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u 1
1 jTU!iny sictospatprv BcfcotcS. to jjoififcs, Ziftcwiurr, Slloi'alHy, jForcfittt sn BomrsHc guius, defence nuK the Ut3, ciorfculturr, fSKtrbcts, amusements, itc.
Till-, AMERICAN in puliliMiod every Piitiirdny nt
TWO Dol.l.AHS iiiniiiill In lie paid lis ill" yearly in
advance. IS.t i:tj.(.'i iliicuiliiincil until M.i. niTeuui:i'ii itru
All cniiiiu.iiiirnlioin cr Icier en lunim'H! relating to
lb. aiTicr, to insure oueiiliun. iiuiat lw l'o&T PAID.
Tnrea conin t-' i"i' uO h-'j". SMIiO
cv.ii II. 111 infill
Fillren JO i auiHI
Five dollars n intvsnce will pny f.tr tlireo yeni'a uli
acrio.iotl to Uir AiiiL-ri..-::!!.
Ona S.iu-tri. oi" 111 liuei. 3 linn.,,
Itrerv mili.-t';i'eiit inn j I inn,
One fcouui'.', a luoiillis,
fcWx innnMis,
tfne vcar.
SI no
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0: i(
Bu"iitPM I'-mls i f Five li
Nerclntnin na iiOh'ik. 3 i 1
veur, Willi th" pu i!"
p.rr milium,
l v lh
:--:e .'l' !'!. rt:"ir
us wi iy. mot
int'ii's, ii per nimH-iumt.
" -
, ' . :, . .--. e-i . .5
il V A T 1. A w ,
difl'.arnl ii.lv.!i:iy
A T Tin: ,
Ii usinr ; mi:
tkuniltr: hunl, i 10
i'. t,
i.nv. t : c'.
):( ;.
i l. t:t ll.e Counties of Nor-
o i.v. v'i.iin uiul Coluiuliin.
: 1 ire i.m
r .,, 1
S 7 V, 1
aiia: .1 Co.,
S. Co..
r p nag.
f 'iff i ',:.'. 11' .1!,'..'. :i!r .. 0. CountIs.
"B'5 E'.'i'c I'!-' I i.! . V inform h f-ioud.-i awl
tli( i'i:l'!i.' tvi.or.illy. tiiut hi' lff ju t rfi't'iv
mid ntifiii il ;i li.''. sto.;!; o' j.o.idH, whii-Ii lie
Dow olH'.s I'.:.- .il.- on the most miHuimhltt U-riim.
IitstOib ronsisl.-i in jiuri ot'
may caw.
Clulhn, Cafsimercn, St:!l,n:i!s, M-riimf. (Vr.
Ciininrr wi'nr of ! I Uii'! MusliiH, (.'iilii'ors,
Citiitliiim-. Clu'i-ks,
An jsp.ii-tir.out of ITiirilwuic of all Uiiul', most
fconor.illv in n-o.
(1 roctTicn Kiisds.
jit .Sialic, Cuifne. Ten, Mulatfes, Spirit. f.
ALSO; (jiiiriiswari r.iul (.'rmlifry wuro, 11
full fini't!l!"llt.
Also silk llati. Chip Huls. ninl Straw Hats.
ALSO: An ;iiiirliiioiit nf l.ii;uors, viz:
It:t.xi)Y. Wink., Wiiikkv,
Ticsiilrn a :.rii'ly ol'o'.ln-r uriiolt'ti, most pencr
mlly lli(il unci in wunt hy farmiTs nnJ other per
Kns, oil of uhieh lie vill i--(-ll to pini-intMerii at a
utiiij of I -1 per tf lit. hy i-idiin 1)11 him.
All kiinU of pruiliK-i- l iken ill c'Ai-huiifio for
.hU Ht tin- h'i'.lll.-t hlJil.i'l 1 iri. (.'.
Hollowiii;; linn, Ap:;il '-'('., .)I. tf.
EVERYBODY tilioiihl i'iiiln:u-e this opportti.
nity to hoy Cl.n'I'lii.Nt; tor Men, Youth
nil Lois, nt mii-Ii priers 11s h ive never vet heen
known in this ( i:v, ii' ( ; : .1 .!(i 1'. CI.'I.I.N'S
CLOTH II N I !-:.--.T.i;LI'-iii:.ii:. I", .-onth-Ha.n
('orner of Mnil.et nn:l Soeoml Slreels, riiihnkl
)liia, I'liihiuohi! :i elinireof loe cM, niu.?t ilcsira
lr, niul f,;.-liion;il)le
Habit (.'h'th ilo., Linen Dii'iiiur ih),, Twrriia,
Ac, &e., lu;;e:hei- wilh a n :-.! t vaiiety of
Boys' Cloth5'!,
Consisiinp: of '.-:n I; Co.'N. l'o!!;;t .!;ie .. i.-. Mon
key Jiu-ets, '(.-ts r.nd )h-:niil .lckels iii h! of
Tweed, Linen llriilintF. v loth, Alpai'e-.i, Ke.P.i
mir, l)iiekin, &:c. tte.
I'aitii-nhii- i-are h.ts hei 11 tnhen t;i proeurc the
nrw tslyles for Men nnd Lovs' Sinniner Coats.
1'anf ilooiis 'e-t.-, vve., to wh'nh he wmild invite
appeial iilleiilion.
