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From th Bsltiroora Argus. .
tV htT already alluded to ths. xlraor
iinary esse of John Talmadge, of one of
the interior towns of New York, who after
feeing indicted for murder and imprisoned
for lix months, wai found to be wholly in
nocent. The case ii one of the most re
markable on record, and howi how care
ful we ahould be in our judgment! and ver
dict. A correspondent of the New York
Mirror givet the following thrilling narra
fW of the incidenli connected with the
affair. Ifothing more fully" imbu?d with
atarthng interest can be found in the most
absorbing worki of fiction :
Ballston Sr-A., Dec. 21th, 1S49.
Tha most lingular and abounding devel
pmenU that ever characterized the pro
ceedina of a court of justice, have just
been made before the Oyer and Terminer
now silting in this place." You remember
the case of John Talmadse, indicted here
last spring for the murder of Vm. L.Dodge,
tne engineer wno was tinea dj me num
in? of the cars from the track. The catas
trophe was produced by stones placed by
r j :...:.) . ..I !. Tol-
lue accusea on uieiuaiucui tuna. .
marine was an intelligent and wealthy far
mr of the higher grade, and up to the
time of bis arrest had maintained a charac
ter and standing; that placed him beyond
the reach of calumny. Yet he was a high
spirited and passionate defender of his own
and the rights of others. And 89 the rail
road passed through his farm, he had been
coolly subjected to the loss of several cat
tle, run over by the cars, for which the
company refused all remuneration, and in
consequence of which litigation and bitter
animosity had ensuej between the parties.
Talmadge had been heard to say, he
"hoped to God the cars would run off,"
and this, together with the circumstance
referred to, had concentrated public suspi
cion upon him, and he was indicted. At
length two witnesses, (Irishmen connected
with the road) were found, who saw Tal
madge place the stones on the track.
Their story was simple and plausible, and
there seemed on the part of the accused no
possible escape from the gallows. The
man whom all had esteemed, who had
been honored by the people with many a
high public trust, and represented them in
the State legislature, was soon, in the re
luctant belief of all, to swing upon the scaf
fold, and expiate the crime of deliberate
cold-blooded murder. In this state of
things the day of trial arrived.
. Thousands from all sections oTtlie coun
try crowded to the scene, eager to catch
every movement, and listen with tearful
eyes to every word that seemed to make
against the prisoner. The most eminent
counsel were employed on both sides.
The prisoner, persisting in his entire inno
cence, with pale countenance and an eye
of wild agony, sat trembling and reitless in
his box. The two principal witnesses took
the stand. They were calm and appa
rently honest in the natural and plausible
tory which they told, from the fleet of
which it seemed impossible for the accused
to escape. His wife, who sat by his side,
and who, up to this moment, had preserved
an unexampled composure, now burst into
a flood of tears, and by her sobs interrupted
the proceedings of the court, and the friends
ofTalmadgc began to abandon all hope
and to prepare their minds for the awful
entence, and the still more appalling scene
that was soon to follow it.
At this point a movement of the crowd
took place toward the door 'of the court
room. "Make way !" resounded through
the spacious Hall. Two men pressed up
to the prisoner's counsel and whispered,
agitated and almost breathless, in their ears.
A fellow Irishman, who had long known
that the story of these two witnesses was
all a fabrication, to obtain the reward of
fered for the detection of the man who
placed the stones, had been moved by con
science to disclose it, and to conduct an
other person to the proof, positive and un
deniable, that when the fatal catastrophe
occurred, they were not in this country,
but in Ireland. This proof was now pre
sented to the prisoner's counsel. The wit
nesses were placed upon the stand. The
evidence of Talinadge's entire innocence
was clear and undeniable the attorney
for the people at once moved permission to
withdraw the prosecution, and to arrest the
two false witnesses on the spot, which was
granted, and such a shout as rang through
the multitude present, never before thun
dered from the windows of a court house.
Talmadge was borne off on the shoulders
of the people, and tho booming of a six
pounder as expressive of their exultation,
closed up one of the most novel and ex
citing scenes that ever transpired in any
court or country.
Tne deeds of tens untile men,
As if engraved Willi a pen of iron grain,
And laid in 6infy reck, they .land uuchanged,
YVritteu on the various pages of lli. past
If good, in rosy characters of gold ;
If had, in letter, of vindictive fire;
Cod may forgive but euwiot bl 1 iheinout.
A Wooden Boiler. A correspondent of
the Boston Cultivator gives the following
mode of boiling water in a box, as practise. I
by one of the best farmers in Massachusetts,
lie says:
The box, grooved together, wad six feet
long and about two feet wide, the depth be
ing two feet or something more. A piece of
iron pipe, aay four inches in diameter, entered
the box at one em', about an inch unJ a h ill"
from the bottom, and was continued, by
mean of an elbow, around the box, within
an inch and a half of the side, and coming
. through the opposite end to the end at which
it entered, making, therefore, the circuit of
the box inside ; and upou the protruding end
of the pipe was fixed an elbow, the smoke
pipe extending somewhat above the box.
Into this pipe at its entrance, were introduced
corncobs as fuel, and it was truly surpriiing
now few of these were necessary lo raise the
water to the boiling point, the draught beinc
exceedingly great, and the water having free
access to the pipe.
Th tannery of Wm. Foster, in Montrose,
fa., was dtro)eJ by the on Thursday mom
ing !ut. The Ijss i about 12000, upon
whk there is an insurance of f TOO.
to rnrsicim druggists asd coistri
DR. J. N. KEELEK & flro. most respectiuiiy
solicits tttsntion to their fresh tock of Enr
lisk, French, German mnd Ameican Drugs, Med
icines, Chsmlcsls, rainis, vym oiuns, uiss.
ware, Perfumery, Patent Medicine &c. Having
opened a new store No. 894 Market St. with a
full supply of Pre ah Drugs and Medicine, w re
apcctfully solicit Country dealers to eisminS our
stock before purchasing elsewhere, promiaing one
and all who may leel disposed to extend to us tneir
ntrnncT. to sell them ttrtuilno Drug and Medi
cines, on aa liberal terma aa any other house in the
City, and to fait'.fully execute all order entrusteu
to ua promptly and with dispatch. . . !
One ol the proprietor being a regular pnysicien,
affords ample guarantee of the genuine quality of
II article stfld at their eetahlisliment.
M enpecinlly invite druggists and country
merchants, who ma) wish to become agents for
Dr. Keeler'i CrlrhruUJ! Family Medicines, (stan
dard and popular remedies,) to forward their ad
Soliciting the patronage of dealers, we respect
fully remain,
K. KEELER V BRO., Wholesale Druggist,
No. 284 Market street, Philadelphia.
September 15, 1849. ly.
LA 111) LAMPS.
Ko. 176 t'besnnt at,
ESPECTFILLY announce that theyhave
just finished the most extensive assortment
the v hve ever offered for ale, comprising
In great variety, and of
Much attention haabeen paid to ECONOMY
in the construction of these Lamps, and auch r
made as will produce the greatest amount of light
from the leant consumption of Lard.
