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(CP Agency, Our friend Fitzgerald of
the City Item who ii tin energetic business
tata, offer hii services to hii country
friends u an agent, at a moderate commit
ion, tor the purchau of musical Instru
ments,. Music, Books, Engravings, Fruit
trees, Horses, Carriages, Guns, Inc., Vc.
Address T. Fitzgerald, No. 45, South 3d
Thk Siamese Twins. An interest
ing article, in relation to these Twins,
whose bodies are inseparably united by a
ligament, wiU'be found on our first page.
tL7 Warm Weather. We never expe
rience a more sudden change of weather
khan on Thursday last. On Wednesday it was
comfortably cool. On Thursday from half
past 3 to 5 S. M. the thermometer ranged
from 99 down to 96 in the shade. This is
the warmest 'Weather we had for some years.
ttT-The Keystone is the title of a new
paper published at Harrisburg, by O. Bar
rett Esq. We have only room to say, that
it is a handsome sheet, and under Mr. Bar.
' rett will be ably conducted. We trust he
will be rewarded in his enterprise.
The John Donkey this week is rich,
racy, humorous and witty. It is decidedly
the best number of the season, and equal to
the London Punch. Our friends, English
& Foster, must have been somewhat exhile
ratcd by the proccedingsof the late conven
tion. WanNRiDtY, June 13. 1848.
Grain Wheat Prime white $1 26 a $1
30 ; red is worth SI 20 a SI 21.
Rts Southern 70c, Penna. 75c, per bushel.
Corn Yellow is worth 54 a 55c; white
50 51c
Oats Are dull at about 38c for Penn.;
Southern 32.
Whiskey Sales in bblsat 22c, in hhds 21c.
Office of the llt.Timn Aissnicsn, June 12.
Grain. Very little Wheat at market, We
quote good to prime reds at 115al23 cents,
with very small sales.
Corn, arrives freely, but the demand is
moderate. We note sals of yellow at 52a54
cts. and of white at 47 cents.
Sales of Oats at 33a35 cents.
Whiskey The demand is very limited
at 21 cts. for hhds. and 22 cents for bbla.
raonsson of disuses or womas.
- Sixth Edition. lBmo. pp. ttso. Price 61
33,090 Copies sold in Three Month !
Years of suffering , of physical and mentnl ane iiish to
msny an affectionate wife, and peruninry difficulties to the
husband, michl have been spared by a timely u ssessiou of
his work.
It ia intended especially fir the married, nrthoee contem
plating marriage, as it diacl onee important aecreta which
should be known to them particularly.
Truly, knowledge ia power. It ia health, happiness, afllu-
nre- .... . .
The revelatlona cwUiined in lta pages have proved a
blessing to thousands, aa the innumerable h-t'.ers received
by the aulh will attest.
Here, elan, every female the wife, the m-ither, the one
ilher budding into womanhood or the one in the decline of
years in whom nature contempkitea an important change
, c.ui discover the eausee, aymptoms, and the ln"at efficient
remedies, and moat certain mode of cure, in every com
plaint to which her aez ia subject.
Ceeles will a seat aaatl free al pottage telhe par.
Over tan thoaaand copies have been sent by mail within
Urea m nths, with perfect safety and certainty.
On tha receipt of On D Hlr. the "Married woman's
Private Melhnl Companion" will be sent (suilid ran)
So any part-of tha United States. Al letters aiust be post
paid (except thoae eontauiing a remittance) and addreasnt
t Dr. A. M Maarieaan, Box ISM, New-York City. Pub
aehing Ofllee, Mel libeiry-at., New York.
- Tha "Married Woasen's Private Medical Companion" is
old by bo-kaellara laroaghoat the United States.
Jane 3, lose.
Cossipatiom or trk Bowels or eostiveness,
headache, giddiness, pain in the side and breast,
nausea and sickness, variable appetite, yellow or
swarthy complexion, ate., are the usual symp
toms ol Liver Complaint. Wright's Indian Ve
getable Pills are always certain to remove the
above complaints, because they purge tram the
body those morbid humors which are tha cause,
, not only of all disorders of the liver, but of every
malady incident toman. A single 85 cent bos
will in all cases give relief, and perseverance
will most assuredly drive everyparticle of disease
from the body
Caut on To avoid couuteifeits, purchase from
those only who can show a certificate of agency
' representing tha landing f William Prnn ami
compare the labels on the bos with Ihe fue similes
on lha certificate. To l a genuine, lhay must be
sictlv alike, sign-time and all. Beware of conn,
oils and imposition.
(J3 Tha genuine for sal by Hssat Maaaaa
sola agent for Hunbury, and other egents, publish
ed in anothei part of this paper.
In McEwensville, on Monday the 5th itml.,
Mr. M. J. B. KELCHNER, aged about 38
In Lewisbtirgr, on Friday the 2d inst., Mrs
CHARLOTTE PIATT, widow of thelateller.
man Piatt. Esq.. of Lvcomintr county, and
daughter of Capt. John Brady, deceased, of
tills county, agea aooui so years.
aV Jt M aa at a? 9
On Sunday last, by the Rev. R. A. Fisher,
Mr. William Landau to Miss Elizareth
Keiul, all of this placo.
On tha th inat.. bv John Snvder Esq., Mr
Ta.hh Ross to Miaa Elizareth Smith, all of
Lower Augusta township.
anri llW rtTIZKNS. Enrouraied bvma
iv af mv friends throothout our county, I
oiler myself to your consideration as a candidate
tot the omea of
at tha nest aeneral Election. Should my fellow
citixen lavar me with a majority of their votes,
I should spare no exertion tolilfill tba duties ol
said office with fidelity snd to tha satisfaction
.as a sss.aB.SJSk . a aieafAf
ran. mamiiii mnif
Baabary, June 3, 1818.
RESPECTFULLY announces to her friends
aad Ihe public, that aha has removed her
, establishment to the building recently occupied
by Daniel Druckemitler. as a shoe store, isesrly
, opposite Mrs. Bolton's Hotel, where she will bs
better able to accommodate ber numerous fr leads
and customers with all kinds of Millinery, aoey
soittaa, ano aiaer ery geooar
Jjae J. 1S4I 3t
u Run m anniMi ;
105 Chesnul Street.
The session of this Convention is eondueted
witbunparelleled harmony, snd tha mount of
business done Is immense. Tht President P.
R. M'NEILLE. assisted by numerous Vice Pre
sidents, presides with (rest efficiency and the
Treasurer is kept constantly busy with recelv
Inftnonev Tas Dslroatks to this Convention
ars In Sts' of delight., and have unanimously con
sented to nominate P R M'NaiLtt, as
Of the United States. If every one of the 100,.
000'patronaoftko Philadelphia Wardrobe, should
vet for him P. R. M'Neille, will prove most
troublesome rival to other Presidential compe
titors. Wc are happy to say that at this convention
alt sets of Delegates ara received, and no-party
men's money is accounted just as Rood as any
body's money. This magnanimity is highly ex
June 3, 1848 St
wholesale and retail
No 593 Market Strut, Below Eighth, North tide
Keeps constantly on hand all kind of old Li
quor, vis : Superior old rye whiskey superior
Brandy, Uin, ace. Alto white brandy lor preser
ving. Wild Cherry and Blackberry brandy.
Philadelphia, June 3, 1818. ly
.Yo. 15 South Second tirett Eatt aide, down stars,
RESPECTFULLY informs his friends and
the pub ic, that he constantly keeps on
band a large assortment of chi drens wilow
roaches, Chairs, Crad es, market and travel
ling baskets, and every variety of basket work
Country Merchants and others who wish to
purchase such artic es, good and cheap, would
do well to call on him. as they are all manulac
lured by him inthe best manner.
I'hi ade phia, June 3, 1818. ly
Brush, Comb and Variety
No S North Third. beUo Rate St. and North
E.ut Conner of Third and Market street,
WHERE they offer lor sa e a general assort
ment of all kinds of Brushes, Combs and
varieties which they are determined to sel
Lower than can be purchased e sewhere.