Fin iiiliir!i;' (Idods,
Consisliii; of MiirU. Moi-lis. Iaiii!lserehi( f. Ai'.l
all of whi.h avi' olll-. 1 .i at the ;(v. 'o.v.vfti.
rn.A J'tjrrs, niul as eheiip as any other Clothing
Store in the I 'i;i.i.
I'areiiU who iles'ne !!ovs' ( ' i.o rni s n rue ear
rifstly inviled In examine the Stoi'k.
Country St..ie!.te; eis e:ui he iiei-oinmoilateil at
ery luw r.HiM.
Cm'.OKC" (TLI..
S. H. Cnr.fr r,f S rmvl ,V .li(,-.'.t'f N.'s J'hila.
Aprii l'J, l-ril..- tf.
Alden's Ccn'cnicd Ecport? of Psiona-
"ni'S'I I'nhli-hi 1), and for sale hy the Hiiiiseri
p Iht ti e ,,. Vvhtmr of Aldon'K (lull
lienseil l'l'iiio-. I a:ii 1 1 'rj m.-I.-i, i-imlainimr llie
lafit thvee vui.i:ni'.- ol Yi'.'U-.-.' iJepoit-t, and two
first vrili.iiii i i.f ilhim j',; i.i'p.i.i.,. '1 l,e hi-al vol
ume of Ai. 11.. ,-.!;t '.nil.. J.'.i.I-.k' lli puris, l vol
uiiick; 1:1:1! Ve ' :.. voiiii.ii. i, U lsu 011
band, nnd ( ... . ..v -; t,u volume are
roinph-te v.i.lii.i tla ':..',i ;, and coi.t.di. all of
Dullati' lh-pori, '. ..:u:1it-ii. 101. 1 all of Y? lies'
Keport.s, d .1 i.n , Ii -r. !-s tit.' iv.o :ii-., voliums
of Uiiiiiey'a ii f. 'ie llilr.l ..:utic is ready
and will he p..l u : .. I.mn .!. ii..'l.
II. II. ..iAsV.K, A .flit,
fnnlinry, Arr. 1".. J.-ol.
; 11 a 0 j ,
fTlIIH suhsri-'i'.ier rif -peitfiil'y inf.irins his friends
A and the pnhiic j.-ncrally, that he Inn oien
d.a new liutil in the town of Sh.iinokin, Nor
tliuitihprl.in i county, on t!io ea-ner of r.dutuokin
and Coinnieree st eels, nearly opposite to the
Home he formerly kept, lie is wed prepared to
accommodate his giu-sti, and is also provided
with good Htihlini;. He trusts his isperieneo,
and utrict attention to business, ill induce per
aoua visitimr the coal region to continue the lil).
ami i)alioiiuk'i he lias heretofore received.
Shamokin, April l'J, 1850 tf.
JAH removed from Ilia old fclanj, Mo. 118
hie struct, to
JVo, 5-1 rhtlu-yn St., (bct'it Cul' It ill II 'i'ow,)
where tic has constantly on hutnl,
Ale and Cider,
N. B Coloring, Holding, Wire and UollUa,
YinoRar, &c. r or eale an altovc.
Philadelphia, April 13, 1851 ly.
Lycoming Mutual Insurance Company.
"TR. J. B. MASSER is the local agmt for the
above Iiinurauce Company, in Northumber
land county, and is at all timet ready to Hect
Insurance against fire oil real or pcmoiml pro.
peny, or renewing pouciea lor me same.
tSunbury, April 2C, 1851 tf.
U. B.. MASSElt
flunburjr, April '28 1851
sj:lect poetry.
l'r .111 li.p Ji II.th 'itiiiii.
Cut a Vill to Free.
i:v n. r. t.
Tin" CiiKmi Pun of li'i'cJmn nmv,
M.i rrnM In siii'il il lilit ;
And (Vli.i'i's goMi'ii li ip.'s Ii:ivi sunk,
liiMli'.llll llie IVIillll'rt lllijtll !
Hut t If v wlin foiijjlit. 11ml 1 1 1 - y who bli'il,
1'i.K'laitiu-d lliin (nil, I dt'Creo :
Tlial 111:111 will I 'iiiii 10 Kiuiw his riglilf,
Ami C'iiIki will lie lire !
W.ii'K I'vcr h.is iN I'lilw jiinl (!ov.
KlMIT f'llll liui- r- m . k III riulli,
Hi'l 'i'r.r ril l.iii:'i.ir.inl i:i Iut i'imiisc,)
1 1 i.'ii 1 1 1 1 s jii-:nv 1.1:0 biiih !
And ih 11;. 'Ii tin.' iurini's I'liusu liiis fttilM,
( 11'rr ill.- 1 nil in;: w-;i,
And -nhli',1 d.iv mi .!! vol -irii: forth,
ii..: Ii' I VuUl live !
1 II "I ,V'1'i If.! Ii.:,.'
lh" hiiivi's
Oh ! liii-iii-h mi: iln ir I'ltmo
I'"l' lll 'V w!i f.mthi for Cn!)!t
1 -r,v - ; !,",.. - r ..
A"d t : 1 1 : -j m ih .y trr.oi; lin" hlnw loo wioti,
'i'li-'V i-'ri:i'!; !o:' Id'i- I v,
Ai; I IbV If. :l.o;. ..:.v lv fo!',
'I'u iiiai.' : ii.' C.;l.;i.':-i I n'l' !