Recent improvements in the manufactory, with
tne introduction 01 new anu penccieu iiittiunicij
ennlilcs them to sell at a very GREAT REDL'O
TION from former prices, and all articles before
leiivinti tho manufactory, are carefully inspected
and 'arc warranted perfectly tight, and to give satis
Philadelphia, June 2, 1819. ly
Ingratitude Is the basest crime or
Tf 7E are not among that class of Editor wh
' for a few dollars will, (at the expense oft ruth
and honesty) "crack up an article and bring
into rapid sale ; neither are we willing to remain
silent, alter having tested the utility of an nn-
provetnent or discovery in science or art. Our
readers will recollect we told them we were un
well with a sore throat and violent cold some few
weeks ai;o. Well, we purchased two bottles of
and so sudden was the cure, thnt we forgot we
ever had a cold. Those who aro afflicted, may
try it upon our recommendation. Lewiston Tele
gtapk. A fresh supply of the above valuable medicine
just received, und for sule in Sunbury, by John
W. Friling, Mary A. McCay at Northumberland,
and at wholesale by Frederick Klett, & Co., cor
ner of Sd and Callouhill streets, Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, Sept. S2d, 1849 8 mo.
"Encourage Your Own!"
'T'HE subscriber respectfully call the attention
A of the public to their large and splendid assort
ment of every quality and price of
which cannot fail to recommend itself to every one
who will examine it, on account of it durable
workmanship and splendid finish, made up of the
best stock to be had in the city. No effort is
spared in the manufacture of their ware, and the
subbcriliera aro determined to keep up with the
many improvement, which are constantly being
made 'J'lieir stock consitta of Mahogany
Sofax, OivniiM and Lounges,
bureaus, Secretaries, Sftctooarts,
and also VENETIAN BLINDS, equal to Phila
delphia manufactur".
BEDSTEADS, of every pattern and price,
in short, every article in this line of their business.
They also manufacture all kinds and qualities
including varieties never before to be 'had in
.uiibury, such aa Maiiouaxi, Black Wamct
axii CckLEn Maflk Ghkciax f Ann Wixnsoa
CHAIRS, inn i -a net Piako Stools, which are of
the latest style, and warranted to be excelled by
none manufactured in the Cities or elsewhere.
The subscriliers are determined that there ahall
be no excuse for persons to purchase furniture in
tlic cities, as every confidence can be entertained
about the quality and finish of their war and
i heir articles will he disposed of on aa good
terms as they can lie purchased elsewhere. Coun
try Produce taken in payment for work.
I"F UNDERTAKING attended to nn reason
able U'rina.
(jf The Ware Room ia in 'Market Street,
opposite J. Young's atore, and nearly opposite
Weaver's Tavern.
Sunbury, April 28, 1849. tf
riIIE Subscriliers have on band the largest a
M sortment of Wall firr.as in the city of Phi'
U'lrljihin, Wholesale and llclatl, cousisliiig. of
every variety suitable Tor rarlora, I. nines, Dining
ltooius, l'Uuinlers, Ac, which for quality and
Hvle cannot lie siirjiasnd. Doing a cah business
nc are cnubled to m il a better article at s much
lower rule limn unv store duinff s
On hand, a Inrce assortment of Win Pah.
forl'uriuins, Kiie Prints, Borders, Ac, wliich wili
be sold for Cash. Puiwr Hanging done in the
country at city prices.
rv. II, Denlcra are invited to callaud examine
their stock In-fore (lurchaciug elwwlmre.
ri:s. & BL KTON,
No. 112 Arch Street, Houlh aid
Philadcliihia, May 26, 1849 ly
READ th following eeitiftrat. from Capt. Devoa, th.
w.U kuuwu awl popular bluun Boat tapuin (of tne
Philadelphia, OetotmrSl, IMS.
Seven, vears sines I win attacked with a breskiua out
nn luy aeek in th firm ol' THIvr, wliich I am convinced
wos C'uitrctt at Ins Hsrber'a Khon. It traitnually esiend
ed over my far. until it reut-lted Ih. upper part of the
clieeks. UuriuK ilie several in,ulis that it eontiuued
siealiiir, 1 uwl didrrent s.filit'atkNis, some of which bad
the eticcl, uppreully l least, tif increuinK th. diseuae, but
from nun. at Iheiu did 1 perceive th. least benefit until I
spoiled the Hose Oiutmkit. By ths tnw at one jar of it,
I wus perloclly cured and bavs retuauied fro. of tli atfee.
i hav. sine used th. Ointment, lifhllyapnlied for rough
ness ol ike face, ukarhes, chapped bauds, e. With per.
feet sureew. 1 hav. uo hesitation Ui rMommeudins It ia
tlis auougest ma:uwc lo tb. nuuuc.
Mut llsaat Uuul. tWuburr.
July SH, lb49. .
I JOOKS and Gold Pens. On hand e..r.l
- ie of th lif of Chrutt, and also a number of
goia pens wnicn ws wiu sell at tit PkUadaloUiA
Ten sskfttskswaW
1 1
THE subscriber respectfully inform the public
that he continue tha manufacture of CADI.
NET WARE, in all its brsnchse, at hi stand in
Market street In Sunbury, and that he has now
on hand a handsomo assortment of well mad and
fashionable furniture.
He also carries on, at hi old establishment, in
Pawn street, ths '
In all it branches, and keens conatantW on hand,
an assortment of well made and fashionable
CHAIRS, plain and ornamental. All of which
ne will dispose of at price aa low a at any esta
blishment in the county. 1 '
His long experience in the business, justifies
him In the belief that he will be able to give gen
eral satisfaction, and therefore solicits from hi
customer I continuance of their patronage.
IjT All kinds of produce taken in exchange.
Sunbury, March 17, 1849. tf : ,
A New Assortment of Freuli Good.
RESPECTFULLY inform bis friends, cus
tomer and other, that he lists just received a
handsome assortment of
st hi (tor in Market 5qusre in Sunbury, auch a
Dry Goods, Groceries, Queens
ware, Hardware, &c.
Sunbury, June S3, 1849.
New Hide Oil nnd Lonthcr Store.
As. Ill North 3d St. 3 doors Moa Ract St.
THE subscriber offer to the tanner on the
most favorable terma their fresh importation
of Hides, consisting of Buenos Ayres, Lanlata,
t,aracca, Laguira, Hung-Ury, t-Iuli, Salted Per-
ambuco and all kinds of Spanish Hides, dry and
suited. Also, Green Slaughter, Dry Salted, and
tuack Jjry raina Kips,
Also, Straights, and Bank oil and a general a
aortment ol furrier a Tools.
They will sell or trade for Spanish or Slaughter
Leather, the above Hides, Kips, Oil and Tools, on
better terms, tlian old Houses in the city,
Cash paid for Leather of all kinds.
Philadelphia, May 26, 1819. ly
cutlery "
N extniirive Stock of Pocket and Table CUT
LERY, ufaale by
Not, 32 and 33 ARCADE, and 8i North
THIRD Street,
Comprising 5000 down Penknives, Scissors and
Also a choice assortment of Rodders 4- Sons,
Wostcnholro's Greavea W. 4 S. butcher's and
Fenney's Cutlery,
Also, Spanish, Dirk and Hunting: Knives.
Also, Guns, Pistols, and Bowie Knives.
Also, The American Razor Strop, a superior ar
ticle, worthy the attention of Dealers.
Car iv Dealers in Cutlery, will find ths above
Stock worthy their attention, as the Subscriber's
chief business is importing and selling cutlery.
Philadelphia, June 9, 1849 ly
Concentrated Sarsaparllla
For the cure of Tetter, Scrofula. Erysipalss, Piles,
Chronic Rheumatism and all. disorders of the
Blood, Mercurial Disease, Ac.
1 T is recommended to Physicians and others, at
the strongest preparation now in use, and en
tirety different from that put up in quart bottles,
possessing little or no active principle of the Sarsa
parilla, but intended to deceive the public For
sale by M. A. MctAl, INorthumberland.
