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1.11 II IIILJHI.' -I. I J I I .-I" Jl.TCT
Slcuoko to politics, itcvaturc, 2lgvtcu!turc, Science, iWoraliin, anb cncral Snteiligencc.
NO. H.
1 1 i , , n-r- ff r , .,f imrr
Published Iy Tliftodore SciiocZi.
TERMS Two dollars per annum in advance Two
collars and n quarter, half yearlv and if not paid bc
loie the end of the year. Two dollars and a half.
No papers discontinued until all arrearages are paid,
except at the option of the Editor.
ID Advertisements not exceeding one square (ten
lines) will be inserted three weeks lor one dollar, and
twenty-five cents for every subsequent insertion. The
charge for one and three insertions the same. A liber
al discount made to yearlv advertisers.
lO" All letters addressed to the Editor must be postpaid.
Having a general assortment of large
sc. elegant, plain
ana ornamental Type, we are
to executeevery desctipt:
Cards, Circulirs, Hill Heads, Notes, Blank Receipts
Justices, Legal and other Blanks. Pamphlets, &c.
printed with neatness and despatch, on reasonable
Fro?n the Washington Star
ymn to inc Angels.
"Arc they not an ministering-spjr.tR, sent
th to minister for them who shall be heirs '
'Arc they not all ministering spirits, sent
salvulion? Hcb.uxiv.
Air-" Lilly Dale:'
When the sun sinks to rest
On his couch in the West,
And the moon bathes the earth in her beams;
When the stars twinkle bright
On the bosom of night,
When theangelsare whispcringinourdreams.
Oh! Angels! sweet Angels! from .that happy
Ye tell us of the love
And the hnrmony above,
Where we'll never know a sigh or a tear.
In the tempest and strife
Of the buttle of life,
When the spirit is shorn of its might;
They hover by our side,
In our visions they glide,
And nerve us anew for the fight.
On! Angels! sweet Angels! guard us in the
The spirit grows frail,
And its light flickers pale.
In the gloom and the darkness of life !
Ah! sad is this earth
From the hour of our birth,
And" heavy ere the burdens we bear;
But oh! there's a balm
Our troubled souls to calm,
Fuwc know that the Angels are near!
Oh! Angels! sweet Angels! ye tell of a clime
Where skies never gloom,
-But the flowers always bloom
In the long sweet summer time !
Like the airy plumed dove,
God's own type of love,
Oh! had we the pinions to fly I
But our souls yet remain
In their cold earthly chain,
And we sigh for the freedom of thesky!
Oh! Angels! sweet Angels! when will ye come!
We are fainting for breath
In the shadow of Death
Oh! guide us poor wand'rers home!
Curiosities of Trade.
Among the importations into this coun
try, is a certain class of articles embrac
ing an almost endless variety, which are '
called the 'non-enumerated.' bome ot If ifc wa3 any other day I'd whip every
thentcoHt a mere trifle, and arc little used: ' one of jut SqQ .dt a piece 0f
others equally cheap, are of such general wor- js here."
use that their aggregate value is consid- j If it had b'cen any otlQT day it WOuldn't
crable. Few persons know that these ar- have happened, mother," said little Frank
tides enter into commercial transactions. , wll0j counting only five years, not unfre
Daring the year ending June 30th, 1853, minntiv manifcstcd the lore of fiftv..
the value of slate pencils entered at the
New-York custom house, was $3,733; of '
sausage skins, 924; little night tapers,
267; tooth-picks, 8341; bladders, 81257;
nm nrrn rnn CQR4 Tnn oil l"frnf"3 R" '
onn;p Rlfins S7GG; rnsn Ip.ivp.s S773: skele-
vj - - j
rz " 1 - i
tons 351; mushrooms 81003; sand S3;
gopse-liver oil 8131; punk $14. This
libt of incongruous articles could be en
larged to a great extent.
In Virginia, the other day. a Judge, in
charging the Grand Jury, very candidly
informed the gentlemen, that as for in
dicting any body for passing bank notes
of a less denomination than one dollar,
(which is illegal in that State,) is all non
sense. 'Pretty much everybody does it
said he, 'and I am free to confess, 1 do
ibmysclf P This is about equal to the
Boosicr Judge, who acquitted a rogue of
a petty larceny, because the liquor in that
region, was 'bad enough to make any
man steal! and under its influence, the
Court itself had on one occasion stolen
the landlord's spoons !'
