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4 .." '.
Messrs. J. W. & E. D. Stokes 19 Mar
ket street invite the attention of purchasers
to their splendid assortment of cloth ins,
which are made up of the best materials,
and the best and most fashionable style.
To those who purchase clothih? in the city
we can recommend Messrs. 'Stokes, with
great satisfaction.
Jacob Keck, No. 293Market street Thil
adelphia, offers for sale choice old liquors,
'such as old rye Whiskey, Brandy, Gin, &.c.
For particulars see his'advertisement.
' D'Aubigncs History of the Reformation.
Persons who may want a copy of this ex
' cellent work can obtain one by calling on
the editor.
We call the attention of Merchants and
others to the advertisement of Mr. Coulter
No. 15, South 2d street down stairs, who
"keeps on hand a large assortment ofbaskets,
children's coaches, cradles, chairs, &.C.,
which he manufactures himself, and which
by economy and small expenses, he can
sell at reduced prices.
The Father and Motfter of a boy who
was lately drowued in the Ohio river, are
daily seen in a skiff grappling for the body
of their child, often ceasing from their la
bor to weep.
'Secret Meetings are held in Montreal
with a view to the establishment of Cana
dian independence.
The Sowth Carolina Delegates. -The
Charleston Mercury says, the attempt of Gen
eral Commander to represent nine men in the
Democratic Convention, was
the 'cooliest
pieee of impudence it has seen sihee 1840,
and thinks that he eclipses General Santa
Anna in his creative talents.
roa thYAmekica'n.
lam tompostd of 10 Utters:
My 5, 9, 7, 6, is one of the grand divisions
of South America.
My 9, 8, 7, 2, 5, 9, is one of the grand divi
sions of the Globe.
My 4, 9, 10, 8, 2, 4, is a River in British
My 3, 9, 4, 10, 2, 5, 9, 4, is a Cape in the
United State!".
My 5, 2, is a River in Europo.
My 7, 3, 2, 4, 9, is a River in France.
My 6, C, 7, 2, 8, is a River in S. America.
My 3, 6, 7, 2, 4, is a Luke in N. America,
My 7, 3, 9, is an Island in Europe.
My 1, 9, 8, 8, 2, is an Island, in Asia,
i My whole is the name of a candidate fur
Register and Recorder of Northumberland
Shainukin, Pa.
Answer next week.
.Mr. Editor: As it will soon bo time fir
the democratic citizens of this county to se
lect a suitable person as their candidate fur
the olhco of SheritT, at the ensuing election,
" v trust that the interest which every uter
.should. feel in the election of a competent in- j
cumbent will bea sufficient apology for asking j
permission to recommend, through the col- j
Uinns of your paper, GIDEON M. YORKS; I
"Esq., of Sunbury, to our fellow citizens as u
gentleman eminently qualified to discharge ,
all the duties of the office and in every way j
worthy of their confidence and support. i
Whore Mr. Yorks is known so well as in i
this county it is wholly unnecessary for us to !
say one. word in his favor. Ilis intimate ac
quaintance with all the duties of ths otiice,
rnnirptl bv actintr for several years in Ihe ,
pacity of deputy sheriffhis skirt busiuej !
. u t.j. n.i nl.liiriinr ill, i
ihits. as well as nts knui anu oonging mo
habit as
position and courteous manners are known and
appreciated by all, whilo his firm anil' con
sistent support of democratic men and mea
sures has rendered him deservedly 'popular
with the party in every section of thecounly.
He is decidedly the choice of our section
pf this county and we 'feel an honest confi
dence in saying that wo do not think the
convention could place any one in nomina
tion who would receive a larger vote than he.
Many Democrats of Old Augusta.
May 23, 1848.
raorEftsoB or disease or womax..
Sixth Edilion. lPmo. pp. tw. Price 81
33,000 Copies sld la Three mouths 1
" Ymre of suffering, of physical and mental anguish ti
many an effeetiotiate wile, ami peruiiinry dimculliea In the
husband, might have been spared by a timely posseaaioo m
bit work.
It is intended esswiallv fur the rmrried. or thiM con'em
platiiw niarriaxe. aa it dtseloM impnuiit secrets whu h
should be knnwe. to tbetn partKaatny. .
' Tcutv. knowWxtte ie aower. II w beal
Blth, bappiiieas, sIBu-
. MMWioia enmainad ta its iMKea have nrnved a
blessing to thousands, as the iasMUacrable letters received
the author will attest.
Hers, six, swsry fusele the wife, the mother, the one
iUMt buiMui into wnmsnltnoel of the not in the decline of
'years in whom natura enatsaapkaea an important change-,
can discover the rauara, symptoms, and the most efficient
stmsrliis. and swiet eeflaia swata of cure, in every curu.
atainl to wtsek'herex Ueuhjeet.
-feytM will el1smUirre ef passage to Ue ear.
Over tea Ihousand enpiea have been aent by mii( within
three mmtha, with pereel mletj and certainty.
On tte receipt of One Dnlku. the "Married Womah'a
Private Meuioal Cienpaniun" will be scot (suturo mi)
to any part of the Vailed (Hates. U letters must be pust
natd (exeent those enntaining a remittance) and addreeeed
tollr. A. H Mauriceau, Box lM, New-York City. Pub
tithing Ortioe, I9a laberty-at., New York.
The "Married woman's Private Medirnl Cnmptiuon" u
sold by booksellers throughout the t'niled States.
June X IrMB-
A DrrsBMiRaTiON or Blood to ts Hxad. as
it is called, ran be accounted for upon.no other
principle than from the presence of corrupt and
stagnant bumor ia Ihe venous circulation, which
prevent tberetura of the vital fiued to the heart.
When the passages are choked op. and it becomes
tl it were, prisoner in the head, there is a dis
tension er swelling of the bloed-vessela, s pres.
sure apnn (be brsir., hesdscb, giddiness palpita
tion ol the heart, ipoplexy, and other dreadful
results. '
Wright's Indisn Vegetable Tills sre certain to
prevent . the above unpleasant complaints,' be
cause they expel from the circulation .thof hu
mour whictr are tbe:Cause of all disordered mo
tmasof tbeWhod- Tbey als aid and improve
digettioaand therefore Will most assuredly give
bealib and vigor ta the body. '
' Caut on Te avoi.l couuieiMta, purrheeef'om
those only who pan ehow a 'cerlifittle of dgency.
reoreeenting the tvnding of Wi'liam Penn t anil
eompaie the lalele en tb bog with the fc simile
aj lhaaertiAcate,' Te be genuine, they rnuel he
ssetly alike, signsiuie sad all. Bewgre of eoun-
eita atuJ I
The grngine for sale by Hear Miasss,
sole agent for beubury. end other agents, publuh-
in tnotbti pit of this fipei
Office of the Daltimoiik AnssicAS, Mr 99.
GRAiM.-Vcry little Maryland or Virginia
Wheats arriving. We nolo small sales at 120
al30 cts. for good to prime reds. A load of
Pennn. red was sold to day at 127al30 cts
and another load at 131 cts.
Sales ef corn, at 40a4 lets, for white, and
40 cts. for yellow, which is a slight improve
ment. 1
Oats are worth 30a32 cts'., sales.
WnisKcr. Sales in bbls. 23c,h1ids. 22 ets.
: : t v j
ptn.ABSx.vRra xa&xcb.
Wid"ssdt, May St, ,1848.
Wheat Prime white Jl 23atlr26; red
is worth SI 20 a SI 23
Rve Southern 73c, Penna. 75e, per bush
el. Corn Yellow is worth 49 a 50c ; white
Oats Are dull lit about 40c for Penn.;
Southern 3).
Whiskey Sales in bbls at 22c, in hhds
2 Ho.
EMntc of Charles tVootvcrtoii. '
17TOTiCE it hereby given that letters tests
incutary have been f ranted to the subscri
bers, executor of Charlet Woolverton, dee'd, late
of Shamokin township. Northumberland county.
All peraona knowing themaelvea indebted to laid
eatate, and those having any claims arainst the
ante, ere requested to aettle their accounts with
out delay The undersigned executors will meet
for that purpose at' the house ol the latedee'd, on
Tuesday, the 6th day of June next, of which per
sona interested, will please take notice.
April 29, IS 18 Ow "Executors.
TYRANTS as well as Monopolies, must fall,
so must prices. That this is a fact can be
proved by railing at . v
No. 72 North 2d street-rtbove Atch,
tVaweeoJ- mmd MsN,
Tbs stock Consists in part of Gold aodSilver
Levers ; I'Epine and Quartier Watches ; Jewel
ry of tbs newest and most ftbiorrble'pttern.