Country Merchants and others Purchasing in
the above tine wil find it to their advantage to
ca'l before purchasing esc where a the qua'ity
and prices will be lul'y guaranteed against a I
I'hiladelphia, June 3, IS IS ly.
Wardrobe of Fashionable
J. W. & E. D. STOKES,
No. 194 Market Street. Find Cluthing itorebe
low Sixth,
IVHERE they are constantly enrag'd in get
ling up from the best French, English and
tmeiiran c oth. c'olhing cut and made up in the
moat superior and fashionable sty e, I'ersons
who buy to srl , wil find a large and ext-e leril
stock at the owest city prices. Coining mai'.e
up to order, ina superior style al the shottest
N. II Odd FePous Ri-sa'ia. a laree assoit-
nint always on hand Orders from Lodges and
ml i mliia s promptly attended toon tne most ra
sonali'e terms.
I hi ade phia, June 3, 1818 ly.
HUtorv of the IXevvlation nad Llvr Uir
llrrors of the Vr u( Independence.
An elegant volume trt'lA 18 fine Steel Plate),
and nearly 200 beautiful Wood Engravings
"This is a splendid book. A valuable additina to the
ltistrie literature of our country. We are much mista
keu if it d ies ix lake rank with the works uflrviiig and
rreseat." Frankiora Herau.
It surpasses any similar work yet oaerea to tne Amen
in Dublie ." Neal'e Cazette.
-It mav be nriKierly cjnaidered a popularised Military
History of the Revolution, extremely well and judicious
written." N. American.
The present work on the Kevowtwm and ita Hemes, ia
superior, bntb in extent and design to any that haa aercui-
tore c nne under our notice." inq.
A well connected History of that eventful period 10
"UetfUltaiy we ocn popular iimoiy ui w-u ui .ik
Revoluti.tn and its Heroes, tbut has yet beeu given to the
country." Tfcitiirrlny r.veniiie; roat.
IW AGENTS W ANTED t c-nvas for the aoovo ele.
fnut W-rk, in every County and T iwn in the L'nitoil
Ht ite. to whom the moat libemt indureineiila will be (flcr-
ed. Price onlv Kl.
Address (post-iaul) WM. A. I.F.AHY.
No. 158 North SECON11 St.
Philadelphia, May 20, It-IP 3m
HAVE REMOVED from 193 Market Street,
at then New Splendid and Immense Estab
lishment to be known as the
Tower Hall C'lothlns; Bazaar,
No. 182 Market Street, between fifth If sixth,
The Proprietors feel a reluctance in prom ill-
caliiif what in any way mieht appear like the
usual Bombastic exaggeration of some in the
trade, but will beg leave to quote the following
not ire from one of our city parwrs ;
One of Ihe greatest curiosities that our City
affords to the airane-r. is BENNETT It CO'
gieat clothing store. No. 182 Market Hreet. be
tween Fifth and Sixth, which has been stvl
'Tower Hall," from the peculiar finish of the
front. Ihe building is an immense one, con
taming seven capacious rooms, all oi which are
stocked with every variety ol seasonable gar
ments, arranged in the most perfect order and
regularity. The proprietors take great pleasure
in showing their building and contenls to the
citizens, particuaily straiigeia, and to those co
ming from the country we know of ifo place
more worthy or a visit.
rhiladelphia, May 27th, 1848 3m.
TYRANTS as well as Monopolies, must faP
a- to must prices. That this is a fact can bo
proved by calling at
No. 72 North 2d street, nbove Arch,
ll'aWcasWe asxf JCWal',
Tha stock consists in part of Gold and Silver
Levers ; I'Epines snd Quartier Watches ; Jewel
ry of the newest and most fashionable patterns.
SILVER SPOONS, itc Particular attention
paid to tbesa articles, the quul tif ofwhtih it
No.l and workmanship ililto. Tba establish
ment or LE HURAY has been well known FOK
roVRTY YEARS, in SECOND Street, and
has made s character which needs no puffing
Silver TEASPOONS ss low as 4,50 per sett
can be made for less if wished.
WATCA GLAS6ES Plain. 10 cts i Patent.
13; Lunette. 20 cts; other articles in propor
tion. Ht number, you saa buy bar below sny pub
lished list of prices in this City or New York.
Watch Repairing particularly attended to, snd
warranted to give eatisfectioa).
N B Old Gold and Silver bought for cash or
takea ia eachang at (don't forget the No 72)
North Second Street, above Arch, Philadelphia.
Sept. 3. 1817 ly May . !
self as a i
ELLOW CITIZENS ! Encottrsged by ma
of my friends, I respectfully oner my
self aa a candiuaie lor tne oiitce or
and Clerk of tho Orphans' Court,
Al the approaching election. Should I be fa
vored with a majority of your votes, I will spart
no exertions to render general aatisfaction.
Dtlawart township, May 13, 1846.
I RESPECTFULLY Inform yoti as a citiscn
of Northumberland county, that my friends
in the four lowsr townships, made a solicita
tion, or call, these three years, to offer myself
to the cititens of our county, as a candidate for
the olftes ol
, m M.Mssh an,a.sni
HEUISTEH ASW a5.saai.a,
snd I flatter myself capable of fulfilling the du
ties of said office aceoiding to law. As I sm
disabled to do any thing else but teaching school
which I followed seventeen years, anil under
stand both English, and German, which is ne
cessary, fcc , JOHN HENRY KRECS.
Upper Mahonoy, May 27, 1818
Can save from 13 te 93 per Cent. ,
BY purchasing their OIL CLOTHS direct
from the Manufacturers
Have opened a Warehouse, No. 13S North Third
Street above Race, second door South of the Ea
gle Hotel,
where they will always keey on hand a complete
assortment of Patent Elastic Carriage Oil
Cl,ths 38. 30. 40, 48 and 5t inches wide. Ft-
tired, Painted, ami Plain, on the inside, on Mus
lin Drilling ant Linen. 7rWe Uil Vlotht nl tne
most desirable patterns, 38, 40, 46 and 51 inches
wide. Floor Oil Cloths, from 28 inches to ai
feet wide, well seasoned, and the newest style
f patterns, all of their o.vn manufacture I rans
parent Window Shades, Carpets, &c All Co"'
t'bila May 27, 1818 3m
John W. Friling,
RESPECTFULLY informs his friends and
customers. Ihat he has just received and
. . - . nnnnn : -
peueii a tpienciu assortment ot uwuo, runs.
ing of
Groceries, Hardware, Quetnsware, &c.
The public are invited to call und examine for
Sunhury, May .6. 1818 tf
THIS r.xtr in it put up in quart bottlm. It it mx. times
cheaper, plniamntcr, nwi warrantt uprri r t nny
.lt. It curt t.eiuts wit In. lit vmilinsr. piirfiitK. tck
new, or dtliiliuiling the pnlivitt, pud is i-artM ul irly mlnpted
or k
The frnat bfnutv nmt mipcri'riiy ofthia IS irmprtrilla over
other rciii'.iiitu i. whilst it cruciii-uiL'suiatuiM',
it mvi(i rHlMi the b y.
('s-iiMiiupti m ourrd.
Cleanse Bin! Htrengthrn.
V 'iisiinili ti r;ui lie cured.
KMiiehitii, C iiMtni;ti.in. lAvx C mptitint, CiK C lUghi,
Catiirrh, Anthnu, H,nti'isr "i' Hb. 9 trenetw in tho
t hem, II fx lie riimli, 4ieht .-vrat. Oilli
cult iiiitl ilnl'tiis LxMt-torutiuii,
mid I'uiu in the tute,
tVo., le.s
hve titid can be cured.
I'Mlirduv thcrn never was a reiimlv that )m heen . nue-
cewiful in dr;K-ni( encn it cniisiiiniptMii uu thin ; it clean
tenmid strengthens Ihe system, und appeurs M beal the ul
cers mi the Itiugt, and patients grudiutlly reguin their usual
heul'.h unci strtniii.