HEYL'S EMBROCATION' for Horses will
cure Sprains, Bruises, Cut, Galls, Swellings, and
all complaints requiring an external remedy. l
is highly useful in Spavin, Curb, Ringbone, itiflf-
r.ess of the Joints, cracked Heels, Splints, &c
It has also been used with great success by per-
sous afflicted with Rheumatism, and other com-,
plaints. Prepared only by W Marshall, Philadel
phia, and lor sale by M. A. McCay, Northumber
land. Philadelphia, May 26, 1849 ly
TOHN W. FRILING haa just received at hia
' store in Sunbury an extensive assortment of
NEW GOODS, of every variety which he is now
ready to aell or exchange for produce ; and consist'
ing in part of
Linen and Cotton drillinr, and summer
wear of all kinds.
Calicoes, Chintz, Gixciiam, Lawns, &c.
Muslins bleached and unbleached.
Queensware and Hardware of all
Drugs Paints, and Dye6tcffr.
And a great variety of other articlea all of which
win oe sola at tne lowest terms.
Sunbury, May 86, 1849,
Saddle and Harness Maker.
rVIIIE undersigned respectfully
B inform the public, that thev
have coin meiiccJ the above busi
ness in iSunbury, and will con
atantly keep on hand and munufactur to order, at
their stand in Market street nearly opposite Young'
(tore, 11 article belonging to their line of business.
All article manufactured by them will be made in
the best and most durable style, and at prices as
reasonable aa they can be had at any other estab
lishment in th eountv. They therefore respectfully
solicit persons to call and examine for themselves
before purchasing elaewhere. All kinds of pro
uuce laxen in uy tlic stores will be taken in ex
change at the market price.
Sunbur-, June S3, 1849
' PHE auliacriber ha just received a new supply
- of the best liquor that ever came to unhurv.
eonsisliug in part ol
Hujierior old pale Brandy.
Fine Cofrnise Brandy.
Superior Old Jamaica Spirit.
New Englund Ruin.
Fine Holland Gin.
Superior Old Whiskey
Common do.
Superior Maderia Wins.
Lisbon do. do.
Superior Tort Wine.
Burgundy Port do.
Sweet Malaga Wine.
Superior Claret Wins in bottles.
Champagne do. do.
fiuubury, May S6 1S49.
. Green' Oxygenated Bitter, price reduced.
Old Jacob 1 ownaend'a Sarsapanlla.
Baker's Saraaparilla. ',
Swsyne'a fyrup of Wild Cherr A
Swayne's Vermifuge. . ,
Ay re's Cherry Pectoral
Dr. Drake's Panacea.
Dr. Cullen's do
' Tibbit'Pain Killer.
Dr. Hoofland'a Germaa Bitter! ,
Indian Vegetable Pilla
Hora and Call). Medicines
; Fm sals by .' HKNBT UkSHS.
; twak.v. JV K M4A , ,
THIS Powder is warranted far superior to any
thing in use for imparting s keen, smoothedg
to Raters, Surgical Instrument, and an sinns oi
fin CvTttat t it may be applied to any una oi
strop. Also superior Razor, Knives, and Perfu
mery, wholesale and retail, by
Depot of Fine Razors, 8trops, Brushes, and
Cheap Fancy Goods, No. 18 South Fifth street
bovs Chestnut Philstlelphin. '
TESTIMONIALS. -Piittni.rniA,
Feb. 15th, 1848,
Thi may certify that I hav used one of th
Strops prepared with HAYKES ..MAGIC DIA-
HOflU l'UWDEK, and clin attest in tit mosi
unequivocal manner, thnt there is nothing can be
found that will produce the some ellcct in my opin
ion, and must say to others, try it, and you will
find it aupenor to any heietolore in use. 1 con
truly aay that I never knew what a aharp razor
waa before.
JOHN SCOTT, Iron Safe Maker, 41 8. Third at
PiiiiiiiEiriiiA, October, 1848.
A very hard beard and tender face has compel
led mt to leek and le.it many contrivances design
ed to make slisving easy and plrasant, but with
indmerent success, nntil 1 made use of the Magic
DIAMOND POWDER, sold by Alfred Bennett,
and Roussel'a Shaving Cream. Their united pow
er act like magic, and impart a power to the Razor
to remove the moat stubborn beard, tc7 irri
tating the akin or temper of their owner. t .
J. COX, 49 South Fifth Street.
For sale at this ollire Price 25 eta. per Box
November 25, 1848 6m.
n prrsenttiiff the public with b rrmHy for the trMtmiit
and cureot t eres ad Mart nun outer hiii'ii nieniMi,
iiopoly is needed. Vnst mtmlnTii in the I'nit'ti Nsten,
who sutler irom thme an rt'tious in ineir vnriwi it inn, are
compelled t reek relief from nlher H'lirn Hum the ntiine
atate prescription! u me rrciii:ir piivwcmti. 11 uwnm
therefore an object of humanity, an well h f public inter
est, to brms; before them a rr nicely prepared fiom mnch ex
perience, and which may tmvnys ie reiien npii ni
uch is the true character of the INDIA CIU l,AliO it K,
amnlv attested by the umverKi! iuecest with which it has
been employed. -
Ee tract from a comrnunicataon of the Hon. Wil
li am Woodbbidoe, of ths U. 9. Senate, lute Governor of
Detroit, Oct.3t,lS40.
DocToa CftAftLM Osgood.
Dear Sir, 1 have read with much interest, your little
BAEATiiE upon the canst, treat incut uml cure" of the
febrile diseases which have s extensively nrevniled in our
country dunus: the Ittst few months an interest in'Teased
no atnioi, ny uie iner mai i nnvo inuit iuuiiiiv smm-rnt
much from them. Thoneh 1 fetH mysr!! rery lur mipetent
to judge safely upon a subject sj entirely professional, et
vonr theory seems to me well reas nMt, and vour t-melu
slot is just, and 1 think withni, that your puin,titi is emeu
Lated to produce murh practical t: nd.
Speaking of the medicine he Buys It fully jnitifledyour
flatter uui expectations, and as a safe, convenient, and pi'i'U
tar remedy, my own experience. far. induces me t le
lieve that it will prove a great imbltc Iieiie6t. 1 am pleased
to learn iltat you linvs recently established several aaoncies
lr us ninpusmriii inmiKn i n-prci mm. nu a irw mi a
more general disseminaiion of it, vou should huve found it
neeesmry to remove fnm your present resilience among us.
with much respect 1 huve the n mor io ie, sir,
Vour obliged servant,
ty From Hou. Stephim V. R. Trowbridge, of Michi
gan State Senate, to the Agent at Detroit.
Sir vou wwh me to inform vou what 1 know of Dr.
Osgood's India Chohgogue, or anti-bilious medicine.. I do
believe that if the virtue nnd etfieucy of this medicine were
generally known, the ffveb asd aul'E would disappear in
I procured a bottle in the snnne of 1SU, ami hnva good
reason to believe thnt invsclf and fnnulv escaped the mine
lust sensou in consequence of its nt-e.
1'erhnps in no siinimer since the settlement M this hue
peninsula, has the fever and iigue been so prevuleut as the
last. I nave reronuneiitleil this medicine in numerous in
stances, and when the difense hid heroine tised und battled
the skill of physk-iiin ; and 1 luive never known it full. I
h:ia universally produced the m st hitppy eifecla, and I bet
lieve it lifts never been e.teedd by uny medicine in remo
ving the bilious diseases of the cliuiute.
tours, resperini.iw
ArentfiM Buiiburv H. H. MASHKH ; Northumberland.
