacks Prices reasonable.
of sickness. A single trial will be saiisfac- Stable on William street, adjoining Katuz's
tory evidence of its efficacy. Price 2o Blacksmith shop.
cents per bottle. Prepared only by
Office No. llS Catharine street, above
JJoy s
m. lor the
East, West, and North, and by that of 9 o'
clock p. m. for the South, ail tho proceed
ings of Congress up to the ordinary hour of
adjournment. Thus the accurate debates 0
Congress will reach the cities two hundred
and fifty miles from the Capitol before their
daily morning papers are in circulation.
The miscellaneous news I shall be care
ful to gather from remote sections of the
rmuntrv hv telenrauh. 1 will obtain from
Vaiuable Building Lois at
ans' tSoml Sale.
Pursuant to an order of the Or
phans' Court of Monroe County,
slgSmadc at Stroudsburg in said Coun-
ity, on the 1st day ot October ls5d,
Anv good, active and intelligent man. with 3d, Philadelphia
a small capital of from S30 to 6100, can certificate :
make large profits by engaging in the sale of Alientowii, Julv 9, 1852.
the lollowing i)r. i S. Prichard -Dear S'lr : I have
hambers" Information for the People: or URet thc )()Uju 0r your "Elixir for Head-
Popular Encyclopedia of Useful Kuowl- arlG which you left with me a few weeks
Stroudsburg, August 4, lt?53. ly
Pias! Fits! Fairs!
For the cure of Fits, Spasms, Cramps, and
all Nervous and Constitutional Diseases.
edge. Two large imperial octavo volumes, sjnce, with, J think, decided advantage,
containing 1700 pages. nave for many years i,een subject to altai
Peterson's History of the American Rcvolu 0r ti,is distressing complaint, and certai
lion. 500 large octavo pages, and 200 fine founj rejief jn yor preparation.
engravings Yours respectfully, M. IIANNUM.
Frost s Remarkable Events in the History qj r J
Antrim. Two larne octavo volumes, con- 1' or sale by Dr. Samuel Stokes, Strouds-
taining IGOO pages and 700 engravings uurg
New Boot and Shot1 Establishment.
The subscribers would solicit the attention
of the public to their new Boot and Shoe Es
tablishment, just opened in Stroudsburg, first
door below Barry's Hotel, where work of all
kinds can be had either ready-made or made
to order at the shortest notice and on the
most reasonable terms. Ladies' Shoes of the
neatest htyles constantly on hand.
Long experience in the business in all its
departments, enables the subscribers to rc-
commend their work to the puhiic, iceting
Persons who are laboring under this dis
cks tressino- malady will find the Vegetable Epi- v-c assured that their highest expectations
certainly leplic Pills to be thc only remedy ever dis
covered lor curing Lpiiepsy, or railing rits
The best History of America published,
and 150 elegant Engravings. The cheap
oct T.ifn -if Wnshinoton pvi?r published.
M,nrcs HisloJv of the Indian Wars. Fine July U, lS53-(Jmos.
colored and Plain Plates.
will be exposed to public sale on Monday,
.1. m r A' lOVJ it tlm nuhlip
Frost's Pictorial Life of Washington
lhe Executive Departments, through official "V , .7. " . I . ul m. Z u nr ,,,,, Splendid Book containing GOO octavo page
sources, the matters of moment transacted "
in them, and, through agents employed for v,z- f f; -
the purpose, all the city news of conse-l ; ZZa o u ti,
otience in sufficient time to be put into the ! "2 "
lhe Globe and mailed in the Express Mail to an eleven feet wide alley
trains. In this way 1 hope to create a new -no. . nujouw. , ,
era in the dissemination of news from on Monroe street, by 9U in depth to an elev-
Washington. Hitherto no newspaper has en feet wide alley.
attempted to give authentic accounts of Also, a lot ironung on v.eor aim oa.
