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Ttife GOOl WIFE.
Thers can be no doubt but that a good"
wire it a great Classing, and, it it also true,
that all wives desire to be good. Man-,
however, think they can be pood without ex
ertion. This is an error. Monlal exertion,
ami sometimes sacrifice of feeling fs required
But see the reward. The influence of n good
vfife it immense. The power of a wife for
pood or evil it irresistible. Homo must be
the seat of happiness, or it must be forever
unknown. A good wife is to a man wisdom
and courage, and strength and endurance. A
bad one is confusion, weakness, iliscomfili re
and despair. No condition is hopeless whe i
the wife possesses firmness, decision and
economy. There is no outward prosperity
which can counteract indolence, extravagance
and folly at home. No spirit can long endure
bad domcstie influence. Man is strong, but
his heart is not ndamant. He delights in
enterprise and action ; but to suslain him he
needsa tranquil mind, and a whole heart. He
expends his whole moral force in the conflicts
of the world. To recover his equanimity
and composure, home must be to him a place
of repose, of peace, of cheerfulness, of com
fort, and his soul renews its strength, and
again goes forth with fresh vigor to encoun
ter tho lubor and troubles of tho world. But
if at home he finds no rest, and is there met
with bad temper, sullcnncss, or gloom, or is
assailed by discontent, or complaint, or re
proaches, tho heart breaks, the spirits are
eiushed, hope vanishes, and the man sinks
into despair.
There is no mortal object so beautiful to
me as a conscientious young man. I watch
him as I do a star in the heavens; clouds
may be before hirn, but we know that his
light is behind them and will beam forth
again; the blaze of others, popularity may
outshine him, but we know that though un
seen, he illuminates his own true sphere.
He resist!) temptation not without a struggle,
for that is not virtue; but he resists and con
quers, he bears the sarcasm of the profligate,
and it stings him, for that is a trail of virtue,
but heals with its own pure touch. Ho heeds
not the watchword of fashion, if it leads to
sin ; the Atheist who says, not only in his
heart, but with his lips, "there is no God !"
controls him not ; he sees the hand of a crea
ting God, and rejoiacs in it.
Woman is sheltered by fond arms and lov
ing council; old age is protected by its ex
perience, and manhood by its strength ; but
the young man stands amid the temptations
of the world like a solf-balanccd power. Hap
py he who seeks and gains the propofmoral
ity. OnvrarJ then, conscientious youth raise
thy standard and nerve thyself for goodness
Jf God has given llu-e intellectual powers,
awake in that cause ; never let it bo said of
thee, ''he helped to swell the river of sin
by pouring his influence in its channels." If
thnu art feeble in mental strength, throw not
that drop into a polluted current. Awake,
arise, young man! assume that beautiful
paib of virtue ! It is ditficult to be pure and
holy. Put on thy strength then. Let truth
be the lady of thy love- defend her. Miss
Carolina Oilman.
DR. J. N KEEI.ER A bro. most respectfully
solicits sftrntion to thbir fresh stork of Eng
Huh, JFVokM, dttman tend AmeicaH Vrngt, Med
icines, Chemicals, Paints, Oils, lys ftuM's, Glass
wsrc, Perfumer'' Pntent Medicines &e Having
opened a new tore No. S94 Mnrket St. willi a
full supply of Fresh Drugs nnil Medicines, we re
spectfully solicit Country dealers to examine our
stork before purchasing elsewhere, promising out
and all whomny feci disposed to extend to us their
patronage, to sell them genuine Drug snd Medi
cines, on ss liliersl terms as any other house in the
City, and lo faithfully execute all orders entrusted
to us promptly and with dispatch.
One of the proprietors lieing a regular physician,
affords ample guarantee of the genuine quality of
all articles sold at their establishment.
We especially invite druggists and country
merchants, who may wish to become agents for
Dr. Kreler't Celetrated Family Medicine, (stan
dard and popular remedies,) to forwurd their ad
dress. Soliciting the patronage of dcplcrs, we respect
fully remain,
J. X. KEEI.ER & HRO., WliolesuU Druggists,
Io. "U4 Market street, Philadelphia.
rVplember 13, 1810. ly.
I, A II 1) L A M 1 s7
c on x el it s a co.
No. 17(1 Iheinul St,
KiSrKCTFHXY announce that thevhavs
just finished the most extensive assortment
they have ever oflVrcd for ah, Comprising
In great variety, and of
Much attention has been pakl to ECONOMY,
in the construction of these Lamps, and such are
made as will produce the greatest amount of light
from the least consumption ol l.nl.
Recent improvements in the mantilactory, Willi
the introduction ot new and erlccteil machinery
enables them to sell at a very GREAT REDCC-
TION from former prices, and all articles belurc
leaving the manufactory, are carefully inspected,
and are warranted pcrlcctly tight, ami logivc satis
faction. Philadelphia, June 2, 1849. ly
milE subscriber respectfully informs the public
1 that he continues the manufacture of CABI
NET WARE, in all its branchss, at his stand in
Mrkt stroot in Sunbury, and that he has now
on hand a handnomo assortment rf well mads and
fashionable furniture.
He also carries on, at his old establishment, in
Fawn street, the
Cllilll MtKtA'tD itttSIESS, , -
in all its branches, and keeps constantly on hand,
an assortment of well made, and fashionable
CHAIRS, plain and ornamental. All of which
he will dispose of at prices as low as at any esta
blishment in the coiintv.
His long experience in the business, justifies
him in the belief that he will be able to give gen
eral satisfaction, and therefore solicits from his
customers a continuance of their pntronaire.
ty All kinds of produce taken in exchange.
Sunbury, March 17, 1819. tf
The vengeance of the allied powers de
manded some victims; and the intrepid Nov,
vrho had well niyli put the crown again on
Bonaparte's head at Waterloo, was to be one
of them. Condemned to be stiut, he was led
to the garden of Luxembourg on the morning
of the 7th of December, and placed in front
of a file of soldiers, drawn up to kill him.
One of the officers stepped up to bandage
his eyes, but he repulsed him, saying, "Are
you ignorant that for twenty-five years 1
have been accustomed to face both ball and
bullet'" He then lifted his hat above his
bead and, with tho same calm voice that had
steadied his columns so frequently tho roar
and tumult of battle, said, "I declare before of
God and man, that 1 nevpr bettayod my conn-
try." He then turned to the soldiers, and,
ti iking his hand on his heart, ho gnvo the
rrder, '-Soldiers, fire!" A simultaneous
discharged followed, and the '-bravest of the
brave" sank to ri.o no more. He who hail
fjughti-s hundred laities for France, not o
against her, was shot as a traitor ! As I look
ed on the spot whore be fell, 1 could not but
sigh over his fate. True, he broke his oath
of allegiance so did others, carried away
by their attachment to Napoleon, and the
enthusiasm that hailed his approach lo Paris.
Still, he was no traitor.
Divoacr in Pennsylvania. Judge Cuul
ter, of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania,
delivered on Monday, tho opinion of that tri
bunal in the case of Jones vs Jones. That
decision, in fact, establishes that divorces by
the Legislature for causes within the jurisdic
tion of the courts in divorce cases, are un
constitutional and null. The effect of this
decision will be to invalidate seven-eighths
of the divorces granted by the Legislature
since 1836. The practice has been very loo.e
and divorces have been granted in cases
where the reasons have been frivolous, and
the causes alleged such as were entirely
w ithin the jurisdiction of the courts, if appli
cation had been made to them. The consti
tution of the Statu restricts the power of the
Legislature in divorce cases to those not
within the jurisdiction of the courts.
Judge Burnside gave notice that he dissen
ted fiom the opinion of Ihe majority of tho
Couit. It will produce incalculable injury,
and he dissented from it entirely, fiom be
ginning to end. Ledger.
lugrnf Mtidc is the basest crime or
YTJE tire not among that class of Editors who
for a few dollars will, (at the expense oft ruth
and honesty) "crack up" an article and bring it
into rapid sale ; neither are we willing to remain
silent, after having tested the utility of an im
provement or discovery in science or ort. Our
readers will recollect we told them we. were un
well with a sore throat and violent cold some few
weeks ago. Well, we purchased two buttles of
and so sudden was the cure, that we forgot we
ever had a cold. Those who aro afflicted, may
try it upon our recommendation. Lewi.vton Tele-
A freMi supply of the above valuable medicine
just received, and for sale in Snnhuiy, by John
. r riling, Slory A. McCay at Northumlicrland,
and at wholesale by rreui-rick Klelt, ct I o., cor
ner of 2d and Cullowhill streets, Philadelphia.
