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So x t i g n Nt w s .
New York, June 13.
The steamship Baltio, with four days lolor
Intelligence from Europe arrived at an early
kour this morning. ' '
ENGLAND. - - -
The floor of the Corn Exchange in Bruns
wick street, Liverpool, gave way, at nooni
on the 1st instant, precipitating upwards of
WO merchants to the "' vault beneath.
None, however, . were killed, although a
number were more-or less injured. Some
repairs were being made at the time, and
the workingmen had incautiously removed a
portion of the supports, which caused the
floor to give way. Two of the workmen
were killed.
The steamship Sarah Sands, put into Fal
mouth, May 3 1st, short of coals.
Nothing done in Parliament.
The particulars of the capture of Rnngnm
by Rritish troops had been received.
The loss in the engagement was small.
The cholera had broken out among the
troops, and the soldiers of the different regi
ments were dying in numbers. Several
ollicers had also fallen victims.
The Moniteur declares that the warlike
rumors are unfounded, and that the right of
the French nation to fix iis own form of
government has never been menaced or
contested by other powers.
More refusals to take the oath of alle
giance are announced. The refusals come
principally from members of tho General
Council, no fewer than twenty-two or more
of whom have resigned their offices rather
than swear allegiance to Louis Napoleon.
The Committee of the Budget have adopted
an amendment to the effect that no credit
should be allowed for the salo of the Orleans
The marriage of M. de Pcrsigny with
Millie Do La Moskowa took place on Friday
night, at the Chapel of the Elysee.
The advocate of the Council of Slate
charged to defend the appeal of the Orleans
family against tho decrees relative to their
property, have published a memoir, from
which it appears that they intend to rely
upon four points of law, and also that the
ordinary judicial tribunals have jurisdiction
in the case.
Advices from the Cape to the 1 Sih of
April had been received. Tho war it was
generally thought, was being brought to a
close. Hostilities weie suspended, and trea
ties were being entered into. Sir Harry
Smith and lady came home on the steamer
Accounts from Friburg state that a meet-
. i i xt k i i
been convoked. New flf-eMn had taken I
place. The Patriotic Society, to the number
of 800, had held a meeting and passed a re
solution calling on the Government to defend
with the utmost energy, the conquest of
Cronstadt letters of the 21st ult., icport a
considerable change in the state of the ice,
and thaf it would soon disappear. Al St.
I CICISUUIUi Ull I11U 411 Ull., IIIU I1VUI Hill I
. ..
it i . t. mivi .,i. . i. i
Letters from Andona of the 16ih ult., state
that the British Consul was refused permis-
ion to see Edward Murray, the English
State prisoner, confined in that city. On
llin f ( I. AaAAnetnn nttnm VAn.. ft. a I
tic ui 1110 oioiiojuii unci i tnjT,iD tne
rope was carried in great pomp to the bal-
cony of the Vatiean, whence amidst the
roaring or Artillery, he gave his Benediction
to lhe people, surrounded by the French and
Koman troops.
. .
AliMH A.
Accounts from Vienna to May 26th, state
thai ever-- possible means has been taken to
conceal lie real state of political feeling in
lhe different provinces, from the knowledge
of the inhabitants of the Capital.
The state of the finances is veiy discour
aging, and the first cannon fired, as a signal
of war, in Europe, cannot fail to plunge
everything into irretrievable disorder and
Railway Accidents in England. Tho
returns relating to railway accidents in Great
Britain, for the half year ending December
31, 1851, has just been published.
number of passengers carried was 47,509,392;
the number killed was 113; injured, 204
Eight passengers were killed mid 213 injured
from causes bej ond their control ; 9 passen
gers were killed and 14 injured owing to
their own misconduct or want of raution ;
32 servants of the companies or contractors
were killed and 11 injured, owing to their
own want of caution ; 33 trespassers and oth
er persons, neither passengers nor servants
of the company, were killed, and 0 injured,
by crossing or walking on railways. The
length of railways in operation was 6j8'J0
American and British Ships A Ciial-
lrncb The Boston Atlas states that two or
three Boston ship-owners have sent a chat
lenge to the ship-owners of Great Britain,
somewhat to the following effect : The Bos
ton parties will produce a ship, not less
than 800, nor over 1200 Ions register, ca
nable of stowine 50 per cent, over her recis
ter, to compete in speed with any vessel of
lhe same capacity, now built, or which may
hereafter be built in Great Britain ; the win
kiiniv nnrlir Ia wnnn I a t ( AAA .I ..
" i.jUuu wuw '"
to be a voyage to China. This will put the
British shipwrights to their metal.
"You Ze!" "What ma!" "Have ynu
sanded your teeth and tallowed your hair t"
"ie,ma.". "larred your boots aud coik-
ed your sye brows 1" " es, m. "Then
teazle your hat and go lo meeting we
must b as fashionable as our neighbors."