WITHINGTO.M h Co ; MiUon, J. U. KASsfcift ; tSelms.
grove, MAY KLOSE.
may o, imb-ii ...
(Late Keller & Greenougli.)
DRAWINGS ami papers for thn PatM..
Oiiico, propsired and nil the neoesPiiry bu-
bii.ess, in relutioa lo spcurinjr patents, trans
uctd, and promptly attended to, at their of
fice opposite the Patent Ollioc.
Ucteber 28, 11HS.
ATo. 60 Chesnut-st, at the sign of (he Gold
Tkimble, between 2d, Zd sts., South side .
MANl'KACTLRES nJ keeps roi.itnntly
on band, at wholrtnle and retail, the fol
lowing articles, of a iuierior quality, at reduced
fricea : Gold and silver Penoila, doThimbUa, do
'iner HhifliU, Hiker Table, )eert. Tea, Halt
and Mustard Spoons, do Forkt, Houp and Oyster
I, idles, do Coin Us, Turne Clasps, Scissor Hooka
and Chains, Knitting Mieaths, &r.
Alsnll, Jewellerv, 1'Uted and linttaiinia ware.
German Silver Hpoons, &c; Gold JJiumund poin
ted fens at various prices; Jackson buporior
EverMiuted Leads, Ac, Ac.
Philadelphia, May 36, 1849.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
rpHIS valuable preparation, si astonishingly successful
X lu euruig discuses of tho Lungs, is the result of . skill
ful combination of the known iMirliL- i,r,,u.;..L.. .J
medicine. Its iugredieuts are freelv nui,le known to tli.
public, aitd are those acknowledged to medical men us
possessing rare medical virtues, which peculiar virtue. are
combined in the "CIIF-HR V I'F.C'ToliAl' in their gnvt
sst purity sisl e:Gcy. and when used, us will be seen from
tlie follviwillg valuable tcsliiumv :
of Bowdoiu Collega, HruiMwick, Manic, writes: "I hsve
witnessed the cllivls of your Clierry 1'eclonil In my own
family sud tn lluit of mv fiieuila. Slid it lias sivcu mot
aaual'ucuon in easesh uh of sdults ami children "
From Dr. Bryant, DtimBirt and l'osliuasuir, Cuicopoe
Fslls, Masa :
Da. i. C. Avra Dear Sir t Kiiel-awd please find remit
tnncs for all ths Cherry Pectoral last soul nut. i can un
hesitatingly aiy. Hint uo mcdicui. we sell gives such satis
faction as ynur's does nor have I sver a w a medicine
which oured so inany cases ol cough sud lung eoinplitinlB
Our Physicians .re using it extensively ill the practice, and
With Ihe lutppiest eflecls.
Truly yours, D. M. BRYANT.
Presideiatof Vsrmaut (Helical nilleg. on. at th. Df
learnea sud iiuelligeut pt sieonia in theeounrry, "considers
it s eomptsiitiou .!' rare cicctlwoce fur tlx. (uri ol' Ual fcaT
nodaule dlssuse, C'Sisnmptioii "
Au sliuoal incrediuls uumber of certificates aara been
rweivwl ; proving that the Cbcrrv Pectoral is, ui trutli, a
for Cuugks, Colds. Asthma and all puim'warr onraplainis.
Prepared hy 1. C. AVER, le'wcll, Mass., ami s .Id by
H. MASrAKR, KHinlsary, and MAUY McCAY. Nonhura
berauid. Match 31, IMS. ,
li'ollce to Ieiuuenl. .
ALL persona iudeblasl to tha subaeribcr, longer
liian aig months, on note or book account, are
requested to call sod make settlement, or else their
accounts will b loft with s magistrate for rolleo
8unbury, July T, 1849, - '
STOKE mil. fsus, slotia Jugs snd Pitchers,
snd other articles of atone ware juat leoaiviad
snd for eeu, by JOHN W. KKILl.NCi.
I 4una)r, U l4.-, i.' i: . I . 'I
-'t"s '!' s
THIS Eatnwt I put up tn quart battles. It ia six time
cheaper, plenmnter, and warranted superior to any
sold. It cam diseases without vomitins;. Miniiisj, sick
mm, or debililatiui ths patient, and is particularly adapt.
isra '
Th great beauty and superiority of this Barsaparilla svsr
1 nnr rnnein if, - vhim ii mnHTMIIIuui
. It invisj mtes th. body. .,, ,
' ' " Comurnptlnn cured. ' 1 '' '
Cleanse and treiif thea. t ' ' " i .
Consumntinn ean he cured.
Brottchltie, Consumpttmi, l,iver Cnmplnint, Colds, Ceuf ha,
Catarru, Atihina, knitting m ttitxin, trenees in tna
i Chest, Hentle Flush, Niarht Btvests, UinV
I cult and Profuse Exiectoratioii, i
. and Pain In the Pide, ,
, .; . Ac, c. , .
hnV nil mn 1 faired.
Prolsibly there never was a remedy thnt fis been so mm
eesilul in desnrnte ensrs ol cnnruniiiiitin ui uu i it cirnn.
n nun ptrenffinmts ine evinnn. sun enneiira u. umi .i,e ni-
cers on the lungs, and patients grmhmlly regain their usual
health sud strrnath.
There is iiwcely a tiny posses but there are s mimlr nf
tntses if vnnstimptinn rfportnl ns curnl by Ilie use of llr
I u-vnsen's UarsspaiiUa. The following wus recently ro
ceiv.Ml: l)r Towr.TO Tlrr Sir : For the Inst thr. yenrs 1
hnvt liecu sthirled with general debilily, Slid nervous con
fenmntlmi of the Inst stne, ami did ntrt (iert to ever (ruin
mw liMllli ! all Aflr miinir thfiHitfli CflUrM lf meilil'tllS
niidrr the care of sume of the m-st i1iBlnisnilitNf reiriilnr
nhmeisns and memheni of the H(rn ol Henlttl la flm
S riik aral elsewhere, and spending the mm of my eornings
in atlemntinf to reswiit my heshh, and after reading in
some pnper of yout carsupufilla 1 rrsilved to try it. After
ueins mil uniues niuna it timie me sreni r'"i, v.-i
to see you at your office ; with your advice I kept mi, and
do most henrtily thnuk you lor your advice. 1 persevere in
takinr the Snrasnarila. and have been able to attend to mv
tisnsl aihora for the last four months, and I hote by the
blessiinrsof Out and vour Smsnnerilla to continue my
health. It helped nn beyond the expo-unions of sll who
Knew my enpe. v iiahi.ivi 14v1.ua 1
Orance, Vjmtt en. X. J.. Aug. , 1847
Hi air of New Jersey, Knri county, ss. Charles uim
hv heme- dulv sworn nrcorilniff to law. on his oath ssith
tint the lores line statement is true sccornuig to tne nnn 01
;ledte and belief. CHAKI.i:! tjl IMHY.
Sr-ni and lubacribed ta bfors me nt UrstiiT. the fd
Auiruit. 1B47. CYUI-t BALDWIN
Jusu oi tha Peoca.
Rrad t1i followiiif, and soy thnt conmimption ii in incu
rs we ii rou ean :
New York. April 23, 1N7.
