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Sunbury American. (Sunbury, Pa.) 1848-1879, June 12, 1852, Image 4

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The Origin of Dimples.
Ono morning in the bloMoming: of May
A child wns sporting 'monpst the llower,
Till, wearied out with his restless play,
IIh laid him down to dream nwny
Tho Ions and scorching noontide hours.
At length nn angel's unseen for;n
Parted the nir wild conscious thiill,
And poised itself, lilto a presence warm,
Above the boy who was slunibuiing still,
Never More hnd so fair a thins
Stayed the swift speed of his shining wing ;
And cn.ing down, with a wonder rare,
On the beautiful face of the drenmor there,
Tho impel stooped to kiss the child,
When lo ! at the touch the baby smiled
Ami just where the unseen lips had prest
A dimple lay in its sweet unrest,
Sporting upon his chock of roso
Like a ripple wnked from its light ropos-,
On a slietunlct's breast when the soft wind
And the angel passed from tho sleeping
For his mission to earth that day was done.
A fair face bent above tho boy
It must have been the boy's own mother,
For never would euch pride and joy,
Ilavo lit the face of any other ;
And while she gazed, the. quiet uir
litew tremulous with whispered prayer ;
Anon it ceased, anil the boy awoke,
And a smile of love o'er his features broke
Tho mother marked with a holy joy,
The dimpling chouk of her darling boy,
And caught him up, while a warm sur
prise Stole like a star to her 'midnight eyes 1
Ami sho whispered low ns slip gently smiled
''I know an angel has kissed my child !"'
Beware of flirting and coqiiutry.
P. T. uarntim is locliiriiig on totupeiaiice
in Montreal.
Of all disagreeable animals, tho must an
noying is a political old lady.
The population of Now Oilcans is over
125,000, of which 17,000 are slaves.
Strange that tho mouths of livcis are lar
ger than their heads.
Gov. Houtwoll, of Massachusetts, has been
hung in t'tligy three times within the last ton
If you can live free from want, and have
wherewithal to do good, euro for no moru
the rest is but vanity.
Three California steamers nro now duo at
New York, with a couplo of millions mora of
''yellow dust."
When you want a warm bath, and can't
pay for one, pull your neighbor's nose, and
you will soon bo in hot water.
Asv quantity of wild pigions now for sale,
in the Cincinnati maikels, cheaper than
It is etiquette now in New York not to
introduce visitors when thoy meet at a
fiiend's liouso.
Out West they have bars at tho mouths of
the rivers ; hero mouths at tho bars predom
inate. A daily paper lias been started at Wilkes
barro, Pa,, under the tiamo of the Daily
It is said there have been 111.000 land
warrants issued 17.000 for 160 acres, 37,000
for 80 acres, and 57,000 for 40 acres.
John Collins and Turner Clark, have been
sentenced to be hung in Greenup county, Ky..
on the Colli , inst for tho murder of Justice
Iirowor and wilo.
Wise men nro instructed by reason ; men
of less uiHlorttanding by c.vpeiience ; the
most ignorant by necessity ; and beasts by
nature. Cicero.
The good man has God in his. heart,
while ho is not in his mouth ; but the hypo
crilo has God in his mouth, without having
him in his heart.
The Poslmaster of New York has obtained
a renewal of the lease of the premises now
occupied b tho Post Oliico for a period of
fourteen years from May 1, 1R53, at a yearly
rental of $10,000.
Miss Dix's bill for a State Hospital for the
Insane in Maryland, has passed tho Senate at
Annapolis, with but two negative votes, and
has, hail its first reading in tho House of Del
egates. Hint's Merchants
"Shortly the carrying
must be in our hands 1
Magaiue says :
trade of tho globe
Upon our Uioics are
the gates thro' which must puss the world's
A boy residing near Pittsburgh, w ho had
been very deaf for years, recently lecuived a
kick from a horse which fiauturcd his skull,
since which lime he hear as acutely as or
dinary persons.
The village of Stillwater, on lako St.
Croix Minnesota, has recently extended its
area some distance into the lake ; the hea
vy rains having loosoned some eight or ton
acres of laud, which slid into the water.
A oompany has been formed in London
for tho manufacture of printing typo fioni
wiro. It is said that it will last sixty
times as long as common 'type, and cost
The Uliea and Schnoetady Railroad, 7R
miles long, posting for its construction $1,500,
000, for fourteen years cleared 1SJ per cent,
per annum over the total expenses reitnburs.
ing the original cost.
A petition has been presented to ' ' r""
cral Conference of the M. E. Church, praying
Hint the Conference will require all the edi
tors of the Methodist papers to conform to
Jlible orthography, and not lo that of Noah
Ppnisii Vvrr. .llt a lump of Bulter,
Hie gize of a walnut, wilh a very little Ball.
Mix the yolki of 8 E'g., beaten .era; airly,
with Ihe butler, and beat. Take a pint of
Milk nnd 8 ppoonfulii or Flour and stir them
i i alternately, and aflerwanls nir in the
whiles of the eggs. Fill tho ctipi half full
and baka in twenty minutes. Dip can be
inaile of wine sauco or ol toiler and sugar.
TUB subscriber has constructed a MfiHT
ISINO KOI) on true Thilosophical princi
ples, ly whirh buildinfts supplied with them are
rendered perfectly secure against destruction by
lirihlninir. Tho connection and insulation of the
roil, as well ns the preparation of the ground rod,
is on an entirely new plan, (unking a more per
fect conductor than any heretofore in use.
Measures have bee a taken to secure Letters
Patent fur the improvement.
Persons desirous of securing their lives and
property from destruction by lurhtningr, can have
conductors put up to their buildings in the most
perfect and substantial manner, by applying ei
ther personally or by Idler, to the undersigned,
at tho following prices:
For 40 ft. J inch copper roil gold plated
point, toiil plutina lip,
And forty cents lor every additional foot
over fortv.
For 40 ft. J inch tubular rods gold pla
ted point, solid plutiua lip,
For 40 ft. iron rod gold plated point, sol
id plijinu lip, .
For 40 ft. iron rod nilvrr tilatcd point.
Anil twenty cents for every additional foot over
lorty. T. S. MAC KEY.
Milton, Sept. fi, 1851 ly. cap 17, 1852.
Twenty per cent, at - leant less than ever have
been S"hl in the United States !
JJ jewelled, 13 karat casn only ijiUO
I i niillv pulii for !",
rat i nse, jewelled, " 21
jewelled, ' "14
Usually sold Cur SSlH.
elled, "10
SILVER TEA SPOONS, per half do-
zen, " S
GOLD PENS, Silver Holders, " 1
Vcrsoiis wishing a Watch or watches, or Jew
elry, can have tlicio sent by mail, with perfect
safely, to any purt of the United Stales or West
Indies, by first seniliiist the iiiiiount of money.
All articles warranted ns represented above. Or
ders from the country respectfully solicited.
Please address piwt pniil.
LEW IS LADOM I'N. 10:1 Chestnut St.,
Ernst Wins of the Franklin House.
Vf California Gold bought, or manufactured
into Jewelry.
Philadelphia, March 20, 1852 Sin.
Paceess rs to W. (). lliek.ik, an.l Hick 'k .V Cain inc.
The subscribers respectfully inform their friends
and the public, that they arc now carrying on the
above business at the OLD STAND occupied by
Iliekok & Co. They ilatlcr themselves that by
careful ulleulion to business, they will merit and
receive a continuance of the patronage so liber
ally enjoyed by the old linns.
Particular attention will bo paid to the ruliup:
and binding of every dcsciiptinn of blank books
for banks, county olfiecs, men hauls and private
individuals, and every variety of full and half
hound blink books. Old books, periodicals, law
books, music, newspapers, &C., bound iu any
pattern and in any stylo required.
In addition to the above, they have, and will
at nil times keep, a general assortment of STA
TION ERV, consisting of
l.i-tter l'aner,
Cap '
l:raivli!Lf (i
Trau.-ti-r "
riivinir 11
IlUiiiar "
jMHIo Wafer
IlheU la'i,
'aliliT Wax,
Jliini la!,,
C'tDvinu Ink.
Plate mul Pencils,
l.i.-ail l' nciis,
J idler Sl.uups,
linliu Ivubbor,
lliv! Ta-ie,
l;ank Can!,
laalues, &r.
Sled 1
: I n!c.
.ni lil's Wriliii'' t'iuiil, 1
t Paper ruled to pattern, and all work war
ranted and done very rhcaplv.
F. L. JIUTTER &. CO. -March
1.1, 1932. tf. .
