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H. B. MASSER, Editor and Proprietor.
V B rAI.MKH In our authorized aeent to rereiva sub-
acripliun and w)verlimiK ot hia office, in Philadelphia, New
York, Boston and Baltimore.
To ADVienTTMtm. The eirculntion of tha Piuibury
Aiiiirirui among the different towns on the Pntquehainia
la not exceeded If equalled liy any paper puhlnlied in North
em Pennsylvania.
rrnMnjioFCF.oiini! pharaoii. the
The f.liior of tint Went Chesler Village
Record gives the following as snbslnnoa of
n conleesion niHilH to him by Genige l'lmiaoh
in (lie prison, since his conviction :
On Hie morning: of the murd r of Rachel
Sharpies, I came out from my father' house,
and went tip the Buot road. Mary was
hIonu, iiikI fhe set tho dog on me for sport ;
the (1 03 ran at me nml bnrked ; t pointed the
(41) ri at the dog several limp., and snapped it
lit him. Tho pun was not loaded. I did it to
tense Alary. I had often plagued the dug.-
Did not see Wrn. Smith in the barn yard.
lie then went up to Jonathan Cope's woods I
to load his gun; he loaded one barrel then
cimo down by Emmor Thomas' spring
honpn. Oliplinnt came to him near the spring
hiiiisii, and went wilh him down to the
woojs. Says he snapped at a robin, but his
nun did not go off. He then went down into
t'10 wood, and Oliphant went alter the cows.
said he had thought somethiti!! of shonliiirr
It.ichel Sharpies. before ho had starled from
hoim-, and as his gun snapped when lie aim
fd at tha robin, he put up a mark oi, a tree
opposite the bars, or nearly so, and fired nt it
to sue if his gun would go off, and the shot
me in the tree. He loaded his gun again
nml remained in' tho woods about a quarter
of an hour. He went down 10 the biidge,
mid looked hack and 1honht Oliphant saw
him ; he then went up through the middle
of llie woods, where he could leave no tracks
Inward llio school house, and said thai the.
tracks ncross the creek and in the path along
the fence, which had been measured and
1 UiMia lit lo correspond with hi shoes uxrn
not mii.le by him. This he asserted positive. QJTiir ExrrtEss. We have an Ex.
ly mo,e 1 Imi, once. pr(w gftel a fash;on fmm this p,ace o
loitered about llm School house nn.il rhi,a(eI hi ,,y way of PoUsville. Jf a
alter the mistress had passed through the bars , ,, .. , . , , ,
which open i iom the road to the school hous, r'e of deposit was established here, as ,t
lot : n, Khe approached the school house he should be' ,l WOuld be f S convenience
thought she saw him ; he got behind a tree, to the community, and we ihink, profitable
hid himself, nod she came around on the 1 1' is now a source of annoyance. Packages
w estern side of the school house, lie wait, j in the stage are carried through this place to
ed until she came to the door, look tho key ! Northumberland, until people by chance
fr m, ,h.j reticule, mid thought her attention gct to t.arn lhat sl)ch and slicn packages
aas arrested by hi, shadow. He then step. , , n, Korthumbnland Office, which
ped 0111 on the Irjt side of tho tiee, that she . , ., . j
,,, , ,1. , il 1 1 . they can nave if the money is Rent and no
In L' lit uive lite h.tnL nf Koi- l,,,,l in..n.J. J J
K? Printing Ink. A few kegg for sale
or cash at this office.
U" The 2'2d of February was ushered
in, as usual, this year, by the firing of can
non. During the day, notwithstanding the
muddy condition of our streets, our Voiun
teer companies, the Dewart Guards com
manded by Capt. Zimmerman, and the Ar
tillerists commanded by Lieut. Martz, were
on parade the greater part of the day. The
Northumberland Volunteers commanded by
Capt. Frick, visited us in the afternoon,
and were received a la Mililaire by the
Sunbury Volunteers.
We neglected in pur last to notice this
beautiful phenomenon of nature, which
was visible here and elsewhere, on Tues
day night of last week. The whole north
ern heavens were illumined with a delicate
pale straw colored light. At first it ap
peared in a delicate color, nearly white, and
then assumed a roseate tint, which "came
and went like a blush on the cheek of a
beautiful maiden." Occasionally it would
shoot up rays half way to the tenilh, cul
minating or bending over at the top, like a
sheaf of wheat, which was of a deeper hue.
It was indeed a beautiful sight and brought
vividly to mind the beautiful line of Mil
ton descriptive of night,
"Now ghw'd II firmament
With living sapphires. "
Two individuals named Jack M'Avoy
and Thos. Davis, who were confined in the
Jail, in this place, on a charge of Assault
& Battery, made their escape on Monday
night last, by breaking through the Jail
wall. The next morning Sheriff Covert
found in their room the following epistle,
directed to him, which we publish verbatim
et literatim, fur the benefit of the curious,
as well as for the complimentary manner
in which they took leave of the Sheriff,
who oflers a reward of $15 for their appre
hension and delivery.
