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Fo Th Americas
"But oh if those who cluster round
The altar and the hearth,
Have gentle wotds and taring smiles,
How beautiful is earth;
A few evenings ago we called at the resi
dence of a friend Who has for some years
been enjoying the pleasures of married life.
He and the partner of his joys and sorrows,
wert sitting beneath the trees that shade
his dwelling, surrounded by their little
troupe of children. The setting sun cast
ing his fading rays upon the group, bright
ened up. The happiest picture it has ever
been our fortune to look upon. Two little
boys were rolling over and over in one an
others arms, tearing up the grass and crush
ing the violets in their course. A brother
and sister somewhat older, leaned on each
others shoulders trying to count the tiny
Waves that danced in the departing light.
The father bent over the mother's should
er, caressing an infant that sat, laughing and
clapping Ms little hands, in her lap, and eyer
and anon gazinsr on the other children with
fond delight, they all seemed the very
incarnation of happiness. In a short time
the sun set, the damp chill air of evening
shed its dews on the grass, the bright eyes
of the little babe were closed in sleep, and
noisy children and happy parents left the
open air for the parlor. The picture van
ished from the eye but its impress was still
vivid on our heart. But the brightest sun
shine casts the deepest shadow. And though
awhile the recollection of the happy family
filled the bosom with joy, it lapsed into
gloom where we thought that in a few
years, one after another, its members would
depart from the paternal roof, and contact
with the rough world would weaken and
wear away the golden chains of affection
that now so closely bound them. For this
is too much the way of the world. How
oftpn are family ties broken and the mem
bers once Jinked in the bonds of love scat
tered abroad ell the earth, the one scarce
knowing the . residence of the other ! per-
- haps not avare of his existence. Other as
sociations are formed, new friendships spring
up, and other objects of love present them
selves. Selfishness, that bane of society,
and its parent ambition create arid perpetu
ally widen the breach between brothers.
Envy too, soon follows in their train and
unnatural hatred seperates those whom natu
ral affection should bind together. Look
out upon the world and observe how many
fathers and sons are at enmity; how many
sons, and daughters too, permit their aged
parents whose fostering care watched over
their helpless infancy, to drag out their ex-
' istence in want and wretchedness, while a
comfortable roof shelter them and plenty
sits smiling on their hearthstone. How
many brothers live in secret strife or open
war. Would you know the cause of such
estrangement ? It is the fault of education.
The culture of the heart has been neglec
ted. The generous affections, so natural in
the human bosom, have not been fostered
and cherished. The germs pf good in the
heart, which by proper nurture would have
borne good fruit, have been suffered to de
cay and perish. Perhaps that mutual trust
and confidence between parent and child,
so necessary to the proper education of
, children, has been absent. In most cases
the characters of children are formed at
home; there they receive the earliest im
pressions those which, for good or evil,
adhere to them for life. If there the exam
ple of love and kindness is not before them,
they can not be expected to exhibit those
traits when they grow older. The charity
of the world is very small. Too much is
society wrapped up in selfishment. If a
person goes forth from the paternal roof,
without the proper cultivation of the heart,
can never improve by contact with ihe
world. Home is the only school of the af
fections. Point to a man eminent for vir
tue and piety and you may with confidence
say he has had a pious mother. The state
of society depends on the strength of social
ties. Kindness sympathy, charity and ben
evolence, are habits, cultivated and cherish
ed in childhood, and when deeply rooted
by early education are carried with the hap
py po.-sessor through life, shedding their
light and joy on the world. Sadly U so
ciety deficient in these virtues. The chari
ty of thought which attributes to every ac
tion the best motives, and charity in word
that speaks no evil, are wofully wanting.
Calumny and detraction are ever ripe a
inong its incumbers. And it is not surpri
sing that this is the case when so many fam
ilies discuss a dish of slander with their tea,
and children imbibe scandal almost with
their mother's milk. When the early im
provement of the heart is neglected, pa
rents can not exppct children to be afi'ec
tionate to them or kind to each other. And
when years have gone by they will see the
fruits of neglect the rupture of those ties
which should have bound them in love.
The half of the evil in the world results
from this negligence in the careful and ear
ly cultivation of those finer feelings, on
whose existence and influence so much de
pends. Wome.v and Pistols The women in
Mississippi have taken to pistols to revenge
their wrongs. The New Orleans Delta gives
an account of a very tragical affair which oc
curred quite recently: "Mr. Charles Jones,
who was oiirnally from Red River, and has
practiced law in Louisiana, was shot at his
residence on Black River, near Natchez, by a
highly respectable) lady, said lo be a re'ative
' of his- It is stated that the lady drove in a
Carriage to Jones' dwelling, and called him
out. As ha approachod the carriage, she fired
a revolver at him, the ball taking effect in his
abJoinen. As he bent down under the effect
of the wound, the fired two more barrels, the
balls from which took effect upon his head.
At the last accounts, Jones was lying in a
helpless condition, but not .quite dead.''
A Vali asib Rino. The widow of the
Jife venerable John Q. Adams, has presented
to Dr. William A. Newell of Washington, a
splendid ring, in token of her appreciation of
his services to her illustrious husband. The
ring is of massive goldr having a valuable
cornelian for its signet. This gem turns upon
a hinge, whieh, when raised discloses a small
band of the hair of the' deceased placed under
plass, with the inscription, "J.- Q. Adams,
Feb. 23, 1848."
llopt is like a bad clock, forever striking
the hour of happiness, whether it has come
yPeare is the evening star of the soul, as
C 11 S2T Q SaCt OH 2r IP
fT bee power In mom (II timitmt SORES,
POISONOU8 WOUNDS 10 dischsrge their pu
trid matters, and then heale them. ..
It is richly termed All-healing, for there it scare-
Ijr diaease. external or internal, thai it will not
benefit. I have need it for the lael fourteen yeere
for all diteasre of the cheat, eonaumption end liver,
involving ihe utmost danger end responsibility,
and I declare before heaven and man, that not in
one single esse hae it failed to benefit when the pa.
tiint waa within the reach of mortal mean.
I have had physicians, learned in the profeaeion.
t have bad ovnieiere of the guspel, judges of Ihe
bench, aldermen, lawyer, gentlemen of the high
rat erudition, and multitude of the poor uao it in
every variety of way, and there has been but one
voice one Universal voice saying : M'Allieler,
your Ointment ! GOOD."
In Scrofula, Old Snrea, Erysepetae, Tetter Li
ver Complaint, 8ore Eyes, Quinsy. 8ore Throat,
Bronchitis, Brokm or Sore Breast, Pile., all Chest
Diera.cs, Mich as Anhma. Oppressions, Pain
Also, Sore Lips, Chapped Hands, Tumors. Chil
dren's Cutaneous Eruption. Nervous Diseases,
and of the Spine, there is no medicine now known
a good.