A traveler in England observed a peas
apt at work, and seeing that he was tak
iug.it remarkably easy, said to him: 'My
jfriend, you don't appear to sweat any.'
4 -'Why, no, master, two shillings a day
-ain't sweating wages.'
Stone Tree. There is a tree in
Jtfpxico, called the cfiijol, a very fine wood,
which, according to a writer in the Na
tional Intelligencer, (W. D. Porter,) be
comes petrified, after being cut, in a very
fejv years, whether left in the open air or
iburied. From the timber, bouses could
be built that would in a few years become
Sreproof, and last as long as those built
of stone. Tbe -wood, in a green state, is
'i l.-j. :i A v.;i;nr.n.i.n.r -
CaSllV WOrKCU: llja usvu iu uunuiuji nuoiK, ,
for&s,. &c.and would .be very good as j
Railway sleepers,, or for -plank road
Turning Over a New Leaf.
"Well," yawned Mr. Grey, as the clock
struck six the last Sunday in the year.
"I suppose its time to get up but some
how I don't feel much like it this morn
ing." '0, lie still and take your comfort,"
muttered his wife, drawing the bed clothes
i yet closer around her; "there's no hurry
ts moTnnf -t's Sunday you know."
"Just so you said last (Sunday, wife, and
yet you know you were in a hurry all the
day long. Suppose we turn over a new
leaf to-day, and get up at once."
"I'd rather turn and take a new nap
do, pray," and her tone grew querulous,
"do let one take a little comfort on Sun
day, if they don't any other day in the !
14t IT It O
weeK, ana sue turned tier lace to tne
wall and resolutely closed her eyes.
"Comfort! yes, that's what I want to
, , f s-' lpll .f,B nn 5n lr
TIT ' , TJ '
u en, li snc win co io sieep again, sup-
J pose I may as well," and he composed
himself and dozed, another hour. Tho
clock struck seven.
"There, wife, wife we must get up now
at any rate. We shall be late again, just
as we were last Sunday."
"Well, get up. then, if you want to. I
do wish I could take a little comfort. Get
up! I get up every other day. Strange
a body can't take comfort once a week.
"Well, well, sleep away then," said her
husband, rather crossly as he slammed to
the door, "but it's anything but comfort
you'll take when you do get up. IVc
must turn over a new leafy
For more than half an hour did Mrs.
Grey continue in bed, striving in vain by
the indulgence of "a little more sleep and
a little more slumber," to still the quarrel
between habit and conscience. Longer
would she have tarried, but for a crash
in the children's room and a medley of
reproaches, sobs and lamentations.
"What for mercy's sake have they done
now?" exclaimed she, as hurriedly put
ting on her clothes she ran to the spot
whence issued the tumult. "I don't be
lieve there's another such a set of young
ones in the world. What have you been
about here," she said to the little ones,
four in number, who were looking pitiful
ly at the wreck of the Sunday's pastime.
The sight that greeted her was not cal
culated to compose her troubled mind, or
sooth her reproaching heart. The chil
dren accustomed to being up, dressed,
and having their breakfast before seven,
on the six days of the week, could not, in- i
deed knew not, how to remain quietty in
' their beds until near eight o'clock. In-
' deed, they always calculated on a good
j Sunday mornings, which good time meant
j sundry revolutions in the bed, not unlike
pranks of a young colt; wrapping up the
blankets to represent Indians and squaws;
rolling up quilts in mammoth babies, and
to conclude a game of ball, in which the
pillows flew right merrily. All had gone
i on as equal; till one "unfortunate" missed
the mark, and the ewer tumbled on the
I floor in ruins, its contents mingling with :
j shoes, stockings, rumpled sheets, and
, quilts, and giving new chills to the-little
: red feet anxiously paddling the wet car-
i net to save here and there a frarment,
i "You're a set of wicked boys and girls
to carry on so on Sunday morning," said
1 1 1 it j " a 1 - : ,1: i:
r - 0
the Christain mother, in pious indignation.