SILVER SPOONS, . Particular attention
paid to these articles, the quality "vf which it
No. 1, and workmanship ilifto. The establish
ment of LE IIURAY has been well known FUR
hat made a character which needs lis) ipi'iffing.
Silver TEASPOONS as low at $4,30 per aett
can be made for lets if wished.
WATCA GLASSES Plain. 10 ctt ; Patent,
3 ; 'Lunette. 20 cts ; other articles in propor
tion. "Krhiember, you can buy here below any pub
lished list of prices in this City or New York.
Watch Repairing particularly attended to, and
warrnnted to give satisfaction
N B. Old Gnhl and Silver benight for cash or
taken in exchange at (don't forget the No 72)
North Second Street, above Arch, Philadelphia.
Sept. S3. 1817 ly c. May 6, 1818
I RESPECTFULLY inform you aa a citizen
of Northumberland county, that my friends
in the four lower townships made a solicita
tion, or call, these three years, to olfer tnysell
to the citizens of our-couuty, as a candidate for
the otiice ol
i and I fla'ter 'myself capable of fulfilling the du
' ties of said olKce accoiding to taw. As I am
disabled to do any thing else but teaching school
I which I followed seventeen years, and under
! stand both English, and German, which is ne
I resry.'fcr., JOHN HENRY 1CREBS.
I Upper Mahoncy, May 27, l'8l8
cou ; t it y m i : it c ii x ts
fan stive from 13 to !I3 per Cent.
BY purchasing their OIL CLO I'HS 'direct
from the Manufacturers.
Have opened a Warehouse, No. 133 'North Third
Si reel above Race, second tfoOr South of the Ea
gle Hotel,
vbere thev will always keev onnand a complete
Vasoliment of Patent Elastic Carriage O.t
Clillu 2S. 80, 40, 48 and St inches wide. Fi
gured, Pointed, and Plain, on the inside, on Mus
lin 'Drilling and Linen. Table Oil Cloths of the
most desirable patterns, 38, 40, 40 and 84 inches
wide Floor Oil Cloths, from 88 inches to a 1
uf patterns, all of their o.vn intnu'acture. Trant
parent Window Shades, Carpets, tc. All-goodt
Phils. May 27, VB48 3m
Ai there will be ihooiandi of persons visiting
Philadelphia, to participate in the Great Nation
al Whig Convention, to be held nn the 7th of
June next. JACOB LtDO.MUS. No. 246
M tRKET Street, below Kighth. first Mere, and
above Eleventh, north side, would respectfully
invite all persona wishing to purchase any goods
in our line to the following list 'of prices of
Watches, &c. of our own importing.
Full Jewelled Gold Levers 18 karat ca- ,
Full Jewelled Gold 1'Kpinet
Silver Levers, Full Jewelled
All the above prices are at lestt 10
83 to 40
87 " 30
17 " 20
" 0
per cent
lower than usually aoil lor the same quality ar
ticle, and we defy competition to.produce cheap
er goods, all we ask ia a call to convince pertona
of tat above gACTaat
Philadelphia. Miy'37. 18483,.
-'KKfcW ALL irtfr Ttl'ST.
HATE REMOVED frtrelH Maah Street,
at then Mew Brlleadid and Isawfeaigslast-
litbment to be known aft the t
Tawer stall Ctathlaff s4lrtLa4lkr,
So. 182 JMuriei Street, 'between JlfA Jr sixth,
The Proprietors feel a reluctance in promul
gating what In any wry might appear like the
usual Bombastic exaggeration of soma in Ihe
trade, but will beg leave to quote the following
notice from one of our city papers; '.
"One of the greatest curiosities thf t our City
affords to the stranger, ia BENNETT fc CO I
Cieat clothing store. No. 183 Market Street, be
tween Fifth and Sixth, which has been styled
'Tower 'Hall," from the peculiar finish of the
front. The building ie an immense one, con
taining seven cspaeiout rooms, all ei which are
stocked with every variety ot seasonable gar
ments, trrsnged in the most perfect order and
regularity. The proprietors hike great pleasure
in ahowing their building end coritente to the
citisen, particulaily strsngeis, slid to'thnse co
ming from the country we know of no place
more worthy of a visit .
Philadelphia. May 37th, 1848 3m.
fTIELLOW ClTlfcEN Encoursge4 by ms
1 ny of my friends, I respectfully offer my
self ss a candidate' for fh iffice of ' .
and Clerk af the Orpliaag' Court,
At the spproaehing election. Ebeuld I be fa
vored with a majority af your votes, 1 will spare
no txcrtiont to reader general satiefactioa.
rtlt tretowBib!p, May 11, 18(8.
JohhV. Friling,
RESPECTFULLY informs his friends and
customers, that ha has iusf received and
opened a splendid astortment of (3D CDS, consis
ting er ,
mv uonos,
Groceries, Hardware, Qutenswart, tee.
The public ars invited to call and examine for
Sunbury, Msy 8, ton tf
All nersons are hereby cautioned acaintt nur-
chasing a certain bob-tailed grey horse belong.
ing to me, now in possession or John v. nay, or
Sunbury, who has no legal right to saiJ horse,
until be performs the conditions of an agreement
entered into by him with the subscriber.
oAtUtb SAY 1UUL,
Augusts Miy 59, 1848 3t
Plilla., UenttlHfr, and rottivllle
Kan iioaa.
HA'NGE of Hours, and two Trains Daily
each way, except Sundays.
n and after Monday, May 1st, 1848. two
trains will run each way, daily, between Phila.
and Pottsville.
Leaves Philadelphia st 71 A. M. daily except
Poises Heading at 10.43 A. M.
Leaves Pottsville at 71 A. M. daily except
Sundays Passes Readihg at 9 10 A. M.
The above Line stops at all way stations on
the road a formerly.
"Up Train
Dowii Train.
L'avet Philadefr.hla at
Leave"P6ttsyille st 3
2 P M .daily except
P. W , daily except
Leaves Phrcnitvillc 3 45
" Pottstown, 4,13
Leaves Sch Haven, I 37
" Port Clinton, 3 00
" Rding, 3.30
'," FoTttrnVn, 430
" P(tts)ville,3 00
IrritM at Slate
Tteed. 1.80
" .Reading. 3.0
." PortClinten, IM8
" Bca.Hatea. I.to
ArrivttVt fitts-
ville, 0
Themfter'a tre'.i
ilrstepoaly al the above
pistoied sttitiorTs. fliteag'eta far ether aeiate
est thereTbre tike the scoratag Llee
Denot in PnJtadeirhla. earner af Reaad and
T ne StreeH. No Fsseengere csa eater the Care
unless provided with Tickets.
NOTICE. Fifty mauds of basrete will be
allowed to each 'passenger ia theee lines; sad
passengerevjre egpreeely prohibited from teking
snythingtrs beggsge but their wearing apparel
which will be st the risk of its owner. Ne
frefght will be taken by these lines.
By order of Board of Managers.
S. BRADFORD, Seeretary
May 0 1818. tf.
f pi IIS Kxirnct ia put up in quart bottles. It ig nix timet
X ciicnper, (ttninunttfr, aiHl warrantttl suptri-r v any
ld. It curci ilittiiarit without Viniutinii, purging, nck
nmM, cr Uoliilitatiiig the priticnt riml it purlirukirlv wtajitwl
for u
The great bemity ftuit auperi rity of this HtiKiptirilifi over
utliur reiiietlif.it If, whilst it tnitlicutci ilimaiuo,
il iilviB rtwttfi the b nly.
t'oiniiinpti curetl.
ricinne uiitt f. reiirtht'ii.
C Mtiiutiiptioii ran be c:red.
Br-Jiichiti, Coiirtutupiion, Liver C inpluint, CMr, C-iigtv,
Caturrh, Astliinn, S,ntiimf of IH-khI. S imiviu niUie
Cheat, Hectic Flusli, Nik lit wentrj, Dirti
vult iind Profuse i:ipectiratioii,
ml I'uin in the Side,
Ac, Ac,
liaveiiiHl Kin be cun -it.
Protttbly tlicrr never wns a reiiMtly lh;it 1i:i sue
ceputful in tlcaH'nile c.tucn of cHiitiiupti hi im this ; il cltrtn
atjs uih! alrt:ni;i)ieiia the avHlem. unit Hpit;-ita I" licul tlte ul
eeraou the Uuign, und puiieula grutttiully regain their utitHl
lieullh ami Pirnmtit.
CLKlot'st t'ASi: F CONr!'MPTIO.