SCALD HEAD We have cured eaaee that
actually defied every Ihing known, as well a Ihe
ability of 15 or 30 doctors. One min told ua he
had spent $ 300 on hie children without y bene
fit, when a few boxes of Ointment cund them.
BALDNESS It will restore the hair sooner
than any other thing.
HEADACHE The salve hae cured peiaona
of the headache of 13 ear' Mending, ami who
hail it regular every week, so that vomiting often
took plncc. DKArmm, E Acns, and Ancx in
the Face, are cured by ihia Ointment with like
Rl'lINS. It la one f Ihe heft thinga in the
world for Uurns. (Read the directions around the
RHEUMATISM It remnvee almost immedi
ately the inflamstion and swelling when the pain
coa.es, (Read the Directions around the Box.)
("OLD FEE T. Consumption, Liver Com
I'lnint, Puin in the cheat or tide, falling off of the
hi.ir, one or the other always tccnmpaiiirs cold
feet. (Thi Ointment is tHe tiu-remedy.) It ia
a aue sign of disease to have cold feet.
TETTER. -There ie nothing better for the
cure of Tetter.
PILES. Thousands are yearly cored by thi
CORNS. Occaslon.il use of the Ointment will
always keep Co' ua from growing. People need
I, ever l-e troubled with them il they will use it.
Head Ihe following Communication, i
R ceived from an old, respee rd nnj well known
citizen of PluiaJalphia. and then judge for your
self: Philadelphia, 10 mo.. 13th, 1816
To T. n. Peterson, Having been reque-ted
ro ci'O my opinion on the merita of M'ALLIS
TEH'S SALVE, I am willing to enumerate some
of the benefit! which I have ixpeiienced in the Lee
nf the article.
In the apring of 1845, I had an attack of Ery
sipelas in my fce which became very painful, and
extended into one of my eye, being attended with
fever, my distress wae great and I began to be fear
ful of losing my eye.
Although not much of a believer in what is
commonly called quack medicines. I purchased
box and made an application to my face. To my
snt prise the pain soon abated, and in a we, k'a time
it waa entirely cured, and I firmly believe that it
the snlfe, under Providence that cured me.
From that lima to the present, I have used the
article as occasion required, and in every case where
I have Ured it, I have found a decided benefit.
At one lime, on going In b-d at night, my throat
was so sore that I swallowed with difficulty, but
by ii n application of the salve I was relieved lefoie
I have usnd it in case nf burns, bruises, sprains,
ond flesh cuts, all with ie happie-t effects, and
one case of poisoning by a wild vine in Ihe woods,
hi' been dried up and cured by a few applications.
From my own experience, I would strongly re
comnjend it to ell, as a cheap, convenient, family
I h ive become so partial lo jt, that I expect to
keep it constantly in my family.
Though not ambitious to appear in print, yet I
cannot refuse lo have this communication made
public if judged best lo serve thee. use of humani
ty, Jtrapecifully thine,
No. 20, OM York Road.
CAUTION. No Ointrn.i.1 wiil be genuine
unleaa Oamrs of Jamea M'Allister, or J times
M'Allister St Co., are written with a pen on eve
Sole proprietor of ihe 'ae medicine.
ayrmcE, 25 cents per boxp
Aoests : J. W. FRILINO. Sunbury.
Dr WM. M BIOKLEY. Dsoville,
J. O. CHOUSE. Sehnsgrove.
P. C. 8HFLI.ER. Lcwisburg,
WM. F. NAG1.E. Milton,
JOHN SHAItl'LESS, Cattawissa.
Feb. 19ih, 1843. eowlv
TABLE COMPOUND, for the cine of
Ac. Tliia Medicine is offered lo the public under
Ihe etsurar.ee that there is mi article in existence
davit g stronger claims lo Ihsir ron-ideialiiin. Be
ing compounded by a tegular Graduate nf J.ffer
sou College, Philadelph a, and a practising physi
ci.tn of twenty year' atandit if in Philadelphia, his
long experience ha ronllrmeil him in Ihe opinion
Ih'il a compound medicine wax required to prevent
and remedy the debilitation pr duced by residing
in lo, miasmatic climatea, and lo counter ict Ihe
pro trating influencea nf mny nervous disorders
with whieh ihe human fimily are afflicted.
PR, ALLEN ia well known phisici m, and
has used Ihu shave medicine in his practice for 8
yesra wi h the most atoniiihinj effect, having tes
ted its qualities in ahn'e
No medicine ever iee, ived more fluttering re
commendations from phy.icima of eminent stand
ing thin has been bestowed on this,
ITS CONSEQUENCES. An eminent Profes
sor eiys: "It chiefly aiiaes in persona who lead
either a very sedentary or irregular life. Although
not regarded ae a fatal disease; yel if neglect. d or
improperly treared, may bring on incumble M.
Isnehiily, Jaundice, Madness, or Veil'g i, Palay
and Apoplexy, A great singularity attendant on
it is, that it may and often Uo a continue a great
length of time without any remission of the symp
turns. CAUSE1. Grief and uneasiness of mind, in-ten-e
study, profuse evacuations, excess in venery,
excessive use of spirituous liquors, lei, tobacco, o
pium. and other narcotics, immoderate repletion,
over distention of the stotnicb, a deficiency of Ihe
secretion of Ihe bile or g.sirie juice, ex posuie lo
culJ and damp air, are the chief causes of lis dis
ease. SYMPTOMS. Loss of appetite, nausei. aeart-
burn, aci lity, and foetid eructations, gnawing of
Ihe etnmach hecfmpiy. Uneasiness in the throat
pai l in the aide, eoativeneea, chillness, languor.
lownesa ul spirits, p ilpitniious, and diaturbed
TABLE COMPOUND has never failed in affor
ding immediate relief, and s radical cut for this
Q3 This Medicine can be bed of H. B Mas'er,
Munhury; J. C Msrttn, I'ott vine. Medlar ox
Uickel, Orwlgsburg t and of Druggists generally,
ALLEN A. WARD, Proprietors.
Philadelphia, Nov. 37, 1847 cq ly
"v3eS2ra 2T 233 9
A GENTS to canvass for aome Nsw and Pom
i.a Woxaa, in every Couatt throughout
tbUnited Btates. To Agents, the most liberal
encouragement is offered with a small capital
of from tS3 to f 100. A chance is offered, where
by an Agnt ran make from tlO to tlS per week.
For further particulars, address (post
paid) W. .. LEARRY,
Ko. 168 North Heeond St.
Philaeflphts, April I, 1818 3m. - ;
DARK ROTE fcliT.v .
' The following Hst ahows the current vatne of til
enneylvanis Bank Notes. The most Implicit re
liance may be placed npon It, as It is ettery roee
tarefully compared with and corrected from Biek
nail's Reporter.