"Cause you see, we should have been out
eat;n jong afore noWj hut we get tired
Yn .
we can't keep still. Why
d nfc vou et UT earlier Sundavs iust as
Tr . t .1 ? T i .1. C" J
you OO Otner uaysi X Wisu ouuuay nev-
er came, we can t never nave any iun
but something or other will happen .'
f TT 1 . 1 t
"No," interrupted his brother two
' years older, "every body don't sleep so
4 A.
long on Sunday, 'cause my grandmother
gets up real early then and we have a
real nice time all day. I always loved to
have Sunday come when I was in tbc
country, but these city Sundays aint a bit
"Well," said Frank in his particular
slow emphatic tone, "I mean to ask fath
er to move in the country then, for if we
must have Sundays, we might just as well
have good Sundays."
"Well, just at present move into the
kitchen, the whole troop of you," cried
tho mother, now hurried enough in sepa-
rating wet and dry clothes, the words of
the boys coming to her excited feelings,
like anything rather than oil on troubled
Thankful to escape so well, they hur-
ried thither to dress. But
Babel. Jul
Henry had but
pants, and
"Well, dress yourselves the best way
u can. I can't stop to help you now.
You have hindered me nan an nour ai
'But how can I dress myself without
pataloons?" said the philosophic Frank,
'and if Julia goes without stockings she'll
get the croup again, and if Mary puts on
. ... 1 ll I 1
i them wet clothes she'll catch her ueatn
! cold and die, and then you'll feel sorry,
IT mifflP and if ITo.nrv "
fcj i j
"And if I get Julia's stockings, and
Mary some dry clothes, what'll- happen
then I -wonder?" and tho mother hastened
la s stocumgs were gone, anu on tue Durcau anu nave nuo sport, iui u luuauuiu... -.uj;. n., ni-ht before 1 The br
one suoe, rranK naa no oouie oi coiogne suouia nave uecn kuuuk- i"j .nv.tcvi. iiumu, w .. forced in his turn to be
. " . . ... I 1 v. , , n . 1 1 1 ' .1 1 . ls.V.1. rm.nnil rtrt ol.rt Kofi lrtft fnr ) J T 1
iMrw' n nt .hps nro rtnnninnr 1 eu on. ana a dox oi tool l nowuor UDoei. omu uui luwit, cuiuau suu uu ,.. . ..:i: j ii.
J " rr o I- -- f , , ., - - , , ,
to the bedroom, where between the mat-
tresses of one bed she found the shoes
J 1 1 .1 .1 . I ll -f ll..
ana stociiings, ana ac tno douoiu ot me i.r c-. -. .,,f ,i i , . i .
Wiiofi,a incr rJs went out and she had them both
bedcloths, found the missing pants. . . . ,, . , . .,, ,
"Anything more wanting by thec to kindlc- and &en to wait till the water
wicked children?" I sbould "eat ere the morning's work should
i i.rj. -n1 rr-, i. j-i i t.
hurry too, cause I am so hungry I can't
At another time the mother might have
smiled on her boy, but she had no heart
for smiles then, on that beauteous Sab
bath morninjr, and the snow-clad earth
were radiant witn glorious sunsuine.
i . t t
Two hours comfort" in the early morn
i. .1 i j x. 1. 1 . .1 i
uuu iuiiiuu uur iiuuuu uuu truuuiuu uer
joy for the day. She needed, indeed, to
turn nvnr n haw lrnf.
worrying time had Mrs. Grey lbat.be prepared, and as there was company,
morning preparing breakfast, and when
li-i . r, ,
.ready, which was not till after nine o -
i i .i -j i
clock.it was. as the children said, only
half a breakfast. And the children, in
v,w ft snfl nVinU fVu tW ftnmfi tn i' tn.