Tit erf im fH-nrcfty a day ituases but there arc o mi ml iff if
inrs ( cMistunptitin rerted as cureil by the use of lr.
rwtwt'irs SsirniMinUa. The fofi.witiff wus recently re
frived :
lr. ToVNnD lV-ir Hit: Fnr the last three vrirs I
have lefi'ii ntMi:td with (tmor:il debility, nihl nervous om
stintptimi o tlx- l ist muter, and did ut cxpt t ever gain
niv health nl at!. AlVr ir inr tlmniph a c. tursc of metlieine
under the rim t nine if the m st disiiiiiiinbod resuinr
hysiuians mih) members ot the H fiU nl IltuMh in .New
s'sik and elst-whrie. and Htteutlii tin' in st nf mv caruinifs
in utteinpiuitf l nuiim my henilh, ami altt-r retail; in
s mih paper nf ynir S.irrirst"lta I res 'Ived t try it, trr
us in nix b ttlit'A 1 t unil it d iu- me ttrcnt $ -f, ainl elltit
t see yu at y.air t.ifice ; with yiiur ntlviee 1 kept en. and
tu nt ht-trti.y uiaiiia vu t"r vonr anv luo. iserwvfre in
tukiiiff ihe Sural' i pur ilia, tuH have teeu uble t attend t- my
usual ta!irsi.r Uie last Kr m linns, aim i uy inr
blesiiirN nl' tint nnd yiur Sartwtiarlla to c 'iitmue my
henlih. It licl.Hfl me beynnd the expeetnti ns ( all who
knew my cum. rHKl.K.S JlTIMHY
Orauce. Fjiscx c. iN. J., Aur. 2, 1847.
Smirtat' New Jersey, Ksr x c-iuntv. ss. Charles Quim-
by Iteinfr duly aw ru aeeordins; to law, on his imlh sutth.
that the fores; tins; statement a true accord inf to the best of
hiikihiwloilfieaisrt beitrl. t ttAKl.h iji i.mb . .
Iw rnanil subscnlxxl to Dei ore me at uranse, ine m
August, 1HI7. CVRi: BALDWIN.
Jiisiice m in i cotT,
Read the fi'llowinc, aitl say ttiai consumption ii in incu
rable if you can :
new i ori, April 7, rt .
llr. TnwtttND I verilv believe thai vour rmDarilla
has lieeit the mentis, thnniph providence, of snvntf my life
I have f ir several year had a bad cotib. It leame w rae
aid worse. At last I raised Urjje quantities ff blood, bad
night sweats and was greatly debilitated and reduced, and
did if H expect to live. 1 have only used your Harsaparilla
tMit a sii'irt tune, aihu were mm a wonocnm cimnirc sjeen
WToncht in rne. I ain now able to walk all over the city.
I raise n bltxst, and my coup h has left me. You can well
iinarine that 1 am thank fat I r these resulia. our obedi
vtit servant. W.M. H t W.l.L. Oj Catharine at.
Li tT I1KR lHKi:i"H.
The annexed cert iticate tells a stmttle and truthful sivtry
of siiifcrintf and relief. There are tli 'Usands of ftmtlar ea
ses in this city and lirokiyn, anu yet tnerearu tnus iiHis
if nurents let their enihireu uie lor tear oi ueinc numougt'eu
or to skive a few shillings.
Hro ikfyn, !ept. 1J, M7.
Pr. ToWNKKsn: I tukc pleasure in stuliuic, ftir the bene
fit tif th 'sc whom it msy cmeern, tliat my daughter, two
years and six mmths oid, w.ia uiHieted with general tie
bililv and 1'tswot siwech. iShu was tfivcn up us past ae-
c ivtry by nur family physician; tsit fortunately I wan re
c immended by a friend to tr your KirsaisBrilla. Hef .re
having uson one nmiie sue recovered ncr apeeen anu was
enabled to wnllt alone, to the avtoiiishmuit of ull wh were
acqutinled with the ci re u instances. She is now qmle well,
and iu much lietter hetdth tlmn she has been fr 1H months
post. JOSKPH TAY AK, 1 York St., Brooklyn.
Very few families indeed in fact wc have nH heard of
one -thnt used J)r. T-iwiiseiid's tSrinensanlla in tune, l sl
ttiiv iOiilrfrmt the nnat Huiutncr. while those that did 11 t.
sickeited and diod. The eereilieate we publish bel.iw is
c mclusive evideiH-e of its value, and is only another iimtaixe
nr it sEivnttr the uvea ofchlktrrn
Dr. Townsend Dear Kir : I had tw) children cured by
vour Rtrantwiriltii irf the suiumer oHunlamt and dyseutarv
tuiewastmly IS month old and tho other 3 years. They
were verv ii'meh reduroi, uud we expected they would ihe :
tliev were aiven up by tw t reautectable physicians. When
the doctor iuf rmt-diis tiial we must lose them, we re li
ved to tiy y ur tvirsapnriiln we had heard so much of, but
had little c Nifidcttce, there being s much atull" advertised
that is worthless: but we nre thankful that we did, for it
uiidoubtedly navid the lives ui b th. 1 write this that oth
ers may be induced U use it. Yours, res,.eci!'ullv
Myrlle-aveiiue, Bro klyn. Htpt. 15, 1M7.
1 If I Ml.
Da TowNSEti ft SiB.ArvaiLLA laasitvereiffnand speedy
cure I- iitciuicni c autuiuptioii, and f.bf the general pr stra
ti hi of the system no mutter whether the result of inhe
rent cause or causes, produced by irregular ity, illness or ac
cident. Nothing can be mwe surprising than ita invigoratiiig ef
fects on the humaii fnune. Peramis all weaknesa and Ua
situde, from taking it at onee bee nne r bust and full of
energy uikder ita muuence. It imioed lately cwnieracU the
Mrveieasueas of the fenule irame, which is lite great cause
It will u4 be expected of us, in cases of an delicate a na
ture, to exhibit eertihcates of cures perforated, hut we can
assure the am rated thai hundreos ot cases have beeii repor
ted to ue.
Urn. TowKtsxD i My wife beine; greatly distressed by
weakiseas and general debility, and sutTering eHitiiiually by
paiaand with mher dtibcuLties, and having known cases
where y ur rocdumie haa efle-jted great rurea; and ah
hearing it re&Hiimended for such txtsee as I have described.
I obtaiived a b title of y.Mir F.xtruct of Harsuparillu and f 4
I wed the directiona you gave me. In a short peri-d it
remived her e nnplaiats ainl reatdired her to health. Being
g restful f -r the benefits she roceived. I take niuasnre tu
thus aukifiwledgiug it, and rec suitneiulius; it to the miNic.
M u moo hi:,
Albany, Aug. 17, Ml. e v. Grand 4 Lydiu sis.
S fluid or mesliciiu has ever been dtseovered which so
nearly reeemWes the gastrie juioe or saliva la dcoin nosing
fond and atrengtbeniiMi the organs of digeati m as this pre
imratlm of (aranparilla. It positively cures every oaae of
dyspepsia, however severe or chronic.
Bank DerstrUnetil, Allsuiy, May 10, IMS.
Dr. T'wussd 8ir ; I hava been amioted for several
yeurs with dyspenaia iu It worst form, attended with nr
neas of stomach, pss of appetite, extreme heartburn, and a
great aversioa to all kinds of food, and t r Weeks, (what I
exik. eat) I have been enable to ratam but a small portion
mi mv stmach I tried Ihe usual remedies, but they had
hut little or no effect in removing the r-Birotatrtt. I was in
duced, about two ninatha ainee. to tnr -mar Extract of har
as parilia, and I must aay with little eoruVleoee but after
using nearly two hHtles, I found my asspetiu natored and
tha hcarthura sjitirely remived ; and I would sa meetly re-
ly re
d aal
eosnmand tae asa of H sa Iheas wan have bean arUiei.
h... h. Voara. je- W. W. VAN ZANIT.
A sal fnr smnbar JOHN W. FRlliNU ; Nor.
thumbsraind, MAKY A. McCAY i Panvilla, WH. A.
MURRAY at Co.,
April SS, lSt8 ly
Windsor, Vermont.