Ranks in Philadelphia.
N.. LocATtow. .
Bank of North America , 1 , '. J par
Bank of the Northern Lflertles , .tier
Commercial Hank nf Penn'a. . . par
Farmers' and Meehanice' Dank par
Kensington Bank par
Philadelphia Bank . i par
Schuylkill Bank . . . par
Snuthwark Bank , par
Western Bank par
Mechanics' Bank . par
Manufacturers' cV Mechanics' Bank par
Rank nf Penn Township . . par
Girard Bank . pn?
Bank of Commerce, Isle Moysmeneing par
Dank of Pennsylvania . . par
Country Rank.
Bank nf Chester County Westchester
Rank of Delaware County Chester
Bank of Oermantown Germantown
Bank of Montgomery Co. Norristown
Doylestnwn Bank Doyleatnwn
Gaston Bank Eastern
Farmers' Hank of Bucks eo. Bristol
Brink of Northumberland Northumberland
Columbia Bank cV Kridge Co. Columbia
Farmers' Bfiik of Lancaster Lancistei
Lancaster County Bank Lancaster
Lancaster Bank Lancaster
farmers Hank or Meaning" Heading
(HRee nf Bank of Penn'a. Harrisburg'
'itriee no do Lancaster
Office do do Reading
Office do do
Easton J issue n
"ink nf Ihe United States'
Middlet own
Miners' Dank of Poltsville
Bonk of Lewiatnwn
Hank of Middtclown
Carlisle Bank "
Exchange Bank ' -B,..
. do Branch of
Pittshurf '
' l
Harrisbwg Bank -Lebanon
Bank -
Merchants' At Manuf. Bank
Bank of Pittsburg
West Branch D nk
Wyoming Bank -
Northampton Bank
Pittsburg '
' Wllkesbarre
. It
no sale
Berks County llnnk Reading
lllliee of Bank of U. 8. Pittsburg
i Do do do . Erie
Do. do j..-do', ' New Brighton
Bank of Cha"rftfrsbur1'' K. Chambesf4.
Hank ol'Getlysburg . J Seitysburg
Bnnk of Susquehanna Co. Montrose
Erie Bank Erie '
Farmers' cit Drovers' Bank W ayn -"sburg
Franklin Bank Washington
Honesii. Jtnk Honesdale
Monnngaltela Bnnk of B. Browns title
Vork Hank York
N, B, 'I he notes of those banks on which we
mil quotations, and substitute a dash ( ) ere not
purchased by the Philadelphia brokers, with Ihe
Philadelphia Sav. Ina.
Philadelphia Loan Co.
Scltuvlkill Sav. Ina.
Ken-inctou Sav. Ins. A
Penn Township Sav. Ins.
Manual Labor Bank (T. W
I'owanda Bank
Alleghany Bank of Pa.
Bank of Heaver
Hank of Swalara
Hank nf Wuxhington
Centre Dunk
City Bar.k
Farmers' Mcih'cs Hank
Farnicri.'& Mech'cs' Dank
Formers' cV Mech'ca' Bank
Hatmony Institute
Hutitingilon llnnk
Juniata Hank
Lumbermen's Dank
Northern Hsi'k nf I'a.
New Hope Del, Bridge Co.
Northumb'd Union Col. ilk,
North Western Btitik of Pa.
Office of Schuylkill Bank
I'a. Acr. & Manuf. Bank
Silver Lake Batik
Union Bank of Penn'a.
Westmoreland Bank
Wllkesbarre Bridge Co.
I A N K S.
Philadelphia failed
do failed
do failed
Dyott, prop.) failed
Bedford "no sale
Beaver closed
Hariishurg closed
Washington failed
Hell. finite closed
Pittsbutg no sale
l'ittturg failed
Fayette co. failed
Hreencast'e filled
Harmony no sale
Huntingdon no sain
Len isloivn no sale
Warren failed
Dundatf no tale
New Hope closed
Milton no sale
Meaihillc closed
Port Curbon
Carlislo failed
Montrose closed
Uniontown failed
Grcenshurg closed
Wilkesbarre no sale
try All notes purporting to be on any Peunsvl
vania Bank not given in the shove list, may be act
lowu as Irauus
Bank of New Biunawick
Uelvideic Bank
Uuilinitlon Co. Bank
Commercial Bank
''umlcrl.ind Bank
furmers' Bnk
Med ford
Perth Atnboy
Mount Molly
farmers' and Mechanics' Bk Hallway
farmers' and Mechanics' Ilk N. Biunawick failed
farmers and Merchants Bk Middletown Pi,
Franklin Bank of N.J. Jersey City
tloltoken Ukg dr. uiazing l-o Hoboken
lersey City Bonk Jersey City
Mecliauics Hank Patterson
Manufacturers' Bank Belleville
Mnrri County Bank Mnrristown
Monmouth Bk nf N. J. Freeh dd
Mecharilea' Bank Newark
Mechanics' and Manuf. Bk Trenton
Morris Canal and Bkg Co Jersey City
Post Notea
Newark L'kg Si Ina Co Newark
. i
no sale
no sale
New Hoie Del Uridce Co Lamberlsville
N. J. Manufac. and Bkg Co Hoboken
N J Piotecton &. Lomliard bk Jersey City
i irarge ij iuk llrange
I'aierson Bunk Pateraon
Peoples' Uank do
Princeton Bank Princeton
Salem Banking Co Salem
Stule Bank Newark
State Bank Elizaheihtown
State Bank Camden
State Bank of Morris Morristown
State Bank Trenton
Sulem and Philad Manuf Co Salem
Sussex Bank Newton
Trenton Banking Co Trenton
Union Honk Dover
Washington Banking Co. Hackenaack
Uk of Wilm k Brandy wine Wilmington
Bank of Delaware Wilmingtuo
Uank of Smyrna Smyrna
Do branch Milford
Farmers' Dk of Stale of Del Dover
Do . branch
Do branch
Do brauch
Union Bank
0"? Under 5's
(O On alt banks marked thua () there are eit
ihur counterfeit or altered notes of the var-us ds-
tiominaiinna, in eirriilation.
Peace tcith JUcxico !
C23 S3 12
IFtlHMS the pubbe that in order to bring a
bogt a peace with Mexico, he manufaeluree all
kinds of Htfl-s, Double end Single Barrelled Shot
Guns, and Double Barrelled Revolving Rifles, at
his manufactory at Hollowins Run, Lower Au
gusta township, Norlhuml-erlsnd county, all of
wnicii tie will warrant Tor six months. Those
who want Sret rate article in his 'line, can be ao
commodated ai the shortest 'notice and on the most
reasonable, terms. Lovers of sport, give him a call.
Lower Augusta, Jan. 8, 1848 6m,
No. 40.
South Fourtsj Stbckt, Aamvt CHBmrtrr.