n.i Ti.-f.i i -i i j .i
uie. o una ions oraius looseneu oy me
morning's Irolic. hung about her lace and
neck very much as though a high wind'
had been sporting with them, while Hen-
i . vi i fi ii i r rin iTirtrc rx w ninn nia m rr hot tii c
unusuallv so proud, were in a snarl that
J w -"""b ' '"o'- " "lul"1" "
srnlrr fprrihlir nffnfnro rotrihnfinn ivlnlo
Frank and Mnrv's slinrt. InrrVs nnrrmlprplr
j r j
veiled their beautiful brows. And their
m r linr'c Tin o 1 incfrtn A r P ifc? ncnnl nnof
i i ii i
r ll n rrn vnr rr munti liirn on ATrnn l-hvtirkAni
r j w . . v...-.., ..v, j ri
Frank and Mary's short locks completely .in no frame of mind to do that, but to per
veiled their beautiful brows. And their ( form a Sabbath day duty. We will pass
mother's head instead of its usual neat over the doing the work on her return,
n VTn n ffimnrif 1 -rlrirl in nvrvvncpitn lr n ' f lin rro f f i irr f nn o n rl twi f f i n rr 1w11stn
And the table a sight. Julia had set
it and her mother not having given direc-'it)
ji.- : ii. - i . t i -i ...:.i AL i ... t. xi u
tions, she
chad put on the soiled cloth that
Ill -I, ,, J 1
,j j , ""-"n " "
hurry and out of humor had huddled the
dishes on with but little regard to proper
place. It was not indeed calculated to
i . . .
restore calmness to the sluggards's heart quiet with his fire and books having re-1
, i c i rxu jL ii ii i i. . J
or promote the cheerfulness of the sinnedff-tored his good humor, somewhat, it must'
. c M iu fnA . ,1 ' . f.i
agamst family. be contessed, out ot the way ot the annoy-
"How's this wife?" said Mr. Grey as he
seated himself,."no meat this morning.
-a s& .
T th
J. vllUUg U V JL Cvil v CbUi3 JMIUI Utl J '
"I forgot to bring them from the store
room last night, or rather I thought I
should have plenty of time to thaw them
this morning, but I haven't and so we!
must get along without them."
"And we haven't had any pancakes ei
ther,7' said irank. "Mother, you prom
ised last Sunday that we should have1
some to day. Are big folks wicked when
they don't do what they said they will?
cause if "
The mother's conscience smote her ter-
what if her example should be followed. !
J 1 r . I
As is almost always the case, she found
a m !
a scapegoat, and interrupted her ques
tioning child with the remark,that children
as naughty as her's did not deserve pan
cakes." "Your potatoes are not half dQne,wife:
indeed they are not fit to eat. I am a-
fraid we shall have but a poor breakfast
And the husbands's tone was rather sul-
len, for he had been brought up in the
country, and of course accustomed to
good cheer in the morning, and a scant
breakfast table always put to flight his
'good humor. "Can't you give us a bit
of your Sunday's roast? We can't make
out our breakfast unless you do," and he!
deliberately gathered the potatoes which!
he had distributed to the children, and
returned them to their dish. This action
UCr. A-, onv'm.ol., nrA rlinlnr
led into the pantry with little grace, and
returned with her spare rib, which was
cooked on Saturdav when there was nlen-.
ty of time, and was very "beautifully
"Ah yc?," exclaimed her husband as
he brandished his carver, this will do fiue-
1 ly."
And what will become of your dinner
meanwhile," murmured his wife.
"Oh, we'll have the steaks; you know
' i 1 .tl 1 1 ln.a.. .PlI i t. ... 4 1. ... )'
; luuie win uu jjtuuuv ui iiuiu luuu bticiij.
Husband and children, half-starved, as
they said, by long waiting, relished the
roast and nice bread and butter, but Mrs.
! Grey could hardly swallow a morsel, and
.instead ot entering into tue lively prattle
of the little ones, spoke only to bid them
' hurry and eat or they would be late at
, church.
lireaklast despatched and new trouble
commenced. "I can't get you all ready,
mat & out oi inc ijuuswju. uuna uuu (
Henrycan go, and Frank and Mary must,
wait until afternoon"- at which the two
set up a lusty cry which continued till
j they were shut up in the bed-room with
' the threat of being punished, unless they
stopped immediately, and knowing trom
experience that mother did sometimes
whip on Sunday?, because "she was al -
ways cross then," the two children agreed
: to make the best ot it, and agreed tuat
they should go a fishing, which meant
bend mother's pins into uooks, and use
it w
Willi fno mntnor nnrl flif plrlor fillildrpn
VI AbU lIIU IUU VUVt wmw- .