There in H-;irct:lv a l:iv miMca but there ure a number i f
enm-a of c ltimiiiipti u rcjst.rtt-tl am cured by the inte ol Ur. :
iwuscua aNUsu;tart;iu. The f U waa r:enU ie- ;
ceived : 1
ltr. Tow.rsi Penr Sir; Ftir th Inst thro ycara 1 j
nae ieiii nm let til with fceuenii ufbuity, and nervoiia ctn
umpiiiHi of the lust miur, autl tlul n-it expect to evar pi in
my fieulth m ull. After froiug throuftli a c mrae of nieiliciu
uiutcr the enre of nue of I Tit in at (liatiii)iuilted rcyular
phyMictiiui and inciiitierA of the Rtanl of UinUh iu New
York mid clHcwhere, and apendiv.fi tlie til l of my cjiniutyn
in ntti'iiittiiiff to reirnin my health, uutl alter rciil:ajr in
a nue pit per of y.iur Niraaptirillu 1 rca lvcd to try it. After
tump kix b tltlea I f uud 11 d oic lite reut g hkJ, oatl eulleii
to aee you ut yoitr othee ; with yuir n.lviee I kept t n, und
di iiHist heiirtily tlumk )ou lor yur advice. I pcrncvi-re in
tiiaing the Sarin iinnlla, nud have Ihii able to at lend to my
iimud labor f.ir the Lmtt four UMattin, audi hope by the
Ueaaiuga of Gal und vour HirKtparitln to c utmuc my
healih. It helped me beyond the cxnrtatirta of nit who
knew my cw. CIIAKI.K3 tfl I.MUY
(rnuive, Ktwcx co. N. J., Aug. 9, lr17.
S:nteif Yrw Jeraet Kievx c.Kuity, aa. Charlea Quiin
by being duly aworn actortimp to law, on hit aath anith,
tiutt the foreg ing atateiueut ia true aecorduia; to the leat of
hta knowledge and belief. (II AUI.i;S Ql 1MBV.
Hworti ami aubaerilsrd to bcfire me at Orange, the 2d
Auguat, 1&I7. CVRt ft IIALDWIN.
Juatieeof In Peucc.
Read the fo)!nwing, and aay that consumption ia in incu
rable if ytu can :
. New York, April S3, 1H7.
Pr.Tnws.atND : I verily believe that your S-traapiuilb
han been tlie meana, thntugh Pnvulence, of aaviug my life
1 Itave foraeverml ye;tni had a bad cough. It becaiiie w tb
and Worae. At bull raianl large qiiautitiea of blond, bad
night sweats and was greutly debilitated autl rMueed, and
r.ia n k export to live, i nave ouiy uaeti ymr naraapunua
mil auri irt nine, aiat there has a wotidertul change been
wrtught in me. 1 am uow able l wulk all over the ity.
I raise a i Uoud, and my c uigii hua left me. You con well
imagine that 1 tun tJumkl'ul l r thcae result. Your oIhnIi
enl servant. VM. ItrSMRLL, 63 Cuthunue t.
The annexed eertiiieate tells a siimtle eiul truthful atorv
of siiiferiuK and relief. There are th mxands of similar ea
ses in this city ami Brooklyn, ami yet there are fh tuiuids
oi parents let ttieir ciiii.tr en die lor tar ol tx-tug nmuuugged
or to save a fewslit!liiujs.
Itro-Tkivn. ?. pi. i;i i-w.
Vt. Tiiwxhkiv: I luke plenanre in stating, fi t i he bene
fit of thse whom it uvty concern, tliul my ifeughter. two
years and atx m mths UI, w.n allheled with general dt,
bility autl 1 ss of siieeeh. She was iriven up us iiaat ie-
r tVerr by our family phykieiuu; ImiI furtimuteiy 1 was re
r siumendett by a friend lo try y.ur KirHirilln. Uef tfe
luiviajr used one liottle she recovered her apech and Mas 1
enabled to walk alone, to the st aiishmeiit of all v h iwere i
uopmiuted with tlie circuuiMiuncea. She is now qtule well. 1
aikd in much Itetler lowllh than ttlie has lein for li m niths 1
ut. JOSKPI1 TAYI.Oli. I.N Ymk st , llnioklyii.
Vefy few families indeed in fuel We lnive h H heard tf
tMie that used Ur. T twitseml'syarsapflriHa in time, tst
any eluidreii the past Summer, while those that did u l,
sickened a led died. The c relocate we puMish below is
c aieluaive evidei.ee of Us value, and is only an rther lusianve
of its saving the hvea of children :
Or. Towhsbnd ltr Sir : I had two children cured by
y.r Aaraaparilai of toe aummer complaint and dyaeitiaryi
one was only 141 attOuta oid and tha other 3 years. They
were very muck f4seed, and we expected they would die ;
they were a;ivei air bff lw reapw table physsruiBe. When
the eVscttsr wfotmnd-m xx weaiees lose daetn, wereaoi
ved to try saaur aampmmsim-wmt hmmt m anaelrof . but
had UseejsftiaNaef taawe esstssf er mmuk ataalTeniaeel
that ta Woiilasss) btitwtars Uamekkful uetwt ei.lov it
undosBDt-AsTed txae ifb e'bJier. 1 4rn thaw taaVtli
etavaay bmilcmbunim Ynuf:aafia'aleW, .
A. JQKH WtXwOM.-if.
. Myruaa,..
. Towasaa e's aUBaav&aiu ia a asiwsiaaaapssdV
cure fne iueipient enneamptioe, aiel fuv lhafeuaral atJStra.
Uw nf the eyeteca ao ajaMter waeiaer laa reauK of uihe
rent eaaat of eraeat, aaaaees) by irregularity, illness or ac
Nothina oan be nance surprising than its ineigoratinf af
farts on he human frame. Persone ail weakness aud las-
situde, frren tatetne: it at ones become Mboat and full of
energy under iu uiflueucc. It immediately enunleracts the
nerveiewness of the fenvUe fraiue, which ia Ins great eeuse
It will nnrbs ezneeted of us, hi eases of so delicate a na
ture, to eahihil eertihraies vi euree performed, but we can
assure the arhicted that huudreds of oaaee have been rcpoc-
ln io us.
la. TownsaND : My wife beiruT greatly aistreseed by
weaknres and general debility and Buffering enutmuelly by
nsiti and wiih other dirncuaics, aiuk having ka iwn eases
where ynar medicine has erfectad great eurea; and., ale
hearing it reeommeteteit Tar atich eases aa I have dcerrihed,
I oUained a batle of yuor Extract u Baraapariila and I J
l'iwed the directhms yuu gave me. In a shirt peri "d it
removed her ennilaiuta and restored her tu bealUi. Heing
greatful f w the benefits 'slie rueaiveri, I take nleaanre in
thus ackieiwlucWuig it, aud roBjaunendina it to the public.
, . M. D. MtlORE,
Albany, Aug. IT, '4t. c r. Gland 4 Lydia Sis, .
Nn fluid or meilicuu has ever been diecivered which so
nearly reeemlilee the gastrui juice or wiles w decannnaing
fund and sirengtheniiHi the nrrane nf dieesu ei as Uus nre-
parau nf Peratparilia. It saaitively cures every ease of
ayspepsia, nowever seven nr ennnie.
Bank Deoartaaeia. Attaurr. May 1. tAlfi.
Dr. Townaend Sir : I have been emioted far aeveral
years with dyspepsia iu its worst fam, attended with a ur
ness of stomach, kss nf appetite, extreme aearthura, and a
greet a veraon tn all kinds "tf fit id, and f weeks, (what I
e mid sal) I have been enable to retain but a small porti at
on my stomach. I tried the usual remedies, but tbey had
hut tittle or an atTact in removing the e vnplaint. I was in
duced, abnit two avHilhs ainea, tn try ynar Kx treat of ear.
senarilla, and I must eay with liule cmfideoce I but after
awn nearly tw- aHtlae, I found aay appetite restored end
the heartburn entirely renrwed : and I wnukt aarnastrv rs
e enmend Iha nee nf it tn those who have been afflicted eel
have been. Yuan. Ac, W. W. VAN S UKDT.
Agent for fHinlmry JOHN W. KRIIJNO; Nor.
thumherkaid, MARY A MeCAY I Sauivilie, WM. A
April K, lets ly
Estate tiiIeaac Tanayckel. 1
NOTICE i thereby given, that letter ef Ad
minittrstion, with the ill annexed, have
been granted to the siibicriber, on the eststs of
Issse Vairyxel, dee'd, Iste of Upper Augusta
township, Northumberland county. All nersons
knowing themselves indebted to said estate,
end such that have any claim against the tame,
are herewith called fipon to settle their seeounta
without delay. JOHN H ADOS CJfrOUT.