FtBinr 24th tS5t
Diear sir i beg of you to excuse us For the
preasaut it is not foi font that we go away it
is loosing mutiny And time by staying hear
we cant Find any fault wilh your beehavour
For you used us as a gentlemen could And
if chance favuures us lo come this way We
womtnt neglect patrunisod you in Your buis
ness that is all at presant We hope lo meat a gain
but not in Suns bury Jail
Yours rsespeelfully
him raised the gnu lo his shoulder, took ra
pid aim, and fired. He says tho only excla
mation she madu was ' Oh !'' She fell
iig.iinst tho door, thence lo the stone step
and rolled off upon the ground, lie looked
nt licr about three minutes ho felt sorry ns
soon as it was dime, and he was afraid lo
lake iho watch, for fear they would find him
oul by it. lie then walked slowly west from
( the school house, then through the woods
n-nl ciosscd tin! load at the corner of Enos
Thomas' coin liel.l. In crossing the road he
j:m;pil up the hank, and looked back and
found ho had left no tracks. Ho went into
the woods on the north side of the road, and
t hence into Mary Sinn ploss' woods, and there
JuauVd his 31111 and shut twice at a squirrel,
bill nut at the tree which he had pointed out
lo Slieiid Darlington. 11.; did not lake Slier
i;i D.iilington to the right place, because he
was afraid that they would find the wads Of
questions asked. Wc trust Friend Kapp
will see the propiiety of some reform in
these matters. Consulting the public con
venience generally proves, in the end, the
best policy.
tU" Tun Postaoe Bill in in the Senate
has been warmly debated, and Mr. Rusk's
bill as amended was adopted as a substi
tute for the House bill. This is decidedly
preferable to the House bill. The bill,
as it now stands, makes letter postage three
cents prepaid and five cents for unpaid let
ters. Newspapers to circulate free in the
county where they are published.
There is no doubt but the two gentle
men above named will be our next candi
dates for Governor. They are both men
i'itoi 1.11.LV iiovli:;.h.
A letter from South Flmidu speaks nf an
interview between Capt Casey, the U. S
Indian Agent, and .Mr. "Wilum Doings," as
he signs himself. Capt. Casey, act lorlh to
bowlegs the recent action of the Florida Le
gislature for the removal of the Indians, and
told him that now was his last chance for 11
peaceable arrangement ; that the United
Slates authorities were hisfrieiids, and would
not only see him comfortably removed, and
provided for afterward, but would pay him
well for going ; but, i.r lie delayed, the Gover
nor of Florida and his rillemen and long
knives, would be down upon him, and drive
llie whole tribe into Ihu ocean. Upon this
Billy scratched his head, and thoughl'ully in
quired if the United State Government was
really his friend and wished him well ? Cup-
TlllnT Y-lrTnsT CUNnRESS-Seeond Session.
Washington, Fk. 24.
The Senate took- up the President's Mes
sage, and the motion to refer it.
Mr. Berrien denounced the occurrence in
Boston art the result of preconcerted action
by while and blacks, combined to defeat the
emit of the fugitive slave law:" He reviewed
the whole subject of the fugitive slave pro
vision of the Constitution, the Inws of Con
gress, the legislature of tree States, and the
decision made by the Supiemo Court on the
He believed the law has been executed
everywhere, except in Boston.
Mi. Rhett did not believe tho law would
be enforced or hail been enforced. He did
not think it could bo, and judging from Iho
concluding remarks of the Senator from Oeor"
ci, h did not believe it could be execu
ted. Mr. Berrien asked the Senator not to draw
any such inference from his remarks.
Mr Rlielt snid ho did not believe the law
could be executed, even wilh all the arms
nnd force of the (Jovernment. He did not
believe any law could be executed, unless
the senllment of the people, among whom it
was to be executed was in unison with Iho
execution of the law. It could not be execu
ted amongst a people where there was a lor
midable minority opposed lo it forcible re
sistance might not take place, but it could
be evaded by swelling tho costs by counter
suits, by secreting the fugitive to enable him
lo avoid the process, and by falsa swearing.
The law had not been executed. It was
slated that there were 30,000 fugitive in the
free States, and in the last nine months some
ten or fifteen only had been recaptured. He
thought the South had lost her great remedy,
which was in the Constitution, by taking the
one proposed bv tin act of Congress.
He read from the Constitution tho two
clauses one, that fugitives from labor shall
be delivered up; Ihe other, that fugitives
from justice shall be delivered up on demand
by the executive. The Constitution contain
ed no provision granting Congress Ihe power to
execute these clauses Congress had no pow
ers but those cvpressly granted. He consid
ered that those two clauses were to bo execu
ted by the Slates themselves und not by Con
gress. Every older clause which gave Con
gress power, contained express provisions to
thai effect. Who con Id donhl but that the
acts of WXi and of I80O. for tho delivery of
fugitives, were wholly uiiconslilional ? If
left to States the Constitution would have
been executed.
Mr. Clay said that when the message was
received from the President, he rose lo ex
press his satisfaction of it, which satisfaction
he was sure would be felt by all, except the
ultras of the North and the South. He anti
cipated no such discussion us had taken
place. The Senator from South Carolina had
giavely informed the Senate that Congress
had no powers except those granted by llie 1
Const ilu I inn. A lawyer once was stating tho
same fundamental doctiiues, and was pro;
ceeding to show that they had existed from i
Mrs We'.herell' memorial to the Legisla
ture in answer to the charge and allegations
of her husband, is a very eloquent and touch
ing vindication. She expresses her full abil
ity to disprove all the charges which have
been made against her. She says that she is
the mother of fifteen children to Dr. Welhe
r ill, twelve of whom ore now alive. She
savs :
I cannot suppose it possible that yonr hnn-
otoble bodies will judge ami decide of me
my rights, my children's interests, and their
mother's character, without giving bur and
them a full opportunity of riueling every
accusation and disproving every charge. It,
by law, I have such a right, I claim it If I
have not, I appeal lo your, sonso of sacred
juslice to give it to me. Indeed I am not
guilty in net or thought of any of the thing
of w hich I urn accused, in the printed me.