things done at Washington ueiore the puo- streets. lo icta uuui uu uamn :
lie mind at a distance had received its firsi in depth to an eleven feet wide alley,
impressions f.om irresponsible telegraphic The above are valuable building lots, being
dispatches, or by letter-writers Liased by situate near the centre of the Town, and
peculiar views. along the line of the Delaware, Lehigh and
Washington has now become so great a Wyoming vaney nanroaa.
rpnlerof uolitical interest duting all the Terms of Sale. One half of the purchase
,.(.r ho nrnrnndinfTs of the Executive De mnnnv tn be Diid on the confirmation of the n Cnrmenin's llistorn of the Pones. 900
partments and the information collected by sale, the balance in one year, to be secured large octavo pages, with illustrations,
them even during the recess of Congress is by Judgment, with interest from ccnfirma- Josephus" Works Fine Edition, one large
Sturm's Refections on the Works of God.
Si. Pierre's Studies of Nature.
While's History of the World. A Valuable
General History. One large octavo vol
nme, with handsome Engravings.
Lives of Great and Celebrated Characters :
of all Ages and Countries. One large vol
ume of 800 pages, with numerous Engra
vings. Toother with a number of other Works
Pa., wholesale agent.
Samuel B. Keefer, Snydcrsville.
W. S. Deitrich, Saylorsburg.
John Merwine, Merwinsburg.
David Christman. Christmansville.
These Pills- possess a specific action on
the nervous system; and, although they are
prepared especially for the purpose of curing
Fits, they will be found ot especial Dcneiu
for all persons alllicted with weak nerves, or
whose nervous system has been prostrated or
shattered from anv cause whatever. Inchron-
will be fully realized after giving it a fair
Stroudsburg, June 23, 1853.-tf.
TT. D. & J. K. Shafer. Pleasant Vallev. ic complaints, or diseases of long standing,
superinduced by nervousness, tney are ex
ceedingly beneficial.
Price 83 per box, or two boxes for 85.
Persons out of thc city, enclosing a remit
tance, will have the Pills sent them through
thn mail, free of nostane. For sale by Seth
7y Cc"c;L'. Containing t.,c In- HOC&ailiCS, IllVCUlOrS and BBBU-
augural Addresses and the First Annual Ilfacturei'Sj
Addresses .and Messages of all f - 8,350. Sn Splendid Prizes. S250.
ueius ui uic uiuii." i.4,j, ...v. .. ... . ,r t -i.i.-. T.i.: . l..l.:
lions of tho most important States in the Volume IN of thc Scientific American a. a ance, io. iuo m uinure
Union, &c, &c. Embelihhed witiit Por- commences on the 17th of September. It is more, Md., to whom orders from all parts ot
trails of all the Presidents, engraved on chiefly devoted to the advancement ot thc in- the Union, must ue aucrcsseu, puii paiu.
steell, and a view of the Capital of the terestsof Mechanics, Inventors, Manvfactur- June 2, 1333. ly.
United States. 500 pages: 12 mo. Crs, and Fanners, by the diffusion ot useful
u's Bcok of Martyr's- A Splendid Family knowledge upon these important branches.
Edition, largo quaito, with 55 Engravings, it is edited by men practically skilled in the
beautifully bound in morocco
The undersigned having lo
cated himself in the borough
of Stroudsburg, at thc old Sad
dle and Harness stand of Jas.
N. Durling, on Walnut street,
opposite thc Washington Ho
tel, would inform tho public
that he will keep constantly
on hand a choice assortment of
Saddles, Bridles, Collars, Whips, Carriage
Harness, Sulky and Gig Harness, Tetcm
Harness, leather, cotton, and worsted .
Flyncls, Trunks, Valises, Carpet
hairs. Curru-combs, Horsr-
BH. J. IiAKTa, JL j cards and brushes,
Has permanently located him- and all other articles in his lino of business,,
2gh self in Stroudsburg, and moved which he will dispose of upon very reasona-
h r .n .1 f r,- S Li. .
ins uiuco iiuAt uuui iu iti. u. mi; lenns.
of so muiti importance to ;nc interests 01 tion,
everv section of the country that 1 shall gJc to commence at 10 o'clock A. NI
continue the publication of the daily paper ALEXANDER FOWLER, Adm'or.
permanently, with a view to become toe Bv the Court: M. II. DREHER, Clerk.
vehicle of the earliest and most correct in- Stroudsburrr, October 14, 1853.