Philadelphia, iSept. 22d, 18 11) 8 mo.
"lin courage Your Own!"
17AAS &IU2XN.-
'T'HE subscribers rrsiiectfiilly call the attention
- of the public to their large and splendid assort
ment of every quali'y and price of
which cannot fail to recommend itself tocvery one
who will examine it, on account of its durable
workmanship and splendid finish, made up of the
best slock to bo hud in the city. No effort is
spared in the manufacture of their ware, and the
subscribers nre determined to keep up with the
many improvements which are constantly being
made. J heir stock consists ol Mahogany
Sofas, Divans nntl Lounge),
lSurcaus, Srcrctarfrs, Sftclionrts,
and also VENETIAN BLINDS, equal to Phila
delphia niamilactnre.
BEDSTEADS, of every pattern and price,
in short, evervarticle in this line of their business.
They also manufacture ull kinds and qualities
A !CAV Assortment of" rrrHli Good.
It ESPnCTFl'M.Y informs his friends, ens-
tomers and others, that he has just received a
handsome assortment of
at his store in Market Square in Sunbury, such as
Dry Goods, Groceries, Queens
ware, Hardware, &c.
Sunbury, Junt 23, 1819.
XtMV Hide Oil ami readier Store.
No. Ill North 3d fit. 3 doors below Race St.
riHE subscrilier offer to the tanners on the
1 most favorable terms their fresh importation
rtf Utilis, consisting of llncuos Ay res, Laplata,
Caraccas, Laguira, Hung-Dry, Chili, Suited Per
ambuco and all kinds of Spanish Hides, dry and
salted. Alo, tlrtrn Slaughter, Dry Salted, and
Black Div IVtna Kips.
Also, Straights, and Bank oil and a general as
sortment of Currier's Tools.
They will sell or trade for Spanish or Slaughter
Leather, the above Hides, Kips, Oil and loots, on
better terms, than old HouCs in tho city,
Lash paid lor Leather 01 all kinds.
Philadelphia, May 20, I819.-My
AN extensive ltork of Pocket and Table CUT'
LERY.of sale by
ATos. 32 oiui 33 A11CADE, and 84 North
TlllltD Street, .
Comprising 5000 dozen Penknives, Scissors snd
Also, a choice assortment of Rodgers Ir Pons,
Wostcnholm's Ciicuve's W. If S. Butcher's and
Fcnnry's Cutlery.
Also, Spanish, Dirk and Hunting Knives.
Also, tiiiiis, Pistols, and Bowie Knives.
Also, The American Rator Strop, a superior ar
ticle, worthy the attention of Dealers.
('Ann Dealers in Cutlery, will find the above
Slock worthy their attention, as the Subscriber's
chief business is importing and selling cutlery
Philadelphia, June 9, 1849 ly
flIIIS Powder is warranted far superior to any
1. thitii In use fof imparting a keen, smoothed?
to R it tort, Surgical instruments, and all kinds of
fine Ci'TLtar I it may be applied to any kind of
strop.' Also superior Razor, Knives, and Pet Tu
rnery, wholesale and twail, bv - -
Depot of Fine Razors, Strops, Brushes, and
C'hsap Fancy (ioods. No. 1 8 South Fifth street a
bovs Chestnut Philadelphia.
PuiLtnttpniA, Feb. 15th, 1848. "
This mav certify llmt I have used one of the
Strops prepared with HAYNES' MAGIC DIA
MOND POWDER, and can attest in th most
uucuuivoral manner, that there is nothing car) 1
found that will produce the same effect in my opitr
ion, and must say to others, try it, and you will
find it superior to any hcjetolore in use. I can
truly say that I never knew what a sharp razor
was liefore.
JOHN SCOTT, Iron Safe Maker, 41 S. Third St.
Pim.inr.i.FiiiA, October, 1818.
A very hard heard oiul tender face has compel
led ma to seek and test nmnv contrivances design
ed to make shaving easy and pleasant, but with
indinrivnt success, until I made use of the Magic
DIAMOND POWDER, sold by Alfred Bennett,
and Roussel's Shaving ream. I heir united pow
er act like magic, and impart a power to the Razor
to remove the most stubborn beard, without irri
tating the skin or temper of thrir owner.
J. COX, 49 South Fifth Street.
For sale at this otlicc Pries 23 cts. per Box
November 5, lSlSCm.
(Late Heller & tireenoiiKli.)
' Washington, !.('.
WfcRWVlXGS and papers for the Patent
J'oilice, prepared and all the necessary bu
siness, in relation to secunnir patents, I runs
acted, and promptly attended to, at their of
lice opposite the l utein Utlicc.
Oclolier as, 1813.
uoiM & suinti Willi:.
No. 60 Chrsnul-st, at ihe'sijm of the Gold
Thimble, between 2d. if 3d. fls., South side
ANl'FACTLRES and keeps constantly
on hand, at wholesale and retail, the fol
lowing articles, of n superior quality, at reduced
prices : Hold and Silver Pencil", do Thimbles, do
Finger Shields, Silver Table, Dc-a-rt, Tea, Salt
anil Mustard Spoons, do Forks, Soup and Oyster
Ladles, do Combs, Purso Clu.ps, Scissor Hooks
and Chains, Kuitliug Slieuths, Ac.
ALSO. Jt-wrllrry, Plated and Biittannia ware,
German Silver Spoons, Ac; tiotd Diamond poin
ted Pens at various prices ; Jackson's Superior
Evcrpointed Leads, Ac Ac.
Philadelphia, May SO, 11!).
A Eecirf . When you get i black eye by
fall on the ice, or from running against the
bed post, or from a powerful fist, apply a
i-loth wrung out of very warm water and re
new it until in pain ceases. J ho moisture
and heat Ikjuiiha the blood and sends it back
to the proper channels. Use hut or warm
but never cold water to tho bruise. A doo-
tor would charge a guinea for this advice ;
we give it gratis.
OfDiToas Nioss whi watch the foot
steps of their victims by day and humit their
-fsia rug hi.
Winding varieties never before to lie had in
Sunbury, such as M.iiiouanv, Black Wilsit
avu Ci iii.kii .Mai-le Uhi.cian ; ami Wimisob
CHAIRS, vii ijxti Pi a vu Stools, which are of
the latest styles, ami warranted lo bu excelled by
none maiiuiaiiureu m tlie I mesc elsewhere.
The subscribers are detenu inc. 1 that there shall
be no excuse for persons to purc hase furniture in
the cities, as every confidence can In- entertained
about the iiuality and finish o( thrir warw and
I hairs.
Their articles will be disposed of on as good
terms as they can be purchased elsewhere. Coun
try Produce taken in pnvment for work.
l.r t'N Ut.H 1 AKIMi uttendcil to on reason
able terms.
IsF I he are Room is in Market Street
opposite J. i oung s store, and nearly opposite
tcaers tavern.
Sunbury, April SS, 1849 tf
wall' Pi.psp7s7
rIMlt. culiscriliers liaic oil hand the largest as
Jl sortinent of Wall Firms in the city of l'hi
lailelphia, H'holenule and Retail, consisting of
every variety suitable for Parlors, Entries, Dining
Rooms, Chambers, Ac, which for quality and
le cannot It' tairassed. Duiug a cath business
we are enabled to sell a better article at a much
lower rate than any store doing a
On hand, a large assortment of Wins Pate
for Curtains, Fire Prints, Borders, Ac, which will
be sold fcr Cash. Paper Hanging done in the
country nt city prices.
N. 15, Dealers are invited lo call and examine
their block before purchasing elsewhere.
No. 142 Arch Street, South aid
Philadelphia, May SO, 1849. ly
KUAD 111 following ceiufioale frotn Capl. IVvou, Cko
wt-U Lujwu und pouuliu Muiui liuut Cunluni (of Uia
rlllLADSLrlllA, iicioiier ill, 1HIU.