a t.l,t fi
ub auuiu tuiu mi v. vi v aim coukii
Vi rl 1 rnnnlnrl tlinli. locf tnno 'lln
ll .11 11 f l i!ll Innr. n ht?n,if Ittnm flii n nnn urnrin m0r flllil
linn .ii v-.v.u w .uwu, " ' O J. . ril17
i 7i f i i ii iii n i i i i nMtni'iiiir inirirnn nnmn nnn rn m vii-ii. iii.
with red faces and sullen hearts, tjiey,aa loreiubio -oi ,.uav0, -V ? V
ri 1 1 -v A I tt mm i o -full
UUUtbU L11W11 It.W I.WUI.J ! ,w
took their father's hand and started for
i. ArxT n a d,n
CUUICU. -V3 iui iuia. VJriuv , ouc duiu ouu
never exnected to co out again in the
forenoon tuan-c "oa 110 Save me strongtu ot
xr ..' an',A el,-, n'to turn over a new leaf."
room wound up her cord, picked up tne
... i .,
broken bottle, andwept up tbe rosy pow-
dcr, and her heart echoed the cry ot her
lins. and smote her fcerriblv. and in wo-
man's phrase, "she sat. down and had a
mm mr- y
jgood cry." It would have been better to
i,av0 gone to work, for while she wept.
I ' i
out ere it was half done, and to finish, as
out ere u was nan aone. ana to unisn, as
she said, hertrouble, two friends returned
with her husband.
Verv dear frinnfis flinv wnrr t.n bp snrn. I
and at another time dad enough would
she have been to see them, but then-oh!
ii it. t f . i i
,sue wisiica tuem iurtneri bne was o
i 'i 01..
bilged to suspend her labores and comb
i i.: i i i .1 t.
nuti uuu uuuugu uui uresa ere suwieWlnrI n t7,i , ,
could give the greet ing, and then only
. , .
mnmnnf, f.rm'fi shr t.irrv fnr Minniir -rrrnsf.
everything must be m perfect order. It-
' i, . i . i
, was nice, it was excellent, but somehow
! . i nu . r n
no one einoyed it. rlhe guests felt in-
stinctively that they had intruded. Mr.
Rrnv. w?ff iilfiJ -nmlitinn nf nffairs
I m j. i -i i -e r ! ii
, was m ui, uuse. wmie ms wuc uut an 1
women similarlv situated will guess her
feelings, and no one can describe lhem.i',lu'u 111 ,1UU'' a,u T "'T ' Tr 7 ft i J
ThereVas no time after the repast to clear : ?try, they passed along the vale of life earth and to heaven.'
i im i. i ii iiii'ssi.i i viu iitn'r it n tmii vif i
. v" " " J 5 "
leaving both in the care of Julia, she sot
nur, trir nhnrnh Tint, t.n trnrshin. tnr sho vn?
r i
. in no frame of mind to do that,, but to np.r- ,
7 - i
( form a Sabbath day duty. We will pas:
rlm t li n rlninrf 1 in TrArlr n n n ni rnfuvn
Ut u.- i u.- i'ii j
rnon nnf linnnncn flint: in f li r Inn cf rronf . 1
ed to be, but because they could not help
into their beds, and see her enter the
sitting room at eight o'clock, throw hcr-
-If 1 J 11 1 -!
c - ;
am tired to death."
"I dont wonder at it, wife," said her
hasband. compassionatelv. two hours of!
ances of the day. "I was sorry to bring
1. si "t . r m
those tolks to dinner, but 1 could not
avoid it without being very rude.
"Never mind that if I had things as
they should have been, it would have
been well enough, but somehow nothing
goes right anymore on Sunday. I actu-
ally dread to have it come."
But it was not always so. wife. Don't
you remember how happy you used to be
when we were first married Ah! it was
a halcyon day then!'7
"Yes, I remember it well," she mur
mured, and leaning her head on hBrhand
she grew thoughtful. Men: or y held up
. . T. - - ... - -rir' . '
days of child and girlhood, and ot early)
'married Hie were lived over again,
( t 1
indeed it was a golden age
Then in the vile contrast came up the
Sundays of the last two or three years,
and then spake conscience in a terrible
voice, and uttered the cause; and tears hot
and many rolled down her cheeks. The
only day of the week which her husband
could spend with his family was despoiled
comfort by herself; she was bringing her of
children up to dread and hate even the
day sacred to worship and home's purest
joy; she was learning herself to look up-
on it as a day of trial, a day of toil
and why? Because mostly of a "little
more sleep and a little more slumber."