Administrator, Ice.
Ms IS, 1948 6t
Th Ihe heir of Themms Mni, bury, elet'd.
BY virtue of a certain writ ol partition and
valuation to me directed, en inquiaition
win be held at 1 1 o'clock. A. M. on HON PAY,
the 9th day of JUNK, 1818. upon the premises
of a certain tract Of land tn Rush township. Nor
thumberlend county, surveyed nn a warrant dsted
June 33, 1773, to James Dotts adjoining lands of
John Hursh, "Lewis Vastine, Benjamin Vattine
and others, containing three hundred end twenty
seres, more 6r lett, to inquire whether the said
premises can be ao parted and divided to and a
mong ail the heirs snd legal representatives of
the said deceased, (to wit : inphia Jolly, Mary
Ely, Charles ReK and Lyrlia P. hit wife, John
Thompson Executor of Rebecca Jolly, dee'd. Re
becca I.e Due, Adminis'trix nf Mary Rex. dee'd,
heirs of Thomae Vaybury. dee'd, Rebecca May
bury, Warren Jones ft K!iabetti hia wife, Wil-
Hiam Harrison St Anna hit wife, William Harris
Jt Susan his wile, John Boyd & Jane his wife, and
Sarah Ann Maybury, who are the heirt of Wil.
lonehby. Maybury. dee'd, who was one of Ihe
heirt of Thomas viavbury, dec'tl ) at in tail! writ
commanded at which time and place the aforesaid
heirt are hereby warned to be ami appear if they
think proper.
SherllTt Ollice, Snnbuiy, I
April 22, 1848 J 6t
GEORGE 8. G1REEN, Pomtd.
Windsor, Ttmpnf.
It oTereiem tcmedr for PT SPtPtW A, In xter of it
f'WBta, suh aa psin' ia tat StortMsch, Heartbern. tUaaai
CoMireueea, AchJ Stoarawh, Headache. Lueeo Appetite,
Pi lee, Nifhi flweafli, and even ConsutupUoa rDyapeptie
Phtaiaic.) and Axthioa, or Phthisic attentUd with deraiigte
raent of the timarh (or Dyspeptic Aeihtisa,) Diftcult
Breattiinf , which often remlta from imperfect digretioii (or
Dysospttc SyaMKBa.) ia relieved by these Hiitrra. Iiiahort,
their use has Iweii urored in the reiit-l" of alnioat all the
vymptma that proceed from a debilitated or aumic rxtidi
tiuuof the Ht'jrnach : aUao in feticnd rVbllitv viiiw frum
asgeor fnin the rrTrcts of Kerer. pariicularty -Fever ad
Apne. Femrdcs suflering tindfr a?iy utf-rine deraiig ctiiMit
anstiisT from weakiieas, will find the 'OiTOaTNXTEi) JJit
tvrs'' an excellent rruiedy, and not surpassed ty any medi
cine in ue. ,
The hist ry of this medicine ia peenliar. It has inudc its
way to public lavr a dely by tlie force oi its own iiitnnric
men is. N artificial mcana have been itmxl to give it n
torifty am! thrust it upon t hi I tlie alU-nti hi. It tia 'r.ever
benrc even Itcen advertised, but hnvine first sh-wn its re
markable clftcacy in the tHiiiily of the pr pricttir, and by
liim nt'tcrwurdH adniinislercd t his Hfllk-lt-d Irinida and ac
qutiintnmrs with a like rtwult, its rrpOViti mi mdutilly ex
tended until it is kn ivn in the in at CNtnut jurts of the
I rii in, ns n medieinc of unrivalled viruien iu the cure tif
DynpepMin' :n oil its ciitnrcut f.irtnst. mul aln f.r the euro of
AMtlima or l'liimsie. Its only heruM nud its oalv eul itv
his lieen the at-iryof its w mdertul cflieapy, s tld fr tin
in tilth t in hi lb or hy letlrr ir-'itt I r rend to -friend. In eve
ry instance where thrse litt:rs have been useil, anl the re
full matle kn wu to the prpriet n, they lmvc pri'Ved a rc
. NumrrtMis certifiealea. alb-sting the ninpulnr cifiracy of
lllv S IX 1 la tmTt SlLlI lalllEMSt HTCIII IOC H .cnCft-HI ) HI in1
pr iprietr ; nruiy f tliein sitfiittl by iters-ttisulrcidy widrl
known to the public.
OKI). It. UUKKX, Pniriet r.
WIXIJPOR, Yt.t Oct dicra. No,
The folluu hfjj t'rrtitirntes hove reeeiill) beeu
received i
Wahiunotov. I). C. Juvk 10. IMfi.
! Ilnv insr niadp nt tm!'OAVffri:itd Mitl'-rs" prepared
j by Dr. t i. H. tirern, nf 'V 'ind. r . Vf.imd froiu kn w
! letijfc otuiin3d of thfir e'.Ttrpcy :ti olher f;t--. nt. t;litM.Tlii;U
1 rec iniii'-thl them t the puWu MHivine Hint ihvy will fully
uus' h in tin- rc iiitn.'M'f-tii .! th. rmpri't r. We luijw
; thttt this vuhtnbtc rriit dy iiaiy b s ti ii-r. lly diiTued
tlir.Kiuli ut tlie e 'initry itna it iiny be uc ckiL.t;' tJ uil the
tSAML I'.ls PIIKI.P!, r . . , .
WILLI K I'HII KM I !'-MQt'ir if'n emit nt.
J Am'kh P. SIMMONS, T. f. Senutir from R. Ixboid.
J. T. iMOHKIIKAU, U. 8. t-Wuntor and foruasrly Uovern
or ft Kentiieky.
I.. II. ARNOLD, Member of Cougrcs and formerly O
vani'T of H.I.
W M. WOODimiDGK, ir. H. eiuit Tand larmeriy (io-vern-ir
of Mietutfiin.
M. I. MARTlX, Deh'itnte in Coiircwt fioin Wise naiu
From H-tn. II. I. FoiTEn, MemieT of Corgi-eaa from
WashiVuT-jn. U.'C, Jvnk in. 1M5.
Dear Sir, I have been a dys-ptic siiflrrer f.r about ten
years, and have res tried to vutious med:i-itifs relief
wall-Hit aurcesa, until 1 inde :ie ol your "Oxveeiwted
llilirrs." I have used about two bottlei, and IuhI mys It
restored to perfert heullh. The fonftt in whivh the dis
ease ah wed itself, in my ease, wers, irrcat aridity of the
st-tnuich. I ss ot'appetitei extreme rlatt.lence.'arvere c usii
pnti m of tlie bowels, and violent heaHat he Feelina; desi
roiia that a kiviwietlgu of your valuable rem?dy nuiy rearh
others similarly aril icted. I take (rrtut pleasure in rec.ird
itiff my testnn-uiy ft its curative power; aud wouUl also
renrnrk.'tliot while on a visit at home a short time since, 1
oiliuiinstereila pnrt oi a b-Ktle to a number of my attiicted
friends, with great succsa. They are desiious that you
ah-uUI establish an agency at Pittsburir. or mforin them
where the medicine can be obtained. With an earnest de
sire for your pr asperity and happiness, I sutserike mvaeli,
ttidy y.r friend 11. l. F03TK11.
IVirf . iKo. B. GRKKM,"Vimla-ir, Vt.
- H tkl Wh deanle and Retail bv Green ft Flacher, So.
fit ft Hit h Sixth fHreet, Philadelphia.
Agent f tr Hunburv II. R. MAfVKR.
AjfemsforMiltoii MACKAV & ilAAO
April 15. It9
In presenting the public Willi a remedy for the tnati.ienl
aial cure nf Fcvta and Aol' hihI other bili ius diAiusea.
no Uadogy is neeilcd. Vast iiumbera iu the I uilcd t tales,
who aiitii-r from these afTcctioiiB iu their vnriiit lorum, are
c-impelled to seek relief inan other s airees than the miiiie.
diate unscriiiti ins ol the regular physuiian. It becinues
theref it an object nf humanity, as wtltaa public inter
est, to bring before them a remedy prepared not a much ex
perience, and which may always be talieS apt aa tin,.
aaapeteai-, asta aatavesa ao -eaar coaaeiTettsa. I net
seek ia like true character of the INDIA CBOLatfUCUK,
ia amply awauti by the eaivaraal esawetswith whiah it haa
tteao aVsaiBtfaatL
Mr Intiaet frasa a eoasaiaaiastttsi of the - Wu
uaat WeoBwrhes, ef Ska iiaali, late tjeveroot of
DsraeiT, Oat at, lata.