FOR a. tnSTS.
or Every one his
own Phvsieian ! Tiunrr-
sixru edition, with up
wards of a hundred engra
vings, showing private dis
ease in every shape and
form, ami malformations of
the generative system,
The time has now arri
ved, that persons suffering from secret di.-eases,
need no more become, the victim of ui'acki.iiv.
as by the prescriptions contained ill this book,
any one may cure himself without hindrauco to
business, or the knowledge of the most intimate
fiicud, nod with one-tenth the usual expense. Iu
addition to the general routine of private disease,
it fully explains the cause of manhood's early de
cline, with observations on marriage besides
many other derangements which it w ould not be
proper lo enumerate in the public prints.
tV" Any person sending TWENTV-FIVE
"CENTS, enclosed iu a letter will receive one
copy of this book, by mail, or five copies will Ire
sent for one dollar. ' Address. Dn. W. YOUNG.
Post paid.
ZZf Dr. YOUNG can be consulted on any of
the Di-cascs described in his dillcrcut publica
tions, at his Oilice, l.VJ Spruoc Street, every day
between 0 nn 1 :l o'clock, (Sundays excepted.)
Philadel hii, June ,i, ls.r)2. ly.
CEiii!!,.::-. e rtiriiix & to.,
(i.ATi-: Kiti:i:jiAN, n uhu'.s a co.)
lm'OU l KUS AM) JOIllWillS,
144 Broadway,
One dour South of Libert ij St., New Yui l:,
UA VI-! nnwM'ii hanil. nml will he reeoivinc. ilaily ll.rnie.li
Ilie Ke.lM.n, New Ii H'll-, llin-et lli'intliH lilimpellll
iiii.iaini. laiii H, aiul eafch Aueti-nn, lieh, laalu atniile, fancy
Silk Millinery (In ills. Our rlnek nf II it'll Kllili'ilil, c .111-
prim-H i verj variety nf the latest nnd n. 'si hcaiitiful ilciyus
iiiipniti .1.
-Many nf nnr g-Mul.s nro inanufiieliire.1 t-xpiesaly ta nur
niilcr. IVma nnr i.ivn iliMina unit patterns, mill alanil nun
vaileil. We nil'-ir nur -iwhIs fir nelt ilan'i, nt t-.-wer prices
than any oieilit limine in Ann-hen enn rillnirl. - -
All pureiuiscrs will timl il roitlly tn their inlrreat in rn
seive it pin-linn nf their in 'm y ntiil niako sclcc'lii'liB litua
iair ereat vnrielv nf rich cheap p Lids.
Kllih-nia rich fi- It inacla, Oipa, Hnnhesnnit tt.-lla.
lh mm I Silka, Satiaa. I'lijiew, l.i.-..e,s mel 'I'lirlctniia.
laiilirniilirii-H. C-.ll.iiu, Cle iaiM-ltn, Capcd, Uerlluis
iiiiniis. r-ieevea. i-nim, 1.(1111,1. an.l lnscrlili;8.
lanlirni l'-riil Itcyicre, iiee, nml lleuialitcli Cumhric
HI 'nil. Illnaiiins, nnd I'nilirniit.-nil Lneea fnr Cnpa.
laiilirnideri ,t l.aeea tnr Shnwla, Miniiill -a. unit Veils.
ll-iiiil 'ii, .Mei-hleii, Vnleiieieneii. nail Hrni-m-N Ibices,
l ai'jlih nail Wu u 'J'lirca.l, Sin) rna, Lihlu 'I'lncuil, und
C 'lliin Lneea.
Kid, l.nlu Thrcnit, rilk, ami Sewing Silk, tiluvca, un.l
1'reneh nnd Amerienn Artificial Pluwers.
Kreneh l-cu. KntfliHli. Anlerieftn, unit Itultlill.
ri-traw ItniinetKHnil 'friiilniinira.
New Ymk, Slurch -Jll, leVJ Qui.
Conalnutly 011 liaml
unil for rale by
1 J. I'AI.Ml-ll&Co.,
j.iiin.t'1 ni. .t nui'i,
LAKU AND CHEESE, J March 13, '63.-3m
OLD PNH with nml without cases, of u
J3J wry nuierior quality, just rewivnj.
AUo a IVe&h suiiiily of W riting Fluid, for sale
hy II. 1). MAfSSi.lt.
Simliury, Doc. 27, 1851. ,
HAND HILLS neatly printed on ne1
promptly eseeuted at this nllice.
new type
blanks, 01 all kin.lt, on superior pajier.
ISunbury, l'eb. 1 1, Ia5i.
T)LANK l'archiuent Paper l)cds und blank
-- Moitgases, liouds, L.ieculiolis, Huinuions,
ic., for salt by II. 11. MASbKlt.
Hunbury j iii 26, 1851
"So lour Otvn mechanic.
Manufacturer op
Of the mo3t Fashionable Style. , :
TMIE subscriber respectfully calls tho attention
of the public to hjs largc'and splendid assort
ment of every quality and price of
C Ml I ft E T-W A R E.
which cannot fail to rciommoiid itself foovery one
who will examine it, on account of it durable
workitmiiship and splendid finish, mado lip of the
best tnck to be hnd in the city. No rll'urt is
spared in tho mauulUftura of his ware, and the
subscriber is determined to keep up with the
ninny improvements which are constantly being
made. His stock consists of Mahogany
Solan, oav ait's nnd Lounges',
Bureaus, Secretaries, Sideboards,
and also VENETIAN BLINDS, coual to Phila-
dclphia manufacture.
BEDSTEADS, of every pattern and price,
in short, every article in this line of his business.
He also manufactures all kinds and qualities of
iuchulinrr varieties never before to be had ir
Sunbury, such ns Mshwiast, Black Wai.nct
CHAIKs, axii FAScir Via. no Stools, which are
of the Iutct sty Irs, and warranted to he excelled
by mme inaiittrnctmcd in the L'ilicsor elsewhere.
Tho subscriber is determined Hint there shall
be no excuse fur persons to purchase furniture in
the cilios, ns every confidence can be entertained
about the quality and finish of his ware and
His articles will be disposed of nn m pood
terms us Ihcy can be purchased elsewhere. Coun
try Produce taken in pnymcnt for work.
iRT UNDERTAKINGS. Having provided
himself with a handsome Hr.Aiisi;, he is now
prepared for Undertaking, and nttcndiiur funer
als, in this vicinity, or at any convenient dis
tance from this place.
13 The Ware Room is in Market Street,
below Thompsau's Store an.l Weaver's Tavern.
Sunburv, Jan. 10, 1852 tf.
3. 1. SITT3ESOH,
ATw 78 iYoitj "il .V., helvcc.n Arch attt Jidrr iSV.,
B-'JfEREliY iiiforins tho public that he Imports
"- anil constantly keeps on hand nt Ids new
.store, No. 78 North 2d St., a large assortment of
. Foreign Fancy ("Joixta,
itlusiad Iiittninvnls, Pictures Paints,
which ho will sell at the lowest prices.
His stock, iu purt, consists of, Aecordenns,
Violins, Music Boxes, Parlor and Par Room Or
gans, Meloileons, Seraphim's, Mathematical" In
struments, Magnets, iSpy nnd Opera Glassc.,
Stationery of all kinds, Pocket Looks, Bronze
Powder, Dutch Metal, (Sold nnd Silver Leaf,
Scales of nil kinds, Snuff and Tobacco Boxes,
Lithographic Paints, Cop per I'luto nut i"ttv1 Em
pravinis, unci pictures of every varlity. Also
liilt Krume MouMiitiri of various h:c.
DeiiliTri, Country Alrnluuits, mid TcJlars, enii
plit il at rr-iisoii;il)!o i)iccM.
UiTPmlK-r 0, If.
ILfxinx Tira & Thief Proof Iron Chests.
."!.ViV..:'-.-.--',:.tTr V--
y.I.r.AVl'EI) to Ftand cjual heat' wit!,
nny other ChcsU in the country, anil to
tlefy the Uurnjaa' iii;rnnity. Mtinnfarlnry, Xi.
10 lluilson's Alloy, running between 'J'hinl and
Fourth alrcrtu, soiitli uf (Jliesnut, and in the
rear ef the (iirarj Dank.
M. &. 8., the propri.-tora, are Practical Me
chanics, nnd feel confident, from lonix cxperienen
in the manufacture of Iron Chests nnd Kafiv, and
a siecinl attention to this particnhir branch, of
giving atis!.iction to all who may (,-ivc them a
X. B. Yc have Feleclcd one of the beit niin
emU ever used ns a nun-conductor of he. it ill
this business, and we warrant our Chests nnd
SS-Ucs to be made nf the be.-t material nnd in the
n.ost durable manner, and lo stand uny heat
that can be npplii"' to litem.
Manul'actory Mo. 10 Hudson' Alley.
Illumine; between Itrd nml !l!i sti;eets, tS of dies
tut, iu Ihe rear of (iirard 1! ink.
Philadelphia, Oct. S.'j, lS.'il ly
Eciineta, Ilats and
JMillinurY Goods!