No words passed between husband and
wife till they rose ta retire. Then taking
.her hand he said, half seriously, half jo-
nnsnlir 'biiTiiincn .Tiilin irn turn nvor n
new leaf. This is the last Sunday in the
year, email we begin
the first of the next?"
nd right on
"We'll try," was tho brief answer, in a
voice choked with emotion.
And she did try! Let us see the result.
It is a beauteous Sunday morning, a
Umile upon heaven and earth, and a smile
on the countenance of each member of
the family, as they gather at half past scv
en around the neat breakfast table, cov
nrm mitl, n lnf Ii l-irmllinrf tln tnnm in
whiteness, and set with Shaker like pre
ijuu m.u it. nuiu
cision. Andjthe viands, not costly are
they, and yet""a king might relish them
steaks broiled to a turn, potatoes burbtmg
,mio liases, coueu ciem -ia iaiu urn iui,
andpancakes as light as a feather,
And what a beautiful group, discuss
tue meal, tatner in ms ounuay sum, in
uio ui 01 nuiuor, u.o ner , i a ,,, ,.-
; ing dress, every uraia in piaco, anu cm, -
uu." uiu "" . .
white foreheads open to view, and all in
church dress too ah, it is a home picture,
beautiful to the eye and cheering to the
I The day was well begun and half the
race was run. j very tiling went easy ior
there was plenty of time and every one
. was good natured in the use ot it. lhc
mother did get out in tho morningand
nau rue pleasure oi iu-mug iu uu. uu -
iieut preacher she had long yearned to
near, uuu eujoyuu mo "-
joyous pi
anu me nmc
spent in the sitting room
with husband and little ones, was in truth
, "lli?l 111 l-
, ybu s aa .uu u,. -
was her language as she pressed herpil-
t . . .
low, -inis nas ucen inueeu u u.usseu uuy;
i rm i . -r Ci- 1 . ri .i l . 1
xne late j.tcv. oiuney omitn, onscrvcu
that a railway whistle seems to himto bo
something line tne scream nn attorney
would give when first the iluvil oaugbt
. -' .
hold of him.
Story of a Land Warrant.
There is an enormous traffic carried on
' n , x, , e
mall our great cities in the arfeclo of
t j w p .i ' ttt
Land Warrants, and in many of the Wes-
i torn town the trjuIe in thcra is "te as
(active. Forgeries without number have
IT' f T i U
tu . , , i . '
lax ! th? transient dealer in them as
jfor a storekeeper who handles country
ar e curious inci-;
i T8 TrT,,r T and ,0"
.tauuii 01 liauu irurranw. jjet us repeat
a single instance as it was related to us. j our third partner are dead, our first as
Near the battle-field of Monmouth re- ; sistant and our last assistant are also
a;i;t,, f ., JJa nnl Bn
'Sluca a reVOlUtlOnarv veteran, nun Khh
J 1 . J
' f1A :5:4r 'i aL.z
..k-LZ c'-x..
,Jii;t tiuiuitss u suuiticuuy iui U. iilUllIV
, . . , , , ,
iwhose wants had always been extremely
j , oun,, e tl -J
- -"---uclu-
i1 1VC cabins of the country, over which
the storms ol winter howled without start-
. . ,
- c , r
, , ,', . .
did the old
, i.!.i,t I.:, i : i
J o
grandeur, to a peerless
i i. i: c ii.
luijii uiiiuu iuu iiaiiuna iuu uuii.il.
Llcrc, too, he could have spent the few
remaining days lelt for him, had not the
" L
and the future welfare
'of his son. opened a new and wide
for exertion. He knew this
shortly be left alone in the world, without
CltY UUillUltlll Ul SUUUUU, U11U 111 111L
(the imperious call of d-uty to see him set
tled permanently and prosperously m life,
before he should be gathered to his fath-
VT , , ... V1 ,
-lSo plan seemed open to him, as likely
. 1 , , . . r., , . c , ...J
to succeed, but to avan himseli or a hitn-
, , ' , ... T , 1ir
u.v.tw """"" J
This title covered an ample tract some
where in the Eastern part of Kentucky;
but from the changes of names and
, boundaries consequent upon the laying
' rv f . 1 1 1 ,
on ot new comities, nc was unaoie to l
dentify the precise location. But, at all
hazards, he resolved to search for it in
person. He sold off bis trilling property,
discharged his little debts, and set for
ward on foot it was long before the age
of railroads with the firmness of one
inured to long" continued marches under
musket and knap-sack, followed by his
son and dog. No matter what emotions
thrilled his bosom at abandoning the
linr-ir nt hi piiiWlimnri tUin orrnvo nt his
, , .r , . ,AVinr,
sociations which make up tho sum of
home, his features wore the aspect of
determined -resolution. Not so the son.