Doctob Ciuslss Oeoc,
Deal Su, save .ready with much iaureat, year Isttle
ItuiatTisa upon tha'""caAea, treatment and tare" of the
febrile diseases which have sn extensively prevailed ia ear
euuiajy aWuur the last few awatltia an iatsrtat marsaaad
ua dosibt, by the fact thai I have individually suSered
much from them. Though 1 fast mysra very lao-eapetent
to judge atfely anon a subject so aiairely arofiasiinial, yet
your thay seems In me weU reaswd, and your csielu.
lous just, and I Ikink withal, tttal your pamuhlet ia calcu
lated In produce much practical gind.
Speaking of the medicine ha says : It fully justified your
natter lag expectauoaa, and aa a aafe, ervrtaeiueril, and popu
lar remedy, my own experience, ao far, indtxee sue to be
lieve that il will prove a great piibue benefit. I am pleaant
to learn that you have recently established aeverml .agencies
f ut duujoeilimi laiaifh I ragrct that, with a-view to f
tunc general diaseminauon ol it, y-ai should have foend It
aecesenry to remove Iran your prraent reeideikre autaa us.
Wnh much respect I have the k to he, sir,
Yonr nhliged servant,
From Jams Giaeon, Esq., id BuflalsM. Y.
Brrraie, March leth 1W9.
Dr. CnABLSs OsuaoD: My Dear air, In answer to
your request, I m at ratdily atuta the c ad cxperruiced in
mv family by the uss of your luduji Caslag gue. ."sy wife
was troubled with ths Fever and Ague neatly twelve
m mthsi snd the medicine given her Invariably br ks ths
chill, I Hit did not cure the di striae. I purchased for her se
veral kinds of medicine, hut thev did aut raovjvs it. 1 had
not at this time heard oi y jut India CWia-ajue, bus it was
aa a after recommended to me by two guuilainea wtv 1
knew had beau atuTcrutr ia a similar toaunar f e me
time; thev were Citpt. Robert Hart, of the eleemb-al
'Robert Fulton," and J'dw a). Ida, Ka, agent of ths Troy
and Erie Ihm. 1 was then going r Detroit, and while
tttore. b agnt nf yonr ageni a package of one duaen bull lea.
On my return my wife commenced taking it. After Ave
doses, which st pned the Ague, shs eonunued using il till
she had taken twi bntUas. Ktnoe this aha had no return of
either the Fever or Ague, which ie a-w seven months.
Cant. Hart request me to say Ihat ha caught the FoVSS
and Ague test teas by running hia beat in the Maumat
and Toledo line, that a tnnk tw i b tHta ia ell, bv which
ha ww entirely rest ad, and eoaautaad running taar tw
ar three tamuhi sf'arwarda u perfect aaanh.
Y oars vary truly, JAMES GIBSON
A rent f V stannary H. MAS6UI i Northumberland,
grove, MAY 4 KLCE
Mty t, tuta If
Centre Turnpike Road
jSxTOTICRlt hereby (Wen Ihst sn election will
11 be held st the house of John S Lee, in the
borough nf Northumberland, en Monday, the fifth
day el June, between the houit of 10 o'clock A.
M and So clock P. M., lor the pnrpote of choos
ing officers to serve for the entuing yesr.
J. K FRIES1 LEY, Prendent.
April 99, IS 18 4t
Dissolution of Partnership.
The partnership heretofore exitting under the
firm of RrBRBAcn & Climsnt. in the Foun
dry business in (bis place, hat been this day, dis
sol'ed by mutual content. All persons knowing
themselves indebted to said firm, sre requetted
to cell and settle their areounlt without delay, or
they will' be placed in the hands of s magietrate
for collect. an. I T CLF.Mr.NT.
Sunhrtry, April 1, 184121
npE tub
L cnmmi
bscriber it prepsred to receive snd ac-
mndate a few transient or permtnent
Bnaraert, at her resilience in Sunbury. The Iu.
cat ten it in a handsome snd pleasant part of the
town, commanding a fine view nf the Susquehan
na, Northumberland and the acenery adjacent
To pertnnt from the city, who wish to spend a
few months during the slimmer season, Sunbury
aObrdt s delightful re'reat.
April 8, IS IS. Gm ,
.it th' NiiW Stork Ao 79 Arch ttrecl.
btlween Sr and 37 ArM t de,
rPHE siibscriher invites particular attention to
hia large ami splendid assortment ofiinu und
curce n'ylttrif Dry f7.(i comprising a general
variety of the most desirable kinds of Drm .Wn
trrinb, Rhntxli 67rn c., lloairri. Umltriilkuble
Flnnnrfs. narked ,.W,in. Cambr.e, Jarott, J
Mull pitKitivik anil f-ftrnf Mtttlmt, Ijnm Cm
bn'c and S.Ik Packet Vrlhjt, Vliek Hal an Cra
vati. others too numerous to adveitise
Psrtiruler attention it given to Linens snd Far
nithiafUoods. generally the stork is large, end
the prices will he found much lower than aaii.
at, havieg been perchaaed al Auction at sacrifi
ced ratee The fabrire ate warranted pure flat
sad from the beat makers.
P. S. Persons wishing Plain and Medium
tfyfce ef Drm Gtodt and Sh'iwU, will find a
Choice variety
Philadelphia, April 1, 1818
er ti
-i clkiJ jLi L? -JZS tXJi
rotula or Kinf's Uvil, IthiUMritimi. Cbstinlc Cil'.ine tits
Kriiptiona. t'iiupl- a or Pert dm on the luce, I'.M' Iicj,
bilvn. Clirouic t -re Kci. Itlng Worm Lr Tetter,
Sciid Head, MnUrgciut'iit und Phui of the
It -lies iohI j .iiiti. Siiihb ini l.'lcerit, !vn,i.
iltie Mv uiptoina. St it'tico or Lumtoiif ,
discMMca itriiutr fr 'in an injudi
ci 'lis use of Mcicury, l)r.p
sy, Kxjvsure or l:urj
dcnt.e In hit-; nts
Ciir niic C iciti
tuti 'II I! llii-
In this mediiMiie several ii.n n enl but very i.Hcnt srticln
nf the vcgelublc kingtl in ere umtetl, l" viiim a c .nip uiul
entirely diirercnt in us character and pr .pertics fr mi sny
iHher prenarethMi. eiul unrivalled in its opemti n on the
system when hib vini; umkr iliacasc. Il ih mid be in the
hands of every pers ai, wh , by business, or general e iree
it lite, is prcdilp 'ed to the very limny viliiiicms that ren
der Ihe scursc, iiinleoU of a t'cssinir. and softcii result iu
r. Drnke a Panacea ia rci-'Hnineiided aa a cerium teuinly.
Not one iiiatnnceoi its failure hue ever incurred when free
ly ucd ! It curea the di.-.irc and at (i crime tune nuptiris
vigor to Uus. wh. ile BVHteiu. Vvr'ifnlH'.n prraun can never
pay t Imicll .itcntl n t the itale i.l tuc r Irfu-aJ. Its pu
nticnti -n ah'Htel be Iheir lirt uun ; fir perccvcroncc will
accjniplili a cure of xi es nui ttiiiav .limine.
Scurvy, Se irbutic Aflcti 'in, Tuin irs, White Swelling.
Krynipclas, I leers Cinccrs, Running S Tea, Seal and
Miles, Ur. Drake's Panacea entnv be Mo highly ext illedj
it scurches out tlie very rj.it ui the ditnise, nud pericaneut.
No niedieiiie nerliaps tins ever been disco'ereil which
gives siinuch Mne 1 1 t!ie et.nnach and causes the secre
tion oi a healthy gastric juice u doc-juiiaae Uic fol aa Ur.