Dr. TowfcuEsa : 1 verily thieve that ywar Kirmpsrilla
hm been the menus, through Proviilmce, of saving my life
1 have fur several years hail a bad cough. It became worse
am) wtirae. At last 1 rnicl ktrve auunlities of bltwiU. had
night sweati and was grenrty deljilitaled sihI reduced, and
did not expect to live. I hnveouty aned ymr Htiranpuhlk
inn s stiurl lime, and mere nn I woimenni enaniie
WTcNitrht in me. I am now able tn walk all over the city.
1 raise no blood, and my couch has left me. i on can wvll
imacine thnt 1 am thankfnl r thew rcmilti, Ymir obedi-
cul servant. WM. K LiLILIs, 05 Catharine st.
The annexed certificate telln a dimple and truthful slory
of auurrin and relml. J hers are Utousnno oi siiniwr at
tea in thin citv and Hmoklvn. nnd vet there are th i.mli
f if reiiM Jet'thmr children die for fear of being huinbugred
or to suva a lew tiiuunics.
Bro 'kln, Sent. 13. 1PI7.
Dr. Tow.nsiso : 1 take pleasure in suiting, for the bene
fit of the whom it may eitocem. tint my daughter, two
venrs and six months uid, wna atlitctod with yeueral de
bilitv and loss of soeerh. She w.ia given nn us nam je-
eovery by our family physician i but fortunutely 1 wus re
uonimendetl bv a friend t.i try your Si rati iiar ills. Before
having oaed one bottle she recovered her speeeh sud wns
enabled tn wnlk alone, t4i the ast-mislimeitt of all who were
acdnaintetl wilh the cireumslancea. She is now quite wll.
and in much better henlth than she has been for IB nifntha
paS. - JOM:i'll J A i 1AK, IS . ork St., lirooklyu,
Very few families imlenl in fact we have n-H heartl of
one thnt used Dr. T wiHend's Snrsupjinlla m time.
a:iv children the nast Summer, while th ne that did n 4,
siekencd and died. The cereifieriie we publndi leliw is
cofrflnsive evnlenee uf itarnlue. nnd is only another iustunce
of iis suviug the lives oi children :
Dr. TowsaK'tn Denr Sir : 1 had two children cured by
your Siirsnpnrilla t the summer cuiipfcnut and tlysentnry
one wus ctulv lo month olt nnu ilu oilier 3 yenrs. I hey
were very mnch rrdueed, and we expected they wouWI die ;
tbry were given un bv two respectable phvsieiuns. When
the'doctoT informed us tlmt we must lose them, we rcsol-
ved u try yoiir &irsamrilla we had heard so much of, but
had little confidence, there beings much stuff advertised
tlint is worthless: but we are tlnmkful that we did. for it
undoubtedly saved the lives of l;fh. 1 write tins that oth
ers rnav be iiiducsjd to use it. Yours, resoectful
MjTlle-avenwe, urooitiyu, epi t;-f imz.
Da.TowNSEXD'sS.RsAPAniLLA isnaivereignaud speedy
cure for incipient consumption, ami for the general prostra
tion of the svstein no mutter whether the result of inhe
rent cuuse or causes, produced by irregularity, illness or sc
Nollniff can be more surorising Uinn its invigorating ef
feels on the human frame. Persons sll weakness ami lus
situtle, from taking it at once become robust and lull of
energy under its influence. It immediately counlerscts the
tiervelessncss of Uie female frame, winch is the great cause
It will not be expected of us, in cases of so delicate a na
ture, tn exhioit certiluates o cures perionneo, but we can
ussnre the ntAicted tlmt hundreds of cases have been repor
led lo us.
Da. TowssenO: My wife Wing ereatty distressed by
weuknecs and geuerul debility, and suilering c aitiuuuliy by
pain and with other ilnhvuKici, and having known cusa
where yinir aiedieiue has ed'ocied grmt cures; and also
hearing H rccommetided for such cum-s as 1 have deseriltrtl,
I ottaiued a Untie ot your Kxtract oi Sursumnlla anil tol-
lowed the directiisis you gave me. lit a short period it
ret n wed her complniuts sud restored her to health. Being
great! ul for the betielits she received. I taks pleasure in
thusackiiaJWledcinc it, and recommend ing it to the public.
Albany, Aug. 17, II. cor. oraiid at Lyuia sis.
No flatd or medichta has ever been discovered which so
nearly resembtes the gastrie juice or suliva in decomposing
fiMHl and strengi heiiiiar the organs of digestion us this pre
paration of Sarsnpnnlls. It pitsi lively cures every case of
dyspepsia, miwever severe or ctifmic.
Rink Detvirtiiieiit. Allanv. Mav 10. 1S15.
Dr. Townsend Sir: 1 have been utf.teted for several
venrs with dvsitepsiu in its worst form, attended with s ur-
neaa ol stomach, loss of sppetito, extreme heartburn, and a
yie.it nvermoii to all kind of f-Kil, and f.r weeks, (what
could eat) 1 have been nimble to retain but a small portion
on my slomueh. I tried the usual remedies, but they laid
I'Mt little or no eileet in removing the coniplmut. 1 wm
ducod. about two months snioe. to try yo ir Kxtruct of Str
sniurilla, and 1 inr.fct siiy wilh litlle coufnleuce ; but uiter
using nearly two bottles, I found my appetite restored and
tha henrlUi'ru entirely removeil; audi would enrntjsily re
ciminend the use of it to those who have Iteen atllii'ted us 1
have been. Yours, Ac, W. W. VAN ZANDT.
Agent for Simbury JOHN W. FU1MNU ; Nor
thumberland, MARY A. McCAY: Danville, WM. A,
Mt'HKAY & Co.,
ApiilsTJ, )M( ly
The Pupil's friend and Teacher's tomfnrl
- work ia already introduced into aome of the
brat Arudamiea and a large number of Schools,
where ita use haa given decided and universal
tisfai'tion, both to teacher and pupil. It ia purely
American in its character, based upon our own
beautiful decimal system of currency. It contains
more, the arrangement are better, and it ia the
easiest and cheapest work of the kind now iu use ;
and it la so considered by hundreds of the most
competent teacher and men of science in the I ni
on, who have recommended it, It ia the book,
particularly snd expressly prepared for our Ame
rican Scholars : By Almon Ticlimr.
Th Yocth' Cmr si as Calci tiToa. Thie
volume contains 91 pafrea, with about 900 eiam
pies for solution on the slate. It embraces ths
Fundamental Rulea, Compound Rules, Simple
and Compound Reduction, Single Rule of Three,
Proportion, &c.
Tn aaoa's Asitunkticsl Tutu, ia destined
fur the use of younger classes in tha Schools of the
United States. A lieautiful little book and pleas.
iiiR to children, and the only one of the kind of any
value. .
Tliere are Keya to both Arithmetics bound sin
gle or double, for the convenience of teachers, in
which the solution of tho questions ure (riven with
much extra matter for the black board. These
Keya sre the most complete works of the kind ever
published, and contain, in addition, about two
hundred examples in Mensuration, &c, for the
use of the Teacher. All that ia wanted ia to have
the above book examined, and no teacher who is
acquainted with the science of Arithmetic, will
hesitate to pronounce tliem the best work that
have ever been published in this or any ' other
Although issued but a few months, they have
already lieen introduced into the Night Tublic
Schools of New York City in sll the Schools
public and private, except two, in the City of
Reading. Also, in aliout twenty Acadamieein the
State of Pennsylvania hi a large portion of the
Schools in the City of Wilmington, in the City of
Lancaster", and in the liorougha of flarrisburg,
York, Chauiheraburg, Lebanon, Uoylestown, I'otU
villc, Orwigaburg, &c, Ac
Foraaleby IIisbt Mtssas, Sunbury, Agent
for Northuinherhind County.