It is part of my plan to reduce the price
Borough I
oMhe daily paper to half that of similar pa- 0fPhoebe Fowler, late of the B
pers ; and thus 1 hope to extend its circula- Stroudsburg, decesed.
.: n c- t.i mi-no nih-prtipmpnl I will J CT '
. - .1 T',. : : U 1 tio T n tore IVs'n.
publish advertisements ol the uovernment. ixuutu is uvivuj gi.ui
To subscribers in the cities I hope to sub rneutary upon said estate have been granted
mit such terms as will induce them to ad- to the undersigned. All persons indebted to
,.-;M ,v,;r KnciriRss in everv villace said estate, are requested to make immediate
llircntrhout the Union, where the Globe is payment, and those having claims or demands n ,e ajj0e Valuable Books.
sent dailv under the franks of members of against the same, will present them for set- por further particulars, address (postage
arts and sciences, and is wmciy regaruea as
n cninitl and able iournal. Nearly all the
V.u.vahle Patents which issue weekly from Walton, and nearly opposite S. M click's Jew- Work made to order at the shortest notice,
the Patent Oitice are Illustrated with clrv store, where he is fully prepared to treat His materials will be of the best quality,
Rvr-D vivrs. nnfl tlm Cr.ATVR of all tho Pat- thn natural teeth, and also to insert incorrupt- and as he employs none but good workmen,
knts arc published in its columns; thus mak- ible artificial teeth on pivot and plate, in the hc hopes to receive a liberal share of public
ing thc paper a perfect Scientific and Mi latest and most improved manner. Most per- patronage. tj
cmanical Encyclopedia for future as well as sons know the danger and folly of trusting His motto is "quick sales and small profits.
present reference. The Scientific Ameui- their work to the ignorant as' well as the Call and see for yourselves.
can is very extensively circulated its circu- traveling dentist. It matters not how much Country produce taken m exchange For
lation in the last Volume exceeding 18,000 experience a person may have, he is liable to work. W. C. LARZELIER.
copies per week. It is in form for binding; have sonic failures out of a number of cases, Stroudsburg, March 17, 1853.
each volume contains Several Hundiied and if the dentist lives at a distance, it is fre- N. B. Carriage trimmings for sale, and
Engravings and over Four Hundred Pages qucntly put off until it is too late to save the Carriages trimmed to order.
-w rtii . . t a. I . ! il.M i ' " "
of Reading .Matter, with an index. 1 lie tooth or teem as ic may ue, ouicrwisu mu i- Solo W. Kfoi
.' . 1 i .ir i 1 1 ) ,1 :
Z"ic."i ?". .. - convonienc. and .troubiool qoing so
4 - ------ J
en to
all of whom take it, and some of tlement, to
them a large number of copies- ALEXANDER FOWLER, Ex'or.
The installation of a new Administration Stroudsburg, Oct. 1, 1853 6t.
and a new Congress portends much change 7 .
in the course of public affairs as the result iVulUtUtSIVCltOt 0 & Oil CC.
who ma ; en"in l ie sale oj family much more than thc subscription price. 1 lence the necessity of obtaining the services
71 b mesne j publishcrs offer thc fonowing valua- of a dentist near home. All work warranted.
April 23, 1853,
lij"a,"ciCft( Britk
Just burnt and for sale by the subscriber
These brick are of a large size and of a su-
of the next scsssion. Many vast interests
which were brought up in the last Congress
J & J. L. C I HON, Publishers,
No. 98 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.
October, 7, 1853.