, nn raiZsAitx,raiA-
Jan. 29th, IHIti
MtrltrVff A ATI JL ..MA
ave m. vw jkSk u w -a las. u u -
No. 80 Market Street, five door i fcelow
' Third, South ide,
L PHH.ADSX.mx A, ,i
Impnrtera & Wliolcnal Dealer In
WATCHES, wstcn uta ses anu Msterlala.
Jewelry of all descriptions, quslilies and
styles, enmpiising all the articles connected
- with the Trade, .
Diison o Son's Britannia) German Silver snd Bit-ver-Plated
Weree. . ...
Sheffield and Birmingham Plated Fancy Articles.
Kodgera dr. Son a and W.-strnholm s Cutlery, Its
Sots. Sc ssors, Erasers, I)e,k Kniiea, Ac.
Ivory Handled Table Cutlery, of the flnest, medium
and common qualities.
A large aasortmenl nf Gold Pens.
Perifocal Spectacles,
Papier Macbe and Japanned Trays, various shapes
and qualities, at redured rates
Gold. Watch Caer e, Dials and Silver-Ware, of all
descriptions, msnttftclured to order.
DICKSON St CO., having recently removed
nlo Ihe large and commodious warehouse formerly
occupied by Messrs. R. Ashhurst St Sorts, and
more recently by Asiihcb.it ir Hsmihotoft, beg
leave lo Inform Watch Dealers, Country M' rchan s
and others, that they iles gn having at all times a
large a-sortment of Goods, of their own importa
tion, which they are determined to tell at the lowest
Every attention will be paid to Ihe Packing
nf Uoruls, and in the execution of Ordera, the quali
ties and prices will be fully guarantied against all
Philadelphia, June 19th, 1847. ly
THE ehildr-n began to cy for Sherman's Lo
zenges. The, noise was not a.) loud at thai
'ime. hut it has kept Increa-ing ever since, and n"W
has become so great that the mouths of Ihe little
onea can sc irce be stopped. Dr. Sherman sympa
thises with Ihe little sulT rers, and vary much re
ore a that any nf Ihem should he disappointed.
Knowing the vast benefit which haa been confer
red upon the community by the Introduction of
his infallible
worm uozxmass,
he has entered into arrangement for en'arging his
Manufactory, by means of which lie thinks he will
be able In supply tHe ilcm.' d. ' And the ame pains
anjl care will be taken, that these celebrated Lo.
tenges be made as they have always been, in or
der that thoe who depend upon them, may not be
disappointed in their linpes. He knew when he
commenced (be manufacture of the Worm Lozen
get, that ih y would supersede ihe use of everv
.other vermifuge, as ihe Lotenge vr.fi pleainnt
to the taste, lectfy in its effects, as well as certain,
and Ihe qu nititv required to effect a perfect cure,
ia very stn ill. These proprrlies in connexion wiili
the f ct tliat they are sold for 25 cents per box. thus
placing them in the reach nf Ihe pnore-t man in
the land, has not only caused Ihem to tal.f the
place of every nther vermifuge ever ottered, but al
o rendered them popular lo the community.
Or. Bhrrnt.ii.
continue lo cure Coughs, G Ms, Consumpt:on,
Asthma, shortness and difficulty of Breathing, and
other discs es nf the Lungs, with the smie fici'ity
they did nn t'uir first introduction, and the piO b
have now become persuaded by aclusl enpi lience,
that on Ihe access). in of -bght cold, they have
on'y to step to either the Dr's. office, or one of the
Agents, and obtain a box of his Cough L xenges.
wh;ch are very convenient to carry in the pocket,
and to lake a few through the d y. Hy pursuing
this couise a cure is nfien effected in 84 hours, and
the patient about his husin ss. So great is the ce
lebrity nf the LeZ'nges, that thousands of persons
nho have used them, nnd become acquainted with
their tiTctr, will never be without them.
POOR "MAN'S P X. aft. S T 73 R
has cuied more cases of Kheumatisni, Pail in the
Bark, Side end Chest, Lumbago and Wtakness,
than any application thai has ever been made. As
Hie celebrity of the Plaster has incieased, hundreds
of unpiinciple.l ra-cals have attempted to counter
feit it. nnd p i'tn it cfT upui the community a. the
genuine, cry Hewa e nf Di ceptiuu. .rj Remem
ber that the true and cenuine Plaster ia spread up
nn reddish paper made epres-ly for the puipose,
and in every cae Ihe sisnature of Pr. Sheiman is
li itil. d upon the l ack of the PUstci, and the whole
seen Pil by Copy Right. None ot'iers are genuine.
Tlierefire wl en you want a rent good Sherman's
Poor Man's Plaster, call at Ihe ofTiee, 106 Nassau
a'reet, and you ni I not be disappointed.
Remember the nemhtr. 106 Na sin t he e
all D-. Sherman'a Lnzengea arc sold. His Agents
are Mia. Hnta, 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn;
Htneson, William-bun ; and Redding ft Co.,
Boston, and JOHN YOUNG, Sunbury.
M. A McCAV, Northumberland.
September I lih. 1817. lv.
Improved Hydraulic Puinpts,
For WelU, Rolling MiIt, Furnacet, or other
FWtHE subscriber respectfully announces to the
jl public that he is now prepared lo supply or
dera lo any extent for his Patent Double action
fucti.in and Force Pumps. These pumps are
made of est iron, an J the water ia sucked or for
ced through lead pipe. Fir simplicity of construc
tion and durability of action, they are vaily supe
rior to any now in use. They have many sd un
laces over ihe common pump, among which are
the f dlo ing :
They are e constructed that mischievous per
sons cannot spoil their action hy introducing nails
or spikes or any other substances among the valves,
aa is often done with other pumps, thereby render
ing ihem useless till overhauled. They sie war
ranted to be peifectly aecure from frost. They ate
ao arranged as to afford ample pr 'tec ion against
Fire about ihe premises on which they are erected,
hy sitnp'y attaching a piece of ho-e, thro' which
ttiey will force water lo any pari nf, or over, a
three story bouse. They are particularly adapted
tor very deep wells, aa ihe leveraie can be so re
gulated that a chi!d of eix yeara old eun with the
greatest ease draw water with ihem from Ihe dee
peal wells. 'I be objection s i justly urged by ma
ny, that w ter is - oil.d by standing in pump logs,
ia rnlirely obviated in this pump, and fresh water
can always be as surely obtained as when drawn
with a bucket. In situations where it ia necessa
ry to raise or force larue quantiiiea nf water to great
di-tanees for supplying boilers in mills, furnaces,
&c.. these pumps ere invaluable, ea they can be
made f any a-se, and capable of throwing from
15 lo 10X10 gallons per minute.
' And to crown all, they can bo aolj as cheap aa
the clteaieal. ' ..