morial of my misguided husband, and which
I have now before me. They cannot, believe
me, be proved 110 witness can maintain
them, and if any profess so to do, 1 desire
and claim the right to be present when such
evidence is heard thai my fiiends and coun
sel may be there to aid mo that secret testi
mony shall not harm me that my own wit
nesses may be examined nnd heard that
my life and my conduct as a woman, a wife(
and a mother, may be proved and made
known to you; but until this is done, I pray
von do not condemn nip and give to the short
The Washington naner contain a loiter
from Lndislusslljhniy, the gallant Hungarian
commandant of I bo fortress of Comoro, in
Hungary, (who has new settled at New Hilda,
uecalur co., Iowa.) lo tbe hnsiueni 01 ine
United Stales. The letter is dated Sept. 8th,
and communicates the fact nf the establish
ment of a settlement for the Hungarian relti
gees, and so forth. The following is Mr. Fill
more's reply : ' .
Washington City, (D. C. Oct. 8, t50.
Mv Dcar. Sir: Your letter of the 8th ul
timo camo lo hand n few davs since, and I
was gratified to learn that you weary pitg'im
age had at last come to tit end, and that you
bad found a residing place and I Irnst an asy
lum in the new but fertile State of Iowa.
Accept my sincere thanks for your kind
congratulations at my unexpected elevation
to Iho Presidency. When I met yon here, 1
never expected to occupy this position, i
painful dispensation of Providence has, how
ever, cast upon me the burdens and respousi
billily of ihisdisiinguished station, but wheld
er for honor or dishonor, for weal or wo, lime
alone an determine. You have seen enough
of the cures and uncertainly of otlicial lile to
appreciate its labors and its instability.
look for my reward, whatever may be the re
suit only in consciousness of an honest en
deavor to discharge my dutv faithfully and
impartially to my whole ciUiitry. That be.
ing done, ils desiiny is in the hand ol" the
Supieme Aibiter of human 11 flairs, in whose
In Milton, on the 7th tilt . Mrs. ELIZA
BETH MAUTIN, wife of Wm. Martin, one
resident 01 1 11 is uoiougli, aged 36 years.
Died, on Friday night, the 2 1st ull.. nt his
residence in Lower Augusta Id.. PETER
SHRANTZ, aged 84 years and 18 days.
The deceased was one of our earliest set
tlers, and was always esteemed for his pro-
oily, his moral worth and unaffected piety.
tor upwards of sixty years he was a consist,
ent and exemplary member of the Methodise
Church, nnd during a period of twenty-five
or thirly years of that time, ho was nil ex-
horler and class leader His was, indeed, &
life of usefulness and lubor, and Hlforda a
bright example to those he left behind, as
well as a happy illustration Ibnl "ihe end of
Iho upright man is peace." He was gather
ed lo his fathers when the harvest had ripen
ed, and in ihe fulness of his years. Ed. Am.
Xi)C iUarkcta.
remnant of my life more tmhappiMess and 1 justice and mercy 1 have the most abiding
sorrow than past years of sadness have cans- ; confidence.
ed. The evidence taken for llie last session
nf Ihn Legislature does not npply to ihe now
Though we make it nn invariable rule, us
a nation, not lo interfere in foreign wais, ye1
nnd different state of facts presented by Ihe , olir p,.(,pe fL.,. deep -.ympalliv for the op'
new memorial; nnd I claim llie righl, if I pressed ever) w here, und ure ready lo extend
have it, lhat what should be given in support j a liberal hand to those who suffer in the
of the one now before you shall be only taken j cause of freedom. I cannot doubt. Iheiefore,
after notice to me. j that Congress will deal generously w ith the
If my husband means lo charge me with I Hungarians who have sacrificed all for iude
extravagance and disregard of his pecuniary . peudenco and freedom, and lire now exiles
interests, I beg most solemnly to deny 11. m a Btrallr,e land.
Had I desired to participate even in the uaie-, 1 am t,ratjil.d , dear that you receive
lies of those who were his friends ami my j commlllljwl,jOM!, f,m ,ht. ODe and gallant
Philadelphia Market.
Feb. 26, 1851.
Fi.ovn. The niavkel for Flour continues
quiei, wilh very little inquiry lor export.-
Slaudaid brand are held ut $4,50; und
holileiH firm. Sales for city use limited at
34 50 n $4 62 Fancy biauils are held at
Sol a til Rvc Flovh is without inquiry at
$3 50. Coh.n Mkal -Is held at S2 87 i.
Wheat Prices are sleady : sales of prime
Southern and Peinia. red at ) 04 cts ; piiine
while at SI 11. Curs. Is worth CO u Blio
for new yellow.
Kvk. The last sale was at 72 cts.
Oa ts. Oats Bin now steady : sales of
prime I'enna. Irom 44 In 4a els; anultirtu
sells 11I 43 J cts.
Whiskey. Sides of W hiskey in bbs. at 24o
and hlids. ut 22 cts.
own, which I did not, my own feeble health
would not for many years have permitted it ;
and it is surely not just to reproach mo wilh
having enjoyed those comfoils which it was
within his means readily to give, and which,
before his heart was turned against me, were
enjoyed by tis in common. Never until the
occurrence of these sad details, was it sug
gested to me that my mode of life was other
than consistent with his desires nnd wishes.