73 r EUCH ANTS and .Milliners when iu Phil
i'fij aileli'hia to lu'nch.iM; their Roods, will lin-1
il to their interest to examine our large and fash
ionable stock of
STSMW .oons.
Wis manufacture largely and i.nei.ur the
N i. tsr S i ri.j s ox
B'oB't'isiJ E'.ntiriCfs
in our line ; which together with other adv.inta
acs en )lo til to oiler liberal inducements to
lien IIS.
11. A. CliOOKF.n, & CO.,
Xos. i'l and 4 'J Chestnut Street, and .o. M
South Second Street, west i-ide, near Chestnut,
December 27, 1S51. ly. cf.
WM. M CAliT Y,
"1 i'h'i rt'coivoil nnd fur sale, a frcnH bu1v
fur Stliuold. He is nUo opcjiinc
tliis tiim', n Lirijo ussurtinciit of Ut)oKs, iu ewry
braiirU ol I,ilcrnUirt, cuiilii) ol
Poetry, HUtory, Kourincr. fvii'iiiifif
Virkj, Law, MoiliciiK1, t?ihool ant CliiMrcu'tf
Uitoki.. liiliU'a; Sihool, Pocket nml Family, U.-th
witU unil wiiliout Ki.gravini;!, anJ 'vrry of vnri
elv uf UiniliiiR. l'ruyi-r Uookn, of ull kinds.
'i'ravi'la, Voynu;osj ami A Jvcntures, ull ol
which will ho boM low, cither fur cash, or couu
try produrc.
'sSunhury, Jan. 31, 1852. tf.
J oTi iT a. ii a liii I sr
Manufacturer, & Dealer in
Imported and Domestic Segars,
Also, a gincrul twaortmcut of
I.ruf & niauufaciurcd Tobacco,
f 10XSTAXTI-V on lmnJ, at the lowest mar
kt iiricoa. Corner of Cjastuut fct., aud
Wharves, Philuih'lihia,
UecejnhiT 27, 1851. -ly. , . . ..
(iKH, a fresh supply just received, und for
sale by JJ. U. MASSKlt.
Kunbury, Jan. 10, 1852.
- sivo and legal envelopes, for sale hy
Sunhury, Ufa 10, 1852.
V-' - ; . " V-.-'--' - ' 1', .
nnciNin, fiu)m:fh5LT) & co.
No 187 North Third Strectt Vhilotklphiiu
M'HIS pnwder n entitled by tbo united tctimnny nf nil
1 who lmvfl tiBPfl it to tli firnt. tnnk nf nil tdte CAT
TI.K MKlJCI.i:S, Wlmli luivfl l-ccii Uiutitrhl prairrc
Wortliy for nmny yvurt. IikIimsI we rlinllciiBo nny pera n
to ui.ikn a superior, or nny povJ'T tlmt iictn In tliA wrnio
liiiiniifr. If the nntiiiHl v- iwrfurlly ltunlthy it will eitlicr
liierwi.; tlir tini -nut nf initK or I renin mill butter ; of the
iiniunl will inipri've rnj.iilly In fnt. It will tlirrrfor In
(inn: bu cnimitlt-rtst we luive no ilmbt one of the tuple iirti
eh'unf cvt'ry I'uriner, wlio keeps u tlinryj nnd nf every
Hrmti owmtnc n hoise, It is not one tif those kind o.
Alix'ti'itK t lint uiiTrly swill nn miintnl np for a slimt
titnr, but il will bv the npurity wbirh it hns of cniiTertinii
llll'IM UIC ACIU (whii-li in mi elb-le mutter) into -Tir
Animr ijmcimi; vmina n jrrriiter nnmutit of nutritions
ni;ttlt'r to tip rxtiurtcd ("n-ni the s;iiiie nmount, o( Oioil, tbim
pi-Mihly pouM he, w-re the nrtive principlei of nut ril ion
t. ptiss tmt. uf the system in the form of Ilil'FUine Ann.
Wi h ivc lecTivrd n niiiliiiuilo of evidence to prove wh.it
w hnvn Fiiid nlKirt. SinTi'e ti sny !
iinve iniseil llionciive ncnl, witb n (rrrnt nniubcf
of VnoKTtLK pl tntsntnl licrlis, which lime unl use lime
pmvat to l)f lUL'hil, iinjirovicK the Hppctite nnd pri'iuntiitjr
ditjewtion nf the f 'rt : lint nt-i-nriinj n heullhy r ndilion nf
llit blond, frmn which the .Mii.it nnd Kat must he fortm-d.
It nny Wi ni-d fm- I1iUk, t'oWs und I loos f'T the fnlKiw
ini" eninplnints and (licuscs,
YHIibOW WATKII, mlunjrerous melt new, whih de
stroys ninny vahrdile lioises every yer, is very often
enlil'i'ly euved ty the tree Ue nf linn pnwder, ill ull eaten
it will prevent the diw-iisu from rtMntii? on.
'i'iiis dineiisi! is owning to it b:id timl impoverllied -title
of I he blond which bee mica thin, watery mid uf ull J tllow
col r. '
This ptiwiler bv improving tho slomneli nnd ntvinir to
(lie hi iit ti -muter o,naniiiy of red particles, nlf 'i'd the
best mid only p wsible rhtiuee of reen.ry. If the h"ise
n far if 'tie, i;ive iii ruiiig ut.d llllit n taMrspooiil'ul in wet
feed, il in I In: lieiiiiiiii v-uce u day ut n 'Oil, if only to pre
vent the distviBf IWieft n ttvek.
M.AUUI'UilMi This ii" the ruiu:itin nf ninny valm
ble h w i ex!t:Hif'1i"ii ; hy ft ennnnt difc'har'c of sali
vu which oiiL'hl In j'O into the stninaeh t nwut diesli"n.
Il ih a pprrieri ol' H.iiivale'it nfL-n i-nKli'ceil IImilm To
h ieen fiinwin,! in the pasture 1'routnl A 'i JtlilespiU'iniil
thn t tiiii--H- wre't will tr'piently nrrcnt the Jl w, il it
fl'tei n:t depend mi the Toiut i n m the .irra, uniler Midi
eireum d'iiieeF 1!ie niiiniii' unt Q krpi iu the slaLIO.
DlM'lvMI'Klt. It the powder is early mid lr- ely u?e.l,
nonther remedy nei-d he UKtd, it lin ft 1 rend y euri-il loui
dredn nf Ihdtm nt' tliit; t rniililuinmit'diseuEe to the surnriKc
nf lh -wt who ui'.d it. If ii'il UH' d earlv, before malh r lets
forme. I m the nerk il eammt restore 1 tie nuiinul perfect ly
until the iiiaiter is diseiinvnl, iiwj it enrlv and prevent
Hindi ii result. A Tabh vpooui'ul unco or twice a day is
(;i..ni;ns. This iWm ha bmed nil pAtiutrns,
f.tive this powder ii fun-triul rmd il. will do wonders iu
un. mrn.ie. mil liiiherio ineuni.tie inalaity. It ia a tii-aMi
of the l'nn!ur:d sysft-ni inul kept up by imperlVet un'i Mi'-n.
in sncli enF." n Tub! -t :momi id eVi-rv day twice tor n month
or two, in constant sar ei-Hsmn, will in nine cases out of a
dozen i IT---t m f'M'e, t hat ftci-n f.iirly tt-'til.
C tij.!iM an.l 'ita.-ij oi" 11- t.i: Ii" d.-rt s.ibuif i'U w-aV
iil ill tivery mV-iitir j ii it i
or (wire n wed;.
Pooh l.ow-FHUrtTP !U"nsr.. or whvxc. ttirrc
nny remitinfl f(' l-' i'imlr r Mfiii-fs of moii-ni. llm
ii'trpu will n"i hiih'ii. it u.H'i'.i llin hair is roii;li nuu
f ; ; : t f s'r;ti ;Vl. out, tin: t" - S'-i-iiiin:-! ) tin iiou-h ,, the
jvicr k Kl'ift's iilint iiiMntli:i1(i nnpn ivcmrnl ot 111
iiiiiiii't! : li: ilt'-' nl it m iiiiLirovtH nu t will) it nit fl." fcitu
uislin''- i Hi- :inini;il tlis:ti'j":;iu, liocouiiii'' lively uit.t
f'pintcH, nii'I l!ic Ji iir biii'Hi jtnil clicli.