The auheeriber haa spent the last year tn axpe.
rimeuiing upon and perfecting his pumps, and now
hrinita ihem lief . re ihe pubbe with Ihe fullest con
fidence that they will be found to anawer his de
scription. He lakee p!raue in referring to the
following companies end individuals, upon whose
premises his pumps have been erected, and who
have eipns-rd their satisfaction iu the highest
terms s
'I be Montour Iron Company, Danville, H. Bre
voorl, agent; the Bloomehurg Railroad Iron dm
pany. Uloomthurg. Col. Paxton. agent the Rough
and Ready Iron Worka, Danville, Hancock. Foley
ct Co., proprietors the town Coined of Berwick;
iSimon P, Kase, Esq., and John L. Watson, Esq ,
He could refer lo nv.ny ethers, who have lei ted
their qualities, but lbs above lespectable firms anj
individuals are deemed sufficient.
(Xj An assortment of LEAD PIPES constant,
ly on hsnd, which will heaold on the moat less m
able terms. All nrdea addieseed lo the subscriber,
st Moore & Riddle's Foundry buildings, or Mon
lour House, Danville will meet with prompt at
Jan. I. 1848. If.
Another Farm
THE heirs of John Yorum, dee'd., offer for sale
all that Farm of theirs situate in Sharookin
township, Northumberland county, near 8nutt
town, and adjoining the old Stambsch stand in
said township, containing about two hundred acres
more or leas, in a good slat of cultivation. The
Rail Road from Bunbury to ethsmokintown passes
through it. For particulars enquire of
HUGH H. TEA I 8, Snuffiowo,
r JOHN FA RN8 WORTH, Bunbury,
Pec. 1 1, I84T. er any of the belts.
Tlic Grand Purgative
Headache, Giddiness,
Rheumatism, Piles, ,
Dyspep la, Scutvv,
ttmsll Pox, Jaundice,
Peine in the Back,
Measles, Salt Rheom,
Hesrt Burn. Worms,
Cholera Morbus, .
Coughs, Quiney,
Whooping Cough,
Consumption, Fits,
Inward Weakness,
Pslpitstion of the Heart, Liver Complaint,
Rising in the Throat, . Erisipelss, Deafness,
Dropsy, Asthma, Itchings of the Skin,
Fevers of sll kinds, Colds, Gnat, Gravel,
Female Complaints, Nervous Complaints,
aoM inpuniTtts or nt noon, Attn on.
Eipcrienee has proved that nearly every Die
ease originates from Impurities of the Blond or de
rangements of the Digestive Organs and lo secure
Health, we must remove those obstructions or re
store the Blood lo lis natural stste.
The aversion to taking medicine is most elTee.
lually removed by Clickhkh's VtoKTASr.it Pun
nai-tvi Pills, being completely enveloped with a
foaling of pure white Sugar, (which is as ill-tinei
from the Internal ingredients as a nut shell from
the kernel) Ann nvi no tssts or tttrniciivs,
But are as easily swallowed as bite nf csndy.
Moreover they neither nauseate or gripe In Ihe
atigntest octree, nut operate equally on all ihe ma
eased parts of the svs em, insJesd nf confining
themselves lo, and racking any particular region.
Thus, if tl e Liver be affected, one ingiedienl "ill
operate on that particular organ, and, by cleansing
it of an Excess nf Bile restore it lo its rm'ur ,1
slate. Another wilt operate nn the B ond. and
remove all Impurities in its ctrcul it inn t while a
third will effectually expel whatever impurities
may have been discharged into the stomach, and
hence they strikk st thi boot or nt-m-s. re
move all Impure Humors from the body t op n
Ihe pores externally snd internally ; separate all
fore gn and obi oxious particles from the chyle, so
that the blood may he thorough! pure thus seen
ring a fee and healthy action to the Heart. Lungs
am! Liver ( snd thereby ihey hkstohs health k
vtts wHsat all othfb attaRS rats sailcd.
The entire truth of the above can be esreitained
by the trial of a aingle box ; end their virtues are
so positive and certain in res'or ng Health, that
the proprietor bimta himself to return the money
paid for them in all cases where they do not give
universal satis action.
- Retail Price, 93 cfs. per Box.
, Piincip il office No. 06 Vescy St., N. Voik,
toldby JOHN YOUNG, Kunbury,
' M. A. McCAY, N'.'tihum!etland
Qj Rememlasr Dr. O, V. Clickener ia the in
venior of ihe Sugar Coated Piils, end that nothing
f Ihe a rt was ever heaid i f until he introduced
them in June, 1813. Purchasers shnu'd, therefore.
always bsk for Cliekener s Sugar Coated Pills, and
take no others, or they will be made ihe victims of
a fraud. Pcpl. 18th, 1817. ly eow
corc.H I THI
oca, thk voitx or tii
Tin cnt'ou or roMsvnrTiox iiatr
iv it a socrii or nSATH.
A RE YOU A MOTHER? Your darlingchild
X 'our earthly jov, is now perhaps
conlmed to her chamber by a dangerous cold h.r
pale cheeks, her (kin shrunken fingers, tell the
hold di-esse has already gained upon her the
sound of her sepulchral cough pieices your soul.
YOUNG MAN, when jut ah'nt lo enter life,
disesse sheds a heart cru-hmg I Imht over the f or
prospects of the fuluie your heclic cough and fee
lite limbs tell of your loss and h pe, but you need
not despair. Them is a balm which will heal the
wounded lungs, it is
Mrs. ATTREE, ihe wife of Win. II. Allree,
Esq. wss given up by Dr. Bewail of Washington,
Dis. Roe and McClellan of I'hilad-lidiia, Dr. line
and Dr. Mott of New York. Her friends all
thought she must die. c'lie had every appearance
of lieing in consumption, and was so pronounced
by her physicians Sherman's Dalsam was given
ami it cured her.
Mrs. GAR RAURANTZ, of Hull's Feirv, was
alsi cured of consumption hy this Balsam when
all other remedies failed to give relief she was re
duced lo a sktletin. Dr. A. C. Cas'.le, Dentist.
281 Broadway, haa witnessed its effects in several
ca-ea where no other medicine affoided relief but
the Balsam operated like a charm. Dr. C. also
witnessed Its wonderful effects in curing Asthma,
which it never fails of doing. Spitting Bloo I, alar
ming as it may be, is effectually cured by this Bal
aam. It heals Ihe ruptured or wounded blood
vessels, and makes the lungs sound again.
Rev. HENRY JONES, 108 Eishth avenue.
was cured nf cough and catarrhal afnetions i t 50
years a'sndtng, 'I he first dose gave him more re
lief than all the otltei medicine he had ever taken.
Dr, L. J. Seals, 19 De'ancy street, gave it lo a
si-ler-in-law who was laboring underconsumption,
and to another sorely affl cted with the Asthma.