Several years since 1 win Attacked with a breaking out
on my iwck in Hie form of Teller, wliu li I am r.iiiviiired
was C'liiriul.-J al tho turner rlioi. ll greiuiuauy esirnn
ei over my face uutil it rt-ttched the upper Kiri of ilie
etieeks. Dunns' the several lii'siltis tluit it c-nilium-d
I1111KU1.K. I uiieu utilt-reiii applicuuuns. s.mie of which hail
lie effect, apnre-alv at Usual, of increHsiua Ihe ilm-usr. hut
from none ol thriu did 1 perceive lb least beaetil until I
apptieit the Koab tlivTMrvr. Ily tlie use ofuueiur of U,
i was periceiiy eurea und save remained irve ol mc ancc
I have aim- used the Ointment. Iichlli- npnliej for wui:h-
ness ol tl.e face, tiriicbea, i-tui)ird Ititiula, c. With rr-
feel moeu as. I have uo beanati.ii in recoiuiueudiiui it ui
Uie strunsest luaiuicr tu Uie pubtie.
Afnil IIknst Mauu. Buiikurr.
July H8, . , ,
ContciiJ rated .SarMiipurllla
For the cure of Tetter, Scrofula. F.rvsipalas, Piles,
Chronic Rheumatism and all disorders of the
Blood, Mercurial Disease, Ac.
1 T is recommended to Physicians and others, as
the stronjrest preparation now in use, and en
tirely different from that put up 111 quart bottles,
possess'1115 little or no active principle of the Sarsa
parilla, but intended to deceive the public For
sale by M. A. McCAV, Northumberland.
HEYL'S EMBROCATION for Horses will
euro Sprains, Bruises, Cut, Galls, Swellings, ami
all complaints requiring an external remedy. I
is highly useful in Spavin, Curb, Kinirlwur, stilf-
ness of the Joints, cracked Heels, Splints, Ac.
It has also been used with great success by per
sons afflicted with Rheumatism, and other com-
aints. frepared only by V. .Marshall, I'liiladel-
phia, and for salo by St. A. McCay, Northumber
Philadelphia, May SB, 1849 ly
( 1 IJ KAl X HKI li.
OIIN W. FIUI.ING has just received at his
store in Suuburv an extensive assortment
NEW GOODS, of every variety which he is now
ready to sell or exchange for produce; and consist
ing in part of
Linen und Cotton drillimr, and tummei
weir of nil kinds.
Cai.ii-oi'., Chintz, Gingham, Lawns, &c.
Muslins bleached and unbleached.
Qucnsirarc and Hardware of all
I inds.
Drtfiis Paints ami Dvkstitfs.
And a prcnt variety of other articles all of which
will be sold at the lowest terms.
Sunbury, May SO, 1849
In ill I C 1 ivi :i iR3 : Tut si ) &'tiivi t i 1yd
U3 12 "CP on in S3 s .
; lilTinsicf
GEO AGE GUEEN, Propribtor.
IfinJ.for, Vermont, '
1 ivivfireiffii Ttnnwlv fit PYSPITIA, in mnuy m tn
fitrniB, w-h nt pTiin in the Nomttrli. llcnrtbttm, Imbitual
riti'niPrWt Arul Stun inch, llundache, Istiuol' Apptiiet
rhthiinr.) ami Antltinn, ir riitltitir nttetKM wiin nrraiitre
inm of the Shurmrh (or Dvdiwptic Alhma,) DiiVult
llrentliiiii. which nUrii rrstilia from imperfwt Uigwtion (?
Dyflfieptic HyHHPa.) i relievwi by ihme Bittrra.' In short,
thrir e hits hcrrt prnvfrt in the relief of ilinont nit th
vmptonm thnt proceed from del,1t tiled ot at"t1fc coficU
ti'ittof Ihe ft drt-jh 1 ah.i W aretiRrnl rifhllitv riMi.B fnm
RFC of from Ihe efWtfi of Fever, nrtttirnlaflv FeVer and
Ague. Iemnleft i1ttir'ii4 nmler ni.y Uterine derairment
ftrmmR iron, weiikrietn, win ti.id the XTOii?TKn hit
TKR4 ' an excellent mnetly, bjhI not aurpnaiMu uy any meui
cine in iitfV
The hist iry nf this medicine in neruhaf . 11 Ma nwda ita
wny to public favor aolely hy the foira of ltd own intrmnn
menit. iSo nrtrfiriiil means have been uaeu tn give it na
t'irtety ainl thruat it up hi public nttentrn. It hn never
before even leen nrivrrtiRrd, but having first shown ita re
mnrknble etlicoey in the famijy of the proprietor, and by
him oilerwniils nihuiinsterert to hia alllirteil friends mil ac
quitiMtrmcea with a like result, its reputntion grndua!ly ex
tended until it is known in the most distant parts of the
l.'ninn, as a mediriitr of unrivalled virtues in the enra f
Dvfe)sia in oil ils different f'immv mid also for tin- cure (
Asthma or I'hthisic. Ita only lienild nnd its only eukfry
hns been the story of ita w mderful effirary, ia told from
m mih tv month or by letter from friend to friend. In eve
ry iusr.inee where these .Jitters have leeu used, and the re
sult made known to the proprietor, they have proved a remedy.
Numerous certificates, attesting th singular efficacy of
lite v'x vgkn iTKD HiTrRRs, are in tlie pwaessioii 01 ine
Er. tprietor ; mnny of them signed by persons already widely
nowti to the public.
GEO. Tl. OR KEN a Truprietor.
WINDSOR, Vt., October 3, 1S45.
The following Certlfirntea have rrcently been
rereived t
AVAWittnTOM. D. C. Jt'M 10. 1HI6.
Hovtnjr mtide use of the 4,()xi(;'imlcd Hitters1' prepfired
by Dr. Geo. . tlrerrts of Windo Vt. nnd from know
lejlge obtaineil of their eMrncy in other rase, we cheerfully
recommend them to the public, believing tlmtthey will fully
sustain the revoninp-iuhtion of the Proprietor. We hope
thnt this valnnlile remedy mny le so genently difTusetl
throughout the country that H may be accessible to all the
tAYsiMrrM t.S.torfromYermaut.
JAMKr F. tl.MMoN lT. S. Senat from R. lalaml.
J. T. M(M( KUKAL), L". 5. Senator anu I'ornurly Ooveni1-
or of Kenturkv.
L. H . A II ( LU. Member of Coiirress and formerly G-
Vett'ir of H. I.
WM. WOOOnniDOE. U.S. Senntrand former iy G-
venvr if .Michiirnn.
M. I. MAUTl.Ni Dcletata in Conrress from Wisconsin
From ikon. li. b. Goiter, Member of Congress frasfl
Pf unsvlvnniu.
WamiVutos, D. C, Jvnk 10. 1JM6.
Pear ?ir. I have liern a dvnentic suflerer for aliout ten
years, nnd have rentrteilio vHrions medicines for relief
without sueeivs, until I made use of your "Oxyirennted
Hitter.'' 1 hove used nbuit two botlles. and find myself
restftrei to pfrlwt Itfrdth 'Ihe forms in which the 'di
eue showed itst'li't in my ense. were, arent acidity of the
st-'tiiiich, I hs f nniM'titc, extreme flatulence, severe cnnstl-
pdi n "I Ibe bo we In. nnd violent he:M;iche. Feelinc deni-
T'rt that n kn w!edtre of vour valuable n-rrtedy mav reach
ctliuis Minil iHy niiiictcd, I uike great pletisurc in record
in? my lestini my to its ctinilie power; and would also
rcnurk. thnt while on a visit at h'me h short time since. I
adiniuitcr-d n rt of a Untie to a numler of my alHurtcd
friends, with qrcat sito-ss. Tiicy are dcsu.His tluit you
should establish ni'icrify nt Pittsbure. or inform tliein
where the ineliciiie can be obtained. V ith an earnest de
sire for your prosperity and happiness, I subscribe mvself,
truly vour friend II. D. FOSTER.
l.K t. (iKo. H. GstftKtf.Winrtrir, Vt.
Sdd Wh -ileante and Helail bv tiieen k Fletcher, Na
S0 8mth Sixth Street, Philadelphia.
Aeent f r Sunburv H. li. M ASSER.
Aemsfor Milton MAt'KAV ft HA AO.
Airvut fi I Picr .Muhonoy. J. ti. RENN.