Hail t. "!" n'l. I !'! V lia'i! hand.
Tri.m-.phM i-i C,'..
Til i.fiv.'isal lo ,.(.
Would r::r :k-i,
Rut If who fail-, in !
I S CM -
' o! pt;
:;n'!il :
Thi' raiio lo fri'i'f u ii d.'i'r.
D.'.soi vi.'s ihi uai-i' ol jiaiiiot's toiijjiir?,
D iMTVi's n pal riot.- tear !
And oh ! I onvv not the lip.
That shunt when h' pi s ::iv hriidit,
Thai only know s in rlioor loo liaiiil,
That triumphs in ilio fiirn.
Xor 0:111 I have a Ifart to live.
( N'or couid ( wish lo ho.)
A 1-! 1.1 1 0 pi 1 ir 1 nf a oowaid shivp,
Who loved not lo du froo !
Wh it tlfoih iho Cuban pn!iio! lilod,
Whih- liiihlin fi'i'i'.luuf s war.! :
Whal l!iuu::h Ih" Cuban patriots full,
And puvoi'd with Ihi'ir ?lars !
Oh ! lh"y havi fouL'ht and thoy linvo full,
To (ill ihoir dosliny
To waUo the Cubans !') their rioht?.
That tell them lo Im fioc !
!ut iiiuhl has novor boon fo dark,
That day did nol loluin ;
Km- inanudi'd juslici' bled in vain,
Whih tii'pdiiur.s liri's burn.
And lii.:hl shall sprino ulri-sh from Kartli,
'i'u jus'ify hut- raui.
Whih' '.11111.' Ii iuuip'ii 'i-j i i 1 1 r-r strondli,
'h.ill spuad llu id u ppl.u.st! !
Tho blood of mttr.ii" 1 'd froonicn now,
Mas Maini-d that lovolv ih,
Til" hl iod-h innds olui th.-msi'lvofi on gnro.
And lyiauls ruh' th" ( liilo.
llul a million voiei's will nnito,
And uiilliou tou'iii's docri'i'.
Tha.t I'roi'iloin's sous will loud their tniylH,
And Cuba shall be free !
3. fjistorical Okctcl).
AN IMIllCW or 'I'll!; Ill; VOLITION.
writer has been
i'bb'd to his
friends for many of the incidents winch he
has given to the public : and among those
which have been kindly furnish. d him is
the following. It cannot fail to inhrrest
the reader on more accounts than one.
To see a boy, int able lo wield the rifle.
engaged in the defence of his country dn
aing the American evolution, was no un
common occurrence. But it was a most
extraotdinary cirentr.st jiice to find one not
yet arrived d the age of maturity, lighting
on the side of 'liberty, when his parents
and all bis relations were zealous and ac
tive partiaiis on th" opposite side.
It may with truth be snid that the hun
dreds mid thousand:; took side during the
American revolution, fioin accident or
interest; while iti; not denied that the
great mass of the people were actuated bv
principle in their resistance to tvrannv
and o;eii-'--s:n!i. l.'ot it would seem (bit
.l(i-.!a:i .ilo.'ilj.jy espoused the Cairo of his
c.um'i v in the same manner that Sir John
I'alist. :" i - al.'eg -I I hive known Prince
I Lil, in his encounter with the robbers. It
was not i.-hmki or red -ctiou winch lauo it
liui that right and ju- tiee wore on the side
le took, for he was too votiog to reason or
have pd'ei tion on the nvitt'-r. Nor was
governed in his choice bv interest, for
thii would have prompted him to have
taken tlie si le of his father and relations.
Me must then have known by instinct that
l.nifii ry w as the true and lawful inheri
tance nf bis countrymen, and (h it duty re
quired bun to forsak.' father and mother,
and cleave unto it wilh ardent and insatia
ble feelings of love.
The parents of Jordan Montjoy Were
tories of the deepest dye, and their house
was a place of common rendezvous for the
'bloody scout' when in Spartanburgh Dis
trict, All the meetings of the tories, in
that part of the country were held there,
and their schemes and plans of murder ami
devastation were there lormed and concoc
ted. No Whigs ever visited the house
through social intercourse or deemed it
prudent so to do, under any circumstances
unless with a strong escort. Jordan asso
ciated with none hut the friends of his fa
ther, and seldom saw any of those who
were opposed to him; yet" Im felt a secret
partiality for those whom he knew not,
and whose principles ha never heard men
tioned except with execration! lie was
thought by ids friends to he too young to
be of service to them, ami was therefore
suffered to remain nt home in peace and
quietude. Their schemes and plans how
ever, were not concealed from him, and
he had free access to all their deliberations
and meetings.
- It was during one of these meetings of
the 'bloody scout,' that he became cogni
zant of a deep-laid scheme to surprise and
capture a company of 'liberty men,' under
the command ol Captain Thomas Farrow,
SUNlilJiiY. NOUTHirMUKIthAM) COUNTY, 1'A., KA'l l.'JiDAY, UUTOUttll 4. IS.-Sfl.
w iTvaTva.ra
of Laurens Jlisliicl. No sooner Inn! he
heard of all their arrangements thtin he.
mounted u llect horse, nnd put off post haste
t infill ill thi' Whios of their danger iitirl
conteiiiplaleil destruction. Cnptattl Far
row immediately ileterniini'tl to lake nil
vaidaire of the timely waniitiir, tmd sur
piise the lories by 011 nllaik thai I'.ioht.