Col. Geo. C. Washington, of Montgomery
county, MJ., has a field of lye which avera
ges seven feet in height.
. II. B. MASSER, Editor end Proprietor. .
V. D. PAt.MKH 1 our anthnrtxed agent tn receive mib"
wription mid attvertiaiiift athisofflce, in l'hitodeli.lila, New
York, Boston and Dnlthnore.
To AflncKTrtmn.-Tnc eircitlntlnn or tlio ("unlmry
American among lh itilTerriil towni on the Busqaoliniiiia
i not exceeded If equalled l.y any paper published ill North
ern Pennsylvania.
Op New IlAMrsitirtE.
Gkoroc W. Woodward, of Luzerno.
Wilson N'Candi.es, of Allegheny.
Robert Patterson, of Philadelphia.
1. Petei I.osran,
2. Geo. II. Martin,
3. John Miller,
4. F. W. Uockins,
5. U. McCoy, Jr.,
6. A. Apple, .
7. N. Strickland,
8. Abraham Peters,
9. David Fisher,
10. R. E. James.
13. H. C. Ever,
14. John Clayton, .
15. Isaac Robinson,
16. Henry Fetter,
17. James Hurnside,
18. Maxwell M'Caslin
19. Joseph McDonald,
20. VV. S. Colahan,
21. Andrew Burk,
22. William Dunn,
11. Jno McReynolds. 23 J. S. M'Calmont,
12. P. Damon, ' 23. Geo. R. Barret.
of Fayette County.
Basinets Notices.
Gouet's Ladt's Boos for July is on our t.i
blo. It contains several beautiful line engra
vings, an unusual number of beautiful prints and
double the usual quantity of literary matter. It
is wonderful how Godcy ran afford to publish
such a book fur Sf3,00 per annum.
This hut day makes the subject of oils, tallow
grease, &.C., an appropriate subject. A fat friend
of ours now in the sanctum, exhibits a profusion
of tallow, and the oil and grease exuding from
his face remind us to notice the advertisement of
1J. F. Posn, 00 Wulcr street, New York, who
deals out all kinds of oils, grease, and mineral
U- Printing Ink. For sa e for cash.
al ,his offif , kegs ol 25, 20 and 12 pounds
each. Trice 23 cents per pound.
K7" Summer has come at last. A few
days ago we had fire in doors and frost out
To day the thermometer rises to 94 in the
shade, the perspiration distils from our fin'
er enJs ono the nam.r w wri) whi)
. , ,. . ...
. . . , 1 , .
juleps are in demand and loafers seek the
shady side of the street. Iho only thing
refreshing at all is the song of a couple of
benevolent birds on a cherry tree near by,
arld lhe thought of the strawberries that the
Brm gu w; .
the si.squeiian.a rail road
The engineers commenced the location
0f ti,e Susquehanna Rail Road on Tuesday,
Qne division is ch of Kiwhpt ce.
r, ,, , . ,.r
I vor I en wnll bnnurn aa (I cnunl ilir rtrii
ii. ... . .. .. .
aem on" emcient engineer; tne otner is
directed by Ceo. 1'. Worcester, tsq., wno
made a preliminary survey of the route last
summer. Both parties are full, and will be
able to have the ground ready for the work
men in a few weeks. The location is very
easy, the route lying entirely along the
bank ol the river. The grade from this
place to Bridgeport, opposite Harrisburg is
2 feet to the mile. Mr. Cleaver located
that part, 15 miles in length, from the
mouth of the Mahanoy creek to Millersburg,
two years ago, for the Mahanoy and Wis-
conisco Company. This leaves only 3.")
miles yet to be gone over by the engi
The cost of the road from Bridgeport to
this place is estimated at one million of
dollars. This is a high estimate. About
$1,200,000, has already been subscribed to
the stock, and the list steadily increases.
Perfect confidence is felt that the road will
be pushed on to a speedy completion, eco-
nomically managed, and be one of the best
paying roads in the United States,
A meeting of the democracy of Schuyl
kill county, was held in Pottsvilie on Mon.
day last, to select conferees for the purpose
ol nominating, in conjunction with confer
ees from this County, a candidate for Con-
ss. The meeting, we understand, was
represented by democrats from every sec
I don of the County, and, alter a fair inter
- 1 change of sentiment, selected three decided
I - . mm n mi
friends ol Uol. v. ftl. Stbaub. The con-
f ,PPM app Dr. T. n I. F.hi.r. nf flru,;..
. , r v,,0nu j
Abraham Dego, of Schuylkill Haven.'
These gentlemen, will, of course, exert
themselves to secure tbe nomination of
thv-ir chnre. Th. candidal- ftf lbi Conn,
ty will doubtless, also, have friends equally
warm. Who will be honored with the
nomination it is a difficut matter even to
conjecture. We have a number who would
be able aud willing to fill the station.