Aptil 15, IMS
Jaundice, dyspKPsia, chronic or
nekvous dkbilitvv disease of ,
the kidney,
And all diseases arising froma iisornereA
Liver or Stomnck in both Malt and
Ftmtdt: .
Silrh ss Conslipslinn, lim-ard Pilss, Fsllness nf Blood to
Ihs tfrwt, AckllMr cK the Sl-unwlr, Nausea, Ho.rt-boni,
l)iitul for Kivsf, Fullne or Weight In tbrScmiseh, 8r
l-.ructntl'Mis, rt nk i itsr or I- luttering at hie pit (A tlie ismmscb
Swimminv i'f tlie Henri, Hurried bikI Ditltfiilt ItreslliiiiK,
Khitlering ot Ihe Henri, C'hnkint or AnlTicattng sensntitins
when in a lying pasture iimiie.s iif Vision, Dats nr wmT
tMI'ore the Snihl, Fever and dull nain in the Heiut, Deficien
cy of Persiiration, Vetlowness Ihe Skin and Kves. Pais
In the fide, H.irk, Chest. Limits, Sudden ffushea f
Ileal, Hurninfr in the Flesh, Constant tfttnrin!)lgs of avil
ud great tiepresxion of Spirits Can lis eftectuatly carvd
kS .WWf MAll mJ
. L. SstS
.. "1- , os - .
It pnrf"
ness, or debilitating In patient, and is particula. .
fai.L AN'b 6rnio mrdici.ne;
T1i jrant liennly Snd superiority of this Naraaparilla ST at
ther remetliei is, whilst it ernilifntaadiMasa,
' u Invig ornlea the IxHIy, ,:
CoiiBunipl ion cured.
Cleanse and Htreinrthen.
B . . . Consumption can he cured.
Droiiehitis, Coiianmntiint. Liver Coinplnint. Colds, Couahr
Catarrh, Aslhina,S,,itii11(tof bi.khI, 8irannaa iath ,
then, Hc ii,. fi,,,! Ni(!hl piflj.
colt and Profuse K,,ertoration,
- sikI Pain In the 8ide,
-., Ac., ,
lt, V have and can lie cured.
rroLsl.lv there never vvn a renie.lv that has Keen so sue
tenet ul in ncsperate cnaes of consninption aa this ; It clean
sea and strengthens Ihe svntcnt, nnd apears to heal th ol,
cers on the imft. and Slliculs gradually regain their uaual
There is srnrrely a da- na'rn 'Sit 'here are number f
cpoUi-n us cnrri liy the use of Dr
the lonowing was recently re
to T
"v dat
German Bitters.
Their power over lha ahova diseaaea is not eicelled it
cjunlleri liy any other preparation in the t'nited tataa
aa the cures attest, in many cuses after skillful physiciaua
hud failed.
Derni'ornlein of the l.iver and Stomach are e-nircea of
Insanity, nnd will nlso pt.Mluce disesse of the Ilcnrt, Skin.
Limes snd Kidneys, suit Inyn the liody open to sn attnrk of
Ihe i;h ilcro. Bilious, or Yellow Fever, and is g-cncrally the
first cause of thnt in iet binelut dimse, Cousuniption,
Opinion of the Philadelphia Press.
Drreinln't Hist sivs
heard Itr- CHehruteil (.eimtin Hitler. munuiacUirstl by lr
Hooftliinif. sp .ken 'f in terms, of t nnmendali n, ftiid wi
kn.iW deservedly so. It is a tor comtunn pructice, in cst
tum qunrlurs, t puifall inunner of usclera tntsh, but in tb
trove Hitters, hundred, are living wiinessc-s of their grout
m rai Bim unsieni wmn. as n niedicm of the Liver
Cornpla ut, JiiuikIu c. Nervous Heinlily and Dv spelts, it
hus heen I -iiiid invalu thle, LH'erlmj eures and' th t untidy
enidirutiiifr diSOTses, whin ull other medicines hnve futlof.
We feel cimvinced llmt in ihe ue of the German Hitlers,
the patient d jrsnot bW me dIAIitated but constunlly fHins
trenirth nnd vi-r t the frame a fiirt worthy nf jreat
cousidermion. The Hitlers ure plejs:int in tnste nnd sineil,
nd cim le lidminis'ereil under urn cimimstiinees, to ths
nvst ilelicate stiinincli. Indeed, tliey can lc used try hII per-
us with the m st perfect wifely. It w itild be well fr
th e Who are miu li ull( ted in the netvous system, te
c mmenre with 'ne ten spfinful or h-is. und gradually is
crense. We sp"ik from eiperience, and nret'f f turse,
proper judtre. The press fur and wide, have united in re
CimimrnditiK the (Jcnn in Hitters, und to the filleted w
m st coidiully Mil vise t huir use.
Jnue 'J Ith sjivs:
10 orROOOUC'TIV.KNS wh sre invalids, knew
the mnny nM-niishiiii eurei that hnve been performed by
lJr. II-i siriund's tvicbruted Grrmin Hitters f If they dn
ii 't. we recommend them toth-vOemmn .Meilieine Store,"
all who are iiitlicied with l.iver ConipLiim. Jaundice. Dys
pepsin. or Nervous Delniity ; the Wort r lmscureil many f
our rui if ns after the best phvsicions hnd fmleil. We have
used them, nnd they hive pro veil to lie a medicine thnt every
one si i Mild know of, and we rinu t refrain givmt; our tes
tim itty in their fnv r, and that which gives them renter
dalrtt Upon our huml.le rll rt, they nre entirely Vegetable.
July 4th s-rvs :
"We speak knowingly of Dr. Ilo 'flnd'sCelebrated fler
man Hitters, when we say it is a blessing of this age ; and
in dis ns.-S'if ihe bitiury. digestive ami NervousSysfems. it
h:isn-it wethink an eipial. It is a Veuettible Prepanrtion,
and nnde without Ale h l. nnd t ' all invalids we would re
commend it as worthy Iheir eonCdeiire. ,
Kir s:il wh dewde and rehid, nt the prtneina! Dept,
OKHMW MKDIUNK STUllt:. No. I-2U A 1 h :roet,
For sale by t. A. M"CAY, .rthnmber!arl(1 nni Sn
Imrv and respectulile dea'ers generally throughout the
April SI, 1M0 ly
vim aiAvn ft j;; n vi:
Tn prcsentins the public with n rcmedv for the treatment
X and cure ot" I't vkr ad Aorn nnd other bili ms diseases.
no ninMocv is nceiliil. a.-t imuiijcrs in Ihe I iUea Mates,
who siitl' r from ilu-s nfi'- cii ns in lle ir varul forms, are
c 'mpt-lled to seek relief from other s nnes than the inntle
dniie prescript i ms if the reeulnr plo .irinn It leom.-
therei re an object ul iituivjiii' v. as well :i , publir ini T
est. t i brine b. foie tbt-in a rcn.'l prejiaml h in mueh ex
perience, and which nny i'Iwtiv s ! relied nn as sFf,
Silcn IB I lie inn cii:ir.n'iT 01 iiir iima in m.A' " mm i ; .,. u i i
a nninK' Blls4fiit liV tilt iniivrTMul '.i(ri-M U'lth Vlflilcfa it litil " n wms-n. u-ir '
been eirtpl iveil. j iiitrreaainu: t!ir natural futiftions, vvit!i.mt
Dont permit your Horse or cattle to die. wlien
the ineanu uf cure urc within the reach of ull!
The unrlrrsinci, has nprnt neveml yt?.rs in th
utiidv ot Vetrrinarv pnictico in "London and
dinhoro'," he h:i nlno avnilod hiuirll'of tlto renrar
chc of LcihijLr, und ollirrcohhrrttrd men, who have
contrihutfd no murli toward a judirious treatment
ofanim:ilH; tin priuc;;plp of our practire ronsisls
in thr rrjrrttfin ol ceneral hWdiiu? nnd the total
rrjei'tton of all medicines that experience Una
shown to le of a dangerous tendnnry. These re
ineuicsaot in harnnnv with tli vital principle, and
when i;tven acconIinj to the direction winch nc-
b!e of exciting
rozt TUB
Ileadnche, Giddiness,
Kheuiimttsm. Pites,
Dyspepsin, S-nrvey,
.Small IVx. Juuudico,
I'atnsin the Hack,
Inward eaknes,
r.ilpitaiijn of the lleart,
Hisiinj in the Throat,
lir ipsy, .As:huia.