Sunbury, Ues. S, 1849. , !
JIV TENI.NG8. A cheap and exceUent srti
els lur faaleningassh tor sale by -
Sunbury, July 7, 1849. '
DADD'S celebrated Hora. and Caltl Medi
ei.es for sale by ' HENRY MAHMKR
aransssry J ss tT, 1M " ""
; LDTSPEPaiiL, '
"" " ' : " ANU . ; !
' GEORGE B. GREEN, Proprietor.
Windsor, Vermont.
T9 a surereirn rsmedv for t)Yirr,rIA. In maitv ( en
JL fnrais, suca as pain in the fttohmfh, Hii1hiim, hnbttual
Cttslivpiirss, Arid totnnrh, Hefidarhe, IMSof Appfftite,
PilM, Night 8wls, and even 0sininniiin (Dyspeptic
Plitliisir.) s?k! Amliirm, or Phthisic atteixM Willi lirreime.
mnit of tlif fHomrtrli (f Dywptic Asihirm,) Difficult
Hreathina; , whirh oi'trn results from ImfierOft digestiun (JT
L)ys)irplic frspiws.) is rellvl by these Hitters. Insliurt,
th'etr use has tren prored In th. relief of almnst all the
symptoms tfmt nnKTeed fntrn a ilrhiliisted r atimie c.mdi.
tlin of the Htninarh; also in ftvtieral. debility arisinf frnm
nge or from th. rdVets of Fsvcr, pnrliriilurly Fever and
Airne, 1-emules Riillerins miner ntiv nlerlne clerniiarninit
ansiiin Ifna weakness. Mill hnil the "Osvaaxst ten HiT'
tbs'1 an excellent reineily, and not surpnssed by any meUi.
cine in use.
The hitr of this nxulicine ia nrcnliaf. It hns nsids its
wsy to pni,lic fnr ir solely by lb force of Its own minimi.
Tina, .-.o.runran meHiai hnr. freelt iisea to air. it ns
lorirty and thrust tt npntl public intention. It hns never
belore even Iwen silvertisnl, but hnvinr Srst sh'iwn Its re
markable eflii-scy in the tunuly of the proprietor, and by
hnn atlerwiuils ailmiuistered to his afflicted Irienls and ae
qu:iiabiiHTs with a like rrs.lt. it, reputation gradnally ea-
........ Kiown in ine n..ia uistnnt harts ol tn.
I; mint, as a meilm.-m of mrnvalletl virtaes in th. rnrs f
Dysieia hi sll lis .lilT.-rn.t lorn, .,KI also for the cur. f
Asthma or Phthisic. Its only hrrnld and its onlv eul.(ry
hns been the story of its wonderful emcacv, as told from
m-Mith to nsMilh or by letter from t'rieml i'rieud In eve
ry instsnr. where Uiese Bitters have been used, sud th. re
suit made known to the proprietor, they have proved a re
medy. r
Numerous certihrntcs, attesting; th. singular efficacy of
trie "OiTr.ci.TEO HiTrrx." are in the possession ol th.
proprietor; many ol tliem signed by persons alrntly widely
"Hi. W r.RF.EN, Proprietor.
WINDSOR, Vt., Octobers, IMS.
Tb. following Certificates hav. recently been
W.HIOTO- TV C . 3irW in. IMiS
llavinc made use of the 'Olrrenaleil HitleraO nreraired
by Dr. (leo. B. (irren, of Windsor., Vt. and from know
ledge obtained of their efficacy in other caws, wecheerlully
reoommeud them to the publie. believing Ihnt tliev will lully
susuun th. recommendation of the Proprietor. W. hop.
that this valunble remedy irmy b. so generally diffused
throughout the country Hut it may be accessible t. ail th.
awirieo. .
W I! ,1.1 AIM I'PII ! I U. 5. Senstor from Terment.
JAM Kit F. SIMMONS, V. n. Senntor from H. Island.
J. T. iMOHr.HKAD. U. 8. Heimlor and lornurlv liovern.
or of Kentucky.
I.. H. ARNOIJ), Member of Conaress and fonnerlv
vernor of R. I.
WM. WOODHRIDGE. V. 8. tVnntor and formeriv Gt-
vern.w of Michitrirn.
M. I.. MAK'l'l.N, Delegut. in Congress frem Wisconsin
From Hon. II. D. Fa.rta, Member of Congress from
Wsill.nTox, D. C JtJXI 10. 1IS.
Dear Sir. I hays be.;n a dyaoeotic sulTerer for about ten
yenrs. nnd hi.ve res irlcd to various medicines for relief
without success, until I made use of your "Oirgeiwled
Hitters." I have used nbout two botll'cs, and fiiiJ nivseli
restored M perfect henltli The forms in wliich Ih. dis-
ease showed itself, in niy ense, wcie, great acidity of the
stomach, loss oi appetite! extreme flatulence, severe eonstt-
pution ol tne non-els. iiihI violent hanlacbe. Feeling desi
nms Hint e kiKiwlMlire of your valuable remedy nny reach
others similarly nlHK ted. 1 take great plensur' in record
ing my testimony to its curntiv. riower; sod ivould slso
remark. Uint while on a visit at home a short tim. since. I
adulimiterixl a purt of a Isntle to a numlier of mv alllicted
I'rieniwi. wilh great succss. Thev are desirous that von
should establish nu tureucr at Pittsburg, or inform tilers
wnere me ineiucnie can be oblmneil. With an enriiest de.
sire for yonr proeierity and huppiness, I sulncribe mvself,
truly your friend H. D. FUSTKR.
Dia l. IJito. B. ISarc Windsor, Vt.
Sold Wholesale nnd Retail bv Green h Pletkar. N
2Suth Suth Street, Phlladelpliin.
ak?iu lorjoiHMiry n. ti. M.tt-:n.
Agents for Milton MACKAY ft II A AO.
Agent foi Upper MohoiK.y J. u. KEN.1.
April 13, 1MB
Don't permit your Horses or cattle to die, when
the means of cure are within the reach of all !
The undersigned has spent several vears in the
study of Veterinary practice in "Loudon and E
dinboro'," he has also availed himself of the resear
ches of I.cihis, and othereelebrated men, who have
contributed so much towards a judicious treatment
oi animals; the principles ot our practice consists
in the rejection of general bleeding and the total
rejection of all medicines that experience haa
shown to be of a dangerous tendaney. These re
medies act in harmony with th vital principle, and
when given according to the dirrctiona whiji ac
company each article they are capable of exciting
and increasing the natural functions, without di
minishing or destroying their power, hence are
salein th hands of every one.
IS. H. DADD, M. D.
A List f Horse and Caul. .Medicines.
Physic balls, 75c. per box.
Alterative ball, ?5c do.
" powder for bad condition, 75c par pack
age. Heave powder fordisease of the lungs, 75e dc.
Urine powder for ' kidneys, 75c do.
I onic powder lor bad condition glandera, 75c do.
Cordial drink for infliimalioii of bowels, 75c per
Liquid blieter, 75c per bottle.
Ointment tor promoting the growth of Lair, 50c
per pot.
Healing balsam for wounds aiid suddl galls, 75c
per bottle.
Wash for inflamed evea, 50c per bottle.
Ointment for mange scratches, old aorea, Ac, 50c
per bottle.