ISook AffCEitS
Notice is hereby given that Letters of Ad-
; 4. . . i l.' . - A o I in rrt
re laid over by'the Democratic majority to mtnsirauou upon . J"lT"
c .. TT" 1 r mv nr. 1 iir 01 riacKun ouch, jjuiiiuii uuuuii. 1 . . , , T n , -rTr , s .
nwait the action 01 a uemoL-iaiiv; iAui-uic. - . ... rfh Sr I'lrlnrial and L seal worus jor
The new modeling of the tarifl; the new J. deceased nave - g - - ltt5'4.
ivu"ioier 01 111a 111 anu iui nit
ble prizes for the largest list of subscribers
sent in by the 1st of January next: i?100
will he given for thc largest list; -Vd lor thc
second; $30 for the third : -lo for the fourth;
.$10 for the 5th; 835 for the Gth; $30 for the
7th; $25 for the 8th; $20 for the 9th; $15
for the 10th;
Sli'cu&iburff, Pa.
tfTJ) The undersigned would inform Laiul
ygy lords and the public generally, that
they have justopencd the above business in
Stroudsburg, in the store house formerly oc
cupied by John II. Melick as a Jewelry Store,
"m) mr tlm lltlr -ind 5 for the FJt-'"()r quality, and will be sold as low or and have on hand a large stock of
xU tor the Illll, .Hid lor UIC j ..i,,. r,nv nt hnr .-.rTn-r- A airs? i-Mfs
1UIU1 ill i.uiuiiiy iu j.i..i.j .j
1 1 - .1. A ...nVv.H rt rriflnrr tin m O
i.n.t fi'ci r m 1 ui' 11111N111111 ii nit' iiuiii 1
jjiiuajainii, M o . .. u " r r 1 : it- .1 i' .. C tl. TT..W1
s'cad and making every man a freeholder luonroe, siaie 01 i-uubyiama, Ull;u"''u v antca in every huuuou ut uiu uunuu
who may choose to become one; the approx- signed, residing in the Borough of Strouds- States, active and enterprising men, to
imation of the Atlantic an J Pacific oceans burg. All persons indebted to said Estate jn tjic saie 0f some of the best
bv a national railroad across the temlory of are requested to make payment W,H10"1 -lc" R0ok3 published in the Country
,', and those having claims aginusi - . n.n.;nrr
the Union, reform in the Army, Navy, and lay
rivil offices all these great questions, with same
a thousand minor ones, deeply affecting for settlement
multitudes of men and every State in the
Uuion, will, now being matured by public o
iiinion. come up for the Government's decis
ion. These new issues, co-operating with
old ones, coming up to be disposed of by
flllu LUUSU lliXVlllli .laillio uuni'H iiv - , , 1 . li
, will present them duly authenticated men of good address possessing a small
ktlement, to capital of from p to 81000, such in-
UUCeineiUs Will DO ouoreo na lu i;uauiu
them to make from 83 to 5 :i day profit.
Ct25"The Books published by us arc all
useful in their character, extremely pop
which will be sold as low as any
All kinds of Produce taken in exchange
Stroudsburg, Oct. 1, 1853 Gt.
ixtm i in pn n i i n i ! i t' . - . f
the sticccSi r con p c iuTr, i mncadiately after "rick in the county A poruon o them a e ofall killds a;, of lhe best quality, direct frotrx
lMinrv i,t 1Rr.i 1 pressed or Iront brick. Said bnt U . re made Custom House, which they are prepared
Terms : One copy one year, $2; one copy
six months, $1; five copies six months, $1:
ten copies six months, $3; ten copies 12
months, $15; fifteen copies twelve months,
$22; twenty copies tweive mouths, $28 in
Southern and Western money taken lor strouds'.uirrr, .Wmst 18, 1853 ly
Letters should be directed, post-paid, to
Munn & Co. 123 Fulton-strcct, A. .
Aug. 25, 1S53.
of the best material and will stam. the "rp t0 scu t0 lords and others on the most rea-
with impunity, thus answering io. mo gonabie tcrmA Olir stock consists of French
pose of building Bake ovens, &c. AH ol dark and pale. Also, Peach, Black-
berrv," Cinnamon and Cherry Brandy; Hol
land" Gin, i. E. Rum; Irish, Rye and Appio
Whiskey; Lisbon, Claret, Port, Sweet Mala
ga, Currant and Champagne Wine, &c. &c.