I'evers of all kinds.
Kern tie Couiplsmts,
Mensks Jalt Ftheam,
Hwirt Hum, Worms,
Clulera Morbus,
Couglis, tuinscy.
Who "ping Cough,
Consumption. Fits,
l.iver Complaint
r.ritiipelns. Deafness,
ltchmps i-.t the Skin,
('Ids. (i nn, (travel.
Nervous Complaints,
rxpenen"e has pr ved tint nearly every Diser.se originates
fr m Imjiuritiea f the HI "d t dr:in?erncnts f ihe Dipes
tives tfiiraus; ami t' s-ure lleahh, we mmt remiv thcise
ol -s'rucii us or restore tlie HI tl I is nainra! si ite.
ITlie nversi'Mi to talinjj; nicilkitie i m i ehttually re
lll cd bv rbtC RNKR'S VMCkTABI k PtR(iTtVK I'lLLS. bt'ing
r mok'tely enve) tpcit with a cvitins; "f puro white Sugar,
(which is :i disiinet fr m the int'Tii d inaredtents as a nut
I slicll fr im (he k'-rnch and haven tate .-t' medicine,
i Hut are as eoti!y swill wel as bus ufrniKly. .Moreover
! lliey neiilier innwufc or prij-e in the rliij lit eM decree, hy
i optri'e pjiniiyixi nil i!:e di?iiacd untsi the svstem, ia
1 s eid of e nfi 11115 lli'-inclven t ,. and racking any particular
1 Pyi ti Thus, if ti'elt.iver l art'cricd one itii:rdieut will
' epcr ite mi that viriliiilar uran. an I. by rleansui it of an j
Kcss'if It.le rent re it t its na tmed s'ate. An ther will i
o'.h!" .n tlie U'r;rd and reinovenli iinpunii in its cireu-
lati n ; while a third wiii elleettntilv exrcl m hatever nnpu-
irii-i nnv ha e been dm-harge,l into liie si atrieh. audience
IIP liXtraet from a commit nieati m of the Hon. Wil
liam W OsiUHttiDoK. of the L'. S. Venule, late Governor of
1)" tho IT, Oct.ai, Ib40.
Pottah Citarlm Oooon,
Dear Sir, I have read with mivh interest, ymir Utile
TKk.tie upon the "ranscn, treainicjit and care" of the
febrile diseases whirli have extensively prevailed in oiir
enunlry dunnp tin lust tew months an interest ineieawd
no d Mibt, by the fact thai I h:ive in-l'i idirilty snlfi-reil ao
much fr 'in them. Tho-.ich I fort my!f very inc nnp'tent
to judce aai'ely upon a subject h epttrelv professional, yet
voir theory seems to me well renewed, and your ei'.i'lit
aions just, and 1 tluuk wtllnil. that your ampldet is calcu
Uited to prtoiier mucii pnicMcat irona.
Speakmp f the medicine he says: It fully justified yrwir
flaticrui e.x itiat i -ns, and as a safe, convenient, and popu
lar remedy, my own experience, s far, induces nie to lie
lieve that il will pMve u preut publie benefit. 1 am p!euet
to lejirn that y. mi have recently eptribhshed arveral aiftttic.es
for its dip sition thrush 1 retiret that, with n view to a
ni re ffeitend disM'inin:iiitn of it, y hi should have found it
ueeesanry to remove trom your present r-sntencp among ua.
With much respect 1 liave the h -noi to U. sir,
Your ohlmed servant.
wi! i.i am woiimminc.i;.
riT" Tioin Hon. Ptf.phf.n V. Tt. TnowaiiiDoi, of .Mir la
c-in State Seitnie, to the Aircnt at Detroit.
IliKMlN .IIAM. t IaKLaNU Co., PeC 13, 14 1 .
Sir you w i U me to inform you what 1 know of Dr.
Onuood's India Ch'hK pict or auli-bilious medicine. 1 do
Irelieve that if the virtue anil eltieacy of this metiicine were
ffeneially kiHwu, the t('VK anu acie would diKippear in
minishiiig or detroyiniT UipLx power, hence are' t!ir' K" l',e ,rN,t r rem we H lMPore llu
1 in rs ir ru the bxlv. open the ires externnllv and inter
salt1 1 ll tli liaiiils. ill v nrv mis. . ..! . ' i .- -i
" U. II. DADD, M. V.
A List l llorsf and ( aula Medirinrs.
I'hysic bulls, T5c per box.
lv; sejviriitr nil f ireipiand ubnoitr.s rtarlielas from the
chvle. suhat the bl i d inty le th'Toccli'v pure thus sese
rinjra free and heilthv action to the Heart, l.inmsand l.irer
mul tliOrt'tiy lliey reitore health even when all other means
ia c I. old).
Saddle and Blai-sicws .TIal.cr.
II K uiuU-rsignr el rosiri'tfiilly
Q inform the publir, that thev
f.--i.t. have coiiiineiin-d llic above busi-
j--- ness in Suuburv, snd will con
Htaiitly l.r'p onhnnd and inannfucturc to order, at
(heir st. ml in M.ii'ki t stn-ot neuriy oiosito 1 oiiiir s
store, all articles beloli-,'iiiH to their Hup of business.
All artirh-s nmlltifni tlired bv tlipm will be made in
the best and most durable style, and at prices as
reasonable as they mil be h.ul at any other estab
lishment in the county. Thry therefore respectfully
solic it pcrhous to rail and examine for themselves
liefore purchasing elsewhere. All kinds of pro-
dure taken in by the stores will be taken in ex
change at tin- market price.
11 K, K V VKISB.
Ai ni :s vvs h. clem EXT
Sunbury, June 23, 181U.
Ll q uoiis. winksT&c.
f pIIK HVib'riluT hus just received a new supply
of tlie l.e-t liqtion that ever came to .'unhury,
constHtini; In part uf
Hupeiiur M pale Brandy
Fiiit! CitRiiiuo Brandy.
SuK?riir Old J;imaui SpiriU.
New Ktr;land Rum.
1'iuo UulUnd (tin.
8uprrir OIJ Whiskey
(.'onini on ln,
Superior Madei ta Win
LUUoii do. do,
.Superior Port Wine.
Uurguiuly I'ort do.
Hweet Maltttia AVine.
Htipoiior CUret Wine in bottles
Chaiupacne Uo. do.
Alterative ball, 75edo
powders for bad condition, 75c per pack
Heave powder fordinraces of the lungs. 75e
Trine powder for kidneys, 75e
Tonic powder for bad condition glanders, 75c
Cordial drink for intlamatioii of bowels, 75c
Liquid blister, 75c per bottle.
Ointment fur promoting the growth of hair, 50c
per poU
Healing balsam for wounds and saddle falls, 7-V.
per bottle.
Wash for inflatned eves, 50c per bottle.
Ointment for irtftitge cratches, old sores, Ac, 50c
per bottle.
Kmhrocution for sore throat, 75c per bottle.
II out ointment for sand crack, brittle hoof, Ac, 50c
per bottle.
UrKe Tduiilleut, tht most celebrated article known
lpi.Ki.malv,ttlcinthesrriil!rof mi. and have good j J' "' ,uv
re: o-m to believe th it my sell and family c?oajed the nyue ' A- t! lMr liottle.
inirinpcr powuer ior rea wuter, oi per notue.
Worm powdeiH fur the removal of worms from
the iutoiitiual canal. 75 per pat-kae.
For Mle hy TiMrsO. Sr KKKO, 26 Mer
cliuiits How, alao at UADU'S UOUsH A.U
llaymarket Square, Boston.
PamuhleU descrihin the diseases for which
theso remedies are used can be had gratis
Numerous Certificates arc In posMesMoii of the
Proprietors, of cures performed by the abova Mcdi
SnldbyCREEX A FLETCH FR, No. 20 South
SIXTH Street. Philadelphia, and by his
ActTtr. HrHT Masslii, JSunbury,
February 3, 1849. tf
The nil ire truth of the nh we ein be Hicertuined by the
trial if n sintils tvx; nnd their virtues nre si positive nnd
rertmit in rest rinp Htnlili. llmt the proprietor hinds himself
t- re'um the nrmev jutid for them in all cases where they
(to n it give nn i vers d sutisfsctu'ii.