Uiake's Panacea
Dr. Drake's Panacea it utt-d witb. the greatest success in
Rheumatic Coinpkuuts, esiecia!lvauchaschrmu;. It cures
by driving , ui all impurities aiKl'l' ibl humours which have
accuinulalwl lit the sysiciu, Inch arc Ihe cnc.se ui Rheu
matism. Oiint. and Swelling.. i the tints. Other remedies
s metnues give Icntnomry relief ; tins entirely eradicates
Uiu ductule Irian tliesyatun, even when the hmbs and bones
ire dreadiully swolicu.
rosvMario.' cas ts irntu C msU. Ceturrh, Hr n
chais. Slutting 4"Uttud, Asthuai, Uirheultor pruuse Kx
neet ration. Her' in FJah, Night Sweats, Fain in the side
&C. have t,-eil cured, and CHI lie ivitii lis ml:rl. j-rlMint.. n
a.iy other diaraee. A simxiAi lias I ng been nght for.' but
in vniu until the dijc ive. y of Ur. Drake's Panama. It is
imkt and sate but cenani au.l ctli.nlloin iu l operali n,
and cann n ,n,v innire Hie in in delic ilc c 'ii.iitnli ui.
v e would eiiruealiv recommend those alllicteil 1 1 give it a
trtal-attd we liciicve thev will n 4 have .ca.i '11 1 regrel
it. The .vstein is clean,.,! and rc-,.,hc,,ed, the 'ilrSrT 0,
the hmga nre healc,,i the piiiientagra.lua:v regain their
usual health alid strength. Itcad the 'follow ing "
I'iiil.. Dee. Hilt, 117.
nrsit M : In rc,ly m yur tptceii 11 rea.viingthe use
I Dr. Ilmke a Paiuicea. 1 will sav, that ulin"t'4h a perfo't
disla-ln ver 111 the t iiutaice. 01 a ('..nail v, 01 cure l.r all
diuiiFee, la.wevet valualilc it nuiv I ,u rerbtie c iihIiii uis
l the syoteiu, Mill 1 have la-ii.-vedlliiii a ti re lor Coninmo-
la 11 wouai la? tiisc 1ver.1l 1.HUT or biter, and cuil. sity led
nie to try your iiu-dicinc iu two very iitvctcmte cases
they were pr, niuiu-cd by the alteiHlnig phvaleiuiis I ) lie
ri'LMONAkv toNU)iHloN. aial alnml .ne.1 1,'v tlient as l
puasBLa. (me 01 the (H-rS'iiia bid been under the treat
ment uf several very able pmctiti aicrs for a tiutnlier of
vaars. and tbey Bold she had "old faal.i.mnl r,n,iuu.
cnitttane with Hcrofula," and that she might linger for enrne
nmeviMt eiaiat not be pennauently rebeved. In both cases
the slfeet U th Fsssacca has been twst gratifying. Only
hotde were uardby km of the per a before
" ? "PT The other took sbait ten.
I will eiy add that familiar aa I am with AJnaumpUoo by
ia ben lance and by extensive ubaarvetiw aa a study, and
knowing- SJai the imanoat sefeeu in nine ease oat of tan
of tar, buHsaat, and other vegetable banes, aa wsU da of
tnany ot the expsetiaantsand sedatives, I ah-aiat never have
raasBraendcd the use af Dfake'ssPaiaKea if I had not been
arauanittd with the ingredients. BuAco it to say that these
are lananmmded by our ruoet popular aud ecisuiiac physi.
euua, and in ttudr ereatnt oooibiiied state, form probably
the beat alterative that has ever heca suade. The cure it
in accordance with a theory of Omsuiunuoa broached in
France a few years sga, by one nf her m at etnineut wri
ters on inalicuie, and now established by facts which ad
mit of no dispute.
Very Respectfully Yours, U C. CUNN.
To use lite language of another, "Dr. Drake's Panacea hi
always snlutury in its -ir-l never injurious. It ia aid ss
Opiate it 11 , and Kllai-torant. It ta u H intended to lull
Ina uivalid nib. a fatal security. It ia a great remedy a
(rand healing aud earalive e impound, the great and only
remedy which anodtaal science and ekill has yet pnaluced
for the treatment oi una hnhert 1 uiKMiMjticred malady. And
n' pert n arhicted with this dread disease, will be just in
himself and his friends, ifhe g 1 d wn to the grave without
testing its virtues. A single h Kite, in m st cases, will pro
duce a favorable chtnge m the condition of auy patieut,
bvwever low.'
ladies of ru e omr-leii hi and e atsuaipiive habits, snd
such as are debiliatrd by ih ve obstructl ne which females
ate liable v, are rest srul bv the use of a houle or two, tn
hi Tom vigor. , It is by far the beat remedy aver diae wared
f.r weakty clnktrru, and such as havs bad humors ; being
nhnsaiu. thev take it. It inmuitui.lv tkA..,
'strength and c4nr. . - '
Notbuig can be new anrpriausj than It invifaatirui af
feets 0,1 the human frame. , Pars 'tut, all weakness scst Iss
siturte hafore taktiar il, at once became robust arri full of
energy under tie induauoe. It uumeduit eoui artcte the
uervtLcasness of lUc fcoial I'nuna.
. CAl'TION Bs careful and tea that vnust the gsna
In Dr. Dasxa't PaSacii it has the signLnrnf Oxo F.
rToaa on the wrapper and ale th tssjne 'Da DavtaS't
Psaaxssja, ttWut." hi wt in the gl .ss.
Prtaaaad only bv toasa 4 Co., Pruajnjjta, No. at North
isth la,, ftnksrletphia.
Asant rwfUabiirv H MASTER
feild ahohy Wat. A Mesaai On ,)anvilla H tsusv
aa, MuW; Miai McCor, NarUiiabssaad, E P Lois,
fata tr
April t,
stZS CCD B&sftl:
No, 100 Chctnut street, 2 doors above 3d. south
fTHE tubtcribert, proprietori of the oldest
A Ertabllthment in the City or Philadelphia,
being founded in 1840, would call the attention
ef the public toHieir reecftt.grcnr' aud wonderful
Improvement In taking Daguerreotype Portraits,
beg leave to subjoin a few of the notices they
bsve received from the Press throughout the
country, in relation ta the improvement they
have made in Ihe introduction of lights, by which
the full and clear expression of the Eye rt obtsln
ed more perfectly than heretofore.
Frhm the N'tlh Amcrtcnn.l
The neutral ' expreim n nf tlie eye Ly Mr. Cotties' new
Srieessiff iiitroducuifr tlie linlit. Ims been ni'ist Uieunetly
evel -ped, an well esnU t ie light ami shiides iwlisiwrm.
ble to a perfect likenca.
From tlie Snlimtav Courier
The Measoi. C, have certainly btniiwd the eye, in
better ncrlcclk'n than ve hsve reen it eleewtit-re, snct
this superiority, trfpether with the clenrm-iiK, (tialiiKtncni
and delicnte tint, they give their nieiures, ninke them wor
thy of adrnirntiun, nut only o.h likenejisvs, but as works of
From the Ttafrhlmrc t iilnn
a We exnmincrl Specimens of tltL-ir llkctius.-s when in the
city the other Hay, anil found them in p''tertnll the bnaiily
of shading end s'.ftuccB of exprvesion o kr- finest sleel rn'
crnying, which is smiething uiiueiml in Pi.iri'crre itypes.
This is obtained bv the inlr'ntucti'iit of licut from 'abuve,
instead of the side nf Ihe cnllcry.
I'nm Ihe lliiliiinorc Clipper.
"Tlie m 'st imp-irtftiit imprrrin-nt in Ihe Dapiierrian
art. is one by the Memra. i;ollina Philadelphia, aud c in
sists in a different manner of inliialiH'inc the light, end ct-r-tun
ednptionn of the iuMtrunii ut. 'e hm-e st-en s lne of
the p trtraits. whieh llir-v bnvo f.e,-,it.Ml. nH ilmv ln.v th,.
-dislilielncsn Y-ud Iwinty of fi,. engravings. They lire ca-
periHdy reimrKat.ie in giving the proper natural cxpn s
6ion of the eye.
Proni every section nf Hie e 'iiutrv where rnr pictures
have hern seen they have received similar flattering n 'ti
ees. 'flie public gcm-rally nre inviteil I visit our (tallerifi,
pr.ilHil.ly l.ic m l exfciisive lit the w irlil, and judge f.ir
thcmsclveii t.f the fcu'.li if Iticw,1 urtk ts.
l'hilailclphia, April !5, ISIS
207 Main street, Buffalo, N. Y.
Ttfttable UlhoDtrlptic Riitnrr.