Also, on hand a large stock of Bitters of all
TlnmnoiMis from A In :i trillions: bottles, and
Clark's Patent combined grinding and bok- l fcnurauy any thing" that can be asked for in
g mill, is an invention which cannot tal1 our i,nc."
T5m undnrKiTnpd resnectfullv beTS leave to !,. nfl omninMiid lnrw sale wherever
' ' w . - - - O 1 - 1 UiUl, UUU V ...... . I
pew actors uu o.-.o ..... .....f, ...... ,niorm llic citizens oi iuonroe county, uiai hv .1 c 0fjercd
will be apt to modify greatly, if not alter es- , opened a new Marble Yard in the Bor- f , n ' t:culars a(dres? fpost-
sentially, the party organizations of the . f StroudBburfff on Elizabeth street, 1,01 V1 paiticuurs, aaaies-poai
t, - nearly opposite the Union Hotel, where he g ' P" ; QI.MPc pITi,TTnm
another is ... .JJnn hnnA ,mori,nri and ForcianX KOBERP SEAltS, Fuijlisiilr,
. . . 1 0 ui uvu ., . . . j - t 1 1 n . xt x r 1 .
l.t-olv m ir introduced bv the interposition ,, , , ,,., i.:moir; f ro i Innc2 1 1 fl 1 P li vi nam at., in. lorK.
'"i-'J ' . - ,1 .MIlTlllK. JIIIU 1IU1UD UllJlCll ill iwuiiivcu kv. .u. 1
of the agitations of Europe. Alter neany . h c pieces Cabinet Marble, Mmi
The fortieth edition.
forty years of peace in Europe there is an t Tombs, and Head Stones, &c. de- Report of the Grand Jury, hcv
evident restlessness that now seems fraught . exccuted with neatness and des- tcss:bcr Tcrss:, i8a.
patch. M. M. BURNETT, Agl. The Grand jury j? satisfied from the
jor rcier mun. :llfnPniat:on thev could obtain that it is
September 1, 1853. 3m. vfil nrnniiefi hv the Innkeepers in
JOHM STOKES . . J the county of Monroe, to sell ardent
with tendencies threatening war; and if war
,-,,..,.. in al ike ihood there will iohow
chanse that the United
States can scarcely hope to escape its vor
trv. Indesd. from late events it is apparent
that our Government is already drawn into
F.iimnnnn difficulties . These circumstances
are calculated io draw the public mind to
wards the next Congress with much expec
I Agent for Monroe Co. Jor the sale oj spirits on thc Sabbath day, and it is the
C'S PatClit Fire-PrOOf PailUj desire of the Grand Jury that the Tnn-
Gencral Agent fo
or Artificisil Slate, keepers throughout the county shall be
.1 -1 . 1 .1 1 Gl,
Which in the way of Vaint s warranrco notiliett to close iiieir uaia uu uiu uau-
coming into general use, turning out as it T.nn.llnrds will find it irrcatlv to their ad-
docs from the wheat extra flour, superfine, vanXac t0 tieai wjtj, UB. y0 have no hireil
middlings, ship stufTand bran, at a single op- a20ntg t0 seu aj aistributc liquors for us at
oration, and in the most complete manner.-- exncnstN which must bc paid for by the
This ti uly scientific mill fills a space of but " IKnmp. Those ,lealinr with us wc intend
I.i ... .1: .,.i r;...-. ..r i.;,i. ! .. . . .