Embrocation for sore throat, 75c per bottle.
Hoof ointment for sand crack, brittle hoof, etc, 50c
per bottle.
Horse Liniment, the most celebrated article known
in England for lameness of every description, 75c
if 1 per bottle.
Distemper powder for red water, $1 per bottle,
Vt orin powiler for the removal of wonna from
the intestinal canal, 75er package.
Foraale by STIMPjSON A REED. 28 Mer
chants Row, also at DADD'S HORSE AND
Haymarket Square, Boston.
1'aniphletV describing the diseases fur which
these remedies sre used can be had gratia.
Numerous Certificates are in possession f the
Proprietor, of cures performed by the above. Medi
cines. Scrtd br GREEN & FLETCH ER, No. S6 South
SIXTH Street, Philadelphia, and by his
Assnts. Hexbt Msasas, Sunbury,
February 3, 1849 tf
PREPARED and sold onlv, at FREDERICK
N. E. corner of Fists and Cur.sxi'T streets, Phi
ladelphia. This Essence ia warranted to possess
in a concentrated form, all tlio valuable properties
of Jamaica (iinger, and will be found on triul an
excellent Family Medicine. It is particularly re
imer.ded aa s tonic, to persons recovering from
fever or other diseases, a few drops imparling to
the stomach a glow und vigor, equal to s wine
glass of brandy or other atiinular.d, without any of
tne uemiiuiiing eiteeis, wiucuare sure to loiiow tne
use of liquor of any kind I snd it is therefore
especially serviceable to children and females. To
the aged, it will prove s great comfort ; to the
dyspeptic, sud to thoae who are predisposed to
gout or rheumatic affections, il gives great relief;
and to the inebriate w ho wishes to reform, but
whose stomach is constantly craving ths noxious
liquor, it ia invaluable giving tone lo the diges
tive organ., and strength to resist temptation ; and
ia consequently a great agent in ths cause of tem
perance. IS"" Full direction accompanying each
The above article can be had at th office of ths
Philadelphia, June t, 1849. ly
PATENT Truss, of all kinds, Harrison's
writing snd Indellibl ink, Cotton yarn snd
lps.just received snd for emitby YMlUy G.
Sunbury, Pee. .
An assortment just received. Also
L ilk HAT8 st m, for sals by
unbury, Dec. 1, 1844, ........
. lent resssdy fa oh, cWaa. , Ft !
And alt dbttnsa UfUlrtg from U disordered
Liver or Stontaeh in both Matt nsi . .
Ftmatti . . . ... .
Such as Crmaiinaffnff, 1.4 tiL. fuuli.,:....
Emctationa lwi 117. wr'gn ' in. Woman, ISM
S wmm , 'ot I iTJZ VM'tH thtr of th ttomseh
whsu in a lying u!2. aena.ti.as
before the l" mTZ,' .V'! f cb
try of PenpirStli,, VeThwet rHPi!l5i
In the Side Back chel, Urn! J""1 hk"iT"S
Heat, Nurniiig In the Flesh c i'" i
d great agression or tiSX Zt'jj
DH. HOOFL AlT10a p ; i
Celebrated German Hitters.-
Their power over ths above diamses is not ertelW if'
enrolled by any olhef preparatnin in th. I nited KtaW
as the cures attest, In lismy cases slier skillful pkrsieiaa.'
hail luikd, . . i
DeTiineement of tlta T i, . ..ul a, l
. c ------ - ...... nr. urree M
nsaiuty, snd will also nroduee riiaeau nf ik. n., .
JiiTk K il P "'"L-1" ." O'tyrtr "pen to an aiMck
the t h .era. Hill ,ui. or Yellow Fever, ami is generally
first cause of thnt most kaiiiul disease, t?...-,.!.-.;... '
Opinion of the Philadelphia Prist. ;
Ttmsr,iwi flla .......
Af, ivai.uahi.k mp.iii. , '
tl.TJ:hiC'k'.bw,, B'l'cfs, rnsnwareT. Dr
HooSland, s,.ken of m terms of s ,mineisWt.,, ..J
anow oeaerve.il)- n cHn,m prim. ia ea
tain qunrters, to nun" sll inannei of iu .... -
above Biuers. hmslred. are livim, witnesses of 'their .rmt
na worm. Asa medKiii. of ths Uet
Coiri,.kiiiit amsllcr, Nervous DeWtay and Dvspessia, BV
has Iwen loond no.touMe, eSeciksg cure, .ml thoJiuaW
eradicating diseases, when sll other medicines have failed
V f"' convinced, that in the use of the German Bitters'
the patient dViesnot become dehlHtateil, but cis.mantlvgaia.
strenuth and vigor to the framea fart worthy of great
considcratHiri. 'Die Kilters are pleasant in tasle and smell;
and con he administered under anv circumstances, t. tk.
most dehente sumiaoh. Indeed, they ean be used hv sll per
sona with th. most nerf.t-t safety. It would be well f
those who are much unected m the nervous svstem t.
commence i with one ten Ssinf ul or lew. end grsdiuiily'i.
erense. V e spenk from etperieuce, sml are of coilrse, a
pruiier judge. The press far aid wide, have ,, ..
commending the German Itiiters, ami to th. stRicted w.
most cordially advise Uielr use. ,
,, . June 21th RiysT
"DO OUR OOODcrrr.KNS who are iuvslidi, kn.w
the maiiy astonishing cures thnt have been performed ay
Dr. Hooll lauds Celebrated Herman Hitlers i If they
"!!' we """"rneial tliem totlie"tleniinn Medicin. Stor.,'"
sll who sre nlilicted wilh l.iver Complaint, Jaundice, Dys
pens. or Nervous Debility ; the Dortor hut cured msny of
our citizens alter the liest phvsicians hod fulled. Ws usv.
useil lliein, and they have proved to he s medicine Ihsl every
one should know of. and we cannot rei ruin giving our tes--tint
my in their favor, and that which gives them grestse
elsnn upon our humble effort, they are entirely V.gelsUid'.
Julv -lihs-ivs :
" e ssesk knmriugly "f l)r. Hoofland-sCeleKro'ei sr
man Hitlers, when we sav it ii n l.le.-ni. f n,. .... .a
m diseasof the biliarv. diri-Jtive and .errousSvsteme it
h:isnot we think an eipml. It is a Vegetable I're pa ration.
and made without Ale .bol. nud to all invalids we would te
oonmieud it as worthy th-ir eisifideiK-e.
r-L-ow'Vi- w'1 ''rK'" "J r""d. althe principal Depot,
wJ?y ,Vf MKUI ''NB STORE, No. m Arch Slrirt
For sale by M. A. McCAY, Nnrlhuniberhnd snd San-itate-"
'!,fl"bl Jelefs generally thr.ughoat tb.
April tl, IP4D. ly
THE (;iM B'l'iiCa A'I'l Vli.
Headache, Giddiness,
Rheumatism. Piles.
lyspepsia. Scurvev.
Small lVs, Jaundice,
Pains in the Hack,
Inward Weakness.
Palpiiaiion of the Heart,
Rising in the Throat,
Dropsy, A st linn,
Fevers of oil kinds,
Female Complaints,
tuns OF
Measles ?,u Rheura,
Heart Uuru, Worms,
t h 'lera Morbus,
Coughs, CfUinsev,
Whooping Cough,
- Conminption. File,
l.iver Complaint,
F.risipeles. Ilesfiiess,
llchiiursol the Skin,
C his. li .iit. (travel.