Haj the following bit of geographical in
formation: "The reference to the Tide water Canal, as
a case in point, is rather unfortunate lor our
vcr, wise neighbor, who ought to know
very well that the natural channels for that
trails a portion only of which we now
have, at that expense of two lines of low
boats is immediately to Philadelphia, and
that Baltimore, according to the natural laws
of trade, ongnt to receive whatever she
would of that trade directly through the
oity of Philadelphia."
, We are always willing to listen to words
of wisdom, and would be most happy to
hear from our learned friends what are the
'laws of trade" which would require the
produce of the Susquehanna to pass through
Philadelphia to reach Baltimore. The lat
ter cily is nearer to every point on that
river and its west branch, following the
course of the stream, than the former. From
the above extract one would be led to sup
pose the Susquehanna emptied into the
Delaware or Schuylkill somewhere above
Philadelphia, or that the editor's wits were
afloat out of soundings. It is the most bra-
zon eflVontry in him to attempt to palm off"
such nonsense upon his readers. It pre
sumes an ignorance and stolidity upon their
part not to be found outside of the office
whence it originated.
tiJr" The upper rooms of the Court House
have undergone a complete metamorphosis,
The large saloon formerly occupied as a
jury room has been divided into four
apartments. The one on the south west is
00 feet in length by 00 in width. Two on
the western and north western sides, are 00
feel by 00. The fourth division, adjoining
the room occupied by the Masonic Lodge,
has been incorporated with the Lodge room,
the partition having been torn away, and
has, we understand, been leased to the Ma
Lt The Treasurers' Sale of Unseated
Lands fur non-payment ol taxes took place
on Tuesday, by adjournment. A very
small number of lands were sold. The
wild lands of this County have become
valuable on account of their mineral de
posits, and very few owners neglect the
prompt payment of their taxes. The lands
in Coal township alone are estimated to
contain one billion tons of coal.
Do?" Ice Creams Can be had every
day at Mrs. Gibson's in Market street, or
Mrs. Ulooin's in Blackberry, near the Ger
man Reformed Church.
We make the following extract from
the Evening Bulletin. The writer takes the
only sensible view of the matter we have
yet had from Philadelphia. The fact that
Alex. Cummings, Esq., the editor, was
born and bred in the valley of the Susque
hanna accounts for it.
The pleasant town of Sunbury, on the
Susquehanna is, just now, the centre of
some interest in the rail road world. Two
cities, in a spirit of commercial rivalry, are
contending for the speediest establishment
of a rail road connection with her, and she
chances to be lhe terminus of the greatest
and most important link in the iron chain
that is lo bind Philadelphia to Lake Eiie.
A telegraphic despatch, a few days ago,
staled that the company had alotted theii
contracts, and that ground had been broken,
for the Sunbury and Erie Rail Road, both
above and below Sunbury. The allotting of
the contracts was a mistake, but ground had
been broken both above and below Sun
bury, and lhe commencement of the work is
undoubted. We hope it may go on lo com
pletion, and that right speedily, but there is
one point in tho present operations that
seems worthy of notice. What is the use,
under present circumstances, of expending
the capital of the company in making a
road below Sunbury 1 Baltimore is going
to make that road ; she has already raised
all or nearly all the money required ; has
organised her company and will begin the
work immediately. Philadelphia cannot
aud never could prevent her from making
lhe road, and we are not of that school of
alarmists that look upon it as likely to ben-
efit Baltimore at iho expense of Philadelphia
nt all. It will bo a common advantage lo
both cities, and neither of them can deprive
lhe other of its share of the advantage. The
cry of alarm at the idea of Baltimore build
ing a iail road on tlia West bank of Iho
Susquehanna, and thus avoiding Ilanibiirg
and diverting trade from Philadelphia, is a
senseless one ; for the road must, of neces
sity, unite with the Pennsylvania Ruil Road
auove mo linage u men crosses tne river
ubove Harrisburg, and thus access is as easy
to Philadelphia as to Baltimore. We rcpoal
Ir-t Baltimore make the road. The case is
preeisoly similar to that of tho Tidewater
Canal. Baltimore capital made it. while
Philadelphia croakers looked on in alarm ;
yet the bulk of its business is for Philadel
phia, and Philadelphia gets the lion share of
the benefit. Our pleasant neighbor on the
Patnpsco is willing to make the Susque
hannn Railroad. Philadelphia, therefore
need expend none of her energies upon it)
but had better employ them all on the road
above Sunbury, and have as much as possi
ble of it done in time for opening (he
road which the capital of Baltimore is era
p'oyed upon.
Cholera at Maysville, K r. This mys
terious disease broke out at Maysville, on
Sunday, tho 8th instant, in a highly malignant
form. There were six deaths on Sunday, and
fourteen on Monday, leaving eight cases still
lingering, of which it was supposed thai four
were hopeless. This is an extraordinary mor
lalily. No new cases had occurred up lo
noon of Thursday,
The voters of Norfolk have voted in favor
of the city subscribing 8200,000 to the Nor
folk and Petersburg Ralroad.