In both casta, its effects were immediate, soon re
storing them to cnmf.iriHh'c health.
Mrs. LUCRE I IA WELLS, Of) Christie street.
-ufTered fmm Aathma 43 y.-ars. Sheim m's Ual.
sam relieved her at once, and she is comparatively
well, being enabled to subdue every attack by a
timely use of this medicine. This indeed ie the
ereat remidy for CnUg' s. Colds, Spitting Blond.
Liver Complaints, snd all the all ctinna of ihe
throat, and even Asthma and Cnnsump ion.
Price 25 cents and f I per bottle.
Dr. Sherman's Cough and Worm Lozenges, and
Poor Man's Plaster sold as above
Dr. Sherman'a fnee i- al 106 Nassau st. N. Y.
Agents, JOHN YOUNG, Munburv.
M A. M C . Y, Northumberland
September llih, 1847. ly
Vegetable I iilveronl Pi II si,
The only known Medicine that at the some time
purget punfiet and utrcngthcni the ititem.
Los lion, July 7, 1846.
"M"VR. LE ROY'S Pill, .re a new medicine
PJF which has just appeared, and is fast taking
the ,,aces of all others of the same class. These
pills era composed of many ingredients, but the
I wo principal onee are 8arsaparils and Wild Cher
ry, so united that they act together the one,
through its admixture with other sub.tateee, pu
rifying ind purging, while the other ia strengthen,
ing the system. Thus those pills are al Ihe same
lima tunic and opening; adesiderstom long and
eauerlv eouiht fur bv me.lie.l mn k. i..
' m w " w
fore discovered. Ia other wards the d.i the work
of two medicines, and do il much better than any
two we know of; fur Ihey remove nothing from
Ihe system but the impurities ao that while Ihey
purge they elrengthen; and hence they cause no
debilitation, and are follnnred t, nn Ti.
Le R ay'e pills have a wonderful infiuenee on Ihe
blood t Ihey not only purify without weakening it,
but ihey remove all noxious particles from Ihe chyle
before it is convened into fluid, and thus make im
pure blood an utter impns-ibility. As there is no
debilitation, so there ie no nausea or sickness at
lending Ihe operations of this moat excellent of me
dicines, which nevet .trains or tortures the diges
tive functions, hut causes them lo work in a per.
feclly natural manner ; and hence persons taking
litem do not become pale and emaciated, but the
contrary t for while it ia the properly of ihe 8arsa
panlla, united as il is with other ingredients, to
remove all thai ia foreign end impure, it is equally
the property of tht Wild Cherry lo retain all thai
ia natural and sound; snd hence s robust state of
health ia the certain reeult of their united opera,
lions, (ry Price ft cents per BOX,
Agents for Le Roy's Pills,
JOHN YOUNG, J 8unb,"y'
M. A. McCAY, Norliumbert'd.
August list, 1847. ly . . , -
A LL persons indebted to the auheeriber, by
u v aula or book accouut, are hereby notified to
tall and settle the saws without delay, in order
lo save costs. IRA T. CLEMENT.
Kunbury, April 2S, 1818
CP 53- -id. ca aa &x
fWHIS Medicine la warranted, on oath, not to r
contain a psritcieni mammal, UnrrnsWe Sub.
limMe, Arsenic, Chloride of Gold, or any delete
rous minerals.
The principle) npon which this Medicine acts, It
bv aaaiatinf atiSl haVfMAtilufn saitli I.
drives out all foul acrimonious humors from the
mood and body, ami hy assimilating with and
strengthening the gastric juice of tha stomsch, il
sssista dieeallnn l in abort them la nn, in
ry, muscle or nerve In the hitman body, thai ie
noi airengtneneti ny tne rAiiAi;KA, and It also
posse, sea I be remarkable property af removing
mercury irooa us ueaeeasaJ joints.
Scurvy, Scorbutic Affections, Tumors, Scrofula or
Kinga' Evi , White Swellings, Erysipelas, Ulcers.
Cancers, Running Sores, Scabs snd Biles, lime
and a detetmined perseverance in D . SWEET
SER'S PANACEA, will effect a cure.
Rejection nf food, Nau-es, Vomitings, Nervous af
t'ectinna, Rillinus complaints. Head ael e, Pa'cm as.
or r,male Irregularities, Dr. S WEETSEI! 8 PA
NACEA will aoon elTecl a cure t but if obstinate,
or attended with griping, flying pains,, the dose
snnutu te increased, and the cure will soon be rf
fected. Let not the psnents frgMcn themselves
won the ides thai they are ton we k tn take much
medir'ine; but bear in mind ihst this mt'iHy npe
ting med cine put not weakness into ihe frame, but
most certainly draws weakn a- out, leaves etrergih
in its place, and hy giving composed s'eep at ina I
and an appeti'eto iclish eny fowl, re-anima'ee th
whole framn wi h vigorous action, clearing Ihe
mind ami improving the sight.
TIONS. Scrofula is aiid to be heridilary. ihe infant re
ceiving from its parents the seeds nf litis disease
which increases with its years, if neglected and
not submitted to frequent purification with Dr.
SWKBISEH'8 PANACEA. The glanda are nla
ced in ihe corners of the body, and nut of Ihe way
of direct communication ; their real use is a subject
on which mum Uitlereiice or opinion prevails; il
suffices ne tn know that when in a diseased state,
they am capable of being purified and cleansed hy
a long course nf Dr. SWKETSER'S PAN A-
CK A, which restores Ihem lo sound snd proper
action. Scrofub us persons can never pav too much
attention In their blond, its purification shnu'd lie
their first thought, for after a long course of perse
vcrance, they will ever cure hereditary disease.
SWEKTSER'S PANACEA cannm be too high
ly extolled it searches mil ihe v, ry root nf the
disi'ase, ami by r m iing it from the Blond makes
a cure certain ond perm netil.
For diseases of ihe Bladder and Kidney. Stric
turet. Gravel. Slone, Pile. Fintula. Uiinnru Ob
ttmelinniand Extreme Cmtiveneu Dr. 8WEET.
SKK'S PANCEA is Ihe best remidy ever trel
it removes sll tho-e acrimonious liu no s from th
Ulood which give rise to the above diseasea. and
by keeping the blood in a pure condiiiun, insurea
Impiir lie nf Ihe Blnnd, Mercurial hunt. Wrak
nest of Ihe Sn:ne Fhnnof Blood lolhe Head dd
d ue, Si"ging and Bnzzintr Ntrse in Ihe Head
and Enrt.V'. WE ETHER'S IMNCEA will
give eert rill relief; in all acveie and chronic cases,
Ihe patients cannot be looofi. n reminded thai lar
gtr dort and pe' teverance ill iffecl a cue.
lo ChUhand Fevers II limn Ferer. Affection
of Ihe F.ties c. id Ears. Spongy and Blred,ng
Gum Bronch i' and recent Cough and Cold',
Dr. SWEEI'SER'S PANACEA, will be found
perfectly eure and certain in its etiects.