Itefafl Ci l o, 5 ctn. per
lrinci(Kil oTiee o. (Vi Versev St., N. York,
S.M hy JOHN Y. YOt'Mi.' Smihurv.
M. A. Mcl'AY, Northumlierlsns.
Renteniher Dr. C. V. I'lickner is Ihe inveut-w of the
futrnr Citwd I'lHs. and thai nothing of the s rt was ever
heard of until he introduced ihem in Jude, IMl. PurehsMn
sh uld. therefore always ask for Chekner's tsnr t";fsd
1'ilis, and take no others, nr they will lx made lh viclinisef
S fnmd.
Kebrunry; IT, liMOly
enses of eoiisnmnlion re;
Townsen's SursntHiiilla.
ceivert :
Dr. TnWNKi Pear Sir: For the last three years I
have Iwen ntilirted with general debility, and nervoufc con
sumntiftn of Ihe hist stnge. and did not expert to ever gain
my health nt nil. Aflor e t thrtnifth eonrseof mediein
under the cdic of some of lliem mt diet inpui shed refidat
physiriflna nnd memlters of the H sird of Health in New
York and elsewhere, und SjjetidiiKE the m t of rriy eerniiiei
in attetnptuiir to r ecu in my hmlih, and altet reodinf irt
S"ine pner of y ut tarsnporilla I resolved U tty ii. After
usina sis bottles I found it d ne ire irreat jrmJ-, a li'd called
tt M y0ii at Vour ohVe ; ith vodV advice I kent on. suJ
do most henrtily titank you Vr yo'lr advice. I persevere Irt
taking the Hursnpnnllu, and have been nhle to attend to rriy
usual labors f'r the bist four months, arid! hope by th
blessings nf fid nnd your Srirsnpurilta to continue rriy
health. It helped me beyond the expeerations of all wh6
knew mv rnse. CHAKLLS ql'IMBY
.(irninre. er eo. N. J., Arnr. 3, IK47.
SMuleef StW Jersey, Ksaik County, ss. Charles Q nim
by being duly sworn according tn Law, on his oath eailh,
thtt the fores infr statement Is true ncc.irdine to the lieat of
hiikuowle.l(teftndlelier CHAKI.KH CjL'lMUY.
Sw rn nnd subscribcu ta before me at tniiupe. the
Ajgust, lfc47. CYRff AMVI.X.
Justiee of the I 'ears:
Rirtd Oi'e folnviug, and any that consumption is in ineu'
rable if you can :
New York, April 23, 97.
Dr. TnwttsRia : I verily believe that ymir harsaparilla
Y)i& been the menus, through Providence, of saving my life
1 hove for seven! y-nrs hud a ld rough. It bemme worse
and W.Me. At lust I raised Inrsre quantitiea of blood, had.
niht ftwe.ua nnd was giCMtiy ilcbdisnteil ami reduced, and
did n.'t expert to live. I hnve only used your SnrsnparilU
but 0 sh rt time, and there hns a wonderful rlimnre beed
! wrought in me. 1 tim now a We to vnlk ull over tlie city. -j
I ri n bloi d, and mv C 'lth hi"1 left me. You can well
J iWagme that I aM thankful f r ler- results. Your ohedi
! eiit servnut. WM. Ill SPKLl. 85 Catharine St.
The annexed eerlificale tells a simple and truthful story
of sntfrriinj and relief. There nre tlmuKiiudii of simitar ca
ses in this city nnd Hrooklvn, nnd yet there nre thousands
of parents let their fWMrW.'dle for fear of being humbugged
or to save a tew shilling!" .
Hro iklyn. Sept. 13, 1I7.
Dr. Tow.NKvri : I tke plensure in stnltu. for the bene
fit of th ise whom it m:y eoneern, thnt my daughter, two
venrs ainl six months old. wus ulilictcl with general de
b'Hiy and ltss of s-ireeh. Wie vns given tip as past je
c very by our fiunily physiciun; but fortunately 1 was riv
commended by n friend to try your !Siririi;tnila. lief or
having used our I ot tie she recovered her speech and was
ennblcd to w;ilk iilmp. to the nst iiishim at of ull wh i were
acquainted with the cireumatnnees. lhe is nowcpiile well,
nnd in much twtter hmlth thnu she has Imm-u f ir l in mths
pasl. JUMil'Ii 1 A 1 lAJii, i.r -rk si., urookiyii.
two riiw.DKi: swi'D.
Very few fiumhes indeed in f;i' t we h:ne 11H heard of
one thnt used Dr. T 'wnvnd'a ?;irripnrilla in time. Isi
any children the. punt Suiuiii't, while th we that did not,
sickened und died. Tho cercilionte we publish lielow is
coueliibive evidence nf its vulue, nnd is only another instance
of its Siivimr the lives f children :
Dr. Tow.nsend Dear Sir: I had two children cured ay
your S irsnpiiriPii "f tJe s.imuier omipliinl and dysenlary ;
one v.-ns only 15 in mth old and tlu other 3 years. They
were very niurh reduced, nnd we expected they would die;
thftv were atven up by tw r s;etu!ile physicians. Wheil
tlie'd .el r ini" nucd v9 that we must )-ethein. we resl
ved to try v-mr S.irsipariH:t we h:ul heard a- much of, bat
had lit!le'ci!li,nce. there l.ine;s mmh st ud' advertised
th it in wort:is: but we nre th tnkl'ul tiiut we did. fjr it
ir.'.d"Mi,tr',l :vtm! the lives U b Th. I write this tltal trthi
ers mriy be induce d t ude it. Y "trs. resi'tfiil!v,
Jun VHi)N,Jr.
Myrilc-svemie. Brooklyn, f ept, Vu 147.
to Tin: htuu:s.
Da. Townkmi' iAM.i PUIH.L4 is u s "vereigu and speedy
cure f-r incipii nt c nsiiin.'tiou. nnd fir the general prslra
t n of the systri no 111 itter wheihei the result of inhe
rent cmite 01 causes, prolucctl by irregularity, illness or ac-
Nitl:ii j: can be m Te surprising th-Jii its invip"rating ef.
fwls uii 1'ie nMt!5M Irani'". IVm.un ait wciknons and las-,
sitiulc, fn'in laUiii; It nt once in-c 'ine r 'bust and full of
energy under its uit.Mcwe. It iuiiuedi.itcly e mtiteraels the"
i:er ci'-sHieaa t;f the ivvrdo iVanit-. whi-h is Ihe greiit cause
It w iil not lie exoe-'M of lip. iu casu s i f dele:ite a na
ture, to exlMSi ccri jViitt oi cures pctf irtneil, but we can
11 set re the ;.rt:u;!ed tiirtt hundred of c.ues have been rejwir
loil t u.
Dr.. ToWNKvn: My wife erentiy distressad by
' we ikncssaud cntrul di binty, and Kullcriiii; e mtinualty by
pa 1,1 and wnli -oilier iMin-iJiKv ru I liiiving atftwii emsee
where your nwdh-iue im, rTsied great eurea; and also
Ifarli'ir it rec .tnme tided lor Sucli onus as 1 liave deaeribadi
I uuUunvd a h tl! -of y -nr 1 .mi-i f S.ira.iparilla and fo;
1 iwrd lie direct 1 us y ur ive me. In a short period il
rem'rl hr romplaiLf; r."' I rr'tmeil her t hro Ith. Bring
pvcaiful for tlie lieums s!ie received. 1 take pleasure irt
lluisackn iwl!k:iitc it. und tn' itltuieiulint; it to the publie.
M. D. MtHXlt.
Albany, A".5- IT. 'H.ct. Gnu id A Iydiasts.
No fluid nr oediriiu has ,.er been dtV-orereil which to"
near'v reirthlei ihe prist rle j(:c ir frl'iva in deeoiii(osiiu
IihkI ;uid sireiiu'thenini: the organs or ibgesiioh as this pre
pnrnti"ii of S:irsap;iri!i:i. It p.-sitive'y cures every case ef
dyspepsia, howe.er severe or chrouir.
H suk I)c;Miitin. iit. Allcny, May 10. IMS.