This lie did successfully, and thereby turn
ed the scale noainst the 'bloody scout,' to
the terror and contusion of their friends in
the neighbor!) ioil. This traitorous act of
young Monljiiy became known to the tories,
and tin v Ilii-'-ali'tied his death on siirht. In
cons, (juence of their threats and hih ilis
!i n-f re of his parents and relations", he
hud to h ave horn" forever, and lake tip his
alio.!,' in 1 he American camp, llehecatne
in a short time one of the most active, cr,-ti'i-pi
i-in-r, nnd daring parlizuns of whom
tlie Whirs could boast, lie wm always
sui t to reconnoitre and spy out the niov. -me:d:j
o(' the lories'. n one of these ad
ventures, near I:h father's house, he met a
company ol lories, under a noted leader by
tin- nutiie n (Jray. With the speed of an
arrow lie dashed by Cray, fired hia pi-dol
in l is (ace, am! made his escape in safety.
l"i-r some time during the latter part of
the lievulutioi!, yotiii iMonljoy helonjed
to an American puri::on on the frontier of
(Jeoro'.i. On one occasion, while there,
he volunteered to eo w ith a small detach
ment in peifiiil d some Indians, who had
been fteaiiti-j horses in the neiL'hborhood.
The ui-tachmeiil was under the command
of a Lieutenant, who did not exercise that
precaution which is absolutely necessarv
in a pursuit of Indians. Tho 'detachment
was surprised and all killed except Mont-
ply ami one other, rtlonlpjy did not leave
the proimd until lie had tired his ride and
two pis'ols, and seen all his comrades, save
one, fall side by side, ife escaped unhurt,
iillhouoli s"vcial balls had passed through
his coat and pantaloons.
On another occasion, while in the same
garrison, the Indians became so trouble
some that it was dangerous to vrntnre out
at all. It was at the' hazard of one's life
to go to the creek or branch within sioht
of the fort. There waa an old lady in the
garrison who had a horse about this lime
which she could get no one to ride to wa
ter for her. After making application to
several, she asked Montjoy if he would be
so obliging as to risk bis life in riding her
horse to water. Without any sort of hesi
tation Jordan complied with lite old lady's
ri-ijiii sl, look his pistols, mounted his horse
ami rode to the creek. While the horse
was drinking, he discovered an Indian
slipping from the hushes nearest the fort
and before he could wheel, the savage had
his bridle reins in his srasp. With quick
ness Jordan drew his pistol nnd lodged the
contents of it into the bosom of his assail
ant. Such boldness and presence of mind,
such period command of himself, under a
circumstance so well calculated to trv the
nerves nf a lad, acquired for him, very de
servingly, a high character among his asso
ciates in arms.
fly niyht tin? scone, is one of startling in
terest mid magical splendor, lluiulieds of
liuhts are thiucing in dill'ercnt directions,
from 1 In villages, towns, farms, and planta
tions on shore, niul from thfl mayuilicetit
"lloaliug palaces'1 of steamers, dial frequent
ly look like moving mountains of light and
llaiu,', so In illianlly are these euoniion.s river
leviathans illuminated, outside and inside.
Indeed, the Kpectaeh; presented is like n
dream of enchantment. Imagine stiamer
aller Mennier coining, sweeping, soniiding,
ihunilering on, blai-.ing with lhefe thousands
ol bghfs. c.isliiig long biiliiaul reflect ions on
l!e lasi-rolliiig waves beneath Tiler
oH"!! a number of them, one after mint
like so many cornels in Indian lile. S
1 or,
of t he-e are so re an ellnusly nnd dii.huulv
li 'h'e.t, they really look like Aladdin's pal
ace on lire, (which il in all likelihood wool. I
be in Amoiiea.) sent s!:iirring nnd dashiuo
don 11 the Mienm, while, peibaps, just ihen
all else is daikness tiround it. 1 delL'hied.
!our in seeing, as ynn very frequently do, die
twinkling 1 i o J , t in die numerous eotlages
and hoinesleads dotted here nod there ; ind
you olteii observe. I.nu wood lires lit on dm
banks, looking like merry. making hniilhe-i.
Those, I believe, ere usually signals for die
dil!."-enl steamers lo stop lo take op pass"ii
geis, goods, nnd nniinnls. l.mhj '. S. Il'urt
try's Tmvh in the V. S. in 1S",0-"5.
AMU'lil.Il M.W M ATE.
Hy the late, tiealy with die See-see-luui
uu l Wnli-pay-loiiu bands of Sioux Iniliaux,
die L'oiied Stale obtain over tirciity miliums
11 f acres, lying east of ii line drawn fiom die
head water- of the Hod Kiver to dm noilh,
to intersect Iho nui ih-weslei 11 curlier of ilia
Stale of Iowa. The purchase includes pail
of iha iiiagnit'a-enl Llu: LVlh River cuimliy,
an. I liui around the head waieis of the Des
Moines and St. Peters rivers. The Indian
are allowed lo remain on iho laud two years.
Tor I his cession Ihey ure to receive tt Gfij..
000. I'liu U.ileua papers proposa that tha
uunie D.ioola, bo given to din new territory,
and Mich may yd bo Iho name of one of die
Stale of tho I'uioti.