I have been tho mother of fifteen children to
this my husband, who now seeks lo disown
nnd disgrace me; twelve of them are now
alive. In them my hope, my pride, my con
solation is placed. 1 desired no extravagant
expenditures for town or country house; my 1
peaceful und happy lite, I
Kossuth. I shall always be most happy to
hear of hi health and prosperity, and to re.
ceive through you any communication intend
ed for me, or for Iho Amoiicati Government.
With mv sincere prayer for yonr health
and prosperity, and for the health and pins-
I perny oi your hssuci.iics,
I remain your obedient servant.
Chance ok ax A.mbkicas Popb. it is pro-
posed by the Pope at Rome to appoint thiee
Cardinals for the United Slates. One ol these
will doubtless be Archbishop Hughes, of this
city, who is now in Rome. Tbe rise and
progress of John Hughes is indeed singular.
Sl-NKUIY I'UICU criuir.NT.
WllKAT. - - 100
I! vi.. . .50
('mix. .... 50
Oats. . y7
Diiii.n. - . . .16
lions. .... 10
Pons. . . . 7
Klaxskch. .... U5
Tvli.uw. - 10
lil.KHWiT . 25
II 1.1 KI.KII Fl. X. - . . II)
Din t.n A i'1'i.t.s. . . 62
Do. I'k mi r.s. - . 200
Ft.ix - - . -8
lii-i ;mi At'ler I iu urtm i t ... I ll.n ... m r.1.... T
poured tho shot out of niv shot bag, to uvo id :of excellent character, able und talented,
discovery some of it I poured nut iu the j and competitors worthy of each other.
woods of Enos Thumbs and somo of it iu We need not say Mr. Biglcr is, and has
Mary Shai pies' woods. What lakes my at- j been, for the last five years, not only our
,,MlU""' KiiJ 'l witnes. ; choice) but the choice of nearly the whole
.es sa,.l ther,t . but o,.o report that morn, j aemocratic party in this County. His
' '"' : ;s i nomination is almost as certain as anything
I h.nl noihiiis against Rachel Sharpless i human can be, by an almost unanimous
f-h . hail never ilone me any harm ; 1 never volt, and such is his popularity that his
wanted lo pay attention lo her ; 1 wanted a I election may be looked upon as a fixed fact,
watch, but I never thought of snooting liny !
body else to get noe : I did not know her j MONTOl R toi NTY.
wriich was -old ; 1 was seveul limes nt the ! . ar;re meeting was held at Danville
h hool houst . . o;) jjomjay 0r ast Week to adopt measures
lie was asked how lonj he had harbored t . , . ., , .,, , t T
. , . 3 in regard to the bill now before the Legis-
t!r.f ide:i of shooting her. He said hi) had j , , .. .. , c . .
, ,.. . .. 7 . , ,...,, lature, lor the repeal of Mounlour count v.
bPL-n meditating it during the week. Said he j : '
wont to the school house once before to shoot i Stron& Passw arSl'? ne
Vr, but lit- thought he wouldn't do it. Ho j unconstitutionality of such a law, and ex
said h never had it in his head lo shoot any pressing a determined opposition to any
('jdy before. In thinking about it, I some- X'andidate, State or County, who is in favor
iiir.es ihouoht it was horrible lo shoot livr ; of repeal. We very much fjiiestion the
bin, he said it seemed I was to do it. As ' rijjht of the Legislature to pass such a law,
soon us it was done I was sorry for it. Mr. U(, organiMlion 0f the Coo.ltv, when
Lewis, one of my counsel, was the first per- ...... . " .
, c , ,, , . . ' ' certain njrhts have become vested, and the
son I ever confessed Iho murder lo ; it wa
Sunday evening last, (the next day ufter i inlm'6t ol 'l-vidnals may be affected,
his conviction :) 1 never acknowledged it be- ,
ton.. I had denied my guilt to my counsel. The Philadelphia papers generally
. I ihoii-'hi I could bo cleared I ihousrhi so ai notice the death of John Eckel, of the House
liist, hut I did not think s toward llie last of Eckel, Raiguel &. Co. Mr. Eckel com.
of the trial. menced business a little over twenty years
If 1 had destroyed that paper, I would not sincu n Philadelphia. He has been emi-
liave been convicted. He said lei understood ' nently successful as a merchant. We have
there was a darkey, who said be told him k)0Vn him ,nar)y years and cheerfully
I hat he wis going lo get a watch before long, ' , ... . .. . . ,
. . " bear testimony to his modest and unassum-
tain Casey replied that there could be no j t,e ,nmj f Moses, hen ihe chief justice
manner ol doubt about that.
says Ditty, "il you tire my ineu.is, jus: yoi. k ome,hin.r. The Senator from South
tianilv, and lo make them industrious and
Indeed, there is nn less fairness of what is
said 01 my temper ami uepinrneiu in my
! husband. It is easy, very, very easy, for
ono who should defend, to make charges
against his wife; but I promise you, if jou
i, i ... ; i ... l..c 1 ...If !...
"Well then ' i , ., .. Will I'm jjhp m nine io .-,.-. . .., ......
i.eu, men, . blandly told lum the Conrt was presumed to I , .,, , .. ., , r .., u.,
I .1 will Miow u an uei i.u.iiii' ij- m nj .iM.
know something. The Senator from South r :i.. i... c: i. i... -it ...t.