Tbo'C cninp'ain's are generally attended wi b
the most fatal , cms quencea. and are sebloin or ne.
vcr cured by the pieaenl inoib- of liealnieut ; III y
usually accompany the patient t the grave, after
suffering the most excruciating pain and torture
The cause nf these complain s ore the same as a'l
nlheis. the dross nt the blood becomes encrusted on
Ihe finrst nsrrnw passages, whence nr s ' morbid
ser ietions and stoppagisof mine. Ynu will find
the m st powerful d ureilcs of no use, as they only
increase Ihe quantity nf urine and do not pu ify
nd strengthen th- ports. Bv purifying Ihe Lined
wilh Dr, 8 W BETTER'S PANACEA, nu re
move the cause id ibe disease, consequently it run
not exist any longer, afur sulfieicnt perseverance
in ite use has deprived lha H"Sj ami body of all
acrimonious humors and incrustation.
This is a erv prevalent snd fatal di-ca-e ; it re
subs mostly from neglected coughs, colds snd brnn
chili, also from impioper Ireatmemin many ut' rr
cases, such as measles, fevers, inflammations and
small pox, and a hrs of other badly treated diseases;
where the cause, instead nf having been thoroughly
removed from ihe blood and body, have only ben
palliated or removed from one pirt lo hreik out in
another. Uv uivesung y nur bodies of all foul hu
mors, through the medium of Dr. SWEETER S
PANACEA, the cure is al once rendered certain
and permanent. R. collect, while there ia acrimo
nious humora fl rating in the ciicu'ation, it is as apt
to settle on the lungs as any oilier part of the Imdy ,
ihia ia the reason that consumption is so prevalen ;
W'hieh you see on the ex'erior. come from and
have their source in, the interior, and might jus) as
well Have etilcil on your lunga, liver, nr any other
part; which vie know they frequently do, and pro
luce most violent uiftnmmaioiy disorder'. The
humor which oecasiona these sores is of a highly
aciimnuiona burning nature We know il from
the pain it gies in lor ning, and nfi, rrds its ra
pidly u'rerating and coir ding ihe flesh and ,ki
nf Ihe part where it brisks out. Th a shows the
necessity of frequently puiifying the blood with Dr.
SWKt'.OLItS PANACKA. and keeping sucl
malignant humora in su'j ction. Should you have
a bde or ulcer, he thankful that na'U e has taken
trouble In warn ynu nf the danger your life and ho
dy ia in, for il ia a wanting that the blood is foul
Had this same acrimony s.lrc'ed the lungs in-tend
nf Ihe surface of your body for Its seat, consump
tion m me lungs woutd nave been Ihe consequence,
Dr lay not then, to purify and cleanse wilhDr
Sweetsrr's Panacea.
Spinal afleetiona, rnlargeeaenl of lbs bones and
joints, white ewellinge, bin joint eomnleinl. rup
tuies, falling of lbs bowels and worn', diaease, will
find a speedy oure in Dr. SH I BETTER 8 PA
ftjt-ta. Where tne disease lias been of l -ni
standing, lbs lime required lo make a cure wiU l
longer ; but the panenl may real aasured lhal a
determined perseverance will effect it.
These disease! proceed from Ihe eeriosity or
corrupt humors or the blood, having a t led iiself on
the throat and lunga, and stopped ihem up, so lhal
Ihey cannat draw sulticient air in for respiration.
Dr. SWEETSER'8 PANACEA will give imme
diate relief, and to make the cure perfect and ear
lain, ikaboutd be continued some lime alter, to
free the system of all bad humora.
Find a safe and speedy cure in Dr. SWEET
SER'S PA NA CEA. It cures by aaarching every
blood see al and artery, and driving out all impu
rities and foul humora acruaaasated therein, which
s the reuse of rh umalism, goui and swellings ol
the joints. The deleterou. effects of calomel and
other mineral poisoua, reedily yield to ile sovereign
influence ; indeed, when its vsbable properties he
come fully known, the use of all mineral poison will
be consigned to 'ihe lomb of ell ibe Cspnlsis,' and
only be thought of ss s by-gone custom f the dar
ker agee. Dr. Sweelser's Panacea ia also s sure
cure for dyspepsia, piles, cneiiseuees, vertigo, head
ache, pain irk the breast and liver complaint
Fever Is always caused by a diaoiderly mote
ment of Ihe blood, struggling lofiee itself of some
thing that encumbers il ; in fact, every kind of fe
ver ie polhing more than s struggle between lbs
blood snd corrupt humors, eud es soen ss the cor
rupt humois eta expel ed, you have no mora fever.
When a patient with fever submits lo be bled, or
have his blood poisoned with mercury, it weakens
his frame to such s degree lhal if he survive, lha
I'Ttn vsa, siwaya leaves nun sunjeci W uisrressrng
Kill. t n i . iac. .....
vrtir,, w imtua out pi lv nv resirnv IV iu,
pills, powders, or Ionic mixtures; this ia going from
bad lo worse, as these vegetable pills, powders, dee,
are nothing but mercury and qu nine in disguise,
. - '- 1M"j r a lime urive me uiseew so isr mitt
lh not to be perceptible, but very eoan it
win break out again wilh fearful einlenca. Ta eura
laut mnA r.... . l ....
.... CIUMn, ln, aite mualke re-
moved ou of the blood ,nd body, which can be af.
m iT, i? ,,in, D'-BWEErSErTS FA
NACEA, which purifies, elur,, tt)d Wrrhena.
It contains nothing that can pnasiVly injure, and Its
liaa las ail aa alas AX asaa faeii atcl . a i I
vtimi IRQ IflTsBrSa
In all Casiis or Pilm, Dr. SWEETSER'S
PANACEA will effect s very speedy cure. It re
moves from the blood, stomach end bowels, alt
those foul eeriil hnrntne tiiimnra arkUk ,l.
ciuae of Piles and Costivene... and by strengthen
ing Ihe digestive orgsns, improves every part of the
tiiili iristiy,
Thee diseases . eau ed by the stomach and
bowels being choked up with viscid slimy matter,
he air wbii h enters ih m c mnnt e-cpe until forced
by aome rnulractinn of tha S'omach to expel it i
her ce the cause of pain. A few dines of I)r
SWEETSER'et P.A.At:EA will convince ths
sulfcter that relief is sltained
Parents will find the PANACEA a valuable
medicine fir ihnr children, keeping their bodies in
a heal hy c ndi'ion, thereby a-sisiing their g owth;
children nr grnwn peisons, after taking it, ere not
lia'de to be attacked with an epidemic as before, aa
it always leaves the blood in a pure condition, and
he i mire system in a strengthened state it drives
out a'l kinds of weaknras from the body end leaves
all heal hy within.