IS a awarder, remedv f.er DYSI'ErrMA, In many of il
forma, such as pain In tha St miach, UearUiuni, anbilual
Cusiireness, Aeiil Stomach, Headache, loss of Appetite,
Piles, Nishl Bwenla, and erea Conamptiim (Dyspeptic
Phthisic,) and Asthma, or Pkthiste atteaoed with oersiiae
ment ol the Stomach (nr tlyaneftw Asthma.) INfieall
Breathing, which often ram Its irum iinperfeet digestion (or
Dyspeptic 9 spnMi,) is relieved by these Bitters. In short,
their use haa been urored in the reliaf aT armoat aU the
aympt'ima that proceed from a debilitated atonic condi
tion of the Sbunarh alao in general debility ariaing fruen
age or from the erTeeta of Fever, panieularly Kerer and
A rue. Feiaalea anSaring anaer any atarin aeraneetneiil
ariaine fr.Ma weakness, will find the "UxTfianaiao Hit
ills" an excellent remedy, and nut surpassed by any medi
cine in use.
The history of this medicine is peculiar. It has made its
way to public favor solely by (tie lorca H its own intrinsic
merits. No artificial means have been used to give Huh
t.iriety and thrust il upon public altenti.il. It has never
brtorc even been advertised, but having first shown Its re
markable efficacy in the lamily ot the proprietor, and by
him afterwards administered to his afnicted friends and ac
qunintancr, with a like result, its reputation gradually ex
tended until it ia kn.wn in the nvat distant parts of the
l.'iii.m, as a medicine of unrivalled virtues in the cure of
lyspriein in nil its dirT'Tcut forms, nnil alai f r the cure of
Asthma or l'htliisic. Its only herald and ita only cut
hns Imii the story of Its w.mdcrlul elfieney, as told I' mm
m-iulh to m mth or by letter I'r.wn fricial to friend. In eve
ry instance where these Uitters have beeu used, und the re
sult made known 1 1 the proprict r, they have proved a re
medy. Numerous ccrlificntrs. dltestiu? the sitiffular efucacy of
the 'Oxvgs7(ated Bitters," are iu the peiscssi.in of the
pro,rietr ; nuiny of thcin sigueil by penuua already widely
known to the public.
GEO. B. CRr.EN, Propriebw.
WINDSOR, Vt., Ortoher 3, 1H45.
The folia lag Certificates have-recently Wen
received i
Washington, D. C, Juxi 10, 18W.
Ilnvin; made use of the "Oxvpcnited Bitters" prepared
by Dr. tie. B. Oreen, of Windsor., Vt. and Iroin kn"v
Icdee obtained of their efficacy in other eases. w cheerfully
rccitnnieiid them to the public, believing that they will fully
sustain the rec unmcudnlion of the Proprit-t r. We h ipe
that this rnluable remedy may be u generally diffued
tlirmiKhout tlic country that it may be accessible to ail the
WIIsUAsmV" U.S.Senat.rfr.mVerm.mt
JAMKrt F. SIMMONS, U. S. ScnUor from R. thnd.
i. T. MOHLIIEAD, U. S. Senatvr and lurmarly Oovcrn
or nf Kentucky.
L. H. ARNOLD, Member of Congress and furmcrly Oo
vemor of K . I .
VM. WOODBR1DGE, U. S. Senate and formerly Ci.
verirr of Mtoliiirnn.
M. I.. MARTIN, Delegate hi Congress fioin Wisc.nsin
From Hon. H. D. Foster, Member of C.ng?eaa from
Wash i so to sc. D. C. Jvsm 10. 18-16.
Dear Sir, I have been a dyspeptic aiuTerer for about ten
years, ami have res itted to various medicines tor relief
with tit success, until I mnde use of vour "Oxvtrenaied
Ditters." 1 have used about t w bottles, and find myarlf
restored to perfect health. The forms In which the dis
ease slHiwed itself, in my case, were, great acidity of the
t'Hnnch, 1 -ss im appetite, extreme flatulence, severe e nsli'
natim of the bowels, and violent headuehe. I-' eel ine Vi-
rtma that a knowledge of your valuable remedy may reach
others similarly afflicted. I taktf great pleasure in rec-trd-
ing my lertim my t Us curative power; snd would alat
remarst, tnat wane on a visit at nnnie a short time since. I
administered a part of a b-Htle to a number nf my afflicted
friends, with great buccss. They are derirous that you
should establish an agency at Pittsburg, or inform them
where the medicine can be obtained. With an earnest de
sire for your prspcrity and happiness, subscrihe mrselt,
irtny yiur iriirnn ii. u. I' J79 I bit
I)"ct. (iEo. B. GBEKr.Winlsir, Vt.
Hilil Wh tleile and Retail by Green Sc. Fletcher, No,
VO?Hiin xjctn Mreet, rnitaneipnia.
Agent f .r Simhurv II. B. MASSl'R.
Agents f.ir Mil U hi M A C K A Y & HA AG.
April lHte
In presentlea The pnilic with STW'cifJ'tt'r'Tflff'ircaTmcnt
uiul cure of Kkv&r and Aura anil otliel bill ,us disease,
no nuDloity is ueeilnt. V numbers in the I nil.-d tlilrs,
whi ii-der Ironi these aflcrtiou in their vartrd lonu., nre
e-.tn;t-llui to sct.K ri-ltet trom other s mrees u4x1 tlie iiuine-
ilirii,- urcst-rinti -ns of the resrulur nhvsiciaii. It bu-vmc
tli.-rrt re uu object of hiiinaiiitv. as well 11s 01 nitblic inter'
et. t j briuir before thetn a remedy itrciKtrcl lioin much cv-
pt.iiiiK-e, and which may always be relied U.n as sfk, !
sui h i the true churoctcr of the INDIA ClIOLAUUtil K,
is amply attested by the uuivcrsui aucccss Willi which it has
been cmpl-tyed.
r.xiruet trom a eoniiiiumcition f tlie lion. Wil
liam WooDBRitKZ. of the L . S. Senate, bite (juvcrivr of
Dear Sir, I huve rend with much uitcreat, your little
TRaxati.k up. hi the "cuus.-a, treatment and cureM tif tlie
febrile diseases which have , extensively ,revailed in our
country during the last few month an interest increased
no dour, bv tne tact tmt s nave iiHiivHinaiiy auucreu a 1
much from them. Though 1 fed myself very' inc jmpetenl
lo judge aifely upon a aubject aj entirely professi.mal. yet
your thciry seems to me well reaa-med, and your c-inclu
sions jiiU, and I think wiUial, that your pamphlet is calcu
lated to produce inuen practical roini.
rtoeakuut of the medicine he savs : It fully justiaed your
flattering expeelaliona, and as a aafe, convenient, and p pu-
iar remedy, ray own experience, a , far, inuucea me to Re
lieve that it wili prove a great public benefit. 1 am pleased
to lenrn that you have recently established several arenrire
for iiadiapnattion-.though I regret that, with a view to a
oi we general dissemination of it, you staouid have found it
ncccsMiry to remove Iron) your present residence am-jng us.
With much respect I have the h vr to lie, sir,
Vour oblige,! ecrv;,nt.
Tr im J.iMK-t OiHaos, Ksq.. of HiirTjl . N. V.
Hi vt tLo, March IMh mi.
Ir. C'ltAltl.K tJsooon: My Dtnr Sir. 111 answer to
mr rcpiest, I lit at rc:iiiily suite the g ud expciieiKtsl in
my fiuuly b the uxi of your India rh lug -guc. My wife
was Irouhicd with the Fever end Ague ncnrly twelve
months ; and the inolieine given her invariably br. ike the
chill, but did not cure the disc-use. I irclutatnl for her ,-
vend kintls of nietlii-ine, but they did iu-t rctn ive it. I ibd
not ut this time heard of y ,ur ImliuOh ilsg.ntuc, but it wja
soon niter recommended to me by two gentlemen wli 1
knew had been audering iu a similar Manner f ir a uie
lime; thev were t'upt. Kohert Hurt, of the s't-unNsit
olnbert I-'ultLitt,' and J. dm M. Ide, ICsq., agent of the Troy
antPKrie line. I wus then going 1 1 Detroit, and while
there, b-aight of your agent a puckuge of one dozen bottles.