I i I.:.. .... ,... e UUIIllS own latum, uv int;ieis, ui an nuu
- ) - - r " i Carolina snouin presume ine senate Knew
Florid, and his long knives d d quick ;" j,()n(.,hing. Hn then examined tho Conslitn-
and, in short, gave Casey lo understand lhat nim armiod at lonsrih that Con ress had
he did not value the aovereiguty of Florida fu p(MVPr , execute any provision of il.
so much as "the shaking of a squirrel's tale." j Tu! Senator had spoken of cousolidationists j
This is iruly mortifying. Rilly evidently had and federalists ruining llie country. This!
not read the report ol Ihe majmity committee I asthe fault of the Senator's whole school.
I They lay down what they consider the pow- j
I ers of Congress and any one w ho diCeis from
I them is for consolidation. No one but the
c ..... r,... r ,,i;,, m,;.. mi,..,t
riinniin iitriu -..niti v.mi. ....... n. v i. ... , . .
, ... . , i i i . .i , i on llie part of a vounn termite friend, 1 con
and Chase I could doubt the power ot Con- i . . . .
Iliiiw iii ... ...... . .- 11 I .... II .1
' iii- . i fi, rrom being a poo, i-ubbaze grower Hi the
t I. t.. ..v ..Ikil.lrun ut virltm nil.l I nria. i r. I r
III MIIIVUU: III, I ......... ... i .,i
age ol twenty one, ue rapiuiy rose in. in ne
wat appointed Rishop of New York, then
have known me, or lived with me, or seen
me at home or abroad, that these charges ure
without foundation. Lcdgrr.
i Archbishop, and now the next news 'will
j doubtless bo thai "Cardinal'' Hughes has set
I oul on his return to his home in New York.
Il is but one sic) loom Cardinal lo Pope, nnd
I it would not be llie strangest Ihinu in Ihe
woild if n New Yoiker should occupy ihe
I Papal Chair. John would make the besl
Pope they have had for Uvo centuries. Wilh
his ihormish, co-ahead American spii i", he
would put new lile where now is lelliaryy,
anil create no entirely new order of things
out of a preaeiil choas. Seic York Sun
on Federal Relations." Tutlnhasitce Sentinel.
i i.:. :u i i
inie. He said he slept soundly on ihe night ,n5 maimer, tuu 01.5 mm nonora
of ihe murder, it diil not trouble him, il was JB conduct.
.tt when ho went to bed. It nun not trou- 1
Med my fcletp since my imprisonment ; I 1 UT" A Di kl AT Washington On
have never dreamed of Rachel Sharpless. I 1 Monday last, Air. Stanley of North Caroli-
have thought or ihe deed a good deal since I i na , jnlr- ie cf Alabama, crossed over
. ... 1. ri. . ..! r? "
Ii.ivo been tiere. 1 Itiougui 01 uesiroying ine .1 , . .. , r
' , F, , , , , 1 the Maryland line, for the purpose of set-
paper before lliey found tho wad and after 1 ' . . , , ,
. . .. , u, 1 ; thog a drfficulty arising out of a debate in
too. I got ine paper ut Goshen blore, and, . J
lelt a good deal of it on the counter, Pratt ' lhe ,Iot,w ,ast een Slanl,7 and
Robert's son was in tho atoie when I got the ' nZf returned secretly, neither party
paper. He mid he did not think hard of any being wounded. A smgle shot was ex-
ul the witnesses. (eorge said lie had u good ' changed, when a reconciliation took place.
iiiil to Ihink of lo prepare 10 die, mid a short ;
time lo do il iu. Some one told him that he
iiiii'lii have t-oine month he believed it was
uiiii of lhe Judges.
Ri-scL't: or Foua F.numsumkn raoM a Dk.
e:.T Isiand. A Captain Bernard, lately re
lurnt'd irom Rio, relate the following cir
cumstance, which i published in tha English
j a; or.. An English ship, in passing Trinity
i.-luud, December 10, to the southward of
U,u Jjueiio, aaw sign of smoke, and after.
ward signals of dialieo. With great diffi
culty a boa I managed to reach the Island,
ard succeeded iu icscuiug I Urea men, who
were about perishing from hunger. They
. staled that they belonged to the Hnglit4i aliip
l.ialh, which left London Sept. 28, 185lrfor
Yulparuiso, When viX tha Islands of Trinity
lhe tra plain orderod four men on shore to get
piuiioin, and afterwards made anil and left
ill 'in llieie. They were on the lalaud twen,
ty diiys, aubiisling ou crabs, suaks, and
uq1 ati.' birds.
It appears that the Pope of Rom has
gome idea ot creating several Cardinals in
th United Slates, and it is intimated that
Bidiop Hughes, of New York, is to be one
of the new Church' dignataries. I3'nbjop
Hughes is an aspiring as well as a talented
prelate, and who knows but the tiara may
yet be placed upon his brow.
IT" The Pennsylvania Statesman.
Messrs. L. F. Currie & Co., have purchased
the establishment ol the Spirit of the Timet
in Philadelphia, and have abanged the title
of the paper to that above named. Tbe
Statesman it improved in ajrfeamace and
11 ably conducted, editorially and in itt selections.
E7" Congress will adjourn on the th of
March Tuctday next.
Post-Ofvick OrrnATioNs. The Fnslmas-ter-Geueial
has established the following
new Post-Olfices :
Turtleville, I'cion Co., Pa., M. 11. Tag
garl. Dry Valley, Union Co., Pa., Jos. Metmnn
Chesiuil Ridge, Union Co., Pa , Saml. R
rou its rori i.atio.n.