with one hundred enra- Luruu ,CUL 1,1 "uu "u ,r shall bc satislicd with the article tney gei,RS
vin,,., t,n.i,r niPPP worked by a single shaft, capable of grinding th ice aIld whenever they are not,
Vf x, Mnirnrmniiniw nf ti, d bolting from three to ten bushels of wheat m b nie.lscd l0 imvo Uiein rL.lur,i the
& Mlluman System in every hour, and can be propelled by any power L, ,uul mke Uiu fact knovvllf fur wc in-
U W'.'TW:& R shape and form. To "om lour nortc, to any which u aj cna to make it a pcrinaiient business, and
m I IK-' V( Hcwy. 11 , ... ... Tim nntiro ?nst. nf n null calculated to make 1... .t,...r..... i. 1... Alt
('. iV. r l1 H (' IS 1 UL'J .1 UU 1- - I til 11 U111V UU tU UV UU.1III1" HUllUiiilHV. im
i7r"I 'i'W C -.! J l,TTll Ill . ,1 .I. 1 l.,, ..f I - . V
'K tT'.;-UJS.J hi ties on the Diseases ol one oarrci oi nour 10 uic no.u
ng for himself.
d&LLr& contemplating
r:,i,... Wa.i. 11 Bt. Philadelphia
"" September 1, lfl53.-3t
r i ...I I.,. n. Immnf tn Tirkcnr.l n nrrw I '
IjCI HO lamer uu iisii.iim.w ... ,...0... ..
. 1 w ' - ' j o
our, does not c.- ord,.rssct us. bv staffe drivers or others, will
WF&l t3 M Females, being of the coed 100. Those desiring to purchase a bc om,)Uy altJnded t0f t10 same as though
M highest imporlance p. mill, or the patent tor counties or tou 1 snip0 thu ,,crson was present dcalii
:4:.;' married people, or those in Pennsylvania, are requested to auurest j . y P. S. PC
iUsc-i"ijgti 1-.1L . r. Trr.;i,r.n.. nr r-iill ;it fn 1 1 Hniwn st rent. J
;n oiauiiL'i'i'K ' 1 ' """'""i ,-, v........ .- , .
The Daily Globe will be printed on fine to surpass in cheapness and durability any bath, and in case said notice is disobeyed,
per double royal size, with smaljt type, thing that has heretoiore been offered to the to euforce the law against them,
levier and nonpareil,) at five dollars a public. In no instance has it ever been known JCLIHU POSTENS,
of the jEsculavius to his child. It may save
him from an early grave. Let no young man
or woman enter into tho secret obligations of
married life without reading the Pocket Aus-
The Congressional Globe will also be prin
ted on a double royal sheet, in book form,
royal quarto size, each number containing
. J .... . ni..i
sixteen pages. The uongression uiooe piu
tn rrnrk. cleave off. or waste by time.
He also has on hand a large ana
well selected stock of
nor will be made up of the proceedings of Groceries. Hardware, Stoves, ace.
Foreman of the Grand Jury.
Stroudsburg, Oct. 1st. 1853
ESPECTFULLY announres to the cit-
zens of Stroudsbuig and the surround-
l$S5iol!i1st:a oii lriaacrsiisp.
The Co-Partnership heretofore existing un
der thc firm of Palmbr & Pi:auc k, in the
manufacture of Candles, has been dissolved
by mutual consent. The Books and Account
are 111 the bauds of John Palmer, to whom
all indebted are requsted to make payment.
culapius. Let no one suffering lrom a nacu
nied couch, pain in tho side, reslcss niohs,-
uervous feelings, and the whole train of Dys- ing country, that he still continues the above Stroudaburg, June 1(J, 1S53.
npniic sensations, and aiven up by tneir pny- business, and may be lounil at ins estaniisii- tvt . j0iu I'aimcr u. toon Having pureuasi
Tim nlmvn PpMonfniPnt U directed to sician. be another monument without con- nient on Elizabeth street." All orders for Pa- od iv-arco's interest in the Stock, thc bus
v - . II .1 I rw -.1 .1 11 I ... . . . . ...
in suiting the Aesculapius, nave uie marrieu, ip(r Hanging win ue punctually auennou 10. I1CSS will, as lieretotore, be carried on xt tno
be published in all the newspapers
continuation of public patronage.
by the Keporters. 1 ue speecues wuiuu . , ,
members may choose to write out themselves stroudsbUr", January 13, 1853
will, togetner witu me messages 01 tuu nus- . -
ident of die United States, the reports of the CAUTIOIN .