On my return my wife commenced Liking ir. After hve
d-sies, which st ippe l the Ague, she continued using it till
she had uiken two Imttlcs. Since this she hnd uo return of
either the Fever or Ague, which is n tw seven mouths.
t'apl. ilnrt request me to aiy thnt he cuught the Fever
nntl Ague last scitaoii by running his iHiat in the. Mnumee
and Toledo line, that he bsiktwo b dtles in all, by which
he was entirely rest red, awl continued rumung there two
or three mouths ufieravurds in perfect health.
Yours verv truly, JAMKS GlltSOX.
Airem f .r Sunbury H. B. MASSKR : NorthmnlierlniHl,
WlTlllNlvruM & Co ; Milton, J. 11. ItASKK ; Scliaa
grove, MAY 4 KLOSE.
May d, 1HI8 If.
I'lilla., Headlnar, und I'otlas llle
Kail Koad.
ANGE of Hours, and two Trains Daily
each way, except Sundays.
On and after Monday, M.y 1st. 1848. two
trains will run each way, daily, between Phila
and Pottsville.
Leaves Philadelphia at 7 A. M daily except
Passes K'ailing al 10 43 A. "
Leavea Pottsville at 71 A. M. daily ascent
Sundays. Passes Read 1 Kg at 9 10 A. M.
Tbe above Line stupe at all way stations on
the road as formerly.
t Train,
Down Train.
Lee.ves Philadelphia at
Si P M .daily except
Leaves Pottsville al 3)
P. M , daily except
Leaves Phtenixville 3 45
" Poitatown, 4.I.Y
" Reading. S UO
Leaves Sell Haven, 'i 37
" Port Clinton, 3 00
" Reading. 3 60
" rottstovrn. 4 30
" I'hccsixville, 5 00
Vrrives at State
" Port Ctin'on, 3.4.1
" Sch. Haven, 6.10
Arrives st foils-
ville, S20
Road. 0.30
The afternoon train will siopnnly at ihe above
named stations. Passengers for other points
must therefore take the Vorning Line
Depot in Philadelphia, comer of Broad and
Vine Streets. No Passengers cin enter the Cars
unless provided with Tickets. ' -
NOTICE. Fifty pounds af baggage will be
allowed to each paaaenger in these lines ; sad
paaeengera ara expressly prohibited from taking
anything as baggage but their wearing apparel
which will be at tba risk of its owner. No
freight will ha taken by these lines.
By order f Board af Managers
. BRADFORD, Wr.ts.y
May 8. l4Si tf
f pHE subseriber Is prepared lo receive ami ae.
1. commodate few transient or permanent
Boarders, at her residenes in Sunbury. The Iu.
ration ia in hantlsoms snd pleasant part of the
town, commanding a On view of the Susquehan
na, Northumberland and the scenery adjacent
1 o persona from the rity, who wish to spend s
few months durins the summer sesson. Sunbury
affords a delightful retreat.
April 8, 1818 6m
Estate oMsaac Tansjjckcl.
NOTICE is hereby given, that letters of Ad
ministration, with the will anneaed. have
been granted to the subscriber, on tho estate of
Isaae Vansyrkel, dee d, lata of Upper Augusta
township, Northumberland rounty. All persons
knowing themselves indebted to said estate,
and such that hare any claim against lha same,
are herewith called upon In settle their aeeoants
without delay. JOHN rlAUUH. WOUT.
Administrator, lie.
May 13, 1818 et
.... ViiEsif
It th' Niw Sioe.it No 79 Arch itreet.
between id and 9 J Ntrth t dt,
TUH subscriber invites particular suction to
his la r ire snd splendid assortment of new nnd
eho!tt ttyht uf Drif bW comprising s general
variety of the most desirable kinds or Dress Ma
terials, Shawls. Chres, Hotieri. Unthrinkabte
Flannels. Witrked Counts. Vambre, Jaconet,
Mull Nansank and Plnirt Muslins, Linen Cam
.re ami S.Ik Pocket BLiek hut an Cra
tits, others ton numerous to adveitise.
Particular attention is siven to Linens and Fur
ni.hing Rooils. generally the stork is large, and
the prires will be fnttntl much lower then usu
al, having been purchased at Auction at sacrifi
ced rates The febrics ate warranted pure flax
and frnm tbe best makers.
P. S. Persons wishing Plain and Medium
styles eit Or Hoods and Shiiob, will find a
choice variety
riiilailrlplua. A n! I. 1 SIB
t.'ST received, at the store ol Henry Ms
skb. a choice sunrtaient of DRY GOODS,
Groceries Liiiuors Palm leaf ana o'her huts etc.
all of which will be sold at the lowett prices.
Sunbury, June 3, 1818.
the osiy R.ti.if.tL erne for
?cr'iluli or Kind's Kvii, Klu umutim, OUtn.it-: Outneous
Krtijlicn. r.ni)ilcH i-r i!.-itiiU,s i-u the iuee, B.-yi-hcs,
Kiltfsi, Ch'sjt.ic S ire Itiuf V.rmtr Tcttrr,
Sct!tl Ucail, Knttirgctiirnt and IHiiti 01' the
B maninl j .iut. riu.b rn IMfcr. Sy.hi
iitit; 6yi:itoni, Sciatica ur I.unibau,
il.ieaai t ariiiug ir-jnt an itijuiii
?i -us uo ol Meicury, Droj.-
K(Hmirr or Inipru-di-iiL-u
in lii'e; nl ,
Chronic C--ni!Ue
tali irlUU
In thin metttrne f.'Vrml im wnit but very potent article
oi' the vi'rf'-tbbtr: kinitd 'in ai uuittftl. turniniK a r -mpuiul
ectirefy ftiitercn. m itK ch:irattr nnd prowriit si trum any
other (trt'Durntitaii. tmJ imrivulltri iu its uprruli u t-n the
ytjin uhen labrin umlcr tliwi.tc. It h-uUi bn in tha
ImiuU f nvrry tiers n, wh , by buaiiieiw, or gcucrol c urnc
oi lii'e, in prot'is):i in?d to the vn tuanv ailinit-iita thai n li
cit tne a furse, uuumU vi a bluisiiig, and u often rtiutt in
van sciioFt uv.
nr. Uruke'a Puiutctta i nTotnmeiidwt us a eertiiin remedy.
.V-l one iiiRUiueet'i t: failure haa ever oeeurrrn when tre
ly unni t It cure the ilis-: anl at theaumc time impart
vi(Tr t. t'te wh l nyrttt m. Somi'ii1iui ierdiia ran never
lay I x imtrh attrnti n l't the state ol their bio d. Its u
nticati n ahoukl be their 6 rat aim; for persvveraivcc will
acc Jinpiiitli a cure of even iiecmjitahv diaeaav.
Soorvy, He trlwuc AUcctiona, Turn While Swelling,
Kryaii'ielaa. L'lrcra, Caneera. Uuiuiinr &rca, Seaba iukI
IlttVa, Dr. I) rake' Panacea I'aiurjt be t o highly tatiilicd ;
it W-MJchea out Uie very ixA of the diacaae, and permanent.
No mcdirine perhnpa haa ever been diac verd which
givea a mueh tone t the at rnaeh and cauaea the aeere
tion af a hraJthy natric juice t- docArnpiac the tood aa Dr.
Drake's l'anacc
Dr. Drake'a Panacea it uacd with the urea teat cucceM in
Khruinatie C4m plaint a, eapecitJIy auch aa chronic. It cures
by drivinjt cut all iinpnriuca and foul hui-ura which have
accrtiiit.ltei in the ayt.m, which are tbe cause of Rhea
inatiem. Gout, and Swellings of the joints. Other remedies
f scneliirica five tt-inporarv relief: this entirely eradicates
the diaeae fruit thrhttm, even when the limbs and bones
arc dieadiully aw. 'hen.