It has been ascertained, by mathematical
calculation, that if the population of the Uni
ted States alone should continue to increase,
in tho present ralio, say six centuries, then
there would be one inhabitant for every
square foot ol dry ground on the globe I The
data are these : Our rato of increase since
1790 has been llireo per cent, yearly. F"or
Ihe sake of round numbers, we assume our
population now to bo 25 millions, though it
cannot be much mure ihan 23 million. Tho
land surface of Ihe globe is about 49 million
square miles ; this led need into square feel
gives an enormous sum, which may be slated
in figures, but which no mind can conceive
namely, I.SCRjOJOSO. 000,000.
These data have been given to a inatha.
matician, and he has produced a rigid math
ematical demonstration of the abovu aston
ishing truth ; tbe time being only six centu
ries, a small period in the world's history,
for it is three nnd a haTf centuries aheady
since the discovery of America by Colum
bus. The fate of the Siamese twins seems a
hard one, but only Ihink of l,3fi6,0J0,880,.
000,MM) people being all bound and wedged
together! Let all Ihe Irish laborers beset
al work to excavate the earth, so that half
Ihe population may be accommodated with
subterranean lodejgs. Make it it penal of
fence for any lady lo have more than two
children, and charter n college of "female
physician" lo see the Ihw executed. Who
knows but the day may conio when llie tn.
lues will bo elected in honor of Madame
Reslell, anil laws .' enacted for I fie promo
tion of infanticide 1 Encourage lhe "art of
medicine" there is nothing lite "medical
treatment" for keeping dowu the population.
War, pestilence tin. I famine may hereafter
be considered national blessings, and premi
ums be offered for spreading fatal epidemics.
Gambling lime the Spirit in FoflrrrJ A
youu2 man at a revival, gave tin) fallowing
as his experience: 'Ihree years ago Ine eiiniiL'h timm-y to buy
II church held a fair nnd festival. Those i nrr wj despisu von.
splendid hound books yon sre on the table our best friends by trying to ellec
were selup at httcrtf. After much persuasion ! oan.
If you are pool don't tell of il, for even
those who have bard woik to seiape 1.11
themselves llieir ilin
W'a once lost one of
T.c: Advertisements.
TV OTIt'E is herehv ijivori that the several court
el I '.minion Pleas, (irni'iid 'i'.inrlrr Session,
of the pence, and Orphans' ('mut, .'r.,rt nf Over,
tnnl Terminer and Onornl Jail LYtiM-rv, in rln.f
lor the county of .N'orlliiiniliri'lnnil. to '.ymiincncf
at die Ci'til J Fnii.ie. in the lior.ne.'!i .. SHinhur.
ot to o'clock, A. M. 011 .Monday. V,r 7th itiiv nl
April lifxt, nnd will crmtiiine TWO WKKN.S.
The corem r. Justices uf the IVie r and nmsta-
hlcs iu ami lor the iviuitv of TWlhniiihrrlaiiii. ar
reqocstrd tj le then nnd I heft- 111 t! rir pn.ier icr
sons, widi tlicir r.-.IU. r.-con'... iii. i;i.ein,is. am
other reiiiriiihniniTS. to do I Ihw tliums In Ihei
several Dll'ucs uppcriuiiiiii:; to he .! .ne. Andul
witiiessis :rori'iiiiii' in Mudl' nfihe C,iiini'n
weallh ai'iiii.! any priia-ii'T are idi iv.;u. stil aiu
oiiiinani.rd to he then mul Ihrre ii'leiidio ' in iliei
prefer persmis tn pr:iM-cufe icain-t lum. as ahal
l.ejiwl nml not to depirl u iih.mt leave at lliri
peri!. Jun rs .ire rt-tj u -.-.tfil I 1 hepum-tunl in ihei
altiMiit.ince, at the ihne iii.i.ni.ni il a mlilr I
their notices.
(Jiven luna r mv h:,nils t. Scv.l irv, lle J, J.,
of Manli, iu the. year of ear l.or.l uue 1I101,
snid eivdil loiiiiliiil mid l!i nc mul the In
ilepernlMii e of lhe 1 niie.l '.S.i:M ,j( Amcric
the 1 ."lib.
jamks covr.irT.f-inr.
(od save the Ciiiini.iiiveiill!i.
gress on this subject, and ayainsl these weie
the Congress of "J3, '50, and lhe Supreme
Court. !
The Senator and his friends talk of stretch
ing tho Constitution, as if they were tho jud
ges to decide how far was stretching and
how far no!. What woak erring man will
dare rise und d cel. wo that Ibis or lhat is the
meaniua of the'Coiistitiitiou, when iho wis
dom of the country have repeatedly said dif
ferently? The Senator talked of being a
Slates' Right man. When he. heard these
gentry rise and talk of being Slates' Riuht
men, he felt as Junius says hu always did
when he saw a Scotchman suiile. Laughter.
Ho asked those who deny existence of any
power unless expressly iu the Constitution,
where was tbe power of one Stale to nullify
the acts of Ihe Union, or to secede 1
Mr. Rhett said ho would like to know if
be could leply lo lheso reiuaiks after the
Senator was duive, I here being u desire ex
pressed lo havu a vote.
Mr. Clay lie desired a vote on this sub
ject at once, bill whenever lhe Senator de
sired it, he was ready to meet him iu argu
ineut on these topics. He iheu enlarged 011
the proceedings in Boston, and replied lo
Messrs, Chase, Mason, hud other.
:Lr.T Hea Wbnt." The fugitive stove
case in Cincinnati, of which we have had t
notice by telegraph, wat eettled most deci
sively by the slave- besself. The counsel trad)
cleced' their epeechet, and the judge taut he
would give Iu opinion ru the morning. At
this moment, aayt the Cincinnati Gazette,
the woman stepped forward lo the judge and
said, ' t want to go home with ray master.