Pr. T.wiisend ir : I have U eu notified fur several
years wiih dyspepsia in its worst form, attended with a-wr
nes of si -much. I ss of .tppettte. extreme heartburn, and S
prcnt a verm it to nil kiudu of fo d. and fr weeks: (what 1
count eul) I have been unable to retain but a small pwrtiort
on my st oiicich 1 tried the usual remediea; Imt they had
but little or no eft'ect in rcimn in Uie e. m plaint. 1 was inr
tluced. rib ut two nu'eihs. nice, to iry yo ir 1U tract of rar-
BHuarim. ai.d 1 timrt sav with little cmhdenre : I Kit aftef
UFinir uesiriv tw r Mtii
lai Brum hi in const ,ur nre o its use.
Pcrlnps in 11 sun uner aiuce the settlement of this Arte
neiiiiisulu. has the fever and nifue tweu so prevalent as the
Luil. I hnve re- imtrutided this nuticiue iu numerous in
stance, and Whcu the tlixivi-M had hecitfiie fixed and IsarHed
the skill of phybieians ; uud 1 luive never kuowu it fail. I
has univfiKttly priNlnretl the tu st happy etb-cts, and I licl
lieve it lln never bM e.veed-tl by any medicine in remo
ving the bill wa riiS'asrs of the climate.
Yours, rcsperii ullv.
F rr.imr.N v. R.Tnnwnnmor.
A neat foi Sniibnry-II. II MASSKH t NorHuunlicrlimd,
wniitrnM muijh, j it. kabui; eteiiMS-
groe. MAY A KLOttK.
Muy tt, lelb U'
Burns ScaLl
Sunbury, May 26 1S49.
BOOK? snd Gold Pens. On hand several cop
ies of tha life of f1irit. ami alon a nninlver of
gold pens which wa sell al Us rUUsstslplua
priaea. For sole at s)iiai1W. L
(rein's Oxyciit-l Uittrr, prirs reJuccd.
Old Jamb 'I'uwiisrnJ'sSarsapsrills.
tSukrr's 8arsaiurilla.
Swaynr's yrup of Wild Cherj t,
Bwayite's Vcrinifue.
Ayre's 1'Ufrry I'ci-loril
lr. Drake's I'unai-ea.
Pr. t'ullrii'i tlu
TiMiil's Puin Killer.
Dr. Hooflaml's (in-nmn Diltcrs-
Imliuii Vrgrlulilc 1'ills
Horse and Cattls Mrdirin.
fot sals by 11 UXRY MAS9ER,
iwswy, Jaljr li, IH.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
wn caucus, colds, croup,
1' 111 valuable preparation, s ust nilnit-ly suceessful
in curing disease f the lumss, is the result of u skill
ful coiuhlnati n of the known cur itii'e unncinies t'f
mcdirtuc. Its uiurcdit-uiK are I'.oely nude kuowu to the
publie. und arc t!mH uckn-iwloL'ed to niedieal men as
posw -scinit rarr nir-lu al irtues. which peculiar iriurSare ! i i i
ciiiil inetliuthr"'iU.ltKY Pi:t:'IHiriAl in tliflr txruat- laulplllii.
est purity and c.!Va'v, uud wlien uu.-U. as Will be scuti friui
Uie ton iwmg vaiu ii'ie iiuiu ny :
ltt)nMIIl l l.f. J'.L.A.MI,
f II iwJ -in Colb-je, HiuiiKwlck, Maine, writes:11! liave
wi Incised the rib vis of y.mr t lurry i'eclorul til my own
fu:.ii!y mid in ihat nf my fiieudc. and ll bus givcu gruil
aauiiticii n in c.irsti ttii i' ri'tulis ami chil lrcn."
A MHi 'i: V K t M LVltAllii HI . I 1.
Prim Dr. Uraul. Dniirist and IV'SUnasteri LUicoe
Fabs, M-imi:
1h J. C Ayfk Dear Sii : I'.n!- sed please flttd-" remit
tanre for idl Ihe i'ht i ry l'ectoial kist s-ut ine. 1 run uu
hcaiiutiniy ay, that nt luediciue we seli gives auva satis
faeti u us vniis d es tur h-ive l ever s.-n a nie-heine
which cur etl s many i-ikcs of oomrli and luutr complaints.
Cbir phjweiaiis ate usuig it extensively in the practire, and
with Uie iiippu si ciiecia.
Truly yours. U. M, UIIVAM.
DR. ii:rkinh.
President nf Yeriaout Mduul College one of tlie most
teamed sikI inteMitffiii pbvsiciuus in the Country, '-contUiefg
it a r trip siti;ii o( rurti ecelh nee fr the Curs ot' tiutt for-
minatiie msssase, i:onsmiipiinu."
An aim l uicicdil'le number of certificates have be mi
receive.) j proving tint ll.c 'h-rry Pci-i.tral is, hi truth, a
for Coughs. Colds, Asthimi and nil puhnon-try e ml plaints.
PreiwredbvJ . C.AMIK, Lowell. Maj, mid a 'Id by
II. MASKli.Suabitry.aiidMAHY McCAY, N or t Lum
ber Un id.
Murch 31, 1H9
pUEl'AIU-'.D and sold onlv, al FREDERICK
1 UKOW'.N'S DRL'tl and CHEMICAL More,
I X. E. Turner of Fifth and Chksxit streets, rbi-
1 his bssencc is warranted to possrss
in a roiici'iitrati'd form, all tint valuable properties
nf Jnm.iica Ciihc;Pr, and will 1 found on trial an
excellent Fnirlily MrdicinK. It is particularly re-i-oinniei-.iU-d
as atonic, to persons recovering from
fever or other diseases, a few drops imparting to
tlie stomach a glow and vigor, equul to a wine
irhm of brandy or other stimuland, without auy of
tho ill bihl.ttiHii i-llects, w hich are sure to follow the
use of liqnrlr of mty kind I and ll is therefore
esiHH-ially serviceable to children and females. To
the sieil, it w ill prove a great eonifort ; to the
dyspeptic, and to those who are predisposed to
gout or rheumatic affections, il gives great relief I
and lo the inebriiite who wishes to fcfofm, but
whose Btmrtncli is ennstantly craving the noxious
liquor, il is invulunlilr giving to-e to the diges
tive organs, and strength to resist teulptation ; and
is consequently a great agent ill Ihe cause uf tem
perance. ( if'Full directions sccoiripunying faeh
The alove article can be had at the ofrk-s of the
1'hiladelphia, June 9, 1849 ly
in: Mir:i.
and all kinds of infamcd Strts
riiot si:vs imvi-ksai, oi' r.MnT. isiii. m..i
I t-mp!etr llnrti Antiil'te evrr kiuiwti. It inctanllr,
(ami as il' hy Ma'tf) slops jiains 'l" the m.'Bl d'-Srrala
Hitriwiml S'iilil. "l'".r 'Ut S.re.., Hiuis-, t'ms, Spruiiis. a a
ii 111:111 or ln-.ist, il it l lie- bni njiticalion lliut cun be mads
'I'll iiis.tihl. ha e llll mid III -u . 1 1 1 -1 s pr.iine it. It is the 111 jst
perli-cl m:islcr tuia ever ilise. ivere.1. AU who uu ra-t-
uiimi-ir.) it. K ery liiinily sli .ukl ti pDvuled wiih ll.
N ne raM t-1 h au -u a. .me -f the f.miily may lieetl it.
IT" OhKt-rve e.K-ti 1mk of tlie peniiiue Ointtiieii) hus tar
liauiuof S. 'I'ot'.kv, written on th outmiie label.- 'I', aaiia
ju tin. is rre.-iy.
II uitiiien, l.ivt-ry Men. Fannrra. andall whn lias Hmaaa.
will liiut Ihm I linlnient the very beat thliif they e.-in H,
f -r l"..ll:ir tiiills. S-rutrhe, Ku ss. o , Ac .011 iheir aniinals
Surely every iiicri iful iitDii t xuiii keep limuiiinul. as ilea
fi.iin'vttu ns (..siiile. Touey'a Liiiverasl Uimmenl is all
lh.it is n-:iiiirel Try il.
Hi'rt'.S 1 il' lNSl'.i 'lS. l'-ortti. atiiifr or hiia uf peisM
11, InscH-tar Hiwi-y'a tliiitiiient is uniivalied Uuiulrc-Ui hav.
tiii-J it mi-t r-nmt ll P"-1!.