Amkuican axo English Telegraphing
la the way of telegraph lines, Michigan
alone has now already more miles ooniplo
led than has dm whole of England. From
Detroit there are six lines, and in (he State
thirty stations, utid tha whole number of
miles in operation in tha State is C83
Prelly well for one Stale, and that so far
As editor out west has married a girl
named Church ; he says be lias enjoyed more
happiness Bince he joined the Church than
even Ue did iu bis life befoto,
When Damon was sentenced, by Dionysi
11s of Syracuse, to die on a certain day, he
begged permission, in the interim, In retire
lo his own country, lo set dm ullaiisof his
disconsolate family in order. Thix the ty
rant intended pi'reniptoiily to refus", by
giniiliug it, 119 lie conceived, on the impossi
ble eoudilioiis of bis proem ing same one to
remain as hostage for his return, under equal
forfeiture of lile. Pythias l eard the condi
tion and did not wail for an applic ation on
the part of Bunion ; be instantly otl'eted
himself ns seemity fur his fiiend t which
being .leci'i'ted, Damon was immediately
scl nt libeily. Tho king and nil l!io coin
tiers were nstonihed at this notion ; and
iheiefoie, when Iho dnv of execution drew
near, his majesty had die cm it.siiy lo visit
Pythias in his confinement. Ai'mr some
conversation on the subject of fi ien.l.-hip, in
wind! Hie tyrant ilolivcroil It us Ins opinion,
that self-interest was the sole mover of hu
man aetious ; as for virtue, L ieml.-hin, bo-
ncvolence, love of rue's country, ui-d the
like, he looked upon them as P-nns invented
y llie wise to keep in awe niul impose
upon the weak. '-My Lord," s:-ys Pylhias.
with a firm voice and noblo itsp-.c-t, 'I
would it were possible l hat I might suffer a
thmis.nd deaths, rather than mv Liend
lould fail in any article of his lienor, lie
cannot fail lheiein, mv Lord : 1 cm nn crn:f;-
dent of his virtue, 11s t am of my own exis
tence. Hut I pi ay, I beseech I In? gods, lo
preseive the life nnd integrity of my Damon
together : oppose him, ye wind', prevent
tho eagerness and impatience of his honora
ble emleavois, and sulTer him not to arrive,
till by death 1 have redeemed a life a thou
sand times of more consequence, of more.
value, diaii my own ; more estimable to his
lovely wife, lo his precious lillle children, to
his fiiends, to his country. Oh, leave me
not lo die die woist of deaths in my Damon."
DionvMiis was awed mid confounded by
the dignity of lliese seniiments, and by die
manner in which they were uttered ; he fell
his heart struck bv a slight sense ol" invading
truth : but it served rather lo perplex than
undeceive- him. The fatal day arrived. Pv-
thins was bioiioht foilh, and walked nmiilst
the guards wilh a serious but salisiied air, to
tho place of execution. Dionysius was al
icady there, In; was exalted 011 a moving
throne, which was drawn by six while
horses, and sat pensive and alleetivu lo the
piisoner. Pythias came, he vaulted lighly
011 the scallohl, and beholding for some time
tin) npparatus of bis dealh, he turned wilh
a placed countenance, uiul addressed the
spectators : 'My prayeis are heard," he
cried, "the nods are propitious ; ye know,
myfiieuds, that the winds have been con.
1 1 ti r y till yesteiday. Damon could not come,
ho could nol conquer impossibilities; be will
be here to morrow, and the blood which is
shed to-day shall have ransomed the life of
my fiieud. Oh, could I ciase fiom your
bosom every doubt, cveiy mean suspicion of
the honor of the man lor whom I am ;Lout
lo fuller, I should go to my death, even us I
would to my luidal. lie il sutiieieul in die
menu lime, dial my fiieud will lie found no
ble ; dud his truth is unimpeachable ; that
lie w ill speedily prove it ; that he is now on
his way, hurrying on, liccusiug himself, llie
adveiso clement mid the gods ; but I haste
lo prevent his speed : executioner do your
ollice." As he pronounced the l..st wonls, a
buzz began to 1 i-e among iho leinoiesi if
the people ; a distant voice was beaid, the
crowd caught the won!-, nnd "slop, slop the
execution : was repeated bv tho v hole as-
seiubly ; a man came at full speed: lh
dining gave way lo his approach : his was
mutinied on a steed of foam: in an instant
he was oil bis lu:e, 011 die t-calloM, and
clasped Pythias in bis in ins. 'You lire
safe," he cried, you nie cafe, my fiieud, my
beloved friend : die ends be praised, you are
safe, I now have nothing but death lo suf.
for ; and am deliveied fiom the aiignied! of
those lepuiaches which I gave myself for
having ei.ilai.gi'ieil a li:' ,. much dearer
Ihan my own." Pale, cold, an i h i!l-.-peech-hss
in die arms of his Donor, Pythias re
plied in broken accents, ' Fatal b.is'e !
Ciuid impatience ! What envious powers
have wrought iinpossibihies iu your favor!
lint 1 will not be wholly dii-appuintt'd.
Since I cannut die lo save, I will not survive
you." Dionysius heard, hclu kl, nnd con
sidered i.ll with iisionishnient. His hearl
was lunched, he wept, and having his
I 1 I 1.1 .1 v t 1 ...
iiiiuoe, no asceiuieo 1 1 1 1 , seuiloul : "Live,
live, ye iuiompaiablii pair !" uiied he, "ye
have born iniqueMiuiiuble testimony lo din
existence of virtue j and dial virtue equally
evinces the existence of a Gjd lo reward il.