1 can't fool away all di time. Let me go."
I Tbe judse said "go" auJ tha "went."
In the humuu skeleton there are two hun
dred and fifty-two separate bones. Hard
woikiug people sometimes have an extra
number, which are formed near tlx) joints of
live thumb, fore-linger and loes, Tliey are
useful in increasing tho power of ihu muscles
wherever lliey grow.
The aorla, or principal urlery of the w hale,
nieasmes about a foot in diameter, and the
quantity of blood thrown into it ut each pul
sation, has been estimated at from ten to lit-
leen gallons: lhe rush of this fluid is quite
audible lo the harpouiiuis when about to iiike
the animal.
When rabbits, scnirrels, and Variout other '
gnawing animals, are fed on soft meats, their
leelh sometimes grow so long and crooked,
at lo prevent thorn from taking food ; and in
stance have occur roil, in which, to preserve
Rfer it became necessary to biealf. otr, ot ea
traet like teeth.
Ik. Darwin wat of opinion that if a deaf
person dreamed of hearing, the internal parti
essential to Ihe function, were unimpaired.
The tame remark, tayt Dr. Smith, .of Botlon,
is applicable to the blind. I have invariably
found that the incurably deaf, at well at in
ouiably blind, never dream of hearing and
I teeing.
seuted against my inclination lo purchase two ',
tickets. Tho prize fell to me, so I was so ,
elaled with my good success, that I embra
ced lhe lirsl opportunity of gambling on a
larger scale, and since then have lost hun
dreds of dollars. Hul for that lottery, under
Ihe patronage of a Christian Church, I never
should have become a gambler."
W.wr. or the Lock. A beautiful young
gill, of thirteen, with long flowing Iresses,
Mis Fisher, residing in Fifteenth street,
was accosted in Thirteenth street, near the
Fourth avenue, New Voik, nn Sunday after
noon, by a person in the garb of a gentleman,
who said, 'Yon have n boa on yonr neck ;
lift yum bonnet a little and 1 will brush il
ofl." The unsuspecting jiiil did as request
ed, and then passed on, supposing that the
stranger had perfoimed Inward her a real
acl of kindness. She soon learned, however,
to her surprise, lhat iiisleud of a bun her
beautiful Iresses had been dexterously borne
oil' without her knowledge
The first code of written laws possessed by
the Athenians was prepared by Draco, a man
nf stern and ri"id character. These laws
punished all crimes with death ; and, 1111 ue
count of iheir sanguinary character, are said
lo have been written in blood.
If the feathery gills of a small perch coul l
be unfolded and spread out, ihey would nearly
cover a squaie yard. This will not appear so
extraordinary when it is recollected that the
nerve in a dog's nose is spread in so thia a
web, that it is computed lo bu equal to four
square feel.
At Ulm, a town of Wurtemburg, 011 the
left bunk of the Danube, snails are fed in
great quantities for varions maikets in (Jer.
many and Austria, bnl especially that of Vi
enna, where tlrey are esteemed a great deli,
cacy, after having been fed on strawberries.
Tub Oldest Woman in lhe World is said to
be living at Gateshead, England. Her name
is Mary Beulon. She was born Feb. 12i
172 f, and if she lives lill the census it taken
the will be entered at 120 yean old. She
walk erect, beam well, uses no spectacles,
and so late at 1843 assisted at a haymaking
at Elton.
ThK Wiir.rM.txo l!miu;H Cask. The Pitts
burg Post of Saturday confirm the report
that Chancellor Walwoith has made hi re
port to the Supreme Court agaiusl lhe Wheel,
ing Biidge, dechirini; it nil obstruction to
navigation ns it now stands, and recommend
ing 1 hn t it be raised twenty-eight feel. This
is an important decision, and it will please
j the Pitlsbnig people amazingly, for lhe biidge
, was a creat obstruction lo iho river trade of
that city, by impeding the navigation.
' l'liila. Ledger of the ISA ult
PEPMN, the True J)ijie.itire Fluid, or Gastric
Juice! A great Dvspepsiii Cnier, prepaied
from Rennet, or Ihe fouilh Stomach of the Ox
after direction of Baron I.lebig, the great
Physiological Chemist, by J. S Honyhion,
M. U , IVo. 1 1 Ami It f.lgllln Mreel, riuladei
phia. Pa. This is a truly wonderful remedy
for Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Liver
Complaint, Consli pal 1011, and Debility, curing
after Nature's own method, by Nature's own
agent, the Gastriu Juice. See advertisement
iu another column.
91 A 11 It 1 13 l.
In this placo, on Thuisday, lhe 80ih tilt.,
bv the Rev. R. A. Fisher, Mr. J n kd Uro-
I siocs, to Miss St sAS Rkn.v, all of this place.
On the 13th ult., at the residence of Wm.
Jones, Esii.. bv the Rev. A. J. Collins, M
Andhkw OunisoN, to Miss GaACK Joxks, all
of Low er Augusta.
In Pottsville. on lha 19lh nil., bv the Rev
Mr Cooley, Ele Bowf.n, Kq.t ol New York
city, late editor of the Miners' Journal of thai
.' ... .. i...i.r
place, to All M.IABETH, imugnier 01 iwar
tin Weaver, of Branch Dale, Schuylkill co.