Will find Dr. 8 WE TsER'S PANACEA a medi
o ne purely adapted to their Use. Most ladies du
ring the period of pregnancy sre afflicted with piles.
Dr. Sweeiser'a Panacea, by regulating the bowels,
ill entirely nbviaie ibis, and its purifying proper,
ties nn ihe blood and fluids, insures lo them heal
thy off pring. No one who is a mother should be
without it, and those who are nursing, will find it
of gieat bemfit tn the health of their infants.
For barrennesa and all diseases of the womb, it
is without e rival in the entire histoiy and catalogue
nf medicines t by its extraordinary strengthening
power, it klimulotes and alrengthens the womb, a
weaknesa uf which is the cau.e of failure to have
Under this head may be classed Palpitation of
the Heart, Tic Doloreaux or Faceache, Neuralgia,
Ind'gcsrion, Toothache, Melaitchnl) , Hysterics. and
in fact, ev, ry ibsea-e caused by the eharp, biting,
aeriinoniona humors irritating the nerves; the
ni rvea teceive the morbid imptes-ion from the sto
mach, nr rather from the blood through the agency
of the stomach and dige live organs, and although
other parts of the body are appirenlly the seat of
ihe disease, elill it is caused by the morbid imp'ee
si m conveyed from the blood bv the nerves, to that
part. A lew dosea of Dr. SWEETsElt'S PA
NACEA will soon assure the patient that be has
ihe cure in his possession,
'flits is an inflammatory di-n der, alw ys attend
ed Willi more or less pain. It procreds from the
foul, acrimonious humors lodged in the blood anj
fin d-, settling on the bm1 s and face, causing ex
treme pain and fevers; all applications on the sur
face are worse than useless, is they only lend to
throw ti e disca-e pi Mime other part, and perhaps
ina"deith. Bleeding is likewiae improier. To
cuie the dt-esse you mu I gel nd of ihe c ruse ; on
ly manage 1 1 get ihe foul humors out of y mr blood,
ami vou will t well in a day. Dr. SWEET-.
hllU'S PANACEA, a thorouijh purifier of tha
bloo I, will si arch nut ivery impurity in the more
remote p-rta of the body and expel it through tha
medium of the. ho ela. There ia not a vein, arte
ry, uit.sele or organ of Ihe entire framewoik nf
man, that Dr. Sweeiser'a Panacea does not im
prove. 'I'o take it when you lire well 'is to keep
we I ; and when sick to become w!j. -
posed only ol a vcr.-tuhle matter, or medical nerbe,
and warranted, nn oath, as containing not one par
Held nf mercurial, mineral, nr chimical substances.
s found to be perfectly harmless to ihe mot tender
age, or ihe weakest frame, under any st iq of hu
te.an sufieiine ; the nio-l pleasant and benign in its
0 emtion that was ever off. red to the world ; and
at Ihe aame lime the moal certain in scan hing out
the loot uf any complaint, however deep, and of
perfi.rm ng a e r,
Price $1 er bottle, or eix hot ilea for $5. Tor
sale, whobaale and retail, at the rorner of
CHARLES and PRATT Streets. Bshimore, an
Nov. 8 1847. ,y Sunbury.
Burnt, Scalds, and all kinds of Inflamed
Sorrs Currd.
JL the mo-tcomp'e e Bum Antidoteever known.
Il ir slanilv, (and as if by Magic) stops pains of the
rno-t deapeiate Bum. and Scalds. For old Sore.,
Dm ses. Cut., Sprains, dec nn man or beasl.it is
he beet application thai can he made. Thousands
have tried ami thousands pr dse it. It is ihe moat
pei feet master nf pain ever discovered. All who
use recommend it. Every family should be provi
ded with il. None can tell how aoon some uf Ihe
fimily may need it.
C7" O'sjerve eeh bog of the genuire Ointment
has ihe name ol S. Touesv written on the ouleide
laliel. To imitate ihia ia forgery.
Boitmeu. Livery Men, Farmer., and all who use
Horses, will find ihia Ointment the very lesl thing
Ih.y can use for Collar Galls. Scratches,' Kicks, dec.
dtft, on their animals. Surely every merciful man
would keep hi' animals aa free fiom pain ae posai
hie- Touaey' Universal Ointment is all lhal ie re
quired. Trv it.
Ill PES OF INSECTS. For the sting or bite
of poisonous Insects. Tousey's Ointreent ie unri
va'led. Hundreds have tried il and found it good.
PILES CURED I Fur tha Piles, Tousey's IT
niversal Oin'ment is one nf the heal Remediee lhal
csn be applied. All who have tried it fot tha Piles
recommend il.
OLD SORES CURED. For old ohetinats'
8ona, there ia nothing equal to Tousey's Oint-j
ment, A perrain in Msniius had, for a number of.
years, a sore leg lhal bafflej ths skill nf the doctors. .
Tousey's Ointment wss recommended by ona of ,
ihe visiting physicians, (who knew its great virtues,) .
and two boiea produced more benefit then ihe pa
tienl had received from eny and all prerious reme
dies. Let all try it. .
of cases nf Burns and Scalds, in all parts of the .
country, have been cund by Tousey's Universal ,
Ointment. Certificates enough could be bad to Ail
tha whole of ihia ahre,
Is on lesiimoniaU, in favor nf Touaey's Ointment .
for curing Diuises, have been offered ihe propria,
to... Hundreds in Syracu-e will certify lo its great
merits m reli ving ths pain of the most severe Bruise
All persons should try il. ,
SCALD HEAD CURED. Sores of ce. of
Scald Head have been eureJ by Too.ey'e Oint
ment, Trv it il seldom fo'a.
SALT RHEUM CURED. Of all the remediee
ever discovered for this mo disagreeable com plaint,
'Tousey's I'niversel Ointment is ibe most complete.
Il neer wss kn a l' fad- .
Tousey's Universal Ointment will always eura lha
worst rasea of Chapped Hands, Scores of uereaoa
will stste this.
SORE LIPS CURED- For lbs cure of Sora
Lips, there wss arret anything msde equal ra Teu
sey's Ointment. It is aura to cuie them. Try it.
Ii ie a scientific compound, warranted not In cosy,
tsin sny pirpsratioa of Mercury, try Price 16 .
rents per box. For further pari acuUre aunoeritiag '.
this really valuable Ointment, lha public are refer- ..
red la Pamphlets, to be had gratis, of respectable ,
muggins sou niercnsuu throughout Ibe United
Stales. ... ,
Prepared by ELLIOT A, TOUSEY. Drueeiste.
Syracuse. For sale by . . ,
JOHN TOlTNO,tonUry ', . j
' M. A. McCAY, NorihusabeiUnd. '
Sept. Iltk, IIIT. ly eow '

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