CoxsrMrTiON can hn cti.KD C tucha, CaUnh, Br
chuitt. Sjiittiutr "f Ii! d. A"thma, DiiHcult r prtfue l't
fMM-tiruti n, I i e.-oJ i o Fliih, N mht Sweat a, Phih iu the mde
(Vc. have Itueneiiri'd. and rn be with aa much certainty as
any othr r diastase. A nccif'c has 1 ii been h tujjht (or, but
iiiV;tin until the iliac -very of Dr. Drake's Ptuiucea. His
mild atvd safe but certain and ritWatitnta in its operati-in,
and Oium t pnsibly injure the m nt delkntr e mist it nil n.
We would earnt'Htly re iiuiimu) th'tse alilicifnl ij give it a
trial nnd we Iwlicve tliey will not have octai 'il to regret
it. The ayutem ia clean! and strruthened, the altera on
the liuis arc ben led, and the tittitti frmdunlly n-gHin thrir
UMual heuhh and islrctiytli. llt ntt the luMowing :
run. , Doc. Mth, 1st7.
Dear Sir : Iu rep) to your iuesiiuii resecling the use
ftf Dr. Iirukc's Pamu'ca, I will any, that altliough a perfect
dislsclit:ver iu Ihe e&ialcnce of a Panacf.v, or cure lor all
dimi'm, ht.wvvei v Suable it may be in certain c -nditiona
of ihe syatem. si ill I Uuv Uiu veslthst a cure ux Cousuuip
lion w tukl be diac vcr1 a vnrr or liter, and cuu aily led
mc tw try y ur matliciue iu two very iuvcteruto cttM4.
They wt-re pron uncrd by the attendine physicians to be
pclmonaky cossf MFTioN, and aUiiHtoii'Mi b them as IN
i t'KAEi r. One of the pTns had bn undi r llie tieut
ment tf sv:reral very a ine prm-tttiimeitt for a numticr ot'
yenra, tiisd thr-y aauHlit h-id 'M fashioned Connuiiipt ion
iiibine witn ncroiuui," aim inai anomiKin iHiKrior snnm
lime, but cm id n t be jit-iniaacuUy relieved. In both cas-a
the (ilV-ct of ihe Panutvti im been nvt cratil hip. Only
f'-ur or live b miea were ul by one of the nTavisa belre
she bnrnn to inipove mpidly. The othr t k h M1 lci1-
will only aiMtiiat unuiur aa I am wiin p wsuu. um. u
inheritance and bv extem-ive ibaTaii .m aa a study, and
kn Mvuig al the injurious eUecu in nine csaee out of ten
oi Ur, tyaieaet, ami other vefrew"" "
ifLuiy ot the exect ranlaattuivea, h .uM never have
rec iiietaed Ihe use oi Di-k's livacea II I had not been
acquainted with lha iufc-ftsdicnis. buificB it t aay that these
are lee fmncisde-' W utir mm popular and at lamuc phyi-
euuia awl iu 'ieir nrctt'iU c m''fl,l state, lorni pr 'tnt4y
the beat nUenrfiv: tlial has evur been mode. The cuie ia
in acc sniatiH wun ins-try sag s. iuunipuus ortancnea in
France a few ycarsr by one t4 her most etuuteiit wri-
tcra on nniwine( and n v eUUiahed by tacts whuh ad-
nut of niiapiie.
Very Reapcctfuily Yours, L. C. GUNN.
To use the bnttmce of aitntbcr, "Dr. Drake's Panacea in
alwa-a ssUatar in its effect never iujurius. It is n4 as
(iunie it as not anu r.A(ectoraiH. it is ut iiKeiwea to nu
the invalid into a fatal security. It ia a great remedy a
p mi srl hesahtbjr and curativst c smpuid. the great and only
remedy wnicn ineoieai seicaoa aim saiii aaa yea pnauccu
for ttie tretttmcnt of this hitherto uncmiuuert.-d malady. And
n pers n nffl..-ted wiih thia dread diaeaae, wiU bs just to
IiiiAse-ll and his irieuna, n n s;o n wu v ia riivc wiiuous
ti'Mtstsr in virtues. A sincle hiUle, in ra st cuata, will dtiw
duce a lavorubie change iu the cisditiott t?f any paticut.
however tow."
lakdiea of naie ewnplexi w and c auvumptive habits and
such as are deUiuited by th tae obaUucti"ns which feinalcs
are liable to, are restored by the use of a tvAtle or two, to
bloom vigor. It is by far the beat remedy ever discovered
for weakly chitdren, and such as have bad hurnors i being
pleasant, they take it. It umaeoiatcly restores the appetite,
strength and color.
Noiluihf ean be nvira surprising than Its mvigoratiiig ef
fects on the btttnan frame. Persona, all weukness aiM las
situde before ulung it, at once bec-me robust and full of
energy under ite inriuence. It immediate counteracts tha
narvelssswsss of the femule fniM.
CAUTION Us oaraful and see that you get tha genu.
ine Dr. Daasa's FAWacaa-it has laa aigaaturs of Oso. F.
Sroaaa on tha wrapper .ana alanka sauaa "Da. Paaas's
Paaaesa, PutLa." Miwa in tha gstas.
Praaarsd ooiy sy Sroaaa Cu-, Praggiats, No tl Morta
BUtk St., Philadalptua.
Ageat for Ssnbare J MAJsBER
txld also by Wis. A. Meaaaa Co., Dasmlla H Saaav
a, Milsna ; MOT McCot, Northnmbarlaiwl ; t. P. ters,
Aprd 1, IS4S ty
No. 100 Chcsnut street, 2 doors above id. south
THE subscribers, proprietors of the oldest
Establishment in the I'ii'r of Philadelphia,
being founded in 1840, would cs.ll the attention
of the public to their recent great ud wonderful
Improvement in takins Daguerreotype Portraits.
8KY LIGHT PORTRAITS The subscribers
beg leave to subjoin a few of the notices they
hava received from the Press throughout the
country, in relation to Ihe improvement tty
have made in the introduction of lights, by which
lha full and rlesr expression of the Eye is obtain
ed mors perfectly than heretofore.
(From the North AmerieanJ
The neutral expression of the eye It Mr Collins' new
aroma of introdacing the light, hits been Most dlstlnetly
ievelopaa, aa well aa all the lights and ahadse indispersa
hie to a perfect likeness,
(From the Saturday Courier.
The Messrs. C, have certainly obtained the eye, In
batter perfection than we have seen it elsewhere; and
thia superiority, toeether with tha clearness, distinctness
and delicate tint, Uiey give their pictures, make Uiem wot
thy vf admiration, not only as Ukencssea, but sa wurlra ot
(From the ItarriaLurct Vnimi.
We examined specimens of their likenesses when in tha
eity the other day, and funnd them to possess all the beauty
of shatltne; and s iftnesa of expremion of Ihe Pnest steel en
graving, which is aomething unusual in Pneuerre-itypta..
This is oMnincd by the iniroduclrn of light frvm al-ve.
uistead of the side of the aellery.
. (From the Mnltiniore Clipper.
'1 be treat important improvein'-nt in the DitBtlrniau
uncny me .vieuri. t.'1'M.tis' Htitln.li l Inn, mm eun
sists in a dirTerent manner of intiuditr iiiE the li((tit. and cer
tain adaption of the Instrument. We have seen some of
the portraits, which they have exec-uted, and they have the
dminetneiia and lieauty f fine enamviiiKS. They are es
pecially remarkable in giving the. proper natural expres
sion oi the eye."
From every section of the cmilry where our picture
have been seen they have received simiisr flattcrinir noti
ces. The public (renerolly are invited to visit our Ualierier,
probably the moat extensive in the world, and Judge for
themselves of the ttuth of these notices.
Philadelphia, April IS, IW
(JUlsl.lsGH OF II E A I,T II 0
207 Main strert. Bufalo, A. V.
ligtlable LiHionlriptic Mixture.