Phii.adki.phia, June 14, 1852.
The weather in this city, during the pre
sent month, has been delightful and more
characteristic of the balmy month of May
than of June in which old Sol. sometimes.
pours down his fiercest rays. Such was the
case, 1 know from experience, in 1846 wheni
on the 9th of June, the thermometer stood at
McCullisters, in Chestnut street, at 101 de
grees in tho shade. The warm season is,
however, rapidly approaching, and already,
the New York line of steamers for Cape May
have commenced running their trips. . In ad
dition lo the large Hotels already erected at
this fashionable watering place, a new one,
called the Mount Vernon, capable of accom
modating 2,000 persons, is about being erect
ed, one wing of which is almost completed
In a few weeks thousands of citizens will be
on their way lo the country and to the differ
ent watering places.
The excitement in regard lo the late nomi-
nations has nearly subsided and the more the
character of Gen. Pierce is understood Iho
better he is liked. Indeed t have heard but
little or no objections to the man, but almost
universal regret thai Gen. Cass wasdefcated
This regret is not confined alone to the do
morracy, but to many of lhe most intelligent
and disinterested whigs of the city, who
looked upon Gen. Cass before and since the
nominations were made, as one of the ablest
and purest statesman of the Union. An in
telligent whig formerly from the south, a
few days since remarked that Gen. Cass,
next to Henry Clay, possessed more personal
popularity than any man in the United
Mates. Wnhout intending any cisparage
ment to Mr. ISnrhanan, for whose abilities
1 entertain a high regard, 1 must say that 1
have scarcely heard one word of sympathy
in his behalf.
Already quite a largo number of the dele
gates to the Whig National Convention at
Baltimore, on the 16:h, have arrived in this
city. The general impression is in favor of
Gen. Scott's nomination, on the ground of
availability, but a large portion of tho calm
and more considerate of tho party, would
prefer Fillmore or Webster.
The Mino Hill and Schuylkill Ruil Road
Company accepted the supplement lo their
charter on Thursday last, by an almost unan
imous vote. I was informed by a gor.tleman
deeply interested in this improvement that
the Company would extend lhe road as far
as Ashland as speedily as possible. As the
Company is wealthy and has an abundance
of means there will be no difficulty on that
score. From Ashland to Shamokin there
are some very heavy interests at woik which
ill soon supply this link of twelve miles,
necessary to complete tho communication be
tween Philadelphia and Sunbury.
The organization of the Susquehanna Rail
Road Company ia looked upon with no little
interest in this city. The Philadclphians
never seem to wake up until they see somo
rival stepping across their path. Until our
friends in Baltimore resolved to make the
road, ihey never made tho least movement
in its favor, on the contrary ihey threw every
obstacle in lhe way of its construction. Tho
board us now organized is a good one. The
men composing it are among the most infiu
ential, respectable citizens of Baltimore and
tho valley of Iho Susquehanna. That they
ill faithfully and vigorously prosecute the
work to its completion, I have not tho least
1 stepped into Root's gallery of daguerrco
types a few days since, as every body does
who is fond of looking at handsome pictures
His crayon or more properly vignette por
traits, are splendid specimens of art for lhe
making of which Mr. Root has the exclusive
rigid of Pennsylvania. The fact is, Rool is
at the head of lhe profession, and in his art
towers a head and shoulders above all his
rivals. This is not the result of chance, but
of indomitable perseverance, fine taste and
good judgment.
The public houses in Philadelphia are not
doing much at this season. The opening of
lhe Giiard House has drawn heavily from
the other principal hotels among which, how
ever, the Columbia House has su fie red the
least. In my opinion there is no hotel in the
city where the quiet and the comforts of
home can bo enjoyed so readily as in the
Columbia House. The rooms are largo and
commodious and an air of neatness and
leanliness pervades tho whole and no one
can be more polile and attentive to the wants
ol tho guests than Culouel Slaymaker.
While Mr. Jacob Rose of Long Grove,
this county, aud his son Jacob, aged about 15
years were fishing in the Mill Pond attached
to Vincent's Mill near Half-Day on Friday of
last week, lhe son aceideully fell from the
dam when the father, lo rescue him, leaped
into the water and both were drowned. Mr
Roso was a mar. highly respected by all hi;
acquaintances and has left a large family lo
mourn his loss We think that the peopl
ought lo be cautioned against venturing on
this dam as it is very slippery.
Mi. R'S) formerly lived and has many re
lations near lhe "Bear Gap" tavern in Nor
thumberland County.
ll'aukegan (III.) Gazette.