Executive uepartmenis, ana uie laws pasco nerS0ns"ire hereby forbid not to
1... r.,n,oic hn nrfifon in an Annnndi.Y -o-tt DCrSOn5'.iro UCiouy iuiuiv
Formerly I received subscriptions for the hunt or make shingles or trespass in any
"'"' ' . . . 1 . i- I r. .....Inn nnn1 .
ConTessional G lobe anu Appendix separ manner upon my property, uuuu p""'
atclv. But tliis has not been found satislac- ty 0f the law.
.nnr innsmuch as it cave an incomplete view PTTTLTP MA11TIN.
of the transactions in Congress; and there q lb h tsp Qct 27, 1853. 3t.
fbre I have concluded not to sell them apart, ww"o V
considering thai neighbor can have the ad- BLANK MORTGAG KS
vantage of Unh by clubbing in case iiiuimu , , . Qrr
. I U fl.,,1 I. .nn nnnrnilS to bC St lllC V Ol bttlC dl Ull5 KJIUL,
. nui tn.,n nnn 11 ii nn iivirrnu a 11 v iiiiin'iiiiiii:ni 1 :inn ni'i' ii' 11 im 1111 si 11:. 11111111 uu; uitici 1 .1 1 .1 i j itir 1 mm 11 itiuir .i it ti .
Afnnvnn nnnnfv n 11ntP.fi to tlOSC llltCl'- l"U3U """" 1 l" " - . . , , oiu ouiim, j -.... x ........ v w
luuiuuu VV..U.JI - rnn. th trniu 11KP.111 boo as it has neon uie
shall not, 111 future, vio-1 f lhousan.Ja of unfortunaU'
olazel, of all sizes, constantly on hand and A great variety of Toys on hand aiwl
for sale at the aboo estaldishment. iSL for sliG uucilp at thc Vi
pur win uc uiauu r l,,v 1 --'5 ' - Monroe count v. as nonce 10 uiuau mi-i-i , ,. , ri. 1 :, 1 . .
' . . 1 ,!... : 1 r- 1 1 1 iuuiyi uvjiiijt, uwv.w . inil.i ncofnl inn .-. ns It has beoi the rpnsnmh n n.nnS
Congress and tne running neoates as g ,i,;Pi, lnvn been nurcliascd lor caen anu umai i., , . fiin j,,!! nf ',,1.,. v o- ,u,u . - V V .. r . ... .rr ... ., c
v, ihn HpnnriPr Thfl snficches which uaK!Ui LtM?u , . ' , , iimeas ol saving lliousamis 01 unionuiiauM i. u.-wi-nuhw wan, paimoi
late the law, without being answerable
for it.
By the Court.
I B B H lfiS&
creatures from tho very jaws of death.
Any person sending Twenty fire cents en-
i-losed in a letter, will receive one copy ol
this work by mail, or five copies will be sent
for One Dollar. Address, (post paid,)
No. 152 Spruce st. Philadelphia.
Stroudsburg, April 15, 1832. Iy
The subscriber has opened FobrH5iry 7i i853 --ly
HIS new 11 OCei aim ia ruauy to
3 1 ...... ..11 ...l. ...,r f..
accoiuiuou:ii.u mi. wiiu .nitij iu
vor hiui with their custom.
StroudsbuiTg, Blay 27, lm, Gm.
QOAi5. Fine scented Soaps forwash-
ing and shaving a'so the ce'obrafcctl
sliaviusr cream, for sa'o by
Pdnnufiicturer and dealer in all kinds
of furniture, cabinet-ware, coffins, etc.
1 at his stand on the iMiltord road, two
miles from Stroudsburg.
(7-Ready-mndc coffins of all qualities
and eizes kept constantly on hand and for
sale at tha lowest cash vew.
October. l8oa ly.
tsheap at thc variety stor
of - SAMUEL MELlClv.
Stroudsburg, G, May 1S52.
Attorney at Lsiw,
Oflice on Elizabeth stroet, formiQe?
cupieil by Win. DavUj
May ,1351.

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