THIS celebrated remedy ia constantly increasing iu faiae
by the many cures it is making
It has now bee me the only medicine Vjx family use, and is
part icu tarty recommended for
sit stages of this complaint immediately relieved, no matter
of how 1-Mig siaiiding. Sre Phatnuhlct for testimony.
and all disesses of the urinary orgtu ; for these distress
ing complaints it stands altme ; n- other article cm relieve
you ; and the cures testified V willc-mvineethe most skej
lical; see pamphlet. Liver C.mplniiit, billi jua diwases,
FEVER &Aufe.
T the Great West especiaUv, ami wherever these com
plaints prevail this medicine n'.H. r'nl.
no deleterious compound is a part of thia mixture, it
cures these dijee- with cerlumtv find celerilv, and dxs
not leave the svsttru torpid. S.i lun.:'l-ct.
a CHtrjtitiiut of n moit painful chm-totiT, is
and a cure f.U wi by a feiv Jnys nsn thinrtU'le ; it is
far bet.ea any other prcparati n tor tins ihsc:ise. nr furauy
uthnr discaiie urigiiiating trout imnuve l;i tc pam
wcr.it back, weakness of the Kidncyi, Aie.. or hifi.irr.n'sr.
ti tn ot VHine, ib iiiunetliaLeiy rein-vert" bj a few day use of
thia nuilioin'". a;id a curu ia luv.uya a r'.-ai.it vf ta" ua--. It
E.iai.ua : a
foi auch ooin;:l;tiiiiF. and f-r oe.-anjjCineuts of the fe
male liauit'.
painful moiiHtruiiii his. No uui 1c has ev'r bot.i oilred
ercpi ttiii which would touch thia kind of d'-Tin'mcnU.
It miy be r lied upon as a sure u;i.l cii'-yivo remedy, and
did we feel permit tt1 1 do h c ull jiv
os proof oi cure" in this dintrcifihj; v'uxa of complaints,
tce piunphlet. All broken down, dcUhutcd c hsttiiuti.-ns
from th etiW-t of mercury, will iind ttie bracing powar of
this article to act immediately, und tiic p- U.u Ui xuitral
erndicatul t'rjm tlir Hvtein.
will find the altrmtive nrperti:9i tins urtu lc
oivl rlrivrn sueii di-euta tri in the rHrm. S.'e pj.u;j,)i!.-t
fur testlill my ol eures in all ili'eiie w liieh the limits !"
ail auveniseiueiil will n-A p-.-init to be u:tinnl brre. Agents
give inein awuy ; Ihey c uituni '&! ji;.'e:
i certificates of
iikii eiiitraL.er. unil e sir ne'r
of the virtues m' a metieine. m i er apnearcil. It w nne of !
the peeuhur lisilurca ol tins aruele Hint it nevtr lulls t !
tieiiefit in any eae, ond it 1)jk- anJ tuusele arc lilt I J Lmi.J !
up-jn let Uie einaeiateil nml Irur-rm- invalid
Slid keep takine the meilicine as I ng as tl.ere is an im
provement. The nptnriet.ir woultl
acainst a number ot articles which c-'inj cut uuJcr the
bead of
as eures f. Dropsy, Gravel, Ac.: They are gnat for no
thing, aud cuiictieteri to tull the unwarr ;
Their inventors never thought of curing such diseases till
this article had done it. A particular s.iu!y of the pam
phlet ia earnestly solicited.
Agents and all who soil the article are
gratuitously. Put up in 30 oz. botties, at IM ; I? ox. do at
91 each the targer boklinr; 6 ox. ue-rc than two small lit
tles, lyaik out and get imposed Uf.'n. livery bottle aes
'Vaiujhn'a VeKctaUe 1 jthoiilriptii; Mixture," blown upin
the glass, the written siir.mtnre m '-(i. c. Vaughu'' on Uie
ilirecti aia, and "O. C. Vaughn, BiiThK" stamped on the
e-'tk. None other are genuine. Prepared by Dr. O. C.
Vanelin, mid a .Id at the I'riiiciuu! OuVe. 07 Minn atreet,
llnflalo, at wholesale and retail. No attehti.si given to Irt.
ters unless postpaid ordt-rs from regularly tiMistittiled
Aftcnta excepted ; p.t siiil letters, or verbal' eoitunuiiic.t
tious s ilieitina advice, promptly attended t cratis.
OlTteea il.'otel exelnsivelv t i the saie of this article
l:W Nnseau St. ,ew York city: 'Jp5 K.sex st.Htlenl, Muse.;
and by the priii('lu! Druist'sthriHiii-Juttho L'liltedHtate.i
and Cannila, as Akchis.
IJ of Aijents. St rrs it a.. Wle'lenah A(icnt I'hilaib I
phia J. W. Frilins, Sunbury lasic tir.rlinrt. So!iniprove
t. A. Wyeili, l-ewifburir H. I fh enter, Milton llayea
A MeCormicL, Mcllwcuastc M iss .McCoy, .Nonhumbcr
Uuid. April I, lr y
Important I nfonn.ilion.
TO all purchasers of ready maile rlnthing. in
fen mat ion is heieby given that the well known
and niuctt celebrated nothing emporium, known
as ll:e
Philadelphia Manli tibe.
P. R M.'.Vsillk. Ptoprietiir, .Ye Iil5 C'..uf
strttl. Iiclwren 3 J and 4A t.. I'i luJelplnu.
Is astonishing Ihe community w nl. I, is rheui and :
lasiiionalile apparel, ol every description and va 1
rtety. V esta from AO cents to 6 dollars. Goo.l
black Clotb or Cassim re Pauls, as low as o I
dollars and upwards per pair, acriirdtng lo ijuiili. '
ly. black t rencb L lolii.lre.s Crsls at low as
8 dollars. Summer rluthing cheaper, peiliapa.
I bin ever was known heretofore ol ihs same
Wholesale dealers are particularly invited In
call andesamine 'be largeand well got upc'otii. '
nig of this large establishment, is veiy p.rticn
lar attention is paid lo the cutting, an that
purchasers at wbolrsale will he certain lo gel
garments when they come to put I he in on their
customers, lhat will fit with taste and ease, which
a a matter of great importance. We invite one
and all to come and examine for themselves bs'
(ore purchasing
Pbtladelphia. April 1, 1618 3in
Pictorial Edllloss r duWfsses's
Kreist Vtsrk oss tlie e?ruriuatluu
published or. nr about the 1st of April. 1818. by
JOS. A SPEEL. No So Ct.eny st above lith,
his splendid 12mo edition of the above named
wotk, with 18 engraved illustrations from ori
ginal designs; 4 vols in 3, bound in citra clolh
and library sheep.
The publisher respectfully rails the attention
of tha trade and lbs public generally, to this
work being the only illustrated edition published
in the United StatesHe trusts that the beauty
of its embellishments, Ihs strong snd substantial
manner in which it is bound, in conjunction with
las known popularity of tbe work itself, will bs
aura recommendation to publie favor.
. JOS. A SPEEL. 0 Cherry at above th.
JyA. S haa alao lately published, a new and
teaeWM Edituanef Sergeant Ball aParee Show,
suitable book for childrsf, neally done up in
ts'ra cloth. ' . . ,
Philadslrls,jMWlI.t.Mi,- .
'-aw. ;!''''. .
Sonl ami I.fttter-Copyrnjf Prpssns, Pstenl
siuto-LiiipJ Rcfrif,'ratorS) Witter Fil
ters, Patent PorlnbleVatnr Clo
sell, inlcudod lor Iho Sick
and Infinn.