Mail Rorbery -Joseph Campbell, a brake
man on the Central Railroad, and hi two
brothers, residents of Pittsburg, are the per
sens arrested by officer Hague, charged with
robbing the mail. About 960,000 in money
checks and drafts were found in iheir pos
session, supposed lo have been abstracted
from the mails sent hence on the 6th and
Oth instants. Campbell had been arrested
charged with robbing the store of Messrs
Hamilton and Beatty, and Iho drafts and
other valuables found in their pockets was
the first intimation of his having been con.
eerned in pilfering from the mail.
From a tabular statement published in the
Washington Intelligencer it appears that, at
the time of taking the census in 1850, the
number of persons in the United states, deaf
and dumb, was 10,106 ; blind, 9702; insane,
15,768 j idiotic, 15,706.
Wheat Crop ih Virginia.- The worm
and fly aie doing much damage to lhe
wheat in tho vioiuiiy of Woodstock, Va.
This New Orleans True Delta gives the
following particulars of a strangely interesting
case which has lately rame to light in that
city. It appears that a female, aboul eigh
teen years of age, who occupies the position
of house servant in a respectable family on
street, (by request we omit the name
and number,) while engaged in the perform
ance of her duties some weeks ago, was, on a
sudden, attacked wilh violent headache.
She was immediately put into a bed when
her eyes became strangely glassy and rolling
and were wholly incapable of performing
theft normal functions. Bright objects" and
lights were passed before her eyes, but the
eitio nerves appeared lo have lost their cun
ning, no indication of an impiession on the
retina being perceptible. Afler a while, the
mind of the patient becamo dreamy and
wandering, and she spoke as if in converse
with her ordinary associates. Eventually
her eyes closed, and with their close the
"mind's creative eye awakened lo the pos
session of more than its accustomed power.
The dreaminess was gone, and though Iho
eyelids remained closed, the sense of sight
returned with a keenness wholly incompati
ble with all out commonly received notions
of tho laws of vision. Not oidy could she
seo everything in the room, and sew llie
finest cambric with her eyes closed, but
with a clairvoyance unparalleled, she could
extend her vision through some super-elhe
real medium inlo the great Beyond, and
correctly describe facts and events transpir
ing squares mid even miles away. Afler
remaining in this condition for several hours
lhe young woman retired, by on easy transi
tion, into her normal state ; but almost eve
ry day since, sho has passed, as on the first
occasion, inlo the clairvoyant condition, dur
ing the continuance of which she has been
a psychological and pathological marvel lo
all observers.
Grkat Fiiik at Wetumpka, Ai.a A fire
occurred at Wetumpka, Alabama, at two
'clock on Saturday morning, in an old
warehouse, ami i two hours' lime the entire
business pari of East Wetumpka was des
troyed. The loss is estimated at between
$300,000 and $460,000, wilh but $90,000
insured. The principal sufferers are Doug
lass & Co., Persce, Taylor & Co., Samuel
Cornochan, Thomas & Tyre, Isaac Linger
man, Smool, Dawson & Co., William B Par
dee, Block & Co , P. Saunders & Co., Da
vid Wilson, Samuel Catlin, Nathaniel Chap
man, A. G. Campbell, P. CornifT, Melton &
Brassel, B. S Griflin, G. Newbower, M. C
Thomas & Co., J. Alszbacher, and others
The fire is presumed to have been occasion
ed by incendiaries.
Df.structivk Fire in Savannah. About
5 o'clock, on the 14th inst , a fire broke out
Lope. Cohen's large carpenter shop.
which, wilh its contents, was destroyed, and
Cohen's brick dwelling on Janes street, was
burnt with nearly all the furniture. Loss,
810,000. House insured for S4000. Mis
Jennet's adjoining brick house was also
burnt, aud another was injured, occupied
by J. S. Walkins, and Rev. Thomas Rum
berts. Furniture much damaged. Loss
Tiik North Branch Canal loan was award
ed to Messrs. C. R. Fisher, of Philadelphia
can, Sheiman &. Co., New Vuik and
George IVabody, of Loudon. J wo hundred
thousand dollars were taken at four and a
hall per cent per annum, aud six hundred
and fifty thousand at live per cent per an
num. It will be recollected that a lesser
rale of interest, instead of a premium, was
requested from bidders. Tho loan was ad
vertised as a six per cent loan.
Riicoaro Sauck. If tho Rhubarb stalk
has a green spotted surface, it is a kind thai
may be cut up without peeling ; if lhe red
sort, the peel must be torn oil betore it is
cut up. Cut the stalk into the stew pan in
pieces aboul an inch lonr, and add about
half its weight of sugar with a little water
and spicing if liked ; set il over a sharp fire
occasionally shaking the saucepan round,
and when quite lender, pour il into a bowl
to cool.
Salutation in Iceland. The universal
mode of salutation in Iceland, at meeting and
parting, is a loud kiss. The peasant kisses
the daughters of lhe magistrate, and they
kiss him in return. The pastor is also kissed
on Sunday after service, by all his flock. In
short a kiss in Iceland is equivalent lo our
hand-shaking; yet the people ate all hunest
There is no prison on the island; there are
no criminals, no locks, bolts or bars; though
drunkenness is a very common vice.