I'l I.I.! C I II I .n 1 l-'.ir tlie Piles, Tontey'a I'niveraal Oint
ment is one ol ttiels-st Itriiieiiie. Uut can be applied. All
-h,, hnve iru-il it f-r Ihe I'iI.-s ree rinineml it.
Hl.l) StJIIKS t l lll'.l). I'-'iroM evbalinala ftirea. thara
ia ii'SlniiK enal t ' 'ri.us'-y'a Hiiitiiient. Aperaiiim Mami. j
ui IimI. I'r a iuiiiiImt 01' yean, a a re leg that baffled laa
killol'llie d.ici rs. 'r.!iey'a (llntinent wna recommaiKled
by oneol theviiittnit phsuuin, (vrho knew its great vir
tues.) and two b 'in pn.luceil tn-re tx-netit lhaii( Uiapa
lient had rereived from any and all nrvvious renieuies. Let
all try it
HI US AM) SCAIJIS ( I KI.O. Thoilaiul of Cass
of Uuriis Anil Seal-Is, in ull Sirts ul tliec -unlry, hava bera
eared liy T.nlsey t'ilver il (liniment. Certittcates enough
could lie ha. I I till the wh Je ol this Sheet.
VIOLENT HKl'ISKS CI HKU. Teuiimsiiala on leati
111 iniul in I'av sr i-l' T aiK'y'S Oinime'ilt fnr ctirlnl Hruisea
heva lieen isfered the r tpnrl.sis. Ililnilreils in lvrucuaa
willoerury to its trrent nieriisri-lieviti lite paiu of 111a moat
severe. HnnJ.-a .-WI per 'n slimiiil Iry it.
rk'AIJ) lil'.AD I'i'HKU, Airi-a of cusra of Scald Head
hnve btclicuieulijf Touiey'S UuiUiuilt Ttf it it aaldoia
in ill
SALT HIIIU'M Cl'llliO. flfull the leinemes ever rln
n.varau fortlis in 'l iliiiiiin-eaWe e wnplnint. Tousey'a I'si-
veraal Ouiuni-nt ia the 111 o-auulele. 11 never wua known
Ui f iil. . ..
t'HAl'rlll) II A MM l'l- I nr.li rouaeys l.nl-
versal t Jiiiliuent will alwuya cure tlie Wiirst cnaea ol' llrao-
lK-.t llaittis. Pi'-.r.'S t-riif will alatethia.
1 1 UK.. I I . ' r h L'.jil....if. .J I In. ik-r.
rl 'IV1. 1.1 1 ' " ---; . .. ..... .
waa never miytliins niaile eqaal to Tousey'a tH.itraelrt. II
is sure to cure llu-111. Try ll.
ll i a 'it-ullhe ctiiinii.uiHl, warrairteo nolo conunn any
.repnruli.nl 01 Mercury. I r" I'rice !2i cents per l'X For
...il.Mr lukrlieulnra eniireimiir lliiR reallv vainable Ointment
tha public arenueircTlo I'aiuphlets, to be b--l graiil. of ra
S1ie,'talU; Diuaiisll and Men-hauls throilr;1i..ul tu I luted
lVeiKin-d bv S. TOlfl'.Y, UruaeiSli no. lisi .-.Baeia
Streel, New ork.
AiiST JOII.VI -lUl.iiU, suiwurjr, m. .1. aa,i,
February 17, I8IH 1 j
th:i henrliturii eulire;v
t-.'lT'ini'Hil Uie ll" i'l I'
h;.ve been. Y.-UTS.
Airent f-ir Snnlui
tluiiiitirrhrat, M AUY
! Ml ltltAV ic Co.,
Apnl . 1S-I.1 lv
I f iimrl my anpetite restored anrl
r. in vnl; nu.l I wllit enrueatlT re?
I" tlnw wh - have been afflicted ai 1
.I,-.. W. XV. VAN ZANDT.
,-JottN W. 1'RII.INO; Nr
A. MiCAYj Danville, WM. Ai
Xotlreto I'llnitieiils.
I.L penknit indebted to the subscriber, longer
than sit months, on note or book account, are
requested to call and inaWo eeHlenieiit, or else their
accounts will lie K it with a magistral for collec
tion. JUHX V. FR1LINO .
Sunbury, July 7, 1819, -
STONE milk I'ana, stone Jugs and Pitchers,
and other artielus of si one wars' just received
and lor sale by JOHN W. FKIldM).
Hiaasisy, Jan. tl, 1119
Taf liable lluok.
T IfE or ('11 hist, hatidsoint'ly borund, D'Ai'
J musk's lliaroHr or rat RirnsniTlox,
Ohms DtT-anoca ixn Lkikiehs, full bounded.
Fur as la at the publishers prices by
Sunbury, July 14, IS 19.
V V lent remedy for caughs, colds. Tm sals
at this orViea
lA,OHS A superior article for sale at Ihe
store of HEHV MAKSEK.
fionhury, Feb. 16, 1SS0,
Coftoft Yarn, Cotton Carpit "Chain, Cotton Laps
- and Waildinii, Colton Outlines, Ready made
rantal.ions, Ready made Vests, Congress Knives,
Porcelain lined preserving kettles, just received
for sale by H. MASsEK.
rtiinbury, IVe. S, ISIS.
aATENT Truses of all ktiuls, Harrisons
writing and iu.lellible ink. Cotton yam and
lain, im.1 reewved and lur sale by
Sunbury , Dec. S, 1 8 1 8.
CAPS. An aaaortrnent just received. Also
V silk HATS at S5, tor sals by
fciunlnjrr, Dec. , Hi9 . I
The FiijnTs friend dnd Teacher's comfort:
wotii is ali'radr introilueed into some of th
if st Acad.imics and a large nuinlier of 8rhoolai
where iu use has given deciiled and universal aa
lisfat ti.m, both to teacher and pupil. It is purely1
American iu Its' character, based upoil out own!
beautiful Jeftmul sestet of currency. It contains1
more, the arrangements are bhtlcr, and it is the"
easiest and cheapest Work of the' kind now in use j
and it is so considere I by hundreds of the most
competent teacher Mid itifn df Science In tlie Uni
on. Mitt have oco'uliiit'm!td U, It is the book;
patliculutly and expressly prepared for our ,Am4
ricaii Seholdii : Ity Alrtcn 1 id 'mar.
Til K V O l "I It's 'O Ll B I A ! ' LC V LTOS. TUii
volume contains 'Jl psgrs. with abdut 900 eiainJ
pics for solution on tile alatc. It embraces thi
Fundamcnlal Rules, t'otnpound Rules, Simpl
and Compound V.edui tion, Single Rule df Threej
Propnr'.loii, ftr; , . 1
Tn knou's AaiTUvisricAt TanLis.ls destined
for the use of younger classes in tha Schtfdls df th
I'uited ctiiles." A beautiful little book nd pleas"
ing to cltililien, and the only one of the kind tf Sfty
Therf srf Kcrs to brlh Aritllitlr'tleS Kitind sin.
gl or double, for tLs fonve'iuent-tl df teachers, in
which tli Solutions' nf the questions are given with
much extra matter for the black board. These
Kcs are the most complrte works of the kind ever
published, and contain, In addition, about two
hundred examples in Mensuration, &e., for the
use ef the Tracher. All that is wanted is lo haa
the rllsrve Ixioks examined, and no teacher who is
scll,!ailltd with the science of Arithmetic, will
hesitate to pronounce them the best works that
have ever been published in this or any other
conutrr. ' . '
Allhmigh issued but a few montlis. tneyhae
already U-en introtlureJ into the fvtgw rswasi
Behools of N ew York City in U th eViorai
public and private, except tw hi the tHy of
Roaditig. Also, in aliout iw" Aeadwrineala tha
Klate of Peiinsvlvauia ilia largf iotto of that
Schools in Uie 'CUy of Wihrtinglon, in the City of
Lancaster, and hi Uie Dornugha e Hamburg,
York, Chanjlrsburtr, Ubunun, l.ykNawsi,Pott.
villo, t)rwili"vt. c,
Furnulsby 1UT Msskb, Swimiry, Agenl
for Northumberland County.
Muubury, Dee. S, 181.
g'I'EMMiS A cheap mid excellent arts
els lor lasunias sash for sale by
i. w, rmuNO,
.Sunbury, July 7, 1819
A 1 ID'S celebrated Horn and CaUla Made
cine for sale by . . UE.NUY MARKK I

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