Live happily, and with renown and, Oh !
for me by your precepts, as ye have invited
mo by jour example, lo be worthy of
die participation of so sacred a f . ieu-.l.-hip."
RenBMur.s on tiik Pk.nxsvi.vjima Wonns.
Tho Pillsbiirg papers of Saturday Male,
thai from circumstance (hat have cnioo to
tho knowledge of Ihe authorities, in and
about Johnstown, Pa., (here is a large and
well organised baud of robbers, cotibisliug,
ns alleged by some of those arrested, of over
a hundred, whose head quarters are in Chi.
ciunaii ; and they have for some lime past
been committing depredations to uu alarm
ing extent at Johusluwn and vicinity, in
breaking open the cars and taking the goods
which ore passing to the West, Lust week,
eleven of these men, belonging to section
boats, pricipully, were arrested and itupri.
oueJ. Great quantities of goods and money
were found secreted. ,
ivg r?s m ifrr, t
1TM11 ifc-.i.r-i.i amTa'T-ffri 'i it-tit M
Mr. Owen, the U. P. Consul nt Havana,
linn addressed h nolo to the Washington Tto
public, in which he says, ho will satisfy ev
ery impartial mind tint ho is undeserving
censure, and thai he had no opportunity of
doing anything in behalf of Iho unfortunate
men who met so sad .1 fate. The explana
tion is ns follows :
I reside about four miles from this place,
and, not being well on the morning of the
16th, did not reach my ollico till some lime
after 10 o'clock, where, for the first lime, 1
heard id die rapture of about fifty of the
men who had come wilh Lopez, to thi? is
land in the steamer Pampero. 1 at the same
time heard lh.il the prisoners had been tried,
found guilty, condemned, ordered to bo exe
eiiled, the order for their execution sent for
ward, nnd that ihey were abuul being remo
ved from the haibor, w here they were, to
the p'aco of ex ecu! ion.
'i w ards, the American residing
here, who, it is said, called on me, came
and mentioned the subject to me, when I
s-ii ! lo him that il was loo late, and that I
coul I do nothing that I should not have
time to get permission to sen die prisoners.
Of lies I felt perfectly satisfied at iho time
and 1 have since been confirmed in Ibis
opinion by ibe highest authority in the is
land, who informed me that the execution,
which bad already been ordered before I
reached the city, would not have been post
poned for me to have an interview wilh
I he. prisoners, inasmuch as all I could have
asked to be permitted to do, had already
been done by a gentleman known to some
of llie prisoners, and for whom they had
Soon afler the American referred too left
my office, I received die. information that n
gentleman known lo some of iho prisoners
had been sent for by I hem, and to him they
had delivered the articles and messages they
desired lo be conveyed to their fiiends. It
was but a short time afterwards that 1 sent
to the palace of the Governor and Captain
General, and heard that the prisoners had
then been executed.
Yon will thus see that I hud no lime to
net, nnd that il was not in my power lo do
anything for the unfortunate men who had
been induced to invade Cuba, wilh die ex
pectation that they would find die w hide is
land in a state of revolution, and that Ihey
would be received wilh open arms by the
whole native population at least.
The charge, of indiiicrence to the dreadful
condition of such a number of men, iho bit
terest enemy 1 have on earth will not be
lieve ; and ail must believe it a base faltc
hood and an unfounded calumny.
If it were allowable on such nn occasion.
I would most solemnly declare before God
that, in my judgment, at the time and under
the circumstances, it was not 111 my power
either lo have 1111 interview wilh die pris
oners, or to have done anything in iheir bo
hair. How tiif.v Piutsritvt: OtuiKR is Acstrm.
The Vicuna correspondent of the Loudon
Xeirs describes die following shocking affair
as having In ken p'ace at Szent Mario, near
Gross-Wardien, lately :
'At a peasant's wedding, when tho pro
cession of iho brotherhood was moving to
wards die church, the gendarme approach-,
ed Iho biideiiod summoned her immediate,
ly to divest of the red, while, and preen
ribbons which she had in her dress, accord
ing lo die cusloiii of die country girls, sav-
:.. ,1,.,. ,i, ...... !.... ,..,.ii;,.
1 The bridegroom objected, savin" that after
J ,)n ,.,.,,.,,, y the birdu would comply with
j dm desire of tho gendarme! but dial now
I ihey could not keep the piiest wailing at the
j altar. The gendarme reti.vd, the procession
proceeded to the church, but at the moment
when iho biide was kneeling at the steps of
the altar lo receive die benediction, the gen
darme rushed forwaid and cut her tresses
and ribbons wilh scissors hum her head.
In Hungary it is considered a great insult 10
a female lo cut tier hair; it conveys a notion
of infamy Xalnriifly an affray look place;
die gendarme wax assailed by iho bride
groom, oilier gendarmes arrived in aid of
their fellow official, rhe people, though with,
out arm, rtis!i"d upon iheiu, and Iho result
was ihe slaughter of seven men, three gen
darmes mid four peasants, among them die
bridegroom Mid Ibe hiatal assailant of the
Mr Hoiii'S, who has acquired fo much
renown in London us dm picker or unpick
uble locks, i tho agent of Dy &. Newell
whose "American bank lock" has gained as
much credit by his success as those of
Chubbs and llramah have lost. We do not
know, however, but dial it ileserves- ils good
foilune, as a proof of which most be re
garded its sclecliou by the Hank of England
lo take the place of the dethroned Bramah's
in ils golden vaults. It is, iu reality, a most
rotuaikuble and beautifnl piece of median
ism, as we elm toll from having inspected
one intended for the safe of the Slate Trea
sury at Harrisburg. It is furnished by Oliver
Evans, 61 South Second street, who is the
agent for the lock in Pennsylvania.