Fit M:i.kT"'t fnvt, rire fu'U cnnvi'ni'pil 11 :it it i'1
cmIv mipi ivi'' t)..' unMlitv. litt; t!int h inert ikhs (I it mnnmt
1 1 Aiul., (,iv:tiii inul J-iinr; s'.nio have tried Uc
, im u'in iil st ;i i'l'iun! a Vi:-ii, ( Hi -im li ill u ii- uiA
-:: t'lic in iP"ti ini.'' it hi : in it timt ,r l ti' li Uvu in nn n I:
i i.rirt! a wa-k iri 'Ii t'own. Wc think it will hi: tminl
i l'i iiv:.".t;ji! iV -1,1 a t r,..i M I' lllinl Ju'i ct' nit r:R'h i
II (hot c, h ;ir; i:ilu ii: hc-ih hv. Ti: is mi-hl iniril i.Mi Mill
: in m.n'- i-v the e 'iivi.-i -ti t't"t!. ! i i . , n 1 1 it Arnl int- Nitit
' u 'iimus aini y e"n.i:HUi'! : i hv npnl irrr ihf t &'
j :i t:.Ui'ii i.i , ho imit: -. it !i liiu U;r.njtlls oi reaf' iii:i j
! v.'H'i u.t ftl.ia-: i.uv ('l'i,,.: Mtr ":.'M i?i p mi a (' th- n I.
j liolil.ow nr WDI.I''i liooi-' UiSK :-:'
t I'lt'-I all nth'-r (!:.- .i.-i's ut' ural i'.'l-ii! t j it I i t :pr up -a a Ir.ul
1 f tatenl' (he II its', ire rem 'Vr;I iily nail i ! na.I .
. !mvn, wl; k u;i:'k is ! !ue, thill an-l wateiy na l v!ic;'i' il
; it. n t yii ',1 i.i 'Hi cr :na, -r w'.i'Te Cowh i?it- l, i.;:iy
luilU. r v!;i 'ii art' as. .1 1 i s!;ui'l una dry. it will h- i nil
' an iiluii.t i,if Iii'iit riur.ly, hy iinpi'.vitt;; the c n liii u nf
tbo hi' 'il iui I ett ai in'i a lie il.hv thfht i n ; a Taiiifrponu-
fal every ilay tr cvi;ry other Iay a il laay he necessary
I Phrs m thr sn-nmer fflcn uverheat tht-m-lvec, ret sv.-e!-
letl ia-eU. p.MivIm, nlecrj in the liiaar. at, I l.ivi-r, whu-h
j eaasa III; nt t 'he wry t-ii'lth tily. (hi e ia;.y h" rca : i 1 1
: entutly hy pal li;,:; a p na.l -ir a half in? t a Karp.l of wi.l ;
aed it wul at the t ime- tinie c thaik-rahiy liasten 1 lie f.uiia-
ill: pI'K'fh::,
-. 11. la jr.aiiinl witi 'lt is k v"i.r milk nart ynn nr;
j iietic.iiis t" la'i'-n j,t I,- :.,!H!i- tiiuc, j.'M !':'i.:t ii t fiivc
' iii a t t': in a t:.'tlei'Atiai.UM':t a Week itr it wti1 n iaiii (i e
I.' I rar'i p'-i . -a try its U f.." hiih:;e!i and a vi
! f t in hi., uihfa-tl 'f i'-i tjic Ih-atq'iuiilieB. im.lthat i.j Par
j 1 1 -t tJt-i I-" wiili -ui il.
For liu jnrp"'- n' liailir.tr out. Mill furthrr howC'irflni
j juMiy t.-?.,air.- CAT I'l.i; oVJl-:ii, is nuiil-.! t the
II' nih.h'iwi nf iai iu - lii'i'nl-peipie wo :a rul.h "if : i !
I.etp rsio tit t iH'-tsH' tlni I'lficl rir:iii , wl- it rar.I'iiw
I tf r has h'-r i us th aa l we :a-ah'r n v fi- ia the i-vni' iicc
tlm tin mi? at I; -tnro im, t'i aflsarH every Fi'.raiT. Dinry
j lnail mul lii-t.-'r-iitaa, Hint it lias lImir f ;r veiy inut li e.x
j (,! 1 . i m r ia --aaytHiie expeehit i -liss.
j W ith tli'1 a t t' I k'i'ivh 1-e thus far i-litainM, Vk
1 IIiM'K vr will he ni --Meil t make lite het ami tn u pr
j feel. C.'inu: M:ainK L Vi-r y t -licri! 1 t i a ih' naa-r
1-e.iph. Ii a-'i-i nf a valiuihl prom Her tf rtlc'-ti n. itn-
pruvif lie' tj.i ih'y i-t the hi -nl aiul than iiir'i.i-.i's ti:e
nta ami of L-niier Fat. Aiilk ami 0 'UPCtjittatly nf liuttcr '
Jiven in ti e h'-a'iltv Anitiiiil
Ji, win f Ciiitiitcrieil as the extensive alu of t -n v
p iWiirr !t-:r itnl'teeil e h'T H l in ike ail nail itii ii of it.
liac h pai k has oni' wiiit'ii Snr.lnrr on li'- eml.
IMiilaileli hia, Jn'y ?Jt, ly.
inUi: mbiictibcr informs Ins friends nnd the
iii'o!:c, that be continues to carry on (lie
Marble I!u-iness ill ull iu brunches, at his obi
stand iu M ill , it, I'a., and is 'prepared to inauu
f.ietiiio Hointmor-tJ, Tosibs, Gravoctone-, &c,
of t'.te best material ', and mn-t finished wolk
tilau -iii;i, and at lite lowest prices.
Letter Cuttiim, I'nelish ami German in the
most inii.b-ni and elegant style.
Desij'tu for Monument, tirave 8loues," &c,
always on band.
N. 1!. Outers fir the E;it side of the river
promptly executed by lcitin the sumo nt tbo
olticc of the "Nuiiburv American."
Milton, May 10, 18-'l.
iviis-avi-r uikI J'rintiM",
No. 40 Chestnut Street, uljve i Second,
JS prepared lo Jo i.'.(JP.AYI.U and PUIA'T-
I.Ntl, in all t'ueir branches, Wedding, Vi.iitiui;
and liu.-hiess Cm, hi, IJall Ticl.els, Watch Papers,
Labels, Hill Heads, Antes, Cheeks, Drufts und
lliploma.s. Meals and Stamps for Corporations,
Odd Fellows, Mail, ns, tSous of Temperance, Cvc.
All tlio above t-it::r.ivcd in the bcot iiianncr.
Orders by Po.-t jirotnptly attended to.
Dcjcinber 27, 1S31 ly.
Clocks, W.iiclics, Jewollery, Silver Ware,
Fancy Ciood-, kc t kc,
li'KS vv'ty ilewrintLii nnd fiti:Uitr 8 !ay Trrtsi
t mul ;i lumr I 'cUn, vciy liw. U'niclies tit' (lie l-.vt
If) ikui. 'J'l'l.lU.li'liim.'U Ul,.l H"liUlKll (..Hill ).tt'Ill luvcm,
;mr as !nv ns S'lMi, w.irnmti il kaiut casnt, uu- in-uivd
I oi i'i in iiitm. MUvr ,L't'ri its lnwin 1(1,00 vrarranu A.
Ii'piiica u low 0 siaK) wurnuituil, tiunriu'r W iiit-Ui-n fu
irtvat vaiicty. Jew l!ci y C t-v.-ry l. s.-r iiit i- n. (i. .IJ (i.tai'il
an.l l' t t haiu, lli' tt'ck'tf, J.'tif KiiMrs. l'iimcr i;iuv;,
lit" tiit.-j, ..'ii'iic-tK, ("tlii IV u i-ir ft I, iiit, waiiituu-tt -iat;.
Tlu sul.crilici having jiii-t rclurnt-tl (Vi'in llm r tst.-ni
Taci Tics is pitiiiiticil t' luiuili uny urii.!'i in Ins line f
lHisiiu-tM n" tin- J-ife.-t fliylt'.". mitt ns t-lirap nf ilio fnmi; mti
i Its can In.-1. -lil iu tiiu .'hiljiU ljln: -r N v Vui U m.uk. i.
'J i ttnvjin-t tin m!ilio uf tliin i'ut-t tic invi: tin Ir nttvn
li"h unit n-fpccl hilly t.ttirititu cull, llu K'Ul.jl imilical nly
iiniU'llic aitxiiiiuii cl ll 'ii-l I'r-'pri Iturs, mul I'iiimiii jt iii
Inn exiciisivi ass irti'i'-ul ni' tilvi-i Wuri', viz: 'JVa li Hp,
TliM", tu tsan wi:. i 'J'c:i t-jHLMif, I'tTl-f., Vr.. A-c
t)i 'Icti ivciM (nr nny nrtirlo of il'cr Wnr rxmitcl
W'iih jir .ni;ui:t as, iT.ii ui Hi liext Klyle. A ni al ;ni lv
( l-'ain-y li mils, I'apirr Mat-lit; w ili, pm-ij us Vii!in.'
J -Us. I't'i'l I'uliiut, 4iluVii IJ'ixes. llour li'Xu, do , .