Nervous Complaints,
rnoM iMPLHiTits or
ripenence has proved that nearly every Disease orilinstM
from Impurities of the Bl tod or drraiiKci'nenls of the Diges
tives Oraaua j ami to secure Health, we must remove that
obsirucn onsor restore the HI t d to itsnntiirsl state.
T'1' aversion to lakinir medicine is m M etlecluslle re
nt ved by Clicsnsr's Vkoktaklk PraiiaTivs I'n.n. being
completely enveloped with a online ( pure whit. Suger,
("Inch isns distinct from the internal insrc.lients ass But
shell from the kernel) end have no tnste of medicine.
Hut are as easily swallowed as biia of rirslv. Moreover
tliey neither nauseute or (rrii e in Hie sliehtnt degree, bv
operate equally on all the dis-iscd ns I tlie svsiem. tit
stead of conhoiinr themselves t,.. suit racliiue ajiy 'istrticalar
reition Thin, if thel.iver be iifrcctcil tne imretlicnt w'.il
operate on H it s,rlicular unpin, nnd. bv rieaiisiiia; it of an
ess of (Me rcsl ire it to hs n.liiicd sta:e. Another TriJ
operate initio lliaird anil renioveiii1ii,uniies in its circu
lation ; whiles third will eiTectiillv etttel whatever ime.
irnes may have lieen discliari'e.1 intu the stomach, snd hene.
they strike at the root orthse ise rem ve sll I nrpnrs Ha
ni trs fnun the botly, teu the pores eslenislly snd inur
iwUy; separate all foreipi and obnoxious particles frnm tk.
chyle, stthat the bi te,! mnv be th-trraielily pure thus sse..
noes free and healthy action to the Heart, laingsaiid Uvsr
siKlthsieb. they restore health even when sll other lass.,
hsve failed.
The entire truth of the ah -ve can be ascertsined ay tk.
trial of a Mtigat bil: sn.-l their virtues are si pnsilivs as
certain iu restoring Health, llml the proprietor binds himself
to return the money itaid tor tliem in sll cases where iSey
do not gi . universal sntiafactimi.
Itelall Price. a." dn. per Box.
Princiril oTlcs o. 66 Verstv si., N. York
Sold by JOHN V. Vdl Nii.' Sunbury
, ' M- A McCAV. orthmrarlaad.
tr Remember Dr. I. V. ("ickner is the inventor of Ik.
Hug.tr Coated Pil'a. and that nolhmr of lb. s Tt veaa .vsr
lieanl of until he iulrrvliice,! them in Ju le. IVs3. Purehsssrs
sh.iuld. theref.K-e s!w.l-sask for ( liciaer s Sugar Coated
I ids, s-J take no olhe.-s, or they wili be msds ths f islimsss'
s traud.
February, IT, l(9jr
souks i Etniiu:i.
J?ui ns, SccdJs, and aU kindt of infamed Seres
favui.ni;i CMVIoISAI. OINTMF.NT, is ths asset
coinjilete Burn Amid Me ever known. It iustaaUv.
C""" "1 "t"l!"-j stops uns oi inemost aespersis
Burn and tculd. Fiw okl Sores, Uiuises, Cuts. Sprains, km
oilman or lieut, it is the hest spplicatiou that can bs nts.s
Thourusls have tried and thousand pnnse it. It is ths mest
peri eel muster i.f pain ever discovered. All who us. ra
commend it. F.very family should b. piovided witk il
Niaie can tel bow i n amis of the family may need it.
iy Ohaerv. euch U of the genuine Oiutnieii) has Ik.
lament . Torsay, written ou ths outside label. T. .ait.
io this is liireery.
H utinen. Livery Men, Farmers, and alt wh uss Hoissa,
will li ml this Ointment the very beat thing they caa as.
f-r Collar tnills.Hcnitches. Kicks, Ac., Ac. .on their uuimsis
Surely .very wcrcyful man would keep bis animals si Ire.
fr.nn pum aa pouil'le. Tuuaey 's L'mversai (Jintuient is aU
that la required. Try it.
11ITKS OF INSIS TS. Fottbs sting or bits ef poise,
us Insects. T ousey's Oinlmenl is uiuivslled Huialreds bar.
tried it and fouud it sots.!.
PII.KSCVHKU! Forhe Piles. T.msev-sITiiiversslOist-"
ment is one of the heat Remedies tliat rail be s spues. AH
who have trietl it for the Pile recanineiKl it.
Oi.DtfOilhS Cl ttF.lt. F.tr okl nlsuinat. Sores, (bar.
is atithtog equal to Touscy's Oiittmeid. A persrsa ui Msjri
us had, for a numlter tf years, s sire leg that balfed tk.
skillol'ths dociors. Tousey's Oiiitnieisl was reeoninssttdeS
by oue ttf the visiting pin siciuns. (wlai knew iu great vir
tues.) and two boxes prtsluctsl more benefit than ths pa
tient had received from sny aikd all previous remedies. Lst
all trv it.
UL KNSANDSCAIJWCI KF.D. Thnussud. of esses
of Burns and Senilis, in all pans of th. cniutrv, hav. bees
cured by Touaev's I nit ersal Ointinent. Certibcatesenoagk
eouM he had to fill the wh !e of this sheet.
VUH.FVrWU ISKSCrRF.D. Testimonisls on tesu
iniaiial lu favor of T.Hlsey's Olutinen' for eurlug Uruisas
heve leen ntfered the propriet ies, liundrcile in Syrscass
wilieertily to its great merits relieving the pain of His nsost
severe HruiScS All pers ns should trv it.
SCAI.DHF.AD CTKFI). e- .res U cases mt Bcald Head
hav. been cured by Touscy's lliiitmeiit. Try it it seuteas
HALT nil KIWI Cl'RK.D. Of all ths remedies ever Sis
eovereu forlhs most dianirieeable complaint. Tousey's tsi
versii Oiiinaeut is Ui. nssH complete, it never was knew.
Ui fail.
versal Ointmenl will always cure the worst cases of Chap,
ned Hands, ctcores of nersiua will ststethis.
SOKE UPSClKKD. For the cur. of Sjr. I .ins there
was never suylhiiig inaile equal to Touscy's Oii.iiuent. Il
ia sura Incur, tliem. 'JVy it.
It u a scieulihc comaiund. warranted no to etsstaia say
preparation t Mercury, ffr Price cents per box. Ft
further psrlieulars eiaicaHniiig this reejly valualOa Oiutmeat I
the public are relerretl to lainphlets, hi be had gratia, af rs
siteclalile Drugfists sod Merchants Utroagheat ths Lai tad .
Pretaired by S. TOi atY, Druggist, No. 10 Kimm
Street. .New York.
AosTs-JOII. VOtMO, unbur7, M. A. MsCAT.
Feiartury 17, 164 ly
Ootton Yarn. Cotton Carpet Chain, Cotton Laps
snd Wadding, Cotton Outlines, Ready laasa
Pantaloons, Ready made Vests, Congress Kiutss
Porcelain lined preserving kettles, just received
foraaleby H.MAS8ER.
Sunbury, Pee. t, 1848.
XE8 of a ry superior quality for tale by
Suubury.Dsc S, 1848.
rLANK BOOKS. An assortment of Blank '
- Books, just received and eat. hy
Sunbury, Dec 1848. ; ; ; . -,k. f
WVKUP MOLASSES. Kupenor refined Syragi
woiaasas kh aals tiy glEiSKg I
tarniry, Ds. t, 1848.

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