THIS celebrated remedy It constantly increasing its fame
by the many cures it is innkiug
It hss now become the only medicuie for family tier, snd is
particularly recommended for
all stores of thii e miplauit immediuie'y relieved, no matter
of how long standing. See l'h:iniphict lor tealuu uiy.
and all diseases of the tuinury organs ; for th- distress
ing c implaiius it staiaia al me ; n nUier urticle uui relmve
you ; Rial the cures testified to willc nvince the n:vt akcii
tical j sue pamphlet. I.ivcr C iiii'luiul, B.ilious dircsscs,
Tj the Great West especinllv. nml M hercvcr tle-se com
plaints prevail this mclicint: ia lii red
no deleteri 'tis c impound in a pint of this mixture, it
cures these dim'uHi'S wuh c.-rtmnlv nud celerity, and does
not leive the system torpid. See l'ani,ihl.'l.
a Cjmj.Iiiint uf ii timsi p-ij:tt'ul Hrtnitr, in
and a cuie.l iH nt by ii few iln)Mine of lliliHrlU'lc ; it is
far belore any older prejiaruu mt'or lun diiteiiac. or iwrnny
other distsax: ot-gtnatiiiK Ir.eu nnjuirc hi a tl :3ve pam
ve!ik back, weiikueii. of tin- Kidiies Ac., or mll.-.n. ma
il m ol :une. is iiiiiiniliutvi.v re .I fo! t.- a tew di'vt ue l
this medicine, autl a cure i i alv. jy a result uf ui nae. It
sluitds its
fr such e ui'hiiiii, mid ,(J ir iieiuinfeuwiits jf the It-
Utile ttfillir-.
t-aiulit! tiit'iistnialii-U!. .Nutrth-lt- h:. t-v:r U-tii L.U"t:ret.
ext-cpt this, uiiirli w.)ii!il tu.-K thm kiivi d'-r.iiiiiifiitfi.
It i tiny lw n-Ut-i! up.'ti ut a siu-c ital tciuciiv, and
ad we i-;t;I p-ii:.ii!i il i il m i' ...id
f.pr'HftH CUP'S ill tllitj slltiti-i S.-i,tifr i-M Oi' C-iIllliluiJtU.
Sec i.mi;)i!et. All lir 'ken t) n, ti -t.'itint.fl c iutui i.i
Inrni tlte elJV X oi mercury, u i!! ttn-1 t)if ('nirmp njt r ui
llna artifle to -ict itnmetliati ly, r.uJ p it..iiuua uimerai
erduatuU ir.itu the nvr in.
will find tlie nttr iiitivp nr-jpr-rtiffi thin rtriicle.
PURIFY THE lil.(M)l).
and driven such diseases from the svstcm. See pamphlet
for testimony of cures In nil ilne!i. s', which the limits ol
im advertisement will not permit !. U; ii tineU here. Aecn'i
ive them awny ! they c .nt .in if'p ejes if ceailieulea 1
luuh cburaciCT, asuouer
of the virtues of a lllediciiic, in- ,'er Tpi cn. .-!. It is one
Ihe peculiar fe.it urea of tin. am. !" tint ,l i. cur lain to
benefit iu sny case, and if I. me at d milacle are left t build
upon let the emaciated and l.ncrri-ia if vuliJ
tud keep tak.nz the meili. ine ut 1 .1.1; ai there is an un
prjvciuetlt. The pr inriet W011H
aguinit a uuniber uf artiilia which cuna out under llie
head ot t-
as cures f ir Dr.ipsv, Grav el, 4c: They are g.iod tor n
tlimg, and cone ict''d to gull the m.wury;
Their invent irt never lluugiit 01 curing such diseases till
th.ssrticle had done it. A particular study 01 tlie pain
pnlct is earnestly s licneil.
Agents and all who aeU the nilicle are
grntuit'Hiely. Put up in 30 ox. b-Hilcs, at M ; ia og. do at
1 each the larger holding 0 at. in ire Hum two snuili bit
lies. Iviok out mid get nnp' Srd u;ii. I'.verv b 'tile bus
"Vaughn's Vegetable l.iih nttriptic Mixture."'blown upon
tlie gluss, the written signature of "G. O. Vaughn" on the
directions, and "0. C. Vaughn, Hiifl;iij." alninpttl on the
cirk. None other are geiuiiue I're'iin-1 bv Dr. ti. C.
Vaughn, and s ild at the I'i-uk-iiiuI OnVe. )7 Main street.
liullulo, at wholesale und retail. No attention givtn to let- I
lers unless rf 'at paid orders I'roiu regularly c 'intituled 1
j Agents cxeepletl ; piat paid I. tiers, t.r vcrlwl couuiiun.c 1- -I
tious s atciiiiig oilvice. promptly iiMcr.ded 1 1 gr.iti.. 1
I OlfiCt-sdcvoted-exiMliivclv to tie Mle of tins article 1
t KM Nasaitu al, Xe-.v Vorkcitv; S" i:sex si S'aiein, Mate ; ;
i siel by the primlpa! Drucijistiilhru.lioiittl.e L'u.ied Slules i
j aial Cnnaite. ai Agentii. j
I , " . ' "T P,"ll"W-
,VWwtt5,Hl fh ATe?' Mi'l T, ""!ls
Ti, ?V . Ihur 11 ',, ' ? ' MiU "-""
i McKwtvti.e-M'ss McCoy, Nortl ju.u-r.
l-ist.ol Agents M rrs V Co.. It' ilesule Agent Plitlailel- I
Apiil t, 1HU .
Irtiportant Infbnnatioii. I
j J O all purchasers of reai.y made clothing, in.
I rmmalinn is heieby given tliat the well known!
ami much ?e!ebrste l Llotlm empouutn, Know n I
st the
Piiiladclplittt Vardrobc,
P. R McNtil.tE, Proprietor, !'o MS Chestnut.
tlrtct, between 3iandAth t., rhiludrlfihim,
Is astonishing the community v. illi hit cheap and
fathionable apparel, of every descriptiuit and v
riety. Vests from 50 cents to C dollars. Good
black Cloth or Catsimero Fault, at low at 3
dollar and upward per pair, according to quali
ty. "Brack Treach t-'loth drett Coat, a low a
' dollars. Summer clothing cheaper, perbap.
than ever was kaowa heretjftr '( -the tame
Wboleiale dealer ir particularly invited te
call andeiamiae the ,argeand well got upcloth
ing ef thi larg fttsblishtnent, very particu
lar attention is paid 'ta fhe cutting, se thst
purchttert at wholesale w ill Jie certain to get
garment When they come to put 'them on their
customers, that will tit with taste snd ease, which
i a matter of great importance. We invite one
and all far com snd eiamine for themtetve be
fore pti'ehaaing
Philadelphia, April I, !8l3-3:n ,t y ...
Pictorial Ivdlllon of d'Anblgne'ti
yreut Work on tlie Uclai matloii
MAN V, SWHZERLA.NU. 4tU. Will be
publithed or. or about th lit of April. 1818. by
JOS. A SPEEL. No 06 Cherry it. above 6th,
his tplemtid lSino edition of the above named
work itb "18 engraved illuttra::a:ia from pel.
ginal det.pi; ols in 8. bound. in vxtra elota
sml library hep ' .
The publithf r retpectfutly cl!s rhe attention
of the trade nd Ih public generslly. lo thi
work bring th only illustrated dilion published
in th United fetatet lie trutt that th beauty
of it embellishments, th strong end tubttantial
mannsr in which it i bound, in conjunction with
th known popularity of the work ileelf, will be
a sure recommendation to public favor.
JOS. A SPEF.L. 90 Cherry it above Ota.
J. A 8 ha alto lately publmhed. a new end
beautiful Edition of Sergeant Bell's Fare Show,
tuitthl book for eluldrep, iit'y dope up in
Itr cloth,
rkftdstph'a April t. IM
FtnE Awo TiitKF moor CHET.
Seal and Letter-Copyiiifr Prrssi's, Patutil
S'.atc-Linctl Rcfi'ijjiTatqrs. Water Fil
ters, PatPtit Porlablo'Vr titer Clo
' sets, intended for tho Sick,
and Infinn.
r .76 South 7ird8irct
fToVnfactare and steniiHiiiftnitl
yj. J5 Jy on hnnd. a Inrre mm Ttmctil t
''OF I theribrWe anjclci, teihur wiih
I ,?ii FlliBeJMlOUF liAKES, hic
are owittnirUn t" rt it rent
nil mannfT-f litrvbt tr their
licinir artrictlv firc-Droefi und that
tmm tl'y will rrwiat Ins fire 4 any
these Safes sre made ofboi'er irtn, the inside case of s mo
st one. end between Ihe ontef case ami inner eaae is a apaca
of some three inches thick, and u filled ui with indoetrue
tible matcris), si as t nuke it an tii:pssibtlitv to burn any
if the contents inside of this Chest. These eVpstme Sal
lamandcrs xve are prepared aud do cliaiieinre tlie world to
produce any article in the shape of Book Safes thut will
stamina much heat, ami we hold ourselves reery"at ail
times to have them fairly tested ly public honfin. Va
alaicontinne to rnniiuiaettire a large and general a-snrt-ineut
of our Premium Air-tigl.t Fire Proof Safes of whiti.
there sre over KHI now in u?e, suit In every insiunee ther
have (tivett enttie'ialiei'nciinn to the purchasers of wl.k fi
we will refer tin public to fiw eislcmen lu4re-
Ihcin 1:1 use. ' . ' ' '
Ilavw-Kd f?nvtier. Potfvile ; .'nneph 0. Lev. .on
Pottavillc; Mi. tVilltnii I'nrr. Doyleslov.n. 1'a.