Il ytu waul tit KLCUte lafaiua call at
U.C filU'.KX'S
next it mr to .lie Punt OmVe, Ccutrs? tt., TuUsvilU, I'ti.
N 11. All timla uf repair, attcmlvd to hy llic beat vyoiL
infii. Dcot'iiilKT 7 151. io.
HIUM;8. Joint nnd Lup .Shi ulo, of lirst
rate qvuillty, ior halo Ly
Hunliury, Dor. SO, 185!. tf.
GOLU PKNS with anj without silver cascn
' just received, und for sale bv
i . h u.;massku ;
Punl'ury, A mil 4 1 5 1
hull Ihe ukuuI prieo by
Hunbury, July 7. Ifcl3-
Ti USTICUS' FiiB I3ILLS l'or sale by
t 11. U. MASSE'll.
Sunhury, 1851. '2P , ,
1LKY',S- C'Ol Ci tMXDY. An excel
' lent remedy fur cuuiiha. colJs. l'or sale
at this oilice
Jaundicf.; T)YSPF.Pst a, ctmo.Nic ' on
nek vol s nuiiij.rrv, disease
AND nil (tifr-nwn nrl.lim frmn n itln irrtcrnl llrrr or Mo
n;:icli. licit DHo.Mmtip:itinn, invtrl Pilci. KhHiirm, or
tl()(Kl t(, llin I fl. Aci.hll- tt II. f. Mtii.ni...!. X:,timmi
ttiril'iuil. rlt.iriiwt for Fotxl.' riilliirfin nf wriirlit in tin
tvnrnnrh. Mmr KrHrtntlrmt. rinkitiff iir tlitttfriutr nt the pit
if the SI mnnrh. nwiliiTtuin nf llm hciiit. Imrnnl rniiMillicull
nmitlihm. HuMi'iin; at tin-hrnrl. rliiVin or mi IT. .ciilio'T
Ki!nwitiiii, wli'Mi inn lvinff pMMnro, lliinncf.i nf vi.i ni,
or wiAs liefomlhe tiitlit, I'evrr und dull viii in tlio
neml, deficiency il' .orsirnl i. u, veHnwiiRftn nf tlio ikin il
rrp, pnln in tho utile , hm k, rlu-nt, limi, &.r., suilfl,.,,
mitlii nl heat lutriiiiut In the rtenli. enimtunt iinngliliiigs
nf uvil, ami fimtt iltinreksi'tn nf fipiritx,
CAN UK tll t f.CTLAI.l.Y Cl ttf.D BY
, , AT TUB
!N'i. 140 Anh St., rhlln li'lptiln.
IluMr piiwrr uvcr ilie nUivo ilisetniea is nnt rxr-rllo.!. if
i-iii,hii (i, ny nny nlli.T iiriwiriitinii ill the I mini :aua,
n llin iMirm must, ia msuiy fnsrs ni'lcr skilluil I'lijuiiianii
"I"ln-i- llitn.Ta an. wnrthr twy ntti'nlinll nf iavuli'N.
Pnfwwhi!! cn.,1 irliiis hi llii; ri ilifii-.il i. m nf iliniiinanf
llin Liver anil I- -..-1 r jjl.inii!.. e.ieri'ii.i'K tlie m- .nt setueliiim
ivnvertj in vvrakiM -i?- anil alt"' rt icaft il liie iliehlivc niVAns,
Ihcy are, villi;, I, .i,e, rel'Uin anil ,l..int'.
Kimi.i ll:e II ,jt.,, l.Vc.l
Tim Tilllnr Kriiil. D,e.
ll)ll. Jln(.lI.M)'. I"! I.lililtAlFn tint MA N ItlTTrr.a ft
Iheeiilt nf I, iv, i Coiapl nnl. Jnn.iilier. InnricpMn. (.'Innaie
IT ien-,Mls I), IH.Iy, 18 ikyervmlly ivienVliie liillini.a-irimiliein.-ai.flhu
iliv. 'tin-!..; lji!iLi have luva nsi-.l
by lliituHimiln. ami n f. ienil at nnri !! ma ho inn hini-
si ii ren-ueii a,, tn tli.-.l nml pi-iia-iai-nl lanii i f l.iver
..'ai;ii:iMii ir. ill llieii-fiil ri an i!y. V.e arc c, invim-i .1
mat, in ii- use ni linn- i.'iiiciw. iK. puli-.-iil e nislaiiilv
pallia alrcn-jili -in, I ia. a :i f-u-t viirtl:y..f tn-.il i- Misule'.
ralma. 'I'li.-y are !.!-.: ,:, i a li.-.: e aa.UniH II. anil ea,i l,e
luciUiy pna,ii.,vi'ii I in- m- .- !. I.--H.- 'm,--. wi Rltt..
ly. iimli r nnr rini.ii'.itk-.-. We are ,.niki:w Ir. in tx
perienee, nml I., mu .ii:.a !. il we .elviie lie. ir i.M!."
"nnr.- KrAi.v." nas m li.e last
pilhlishcil, saiil, Ai.ii. J"i
I.r.einr papers
"I)n. II-nin,M
Dr. .I.ieki.in. .-ii- i
pr niiiiu-at nn iaV
i ih-.icy in e,i .1 .
ll-:Ml ltrrrmiK. minufaeliirn! Iiy
ree num. "i Ii il i'y a ime of t!.e ne.:a
l' lae la -aiiy n.i'na intii le nt mni Ii
Ii inale Wi .ikaei-.. Aa Mich iu tin'
Ii- i. t-i '.M::ill a Ii i
Ih.is mive then.-.. Ive, mn.-h , i -ku, .,K ,,f
I -.I cnii-i ilu'.i -n i uril! Iiml i!u. Ilill.-ia uiH-mta
III -ir lii-ill'i. as we kiimv lVa,,i ex, ricin-c the
: lii!ll i-
us la
itiulai y
clieel fley tial e apea Wi t k s;. u-mn.)i
A'dC '-(i ute.
Tit Pliiln.l' 'cliiii S.iiMetiy li-e.i.,' Ike ,eat family
tiew:.p:li"l niiM:-!: -i! in tlw I utter! W-ilrn, tlio utit.ir i.ij
I) I )l
'hf.ia ti i,
"It if -m
trat .Mm
njuIei'F; i
J:i:lli ii.
k r,-,tli;it
I 'lt ta a
which Ii
Kvat -f
f"iVii iii-'
r I IV, ll
ill Te is n
f-ieiain m
a fa.i th.
a ii-'u , itii,
wliea prf
'i'h !t I!
v n r'"ainn"ji"l what nre tnnn
.M!:h ! i.'-c i:;i(t p;'tli'.';"-e
i r. In a r in- aiiir.cait Ut.
is. : ' : s a tn hi; ih-diiM'tly
e ! 'ir,.,ii1' tf the ti "i a-ri
ll Pa-
cf our
iitn! i
''la-ri of ti e
...1 ;
i. t
I '11
t hiiif pi mul jip.l t. n for
r nulla' iaet of nusehit f,
h i!;.t"v:'w.lv ai--V'.l. a:,il
.a! -a tiie F.eaMteii- vX "
I tee a r "t tvil (i.l.e the
I'ni'-n. th,, Ii-; rhr-i!
i ie ia i:w fa r. i 'lit
i!.i'Mei-iaf tae r'-.-'nlar 1 hy
! titli, r ii v-'uoa fii.il.iai' I,
-h- -I, ;nM ta.iy prn r th t
' Willi tneir i-'tiet li i r.' ii
I li
I fi
r ('
iiii.'-ii'i' i.
l-i e il
Thuy f
inal r-1
1 -r in. .ml Willi ;
n rr::ri:rr-i.
TliiT-i- 'i .i-.-.. l-.j - -r I i:-- l I,;.', ,
in t-l i.- r ;t'i i:i- .' ;' ' : i ; :i I i i . !
I" : I .rili .i ,-...-i 1 1 ..: tl.o H
llri.so :i.i- in. i u ,. . , I
I.OOii Wl.l.l.Tii Tli:: M.Mii;- ('!
Tlirv linv,-tlu v, rir:. !l il ;,,i! ;iri- ''
nn: r;i:-'. r..
' c :.r. .t.i'i,sn
II III I lie Ii '111'.-, Willi
iijiimi nn- r. i :pi
nr wliiHi
t I-
l-'(.r nil-
a. r.-:..il. l !ic
"1- 'ii im Stare,
. i,; '-I T li-.-l Siili, (!,tlc
'; I . i. -I'nl i- ri-:;; vtli! In dm!.
' i- n.i'iy.
;i :-
i j.:,; ,
ii ".I t:.
:: i.na i.-i:i).
ii. . i'- ' i 1 enj I !n. ri'hMiit-ir
. .' IVfl.-.
'' ', .i cents.