Sisui'lar Invention. We see it stated in
our western exchanges, that a gentleman
near Louisville, Ky., has applied the tele
graph to an entirely novel ond unique use.
He has nearly completed an invention for
writing musio as it is played from lhe piano
forte, the notes upon lhe sheets being prodii
ced as fast, and lo the exact time, as the
keys are touched by the performer. Slra
kosch has offered him $10,000 for lhe patent
right when lhe model is finished.
Change roa Market. "My dear what
shall we have for dinner to-day V "One of
your smiles," replied lhe husband, "l can
dine on thai any day." "But I can't replied
the wife. "Then take this," and he gave
her a kiss and departed. He returned to din
ner. "This is excellent steak," said he,
"what did you pay for ill" "Why, what you
gave me this morning," said the wife. "The
deuce you did," said he, "then you shall
have the money the next time you go to
Miss Fantods says lhat if she ain't dead
she has lost her "vital spark," the young
man wol used lo sit up wid her. Maybe
she didn't know how lo urn hot cocoa eh ?
"Warm day, Uncle Peter, warm day,"
said Chick, as they met on Sunday last.
"Ve, it is," said Uncle Peler, ' it is tome
warm, if not lummer." '
The Alexandria (Va.,) Age states that
the cholera has broken out among the ne
groes on tho Kanaw ha liver, and is proving
very fatal.
This body met in the city of Baltimore,
on the 16th inst., and was organised by the
election of Gen. Join G. Chapman, of
Maryland, as President of the Convention.
The Convention holds its session in tbe Ma
ryland Institute, the same building used by
the recent Democratic Convcntiotl.
The decorations of the noble saloon are of
lhe most Insty and appropriate character.
The walls, from the cornice down to the
lops of the lofty windows, have been draped
with red, 'while and blue bunting J whilst1
the gallery railing has been similarly adorn
ed. Over the President's chair is suspended
a life size painting of General Washington,
and directly opposite is a full length portrait
of Henry Clay. On one side of the Hall ap
pears, in bold letters the motto, "The Union
of the Whigs for tho sake of the Union,"
and on the other, Webster's greal sentiment,
"Union and Liberty, now aud forever, one
and inseparable.
We have received no further news of
the doings of the Convention, up to the
time of going to press.
An American vessel Captured and tub
Crew Mirueiiei). Satan, Mass, June 11.
A letter has been received here fiom tho
United States Consul at Zanzibar, dated
March 10, which states that tho American
schooner llueen of tho West, of Dartmouth,
Mass , Capt. Waldron, was taken possession
of at Wurmtzan, Madagascar, last December
by lhe natives, and the captain and crew
tnurdoied, afler which the vessel was burn
ed. The French authorities captured 10 of
the natives implicated in lhe outrages, and
have detained them to await the action of
the American Government.
Particulars of the outrage have been for
warded to Secretary Webster, at Washing
Cholera at Lasai.i.e. By a despatch
from Lasalle, III , we learn lhat lhe cholera
i raging very violently at thai place, nml is
on tho increase. About sixty deaths have
occurred since il mude its appearance, the
victims being mostly laborers. Several lead
ing citizens have, however, died within the
past few days, and a general panic prevails.
A great many of the inhabitants are leaving
tho town.
The special election for a member of Con
gress, in lhe Fourth District of Maine, which
took place on Monday last, to fill the vacancy
occasioned by the death of the Hon. Charles
Andrews, Dem., resulted in the choice of the
lion. Isaac Reed, Whig, of Waldebro, by GOO
A small boat was upset on tho Rlh inst ,
in I lie Bay of Funday, and four of the occu
pants were drowned Rev.' Kd. D Very,
Pastor of Iho Baptist Church of Poitlaud Par
ish, Professor Chipman, and four students of
Acadia College, named Rand, Plialeu, Grant
and King, and one boatman.
Disaster on Lake Erie. Buffalo, June
11 Capt. Montgomery reports passing yes
terday, off Erie, a vessel bottom upwards.
She was no doubt capsized in the gale of
There was a considerable rise in lhe Al-
l,.linv riwr. nil Ihu Irtlh i,,ct m.,1
" ' ' ,. '
Inittltnr mi'iml fill
" -"-I- "...
Ik you wish to m-fasten lhe loose handles
of knives aud forks, make your cement of
common brick dust aud rosin, melted togeth
er. Seal engravers understand this recipe.
lloofland's German Bitters, prepared and
sold by Dr. Jackson, at lhe German Medical
Stoie, 120 Arch street, Philadelphia, daily
increase in their well deserved celebrity, lor
the cure of all diseaes arising from derange
ment of the liver. These bitters have, in
deed, proved a blessing to Iho ulllicled, who
show their gratitude by the most flattering
testimonials. 1 his medicine has establiMi-
d for itself a name lhat competitors, how
ever wily their scneme or sedueivo llieir
promises cannot reach. It gained the pub
ic confidence by the immense benefits mat
have been derived from it, and will eve-
maintain its position.