On ihe 18th nit . bv the Rev. E. M. Long,
Mr GroucE D. Williams, ol" Money, Lycom
ing county, lo Miss Rachki. Ovekfeck, near
Milton, Northumberland county.
On the suine dav, by the Rev. Mr. More.
head, Mr. Jacob Kbkmv.r, ot Lhilisquaqne
to Mis Ann Hkxdmickson, ot Liberty towii'
ship, Montour county.
On the 13ih ult., by the Rev. R. A. Fisher,
Mr. John Depien, of MahonoT, to Mis
Catharine I.antz, ol Augusta
On iVia lih ull . bv lhe Rev. Mr. Disc. Mr
Pettb Hkcsabt, of Point township, to Mist
Levin Kixleb. daughter ol reler rimer.
Esq., of Lower Mahonoy township, Norlhum
beilund county
Dr. John B. Arden, the attache to the
American Legation, at Berlin, who wat re
cently killed on a Prussian railroad, wat
much etteomed citizen of New York, and
leaves a fortune of $200,000. He wat on hit
way hpme to be married to a niece of Gov,
Fifh of New York.
rjv.Il" HiiKvrdcr Iierel.v informs nil tli.w the
I are iiiiiehtet 1,1 hhn. on linek nceniuil 1
ndi'Twise. lo roll nml settle llie same on or hel'or
llie liisl day ut' April ne. Ivrs.ius nec'ieetiii
t. us indu e mav lind their uivnunu in Ihe hmid
l a .Magistrate fur rotici'iimi.
Gf;iKt:;3 IMH1J!3.CH.
fr'unhun., March !. 15 1. it.
V OTICK is hcrehy c,ien la all ln-jatec
' C'nililers nnd oilier i.ermus ioU'ieste.l in lh
I'slntcs ol the fiillimiiiir i.uiuitl persnuti, that til
t'.Mi'tiliiiri and Adiniiiistiatiiikul said Kst'ilej tut
lileil their i counts with the Ui't-li r of Northun
lied. 1 ml roiiulv, und lhat the same wi!l he iir
sa ined 10 ihr t)rilinus' t.'ourl nt' said I'ouiity, o
i 11esc.1v the fiu i!ay ol April neil fur court
niutli'ti ami iile-w.iiu'e.
beliimoii Sw.11.li. ilec'd,, si-ttleJ by his A1I111
Joiulhiiii li. l.'i idler.
SihhIi Miller, ilec'd., setllcil by her Adni
I'leilerick Weaver,
liiiniel Kryiniic, dee'd., uttilcd by his Kecuti
V illiani il. I'ry iniro.
Peter bresius. dec'iL settled liy Ilia Executor
Peter Urosius tint lioJt'rcy Iteybuek.
John Ki'lUr, iliv'd., Und account sJUled li
his Adin'r S.iiihii'I Keller,
(iconre Krchs, dce'd., seitlej by his Adin'rt 1
bonis non cum tcslnincuto anuexo, Williu
lleppon und Jueob Krchs.
Jiniies (inkles, ilec'il., settled by his nclii,
Executor Charles lialc.
Kreileriek Taehopp, ilec'd. . settled hy hia AJin'i
Andrew 'l'sehopi ud J'hilii '1'k-hii.
Peter liruucher, ilec'd., nettled by his Execute
Willium iSurinan.
Register's Olihe, )
Sunliurv, Alureb I, 1831 6t. $
I 1.
In Little Mahonnv townshin, on Ihe 13ih
ull., Mrt. ELIZABETH WAGNER, widow of
the lale ueoige Wagner, aged 67 years, J
inonint ana -jj day.
In Chilisnuaaue. on the 14th ult., LOUISA
ESTHER, daughter of Michael and Hannah
Swengel, aged 7 years, I months and 9 daya.
Alto, 011 lhe 17th ull., GEORGE, aged 4
years, 10 months and 12 days; son of lhe
same. And on the 18th, another ton of the
same parents, aged about 1 yeur. This dis
tressing mortulity was caused by SraiUttiiia.
TO POSTMASTERS. The advertiser, Po
.Master ut Pleusaut Grove, Alleghnuy ei
Md., is the first person in tho I'nited Slatevt
conceived auj undertook ex'onsively to publif
Ihe idea ot luriiistiin;r all post ollicos in the eoui
try with rheup siainps. All stamps made by hi
are warranted e4u.1l or auieriur to any otlie
than can be procured for tho same prirV, an
whenever any are sent oi.t in any manlier dele
live or unatitislartory, duplicates will be forwar
ed, on notice, without any extra charge. All wl
older a full act of Chuugri for dates, al only ?
for !)U pieces, ml) a 1 1 bo kept in stumps ad Irlttu
Pull act with one change, $1.
When stamp are neatly made with turn'
handles and screw same style at the rcgul
government P. O. stamps durable, etliciont al
warranted. Price one or two dollar only, aj
sjieiial authority lo send by mail free..
Address "P.'M , Pleasant Grove, Allrghai
county, Maryland." '
W Any editor publishing tha above (wi
this note) 3 times, and sending a copy uf tbe
per, shall receive credit for 55 in wood letter,
$ 10 proof press or if preferred, a wood engravi
or an engraved newspaper bead, of the abo
value, will be forwarded,
March 1, 1851. 31.
PAY urn
FT1HE undersigned hereby oolitic all perao
indebted to hot, oa lWok account, Ac., th
they are requested to call and settle their accoui
without delay, a longer indulgence cauuut
given oa account tlreatly over due.
Suubury, Feb. S'i, 1851 tf.

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