' II. -I.i.1. S.inlinry. nnd -.7.
l-IViM - ;,ll ,
JI'IV. .
Ai!-,l:jl :
. 1- .1. ly
'.mm: m:s. v!;!i"'.;;i.-.s risi.eet.-.:iv
1 1 Tit ni
j il. the I'ln lii. thai I bey s!;M continue to , titer- i
I Vtisi Inn !! i,i and n!.i-.-s jit ihrir u!.l ,-sIub!'. .lied
H-iud in Market flail, v.i-i of ilie Court Unit e,
t Their Ion.' v periem c in the bt'.:-;.in-., an I li e
j c c.-.!;i! li -..c.l rcpi.t.ition of tln-ir !uu, ill,
liny tit:-;, be a u.iicient iriiiir.inlr.e, tlul their
Cf-toim ri mil l-e well ace ui'uod.itcd.
March s, 1:1 if.
WI !! rcsiiectfiillv iiiforiiu. !
ic iind triivcliin-' commnuitv trcncral- '
! '.v. "-at :-;ii'h.n opened lh: lar je nml commodious '
iliDTCI., fo.-iii .'he, in a M.ipnior :'!.. r.mn ;
I her ln'i:.. .pt lieiiee in ll..: bu ,1m -s of a lir.-t rate
! Hotel, a. ul well kine.Mi reput.iti-in t.) neeoiniu"- I
I dale, her customers m u i!e;t-nu on In int; S'jpi lied I
; with every tiling rouducicc In their comfort nml
1'ch. lo. 8." I tt
'"l 'UK subscriber rc -jn c! fully iubinus licr fYicm'.
I mi. I the j ublic m-uerally, lli.it sUc h:m tulien
l!ie oIkivc v.t 11 l.nmvn M-.in.l ncaily oj.ji-is',!,. il,r
Cinirt llini.se, bilcly occni ie.l by '.Mr. J. C IVr
kim. t-lie li usu (but be,- e .ci-ieiicc in bu -'men
ami her eiibrN In nii-.l.c ber imicsH cimfmt.ible,
will Rue culire s:ii.i.r.iciii'ii tu those v.h.i m:iy f.i
vor her with their custom.
A.N V. MO 11 Kin
March 8, 1S51 tf.
J. II. iiIj23IMAN,
Ev.r.tmy, Ta.
OITice ill Deer Street, iiiuneni.ilcly onjinsiic the
l'ulilie Si-lniol llou-e.
ty Mni-.iiw i-,::!i-c-lal mi I nil Ljsiut-: jii ,ui!!h- na,l cm a
fhiiy liUiiti!t-i.l to.
Anril SO, l;i."0
ATKiVi' Tmw-M of- nil kiniN, IIurri.n's
rilini,' aiul iii'lellible ink, l'uttnn arii ui..l
liijit-', jnsl reLciveJ diiil lor tule by
j. v. nai,i.(i.
Piuibury, D.c. 2, IS IS.
yTOKIi Wain, Knrlhen Ware, li.iisins, Al-
luninld, 1' uiii-s a utl Crvani iW.H.
ri.iuej ni' all UiniU.
.Sail anil ri.is.Ur. Jw-t reccliej an I f.irsalc
by JOll.N' W. l'K.'J.I.Nii.
Suiilury, Dec 9, lSlU.
a n.l CM I'dis. On linii.1 K-ioral -,.ji-
ii'b ul' the life of Christ, nml al 'D a niinil i r ul
guM ieii which wo will sell at (he Philailclnhia
price. l''ursa!e at ibis oilice.
i'lLVlilit V'ATClIl V "few Ivul'lc" ca,e
lhiiilish biler W ulchcj, fur rule ul . ry h.vv
liriees by II. IJ. M At..'ji.'li.
ISuubury, April IS, 18.11.
Mk.xxfdv'iS vn:sT siry.s.
Ti:M.liS A i-hcip uiul exc, ll.-nt aili
elo lor fastening Push lbr talc by
j. v. rnu.ixo
Sunbury, July 7, 1810.
rTIIslXtS UO'ITI.IW Ureast piimpn, un,l
' niiiple lubea- A supply of these useful arli
clea just reccivej and fur Kale by
Sunbury, Jan- 18, 1851 u'
TB OSE OINTMENT. A fresh suj.ply oflhi.
L.VXj excellent arlii Ic for Tetter, i e., just reccivej
anJ for Halo hy 11ENKV MAfcSEK.
, Sunbury, July 2, lS-t!) :
rtEAS, from tlio New York Canton and lVkin
JL 'I'ea Couiuaiiy. l'or sale bv
Sunbury, Deo. 2, 1818
AY Kl'M. An excellunt orti.-lo for sale
Mu i bury Jan. S7iu, 184U tf.
CITV Of lilllLMlELl'lltA
All giilvenl hiinUa (lis
All solvent hanks 1 ilia
All anlvenl Irmka 3 (lis
ljrt. JJinik unif-a India
An 8'ilvt.i
nt hnnka 11:11
rni:?g mv.
Ilnnlc nf Cliaiiiliernhnrff 1 ilia
nana in laieaier l.n, par
Hank nfDil.Ci. theater par
i. Ana oi iieriiKinunvn
Hunk nf (iettynt'Ur;r
ll nik nf t,eu-iKlnlvil
Hink lif.Miililli lnun
par.VII anlvrnt Imika J
1 ilia
Hk UJlea liiuler Bj i uia
All tntvanta lianlta 1 diaj
Ilelyuh re IJ-ink ! ilia
t'nminereiiil Hunk j ili3
1 ilia
.iliniiii.niery IM H ijiK pari
...um in .viriiintiiTierl nn pat
nana ui I'luslaira; 1 id
liank i Danvillu
nar! far. llnik M intHnllv iir
I line !e Mank
1 ilis 1-'. A M.. .MiiMleliiwn ft. Uir
J.'ilntiihin II k . ll'eCn parMc. hiiiiies' Lk, Newtirk r
ll iyi 1st iwn lliaik ii ir .Mei-h. Ilk nt Hnrlinirtnn pur
.:iM'-n Hank par .M.rli. Ax .Man. Ilk Trent )nr
J .in- I .;nU a tliaiMnrrla I'n H.mk 3 ilia
,xihaiiSr Ifkt'illalinri t ili.-ij Newark Hk'g&liii.Cu J Uia
l.aehanie H'k. Hrinieh I ilia'drnne Mmik I llin
Kiirniera' Il k, Uik UOi parl'e..ple'a Ilk 1'iiltciBoii J liia
I'nrinera' lik, Uniealer par I'liaettnn Link imr
rarmera' Ilk. lltailin par Hilein lluikilnr C-, par
l-'arin. Hk Si-liuvlkill i-,i p ir Seinfinit : Itn.k J ilia
F it I. Ilk W nyni-NiriT I'-ilin State l.i-mk at niKlen par
franklin Hk. Wafli'n ltli. Slutr Ilk l'.h.il.i Ihl a 5 ilis
llarriiliinir Hank. I ili- Si.ile H ink Newark ills
llimesilale Hank 1 cl o Htale l'k, N. II;uiiayU p-ir
I-anenstilr llanif . par,Snifix liank. Newtnil j llin
I.eh-Jiinil Hank . pirlTii nt in Itaiikinii L'n p-ir
.Men h. fc Man. tvnik 1 ili:. 1 tiinn Lank. D.-y.-r ? .lis
Miiieia' ll'k. P.itlaville per Vnrillevv'lr i Del )rf!.. I.VIn
Muleaisaliel.i ll-'ik I ills IVUk ivt. a nikler . I ilia
Tnvl.v,e l.-llfCo 1.1 tlia DI'.I.AW.MiK.
rat HrTnu li Hunk par' P.ank of llelawaid
Wy.nnilin Ilk, itkcalie ivir'ltank nf Siniina
N'erk IVin'i, I llin! I r laware 'ii' l::ink
iielit f nule
1 tlittjCk Vihni;a Hiamlyw. pai
Rmk'-f vitMti.rf-ic
Mareaiili!" Uk. li;m::
I'iiniiris IlkM IffJnware par
fi tli Fnimi Hank, 'iluiinj't'ai par
r l:iih--jtV Fuller (lis
Ali s Ivt-ii, I r i
1 1 s t'liia
.Ml Pi-lv-:.f l.-,:l
llu.k "f -ni)
All fifJvcnt Uxv.:n . 3
. All 'Iv-et haakl 2 tll
(li;; Hk n .t. r. itah-r 5's 1 tlis
t!; A Ml h'i lit hanks "2 iii
ii:ar?"Fii.U-r.Vs, ilis
LA. AU3 rA-DHn ATir.0AD.
t.vn:,-;; A;snA?ttifcAjt:iiT i-ro.ii
rn!i.i)i-i.in;i.v At) purr.sviM.i-:.
F :i r c x F r il n c r il .