M A K It 1 12 1).
In this place, on Thursday morning last,
by the Rev. Mr. Simonton, Dr. D. W. Siiin-
hki.. lo Miss Mary Wharton, ull ol tins
A delicious cake and bottle of generous
wine, accompanying iho above notice, open
ed the hearts of our devil and his spirits, and
from I heir inky don, invocations of joy upon
the happy couple pcxned up w ith tha wildest
Oti ! inppy prili, 1 every blessiiiii liorn !
For you iiuiy lil'e's mini tritou unruffled run ;
l'or V'iu ill rou-'s I.Um iiii without n thorn,
Anil lriiht aft inorniii; uliini: im m'uliing huh "
i) i i: i.
In this place, on Iho lOih intst., 'JANE,
daughter ol William llillis, aged about 8
yea is.
I)C iltavkctj
Philadelphia Market.
Junk 15, 1852.
ri.oi'R and Meal. flour is firmer ; mix
ed brands are selling at 4 124 per bbl. for
export, and al $4,121 a 4 25 to Iho home
trade, hxira Hour is field ui a a.
Rye Flour. Sales at :f3.25.
Corn Meal. Last sales of fresh ground
at 3 12.
Wheat Isuctive; sales of Southern rpl
at 97 ; mixed 91, and prime while al 11,03
live la wanted at 76 cents.
Corn I iu fair demand ; sales of )ellow
n float, al 65 els. and white at 62 cents.
Oats. Are dull ; sales of Southern at 43c,
and of Pennsylvania at 44 cents.
Whiskey. Sales in bbs. and lihds. at 21e
Baltimore market
June 15. 1851.
GRAIN. The supply of Wheat is small
for lhe last day or two. Sales of good to
prime reds to-day ut 83 a 102 cts. ) while al
81. a i,a.
Sales of new Corn, in good condition, at
67 cts. white, and 68 a 59 els. for yellow.
Damp parcels sell at 45 a 50 cts. Sales of
old corn al 51 a 56 cts.
Wo quote Oats at 35 a 38 cts. for Mary
land, niul 10 cts. for Pennsylvania.
WHISKEY. Sales of Peiiimylvuiiia bblb
at 21 4 cts., aiul ul hlulb. ut 201 ccuU.
Whrat. - 00
Rtx. . . . r3
Cork. 79
Oats. . 45
Potatoes, ' BO
Hcttkr. ' -14
Eons. ' 10'
Pork. $
New Advertisements.
rinilE cholera very much to the delight of nll'f
keeps far distant from us this summer. In-,
deed, we have had no epidemic of any kind, if
wc except the epidemic which has always pre-"
......1.1 1 I :n fi
.niit-ti, uihi niwuyn win prevail among our gen
tlemen of taste, of getting all their clothing at
Kockhill & Wilson's, No. Ill Chestnut street.
corner of Franklin Place.
Philadelphia, Jan. 31, 1852.
IS hereby given that lhe Supreme Coiiri fo'f
the Noithern District ol Pennsylvania:
will commence its annual Session on the?
second Monday of July liexl. al iho Courf
ouse in Sunbury.
Proth'y S C, N. D.
Prolhonotary's Office, )
Sunhury, June l'J, 1852. J
"K"iOR argument in lhe Supreme Court for
"- lhe Northern District of Pennsylvania,
for July Term, A. D. 1852.
1 Coveli v Maflit Luzerne count
2 Cao vs Johnson Susq'hunna co
3 Andres vs Evans Tioga co
4 ('ore el al vs Powell et al Luzerne co
5 Huston vs Barstow Bradford co
0 The N V & Erie R R Q .
Co vs Skinner Susquehanna co
7 Graves vs Colo Tiopn co
8 Jessup ct al vs Rose Susquehanna co
9 Moiris vs Case Tioga co
10 Shaw vs Deem "
11 Wright vs Cadwalladcr "
12 Stephens vs Sench Luzerne co
13 The Dearmnnt Coal Co vs . ,,, (
Heirs of New bold, dee'd el al buztrne
14 McKeau's Adm'rs vs McKenn Bradford
15 Runnel vs Anson Potter co .
16 Mann vs Colo Tioga co
17 Hnyl et al vs Knons Luzerne co
IS Dayton vs Newman et al Snsq'hanna
l) Knons
20 Adams
21 Bailey
22 Graves
23 Keeler
2-1 Kiiby
25 Barber
26 Sumo
27 Ross
vs Meele el a I Luzerne co
vs Smith Wyoming co
vs Knapp Bradford co
vs Giitlni Tinga co
vs Vasburg Wyoming co
vs Shaw Bradford co
vs Baird "
vs Brink "