76 South Third Sirtel,
nlHitifaetora and keep eatistant
ly on band, a large ass -rtment of
tlie above articles, Sogetiiar witli
their Patent Improved SnlamaiKler
are so eonei meted as to set atmS
ell manner of dmbt as to their
being strictly lire-proof, aad ha(
they will resist the lira r,f any
Iniiidine. The outside eases of
these Bales are made of boilse h-on, tbe matoe case of suap
etone. and between the outer ease end Inner eaaa ia e apace
of Kwie three inches thick, and is Sued in with indestruc
tible material, an aa to make it an impossibility to burn any
of the contents Inside of this Chest. These S meat one Sa
lamanders we ere prepared and do challenge the world t-
produce any article in the shape of Book Safes that wiH
stand aa mueh heat, and we hold oaraelves ready at an
time tu have them fairly tested by public bonfire. Ws
also continue t rnanufactnre a large and eeneral aser.rti
ment of our Premium Air-tle;!.t Fire Praof itafea of whick
th.vo are over HM now in u. aud iu every instance ther
have iven enlne satisfaction to the pun-hnsera 1( which
we wii." refer the public to a few gentlemen who have
Ihein in ua. .... , ,
Hay wis d 4; Snvder. Pnusrille; Joseph O. Laxrtoa
P.ttsviiie : Mr. TVillinin Tarr, Dn!esiojrn. Pa.
.N A (i Taylor. l?p notlli 3.1 st : A V nirht a Nephew
Vine st. wharf ;; Alexa.'ideT Caror, tnveyaneer, orner of
Filbert anil nth s;s.; Jtl.n .M. Ford 3S north i 3d sM Myers
l.-sl.. i n .rtb 3d.t.i Jmrn-a M. Paul, 101 aaiih jib sU
Dr. David Jnyne, b sVaitli 5.1 t I Mathew T. Miller, SO
a mth .Id at.i uri.) wo could name a.e hurwreds of others
It it wcreneeessar.-. Nn- wo invite JMaltwti nr ft,a
pablie. and purticuiarlv those in want of 1 Proof Safes,
to call at our store before purchasing elsewhCC ern. jsra
can aitiely thcin thny will ;et a lienor and cheaper article
ot enr store thnn at any other establishment in the city.
We olsi manufacture the ordinary Fire Pmof Chests, at
at very low prices, ehentter than they can be bought at any
other store in Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, April 8, 19IS ly
Time tind Distance Snvedf
FIHE subscribers having leased the Sunbury
L Ferry, beg leave to inform the public, thai
thry are prepared to convey Teams, Plessuro
Carriages and Foot passcng-rs scn.ss the rive
with safely snd without delay. They have pro
vided themselves with new Slid cnmmosiaua
crafts, which will always Ve attended with abis
nnd careful hands.
Pet sons travelling to and from and tbronrh
Sunbury tn New Berlin. Lewisbtirg, Hartleloa
and other places, will find il greatly to their ad
vantase to cross at this Ferry instead of the
Bridges, as they would save from two to' four
miles in distance. JOHN SPKECE
Sunbury, April 1, 18t8
ftew Spring Dry ood
-V.,. ? .VA id. Hlrett. Philadelphia.
HAVE now in Ihe store and are daily receiv
ing in addition to their assortment as they ar
rive in the New York and Philadelphia Matkets,
new Spring Dry fjoml. consisting in part of
New Styles Spring M s. deLaines New Styles
Parrgrs in Stripes, Plaids, arc. Choice Col
ors mode Pareges, New Lawns snd
mode Mos. de I.aines, Paul de
cherves, a new article, new
style Tissups &c, &c.
Fiia.vcu and Scotch Ginhiiams. In store one
of the lurjiest assortment in Philadelphia, frnm
Ihe lowest price to the finest qualities, much
lower than last season
On h.uiJ al ull seasons of the year a large as
sortment, both of Linens and Muslins, at gieatly
reduce.! prio s. also Linen Damasks, Counter
panes &c Shawls. Gloves. Laces &c. High'
Lustie '.lack Silks, fnr mantillas, Visiles, Ires
sea &c. Memfc llny's wear of all descriptions'.
Ladies and Uenlleniou visiting the city are in
vited tn mil and examine our slock.
A libi-ral reduction made to those who rity to
sell again.
Philadelphia, April 1, 1SI8-
t lltU ti, 8E.1L EXCB.lf iXci.
46 C iin,t st. 3 dioii alore indst., Fltiladilphia.
W'a'ch papera. Labels, Door plates, Seals ami
f lamps for Odd Fellows, Sons of Temperance,
&c. &c. Always on hand a tfiieral assortment
j of Fine Fancy Goods. Gold pens of every quality.
uo collars in great variety, j-ngrsveis loo is
and traterials.
Asency for the Manufacturer of Glaziers Dia
monds. Orders per mail (post paid) will be punctually
attended lo.
Philadelphia, April 1, 1848 y
i'ommission ond Fttrwartling
A. 48 Commerce Sheet Wharf BALTIMORE.
Will receive and sell all kino's of Country Pio
duce Flour, Grain, etc,
N. B Paiticutar attention given,, to the sale
of Lumber. And cash advances made on con
signments, when required.
Aptil I, IS 18 4itl
ie m:i v -i: moi'
Kg 19S Cbcsnut Street,
Sutit 'i East burner of Eighth st , Philadelphia.
IORTIJ.MI S from ihe smal e-t breast in to
Ihe largi- t'tf, singly or in groups. The
I'-npii.-lor are wirr.inteil in s.vin;, that their
work h gain d u fcptiiaiioti second to none in
the n..rid. Extracts from the Frees:
'Life-like in the etjirerision, chastly correct in
ll,e ehnil ng - ledger.
The a, I haa snive l at get p rfecilon, and
none ifdeiM nd ii luttrr than Mci'lies ii Ger
iiion.'-ii.'f 'nturi- Ins.
Admi aliV! iioil.ii,.. e n .-i.ee.l their cirjnial'o
,!. 'i icv." V. S Gazette.
I X'lact from ll.e r.'i.iri of tha Jud'en, al the lal
l,.ir.f he 1'r.nklin liuii;u:e Daiiuotreolypca
n t ii.- di uMiti -ut ill' r.' are some v.oy rindlent
p c ui.n- in the ix il i'ioti, and t'ie .lu.'ij's Ihlnk
IV v ire s piotrei-ive iinototenieni in this loatii'h
if ilieatl 'l'tie h .ve not f comma ded an a-
ird in l'.vt ol anv uf llie rompeii'ois. I ul are
i i e I to n.iik a fir.t in order, ihe c.illerli.m of
Vc-.El cV GF.UMO.N, .is coi.jai. i. g the Air.
if' st number of prrior tptdnicns."
I hit de'p'n ., IVb l'J. IS IS- Cm
i;h 1 laT) e l p hTa
lULMthtd I years ag: by Dr. KINKELIN.
Ttie oI.IcjI, surest and l est hand l curs all foima
of arcM disease-, diseuses of ihe skin aud
eiilit irv l.ahiia nf youth, i
N, IV. rornee of id and Union sis., beiweta Sprues
and Pine, I ) squares from the Exchange.
YOUNG MEN ! if you value your life or yout
health, icmi'iiilwr. the delay of a month, mr,
e en a week, may pruva your ruin, both of fndy '
and mind. Hence let no false modesty Jens you 1
from making vour case known to one hni frun'
education and reiei'labiliiy,C'n alone a. ent'oii.
He who place hinvclf under Ur Kl.'lilKI.IN"'
treatment, niay irligi.iuely ciiftje iu bra hnoor as
a grtrlcman, nd in who e boaons will bs forovei
lockeil the secret of Ihe fatirni.
To i ni iny think Ibey will hug Ibeaecret t.lheir
own huaru, aud cure tbenvalv a, Alas! bow ol..
ten is this a fatal delini. o. and how m mv s pro.
mi-ins young man, abo rn'shi bas been an otu.
ment to socittf . haa faded f'ro the earth.
finding II ii en o eni lo mskeanni spplira.
li'n. ean. bv staling lhairee eiplicilly, mae'hrr
with all Hair y nip'ome. (per I. far poa.paidvjtave
forwarded la ibern S cheat Curt'sinl. Pr. K's las
Jicna appropriated aecudinglv. ,
Tarkeee of M- dicine forsMfdaJ to any part n
lbs Toiled Slates at e rtfnnicnt'e uoce.
Pot rsiM UTTsas, addisaad l Dr. Kir
gsn. Philudelp' ia, will asisly staj4 't
Or . 90 h. tSU.-lr

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