Otf.tfff the P.Zii. 5' Kic'.i..,- n.-ilroad Co.
l'liiliwlrljihi.i, March M, IS,)!. S
na.-sriLVr Tr.iin.i V.AW, (csi'i')it Sunday)
n;iJ ;i!i. r April 1st. 1 sr. 1 two tr:m will
L sf v rim otii-'i way, i!;u!y, bctwi-ru l'liilndrl
(:liia nml l'r.tlsi ilie.
j". :;. r:n t.txj:.
I.cnvcs Pliilmlfljiiiia nt 7 A. .'.!., daily exco-t
i.c.ic riilt-.Vi.k-iit t A. M. il.n:y cr.'iit Sun-
AFT;:nxonx r.rxi-.
Is! rl .ii i
i:c..v. .
l'ii;!-.i(K!j.!-.!-.i t ::j
r..tt:.-.i::e :it c
o riui'k, J;iily, escrj.t
r.u: ;.-
a a
W. ;
1 .m;
i i.i:.!
ci ritM.i:ie
?i.r. i.-i
of i).
I a, t -.:
'i ii
v.t .1 l i
I'M; r the car
: l-.ni-
will be al
aii'.l pas.
:.'d fr.i
ariii i
n Liking any
1 jurcl, ul.ii !i
. i.i !. at i tii- r'i ,i.
Uy ui.'.ir -t" i'n-
A;.-.;i in, M'ul.
i r.
li-vl oi '.lan-nrrr-i.
.1. UKAM-'Oi;!),
t..:ocri taiy.
k:?. x... ir: ch...;:u-t m
pl.l.r.O.i;.: ili l. lf.-rivii-, r,
u -io f.-ft.i tlie most ili-lin-
lin.V n.
lil.i 'l ,i I
J'hf fi.:
cr .1. i.i:.!
i-0 n-
of i!
. ntv
t lion fJr.iiP.
;. t l, i.u
v: XA..i'tA I,,
ii!i:'i! son
'i'i,')' i ;
1 !;tinbiie.
oi'ils and lit n
-ic bv
.' L. V. i,.
t.'r-Ii,-'.; U
y . Crobe--a
piano si ti -J vie!
by Jj.'.
of ruc'.U.
i-'.'cn.l i IVm-.i 1!
1'ivitv l.uiic r.
bv .1. I.in-.
All the Wind., i
f..r I'.
iy Liitie lVoj:e,
:, bv A. AVoru-
l W.
. by I:,
Is, V.'.'i
.r,l, ly
;Kil h:
ihor of "Lose TN'ot."'
by Ch'is. Vouin;, do.
otnas .1. I;;, !i, mu.
'J'l.c A.hetl ., v
sic bv lion-.
i.i::: ov w.m
ci r l'i.iii.ts.
ive ciiiiHl-.uliy u:i hainl,
'i'i '.V "I" M tirliu's t'ele. ;
r. t;i,-r wl.li ;i fine ns- :
an:'., ii'. :iu.l Merchan- !
a si .cl. in.t t. be .-.nr- '
- I' it.ii.limiiiit iu the ,
t. ,-;v..i;i.iV IJuiUling. I
IS.", 1. 1 v. !
S ,i luli-llt
'1' :-h;t-;-..l
;.i-,.i!, cum
tli.it ,!' iii,
J Che.-uut :
bi:i, June
pa ,,: by
."HO CL'ilL'. M) I'AYI
ITi.:j' rever end Ano VilhV.
, i i-.... i.i i i.ini Kjiceiiy cuie I ,- liie I cier
lllKl -, 'll:l ,
s guaranteed lo any nno who
. They have been ued for the,
"d l.a - e never l.ivn known I.)
instMncc aiul j,i eases, loo.
iy u.. c the l'i!!
i-l 1. ent
i'.iil ill a si::
v. line p. r -.ne
vi. irs, v. iib-n
',:.,,, .c. v ,'.(
v. ill cuic in II.-
us li.nc ba.l I'.ie disc.i-ic for several
ait iiiieniii ,:.ion. The proprielor
'.e m, ,-,',! to )ii.k!iu-c uii -article that
as ?hu,i a lii.ie, wilhout l.-aviinr auv
. Is from Ihe Use ol it. If the Tills
u rn a ec.lv an I pcr.'c. t cin e, the
ill return t!.? nioiiey. Tor sale by
l..i'. r.-nce, M im.-s-. i!!e ; lh llcfl'cn
c ion ; S. 1, l:,-;,,,,, Hcl-.uvlkill lla
W. T,i:ii.''r. Sunbury; Ma'ry A. Mr-iunibc.-!.:nd;
Ut. Ucei.Iy, iauvi!le ;
i-.s, C...r,vis-ia ; Dr. Judd, ', illi.uas-
-'i i
t!.i n il j-c.
lr- ;vii tur
- .1.''
port l
K.i -cr, :,.ilto:i, an, I by rcsnecluble
DriiM I
J. Cl
Tolls', ill,
irou;niM:l ihe Sl.ile.
v.lii c. iii i;;;:::
, .liinc SS, Ksol. y.
T """0"" 3 p xL"1 T',r,"
( ) i . 1 1 s i o x ?, u ; I iv ii a n r ,
No. 11, Xoelk Wharves,
i lice the f .Ilowins soo.ln are received an J snld
o:i conn, ii-;-. ion,
Diicl Applci, Te'iu lics, Tlorus, Tears, Cbenici,
(.c, (hull Apples in liarrels or by tho liu 'he!,
Kc.iiis, Tc.ii, Craiibcnics, Onions Mercer To-I.1I..1-S.
Sc. eel Tnl-ilors, Mu lbarhs, Chestnuts,
(.I'ouiul :'uU, Or.in ves, I.enioiis, Ilaisins, l'i ..s.
1 'runes, Crapes, Toultry, E,;.-s, liutier, Cheese.
Ai.d ull hiii.U of lVeijii und Domestic. Tro
iluce. 1'liilnilclphi.i, Dec, M, 1S.M ly.
Mib.-ci-il er lakes Il ls method of infoini
tho ciii.oua of Sunburv un.l vii-'mov
t.iat they urn ensiured in the manufacture of
S-cip an.l C.iuJ'i, of the best quality, at .No. 4 I
T,!!i.-.t street, Thiladelphia. They rcspei Holly
n.vilc all whn buy fir rush, lo (jive'liiiii u call as
tlicy v.-i'l fin, it tn o in. ;,- a li,inl.i-j in dealing
wilh him lor aitichs in ibi-ir line.
11. DlTl'Y A SOX,
1 1 Filbert above tilh.
Daeember 20, 1S.M tf,
:i.Sn: FAl'ER. Yellow' Tissue paper for
X rovcrilur glasfcs, &e., fur sale al the olliecof
life American, '
S'J'O.NE milk Tans, stone J ii its and Tit, hers,
and other articles of stone ware just received
and for sale by JOHN V. Fltll.lXO.
.S'unbuiy, June 83, 181'J.
TXTRACT CF (if.(iUU-A fresh supply
just recehid and for sale at this ollicti.
Plica S3 cents,
i Puuliury, Jbiy ' 13, 1851.
:-l.A.k MITES, waiving tho exciuitiun
law of ;Hi(l, fur sale hy
Airil20, 1851. II. D. MASfcKH.
At the Cabinet Ware Uooni or
Market Square,
Also at the corner of Fawn street It (In Railroad
Thankful fnt tlio patronage of liis fricntls and
customer: during the 17 yc-ara lie has licoii in busi
ness in this place, he solicits from the public aeon'
tinuance of their favors. Durintt this period ha
has endeavored to keep up wilh the improvements
of the day, nnd has nrcordinqly extended his luisj.
hchs in every branch and vnriety. The public are
therefore invited to the attention of tlio present
stork of
Mnjpacti'hkd nv
At the Old .Stand,
Where iu addition to their former slock of tli
establishment they now manufacture
LIa!io:rFjry, Walnut & Cane-Seat Chairs'.
L'tnre Spriwr Sent Rocking Chairsf
Vrcnainn Bureaus' Centre, Tables,
Marble Top Wash Stands,
an d a variety of other
new tityle and
!': s h i o n a ! I c Fursiilure.
Having secured a Hearse and mado tho neces
sary arr-.-.ni;cineiils for the purpose, they are now
prepared fur 1'nilertaUinjr in all its branches, in
thin vicinity or at nny convenient distance.
X limi.l nml mistresses, nml Iiiis1i.-iiii1b ton,
Hi-re's I'lirniliire of every stylo nnd hue, .
l-'nnn siilu Innirils itnwii tn kilchrn tallies,
l'roni rni-kina-eluiir tn l.ii-kiiie ermlli-s
fii'itilil ynn nut have the n-nily .Ions to pny,
We'll vv:i it nwllile fur a brighter better il.-iy,
lr take i' .talors, mils, ema, wlient nml rye;
limit, lump pules, slaves, nr liunli-r wet ami dry,
Or nny tiling bin yokes anil tlirufhinjj Hails,
l'i pig nml turkies ilnwn to little iguuila.