vs Flood Vnming CO
28 Mylert el al vs Sullivan co Sullivan co
29 Caldwell vs Rennet Lycoming co
30 Ex'is of Dickinson dee'd vs . .
Adnr'rs of Callahan dee d Lcom'"3 c
31 Appeal by E Men gas el al Norlh'd co
32 Fisher el'al vs Failey Union co
33 MeCarty
vs liolluiiiii Lycoming co
vs llillfiilioii.se et til Col co
vs Aules et ul Lycoming
vs Ileisely "
vs Spayd North'd CO
vs Sweney "
vs Donaldson Columbia co
vs Eckhart's Adm'r Union
34 Uolo
35 Cummings
36 Coso
37 Seaman
38 Miller
39 Moore ctal
40 Meiscr
41 Hepburn & Miller vs Cameron &. Co Lye
42 Hold vs Moll Union co
43 llerrold vs Mengas "
44 Foreman vs Tanner Lycoming co
45 Columbia co vs Montour co Columbia CO
I 46 Levers vs Columbia co "
i 47 Stioecker vs Huffman North'd co
43 Cediles & Marsh vs Klose Union co
49 Snyder vs Middleswarlh "
f0 l!u"ul Liberty Pole &o North'd co
51 Bieber Tresis' r Lye co vs Martin Lye co
52 Denller vs Caul North'd cu
1 53 alley lp
vs Rush lp Montour eo
vs Green Lycoming co
154 Carpenter
I . . 1 . . .
55 Adm'i of J Snyder dec d vs Aiegler I nion
56 Keyser vs oxtheimer's Adm'r North'd
57 Kreight vs lleighart Lycoming co
8 Schock vs Schock s hvrs luionco
Oils, Tnllow Grease, niul
OfWA li.Uii;t.i,s .MAUfll.MSlll nil.. I'nee
JvJw 75 cui i,cr gallon. 2500 Gnlhrns machi
nery oil, in casks of various sixes, 75 eti per gnl.
200 13 arrets ISuilcil l'nint Ull, 65 -51100
Gallons " "
in casks ol various su.es.
350 U.irreU Tanner' Oil. Various kinds and
Utilities, from 35 to 60 cents per gallon.
15P0 tuitions in I asks ot viuious sizes, va
rious kinds and qualities, from 35 lo 50 cent
per gallon.
50 I ons 1 alliw Urease, lor Heavy Hearings,
and Coarse Machinery, in Darrels or Casks, of
any consistency required. Price 6 cents per Hi.
150 J ons Ohio M mend 1'uiut, in ijarrels, at
the lowest market price.
Marl, i an y Oil, w an lulled not to chill tn the
coldest weather, and considered Ivy those using
it equal to Sjieriii Oil.
Biitltil I'ttitt Oil, cuual lo l.ipsccd llil, other
than for while.
I am constantly receiving large supplies of the
uhove i mined articles, and my motto is, "8mull
profits and quick returns."
II. X . I'US u,
51! Water St., (under the Pearl st House ,)
New York, June 19, 1852 3m.
Notice to Collectors.
rrHE Collectors will have time until Tuesday,
Wednesday tmd Thursday, the 13lh, 14:h
and 15th of July, to puv their Mate tux in order
to get lhe live per cent abatement. The Collec
tors of Delaware, Lewis, Turhut, Milton and
Chilisquuquc, will conic in on the 13th of July ;
those ut t pper Alalionoy, Jackson, Little Maho-
noy, Lower .Mationoy, Niainokni, Cameron and
Coal will conic in on the 14th of July; Hush,
Lower Augusta, Upper Augusta, Sunbury, Nor
tluimlicrlaiiil and Point will come in on the 15th
of July IHM. Prompt payment ia required, 6
per cent will lo allowed for payment up to the
limes stated above, for the dilfereut townships.
C. ALU BUT, JCoin'rs.
rSunlniry, Juno 5, 1852. 6t.
Miltonian copy.
$1C ' REWARD ! .
Stop the Hay Thieves! !
"IVTrillN the last month my stable haa heen
" rolilwd of nearly a ton of hav. The alxvo
reward will be paid to any person, which will,
lead to the conviction of the thief or thieves.
For sale a Cow and Calf. Apply as above,
Huiiliury June 5, 1852. 3t,
TUOPOSAL8 will he received al the Collec-
tors Office at Northumberland, until Wed
nesday, mie 23d, 4 o'clock, P. M.,
for building nit Outlet Lock in tlio Canal at that
place, together with ull the neceswiry exeavaliune
and embankments that may be coiwiected there
with. Plana aud specifications of tbe work will'
lie exhibited three days previous to Ike day of
letting, and all the decennary inforuiatiw gi
at the time.
IL V. RODBARMEL, Superior..
New Merlin, June 6th, 1852. 31
4 1 executed for tale at this office, sinuje o
b tlif. doiCIW

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