Fiftv persons are now engngsd in digging
for golJ at Ptralford, Ct. Thoy expect to
find treasure to the amount of from $7,000,.
000 to $10,000,000, said to have been buried
at Strafford by a Spanish captain 1
CoV. Means, of South Carolina, discards
all hope of co-operaliou, and recommends
separata State action, at all hazards.
A man without some sort of religion is nt
best n poor reprobate, the fool-ball of desti
ny, wilh no lie linking him lo infinity, nnd
tho wnnib'tons elernily that is begun wilh
him : but a woman without il is even worse
a (lame without heal, a iiiiubow without
color, n flower without perfume !
A man may in some suit tie his frail
hopes and honors, with weak, shifting
cround-lncle to businrss or to 1 tin world :
but a woman without that anchor which
they call Faith, is adrift, and a wreck ! A
man may clumsily contiive a kind of moral
responsibility, out of his relations of man
kind ; but a woman in her comparatively
isolated sphere, where affection nnd not
purpose is die controlling motive, can find
no basis for any system of right nction, but
that oT spiritual faith. A mini cnu craze his
thought, and his brain, to trust fulness in
such poor harborage, as Fame nnd Reputa
tion may stretch before him : but a woman
where can she put her hope in storms if
not in heaver. 1
And thai sweet truthfulness that abiding
love that enduring hope, mellowing every
page and scene of life, lighting them with
pleasantcst ladiauce, when the world-storms
break like an army with smoking cannon
who can bestow it all, but a holy soul-tio to
whal is above, the storms, and to what is
stronger than nn army wilh cannon ? Who
that has enjoyed the counsel and the love of
.1 Christian mother, but will echo the
thought with energy, nnd hallow it with a
tear 1
A coot. Ofkkndcr There was a lime,
many years ago, when no travelling was
permitted on the Sabbath, in Connecticut.
The wooden-nutmeg justices were careful,
as it were their dnty, to fine all transgressors
against llie statute "in such case made and
provided." On 0110 occasion, one of the fast
men of thai day drove ten miles, on Sun
day, to visit his family, who weio living leu
miles distant from tho town where ho was
engaged in business. On his relurn, he was
arrested and bioughl before, his Honor, a
Justice of the Peace, who oi-.h-red him lo
pay a fine of five dollars, and costs, amoun
ting to live more. The hardened ftdiow
thereupon drew forth his pocket-bonk, and
entitled die eyes of ihn astonished justice to
dilate feaifnlly, by presenting him a Iwen
ly dollar bill, with this coul remark :
1 here, squire, 10 save ironuie, you may
give me a receipt for this affair, nnd credil
me ten dollars 0:1 account, for, if nothing
happens, 1 shall ride home, again next Sun
day. ISustun Musiitm.
vnor.rsoME An vice.
is much -x holesomi! advice
tamed in the followiu
few lines :
F.al only what is proper food,
Drink only that which die's you good,
Spend only what yon can allori1,
Lend only w hat will be restored
Thru you will have no cause to say,
"1 was a fool oil yesterday !"
A Girl who workf.d in a Printing Of
fice. A Cincinnati paper states that Ihree
years ago a poor orphan gill applied and was j
permitted lo set type for I Lai paper. She
woiked two years, dining which time she I
earned, beside her boaid, about S?20t, ami I
availing herself 0! the facilities which Ihe I
Printing Office offered, acquired a (mod edu-
caliiiu. She is now an nsiociatn editress of
a popular paper, nnd is engaged lo be mar
ried tn one of Iho mnartesi lawyers in Ohio
We should be disinclined lo credit the above
if wo did not have so many evidences of die
elevating influences of die Printing Ollice.
Samvkl Joiinsck. Carl) ie says of him
that hu was "the largest soul in all England."
Why should such men share the f.ito of po
ets poverty? In 17aC, the year after pub
lishing his dietiouoty, Johnson wat arrested
for a debt of live guineas, but was relieved
by Iho interposition of friends. Throughout
his w holo lifo ho seemed to bo regardless of
monetary matters, and, indeed, this seems
to be Iho characteristic of most of the great
minds thai have lived, or nro still living.
Destkittios of Maine Timueh I.aniis.
HostiMy Sept. 24. Wc have accounts from
Cherrylield, Me., stating that llie fire in the
timber lauds of lhat section of the Stale
condones lo spread, destroying everything iu
its cuiise. Il is sweeino over Ihe whole
country, and scarcely a green afro of laud is
lo be found along the seaboard. Tho fire
has swept over Mount Desert, destroying
several Itouses. Hancock is also suffering
severely, and the roada in many directions,
for miles together, are most impassable from
smoke and (lames. Tho limber lands
owned by Ihe Colter Company, have bpon
damaged to the extent of 8160,000, nnd
tho aggregate loss will amount lo millions.
Vol' ng man, do you know what relation
you fciistuiu in this world I said a minister
of our acquaintance lo a young member of
the chuich.