Coine nn then frienrtfl, conic fine nml nil,
Keep tiailc a innvinsr. so "frnee nn the luill.1
l'i" Oiilcis from n distutice promjitly nlteiulcil
In ami work of all kinds delivered witii dispatch.
tSunbiiry, March 9, 1S5U tf
AND 1KNS1()N A(ii:XCY.
The alti ulion of the public is called to tho ad
vt-rtisciacnt of .Mr. Cliurles C- Tucker, Attorney
end A-eul nt "'ii.,lii;;toii City- 1'ersons hav.
ing cl.iiiiM lor bounty I.amU ur I'ciimoiis are in
i'o, i,;. .l thai the subscriber has inaJo arranj'eincuts
for toe ii ij,ii-ite forms, and claimants calling nt
bis ol'.ice, can h.io their paiiers lirciiiired and
by I:
i be
ni 11
to .V. r- 1 ticker
i-'.i-r nt .K,liiio.ii,.i ,.i..t
if re.
allcnilcd lo before tlio De
ll. B. MAS.SE II.
, .1:
in. IS, !'::!..
UTi: :"ii!..-rri!,er v.h.i resides in IMiiladelphiu,
nlioi-s f.,r :.-.!. the follow in.; properly in Mil
Noithuiiibi riaii.l county, vi. : 'J'lie large
upper Milton, formeth occiinird hv
s.-s l :;e,
sons as a l'ariia,-e Alal.ers Shon
is til) feci fioiit on upper .Market
10 feet nn Front street, and is two
Al.-o a two storv
t. and
es l'.ijll.
IC l y S7 feet, on tiie samo nietoises. The bit iu
u I no corner
I upper ..laria t and t rout streets,
,,.1 is Go leet froni, and 1
U t'-. t deep.
J lie prei:ii.-es would l
c valuable lor a Foundry
or t: 1 li-1- ni.iiiiif.u-tiuiii,; uirpo-.'
mil will lie so hi
on re.e-oiialiie and iiecotnmoilalin-j; terms by up-pbi.i-
eiliicr to JACOU (J.Kllll!A.,
F. Wiii.i'i.c;;;it, i:.. Miu,,,, or
li. MAm.-KII, Ksip, iin!,ury.
Ij.hLi, .bin. S.i, lt;.")l tf.
mrsrmii houss.
A. I!. Corner oj 'Ihird and Union Street!,
I!KT'.VI!i:N pimuck AM) .K stkkkts,
i"-H"n:r. l..i:S nf , -xli-nslvu nml uiiiiiterrnnml
lr.,etice ieiii i:i tins cuy lun-n n-nili-rnl Dr. K. llu
in i.-l exi-.-rl an. I nucee.-ul ul ini,-liliiincr fur aiul niair,
,a tli- I r.-.-ilisitnl ul all ilisi-am-s m'n invale iialiirr. I'crmiiis
i,i-:-: .il u-illi ulvufs ilj.ii 111.- Ii-iily. lliroal, or l.a!S, pnius n,
liie In !..r li.'n.n, muiruri.ll rlieuiiialUm. struiurrs. niei-l,
i!;::.a-i- iil-.oi'' Iroiu an lii'nl! i-xi-.si nr niiaunlir nl lit
l.!.-.i.'. u in rri.y li.e e .uMiimi,,,, lias lircmiu; riilw-Ucd, ars
nil ;ilf! ,i Lli nii',-i-.--n.
Hi. wimp! n, k Irian ll'miil-r tlic cure nf Dr. K., may re
i,i n-iy i-.i;.:. l.- ia !i..i h .iii.ir in u M'iiiliaiiaii,ai.a oNiluiciit
ly n.iy nana Ija liill ,-(h a .i u-kiii.
TAKi: l'AII'l'U'ri.All xotk-r.
Ynanj M.-n wl,-, liavu iaiiii-iil llu-nisi-lvi-s hy n crlain
n:,. 'ii-v imliilvnl iu kilnt in-qn. ullv l.-an,r,l ir.iin ,-vil
...ii;.-iui-n nr al s.-h ml tlio cil'.-i-is nf l,ii I, an ui.-lniy
, i-li-ll w-iii-ii nslc-., mul i!.-,lr..y 1-tli jiiii , v
i.kl Oii ly ilium i!mli-ly. Wmkii.-m ,-si 1. 1 niiiiililiiliniiul
il.ly I --i-l ni iiiiit.-iiliir rni.-r-'V. nhvuical l.-issilm!-u.ul
; rli.
! .!,
' er.,1
ir -s!rali in. irrilal-i!ily mi l iiHin-nnns ii',-,-..,. i,l,.
fin -a. t-iier-nshiu-Hs nf the liv.-r. nn-l ecrv li,-.v..i,
w.iy cuiiiit ci
ti-uiii utrcii, ;
I, i lie .lis irili-r nf Uic procruative fiiiic
ui'ir ri-i-tnriU.
A vino.oiis life or a premnture de.nh.
KI.MiEI.IS on Srlf Pnsrrvatiou.
TI. Ml .nk just piililiflu-ili, r,j ,w.r mrnrnmlioii
on llu- ii.liriiiiii.-K mni lisras.-s ,f the lli-m rmii-e Oienns.
1 1 a l-lr,-,.hi-i- i!Ne, rilik 9 I.) HI 1 II, M AMU KID mill lll.l)
Alii!, an.l b!i,.a.l Is., r.-.ij l,y l.
Tin-l i!a. iliinii.lv ii-e mni iiajin-ysivn vnntinc it flivs,
will 'ii"n ii, , i-ars.if ia. scry aiulamlciiig mul ui.vs , anal
ly I fi iiisinils nl l,jv, s,
1' -.n-iits i,y r.-dliinr it will iuarn liow tonrevcal Ilis dts-tu.'-li-.n
nl liu-ir c!i,!'l!.-n.
.,. A n nilt'.ui, nf .? renls. i-ni l.isnl in a h-ttrr. sil
.lrrss.Nl i., Uil.KlXKI-:i,l.. X. W.rm'ii.-r nl'I'IIIIID
I .IU. Mn-ris, l,iUvi-ra Su.-c A IW, I'liilmlrlpliiii,
will i-iistiri- ii honk, nn.lur i-n i ,.-,-. per r.-inra nl inuil.
1'i-rs nuat a il.-niiu-i- ma, a l.lrt-.-s Dr. K. ,y Inn-r. (iki
ia,,l.) unit In-run il at h
l'-U'UAl.liS (IK MKIililNKS, 1)111 1-'.ITIONS, ft r,
f -I ivai'l, il l,y b-nliii-r: a ri-lnitlailL-f, nail nut up 8i-cule I'mill
D.iMAUK ,.r l l KldSTV.
Il i l.-s.-il.-is. Ni-w A-.-nls, l-.!;,rs. r.-nivnnsi-is, suit tl
nili.Ts n,i,.i.-,l will, il,,. ahnvu work ut very low rates.
Snjiteuihrr 6, lal Iv.
Cirecu's Osy-enateil liilter, price reduced.
Old Jacob 'I'owim nd's Sarsajiarilla.
linker's Sarsaparilla.
Sway no's Syrup of Wild Cherr
Sway ne's Yeriiiifue.
gyre's Cherry Tecloral
l'r. Drake's Tanacca.
Dr. Ciillen's do
Tibbit's T.,in Killer.
Dr. Iliiollainl-s (lei-iiian Hitlers:
Indian Yc.:ctab!c Till
Horse and Cu'.ilo MeJicirr
I'm wle bv 11ENKY MASSCK.
Sin.biiiy, July 1 I, IS Ml.
VuUiulc EIo-jI;.
IFE of Cnaisf, haudsoiiiely bound, D'Ar-
'J III. 11. 's HlsrollV OK 'I'ltt lll.KOKMATIOS,
Ih.iMi Div-Honl.s ami I. mni ills, full kiumled.
For sale at the publishers prices by
fiuuhury, July 11, 1819
ilk IIA'l'S ut &2S5, for sale bv
tSuubury, Dee. R18.
bar bottles for sale by
Sunbury, April, 12, 1851
1 irKITINO FI.l'ID and s7lf sesliiig Eiie
' Iojkis, just received and for sale bv
April 19. ISSl. II. 11. MASSER.
Vf J I.ANKS' of every deseription can lie had rj
i.J$ M lyi'iB at th oilice of Ihe American.
ADD'8 vclebratrd Horse and Cattle Mesli
cino for sale by HENKY MANHEB
teunbury, Jaw i7ih, 181U
I itttA ,

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