In that grove, and by the babbling brook,
he and his dog had gambolled through
many a verdant holiday. In that dear
old cabin, often had he beguiled the win
ter evening by listening to bis father's
legends -of the war, or put up his prayers
at his departed mother's knee. To all
these affecting reminiscences he was now
bidding an everlasting farewell. Beyond
them, everything was a blank. Tears
flowed from his young eyes as he turned
away forever from the cottage of his na
tivity on the battle-ground of Monmouth.
Painfully they traveled Westward, un
til they reached the nearest branch of
the Allegheny, on which they embarked,
but poorly supplied with provisions for
the voyage, for long travel on the road
had made him almost penuyless. After
days of hardship and exposure on the
river, they made their little boat fast to a
tree that overhung the river side. The
mansion of a thriving plan tor lay in fuil
view before them, and thitherward they
directed their steps. Evening had al
ready cast its lengthened shadows over
the landscape, and a cold and comfort
less. November . night was fast settling
down upon them. Avoiding the main
entrance to the building, which was tight
ly closed, both door and window, the old
veteran knocked timidly at the kitchen, J
and asked the privilege of a shelter for
himself and child until morning. Tho
owner turned a deal oar to tne iiumoic
i i t i.i i ii
application, and bid the traveling vaga
bond begone.
Ingratitude overcame the
hearfc -. gtood undismaycd in many a
, , . of bull and h - cnuvled into
an out-housc of the boorish planter, where,
hungrv, wet and cold, he slumbered
soundly on a bed of straw.
Daybreak saw the travelers on their
way to an adjacent town, where warmth
i i 4 : tA
They found themselves on one , of the . tnkon m exchanjje for c.et Ware, Gtvo
great alluvial bottoms ol Kentucky, lhc ; us a c-;i hefure purchasing elsewhere. Rc
vctcran sought a lawyer, exhibited his member the place is opposite R. Boy'a
warrant, anu lounu, 10 nis astonisnmenr,
, thnt .fc njade hha niaster of a weaithy
lantBtion Closer osalnination 5donti.
lied it as the very ground from which
so unfeelingly repulsed the
utal occupant was
yet his prayer
humane veteran
permitted him to spend the remainder of
i . i ii. .
ms aays on a remote corner oi iutiM- mo naiurai iceia, anu also to insert mcorrupi
tation the fittin" termination of what ' ible artificial teeth on pivot and plate, in tlio
had been a lon career of knavery and , latest and most improved manner. Alost per
cruelty! Bdl lie.
as-An innocent young sporhnan, in
. order to shopt a squirrel on the top of
high tree, climcd another one near by;
and on being asked his reason lor so.
and on being asked His reason ior so.
.. , i ..:J ii. ... .. . 1
loolisli a ireaK, bam mau um Uu nam,
to strain bis gun by
a long
shot P
tBTIic population of Ihtf Thrritbry of
. Oregon i's staled toolUjI0Q, . . -
JEST Mr. Prentice of the Louisville
Journal, thus touching alludes to the
death of his associate, Mr. Shrove :
lWe, the surviving editor of the Journ
al, feel that the prime of life is scarcely
vet none. vet. as wo look back unon our
loDS Career 10 ,thS Clty', Sem t0 he
. htld ?
the pri:
iiuur auu iui, uuiy mu graves ul
n r r fits lrts All fTin nt v n
ous journeymen and apprentices, that
were m our employ wnen we nrst corn-
, menccd Polishing our paPer, are dead
our hrst nartner. our second partner ana
flimrt v w.n Himo mamnrLc itnmA nvnr
us. we feel like one alone at midnicrht. in
1 7 W .. ? 'i ' .Vl .T.." i.
i . l C 1 . r 3.
llie UlOlvCn lull) US. JiUU L1IU VUIUcii Ul IUU
, , i v - j i r
cnosts of departed ioys sounding doleiul-
? :,.:. ni? ;
y mm. cur., ur Vvy w
t that such memories may have acbastcn.-
j insr and punfvine and elevating influence
Impressions at First Sigiii.