N. St G. Taylir. 1'Jfi north M St.; A Wright Nephew
Vine .M. whsri'j Alcxsmtcr t'nror. Convevsiieer, eoriaTr tf
pilliert aiid i.th sls.i John M. t'ord. 3-j n.'irth ;ld !.; Mvers
Rush. SI n:!l!) J.! r : J,,,,, , M. Paul, lut s nh tth si :
Ur. David Joync. 6 nith :d t. .Miilhelv 'IVMiSer..Sfl
SMilh Ikl at.: mid we couid ii:iine some liiintlrctl of oiicrs
Ii it were necessary. fiw we invite the ntteniion of till
public, and particularly those in wnnt of I'iro Pnaif iVn'er,
to c'dl nt our store before pureliaing elsewhere, and we
enn silisfy them they will get K licttcr ami cheaper article
nt our stole than at any otliur t-elntdinliiTif-nt in the city.
We nls 1 niniitifactiir'e Hie nnlinary Tire Proof f'hests, at
at very low nricc. chentier than they can be bought at any
other store in Philadelphia.
t'iiibd.'lpliia, April 't?J -ly
Tliiif Hint lilMtaiis c'f.ii'ixt! ' i
rlHK subscribers baViuK leased the Sunbury
X' Ferry, beg leave tn rulorm th public,' that
they are prTarerl to convey Teams, Pleature
Carriaeet and foot patseng-rs teroti the rUit
with safety and without delay. Tbey have tre
viJed thenitelves with aew and cnmraedieue
crafts, which will 1 ways be attended with ibl
ami careful barMi '
Persona travelling to and from and throarh
Sunbury to New Berlin. Lewitbttr;,. Tlartleton
and other placet, will find it greatly to'their'sJv
vantage to crott at thief' " eiry ' instead of the
Bridget, at they woulJ save from two to four
miltt in dittance. JOHI, SPEF.CF..
Sunbury, April 1. 1818
i?c' Kprins Wry f.ootl.
No. 7 frixA 2rf. hfmf. I'hiadrljihia.
HAVE no- invthe store anil are daily receiv
iaj in addition tft their assortment at they ar
rive in ihe New Tn:k and Philadelphia Mai lets,
new rprinir Dry Goodt consisting in part of
New Styles Spring Mo. tleLainet New Style
Bareget in Stripes, Plaids. &c. Choice Col
on, mode Bareget, New Lawns and
mode Mot. tin Laines, Paul de
Chervet, a new article, new '
ttyle Tissues &c, &c.
FitR.Ncii and Scotch Ginuiums. In ttore one
of the brgett asjoi tmeiit in Philadelphia, from
the lowest price to the finest qualitiet, much
lower than lust tenon
1 On hand at all teitont of the year s large at-
urtTiPiit. fcoth pf Liner.t and Muslim, at greatly
reduced pru t s, also T.incii Dninasks, Counter
I panet Ccr Shawls,. Glovet. I. aces Jtc. High
j Lustte li'.ack Splits, for rnlillat, Vititet, Dret-
sei S:o. Vens & Prfiy't wertr of nil drtcriptionr
I.ndiestuid Gt ntlemnn viotting the city are in
I viteil to rail and examine o'ur-stoclc.
j A liberal reduction mi iy (l t'uote w ho buy to
i sell again.
; I'hila'Jio4.ia, Apri4 1, 1018
43 Chtm,l s. :l ' duoiv chore ind at, Philadelphia.
Engraver nf Bt'KINSit ' TSIT1N( OrfWi,
Watch papers. I.thels, Dnor plates'. Cec'D'stitl
Ftartint (or Odd Fellowt, Sont of Tempurahrie,
j Sec. ,vc Always on haiul a general assortment
; nf Fine Fancy (iooilt, Gold petit of every quality.
Dog Collatt in great variety. Engraven tools
and materials.
i Anuncyjor the Mat.iifac1anr'rf TTIailersXi
Orders per mail (rost paid) will oe punctually
attended to.
Philadelphia, April 1, 14S y
GmSE ft-tSONa
('tiininissirin :md For-.vniriJinjj
,V. 48 Canimeree Street 'Am U.iLTlMOflH.
Will receive and tell sll kinds ol Country Pro '
tlitceFlniir. Grain, ic.
N R. Paitieutar attention given to the sals
uf Lumber. And Ctli advances made on coo
signmeilts, wh-it requirci!. ,
Apiil I.'lis; -In '
"Vacfiri.iijT'tV .i;i5OVS
Ao it., i'ltf itaut Street, ,
& East C,K er af Litcllh t , 'lJf.'la'itfprAa.
ORTH VI ! S lro;. Ua inai'..'t:'lirrasl- in la
lue Inrgett ze 1 iii?.,v-ur .11 gitiutis, I lie
P.rprirttw are v.'4ira.i;.l in inu, Ittat lliett
u'i 1 a ja ii' J a icpulatiurt second lo lion ia'
the v.'rld. Kit'ucta from llie Frees:
t.!f.' like 111 Ihe circs':on, chattly correct In'
li e elm! itg. -Ijtlcr ;.
"'i ! nit hss arrived t -gieit p rfec inn, and
noi.e v iler.,nd ii In lter I. ill ?U( ke tSc tier-
in n."?.i',.'i,-re ir a.
"Atlmi'nli'e ! noit.iiij c in rxceil ihi '.r exouhi't
,1, li.acv," U. S Cagelte.
Kx'reui from the report of the Judges, at the last
fair of he I'rmLl.n Institute Daguerreotypea
in this department there are some very excellent
siK-ctte'ris.rn tike errijil'iiinn. entjebe Judgt think
tln-t ses a iregnsiaisst (Bsptotetircni ta 'this hranrb
of tli rt "t bey hate xh tit zotnosaiidad n.
ward in fstor of any of thf cumpetilore, hut are-
1 p aed In rank as firtt in rrZer;tbt Co Median of
McCLEF.8 eY GCKMON, eoaje'imnf Ut lmr
grit number f wveriar pteimens.
I hiladeiphta, rb 19, 1818 8m 1 ,
P H I L A U B I. 1 II I A ? '
:l3:i5IC HOTJSE, ;,
Eitablithed 15 ycors ago, by Dr. KISKEL1N.
Th nlifl, nreal and ! hand IrfVj'mi aVfurm
of tartitrlrtit,diaesie oVlhh s "n''nr
, souUrv. barntts -of youth, i
4V. IV. earner afZd and Vnlati tit., bemten Sprue,,
and Pine, I) upturn from Ihe Exchange. ,
YOUNG MEN ! if you value vour life or yuttr '
haihh, tCmt-niW-r. the d. lay of e month, aay;
.ti a Celt,-niy ptove t-uc ruin, twth-aeaajf
sue mind, jlhnce lef fatse meierfc-ihjrc- y-?
front making your case known lo oiw (.;. f-o,v.
nlucalion snd rcsecUlii!ilv,C n alone hi friend inn. ,
H who places liinvelf under Ur KINKELIM'd
Iteutmenl, msy teligioush e -utOJa in hie honor as
sen leaisn, tnd in aho e bosom will be foravttf
locked the eet rei ol the psiieni. .
T01 mtny ihii.k Ihev will hug Iheeecrsl lotht'r
own bearls, and cure thetaaeeVsi, A 1st! how nf.
ten ia-Uie Irfel tUlusb-n, au how many pro
miain; yo'jog tivi.i,'j'i4-.:tlil-ha been u orna
ment t; tccietr. has ft..1ed ftnMjh earth. 1
finding il iicoBvrniit t" ins' peana il grlplir .
Ii n, can. I.v staling their c 10 ex4tti0y,; loga ber
with all it.irsyTpioins,(perti t'cf poet-paid.) have
forwarded to them a rheet eoniainli.,r.X, ate-
dicme mwnie'ad alecer'iiojKyl" '
Packages nfM'CiciiMe fci'wn,tJ to any pstVi-f
th United Slate at e momenl'a niwice.
J Pr lus uTTti", adiese4 ts Di aft
atlia. Phllsdcinhla, will ! rmtB-tly sttamsa' I
Oc th, IHT.Iy
i HHt
a VI .1
,1 lix i-W

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