"Yes. sir" said the hopeful convert,
"two cousins and a graudmuiher ; bnl 1
dou'l intend to sustain them much Ion-
A Black General. General Avalos, die
Commander-in-Chief of the Mexican forces
in Tauiaulipas, is about as black as the pre
sent F-mperor of Ilayli. Dr. Miller, our
Commissioner lo sdlle tho land claims en
Ihe Rio Grande, jocosely lo!d Avalos lhat if
he were caught east of die Colorado he
would readily sell for a prime negro, ana be
put lo work iu a cotton field.
the ciiiuvriAN.
Tho renl Christian is die only prudent
man, Hu has laid up in store for Ihe. winter
or the grave. Ho has sown for elernily.
He looks Ihrnugii all ih future and provides
fur it all. Ho sees the evils that pre before
him, and from all of them hides himsrlf iu
Chris!. lb; is prepared to die, to be judged,
and to he glorified. The presence of Christ
will be wi:h him in dealh the righteousness
of Christ upon him nt the judgment, and the
Spiiit of Christ is sanctifying him for glory.
He may have 110 treasure on earth ; and no
matter if he has or not, he is only passing;
rapidly over it; and if he had, lis could not
lake it wilh him : but in heaven, his goal,
his home, he has a Ireasme. It is where he
is lo be where ho will want il where he
can use it. 1 his is the prudent man, Mark
him. Imitate him. Xcriiis.
(mv. r.iiiA.v. The llnilington Ilawk-eya
lent ns dial there is soni" dissatisfaction
among the Hungarian emigrants ns to tha
place selected by Gov. Tjliazy for the loca
tion of the Hungarian colony. Many of
them consider it too r'.'tnnto from the settled
communication with tho world. Accounts
from the Colony represent die Governor as
living the life of a true philosopher. Far
from the luxuries and refinements to which
he has lung been accustomed, ho passes hi
time in the backwoods, remote from the
noise nnd stiife. of tottrts nnd camps, as an
independent Iowa far nor j dividing thtf
lime belween his fields and crops out of
doors, and study and reflection wilhiii, di
versified, 113 occasion offers, with such nun
ling nnd fishing, ns iho forest of Grand
River and ils quiet waters a fiord.
Six hula ti l.NcinrjNT. Dating tho battle at
Fort Dunne, Florida, in 1847, a soldier of
the name of Jackson, having just fired, re
ceived a shut from a tall Indian, not twenty
yards distaui, which bioke through the outer
part of his pantaloons and lodged in his
righl hand pocket. Feeling the slight sting
of din spent ball, ho I'lrurt his hand into'
bis pocket, drew out the bullet and dropped
il into llie barrel of his musket Upon the
ch-iigo of powder he had just before put in
tiien, wilh dm unerring aim of a Irne
uuiiksin.-.u, levelled his piece, and ns quick
as lightning his adversary was measured
upon the tho ground. The wonnd was fatal
the warrior survived the shot but a fe
minutes. j.'usoi Pes.
Spkak 1 no. "Fellow-citizens," saiJ
a stump orator
we have the best country
111 the woild, and the iest government. No
people on lie! face of this globe enjoy mora
liberty than we do. Hero we have liberty
ofspeec.il, and liborty of the press, without
onerous despotism. What, fellow-eilizens,
is more desirable Ihnu Ibis? Do you want
anything more, my countrymen V
'Yes sir-ee !" sang out a red-faced loafer,
"this is dry work. 1 want a suck out of that
pint il.isk sticking out uf your coat pocket
Our orator was completely w inged in his
lolly (light, and camo down floundering.
Ilo suddenly vamoosed from t hut neighbor
hood. What a haired the old Romans must have
had of kings ! We read that, nfler Ihe ex
pulsion of Tarquin, a law was passed
through the influence of lLutus, lhat no one
should be king nt Rome, and lhat any one
who should foim the design of making him
self kin.", might be slain with impunity. At
iho same lime, die people were bound by
an oaih dial they would never sutler a king
to be created.
'I find there nro half a dozen partridges
in the letter, said a geiilteman lo his servant!
who replied,
"Sir, I am glad yn have' found them
in I he Idler, for they all few out of the'
'd see you are in black," said a friend of
ours I'ne other day. ,:Aie you in mourning'
for a friend, Thomas?"
'No ; I'm in mourning for mv sins."
:l never heard you had lost any," was
the instant and keen reply.
A t'Ti'i'F.NT of Mr.niciNF. out in Mi
chigan, having courted a girl a year, anil!
got the mitten, has turned around and
sued her father for "die visits" he had
paid her.
Giikkn and red candies have been ascei
taincd lo contain the most deadly poisons iir
the coloring matter. Let mothers and nur
ses beware of givlurj diem lo children.
fr is said that whesi a Russiau husband
neglects lo beat his wife for a moulh or two,'
she bcyins lo be alarmed ut his indiffer
ence. Tiu-st him Kulo w I'm praises all ; himl
less whu censures all ; und him least who i
iudiliercnt about all.
A.moivion- is liko a wild horse, which
prance uneasily until it has thrown off il
Kvlrv man ought lo endeavor to sbiehf
oiheis fiom iho evils ho bus experienced1
Tiif. most ignoruul have sHllicieut know
ledge to detect the faults of others ; lh
mosl clear sighted are blind lo their ownv
Who cannot keep his rtWiv svoreV r
not to complain if another tens ii.
Tub greatest truths are the simplest, ami
ho are the greatest men.

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