This subject, at the supper table, was
getting 'talked over when the lady who
presided 'o'er the cups and tea,' said
'she always formed an idea of a person
at first sight; and that idea she found was
generally a correct one.'
'Mamma,' said her youngest son, in i
shrill voice, that attracted the attention
of all present.
'Well, my dear,' said the fond mother,
'what do you want?'
'I want to know,' said young America,
'what you thought ichen you first sciiv
There was no answer to this query;but
we learn a general titter prevailed, and
that 'Charlie' was taken into the kitchen
immediately by the servant.
EF"The young woman that was lost in
thought, after wandering in her own
mind, found herself at last in her lover's
At the breaking of ground for the
commencement of the Lynchburg and
Tennessee llailroad at Lynchburg, a cler
gyman present commenced slowly and
solemnly to read a manuscript prayer.
At the conclusion, an old negro man, who
had been resting with one foot on hi3
spade, and his arms on the handle, look
ing intently in the chaplain's face,straight
ening himself up, remarked audibly,
'Well, I reckon dat's de fust time de Lord
has ever been written to on de subject ob
$1,000 REWARD.
The above reward will be paid for the ap
prehension of any person who will say that
Isaac H. Loder does not sell the cheapest
and bct Cabinet Furniture, at the Peoples'
&&mm3&7 aomet-W arc Kooms, (oppo-
site Robert Boy's store, in the
borough of btroudsfaurg,) thid
side of New York.
The undersigned, having purchased the
large and extensive Cabinet Ware Rooms
lately occupied by Frederick Philips, would
respectfully inform the citizens of StrouQs
burg and vicinity that he intends carrying on
the Cabinet making business in all its various
branches; and is now prepared to receive or
ders and attend to all calls for ever' thing"
in his line of business. The undersigned
will keep on hand and furnish to order
Good and Handsome Furni(nrc
as cheap as can be sold anywhere. Thu
following articles can be examined in hia
Ware Rooms:
Sofas, of various styles and patterns;
Sideboards, Secretaries, Wardrobes, Bu
reaux, of various paterus.
Cupboards, of different kinds;
Card,Center, Side, Breakfast, and Dining
Wash Stands, Twist, Small and Large
Etagcre, What-Notcs, Music Stands, Sofa
Tables, Tea Tables, Oval and Serpentine
j Tables, Chinese What-nots, Fancy Work
tables, Refreshment tables, Divans, and a
general assortment oi nonage rurnuure on
hand and made to order.
0?-Varnishingand rcrar ring done on short
notice and on reasonable terms.
A handsome assortment of Gilt,'Mahogany
and Walnut Looking Glass and Picture
frames, of every description, will be constant
ly kept on hand and made to order.
Ready-made cofiins kept on hand
-Vnnd made to order aud in the best
style, at short notice. A hearse will also be
furnished when desired.
Slroudsburg, March 24, 1S53.
Has permanently located him-
....u :.. cj. ...ii.... i i
his ofllce next door to Dr. S.
Wjilton.and nearlv onnof-itoS. Melink's Jow-
cirv slorei where he is fully prepared to trcut
... i i ... . i . . .
sons know the danger and lolly or trusting
their work to the ignorant as well as tho
traveling dentist. It mutters not how much
traveling dentist. "c"nt
andCif t,"e llcntis;t lives at a disu
qiIcntiy put oil' until it is tuo IhU
he is liable to
umber of case?.
nice, it is frc-
i., ut DV until it is too late to savo the-
. rf . .. .i - .i
t00lj, or teeyias it may do, oincrwise urn mi
and trouble ol going sn far,-
i lie pcci-g.-iily of obtaining thcHcrvnj'c
iiitlKUiiqiir Uquiq. AH 'Work-iwaVrrfntcd.
of u ddiitrjiiejir
April 23, lSoU,

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